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"name" Definitions
  1. a word or words that a particular person, animal, place or thing is known by
  2. [usually singular] a reputation that somebody/something has; the opinion that people have about somebody/something
  3. (in compound adjectives) having a name or a reputation of the kind mentioned, especially one that is known by a lot of people
  4. a famous person
"name" Synonyms
title denomination designation handle appellation moniker cognomen epithet appellative identification label monicker tag byname compellation denotation honorific namesake nickname nomenclature reputation estimation fame repute esteem regard distinction image renown favor(US) favour(UK) honour(UK) note notoriety reputability standing acclaim account celebrity character luminary star superstar VIP celeb dignitary figure icon authority great heavyweight hero personage personality giant leader lion mogul insult indignity slight slur affront barb dig dis diss outrage gird sarcasm put down cut slap brickbat offence(UK) offense(US) dart pretense(US) affectation appearance facade front posturing pretence(UK) airs façade guise pretension semblance veneer artifice claim display face pretext show charade brand line association company corporation enterprise firm chain conglomerate group institution business establishment logo marque trademark hallmark make organisation(UK) identity profile details persona specification imprint emblem symbol badge stamp seal insignia mark crest sign design motif token watermark noun nameword substantive noun substantive substantive noun naming word common noun proper noun figurehead cypher(UK) cipher(US) mouthpiece puppet dummy frontman titular head instrument nonentity front man nominal leader nothing nominal head straw man straw boss straw person leader in name only notoriousness ballyhoo dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) disrepute éclat flak infamy ink obloquy opprobrium rep scandal splash spotlight wise infamousness selfhood individuality uniqueness distinctiveness singularity individualism particularity self oneness singleness selfdom selfness existence ipseity circumstances status class kind type sort order genre genus grade species variety breed category family ilk set classification nature call dub term baptise(UK) baptize(US) christen style denominate entitle address clepe designate decree hail nominate ordain characterise(UK) characterize(US) appoint assign elect identify determine select specify announce choose decide declare delegate establish instal(UK) install(US) pick allot commission cite reference mention disclose divulge indicate quote reveal state acknowledge communicate define drop give intimate ascertain pinpoint recognise(UK) recognize(US) discern distinguish finger flag get a fix on list peg place spot verify confirm describe implicate incriminate inculpate involve connect embroil accuse attribute blame expose associate charge frame point to pin on stitch up point the finger arraign classify categorise(UK) categorize(US) rank arrange codify range assort compartmentalise(UK) compartmentalize(US) condemn censure criticise(UK) criticize(US) denounce castigate attack knock berate blast slam reprove reproach slate rebuke reprimand pan disparage hammer upbraid explain interpret denote detail expound express elucidate clarify construe depict exemplify explicate introduce present acquaint usher in declare arrival acquaint with bring into contact with make acquainted with make known make the introduction present formally esteemed estimable prestigious recognised(UK) recognized(US) reputable reputed distinguished eminent illustrious of good standing prominent renowned respected acclaimed celebrated notable revered venerated honored(US) More
"name" Antonyms
notoriety infamy disrepute opprobrium discredit dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) bad name bad reputation ill fame ill repute disrespect unimportance shame ignominy insignificance disgrace disesteem disapproval inferiority nobody noncelebrity unknown lightweight nothing nonentity unimportant person commoner small potato cipher(US) pip-squeak cypher(UK) non-person little guy menial wimp zero squirt also-ran lowlife hypocorism hypocoristic nickname sobriquet term of endearment affectionate name byname pet name legitimacy authenticity genuineness veracity realness veritableness veridicality compliment flattery praise appreciation commendation encomium adulation plaudit acclaim blandishment acclamation laudation sentiment adoration kudo recognition respect acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) testimonial generic brand private brand store brand own brand private label private label brand anonymity namelessness obscurity innominateness anonymousness inconspicuousness privacy secrecy unrecognizability number integer digit figure unit symbol non-word quiet silence real name birth name given name family name baptismal name Christian name first name forename front name surname anonymize de-identify strip deprive dismiss expel discharge remove sack fire axe(UK) oust release can ax(US) displace unseat terminate cashier retire drop let go withhold suppress conceal hide refuse fail to disclose stifle repress hold back muffle keep to oneself refuse to give miss skip pass be oblivious to bypass take no notice of overlook overpass disregard overshoot fail to catch fail to get fail to notice fail to observe fail to see fail to spot let pass let slip pass over skip over disassociate dissociate unrelate separate disconnect isolate alienate distance disaffiliate confuse destroy discourage dissuade generalise(UK) generalize(US) halt ignore neglect suggest unsettle dirty cancel deny disallow disapprove keep reject retract veto dislike lose refute break calculate decline disagree imply wish break off mix up estimate guess subtract not count forget cease stop take back go cold turkey deselect unchoose discard ditch dump grow plant spurn cast aside turn down insert rebuff snub collect combine declassify disintegrate disorganize exclude gather hold join maintain scatter unite disrupt disturb upset muddle disarray derange spoil rattle throw manhandle repudiate commence mismanage disprove leave trouble depart worry move unquote change adjust alter modify amend edit revise readjust rearrange reconfigure redo reorder abandon abort scrap defer emendate postpone make adjustments to eliminate hate preclude decide against rule out except omit cut avoid mistake misidentify misinterpret confound misapprehend misconceive misconstrue misunderstand miscalculate miscount misdeem misjudge misknow misread overestimate underestimate blunder botch absolve exonerate clear vindicate acquit exculpate applaud approve commend flatter free pardon protect retreat support disentangle delabel untag detag catch disorder receive take be ambiguous allow link hesitate disarrange connect withdraw disaffirm disreputable discreditable unscrupulous infamous notorious ignominious louche scandalous shameful shady dishonorable(US) dishonourable(UK) unprincipled dishonest rascally reprehensible untrustworthy opprobrious questionable suspect cowboy unreliable common fly-by-night obscure ordinary unimportant unrespected anonymous commonplace lowly undistinguished unheard-of unremarkable unsung disrespected inconspicuous inferior insignificant unnotable humble

287 Sentences With "name"

How to use name in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "name" and check conjugation/comparative form for "name". Mastering all the usages of "name" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Oh band name, band name, wherefore art thou band name?
Your name, your name, it adds up to his name.
Give your real name, a fake name, or no name at all.
His name isn't even really his name, but he's also known by a certain name.
With Caavo, you don't have to know the device name, the network name, the service name.
Williams is my last name but it is not real name, it is my slave name.
If the company has a trademark on its name, its domain name typically matches that name.
KS: But she goes, I forget his name, the husband's name, whatever the husband's name is.
I recall being regaled with "My name is Sam … my name is Sam … my name is Sam … my name is Sam …" until I left the gallery.
For example, rather than searching registries by "bride's name" and "groom's name," these sites now simply ask you to type a first name and last name.
Sure, it's not her legal name now, but it is certainly her stage name — her next stage name and her legal name once the wedding is done.
Williams is my last name but it is not my real name, it is my slave name.
He agreed not to use his name, trademark his name or use certain phrases including his name.
I mean, it's not a woman's name; it's an art name—a tag name, in graffiti slang.
And, his last name is my grandfather's name, which was my mother's name before she was a Fenty.
If the plug is not coming through, your next option is to name drop, name drop, name drop!
Lessard said that scientists in Australia alone name around 1000 new species each year, with a scientific name made up of a genus name first, then a species name.
NationsBank changed its name to Bank of America, Travelers changed its name to Citigroup, Norwest changed its name to Wells Fargo, and Firstar changed its name to US Bancorp.
Name necklace Personalize this necklace with either the recipient's name or your name to remind them of your love.
Coming up with a person's name, their pet's name or their mother's maiden name does not validate their identity.
I used to rap under the name Devon Hendrix, my middle name and last name, but when I wanted to change my name, I couldn't think of shit except JPEGMAFIA.
"Name safety is now the number one priority, and predicting name approvability is now the name of the game," said Arlene Teck, creative director at Ixxéo Healthcare, a name engineering agency.
When I changed my name to Sessi, I also changed my middle name to Kuwabara, my obāchan's—grandmother's—family name.
Jessica got her stage name combining her real first name and adding the first name of her then-lover, James.
Travis Scott is a stage name — the rapper's given name, as in, the name printed on his birth certificate, is Jacques Webster, which explains why the baby has an obscure last name.
Bennet was born Chloe Wang, but changed her name to Chloe Bennet, taking her father's first name as her last name.
She tells it her true name, not the Rebeckah name, and the flying machine says that they have the same name.
Whose name comes first, whose name comes last, and whether a "featuring" or "with" comes alongside a name are hugely important.
I saw a female first name, someone else's last name and the name of a drug I'd never heard of: Diflucan.
John Legend's name was spelled wrong on his name tag.
Confirmands choose a saint's name as a new middle name.
"You name the time, you name the place," Rousey said.
All right, name, name some of the companies you're in.
His first name is Jared – Drake is his middle name.
Your name and Michael Conlan's name are often mentioned together.
A name came on the screen — Breivik — a Norwegian name.
Suggest name to change channel name View the discussion thread.
It's their name for us, not our name for ourselves.
Your name, you're going to have to change your name.
It is a common name, followed by your last name!
I don't remember my name, do I have a name?
"I said 'your name,'" referring to his first name, Ramy.
"We went family by family, name by name," he added.
"I was just bouncing from name to name," he said.
Dear Privacy Compliance Officer, My name is [insert name here].
Adopting a Nigerian name She also took a new name.
Name by name, Soto's classmates were announced over the intercom.
My middle name is the name of a Confederate soldier.
I was emotional because I was like, 'The name I've been telling people is my name is not even really my name.
I'm looking for a new company to challenge me and grow my skill set in [SKILL NAME], [SKILL NAME] and [SKILL NAME].
For example, to insert a name from the "First Name" column in your spreadsheet, type {{First Name}}, with those double wavy parentheses.
Of the 15 seats, Clinton will name six, Sanders will name five (!) and Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will name four.
I've been a [JOB TITLE] for the past [NUMBER] years, and I'm looking to get an introduction to [COMPANY NAME] where I want to learn more about [SKILL NAME], [SKILL NAME] and [SKILL NAME].
Dear [NAME], I recently applied for a job opening at [COMPANY NAME] for the position of [POSITION NAME] on your online career site.
Fourteen percent say social media is most helpful, 14 percent name local TV, 13 percent name news websites and 21625 percent name radio.
With most Macs, the computer name is just the owner's name.
Her name is Celine and her little sister's name is Dion!
Then again, perhaps a name change is just a name change.
The name is a reference to George Costanza's fake architect name.
Emmanuel, Parker's middle name, is Camille's father's middle name as well.
I loved the name Whitney and Elizabeth was her grandmother's name.
Correction: An earlier version gave an incorrect name name for Rep.
Every name he could think of, to avoid typing her name.
She calls him by his actual name, not his stage name.
You use the mother's name and you use her child's name.
Kay's brother's name is Philip; Kaye's sister's Hebrew name is Sarah.
Though she did not name specifically name Democratic front-runner, Rep.
The name Post Malone came from an online rap-name generator.
Secondly, the name, why did they pick Finland for their name?
The name itself, it's an English name—that's the sign already.
A pop icon household name for a pop icon household name.
Signing your name is important because your good name is important.
He eventually took his mother's maiden name as his professional name.
I've got a [corporate looking] name, a name they can trust.
He signed my "90210" poster with my name and his name.
"In the name of Iraq, and in the name of the Iraqi people, in the name of the martyrs, in the name of all those who sacrificed, in the name of the displaced, the law has been approved," Council of Representatives Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi said after the vote.
Hi [insert recipient's first name], My name is [insert your first name], and I'm a [insert your job title] based in [insert your location].
Explaining the origin of the baby's first name, the reality star's mother Kris Jenner revealed that the name True is actually a family name.
His name is Zephyr, a name so perfectly suited for millennial baby name bingo that when the mother calls it out, I almost laugh.
Douglass's new name was as much a rejection of his slave name as was Malcolm X 's rejection of his birth name, Little—but in this case the chosen name denoted not an absence but a presence.
One of our editors with a much less common name searched for his name, and found his name tied to a comment as well — the exact same comment that my name was tied to, word for word.
The email template you can copy from Schnitzler to offer discounted pricing and other opportunities to your clientsHi [prospect's name],My name is [your name], and I've been working with [shared client's name] on their new website.
A name isn't just a name, according to history and social science.
My grandmother, her name was Ann, and my grandfather's name was Hollis.
Is that the name of the album, the name of the group?
Neither her name nor the name of her former husband were disclosed.
Instead, a man takes his father's first name as his second name.
We are using my last name, Vincent, as his first middle name.
Success is not name-brand schools or fancy letters following your name.
"I want a 'C' name, he wants a 'D' name," she said.
And right after we chose Stormi's name, her name really inspired me.
"I want a 'C' name, he wants a 'D' name," she explained.
Arran whittled it down to one name and one name only: Saenchai.
You name it, I did it — all in the name of love.
The scientific name is derived from the local name for the tree.
She changed her last name from her husband's name, Mendez, to Womendez.
The survivor's name was Kossola; the student's name was Zora Neale Hurston.
"It has tarnished my name, but also the company's name," said Ettel.
"Name a few, could you name a few?" one person called out.
In careful print, he'd scrawl his name, pronouns, and parenting name: Pops.
He was there to see his name, and to shout his name.
Memorable Line: ''My name is Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie.
The name Marzee comes from a truncated pronunciation of her given name.
And today, her name and Halla's name are on the front page.
"They really become the name you name them," Kardashian added of North.
"I'm fortunate that my name sounds like a fake name," Sun says.
The actress, now 56, took the musician's name as her stage name.
People just see a name or a screen name or an alias.
My parents decide to name me after my grandmother's Hebrew name: Leah.
He used his name and the name of his employer, Thomson Reuters.
When they saw me, several of them stood up, their chairs scraping on the uneven patio, and they called out my name, or not my name really but my family name, I mean my father's name; soon I wouldn't be that name anymore, I thought, feeling suddenly the relief of it.
Thus, part of the name was cut off on his ticket, which meant the name on the ticket didn't match the name on his passport.
Its tools — like the name generator, domain name generator, to name a few — are subtle retention hacks to get intending sellers hooked onto its platform.
Peasants usually adopted a name based on the first name of their father — a name like Andersson for a guy whose dad was named Anders.
"Because of the fall I have amnesia, so I don't remember my name, my families [sic] name, or my little friend's name," the note reads.
The interrogator seems quite intent on proving that the daughter's name is actually the name of the wife, or the name of someone else altogether.
If you asked most people to name a trans actor, they'd hopefully be able to name one, but they'd probably all name the same one.
It's a symbolic name so he didn't actually have to live through life with that name … but I have to live through life with that name.
Opt to add field from the list of options and you can then add fields for phonetic first name, phonetic middle name and phonetic last name.
The baby's father's real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus, which explains the middle name, but the first name "Kulture" appears to have an even sweeter meaning.
Webster is the real last name of her father, who was born with the name Jacques Webster, Jr. and uses Travis Scott as a stage name.
We see the common name Mary inside her first name, but unlike the name Rosemary, for example, we know that the letter string "eimary" is Hispanic.
Ortiz's full name is David Americo Ortiz Arias, with Arias his maternal family name and the name he used in the minors with the Seattle Mariners.
"I think the people of Puerto Rico have shown that resiliency is our middle name, our first name and last name," resident Mari Rosas told CNN.
Mr. Goodman signed his works with only his middle name; it sounded more artistic than either his first name or his full name, he later explained.
We name our sports teams after them, Rogers points out, we name the subdivisions that displace or eradicate them after them, we name ourselves after them.
I have Darius Gash as the best name in 1990's 32nd round, and it's an absolutely great baseball name, but again: it is a name.
Or maybe Waseem's name sounds like a name on a terrorist watch-list.
Palin also uses Meyer's last name on Instagram rather than her maiden name.
I know the name, but I couldn't put a face to the name.
Catherine changes her name from Catherine Avery back to her maiden name, Fox.
Name somebody living that you can name in the same breath as them?
Police initially identified her by the last name Ochoa-Uriostegui, her maiden name.
Pronounced "see-say," the name of Lovett's company is an African girl's name.
His character's name was John and John did not get a last name.
He likes to have his name on things: buildings, vodka, you name it.
Deadliest Catch Lives up to Its Name Deadliest Catch isn't a sensationalist name.
Her name is Shazia, not Kiran (the actress's name is Kiran Sonia Sawar).
The first name of the person who spoke to me was [name redacted].
There are resolving name servers, authoritative name servers, domain registrars, and so on.
My mama chose my birth name, and she chose my new name too!
I work with my name—I've never used someone else's name to work.
For celebrities — much like Marlo from The Wire — their name is their name.
Let them know Mariah step to any motherfucker... MY NAME IS MY NAME.
The Name Sage replies: Normally, I can advocate for nearly any family name.
My name is [Your Name] and I'm a part of the [X] team.
His real name is Jahron Anthony BrathwaiteNo, PartyNextDoor is not his real name.
As its name entails, BaubleBar has made its name selling (quite affordable) jewelry.
Frances is McKenzie's mom's middle name and Setta is Baccarin's mother's maiden name.
NOISEY: First things first: My name is Cameron and your name is Cameron.
He replies that his given name, René, sounds like a female name too.
"Gibson is my middle name and Kyle is Tyler's family name," she says.
The infant's middle name comes from Offset's legal first name, Kiari Kendrell Cephus.
She addressed Wang by name, although Wang didn't recall having given her name.
It lists his name, Emanuel K. Samson, and another name he uses, Bulda.
" Furthermore, each of the individual's uniform's Velcro name tapes bore the name "Perez.
Ma's English name and Tencent's Chinese name apparently come from puns about horses.
You're all set — you've changed your iPhone's name, and thus your hotspot's name.
"The name of the brewery does come from the town's name," says Allison.
Subject: Proposal: [Project name]Hi [Name],Thanks so much for chatting last week.
" The name Shawnie could have been equal with the name of God. "Shawnie!
And here, no one knew his name, or the name of his family.
We want to make our brand a name brand and a household name.
Name the album – make this the name you want for your Memories slideshow.
They said the name—it wasn't my name, not yet—and I came.
A speech denouncing his name-calling will result in headlines about name-calling.
I like the name, it's a fantastic name, it's not very conservative-sounding.
TJ is actually my stage name; no one uses my birth name, Vernal.
"Laura looked up my name in a name book once," Mr. Harrelson said.
Glauber is a name, in case you're wondering, and it was Glauber's name.
You must love the name if you incorporated it into your stage name!
Whichever way you arrange my name, it is not a typical American name.
I don't want to name my fandom, I want them to name themselves.
I honestly thought he'd never stop, name after name; he just kept going.
Things like your name, birthday, spouse's name, dog's name, or anything else that are easy to uncover via social media should not be part of your password.
Create a professional email Create a new email that includes just your first and last name or, if unavailable, your first name, middle initial and last name.
His name may still be unfamiliar to many diners, but chefs know his name.
I will write a book at some point and I will name his name.
McLaurin Clement Williams — whose first name was Robin's middle name — arrived weighing 8 lbs.
The name was automatically changed to substitute in Whitaker's name after he was tapped.
My last name is Bhuiyan, so ... I like being called by my last name.
Name somebody that's living that you can name in the same breath as them.
An earlier version of this post misstated the award's name and the committee's name.
He uses the same name on Instagram and an almost identical name on Twitter.
After all, Madonna isn't just her stage name, it's also her real first name.
Luddites get a bad name but Luddites weren't ... KS: They deserve a bad name.
Learn their name, and call them by their name during your time at school.
" She explained, "He wants to name everything his name cause he thinks that's special.
His channel name will also remain danisnotonfire — it's only his display name that's changing.
He tweeted '(customer's full name) would be a great name for a porn star.
"  Correction: "Shimmy Technology" is the company's name, while the game's name is "Shimmy Upskill.
I thought, 'You read the last name, why didn't you read the first name?
Michelle Williams was wondering at Coachella: (Would they) Say my name, say my name.
Connecting a name to a visual trait helps anchor the name in your memory.
There was a time when changing your last name name in Hollywood was commonplace.
Indeed, the band's name comes from the name for Britain's Thatcher-era unemployment form.
Name ambitiously and name for what you think your category might likely evolve into.
They just Googled my name because I have the same name as my father.
I'll let you name the bet, and I will let you name the stakes.
It's a little weird that Hilton didn't name North and Saint West by name.
A man wearing blue by the name of Johnnie Walker was calling my name.
"My name is Katheryn Hudson," Perry says to the camera, using her birth name.
He said his family name was Wang, but declined to give his first name.
He draws pictures for me of hearts and of my name in his name.
Zito and Todd can't name the problem, and they certainly can't name the solution.
I'm not sure why MOD didn't bother giving the No Name Cake a name.
"Her name means astounding woman," Charles said of Cash's given name, Swintayla, from Swahili.
Oscar: Obviously, the name is such a historical name that people expect something fabulous.
Following scrutiny over the brand's initial name, Kardashian West apologized and changed the name.
Name-brand tires are name-brand for a reason: they're well-made and reliable.
The lizard mascot's name is "Spike," which also serves as the mission's code name.
The name I was given was a chosen name, it just wasn't my choice.
Not only did I name every one, but I also gave them name tags.
It has a name that could also be the name of a show pony.
Tova, a simple name, a popular name, not quite suited to a young poetess.
The Latina name received zero callbacks while the white name received a few responses.
She got the employee's first name, but he would not give his last name.
His name and the name of the resort were both trending on social media.
Your middle name is the name of your father's L.A. art gallery. Confirm. Ferus.
The name comes from a song of the same name by rapper Lil' Mo.
She said his name was Buddy and gave me the name of the owners.
Even the Chinese name for the app is a play on Mr. Xi's name.
One morning, I noticed her name tag and said, "Hi, Anu," mispronouncing her name.
"They bought it in their name and kept it in their name," she said.
My kids became accustomed to my maiden name being part of my "Official" name.
So in a name-the-team contest, Chiefs was chosen as the winning name.
And whenever you change your Facebook name, your Spotify name will update to match.
Make a donation in your name, or in the name of a loved one.
If you want to change your display name, type in the Name field instead.
Tap the field underneath "Group Name" and type the new name for your group.
Investors seem to be repricing risk on an almost name-by-name basis. 2.
First name Baby, last name Yoda, get on board the hype train, choo choo.
If you really want a bold name, though, I'll give you a bold name.
"I like the name Gavin," she says proudly, and her grandson adds that he chose his new middle name, Samuel, because it was Elaine's last name before marriage.
"One name I will tell you guys 'cause I don't think I'm ever gonna name my daughter this, another daughter … I wanted to name her Rose," she continued.
", and the coincidence is someone's name was mentioned in the following talk, so Alexa identified that name as recipient and confirmed that name with user "Is this person?
If Spencer's twin's name started with an A, it's likely she would go by the name A. Drake, just as Charlotte went by the assumed name Cece Drake.
Make sure you know everything about them; how they look, where they're from, their day to day manager's name, their tour manager's name, booking agent, photographer's name, etc.
In 1987, the former Los Angeles mayor, Tony Villaraigosa, chose a name that is a combination of his original name, Villar, and his then wife Connie Raigosa's name.
At around the age of fifteen, she flirted with a male persona, signing her name William Cather, Jr., or Wm. Cather, M.D. She settled on the given name Willa, a variation of her baptismal name, Wilella; she later added the middle name Sibert.
Donda: This name was out of contention when it came time to name Chicago, but it holds significance because it is the name of Kanye's beloved late mother. 16.
Ethan: No, maybe it was a mistake to use his name... Joel: No... Ethan: But we just liked the name, so we took the name without taking the personality.
The delay with verifying Siyonbola's ID was because the name on her card was her preferred name, which did not exactly match her name in university records, Peart said.
Use the X icon or just erase the name that's there (likely "iPad") and then enter a new name for the device, ideally one tied to your own name.
I just have a name and age for them, and if the name is wrong name, that's the one they gave me, so that's the one I'm putting down.
She used to perform under the name Sparkle Jump Rope Queen and her birth name.
Baldwin's Instagram name-change comes weeks after she filed paperwork to trademark her married name.
His middle name, Miyata, is a nod to his Japanese roots, his mother's maiden name.
"As for their terrible original name, judge L.A. Reid says, "Let's start with the name.
Miranda: This Latin name meaning "marvelous" is also the name of one of Uranus' moons.
He changed the name of the name from Drones+ to Dronestream, then eventually to Metadata+.
There is no law that says your user name has to include your actual name.
Just because my name isn't a typical Latino name doesn't make me any less Latina.
The guy who prosecuted your husband was a guy by the name of name Fitzgerald.
Having no name, Velvet dubs the boy Laphicet—the same name as her murdered brother.
Friends spelled the victim's name "Everado Meza," but police spelled his name Ebar Meza-Aguirre.
The company recommends having an account name that matches your actual, stage, or company name.
His name is Patch O'Fur, that's his furry name which he prefers to go by.
Damond, whose maiden name was Justine Ruszczyk, had already been using her fiance's last name.
Mavin is the name of the company; Motion Motion is the name of the platform.
Fruman donated the money under the name of "Igor Furman," a misspelling of his name.
DAVID FABER: Are you -- well, value is still the first name in your firm's name.
Learn their name and call them by their name during your time at the school.
I couldn't name any of them, no-one I knew could name any of them.
Jeremy Green, who uses the pen name Jeremy Pegg, snatched up the domain name ClintonKaine.
His name and the fund's name were misspelled in an earlier version of this article.
Since the Google+ name obviously now carries some baggage, changing the name makes sense anyway.
A modified version of the name is often used in place of the actual name.
Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked Zuckerberg to name his biggest competitor, Zuckerberg couldn't name one.
"Chad has always loved the name 'Hope,' so he picked the middle name," Erin says.
"i think the artist's name is katheryn hudson" (Katheryn Hudson is Katy Perry's real name).
The country even takes its Irish name, Éire, from the name of a Gaelic goddess.
Noel is my middle name, and it's not a one-syllable name, but it's short.
That valet held a sign with a familiar name—a name that made me laugh.
The company's name bears some resemblance to the president-elect's full name: Donald John Trump.
The design can work around a name, but the name can't work around the design.
You do not need to use your government name or even your full first name.
The name "Google X" has been changed to the company's correct name, which is "X."
It's funny that it's seen as this female name because it's actually a male name.
"My first name is Amor and my last name is Ftouhi," he told the court.
Yes, the kid's last name is hyphenated, and yes ... Chloe's name gets the last word.
It's OK. one day you will name yourself, and that name will belong to you.
The pair displayed the artist's name as "Katheryn Hudson," which is Katy Perry's birth name.
He explained that while three were under one name, a fourth was under another name.
However, Melania, the name of the first lady, was the fifth fastest-rising girls' name.
"Mark's name [in the scene] is almost as big as an artist's name," Lyricks said.
She asked that her first name and the name of her employer not be used.

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