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"grasp" Definitions
  1. a strong hold of somebody/something or control over somebody/something synonym grip
  2. a person’s understanding of a subject or of difficult facts
  3. the ability to get or achieve something
"grasp" Synonyms
grip hold clasp catch grab seize snatch clutch clench grapple take clinch lay bag collar hook latch on to lay hold of take hold of catch at understand comprehend see get apprehend follow perceive realise(UK) realize(US) assimilate fathom absorb know twig appreciate behold cognize compass conceive secure snag nail snare act on leap at jump at grab at pounce on snap up take up act upon get hold of grab hold of seize on embrace hug cuddle enclasp squeeze enfold snuggle crush bear hug cling to take in arms strain embosom envelop hold tight learn attain master receive acquire gain imbibe digest pursue calculate note observe determine enrol(UK) obtain win earn procure fulfil(UK) garner land score draw appropriate collect establish gather handle feel touch finger paw lift thumb fondle maul check move palpate test try pick up play with toy with poke at withhold retain reserve keep maintain preserve detain refuse hang on to hold on to continue to have keep hold of cleave to keep possession of hold fast to hold back keep back sit on endure experience have a taste of recognise(UK) recognize(US) be acquainted with have met associate with be conversant with be close to be familiar with be friendly with be friends with be intimate with be knowledgeable about empathize with pinch nip tweak press compress twinge twist twitch tease squash wring flatten mash knead come at reach accomplish achieve discover feel for find succeed fulfill(US) effect hit preoccupy engross distract consume obsess concern enthrall(US) enthral(UK) occupy dominate immerse possess become an obsession with take in take control of take up all of someone's time take up someone's whole attention approach manage tackle deal with attack take care of administer to control fix manipulate cope with face address confront get to work at try to solve try to cope with apply oneself to raise hoist elevate heave uphold uplift upraise crane heft hike rear uprear boost heighten up raise up jack up have own bear hog boast have in hand carry be in possession of command count among one's possessions enjoy have in your possession have possession of be the owner of have to one's name clamp cinch clamping gripe handclasp handgrip handhold vise death grip understanding apprehension comprehension perception realisation(UK) realization(US) awareness knowledge appreciation cognizance conception percipience apperception assimilation discernment mastery cognition capacity range scope power sweep limits ability capabilities capability facility extent wingspan authority clutches hands dominance domination dominion reign rule tyranny arm ascendency sway ascendance acumen intelligence astuteness shrewdness wisdom wit sharpness sagacity insight perspicacity sense cleverness judgment(US) canniness penetration discrimination acuity expertise skill proficiency competence talent expertness dexterity knack savvy skills finesse prowess faculty qualifications qualification purchase foothold footing support toehold advantage leverage anchorage attachment friction resistance fingerhold lever firm contact firm footing traction adhesion force compression grasping nipping pressure fist duke mitt nief nieve hand knuckles clenched fist clenched hand meat hook bunch of fives palm manus metacarpus meathook fin haft helve hilt knob stock shaft shank crank handlebar butt button ear holder stem More
"grasp" Antonyms
release fail free give lose misunderstand offer receive stop let go loose miss unfasten loosen let go of reject relinquish surrender liberate yield avoid disallow discourage dissuade misinterpret neglect refuse be immune not get guess estimate fail to absorb fill overlook misconceive ignore disregard misapprehend misconstrue mistake misperceive forget misread exclude be unaware of disremember miscomprehend encipher encode encrypt cypher(UK) cipher(US) code scramble fix mend question tangle confuse confound misjudge miscalculate mistranslate misknow misreckon get the wrong idea about aid assist destroy disprove help invalidate unsettle look away detail discard dismiss enlarge expand lengthen unlearn unknow abandon abdicate abort cancel desert discontinue disown dispose of ditch drop drop out dump end forsake halt flout let it go misheed scorn slight snub unheed unmind pass over be oblivious to brush off bury one's head in sand close your eyes to look the other way manhandle mismanage misuse leave alone not carry misrecollect obliviate let slip not recollect not remember clean forget fail to recall fail to remember dismiss from mind cease to remember be unable to recall be unable to remember let slip from memory know calculate measure determine identify ascertain establish discover confirm deduce realise(UK) realize(US) verify find register settle figure out find out make certain work out avoidance ignorance misconception misunderstanding inability incomprehension noncomprehension stupidity misinterpretation ineptness insensitivity inexperience want lack obtuseness weakness powerlessness impotence misreading misapprehension misconstruction misconstruing misknowledge confusion unconsciousness confounding miscalculation misimpression misjudgment misjudging misjudgement misreckoning mix-up subjugation domination subjection subjugating conquest dominating overpowering subduing subjecting vanquishing incompetence ineptitude amateurishness incapacity inefficiency incapability unskillfulness inaptitude inexpertness incompetency inefficacy ineffectiveness ineffectuality inadequacy ineffectualness inutility impotency outside submission subordination subservience yielding unfamiliarity disagreement strangeness stranger unfriendliness cool reserve aloofness frigidity discharge launch throw throwing toss delivery freeing hurling chucking fling lob pitch flip letting go dropping misapplication abuse exploitation perversion misconduct corruption misemployment misutilization misusage mishandling mismanagement desecration misappropriation debasement idiocy stupidness asininity fatuity simplicity brainlessness nitwittedness doltishness fatuousness feeble-mindedness puerility imbecility injudiciousness insensibility thick-headedness naivete illiteracy mental incapacity innocence obliviousness rawness lack of education unawareness cluelessness oblivion nescience unenlightenment freedom liberty fumble slip misfielding

964 Sentences With "grasp"

How to use grasp in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "grasp" and check conjugation/comparative form for "grasp". Mastering all the usages of "grasp" from sentence examples published by news publications.

America didn't grasp, or pretended not to grasp, the Canadian response.
But it's hard to grasp it all… I can't even begin to grasp concepts like the multiverse.
Does she have no grasp on reality, or does she simply aspire to have no grasp on reality?
You can't Grasp your own hustle, your blackness, you can't grasp Your own pussy, your black pussy dies for touch.
It takes a special kind of humility to grasp that you know less, even as you know and grasp more and more.
The party's senators generally have a better grasp of facts than the occupant of the White House, but the president often has a better grasp of politics.
This, after all, is a leader who claimed to have invented a herbal cure for HIV, whose grasp of witchcraft was widely considered to be better than his grasp of statecraft.
You do not begin to grasp the way until you grasp that the first, overarching consensus is to have a consensus, usually in the form of a post-summit joint statement.
Sensing that the nomination may be within her grasp, Mrs.
Why would outsiders be the ones to grasp the answer?
It's helping early English learners grasp this country's complicated language.
Clinton's grasp of regulatory and foreign policy is genuinely impressive.
The man he wanted to get has escaped his grasp.
But that might not be an easy nuance to grasp.
That's true, but it's still difficult to fully grasp this.
How wide must I open the hand to grasp it?
Certain adult achievements, though, have remained out of my grasp.
Especially with his strong, stable grasp of the English language.
Instead, it's a reality we are only beginning to grasp.
That's something that in the West we fail to grasp.
She has a vision that might be beyond their grasp.
Chuck Grassley of Iowa praised his grasp of national security.
And you know something the average citizen doesn't clearly grasp.
The easiest example to grasp is arguably the Kardashian family.
It took me a moment to grasp what had happened.
Readers unable to grasp them immediately are in good company.
And you can still grasp life and live, live, live.
His grasp of English didn't extend much beyond curse words.
And you can still grasp life and live, live live.
Four months later the city is still outside its grasp.
Today, members of Congress struggle to grasp how Facebook works.
If you don't do this, you can't really grasp sexuality.
This is something Hamilton's fan base seems to grasp innately.
Power, so it seemed, was not in The Weeknd's grasp.
The "N" earphones grasp the ear in an unusual way.
Now, with CRISPR, xenotransplantation seems even closer to researchers' grasp.
President Donald Trump has a signature achievement within his grasp.
It's been hard for many, many white people to grasp.
They've made a real effort to grasp the character's quirks.
But his grasp on the facts was less than exemplary.
"It's a lot to grasp and come to terms with."
How much of this fine detail does Trump actually grasp?
Yet the full reality of her life escapes Jim's grasp.
Pierre, meanwhile, had an innate grasp of markets and motivation.
Even some admirers ask whether his reach exceeds his grasp.
When I was young, eternity was too big to grasp.
I once thought motherhood loosened a woman's grasp on sanity.
Trump seems to barely grasp the implication of his actions.
I didn't fully grasp the poverty that it spoke to.
She told me his grasp of the language is dubious.
My mind couldn't really grasp what I was looking at.
That is something that, at his age, he can grasp.
The Italians grasp the eroticism and power of tailored clothing.
That's still within our grasp, assuming we take further action.
I think my guy is just trying to grasp something.
Do the folks who applauded forgiveness grasp that historical dynamic?
"People didn't grasp the magnitude of the crisis," he said.
Do I have a basic grasp of the English language?
By tightening our grasp on what we have always known?
It's comfortable to grasp, to swirl and to drink from.
"This really is something beyond the grasp of ordinary folks."
His father, embarrassed, pried the boy back into his grasp.
It's easy to grasp how an investor will be repaid.
It was his grasp of white male aspiration and identity.
Trump fails to grasp that black voters are strategically pragmatic.
It is his grasp of history that seems less secure.
Each day, they sort and grasp trash over and over.
Both have a murky grasp on the concept of consent.
Just didn't seem real and I still can't grasp it.
We must take advantage of every affordance, grasp every opportunity.
During the campaign, Trump appeared to fully grasp Manchin's point.
A champagne bottle slipped from her grasp and rolled away.
It is hard for many acquaintances to grasp my situation.
The dream of making America great again is within grasp.
For one thing, she has a firm grasp of sarcasm.
I tried to grasp our new reality: Jack was flawed.
As ever, Freud's grasp of the mind's quirks proved prescient.
Koepka doesn't seem to grasp that he's a big deal.
Carefully lift the skin and grasp the bone your hand.
Astrophysicists, in particular, have a keen grasp of this concept.
Lots of things humans do are still outside AI's grasp.
My biggest regret is that I didn't grasp it earlier.
But the world is just beginning to grasp the implications.
I see it, but I also can't really grasp it.
So teachers have little incentive to help them grasp the curriculum.
Hayden even seemed to grasp that people were singing to him.
Even identifying them is beyond the grasp of the current bureaucracy.
"Our CEO doesn't have a firm grasp of the scientific realities."
Talks deserve another chance and peace is still within our grasp.
But Sarah Dessen has always had a grasp on teenage girls.
It's a much trickier task for a computer to grasp, however.
He apparently doesn't care enough about the issue to grasp it.
But I get it: that's not the easiest concept to grasp.
Exceptions include using a "drive stun" to escape an attacker's grasp.
And again, if you try to grasp it, it always dies.
And calming to my concerns about teaching her to grasp life.
Children can grasp technical concepts, but they need the right tools.
The idea of a complete smart home is beyond their grasp.
And it did, the minute Daenerys sent dragons into his grasp.
For example, new users need to easily grasp how handles work.
It's very hard to get a grasp of things like pandemics.
His grasp of facts is shaky and his motives self-serving.
It's a statement that Olivia is finally — finally — able to grasp.
His current players have a tighter grasp on his life's story.
The answers require a working grasp of the mechanisms underlying growth.
Nothing is supposed to escape the grasp of their extreme gravity.
Far too few people grasp the positive effects of hormonal contraception.
At least some of Mr Pashinyan's voters grasp the challenge ahead.
Victory -- and perhaps a big one -- seems almost within their grasp.
They shuffle, reach, grasp the air, and ultimately open their eyes.
But he does have a visceral grasp of America's political underbelly.
The left is trying find these side issues to grasp onto.
Mr Rajoy has failed to grasp the nature of this choice.
They must grasp laws tackling female genital mutilation and modern slavery.
It was knocked from Manning's grasp and flew several yards upfield.
But unlike the more monarchical owners, coaches are within our grasp.
I can&apost grasp it yet — I have lost my family.
To them, it's a machine that is just beyond our grasp.
He seems to not grasp or not care about those differences.
"Trump has no grasp of that kind of life," one said.
Which, really, is consistent with his grasp on reality in general.
She doesn't have a grasp on what's important and what's not.
It's an attempt to grasp at the fading fame and limelight.
There's no doubting French President Emmanuel Macron's excellent grasp of English.
But he also bemoaned their current inability to grasp musical form.
The scale of Alberta's tar sands operations is hard to grasp.
There's precious little for people to grasp onto, yet some did.
All you need is a grasp on Romanian and a phone.
"I had to grasp the business side of it," Freeman said.
You have to grasp the sensitivity of what we're talking about.
"They didn't grasp that it was considered missing," Ms. Nuxoll said.
"We're just trying to grasp a few important points," Nunes said.
Climate change is an overwhelming problem, almost too big to grasp.
Walter Mitty would have a better grasp of the challenges ahead.
Over many attempts, the robot learns what constitutes a robust grasp.
Human consciousness can partly grasp but cannot fully master this spontaneity.
In the U.S. presidential election, Hillary Clinton did not grasp it.
And Don Jr. -- not surprisingly -- doesn't seem to grasp that fact.
Reagan realized something that Trump has not yet seemed to grasp.
Peter may not completely grasp the realities of the 21st century.
But these numbers can be hard to grasp in the abstract.
How can we not, as writers, grasp that our own political
Or maybe her son just has a poor grasp of biology.
Beside me, my sister Gertrude tightens her grasp on my hand.
His comments don't seem to grasp the depth of the rupture.
Ms. Burgess's grasp of the jargon of high finance is impressive.
So we had grasp as to how we should come across.
But this is a difficult truth to grasp in everyday life.
He also faced withering scrutiny about his grasp of foreign policy.
Yet you will barely grasp the basic architecture of their relationships.
Ms. Caruana Galizia, 53, had an insider's grasp of that world.
I think it was difficult for the public to grasp that.
Much of the country has yet to grasp that fundamental point.
The pressure of her grasp and the bindings left dark bruises.
Players won't grasp the full picture immediately, and neither can we.
Congratulations on achieving such a firm grasp of the blindingly obvious.
Their complete inability to grasp cultural nuance is framed as radical.
The video might have the "Atlanta" touch, but not its grasp.
It takes a while before you grasp how deep she's gone.
It can be hard to grasp the point of all this.
Alcohol has been mostly out of grasp for Amazon — until recently.
Mohammed, wearing turquoise shorts, did not quite grasp what was happening.
Williams said, but doesn't grasp that they are visiting a prison.
I hope you will grasp and enjoy your own second chance.
Others can grasp for trivial factoids that compare Trump to Obama.
Now, polls show the race well within grasp for the Democrats.
The grasp of its psychology in the White House is nonexistent.
Unfortunately, this seems like a hard concept for him to grasp.
The ex-aide also questioned Trump's grasp of policy and politics.
His successor has yet to grasp the urgency of going further.
He ran ahead of me, always just out of my grasp.
We are beginning to grasp it through observations and computer simulations.
Yet the placebo effect has somehow felt out of my grasp.
But how does she not grasp the gravity of her statement?
Trump's grasp of policy details is often, to be generous, questionable.
The difference is that this time power is, possibly, within their grasp.
Her teammates appreciated her grasp of women's basketball history, her easygoing playfulness.
Reach up and back to grasp the highest handles on either side.
Each eroded, slipping uncontrollably from your grasp like sand between your fingers.
This seems to be very difficult to grasp for [some potential partners].
That's why the history is so important to grapple with and grasp.
It took me a full minute to grasp what had just happened.
There wasn't a thing Denver could do defensively to escape his grasp.
But if the template is Europe, the fragmentation is easier to grasp.
So it's easy to imagine him wanting distance from the agency's grasp.
To grasp the effect on Austria it helps to understand its presidency.
But few of the old gods grasp how perilous their existence is.
The outside world has failed to grasp just how besieged Turks feel.
A strong grasp of, and commitment to, our design standards is essential.
Ministries can fail to grasp how their budgets affect women and girls.
Certainly it took me a little while to fully grasp this approach.
She slipped out from under his grasp and went to the cocina.
Is there any advice for how they might escape the algorithm's grasp?
For several years, it seemed that technology had slipped beyond Detroit's grasp.
THE SCALE of an Indian general election can be hard to grasp.
Instead, a repeated failure to grasp basic human decency comes to mind.
Back in 2013 Mr Xi seemed to grasp that change was needed.
Click here to view original GIFEvolution is a pretty simple to grasp!
It can also grasp a wide range of objects very easily, too.
That should tell you something about his grasp of how cyberwarfare works.
"They still can't fully grasp it until they see him," she said.
Anyone with a basic grasp of shooters can have fun with PUBG.
The enormity of the horror is still hard for anyone to grasp.
It's the future we were promised, and it's closer to our grasp.
Shockingly, Percy did not totally grasp the concept of the human game.
A diligent visitor can grasp the honey allusions without substantial background knowledge.
It can pay off to have a firm grasp on data tools.
A jury might not grasp the stakes of the charges, Rotunno reasoned.
Quebeckers, meanwhile, were more likely to grasp the science of climate change.
Certainly, it's an idea he didn't grasp with his health care plan.
Attempting to even grasp the scale leaves one grasping for equivalent numbers.
The maneuver allowed Osi to get free from the larger animal's grasp.
The medium's reach often exceeds its grasp, but I admire the reach.
What she doesn't evidently grasp is the social mores of civilized living.
"Grasp well the important elements of 'people, money and proof'," Huang wrote.
They came to help, something you seem to be unable to grasp.
One part of the solution lies within our grasp: paid family leave.
Must shape/be shaping worldviews in ways we don't fully grasp yet.
Reasoning, problem-solving, and strategizing are still beyond the grasp of machines.
Critics say Johansson has failed to grasp the root of the issue.
I already had an inkling of what I now more fully grasp.
He said he stood, stunned, trying to grasp what he'd just heard.
And the basic business case against Mr. Mudd is easy to grasp.
Scholars told me that modern people probably can't fully grasp these concepts.
There are indications America's grasp of A.I. primacy may already be slipping.
Indeed, Northam seemed fundamentally unable to grasp the gravity of the scandal.
A deal can slip out of grasp with few repercussions for failure.
Now, power is wholly within the grasp of the Bin Salman branch.
But it's not essential to grasp that this is how books function.
But he seems not to grasp that the stakes are different now.
Bredesen and his allies believe it is a challenge within his grasp.
But Trump did not seem to grasp the opposition to the bill.
When your entire life is publicized, any grasp at privacy is worthwhile.
But considering his comments, fellow economists question his grasp of the curriculum.
What, pray tell, made us doubt the brand's tenuous grasp on reality?
Are you able to grasp the cultural influence you've had on Hollywood?
We fought each other in the crowd to grasp at the produce.
The fact is, Snapchat can be hard for many people to grasp.
That's why you've got to grasp the moment when it comes around.
My own attitudes and my grasp of the situation are changing rapidly.
As a result, a comeback that seemed within their grasp fell short.
A case is required to grasp it in all of its manifestations.
They didn't grasp that you get only so many chances at revolution.
In-person immigration court proceedings are difficult enough for children to grasp.
She is beginning to read and can't grasp nuances in written communication.
"Yeah, O.K.," he said, gently prying the tablet from my eager grasp.
That kid will grasp enough of the video's iconography to feel seen.
Suppose the mess they leave is inseparable from their reach and grasp?
Without a decent grasp on China, forecasting oil prices was infuriatingly difficult.
As the social order decays, people grasp for the security of authoritarianism.
It's also an area of the country that's conceivably within his grasp.
They served these in slices, so people could grasp them with chopsticks.
And shareholders would get a more dependable grasp of Tesla's future profitability.
It made it harder to get a grasp of this emerging threat.
However, words can easily have consequences that neither leader seems to grasp.
For the time being, it still remains just out of my grasp.
Summer's barely begun and, already, you feel it slipping from your grasp!
It took me a few episodes to grasp what Enlightened was doing.
Its app can be tough to grasp without reading an instruction manual.
Our big gloved hand will slip right out of your desperate grasp!
Driven It's tough to grasp what a million of anything looks like.
"I'm still trying to grasp how I can explain it," he says.
These deals ensure Qualcomm maintains a firm grasp on the mobile industry.
His unnuanced response shows less than even a child's grasp of history.
SB: I want them to grasp the humanity of people in prison.
He was known to insult executives who failed to grasp his concepts.
The speaker is enchanted, but I can't quite grasp the "her" here.
Squid grasp their prey using suction cups on their tentacles and arms.
The American Dream seemed firmly within his grasp, wealth one investment away.
"The narrative around bitcoin is still really hard to grasp," Demirors said.
Trump, Rosselló said, didn't fully grasp the storm's damage when he visited.
To grasp them, though, one must first look in the rearview mirror.
Nor does she brook any challenge to her grasp of the issues.
He questioned Trump's grasp of the policy and — by implication — his competence.
So I have a solid grasp of lighting and lights and darks.
A good D.J. will grasp those elements to spin you a tale.
A complete definition of the phenomenon is no doubt beyond our grasp.
It will be a long time before we fully grasp her legacy.
"Difficult to grasp when somebody is just not there anymore," he said.
Even consumers have only begun to grasp the vegetable needs of their diet.
He reached to undo my skirt and I wiggled out of his grasp.
We like to think we've got a pretty good grasp on all that.
They're happy and excited to have permanency, but they don't really grasp it.
A Paris Opera dancer can't grasp the idea of being a self-starter.
People grasp after what they have not had, disillusioned with what they have.
Any grasp of composition I had I'd gained from film, not still photography.
"If I'm not interested in something, I just don't grasp it," Branson said.
Rings, in contrast, doesn't seem to grasp why the original worked so well.
It's important to have a good grasp on the laws where you live.
In this atmosphere of general insecurity, how can we grasp what's going on?
She thought her dream of becoming a doctor was finally within her grasp.
Customers attracted by cost savings will quickly grasp the other benefits of bundling.
The fight goes on, the future that we want is within our grasp.
The boy's father had fought to wrestle his child from the alligator's grasp.
The ERT had us divided and trapped, savoring the revenge in their grasp.
To grasp the concept of risk, a short course in statistics is warranted.
It's a bit hard to grasp Apple's progress when it comes to silicon.
"I'm just trying to get a grasp on what's going on," Starczewski said.
The math was easy to grasp, offers Cavins of the argument Outdoorsy made.
Then there was also his athletic prowess and his grasp of quantum computing.
He has a strong grasp of the existential threat posed by climate change.
Opposable thumbs are essential because they give people the ability to grasp objects.
It's hard to grasp the use case of the device without this information.
He may not have a full grasp of the complexity of the issues.
He seems to have gotten a better grasp on them in Season 8.
Once you get your head around this, the rest becomes easier to grasp.
People could not grasp that I had a career in the creative space.
He doesn't even seem to have a grasp of what the problems are.
It featured a unique fourth toe that helped it grasp and climb branches.
But the chances of a victory for Sedol are slipping from his grasp.
This seems to be hard to grasp for some users in this subreddit.
Mr Macron's grasp of policy detail sometimes baffles as much as it clarifies.
Kids between 5 and 10 can grasp the concept of spending and saving.
Here are some numbers to help grasp the scale of the lucrative practice.
With a 27-minute flight time, the unreachable is now within your grasp.
To stand here and look in different directions is to grasp its significance.
Washington, on the other hand, does not seem to grasp this basic reality.
A young man strolls by and pulls the dog from the snake's grasp.
Obviously his grasp of right and wrong just fell apart at some point.
He seemed to appreciate her kooky personality and sometimes loose grasp of reality.
Though kids probably won't grasp its real-life influences, they'll get the gist.
By contrast, we cannot grasp a Nonas sculpture simply by thinking about it.
We wanted to grasp that audience thing early on and show the hysteria.
In addition, the country may grasp for a lifeline from the World Bank.
It's hard because he doesn't grasp how big of a deal it was.
I can hardly grasp how she could have been stabbed over 150 times.
As in, it may be hampering their ability to grasp basic nutritional concepts.
You see freedom and the real world out there just beyond your grasp.
I couldn't grasp sympathy for a man I was told was a killer.
If the statistics are hard to grasp, the reality is so much worse.
But she didn't always have such a firm grasp over her body image.
Control is also a concept I had to get a firmer grasp on.
But many still don't quite grasp how far we've come, and how fast.
No matter how slow and meticulous, it's impossible to fully grasp what's happening.
Unlike that guy, you have a good grasp on what's happening with you.
He has almost no grasp of policy, and takes no interest in it.
They want to extend humankind's grasp and its sense of what it is.
He's fearless and self-aware, with a firm grasp of his own limitations.
Fourteen robots were networked together and tasked with learning how to grasp efficiently.
It's only when 9S jumps into the machine that you grasp what happened.
How many examples will our descendants really need to grasp the Confederacy's horrors?
She's cool, but not too edgy, and has a strong grasp of neutrals.
Just a few years ago, comprehensive immigration reform seemed well within Washington's grasp.
Do they even grasp the dangers they face in Libya and at sea?
And, well, clowns aren't renowned for their grasp of those kinds of things.
But having arrived with little grasp of the rules, I blundered a bit.
A: I hope that people get a better grasp on the little things.
The president, who is 20163, evinces little grasp of policy or philosophic conviction.
Work has helped him grasp how his actions affect the happiness of others.
That supply creates demand in this way may be easy enough to grasp.
Cobblers, he would conclude, must grasp the nettle and cut production to $80.
Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene said the podium had been within the team's grasp.
It's one thing, on an intellectual level, to grasp how ephemeral dance is.
Trump doesn't remotely grasp the connection between our global leadership and our security.
Even if it did, Chairman Neal would not have to grasp for one.
But they did not need them to grasp their place in the cosmos.
But he did seem to immediately grasp that it was good for ratings.
The second fact, harder to grasp, is that we cannot see the cockpit.
We remember how much it hurts, and grasp at anything that makes sense.
The simplest teaching of literature was to grasp the vision of the writer.
I'd reach for him, but he was always just out of my grasp.
True, your mother does not appear to have a solid grasp on diabetes.
You didn't need to be a scientist to grasp what this destruction meant.
But, he added, it's evidence of ISIS losing its grasp on its fighters.
Anyone with a basic grasp of history will know that he made it.
Trying to grasp what 75 percent really means out of context is hard.
Zoning is an easy subject to grasp in Houston: It doesn't exist here.
There's a deeper layer of psychological trauma here that is difficult to grasp.
But even he seems to grasp that a President must meet certain benchmarks.
How then, can the public hope to grasp the magnitude of the problem?
Today we're reminded we need to fully grasp the heritage we have inherited.
It takes a little bit of a closer look to grasp the concepts.
We still desperately want to believe that the dream is within our grasp.
I know that's difficult for a free person to grasp, but it's true.
That's very—even aside from our personal relationship—that's very hard to grasp.
I can't do it because I don't (have a good grasp) of English.
This is the reality that Trump seems to grasp on an intuitive level.
She added that the island can be difficult to grasp, especially for tourists.
She was still trying to grasp the meaning of everything she was learning.
You grasp the solid and slide it carefully between surrounding notebooks and books.
Indeed, it is initially hard for the viewer to grasp each character's personality.
TO GRASP THE past and the hoped-for future of Katowice, visit Bogucice.
He starts to grasp that even the Congress is turning against him. Traitors!
Some teams are still trying to grasp the best way to use data.
Still, all joking aside, Morgan seemed to grasp the implications of the question.
The sooner we can grasp that fact, the more lives we will save.
The bloody fingertips of history suggest it's not quite so easy to grasp.
While they were definitely on to something, their reach frequently exceeded their grasp.
It's news when this president seems to grasp an even slightly complicated idea.
We Americans do not grasp how insidiously Trump has accustomed us to malignancy.
For lovers of succulent fried cod, that concept may be hard to grasp.
Along with the conditions inside the vessel, it helped mummify the baby's grasp.
"Grasp it and pull it straight out, slowly but firmly," Ms. Leland advised.
The numbers here, too, are so immense that they are hard to grasp.
Do I have a complete grasp of what Indoor Bowls is right now?
Despite our fervent efforts to get him help, he slipped through our grasp.
Among the other candidates, Elizabeth Warren has the strongest grasp of public policy.
Western democracies are in the midst of an upheaval they only dimly grasp.
I go to be educated, to grasp ideas, to see what she sees.
In a perfect world, these are concepts all of us grasp before adulthood.
This is the future we want, and it is still within our grasp.
It's hard to grasp the work as a whole, and perhaps that's intentional.
Name Withheld Europeans sometimes struggle to grasp the scope of the challenge here.
At first children's grasp of stories outpaces their ability to decipher the text.
"It's hard to grasp when it happened, that it actually happened," she says.
Future systems might be able to recognize and grasp things without careful coding.
I don't understand why the president of the United States can't grasp that.
This is why not many people grasp the full ideology of this image.
He knew that no one could ever grasp what she meant to him.
These setbacks notwithstanding, many Brazilian ranchers seem to grasp the importance of sustainability.
McCaul sees Nielsen's grasp of cybersecurity issues as one of her key strengths.
Even when things get uncannier (no pun intended), the show's grasp remains firm.
The complexity of their profile, they said, isn't easy for everyone to grasp.
They've maintained their grasp on the market, Hoag said, by keeping customers happy.
Unfortunately, few people can truly grasp the gargantuan size, mathematically, of $1 trillion.
Another area where we should grasp the meaning of Russian policy is Ukraine.
Worse still, Mr Ramaphosa seems not to grasp the scale of the crisis.
What's harder to grasp is why anyone in Congress would oppose raising it.
The problem is that Trump failed to grasp just what that might mean.
Suddenly, free of the percussionists' grasp, the players onstage are revealed as individuals.
It may be hard for younger fans to grasp how innumerate baseball was.
They demand humility, as well as a basic grasp of buoyancy and physics.
They demand humility, as well as a basic grasp of buoyancy and physics.
Sterling mixes metaphoric and semantic play, with an intuitive grasp of his materials.
A freakishly comprehensive grasp of the different types of pylon that there are?
"He couldn't grasp the concept of being part of a team," Jeff said.
That she thought she had the slightest grasp of the Constitution, doubly so.
Comic book Negan has ... let's call it a colorful grasp of the English language.
Since Alibaba, a slew of Chinese tech firms have slipped through Hong Kong's grasp.
" He continued: "It's hard to grasp that considering they were both healthy in June.
She's made something beautiful with her hands — will anyone be around to grasp it?
Mr. O'Malley's grasp of New Hampshire began with his experience on Mr. Hart's campaign.
At the very least, I should feel that I can grasp who he is.
To Cramer, that action is emblematic of what investors are just beginning to grasp.
Prognosticators believe Republicans have a strong grasp on the chamber despite the House trends.
" Now: "A new surge of optimism is placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp.
This future is within our grasp but it will not happen on its own.
But Amazon seems to have a particularly ubiquitous grasp on the average American wallet.
Winnie. He also maintains that his grandfather had a well-honed grasp on the
Even we cartographers sometimes have a shaky grasp of map projections and spherical geometry.
FCC will never be able to fully grasp the harm it may have unleashed
As experts grasp for explanations on these unnerving moves, some are calling for help.
History is awkward and hard to grasp -- flotsam and jetsam on a stormy sea.
It's hardly the first company to grasp early for the laurel wreath of proof.
There is yet another dilemma that Opinion Editor James Bennet does not fully grasp.
Stick eventually manages to escape from Alexandra's grasp — by cutting off his own hand.
It is easy to grasp why the United States views that as a success.
Plucky entrepreneurs who operate beyond the grasp of venal bureaucrats should surely be celebrated.
As kids, he says he didn't fully grasp the enormity of his dad's fame.
Now Chinese officials privately mutter that Venezuela's rulers have no grasp of market forces.
What took me a while to fully grasp was this monster of a disease.
I personally try to move towards it and I can never fully grasp it.
Students were expected to combine economic principles with a strong grasp of current affairs.
Yet it begins to fall apart when the mantra overtakes the grasp on reality.
She's not about protecting Westeros; Cersei simply wants to maintain her grasp on power.
Indeed, 2016's tenuous grasp on shared facts feels almost quaint by 2017 standards.
The grasp and trigger buttons on Touch, however, make holding and using tools effortless.
It&aposs much harder to grasp what&aposs happening or following every single one.
"It's hard to grasp that considering they were both healthy in June," Daly said.
He was excited about it, as much as a 4-year-old could grasp.
Those controls work well and are intuitive enough for me to grasp them immediately.
"Hard to grasp that he's actually gone, left us way too soon," he tweeted.
As it stands, the viewer does not quite grasp the importance of his legacy.
Nor did I really grasp just how instrumental my parents were in the investigation.
It's there for New Japan and all they have to do is grasp it.
When you hold a trigger on either controller, your hands grasp any nearby objects.
GM's grasp of the European market through the Opel brand influenced design know-how.
The rapper appears to have thrown the punch to free himself from her grasp.
I also discovered how tricky it is to truly untangle oneself from Facebook's grasp.
He seemed to have as firm a grasp of the choreography as the dancers.
Seeing it, we might grasp that what Kelly made was, strictly, what he saw.
The man stumbled about, exclaiming in another language, attempting to grasp and dislodge her.
His statement Tuesday night suggests he simply doesn't grasp just how much words matter.
My hands are covered in blood and the blades are slipping from my grasp.
So, just you know, obviously, at home you can&apost really grasp this completely.
On average, each person had four errors each time they tried to grasp something.
People never see their virtual water use, so it's a harder concept to grasp.
Until now, people have had no real grasp on what the story will be.
It's the obvious pick, but I'm flailing around for something solid to grasp onto.
It's as if we want genuineness but don't quite know how to grasp it.
A highly skeptical view is in order, both of his reach and his grasp.
I struggled to grasp accelerating and stopping for a huge chunk of the tutorial.
"When they're used well, graphs can help us intuitively grasp complex data," Gaslowitz says.
To hear it on the other end of the telephone was hard to grasp.
Apparently, he didn't have any better grasp on the Heller decision than Hillary herself.
Retailers grasp the web-focused future of the industry, but the sale of Jet.
As a kid, I didn't quite grasp the heart of what he was feeling.
Rapid thoughts fired in succession, but I was too tired to grasp at them.
Because sports wasn't really "me," but it was something that I could grasp onto.
Life after fighting in the UFC can be confusing for some fans to grasp.
Papers with figures in them should thus be easier to grasp than those without.
And when Elwood first begins to grasp this idea, he can't hold onto it.
Spieth had his third major crown in his grasp at the Masters in April.
These benefits are easiest to grasp in heavy industry, where measuring output is straightforward.
It was as explicit a grasp at class ascent as an owner could attempt.
In fact, many analysts think it's impossible to grasp the meaning of Trump's Twitter.
With the device in its grasp, the bird of prey returns to the ground.
There's simply no substitute for a good grasp of public policy and government affairs.
But it is the nature of fires and we don't fully grasp fire's power.
Yes — more than BLM 'protestors' can grasp, as evidenced by their self-destructive provocateurism.
With that in mind, the proper outcome of the case is easier to grasp.
Yet another sign of how thin is the thread that we grasp for survival.
The black establishment has lost some of its grasp on power in the city.
I was in survival mode and did not grasp it all until months later.
It is the latest indication of the Trump campaign's intentions to grasp onto Mrs.
Still, over the last two years, Pelosi's grasp on power has grown more tenuous.
We can feel the playoffs aren't too far away, and it's in our grasp.
Being pro-life is way more of an emotional stance than liberals may grasp.
She seemed to be aware of some joke the rest of them couldn't grasp.
If the turmoil in the Mideast seems too overwhelming to grasp, this could help.
With the box office firmly in its grasp, Disney is eyeing a new challenge.
Instead, he is now focusing on exploiting Trump's plodding, glacial grasp of global affairs.
A firm grasp of financial literacy doesn't always translate into making smarter money moves.
At the time, Thomas was 11, too young to fully grasp what had happened.
Look at the rest of the world, and you grasp how unusual it is.
Granted, I didn't have a totally firm grasp of what the process actually entailed.
The evidence hasn't been very forthcoming, at once hard to grasp and too convenient.
As children they probably grasp it from the community and the world around them.
Honestly, the equation washing dick=getting dick sucked shouldn't be too tough to grasp.
He also doesn't seem to have a good grasp of what "clean coal" is.
To really grasp why that is, is to see Wakanda for what it is.
There's no better place to grasp the rise of UK graffiti culture than Bristol.
This outsider status enabled her to grasp Russia's untapped potential as a world player.
But we tend to lack that grasp of nuance when the disease is psychological.
Teachers will often purchase supplemental materials to help students struggling to grasp the curriculum.
Stranded in our living rooms but loosed online, cats slip our grasp yet again.
As publishers grasp for new revenue streams, a ''try-anything'' approach has taken hold.
Industrial robots can increasingly sense nearby objects, in order to grasp or move them.
The human brain needs time to process visual input and grasp complex spatial information.
"When we started this series, we knew it was within our grasp," Snitker said.
They seem not to grasp the urgency of sacrifice for our shared well-being.
"What can I grasp in the present that hasn't already been taken?" she asks.
To what do we turn then to capture what our conscious minds cannot grasp?
Atkinson added, however, that visitors grasp and accept Tool's message, visual harshness and all.
A firm grasp of your finances is empowering and makes controlling your spending easier.
So I hope we can grasp every opportunity by competing against these strong teams.
Even now, decades after Karen Carpenter's death, some people cannot grasp an anorexic's agony.
Those are the kind of straws fans will need to grasp at this season.
The climax here, backtracking on a daring idea, shows a wobbly grasp of tone.
Does the public need to see such an image to fully grasp what happened?
Even Mr. Abbott, the former prime minister, seemed to grasp this growing political divide.
And if a sitcom's reach can't exceed its grasp, what's a fake heaven for?
Now he's a full-fledged journeyman, Vince Carter with a weaker grasp on reality.
It's Mr. Eno's love for and grasp of rhythmic language that most impress here.
Others question whether the king's health allows him to grasp all that is happening.
Unless, that is, he genuinely couldn't grasp that domestic violence is a big deal.
I come back to the memorial every few weeks and grasp at another ten.
She had just finished walking Winston when he escaped her grasp and ran away.
What's alarming is that Facebook executives don't seem to grasp, or appreciate, the difference.
MOSAiC seeks to improve scientists' grasp of this intricate Arctic world — and its future.
It is easy to grasp why many New Yorkers will not embrace their domestication.
They failed to grasp how powerful and indelible was the stain of his disease.
The structure felt easy to grasp, and it just kind of clicked for me.
His wily grasp of power earned him the nickname "Professor of Politics" amongst Kenyans.
He retains only a loose grasp on the details and nuance of immigration policy.
For those who grasp concepts quickly, there is the opportunity to swiftly move ahead.
That initial victory is nearly assured, given the party's firm grasp on Punjab politics.
I can see how the knee-jerk politically correct police can't grasp this concept.
"We badly want to understand Trump, to grasp him," David Roberts writes in Vox.
Like the Reagan administration, Margaret Thatcher's Conservatives failed to grasp the enormity of AIDS.
" A state-run tabloid said his grasp of foreign policy was "like a child.
Ending this epidemic is within our grasp; we just need to reach for it.
On that occasion it slipped through the museum's grasp and into a private collection.
Still, people who are grieving grasp at any and all straws within their reach.
" I feel like Trump may not totally grasp the definition of the word "beautiful.
But that debt is not material, something Trump's lazy, ahistoric little mind cannot grasp.
Understanding debt-to-income helped me grasp the huge impact of my student loans.
And doctors and researchers are just starting to grasp the medical consequences of Zika.
Benioff is a great salesman and his grasp of optics and spin is unparalleled.
Happiness comes in so many different forms that it can be hard to grasp.
For years I stumbled, trying to grasp fundamental facts about my own transgender son.
Only after home prices declined did the markets grasp the extent of the interlinkage.
To grasp that, we need to walk through the fascinating machinery of the ear.
Yet few have a firm grasp of what the nebulous technological product really is.
Here again we are secondary, passive bystanders encountering a scene that we cannot grasp.
Take a deep slow inhale, brace my core, reach down, and grasp the bar.
Which one is more likely to grasp the magnitude of what they're committing to?
There's always a role for activism, provided you have a good grasp of reality.
He also doesn't seem to have a good grasp on what "clean coal" is.
Officers also saw Noble reach into his glove box and grasp something, Dyer said.
The videos reveal Gudetama's lack of zeal in ways that images can't fully grasp.
It's often hard to grasp the amounts of sincerity and irony in Burga's work.
We have to make sure that this new world, we have some grasp over.
At first, the bird struggles, then submits to its soapy circumstances and captor's grasp.
Often they have had a clearer grasp of interests and injustices than that presumption allows.
An 8-year-old Beyoncé fan has demonstrated a firm grasp of the cultural zeitgeist.
Though wounded, the soldiers still grasp their rifles; though blind, they walk in ordered formation.
Most people like to think they have a pretty good grasp on all things tech.
"All incidents have causes - to grasp and understand them is always wise," the editorial said.
"It's not a hard point to grasp," noted Corcoran, referring to the UK's hypocritical position.
Amal Clooney is mastering motherhood – and her twins are starting to grasp their first words.
That's a story that we are trained early on to grasp and to look for.
While the Talmudic detail may be hard to grasp, seculars need not worry at all.
And lawmakers still aren't convinced the tech industry has a full grasp on the problem.
A better grasp of how cultures work may be needed to understand modern political economy.
This reality is important to grasp in every country where coal used to be king.
Living where food is abundant, most people don't really grasp how GMOs touch their lives.
It's hard to grasp for us because we don't go without music for five minutes.
She praised him as a skilled team leader who is quick to grasp policy details.
"We have full grasp of its movements," Taiwan defence ministry spokesman Chen Chung-chi said.
To fully understand why, it's important to grasp just how popular voice assistants have become.
Ipswich is not a wealthy place, a fact that outsiders are sometimes slow to grasp.
And not only that, I wish you would only grasp a heart of your own.
You'll catch the emotion in the rhythm, whether or not you grasp every Jacobean metaphor.
These lawmakers all seem to grasp that any association with Trump might prove irreversibly damaging.
It was always the character stuff that this series had a more tenuous grasp on.
But if you've yet to grasp the premise of the program, let me quickly summarize.
Entrepreneurs need to have a good grasp of the industry they're looking to break into.
"Your crimes are impossible to grasp," judge Sebastian Buehrmann told him, according to Der Spiegel.
Do you value having a touch screen that can comfortable fit within your grasp more?
Only gradually did they grasp that the forest they had inherited was in terrible shape.
See what your dad does with two years to grasp what he stands to lose.
The good news is that Americans are starting to grasp the depth of the problem.
Trump's an unorthodox sort with, by most accounts, a fairly tenuous grasp on modern technologies.
The future would be easier to embrace if it were not so hard to grasp.
It may have many flaws; a failure to grasp corporate vulnerability is not among them.
If only we could hibernate like bears to escape seasonal affective disorder's cold, hard grasp.
It's only toward the end that you get a full grasp of what actually happened.
These are fairly technical problems, but solutions are within the grasp of the research community.
Here's a concept that's probably really hard for you in the communications field to grasp.
Which is ironic, because we all know how much Louis loves to grasp hard concepts.
Having a good grasp on how it's determined can help you get the best deal.
"In FREKVENS we want to make products that everybody can grasp and handle," says Kouthoofd.
Being a good censor — or at least, a more consistent censor — is within Google's grasp.
It's hard for me to grasp why people are fearful of people different from them.
Given an opportunity to grasp that technology, many in Africa do so with both hands.
But, buffeted by the waves, he was unable to climb up, his grasp repeatedly slipping.
This is a probability that is hard to grasp—it seems both obvious and diffuse.
I was within his grasp just one year before he committed brutal murder in 1969.
For regular consumers, the benefits might be a little harder to grasp at this point.
Today, Guendelman is engaged in research that could bring baby-universe-making within practical grasp.
It's hard to grasp how much it represents given the scale of big tech companies.
Word processing, by contrast, allowed writers to grasp a manuscript as a whole, a gestalt.
To challenge it, to escape its grasp, and to love oneself in spite of it.
But Ulianov broke from from their grasp, dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself ablaze.
Businesspeople like the word "transparent," although Miss Manners wonders if they grasp its full meaning.
As a viewer, it is very hard to grasp the base reality at this point.
What investors see in Amazon, though, federal antitrust regulators have so far failed to grasp.
Parker is also helping the team grasp the new concepts of a young head coach.
The child is immediately whisked from Eve's grasp and put in Anna's (Laura Pyper) arms.
She avoided his grasp, reaching up to brush her hair away from her eyes instead.
It's worth watching the clip to fully grasp just how cancelled this word now is.
They undermine your faith in your grasp of reality Emotional manipulators are incredibly skilled liars.
Humans, Marcus notes, grasp not just the patterns of grammar but the logic behind it.
It also shows a realistic grasp on both sides of the importance of transatlantic ties.
A fleet of sailing drones would dramatically improve oceanographers' grasp of the Southern Ocean's behavior.
It's not normal to grasp a politician's hand as you walk down a slight ramp.
He doesn't even want to know about the issues of attempt to even grasp them.
If only for the moment needed to grasp perspective and grab the sought for understanding.
These are lessons they had yet to grasp on Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes.
I ran halfway, reached my hand up, but was unable to grasp my teammates' hands.
It is often those with the weakest grasp of their faith who answer the call.
"Network neutrality for hundreds of millions of Europeans is within our grasp," the letter reads.
This is my mother who flew away from my grasp in the tunnel without end.
In their book, Avedon and Baldwin gave politics a face, a language I could grasp.
But for people on the outside looking in, the appeal can be harder to grasp.
India's move this month tightened New Delhi's grasp over the country's only Muslim-majority region.
It all skirts around her judgment, her intelligence, her wit, her grasp of art history.
Let's accept, for a moment, the contention that Trump's mind doesn't grasp how government works.
That fear of failure kept resurfacing, which led me to grasp more tightly at W.W.O.D.?
Handguns may be more dangerous for young children because they're easier to grasp than rifles.
It may be a complicated — and time-consuming — idea to design, but not to grasp.
"Peace is never beyond the grasp of those willing to reach for it," Trump said.
The report warns that policymakers need to grasp the full impact of these cyber vulnerabilities.
First, there is Asher's somewhat superficial grasp of the times in which Algren was writing.
As if the senator was too antiquated to grasp the complexities of Facebook's revenue model.
My mother clung to it — "We are middle class" — because our grasp was so tenuous.
Abstract risks, like the ones I presented to my patient, can be difficult to grasp.
Hurrying down the porch steps, her hand pushing through plushy snow to grasp the railing.
I knew this from the crudeness of that first man's touch — the firm, possessive grasp.
It's obvious that President Trump has no grasp of health care policy, beyond Twitter exhortations.
The young man with the big ideas started to grasp just how big they were.
That's something parents can help with, as long as they make conversations easy to grasp.
Turner's assessment was correct: Griff was unable to grasp the reason for the secret meeting.
Its leaders should grasp that superimposing one financial system on 19 political fiefs cannot work.
Though Cheserek's grades and grasp of English weren't impressive, Quinn could sense he was special.
Conservatives fear a world where the Republican Party remains imprisoned in his short-fingered grasp.
You read, you listen scrambling to grasp it all, but the meaning is nonetheless clear.
It's already hard enough for people to grasp the current name, and where it is.
To the uneducated undergraduate with an immature grasp of global issues, this might sound reasonable.
While President Trump may not have the strongest grasp of history, history matters deeply here.
A master of the short con, he doesn't grasp the long-term value of reputation.
For those who do stay, the trappings of modern life are infuriatingly hard to grasp.
I couldn't fully grasp the rules but I was playing it with my other friends.
Coaches "play the percentages" with only a dim grasp of what the percentages really are.
"In this moment we're able to collectively grasp onto a sense of agency," Fuentes said.
Much like combat, unjust incarceration is hard to grasp unless you go through it yourself.
In those early days, he realized that he wasn't sophisticated enough to grasp its intricacies.
Further compounding the problem, many Americans do not grasp the definition of paid maternity leave.
This approach also works for younger kids who may not fully grasp what is happening.
Like so much else in the show, she floats breathtakingly, right out of his grasp.
If you're not well-versed on Clinton, Hillary won't help you get a firm grasp.
Grasp it as close to the skin as possible and pull out firmly and smoothly.
Turkey did not grasp the grievances that Mr. Brunson's case caused to the United States.
Also, that they truly do not have a grasp on the meaning of the events.
Sports can help children grasp the concept of how to deal with success and failure.
I'm not sure I've ever used it to describe something that is hard to grasp.
He had me imitate his grasp, making sure I had control before he let go.
Activists are holding monthly demonstrations in which participants grasp flowers as a symbol of protest.
It's not an easy concept to grasp, but he will eventually accept it, and survive.
The need to create a physical space and an object you can grasp is important.
What it didn't offer was lyrical melodies, classic song forms or easy-to-grasp solos.
They do not seem to grasp that the citizens of this country are fed up.
Third, understanding: President Trump has demonstrated little patience to even attempt to grasp many issues.
The patients with dementia seem to grasp that these characters are there to create fun.
He also suggested a desire to control a narrative that had long eluded his grasp.
A friendly spirit might grasp your hand, And take you to a whole new land.
Stories that, while founded in history, often have little grasp on actual history at all.
His tenderness for the essay is for the moment when its reach exceeds its grasp.
But they are conscious that myths convey a message that we should try to grasp.
Without context and a basic grasp of in-house terminology, some sentences read like nonsense.
If we never really grasp who Berg was, that may be just what he desired.
He could read material and just grasp it so quickly and that kind of stuff.
They were the first to grasp the dimensions of the disaster for the Soviet Union.
PiS says the West fails to grasp the extent of the nation's pain and bravery.
Covariant uses a range of AI techniques to teach robots how to grasp unfamiliar objects.
The exercise also deepened language learners' grasp of how to use their newly acquired words.
The failure to grasp the scope of the attacks undercut efforts to minimize their impact.
With the match in his grasp, Nadal wavered while Federer let his elegant strokes fly.
It is time for the parents to release their grasp unless it is absolutely necessary.
He has made 501 starts, but the series' biggest trophy has remained beyond his grasp.
"We couldn't get a firm grasp on what was wrong with the elevator," she said.
What's trickier for them to grasp is the way weight is used in modern dance.
Could America's failure to grasp this reality pull the United States and China into war?
Its simple, exaggerated language could make it easier for babies to grasp what's being said.
This way you can build a habit, even if they don't fully grasp the concept.
Tehran should have a grasp of how well its missiles would fare against such technology.
They have neutralized his ignorance even if nobody can help the president grasp its extent.
At the time, Humar didn't quite grasp the inequality represented by the clanky, nifty machine.
What's worse, the adults surveilling teens often have no grasp on the culture they consume.
These were thin reeds to grasp, of course, but they were gripped all the same.
They try to dig into the story but it keeps slipping out of their grasp.
Theoretically it could be in Democrats' grasp if they run the perfect candidate against Daines.
Earlier projections had shown it was within their grasp for the first time since 1989.
He hopes that a better grasp of the 2008 crisis will help avoid futures ones.
With the artists alternating sections, it was hard to get a grasp on either song.
It takes a beat before we grasp just what kind of ash is being eaten.
I think I look really young and image-wise, it's difficult for people to grasp.
"The cold grasp of corruption shackles the District of Columbia," Hogg added in his remarks.
Under the conductor George Manahan, the orchestra maintained a firm grasp on the chugging rhythms.
Investors grasp that the traditional crisis response — central banks dropping interest rates — is effectively inoperative.
Reus, after so many delays, had the first silverware of his career in his grasp.
Yes, it's no cakewalk, but it is something that is possible and within your grasp.
Wow me with a solid social media platform and a mediocre grasp of the Bible.
Perhaps, more than anything, Cai's artwork emphasizes humanity's firm grasp of complex science and technologies.
The moment that stability and success appeared within his grasp was the moment he died.
We can't break free from its grasp, which means we keep aging, keep moving forward.
Overhead is simple to grasp, it makes sense, and it feels related to charitable effectiveness.
Erik Karlsson has officially escaped Satan's grasp and is headed to the San Jose Sharks.
Trump scrambles what should be a fairly straightforward calculation, because he does not grasp the limits of his leverage, and may not fully grasp the larger point that the president shouldn't shut down his own government in a fit over losing an extraneous policy fight.
To make the numbers easier to grasp, they have provided an alternative way to express them.
But to understand her shift, one must grasp the three main rules of her leadership style.
It's not difficult to grasp the logic behind offloading drug-smuggling to a machine: anonymity, baby.
I loved both, but this is where my my retroactive grasp on "Why?" starts to slip.
She has a good grasp on how to make your serotonin just burst in your brain.
And though he is no fiscal hawk, he seems to grasp that the budget has limits.
And we don't know how many animals can grasp the idea of nothing as a quantity.
This substantive debate mostly showed how weak a grasp on the issues the candidates actually have.
In a final grasp of self preservation, Becky screams to her parents that Elliot attacked her.
If you do, there are easy ways to escape the grasp of data-hungry tech companies.
It's a really important distinction that a lot of people in Britain and American don't grasp.
And the research on hallucinogens is so early that scientists don't fully grasp how it works.
Campaigns with actual strategies, ground operations and a grasp of election fundamentals would eventually take over.
Will Big Sam be able to grasp the precious points before they lose all practical value?
It's easy to chastise lawmakers for not having a firmer grasp on how this stuff works.
According to him, Anthony didn't fully grasp that her daughter was dead until her murder trial.
Conservative supporters, meanwhile, are lauding Coates for her liberal arts background and firm grasp of history.
And during the president′s short political career, he has shown a tenuous grasp of statistics.
This teenager perfectly breaks down a concept that's still very difficult for some adults to grasp.
When you realize what it feels like to grasp something with your heart, your life changes.
As the conversation dragged on, Kobzanets appeared to grasp at straws for potential leads, Ford said.
Unlike Dr Mahathir, Mr Khan himself seems not to grasp the problems of China's debt embrace.
How will their votes land in 22016, as Democrats grasp at regaining power in the midterms?
DREAMers grasp each other's hands during a sit-in at Trump Tower in New York City.
David Pegram, as Lymon, Boy Willie's friend, has a fine grasp of the language as well.
And yet so few people seem to have a good grasp of the power of compounding.
Once out of office, even formerly tough guys quickly grasp how big prison populations are harmful.
Two, the leather adds nice texture to the case, making it a bit easier to grasp.
The man was able to release himself from the animal's grasp before killing it through suffocation.
You need to grasp what it rests on, why it arose, and what it is for.
To grasp the rise of private capital, go back to Ford's day, when finance was simpler.
Yet this makes his political success, posing as an anti-elitist outsider, even harder to grasp.
To make it, however, both require an excellent grasp of what sells in the real world.
Philippine culture is complex, singular, and difficult to navigate, even with a decent grasp of Tagalog.
But aerials views shared to social media help grasp just how expansive the protest efforts were.
They have yet again demonstrated a failure to grasp even the most basic principles of technology.
Investigators believe the alligator dropped the boy when it broke Matt Graves' grasp and went underwater.
But lacklustre rhetoric and a feeble grasp of detail mark only the beginning of his problems.
So unless you're a computer builder, the benefits of Optane memory are still outside your grasp.
It's strange and at times difficult to grasp, but that's also what makes it so memorable.
After an hour of sweet freedom, the world has been returned to the grasp of Twitter .
The Cultural Revolution was his attempt to tighten his grasp on the country and its people.
Something illusory, that which we can never quite grasp, is commonly referred to as a chimera.
But the evidence so far suggests that Trump only has a vague grasp of that document.
It's fantastical, and it's hard to grasp, but the final product is truly, without exaggeration, wondrous.
The EU's seven-year budget, being negotiated right now, is the time to grasp that opportunity.
He added, however, that it would take several weeks to grasp the extent of the outbreak.
Foreign investors keen to get a grasp of China's economy have for years distrusted official data.
Big glaciers can speed up or slow down for reasons that scientists still don't completely grasp.
They grasp for each other in the dark, and hold on with a white-knuckled grip.
There seems to be a more realistic grasp of the situation than older generations might have.
This robotic arm is able to grasp many common objects, like this bowl or a saucepan.
Ryan went after Sanders, claiming he didn't grasp the effect it would have on union workers.
And yet, the more you grasp at methods to explain its brilliance—which should be simple!
You grasp wildly for the door that you entered from, but the handle is mysteriously gone.
Out of his grasp, I take off towards the stands, blocky figures applauding my unlikely triumph.
You just need to be enthusiastic and have a firm grasp on how social media works.
Systems that measure emotion may give autistic people a grasp of social signals they find elusive.
Sci-fi luminaries had boundless imaginations but little grasp of the practicalities of writing for television.
People who can't grasp that aren't just bad at interracial relationships, they're bad at relationships period.
When he showed his model to experts in the discipline, they failed to grasp its significance.
"I'm very critical of the hyper-normalization of Capitalism's grasp on people," she says via email.
After a few minutes of experimenting you can get a firm grasp on every available action.
Millions of people, personalities, pieces of music, poems and literary works are now within my grasp.
Most science fiction movies depict otherworldly entities in a way that the human mind can grasp.
She tries to wriggle out of his grasp, but Bryce pulls her back into the water.
Mental health providers and communities need to get a better grasp on how to prevent suicides.
But San Francisco still doesn't seem to have a strong grasp on how to handle everything.
Carson's limited grasp of the issues was evident time and again during his campaign for president.
And most people who've been paying attention have a good enough grasp on what that means.
A man unwilling to grasp the mantle of moral and political leadership the presidency grants him.
One of Cruz's most readily exploitable habits is his often loose grasp over his ring position.
The rocket booster used to propel Starship from Earth's gravitational grasp will be called Super Heavy.
Evangelical activists are fine with Trump's lies because they grasp the bargain they've made for power.
The thought of leaving anything dangerous within their grasp let alone a gun gave me anxiety.
Unless or until regulators grasp the nettle of online business models that profit by maximizing engagement.
Police saw him at the door of the apartment block before he slipped through their grasp.
According to the source, Loughlin and Giannulli didn't fully grasp that their alleged bribery was illegal.
"It is their last grasp at trying to institutionalize the Republican philosophy these days," Goodwin said.
To be sure, there are those who have yet to grasp the consequences of this change.
But the Valley's mightiest titans grasp their own innate limitations, and see salvation in their creations.
British physicist Stephen Hawking said this week that eliminating neglected tropical diseases is "within our grasp".
The words came out wrong and he didn't fully grasp the impression that his statement conveyed.
He can't grasp that the modern conservative movement always carried the seeds of its own destruction.
So it serves our national interest if the privilege of U.S. citizenship is within everyone's grasp.
Tyler told CNN it's hard for him to grasp what many of them have been through.
The rally earned comparisons to Nuremberg, though mainly because of the commentariat's poor grasp of history.
Mature liberalism understood something that I, in my 22-year-old wisdom, had failed to grasp.
But the meeting is described as "informal," and major breakthroughs appear beyond grasp at this point.
I found Zuckerberg straining, not always coherently, to grasp problems for which he was plainly unprepared.
As for the Republicans, it appears they don't fully grasp that this election was different, either.
Hall told CNN that most civilians don't have a grasp of what service members go through.
Only then can we begin to grasp the magnitude of what was done in our name.
But she was also measured and seemed to grasp the nuances that complex questions often engender.
Accounts of his life that downplay his politics make it harder to grasp this key point.
This presidency, however, is increasingly seen as having little or no grasp of the bigger picture.
The so-called "failed" states never seemed to grasp why they were poor or in chaos.
Many of the human figures are slender and feathery, as if destined to slip our grasp.
Much of that remains unclear, because the internet is distorting our collective grasp on the truth.
His moral grasp of the larger picture costs him the richness of the smaller, human one.
Babies who are learning to grasp or are teething will love this colorful bunch of beads.
Tillerson, meanwhile, felt Trump had only a loose grasp on global affairs, the Iran deal included.
But to truly grasp this relationship, astronomers will need a large sample of changing-look quasars.
Claire seems to immediately grasp that she has to seize this moment, while Frank's still comatose.
Then we tried something more tech-centric, but that also didn't quite grasp our issue's theme.
As the rhino head tumbled from their grasp, another member of staff pulled it to safety.
In this modern world, some days it can feel like everything is out of your grasp.
Troubled by Lior's decline, and not quite able to grasp how far away Meitar had gone.
Edgmon suggested the governor and his staff failed to fully grasp the impact of the cuts.
And I've been cussed out by attendees who couldn't grasp the concept of a tasting event.
A hot, sweet liquid pours down my chin and my hands grasp out, finding only sandpaper.
America is within their grasp, and Shame is unafraid to stand before it, warts-and-all.
They have shown us that they have the grasp and capability to fully address these trends.
"I was in survival mode and did not grasp it all until months later," she wrote.
The smells of fruit flesh are, after all, some of the first alluring aromas we grasp.
Unwelcome associations spring to mind of shuffleboard and pinochle, or a last grasp for a prize.
The man's mental state, especially his psychosomatic illness, was a puzzle that even he couldn't grasp.
This is a reflection of his own poor grasp of policy and his inattention to detail.
Researchers don't yet have the data to fully grasp what's going on in Nigeria this year.
I grasp my arm and cross my ankles, making my fat body as small as possible.
Radiohead have the ability to speak to sentiments that, too often, language fails to adequately grasp.
Their cumulative effect, anyhow, is to make media consumers less certain of their grasp on reality.
It's harder to grasp in a way, because it seems rather improvisatory, because of the structure.
That your mind may not be entirely housed within your skull may be difficult to grasp.
It's not hard to grasp why Mr. Trump might be feeling uneasy about his party's fortunes.
Watching Shakespeare in the theater, you can grasp what tragedy means: Every possible solution is wrong.
So anything outside of that, from a mentality standpoint, I can grasp the concept of it.
When she did not, he tried to "reach out to grasp Ms. Gowdy," the review said.
They grasp what many of our species refuse to see: The death of nature is nigh.
But by Wednesday, Mr. Trump seemed to grasp just how perilous his political situation had become.
I was within his grasp just one year before the brutal Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969.
Trying to pinpoint the meaning of this Real Madrid team, though, is to grasp at smoke.
" Susan Hennessey of Lawfare: "I don't think people fully grasp the constitutional danger of this moment.
Scientists and avalanche forecasters have a good grasp on how weather and terrain contribute to avalanches.
Part of the disconnect flows from Trump's inattention to, and weak grasp of, complex policy issues.
That idea isn't difficult to grasp for children who grew up with cameras in their hands.
The da Vinci has four arms: one holds a camera and the other three grasp instruments.
Could we face higher prices online because Amazon has a precise grasp of our price sensitivities?
How easy, or difficult, was it to grasp the new language and become conversational in it?
Moments after walking around HVSD, the decibel meter, still in Thrun's grasp, gets put to work.
Dobbs Beck: It's really hard for people to grasp fully what is in store for them.
This is a difficult thing for the political world -- and I include reporters -- to grasp. Why?
And while I didn't grasp it in the early years, she was disappearing in plain sight.
The former duo run free, frictionless digital eyeball auctions — using any and all data within grasp.
Your social life is a place where you can escape whenever things seem impossible to grasp.
I am not sure my normal-sized brain can grasp what is going on here. 603.
The collective willingness to grasp that lifeline explains why the country's steel output surged last month.
It may be difficult for Westerners to grasp the scale and intensity of her online shaming.
Even if immigrants didn't fully grasp the changes, they knew getting asylum was only getting harder.
Dr. Mountrakis's hope is that measuring forest attrition distance can help the public better grasp deforestation.
A weakening of the Volcker rule is not guaranteed, but it is now within Goldman's grasp.
On Friday, some lawmakers — even Democrats — complimented Mr. Pompeo's work ethic and grasp of policy details.
Deaf and kept alive by a ventilator, Charlie cannot grasp objects and suffers from persistent seizures.
But when you're out of arguments, you grasp at anything you can to further your agenda.
"I lived this," she said, explaining what she would like the justice system to fully grasp.
Judge Bryan has also struggled to grasp the technical details of how the FBI's NIT works.
"The whole concept for me of the pristine wilderness is difficult to just grasp," he said.
Despite differences between individual proposals, the broad outlines of Medicare for all are easy to grasp.
Neighbors gathered around her husband, even if they struggled to grasp the enormity of his loss.
Members of the team seemed to grasp the emotional weight of the victory on their opponents.
Or was it an inability to grasp my own role in the failure of these relationships?
They're remarkably attuned to our actions, but they certainly don't always grasp the meaning behind them.
There is a secret held in the grasp of these very still images, keeping us searching.
As much as I don't fully grasp this exhibition, I appreciate Ofili's willingness to take risks.
Dramatic, drum heavy, sung in a language that only its country's inhabitants have a grasp on.
Deeper in Mueller's report there are windows into what sort of information slipped from his grasp.
According to new research by OpenUp, a behavioral research start-up based in New York, online shoppers have a good grasp of how much time they spent browsing for and purchasing items — but they have a far more tenuous grasp of how much money they spent.
What those who hate us fail to grasp is that our story is stronger than their hatred.
" He added, "His Royal Highness asked some probing questions and demonstrated a real grasp of our mission.
Yet although these changes are welcome, their ambitions are limited to helping children grasp just the basics.
Of those who do answer, quite a few have a weak grasp of the parties' governing philosophies.
What Republicans have seemingly failed to grasp is that you can't spend more and tax less forever.
But before police could even get a grasp on the situation, Twitter erupted with lies and misinformation.
To do so, he'll need a much firmer grasp on "the cyber" than he's demonstrated so far.
That's made it difficult for researchers to get a better grasp of the drug's potential medical benefits.
Branson's colleague drew a diagram of a net in the sea to help him grasp the concept.
A service like Kizoa offers online movie creation and video editing services that are easy to grasp.
Neptune RetrogradeFrequency: Once a yearLength: 150 days"This is a very difficult retrograde to grasp," Tripp says.
And then came the words that I had to repeat to myself to fully grasp their significance.
I had to watch the trailer twice, though, to actually grasp what the movie is even about.
By this point, Gypsy Rose had already dipped her toes in rebellion from her mother's controlling grasp.
I am deeply concerned that we have failed to grasp the gravity of the challenge before us.
Once again, Obama was elbowed aside as the Russian leader reached around him to grasp Trump's hand.
The US, the West and its allies failed to grasp the nature of the conflict in Syria.
In Wuhan, many residents said they did not grasp the gravity of the epidemic until the lockdown.
But if you really, truly, still do not grasp this moment, here's all the context you need.
The littlenesses have to stop before my brain can come out of spasm and grasp things again.
And once they find out it is, the reality is equally (if not more) challenging to grasp.
I was old enough to be sad, though I couldn't grasp the gravity or permanence of death.
San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged that they had let the win slip through their grasp.
Harder to grasp, but nonetheless essential, is the disappointment that many other, particularly older, South Koreans feel.
To grasp the full absurdity of this ambition, it is worth visiting the Humboldt University in Berlin.
The mishmash of words above doesn't indicate that Trump has much grasp on what he's talking about.
Use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin's surface as possible. 2.
The terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino exposed Ben Carson's inability to grasp the world. Gov.
I let him, while my hands are on his belt, opening his fly, eager to grasp him.
It was disorienting to realize I had reached adulthood without a firm grasp on who she was.
It is impossible, even after a semester of intense study, to truly grasp the horrors Jews endured.
Many years later, I still grasp Zeus by the knees and ask that he bless the translators.
He believes if things don't improve soon, the city's youth could be lured back into ISIS' grasp.
These stainless steel tongs are topped with silicone grabbers to gently grasp meats, veggies, spaghetti, and more.
"The government, police and security bodies are showing they've a good grasp over what's going," Geerts says.
Powerless, starved of information and locked in its deadly white grasp, they become increasingly overwrought and unhinged.
It's Saturday, but she doesn't quite grasp that we should sleep in and snuggle on the weekends.
She's phenomenally smart and driven, able to grasp complicated legal concepts quickly and then articulate them precisely.
It's a power play that can only be made when one's grasp on power is in question.
First, please have a good grasp of the user journey of the decision-makers and the users.
Judging by her recent tweet, it seems that Ivanka Trump may not grasp the movement's monumental gravity.
Unless people grasp that point, he thinks, our ability to cope with either scourge may be limited.
A proper sense of history helps you grasp that progress depends on facing up to hard choices.
They aim to go beyond the polls and the noise to grasp the real pulse of America.
Fruit flies aren't the only critters scientists are studying to get a better grasp on human pain.