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"suppose" Definitions
  1. [intransitive, transitive] to think or believe that something is true or possible (based on the knowledge that you have)
  2. [intransitive, transitive] used to make a statement, request or suggestion less direct or less strong
  3. [transitive] to pretend that something is true; to imagine what would happen if something were true
"suppose" Antonyms
abstain deny disallow disbelieve dispute know measure misconceive misunderstand prove refuse reject stop disregard ignore neglect dismiss forget discard abandon calculate leave not believe disperse scatter divide distribute guess wonder complete conclude die end finish challenge doubt distrust question mistrust skepticize misdoubt discount discredit have doubts have qualms have reservations repudiate controvert not accept not swallow not buy understand apprehend comprehend grasp recognise(UK) recognize(US) see appreciate cognize perceive realize(US) get realise(UK) sense discern be conscious of accept acknowledge concede determine identify ascertain establish discover confirm deduce verify find register settle figure out find out make certain work out conjecture imagine predict assume suspect postulate hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) speculate suggest infer surmise approximate predicate theorise(UK) theorize(US) guesstimate second-guess hazard maintain be certain be convinced strongly believe have faith have a conviction substantiate validate authenticate back certify circumstantiate corroborate justify support uphold vindicate attest to overlook be ignorant miss be inaccurate miscalculate misconjecture misestimate misjudge misconstrue confuse misinterpret misperceive confound misapprehend misread mistake misknow misapply mishear err misreckon miscomprehend get the wrong idea about retrodict distinguish secern decide differentiate remember discriminate disavow rebuff refute oppose protest scorn shun spurn contest counter disaffirm disconfirm disdain repel snub certainty fact information knowledge proof reality trust truth
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500 Sentences With "suppose"

How to use suppose in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "suppose" and check conjugation/comparative form for "suppose". Mastering all the usages of "suppose" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Suppose, even in the best case for the opponents, suppose they actually defeated this nominee.
Suppose—just suppose, now—that Jon and Dani BOTH died (along with Cersei, of course).
Suppose—just suppose—that a certain little man with a big heart ended up sitting on the Iron Throne?
Suppose that his support is more robust than Dean's, suppose that the Trump constituency doesn't give a fig about pragmatism.
I suppose if climate change happens much faster than even the dire experts predict, then I suppose opinions will change.
Simple. Suppose you're the Milwaukee Bucks, and suppose Wisconsin politicians give you between $250 and $400 million to build a new stadium.
There's a huge taboo about that as well—although, I suppose that's all faiths really and I suppose in [secular] society too.
" "I … I suppose they settled in Wyoming somewhere.
I suppose I am kept here because something remains for me to do; I suppose I am yet to help to break the chain.
" The theme is, I suppose, "don't trust artificial intelligence.
Jon Snow: (to camera) I suppose ... life is irregular!
I suppose everything — even the burger — evolves over time.
Suppose one is considering a permanent increase in government spending of 1% of GDP, and suppose one assumes that government spending raises output one-for-one.
I suppose the conversation would veer from: How to live?
I suppose that's better than just shooting them down, right?
But I suppose I'm glad his future chugged on, unabated.
I suppose I was inspired by Bob Denver's sideswept bangs.
The wizard's in the details for this one, we suppose.
I suppose that's karma for going out with another guy.
"It's that magical twin connection I suppose," Mariuz tells PEOPLE.
Suppose you borrow $28500 and you only must repay $6900.
I suppose it always just comes down to life balance.
I suppose in that way I also identify as sapiosexual.
I suppose that's decided by someone on the superintendent's staff.
Some giant international conglomerates are better than others, I suppose.
Which, I suppose, is really all you need to know.
That's a lot easier and better time management, I suppose.
So, there's no saying what the ceiling is, I suppose.
"It's that magical twin connection I suppose," Mariuz told People.
The same I suppose would be true for my drone.
Reality is a little more complicated than he may suppose.
So good on Meizu for getting there first, I suppose.
I suppose people around him did not think so either.
In a way, I suppose this is what he was.
Which I suppose is a weird stripe of unintentional comedy.
I also bring back leftovers; "free" lunch tomorrow, I suppose.
Suppose the surrogate decides she wants to have an abortion.
How much of that do you suppose is friendly crosstalk?
You might suppose that such uncertainty would be the norm.
What do you suppose Musk plans to do with
But suppose, worst case, they crater completely (which they won't).
But yeah, I suppose I should finish this damn thing.
A skeptic I suppose you could say the least, Wilfred.
I suppose it was always going to come to this.
There's really only one way to find out, we suppose.
It's still early days, I suppose, so things may change.
This was, we suppose, meant as a compliment to us.
In that way, it sort of disappointed us, I suppose.
Economic View Suppose it is dinnertime, and the phone rings.
I suppose we should have made more of the time.
Suppose you are getting ready to take a physics test.
Jill Stein is, I suppose, to the left of Hillary
I suppose in any situation like that there are casualties.
Which is fairly Dauntless in its own way, I suppose.
Suppose you are in a room with absolutely no light.
Suppose I want to test something falling at terminal velocity.
But, I suppose, Han wouldn't have it any other way.
Perfect for creating a tiny silent disco experience, I suppose.
I suppose I could try and write a comic novel.
I thought we were suppose to see it by now.
I suppose the hearts didn't break as much in London.
But no more than your average college sophomore, I suppose.
I suppose Facebook allows you to post whatever you want.
It was a triumphant and tragic twelve months, I suppose.
Oh, and RIP Harambe ... Emo G Records too, we suppose.
Suppose the company aims to get there over three years.
"I suppose that's my workout for the day," he chuckles.
That's why God invented drinking, and wedding receptions, we suppose.
Yeah definitely, but I suppose that's the guy I am.
I suppose that's why I posted in the first place.
A lot of trust was placed with us, I suppose.
I suppose she was expecting me to unfold an iPad.
That's the ethos, I suppose, of where I grew up.
I suppose I too am a product of the times.
How many horns do you suppose Helene's baby will have?
I suppose playing live really, in each and every town.
The adhesives are always a little bit inconvenient, I suppose.
Kadoi: I suppose so, but you can make it better.
We all get the King Kongs we deserve, I suppose.
I suppose they were the price I had to pay.
I suppose you must call it verse instead of prose.
I suppose it goes to show that Sanders is sane.
Let's suppose North Korea agrees to hand over its nukes.
Yes, I suppose that you can be cynical at times.
Suppose, she countered, she were to become an auctioneer instead.
Suppose I decided I wanted to go back to freelancing?
I suppose, in a funny way, I'm a record keeper.
So why she wasn't, I suppose we'll never find out.
Suppose that the bribe increased a company's probability by 10%.
That's where my theatre roots, I suppose, are most clear.
"So, I suppose craft cocktails could be next," he said.
Suppose your gross income for the tax year is $100,000.
I suppose I must have traveled lighter than the Obamas.
A courageous person does not suppose themselves above this reality.
Suppose someone with small children wanted to buy the house?
Suppose you left on a trip for a couple days.
Suppose I'm fighting all day, killing people, getting fired at.
I suppose in a way it still speaks to me.
I suppose, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished.
I made changes to images too, enhanced them I suppose.
She would have a pretty nasty allergic reaction I suppose.
Which for the film, I suppose, is a true upside.
I suppose the older I get, the closer I get.
So we suppose rumors of their demise were greatly exaggerated.
But it's all about how you see yourself, we suppose.
I suppose it's a mix of both with every guy.
Suppose the couple is in the 22019 percent tax bracket.
"I suppose a rising tide lifts all boats," she said.
The moment went viral, and I suppose that's the point.
That, I suppose, is reason enough to tell this tale.
It must have been lost in the post, I suppose.
Suppose someone loses half their hours and applies for unemployment.
Not as long as I have a job, I suppose.
But suppose Netflix were unwilling or unable to pay Comcast.
All's well that ends well for old pals, we suppose.
It's as simple and as complicated as that, I suppose.
I suppose they're making a statement that they want renewables.
So, let's suppose we put a tariff on steel imports.
They intend for it to be a franchise I suppose.
Suppose that next year virtually every student passed the tests.
Suppose you could live forever or live to be 200?
Now suppose you get a raise, and start making $36,000.
Suppose it, too, makes a $1 billion profit doing this.
Which I suppose speaks well of the filmmakers as people.
"I suppose I'm quite traditional," he added with a laugh.
Suppose you are driving along and headed towards a wall.
I suppose these are questions that don't matter for now.
These gestures now feel, I suppose you could say, closer.
"They're writing against John Ford, I suppose," Mr. Diaz said.
"I've been doing it i suppose for pretty much everybody."
There's something to be said for being first, I suppose.
Even simpler: Suppose you're holding money that belongs to me.
Suppose that insurance companies must charge everyone the same price.
Suppose, though, Johnson sticks to his most recently acquired principles.
Suppose a central bank cares about both unemployment and inflation.
Suppose I have a truck that's pulling some other truck.
But I suppose that's why it's an early access app.
It wasn't so much fear, I suppose, as morbid fascination.
"Suppose you are worried about genetic privacy," Ms. Murphy said.
Not a juicy premise for a film, one would suppose.
I suppose, though, that I'm best known for short stories.
How do you suppose forthcoming changes will actually affect readers?
I suppose I should celebrate that things are getting better.
I suppose one could argue that masterpieces have no price.
"I suppose so, except for the good part," Jacob said.
I don't suppose you use your Sèvres china every day?
But I suppose that wouldn't be such a bad thing.
I suppose if somebody were Scottish, they would recognize it.
"Suppose ISIS is allowed to remain in Mosul," Hussein said.
I suppose it depends on whose ox is being gored.
And suppose you have $43,000 in assets in the fund.
Suppose you're doing a forest scene in a CGI movie.
I suppose I didn't want to appear sorry for myself.
Suppose you're an entrepreneur thinking about creating the next Netflix.
Suppose a husband or wife wants to do something extravagant.
She's a proud person, and I suppose I am too.
But I suppose faith is all we've got these days.
I mean in terms of popularity, like I suppose so.
In the end, I suppose there's not much to discuss.
Suppose it too makes a $1 billion profit doing this.
Viewed historically, I suppose the game was a smashing success.
Suppose, however, that importers shift to a more expensive source that isn't subject to the tariff; suppose, for example, that they can buy the good from Vietnam for $115.
"Suppose he started talking like that to foreign leaders," she added.
"I suppose a goodbye is in order," she said to him.
I suppose Dems will just need to look elsewhere for entertainment.
But suppose a computational duplicate of your brain can be created.
"Aren't you suppose to know who you're working with?" rejoined Dillet.
I suppose Yelp is in the same category in some ways.
Suppose those nucleotides were encoding binary data in the first place?
Suppose Gaetz got his way, though, and the bill became law.
It seemed like a good idea at the time I suppose.
I suppose there is nothing you can do to stop this.
"It's suppose[d] to be 'real,' but it's not," wrote Patrick.
Suppose there is a very powerful criminal organization in the city.
Suppose you're building a new web site, or a new app.
But suppose there is a vote in favor of a Brexit.
It sounds, no offense, absolutely asinine, but I suppose we'll see.
Suppose, optimistically, that each side followed World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.
I suppose "USCAM" would've been bad branding, and "CAMUS" too bleak.
So I suppose we wanted to draw on that energy again.
And I suppose it comes in nice colors, so there's that.
Depends, I suppose, on whether the Netflix adaptation is far behind.
Suppose you were looking down on the field from a blimp.
Still, China is quicker to embrace change than outsiders might suppose.
The NBA needs to protect its players from themselves, I suppose.
Well, again, I mean this is representative of bias, I suppose.
Oh, and I suppose The Vergecast is pretty neat as well.
I suppose, somewhere near the locale where that person was captured.
But, I suppose, sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles.
Well yeah, I mean I suppose, it depends on the timeline.
Suppose it commits 10% of that, every year, to efficient charities.
You really think I'm suppose to cough up 150k to you ???
Suppose you're looking for a single person, somewhere in the world.
Suppose that 27% is divvied up as: A 9%, B 18%.
I suppose the lesson I learned is: Don't do it drunk.
"I've become a juggler I suppose," Hartung says in one post.
But there is a sucker born every day I suppose lol.
Unfortunately it yields less money than many on the left suppose.
That, we suppose, helps explain the D.Throne S' hefty price tag.
I suppose I do have a hope, if not a solution.
The dates went well, I suppose, but I was so uptight.
I suppose the powers that be have great hopes for it.
Suppose an economic shock raises the risk of a sovereign default.
"I suppose that was the point of the lesson," I said.
Suppose you run a sushi restaurant and have many competitors nearby.
I suppose you could say that this goal is my passion.
Better get dressed and offend some humourless cunts I suppose. pic.twitter.
To be truly funny, you have to be vulnerable, I suppose.
Suppose a person posts something racially divisive about Asians on Twitter.
Suppose Mr. Smith wants to go to Washington as a senator.
So I suppose there's a gray lining to the silver lining.
Suppose you come to me and you're freaked out, you're anxious.
When you peruse any of that, information is exchanged, I suppose.
One of the consequences of current edgeless monitor design, I suppose.
If anything I suppose you walked into a trap, didn't you?
" We suppose that only the best can cover a "platinum vagine.
Sometimes you just need something to get mad at, I suppose.
Suppose someone were to ask whether it was the same club.
Beyond that, I suppose it was therapeutic in its own way.
But I suppose it can be traced back to her mother.
But we suppose you can't put a price on lifelong memories.
I suppose there wasn't the language for it then, she said.
Ultimately, I suppose we chose ones that reflect our team here.
I suppose that song is about broken friendships in a way.
I suppose so—it was always really visual in my head.
I suppose we all experience intellectual insufficiency from time to time.
We'll see if this thing can keep cheating death, I suppose.
But suppose you could get back to that 1984-2007 equilibrium.
I suppose it makes sense; "silver screen" is another way to
I suppose I should have felt relief, but I was concerned.
Arthur: Just as long as they're native-born caddies, I suppose.
I suppose I know a few people who could do it.
But let us suppose there had been no referendum at all.
I suppose everyone, French or foreigner, is predisposed to love Paris.
"I suppose the police have enough reasons to raid," he said.
"I suppose that's when I got the acting bug," he said.
Well, I suppose the extraterrestrial origin is possible, but very unlikely.
"You can't compare her to Eleanor Roosevelt, I suppose," Dinklage says.
I suppose I felt that my youth made it less sad.
Suppose that you like a restaurant's ambience, but not its food.
Redemption: I suppose that's what she must come up with -- again.
They're all desperate to get, I suppose, the same thing really.
If you put the right girl on the moon, I suppose.
And so it goes — until, I suppose, American moviegoers say enough.
I suppose it would be nice if it were hands-free.
Huh. Yes, I suppose I could organize my books, couldn't I?
One of the faces of ever-growing digital divide, I suppose.
I feared for my home, I suppose, but mostly for myself.
Suppose dogs didn't evolve in one place, they suggested, but two.
I suppose we will work it out over a little time.
It was part of my attempt to reinvent myself, I suppose.
Suppose that you will compare the results of Country A vs.
I suppose I've taken the place of Curly, the third Stooge.
The light was gone, and with it, I suppose, the lightness.
Still, this should be nice for the family business, we suppose.
I haven't figured that out yet, but I suppose I should.
You have to give it up to the ether, I suppose.
And I suppose what bothers him is being forced to act.
I suppose if Vivienne asked me personally I would consider it.
Suppose you've met, enjoyed yourself, and hope to see him again.
Dickerson fumbled twice, which was good enough for Ryan, I suppose.
I don't suppose I'll get anywhere close to it these days.
Suppose, for example, that you are buying an annual gym membership.
Tim: I suppose our collaboration came as a necessity for me.
I suppose you could consider that its own sort of regression.
" In the original published article, he adds, "I suppose I'm gay.
But it is in the dictionary, so fair game, I suppose.
Suppose a textile designer grabbed a woman's breast in the subway.
Or, in my case, I suppose, making our melancholic documentary films.
It's undeniable that she loves Jim, which is something I suppose.
The weather has a lot to do with it, I suppose.
Suppose Trump is really worth $1 billion rather than $9 billion.
We suppose our own folk will hear of it, won't they?
Or, should my hollandaise fail to emulsify, just eggs I suppose.
I suppose that's working with the people that we worked with.
But I suppose we're paid the money so that we don't.
Let's suppose that Hillary Clinton had won the presidency in 2016.
I suppose Mr. Balanchine and I were both a little nervous.
I suppose it remains to be seen whether Judy is invincible.
And I suppose I'm doing some of that mangling now myself.
I suppose these roads are considerable in degree, power and intensity.
And you're talking about, I suppose, the liberty of your client.
Suppose global investors demand an after-tax rate of return r*.
So suppose you do the study in prisons, said Dr. Jones.
"I suppose I'm now what you call a 'floater,' " he said.
"It is the only life they've known, I suppose," she said.
I suppose also faith and maybe the basic decency of humanity.
I suppose, unless everything you touched exploded — you'd have a problem.
Even its name, Suppose, dares them to question their own assumptions.
I suppose that ended with Robert Bork's failed nomination in 1987.
I suppose (superstitiously?) to avoid being influenced by someone else's style.
"I suppose everyone has to apologize for everything nowadays," he grumbles.
I suppose it was part of the transformation into that creature.
I suppose this was inevitable in the age of Donald Trump.
Which is, I suppose, where everyone in America might come in.
At its best, the book is a bracing tonic, I suppose.
I suppose the question isn't what history will think of us.
Intraparty divisions aside, suppose the Senate were to eliminate the filibuster.
The problem, I suppose, is that I like being an assimilationist.
I suppose it's gratifying to see donors touting the work, though.
If there are Method actors, I suppose I'm a Method composer.
Yet I suppose it was not like that at all really.
Suppose, however, that all these doubts about Stubblefield's conviction are mistaken.
I suppose I'm drawn to — I'd call them all outsider figures.
Into the weeds, I suppose, and hope for no stone walls.
Unsurprisingly, I suppose, there are a lot of terms for Satan.
Suppose we were talking about a genetically modified viral vector, however.
Q: I suppose this service model makes relationships important, doesn't it?
But I suppose a woman has no claim to such comforts.
But I suppose at this point, it has nothing to lose.
Suppose the United States was a superpower in treating people equally.
Crime could, I suppose, fall further, but it could also rise.
I suppose they disparage Muslims over well-done burgers and Coke.
You could use it for pouring over your windscreen I suppose.
"I suppose I'd select 'muddle on in some manifestation,' " he allowed.
Patrick has, I suppose, a delayed reaction to his father's death.
Suppose you have $19903,21990 to invest over the next 25 years.
I also have more time to listen to music I suppose.
Or suppose some of my colleagues form an economics consulting firm.
The stresses and restrictions on them are slightly odd, I suppose.
Suppose they had drawn it somewhere between the allegations against Rep.
I suppose that's how they quietly managed infertility in the 1950s.
For grandeur, I suppose the purple walls will have to do.
"I suppose, in a way, it was murder," one character says.
They all have an element of performance about them, I suppose.
I suppose it'd be close, but I still shoot film sometimes.
I still suppose we'll be replaced by robots at some point.
"Suppose that you and I are living on different planets in remote galaxies," he said, and suppose that he, Popescu, wants to communicate where you should look to find his planet.
We suppose that's better than the pack not surviving at all, right?
I suppose I'm going to strike out sometimes when trying new recipes.
Pretty clever — unless your name actually happens to be Becky, we suppose.
Whether you find that deceptive is a matter of taste, I suppose.
For example, suppose you ran out of space on your C drive.
We'll have to send him to a day spa now, I suppose.
We wanted to put them out in a larger capacity, I suppose.
Suppose a golf ball starts 1833 meters away from another stationary ball.
The Patriots are only suppose to make us weep tears of rage.
Suppose PPG raises its offer from 833 euros a share to 90.
You'd rather not be in a price war with Uber, I suppose.
Suppose we draw a vertical line through the middle of a square.
Suppose there are 45 Democratic, 45 Republican, and 10 Innovation Party senators.
If you were already into Gaga then yes I suppose it is.
I suppose it says something about how adults look at a career.
I don't suppose that when my parents sent me off to the
Suppose you are in a car driving 30 mph along a road.
We suppose Bonnie Tyler wanted it to be spooky -- and she succeeded.
And suppose the U.S. tariff rate for the umbrellas is 6.5 percent.
At least the trailer doesn't spoil the final five minutes, I suppose.
I suppose that's an opportunity for you to weigh in, dear reader.
But I suppose that's what the personal challenge has represented all along.
The display doesn't have a "flat tire," which is nice I suppose.
I suppose that's the purpose of their experiment: to evolve the rules.
I am a little surprised he's surprised, but it's possible, I suppose.
Which, I suppose, would be comforting if I believed in the afterlife.
"I personally get a few wake-up calls, I suppose," he says.
Suppose financialisation and low interest rates are to blame for high prices.
I suppose that's more practical, but it's just not quite as cool.
Which is great news for them, I suppose, but not for consumers.
Yet here, too, things are less clear cut than one might suppose.
Tony DeRose: Suppose you want to build a character like Lightning McQueen.
"I know I am suppose to forgive and love everyone," Alexander continued.
It's exciting...because I suppose we never really recognized that it was.
The answer is not, as one might suppose, that older workers are.
For example, suppose that we're evaluating whether to invest in a company.
You might suppose that Deutsche's should be keen on a fresh start.
I suppose it drives home the point that Dany is often overlooked.
Now, suppose that you wait an additional 10 years to start contributing.
I suppose I can be thankful that I'm so good at sleeping.
Suppose a Briton uses money in his bank account to buy Libras.
This feature isn't available across the U.S. at this time, says Suppose.
I suppose His Majesty needs his photo-boy more than I do.
"But I suppose in the back of my mind, hoped would happen."
I suppose I watch my mom and dad and they're still together.
I suppose there's nothing inherently crazy about Musk's plan—except his deadline.
I suppose there wasn't really any defending myself by that point anyway.
The same ones who bring their typewriters and mustache wax, I suppose.
But let's suppose the surface indicators of a coming retreat prove accurate.
I suppose you may say that I am a social commentary artist.
I suppose you can ask [Bernard Sumner] if you ever get him.
I'm an American, so I suppose these things are on my mind.
So I suppose it's good that Trump's UN speech was blandly positive.
I suppose, like anything, being blind in my mind is about attitude.
There's nothing wrong with someone wanting to appear well-read, I suppose.
Sometimes ya gotta sit tight to go out in style, we suppose.
If you think Monero is worse than Nike, that's fair I suppose.
The claim is half-baked, but I suppose it is an improvement.
"We're both keen on being self-sufficient, I suppose," says Susan Brown.
"I suppose it was in a way," he said with typical understatement.
Suppose that the best lawyer in town is also the best typist.
I suppose the question now is whether it could have been saved.
I suppose we were what you could call a working-class family.
I suppose at least that means my day can't get any worse.
But I suppose you're accurate to say this would have marked me.
I suppose she could've called her boss and then warned him afterwards?
The movie's grave commitment to its own quirkiness is admirable, I suppose.
"I suppose we have an unspoken 'no-spouse rule,'" Sarah tells Inc.
Suppose a terrifying crisis were to explode in, say, the Middle East.
They can put a girl on the moon right now, I suppose.
"I suppose so, in some way," Mr. Dylan said of that comparison.
Now suppose she goes outside and sees flowers for the first time.
BECKY QUICK: I don't suppose you wanna go into any detail there.
I suppose I could appeal my case to the state licensing board.
I wanted it to mean something more than I suppose it did.
Sinclair has died, as I suppose you know' — like I would know.
I suppose if they do, they would have to explain at least.
I suppose I don't mind being the test mouse for his growth.
Suppose this U.S.-funded, authoritarian regime becomes notorious for inciting violent attacks.
Suppose a mid-level bureaucrat has a billion-ruble project ($16 million).
Suppose you were replumbing your house for more water at higher pressure.
"Simon replied, "I suppose the one who had the bigger debt forgiven.
I suppose that does take some of the fun out of dating.
I suppose you could say it tells a story, but it's subjective.
Providing some sort of happiness, I suppose, with life's precious last gasps.
Suppose weather causes a disruption and smart traffic management systems kick in.
It wouldn't be on my agenda but I suppose it's quite romantic.
Good day to be friends with someone named Isaiah, I suppose, huh?
I suppose we wanted to show that broad depth of design here.
I suppose these are all things we can figure out in therapy.
I suppose I do understand what's going on in my father's head.
Suppose you're building an app that logs in to a web service.
Suppose, for example, that a family has a gap in insurance coverage.
Suppose one of them was denied their Social Security, that is catastrophic.
I mean, you could turn to drugs or something instead, I suppose.
Suppose, dear reader, you found yourself at work on a Monday morning.
I suppose I'm being a bit harsh on you, Mr. Prime Minister.
I suppose Okja inevitably is going to make people eat less meat.
Sarah: Be true to yourself, I suppose, is the moral of this.
Better to be occasionally freaked out beyond belief than sorry I suppose?
I suppose we all try to prevent anything bad happening to us.
Suppose a kidnapper frees you after you've promised not to report him.
"I suppose it's like a muscle that you're trying to make work."
I suppose as people move to electronic transactions, the risk is reduced.
CLEMENT Depends how high the water rises, I suppose, since we're islands.
VICE: If there's one thing, I suppose, that's going to do it.
Suppose you have a modest income and you need more basic help.
"I suppose they won't have to worry about falling over," she said.
I suppose the challenge for us is: how much you rewrite history?
I suppose it feels a bit contrived to choose the most recent.
But let's suppose that microchips turn out to be the right stuff.
Suppose the mess they leave is inseparable from their reach and grasp?
I suppose it was unexpected but it makes a lot of sense.
"I suppose it all reminds me that death is everywhere," he says.
I suppose it's a nostalgic desire to remind myself of my childhood.
I suppose he is stupid, but mostly he's just driven by hunger.
I suppose I hear the mesh beneath and not the actual pieces.
"Suppose you could live forever or live to be 200?" she asked.
Suppose California were considering a ballot initiative to abolish the death penalty.
I suppose I have zones: poetry and fiction for my writing studio.
Opinion Columnist Suppose one night there is a knock on your door.
I am not suppose to be herein this body,herespeaking to you.
Suppose the city's average revenue per curb space is $2,000 a year.
Suppose the virus news gets better in April do they hike back?
So it was kind of a surprise, I suppose, when it did.
I suppose that's what every writer is aiming for, in a sense.
"We expected, I suppose, conventional stories of heroism and bravery," Mendes said.
The closest for me, I suppose, is Leo, but that's a stretch.
So yeah, I'm just lucky, I suppose, that it's not affected me.
Suppose that you are tempted to think that he should be impeached.
If anyone out there—here, I suppose—did know, they didn't care.
And that became the wall, I suppose, between him and the audience.
Suppose you're a US company with a hot new product under development.
Suppose that the Justice Department then sought jail time for convicted owners.
That is, I suppose, an expression of the current zeitgeist as well.
I suppose it's a love-to-hate topic, but fairs are important.
And I suppose, given the surroundings, that I couldn't much blame them.
They still are, I suppose, but their appeal is significantly dampened now.
There's a huge amount of shared resolve I suppose, and shared experience.
Pelosi surely did not suppose such a tactic would succeed with Trump.
Suppose all of that Alaskan salmon exported to China stayed in China.
Still, we suppose it's a much better look than Daenerys' bald cap...
I suppose that we should not be surprised; we had been warned.
Gail: Suppose the Republican leadership wanted to do things the normal way.
But suppose that an accident causes damage and losses exceeding $500 million.
I was, I suppose, fortunate that Fallon went so quickly and quietly.
I suppose this was a twist on a "false flag" conspiracy theory.
Fitting, I suppose, that I'll be sporting it next week at Disrupt.
So I suppose I could have a burrito loaded with hot sauce.
Suppose we make diversity our first principle of worthiness and public order.
"Let's suppose we are not having a snap election," Mr. McCluskey said.
For the IRS, there's safety of a sort in that, I suppose.
"I suppose in that sense he's like a patron saint," he said.
" As the audience laughed and applauded, McCabe said, "I suppose that's possible.
I suppose that's a weird thing to say about an old friend.
Oh, I suppose that's fine if you like that sort of thing.
I suppose a tax hike doesn't truly die until someone kills it.
That makes this film and the brutality more breezily watchable, I suppose.
"I suppose someone could have the skills to do it," he said.
But suppose you, personally, decide to cut back on your meat consumption.
Continuing the example above, suppose managerial expenses — salaries, benefits, offices, cars, etc.
I suppose he thinks his big hands count for a free lunch.
Suppose — as MMTers tend to assume — that interest rates nonetheless didn't rise.
Let's suppose that OSM was required to find identify regulation to repeal.
I suppose the function is quite different for me than other work.
Suppose Jane Doe (16) gives legal assent to sex with Troy (30).
I mean, I'm a news junkie, so I miss that, I suppose.
I suppose it's the same reason I have a Kobe Bryant tattoo.
But I suppose I risk not seeing the wood for the trees.
Suppose Congress passed a law denying citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants.
Now let's suppose the nomination just sits there for months and months.
Well, if you are nosy, like a concierge, I suppose you do.

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