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"snap up" Definitions
  1. [often passive] (informal) to buy or obtain something quickly because it is cheap or you want it very much

610 Sentences With "snap up"

How to use snap up in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "snap up" and check conjugation/comparative form for "snap up". Mastering all the usages of "snap up" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Traditional buyers of course did snap up other festival hits.
And they snap up portfolios of dud loans from banks.
So he can snap up some properties at cheaper prices.
They're also ready to snap up investments at lower prices.
Why not snap up a new laptop case for them?
Many go to snap up popular books at discounted prices.
Snap up two tangerine arm chairs sold in Ankara, Turkey.
Saudis snap up property in case things go wrong back home.
Snap up this PlayStation 4 bundle with two games for £300
With Genesis, Hyundai hopes to snap up Lexus and Mercedes drivers.
Let's not be dumb about $SNAP, up 47% on day one.
Rival retail investment firms may now snap up some market share.
Editors, struggling for content, snap up all manner of frivolous tales.
Many simply want to snap up popular books at discounted prices.
Here's what we're watching: • Berkshire continues to snap up Apple shares.
Here are our favorite finds to snap up during the Nordstrom sale.
Minor is the lateast Thai hospitality firm to snap up hotels abroad.
But not everyone on the street is ready to snap up shares.
Acquirers also have continued to snap up autonomous vehicle companies this year.
Their objective: to snap up a piece of China's hottest real estate.
Snap up a highly rated 2-in-1 convertible laptop – Save $430
In exchange, Mr. Trump said China would snap up American farm products.
Tourists pose with life-size models and snap up memorabilia in souvenir shops.
In earlier decades, firms took advantage of the recovery to snap up women.
Will Verizon snap up Yahoo's web assets — and what might that look like?
Also, local banks will snap up a sizeable chunk of any new issue.
Some analysts guess it might snap up €5 billion-10 billion a month.
Of 11 new seats being added this year, Barisan will snap up ten.
Where can a gal snap up a pair of those sweet ass sunglasses?
Steinhoff has been dealt better cards since June 23, to snap up discounter Poundland.
If you're hoping to snap up pieces from the collection, though, you better hurry.
Getting a Snap up on a jumbotron isn't as easy as it may seem.
It's more unusual for a cannabis company to, say, snap up a soda brand.
Best snap up a pair of the sequin beauties before it&aposs too late.
There was one analyst last week who bumped Snap up to a "buy" rating.
Players had only an hour to snap up as much property as they could.
Many fear that Chinese investors will snap up the zones' beneficial, long-term leases.
You can snap up savings and better accommodations by booking between January and March.
But at a monthly sale, lovers of Delta Air Lines snap up decommissioned items.
In Britain ten firms snap up half of all contracts (or lead consortia that do).
Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Apple was looking to snap up the startup.
I stay to ask Robertson a few more questions and snap up some hors d'oeuvres.
Buyers soon raided supermarkets to snap up essential items, especially toilet paper and instant food.
T) said it would snap up the British beer business of Fuller, Smith & Turner (FSTA.
Enraptured hipsters snap up everything from mousepads to underpants emblazoned with its dated 1980s design.
We're told Channing moved out a few days ago to snap up something more permanent.
Travelers on routes that are competitive will probably be able to snap up good deals.
The company has signed up 0003 hiring partners who are waiting to snap up graduating students.
But if you're going to look for validation, having Snap snap up a partner isn't bad.
With that, he spotted various opportunities to snap up high-quality stocks at a bargain price.
And if you're thinking hard about what piece to snap up first, DeGeneres has a recommendation!
Sterling may get support in coming days from asset managers looking to snap up undervalued assets.
Here's a list of some of the names Credit Suisse thinks Buffett could snap up next.
"If I were GrubHub, I'd try to snap up Square's non-core Caviar business," he said.
Click through our slideshow for all the info you need to snap up the remaining stock.
MC on Monday, with both trying to snap up one of Europe's last standalone stock exchanges.
Head to Walmart to snap up a discounted Samsung TV for yourself before they sell out!
Even as shares fell, some reports say the campaign moved millennials to snap up Nike stock.
Snap up this great deal and save over £100 on a speaker that delivers on all fronts.
And that doesn't even count the $1 sheet masks people snap up like candy (and maybe shouldn't).
And gossips in the City of London predict that IAG will eventually snap up its budget rival.
It's a book to snap up right away, especially if you like dark, surreal, and creepy stories.
All are enthusiastic acquirers of AI firms, often in order to snap up the people they employ.
It also encouraged foreigners to snap up flats in Sydney and Melbourne, giving construction even more impetus.
Only a few lucky passersby seized the opportunity to snap up Banksy originals for a cool $60.
So if you're looking to snap up some great deals, but you only browse during the evening.
Early bird filers tend to snap up this information and submit their returns as soon as possible.
Anyone who wanted to court favor with the president could snap up multiple properties or purposefully overpay.
And its shoppers are using their gadgets to snap up a wide array of goods and services.
As major labels snap up other groups with far less creativity and drive, I'm inclined to agree.
BLACKYOTO has also started dyeing traditional Japanese work wear, which European and U.S. distributors eagerly snap up.
So you'll need to hurry if you want to snap up this smart product at this price.
Many investors snap up homes — in China, they are mostly apartments — hoping to ride a price surge.
Private-equity firms even used low-cost debt to snap up repossessed properties after the housing bust.
Under Ratan Tata, the group sought to snap up Air India in a privatization process, later aborted.
Britain's decision to leave the European Union, she says, has been an opportunity to snap up talent.
Reports of customers using a bot that could rapidly snap up the early pre-orders were also widespread.
The race is on to keep up with Amazon and retailers are hoping to snap up emerging platforms.
This time around, though, customers will be able to snap up pieces the moment they appear on Snapchat.
Why buy a house in San Francisco when you can snap up something more affordable in New York?
XXX domains at whatever price it saw fit, Manwin argued, and companies that neglected to snap up a .
But some deals are better than others, especially if you're looking to snap up a big-ticket item.
Put another way, Slack doesn't need to be "sold" for investors to want to snap up its shares.
From where Skipper is sitting, those deep-pocketed digital rivals circling don't have a lot to snap up.
Analysts say Asian exchanges are more likely to snap up western peers rather than the other way round.
If you want to score style points in both camps, snap up something from his industrial-look accessories.
Meanwhile, celebrities like Oprah and Woody Harrelson have been known to snap up second homes on the island.
Beyond those events, guests can snap up Sustain lubricants, tampons and the like, or simply wander the store.
Snap up a TAP Strap while you can pay just $169.99, saving 14% on the MSRP of $199.
The gossip among analysts is that IAG is readying itself to snap up its rival if it weakens further.
Investors would be counted on to snap up those bonds, but could demand even higher yields to do so.
For Berkshire-owned businesses, the event's exhibit hall turns into a mini-mall where shareholders can snap up souvenirs.
While sales prices haven't been announced yet, here are 12 deals we're eagerly watching and hoping to snap up.
Canadian shippers fear U.S. refiners like BP Plc and ExxonMobil Corp will snap up the bulk of Mainline capacity.
Workers need not lose out, either—in their jobs or as shoppers able to snap up more durable smartphones.
Helping to keep the whole flywheel going: secondary buyers who are coming from overseas to snap up startup stakes.
Big-spending tourists from China snap up luxury brands in Mayfair in London and the Champs Elysées in Paris.
No selfie is worth your life, and yet people still continue to snap up-close photos with wild animals.
But is it now the turn of the big five U.S. tech companies to snap up some economic prizes?
The collapse of airlines gives rivals a chance to snap up planes, prized airport slots and much-needed pilots.
Citi said the Saudis would not sit idle and watch Iran snap-up market share in hotly contested Asia.
So if you are in the market for an Amazon Echo, a £10 discount is something to snap up.
One of the larger transactions saw Onex snap up Swiss packaging company SIG Combibloc Group for 3.75 billion euros.
Hedge funds these days are in an arms race against each other to snap up the best possible talent.
On Friday it launched a bond-buying bonanza, offering to snap up unlimited quantities in order to calm markets.
He predicts that incumbents in the industry will increasingly snap up or partner with tech start-ups for innovation.
Stock market losses probably would have been worse had corporations not stepped in to snap up their own shares.
Indian capital controls are proving deeply insufficient as overseas investors continue to snap up corporate bonds in the country.
Still, there may not be enough buyers of junk to snap up such newly fallen angels without prices falling steeply.
Canadian shippers fear U.S. refiners such as BP Plc and ExxonMobil Corp will snap up the bulk of Mainline capacity.
Zeta is bolstering its balance sheet to expand and snap up companies that can build its treasure trove of data.
Like the detail that Facebook dropped $20 million in Facebook shares to snap up Sam Lessin's data storage startup drop.
Pepsi Max, a no-sugar offering, is already cheaper than Diet Coke and well placed to snap up such consumers.
Multinationals like Apple, Intel and Google have been eager to snap up local start-ups and set up research centers.
Both IPO's had support from some of these companies' existing shareholders that committed to snap up shares in the offerings.
We broke the story ... Nikki's looking to snap up her own house in the La Jolla area of San Diego.
Rather than slowing shale production, the latest price drop could hasten industry consolidation as bigger producers snap up weaker rivals.
The actor has reportedly offered the owner "everything" in an effort to snap up the property and complete his fortress.
He also said that the anticipation of tariffs boosted demand as customers sought to snap up motorcycles before prices rise.
But in recent years the number of TLD's has greatly expanded, and tech startups often choose to snap up a .
This diva rarely tours because of her damaged vocal chords, so it's best to snap up tickets when you can.
During the anniversary events, Haunted Mansion fans waited for hours in line to snap up new items honoring the ride.
And in June 2018, PayPal announced a $400 million deal to snap up  HyperWallet, which handles payouts for online sellers.
It shows how legacy, non-tech companies continue to snap up tech startups to help catapult themselves into the future.
About 10 cornerstone investors including Chinese insurers and state-owned companies are expected to snap up 60% of the deal.
The company is hoping to snap up some food service workers who have been laid off during government-mandated shutdowns.
With SoftBank in your corner, there's probably always another $100 million lying around you can snap up to avoid filing.
The lack of targets with adequate scale beyond Somos is forcing other acquirers to snap up schools or grow organically.
Even falling markets come with a silver lining: They give investors the opportunity to snap up stocks on the cheap.
As more product comes to market, investors could be expected to demand higher yields to snap up all the supply.
The British upper classes were generally hostile to the American invaders who threatened to snap up their eligible young men.
Strategists said stock market futures strengthened heading into the day, and bargain hunters stepped in to snap up beaten-down shares.
If the federal government ever legalises the drug, tobacco firms would probably swoop in and snap up small, fast-growing firms.
Ahead, snap up some of the fitness world's best deals for the new year, for the beginners and gym rats alike.
And it's no wonder, given the $500 billion market and the rate at which the enterprise giants snap up emerging players.
From there, you can amp up each ensemble with a few notice-me pieces, like white bombers and snap-up sweats.
If you want to mimic this look, you'll have to snap up the coat quickly or pray to the eBay gods.
With rivals including Swisscom, Temenos or Avaloq also keen to snap up business, "various outsourcing partners will co-exist," he said.
That same broker used bots to snap up the majority of tickets to the 2015 Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas.
Land prices are up by as much as a fifth since April, real estate agents say, as developers snap up farmland.
The move comes as Chinese firms led by Anbang Insurance Group Co seek to snap up cash-rich overseas hotel companies.
Owners of prestige wineries in Bordeaux, Burgundy and elsewhere are making rosés; some are flocking to Provence to snap up wineries.
Groupon launched in November 2008 but grew rapidly by offering quick, cheap deals that would-be customers could snap up quickly.
Gagosian and his collector-clients snap up more, more, more, weathering crashes (in 1990, in 2008) and hiccups with bullish confidence.
As China's economy boomed, state and local governments along with American companies looked to snap up some of those Chinese funds.
Suddenly, Chinese companies are racing to snap up all things Bollywood — partnerships and distribution rights, but also Indian directors and screenwriters.
However, both diners would snap up a $6 bundle, allowing them to sate their appetites while shelling out $12 in total.
Microsoft is also working to aggressively snap up as much of this space as it can, so there is plenty of competition.
It's an engaging and interesting history, and I'll bet that someone is going to snap up the movie rights at some point.
But that doesn&apost mean bargain hunters can&apost snap up the plenty of older homes for sale in the mid-$200,000s.
The entrepreneurs and investors were wagering that these newly empowered consumers would snap up furniture, shoes and baby supplies at record rates.
Three of your favorite brands teamed up with famous faces for new fall campaigns, with items you'll want to snap up ASAP.
The company has been using the proceeds from the sale of non-performing real estate loans to snap up single-family homes.
All this means Snapchat has an opportunity to snap up advertising dollars, making it even more valuable in the eyes of investors.
But when you're deep-pocketed like Saudi Arabia, you just snap up some extra farmland, doesn't matter where—or at what cost.
The tourism industry, which once employed more than one in ten Egyptians, is slowly reviving as foreigners snap up cheap hotel bargains.
The ministry wants to give OFZ buyers one more chance to snap up the debt after the main session of the auction.
The question is whether the gains from any business they snap up from China will offset the slowdown in China-centred trade.
Some believe commercial brewers may eventually snap up craft names in Asia, as has been the case in the U.S. and Europe.
So far, more deals have been rumoured than actually completed (the Qatar Investment Authority is poised to snap up the London hotel).
You'll need a prescription from your doctor or a letter of medical necessity to snap up those allergy treatments, according to WageWorks.
For $20, "Grey's Anatomy" fans can snap up a cosy candle inspired by fictional neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey.
Anyone who wanted to court favor with the President could snap up multiple properties or purposefully overpay, without revealing their identity publicly.
Eager JCPenney shoppers will be able to snap up its Black Friday deals almost immediately after they've finished Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Extended families snap up new-age villas and Victorians, but rows of one-room cottages — dubbed tiny houses — run plenty farther inland.
Past falls in the rouble have prompted brief spending sprees by consumers looking to snap up electronics goods before prices are raised.
It opened with historically low price-earnings ratios, which allowed canny leveraged buyout investors to snap up solid companies at bargain prices.
Buyers also have to contend with builders who snap up modest houses in cash deals, enlarging or replacing them with expensive properties.
The stock sale sets Snap up as the most valuable American technology company to go public since Facebook nearly five years ago.
For that reason, investors generally shouldn't snap up more than five individual stocks, or else they may end up overwhelmed, said Freeman.
Customers are flocking to the discount chain to snap up deals, enabling it to hit a 29-year sales streak in 2018.
These are gaming the system to snap up the visas so they can replace American workers with less expensive, temporary staff members.
American consumers have been scrapping their cable television subscriptions in order to snap up entertainment offers from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu instead.
How quickly their heads snap up at the first loud crack, and that frozen second of silence before the terror sets in.
They snap up research organizations wholesale – just ask Carnegie Mellon's robotics program about Uber – and try to trap genius with shortsighted equity plays.
The currency has been hit by a lack of confidence among Turks, prompting them to snap up record holdings of dollars and gold.
But still, buyers have continued to snap up essential items, toilet papers and instant food in particular, leaving shelves empty at local supermarkets. 
Unilever, a big conglomerate, has begun to snap up local brands, such as Weiss ice-cream bars in Australia, to maintain market share.
But you better hurry, because this rate, Bella and Gigi might snap up all your favorite styles before you get a chance to.
Bigger than that, however, is the impact on the TV industry: will more tech companies now snap up prime-time live TV rights?
And each time the groups' fortunes have worsened, hedge funds eager to snap up their debt at bargain prices have begun to circle.
In return, the fund is expected to snap up Trident's equity and flip back to profit the operations of the fledgling diagnostics provider.
Investors who snap up a stake in a start-up they spot on Indiegogo are most likely stuck with it for many years.
A protest called "Say Nope to the Pope" encouraged critics of the church to snap up free tickets and then skip the events.
Affluent Chinese families seeking a foothold in a stable democracy snap up most of the visas, which are capped at 10,000 a year.
Young women and girls pack Ariana Grande's concerts, snap up her songs the moment they're released and follow her every social media post.
These performances, combined with Manning's retirement, led the Texas to snap up the quarterback a bumper deal, $37 million of which was guaranteed.
People hold them until they're at peak value, dump them on the resale market, snap up another potentially lucrative pair, rinse, and repeat.
Since Oman did not join the embargo, the airline can still fly anywhere it wants, allowing it to snap up business from bigger rivals.
That would allow them to snap up talented Brazilian teenagers, say, who are currently ruled out by their low cost or lack of experience.
Another is the fact that foreign buyers, who snap up London flats as investments and status symbols, are giving Brexit Britain a wider berth.
The takeover offer is the latest example of corporate China's ambitions to snap up overseas semiconductor firms to build up its domestic chip industry.
For kicks, it could snap up the rights to C.L. Moore's Jirel of Joiry stories, featuring a tough female warrior who fights supernatural beings.
" But Eid shot back, "If the solution to getting your class to snap up is using the n-word then you need different strategies.
Jay Z tried to snap up all the unreleased Prince music that was unearthed at Paisley Park after the singer's death ... TMZ has learned.
High achievers know that they can treat the application process as a formality because recruiters have been ordered to snap up the brightest sparks.
For years, drillers have spent more cash than they generated, borrowing heavily to snap up acreage and increase their output at seemingly any cost.
The lira has been hit by a sweeping lack of confidence among Turks, leading them to snap up record holdings of dollars and gold.
Despite the unrest, Sinopec was quick to snap up a stake in Egypt's "valuable" assets, Shao Jingyang, Sinopec's general manager in Egypt, told CNBC.
DE), Puma has enjoyed a revival in the United States as shoppers snap up its retro styles instead of basketball shoes, hurting Nike (NKE.
There is no big reason for Chinese consumers to snap up gold at this time, with no long holiday or festival ahead, he said.
It's also a bad moment for anyone who tried to "buy the dip," or snap up stocks at cheap prices when they fell previously.
It's a move that has hit overseas sales of property developers, which have historically been somewhat reliant on wealthy Chinese to snap up units.
Some are havens for second homes and money seeking safety: foreigners snap up half of London's princeliest dwellings, according to Savills, an estate agent.
But others will follow a trend that started last year and show in-season designs for spring/summer that consumers can snap up immediately.
Vivendi, which is seeking to build up a media powerhouse in southern Europe, would then snap up Mediaset Espana, which is performing very well.
He said the move is not like the 2013 snap up in yields after the Fed surprised the markets by pulling back on easing.
Any time an opponent ducks in on his hips, Vick begins trying to get in front of their shoulders and snap up the choke.
Buyers snap up short-term debt — driving prices up and yields down — if they believe the Federal Reserve is going to cut interest rates.
Brokers say another factor is that builders snap up older properties the second they hit the market, to tear down and replace with townhouses.
But before that gets started (on April 193, so snap up tickets now), the company will take a look back at its founding innovators.
Maersk Line, which holds about 15.5 percent of global capacity, has said it is ready to use its financial muscle to snap up struggling competitor.
News that ANGI will snap up Handy Technologies Inc, a New York-based startup offering small tasks at fixed prices, quickly followed on October 143.
When protests against Nicolás Maduro, the autocratic president, were at their height last year, some foreigners hoped to snap up homes at fire-sale prices.
GSK has declined to join a mergers and acquisitions spree that has seen many other large pharmaceutical companies snap up smaller rivals in recent years.
In the meantime, JPMorgan and others will try to snap up the air rights of properties such as St. Patrick's Cathedral and Grand Central Station.
And hey, this has gotta be a boom for local businesses and vendors, who are definitely out in force to snap up customers. Win-win!!!
That adds to concern that Apple may further lose momentum in China, where slowing economic growth may prompt more consumers to snap up cheaper phones.
Rising income inequality has led to poorer residents being squeezed out of central areas as wealthier inhabitants and investors snap up real estate, campaigners say.
Chemchina said recently it is looking to snap up seed assets that rival Bayer must sell to gain regulatory approval for its takeover of Monsanto.
LONDON (Reuters) - La Mancha Group plans to buy more underground gold mines in Africa and is ready to snap up mines that Barrick Gold (ABX.
Investors privately told Reuters that they hoped a short-term depression in UK stock prices would help them snap up company stakes on the cheap.
Another $2 million went to purchasing campaign swag — the T-shirts, mugs, stickers and "Make America Great Again" hats — that his avid supporters snap up.
For e-commerce site Peter Manning, this market has generated big sales as customers snap up its clothing, which have been proportioned to fit smaller measurements.
The worst case nightmare scenario is that telcos will snap up Huawei's technology and install its equipment in every nook, cranny and corner of their networks.
Amazon had been so eager to snap up inventory that it agreed to buy $1.5 million worth of scooters from Berg, equal to about 4,000 hoverboards.
You must redeem this download code before June 14, so you need to act fast if you want to snap up this package and avoid disappointment.
Elite cars in China can cost more than 250 percent of their U.S. price, he said, so wealthy students are eager to snap up the deals.
It would also put Snap up against tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook, which haven't had any luck expanding the tech outside of a gaming audience.
All three Gulf states are trying to snap up farmland in east Africa, part of a broader effort to secure food supplies for their arid countries.
This affords the animal a surprisingly wide range of cranial mobility—and allows it to open its jaws to horrific angles to snap up prey whole.
CTG's offer of €9.1bn ($10.8bn) for EDP, which was made on May 11th, will further unsettle those suspicious of China's desire to snap up European assets.
"A surge in consolidation between Japanese companies is driving M&A activity, as businesses snap up the less efficient within a crowded market," the report said.
Those who choose to remain in California's Silicon Valley think they'll snap up a home in the neighboring cities of Sunnyvale, Mountain View and San Jose.
It will also bid for well-known prestigious properties and snap up real estate on sale because of insolvencies at bargain prices, GEG's chief told Reuters.
Analysts said the deal was encouraging investors to snap up the existing debt in anticipation of being offered lucrative terms to switch into the new bond.
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, the Chinese parent of auto brands Volvo and Lotus, just finalized its latest acquisition to snap up next-gen transportation startup Terrafugia.
At first the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), a government-backed fund, had seemed certain to snap up the company, and the Nikkei said little.
Shares of SK Networks, a unit of SK Group, were up 6.6 percent on Tuesday afternoon on speculation that the conglomerate may snap up Asiana Airlines.
Presumably the House GOP would snap up the available seats (no doubt the Senate chamber has a maximum capacity mandated by a fire marshal with jurisdiction).
But if consumers snap up Netflix-inspired T-shirts, games and action figures, the company could be looking at a new, multi-billion dollar business opportunity.
Wall Street investors and others are still expected to snap up Uber's stock because it is growing quickly in a consolidating stock market with fewer I.P.O.s.
In an area where investors often snap up apartments to sublet them, rentals can also be found in condos like Metropolitan Tower, Museum Tower and CitySpire.
Spectators, unlike London in 2012, have not rushed to snap up tickets and television pictures, broadcast around the world, show empty seats in almost every venue.
The shop has realistic model guns as well as hunting gear, according to a Reuters report, which added tourists were expected to snap up the famous brand.
Replacement buyers in smaller markets - many of which already had relationships with U.S. meat producers - quickly stepped in to snap up much of the pork industry's surplus.
In the past decade, companies like Facebook, Google, and Salesforce, wanting to be closer to where their workers live, have rushed to snap up downtown office space.
Partially this is because doing so might snap up legitimate accounts that only appear to be fake, but also partly because the real manipulators are getting smarter.
It could snap up a substantial competitor to help counteract cooling growth elsewhere, just as it did in the Middle East by acquiring Souq two years ago.
Some enterprising firms are quick to snap up trademarks that are known overseas but not registered locally, in the hope of a pay-off down the line.
On the left Bernie Sanders draws the largest crowds, who snap up badges bearing the motto "Feel The Bern", or imitation Andy Warhol portraits of their hero.
The historically low price arguably made the original Air among the most iconic laptops in history, so this a great deal to snap up while you can.
Consumers continue to snap up sport utility vehicles and trucks at a brisk pace, spurred by a rising stock market, low interest rates and favorable manufacturer incentives.
Though members of TIGER 21 are positioning themselves more defensively, they're still willing to snap up an opportunity — if they've had the chance to kick the tires.
A year earlier, in a "phantom recall," it had sent agents pretending to be ordinary shoppers to snap up some 88,000 problematic Motrin tablets from store shelves.
Those who have "racecar brains" snap up information; those with "hiker brains" take longer to assimilate information but, like a hiker, perceive more details along the way.
Hong Kong's financial sector jumped, as China's yield-hungry investors continue to snap up shares in the city's listed lenders for their high dividend and low valuations.
Other companies, including Anbang Insurance Group, Fosun International, and the HNA Group, have also capitalized on cheap loans provided by state banks to snap up trophy assets.
General Electric and Senvion, two of the top 10 global wind turbine makers, recently announced deals to snap up rotor-blades makers in a bet on integration.
But that doesn't rule out people rushing to snap up necessities, such as food, water and battery so on, fueling local shops' turnover and make a temporary push.
The company said that slower sales of some smartphones would have little impact on overall DRAM demand as other phone and PC makers would snap up the chips.
Turkish government officials are concerned, but the country's tourists have taken advantage of the plunging currency to snap up luxury goods at stores like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.
The method creates a literal air bubble cage for their meal, in this case herring, which allows the whales to more easily snap up small fish and krill.
As this Coindesk analysis notes, the markets will be deeply volatile during this stretch and could remain so as risk-taking buyers snap up coin on the downswing.
Healthy returns allowed the company to snap up airports in Italy and France; toll roads in Latin America, Poland and India; and a 15.5% stake in the Eurotunnel.
Sacconaghi wrote that while he understands why some investors would snap up the stock and treat it like a high-end consumer brand, he's still a little skeptical.
Called "renegade roundup," the mode gives each player a chomping piranha plant, and the goal is to snap up as many members of the opposing team as possible.
But Martin said such a decline represents a rare buying opportunity, a chance to snap up Alphabet shares at a relatively cheap price considering the "overdone" regulatory concern.
These programs, which are also known as "deferred interest financing," allow buyers to snap up big-ticket items and avoid paying interest for a specified period of time.
If so, it could provide a counterweight to the Match Group, which tends to snap up every new dating app as soon as it reaches a critical mass.
That left Snap up 37 percent from its $17 initial public offer price, but still down more than $23 from its peak in its second day of trading.
After a cash-burning competition to snap up music rights, China's content regulator last year demanded music streaming sites share 99% of their rights reserve with each other.
To convey such a powerful message through such an accessible collection that track pant-wearing, free-thinking millennials will no doubt snap up, is not an easy task.
That decline was partly caused by yields tightening across emerging markets and partly by foreign investors returning to snap up a $7.5 billion Saudi bond issue in January.
Still, if President Donald Trump decides to enforce Iranian sanctions in earnest, oil prices could snap up again as a chunk of supply is removed from the market.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has long been a favoured playground for sovereign wealth funds from around the world to snap up glitzy skyscrapers, banking stakes and posh department stores.
For lobbying firms there is a rush to snap up potentially lucrative contracts, but also pressure to deliver as the tech industry faces one of its toughest battles.
CTBC Financial, which is actively expanding in the region with its latest plan to snap up the Malaysian unit of Royal Bank of Scotland, was up 1.23 percent.
Less than two weeks after raising a fresh round of $25 million, FullContact has opened its checkbook to snap up India-based startup Profoundis in an undisclosed deal.
Germany has reacted to last year's foreign dealmaking frenzy by raising the bar on criteria for overseas acquirers seeking to snap up domestic targets in tech-heavy industries.
Sanchez said the restriction's aim was to prevent prospective buyers from taking advantage of market volatility and a widespread slump in equity valuations to snap up companies cheaply.
There had been talk that banks would flock to the ECB loans and use them to snap up higher-yielding peripheral government bonds in so-called "carry trades".
Deadpool I Love Chimichangas Zip Up Ladies Hoodie — $217 (list price $230) See Details Fans who are looking for more classic apparel can snap up this hoodie instead.
Ofcom believes these restrictions will free up the other two providers, Three and Telefonica's O2, to snap up spectrum, but Three said the proposals did not go far enough.
That would offer another significant avenue for Square to snap up additional customers as it looks to chip away at the alternatives available for directly sending cash between users.
"Microsoft's bid is also notable in that it shows large incumbents are opening up their wallets to snap up publicly traded assets that have traded down," TCV's Yuan said.
Like German rival Adidas, Puma has enjoyed a revival in the United States as shoppers snap up its retro styles instead of basketball shoes, hurting Nike and Under Armour.
As Sprint's rival AT&T seeks to snap up Time Warner for $85 billion, Sprint's CEO called the acquisition "a bold move" while also reiterating the need for regulation.
Larger vendors witnessing the emerging category were quick to snap up a few players in the nascent space to stake out their position (SmartThings, Axeda, ThingWorx, SeeControl and more).
The company is sitting on $250 billion, so it has plenty of cash to snap up a proven self-driving system once the market evolves and begins to consolidate.
The city's property fever was captured on a viral surveillance video that showed buyers breaking down doors to snap up units of a newly-launched property on September 24.
Henry Pryor is a property buying agent at the luxury end of the scale who believes that buyers should take advantage of the current uncertainty to snap up deals.
Wells's strength during the crisis allowed it to snap up Wachovia, a regional bank whose dense network in the eastern part of country perfectly complemented Wells's in the west.
With AI talent in short supply, Google's latest push in China is also an opportunity for the company to snap up top researchers in the world's second-largest economy.
I eagerly snap up these deals and pat myself on the back for being smart, but then notice the exact same item regularly priced even lower at another store.
It could make a big deal for a company like Discovery, or snap up a handful of smaller companies in key growth areas like content production and ad-tech.
While it's been able to snap up users thanks to its simpler approach, those enterprise deals are always more lucrative and serve as a stronger business line for Dropbox.
The California-based brand, known for its graphic, delightfully clashing prints, also shared a few snaps on Instagram, announcing that you you can already snap up the colorful looks.
The acquisitions will fuel expectations for a busy year of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as large drugmakers snap up promising assets from smaller rivals to help revive growth.
He said it didn't really make sense for Americans to snap up guns at such a frantic pace, because coronavirus ain't something you can take out with a bullet.
Through the company, Mr. Clarkson said, he has seen how longtime locals have been pushed out of their homes by developers looking to snap up land in Little Haiti.
It was unclear whether a protest called "Say Nope to the Pope," which encouraged people to snap up free tickets and then skip the events, was having an effect.
In the 1920s, Americans dived into the market to snap up shares of a range of companies churning out the technological marvels of the day, like automobiles and radios.
Now, Goldman Sachs' decision to snap up $2.8 billion worth of Pdvsa bonds maturing in 2022, at a 70 percent discount to the market price, has struck a nerve.
There are now more than 30 different VIX-themed investment choices (including some that use leverage, amplifying gains and losses) that investors can snap up on a public exchange.
As Twitter's shares continue to decline, it'll become easier for activist investors to snap up increasing control of the company and force it to take action that fits their agenda.
That means that Apple investors are going to get more of an opportunity to snap up the value the company has created over time as it's continued to grow significantly.
In London, the majority of journalistic attention paid to Ireland in the Brexit context is a suspicious sideways glance that Dublin may sneakily snap up some of our banking jobs.
Buyers including rich museums snap up works spanning 7,000 years of art history, ranging from limestone reliefs from Egypt's Old Kingdom to renaissance masterpieces from Tuscany and the Low Countries.
After a cash-burning competition among companies to snap up music rights, China's content regulator last year demanded music streaming sites share 99% of their rights reserve with each other.
Drivers are queuing for hours, and sometimes overnight, hoping to snap up some of the last drops available at fuel stations around Abuja, Lagos and other cities around the country.
Tesla shares have fallen more than 26% over the last three months, but have bounced 15% in June as more optimistic traders snap up the stock at the lower price.
Shares of Snap, Facebook and Twitter have all been soaring in 2019, with Snap up a whopping 162%, Facebook tacking on a 55% gain and Twitter climbing more than 30%.
All of this growth happened as other supermarket chains shut down stores and let leases expire, which left plenty of retail spaces for Whole Foods and Amazon to snap up.
The market was little moved after the data, however, with all the focus on Trump's tariff threats and the subsequent move by investors to snap up even more government debt.
And Ikea certainly is playing catch-up, given that Amazon, Target, and Wayfair have all introduced shopping experiences featuring augmented reality, all meant to inspire shoppers to snap up products.
She said the landlord, New Settlement, is regularly approached by buyers hoping to snap up its 17 apartment buildings, which are in the Mount Eden neighborhood of the west Bronx.
Kernel's debut deal, the first from a Ukrainian firm since 22.8, drew investor bids for almost three times that amount as investors raced to snap up high-yielding emerging bonds.
America was "lucky enough" to snap up Wernher von Braun, the man credited with inventing the V2, and his hardware would go on to aid the first American in space.
Over the past two years, Alibaba has been jostling with close rival to snap up strategic partnerships with brick-and-mortar retailers who remain keen to reach Chinese consumers.
She was also among the first to snap up and promote designers including Ms. Karan, Giorgio Armani, Azzedine Alaïa, Kate Spade and Tom Ford at the start of their careers.
Whether you're shopping for your first styling tool or upgrading an existing one, sale seasons are the best times to snap up bigger-ticket items like curling irons and straighteners.
By investing now, it'll help the firm better position itself to snap up the best talent ahead of an anticipated cybersecurity worker shortage — an estimated 1.8 million workers by 2022.
Still, should a company that big slide, it could remold the high-yield market as investors would be counted on to snap up those bonds, but require even higher yields.
In a call with investors, executives of the low-cost gym chain pointed to its appeal to casual exercisers and ability to snap up vacant swaths of retail real estate.
While most might focus on the sheer size of the bra they're trying on, the style you snap up can also have an effect on how well the bra fits you.
Kids probably won't stick their PS4s in a closet, but if they spitefully snap up a Switch or Xbox to play with their friends then that's money out of Sony's pocket.
Foreign companies looking to snap up U.K. property will be forced for the first time to publicly reveal the names of their owners, Prime Minister David Cameron will announce on Thursday.
Britain's looming exit from the European Union risks denting the economy but in the meantime the weakness of sterling has made it cheaper for foreign buyers to snap up UK assets.
Smaller producers are concerned large U.S. refiners like BPPlc will snap up most of the contracted capacity, leaving them scrambling for the smaller slice of the pipeline open for spot volumes.
It's the launch of yet another designer collaboration at Lane Bryant, and now that we've gotten a sneak peek, we're readying ourselves to snap up every piece of Prabal Gurung's collection.
Britain avoided a collapse in mergers and acquisitions activity in 2016 as foreign companies used sterling's spectacular devaluation against the U.S. dollar to snap up British companies, Thomson Reuters data shows.
So if you're looking for a spacious house and don't mind having a roommate who walks around in a bathrobe, be sure to snap up the mansion before someone else does.
The sale runs until February 24, but the hottest items are known to sell out fast (hello, Something Navy!), so you'll want to snap up your favorites while you still can.
DISH Network, however, decided to game the system by creating front companies, which it used to snap up spectrum reserved for smaller carriers (and save itself $3 billion in the process).
If oil prices stay elevated, retail investors who snap up 0.5% of the company, with the help of loans from local banks, will have been motivated by more than national pride.
Among them is a bill that would give the agency the power to crack down on people who use computer programs to snap up tons of tickets to high-profile events.
Scammers fatten their wallets at your expense, using your credit card or sign-in credentials at a merchant's website to snap up goods and then sell them on the secondary market.
Critic score: 63%Audience score: 36%Netflix description: "A feared critic, an icy gallery owner and an ambitious assistant snap up a recently deceased artist's stash of paintings — with dire consequences." 
The biggest players, including industry leader ArcelorMittal, China's Hebei Iron and Steel Group (Hesteel) and India's JSW Steel are looking to snap up assets across the world as the market rebounds.
The catch: There's no popular, privacy-conscious alternative to Facebook waiting to welcome defectors, the way Lyft was standing by to snap up disenchanted Uber customers during the heyday of #deleteuber.
With few new opportunities in the primary syndicated loan market, investors sense a chance to snap up loans in the secondary market, which has sunk as fears of the virus grow.
On James Lee Burke's website, in addition to the usual swag, you can snap up a $48.95 "vintage Indian head belt buckle" that's a copy of the one the author wears.
Warren has specifics about how to reduce their influence; she wants to undo the mergers that allowed Facebook, for example, to snap up WhatsApp, rather than compete with it for users.
The company is poised to snap up an even larger number of tax filers who use software to prepare their returns than last year, a recent survey by Guggenheim Securities found.
BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Eastern Europe's chronic labor shortage is feeding into corporate takeover activity, with some companies making acquisitions to snap up skilled workers or obtain expertise needed to expand their businesses.
Sinosphere HONG KONG — Hong Kong's Lunar New Year fairs draw thousands of visitors who stroll past stalls of potted narcissus, snack on fish balls and snap up the latest plush toys.
In the transcripts, Powell said at the September meeting that private equity investors appeared eager to snap up U.S. companies, which suggested the economy was still on good long-term footing.
American stocks and bonds have benefited, as global investors exchanged their currencies for dollars — pushing the value of the dollar higher — and then used those dollars to snap up financial assets.
The move underpins Apollo's strategy to snap up cheap mining assets and team up with a mining firm able to extract the necessary cost savings to make the purchase pay off.
The only question is who should get the money: the investors and performers and creators, or a speculator who managed to snap up the tickets the moment the box office opened?
It's because the company is able to snap up newly available leases before information on them is released to the public, a Reuters examination of state mining department data has found.
The U.S. is not alone in concerns about foreign dealmaking: Germany, for one, raised the bar on criteria for overseas acquirers seeking to snap up domestic targets in tech-heavy industries.
"If we get a pullback going into the company's earnings report next Wednesday, I would snap up some shares and then wait to process the results before buying any more," Cramer said.
Instead, carriers would prefer the FCC auction off a big chunk of 6GHz they can snap up for additional cellular, which they argue the US needs to be a leader in 5G.
Euronext is looking to bolster its size and may snap up any assets LSE or Deutsche Boerse are forced to sell to satisfy antitrust regulators, according to sources familiar with the matter.
The greenback was propelled higher by strong U.S. housing data - the latest indicator to suggest the American economy is outgrowing rivals, encouraging investors to snap up the U.S. currency in recent weeks.
Republicans, it might seem, should snap up a book arguing that the left has gone overboard in focusing on members of minority groups at the expense of "ordinary people" in middle America.
The result was that big Japanese banks were in a position to snap up some of the business left behind as American and British banks retrenched in Asia after the financial crisis.
Last year, it seems that everyone who's anyone unleashed their own collection of highly coveted goods that fans were quick to snap up for themselves or resell online at a hefty markup.
China's crude import demand hit an all-time high in October and is expected to stay strong to year-end as independent refiners snap up cargoes to use up their import quotas.
The extra capital opens up opportunities for Pendo to engage more freely in M&A activity — enabling the company to snap up some smaller competitors and perhaps an augmenting technology or two.
Nearly all of the world's technology giants, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Baidu, are competing fiercely to hire the best AI experts, snap up start-ups and pour money into research.
The peso ended the day around 5% higher at 57.4 pesos per dollar, according to traders, who said the chance to snap up rock-bottom pesos had also contributed to the jump.
While fishing rights programs typically seek to support small-scale fisheries, there's a danger that they end up favoring large, multinational corporations, who can snap up all the rights at top prices.
Whether you snap up a new Tesla (high-end models can exceed $100,000) or a more modest Chevrolet Volt, now might be the time to make the purchase before the year ends.
While some bottles are pricey, you can still snap up a bottle of Louis Roederer Brut Premier (non-vintage sparkling wine from Champagne, France), for a little less than $50 on
It has been able to snap up assets cheaply, including a recent agreement to buy a 35 percent stake in three potentially oil rich blocks off Senegal for $350 million from ConocoPhillips.
Back then, many collectors and advisers would rush upstairs to the cutting-edge galleries on Art Basel's first floor to snap up the latest abstracts by artists in their 22014s and 21.4s.
That's when "Made in Japan" abruptly stopped being a source of mirth, Americans began to snap up Toyotas and Nissans in big numbers, and Detroit sank into a profit-and-jobs bloodbath.
Larger estates, some outside Pomerol, are on the lookout to snap up smaller holdings, while I have heard of new plantings of cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot in response to climate change.
This has been particularly helpful when it comes to competing in online grocery, which later forced Amazon to snap up Whole Foods in order to have square footage closer to its customers.
The Fed began purchasing $60 billion a month to expand its balance sheet and increases reserves, after problems in the short-term funding market created a temporary snap up in overnight rates.
Before you snap up the $399 Apple Watch Series 4, don't forget an even more valuable heart health device you can put on your wrist for under $50: a blood pressure monitor.
Innovation Interactive soon started to snap up advertising and marketing companies such as 360i, SearchIgnite, and Netmining, and eventually sold the business to agency holding company Dentsu for $275 million in 2009.
It may be hard to imagine liking an airline enough to buy its old silverware and service carts, but at a monthly sale, lovers of Delta Air Lines snap up decommissioned items.
Bypass sticker shock and snap up big-ticket items at Cyber Monday prices, such as Amazon Fire TVs for $74.99, Sonos PLAY wireless speakers for $149, and HP wireless photo printers for $49.99.
So far, the most-watched item of the holidays is a Mermaid Tail Blanket, which comes in a rainbow of color options, so you can snap up coordinating fins for your whole squad.
The greenback, by contrast, was propelled higher by strong U.S. housing data on Tuesday - the latest signal the American economy is outperforming rivals, encouraging investors to snap up the dollar in recent weeks.
Under Hees, Kraft Heinz lost half its market value, as it ceded market share to competitors and failed to snap up Anglo-Dutch consumer giant Unilever Plc in a proposed $143-billion merger.
Cramer Remix: $5 stock to snap up before earnings Cramer: 'Massive layoffs' main theme in earnings Cramer: The undisputed champion of the airlines The difference in opinion stemmed from two misconceptions, Souki added.
So I think you're OK." Cramer Remix: $5 stock to snap up before earnings Cramer: 'Massive layoffs' main theme in earningsCramer: The undisputed champion of the airlines TG Therapeutics: "Speculative stocks aren't working.
General Motors (GM) announced today it plans to snap up Cruise Automation, a San Francisco-based startup making sensors that turn regular vehicles into ones that can drive themselves, for an undisclosed sum.
With the original Ghostbusters film celebrating its 35th anniversary this month and another entry of the franchise in development, there's no better time to snap up one of these larger than life models.
Funds including Neptune, backed by Carlyle Group and CVC Capital Partners, and Chrysaor, backed by EIG Global Partners, among others, have since raised billions of dollars to snap up bargains in the sector.
The expected demand in Germany for more smart energy devices is why the big power companies are scouring the market to snap up promising startups to ensure they stay in the driving seat.
Sources told Reuters on Monday Banco BPM's latest bad loan sale was drawing strong interest from investors eager to snap up the debt collection unit they can offer to buy with the loans.
Spectators, unlike London in 2012, have not rushed to snap up tickets and television pictures, broadcast around the world, show empty seats in almost every venue, with only the Opening Ceremony selling out.
The morning a new Android phone with a Google operating system was released, a Google employee was waiting by the door to snap up the first one, a T-mobile sales associate said.
With companies on shaky ground and cash-hungry investors unwilling to snap up outstanding corporate debt, interest rates have jumped, making it too expensive for companies to raise money by selling new bonds.
With companies on shaky ground and cash-hungry investors unwilling to snap up outstanding corporate debt, interest rates have jumped, making it too expensive for companies to raise money by selling new bonds.
BHN shares soared 40 percent on its market debut on Friday as investors raced to snap up limited shares before the planned sale of the government's majority stake sends the price even higher.
Betting on Big Themes Michael A. Lippert, manager of Baron Opportunity Fund, runs a go-anywhere growth offering — he'll snap up shares, regardless of a company's market value, if he likes its prospects.
Meanwhile, U.S. consumers still appear inclined to snap up foreign goods: The international trade deficit rose to $72.2 billion in July, with imports nearly double U.S. exports, Census Bureau data showed this week.
In Incheon, a port city less than 250 miles from the nearest port in China, visiting Chinese consumers arrive by ferry to snap up items like rice cookers, toilet seats, food and makeup.
Tuesday marked a chaotic day in international bond markets, in which most of the world's richest countries saw investors eager to snap up their debt, which pushed interest rates to some historic lows.
Air Berlin, Germany's second-largest airline, filed for bankruptcy protection in August, spurring interest from several buyers seeking to snap up about 140 leased aircraft and valuable take-off and landing slots in Germany.
These incumbents will snap up new entrants to enhance and complete their martech stack in a way that they can really become a one-stop shop for marketing and adverting in a digital manner.
Now that we've determined this fixation is backed by science, we can blame our urgent desire to snap up the upcoming Kat Von D Beauty Mini Studded Kiss Rock Candy Set on human psychology.
What was once a post-Thanksgiving ritual of racing out to retail stores the day after turkey was consumed to snap up the best deals on holiday presents is now looking kind of quaint.
And Britain's younger generation, among whom home-ownership rates have fallen sharply in recent years, will hope that fewer buy-to-letters will snap up property that they had hoped to buy for themselves.
In hindsight, it's no wonder that Amazon was willing to pay $1 billion to snap up Twitch — but for a long time, it was an open question whether anyone would buy it at all.
The tea leaves they gather sell for 232,2200 yuan ($2000) per kg to well-to-do customers, predominantly businessmen in Zhejiang and Guangdong, who snap up fermented pu'er compressed into "bing," or circular cakes.
At sea they could bypass the country's strict gambling laws (just as the original American "booze cruises" in the 20173s were a way of getting around Prohibition) and snap up duty-free Western brands.
Those businesses also probably don't have the kinds of resources to hire engineers while companies like Google or Facebook are camping out on college campuses looking to snap up students graduating with technical majors.
Traders with access to space in tanks can snap up cheap barrels, store them for a month, and sell them on at the start of the next trade cycle when prices are typically stronger.
Petrobras, by far Brazil's largest oil producer, is selling off hundreds of relatively mature onshore and offshore oilfields, attracting a number of independent oil firms and private equity firms eager to snap up assets.
The first source said this strategy was more pertinent now as private equity investors have been struggling to find good enough companies to snap up and were choosing to hold "good assets" for longer.
L sale of its central and eastern European beer brands, with some seeking to join forces to snap up assets worth up to 7 billion euros ($7.7 billion), sources familiar with the matter said.
But to succeed they will have to take on foreign importers (which snap up about two-thirds of all procurement by value), a crowd of state-owned companies and the country's bloated defence bureaucracy.
There are a lot of people scared of the bubble bursting, but just as many who believe we're already in a bubble and are waiting for the bubble to burst to snap up assets.
Eager families were quick to snap up the cute puppies, but one of them, a silver-grey female called Monique, soon developed what her owners described as "drop attacks" when she tried to play.
First-level thinking would be to snap up high-quality Costco after this recent plunge because there's been an overreaction – after all, hasn't Amazon been competing in groceries for a decade at this point?
The series opens with a stunning scene showing a multi-front assault on a group of anchovies along the Peruvian coast, sea birds attacking from the sky as dolphins snap up morsels from below.
Last year, Rank and online gaming firm 888 Holdings Plc abandoned their efforts to snap up William Hill in a cash-and-stock deal to create Britain's largest multi-channel gambling operator by revenue.
The tea leaves they gather sell for 232,0003 yuan ($2000) per kg to well-to-do customers, predominantly businessmen in Zhejiang and Guangdong, who snap up fermented pu'er compressed into "bing", or circular cakes.
Exorbitant heels and hundreds of dollars' worth of lingerie: Those might not exactly be garden-variety, everyday purchases, but apparently, they're what people snap up when filling their carts late on a Friday night.
To benefit from that growth, companies in China are looking to snap up leading learning brands overseas to make Western-style education accessible to the children of the rapidly growing ranks of affluent parents.
A rapid snap up in Treasury yields has triggered the worst week for stocks since January 2016, and strategists say the sell-off could continue as long as rates make the stock market uncomfortable.
Much of that underground economy is driven by enthusiasts, known as sneakerheads, who camp out overnight or create fast-bidding software programs to snap up new releases of rare models from big sneaker brands.
He stopped buying during the last years of the real estate boom, 2004 to 2007, leaving him with plenty of cash on hand to snap up bargains in the post-crash environment of 2009.
He stopped buying during the last years of the real estate boom from 2004 to 2007, leaving him with plenty of cash on hand to snap up bargains in the post-crash environment of 2009.
The group - all local Aussies looking to purchase their first homes - were shuttled to five new apartment projects where brochures promised they could "capitalize on international deposit defaults" and snap up properties at sharp discounts.
The characters, which include Lucy, Peppermint Patty and Pigpen, have attracted the interest of Chinese companies as well as other investors keen to snap up U.S. media and licensing assets, the people said this week.
Smaller producers are concerned large U.S. refiners like BP Plc will snap up most of the contracted capacity, leaving them scrambling to secure space on the smaller slice of the pipeline open for spot volumes.
ExxonMobil agreed to pay $6.6bn for several oil firms owned by the Bass family in Fort Worth, the latest in a flurry of deals to snap up energy assets in Texas as oil prices rebound.
In addition, Euronext NV is looking to bolster its size and may snap up any assets LSE or Deutsche Boerse are forced to sell to satisfy antitrust regulators, according to sources familiar with the matter.
Peroni and Grolsch are valued at more than 2 billion euros ($20133 billion), but the two Asian brewers could offer up to 3 billion euros to snap up the assets, one of the sources said.
First and foremost: Gigi Hadid and some hot sailors for Tommy Hilfiger — plus, we have Hailey Baldwin's fun fall ads and some cool shopping news (with a feel-good spin) to snap up this weekend.
To note, these are, too, custom looks that you can't actually walk into an outpost of one of these chains and snap up these very dresses that made their way down the step-and-repeat.
The decline in sterling has made it cheaper for foreign companies to snap up British targets, said Eamonn O'Hare, chief executive of the listed investment firm Zegona, set up to buy TMT companies in Europe.
Foreign companies play a pivotal role in Britain's unusually open economy, carrying out half of all research-and-development spending as well as raising productivity and wages in the firms they snap up (see article).
Labour also plans to ban non-resident foreigners from buying homes, arguing that it is wrong that American tech billionaires and Chinese investors can snap up houses and leave them empty amid such a shortage.
It's hard to tell right now, but if the trend continues, a company like Fitbit might turn out to look like a bargain to larger companies looking to snap up a big hardware platform play.
Housing experts believe that approach is sound and tailored to the times, when the booming city economy has left little in the way of vacant land or derelict property for city officials to snap up.
While pop hits can be short-lived viral phenomena, successful movie soundtracks often have long, lucrative runs on the charts, as fans snap up complete albums rather than settle for clicking on a single track.
House members will also consider a bill that will give the Federal Trade Commission the ability to pursue people who use technology to snap up large blocks of tickets for resale at a higher price.
Shell's chief executive, Ben van Beurden, said Thursday that his company was seeking to increase its footprint in the Permian, the most recent sign that big oil companies will continue to snap up smaller ones.
Interestingly, after Samsung acquired the AI assistant Viv (which we later saw would be used for its own voice-powered assistant Bixby), it was reported that it was looking for more AI startups to snap up.
HONG KONG — As Chinese companies try to snap up American tech businesses, they are setting off ripples of unease in the Obama administration and in Congress, inciting a backlash that has stopped the latest acquisition attempt.
Huang said Twitch has streamed more than two trillion minutes, and if Facebook can snap up that kind of engagement, it's going to give Facebook yet another big foothold in the increasingly hot live streaming space.
Or Microsoft could just leave MS Paint in the Deprecated column for a while, a cool app eventually destined to be forgotten as younger computer users snap up alternate tools like Photoshop Express or Autodesk Sketchbook.
The Chinese currency has been under pressure in the last year as Chinese conglomerates snap up U.S. and European companies, while Chinese individuals purchase U.S. real estate amid political uncertainties and expectations of a weaker yuan.
Rising income inequality has led to poorer residents being squeezed out of London as wealthier inhabitants and investors snap up real estate in central areas, say property rights campaigners who want better protection for council tenants.
Turtle Beach and Roccat joining forces is just the latest example in a larger pattern of consolidation in the peripheral space, as giant Logitech continues to snap up popular brands and Razer expands its portfolio, too.
In that sense, I'm sort of happy to see that you can't just impulsively snap up a new Porsche without having to dwell on the decision as you trek to the dealer to finish the transaction.
The company has struggled to show growth and that it can continue to snap up new users, with its pitch being that it can keep users around for much longer and keep them much more engaged.
Ownership of farmland, especially by Chinese investors, is a sensitive issue in Australia, one of the world's biggest agricultural exporters, as foreign buyers snap up properties to cash in on a boom in Asian food demand.
Automated trading or breeding programs for CryptoKitties could become a nuisance like Ticketmaster bots that snap up concert tickets as soon as they're released, and in sufficient numbers could have similarly enraging (for genuine users) implications.
PRAGUE/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Two Czech power companies are targeting fossil fuel-fired plants in Germany as part of a contrarian strategy to snap up older, polluting assets on the cheap from European energy giants going green.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain avoided a collapse in mergers and acquisitions activity after the shock Brexit vote as foreign companies used sterling's spectacular devaluation against the U.S. dollar to snap up British companies, Thomson Reuters data shows.
You can use the auto-refresh extension to snap up tickets that may not go on sale until after a certain time, so you can hit that buy button as soon as the sale goes live.
Earlier this year, sources told Reuters that private-equity firms and conglomerates were keen to snap up Columbia Pacific Management's Asian hospital business, in a sale the U.S. investment company expected to fetch about $2 billion.
Benjamin Samuels is confident that the buyer will be happy to spend about £300,000 to snap up everything on display, right down to the bathroom towels, the gold-rimmed plates and the bronze stork candle sticks.
Adidas and fellow German brand Puma have been gaining market share in North America as customers snap up their retro styles and lifestyle shoes instead of basketball and sports performance gear, hurting Nike and Under Armour.
This alone makes them a hard sell for anyone with access to a PS2 or Xbox, since you can often snap up used games for a couple of dollars a pop from your local game store.
"There's not enough financial wherewithal in Canada to snap up all of the foreign investment that might be exiting right now," said Rafi Tahmazian, portfolio manager at Canoe Financial, referring to the domestic Canadian energy industry.
Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara Roller Lash was on sale for 50% off in honor of National Lash Day, and unsurprisingly, people flocked en masse to snap up the iconic tube at just $12.50.
In April, we wrote that "you'll get a lot of phone for your money" if you managed to find it at $2600 — but today, you can snap up the unlocked version for just $400 at Amazon!
The slowdown has stimulated a rush into American stocks and bonds, as global investors exchanged their currencies for dollars — pushing the value of the dollar higher — and then used those dollars to snap up financial assets.
The sale is likely to be dominated by institutional investors, eager to snap up bonds that provide a hefty return (albeit in return for considerable risk), especially when compared to lower-yielding assets elsewhere in Europe.
Companies like Anadarko Petroleum, SM Energy and EOG Resources are selling assets in other domestic fields to snap up parts of several fields that make up the basin, which is roughly the size of South Dakota.
There are so many games trying to snap up a few bites of Overwatch and Hearthstone's lunches, so many games returning to the arena shooter format, so many games in the next wave of survival deathmatches.
Bonds have been on fire globally, as investors rush to snap up safety, particularly at the long end, and that is sending yields to new lows — and some yields even into the black hole of negative rates.
A resurgent Xiaomi wagers that its Mi-Fans, to whom it has regularly turned online for ideas and feedback, are loyal, and that "amazing products" at "honest prices" will encourage more people to snap up its phones.
Looking ahead, LonRes estimates that if sterling swoons to 1.15 against the greenback, dollar buyers could potentially snap up a prime central London property for a whopping 37 percent less than what was paid in mid-2014.
If successful, it would be the third sale of sugar and ethanol plants in Brazil through judicial auctions in less than a year, as players with stronger capital structure snap up the assets of heavily indebted rivals.
It is a starkly different scene in the oil industry, where investors are raising hundreds of millions of dollars to snap up the debt and equity of troubled companies that are struggling with an oversupply of oil.
Funds including Neptune, backed by Carlyle Group and CVC Capital Partners, and Chrysaor, backed by EIG Global Partners, among others, have since raised billions of dollars to snap up what they see as bargains in the sector.
In the post-Game of Thrones fantasy licensing frenzy, it would have been easy for Netflix to snap up the rights to the Dark Crystal world, make a cheap knockoff, and count on nostalgia to lure viewers.
The deal by the world's largest manager of alternative assets comes when investors are spending billions of dollars to snap up logistics assets as a surge in e-commerce activity spurs demand for delivery and warehouse services.
Your Money Adviser AS shoppers make last-minute purchases for holiday gifts or snap up items at postholiday sales, they are likely to be asked a question at checkout: Would you like to buy an extended warranty?
Elsewhere, Greece's 10-year government bond yield dipped to around 4.15 percent, its lowest level since early January 2008 as investors continued to snap up Greek debt following a recent agreement with creditors and upbeat economic data.
If you sell your investment at a loss and snap up an asset that's substantially identical to it within 30 days before or after the sale, the IRS won't let you claim the loss on your return.
TOKYO, Feb 28 (Reuters) - Japanese retail traders' long positions on the dollar rose to its highest in three years, industry data showed, with the greenback's recent broad decline providing an opportunity for contrarians to snap up the currency.
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Visitors to Turkey flocked to its high-end shops to snap up bargains on Monday, their purchasing power buoyed by a currency crisis as the country's lira sank to a record low beyond 7 per dollar.
Science Care's 2007 strategic plan called for an "aggressive marketing campaign to increase donor rate" and "actively target new clients" who will snap up "low demand inventory" – body parts that don't sell well, such as hands and feet.
The prospect of stimulus measures by the European Central Bank, announced in mid-September, have fuelled appetite for Italian bonds, with negative returns on core euro zone government bonds pushing investors to snap up higher-yielding Italian paper.
Facebook's advertising business continues to chug along as what would likely be considered the primary competitor, and, after failing to snap up the company, it's thrown an enormous amount of effort at copying and beating out Snapchat's features.
"There is a really heavy premium on folks needing to snap up talent early, anticipating there are going to be so many folks entering the ring," said a Democratic operative who has interviewed for jobs with prospective candidates.
Yields on euro zone government bonds had fallen sharply on Wednesday as investors positioned for a new round of TLTRO loans that would allow banks to snap up government paper to cash in on the interest rate differential.
Melrose is attempting to snap up GKN after the engineer was left weakened by profit warnings in October and November, double blows that were both sparked by problems at its aerospace division and sent its shares sharply lower.
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Asian demand for crude oil from the Atlantic Basin and the Americas is set to rise as low prices drive Japanese and South Korean buyers to snap up cargoes to arrive ahead of peak winter consumption.
Regardless of the effects on the broader economy, there is clearly a political danger when the Federal Reserve can snap up some $1.7 trillion in mortgage-backed securities, the "toxic assets" that threatened to topple major investment banks.
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Asian petrochemical makers are ramping up purchases of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to use as an alternative feedstock to naphtha, looking to snap up cheap cargoes as heating demand for LPG fades in the wake of winter.
But this also means that there's room to potentially create some new interface layer that can snap up all the leftovers for tasks that companies might need, but don't necessarily need bleeding-edge technology like that from those startups.
So it is looking at ways to bolster its size and may snap up assets LSE or Deutsche Boerse are forced to sell off to satisfy antitrust regulators vetting their proposed deal, according to sources familiar with the matter.
DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran ordered a sharp increase in oil output on Monday to take immediate advantage of the lifting of international sanctions, and some foreign firms raced to snap up deals as Tehran emerges from years of international isolation.
So there is no need to stampede to an Apple store to snap up the new products when they become available this month, unless your gadget is so out-of-date that it is time to get with 216.
An acquisition spree from Ucommune — which was forced to rebrand from UrWork following a lawsuit from WeWork — has seen it snap up lesser but strategic players Wedo, Woo Space and New Space to boost its presence and rival WeWork.
Between the lines: While Facebook acquired tbh at the height of its short-lived popularity, the deal was a clear way for the social media giant to snap up talented entrepreneurs who can build apps that appeal to teens.
But there was no similar swing in cross-currency volatility in the Japanese yen versus the dollar, which analysts said reflected Japanese investors still struggling to snap up U.S. dollars ahead of the country's fiscal year-end next week.
Yep, Wayfair's virtual doors are officially open (check out its homepage, like we get the message) for its annual Black Friday Blowout event — and this is the weekend to snap up that larger piece of furniture you've been eyeing.
One of Page's most prescient business calculations was the rise of mobile computing, and he moved quick to snap up a small startup by the name of Android in the summer of 22018 to the tune of $22018 million.
But there was no similar swing in cross-currency volatility in the Japanese yen versus the dollar, which analysts said reflected Japanese investors still struggling to snap up U.S. dollars ahead of the country's fiscal year end next week.
Well, many of the biggest and best-known companies (digital and print) already have former Gawker staffers among their ranks, so it wouldn't be surprising to see BuzzFeed or Recode proprietor Vox Media snap up some more of them.
Uncertainty generated by the local elections has added to pressure on the lira, which weakened sharply last week as a lack of confidence in the currency among Turks led them to snap up record holdings of dollars and gold.
Several private equity, or PE, funds such as Carlyle Group and CVC Partners have joined forces with veteran energy executives in recent years to form companies seeking to snap up assets around the world amid the sharp drop in oil prices.
Some investors see the chaos as a chance to snap up shares in a service for which there is scarce alternative, despite rising public scrutiny and the prospect of a grilling from U.S. legislators when Zuckerberg testifies before Congress next week.
In 1989, he surprised the advertising world with a hostile $825 million takeover of Ogilvy & Mather, then one of the most influential ad agencies, and continued to snap up global competitors, including Young & Rubicam, a global marketing and communications company.
LONDON (Reuters) - Anglo Pacific Group is looking to expand in battery metals such as vanadium and lithium, or in potash or uranium, as the London-listed company capitalizes on financial strains in the mining industry to snap up royalty deals.
This has enabled it to snap up lucrative assets from struggling rivals, and it has announced the startup of a raft of projects in the past 12 months which it said would continue to expand its oil and gas output.
But he says that the Chinese certainly noticed that, just as the Hinkley deal was delayed, SoftBank, a Japanese company, was allowed to snap up ARM, Britain's most successful technology company, for £24 billion with hardly a murmur of official disapproval.
Short-sellers may have been hoping to make money as Whole Foods shares fell due to increased competition from Amazon and then snap up the grocery store's shares on the cheap as they waited for a buyer to emerge, Dusaniwsky said.
In 2008, when top global miner BHP Billiton tried to take over iron ore rival Rio Tinto, China raced to snap up a $14 billion stake in Rio, to block the deal and thwart any tightening of iron ore supplies.
That digger's dream harder and harder in the internet era—when eagle-eyed prospectors snap up the best shit the moment it hits recently arrived bins only to throw it straight to Discogs to do the ol' wax into gold alchemy.
Three days from this moment, the event will sell out as eager customers snap up Thai-style döners from Khwan and grilled lamb with pomegranate molasses, walnuts, and pistachios from Fes Turkish BBQ, while DJs spin Turkish tunes and Arabic funk.
Its loyal fanbase is quick to snap up new styles and sale items (Meghan's tote sold out immediately after she wore it), so it wouldn't be too surprising to see this selection of marked-down cashmere sell through inventory fast.
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Some oil traders in Asia are looking to snap up crude cargoes from the United States after Hurricane Harvey closed U.S. refineries, denting local demand and pushing out the price spread between U.S and Atlantic Basin crude benchmarks.
US investors are also worried about falling issuance by Collateralised Loan Obligation (CLO) funds, the biggest buyers of leveraged loans, which is failing to offset 28 weeks of retail outflows and are not yet willing to snap up cheap loans.
The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note slid as low as 0.318% - a level unthinkable just a week ago - and German government debt yields set record lows as investors rushed to cut risk assets and snap up safe-havens.
Companies like Anbang Insurance Group, Fosun International, the HNA Group and Dalian Wanda Group have capitalized on cheap loans provided by state banks to snap up trophy assets such as the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York and AMC Theaters.
But as much as I'd like to believe that Spotify is kicking off a wave of media companies trying to snap up podcasters (I have a vested interest in this outcome), I don't think we'll see many more of these acquisitions.
While this offer excludes Holiday Sets, gift cards, May Lindstrom and Vintner's Daughter, there are still plenty of bestsellers for you to snap up, whether you're in the market for some new makeup or are hoping to overhaul your skincare routine.
The deal by one of the world's biggest property investors comes at a time when companies are spending billions of dollars to snap up logistics assets as a surge in e-commerce activity spurs demand for delivery and warehouse services.
State-owned Rosneft, led by Putin's closest ally in the energy sector Igor Sechin, had long been considered a front-runner to snap up Bashneft as his company has swept up a string of energy assets over the past decade and a half.
The antitrust investigation grew out of a probe by the attorney general's office into irregularities in the ticketing industry, which found that ticket brokers were using illegal software programs to snap up thousands of tickets and reselling them with huge price markups.
The more assets they hold – especially in a low-rate environment where they snap up riskier, harder-to-sell securities in a hunt for returns – the more important it is to ensure that they have ample liquidity to cope with a problem.
A political consultant in the Ukraine, Manafort stashed his money in 31 undisclosed offshore bank accounts, and skirted taxes on that income by wiring it directly to vendors to snap up real estate, bespoke suits, cars and antique rugs, the witnesses said.
But with crude reservoirs declining at a rate of 22016 percent a year in some cases, major oil companies are now looking to snap up assets to start growing again and there are plenty of smaller firms burdened with debt looking to sell.
FCC has struggled since Spain's housing bubble burst in 2008 and is heavily indebted although it managed to attract Carlos Slim and other investors looking to snap up Spanish assets with a view to a potential recovery in the country's real estate sector.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Companies are increasing the size of loan offerings and cutting pricing at rates not seen for a year as investors are eager to snap up the high-quality deals that have been coming to market over the last month.
With millions of homeowners unable to pay their mortgages and taxes, abandoned properties are increasingly put up for auction in online tax sales, enabling out-of-state investors to snap up houses, sight unseen, in vacancy-plagued cities like Baltimore, Cleveland, and Indianapolis.
LONDON, Feb 24 (Reuters) - British banks approved the highest number of mortgages in almost two years in January as some investors sought to snap up properties before a tax on buy-to-let properties due in April, industry figures showed on Wednesday.
Dropbox will have to continue to not only differentiate itself from Google Docs and other tools, but also an emerging class of startups that's looking to figure out ways to snap up some of the core use cases of online document tools.
Contrarian investors who go against the flow argue that the bombed-out valuations in some of the most sold off emerging markets such as Brazil present an opportunity to snap up cheap quality assets that will rise in value as sentiment improves.
And private-equity shops, which are equipped with hundreds of billions in unused investor dollars, are well-positioned to snap up their selection of distressed assets while also offering liquidity to companies in need of support, according to bankers, lawyers, and consultants.
After ordering Taylor to surreptitiously snap up stock for Axe Cap, Bobby spends his final board meeting ranting and raving about how stupid the idea is, knowing that the board hates him so much they'll approve the deal just to spite him.
Be it a headband for your own white-sand getaway, a holiday gift for your best friend ahead of her honeymoon, or a three-pack of pearl-embellished scrunchies for yourself just because they're cute, there's something you'll want to snap up ASAP.
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo called for calm after a violent protest by hardline Muslims last week, yet it was his khaki bomber jacket that excited social media and triggered a rush by Indonesians to snap up similar clothing across the country.
As a result, employing basic investment principles, such as portfolio rebalancing, diversification and buying shares on a regular basis, which forces folks to snap up shares when prices are cheaper, can help investors emerge from the next bear market in decent shape.
As souvenirs go, Ms. Sainte-Lagüe said in an interview, a cobblestone has one clear advantage over the miniature Eiffel Towers and Joconde-emblazoned T-shirts that tourists snap up by the hundreds of thousands every year: It is sure to last.
Estimated Price: $3,2667,262 to $216,2300,21 2000 Alfa Romeo 13C 21 Series V Gran Sport: No better place to buy a Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Best in Class winner than a Pebble Beach auction, so snap up this cherry red bit of racing history this weekend.
Estimated Price: $3,500,000 to $4,500,000 0003 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Series V Gran Sport: No better place to buy a Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Best in Class winner than a Pebble Beach auction, so snap up this cherry red bit of racing history this weekend.
Borderline selfie-takers would snap up to three shots of themselves a day but not post them on social media, while chronic "sufferers" would have an uncontrollable urge to selfie all the time and post six or more shots a day on social media.
As real estate developers brace for what they say will be a rush by businesses and wealthy individuals to snap up scenic locales in the state, here is a look at seven other land laws in India that give special rights to people and places.
Whenever her followers are able to snap up a slice of her 1960s-siren-meets-English-teddy-boy style, they do — fast — and suddenly we're all wearing vinyl trench coats with Mary Janes, or a Mick Jagger-esque pastel suit over a pussy bow blouse.
As much as Netflix is spending on content, there's simply no way that it can operate on the same plane as Disney, which has been making massive content buys and is circling around to snap up the market by acquiring its way into consumers' homes.
In addition to London's intrinsic appeal, the plummeting pound in recent months has meant luxury shoppers on a foreign dime have been able to snap up some compelling bargains as retailers tend not to inflict currency changes on their consumers immediately after they occur.
Retail companies looking to bolster e-commerce and overcome difficult store locations and other issues make strategic corporate marriages increasingly likely, and could encourage more investment-grade retailers to snap up junk-rated rivals following Coach and Kate Spade's example, according to the banker.
The race for artificial intelligence technology is on, and while tech giants like Google and Facebook snap up top talent to build out their own AI-powered products, a new startup has just raised a huge round of funding to help the rest of us.
Dedivanovic has been teasing the palette launch for weeks and with the release date looming, anticipation is at its peak — which means now's the time to set those reminder notices if you want to snap up the easiest way to nail a Kim K. eye.
CHICAGO, April 30 (Reuters) - U.S. ethanol makers have joined global livestock producers to snap up discounted American sorghum supplies after buyers in China backed out of deals due to stiff anti-dumping tariffs on the grain imposed by Beijing in a mounting trade dispute.
A Monsanto spokesman declined to comment beyond the statement, but analysts said it was unlikely to withdraw from India lightly given the huge size of the market and its strategic importance now that China has bid to snap up the company's biggest rival, Syngenta SYNN.
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan plans to rush through a bill to provide more financial muscle for its companies to compete for global energy assets, just as other resource-hungry Asian economies such as China and India are also looking to snap up depressed oil assets.
Somewhat amazingly, Betterview doesn't appear to have many direct challengers at the moment, discounting minor efforts by the big insurance companies themselves, which could well decide to pour more resources into their own analytic capabilities (but could also decide instead to snap up Betterview).
The head of sales of a large British-based bond fund said some of its clients are trying to put together pools of money with which to snap up beaten-down stocks if a large emerging market-focused ETF is faced with sudden redemption pressures.
The government's professed zeal for corporate reform ought to mean that, in dealing with Toshiba, it departs from old-style industrial policies, says Hidemi Moue of Japan Industrial Partners, a private-equity firm which hopes to snap up some of the stricken firm's businesses.
The company said Square Capital facilitated more than 60,000 loans totaling $390 million, which is quickly becoming one of its big businesses to run alongside its typical payments system as it looks to snap up adoption of the entire operational stack for small businesses.
That upturn is piling further pressure on the region's spot markets for the commodity, which marked three-year highs last month as China rushed to snap up cargoes for its drive to use gas to heat millions of homes and power thousands of factories.
But some fund managers, cheered by the brightest outlook for European corporate profits since 2010 and valuation discounts that are becoming harder to ignore, are looking to snap up the bargains on offer - and taking a particularly close look at automakers, builders and German bluechips.
He recommended using the break in oil prices to snap up stocks in that region and to remember that when too many speculators lean to one side of the trade, it's best to run the other way and take the others side of the trade.
ANKARA/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Investors could snap up sold-off Turkish assets or dump them with force depending on the outcome of Sunday's re-run election in Istanbul and, days later, a high-stakes meeting between President Tayyip Erdogan and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump.
Last year saw U.S. fintech group Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) snap up payment processor Worldpay for about $35 billion, while Fiserv bought First Data in a $22 billion deal and Global Payments merged with Total Systems Services to create a $40 billion payments powerhouse.
That's why I spent one day at CES specifically tracking down as many monitor "firsts" as I possibly could, in an attempt to gauge the value of all the brand-new features that might push a prospective buyer to snap up a new screen.
Sterling's near record lows against other major currencies encouraged overseas buyers to snap up "UK Plc", with Hong Kong's richest man Li Ka-shing swooping on pubs operator Greene King and buyout fund Blackstone leading a buyout for Madame Tussauds and Legoland owner Merlin.
"You can always tell you have a decent market when, after a big run, investors take a breather from buying the stocks people love and instead decide to scrutinize and snap up the stocks that have been left behind," the "Mad Money " host said.
"You can always tell you have a decent market when, after a big run, investors take a breather from buying the stocks people love and instead decide to scrutinize and snap up the stocks that have been left behind, " the "Mad Money" host said.
The very term "doorbuster deals" originally referred to "shoppers crowded outside stores waiting for the doors to open to ensure they could snap up limited-quantity merchandise at discount prices," Deborah Weinswig, the founder and chief executive of Coresight Research, wrote in a recent note.
Benioff is the latest billionaire to snap up a media company, joining the likes of Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who owns The Washington Post, and Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple's Steve Jobs, whose nonprofit in July 2017 purchased a majority stake in The Atlantic.
HONG KONG/TAIPEI (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to allow U.S. firms to sell "high tech" products to Huawei led Asian investors to snap up shares in suppliers to the Chinese smartphone maker on Monday, even as some experts wondered what had changed.
We may have to wait a little bit longer for Star Wars: Episode VIII—last month Disney pushed the release date from next spring to December 2017—but that delay only means we'll have more time to snap up every piece of footage and news Lucasfilm releases.
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican investors say they are eager to snap up shares of Jose Cuervo in its initial public offering, thanks to the world's top tequila maker's strong dollar earnings and global demand, even though it is seen as expensive compared with larger peer Diageo.
Asian refiners are expected to reach out to producers from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for more supplies while South Korea is set to once again scan the world for alternative, but more expensive, condensate supplies and snap up heavy naphtha oil products.
And in case you were wondering, yes, Tatum says he's definitely going to perform in the show "at some point," so you better snap up a bunch of tickets just in case Read These Stories Next:12 Things I Learned From Bachelorette Chad's Mind-Blowing Match.
KARACHI (Reuters) - Chinese companies are in talks to snap up more businesses and land in Pakistan after sealing two major deals in recent months, a sign of deepening ties after Beijing vowed to plough $57 billion into a new trade route across the South Asian nation.
An employee watched the 86-year-old jewel thief snap up items in the pharmacy, electronics and grocery departments, police said.. Payne put some of the stuff in her purse, a Walmart shopping bag and a shopping cart, the employee said, according to a Chamblee police report.
Would that be better for you if, say, Facebook and Amazon just said, "You know, we're going to just snap up linear television, the broadcast and the cable networks, and just redistribute it to our customers," in a way that is similar to cable, maybe better terms?
Van de Winkel also sees important differences between Genmab and Actelion, with the decision by J&J to snap up the Swiss group driven in large part by a need to plug a revenue hole left by declining sales of J&J's ageing biotech drug Remicade.
The U.S. is experiencing a revival of Japan syndrome, harking back to the late 1970s when "Made in Japan" abruptly stopped being a source of mirth, Americans began to snap up Toyotas and Nissans in big numbers, and Detroit sank into a profit-and-jobs bloodbath.
Partners at Duane Morris, a Philadelphia-based law firm that is one of the largest in the U.S., have agreed to snap up boutique New York firm Satterlee Stephens, in a deal that will strengthen its presence in New York and ties to the banking industry.
With his first two picks in the All-Star player draft, which would be broadcast hours later on TNT, Antetokounmpo left Kawhi Leonard, James Harden and Luka Doncic on the board for LeBron James to snap up, choosing instead to select Joel Embiid, then Pascal Siakam.
The Silver Gull has been an institution since it opened in the 1960s, and has remained proudly unhip and family-friendly even as the surrounding strip has become a magnet for young visitors who snap up the chocolate-dipped Popsicles on offer at neighboring Jacob Riis Park.
Private equity firms and hedge funds that specialise in corporate upheaval — so-called distressed debt investors that snap up struggling companies, taking them over in a restructuring and hopefully engineering a recovery — are largely shunning traditional retail, wary of the immense challenges, according to restructuring advisers.
But I've also seen the owner of Miracle-Gro continue to snap up local cultivation-related companies because he knows that a person growing a plant in their backyard or their garage is really not going to be affected either way by what Jeff Sessions does.
HONG KONG/TAIPEI, July 1 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to allow U.S. firms to sell "high tech" products to Huawei led Asian investors to snap up shares in suppliers to the Chinese smartphone maker on Monday, even as some experts wondered what had changed.
Those two companies also own the App Store platform and therefore could be the decision-makers in the economics of operating on mobile devices, which means that there's pressure for Spotify to snap up as many users as possible — even if it means making less money per user.
Cramer Remix: $5 stock to snap up before earnings Cramer: 'Massive layoffs' main theme in earnings Cramer: The undisputed champion of the airlines Cramer expects the pain from Apple to reverberate through the entire tech cohort on Wednesday, especially the stocks that did not go down when Alphabet reported.
In his book Mr Stein observes that one reason he was able to snap up so many of the New York bands was that his competitors from the major labels were unwilling to sully themselves by travelling downtown to CBGB, a former biker bar where all the groups played.
HONG KONG, May 26 (Reuters) - Thousands of people flocked to snap up flats in Hong Kong on Friday, lured by favourable financing terms offered by the city's No. 2 developer even as authorities fret over sky-high prices that a series of cooling measures has failed to dampen.
Chinese consumers make up a third of all luxury goods purchases globally, and while many still snap up expensive watches, jewelery and clothes on overseas trips, shoppers are increasingly spending at home, encouraged in part by an leveling out of prices, which used to be much higher in China.
Browse the Swedish section for the latest album from the reigning pop princess Veronica Maggio, or snap up First Aid Kit's "Ruins" LP. We call it happy hour, but Swedes refer to that relaxing, post-work period of discounted drinks, as "after work" (yes, they say it in English).
Picture Prompts "Young women and girls pack Ariana Grande's concerts, snap up her songs the moment they're released and follow her every social media post," writes The New York Times in an article about the singer and her fans posted after the bombing at her concert on Monday.
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Diane Kacprowski showed up at 57th Street Books in Chicago early on Tuesday on a mission to be one of the first to snap up a copy of James Comey's scalding memoir about his time at the helm of the FBI and his abrupt firing by President Donald Trump.
The TV show will reach 105 markets, or 66% of the U.S., per FT. Tribune Media Co.: Just last week people familiar with the matter said Sinclair Broadcasting Group is gunning to snap up Tribune Media Co., which would extend Sinclair's reach with TV markets in New York, Chicago, and Miami.
When Manchester City 'nabbed' Robinho from Chelsea, or when the transfer of Roy Keane in 1993 saw Manchester United 'snap up' a future star at the expense of Blackburn Rovers, we can presume the players were driving towards their intended destination before being forced off the road and swiftly chloroformed.
But if you weren't one of the lucky ones to snap up the hyped new releases before they sold out, fear not, because Instagram queen and makeup maestro Huda Kattan has a new 18-shade palette in the works — and it's set to be released in a few mere weeks.
In 2680, at the pinnacle of the Japanese bubble economy, as sneering westerners watched Japanese corporations snap up van Goghs and Monets, a young photographer flabbergasted the Venice Biennale with self-portraits that drew on the imagery of western art history, disrupted and re-evaluated by the artist's own face.
As the cost of gene sequencing continues to decline, more and more companies will be going after it as a data play — whether that's in the consumer or clinician-focused space — and that means Genoox will likely not be alone as it looks to snap up the attention of clinicians and professionals.
So he convinced the owner of Game Dude to run a little experiment: Put out an updated price sheet with an inflated trade-in price, wait for copies of the game to start circulating, drop the trade-in price with a new price sheet, and snap up the game once the market rebounded.
In the past few years, China has invested in Iceland; built scientific research centers in Norway; and sought to build airports, snap up mines and buy naval facilities in Greenland — all part of Beijing's strategy to develop a "Polar Silk Road" to crack open shipping routes made newly accessible by climate change.
But at heart, the differing views on prospects for the market are mostly split between those who see now as the optimal time to pounce and potentially snap up a bargain while others are too nervous to dip a toe in the water and those who believe drastic price reductions are still to come.
Currently, Sharma said, it is used in around 20,000 schools and it has reached around a million families, 1893 percent of which are in the U.S. That puts it squarely into the bracket of companies that Byju's founder Byju Raveendran told TechCrunch his company was seeking to snap up using its newly acquired war chest.
There's something wholesome — or maybe the term is just "fiscally responsible" — about people who, rather than pull the trigger on random impulse buys whenever they happen to see something they want to own, make running lists of what they want, and wait until a big sale rolls around to snap up everything they've been coveting at a major discount.
Investors have been eager to snap up any companies that show signs of growth this year, including those that are losing money: (from initial price) The two laggards — Uber (down 3%), and Lyft (down 11%), are in a space — ride-hailing — that investors believe may have a very hard time becoming profitable any time in the future.
That cash can add to Apple's bottom-line by either providing a huge liquidity boost to the stock if Trump makes good on his one-time repatriation tax promise (Tom McClellan, The McClellan Market Report editor provides good technical color on this), or allowing the company to snap up players in AR, VR, content or cloud storage.
Despite Beijing and Nairobi's vehement denials, concerns over the loans speak to a growing fear in many developing countries that their governments, in rushing to cash in on China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), have left themselves overextended, with Chinese state-owned companies ready to snap up ports, railways and other key infrastructure across the globe should debtors default.
Running out of ammo Then there's the unprecedented moves by central banks to snap up trillions of dollars worth of bonds after the crisis to support growth, a policy known as quantitative easing, or QE. The United States only started shrinking its $4.5 trillion balance sheet in October 2017, and still holds roughly $4 trillion in debt securities.
However, that's not the only major deal to snap up today: Stila's editor-favorite Stay All Day liquid eyeliner (one of the top editor picks from our month-long bonanza of testing the best ones for a cat eye) is also being marked down 50% off, and can be yours for the reasonable price of $11.
So keen were record labels and A&R people to snap up alternative bands that could potentially be the next Nirvana, that It created a strange bubble in which only five years earlier, the idea of groups like Butthole Surfers and the Jesus Lizard being on Capitol Records would have seemed so ludicrous that it wouldn't even warrant comprehension as a joke.
Spurred by advances in robotics and a spate of government grants, inventors are currently testing out things like underwater drones that can zap and vacuum up the fish at depths far deeper than humans can traverse, smart traps that are able to snap up lionfish without trapping other species, and even fake lionfish noises that can be used as lures.
During a December 30 roundtable discussion on the Rooney Rule, NFL Network reporter Jim Trotter revealed that Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott rejected taking a meeting with the Panthers during their head coach search because "he wasn't sure it would be a legitimate interview"—just a Rooney Rule box that needed to be checked before the team could snap up the true target of its affections.
The deal announced Sunday saw SAP snap up Qualtrics — which counts recently-listed SurveyMonkey among its competitors — ahead of a planned listing for the firm, which would have traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol XM. It is also one of the largest acquisitions the enterprise software maker has ever made, coming second only to SAP's $8.3 billion purchase of travel and expense software firm Concur in 2014.
The warehouse saves on unnecessary payroll costs; the employee gets an unpaid reprieve without eating into their precious allowance of time off (assuming they're one of the classes of warehouse workers that receives any.) "Associates" as they're called can sign up for text alerts, emails, or both, and when a VTO opportunity comes through they can decide whether or not to snap up one of the quickly-filling slots.
In Wengen, chalet rentals started accelerating a decade ago when many longtime visitors began to snap up properties as fast as developers could build them, a trend that lost momentum in 21998 when Swiss voters approved a "second home law" that prohibited more holiday home building in Swiss resort areas, partly to stop the increase in absentee owners who leave their holiday homes shuttered most of the year.
But the prosecutors on Mr. Mueller's team had a very specific goal in calling witnesses to testify about Mr. Manafort's spending habits: to present the jury with detailed evidence that he wired millions of dollars from secret overseas bank accounts to buy and renovate homes in places like the Hamptons and suburban Washington, shop at the country's most exclusive men's boutiques and snap up one luxury vehicle after another with income he hid from the tax authorities.
Many want to imitate their favorite Korean celebrities' obsessions, be it fried chicken, a 10-step skin care regimen or a "V-shaped face", a common cosmetic-surgery demand in which the jaw is broken down and shaved into a pointed V. Inside beauty stores in Seoul, Chinese consumers snap up South Korea's latest skin care inventions such as "air cushion" face creams with water pearls and skin care box sets made by Sulwhasoo, which uses ginseng in its treatments.
It can also snap up to 233 consecutive images before its internal buffer gets filled, requiring a few moments to write all that data to the memory card, which is up from 150 consecutive shots with the RX100 Mark V. And if you'd rather focus on another area of the frame than the autofocus system selected, the Mark VI's 180-degree rotating touch screen lets users simply tap or drag the focus point to a different part of the frame, instead of trying to move it around with a clumsy scroll wheel joystick.
It will look at the tens of millions of Chinese tourists who are flocking to Western countries every year and sending back images and accounts of their impressions to countless millions back home; the hundreds of thousands of students who head annually to Western universities for their first taste of intellectual freedom; the tens of thousands who head abroad to eke a living in factories, shops and restaurants (and dream of making a fortune); and the hundreds of thousands of wealthy Chinese who shuttle between two rich worlds—the affluent suburbs of Western cities, where they snap up expensive properties, and the boomtowns of China, where they fill boardrooms.
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