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"ordering" Definitions
  1. the way in which something is ordered or arranged; the act of putting something into an order
"ordering" Synonyms
arrangement array disposal disposition distribution order sequence setup arranging listing prioritisation(UK) prioritization(US) prioritising(UK) prioritizing(US) organization(US) positioning placement grouping organisation(UK) assortment ranking hierarchy ladder scale graduation pecking order grading pyramid structure system stratification spectrum standings tree set of stages placing social stratum social order class system classification codification systematisation(UK) systematization(US) assembling checking collection gathering collation comparison categorizing(US) categorization sorting cataloguing(UK) configuration form composition layout format design pattern formation makeup ordonnance constellation getup buying purchasing procurement procuring transaction acquiring buys shop spending shopping purchase acquisition errands getting obtaining securing consumption browsing bargain hunting supermarket run reservation engagement booking prearrangement hire charter engaging registration bespeaking place prepurchase advance booking charter arrangements hire arrangements prior arrangement prior arrangements exclusive possession reserved ticket regimentation control discipline oppression suppression collectivization command division harmonisation(UK) harmonization(US) mechanisation(UK) mechanization(US) regulation rigidity calibration gage(US) gauge(UK) grade marking line mark measurement point step unit scale point calendar timeline timescale chart chronicle gradation level position rank stage degree notch standing station status class echelon rung direction instruction decree dictate directive injunction bidding commandment demand requirement edict behest mandate fiat exhortation ordinance precept request management administration supervision oversight superintendence stewardship handling charge guidance care running government superintendency governance conduct operation intendance governing supreme dominant commanding ruling controlling directing authoritative supervisory administrative ascendant dominating executive regulatory guiding influential absolute superintending overseeing gubernatorial operating managing administering leading supervising conducting organising(UK) organizing(US) practising(UK) practicing(US) serving piloting regulating driving imperative imperious autocratic dictatorial peremptory domineering lordly magisterial overbearing assertive firm bossy insistent masterful overweening aggressive classifying disposing marshalling(UK) marshaling(US) ranging systematising(UK) systematizing(US) arraying aligning assigning categorising(UK) classing filing instructing charging enjoining adjuring requiring telling calling demanding dictating mandating requesting compelling warning giving the command to giving the order to bossing around calling the shots decreeing authorising(UK) authorizing(US) ordaining legislating prescribing pronouncing requisitioning determining enacting establishing laying down reserving commissioning seeking soliciting hiring indenting applying for asking for calling for contracting for placing an order for More

919 Sentences With "ordering"

How to use ordering in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "ordering" and check conjugation/comparative form for "ordering". Mastering all the usages of "ordering" from sentence examples published by news publications.

And then being able to order in many, many different ways, whether it's voice ordering, text ordering, Slack ordering.
And let's face it, ordering one drink usually leads to ordering two or three, which often leads to ordering food.
And, let's face it, ordering one drink usually leads to ordering two or three, which often leads to ordering food.
And let's face it, ordering one drink usually leads to ordering two or three, which often leads to ordering food, too.
OurMenu replaces ordering from a waiter with ordering from a website.
We're ordering a lot of supplies, we're ordering a lot of elements that frankly we wouldn't be ordering if it wasn't something like this.
We're ordering more missile defense and we're ordering more missile offense also.
" "We're ordering more missile defense and we're ordering more missile offense also.
On Tuesday Domino's launched voice ordering through Amazon's Alexa to make ordering easier.
All the shops that were ordering from us were ordering the same records.
But ordering marijuana requires a lot more paperwork than ordering two pepperoni pies.
Ordering a Tesla is not much harder than ordering an Uber, but hardly anyone knows this!
Ordering a ride for someone else works the same way as ordering a ride for yourself.
The diner chain partnered with digital ordering heavyweight Olo to launch its on-demand ordering service.
Whoever is the ideas guy or gal over there really loves churning out innovative new pizza-tech pairings, such as ordering a pizza with an emoji, ordering a pizza with an Amazon Echo, ordering a pizza with your car, ordering a pizza with your Samsung Smart TV, ordering a pizza with an app just by opening it and clicking nothing.
As with Shake Shack, Tender Greens is exploring mobile app ordering, online ordering and improved kitchen communication.
Ordering via diaper subscription makes the items almost 40% cheaper than ordering on a one-off basis.
For example, Google demoed ordering delivery from Panera — going through an entire ordering process via voice and tapping.
But there's a guy in that piece who says it's like ordering Seamless, except you're ordering a person.
When ordering delivery, the same basic principles apply as if you were ordering carry-out or drive-thru.
If killing and scavenging is the bear equivalent to cooking meals, and eating bait is ordering delivery, then bears are ordering in every night of the week, and on some days they're even ordering lunch.
McDonald's has aggressively pushed for more of its stores to support mobile ordering and self-ordering kiosks, for example.
It recently bought campus food ordering platform Tapingo and closed its purchase of mobile ordering and payments platform LevelUp.
I recall you ordering fois gras and me asking if you were sure you knew what you were ordering.
Whether it be through ordering and paying digitally ahead of time through delivery or via a group ordering options.
When you're ordering for yourself and splitting the bill, you tend to inhibit yourself from ordering anything too lavish.
We're ordering a lot of, uh, elements that frankly we wouldn't be ordering unless it was something like this.
Little specks and hints of automation — self-checkout machines, ordering kiosks, app-based ordering systems, online scheduling options, etc.
This may change the ordering of cities compared to the ordering based on the increase in the number of passengers.
The company is considering automating its in-store ordering systems across key departments to reduce over ordering of highly perishable items.
In addition to take out ordering, Delivery Hero also offers premium food ordering and delivery in 51 cities across 10 countries.
Chipotle's projects include a new ordering app, in-restaurant tablets, online ordering and payment for catering, and faster food preparation lines.
The main downside is that if you've been ordering Frichti regularly, you'll end up ordering the same thing over and over again.
Ordering, shipping, and packaging: I received a shipping confirmation about 20 minutes after ordering, and the dress arrived only nine days later.
You get two points for ordering an UberX, UberXL, Select, or WAV ride, and three points for ordering Black and Black SUV rides.
The company launched a mobile ordering service in October 2014, and last September it revamped its website to support desktop ordering as well.
"I was ordering a vodka club soda, but Ariel was ordering all these really fun drinks off the cocktail menu," Ms. Ladensohn said.
When ordering these nachos, have no fear — the hardest part about the entire ordering process is when you have to ask for it.
The digital ordering heavyweight, which services 160 restaurant brands nationwide, was hired by Patten to launch a new online ordering platform for the restaurant.
You can then click "Start Order" to begin the ordering process – much like you could before, if ordering directly from the restaurant's Facebook Page.
It also gives two points for ordering an UberX, UberXL, Select, or WAV ride, and three points for ordering Black and Black SUV rides.
Food Ordering Posted by Facebook on Thursday, October 12, 2017 The move to introduce food ordering is one that allows Facebook to keep users inside its app for longer periods, instead of seeing users exit to other apps for common tasks, like ordering a pizza.
Ordering, shipping, and packaging: I received an e-mail confirmation that was flagged as spam, and then a shipping confirmation on the day after ordering.
Ordering a targeted military attack is one thing, but ordering it without even consulting members of Congress in the process is something else entirely. Sen.
Amazon offering free family entertainment — on a site where parents are likely ordering or thinking of ordering basic supplies, too — is one of those moves.
Amazon offering free family entertainment — on a site where parents are likely ordering or thinking of ordering basic supplies, too — is one of those moves.
"We are most focused on… ordering kiosks or ordering tablets," El Pollo Loco CFO Laurance Roberts commented last week during a presentation at Jefferies Consumer Conference.
Ordering the smallest size means two ounces of Red Bull, while ordering a Route 44 — a 44-ounce Slush — means the entire can gets poured in.
GrubHub has been heavily focused on acquisitions and recently bought campus food ordering platform Tapingo and closed its purchase of mobile ordering and payments platform LevelUp.
Privately held online ordering platform Olo, which landed a partnership with Amazon Prime in September, is seizing on the largely millennial-driven growth in digital ordering.
There's an app for that If this German company has its way, ordering up a flying taxi will be as easy as ordering up an Uber ride.
It also comes as the Cincinnati-based supermarket chain grows its online-ordering service called ClickList, which offers same-day ordering and pickup at brick-and-mortar locations.
It's already on, it's having a lot of success because most of the people ordering the Serena are ordering with this feature even though it's a paid upgrade.
The bot is the latest addition to the chain's AnyWare suite of mobile-ordering tools, which also enable ordering from smartwatches, over Twitter and via Amazon Echo devices.
And it's not their fault, since the growing popularity of online ordering service like Postmates, Uber Eats and Grubhub, make ordering food and avoiding supermarkets easier than ever.
On-line ordering and delivery survivor Peapod eventually purchase by Giant, has taught us that online ordering complements bricks-and-mortar grocery stores, rather than substitutes for them.
Ordering a dress from an overseas online retailer can be disastrous It can be tempting to save some money by ordering a discounted designer-inspired prom dress online.
Today, grocery ordering and delivery represents the largest food tech category, while meal ordering comprises the greatest number of privately held, venture-backed startups in food tech globally.
With 93 percent retention and $350 shopping carts (10X that of consumer food ordering), Goodybag has found a part of the food ordering market that can actually earn money.
Trump denied ever ordering or considering ordering the assassination of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad when he was pressed Wednesday about the allegation, which is included in Woodward's book.
He was thrilled by the attention, and when you see him ordering milkshakes, and ordering his hamburger, answering the telephone, or putting pins in the map, that footage is amazing.
"The frequency that Domino's launches new ordering features and the chain's work in areas like voice-enabled ordering are key differentiators the chain," said Erik Thoresen, principal at restaurant researcher Technomic.
"And Audrey got the bartenders in New York City together and they kept ordering and ordering it, and hounding the distributors, and finally they would bring it in," Laird Dunn says.
Mr. Friedlander divided the line in two: an ordering line of 60 people, and a second line of people waiting to get into the ordering line, with space for cross-traffic.
Screw Olitz and Olake – we're ordering Team Molivia jerseys.
Many of its fast-food competitors already have mobile ordering available: Wendy's plans on rolling out mobile ordering this year, too, but the service will only be available in about half of its stores; Arby's and Burger King are also working on adding mobile ordering, but there's no timeline for those restaurants just yet.
On top of that, Apple can layer data, device, and platform-level benefits, such as sharing songs, sharing locations, and, thanks to a more open API, ordering food or ordering a car.
Customers will still be able to order at the counter for now, although Tristano predicts that mobile ordering and payment via smartphones will one day overtake self-ordering kiosks and cash registers.
Although there are several food ordering apps (Postmates, Sprig, Munchery, UberEATS, etc) including ones that enable food ordering for pickup, Rajaram says what's unique about Caviar is that it lives within Square.
In a bid to reverse declining customer traffic and tackle competition, McDonald's has been remodeling its 5.433,000 U.S. restaurants to include digital ordering kiosks, mobile ordering as well as pay and pickup services.
They added that they are not required to make those forms of ordering accessible if they have other means available of doing so, such as ordering in the store or over the phone.
And so, Liberato cautioned customers against ordering seafood at diners.
He ended up ordering another pizza with the same request.
Now, a Cape Town High Court judge is ordering it.
Still, magic is just a language for ordering the world.
He has denied ordering killings, but has not condemned them.
The company has integrations with more than 50 ordering services.
We really considered ordering pizza but convince ourselves not to.
I am beyond shocked, and instantly regret only ordering one.
I personally felt incomplete just ordering through an order guide.
Only after you've been accepted can you start ordering rides.
Sounds as if she was ordering for the whole office.
Causation imposes chronological ordering: An effect can't precede its cause.
We don't believe ordering is a business, it's a feature.
I ordered the tan color but am ordering three more.
I'm not sure what he's ordering when he goes there.
WASHINGTON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - The court ruling ordering Apple Inc.
Trump also said he was ordering shippers including FedEx . Amazon.
All ordering is done through the company's mobile or website.
I end up ordering bacon and cheese on a bagel.
Improves the stability of Photos when creating and ordering books.
After browsing the menu, here's what I ended up ordering.
Craving a pizza but unnerved by the complicated ordering process?
"They better stop playing politics and start ordering," Cramer said.
Pricing is only available upon ordering, though, the company said.
I end up ordering a grilled cheese sandwich and fruit.
It leads the industry on digital ordering, customization and promotions.
Guzman's lawyers are appealing a May ruling ordering the transfer.
This included ordering icebreakers, patrol vessels and offshore wind farms.
That ordering could flip as estimates are finalized on Monday.
Who would have thought ordering donuts could be so dangerous?
Someone ordering you to suck them off might be fun.
It was a sin worse than ordering decaf after dessert.
It features performative noodle dances and a touchscreen ordering system.
Sheryl Sandberg personally ordering opposition research on a Facebook critic.
You're going to learn so much upon ordering this juice.
Those ordering though Apple will actually get their drones first.
Nevertheless, receipt memes are just as funny as ordering memes.
" On military equipment "Were ordering tremendous amounts of new equipment.
Recommend ordering soon, as the wait time is growing rapidly.
Grubhub also serves customers ordering for pick up and catering.
"There's no consideration of not ordering more Simpsons," she said.
But let's not start ordering Louis Vuitton tablecloths just yet.
Florida officials are ordering some evacuations and shutting down schools.
Senior aides have stopped short of ordering blanket firings, however.
No need to read any of the reviews before ordering.
Before ordering, you can check out a free swatch kit.
"Ordering a mammogram used to be one click," she said.
Whether it's ordering food, connecting with friends, adjusting the temperature.
The process of ordering from Leon & George was also painless.
Unless he reverts and winds up ordering the turkeys tortured.
During his trial, he accused Tan of ordering the killing.
Leadership, my father explained, is not about ordering people around.
This food ordering is just the latest example of this.
Ling remembers men walking around, ordering her to drink more.
Why should it be different when you're ordering at McDonald's?
Others across Canada were ordering pot online from government stores.
If this isn't possible, the CDC suggests mail ordering medications.
It is definitely cheaper than ordering Sweetgreen or whatever else.
The new furnishings we'll be ordering we'll be owning together.
"What!" he yelled, ordering him to mind his own business.
It's not just ordering pizza, it's OMG best boyfriend ever!!
Some faulted the authorities for not ordering a mandatory evacuation.
It's not a fun, casual experience like ordering new shoes.
I ended up returning it and ordering a size up.
"We won't be ordering cake from them," Mr. Polis said.
This isn't the end of the Apple Watch ordering journey.
And in some cases he may be ordering them, too.
Documentation and ordering is a somewhat different story, Overhage said.
But she ends up mostly spending her days ordering snacks.
The judge overturned his conviction, ordering that he be released.
AMSTERDAM, Jan 24 (Reuters) - Dutch online food ordering service Takeaway.
Ordering on Wish, I soon found out, is dangerously easy.
Millennials, in particular, are leaning toward ordering their groceries online.
I ran into trouble ordering one of the other bowls.
I can't see myself ordering them often in the future.
Trump responded by ordering airstrikes against the militia, killing dozens.
She misses cooking skirt steak and ordering takeout Chinese food.
AMSTERDAM, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Dutch online food ordering service Takeaway.
And at the same time ordering new sanctions on Iran.
Ordering sandwiches is the best option, especially on game day.
Was the Supreme Leader ordering an empty show of force?
Mobile ordering leads to 20% higher check sizes for Wendy's.
It's also ordering new ingredients to use when it reopens.
Mr. Boyle was convicted of murder for ordering the killings.
The kitchen staff humored me and my strange ordering ways.
But, if someone is ordering Wolt then usually I'm in.
The president even suggested ordering U.S. companies out of China.
But he is against ordering a similar measure for educators.
Scott obtained letters ordering Kerr to deliver crops to her.
Last year, the company added screen ordering and table service.
The store is also ordering more water, plywood and sand.
I'll give you an example, they are ordering military equipment.
Chipotle has also invested in digital ordering and delivery services.
"Kanye kept ordering the whole entire time," Davidson told Kelly.
I'll definitely be throwing rocks at them... and ordering pizzas.
Here I am ordering "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child."
Ordering is a speedy business — though not a stealthy one.
You know, when refrigerators start ordering your stuff for you.
You could think of something like this being useful in the case of ordering food from a restaurant that might go well with beer or wine, or ordering it en masse for an event.
Worried by drops in customer traffic, the burger chain is remodeling U.S. outlets to introduce digital ordering kiosks, new mobile ordering, pay and pickup services - looking to replicate the success of these moves overseas.
The idea seemed simple: If you find yourself regularly ordering the same thing from Amazon — coffee, laundry detergent, whatever — why not replace the whole ordering process with a button you put somewhere in your house?
The site lets an office manager or other person tasked with ordering for a group set up preferences– including around taste, allergies or lifestyle choices– for their team, and remember these for one-click ordering.
The remodeling of the company's 14,000 U.S. restaurants includes introducing digital ordering kiosks, mobile ordering as well as pay-and-pickup services, while partnering with app-based delivery services GrubHub Inc, Uber Eats and DoorDash.
General Urresti was charged last year with ordering the journalist's killing.
That is, until it gains consciousness and starts ordering you around.
Just stop participating in the tricky economy of online food ordering.
Ordering in certainly isn't the most popular option for Mother's Day.
The new Ford GT Mk II is available for ordering immediately.
McDonald's bought a tech startup that will help improve mobile ordering.
While the new Hatchimals Surprise became available for pre-ordering Sept.
If your intuition is at the wheel, you're ordering chicken parm.
You'll master basic conversational skills, like shopping and ordering a taxi.
Or being asked to pay in advance after ordering at restaurants.
They are broke, but they are ordering a fancier coffee today.
Distributions from a Roth IRA are taken based upon ordering rules.
We're like thirty people, all ordering and sharing one big pizza.
McDonald's also is adding self-service ordering kiosks to its restaurants.
Best of luck pre-ordering your iPhone XS or XS Max.
Even driving and ordering a Lyft or Uber gets you points.
Planning on ordering in and watching the Academy Awards this Sunday?
That doesn't mean I'm ordering a 24-pack anytime soon, though.
Online ordering might also benefit customers with dietary restrictions or allergies.
This is arguably one of the best features of mobile ordering.
More details on pricing and ordering will be available in June.
"It's convenient for everything: payments, getting info, ordering things," he adds.
And let us know your favorite ordering tricks in the comments.
Instead of just playing music or ordering a product on Amazon.
Ordering a gadget to order your car to do your bidding.
How about ordering a Domino's (DPZ) pizza without a single click?
The page is now live, for your Pixel pre-ordering pleasure.
Children ordering (accidentally or otherwise) items from gadgets is nothing new.
In response, judges are ordering private lawyers to take poor clients.
Ordering online and mixing by hand could give you more control.
Duterte sought to defuse tensions by ordering troops to pull out.
Reno set a deadline, ordering Elian be returned to his dad.
"The second stock we're ordering up is Shake Shack," said Johnson.
Ordering the sperm was the most visceral part of the journey.
I ponder ordering a drink, but they are just too pricey.
So ordering directly from the ad was not appealing to people.
The options for dining out and even ordering in feel endless.
I absolutely love mobile ordering, it is so quick and easy!
He ended up declaring a ceasefire and ordering troops to retreat.
Chains from Taco Bell to Burger King have adopted ordering apps.
It's as clear as ordering the "Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity."
Totally out of line for ordering you to take it down.
Alarms don't work yet, and food ordering is still coming soon.
Late Wednesday, the F.A.A. said it was ordering those ultrasonic inspections.
Colombian President Ivan Duque praised the court for ordering Hernandez's capture.
Yeah, there is absolutely nothing to regret about this ordering decision.
So, that should help with our tendency for indecisive drink ordering.
You can get your fix by ordering the Crunchy Chicken Wrap.
Last fall, it announced a deal with online ordering services Delivery.
A White House spokesman at the time denied ordering biased reports.
Luckily, we had taken the precaution of ordering a Nutella chaser.
Still, the news may give some customers pause before ordering Panera.
Or, was the president explicitly ordering Comey to end the investigations?
They're taking advantage of ordering online and picking up in store.
The second make-lines are expected to speed up online ordering.
Imagine this thread: Boss – Everyone OK with ordering pizza for lunch?
For that reason alone, I won't be ordering from here again.
The president also gave commanders more authority in ordering air strikes.
It made no mention of Ibrahim ordering them off the train.
The Texas-based chain Which Wich has a unique ordering system.
Diners suggest ordering the 5 Cheese Pesto and Biellese Pepperoni pizzas. 
Diners suggest ordering the Pepperoni Madness and the Fancy Backpacker pizzas. 
Now the city is ordering these companies to cease and desist.
DePuy Orthopaedics, ordering a new trial in the hip implant case.
One chef's advice is to try ordering off-menu at IHOP.
Or ordering younger aides to put things on their credit cards.
Ordering furniture without measuring your space can lead to expensive mistakes.
Sullivan declined to take the step of ordering a subpoena Tuesday.
One ordering experience, one installation, one service contact, one phone app.
He was ordering Marcos off the property, threatening violence, the policía.
I have a hard time ordering food at a restaurant [laughs].
BERLIN (Reuters) - Shares in online food ordering firms Delivery Hero (DHER.
The government quickly instituted a curfew, ordering civilians to shelter indoors.
He has admitted to endorsing death squads, but denies ordering them.
If you thought we had perfected fast food ordering, think again.
Mr. Gwinn began ordering 911 tapes in all domestic violence cases.
Of course, he added, make sure you're ordering take-out safely.
Postmates is a food ordering app like Uber Eats and GrubHub.
Even tiny actions have been sped up, like ordering lab supplies.
I am ordering the closure of all bars and restaurants statewide.
BI: What can customers do to protect themselves when ordering delivery?
First, let's look at ordering versus going to the store yourself.
She took a chance and started ordering the supplies in volume.
Wendy seems undeterred after ordering a hit on Ruth's dad Cade.
It became clear why everyone else was ordering the beef pies.
"There is a crucial and important distinction between asking and ordering."
And Glovo isn't just about ordering food from your favorite restaurants.
Ordering a Peloton during this pandemic comes with a few caveats.
"Family first" is a fundamental, biblically supported principle of ordering society.
The North Korean government is widely suspected of ordering the attack.
Each calzone is $2.19 — much cheaper than ordering in for dinner.
BIG CITY Will the proliferation of mobile ordering destroy civic life?
So I end up ordering breakfast burritos from Postmates for us.
Customers should receive their AirPods automatically within 30 days of ordering.
"That's enough," he repeated, ordering Acosta to put down the mic.
There are many theories addressing this ordering, but no final explanation.
The Ukrainian authorities accused Russian security services of ordering the killing.
Ordering dinner on Grubhub or Uber Eats is almost irresistibly convenient.
But officials stopped short of accusing Iran of ordering the attack.
Ordering the U.S. military to fire off some missiles is easy.
This takes all the hassle out of ordering a new mattress.
Ordering V-Day gifts now will save you up to $20.
Still, her confidence would falter with everyday tasks like ordering takeout.
They believe that they are ordering drugs from reputable foreign pharmacies.
He also said Wednesday he is ordering new sanctions on Iran.
Ghosn earned his nickname after ordering plant closures when restructuring Renault.
Trump reversed course last week, ordering an end to the separations.
The president signed the memo ordering the strike on Jan. 26.
And buy clothes at the mall instead of special-ordering them.
But don't be impressed by the Republicans who are ordering it.
The site was all sold out when I attempted pre-ordering.
In fact, I'm ordering this now, Waypoint Conker is coming soon!
The screen can do a lot of things, but it also makes ordering by voice from Amazon easier, since you can tap and select the product you want to buy instead of ordering entirely with Alexa.
It includes a microphone and a speaker, so you can talk to your lamp, play music from Spotify, and perform any of the dozens of Alexa skills currently available—from ordering pizza, to ordering an Uber.
"MCD is cultivating a digital platform through mobile ordering and Experience of the Future (EOTF), an in-store technological overhaul most conspicuous through kiosk ordering and table delivery," Charles wrote in a note to clients Tuesday.
Integrating with big supply chain management and ordering systems, while at the same time providing payment processing and mobile ordering services for the big crowds that vendors face on game day or around events, Anderson said.
And while it would be wildly premature to start ordering them in the United States right now, Americans should be made aware that ordering them could be prudent at some time in the reasonably near future.
Helping to fuel this growth is technology such as mobile ordering and on-site ordering by tablet, which have sped up Chick-fil-A's service, brought in new customers, and encouraged old customers to come more often.
Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Jim Justice of West Virginia took the most dramatic action, ordering residents to stay home except for essential outings and ordering non-essential businesses to tell employees not to report to work.
Though some of the drinks were quite tasty, I don't think I'll be ordering them in the future because of the associated additional fees and the complex ordering process that could easily confuse — or even annoy — baristas.
Little Caesars just took lazy food ordering to a whole new level.
And one more thing: Support local businesses instead of ordering everything online.
"39 weeks pregnant and over ordering @sqirlla," she captioned the hilarious moment.
Investing can be as simple as ordering a drink at the bar.
And industry researchers expect online food ordering to grow, including beyond cities.
One of Obama's first acts in office was ordering the facility closed.
KeyBanc is particularly optimistic about the company's strong move into digital ordering.
Though, Malaysia and South Korea both accuse Pyongyang of ordering the murder.
Niccol's goal is to make ordering from Chipotle easier and more convenient.
Grubhub's latest food delivery initiative makes ordering takeout a lot more gratifying.
In January, Trump signed an executive memorandum ordering a federal hiring freeze.
Subway's plan to introduce touchscreen ordering kiosks is especially bad and wrong.
About an hour after ordering, Best Buy sent me a confirmation email.
"I will continue ordering attacks on the civilian population," the narcomanta says.
You see police with guns drawn ordering people out of their cars.
That hasn't stopped people from ordering "some weird things," though, she says.
Pre-ordering for the starter set went up on Amazon starting Feb.
We applied with a completely different idea, ordering food from your cellphone.
For example, Domino's digital ordering technology helped power its industry-leading growth.
Ordering these drugs was as easy as buying any other product online.
Netflix is ordering a Stranger Things-themed Chicago bar to shut down.
Another has you ordering shapes to make a picture of a snowflake.
Asking to use the restroom and delay ordering until a friend arrived.
Anyone interested in ordering a Model 3 now will have to wait.
Turkish intelligence accuses Saudi Arabia of ordering Khashoggi's murder inside the consulate.
Snackpass is a food ordering app focusing on takeout rather than delivery.
It usually costs way less than ordering something on Deliveroo for instance.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, is ordering 18 60-foot, articulated BEBs from BYD.
A look at how the ride ordering platform works for medical professionals.
None of the four apps were effective at ordering me a pizza.
No target is safe, from ordering on Seamless to cliché emoji usage.
FX picked up the Deadpool animated series in May, ordering 10 episodes.
Instead, grocery ordering platform Yummy bought the domain and trademark for Kozmo.
Def will be ordering it for pick up before I go babysit.
It is particularly galling to see men ordering women on the subject.
I get the feeling I'm going to be ordering more of these!
Ordermark isn't alone in its quest to ease restaurants' online ordering pain.
Increasing ordering options isn't the only way Starbucks has initiated several advancements.
The EXO 1 is currently available for ordering from Shapeways for $113.
"The online ordering tool has to work well on a cell phone."
The restaurants will allow for self-service kiosk ordering and counter accessibility.
One taste of that bitter sweetness, and I know I'm ordering another.
The jihadist leader admitted to ordering attacks on Muslim shrines in Timbuktu.
Instead, Laurita started aggressively ordering everyone around — even telling Gorga to leave.
For example, you start your day by ordering Queen Bey her breakfast.
FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich was fully justified in ordering Strzok's firing.
We were the first to launch national online ordering back in 2001.
Priya started mass ordering tulip bulbs and fruit trees for the orchard.
I was seated at a table after ordering an arancino with meat.
But he hadn't, as HBO began ordering the green screens that day.
Ordering a pizza by phone was kind of a pain back then.
Back then, there was nothing lamer than ordering tea with your breakfast.
Unfortunately, that's a lot harder than ordering a new cell phone case.
He wants damages and an injunction, ordering authorities to destroy all videotapes.
What did you make of Ross Ulbricht ordering people to be killed?
Everyone hates the wait between ordering food and the food actually arriving.
Jeb Bush then signed "Terri's Law," ordering that the tube be reinserted.
Luckily, you can save money by not ordering the larger infotainment display.
Ordering most things online is easy, but delivering perishables is more complicated.
Fire up your record player, HBO fans: the network's ordering more Vinyl.
Ordering requires a $2,500 payment, due today, to move an order forward.
Bella Hadid loves ordering Postmates, and she definitely knows what it is.
He has previously denied ordering the torture or death of political opponents.
Mr Bainimarama took the perceived threat more seriously, ordering an army clampdown.
There was ordering via emoji and delivery via drone in New Zealand.
The ad shows how to read the data and provides ordering information.
Manson was convicted of ordering nine people killed, including actress Sharon Tate.
And we have the scoop on all the upcoming potential ordering options.
On October 2, I received a package I did not remember ordering.
Mobile ordering brings those averages back down to round 10-15 seconds.
Duterte has been accused of ordering extrajudicial killings of suspected drug dealers.
In March, businessman Marian Kocner was charged charged with ordering Kuciak's killing.
Prince Mohammed has accepted responsibility for the killing, but denied ordering it.
But the location also had at least eight double-sided ordering kiosks.
Downsides: Reasonably tough to look even remotely cool ordering a virgin daiquiri.
Normally, I refrain from ordering appetizers, but this was a special night.
Now that I have found them here, I WILL be ordering again.
My coffee maker isn't the best, so I like ordering it in.
Word got around about the tamales, and her friends started ordering them.
The state Election Board acted correctly in unanimously ordering a new election.
Haspel drafted the cable ordering the destruction of the tapes in 2628.
One obvious risk of making online shopping so easy is inadvertent ordering.
I stepped away without ordering, scared her emaciated loneliness might be contagious.
But it was not effective in deterring Kim from ordering additional launches.
Ordering limit of one miner per user and not available in China.
He began ordering people into different lines to even out the flow.
QVC's mobile ordering increased too, as more consumers shop on their smartphones.
But after ordering security forces to fire on unarmed dissidents on Dec.
If you think about today, ordering a pizza online is e-commerce.
For example, fast food establishments are taking steps to automate food ordering.
Trump signed an executive order last week ordering construction of the wall.
Amazon's future grocery stores could combine in-store shopping with online ordering.
If I were you, I'd wait for the reviews before ordering one.
Hernandez also admitted to ordering a hit on rival rapper Chief Keef.
It is how to think about the basic ordering of the world.
On average, employers are ordering lunch for their employees once a week.
Digital ordering has been challenging for many restaurant chains and their customers.
This could be a game-changer for ordering Chinese food on Christmas.
Should I be ordering some type of butt plug off the menu?
Louis: Probably ordering Doordash and watching the Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix.
But, honestly, who of the club's elite members isn't ordering multiple dishes?
Unaccompanied passengers under the age of 18 are forbidden from ordering cars.
Why was he so invested in the gendered ordering of the household?
The food ordering and delivery startup is actively looking for a replacement.
Then, I considered three factors: ease of ordering, shipping, and clothing quality.
PrettyLittleThing ordering experience: I was disappointed in the lack of sizes available.
We recommend ordering a half size up if you're in between sizes.
Trump also got involved, ordering Gallagher be moved to less restrictive confinement.
But Mandarin's not very useful for ordering General Tso's chicken in Chicago.
With the US death toll topping 140, states are ordering more shutdowns.
The colonial government retaliated quickly, ordering all schools closed on March 21945.
It could probably be made with shoelaces and still be worth ordering.
The NFL has blocked fans from ordering customized Carruth jerseys on NFLShop.
Its British publisher, Hamish Hamilton, had not expected much, ordering 3,000 copies.
But O'Neal said he chose to hold off ordering a new batch.
How does online consumerism like shopping and ordering food delivery differ there?
Ordering a mess of slightly sweet hand-cut onion rings is mandatory.
To be abundantly clear: Like ordering takeout, this strategy isn't fail proof.
I'm ordering through the director to get 10% off and free shipping.
They had already begun ordering more masks, gloves, face shields, and ventilators.
He noted that ordering a new car can sometimes save you money.
He made a habit of ordering the killings of his political rivals.
She confirmed that no action was taken on ordering a new pole.
People just kept coming up to the bar, ordering drinks and gossiping.
Meanwhile, people staying home have been ordering food and groceries more often.
And anyway, no one was ordering me to limit my alcohol consumption.
Ordering a braised dish is a smart way to spend your money.
Facebook, YouTube Red and Apple are all ordering shows, to varying degrees.
This was a newer location, so it came with self-ordering kiosks.
But there is something that doesn't seem right about ordering groceries online.
This might have been his last time ordering out as a Royal.
The White House cited "absolute immunity" in ordering them not to testify.
In contrast, Oregon, citing its state law, is ordering insurers to comply.
I also stopped ordering food from restaurants and started cooking at home.
That's when people typically start ordering their ugly sweaters for holiday festivities.
Move to the front of the line by pre-ordering from Amazon.
If ordering online, consultants can be reached by phone to answer questions.
The world's biggest pizza delivery chain is a leader in digital ordering.
Even his own daughters, busy at their jobs, found online ordering irresistible.
But the commissioner stopped short of demanding or ordering players to stand.
He also signed a directive ordering an end to protracted environmental reviews.
In the early 2000s, many Americans began ordering medicines from Canadian pharmacies.
As she spoke, a sheriff's car drove by, ordering residents to evacuate.
Especially when you're traveling abroad, they're ordering you fancy cars and drivers.
Most locations should have touchscreen menus that streamline the whole ordering process.
So a standalone ordering app for that category of food can work.
Ordering Eatsa Enough of those stupid humans, now the real action begins.
The Navy, I can tell you, we're ordering ships, with the Air Force I can tell you we're ordering a lot of planes, in particular the F-35 fighter jet, which is like almost like an invisible fighter.
Goldade said that Panera is the leading player in providing a visual element to the ordering process, noting that the soup and sandwich company provides its diners with images of its food online and through its ordering kiosks.
For instance, she realized that the two of us — a child and a senior, both petite females — added up to one extra-large appetite, so ordering a Big Breakfast to share made better sense than ordering separate, smaller meals.
The company plans to spend $50 million, or $20,000 per restaurant, to upgrade the interiors to have more comfortable dining areas and allow for more ordering options, better presentation of its beverage selection and improve the mobile ordering experience.
Riyadh has accused Tehran of ordering the drone strikes on its oil assets.
I debate ordering dinner at work, but I don't want to spend money.
"Large fleets are expected to begin ordering replacement units for 2017," Ake said.
Self-ordering kiosks invaded fast food and franchise restaurants in a big way.
And then there are other days where I'm ordering takeout, and that's fine.
"I'm on vacation" has you ordering $20 cocktails to drink by a pool.
He specifically accused the outgoing president of ordering wiretapping of the incoming president.
Well, I do appreciate a song about ordering and then eating a pizza.
It's also hard for experts to tell whether Trump will continue ordering reviews.
And once you've got yourself covered (priorities), consider ordering one as a gift.
If you have a favorite cereal or snack food, try ordering online elsewhere.
It's hard to quantify this as some customers end up not ordering anything.
After creating months of delay, Apple ended up ordering the screws from China.
He suggests ordering pizza, which I'm all for, and we decide on Domino's.
Prince Mohammed recently accepted responsibility for Mr. Khashoggi's murder, but denied ordering it.
The online ordering company expects poke orders to grow by 91% this year.
If you don't own a spiralizer yet, we'd strongly suggest ordering one. Why?
I'm ordering two more for my daughters for Christmas for their own apartments.
You could imagine someone ordering the $20 prix fixe brunch around the corner.
If anyone turns #KimClone into a movie, though, we're definitely pre-ordering tickets.
The average guest takes pictures for 10 minutes before ordering anything, Markoe says.
This bike also lacks a kickstand option when ordering, another commuter no-no.
And by 2025, online ordering could bring in more than $200 billion globally.
For now, ordering made-to-measure clothes online requires a leap of faith.
This one is pretty involved and requires ordering a special costume, props, etc.
Take the hassle out of ordering shaving essentials, with a Gillette subscription service.
We're ordering our Seamless and stocking our fridge with La Croix in advance.
Maybe it's time to really kick your addiction to ordering lunch every day.
Consumers ordering the iPhone X now face a six-week wait for delivery.
He is accused of ordering the destruction of three ethnic groups in Darfur.
This is vital information for ordering any evacuations and staging emergency relief supplies.
The waitress recommends ordering a bunch of small dishes and appetizers to share.
Once you subsidize the original acquisition, are the customers churning or re-ordering?
Appropriate shorts-wearing activities are binge-watching The Office, ordering Seamless, and snuggling.
On the business side of things, we know that food ordering is challenging.
It's nowhere near as convenient as ordering something on an e-commerce website.
Whether that is paying for items, ordering from a restaurant menu, or more.
"He gets it," King says, nodding slowly, before ordering Aviation from the bartender.
Will he wind up ordering an investigation of the (largely fictitious) voter fraud?
Additionally, when ordering online, same-day shipping is expected to become the norm.
Go deeper: Tesla launches $35,000 Model 3 while moving to online-only ordering
Russian teenagers pose for selfies in the sun, then run off without ordering.
A spatial intelligence engine that is ordering the emerging AR/VR 3D world.
"Usually when I wake up, I'm already thinking about ordering pizza," she says.
Investor Om Malik changed his Prime ordering habits after an epiphany last year.
"They stay in my office in case of any impromptu sushi-lunch ordering."
Buy this instead: Use Amazon's one-touch mobile ordering or its subscription program.
I order new contacts and consider ordering glasses later online from Warby Parker.
Yes, it's your fault: Your online ordering habit is making city traffic worse.
Amazon Prime used to offer substantial discounts for members pre-ordering video games.
Musk writes: One ordering experience, one installation, one service contact, one phone app.
Literally, what is the point of ordering paper towels with a single touch?
Which is why we love ordering everything humanly possible on Amazon (hello, Prime!).
But I stopped ordering Papa John's because papa John is a bad man.
She said the White House isn't responsible for ordering that type of surveillance.
"As online ordering becomes more popular, diner needs have shifted slightly," Glading said.
We have all kinds of ways to help you on ordering a product.
Ordering a car ride is becoming more like Spotify Premium or Amazon Prime.
I debate ordering a piece online or taking a walk to the store.
One rooster isn't chicken when it comes to ordering a nice, overpriced coffee.
Adopting mobile ordering has given Starbucks a boost, but hasn't come without pain.
South Korea could not ignore its Supreme Court ruling ordering compensation, he said.
He explains the altercation while ordering his pint at the bar in O'Malley's.
Easier ordering is not the only tech initiative the chain has in store.
Five years on, the company positions itself as India's leading food ordering aggregator.
Unlike buying from other carmakers, ordering a Tesla doesn't require any *physical paperwork*.
We'll just have to settle for ordering Hi-C juice boxes in bulk.
Eventually, Cabin wants to add onboard ordering of coffee, tea and other things.
Make up for lost time by ordering one from Amazon for just $7.85.
Truly, whom amongst us can forget Trump ordering the killing of bin Laden?
Players pre-ordering through EA's Origin store will get decals for Noctis' car.
However, after a while, ordering out and eating sub-par meals gets old.
She was later released with a ticket ordering her to appear in court.
By the time I was done ordering, the joint had begun filling up.
The layout of the restaurant streamlines the dining process from ordering to cleanup.
A bonus of ordering from Best Buy is the convenient Geek Squad service.
President Rodrigo Duterte sought to defuse tensions by ordering troops to pull out.
Mr Peña suspended the initiative, ordering American liaison officers to leave Mexico immediately.
Few in Kiev today think the country's leaders capable of ordering an assassination.
Gottlieb says he frequently uses restaurant's calorie information on signs when ordering food.
The company's bet on mobile ordering and payments have been a hit, too.
Police said they arrested 84 individuals after ordering protesters to leave the streets.
She expects 7-Eleven to roll out mobile ordering on its app next.
Diners suggest ordering the NY Ricotta with Pepperoni and the Ricotta Sicilian pizzas. 
The Carrera S is the least expensive version available for ordering right away.
It's available now for pre-ordering online and will only cost you $36.99.
Ordering a plain black coffee can reveal a lot about a coffee shop.
" I thought: "Well, yes — but what about the ordering of those 'common words'?
People were ordering online more, but that was only one of many causes.
It delivers to Australia in about ten days, like ordering something from eBay.
Yes, dinner with loved ones is more spiritually uplifting than ordering shoes online.
We flip-flop over ordering dessert before compromising on pastries in the morning.
Pope says that it's also important to be mindful of how you're ordering.
But in ordering tests they consent to having their samples used for research.
You'd even have the option of rating wines or simply ordering more bottles.
This is the equivalent of ordering a Ramos gin fizz at a bar.
Meanwhile, Thad's at the Waffle House ordering the whole entire menu to himself.
Domino's is about to put its ordering bot, Dom, to a big test.
But good luck when it comes to ordering a wine off a menu.
But where will that voice of authority, ordering Trump to "stop," come from?
A panel in the counter slid back to reveal a hidden ordering system.
Click the plus (+) button and then "Options…" to specify ordering by row.6.
Or maybe you'll avoid the supermarket or mass transit by ordering your groceries.
The bustling location had English phrases covering the walls and convenient ordering kiosks.
"It's all about turnout," he told customers after ordering hot tea and tiramisù.
"Ordering one Big Bird," said the expediter, a bit more loudly than usual.
The directive also significantly loosens the rules around ordering alcohol for home delivery.
Also smart: ordering your own appetizers instead of sharing to avoid swapping germs.
And Mr. Myles will be carrying his banner ordering England out of Ireland.
That sense of inhibition flies out the window when ordering in a group.
Also, if you see a soufflé on the menu, don't bother ordering it.
We're told the incident led to the airline ordering everyone off the plane.
A prominent businessman, Marian Kocner, would later be charged with ordering his killing.
President Trump's process of ordering and then canceling military strikes was a mess.
I have no qualms now about ordering a ground war — none at all.
In the cafe, I've decided I want to stop ordering non-dairy milks.
All the other overflowing shelves in this place have no discernible ordering system.
But others take seats before ordering by placing their book bags on chairs.
Panera says that online orders will be available within ten minutes of ordering.
The ordering, the cleaning and the one-man-restaurant shtick became too much.
They are accused of ordering him to drink until he could barely stand.
Wendy also doesn't bat an eye at Helen ordering the attack on Gene.
New states were ordering all residents to stay home as recently as Wednesday.
This is incremental demand with employees working from home, companies ordering new equipment.
People have been ordering early and have some product landed in August now.
I suspect Dad envisions ordering a dumpster and just throwing stuff in it.
Countries are also ordering curfews, cancelling public events and closing schools and universities.
Attorney General William Barr then overruled his prosecutors, ordering a lower sentencing request.
Cook at least three meals a day at home instead of ordering out.
"So," Mom said, relieved that the ordering portion of the meal was over.
Mr. Trump could still interfere by ordering Mr. Rosenstein to fire Mr. Mueller.
Democrats also say the president obstructed Congress by ordering officials to defy subpoenas.
McDonald's just answered every vegan's wish, so no more ordering only french fries.
South Korean officials have accused the North Korean government of ordering the assassination.
Many have speculated on Trump's political motives in ordering the assassination of Suleimani.
And ordering one fewer beer per week could save you $300 per year.
Twice, she scolded me gently for ordering too much, concerned for my health.
All of those monuments could be targeted under the review Trump is ordering.
Practically, its single make line made the traditional drive-thru ordering process impossible.
Controlling the consumer ordering platform will also help Mighty Quinn's improve profit margins.
This year, I'm ordering these in roughly how likely I think they are.
I thought, ordering chips and queso for the third time in a week.
At first, Nayyem helped coördinate the protests, ordering food and hiring security guards.
We'll probably need more delivery people too, because we have more ordering online.
The next thing I knew, I was ordering a dish called Chicken Supreme.
It even tested an augmented reality ordering system on Snapchat (SNAP) last year.
The company made ordering a pizza as simple as choosing a pizza emoji.
It's a nice touch, but the scattered, confusing layout can make ordering tricky.
Trump is now ordering — as in summonsing — federal government workers without getting paid.
Aurore Boussac, 30, a Parisian florist, stopped ordering online after receiving wilted flowers.
City health officials are ordering businesses to stop selling foods that contain CBD.
The Brazilian government said it was ordering inspections at dams around the country.
Sessions also spoke of ordering a review about recent killings of transgender individuals.
" And even the Washington Post mentioned a "concierge" that "[ushered] customers through ordering.
They start ordering waiters around the way they would with their own employees.
In November, McDonald's announced that it was rolling out touchscreen ordering systems nationwide.
What to watch: "Depending on how quickly the Maryland case moves, it's possible we could see dueling injunctions — one ordering the Trump administration to stop enforcing the law, the other ordering it to keep enforcing," ACA legal expert Nick Bagley writes.
After ordering at a self service machine (ordering via machine instead of from a human server is also popular in Japan), the diner clips the order ticket to a clipboard in a wooden tub then sends it on a watery voyage.
So, while we continued to build out more magical realities in the food ordering space, a lot of consumers, non-restaurant merchants and retailers were asking us when we would extend this superpower (convenience) to needs outside of food ordering.
In creating McDonald's digital ordering platform, CEO Steve Easterbrook said the burger giant had to be "mindful" of the demands that come with mobile ordering and create a platform that suited the needs of both its customers and the kitchen.
When an American player told Mitchell he didn't like ordering food in Spanish because a server at a Latin American restaurant had laughed at his accent, she reminded him that his Latino teammates had endured the same when ordering in English.
Food ordering platform GrubHub soared more than 24 percent on Wednesday, following a strong second-quarter earnings report and the company's announcement it would acquire LevelUp, a mobile ordering and payments platform, for $390 million in an all-cash deal.
Everything is made-to-order, so groups ordering together can create a simple bridal profile to guarantee every garment is cut from the same dye lot, as well as make sure everyone in the bridal party is ordering on time.
If nothing else, it will make you think twice before ordering mahi-mahi again.
There are a few other voice shopping features baked into Alexa beyond basic ordering.
Always ordering food when drinking also slows down the absorption rate for the alcohol.
People who fell ill reported ordering raw oysters from restaurants in California and Nevada.
So, should you let your "intuition" strong-arm you into ordering the chicken parm?
Moments after ordering at the drive-thru line, his life flashed before his eyes.
We'd recommend ordering anything with the chipotle pecan pesto, or sampling the seasonal menu.
Trump signed a measure Friday ordering a Labor Department review of the fiduciary rule.
But people come in and yell at her workers sometimes, even when ordering food.
Spicer also said Trump was "unbelievably decisive" in ordering a review of Flynn's actions.
But that doesn't mean that they will actually be saving money by ordering online.
Uber joined the food-delivery business with UberEATS, an app for ordering takeout meals.
As a result, we have been pursuing technology that enables ordering via voice commands.
"Clinicians are ordering the wrong tests and don't understand the newest research," says Warren.
Airlines have completely stopped ordering the jet in the wake of the two crashes.
Salman has denied ordering the killing, despite the conclusions of the US intelligence community.
I think about ordering something online, but get distracted when an email comes through.
Within minutes, the manager approached the men and asked if they were ordering anything.
Well, think of them as an even more streamlined version of 1-Click ordering.
One of his biggest announcements was ordering the Pentagon to keep Guantanamo Bay open.
Customer and North Andover resident Erik Pocock saw and documented the decorations while ordering.
Or your habit of ordering ketchup-flavored Lay's the first Monday of every month?
"Now, date nights are on the couch ordering in and snuggling up," says Kimberly.
Lump criticized Trump for ordering the strike, according to charging documents, the newspaper reported.
People ordering the clear aligners online fit themselves using an at-home impression kit.
Customers are limited to six Spectacles purchases per household when ordering via the web.
If you want to wear heavier boot socks, I recommend ordering your normal size.
Pre-ordering through this Walmart exclusive also gets you three free hours of 2XP.
Smaller, independently owned restaurants may still employ services like Grubhub to provide online ordering.
I heard thy went over the lunch budget ordering Jamaican food twice a week.
Weedmaps and Eaze both operate on iOS, but they don't offer in-app ordering.
There's an experiment you talk about there, where people change the ordering of popularity.
They were even on the verge of ordering $2120,215 of brewing equipment from China.
You can only order one, though, and 1-Click ordering is also not available.
We're ordering equipment, and we're going to have the strongest military we've ever had.
No one was hurt in the attack, which Saudi authorities accused Iran of ordering.
Now eastern governments are ordering studies galore to heap pressure on Brussels to act.
Maduro responded by ordering what he called a "revision" of diplomatic ties with Washington.
A rapid reorder function in Panera's app can help speed up the ordering process.
President Trump ordering the files to be made public after decades of conspiracy theories.
Meij cited explosive growth in online ordering, which outstripped like-for-like store sales.
Panasonic is probably ordering more cobalt simply because they need to make more batteries.
And so we get book ordering problems and expensive lunches and weirdly angry LPs.
On board, police walk up and down ordering Uighurs to open their luggage again.
The only downside with ordering these two models is that they don't ship immediately.
The Pictli app (iOS) eliminates the hassle of ordering prints and getting a frame.
In another recent effort to lure in users, Twitter added some algorithmic timeline ordering.
Mr. Trump dined in the hotel restaurant, ordering steak and potatoes, his campaign said.
You're asked to choose between ordering a five-star breakfast or granola and yogurt.
I already loved Boohoo before and I had been ordering stuff online from them.
"I've been ordering that same Signature Magnolia Candle from Shane ever since," she writes.
App-based ordering means that Creator will be able to serve more customers, faster.
The PBOC has been ordering banks to lend more actively and buy more bonds.
There are bots for getting news, booking a hotel room or ordering a pizza.
The Taliban issued a statement earlier this week ordering fighters not to attack civilians.
New-customer acquisition costs are surging, they are ordering fewer meals, and competitors abound.
But if people keep ordering the new frapp, and he keeps complaining ... who knows?
Facebook has been developing a deeper relationship with food ordering businesses for some time.
In part, online pre-ordering has made lines unnecessary for all but diehard fans.
When it comes to ordering at a restaurant, everyone has their own personal style.
But they keep their bill to $30 or under, ordering from affordable neighborhood restaurants.
Why Coffee Delivery Is the Future of On-Demand Ordering The Hottest Computing Device?
She's also not above cooking for herself at home, either – or ordering pizza. 7.
Some nights, though, punting and ordering takeout was not a copout but a necessity.
"Everybody uses online ordering and expects to go on a mobile app," Scrivano said.
You will have high school students designing things and ordering custom metal parts online.
If not, maybe try ordering a Big Mac with a side of Chicken McNuggets.
That could mean ordering that Montes be returned to San Diego for the hearing.
But what about the cash customers handed over when pre-ordering their Mavic Pro?
Ordering food an hour or more in advance led to lower calorie meal choices.
It becomes immediately noticeable that this is not the man's first time ordering tacos.
Also worth ordering was an artichoke and spinach dip paired with warm potato chips.
But any menu of ideas is only as good as those ordering from it.
The biggest score would be a very frustrated Trump ordering the firing of Mueller.
The shop will offer online ordering, delivery, and dedicated parking for mobile order pickups.
I ended up ordering their celeriac agnolotti, having absolutely no idea what it was.
She sees it as her duty, an ordering of things in an unordered stream.
We considered ordering out, but Indian food or sushi would run $60 at least.
Customers are increasingly ordering food through apps on their smartphones or by calling in.
Clinton isolated Attorney General Janet Reno over her ordering of an independent counsel investigation.
Diners suggest ordering the Lean Green Curry Pizza and the Curry Pizza with Paneer. 
The couch arrived a few days after ordering, and in several clearly labeled boxes.
A CIA assessment has blamed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for ordering Khashoggi's killing.
Eventually, he took some heat out of the scandal by ordering an internal inquiry.
Billionaire restaurant owner Tilman Fertitta didn't think ordering in would be a lasting trend.
"I consider myself an activist, not just an academic," Jadhav continued, ordering a beer.
He also questioned why the Trump administration was ordering TSA employees to the border.
Moscow responded to the international action by ordering its own expulsion of foreign diplomats.
Turns out there was a discount for ordering online and doing in-store pickup.
When ordering clothes or shoes off Amazon, I cannot try it on before purchasing.
Obama ordering a wiretap on his phones at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign.
But analysts expect online ordering to explode as more customers get comfortable with it.
Want an experience other than ordering impersonal packages from your sofa on Cyber Monday?
Within 10 minutes of ordering, my Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich ($9.50) arrived.
The poll found 66 percent of voters supported the ordering of last week's strike.
You'll also be blacklisted for ordering to your address while you're having a party.
Customers can begin pre-ordering the vehicle at the end of March, Cadillac said.
Trump wrote that while findings "raise significant concerns" he was ordering a deeper review.
If you wear your sticker while ordering a cookie, your cookie will be free.
As we ate, I asked her what people were ordering in the second line.
This is truly the equivalent of ordering boneless, skinless chicken breast at a restaurant.
And no one really asks their pizza place to wipe their pizza ordering history.
The judge had stopped short of ordering the White House to unblock the users.
I'd suggest pre-ordering on Amazon and your local retailer if they carry it.
After ordering several dishes with his girlfriend, he was pleasantly surprised by the taste.
When I saw protestors ordering Ubers home from Union Square, I was also confused.
Luckily, you can skip the hassle by ordering a 14-ounce pack on Amazon.
When the telephone became to scary to talk into, we invented online pizza ordering.
However, if you're ordering a dirty martini, feel free to specify shaken or stirred.
"Married life is great," he said, after ordering some mineral water and vegetable soup.
Broadcast was created to reduce friction for restaurant operators as they adopt digital ordering.
They've literally made ordering a pizza as simple as tweeting out a pizza emoji.
Ordering schools closed causes huge child care issues for lots and lots of parents.
Ordering food from local restaurants and shopping online can quickly become the new normal.
Nearby Osceola County also plans on ordering its residents to stay home on Thursday.
And now the doctor is ordering us to wash our hands and remain indoors.
Gavin Newsom announced a statewide lockdown, ordering all 40 million Californians to stay home.
Cohen says they're ordering everything Thursday and expect a delivery in a few days.
Instead, she's had to quickly ramp up online ordering and local partnerships for delivery.
In February 2017, he was criticized for ordering an evacuation in a different crisis.
You can get early access to the BETA though, by pre-ordering from GAME.
However, he noted that he prefers ordering delivery more than making his own meals.
I started ordering lots of memoirs online and became very intrigued by this form.
In that sense, at least, ordering — and eating — for one's self is downright democratic.
When she's ordering food, she's making sure that people are happy with the choices.
China is closing joint ventures and ordering North Korean companies to leave by January.
Read Arielle Pardes' story about the ethics of ordering food during a pandemic here.
The campus officers can be heard several times ordering Schultz to drop a knife.
Even if you end up ordering the watch, the ads continue trailing you everywhere.
So we have a lot of ventilators, but we're going to be ordering more.
Sign-up sheets were made for bulk ordering of eggs, milk, and cleaning supplies.
LOS ANGELES — America's most populous state is ordering its residents to stay indoors. Gov.
Both airports responded to the Gatwick incident by ordering military-grade anti-drone technology.
On Tuesday, Sri Lanka's Supreme Court agreed, ordering a pause to Sirisena's snap elections.
A lot of open stores are offering delivery, online ordering, and curbside pick up.
Andrew Cuomo on Monday declined to commit to ordering rent cancellations throughout the state.
We're ordering huge amounts of stuff to try to keep up with the demand.
During the electronic ordering process, half the tests were presented to doctors alongside fees.
In this ranking, everything after this wrap is something I'd consider ordering again — maybe.
And ordering one less beer a week could save you about $300 per year.
It also moved internal tools like AdTech, its fulfillment system, external payments and ordering.
Sometimes I try to stop myself from ordering and go to the nearby store.
Would he go to Congress before ever ordering the military to kill a terrorist?
The first thing diners see upon entering are two tables of digital ordering screens.
It also led to at least a small handful of people ordering the book.
For consumers going forward, Mr. Willette suggested asking your waiter directly what you're ordering.
In 1950 he married Helen Walker Worst, who supervised telephone ordering for Sears Roebuck.
The FDA is specifically ordering five brands — Juul, British American Tobacco's Vuse, Altria's MarkTen.
Kennedy had seriously considered ordering attacks to stop or slow the Chinese nuclear program.
Ordering expensive office furniture on the taxpayer dime (Housing and Urban Development Secretary Carson).
If you know your favorite bird bits, ordering à la carte is simple enough.
The CEO at the time tasked Sabeti with ordering lunches for the whole office.
This is a little different than previous years, when pre-ordering started at midnight.
The salad bar does look impressive, but we stick to ordering off the menu.
New-customer acquisition costs are surging, customers are ordering fewer meals, and competitors abound.
Don't try to "hack" happy hour by ordering yourself two drinks at a time.
To be sure, other grocers are also experimenting with EBT cards and online ordering.
My brain lights up in a way not possible when ordering books on Amazon.
"Whatever they think is necessary is OK," he added, ordering the investigation hours later.
Then he settled in for the long 7-hour flight, ordering a sparkling water.
This year we're ordering a "Thanksgiving dinner" special from a grocery store in Omaha.
He restores the cars himself, ordering spare parts from Europe and the United States.
My friend arrives and we decide to get a cup of queso before ordering.
It included an emphasis on mobile ordering, installing kiosks in stores, and remodeling restaurants.
They're working on a mobile ordering option, like Starbucks, which I think is brilliant.
Pizza Hut has trailed Domino's in converting customers to ordering online and via mobile.
In hip-hop, flow has long been a skill but also an ordering system.
But Martin and Yurukoglu figured out an ingenious way around that problem: channel ordering.
Seamless is a nationwide, mobile and online ordering service that is part of
President Trump signed an order in March ordering the EPA to review the plan.
He defused the situation by ordering them to do push-ups and joining in.
I took that risk the first time ordering flowers from BloomThat for Mother's Day.
There's also supposedly been plenty of talk about ordering mass amounts of ramen online.
Nonetheless, ordering craft beers has become the new normal for the average Dutch millennial.
Seemingly in a rush to correct his mistake, he tried ordering potassium chloride again.
In fact, even if you go to a Tesla retail location and decide to make a purchase, you'll normally be guided through ordering a Tesla on your phone (presumably, the process for ordering a base-price Model 22019 will now be different).
With the announcement of the collaboration between the two companies, Amazon Restaurants, the new food ordering section of Amazon's website, will handle delivering the actual food to customers, and Olo will provide menus and handle the ordering process, simplifying the process for customers.
In the face of declining customer traffic, McDonald's has been remodeling its 22,24 U.S. restaurants to include digital ordering kiosks, mobile ordering as well as pay-and-pickup services, while partnering with app-based delivery services GrubHub Inc, Uber Eats and DoorDash.
It also offers online grocery ordering with same-day curbside pickup and – in some markets – grocery delivery; along with Mobile Express Scan & Go, for skipping the checkout line in stores; and a partnership with Google for voice ordering and Google Express integration.
You&aposll need to use two different codes depending on when you decide to take advantage of the deal — "UDEAFFBFS19" if you&aposre ordering from November 22 to November 29 and "UDEAFFCMW19" if you&aposre ordering between December 2 and December 6.
"They're making it easy for you to purchase however you want to purchase, whether it's going into the physical store, ordering online and picking it up or ordering it online and having it shipped to you," said Sucharita Kodali, retail analyst at Forrester.
Bartender Matt Galloway remembers Shepard arriving around 220:143 that night and ordering a Heineken.
The plug-in ended up successfully ordering 16 boxes, before he realised what had happened.
It also helps that ordering food from anywhere in the world is a click away.
And Yasko kept his word, ordering a pile of Little Caesar's pizzas for his classes.
And ordering jeans from an e-comm is probably the hardest purchase to get right.
But usually it's not his thing, just like ordering at restaurants isn't really my thing.
"Ordering a new debit card," Kennedy wrote, alongside a shot of her proposed new card.
Gilbert, who wrote the email ordering a disciplinary report quota, was later demoted, Desel said.
The company also said it will continue to expand its delivery and digital ordering options.
Pepper would potentially adjust the ordering process for a customer who is happy or existed.
Like many pizza chains, Pizza Hut was an early adopter of digital and mobile ordering.
Today I introduced my coworkers to the St Louis secret of ordering bagels bread sliced.
McDonald's focus will be on four pillars: menu innovation, store renovations, digital ordering and delivery.
Could you imagine ordering a smoothie and having to smash it into your actual face?
Will you be ordering up a homo-porcine gallbladder on Amazon this time next year?
Viewers in the San Diego area started complaining that their devices were ordering unwanted dollhouses.
And he shows the value of ordering a coffee, sitting down and staying a while.
But the pizza chain has offered online and mobile ordering for more than a decade.
Wingstop has partnered with Amazon to make ordering food from the chain a bit easier.
Despite there being nearly 10 people ahead of me, I was ordering within five minutes.
Just calling back because I forgot to say: Fuck your cleanse, I'm ordering that pizza.
He blamed Yameen for ordering the closure because he was sure of losing the vote.
I don't get much of a lunch break at work, so ordering ahead saves time.
But when the chain started churning out positive earnings surprises, Fuller & Thaler started ordering shares.
An elderly couple is ordering one of the shops most popular products: smoked horse sausage.
And, Domino's enabled emoji ordering by tweeting at the company with the emoji for pizza.
Opening an app and ordering a car is so yesterday for ride-hailing giant Uber.
Ordering a card costs £4.95 ($6.50) — the first 1,000 customers can get it for free.
I'm a mobile ordering convert, although I do have some trepidation whenever I do it.
Ordering goods using Alexa, a voice-activated assistant, is as easy as saying its name.
Ordering from the Google Store now means that your delivery won't arrive before Mother's Day.
BF pays for the Uber, though to be honest, I can't remember ordering it anyway.
Most hotels that are ordering panic buttons are doing so because union contracts require it.
In order to compete, Isabella implemented an online ordering and takeout system during lunch hours.
High school graduates are ordering versions on hoodies that say "Seniors" in the Friends font.
"Duterte Harry", as he is known, denies ordering extrajudicial killings, but he doesn't condemn them.
The officers on the video can be heard repeatedly ordering Richards to drop the knife.
Dying phone batteries can lead to desperate measures when it comes to ordering an Uber.
Lady Gaga fans, rejoice: You can start ordering products from the star's makeup line today.
Olo, the digital ordering business, has raised $40 million in funding from The Raine Group.
We're taking this to mean that ordering extra guac now will help the common good.
Starting in July, Australians will be blocked from ordering items on Amazon's United States site.
On December 2nd Ms Notley took the unusual step of ordering production cuts of 8.7%.
A CIA assessment has blamed Prince Mohammed for ordering the killing, which Saudi officials deny.
Do you spend an entire weekend ordering food delivery and watching Netflix on your couch?
I debate ordering takeout, but my apartment complex has free food today in the lounge!
Speeding things up means persuading retailers that new ordering and payment options will increase profits.
Later that year, a judge sided with Kirzis, ordering PK pay up, the papers state.
Apple revealed the new handsets on September 7 and opened online pre-ordering September 9.
Try them out next time you find yourself ordering a venti soy vanilla chai concoction.
But he's crystal clear on the details of what he ate while ordering the strikes.
A photo of Beyoncé ordering food at a restaurant became an instantly iconic meme overnight.
He went a step further this year, ordering his underlings to boycott it as well.
Fong said there's "a greater margin" for error when you're ordering for a whole office.
HBO won the bid, ordering a straight-to-series order for the show, titled Demimonde.
During the ordering process, users don't even need to leave the app to use Delivery.
Three years later, she drafted a cable ordering the destruction of videotapes of those interrogations.
The council, the mini-parliament, issued a red alert, ordering the protesters to leave immediately.
It led the first two rounds of the online food ordering service GrubHub, most notably.
In the next room, there are groups of friends ordering bacon sandwiches and bottomless brunch.
Overall, I am very happy with these and would consider ordering additional pairs or colors.
The feature is an expansion on a previously announced deal with online ordering businesses, Delivery.
And we're ordering tremendous amounts of new equipment, we're at $700 billion for the military.
Ordering military action wasn't like deciding to buy a building, he mused on CBS News.
Trump responded by ordering the Interior Department to temporarily shut down its official Twitter accounts.
Instead, we're talking about ordering in all of our groceries — from shelf stable to fresh.
Instead of ordering a bed suitable to Kenny's size, she ordered an XS dog bed.
We can never all lie around ordering pizzas if someone still has to deliver them.
He also has the option of ordering tailored eating plans and meals — for extra charges.
The Look also responds to Alexa commands like asking for the weather or ordering pizza.
Skip delivery and try ordering pizza from a vending machine next time you're in Japan.
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said on Tuesday he considered ordering Metro shut down last week.
CyberSlice takes the guesswork out, giving consumers more choice and value than traditional phone ordering.
When I asked if he would be consider ordering one for himself, he just chuckled.
The lifeguards bark wave orders into their radios, as though they're ordering up a burger.
Presto raises $30M to bring its AI platform and tabletop ordering hardware to restaurant chains
A CIA assessment blamed the crown prince for ordering Khashoggi's killing, which Saudi officials deny.
I struck a happy medium by ordering with the non-organic chicken and adding avocado.
Two days after ordering, the mask arrived, and Dietrich began her instantly viral parody-stream.
Just hours earlier, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the ordering was driven more by necessity.
Sorry to those who loved ordering food deliveries from Amazon, but those days are over.
O, said their custom-built ordering and payment systems have removed bottlenecks at peak hours.
For a president to consider ordering an investigation into his own behavior is profoundly weird.
A judge is ordering Keef to pay each woman $564 per month, starting in January.
Pizza is one of those meal options that always seems to be an ordering situation.
There's something unwholesome about a solo adult ordering their own, even if it's personal-sized.
If you're ordering McDonald's from a touchscreen, you may want to bring your own disinfectant.
During the day, we shop online and we finish our days by ordering food online.
Ordering pizzas online is getting to be big business, and Pizza Hut has stiff competition.
As many commenters pointed out, the young woman probably didn't know what she was ordering.
Then I burst into tears in front of barista after ordering and made everyone uncomfortable.
These societal frameworks can tie into the embarrassment some experience when ordering takeout, Hormes said.
Ordering a private driver would cost you twice as much as jumping in a taxi.
Some are calling it Tesla's "Apple moment" with 22025,000 people already ordering the electric vehicle.
Environmental inspection teams have been touring the country, ordering closures and remedial action by offenders.
You can submit these preliminary specs to ULA with the ease of ordering socks online.
By Q4 2017, McDonald's plans to have mobile ordering live in its 14,000 U.S. restaurants.
He was "very, very careful," his mother, Margaret, said, especially when ordering his favorite meal.
In recent years, grocers have also felt the pinch from thriving online meals ordering companies.
When I'm on the desktop computer at the office and finish ordering books on Amazon.
But I don't plan on ordering Uber Eats or sleeping in an Oyo anytime soon.
Getting contact lenses or prescription glasses online is as easy as ordering takeout these days.
Try to cut back on ordering take-out and going out for lunch at work.
Carelessly ordering them to be positive adds insult to a complex and often invisible injury.
Updates are provided via text message, which mirrors the experience of ordering groceries from Instacart.
Danish credit card payments processor Nets A/S and Dutch online food ordering firm Takeaway.
For example, Twitter's algorithm clearly favors verified users when ordering the replies to other tweets.
So skipping out on ordering food seems like the logical and ethical thing to do.
Meanwhile, President Xi reportedly started 2019 by ordering the country's military to enhance combat readiness.
He accused Mr. Modi of ordering the Delhi police to harass Aam Aadmi Party politicians.
This new supermarket could combine in-store shopping with online ordering, as the Times reports.
It also makes it as easy as possible to order more with one-click ordering.
The crown prince has been accused of playing a key role in ordering Khashoggi's killing.
Indulging in a massage and ordering another mimosa while surrounded by poverty can feel unsettling.
The military would treat Trump as they would any other president ordering a nuclear strike.
And Sullivan went further, ordering all videotaped depositions to remain sealed until he ordered otherwise.
To see that calculation, let's create a single unique ordering of the 14 distinct phrases.
It typically retails for $222,28, but you can save $250 by ordering it through Samsung.
Trump issued a proclamation Tuesday ordering the flags be flown at half-staff through sunset.
Interior Minister Nisar, in ordering the crackdown, said the security forces had to be protected.
Once seated, a flower host comes by to talk you through the cannabis-ordering process.
Privacy is also guaranteed by the ordering system: a paper form the diner fills out.
Nasheed was ousted in disputed circumstances in 2012 after ordering the arrest of the judge.
To get your caffeine intake from Luckin, the ordering process happens entirely on its app.
You don't have to use Facebook's new food ordering thing if you don't want to.
The FBI ordering him not to answer on the basis of "equities" is manifestly wrong.
My food ordering app was bugging out recently, doubling all my orders for a week.

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