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"dropping" Definitions
  1. the act of a person or thing that drops.
  2. something that drops or falls in drops.
  3. droppings,
  4. dung, especially in the form of pellets.
"dropping" Synonyms
cancellation(UK) revocation repeal cancelation(US) abandonment rescission recall abortion calling recision calling off annulment withdrawal abrogation retraction rescindment invalidation voiding nullification reversal excrement dung ordure excreta scat faeces(UK) feces(US) poop waste slops soil dirt doo-doo manure droppings muck poo mess stool turd subsiding collapsing descending falling sagging settling sinking subsidence elimination exclusion omission removal discard noninclusion cut ejection erasure expulsion dismissal expunction rejection non-inclusion leaving out taking away preclusion discarding precluding shedding desquamation exfoliating exuviating moulting(UK) molting(US) exuviation ecdysis disappearance loss misplacement mislaying misplacing dispossession forfeiture losing creation conception begetting procreation fathering genesis siring spawning birthing bringing into being bringing into existence giving birth to bringing into the world decreasing diminishing dwindling plunging dipping lessening deteriorating declining sliding weakening plummeting lowering tumbling abating ebbing slipping droopy drooping hanging bowing stooping nodding pendulous declined bowed hung weeping inclining descendent descendant dangling floppy wilting fatigued tired exhausted weary dog-weary knackered wearied burned-out depleted drained enervated pooped sapped shot spent wasted weakened weariful aweary beat diving plummetting crashing cratering depressing pitching slumping throwing toppling grounding dripping dribbling trickling leaking flowing running drizzling distilling oozing seeping draining emanating percolating precipitating snowing trilling hailing plopping splashing abandoning discontinuing quitting ending ceasing cancelling(UK) canceling(US) relinquishing stopping terminating aborting halting scrapping axing breaking forgoing ditching forsaking kicking repealing releasing unhanding unholding letting go of letting fall letting go putting down releasing one's hold on failing to hold losing one's grip on losing your hold on contracting depreciating moderating receding reducing relenting decrementing downscaling downsizing deserting disowning rejecting renouncing repudiating disclaiming disavowing leaving neglecting shunning abjuring jilting casting off casting aside giving up binning off depositing putting laying placing resting setting shoving sticking plonking popping positioning stationing unloading setting down bringing carrying delivering taking transporting conveying putting off allowing to alight citing mentioning stating introducing quoting revealing uttering declaring disclosing divulging saying advancing broaching communicating imparting instancing intimating mooting naming noting folding crumbling flopping stumbling buckling crumpling ducking going down falling down falling flat dying fainting succumbing going swooning croaking flatlining perishing deceasing demising departing exiting expiring parting passing out sinking down blacking out sloping cascading slanting downwards falling away downing felling flooring decking flattening leveling(US) levelling(UK) prostrating knocking over knocking down bowling over bringing down striking down bowling down knocking out mowing down throwing down dismissing discharging eliminating excluding ousting ejecting evicting expelling throwing out booting out chucking out getting rid of kicking out sending packing turfing out giving the bum's rush throwing out on your ear omitting cutting deleting disregarding eliding erasing forgetting leaving off taking out missing out giving something a miss spending paying expending footing giving outlaying disbursing investing splurging blowing springing squandering staking upping forking out forking over shelling out coughing up laying out paying out conceding letting slip giving away failing to win missing out on More
"dropping" Antonyms
continuation enactment approval validation restoration confirmation enforcement forgetfulness adoption ratification introduction reaffirmation passing passage sanction inclusion acceptance allowance addition murder slaughter massacre assassinating slaughtering slaying killing massacring butchering killing off assassination extermination manslaughter execution lynching destruction dispatching improving increasing rising growing expanding accelerating escalating intensifying developing climbing swelling building proliferating broadening multiplying booming mushrooming burgeoning maturing amplifying upright unbending full inflated raised ascending lifting arising raising rocketing levitating soaring uprising gliding skyrocketing flying sailing floating mounting scaling uprearing shooting gushing spouting jetting spurting spewing rushing surging welling springing pumping streaming erupting expelling issuing ejecting emerging flowing belching discharging pouring out maintaining sustaining upholding continuing retaining preserving prolonging persevering guarding keeping keeping up carrying on keeping intact holding clasping clenching clutching grasping gripping seizing clinging to holding tight hanging on to holding on to elevating heaving hefting hoisting upraising heightening hiking upheaving bringing up hauling up heaving up hiking up jacking up levering up picking up raising aloft aggrandizing augmenting boosting inflating beefing up bumping up cranking up pumping up stepping up marking up ratcheting up pushing up shooting up associating befriending affiliating connecting uniting linking up hanging onto holding onto keeping hold of keeping possession of retaining possession of collecting fetching getting coming for going for coming and get coming to get going and get going to get withholding declining denying refusing repressing resisting concealing hiding suppressing containing abstaining constraining inhibiting censoring forbearing curbing bottling up covering up holding back standing getting up rising up standing up jumping up straightening up finding your feet picking yourself up getting to your feet surviving enduring prevailing weathering bearing braving overcoming handling surmounting withstanding outlasting wearing breaking through carrying through coming through getting through holding out living through pulling through extending towering coming up moving up reaching high reaching up rearing up standing high sweeping upward helping propping pulling raising up including selecting picking choosing naming electing handpicking nominating specifying adding inviting bringing admitting welcoming pronouncing settling on letting in saving reserving storing hoarding conserving stockpiling banking stashing putting aside putting away setting aside stashing away laying away laying by stowing away keeping in reserve winning conquering dominating succeeding triumphing achieving it being successful coming first finishing first gaining victory reigning supreme winning out beating the opposition coming out ahead defeating the opposition delivering the goods edging the opposition

970 Sentences With "dropping"

How to use dropping in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "dropping" and check conjugation/comparative form for "dropping". Mastering all the usages of "dropping" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Also, "I'm not dropping out, YOU'RE dropping out" is what every candidate says before dropping out.
And that more than covers the dropping in the puddle, the dropping in the sink, the dropping in the toilet.
Not just dropping me, but dropping me in heartbreaking ways.
The drones were coming in, dropping and going, dropping and going.
" He reminds us that "place-dropping is as bad as name-dropping.
Demi Lovato is dropping a new song, and she's dropping it real soon.
And unemployment numbers, they were going down under Obama -- they kept dropping, still dropping.
Violent-crime rates in the country started dropping in 773 and continued dropping throughout the decade.
Clay Wilson, 313, and wife Kelli, 46, small-business owners, Lubbock, Texas People started dropping, just dropping.
No path, no math, no problem — "I'm not dropping out, I'm dropping in!" the governor recently said.
"We're dropping in new content, we're dropping in virtual currency and we're tuning up the engagement," Zelnick said.
But there's a more specific reason to dwell on that pants-dropping moment during a jaw-dropping debate.
Because dropping a lot of money on an iPad is fine, but dropping it without a case isn't.
Google, in particular, forced the issue of dropping http, dangling the threat of a dropping search-engine position.
I'm putting my money on Beto dropping, or at least dropping from a top-tier candidate by late summer.
Oil prices are dropping right now, but the reasons why it's dropping aren't necessarily such good news for consumers.
While the #1 internet treat is Beyoncé dropping a new album, Apple dropping new emoji comes as a pretty close second.
Incongruent conditions: No sound when the cup was shook, but a ball dropping out; or rattling the ball, but not dropping one.
But the first half of this episode is just a long series of shoes dropping, and June's dropping a lot of them.
Name-dropping Pauline Kael, but no other critics, is the film snob equivalent of name-dropping Lester Bangs and no other music critics.
And just as self-pruning refers to dropping bad habits because of your partner's influence, "self-contraction" was coined for dropping nice ones.
That's because, Lyft says, the cost for passengers increased 24 percent, which led to rides dropping 26 percent and driver earnings dropping 15 percent.
In terms of percentages: loot boxes have an 18.2% chance of dropping an epic item, and a 7.4% chance of dropping a legendary item.
Your faithful author Josh Constine dropping the mic like Obama Your faithful author Josh Constine dropping the mic like Obama Featured image via MannyNotFound
Smartphone sales continued their decline in the second quarter, dropping 1.7% from a year earlier, with demand for high-end phones dropping the most.
The temperature is not the only thing dropping this time of year ... these stars are staying hot all winter long with these clothes-dropping shots.
The Pro's higher storage tiers are also receiving a price cut, with the 43GB model dropping by $50 and the 256GB model dropping by $100.
Other market drivers lately have included: Oil prices are dropping right now, but the reasons why it's dropping aren't necessarily such good news for consumers.
Though Pi — or, I should say now, Spansive — is dropping plans for its own cone charger, it's not dropping out of the consumer wireless charging space.
While the motivations for name dropping can vary widely, Campbell said name dropping is often a symptom of narcissism, or an over-inflated sense of self.
In a series of capsules, one dropping in September and the following holiday capsule dropping November, the collection mixes J.Jill's workwear silhouettes with bright colors and patterns.
"It's important to point out that long-term yields are dropping is because long-term inflation expectations are dropping," said Aaron Kohli, interest rate strategist BMO Capital Markets.
That's what we did in The Hill's newsroom as we watched what was surely the most jaw-dropping scene in a consistently jaw-dropping year in presidential politics.
Kaskade's no longer dropping beats at Las Vegas' club Kaos ... he's just dropping lawsuits on them for, in his eyes, screwing him out of a 2-year deal.
Miss America dropping swimsuit competition The Miss America Organization is dropping the swimsuit competition from its nationally televised broadcast, saying it will no longer judge contestants on their appearance.
For some of these reserved instances, prices are dropping by up to 17 percent and for convertible reserved instances with three-year commitments, prices are dropping by 21 percent.
FULL COVERAGE OF LAS VEGAS SHOOTING "People kept picking me up and dropping me, and picking me up and dropping me, because we kept hearing the shots," Sheppard said.
The letter explained that the shutdown resulted in Metrorail ridership dropping by 28503 percent and Metrobus dropping by 22019 percent each weekday and is putting future funding in jeopardy.
The report's author, EEA air quality expert Alberto González Ortiz, said that while the level of dangerous particles in European cities was dropping, it was not dropping fast enough.
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Meats appear to be receiving the deepest price cuts, with Atlantic salmon filets dropping from $14.99 to $9.99 per pound and ground beef dropping from $6.99 to $4.99 per pound.
Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... this was a face-saving move by authorities who avoided simply dropping the charge ... after previously dropping the other charges in his September arrest.
Tech stocks also among the biggest losers — dropping 3.6%.
But I think ... Immediately it's dropping, wait, no. Immediately.
Southern European debt led the way, with the yield on Portugal's 10-year bond dropping 4 bps to 1.79 percent and Spain's 10-year bond yield dropping 3 bps to 1.497 percent.
Biles' next appearance on the international stage will come in Tokyo next summer, where she'll more than likely put on jaw-dropping performance after jaw-dropping performance as she did in 2016.
Dropping Climate Change from List of National Security Threats In December, Trump took yet another measure to de-prioritize climate change by dropping it from the country's list of national security threats.
Over the same period, the percentage of Democratic moderates and conservatives fell steadily, with the share of moderates dropping from 48 to 34 percent, and of conservatives dropping from 603 to 13 percent.
Prostate cancer deaths, which had been dropping, have recently flattened.
She's dropping someone off at the airport at 4 p.m.
Oculus is permanently dropping its Rift headset price to $399.
It should be dropping sometime in the next two years.
"Dropping off OVO J's to some good youts," he wrote.
And the Dow dropping as word of that lawsuit hit.
"The hardest part was just dropping the robe," she says.
And they kept dropping, hitting 37 percent four months later.
Are you right to be terrified of dropping this baby?
But local florists are hurting, and their numbers are dropping.
Well, so am I, and I'm never, ever dropping out!
Cary Grant was enlisted to lecture her about dropping acid.
Is Taylor Swift dropping her seventh album on April 26?
ET, after dropping as much as 2820.40 percent to $2820.30,0.483.
Qualcomm had said on Wednesday it was dropping the bid.
Dropping the exchanges would leave millions without a fallback option.
McDavid dropping truth bombs on Subban was a rare exception.
But, "her blood pressure was just continuously dropping," Michelle said.
I finished my first year and ended up dropping out.
Awards season is kicking up, is that stuff dropping off?
Those costs have been dropping in recent quarters, Carache said.
He stops and falls to the ground, dropping an object.
The Dow had its worst week since March, dropping 2.1%.
I don't feel any regrets for dropping $350 on them.
Stores are going HAM dropping prices left and right. Why?
Birds could have picked up the hints I was dropping.
UnitedHealth Group Inc weighed heaviest on the Dow, dropping 4.8%.
At midnight tonight I'm dropping a collection of new songs!
Shares of Tesla were dropping 10 percent in the premarket.
China is exporting deflation through dropping demand and outbound capital.
Real, heavy tears, building and dropping, heavy as water balloons.
Suzuki gained 3.54 percent after dropping 9.37 percent on Wednesday.
Furthermore, the company is dropping out of the 5G business.
" Kalanick shoots back, "We're not dropping the price on Black.
Dropping a socket isn't that unusual, but what followed was.
On Monday, he said Moore should "seriously consider" dropping out.
The Simple Life star isn't dropping this out of nowhere.
And nobody belittles guys for dropping $500 on Leafs tickets.
Sensor technologies are also advancing rapidly, and prices are dropping.
Bank stocks were also down on Monday, dropping 0.8 percent.
After cleaning, unpacking, and dropping off laundry, I order dinner.
With the White House's shift, he's now dropping the threat.
And how can the West promote democracy without dropping bombs?
We're growing fast, and balls are dropping all the time.
But unlike the American military, they won't be dropping bombs.
"It was crazy, and I just kept dropping," she recalled.
Others are drinking less and some are dropping alcohol altogether.
The floor is literally and figuratively dropping away from us.
Last week, he was in Africa dropping off military personnel.
Reasonably, he was cautious about dropping benchmarking numbers for comparison.
A basket overturned, dropping the girls 35 to 45 feet.
Patients have told him they heard helicopters dropping bombs nearby.
But is it worth dropping a Hamilton on the bottles?
Swift has also seemingly been dropping clues via the media.
Dropping some of the textures back totally solved that problem.
It briefly dived below $10,000, dropping as low as $9,872.
Serious challengers were arrested or coerced into dropping their bids.
However, after markets opened, they reversed course, dropping 1.7 percent.
After dropping him off she called her mother in tears.
And dropping from second to third is Germany's Fraunhofer Society.
The next chocolatey drink dropping is the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino.
Don't even THINK about dropping out of that kick line.
Dropping out puts students in the greatest danger of default.
But lawmakers from both parties are not dropping the matter.
It comes as no surprise that the pound is dropping.
Noisey: Your sophomore tape, Love Love , will be dropping soon.
The D.A. ended up dropping the case, citing insufficient evidence.
Not impossible, but it would require other candidates dropping out.
That includes dropping 38 points upon Zaza Pachulia's haunted dome.
They got the stock market up by dropping interest rates.
Damn. Juicy swindles Andre, dropping him from the Vegas deal.
Microsoft is dropping support for its Skype for TV application.
There were bomber jets made out of dicks dropping burgers.
Do you support these department stores dropping Ivanka Trump's brand?
WhatsApp is dropping its one dollar a year subscription fee.
Airbnb also has been dropping hints about a 2018 listing.
Dropping it applies her hacking effect to everyone around her.
"Walking on set was jaw dropping," he previously told PEOPLE.
Telecommunications operator Ooredoo was the worst performer, dropping 21.2 percent.
Surprisingly, the dealer had no problem dropping off the chips.
Some law enforcement drones are dropping out of the sky
Kanye's tradition of dropping new singles on Fridays is back.
She does not, however, plan on dropping her triple axel.
And I discovered it's not durable after dropping it once.
Wednesday, dropping nearly a half inch within a few hours.
Rick Snyder (R), with dropping the ball in multiple instances.
Brooks actually outscored him, dropping 16 in the final quarter.
Especially when the costs of dropping out are so high?
Rent starts to show signs of dropping in North Brooklyn.
Watching the show is like dropping down a bottomless pit.
US crude futures have stabilized after dropping 7% on Tuesday.
She said the school intimidated her into dropping the suit.
Grocer Shoprite followed close behind, dropping 2.43% to 137.99 rand.
Skin rashes caused by Pseudomonas also seem to be dropping.
Child mortality rates even in rich countries are still dropping.
WhatsApp has announced that it's dropping its annual subscription fee.
The supply of homes has been dropping for three years.
Trump himself earlier attacked Nordstrom for dropping his daughter's brand.
Ezequil Carrera then surprised Clippard by dropping down a bunt.
The Texas Rangers look to avoid dropping seven games below .
We need more research on why ppl are dropping coverage.
We've invested very heavily in dropping that barrier of entry.
Simply dropping the charges, however, will not resolve this issue.
"Woo!" she screamed, dropping to all fours on the stairs.
Only 45 percent disagree with dropping tuition for public schools.
Tsipras's popularity is dropping and his term ends in 2019.
Read More: I loved college but don't regret dropping out.
She said mistakes led to her dropping the second set.
But after dropping a tight first set, Kyrgios gave up.
I'm obviously frustrated with dropping a couple on the 15th.
Equity markets steadied on Thursday after dropping about 3 percent.
"Views is dropping April 29," Drake said on the show.
"I've got to pee," said Reva, dropping her gym bag.
"We dropping bangers," says Swae, holding his hangover water aloft.
Dropping out of this market is a really big deal.
Flu infection rates continued dropping during the week ending Feb.
So when did you finally get around to dropping in?
Costs are dropping so fast it's difficult to keep track.
"It was an utterly jaw-dropping answer — for obvious reasons." 
Beto O'Rourke is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.
"Right now I'm dropping buckets of cash," Mr. Trump said.
Green Bay has lost four of five in dropping below .
Iaconetti: When I was dropping Jared off at his place.
Currently, that proportion is less than 40 percent and dropping.
It felt like dropping acid with Todd Haynes in church.
And then I noticed reader interest dropping, so I stopped.
"I didn't consider dropping him at all," Mr. Ilagan said.
I'm sure there's 20 dimes dropping into Kara Swisher's email.
But even a cyberattack, without dropping bombs, carries significant risk.
Equities swooned again, with the Dow dropping roughly 600 points.
The blissful relief of a ball dropping through a hoop.
But asked about dropping straws altogether, Ms. Bell was aghast.
" The Hill: Trump: Warren dropping out "three days too late.
Stay tuned for the video dropping tomorrow on our YouTube.
So he announced he was dropping out of the race.
Amazon held up relatively well, dropping 10% over that stretch.
Cross your legs, dropping your back knee to the ground.
Mr. Stone is animated, laughing and dropping bits of trivia.
Boston regrouped after dropping the first two games at home.
"It was like dropping from grace to grass," she said.
I wouldn't be dropping everything to fly to North Carolina.
My mom is 90 years old and still dropping gems.
On the fourth shot, he connected, dropping the jetpacked soldier.
As a result, dropping Franco did not necessitate a reshoot.
She contemplated dropping the charges and trying to move on.
Demi Lovato is seemingly very close to dropping new music.
What debate about dropping sponsorship happened between two Intel executives?
So it's not surprising to me his numbers are dropping.
Den Dekker batted leadoff, dropping CF Michael Taylor to seventh.
We really have to work at dropping these numbers down.
And I obeyed immediately, a little frantically, dropping my sunglasses.
Dropping an outrage bomb destroys any opportunity for candid discussion.
Nearly 210 percent of pregnant surgery residents consider dropping out.
Young said he was dropping someone off and heading home.
His oxygen level was dropping, as was his blood pressure.
"I'm not dropping the HBCU plan," Warren said, when pressed.
Daily activities such as dropping the kids off to school?
Robinson was not a senior and was not dropping out.
Premiering Thursday with new episodes dropping weekly at 6 a.m.
Stepan clutched his left knee after dropping to the ice.
He said he never considered dropping his stop in Guam.
Even if him dropping out of the presidential race doesn't.
Enrollment is stabilizing after dropping almost 30 percent since 2010.
Republican Garland Tucker is dropping his primary challenge against Sen.
In some cases, students end up dropping out of college.
I slipped, dropping all of the popcorn on her head.
People are dropping out of them and registering as independents.
Emirates NBD bank was among the biggest fallers, dropping 24.2%.
"Both of them attempt to disincentivize dropping coverage," Banjeree says.
Meanwhile, we had friends dropping off bags of Whole Foods.
And a prosecutor who shocked everyone by dropping the case.
It's true that most Americans don't realize crime is dropping.
I feel like dropping to 185 is the best choice.
It has 22 and Iliana dropping pickup lines on Kylie!
Purists would probably wish for an even slower descent, but it does seem to strike the right balance between dropping you down to the level of Musk's utopian tunnel project and not actually dropping you.
NHL star Auston Matthews is off the hook in his pants-dropping case ... he settled with the woman who accused him of dropping trou in front her -- and apologized again for the incident on Friday.
In fact, he's done even better, dropping an impressive 75 lbs.
Dropping some new Assistant integration ahead of the big Pixel debut.
Donald came in at number 444, dropping from 418 in 2014.
Crude prices rebounded after dropping on Monday on mounting trade worries.
Before the Walmart partnership, Ford was dropping off Domino's pizza orders.
Nordstrom also took a hit after the bell, dropping 6 percent.
Journey with us into the jaw-dropping world of luxury beauty.
Eight new gold-plated compacts will be dropping on April 5.
Over on Instagram, the movie's official account has been dropping introductions.
Nvidia was the second-biggest decliner on Monday, dropping 7.8 percent.
She's going to be wearing a ton of jaw-dropping jewels.
Part two of Jim's interview with Bill will be dropping soon.
If prices are stagnating or dropping, there's probably a reason why.
We're thinking some of these admission committees are dropping the ball.
How about dropping it from a helicopter at a lower altitude?
Alexa's skills go further than just dropping a tight flow though.
Fantasia Barrino is looking healthy and fit after dropping 20 lbs.
But if anything, the final product is even more jaw-dropping.
The cookie company is dropping not one, but two candy bars.
Therefore, equity risk premiums are inexorably dropping towards the flat line.
The oxygen levels are dropping, and you just don't know why.
That's about all the puns I'm dropping today on CNN 10.
Could she be dropping a hint about her next album title?
They&aposre dropping bombs all over the place every six months.
Apple's share has been dropping steadily in the last few years.
We do not want people burning out and dropping out. Yeah.
The car's price tag is perhaps more jaw-dropping: $3.4 million.
But then, clickbait began dropping into the lake of public opinion.
Dropping out and going it on your own definitely entails risk.
In most other states, the number of abortion clinics keeps dropping.
Cecchinato romped to the title without dropping a set all week.
"WANTED for dropping his fiancée's ring in @TimesSquareNYC!" the NYPD tweeted.
Most people know Devialet for its expensive, jaw-dropping Phantom speaker.
Is Ocean dropping really obscure Quentin Tarantino references in his songs?
INGRAHAM: Sometimes in mass I&aposm dropping words left and right.
Starboard may start other contests, he said, without dropping further hints.
The people featured here quit their jobs in jaw-dropping ways.
Your track is dropping on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots.
A glut of apartments means long-term rental prices are dropping.
I end up dropping my house key and get locked out.
"It's difficult when demand for your product is dropping," he said.
What's the most hype thing about Drake dropping this album is?
She endorsed Obama "immediately" after dropping out in June, she said.
Shares of Delta have stumbled this year, dropping nearly 18 percent.
These boxes have a random chance of dropping something you'll want.
The manifesto, which is 73 pages long, tends toward name-dropping.
With half the world's population at risk, why is aid dropping?
Why Is TV Suddenly Dropping All Of Its Monica Lewinsky Content?
But this is changing because prices of computing devices are dropping.
She continued, calling out L'Oréal for dropping her from its campaign.
Now, her new boyfriend Cody Simpson is dropping the subtlety altogether.
"The U.S. dollar is dropping like a rock," one banker said.
Now, citing disagreements with her attorneys, she is dropping her case.
Sony is dropping the price of its two PlayStation VR bundles.
She only finished 16th and 15th on Wednesday, dropping to 10th.
Fear, which causes her to shoot a man dropping off supplies.
He started off light and spacey by dropping some philosophical gems.
HK/SIN, dropping from levels near 0.333 earlier in the week.
As they pursue that ideological goal, states are dropping premium assistance.
Because the British one keeps dropping to new three-decade lows!
Those little percentages add up when dropping a lot of cash.
Crime has been dropping steadily, so reducing officer numbers is reasonable.
Meanwhile, he thinks supply is dropping faster than most people realize.
What Goldman discovers is jaw-dropping in the most delightful way.
Hosts will likely begin dropping the site and bookings will plummet.
It pared gains slightly on Monday though, dropping 1.5% to $9,157.59.
They're worth dropping a ridiculously reasonable amount of your coins on.
Crisis and relief is all about communication and dropping zero balls.
Today, that price is dropping by $100 from $499 to $399.
Not everyone associates fall with dropping temps and lots of layers.
ET, Google's tool had Saint Nick dropping off gifts in Turkmenistan.
The bird let the fox go, dropping him on the ground.
Healthcare stocks also fell, with the healthcare index dropping 1.5 percent.
And this year they were, indeed, jaw-dropping in many states.
There is no point dropping royal hints at your significant other.
The trend growth rate of rich-world economies has been dropping.
Does that have anything to do with the music dropping tonight?
The gigantic cauldron to hold the Olympic flame was jaw-dropping.
Some neighbourhoods are dropping at a rate of 25cm a year.
If incarceration doesn't help, what lies behind the dropping crime rate?
It is dropping even faster in the hotel and restaurant industry.
Brent crude futures settled at $70.99 a barrel, dropping $1.19, 1.7%.
Jump both feet back while dropping your chest to the ground.
Dropping the home button would be a huge change for Apple.
Yet major online banks already started dropping their rates in June.
He insists on dropping them off at my house instead, now.
My Comedy special will be dropping on April 2nd on Netflix.
Now the rial is dropping again, down to 133,000 to $1.
Lamar has become known especially for jaw-dropping awards show performances.
Let's hope the country doesn't end up dropping their tea cups.
And tonight, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, reportedly dropping more bombs.
Qatar's index slipped 0.5 percent with Doha Bank dropping 2.6 percent.
The fetched $0.7145, dropping from an earlier session high of $0.7245.
Fiat Chrysler's sales ran counter to the trend, dropping 14 percent.
It retails for $199.95 — should you be dropping that extra $100?
Dropping out was not an option, she said on her website.
Amazon was the worst performer of the group, dropping 2.4 percent.
They have yet to speak out about the jaw-dropping situation.
Infosys Ltd was the top loser of the day, dropping 3.5%.
It is unlikely that men are dropping out of work voluntarily.
I was a total mess dropping her off at Burning Man.
The cobra name-dropping is due to another characteristic defensive behavior.
The power she has for 115 pounds is quite jaw-dropping.
Tommy's dropping marijuana-themed SMOKEmojis to corner the growing weed market.
There was talk of prominent players and community members dropping out.
Zacha one-timed it past Bernier while dropping to one knee.
Go too far and risk dropping conservatives already wary of it.
Energy prices fell 3.4 percent after dropping 0.6 percent in November.
How did you approach your weight after dropping the first 30?
Now, for me, these things weren't that impressive or jaw-dropping.
But dropping her criticism of Sanders could amount to unilaterally disarming.
Looks of anger and jaw-dropping disbelief flashed across their faces.
Now that I'm dropping an album, I want an Apple commercial.
Since, analysts have reported Chipotle's stocks dropping along with its revenue.
Taylor just announced she's dropping her sixth album on November 10.
Energy prices fell 0.8 percent after dropping 1.0 percent in July.
However, it seems Ford's Fields sees prices dropping faster than that.
"You're raising the standards, and you're dropping the prices," Kamel says.
There's another potential negative to shares dropping off a cliff: recruiting.
In April, Washington said goodbye to Scandal seven jaw-dropping seasons.
Hamburger Helper dropping a fire mixtape was the most 2016 thing.
One hour later, WikiLeaks started dropping my emails into the public.
Dropping people on their head, in any context, is no joke.
After dropping off the buses they, themselves, made their own escape.
And they'll cost you, naturally, a jaw-dropping $1,495 and $1,895.
Elsewhere, factory orders in Germany dropping more than expected in April.
Telecommunications operators were also laggards, with Zain Saudi dropping 1.2 percent.
And then, I noticed reader interest dropping, and so I stopped.
Choi said at the time that she had contemplated dropping out.
Cabrera has been scuffling recently, with his average dropping to .206.
The Switch is notorious for rarely dropping below the $299.99 mark.
New Jersey is also reportedly looking at dropping some marijuana convictions.
The UK government is considering dropping the ban as a result.
She wasn't sleeping, she wasn't eating and her grades were dropping.
Taylor Swift is officially dropping new music this week on Thursday.
This may be why another index, measuring homebuyer sentiment, is dropping.
Westpac Banking Corp extended its fall, dropping as much as 0.8%.
It is dropping out entirely of New York Fashion Week: Men's.
But then it almost immediately starts dropping those skyscrapers on London?
It's one of those juggling acts where the balls keep dropping.
One hour later, WikiLeaks starts dropping my emails into the public.
There was this whole thing of dropping acid and experiencing death.
In July, gasoline prices rebounded 2.5% after dropping 3.6% in June.
In July, gasoline prices rebounded 2.5% after dropping 0.23% in June.
OL) was the biggest faller, dropping 6.4 percent after Facebook (FB.
The city's population continues to fall, dropping below 7,500 last year.
Trump said on Saturday that he would not be dropping out.
Some insurers are dropping out, and others are sharply raising prices.
Seeing the stage for the first time was legitimately jaw-dropping.
For example, let's say I'm dropping someone off at a hotel.
With his numbers dropping in opinion polls ahead of the Nov.
The bigger issue could be usage dropping and impacting ad sales.
But the prospect of dropping out of law school was intimidating.
The supply situation has buyer confidence in the housing market dropping.
In August, De Aza skidded again, dropping his batting average to .
CST (1857 GMT) after dropping to its lowest price since Oct.
Even dropping 2009's contraction, Obama's average was just 2.2 percent.
The agency also said that growth in demand was dropping, too.
In this shot, I'm just dropping something on to my desk.
She says Drama was dropping off his mixtape, not a bomb.
Watch below, and look forward to it dropping on January 27:
Financial stocks lost ground, with the banking sector dropping 1.1 percent.
We're also dropping the second episode of WHAT WOULD DIPLO DO?
The Rays won their second straight after dropping four consecutive games.
After dropping 19.8 percent from its record high close on Sept.
We're told she says she's dropping $17k per month on expenses.
The 2018 Winter Olympics routinely provide jaw-dropping feats of athleticism.
They induced me because her heart rate was dropping during contractions.
The dropping temperature soon caused them to abbreviate their race plans.
The Dow reverted to selloff mode, dropping 786 points, or 463%.
Now we're dropping $603 million in Florida, $3 million in Michigan.
Bloomberg endorsed Biden immediately after dropping out of the 2020 race.Sen.
They have difficulty dropping their sincerity even if they're being funny.
Is it Uber going to SFO and SFO dropping the complaint?
Thankfully, I don't have to constantly worry about dropping this thing.
But it's disappointing news for savers whose account rates are dropping.
Then he cried after dropping off his older daughter at college.
Dropping the naked women dramatically expanded the potential audience for Playboy.
Keep scrolling to see some of Pitallis' jaw-dropping character transformations.
Unfilled orders at factories were unchanged after dropping 0.6% in June.
Failed givers end up dropping everything whenever a request comes in.
Others were overwhelmed with "jaw-dropping shock," as Karen King wrote.
The number of new lung cancer cases has also been dropping.
"People from the community are randomly dropping off detergent," she said.
Echo was dropping her and pouncing on her, again and again.
This one is called WILD YOUT ... dropping links all day today.
Numbers of skiers started declining in 2004, dropping sharply after 2012.
She grabbed his skull in her jaws, lifting and dropping him.
Rand Paul is dropping out now, in part, because he's lost.
Or simply bounced off the rim instead of dropping through it.
Or maybe the penny's dropping now with all these congressional investigations.
That includes dropping limits on hours and the number of participants.
When bombs started dropping on Tehran, the family moved to Maryland.
She endorsed Biden on Monday after dropping out of the race.
The S&P 85033 also fell on Thursday, dropping 4.4 percent.
"You may find people essentially dropping out of conversations," he says.
His father noticed that he stopped dropping his head after errors.
So, where does one begin to unpack this jaw-dropping hypocrisy?
The collections are dropping on a monthly basis, à la Supreme.
O'Reilly's publisher, Henry Holt, currently shows no sign of dropping him.
Buttigieg and Klobuchar answered the call, dropping out to endorse Biden.
In her words There are many reasons for Warren dropping out.
One account he follows suggested dropping an atomic bomb on Pakistan.
Elizabeth Warren announced she was dropping out of the 2020 primary.
It was originally listed at $13,000, with the price steadily dropping.
Rogue policemen attack the Supreme Court, dropping grenades from a helicopter.
It is jaw-dropping that that surgery is something people do. 
I have a magnet that I'm dropping onto another (repelling) magnet.
"There are many bellwether retailers dropping into 'Caa' territory," Moody's said.
Name-dropping without checking in with the person first can backfire.
He is always name-dropping his "great friends" around the league.
"Whenever police officers leave, they start dropping like zombies," she said.
In the poorer areas, real estate prices are dropping like crazy.
The differences could be worth choosing (or dropping) a browser over.
But then it seemed like her chances of electability were dropping.
She says she was coerced by police into dropping the complaint.
"This looks like a good one!" he said before dropping in.
Set your calendars 'cause it's dropping on January 16 at fentybeauty.
G.S.M. is primarily caused by dropping levels of estrogen during menopause.
At university, he studied astronomy before dropping out to follow music.
" The Post sneered at "the jaw-dropping imbecility of this idea.
Sotheby's is no stranger to selling paintings for jaw-dropping sums.
Still, Smollett took the city dropping charges against him as vindication.
The discount doesn't show, but it's been dropping in price recently.
Goods-producing industries added 29,000 after dropping 17,600 a month ago.
Cory Booker recently dropping out and neither Andrew Yang nor Rep.
Dropping blood temperatures can help heart patients, premature babies and athletes.
This Miroco light is $10 off, dropping its price to $29.99.
You're just literally dropping off packages and giving them to people.
After dropping off the Hut, I got on the real queue.
Done right, however, name dropping can be an effective ice breaker.
Name dropping random girls (Jessica, Kim, Erika, Sydney, Syn on "Redemption").
The credibility of the United States around the world is dropping.
Weaker bullion hit gold stocks with Newcrest Mining dropping 1.3 percent.
Beto O'Rourke is dropping out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race.
I don't plan on dropping down to play in any challengers.
The declined 1.4 percent to 2,712.92, with tech dropping 2.1 percent.
The deal would likely involve the two sides dropping legal charges.
If Madonna's dropping the F bomb, I must spring into action.
The river is expected to start dropping today and tomorrow. 5.
Is the White House dropping the ball — or rather, the ovoid?
The yuan is "dropping like a rock," he said last month.
The rocket bombs dropping on London are dropped by the Party.
The slipped 0.1 percent to 2,1.73, with industrials dropping 1.2 percent.
Jay Inslee endorsed Newman before dropping out of the presidential race.
Luis Carlos Díaz (Venezuela)Authorities ignore deadline for dropping journalist's charges.
I'm worried about dropping an earbud and never seeing it again.
N) dropping 3.43 to $215.89 and S&P Global Inc (SPGI.
The prosecutor's office says dropping the charges was just and appropriate.
So for me, people like Bluhm dropping out... that's called progress.
The fell 0.7 percent to 2,818.82 with tech dropping 2 percent.
It's the natural progression from name-dropping in conversation, isn't it?
Machinery orders rose 2.1% in January after dropping 1.7% in December.
I picked up some Korean food before dropping off the burrito.
After dropping out, she began withdrawing from other parts of life.
On March 3, 1982, after dropping 21.1 percent from a Nov.
Dropping into the sky, "you're equal to everyone," Ms. Martinengo said.
"Despite the troops' patient exhortation, he still persisted in dropping out."
Last week Trump played down the idea of dropping the charges.
As for dropping another fat tip like that in the future?
Sulfur dioxide concentrations also fell, dropping 38 percent, the bureau said.
Regardless, this temporary dropping of a long-standing grudge is welcome.
Sales at auto dealerships accelerated 0.7% after dropping 0.5% in April.
It's unclear why Apollo isn't just dropping his belated divorce filing.
John Singleton's always dropping knowledge ... his subject this time around -- Tupac.
Salmon prices have been extremely volatile in 2018 and peaked at about 80 crowns in the second quarter before dropping below 50 crowns three weeks ago before a recovery to above 60 and then dropping again.
Dropping beats, not bombs Jihad Samhat's second act after 15 years of clearing mines for the UN Mine Action Service puts him behind the turntables, dropping beats across the Lebanese capital and promoting local musical talent.
As for Biles, she'll continue preparing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, where she'll more than likely put on jaw-dropping performance after jaw-dropping performance as she did in Rio de Janeiro back in 2016.
These have been long-since decommissioned, but there are mannequins in radiation suits dropping tubes of Uranium-235 into the reactor, which reminded me of Homer Simpson dropping a glowing stick of it into his shirt.
However the active number of players is currently dropping, so maybe double check with your geriatric parents to see if their still playing before dropping mystery amounts of dollars on the device for them as a gift.
Another thing we've seen a lot of lately is brands tweaking their name to something more general, like Dunkin' Donuts dropping the donuts, Domino's Pizza dropping the pizza, and Weight Watchers going to WW. What's that about?
After dropping in premarket trading, Tiffany's stock closed up 2.6% on Tuesday.
As a result, vaccination rates are dropping, and there have been outbreaks.
Officers stopped her as she was dropping her daughter off at daycare.
This is -- imagine somebody coming to your house and dropping off kids.
The good news is that Graham's jaw-dropping sycophancy isn't going unnoticed.
" That's led to CPMs dropping "more than 60 percent year-over-year.
With today's announcement, Microsoft is also dropping the prices for using ACI.
Ateny said the pilot overshot the runway, dropping onto an unpaved ground.
After Watergate, the number took a big hit, dropping to 36 percent.
European stocks fell broadly, with the Euro Stoxx index dropping 65.973 percent.
Dropping you off at the airport & waving goodbye, it never gets easier.
And her style prowess goes way beyond name dropping brands on records.
"Walking on set was jaw dropping," Farrell tells PEOPLE about the film.
But Assange didn't feel that dropping the documents was a high priority.
But again, Lake Mead's still dropping, so we haven't done enough yet.
The R+R face mask will be dropping January 31st on sephora.
McDonald's, Foot Locker, and Estee Lauder reported jaw-dropping pay gaps, too.
This season, expect more tears, surprising break ups and jaw-dropping revelations.
With no warning, the dropping things, the hallucinations, the disorientation would return.
"Day by day we could see the water level dropping," he said.
Dropping phones that aren't mine in water will forever make me cringe.
Click through to see a few of his most jaw-dropping looks.
Dropping out of college has worked out pretty well for Palmer Luckey.
While you were dropping your knowledge, I continued to watch the monitor.
The main thing is the Second Amendment EP that's dropping July 4.
"The Chase Sapphire Reserve sign-up bonus was jaw-dropping," McQuay said.
He's now 25-12 overall, and 5-3 since dropping to featherweight.
Biotech stocks have also lagged, dropping nearly 9 percent in one month.
Fixed wing aircraft were also used to practice dropping bombs on targets.
Silver ETF traded down 1.57 percent, dropping to a 30 day low.
But Trump cast doubt that candidates dropping out would stop his momentum.
So far, the lake is dropping at about eight inches per hour.
How awful is it to see your own intestines before dropping dead?
Though Netflix, too, still operates a DVD business, its numbers are dropping.
They were planning to cross the song over by dropping the Spanish.
I still have conditioned layers dropping off of me by the day.
Plus, dropping a Beatle from your record is a cool power move.
Sure, in some parts of the country, home prices have been dropping.
Then it lurched clear off the edge, nearly dropping to the floor.
"I was just worried about dropping the snap," the wide receiver said.
Nest is dropping support for one of its products on May 15.
More than just dropping support, the product will cease to work entirely.
"Dropping Georgia over principle won't cost the company much economically," he said.
Never worry about dropping your phone again with the Torras finger ring.
Golden State had won five consecutive road openers before dropping Sunday's game.
It's a very Houston moment, everybody dropping everything to help each other.
Jennifer vanished May 24 after dropping her five children off at school.
Oil prices fell, with Brent crude dropping for a fifth consecutive day.
Shares of Tesla are down more than 43% this year, steadily dropping.
Rosneft, Lukoil and Western companies are also dropping big projects in Russia.
For good measure, do you like dropping two bills on flip flops?
So, technically, Drake's not the only one dropping weight in Meek's hometown.
The problem was, the bindings had a very low chance of dropping.
The two-year yield later fell, dropping four basis points to 0.70%.
Baltimore has won two straight games after dropping eight in a row.
The pulled back 0.7% to 2,840.23, with the tech sector dropping 1.8%.
Taylor Swift isn't the only artist dropping new music videos these days.
The triple double involves a jaw-dropping double backflip with three twists.
Her upcoming, highly anticipated album Thank U, Next is dropping on Friday.
I frequently played with dropping my voice over the drive-thru headset.
And here it is, it may get stolen, we're dropping it off.
Dropping out of the events in Mississippi is in a similar vein.
The French film festival traditionally brings out glitz and jaw-dropping gowns.
They help with dropping off and pick-ups, getting Aaron dressed, breakfast.
" Jones then asked if the president deserves credit for "dropping black unemployment.
These audits go beyond Apple dropping in on businesses to interrogate workers.
During the interview, the execs were dropping mini-scoops left and right.
I may or may not be dropping a mix tape on Wednesday.
Get these if you want to risk dropping $250 down the drain.
WATCH THIS: Have Chip and Joanna Been Dropping Pregnancy Hints for Months?
The dropping altitude is shown on the right side of the frame.
For beginners, she suggests dropping to the knees to keep proper form.
My stomach was turning and flipping and dropping like the tide's swells.
But these breakthroughs have also come with equally jaw-dropping price tags.
Concordia's stock has fallen significantly this year, dropping more than 59 percent.
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"I'm not name-dropping," he said as reporters in his office laughed.
Specifically, payment processing fees are dropping from 3 percent to 2.5 percent.
This season of Survivor has delivered all sorts of jaw-dropping moments.
Greyhound told authorities to stop dropping off immigrants inside its bus stations.
I never thought of dropping out of school, not for one second.
Firefox data shows dropping plugin crash rates as sites convert to HTML5.
In summer 2017, Nike executives debated dropping their sponsorship, the Times reported.
Shares slumped toward the bottom of the benchmark, dropping over 9 percent.
Shawn Carter has been dropping hints about his side hustle for years.
Meanwhile, people of principle are dropping from the Trump regime like flies.
And why keep dropping the amount of equity they were asking for?
U.S. Treasury yields were little changed after dropping to multi-week lows.
Chipotle and Coty were less beat up — dropping by around 10% each.
Given this new development, the Department of Justice is dropping the case.
All major Saudi banks were weak, with Al Rajhi dropping 0.8 percent.
HK/SIN, after dropping 20.47 percent overnight and briefly dipping below $22.
Augmented reality is currently a jaw-dropping technology searching for practical applications.
Maybe focus on tracks off her upcoming album Joanne, dropping October 21?
Abu Dhabi's index also failed to hold onto gains, dropping 20.7 percent.
United's stock fell sharply on Tuesday, dropping $1.4 billion, according to Fortune.
All that stuff end-to-end, and we were not dropping invites.
Then it began dropping, to 18% in 1989 and 16% in 2000.
"Mom is dropping him off in August," the source says of Jolie.
Id Software ended up dropping Denuvo from Doom after it was cracked.
That follows years of cigarette smoking among teens dropping to record lows.
The most oft-cited reason for girls dropping out is family obligations.
As we predicted, after weeks of teasing, IHOP's dropping its big news.
Go deeper: Wall Street fund fees are dropping at an astonishing rate
The book is brimming with jaw-dropping minutiae of medicine's gory days.
After dropping off passengers, they will be able to take themselves home.
Energy was the worst-performing major S&P sector, dropping 1.3 percent.
You've got seven whole episodes of jaw-dropping documentary footage to enjoy.
Brian Elliott made 34 saves, dropping his record to 3-6-6003.
ISS has recommended that GE's shareholders vote in favour of dropping KPMG.
So proud of you dropping back to back albums & fulfilling your dreams.
Suncor has cut production due to the fires and dropping oil prices.
So, and we&aposve seen approval ratings and media outlets actually dropping.
Not quite 20 years later, Larry's jaw-dropping projection now looks conservative.
It's a simple option for dropping in and serving up some treats.
GOODSTEIN: Here&aposs why I think his numbers are dropping below 40.
Bird went 22-for-2000 the previous night, dropping his average to .
"Obama out," he said, kissing the peace sign and dropping the mic.
At first, I couldn't even sit up without my blood pressure dropping.
This puts teens at risk for dropping out of the healthcare system.
News of Sorbo dropping out of the film was inaccurate, Loeb said.
Denver has won four straight after dropping six of its previous seven.
Trump has long embraced Brady's apparent support, name-dropping the QB frequently.
TNT's Drop The Mic is dropping Jussie Smollett's upcoming episode, PEOPLE confirms.
As for Hidden Folks, as beautiful as it is, I'm dropping it.
Despite dropping serve late in the second, Bertens wrapped up the match.
Blasting music while dropping off your younger sister is peak older sibling.
It seemed that Mr. Pruitt's stock among the G.O.P. was dropping fast.
Sales at building material stores rebounded 0.5% after dropping 1.5% in May.
In fact, maybe we could just consider dropping the whole campaign altogether.
That will hurt margins, especially if crude prices rise with production dropping.
Turnover in the second-hand market is dropping for a few reasons.
Playing Uncharted 4 on this display had my jaw dropping at times.
He made headlines after dropping $275,133 on the canvas on opening day.
He's now 23-6 overall and 3-1 since dropping to flyweight.
" Ross says dropping the weight has made him feel "a lot better.
Spivack couldn't resist casually dropping in the tardigrade part of the story.
Total capex continued to decline, dropping 231% yoy in 1H16 to CNY1.1bn.
The field has indeed winnowed since July, with five candidates dropping out.
Jobless claims are seen dropping to 265,7503 for the week ending Dec.
In honor of Fate of the Furious dropping today, it was time.
After dropping two new singles "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity," on Jan.
The settlement means Erica Kinsman is dropping her lawsuit against the school.
Potter suggests dropping by a classic bar for a pre-dinner drink.
Rand Paul is dropping out of the race for the White House.
It's dropping on April 24 and you can pre-order it here.
The dropping cars sequence in New York is next level for me.
Raleigh, NC, saw the largest plummet, with tech listings dropping by 14.6%.
He also ran, briefly, in 2007 before dropping out over the summer.
WhatsApp is dropping its subscription fees to access the popular messaging service.
The financial sector weighed on the index, dropping 1.58 percent on Friday.
I was angry at the rehab for just dropping him in town.
Atlanta school backtracks after dropping Pledge of Allegiance , adding &aposWolf Pack Chant.
It involved uncomfortable conversation, awkward moments and even some jaw-dropping confessions.
I will be seeing him tomorrow and dropping a hefty 180 pounds.
He did say, however, that "2 new records" will be dropping tonight.
For Kanye West, dropping singles is becoming a New Year's Eve tradition.
Here are five takeaways from a jaw-dropping debate in St. Louis.
Enough marmalade-dropping panic: time to give cost-benefit analysis a go.
Programming the CodeBit is as easy as dragging and dropping in Scratch.
Marvel movies thrive on dropping little connections in split-second trailer moments.
Dropping a huge average of 1.2 million tons in catches every year.
Sanford announced on Tuesday that he was dropping out of the race.
But sales of other, more expensive items, such as cosmetics, are dropping.
CNN said it never reported Carson was dropping out of the race.
A single suspension can double the odds of a student dropping out.
VPNs are also less reliable than ever in China, constantly dropping out.
Shortly after the killings, NATO bombs started dropping bombs on Serbian positions.
Analysis: The Memo: Five takeaways from Trump's jaw-dropping performance with Putin.
The data also show that insurer competition is dropping slightly in 2017.
"Oh my God," his father said, dropping his head into his hands.
I can envision oil dropping as low as $45 by mid-January.
Sanders called for a recount Monday night before dropping the issue Tuesday.
Sunday's loss to the Eagles is nothing but the other shoe dropping.
The costs have gone [down], they're just dropping every decade just radically.
Among the major changes Trump shared was dropping any timeline for withdrawal.
At the moment, that lake of super-hot molten rock is dropping.
Less worry about dropping them onto the train tracks or toilet bowl!
Franzen's sales are dropping, but not because of his essays about birding.
Shore distressed his parents by dropping out of school before he graduated.
Last month he claimed the Swiss indoor title without dropping a set.
Two Florida Republicans are dropping out of the race to replace Sen.
Dropping that restriction would benefit U.S. consumers as well as Cuban exporters.
European stocks fell broadly, with the Euro Stoxx index dropping 65.493 percent.
That's where dropping a pin in Google Maps can come in handy.
The panel ruled in favor of Hennessey, dropping any charges against him.
Some Americans believe the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima on Aug.
Sure, dropping hundreds of dollars on road races is not for everyone.
Lloyds continued to rebound after dropping following its own results on Wednesday.
People were dropping off food and drink for the soldiers, he said.
John Kasich (R-Ohio) sensibly followed by dropping out the next day.
I love the convenience of just dropping the iPhone down to charge.
But Ms. Carter said that prices for three-star hotels are dropping.
He starts with two observations: Rates of disease after disease are dropping.
While the 10-year yield is not dropping because of economic worry.
Such a reconciliation will also mean dropping the language of the battle.
A jaw-dropping moment A marine scientist almost ended up as lunch.
She even sees the possibility of oil dropping into the high $8003s.
But dropping a nuclear bomb into a hurricane isn't a good idea.
Your strength is in numbers, and the number of workers is dropping.
This device makes chopping as easy as dropping veggies into a basket.
As for dropping $20 mil on a pad, they can afford it.
It's a confection, full of spangles and name dropping and box steps.
Always they stare warily, cautiously, at one another, eventually dropping their gazes.
Viki's sister, Maya, is in the habit of dropping by without warning.
But in 290, the actor is dropping his talents into your pocket.
Record-high ocean temperatures that don't appear to be dropping anytime soon.
Hispanics, after dropping by 5.4 percentage points, are now down just 0.2.
All while dropping the weight from the M10's 1.05 pounds to .
The 14 injured were the result of Charlottesville authorities dropping the ball.
Trump needs to surpass that high mark, while not dropping below Sen.
He started by dropping the price dramatically and reaching out to restaurants.
Also shocking was that Aja didn't get the references she was dropping.
A CNN national poll showed Biden's support dropping 10 points since May.
Yes, we are dropping the Rockies for being bad at being bad.
If we can do so without dropping our entire paycheck, even better.
With her attacks dropping from triple digits to as few as six.
I wouldn't think about dropping White until I saw Lewis in uniform!
He walked away from his deal after dropping Searching Sylvan in 2014.
And with solar cells dropping in price, it will become increasingly obsolete.
When she travels, she stays in fancy hotels with jaw-dropping views.
Losses eventually justified finally dropping the service by the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Name-dropping Michael don't make you cool and won't win you votes.
Islamic lender Masraf Al Rayan was the main laggard, dropping 3.9 percent.
"There is nothing that will cause his dropping out," Mr. Giuliani said.
The singer has been on a roll recently, dropping hit after hit.
Banking shares were hit hardest, with Samba Financial Group dropping 2.8 percent.
It includes dropping your knees to the ground before holding a plank.
Elizabeth Warren, announce that she'd be dropping out of the Democratic primary.
My friends were dropping like flies, and the government wasn't doing anything.
"Suicide is not an option," he told her, dropping his gruff demeanor.
Temperatures are dropping, and OMG, it's now dark well before 6 p.m.
But what's behind the markets dropping 723 percent so far this year?
Let's take the Howard Schultz dropping out of the presidential race example.
Palladium fell 0.7% to $1,548.94, dropping after three straight days of gains.
Qatar's index edged down 0.1% with market heavyweight Industries Qatar dropping 1%.
Still, Ismail's jaw-dropping run helped him become even more well-known.
Yes, that's what ... The dime dropping is going to be the problem.
"All day we hear planes flying overhead, and bombs dropping," he says.
And here's Kristen Stewart dropping an f-bomb during the SNL monologue.
But by adopting intermittent fasting, that cognitive load number was steadily dropping.
Automakers in Europe were among the worst performers, dropping about 3 percent.
But after dropping last year, rat sightings are again on the upswing.
Dropping it, smashing a screen, the toilet situation, the pool situation, etc.
For years, insect populations have been dropping worldwide without a clear explanation.
He did, with his ball clattering against the pin and dropping in.
Ford said last year that it was dropping sedans from its lineup.
That means keeping the policy but dropping the attempts to be cool.
The site is dropping the "The" and will just be called Wirecutter.
Dropping easy passes that Bortles threw accurately could be a major problem.
The methods include trapping, shooting and dropping lethally poisonous sausages from airplanes.
Poll workers afraid of being exposed to the virus are dropping out.
Ms. Torres would bus around town, picking up applications, dropping off applications.
Elsewhere in financial services: Morale at Deutsche Bank's U.S. operations is dropping.
KIMMEL: Did you ever try accidentally dropping his phone in the toilet?
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) keep dropping relative to his performance in 220006.
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) keep dropping relative to his performance in 21625.
Shipments to France and Japan, two other major markets, are also dropping.
Just 1 day after dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, Gov.
Rival equipment company Caterpillar (CAT) has taken a hit too, dropping 8%.
Aaron shacked up for 12 nights, dropping $300k just for his lodging!!!
Weld announced on March 18 he was dropping out of the race.
The number of severe patients is dropping, and there's competition for them.
But after dropping the first set, Sevastova fought back in the second.
"I'm so sorry you did that," he said, dropping his voice low.
Dropping down into the graveyard felt like stepping into a forgotten world.
German stocks were the worst performers in the region, dropping about 1.9%.
Heavyweights declined, with Samsung Electronics losing 1.24%, and SK Hynix dropping 1.98%.
Lesbian bars are dropping faster than drag queens on a slippery stage.
Australia is helping wildlife like wallabies recover by dropping vegetables from helicopters.
Sharapova celebrated that win Monday by dropping to her knees and weeping.
But don't count on him — or the series — dropping the refined impoliteness.
He could be a repeat winner after dropping his E.R.A. to 2.51.
The NYSE Arca airlines index rose 21% after dropping 523% on Tuesday.
"I'm here on a dropping," he told them, hoping for the best.
I successfully eat and drive without dropping cream cheese on my lap.
Dropping by to check up on him, Elizabeth found an empty house.
You can watch the Lakers jaw-dropping video tribute to Bryant below.
Didi Gregorius followed by dropping a soft liner into shallow left field.
It came in danger of dropping below its 50-day moving average.
One video showed a teenager racking a gun, dropping something, then firing.
SPNY was the worst-performing major S&P sector, dropping 1.3 percent.
Energy stocks felt the heat, with the sub-index dropping 1.5 percent.
Elsewhere, British bonds outperformed, with yields dropping by 5-6 basis points.
Another video showed a helicopter dropping water onto flames near a home.
Those restrictions had led to Planned Parenthood dropping Title X federal funding.
Luis Severino committed two, in the same game, dropping throws to first.
He wound up going 0-for-4, dropping his average to .188.
But diesel vehicle sales have been dropping since Volkswagen's deception was uncovered.
I wasn't showing any signs of my grades dropping or bad behavior.
" — JIMMY KIMMEL "He had less than 1 percent and he's dropping out.
Mr. Keirstead, citing favorable polling figures, said he was not dropping out.
Time to make room for all the new s--- dropping in 2020!
Dropping temperatures and heavy rainfall have compounded treacherous conditions for displaced civilians.
Mr. Lawrence began skipping classes before dropping out in the 11th grade.
MacOS Catalina took the final step, dropping support for 32-bit applications.
First Solar struggled with improving Chinese technology as well as dropping prices.
They'll only risk dropping the business rate from 35 to 25 percent.
The textured back definitely helps keep me from dropping this expensive thing.
Rates in Kentucky will fall the most, dropping premiums by about 5%.
"As I was running, I saw my chances dropping," Cespedes said afterward.
Brent crude was yet to trade after dropping nearly 1% on Tuesday.
After dropping out of college, Steve Jobs still audited the occasional class.
Here are eight jaw-dropping allegations in the lawsuit against the President.
And there are a jaw-dropping number of great entries in here.
At first, the musical "Marry Harry" seems to be about name-dropping.
But Petty Officer Peters separated from the others, dropping out of view.
The currency continued dropping during May's speech to as much as $1.3488.
This way, I can test the waters before dropping my current client.
Washington (CNN)Danny Tarkanian is dropping his bid to unseat Nevada Sen.
The common currency was steady at $1.0748 after dropping 0.3 percent overnight.
Semiconductor-related plays were also down, with Tokyo Electron dropping 3.55 percent.
ET, after briefly dropping to a nearly four-month low at $71.04.
I am not dropping out, I am fighting all the way through.
Here are eight of the late CNN host's most jaw-dropping moments.
"Insurers are already dropping customers because of wildfire risk," Mr. Lara said.
The unemployment rate is seen dropping to 4.3 percent from 4.4 percent.
Islamic lender Masraf Al Rayan was the main laggard, dropping 25 percent.
Now, add one more fear to the list: worries about dropping out.
Luxury real estate prices are dropping in many parts of the country.
Animation of atmospheric circulation, showing a series of storms dropping into California.
August 28 - Gillibrand announces she is dropping out of 2020 presidential race.
October 533 - Ryan announces he is dropping out of the presidential race.
The director posted on Instagram Sunday in celebration of dropping 51 lbs.
Another judge in attendance at Sessions' speech, Denise Slavin, recalled jaws dropping.
There is, however, one major upside to the dropping temperatures: the boots.
Investors are signaling there in no chance of rates dropping to zero.
The freshman senator proved a bust, dropping out of the race yesterday.
Chesapeake Energy was the biggest loser of the day, dropping 7.2 percent.
A shot is heard and she collapses, dropping something from her hand.
The strikes included a B-52 Stratofortress dropping 24 precision-guided munitions.
Despite dropping temperatures, cold beverages continue to be popular with Starbucks' customers.
Golden State won its second straight after dropping back-to-back decisions.
Dubai's index slipped 0.2% with blue-chip developer Emaar Properties dropping 0.4%.
Within days of Harris dropping out, however, Biden's campaign can claim progress.
Shares of Snap were under pressure during the call, dropping double digits.
Lead was the laggard, dropping 0.8% in London and 1.4% in Shanghai.
Apple is also dropping the Watch Series 3 price tag to $279.
Make sure you are comfortable dropping down from whatever height you're at.
It's possibly the most shocking statement in this often jaw-dropping movie.
IBEX ended down 0.7 percent, after dropping as much as 1 percent.
"Dropping the donut was not a stunt," he later confirms for viewers.
Dropping just one plane from inventory generates 3,358 years of college money.
"I can't stop dropping them," another employee called out to the group.
Government figures showed the bottom dropping out of sales after the arrests.
One firm said it was dropping its lawsuit (at least for now).
But enrollment in food stamps among the migrant population is still dropping.
Edgewell shares closed out Thursday dropping 6.2 percent to $33.55 on Thursday.
She tinkered by bringing in new players and by dropping old ones.
Shares in several Italian banks were suspended from trading after dropping sharply.
Around the world the number of new HIV cases is steadily dropping.
It doesn't matter if NFL ratings are dropping — advertisers can't get enough.
That's why developers are dropping support for Oculus Rift over his actions.
And that doesn't mean dropping a dime to me or anybody else.
He's now 18-5 overall, and 4-1 since dropping to welterweight.
"North Finchley," she told the driver, dropping her cigarette on the pavement.
Now Bavor is dropping apps to focus squarely on virtual reality products.
For France, meanwhile, it feels as though everything is dropping into place.
The decline was broad, with imports of consumer goods dropping $1.1 billion.
Her pace slowed, but walking or dropping out was not an option.
The rapper scored this incredible spinning chain after dropping a whopping $425,000!!!
Post-ACA, the percentage of Americans without health insurance is rapidly dropping.
Meanwhile, white guys are proudly dropping acid on their way to work.
Note also that if we are really down to just Rubio and Cruz as the only viable alternatives against Trump, it looks like Rubio dropping out would help Cruz far more than Cruz dropping out would help Rubio.
One of the things Thompson and colleagues would like to do is something that could be considered a recreation of Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment, but dropping atoms from different elements, rather than dropping far larger objects.
At one point in his Oval Office remarks, Trump referred to dropping America's largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan in 2017, and said that dropping more of them would be the "easy solution" to ending the conflict there.
" He brought it to an emotional crescendo, talking about the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, race-rioting[...] soul-shaking, redneck, love-and-fear-making, heartbreaking town of Freehold, New Jersey," before dropping into the first verse of "My Hometown" itself.
The number of illegal immigrants flowing into this country is dropping, not rising.
The flow of total immigrants peaked in 2005 and has been dropping since.
Rivals Anthem Inc and Cigna Corp also slid, dropping 6.8% and 7.8%, respectively.
All of these have been shown to increase the likelihood of dropping out.
The changed hands at $0.6940 after dropping to levels around $0.690 last week.
It showed iQOS sales dropping about 2000 percent from that January to May.
Births and fertility The number of births in the US just keeps dropping.
We had this Titanic idea when all the companies were dropping her products.
Imagine both of the pop stars dropping new music within the same timeframe.
India's currency, the rupee, also surged early in the day before dropping back.
Skrein later announced that he was dropping the role after facing intense backlash.
In Asia, stocks also fell, with the Japanese Nikkei 225 dropping 0.51 percent.
Business sales rose 0.2 percent in August after dropping 0.3 percent in July.
Later Thursday, Icahn said he was dropping his lawsuit against the computer maker.
But we did a conference call yesterday, people were dropping in and out.
So, how does he go from catching bad guys to dropping dope beats?
"Walking on set was jaw dropping," Farrell tells PEOPLE of the new film.
Dropping acid can be a wonderful, enlightening experience, or a deeply traumatizing one.
HHS hopes that will discourage people from dropping in and out of coverage.
Meghan Markle wasn't the only one wearing a jaw-dropping dress this weekend.
Me and Al were dropping acid and doing all sorts of weird shit.
That's the sound of the blade dropping, and Flash, finally, thankfully, mercifully dying.
But just because Sweden is dropping the rape charge doesn't mean he's free.
Fish populations flee reefs during seismic testing, with numbers dropping by 78 percent.
But it's so jaw-dropping, you may want to prepare yourself in advance.
The University of Colorado is considering dropping the word "liberal" its mission statement.
My dad drops me off at the Caltrain after dropping off my sister.
Luxury goods firm Burberry was the biggest faller, dropping more than 5 percent.
It was a jaw-dropping counterpoint to Trudeau's carefully cultivated image of calm.
Zipline started national drone delivery networks, dropping medical supplies in Rwanda and Tanzania.
Each day the retailer will be dropping new goods at marked-down prices.
Lester later helped the offense by dropping a squeeze bunt which plated Schwarber.
The biggest spending based on keyword searches came from the ACLU dropping $37,500.
Semiconductors fell broadly with the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) dropping 6 percent.
Shares are down 21.3% in premarket trading after dropping 20.4% on Monday. 299.
The women are dropping like flies on this week's episode of The Bachelor.
Apple took some fire for dropping the technology, though most others followed suit.
Last month, gasoline prices rebounded 2013 percent after dropping 2201 percent in July.
Condors were dying of lead poisoning, their numbers dropping as low as 22.
"A good soup needs cream," said the farmer, dropping in a fat dollop.
Each day has brought fresh jaw-dropping tales of bribery, murder, and betrayal.
Our opponents are dropping points, but our vision is not in our hands.
After dropping them into my empty shopping cart, I put them right back.
Like dropping in temporary cell phone communication networks or broadcasting them from drones.
Global alcohol consumption has been dropping as consumers find other vices — like marijuana.
She's been dropping hints left and right about a possible skin-care launch.
Dropping at least $700 to get an iPhone 8 is a hefty burden.
Recently, though, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director started dropping hints.
What if you could hatch an egg by dropping it in your bath?
Koum sold WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014 for a jaw-dropping $19 billion.
In recent weeks, however, they have been dropping with more supply made available.
I was just freeballing, just dropping songs, doing whatever the fuck I want.
Nike is dropping another pair of self-lacing sneakers on All-Star Weekend.
It stands to reason fans would get a jaw-dropping, relationship-ending conclusion.
One fact, however, is undeniable: People keep dropping these things onto subway tracks.
After its emissions scandal, Volkswagen is dropping its extravagant ways and firing staff.
If there are civilians around that target, I am not dropping that bomb.
You add functionality by dropping in Trello-like cards that perform various actions.
Jeffree Star is dropping a new eyeshadow palette and collection called Blood Lust.
Its same-store sales fell 3.4 percent, dropping for the fifth straight quarter.
The fun lasts until ISIS drones start dropping bombs in the area. Really.
For Mark Zuckerberg, that meant dropping out of college and starting right away.
If so, that could be a sign that healthier customers are dropping out.
In America, condom use is dropping significantly, while STIs are on the rise.
Lynch won for her performance as Olivia Vanderstein in Amazon's Dropping the Soap.
"It's dropping a lot of water and the streets are treacherous," Sylvester said.
Italian bonds also benefited, dropping three to five basis points across the curve.
Combined with custom-designed batteries, its newest model is producing jaw-dropping results.
"His new album is dropping today... For real this time!" someone would say.
HK/SIN, after dropping to a fresh 14.43-year low of $1.2796 earlier.
Khloé Kardashian has been all about fitness and nutrition since dropping 40 lbs.
In a flashback, she remembers dropping a weeping Hannah off at pre-school.
Germany's DAX rose 264.79 percent, after dropping nearly a full percent on Tuesday.
Remember when he ruined CeCe's wedding by dropping a badger from the ceiling?
Well count no longer, because the fourth batch is (finally) dropping this weekend!
Receivers including the great Larry Fitzgerald didn't help, dropping passes on third down.
But we know dropping $2800,2598 isn't always in the interest of self-care.
Unfilled orders at factories were unchanged in December after dropping 0.93% in November.
Thirty years after dropping out, Harvard awarded Gates with an honorary law degree.
Trump attacked the retailer on Twitter for dropping his daughter Ivanka's clothing line.
Mourners gathered outside the church for weeks afterward, shedding tears and dropping flowers.
This is a shame, because he missed her dropping some seriously important information.
In January, gasoline prices fell 5.5 percent after dropping 5.8 percent in December.
She sank deeper into depression and became suicidal, finally dropping out of school.
The pound, meanwhile, extended losses to a third day, dropping slightly to $1.3067.
Whole Foods reported a disappointing quarter, with same-store sales dropping 2.6 percent.
And then Micah and Davis walk in as Davis is dropping him off.
Oil rig provider Gulf International Services was the biggest loser, dropping 2.3 percent.
The pound plummeted on the Sunderland result and has scarcely stopped dropping since.
Industrial goods and services stocks slid 0.4 percent with Thyssenkrupp dropping 1.3 percent.
Not long after dropping her off, she heard a knock on her door.
Last month, sales at auto dealerships accelerated 0.7% after dropping 0.5% in April.
But they haven't accomplished that even with Iranian and Venezuelan oil exports dropping.
Even then, the stories of his physical dominance are legion, and jaw-dropping.
He likens dropping in on one to occasional Sunday churchgoing in the West.
The started the month with an utterly flat session, dropping just 0.004 percent.
"Funding has been dropping as the student body has been diversifying," Barnard said.
"But above all — go see Collateral Beauty," she said — before dropping the mic.
They collapse into laughter, Farahan dropping to the ground and gasping for air.
"Now you can go f**k yourself," Altman says after dropping the news.
And with bond prices dropping, expected volatility in the bond market has surged.