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"property" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] a thing or things that are owned by somebody; a possession or possessions
  2. [uncountable] land and buildings
  3. [countable] (formal) a building or buildings and the surrounding land
  4. [countable, usually plural] (formal) a quality or characteristic that something has
"property" Synonyms
goods possessions effects belongings capital chattels holdings resources riches assets stuff things means estate fortune movables securities valuables gear lot ownership custody possession title claim guardianship hold possessorship proprietorship dominion keeping occupancy control owndom proprietary stewardship holding use hand deed quality attribute characteristic feature mark hallmark trait element facet aspect component constituent detail particularity peculiarity ability affection attribution character criterion acres land acreage building buildings estates freehold house houses premises realty home landholdings leasehold farm parcel place accommodation abode lodgings residence establishment pad quarters digs dwelling domicile household living quarters a roof over your head habitation apartment dwelling place grounds domain territory tract landholding lands area garden parkland gardens park finca quinta piece of land parcel of land large farm acquisition buy purchase accession addition asset investment accretion obtainment acquirement gain prize procuration order deal item bargain valuable commodity belonging antique chattel heirloom treasure merchandise collectible nugget plum costly article personal effect precious item prized possession article resourcefulness creativity imagination ingenuity inventiveness originality resource wits appliance artifice capability cleverness contraption contrivance course creation device campus square quad yard dorm precincts quadrangle site school grounds courtyard court plaza enclosure cloister piazza precinct close inclosure material product export import artifact(US) artefact(UK) line object produce speciality(UK) specialty(US) stock thing vendible essence nature core heart life soul crux kernel spirit principle quintessence substance being ethos gist lifeblood meat nucleus root basis faculty capacity talent aptitude gift bent facility knack readiness skill competence flair genius potential power propensity adroitness dexterity success prosperity affluence exorbitance wealth abundance good fortune laurels opulence prosperousness well-being good life good times happiness happy days life of luxury plenteousness reward More
"property" Antonyms
loan debt poverty arrears arrearage liabilities debits deficit disapproval lack need want paucity indigence dearth scarcity scantiness poorness shame loss impecuniousness penury privation economy deficiency frugality destitution hardship deprivation impoverishment pauperism beggary pauperdom necessitousness difficulty destituteness penuriousness pennilessness starvation impecuniosity stigma humiliation scar stain odium reproach besmirchment black mark disgrace dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) lost face mark onus slur taint nonfeature missing element abnormality dislike hate hatred inability unimportance whole usualness normality office department center(US) centre(UK) agency shop store studio bureau facility factory foundry suite division warehouse liability indebtedness debts dues financial obligation forfeiture misplacement dispossession misplacing mislaying losing drop dropping none one heedlessness ignorance neglect junk scraps clutter scrap collateral crumbs garbage rubbish scrapings slops trash castoffs dregs leftovers waste bits and pieces odds and ends secondhand goods unwanted items personalty absence nonexistence naturalness honesty personality reality simplicity truth fact commonality parallel resemblance similarity commonalty similitude disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) impotence incapacity incompetence permanent stupidity weakness product sky surrender yielding aggregate composite aggregation entirety total assemblage conglomerate conglomeration ensemble gross integral sum totality accumulation agglomeration all bulk collection heap fittings fixtures constant given certainty absolute invariable fundamental established fact unchanging factor unchanging situation blemish deformity blotch blight mar fault defect flaw imperfection expenditure spending disbursement expense expenses squandering outgoings splurging frittering outlay lavishing outflow overheads outgo consumption output lease renting

423 Sentences With "property"

How to use property in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "property" and check conjugation/comparative form for "property". Mastering all the usages of "property" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Other U.K. property funds include: Aberdeen U.K. Property; Janus Henderson U.K. Property; Threadneedle U.K. Property and Aviva Investors.
Property companies also advanced, with Kiwi Property rising 1.1 percent and industrial property investment company Property for Industry up 0.9 percent.
Alabama has the lowest property taxes in the US. Property tax rate: 0.42%Median property value: $132,100Annual tax on the median-valued property: $558
Property tax rate: 0.52%Median property value: $152,900Annual tax on the median-valued property: $795
Property tax rate: 0.80%Median property value: $109,300Annual tax on the median-valued property: $879
Property tax rate: 0.74%Median property value: $151,700Annual tax on the median-valued property: $1,120
Property tax rate: 0.61%Median property value: $204,900Annual tax on the median-valued property: $1,256
Property tax rate: 0.99%Median property value: $145,400Annual tax on the median-valued property: $1,435
Property tax rate: 1.40%Median property value: $139,200Annual tax on the median-valued property: $1,952
Property tax rate: 1.80%Median property value: $142,400Annual tax on the median-valued property: $2,565
Property tax rate: 1.94%Median property value: $169,300Annual tax on the median-valued property: $3,286
Property tax rate: 2.31%Median property value: $179,700Annual tax on the median-valued property: $4,157 
Such a land-tax revolution would reduce property speculation, lower property prices and cut back on property debts.
And again, the only property that was really safe was that Church property and the property of the lords.
Your property tax is your property tax, and your choice is you pay it or you lose your property.
Washington is a community property state, which means that all earnings and property acquired during the marriage are considered community property.
The annual property tax on this property is about $15.
This is going to be a lot of property that's going to be shorefront property in 229 that's not shorefront property now.
Because the smelter spewed pollution over great distances, the site encompasses 85033 square miles of company property, public property and private property.
This is going to be a lot of property that's going to be shorefront property in 2040 that's not shorefront property now.
I think--intellectual property, and property rights, and-- things like that.
I think intellectual property, and property rights, and things like that.
Some London-based property investors and property owners, however, are cautious.
They're going to go from oceanfront property to ocean-floor property.
Owner: Zar Property NY Owner representative: David Zar, Zar Property NY
Property taxes, which are tied to property values, also rose sharply.
Because slaves themselves were considered property, they could not own property.
Average annual mortgage payment: $2,744Annual property tax: $358Median income: $37,825 Average annual mortgage payment: $3,062 Annual property tax: $23 Median income: $43,929 Average annual mortgage payment: $3,319 Annual property tax: $792 Median income: $48,672 Average annual mortgage payment: $2,399 Annual property tax: $0573 Median income: $38,580 Average annual mortgage payment: $2,22 Annual property tax: $51,2582 Median income: $250,2321 Average annual mortgage payment: $22,7353 Annual property tax: $5825 Median income: $251,2364 Average annual mortgage payment: $3,593 Annual property tax: $559 Median income: $51,192 Average annual mortgage payment: $1,513 Annual property tax: $438 Median income: $37,474 Average annual mortgage payment: $2,163 Annual property tax: $582 Median income: $50,321 Average annual mortgage payment: $2,057 Annual property tax: $735 Median income: $51,364
Canada Life said Wednesday that it was temporarily deferring client redemptions in four funds: the Canlife Property Life Fund, the Canlife Property Pension Fund, the Canlife UK Property Life Fund and the Canlife UK Property Pension Fund.
Annual property taxes for this property are $5,690, according to Ms. McLaughlin.
Property in white hands is valued more than property in black hands.
A. A property owner can cut branches that hang on his property.
Pets, however, are regarded as property, and people are not typically allowed to bequeath property to other property—leaving a dishwasher to the sink, say.
Alaska has an opt-in community property law, which means that a couple's property can be considered community property as long as both parties agree.
But, Hawaiians have the lowest tax rates in the US. Property tax rate: 0.27%Median property value: $563,900Annual tax on the median-valued property: $1,529
"Someone will have an item, part of their property stolen, and they'll either raise the cost of that property or include additional property," Vetrano explained.
Those included property type, lot and building size, property and building values, year built, market and property tax assessment values and the last three transactions.
Second, like-kind exchange rules enable property owners to defer capital gains tax if, instead of selling their property, they exchange it for another comparable property.
Zeus' property unit growth Zeus' property unit growth There's plenty of pie, though.
Concern over further property measures to cool the mainland property market triggered selling.
We have a property, you should sell the property and raise the children.
The tax rules are different for a rental property versus a vacation property.
The property agency, know in Russian as Rosimushchestvo, handles state property and privatizations.
The annual property tax on this property is about $13, Mr. Williams said.
The groom's mother is a property manager at IKS Property Management in Seattle.
Annual property taxes on this property are $500 to $600, Mr. Brace said.
Property stocks eased after major cities imposed new property curbs to deter speculators.
Stern says that Dot differs from property crowd-investing type platforms, such as Property Partner or Bricklane, which typically let you buy shares in a portion of a property or a property portfolio and aren't coupled with a financing option.
The new £1,000 property income tax break for online property rental will apply even if the entire property is rented — as is often the case with Airbnb.
Miles Gibson, the head of UK Research at property consultant CBRE, expects total return on industrial property this year to be higher than all other commercial property.
Non-Property Businesses Drive Leverage: Fitch believes Greenland's non-property businesses are still immature and need to be funded with cash flow from the company's property business.
Even though in practice NFT owners have property rights in their tokenized goods, it is unclear if an owner's property rights are recognized under U.S. property law.
Lev Loginov, co-founder of property investment company London Wall, which bought the property in 2013, is hoping paying for property in bitcoin could be the future.
In Ohio, the initial mortgage on a like-kind exchange property averages 22019 percent of the property price, compared to 58 percent for all other property acquisitions.
Non-property Businesses Drive Leverage: Fitch believes Greenland's non-property businesses are still immature and need to be funded with cash flow from the company's property business.
Crown property, but not the king's private property, had previously been exempted from tax.
But the fresh property restrictions knocked the property sector down 1.8 percent on Monday.
The amount was based upon the valuation of the property by the property appraiser.
Around half of ASRI's and Modernland's property sales consist of commercial and industrial property.
Property tax on this property is less than $3,000 a year, Mr. Ridgway said.
A property manager looks after a household and ensures all property activities run smoothly.
Property records show Isaac and Claudia Kestenberg bought the property in 2008 for $782,500.
Of the property owners who use H2O, 70 percent are real estate property managers, 20 percent are local property owners and 10 percent are overseas real estate funds.
Tourism, a lower Australian dollar and interest from foreign buyers have kept the Gold Coast property market buoyant, said Pete Wargent, a property analyst with AllenWargent Property Buyers.
Rules vary from state to state, but in California, if you pay the property taxes on an abandoned property for five years, the property becomes yours free and clear.
In late 2019, ABG acquired luxury department store chain Barneys' intellectual property, and fast-fashion retailer Forever21 in partnership with mall operator Simon Property Group and Brookfield Property Partners.
It's not the number one women's sport property; it's a property, irrespective of the gender.
Drew and Jonathan Scott, hosts of HGTV's "Property Brothers," are property and home renovation experts.
"If I wanted to take the property, I could have taken the property," Salzman testified.
Significant Mainland Property Development: China property development generated 47% of CKP's operating profit in 2015.
Some property rights are guaranteed: they can own movable property, such as cars and machinery.
For this property, the property tax is just under $10,000 a year, Mr. Roel said.
Will our intellectual property be showcased in a way that's consistent with that intellectual property?
Other than property and NEVs, the property developer is also in tourism and health industries.
Homeowners are responsible for paying property taxes, home insurance and maintenance costs on the property.
Property shares led indexes lower with the Shanghai Composite property sub-index down 0.7 percent.
In 2015, a property owner in Kentucky shot down a drone flying over his property.
News of the fresh property restrictions knocked the property sector down 2.3 percent on Monday.
They included homeowners' association fees on the property, property tax and insurance into the affordability.
Maggie Teliska is a technical specialist at Caldwell Intellectual Property, an intellectual property law firm.
Kiwi Property Group Ltd fell 0.4 percent, while Argosy Property Ltd was down 0.5 percent.
"Unequivocally, the property boom has peaked," said Rosealea Yao, a property analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics.
For landlords, Residently offers a property management service for viewings, paperwork, property maintenance and renewals.
The value of higher property taxesThere is, though, another side to the property tax story.
Gorsuch originally listed the property for $1.675 million, according to the property listing service Zillow.
Arizona's legislature should take note and restore property rights by protecting property tax debtors' equity.
He said that the "marital property includes all property acquired from the date of marriage until the date of entry of the divorce decree," including property acquired during a separation.
Non-Property Adds to Leverage Pressure: Fitch believes that Greenland's non-property businesses are still immature and will need to be funded with cash flow generated from the property business.
As explained in our book, The Constitutional Foundations of Intellectual Property, the founders viewed copyrights as unique property rights that deserve to be protected like land and other physical property.
If black-owned property became valuable or a black property owner challenged white supremacy, local officials could simply declare the property tax-delinquent and sell it at a tax sale.
The property seen here, Cedar Creek, is a Trinidad, TX property done by Hocker Design Group.
Priests who bequeathed property to their sons presented a risk that church property would be lost.
A search of New York property records confirms what appears to be the property in question.
The consortium includes Peel Group, Saudi Arabia's Olayan Group and Canadian property investor Brookfield Property Group.
The property platform also created a mortgage calculator tool so users could estimate their property expenditure.
" IMPACT AID PAYMENTS FOR FEDERAL PROPERTY "The Budget proposes eliminating Impact Aid Payments for Federal Property.
And the first post-Brexit updates from property companies also indicate greater caution in traditional property.
They can't claim any property damage because courts have ruled that eggs and embryos aren't property.
At the heart of the problem, however, remains the tension between property rights and property values.
This property is in a rural area with no annual property tax, according to the owners.
Of course, property taxes tax only property, ignoring bank accounts, stocks, bonds and more exotic investments.
They embraced the supreme primacy of private property — even when that property consisted of human beings.
In South Korea, taxes are much higher on property transactions than on the possession of property.
Kiwi Property Group rose 0.3 percent after the property company reported a record after tax profit.
Propertize had net exposure of 3.4 billion euros in property and property financing liabilities in 2015.
Among mid-caps, F&C Commercial Property and UK Commercial Property advanced more than 7 percent.
Maggie Teliska is a technical specialist at Caldwell Intellectual Property Law, an intellectual property law firm.
One of the great innovations in American property rights is the legal framework of intellectual property.
"Not just the mortgage payment, but the property taxes, property insurance and the maintenance and upkeep."
Property developers such as Stockland Corp, Dexus and Abacus Property Group traded higher following Genworth's results.
That's the top property tax rate and the per-capita property tax collection in the nation.
The lien amount on the property, Property Shark said, was $28.72 million, plus interest and costs.
Property taxes hurt older citizens, whose incomes are not going up but whose property taxes are.
The properties include Epstein's Manhattan townhouse, valued at $22 million, a $214 million property in Stanley, New Mexico, a $20053 million property in Palm Beach, Florida, an $22005 million property in Paris, France, a $217 million property on Great St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands, and a $21980 million property on Little St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands.
The properties include Epstein's Manhattan townhouse, valued at $55.9 million; a $17 million property in Stanley, New Mexico; a $12 million property in Palm Beach, Florida; an $8 million property in Paris, France; a $22 million property on Great St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands; and a $63 million property on Little St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands.
A distinction was made between the king's private property and crown property, which belongs to the monarchy as an institution and was under the direct management of the Crown Property Bureau.
The company explained that figure combines the number of property owners who have listed at least one location with the number property seekers who have contacted at least one property owner.
"The only evidence in the record is that the county's employees took all unattended property and then immediately destroyed the property, regardless of whether the property was abandoned," the judge wrote.
OnTheMarket, currently the third biggest player in the UK residential property portals market, was launched in 2015 to challenge Zoopla Property Group and Rightmove in the British online property search market.
WeWork Property Advisors offered $150 million more for the Lord & Taylor building than what the commercial-property giant Brookfield Property Partners was prepared to pay, according to The Wall Street Journal.
A number of property companies, like Kiwi Property Group Ltd and Argosy Property Ltd issued notices to the NZX saying they were engaging structural engineers to examine buildings for any damage.
The Aberdeen UK Property Fund and the Aberdeen UK Property Feeder Unit Trust were one of a number of retail property funds to feel the pressure in the days after Britain's vote to leave the European Union, as investors worried about the outlook for commercial property prices.
The typical New Jersey homeowner will face about $7,800 each year, making it the most expensive state for property taxes in the US. Property tax rate: 2.44%Median property value: $321,100Annual tax on the median-valued property: $7,840More personal finance coverageWhat's the best airline credit card?
It was then a second shoe store, and a third shoe store, and a fourth shoe store, then he bought property, and more property, and then started buying property in Los Angeles.
Buyer: Casablanca Property Owner Buyer's Broker: Nir Mor, Capital Property Partners Seller: Société D'Exploitation Agricole C-I Seller's Brokers: Michael Saidian, Capital Property Partners / Donna Fakiris, Pomme Group Real Estate $254/SQ.
Seven U.K. property funds have now suspended dealing or made valuation adjustments on their U.K. property funds.
The money is coming from new bonds — voters raising their own property taxes to protect their property.
The money is coming from new bonds – voters raising their own property taxes to protect their property.
That is lower in comparison to the property value to property tax ratio of most surrounding towns.
Property consultancy Knight Frank says property prices in Berlin rose 20.5 percent last year in the capital.
Property stocks led indices lower with the Shanghai Composite property sub-index down 1.6 percent by midday.
The index measures factors including the legal and political environment, physical property rights and intellectual property rights.
"It's that classic top-of-the-market mindset," said property valuer Gavin Hegney, from Gavin Hegney Property.
Property companies also had a boost, with Property for Industries and Precinct Properties each rising 1.2 percent.
"Walmart is an intellectual property owner and respects the intellectual property rights of others," the company said.
For instance, Rightmove, a big property-search website, has information on property listings that is constantly updated.
Blackstone, with more than $100bn in assets devoted to property, is now the world's largest property investor.
If you buy property, you'll only have to pay 0.61 percent in effective property tax on average.
The news outlet noted that much of the state's forests are on federal property or private property.
As a full-stack property management company for residential buildings, Bellman has hired in-house property managers.
The address where the shooting occurred is classified as industrial property, according to Cuyahoga County property records.
Verhoeven then asked if Kalanick knew that "intellectual property" referred to property that belongs to someone else.
Every year, some proportion of Detroit's property owners fail to pay their property tax bills on time.
Consciousness is a global, organismic property, not a local brain property, he argues, and it is ubiquitous.
Commercial property Reuters obtained property data from Savills, one of the biggest real estate firms in Britain.
The law will protect most homeowners' equity when their property is taken to pay property tax debts.
Property taxes in Costa Rica are generally very low, around 0.25 percent of the registered property value.
In fact, Dot's headline draw is that it makes property ownership a one-click affair via the "Dot Button" it wants to embed on property listings sites, including estate agents and property developers.
In addition to this, the company offers other property related services such as valuation calculators, property market analytics and other business intelligence tools for those in the property industry, such as business leads.
Hoppy argues that the property was purchased with the intention of it being joint property and that he made payments toward its renovation and maintenance, therefore he deserved joint rights to the property.
Disputes over land and illegal property ownership are major challenges for the government of President Ashraf Ghani, which is leading efforts to protect citizens' property rights and modernize the process of registering property.
Why Airbnb bought it: Since its inception, Airbnb had acted mostly as a matchmaker for property owners and travelers, leaving the property management side of things up to hosts or property management companies.
I want this property, the WTA property to be considered on the equal of other world class properties.
Outstanding yuan-denominated property loans, including loans for individual mortgages, property development and public housing, rose 22.8 percent.
Sewell was working with such a client on property division, looking at two main assets: commercial property vs.
Here are some questions and answers about property taxes: How is my home valued for property tax purposes?
He argues that regulators should compel companies to make a clearer distinction between corporate property and family property.
Concentration in Guangdong Province: Times Property is a regional property developer focused on Guangdong Province in southern China.
Soaring property values also come at a price, as city homeowners have grappled with higher property tax bills.
New York offers lower property taxes for retirees"Our property taxes in New York are high," admits Fisher.
The Times reported that she was also charged with vandalizing property and leaving the scene of property damage.
We were property, and property can't own things, so there wasn't a lineage of things being passed on.
Almeida was charged with breaking and entering, 2 counts of receiving stolen property, and malicious destruction of property.
But the "prime" property measure is useful for looking at the costs of property for the luxury buyers.
A "private property" sign he said he pried off a tree from Salinger's property hangs on a wall.
The Florida Windstorm Underwriting Association and the Florida Residential Property & Casualty Joint Underwriting Association, Citizens Property Insurance Corp.
The city's property prices have risen by 9.2 percent so far this year, according to property website Idealista.
A property guy would come by the house and ask, 'How much do you want for a property?
Property values were 6.6 percent higher in January from a year ago, according to property data firm CoreLogic.
The property sector turned positive as the session wore on, with large cap property stocks carving out gains.
Expansion of Investment-Property Portfolio: Fitch expects IBREL's strategy to expand its investment-property portfolio to add some stability to the company's cash flows, which are subject to cyclicality in its property-development business.
Lindsey did what she did to protect her property and her own cat from a free-roaming animal that was trespassing on her property, damaging her property, and endangering her domestic cat and her horse.
They draw from data on more than 800,000 property sales (from the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser's Office), including information on property value, building size, year built, bed and bath counts, and tax-assessment values.
Where both the House and Senate bills made it available only for property taxes, the final plan would also allow for a maximum $10,000 deduction of property and income taxes or property and sales taxes.
While the two women resided on the property, authorities said the two had no relationship to the property owner.
Hickson is charged with aggravated kidnapping, theft of property and carrying a weapon on school property, the affidavit states.
In 2018, the 2.01-acre property was assessed at $11,149,453, which gave it a property tax bill of $134,103.
Lazoja's attorneys filed a Motion to Return Property, which has typically been applied to the return of physical property.
The release said city officials met with the industrial district property owner and property user to gather more information.
Demonstrations by homeowners against property-management and property-development companies "increased steeply" during the three years covered, he says.
Castle – Property management as a service 1 in 15 Americans owns a rental property, but people hate being landlords.
The property is owned by Levandowski's father and stepmother, according to property tax and title records reviewed by TechCrunch.
Property and construction together account for 13.3 percent of the economy, with property alone directly impacting 40 other industries.
"China is determined to resolve problems with the property market... and resolutely curb rises in property prices," he said.
"A property tax break for Bezos means a property tax hike for the rest of us schmoes," Joravsky predicts.
They also prevented governments from abusing their power to force property owners to give up their property without compensation.
For a start, open-ended property funds do not borrow and own only around 5% of British commercial property.
Property taxes in Mexico are infamously low, in stark contrast to the property taxes in the U.S. and Canada.
His businesses were consolidated in 2015 into CK Hutchison for non-property ventures and CK Asset Holdings for property.
Since 2202, U.S. tax law has held that exchanging one property for a similar property should not be taxed.
Simon Property Group (SPG) and Brixmor Property Group (BRX) have said they expect to be better off without Sears.
The property was sold to Jay Suarez of Titan Development Partners LLC, a real estate and property management company.
Well, a property tax only SALT deduction doesn't do much for Californians, which already have a capped property tax.
A loan you take out to buy a piece of property, where the piece of property is the collateral.
ESR manages a range of property-focused funds and vehicles as well as its own directly held property investments.
Have your property seizedA lien is a claim to your property; a levy is the actual taking of it.
"The federal property fraud statute is concerned with cheating the government out of its property rights," Mr. Roth said.
Austin ranks 28503th for violent crime, 22019th for property crime and 7th for property crime among Chicago's 77 neighborhoods.
"The majority of the property owners on Paseo are black, the residents and property owners are black," she said.
Ackerman (2016), Gorsuch invoked property interests in extending Fourth Amendment protections to digital property, applying trespass theory to email.
Singapore introduced property price cooling measures to curb speculation as did many other "hot property" cities in the region.
Property tax deferrals allow you to put off paying your property taxes until you die or sell your house.
Railpen Railway Pensions Investments Ltd said it appointed two senior property asset managers for its internal property investment team.
Tenancy in common, or TIC, is not a different kind of property, but a different way to own property.
The annual homeowners association fee is $3,788 and monthly property management fee is $500; annual property taxes are $924.
In wealthier, high-property-tax towns like Greenburgh, nearly all the residential property tax bills are more than $210,2000.
You can pay to build things on military property, yes, but not on other government (let alone private) property.
Some property analysts and retailers say the slowdown in tourist spending and property development is just a temporary dip.
"It's unfortunate that in Hong Kong we talk about property like it's a right or wrong decision: 'If you are going after property, it's right; if you are not going after property, it's wrong,'" Lam said.
The company said China's property sector tightening would help sustain healthy development, and the latest measure - to curb the purchase of new commercial property in Beijing by individuals - would have little impact on its commercial property.
When you sell property, you have a tax gain or loss measured by the difference between your basis, or what you paid for the property, and the amount you received on the sale of the property.
Price: Bought in 2016 for $15 millionEstimated current value: $8.2 million2018 property taxes according to PropertyShark: $135,547The LLC that owns this $15 million property is the owner of another property in Westchester County, according to PropertyShark.
He gave Union commanders the authority to confiscate or destroy civilian property, including food, animals, cotton, buildings and personal property.
"We have a large property, and from time to time, we have to remove alligators from our property," Wahler said.
Machine-learning-powered TurboAppeal makes it much easier for homeowners to challenge the property assessments used to levy property taxes.
Once you put them together they're joint property — and we know how joint property goes when things don't work out.
As well as property development, Raza will also offer asset management, property management and commercial services under its new strategy.
" Mr. Vladi suggested another motivation: "If you own a property, you have to pay taxes, insurance, and manage the property.
BSD's ratings reflect its robust property sales in 2016, which outperformed that of most peers despite weak domestic property demand.
Property records show My Ideal Property has made purchases deeper into Brooklyn, up in the Bronx, and in Jamaica, Queens.
HM, Vietnam's biggest property developer, had picked foreign banks for a planned $1 billion listing of its residential property business.
Commercial property Reuters obtained property data from Savills and Knight Frank, two of the biggest real estate firms in Britain.
However, the Knight Frank description for the property, "Stunning Property in Private Idyllic Location", may put off potential younger buyers.
Property taxes and the cost of maintaining a property add up to about 1 percent a year, Mr. Tibshirani said.
And Chinese interest in overseas property remains strong, according to Jan Kot, the head of China at property portal Juwai.
Since June 2016, UK property stocks are down 28% in U.S. dollar terms while global property shares have risen 15%.
And speaking of property, both acknowledge there is community property on the line, which suggests there was not a prenup.
Last month the warehouse property owners had received notification of code violations for hazardous trash and debris, property records show.
For example, inherited money and goods may be considered marital property or separate property, depending on state law, Davis explained.
The ratings are constrained by the small scale of the company's investment property business relative to its property-development business.
In any conversation I have about London's fintech space, property crowdfunding platform Property Partner is almost certain to come up.
The Southampton property spans nearly 14 acres and offers around 700 feet of oceanfront property that stretches across three lots.
Property mutual funds have a liquidity mismatch; savers can withdraw their money every day but property takes months to sell.
Police arrived at the property following a call from "'male person' connected to the property" shortly after 5:00 a.m.
The city would use its power of eminent domain to seize private property and then convert it to public property.
An index tracking the property sector tumbled nearly 2 percent after more cities imposed fresh property restrictions over the weekend.
The number of high-end sales dropped 40 percent in December, according to Property Vision, an English property advisory concern.
Officials struggled to contain a white-hot property market with measures that included open consideration of a national property tax.
This tax structure allows the owner to sell one property and put that money into another property within six months.
Landlord representatives said property owners also deserve a lifeline, including the option to defer utility payments and their property taxes.
China will promote stable and healthy development of the property market and maintain a city-based property policy, Han said.
Forfeiture also brings with it a legal fiction, as court proceedings are brought against the property, not the property owner.
Married women could not own property, since, under common law, they were themselves considered, essentially, the property of their husbands.
A 2016 Newton, Massachusetts ordinance banned operating drones below 400 feet over private property without permission from the property owner.
County property taxes represent only a portion of the overall amount of property taxes that are paid by New Yorkers.
And, although there are often advantages to investing in property, she says property ownership is not always the best fit.
In South Korea, taxes on property transactions, such as capital gains taxes, are much higher than taxes on property ownership.
The annual land-lease fee on this property is about $900; property taxes are roughly an additional $5,100 a year.
But mainly he cares whether you're rich, especially if your wealth comes from property (preferably inherited property), not hard work.
A sister property to Tel Aviv's only official Design Hotels™, the Brown Hotel, this property only opened in 2015.
Fact is ... the deed isn't valid, because the property is owned by the estate, and dead people can't transfer property.
A combination of Chicago-based GGP and Brookfield Property would create one of the world's largest publicly traded property companies.
Commercial property Reuters obtained property data from Savills and Knight Frank, two of the biggest real estate firms in Britain.
Savills says it calculates the value of property based on all-known property deals within the City of London area.
British property was among the sectors hardest hit by Brexit and at one point commercial property funds worth over 18 billion pounds were suspended amid high redemptions from investors concerned that property demand and prices would plummet.
The Threadneedle UK Property Authorised Investment Fund, which includes the Threadneedle UK Property Authorised Trust, was one of several UK funds to be suspended after the June 23 vote amid concerns prices for commercial property would fall.
"Montecito Lost and Found has been extremely helpful in connecting us with property owners and assisting residents in contacting the Sheriff's Office to arrange an appointment with our Property Officer to retrieve their found property," Maxwell said.
"If you give up your property up in this lava zone 2100, you possibly can be given a property elsewhere or be given some funds, if you opt to buy a property in a certain area," said Yee.
KEY RATING DRIVERS Strong Property Sales: Jinmao's total sales from property development rose 35% to CNY37.5 billion in 2016 and gained another 38% to CNY05003 billion in the first five months in 2017 amid tighter property market regulations.
Patrick Kilbride, the executive director of international intellectual property for the Chamber's Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC), highlighted that India has regularly been a poor performer on intellectual property (IP) protections relative to the rest of the world.
You may also be required by your landlord or mortgage lender to get property insurance and general liability insurance to protect against losses from damage to the property or from lawsuits if someone gets hurt on the property.
"Some is on our property and some is on adjacent property which has already been cleaned up," said spokesman Dennis Winkler.
Many widows can't get their property back without a lawyer, and can't afford a lawyer until they get their property back.
DERIVATION SUMMARY Wanda's investment property scale is comparable to major global investment properties companies like Simon Property, Unibail and Swire Properties.
"The price environment for property and casualty reinsurance continued to be challenging, with continued price erosion in property," Swiss Re said.
The NBS said robust investment in the property sector was due to steady housing prices and an increase in property construction.
The family has rented property in the area before, though this is the first time they've purchased property in the area.
And if they believe (in their sole discretion) that you owe them property tax, they'll take the property away from you.
Maggie Teliska is a technical specialist at Caldwell Intellectual Property Law, an intellectual property law firm, and CTO of Regent Power.
The figures came from surveys for the Global Property Rights Index (PRIndex), a global dataset on citizens' perceptions of property rights.
A cooling property market would also drag property investment growth to a median 3 percent in 2017, according to the poll.
Property enquiries, meanwhile, have slumped by 80 percent around the Indian capital since the cash crackdown, according to property portal 99acres.
Property is the ultimate commodity in capitalism, and the destruction of property is kind of like a ritualistic act against capitalism.
As property developers from Las Vegas to Limerick will attest, when supply does eventually respond to soaring demand, property prices fall.
The young heir will now be able to join the Playboy property to a property next door—which he already owns.
Figures from property website Rightmove earlier on Monday showed the weakest start to the year since 2012 for property asking prices.
Weather Advisory to builders and property owners: NYC may experience wind gusts of up to 60mph this afternoon - secure property & equipment.
Ms. Williams acquired the Florida property, which backs up to a golf course, nearly two decades ago, according to property records.
Trademark lawyers say Beijing has started taking intellectual property rights seriously because Chinese companies now have valuable intellectual property to protect.
In his eyes, the owner of the property gets free property management (since he&aposs doing the upkeep) with guaranteed rent.
Earlier in December, the government announced new property market regulations, including tighter mortgage guidelines, to rein speculation and galloping property prices.
It's a protest asking why property owners can sit on vacant property and amass great wealth while a population goes homeless.
The May trial focused on 13 property owners, standing in for hundreds of other property owners who have sued the government.
His most recent Palm Beach purchase was a $99 million 3.7-acre property located next door to another property he owns.
And you can pay to buy land, but only in order to make that land military property (not other government property).
"This would allow the person to get a property for a dollar, put their own sweat equity into the home by doing the necessary rehab work to bring the property up to code and live in the property for five years, before they can do anything as far as rent or sell the property," Manley says.
Each now is facing 12 charges that include breaking and entering; breaking and entering a motor vehicle; larceny after breaking and entering; felony larceny; burning personal property; misdemeanor injury to personal property; two counts of obtaining property by false pretense; two counts of attempting to obtain property by false pretense; and two counts of felony cruelty to an animal.
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Bouche faces charges of terrorism, aggravated assault with a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm, culpable negligence, possession of a firearm on school property, possession of a short-barrelled shotgun, interference in school property and armed trespass on school property.
Turning to the property market, the MAS said there has been a "measured decline" in property prices after the central bank introduced a series of property-cooling measures since 2009, but added that it wasn't letting its guard down.
A court may also deem marital assets "quasi-community property" if, at the time they were acquired, the couple lived in a non-community property state but later moved to and filed for divorce in a community property state. 
BEIJING (Reuters) - The U.S. intellectual property probe conducted under Section 301 of the Trade Act does not objectively view China's progress in the protection of intellectual property, Shen Changyu, head of China's State Intellectual Property Office, said on Tuesday.
Li's acquisition comes through his CKP Canada vehicle, a unit of Hong Kong property developer Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd (1113.HK).
"The negative September sale number shows that, unequivocally, the property boom has peaked," said Rosealea Yao, a property analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics.
Policymakers have been concerned about a property boom in the Seoul area and a surge in consumer finance, prompting various property restrictions.
Previously only UAE and Gulf nationals could own property, while foreigners were restricted to property ownership on a 99-year leasehold basis.
But when it came time to pay property taxes, his business team claimed the property was worth only $1.5 million in 2016.
Wanda's investment property portfolio of 211 retails malls is more comparable with Simon Property that also has more than 200 retail outlets.
An enormous property-, income- and sales-tax burden has been shifted onto the shoulders of new property owners and those who rent.
And while the group initially promised to leave federal property undisturbed, the giant hole cut into public property indicated a different path.
Access is guarded by pharmaceutical companies and the International Property Coalition, an organization that violently neutralizes intellectual property dissidents and patent pirates.
As of June 2016, Wharf had 7.5 million square metres (sq m) of land in China for property development and property investment.
When the web was first weaved in the 1990s, intellectual-property owners found their property had, involuntarily, been turned into a common.
"The negative September sale number shows that, unequivocally, the property boom has peaked," said Rosealea Yao, a property analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics.
Suddenly interested in property values, Fiona doesn't want a church near her rental property to be rented out as a homeless shelter.
The property market will be a focus of risk control, as authorities will restrain property bubbles and prevent price volatility, they said.
According to Adam Challis of JLL, a property company, 85-90% of Asian buyers living abroad plan to rent out their property.
DERIVATION SUMMARY Wanda's investment property business scale is comparable to major global investment properties companies like Simon Property, Unibail and Swire Properties.
VIENNA (Reuters) - U.S. property investment firm Starwood Capital Group launched its bid for minority stakes in Austrian property companies CA Immo (CAIV.
CR Land continues to rely on property development to generate operating cash flow to support the expansion of its investment property portfolio.
In 210, the studio helped the trend spread internationally by producing a video for the Queensland-based property management firm Neo Property.
While property owners are still burdened by annual appraisal increases, they can be sure that their property tax rate will not skyrocket.
If the court sides with the property owners, this would provide long-term help to property owners that endures beyond this presidency.
While it's unclear how much the star's Maui property cost, an adjacent property went up for sale in 2016 for $32 million.
Taxpayers who own more valuable homes pay higher property taxes because property taxes are assessed on the total value of a home.
Estate agents say the crisis will also hit Dubai's property market: Qataris bought about $500m-worth of property there last year alone.
Though it is unclear how much the LLC paid for the second property, according to PropertyShark, its 2018 property taxes total $18,569.
Rodriguez purchased the property from Meryl Streep in 2014 for $4.8 million, meaning that he offloaded the property at a slight loss.
The property taxes in Idaho are fairly low, though property values are higher than many other states this low on the list.
The makeshift compound appeared to have a shooting range on the property and loaded firearms were found on the property, authorities said.
A delinquent property tax statement from Harris County, Texas, shows Pappas owed $4,409 in back taxes, penalties and interest on the property.
Buyers can also check out the home's property deeds in the county clerk's office to see if police have registered the property.
Liberty Property Trust (LPT; BBB/Stable) has also reduced its suburban office exposure and sought to become a majority industrial property company.
Vili states in the petition that neither spouse owns any real property, and asks the court to divide any personal property fairly.
The scenario also assumes U.K. residential property prices dropping off by 31 percent and a 42 percent plummet for commercial property prices.
Unlike in the real property business, in intellectual property (IP) licensing there is little or no independent appraisal of the assets (i.e.
Local governments disclose the name of the property owner, the value of the property and the amount of taxes owed and paid.
According to the Global Property Guide, among countries in Europe, only in Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina are property rights less respected.
And Homesnap, a real estate search engine, has a "Walk the Property Lines" tool that shows the property lines around any home.
Kuhn suspects that the person responsible is most likely a hunter or a property owner annoyed by burros foraging on their property.
The annual council tax on this property — the equivalent of a local property tax — is £6,605 (or about $8,350), Mr. Holden said.
The exception to this rule is if you live in a community property state where all marital assets are considered joint property.
" He says that his plan would permit private property, as long as the property could not be "bought and sold for profit.
In 1989, they bought a property in Malibu and later bought an adjacent property in 2000 for a total of $6.57 million.
It was unclear how the fetuses were preserved, where on Dr. Klopfer's property they were discovered or where exactly the property was.
In order to make sure property markets stayed cool, policymakers also committed themselves to stressing that buying property was not for speculation.
We expect residential property prices and property sales to fall, as consumers attempt to work out how best to declare their wealth.
The initiative aims at protecting women from harassment by landlords, property managers, maintenance workers, security guards and representatives of rental property owners.
More troubling, this is a result of illegal property tax assessments and inflated property tax bills that many Detroit homeowners cannot pay.
I can see right away that there's a "text" property, which is probably the tweet itself, and then there's a "user" property.
In fact, a property stock exchange is ultimately what the company is building, which is designed to bring greater liquidity to the residential property market as a whole — a market that Property Partner wants to own a significant slice of.
Whereas previously, property owners were largely limited to renting out their property on a long-term basis, Airbnb gives them more options to generate revenue from their property, by reducing the logistical costs of offering their properties as short-term rentals.
Some of these practices persist and all of them have negatively impacted the ability of black Americans to own property, to remain secure in the property they acquire and to benefit from the wealth-generating potential that comes with property ownership.
She was charged with disorderly conduct by injury to a statue, damage to real property, participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $85033,500 and inciting others to riot where there is property damage in excess of $1,500.
That's because if you live in a community property state (Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington or Wisconsin; Alaska has an optional community property provision), all property, including debts, are pooled and considered to belong to both spouses.
The country's proptech companies typically adopt a subscription model, charging property agents a listing fee and property developers a commission on completed transactions.
Eventually, the property did get sold to someone, and we didn't really put up a fight when they came to inspect the property.
You can manage the property yourself, but if that does not appeal to you, it is also possible to hire a property manager.
Sixty-four percent of those interviewed reporting burning or destruction of property while 37% said their own property had been stolen or looted.
The odd creation is part of an exhibit at the museum's Property Power Exhibit that underscores the story and importance of intellectual property.
DERIVATION SUMMARY Wanda's investment property scale is comparable to major global investment properties companies like Simon Property, Unibail and Swire Properties (A/Stable).
Wanda's investment property portfolio of 211 retails malls is comparable with that of Simon Property, which also has more than 200 retail outlets.
Within real estate, Chinese owners acquired at least $8.5 billion in commercial property and at least $28.6 billion in residential property in 2015.
For one, developers said they expected slower property price rises in 2016's second quarter, the central bank's property price index survey showed.
An index tracking the property sector posted its worst day in three months, after more cities imposed fresh property restrictions over the weekend.
Trade secrets and patents are different forms of intellectual property, both of which play an important role in a comprehensive intellectual property strategy.
With the city owning the property, we can engage in a public process to determine the future of the Pulse property and building.
The proposed increase of property taxes in Medina would increase the property tax by 20 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, Ketter says.
New curbs on foreign property ownership, with banks restricting investment and adding credit controls, would further weigh on the property market, Christopher added.
This marked the first time Logan Property, ranked 32nd largest in China, and KWG Property successfully bought land in the former British colony.
The Property Council of Australia calculates that of the two million Australians who own an investment property, about 1.2 million use negative gearing.
While on the property, officers also removed two more children from the property; those children are now in the custody of child services.
Requiring a flat rate of $40 per bedroom per month for a property, Cribspot is able to offer owners full property-managing amenities.
Residential property group Domicil said in April that it is planning an IPO and property developer Gateway launched a share sale in March.
"As a result of today's actions, any property, or interest in property, of those designated within U.S. jurisdiction is blocked," the statement said.
"If under the Constitution we compensate people because we take their property, why wouldn't you compensate people who actually were property?" he said.
Neither property prices nor changes in property prices were associated with a fall in the number of pubs in the past five years.
R: Well I think where we will have problems is in entities that have a sort of a property, a run-like property.
Delaware might have very low tax rates, but high property values make annual taxes on the median property higher than in other states.
New Hampshire residents have the third-highest property tax values, and the typical resident will pay over $5,300 each year in property taxes.
When George W. Bush was president, Mississippi property owners sued the energy companies for money related to their property damage from Hurricane Katrina.
After the appeal of his property taxes was heard in June, the special magistrate, Leonardo Delgado, lowered the resort's property taxes by $46,534.
VR The VR is primarily vulnerable to large property-related losses that could arise from a sharp drop of property prices in Zurich.
While we can't predict future property tax rates and revenues, the current rate for city property taxes is $220 per $21,25 of value.
He acknowledged that his rival had talked about the artists' property, but then he added, "There wasn't much talk about Mr. Wolkoff's property."
Property firm Investore Property Ltd and dairy company a2Milk Co Ltd were among the top percentage gainers, putting on more than 1% each.
U. foreign buyers seeking a vacation home or investment property typically set up a company to buy property, Mr. Koch de Gooreynd said.
The driveway of a three-story house for sale encroached on a neighboring property, the neighboring property did not encroach on the driveway.
Still, any closures would likely put pressure on the mall owners that lease these spaces, including Simon Property Group and Brookfield Property Partners.
One property manager also recommended that Airbnb give property owners or realtors a way to block listings from being created for their addresses.
Separate property is considered anything held in only one spouse&aposs name, including property owned before marriage, given as a gift, or inherited.
Similarly, the DOJ retains broad forfeiture authority including the power to substitute untainted property for tainted property that is outside of its reach.
Form a new intellectual property acquisition office Intellectual property (IP) is a major point of tension between the defense industry and the DOD.
The government will stabilize land and property prices and strive to resolve property market risks, Han said but did not give further details.
Leaders have pledged to set up a "long-term mechanism" for the property market, which is seen heralding a long-expected property tax.
The Seoul government on Monday announced new property market regulations, including tighter mortgage guidelines, to rein speculators and rein in galloping property prices.
Property rights are one of the foundational rights in any free society, and the taking of property by government is no small matter.
Trump denied that he'd taken the property, but he defended the use of the legal power known as eminent domain to take property.
Roofstock has a list of certified property managers that it works with to maintain the property and do all of the landlord drudgery.
Section I covers the home itself, the belongings inside, and loss of useSection I of a homeowners policy protects the home itself (Coverage A); other structures on the property, like decks or garages (Coverage B); and the homeowner's personal property (Coverage C). Personal property typically excludes pets, motorized land vehicles, property of non-related inhabitants like renters, and credit cards.
The company has been prudent in its land acquisition and expansion strategy in the past and Fitch expects CKP to maintain this business strategy, with property sales covering its property development expenditure, allowing the company's property development business to remain cash-flow positive.
Property analysts say property demand in such smaller cities has surged because local governments offer cheap credit and impose next to no restrictions, unlike in the bigger cities, where defenses are in place to fend off speculation and prevent formation of property bubbles.
So now it's back to square one, and Apollo wants to go back on the hunt to determine what property is fair game to split ... property he says includes a million-dollar marital home, millions of dollars in personal property and several businesses.
If parents buy a property just for their child to live in, and don't receive rent, then they typically can't deduct for mortgage interest or property taxes unless the property meets the Internal Revenue Service's requirements for a second home, Eisenberg said.
In contrast, this agreement should provide food for thought for the various reviews of intellectual property enforcement currently underway in the United States, especially the 2016-2019 Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property being developed by the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator.
The legislation required the government to procure a warrant upon probable cause before seizing property, to send a written notice of a seizure to property owners, and compelled the government to present clear evidence that the seized property was used for criminal activity.
Instead of probating their wills, black property owners tended to bequeath their property to descendants in the form of undivided shares — an arrangement under which heirs become co-owners of a property, each with the right to sell his or her own interest.
HK) will sell the property to Spanish property developer Baraka Global Invest in a deal valued at 272 million euros ($283.15 million), it said.
Not only does it own property, but it also helps real estate investors by providing outsourced leasing, sales, appraisal, development and property management services.
Someone might stay 20 minutes one day at one property, then stay again at a different property for two hours before an evening event.
Smaller Operating Scale: Nan Fung's rating is constrained by its investment-property portfolio, which is small compared with that of higher-rated property peers.
Consumer advocates have warned that inflated property values worsened the 2007-2009 financial crash and that appraisals are essential to preventing runaway property values.
Currently, the two are filming Property Brothers, as well as their spin-offs Buying and Selling and Property Brothers at Home: Drew's Honeymoon House.
Shawbrook said its property finance division reported record loan applications in the third quarter, despite the usual slowdown in the property market during August.
By charging a $79 per property per month fee, Castle could win a $35 billion market that might grow as property management gets easier.
The affirmation reflects the delivery of stable rental income from its mature investment property portfolio, which provides strong investment-property EBITDA interest coverage ratios.
Volatile Property Development Caps Rating: HK Land's rating will continue to be capped at A, due to the volatility in the property development business.
CNLP's weaker financial profile than other investment-property owners is also due to the logistic property sector's longer return period and CNLP's fast expansion.
"This isn't about choosing not to pay property taxes; residents of Presidio Terrace pay their individual property taxes each year," the homeowners association said.
Property-related firms, under pressure all week on concern over the prospects for UK commercial property in the aftermath of Brexit, recovered some poise.
Another man, Anthony Almeida, 31, was arrested last Friday for B&E Nighttime, two counts of Receiving Stolen Property, and Malicious Destruction of Property.
Emily Tan: Now we are seeing property prices near record levels here in Hong Kong, but you're saying this is not a property bubble.
The entire property is full of luxurious items, furnishings and only the best engineering to maximise space and storage — despite being a huge property.
Among Hong Kong-listed property plays, China Resources Land gained 0.97 percent and Shimao Property added 2.38 percent, while China Vanke shed 1.71 percent.
The Property Council of Australia noted in April that abolishing negative gearing was likely to reduce property values at most by only 2 percent.
Singapore's largest listed property firm is broadly welcoming revisions to the city-state's property cooling measures after more than 3 years of sinking prices.
Some wealth tax defenders argue that even if a tax on real property is "direct," a tax on real plus personal property is not.
But victims complained of not being informed that payments would be assessed to property taxes, or that PACE added a lien to the property.
NoBroker, the India-based property startup that wants to make property agents obsolete, has landed $7 million in fresh funding to expand its service.
Property Unit to be Self-Funded: BFG injected its property business into one of its publicly listed subsidiaries Shanghai Haibo Co.,Ltd in 210.
So when land and property rights come under threat, they make for strange bedfellows of human rights loving liberals and private property loving conservatives.

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