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"turf" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, countable] short grass and the surface layer of soil that is held together by its roots; a piece of this that has been cut from the ground and is used especially for making lawns (= the area of grass in a garden)
  2. [uncountable, countable] peat that is cut to be used as fuel; a piece of this
  3. the turf [singular] the sport of horse racingTopics Sports: other sportsc2
  4. [uncountable] (informal) the place where somebody lives and/or works, especially when they think of it as their own
"turf" Synonyms
grass sward earth lawn clod green greensward peat soil divot grazing meadow pasture verdure grassland field prairie grassplot mead lea domain preserve bailiwick element realm sphere arena circle department discipline jurisdiction speciality(UK) specialty(US) ambit area business game orbit walk haunt beat neighbourhood(UK) neighborhood(US) patch province street terrain territory ground region grounds track home turf neck of the woods stamping ground home ground zone racecourses racetracks racing horse racing racing world dirt clay loam dust topsoil mold(US) mould(UK) silt humus mud marl muck compost subsoil gravel alluvium dominion land country district state colony demesne fief protectorate empire kingdom dependency holding racetrack circuit oval paddock racecourse running track speedway stadium course hippodrome path ring velodrome circus pitch raceway room space expanse berth headroom latitude legroom range reach spaciousness capacity extent place spread vastness volume way road avenue roadway thoroughfare route highway boulevard drive expressway freeway artery turnpike pass row drag arterial trace carriageway purlieu resort den hangout hang-out rendezvous retreat backyard habitat hidey-hole home local manor meeting place sports arena amphitheatre(UK) amphitheater(US) gymnasium basketball court court football field athletic field ballpark bowl coliseum dome playing field rink sports dome sports ground sports venue power base base headquarters home base stronghold seat of power backing constituency niche support vantage ground cover covert leaf litter leaf mold terra firma tree litter abode habitation locality cave commorancy crib digs domicile dwelling haven hearth hole homestead house home town birthplace back yard homeland hometown family roots fatherland mother country motherland cradle household fertiliser(UK) fertilizer(US) mulch moss manure dressing organic matter dung guano plant food top-dressing maul enricher potash nourishment grass over lay grass on cover with grass eject boot evict expel oust banish remove bounce throw out boot out toss out turf out cast out chuck out force out kick out run off send packing out can fire sack dismiss release retire ax(US) axe(UK) make redundant let go lay off pink slip pink-slip get rid of give someone the boot give someone the sack cancel abolish abort annul nullify quash void kill put an end to render null and void declare null and void rescind repeal invalidate abrogate revoke countermand vacate null negate scrap abandon drop scratch scrub call mothball nix postpone call off cry off put off forget about put on ice More

689 Sentences With "turf"

How to use turf in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "turf" and check conjugation/comparative form for "turf". Mastering all the usages of "turf" from sentence examples published by news publications.

This was our turf, and on our turf, we were kings.
Tips for playing on artificial turf What other choices are there for sports fields, aside from artificial turf?
There's an unspoken rule that bikers don't tread on runners' turf, and runners don't tread on bikers' turf.
I went to lots of school board meetings because they were trying to install a turf field at my high school, but turf is majorly carcinogenic because when it heats up, gas comes off the turf.
The men's team hasn't played on artificial turf in a decade—temporary grass is laid over artificial turf when necessary.
One Jack Conway—a turf or peat cutter—made a startling discovery in Emlagh bog earlier this month whilst cutting some turf.
And we're going into six games on turf and that turf can really beat up a guy who runs around a lot.
Artificial turf usually means an even bounce, and the Rogers Centre turf has been thick and soft in the last few years.
"I'd rather have the game on (artificial) turf and I hate turf," ESPN analyst Taylor Twellman said, referring to the state of the pitch.
The Pegasus World Cup Turf was able to run with a Grade 4003 designation because it was previously known as the Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap.
Brown has excelled with turf horses, winning nearly every major turf race in America, including seven Breeders' Cup races on grass and the Arlington Million.
Cincinnati's turf arrived with the new stadium in 1970, four years after the Houston Astrodome became the first stadium to use artificial turf, out of necessity.
Oscar Performance won by 1 ¼ lengths in the $1 million Juvenile Turf, and New Money Honey won the $1 million Juvenile Fillies Turf by a half-length.
For the main course, Hollywood's elite will enjoy "turf & turf": thyme-roasted tenderloin and slow-braised short rib, wild mushroom pithivier, rapini, rainbow carrots and caramelized shallot jus.
That means there's never ever a reason to take more than two face-to-face meetings — one on their turf, one on your turf — with a prospective investor.
If these firms can move on to other people's turf, can they be sure that their own turf is as well protected as they would like investors to think?
The accident, during the fourth of nine scheduled races, occurred as the horses crossed the dirt surface during the transition from the hillside turf course to the main turf course.
Brown has won nearly every major turf race in America, including seven Breeders' Cup races on grass and the Arlington Million, and has trained three Eclipse-Award-winning turf horses.
Turf grass (meaning mowed) is now the nation's largest irrigated crop; we grow three times as much turf grass as we do corn, and far more than any other country.
Kings' races took place on turf—that is, grass—which is the animal's natural running surface, and most big European races are still run on turf (as are some U.S. races).
Pulled 300 nuclear alerts, 100 ft under the Wyoming turf.
Then, on December 12, 1997, the turf war turned deadly.
It was going to challenge Netflix on its own turf.
Looks like there's a turf war brewing over Kylie Jenner.
Randy's is neutral turf in Los Angeles' bloody gang wars.
And that one surface was going to be artificial turf.
I backed off its turf, but it started chasing me.
Under Armour just took another step onto its rivals' turf.
But Republicans have walked away from their traditional Burkean turf.
Now, Microsoft is pitted against Amazon on their home turf.
By contrast, the Tories are invading Labour turf (see Bagehot).
Jihadists would set up a new caliphate on Egyptian turf.
Along the way, both have trod on the other's turf.
Guzman's home turf of Sinaloa, however, has bucked that trend.
A hostile hangover makes fertile turf for an activist investor.
Salesforce has been moving more and more into Microsoft's turf.
Woods is battling turf toe, according to agent Ron Butler.
Welcome to Capitol Hill turf wars, says CNN's Manu Raju.
It felt good to thump his skull off the turf.
The international system is prone to inertia and turf wars.
Competitors are starting to creep right onto Apple's turf, too.
Its suburbs, once reliable red turf, are steadily turning blue.
What's more, Amazon is considering turf once claimed by Walmart.
This is far more than a simple bureaucratic turf issue.
They are fighting over a very narrow sliver of turf.
But the taxi lobby's aim is to protect its turf.
Taylor and Kylie's billboard turf war on Santa Monica Blvd.
It is not simply sitting back and protecting its turf.
The curators were assigned enormously broad swaths of cultural turf.
Bling paced nervously, tearing clumps of grass from the turf.
There are 11 fields, eight grass and three artificial turf.
And then, to protect it, their turf, they got guns.
It's there that Klimt meets us on our own turf.
The Monarch Children's Justice and Advocacy Center is Astro's turf.
It's just the way business is done on their turf.
Rudolph took exception, and the pair tussled on the turf.
GoJek launched on Grab's home turf of Singapore in 2018.
And Richmond, the state capital, is nearly solid Democratic turf.
The ball sprang off the turf and onto Roberts's hand.
Before his knee hit the turf, Carr lost the ball.
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GoJek launched on Grab's home turf of Singapore last year.
We build muscle on hills, we gallop on yielding turf.
We build muscle on hills, we gallop on yielding turf.
Turf battles are not just Gambino against the Genovese anymore.
You get to make those things happen, on your turf.
Painting cedes turf to technology in a trio of shows.
Other financial regulatory disputes in China involve bureaucratic turf issues.
Leavy's conceit allows her to stake out some untrod turf.
Amazon also staked out new turf on the services front.
There are turf wars between the different regulatory agencies and turf wars between the feds and the states, and none of this is in the best interest of the U.S. or the blockchain technology industry.
In late 1997, a teenage turf war erupted in Amarillo, Texas.
Link three portals and everything in-between becomes your team's turf.
There's a turf war in the area—between Snapchat and Tinder.
Hippos are territorial animals, and they don't like sharing their turf.
"Chicagoans have a funny way of protecting their turf," says Pradt.
Sign up to ExpressVPN and profit from the VPN turf war.
He knows the president well and he knows his home turf.
The former prez was puttin' around in Oahu ... his home turf.
It's a setup staffers privately admit is ripe for turf wars.
Samsung isn't the only TV maker edging into Madison Avenue's turf.
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both consider New York home turf.
In the aftermath, their militias fought turf wars and ran rackets.
I'm going to take these kids right back to the turf.
But the turf wars unleashed by liberation have dampened the celebrations.
In Nairobi the cartels fight vicious turf wars with each other.
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Pinterest may have to prepare for a turf war with Facebook.
The final battle took place on the "big bad's" home turf.
A mid-April battle on her adopted home turf seemed unlikely.
It was government ministries, and their turf wars, that frustrated him.
And Brian, it's great to see you on your home turf.
On his own turf journalists, politicians and businessmen have been murdered.
Did they ever give you shit for stepping on their turf?
The Williams serve bit the turf and turned into the Croatian.
It also lets them focus on defending turf and attacking rivals.
Elsewhere in the state, gangs regularly fight pitched battles for turf.
Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are back on their home turf.
During the fall, Ben's head whiplashed back and hit the turf.
But right now, at least, it's not stepping on Bitcoin's turf.
To be fair to Booker, he has to protect his turf.
Brazil are playing on their home turf today against South Africa.
It basically comes down to the junior leagues protecting their turf.
Ready to treat the Big Apple like your own royal turf?
The startup's substantial outdoor space features seating, artificial turf, and grills.
Other countries are looking to move in on American farmers' turf.
Visitors can now ski down its synthetic turf all year round.
But some policies seem to be turning toward Ma's home turf.
After all, we're on his home turf, and he's Warren Buffett.
That sparked a turf war with traditional brokers across the country.
Retail banks could see big tech move in on their turf.
Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are back on their home turf.
Others think it's buried under the turf of the Carrier Dome.
"We have worked a great deal on the turf," Delloye said.
"People at Wentworth think you're stepping on their turf," Ricks said.
In both cases, the House should have defended its constitutional turf.
Most tracks move turf races to the dirt if it rains.
Beckham was flipped over, and his head bounced off the turf.
Going big, of course, is Lizzo's home turf and her brand.
Ross Stores' management team has also stepped up defending its turf.
After all, we were New Yorkers, and this was our turf.
She sneaked vinca, creeping Jenny and lily turf into the beds.
"That firm turf is critical," course superintendent Richard Forsyth told Reuters.
As a journalist on this turf, Sulome Anderson is sui generis.
But the 2020 contenders are already staking out their individual turf.
Mr. Trump is not bothered by turf battles in his administration.
The process frequently involves managing turf battles and balancing competing interests.
Keeping that scheme going requires acquiring more "turf" instead of less.
Some independent studies looked at the heat effects of synthetic turf.
And instead of turf and money, they fought over personal slights.
The second bounced off the yellow posts and onto the turf.
The turf wars and cross-cultural redemption of "West Side Story"?
Tears streamed down Luke Kuechly's face as he sat on the turf.
"It was turning into a bit of a turf war," he said.
How do they decide whose turf a sensational case like this is?
Early in the fourth quarter, this cornerback goes down to the turf.
When FIFA wrote the bid requirements, they said grass and/or turf.
Like Alibaba, Tencent strategically chooses which allies it lets into its turf.
By segment, worldwide agriculture and turf sales were unchanged for the quarter.
Turf battles created confusion among executives as to who was in charge.
The 22-year-old Team USA star was on her home turf.
Each side squared off against the other in a schoolyard turf war.
Google's digital assistant may be about to move in on Siri's turf.
It is also battling a major competition case on its home turf.
For the Singapore exchange, they are a way to defend its turf.
Guests munched on surf and turf under a tent with dangling chandeliers.
It&aposs Pulitzer surprising turf, but unfortunately it&aposs not about Trump.
Another crime family, the Richardsons, controlled the turf south of the river.
CF Charlie Blackmon (turf toe) was activated from the disabled list Friday.
Let's get real weird with this whole surf 'n' turf experimentation, y'all.
PG Rajon Rondo is playing with turf toe on his right foot.
Hanke's more relaxed now, several months later, dressed casually on home turf.
Bin Salman's Vision 2030 will get U.S. endorsement on his home turf.
They were amateurs trying to beat the pros on the pros' turf.
He accused two generals and numerous officers on his turf of complicity.
Facebook just snatched some talent to fuel its invasion of LinkedIn's turf.
Now lenders are focusing on core strengths, usually on their home turf.
It is also, in a roundabout yet essential way, Shiffrin's home turf.
How they responded with the first-round series back on their turf?
A well-organized movement cuts turf, assigning different counties to different organizations.
Organizations that do well get rewarded with more funding and more turf.
The floor was covered in green artificial turf, like a football field.
Next door, the floor of the "field" was covered in artificial turf.
Even on what could have been hostile turf, the ebullience was palpable.
Many of the remaining deaths are attributed to vigilantes and turf wars.
In the past, structural disadvantages forced women to protect their fragile turf.
There's also a general workout area called "Turf" with typical gym equipment.
This means importers must seek immediately available stocks on their own turf.
Especially on turf they consider friendly to their side like the Newseum.
The whole stadium had to be upgraded, the turf, the dirt infield.
The crowd has stretched out across much of the stadium's artificial turf.
Just think of the dish as a noma Australia surf-n-turf.
Breakingviews A hostile takeover attempt makes fertile turf for an activist investor.
Back the Broncos to run up the score on the Smurf Turf.
Here, within these lines, on this concrete court, this patch of turf.
Yet Miami walked onto the Heinz Field turf in a weird spot.
There was contact, and Asseyi fell heavily and remained on the turf.
Lying on the turf, Manning raised his arm and pounded his fist.
Massachusetts' problem, though, goes beyond cities not wanting pot on their turf.
But bots hadn't yet run rampant on American tech companies' home turf.
But a yellow flag had fluttered to the turf: offensive pass interference.
The Swedes are just devastated, sitting on the turf where they dropped.
YouTube appears to be friendlier turf than Facebook for The Epoch Times.
It looked like Sanders was beating union leadership on their own turf.
But Friday's rematch will be played on what Federer considers his turf.
As in public land — the great shared turf of the American West.
The state was always going to be friendly turf for them: Mrs.
Competing with Chick-fil-A on its home turf could be tricky.
In the background, though, were Salzburg's players, bereft, slumped on the turf.
But on its home turf, post-modern Europe is in deep trouble.
The issues usually revolve around turf battles over clients and leadership positions.
Wal-Mart is about to encroach even further on to Amazon's turf.
But the large amount of duplication would inevitably lead to turf battles.
Another woman, a volunteer, gives us the walk lists for our turf.
The women's team post-championship "victory tour" was set to be played almost entirely on artificial turf, which players consider inferior to real grass — while the men's team didn't play a single US game on artificial turf all year.
"I don't let my kids play on artificial turf," he said, adding that his 9-year-old twin boys and 11-year-old daughter play basketball in the winter instead of playing on artificial turf fields for indoor soccer.
Helmets and heads recoiled, one off the other, and off ice-hard turf.
Like, Kylo Ren was on my turf and I had to defend it.
Overlooking the Atlantic on Florida's Gold Coast, the club is firmly Trump's turf.
Now the Michael Buczek ballfield has playing turf, lights and an electronic scoreboard.
They've also been outspoken about regularly playing on turf and poorly maintained fields.
A budding crisis is not the time for turf wars or finger-pointing.
It&aposs meant to distract the President and lure him onto their turf.
This is the sacred turf where England won the World Cup in 1966.
Amazon can't hope to compete with Alibaba or on their turf, either.
Photographer Tina Claffey spent her summers cutting turf, or peat, with her family.
Many users of Instagram and WhatsApp don't realize they're on Facebook-owned turf.
McGovern says he wants to balance the new panel with existing committees' turf.
Check out On Her Turf on Instagram, powered by Refinery29 and NBC Sports.
Stokes had been afraid to return to his old turf in West Baltimore.
Now U.S. specialty chemicals firm Albemarle Corp is muscling in on SQM's turf.
But that was a mere turf battle, and was waged behind closed doors.
We knew they played on turf, and we knew we would be playing.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out in their home turf on Wednesday.
There is no turf war here and everything is going to be okay?
Turf wars fuel violence, as does the need to enforce discipline over couriers.
But opponents say the party is scared of losing on its home turf.
In poor neighbourhoods, drug gangs battle for turf while the state stands by.
Some say he was selling drugs, infringing on the turf of local dealers.
Democrats finally won a special election on GOP turf in late March. Rep.
We worked off the turf in a single piece and laid it aside.
At least 12 people have been killed in mob turf wars this year.
And it failed on his home turf -- the floor of the US Senate.
Doctors running pill mills are not likely to have shootouts or turf wars.
And if they did, I highly doubt it was on the minority's turf.
It might not be the turf Democrats want to fight on in 2020.
Two back-to-back meltdowns for India's batting on home turf defy logic.
The facility, one of many illicit mines across Colombia, was once FARC turf.
I'm going to wait for the orange circle to come to my turf.
Virtually all of the most contested races are being fought on Republican turf.
Then watch the above video about ice cream turf wars in New York.
Actually, the carpet was green, and not so much carpet as artificial turf.
Aside from the bureaucratic turf wars, there's the struggle to win Trump's mind.
He roundly beat them at their own game and on their own turf.
Read more: Retail banks could see big tech move in on their turf.
Others are looking beyond their home turf to keep their heads above water.
A bridge with artificial turf stretches the entire length of the main hall
The Sinaloa cartel has fought bloody turf walls with rival gangs in Mexico.
Read more: Retail banks could see big tech move in on their turf.
But the national education debate is often more turf war than policy discussion.
An aerial view showed that an artificial turf playing field was being constructed.
Welcoming artists onto his own turf was a way to mitigate the tension.
Line is also aiming to supercharge its payments service on its home turf.
Djibouti is also proximal to key shipping turf around the Horn of Africa.
Related: Severed Heads Found in Tijuana Might Signal a Renewed Cartel Turf War.
We limited the use of turf grass to a postage-stamp-size patch.
Still, Wall Street seems to worry whenever Amazon steps on another company's turf.
The temporary grass field installed over the artificial turf had some brown patches.
Donald Trump wants us to fight him on his turf and his terms.
Deposit three inches of compost in October and November and reseed the turf.
The turf race was first held in January and was worth $7 million.
By the late 1990s, we were beginning to see turf lines being drawn.
But really, it was to hold a proto-campaign rally on Trump's turf.
Nonetheless, he soon left for the even more fertile musical turf of Chicago.
With the expanded focus on fresh food, Target is encroaching on competitors' turf.
With the newly introduced Skip, eight scooter companies now operate on Austin's turf.
The Nigerian lays on the turf holding his head, but it looked incidental.
I admired a large Tolli painting of a turf home illuminated by sunlight.
Two decades ago, the St. Louis Rams were the Greatest Show on Turf.
It will be his first tournament on home turf since winning that competition.
"There's clearly a renewed vigor in defending each restaurant chain's turf," Henkes said.
Aguero hit the turf in the penalty area after a collision with Magnusson.
An hour later, it was the Swedes who sat stunned on the turf.
Even when there are eye-popping images of turf on the billboards overhead.
The turf fight might resonate with New Yorkers crowded on the 6 train.
The doormen should be the avant-garde of managing this heavily contested turf.
The movie is replete with ingeniously constructed mini-narratives, including a turf war.
But hey, it's California — even though his turf outside Sacramento isn't exactly Berkeley.
Lacrosse's definition of home turf, however, is expanding geographically as well as culturally.
A few dishes labeled surf and turf include rack of lamb with scallops.
Outdoor space: The turf-covered back patio is enclosed by low stucco walls.
Just because these detectives are crooks doesn't mean they can't police their turf.
You each own a very particular piece of turf in your individual careers.
He crumpled to the turf while rushing Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday.
City curbs are increasingly a turf war between delivery drivers and everyone else.
But on its critical home turf, the company is toiling to stay relevant.
We'll be excited about defending our turf against a very good football team.
Following the discussion, he slammed his helmet to the turf on two occasions.
What host country wouldn't want to win more medals on its home turf?
The 9/85033 Commission's well-intended vision underestimated turf battles and operational realities.
They make Michelin-starred chefs weak at the knees and incite turf wars.
"This is Harry Reid's home turf, and we don't exactly trust Harry Reid."
The Synthetic Turf Council has hired Clark Hill, a law and lobby firm, to hold "meetings with Senate and House Committee members to discuss potential Congressional action relating to crumb rubber infill in synthetic turf products," according to disclosure forms.
This led to a complete fracturing of Gallardo's creation and very violent turf wars.
For the rest of Brigetta's story check out her interview at On Her Turf.
I will always appreciated that she planned something I'd love on her home turf.
McGloin was ridden to the turf by Crick, who landed on top of him.
For the most part gangs limited their violence to turf wars, gangs vs. gangs.
Maybe they had vowed never again—no turf, not for men or for women.
They sank their only plow too deep into the dense turf, snapping the blade.
Now they will have one of the President's most trusted advisers on their turf.
Tales abound of bloody turf wars, drive-by shootings and ringleaders with sinister nicknames.
I had my inspectors check it out, and everybody's fine with that (the turf).
Officers visited multiple counties, including Fresno, Del Norte, and Martinez's home turf of Tulare.
But violence takes dramatically different forms across Mexico, a nation splintered by turf wars.
But peat, or turf, is one of the most polluting fuels in the world.
Parkour's fight, like many turf wars, is less an honest dispute than an invasion.
YouTube is taking on TV on its home turf, and it's starting to win.
It raised questions about Europe's ability to monitor money laundering on its own turf.
A green-roof subsidy programme encourages owners to cover buildings with turf and moss.
The new stadium seats fewer than 2,000 people and has bright green artificial turf.
We're already in specious territory, here, which is effectively home turf for Facebook Memes.
Versius will compete with da Vinci on its own turf—abdominal and thoracic surgery.
I wonder how this hockey player can do on turf against an NFL great?
Koroshetz also defended his turf, suggesting that Harbaugh and Berger's presence was not needed.
Expect the Big Three automakers to make a big splash on their home turf.
Meetings almost always occur on their turf, in member offices or at the Capitol.
"I don't think this is about turf," said Curry, who steps down on Friday.
He identifies with the animal for its tenaciousness, its determination to protect its turf.
The newest research is part of a larger effort to map our home turf.
For instance, on Snapchat's home turf of California, cameras are banned in the booth.
"Enemy Turf" is also, largely because of those drums, a truly impressive rap showcase.
For the record, Weezy hasn't responded at all, but turf wars can get real.
The company has increasingly moved into traditional banks' turf, mostly by servicing small businesses.
There may be no more surf and turf for New Yorkers on food stamps.
To defend its turf, Netflix is spending billions to produce Disney-style family entertainment.
The Pine Tree State neighbors Sanders's home turf, where he won in a landslide.
In fact, Google and Facebook have also started to move in on Amazon's turf.
So is it really the end of the American car on its home turf?
She decided to search more familiar turf, limiting herself to Americans living in Mumbai.
The new yard had a fresh Astro-Turf surface and was planted with evergreens.
The Juarez Cartel wanted the Sinaloa Cartel off its turf, General Homero Mendoza said.
In a recent interview with CNN, Cummings downplayed the potential of any turf fights.
The ski slope is made of neveplast, a synthetic turf that's slippery like snow.
Porter Goss (R-Fla.), resigned under intense pressure amidst a fierce governmental turf battle.
" Why: "Virtually all of the most contested races are being fought on Republican turf.
Watson appeared to trip while running a pass route and slumped to the turf.
Ok, maybe not entirely, but the smartphone is definitely treading on the computer turf.
But the stakes rise as crew members obtain guns and move to protect turf.
And in the rematch Wednesday, played on Atlético's turf, Barcelona seemed even less imposing.
The end result: a wild, unanimous win for the Brit on his home turf.
"There's a turf war to get the most control over IoT devices," Drew said.
Airbnb is now encroaching further on their turf, as the HotelTonight acquisition makes clear.
The other part of it was so much of it was over drug turf.
As Ronaldo lay wounded on the turf, a single moth descended upon his face.
"Exploring the bounty near your home turf can be just as impactful," he said.
Many of the Croatians simply fell to the turf, unable to give any more.
They said they would review the work of the company that supplied the turf.
For example, my sections include Civil War history, turf writing, mythology, poetry and oversize.
It's a powerful scene — T'Challa daring anyone to fight him on his home turf.
That expenditure brought a number of stars to the alien turf of Silicon Valley.
There is some racing on natural turf, but only when the ground is firm.
Sanders has also signaled that he's angling for a win on Warren's home turf.
"On your own turf, people think you are the good Lord," Mr. Gentilhomme said.
The conference is going to Harbaugh-proof its turf by pilling resources atop resources.
But it is unusual for the finance ministry to tread on monetary-policy turf.
Their home turf, after all, is not only a prime target, but an island.
Also, they were delivered at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington — Tillerson's home turf.
The school now rolls up the turf and folds the gate after each use.
But until then, real life has a way of hanging on to its turf.
On his home turf, the chief justice suggested, things were more to his liking.
The impact flipped Beckham onto his side, and his head bounced off the turf.
Few other Democrats can claim as much ahead-of-of-the-curve progressive turf.
Now he's back on familiar Judiciary Committee turf where he'll play a similar role.
I believe you already intuitively know that turf wars exist between departments and agencies.
To defend its turf, ­Deutsche Bank needed to learn to compete with the Americans.
But already, European data protection officials are bristling at having their turf trampled on.
Union lobbyists are running roughshod over worker freedom on their own blue-state turf.
Instead, we should imagine a perfect lawn as something more than just monoculture turf.
It's also a great contender for a surf 'n' turf-style Valentine's Day dinner.
And much of the battle is expected to take place online, Amazon's home turf.
Francis Coquelin spun and slipped to the turf as he tried to stop Hazard.
He ran away from Paris St.-Germain's players, who lay stricken on the turf.
The space capsule landed gently on the sandy turf just before dawn on Sunday.
Bradham, with one hand on Williams' facemask, drove Williams into the Lambeau Field turf.
Wrexham, Labour turf for more than 80 years, declared for the Conservatives at 2am.
There&aposs a lot of talk of tech encroaching on Wall Street&aposs turf.
"There's been a lot of turf on this, and there can't be," Heitkamp said.
The dish, a riff on surf and turf, has a hefty $1,000 price tag.
By the way, the Independence Bowl is played in Shreveport, La. On artificial turf.
Ronnie inspired a generation of European kickboxers to challenge Thais on their home turf.
And there are even competitive AI turf wars within the world of poker itself.
Instead, for her first start of the year, she has entered the Dubai Turf.
Modern day terrorists rarely get involved in the drug trade beyond their home turf.
"Christopher Street was our turf," he said in a recent interview at his home.
At home, gangs use Khalil's death as an excuse to expand their turf wars.
Subject to court approval, Germany's SportGroup Deutschland Holding GmbH, which makes artificial turf systems and running tracks, agreed to buy AstroTurf's turf business for $92.5 million in cash, according to a press statement and papers filed on Tuesday in a Georgia bankruptcy court.
This year, West Coast Turf was chosen partly because it is close to Levi's Stadium.
Many large institutions have stopped investing in Africa and the Middle East, its home turf.
For judges worried about invading democracy's turf, elections are where they most fear to tread.
Artificial turf is used in thousands of parks, sports fields, and stadiums across the country.
Some gangs provoke enemy gangs by streaming live video showing them walking through rival turf.
She may also be encroaching on Sanders' turf and, Warren hopes, some of his voters.
The other horse, he was handling the turf well and I don't know what happened.
The clashes for turf are between armed groups that ostensibly support the UN-backed government.
You could say they were on Kyrie's turf ... playing pop-a-shot at Dave & Buster's.
The PT was wiped out on Lula's home turf, the industrial towns around São Paulo.
Loud promises were made to turf out MPs who did not represent their constituents' views.
Quevedo is also fighting to retain control of a company increasingly riven by turf wars.
That led to turf battles, says Doni Glover, a community activist and publisher of BMORENEWS.COM.
It is familiar turf: police were summoned earlier that day when a patient went missing.
It's stepping on the turf of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tinder with today's update.
The comments came as part of a wide-ranging speech Trump gave on friendly turf.
Safety experts worry that too many turf battles can cloud the progress of an investigation.
We will show you how he is going to bring the fight to their turf.
"That's what I do for a living," he said, noting it comes with the turf.
Watch the VICE News documentary about Anjem Choudary and his followers, London's Holy Turf War:
Their last victory occurred in 143, two years before the famed blue turf was installed.
Then again, perhaps the best way to enjoy it really is on its home turf.
Mr Street, a Tory mayor on Labour turf, is an "extremely energetic symbol of collaboration".
Samsung has had a strong start to the service in South Korea – its home turf.
Check out more about Courtney and her disciplined commitment to life at On Her Turf.
The band's home turf of Xinxiang was unlike anything the crew had ever seen before.
Everything seemed normal during the kickoff, but then Ben crumpled to the turf around midfield.
VICE: Where are Korra and Asami in their relationship at the start of Turf Wars?
Davis White: Managed Google's policy relationships in northern California, including its home Silicon Valley turf.
Sources tell TMZ the catalyst for the order of protection is turf and custody war.
Clinton represented New York as a U.S. senator and considers the state her home turf.
Media companies are practiced in the art of using cultural arguments to defend their turf.
Veracruz is home to various turf battles among rival cartels, including the hyper-violent Zetas.
Placekicking was a challenge that required several players to clear the turf before an attempt.
Basically, I sat in silence and witnessed a bloody rat turf war over a dumpster.
Not surprisingly, that takes time and is leading to turf wars over who does what.
East of Tumaco, ELN rebels seized turf where the FARC relinquished an illegal gold mine.
The swingeing budget cuts and departmental turf wars of recent years have been tough enough.
As the economic and political challenges intensify, the I.M.F. is staking out more specific turf.
They're defending 26 seats in total, with many of those playing out on GOP turf.
Now, the Islamic State's turf is being rolled back in Anbar Province and eastern Syria.
Today about 6,000 surviving islanders, many in Nemuro, dream of their furusato, their home turf.
After being tackled, McCoy pounded the turf in frustration while being attended to by trainers.
Even as CHJ expands globally, Tesla is creeping in on the start-ups home turf.
This is a campaign so confident, it can begin the cycle eating into Republican turf.
Hulu, HBO, Netflix, Fullscreen, Go90, Seeso and Amazon, among others, are all pursuing this turf.
I didn't yet understand that I needed to meet my father on his own turf.
The move comes as online lenders are increasingly encroaching on the turf of traditional banks.
Periodic turf wars continue to break out whenever the latest government-brokered truce breaks down.
It bounced high off the turf and looped into an unguarded corner of the goal.
As we've found out, Beyoncé doesn't take too kindly to others encroaching on her turf.
President Trump isn't afraid to punch on foreign turf, even after getting the red carpet.
Today, the endless turf war has found a new theater of hostilities in social media.
Fans and media in Winnipeg had a right to defend their turf, and they did.
The grassroots groundswell appears to have grown outside the turf of the Democratic National Committee.
Careers can be permanently altered on a goofy tackle or a bad patch of turf.
His price war with it, on its home turf, lost billions of his investors' money.
Twelve-year-old Abdel-Kader Jahalin plays with his friends on the playground's artificial turf.
"That's turf that has been Republican," said Zac McCrary, a Democratic pollster based in Alabama.
"My yard has turf instead of grass, and Jake has had to adjust," Stepan said.
The tall, remote-controlled cones of padding whir along Memorial Field's turf like R22002-D210.
We have done everything we could to get the best possible turf on Arc weekend.
Dealers were looking for turf, but residents were demanding that they stay off their blocks.
He used martial law to wage political turf battles, and he was implicated in corruption.
As Smith crumbled to the ground, his right foot caught on the turf, twisting awkwardly.
The Sheema Classic was first held in 25 and originally called the Dubai Turf Classic.
Now, turf homes tell a story of the rugged resiliency of the nation's Viking descendants.
In Europe, the bulk of racing is done on turf, regardless of whether it rains.
"Hi Cooper," Edward Quad, the second-floor doorman said, grinning as Cooper invaded his turf.
He found himself caught in an ideological turf war between Mr. Kushner and Mr. Sessions.
But just because they're no-good crooks doesn't mean these roughnecks can't police their turf.
For weeks, volunteers from the Atacama region banded together to re-turf the Cobresal Field.
For several years he shined shoes in Cleveland, battling others for turf on street corners.
With pounds of meat leftover, he turned Dinnah into surf and turf on Monday night.
A typical turf field uses a large amount of virgin plastics and re-ground rubber.
On home turf, Roberts, 64, oversaw back-to-back Supreme Court arguments in the morning.
They furnished the area with sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, a bookcase, turf and picnic tables.
He is confident that domestic food retail chains can weather Amazon's expansion on their turf.
A counterproductive system that's wasteful of public funds and rife with inter-agency turf wars.
Beyond the turf wars, the wall is sure to raise considerable litigation over environmental impacts.
Their absentee owners were claiming their turf before the usual hordes descended on the beach.
I am happy to report that Statovci's cat manages to mark its own literary turf.
The chain isn't just going for McDonald's turf — it's also going for Chick-fil-A's.
This pragmatic raid on enemy turf was first conceived under Mr. Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May.
Expect to see PCs and consoles wander into each others' turf a lot this year.
Allen was nearly motionless on the turf after the hit but walked off the field.
"We were two tigers trying to cover our turf, I'll just say that," she said.
Shared turf there, in terms of the day-to-day working dynamic of a couple.
On his home turf, away from the cameras, the action is mostly behind the scenes.
The beef dishes can be turned into surf and turf with the addition of seafood.
Aside from saving time, it's also comforting to meet a complete stranger on your turf.
O'Flaherty said he may have aggravated his back running on the artificial turf in Toronto.
Now, they're fighting for their turf, but I don't think they're going to be obstructionists.
O'Rourke has already visited 223 of the state's 254 counties, including some deep red turf.
Nike's growth on its home turf in North America came in slightly weaker than expected.
Meanwhile, Amazon is making its own advancements in grocery and apparel, treading on Walmart's turf.
Or, it could be a rival looking to gain his turf or a competitive edge.
It saw fellow Texan Beto O'Rourke have his best moments yet on home-state turf.
Two rival gang factions, known as Risky Road and the Maniac Fours, battled for turf.
The losses took place on Republican turf, but were cast as referendums on Trump's presidency.
Lawmakers are concerned that bureaucratic turf wars are complicating the federal response to cyber threats.
This definition excludes gang fights over drug turf and specifies what constitutes a public place.
Still, the president will be on friendlier turf when impeachment proceedings move to the Senate.
NOTES: Toronto RF Jose Bautista (turf toe) could return by Monday, manager Jon Gibbons said.
Now, some readers point to the administration and see nothing more than bureaucratic turf wars.
That Rams team, known as the Greatest Show on Turf, was a 14-point favorite.
The result is constant turf battles which, unchecked by sobriety, are especially liable to turn bloody.
A lack of sunny afternoons might have allowed the turf to soften, rather than firming up.
Tony Stewart doesn't take guff from anyone, especially on his turf, as one racing fan learned.
Both bases had what appeared to be astro turf landing spots outside the front of them.
It has six months to decide whether to turf the president out, triggering a new election.
But some in Congress said the real problem is the turf battle within the Treasury Department.
That, in the end, is driving the turf war; and it's driving the culture of violence.
Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers sits on the turf after being hit during the game.
I ask him if he would attempt a similar feat here, on the soup's home turf.
The department has lost a succession of turf wars that have left it a hollow shell.
Such investments have been in Tencent's core areas, away from turf occupied by Alibaba and Baidu.
But in most of its seats, mainly former Labour turf, the SNP looks unassailable for now.
The first tunnel took viewers to the "Forest Room," with fake turf and projected vegetation motifs.
Amy Huang, Wheat's CEO, says her initial goal was to challenge banks on their home turf.
All special elections are on different turf and have different issues and candidate dynamics at play.
Marketplace will have to compete with OfferUp, LetGo, Wallapop, Close5, and other startups eyeing Craig's turf.
In November, Tony Evers, a Democrat, managed to turf out Mr Walker from the governor's mansion.
RUSSIA topped the medal table after the 153 Winter Olympics on its home turf in Sochi.
It's a co-defendant visiting the plaintiffs' turf without regard for appearance or possibility of collusion.
The wireless earphones are on sale for $89.99 and come in turf green and brick red.
This angered a cacique (local boss), who thought the mayor was muscling in on his turf.
Blackmon was placed on the DL with turf toe of his left foot on April 14.
Euro 2016 Things just looked grim for Portugal: Playing the host team in its home turf.
The fast casual restaurant has started demoing the robot in its Pasadena location — Miso's home turf.
Above all, developers realized that it's hard to build a sustainable business on someone else's turf.
This isn't the first time Amazon has flexed its capitalism-loving muscles on Whole Foods' turf.
Plus, select locations open early at noon on Sunday with surf & turf specials starting at $49.95.
Despite this, there's something to be said for investors paying closest attention to their home turf.
But now the founder of Casa Diablo, Johnny "Diablo" Zukle, finds himself in a turf war.
The Tripoli factions sometimes clash in turf battles or over killings or detentions of their members.
When a substance is illegal, dealers are forced to resort to violence to protect their turf.
A lot of hitters just pound the ball right into the ground, right into the turf.
A classic Brussels turf war is brewing over the way the Brexit talks will be handled.
NOTES: Only eight current Cubs ever played a regular-season game on artificial turf before Tuesday.
Unlike blacks occupying whites-only lunch counters, however, the House Democrats duffed on their own turf.
But once on the cops' turf, and under threat of unjust charges, the twitching becomes uncontrollable.
That some say there might be a link between cancer and playing soccer on artificial turf?
Tmall and have different business models but they are increasingly pushing onto each other's turf.
Now it is the turf of those on their way in or out of grad school.
The grounds include two artificial turf fields, an eight-lane track, and 11 new faculty homes.
In one case, Case Keenum, a quarterback for the Rams, hit his head on the turf.
The most glaring issue in the third-quarter report was Netflix's fumble on its home turf.
Bleymaier suggested blue turf instead, and won the support of his boss to make the change.
Her first priority was to register Boise State's trademarks, including the one for the blue turf.
These shows are trying to define themselves and claim their turf in an increasingly fragmented category.
He'd delved into venue contracts, hot-dog sales projections and turf heights on rugby-compliant fields.
They are more insurgents vying for local turf than they are terrorists thinking about international targets.
After his head hit the turf, Keenum could be seen putting both hands on his helmet.
Democrats do well on the West Coast, but the interior West is tough turf for Democrats.
It's hard to tell why the current system abides, other than to protect some administrators' turf.
For a start, he is playing on home turf, having grown up in Brooklyn's Flatbush neighborhood.
"It's an area rife with inefficiency and a lot of turf," said the aforementioned biopharma CEO.
The pass looked heavy, but Cristian Gamboa inexplicably shoved Wood, sending both men to the turf.
That situation becomes more and more dire when fighting the war on the South's home turf.
Disney would be playing on its home turf instead of trying to win on Netflix's ground.
I'd try to meet them on their own turf, like a coffee shop near their apartment.
It's now March Madness and we're heading up North to the place — to my turf, OK?
What of Bechtel's society of managers, technicians and workers, its internal turf wars, its procedural habits?
Samsung's units could become embroiled in turf battles instead of working together to pursue shared opportunities.
As it turned out, one team in particular wanted him: his home-turf Los Angeles Dodgers.
But tax reforms alone may not be enough for Paris to beat London on its turf.
The turf fields are almost all gone and most of the newer stadiums are hitter-friendly.
He tossed the ball away just as he was about to be crushed into the turf.
The golfer sees the simulated flight of each shot, thanks to a sensor on the turf.
Cooper lay motionless on the turf for about a minute as medical personnel tended to him.
When Meydan opened, it had a 1,750 meter synthetic track and a 2,20173 meter turf course.
For Amazon's next act, it's taking on Walmart on its own turf: Brick-and-mortar retail.
Initially it looked quite funny as the first balls were sending swarms up from the turf.
Beach Patrol (4-1) beat a strong field impressively in the Turf Classic at Belmont. 11.
Republicans today feel confident about the Senate, a fight that's largely happening on red-state turf.
Even when bureaucracies endorse a new idea, officials often fear change and jealously guard their turf.
The previous year, Burnley's stadium — the atmospheric, unreconstructed Turf Moor — had been something of a fortress.
There, powerful drug gangs and paramilitary militias battle each other for turf, while all confront police.
White Gold sells it for $11, roughly twice what it would cost on its home turf.
At times protesters have assembled in them to mock Mr. Trump on his own home turf.
Most people expect Bernie Sanders to win on what is nearly home turf for the Vermonter.
Isaac Bruce was a central cog in the St. Louis Rams' "Greatest Show on Turf" offense.
Normally, the PC industry gets to do this without its console counterpart encroaching on its turf.
Obama protested, via words and sanctions, but did nothing persuasive enough to reverse Russia's turf grab.
With Adams out with turf toe, Green Bay's receivers contributed just four receptions for 55 yards.
It must particularly gall extremists that gun sense is prevailing in Virginia, the NRA's home turf.
Up to this point, he said, Republicans have been beating Democrats only on solidly red turf.
There were other reminders that the visit was unfolding almost exclusively on Mr. Trump's own turf.
Several senators suggested there had been "turf wars" over cyber in Congress and the federal government.
He appeared to grab at Garrett's helmet and facemask while the two scrapped on the turf.
"They jealously guard their turf," said Austan Goolsbee, a senior economic advisor in the Obama administration.
And since Jon is visiting Daenerys on her home turf, setting the tone is her responsibility.
Other bank regulators bristled at the CFPB's arrival, and agencies engaged in turf wars over responsibilities.
And Nike has been going after the German outfitter on its own turf — the World Cup.
But he returned to conventional turf on Wednesday, with three stops in Florida on his schedule.
That started a beef because Houston, and TX in general, is Rap-A-Lot's home turf.
However, gamers — usually quick to defend their turf from interlopers — have mixed feelings about loot boxes.
Tuesday night's elections happened across the most demographically diverse turf imaginable, from San Francisco to Appalachia.
"I could see there is a difference in grass, in the turf itself," he told reporters.
At that moment, a cow poked her head inside to see who was on her turf.
In victory, he defeated the world-record holder, Renaud Lavillenie of France, on his home turf.
"I was trying to sell it," a smiling Edelman said of his playacting on the turf.
Silicon Valley is forcing its way onto Detroit's turf by building, or planning to build, cars.
Torres immediately fell face down into the turf and was not able to properly brace himself.
There's reason to think that there could be some bureaucratic turf wars in the coming months.
The two cartels now fight over turf in Morelos and neighboring Guerrero State, leaving piles of bodies.
He's primarily starting on his home turf at Jefferson Health, and with other doctors in his specialty.
In December, the American women refused to play an exhibition in Hawaii, saying the turf was unsafe.
The Liberal party has modified its rules to make it harder to turf out sitting prime ministers.
If an international rival snapped it up, that would increase competition for Deutsche on its home turf.
Shan Wu: Where there can be a turf war, sometimes, is the question of who's going first.
All agree though that it isn't Trump's fault Trump was clearly on his home turf Wednesday night.
He laid face-down on the turf for several minutes before trainers helped him onto a stretcher.
"The Baltimore Ravens replaced the artificial turf in their stadium, and they put in grass," he said.
Most banks have retreated to their home turf and lent to each other almost exclusively against collateral.
The TruForm treadmill was also covered in turf so athletes can run on it in their cleats.
Duoshan is Bytedance's first foray into messaging, Brennan added, a turf dominated by tech giant Tencent's WeChat.
For Hogan, he's on his home turf in Florida, a state that has relatively strong privacy laws.
On home turf in Denmark, it was the usual suspect, Noma, that paved the way for clay.
On Sunday night, Spong squared off against heavyweight Hugo Leon on his home turf of Aguascalientes, Mexico.
However, outsiders can help contain the jihadists, stopping them conquering turf or building anything resembling a state.
ER: Net art has always had a core part of its experience on home turf: your screen.
A huge home market has not stopped the trio from fighting bloody turf wars among each other.
Shanina's on Tyson's turf down in MIA, but explained how she plans to avoid any more drama.
But Instagram is a tricky turf to regulate, especially if vendors aren't selling directly from the platform.
Shipping partners have begun cutting ties with the e-commerce giant as it steps onto their turf.
Kentucky, the turf of Mitch McConnell, the Republicans' leader in the Senate, distils a lot of bourbon.
With Mr Dragnea's career surely over, the opposition will now seek to turf his party from office.
On the other hand, it's about disillusionment that the game is rigged and the turf is tilted.
Gantz hesitated if he should go or not to a conference which is usually Netanyahu's home turf.
This year, the U.S. made it to the finals to face off Belarus on their home turf.
Turf wars and the harm from the trade in drugs may explain a recent upsurge in violence.
After facing similar charges around the world, Qualcomm is getting some major pushback on its home turf.
Meanwhile, Instagram is encroaching on Twitter's turf by making a newsy yet inviting consumption mechanism like Moments.
These irons also have a rounded edge that moves through the turf well without reducing club speed.
Between The Sopranos and constant fawning in the tabloids, it's not like this is underreported turf, right?
Hein Decisions Bang for Home Turf Win There was only one German fighter on Hamburg's main card.
Deere also lifted its full-year profit forecast and guidance on the flagship ag and turf segment.
Jay and Bey were on Solange's home turf Sunday ... taking in a parade through the French Quarter.
Remember, when Drake played Philly -- Meek's home turf -- Meek and his crew showed up outside the arena.
It also took more than a third of voters in Sunni Muslim neighbourhoods, Mr Hariri's traditional turf.
Last year's Aura EP established a smooth, old-school sound but "Claim" goes for more futuristic turf.
Turf N Surf Po' Boy's is a tad pricey, although generous on the portions, and Hey Cupcake!
But once again, the index had slumped back down into negative turf by the 3 p.m. close.
The Crow's Nest in Venice, Florida, is a waterfront seafood restaurant known for its surf 'n' turf.
"The (blue) turf is one thing, but the style of play," Cavaliers coach Bronco Mendenhall told reporters.
Having staked out their turf in Flushing, the two factions have long waged a bitter ideological battle.
The company is relying on deep roots in its home turf to survive an assault by Amazon.
It shows the complications for law enforcement agents who confront an overeager amateur encroaching on their turf.
"That's her turf, all those buildings over there," Ms. Hooper said, pointing to Manhattan's maze of skyscrapers.
Also back at practice was cornerback Desmond Trufant, who missed the past three games with turf toe.
A tribe, to hold its place, needs private history, turf, and a vision of the outside world.
It's one of the best-educated states in the country — making it especially friendly turf for Mrs.
That notion was rendered quaint years ago as the big-money December holidays crept into Thanksgiving's turf.
He had said that he would end his campaign if he lost on his home turf Tuesday.
The French defeat had left a power vacuum, and groups besides the Vietminh were jockeying for turf.
Booking is trying to fend off Google, which has increasingly been encroaching into online travel companies' turf.
Mr. Fitz cited studies that said millennials are intrinsically generous, but charities must connect on their turf.
Saudis fund the Taliban in Afghanistan; the Islamic state competes with the Taliban for control over turf.
The more likely — and depressing — explanation for the White House's opposition appears to be petty turf warfare.
It grows ceaselessly at the edges, hardening turf into concrete industries, forever feeding its enormous polluted body.
Have you ever copped any flak from metal fans who felt you're moving in on their turf?
However, the partnership has yet to bear fruit and now Amazon is headed into Cortana's home turf.
Polling as of Wednesday morning shows Trump leading both Rubio and Kasich on their turf, Politico reported.
Chinese brands such as GAC Motor and BYD are looking to advance on global rivals' home turf.
Its 1960 Kapoho eruption added nearly 500 acres of fresh turf to the Big Island's southeastern tip.
This was an important tactic for Democrats since their House battles were playing out on moderate turf.
He came to a stop, then stiffly placed the ball on the turf and robotically walked away.
My grandfather admired the gallant Donovan but the turf war between O.S.S. and G-2 sickened him.
New brands like Aveda, Herbal Essences, and the Body Shop were encroaching on Dr. Bronner's green turf.
They may have violated operational security, bragged too much, lived conspicuous lifestyles or engaged in turf wars.
The majority of those deaths occurred on dirt surfaces (1.74 per 1,000 starts) compared to turf (1.36).
Back on her home turf and surrounded by friends, she's not averse to letting her hair down.
We came up with ideas like a surf-and-turf slider and a spaghetti-and-meatballs slider.
That blockade was emblematic of the fate of broader bipartisan measures that tread on politically sensitive turf.
Cobb secured it as he went sliding into the turf as Bethel fell on top of him.
So close calls on that kind of turf can certainly be seen as encouraging for the minority.
Navy called "tails," and that was what it was when the flipped coin landed on the turf.
The message of the song is clear: This is his home turf, and he's not going anywhere.
They sank to the turf, or crouched low on their haunches, holding their heads in their hands.
In October, it will play at the Superdome in New Orleans, another football stadium with artificial turf.
The jockeying between groups, donors and operatives for cash and turf is occurring mostly behind the scenes.
Mr. Bernstein was not only an anomaly but also an upstart, an American interloper on European turf.
"I think you're going to see a round of turf battles," said one current senior administration official.
Last year, America's champion turf mare Tepin won the Queen Anne Stakes and, with it, international acclaim.
Ms. Grossman set up the turf and tiles to demonstrate how it could transform the concrete yard.
Another clasped both hands over her mouth at her first glimpse of the field's lush green turf.
This is the time of a long-delayed clarification where America must set its unambiguous turf markers.
It's home to the Snow Polo World Cup and White Turf St. Moritz, which involves thoroughbred racing.
"When our home turf is being invaded, we can only rush to the front and fight back."
Unfortunately, they can't yet determine how much snow you will see on your little patch of turf.
By September, he had a bigger problem: The turf at Allianz Field kept coming up in chunks.
His normal turf is Times Square, but he's been spending a lot of time at Trump Tower.
He attributed the deaths to botched drug deals, turf wars between drug syndicates, or informants being silenced.
Shortly after Foles released the ball, he was crushed into the turf by Kansas City's Chris Jones.
Her book launch begins Tuesday night in her home turf, Chicago, followed by appearances in D.C. Nov.
Crime Sara Paretsky defies the old notion that regional detectives don't travel well outside their home turf.
"I'd love to go head to head with him on his home turf at the London Marathon."
Felipe Nasr, the Brazilian driver on his home turf, finished the rain-soaked race in ninth position.
Under this reading, you can see that Amazon and Roku aren't just fighting on TV turf, either.
Though there are occasional turf wars among vendors, Mr. Ahmed has never had to fight for space.
After a turf war one night, one of the residents told KGO the neighbors had had enough.
"Once I landed back on home turf, we were all saying he's already inconveniencing us," she said.
Now, the man who has consumed Trump's attention for much of his tenure is invading his turf.
But bureaucratic turf wars have dogged the office of the director of national intelligence since its creation.
The local fighters did not leave the security of their home turf to fight in the open.
The young turf-cutter fell hard for his first girlfriend while operating heavy machinery in the peatlands.
But other sponsors quickly reminded Alibaba that its revolution can't happen if it steps on their turf.
This is tough turf for a reporter to cover because idealism is out and cynicism is in.
Many of the 189 games he played were on unforgiving turf, and his body was breaking down.
But powerful bureaucrats and state-run companies fought to protect their turf, slowing progress in many areas.

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