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"friction" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] the action of one object or surface moving against another
  2. [uncountable] (physics) the resistance (= the force that stops something moving) of one surface to another surface or substance moving over or through it
  3. [uncountable, countable] a lack of friendship or agreement among people who have different opinions about something synonym tension
"friction" Synonyms
rubbing grating resistance scraping abrasion chafing rasping attrition fretting abrading grinding erosion excoriation gnawing irritation detrition agitation brushing eating away filing traction adhesion drag grip purchase contact stress absorption adherence suction suck adhesive friction physical resistance tractive force conflict discord disagreement disharmony dissension opposition strife disunity hostility rivalry wrangling animosity bickering dispute dissent resentment variance antagonism arguing argument incompatibility clash contradistinction contrast difference disparity dissimilarity distinction divergence incongruity mismatch polarity unlikeness anomaly contradiction discrepancy distinctiveness imperviousness impermeability invulnerability solidity watertightness battle blocking check combat contention counteraction cover defiance detention fight hindrance holding immunity impedance damage harm injury destruction detriment impairment devastation hurt loss mutilation ruin defacement defilement desecration disfigurement scarring suffering vandalism vandalization wreckage problems disputes arguments clashes conflicts disagreements feuds objections misunderstandings bones of contention quarrels rows squabbles beefs conflicts of interest peeves differences of opinion turf wars leverage hold force grasp attachment strength support anchorage pull foothold footing toehold anchor vantage energy power fuel conductivity current electricity gravity heat kilowatts magnetism radioactivity rays steam voltage wattage pressure reaction response More

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How to use friction in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "friction" and check conjugation/comparative form for "friction". Mastering all the usages of "friction" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The second is reducing friction on both sides of the human capital equation: friction that might impede candidates from getting the requisite last-mile training (education friction), and friction on the employer side that reduces the likelihood of hire (hiring friction).
That creates friction, and this law would remove that friction.
DECADES OF FRICTION Subsidies and tax breaks have been a source of friction between the two countries for years.
The normal force is equal to the weight, and multiplying this by the coefficient of friction gives the friction force.
Amazon enters high-friction, low-margin businesses as a means of differentiating low-friction, high-margin businesses (AWS and AMG).
But friction also has value: It's friction that makes us question whether we do in fact need the thing we want.
Scientists know it's due to the enormous amounts of friction being generated, but precisely how this friction arises is a longstanding mystery.
The Internet's lack of friction made it great, but now our devotion to minimizing friction is perhaps the internet's weakest link for security.
Although Guillaume Amontons published his laws of friction in 1699, Leonardo had investigated friction about 200 years earlier within his notebooks and through experiments.
" The cockroaches traveled most effectively when submitted to an "intermediate" level of friction, using a combination of "body drag" and "friction-dominated leg thrust.
The philosophy of the Internet has assumed that friction is always part of the problem, but often friction can be central to the solution.
Friction creates friction, the more hate you bring out there – with women, the gay community and Jewish people – what is he going to say next?
HARVESTING ELECTRICITY THROUGH FRICTION Electricity can also be generated through friction: think about the static electricity that happens when you rub two pieces of cloth together.
Meanwhile, Buffet also declared his position to the trade friction between China and US by acknowledging that the severe trade friction is a small-probability issue.
Then we know the frictional force must also be 2,329 N, so we can use the friction equation above to compute the implicit coefficient of friction.
Scientists used to think that friction rose along with wind speed, but Haus' lab discovered that friction is also affected by ocean waves and sea spray.
In fact, I talked about this friction on Monday's Waypoint Radio: But friction also runs through the game's design ethic and through much of my play experience, too.
We created that friction knowing that we'd have a lot of dropoff because ultimately, we felt like once people understood why the friction was there, they would value it.
Lube helps get rid of some of the friction that happens when a penis enters a vagina or an anus, and friction is bad because it can lead to rips.
And, frankly, they're going to experience some friction that's associated with us and some friction that's just associated with the normal course of events in dealing in the information age.
It's about the divide between the kind of rich where you've always been rich and your family is rich and you have never really known about the edges of survival. Friction. Friction. Yes.
Friction between Kanye and Drake has replaced friction between Kanye and Jay-Z as hip-hop's central Oedipal drama even if at this point the two are, for all intents and purposes, peers.
TRADE FRICTION While each property market is naturally facing its own set of domestic challenges, a common concern is a renewed global slowdown and trade friction stemming from the U.S.-China trade war.
In the beginning, some people didn't like it when I used that phrase because they felt that friction is a negative thing, and they didn't want to have any friction with their colleagues.
Both moments apparently led to friction between Rosenberg and Trump.
Another point of friction is the estate tax on inheritances.
Having a dedicated button really removes a lot of friction.
There is no real friction, and everyone gets along well.
And the allegations themselves underscore a potential area of friction.
Last year, the company encountered some friction with its franchisees.
The purchase could also help ease trade friction with Washington.
A few companies have recognised the benefits of restoring friction.
Again, all of the friction had been compressed to time.
But WTO committee questions are often a sign of friction.
Uber wants to reduce that friction with this new feature.
They can accelerate financial processes, reduce friction and lower costs.
Because they introduce friction, they could lead to higher prices.
Irrationality of price can be another form of purchase friction.
The answer was fabric friction, Bigelow engineer Lisa Kauke said.
Making real estate less painful, faster and with less friction.
It's clumping around the probe and not providing any friction.
Meanwhile, sectarianism is creating ever greater friction between fellow Muslims.
But it adds too much friction in too many cases.
That leads to friction as you press the key down.
S. trade friction that is being felt far and wide.
The problem now isn't too much friction; it's too little.
Meanwhile, accusations of dangerous driving by tourists are causing friction.
Don't we all want less friction in our financial transactions?
Yet this economic crusade faces continued friction and implacable hostility.
S. trade friction could drag on Asia's fourth largest economy.
The friction between Trump and congressional Republicans is mostly aesthetic.
Encasing the engines in the wings reduces friction and noise.
Some stocks generate excessive friction; others swell in the humidity.
"I don't think he worries about the friction," he continued.
Uganda, so far, had mostly been free of such friction.
"Our goal is around reducing the onboarding friction," Bilmes said.
The friction these planets create will certainly bring unexpected news.
That unequal relationship has long been a source of friction.
To avoid the friction of subscription fees, they sold advertising.
"Amex's business model sometimes causes friction with merchants," he wrote.
Does having a floor perhaps add friction to the process?
Anyway, US has trade friction not only with China now.
It used to create some friction back behind closed doors.
Meanwhile, however, businesses all around us try to reduce friction.
"I had the friction burns to prove it," added another.
And so, that's an area of, you know, real friction.
The Hong Kong election landslide signals more friction with Beijing.
Indeed, the transition toward PSD2 has not been without friction.
Might any racial friction abrade the smoothness of the style?
This is where friction in the Fed's plan could develop.
Instead of tense, fluctuating human friction, there's layered pop architecture.
"And companies are willing to pay to bypass that friction."
"One of our philosophies is removal of friction," he said.
Instead of tense, fluctuating human friction, there's layered pop architecture.
Seade said such friction made North America look more attractive.
It removes friction by removing latency: you just tap and ask.
Instead, feel through friction with, well, you fill in the blanks.
But those friction points should also be viewed as fresh opportunities.
The ban, which became a source of friction in Sino-U.
This increased the machine's payload capacity and redistributed friction during climbing.
"Acne is caused by bacteria but also by friction," Bowe explains.
The first spot of friction came when the families were introduced.
"There's just much less friction," he says of the Amazon approach.
Turbulence and friction will weaken the exhaust stream as it climbs.
The president acknowledged that the trade friction could take a toll.
The friction in Hebron has caused much bloodshed on all sides.
The friction between politicians and bankers cannot simply be wished away.
BECKY QUICK: --there has been a lotta friction along the way.
Teasers for the friction in the following episode don't worry me.
"The discussion is always about reducing friction to joining," he said.
The setup experience for mass market users is lathered in friction.
The repetitive motion applies constant friction and pressure to the clit.
It's easy to say opposites attract, but there is also friction.
It's freezing in the winter, causing friction between guards and prisoners.
That sort of friction is something that I wanted to acknowledge.
Is that one of the reasons you had some friction here?
In fact, most technology efforts are concerned with reducing interface friction.
"Cooperation and dialog are better than friction and confrontation," he added.
"Cooperation and dialog are better than friction and confrontation," he said.
But a no-deal exit would abruptly and greatly increase friction.
This theory ignores that stuff, since axions wouldn't interact via friction.
The Fed and the Congress have a long history of friction.
Nevertheless, Washington's strategy has caused some friction between Iraq and Iran.
Trump's new approach will reduce friction and potentially encourage offensive action.
GC: Would Japan benefit from trade friction between Washington and Beijing?
However, Bannon attempted to downplay any friction with his former boss.
"We don't want to add a lot of friction," King says.
I think in that sense, there's going to be some friction.
Economists say rising trade friction is a key risk for China.
Don't need to get rid of air friction for short routes.
Friction-killing levitation is a core part of the Hyperloop vision.
It would quickly become apparent that Scaramucci had "friction" with Priebus.
But catering is a fragmented industry with a lot of friction.
There is friction, like at any company, but no big tsunamis.
It's yet another area where Alexa is taking the friction away.
Beyond mere gossip, the friction raises the stakes in tangible ways.
The goal here is to reduce friction in the payments process.
Combining the companies may also create bureaucracy and friction among employees.
It takes some of the friction out of the repayment process.
Eliminating "friction" is a big piece of this new Shack location.
Policy researchers note that the intra-government friction is nothing new.
New friction is inevitable in already frayed relations with longstanding allies.
Frankly, the cause of the Trump-Tillerson friction makes no difference.
The interaction between the wind and the ocean surface's creates friction.
This causes some friction with Jackson, who's suspicious of the newcomer.
That loyalty has at moments caused friction at the State Department.
There is a friction and a simmering anger behind this game.
Think about the friction of what happened in the cable ecosystem.
As compressed fabric expands, it can rub against itself, creating friction.
For me, my one word review of RDR2 is (obviously) friction.
Not to mention the friction and divisiveness and toxicity of that.
But things changed when Svirsky introduced the smallest bit of friction.
"It's important to outsource possible sources of friction," Mr. Haggqvist said.
There must be some friction for the words to catch fire.
Groups tend to cluster together, giving rise to friction and stereotyping.
I think sometimes friction can be good and a teaching tool.
It cushions joints absorbing shock, keeping friction low and joints healthy.
Now, of course, all that friction is what I'm nostalgic for.
At first there was some friction between them and the cadets.
The meeting came amid heightened friction between Iran and the West.
Can they use those options with the proper amount of friction?
Friction between two top health officials in an administration isn't uncommon.
It provided just enough friction to keep people with their providers.
Rumors about friction between Trump and Tillerson began circulating last year.
The is friction among the three nations meeting Tuesday as well.
Our skillsets are so clearly defined so there's not much friction.
And, yes, there was friction between Mr. Cobb and Mr. McGahn.
The giant project fell apart, but the labor friction lives on.
And he sees a friction in baseball's current approach to velocity.
Bogost said reducing friction is the primary goal of these services.
As long as there's friction, the thing will eventually slow down.
A lot of things might need to change to take us from AR/VR 21 to 280: High friction to low friction: A large part of AR/VR 290 remains high friction in terms of installation, UX and UI. In many ways the market today looks like the MP2.03 player market before Steve Jobs launched the iPod (keep that analogy in mind).
He knew that the force of friction acting between two sliding surfaces is proportional to the load pressing the surfaces together and that friction is independent of the apparent area of contact between the two surfaces.
Too much friction can be annoying — there are plenty of days I feel like posting something without waiting for an edit, and much news needs to be known quickly — but too little friction can be dangerous.
In my experience, the more blades, the more friction, the more irritation.
That trait has caused much bigger friction in US-Indian economic ties.
But those posts also bring it into potential friction with Syrian troops.
At the core, this tidal effect produces friction, and by consequence warmth.
Kurds aren't the only source of friction in the US-Turkey relationship.
Sick of dealing with such friction, both men drifted into other ventures.
Once they do so, the intense friction will cause them to glow.
Now, for most of the time, those blocks are together with friction.
But east-west friction has heated up in the past two years.
Fellow is an API for invoice financing that removes friction for companies.
The degree of diplomatic friction depends on what happens to the projects.
"Anything that can help and reduce the friction is great," he added.
Friction, resistance of any kind — whiteness, youth, and money removed it all.
I felt compelled to smooth out even the slightest sources of friction.
That clears up one uncertainty, which analysts had worried might cause friction.
I think there's still a lot of friction involved with subscription, right?
The law comes amid friction with the Black Lives Matter movement. 5.
Lines were delaying the fun and adding friction to a perfect day.
Pritchard also brought up a key point of friction in the industry.
There really isn't any friction about asking customers to pay for services.
Eugene Park, the startup's founder, aims to reduce this friction with transparency.
Angular momentum, center of mass, friction, levers, static equilibrium—it's all there.
Needless to say, there was some kind of friction going on there.
Arkose Labs wants to fight fraud, without adding friction to legit users.
I was willing to chalk it up to some first-day friction.
Commodities also fell on worries that trade friction could slow global growth.
Yet the transition has plenty of potential to cause geopolitical friction, too.
Security is friction; it slows revenues and creates heartburn for product development.
But there is also adhesive friction, like how rubber bonds with asphalt.
The latest trade friction has erased all of the index's July gains.
Friction from an un-lubricated condom can cause bleeding, Dr. Young says.
It was just always a thing with them, friction over the holidays.
The blending of their two families is a great well for friction.
In fact, the lack of friction was touted as a selling point.
Less friction means more time spent, more ads seen, more sales made.
This friction makes it difficult to put faith in a game's world.
If we remove friction, we can accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.
The former needs both oil to minimize engine friction and transmission fluid.
It's been a constant source of friction between Apple and the community.
Friction grew in the 1990s between Prince and his label, Warner Bros.
So a lot of treating it means trying to reduce that friction.
Just prior to Rajneesh's departure, friction between the two sides erupted in
There's a friction, and there's a crackling electricity that doesn't feel safe.
The case also builds on the growing friction between Diane and Cary.
It would make users safer, but would it be worth the friction?
Thusly snagged, the friction increases exponentially, and the yo-yo flies back.
"It removes the friction of doctors visits and is accessible 24/7."
It lubricates the internal-combustion engine, which generations a lot of friction.
But when there's friction between you and your boss, that's a problem.
In recent weeks, there has been increased friction between the two countries.
After all, they're the ones that made us practically allergic to friction.
Aside from questions about Trump, there could be other points of friction.
So perhaps there's lots of friction forbidding the virality of the podcast.
After analyzing the data, engineers think this was due to fabric friction.
The friction with the United States has had economic consequences for Turkey.
Low-friction usage, no renting servers, beautiful design we took from mobile.
She also hinted at some friction between Bill and unnamed industry people.
The ruling risks intensifying decades-old friction between the two Asian countries.
Friction, Alan Rappeport of the NYT writes, is now likely to intensify.
But friction doesn't need to be about choice, only effect and resistance.
Things get unpredictable and surprising when there's friction between all these elements.
Once it's widely adopted, this could be the ultimate "friction-removing" technology.
Ms. Castillo believes that the friction reflects the town's own evolving dynamics.
The friction begins high, it does not rise at first during mixing.
It remains a source of friction that Love cut Bamba at tryouts.
You could try changing the starting velocity or the coefficient of friction.
Lathering causes friction, which strips pesky germs and dirt from the skin.
Otherwise, you&aposre creating friction that will only lead to worse outcomes.
They also say that personal friction between negotiators has been a problem.
It's a low-friction cart with a ball launcher mounted on top.
But their deal was swiftly rejected by the President, causing some friction.
S. trade war and trade friction between Tokyo and neighboring South Korea.
But Cruise thinks its abundance of space can help minimize the friction.
Bearings reduce friction in moving parts, helping smooth the operation of vehicles.
Even with love, support, and family generosity, there's friction, shame, and disillusionment.
Another source of friction is Thailand's trade surplus over the United States.
People will do the right thing, but only if there's no friction.
"That kind of friction probably contributed to them pulling out," he said.
The restrictions have been a frequent source of friction with the press.
However, it is possible for friction to be a win for everybody.
Since friction exacerbates blisters, he did everything he could to avoid it.
Foreign waste has caused diplomatic friction in recent months within Southeast Asia.
With the US government at the reins, this friction will only heighten.
The point is that introducing friction into the equation does provide privacy.
Patrick Philbin: Impeachment under the constitution is the thermo nuclear weapon of inter branch friction, and where there is something like a rifle or a bazooka at the house's disposal to address some friction with the executive branch.
So we've tried to reduce the friction there, for example by making videos.
We reduce the friction of cloud adoption — and that's good for the market.
Trade friction is a risk, but there is no substantial impact so far.
"Khloé's decision to stay with Tristan has definitely caused friction," the source said.
A trading relationship with a non-EU member inevitably involved friction, he said.
One of the major sources of friction is Jaguar's struggling F1 racing team.
This structure causes a lot of friction, and innovation lags significantly behind Apple.
But it is also because technology is prompting an exponential loss of friction.
The friction between Romney and the White House is only going to intensify.
Rappelling is a process of continuous moderated braking, which also means continuous friction.
And solid oxygen has an even greater chance of combusting due to friction.
The biggest challenge companies face is that there's a ton of operational friction.
Amid the friction, Lebanon's dollar-denominated bonds fell across the curve on Tuesday.
This DCCC policy around political vendors has already caused friction within the party.
Drilling through produces a lot of heat and friction in the delicate enclosure.
German industry is concerned about increased friction in trade with Britain after Brexit.
It isn't familial friction that keeps young Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski apart.
And there are reports of friction between the Vision Fund and the PIF.
The bright trail of light emitted is caused by friction with the atmosphere.
There's a bit more friction both on the onboading and on the riding.
PT to talk about PayPal's vision to remove the friction form mobile payments.
The hard mat is a low-friction pad that won't impede any movement.
All roller coasters basically involve Newtonian physics 101: inertia, gravity, acceleration, and friction.
Remove the force and the friction disappears, allowing you to move the glove.
You almost always lose energy due to sources like air resistance and friction.
Others said they created new friction that they hoped would slow message forwarding.
The last force is the kinetic friction force—it's parallel to the surface.
If I can find the acceleration, I can find the coefficient of friction.
This painting evinces the most friction in the show between form and content.
This kind of friction between men and women fans isn't limited to sports.
Their unfamiliarity with how a federal entity like NIH functioned sometimes caused friction.
It recently acquired high-end rubber producer Arlanxeo to help reduce tire friction.
I do my best to avoid that kind of friction, but it's tough.
It was cool because it resolved that weird friction between customers and staff.
There was always friction, but I think people stuck to their own sections.
That friction-free experience extends to importing videos and sharing them in Snapchat.
You remove the friction of wheels by levitating that pod inside the tube.
Less friction, a softer material, and better moisture retention makes for happy hair.
I wrote sketches … Arnie's OCD would create friction with how chaotic I was.
But the tests also revealed that too little floor friction didn't work either.
These rubber deposits could reduce runway friction and thereby cause an unsteady landing.
Of course it's an impressive feat—but the real limiting factor is friction.
Former U.S. officials said China would be pleased by the U.S.-Philippines friction.
The friction between the laid-back track and the heavy verses works perfectly.
Eliminating the friction around those checks improves the overall execution of the business.
Do you see continued friction between this older party infrastructure and Trump's electorate?
Which means "The Judas Kiss" is without friction as well as without motion.
Differences over Syria policy have caused friction between the United States and Ankara.
The friction on the panel has at times spilled into public view. Rep.
The easiest way to make something a habit is to remove any friction.
The alternative is a very real prospect of intercommunity friction, maybe even strife.
Renewed friction between Israel and the Arabs is the last thing Washington needs.
Hidden between the halves of his yo-yo are tiny silicone friction pads.
Competition for scarce resources is creating friction and the risk of ethnic unrest.
I think that's always been a friction point between VR and the user.
The Hill: House Republicans start summer break with internal friction about July's diversions.
The differences that matter — that create comic friction and dramatic tension — are temperamental.
Other messages show friction between staffers at the Labor Department and the SEC.
Some races have also brought friction between the Hispanic Caucus and Democratic party.
Any further friction would drive an even greater wedge between the EU-U.
In a way, it's almost more troubling if there's no friction at all.
In Moscow, Beijing, London and more, the Trump-Tillerson friction was well known.
This has led to some friction, said Charles Longa, 25, a new arrival.
The ensuing friction nearly overheated the machinery, forcing it to be shut down.
"The less friction there is, the easier it becomes to spend," he said.
The issue of foreign aid, however, could cause friction between Trump and Sisi.
That causes extra friction that might lead a recipient to never actually listen.
I'm really worried that there's going to be more friction between certain groups.
For Turkey, the step removes a source of friction with the United States.
Cyber issues have been an intense point of friction between the two nations.
Yeah, it is meant to remove a little bit of that friction. Okay.
The negative friction between Chinese management and American workers could have been avoided.
And when a company fails, excessive friction is often cited as the reason.
Silk or satin pillowcases, with their slippery feel, reduce the friction on strands.
The buildup and sudden release of friction from this movement can cause earthquakes.
Although friction is actually quite complicated, a simple model works in most cases.
"Shoppers primarily go online to strip friction from the shopping," Weinswig's team said.
That friction is likely to intensify, the ministers warned, and hamper global growth.
It's all about friction and the interaction between the tires and the road.
Some reports have suggested that the friction has annoyed the president at times.
Even an orderly Brexit could add some unwanted friction to its supply chain.
" "I wrote sketches...Arnie's OCD would create friction with how chaotic I was.
Not understanding those rules can mean friction when members of different groups interact.
For all the friction, there are signs of respect between the two men.
The manufacturer ousted its CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, last month after friction with regulators.
Trade friction remains a lingering threat, which is not good for market sentiment.
It's necessary to acknowledge that with every new technology there will be friction.
Mr. Hetfield, 53, cited his love of hunting as one point of friction.
It's the simple formula: reducing friction means more sales, and therefore more profits.
Time is needed to root out any dysfunction or iron out any friction.
Publicly, there will be no friction, said another source familiar with Pentagon bureaucracy.
During the Obama administration, Israel's settlement activity was the source of constant friction.
For consumers, when they shop online today, they have so many friction points.
Ongoing friction between the two largest economies in the world has affected sentiment.
There has been friction with the Kurdish minority in all four countries since.
Google's involvement in the negotiations has caused some friction within the tech industry.
"They are taking all the friction out of owning an iPhone," he added.
S. farmers have been pretty hard hit by the U.S.-China trade friction.
The low pressure minimizes friction and air resistance, greatly reducing the power needed.
Mr. McAleenan complied, hoping to diminish friction with the White House, officials said.
So it makes sense there's some friction, and debate about the movement's goals.
In fact, the friction comes when people want to break the window. Right.
Friction "is a second-order effect" in the ice skating problem, Limmer explains.
Mr. Murray said that after the plane landed and passengers had disembarked, he overheard flight staff members say the plane's flat tire had created some friction in the wheel well, and that the friction created smoke, which prompted the emergency landing.
Now the uncertainty caused by rising global trade friction is affecting the global economy.
There was also new friction between Washington and trading partners from Mexico to India.
His goal has been to remove friction so that food gets to customers faster.
But there's a friction between that message and the medium used to deliver it.
Despite continued friction between Barcelona and Madrid, tensions have dropped considerably since last year.
There was friction over their spouses: Caroline's husband, Ed Schlossberg, and John's wife, Carolyn.
So the beads will drag against the stick, and the friction will produce energy.
From an outsider's perspective, self-storage comes with significant friction, but it's rarely acute.
Elizabeth and Davie notice the friction and do their best to stoke Alec's fears.
When a foot is inserted, the shoe tightens automatically until it senses friction points.
There&aposs a little bit if friction now with the Europeans and the Canadians.
Logging into apps, as Apple notes, is a source of friction for many users.
It should help remove the friction in making payments in a market like India.
This is due partly to the fact that change is difficult (see Friction Costs).
The devices let shoppers re-order products by voice command, removing friction from checkout.
And that can lead to discomfort, friction, and pain during penetration or deep thrusting.
POLP works because it introduces a bit of friction into the data-request process.
It's more forgiving of friction and stress, preventing the latex from tearing, LELO claims.
Another challenge to adoption is the friction for consumers to buy and sell bitcoin.
Automation is the ultimate reduction in friction because it allows optimizations to happen perpetually.
And here is what he does that really, really creates the friction in Washington.
It dramatically reduced the friction between people hearing about podcasts and trying it out.
Analysts say the name can be a source of friction even in diplomatic encounters.
You can already see some potential for such friction, despite Senate leadership's best efforts.
Friction between Lewandowski and Manafort may have already had an impact on Trump's campaign.
The main source of friction stems from Turkey's role in the fight (see article).
This would create friction that wouldn't be fair to the people that we're serving.
"Voice recognition will take the friction out of issues of technology usage," Holtzman said.
Addiction and fame are woven so tightly together that the friction causes unnecessary casualties.
Love conquers all, except when it comes to known laws of science and friction.
There is friction in switching between each, and opportunities lost because of the fragmentation.
Dropping that friction and making Lens more appealing is low-hanging fruit for Pinterest.
Without enough lateral friction, a crash ensues and the bike spills onto the road.
There is currently no SaaS company out there addressing this and removing the friction.
Friction and electrical arcing at the commutator means the brushes must be replaced regularly.
In many ways, the link between Mr Macron and Mr Philippe looks friction-prone.
And fighting regulations introduces another piece of friction to growing a startup, Hegarty says.
But reports of friction between the founder and the chief creative officer was common.
Such actions have created enormous friction between the ultra-Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews.
Tricky: Most robots don't have fingernails, or friction-facilitating fingerpads that perfectly mimic ours.
And, like any earthquake, the friction that brought Adam and Jessa together was foundational.
Tamar Braxton is reflecting on the people she's had friction with in the past.
U.S. officials immediately downplayed the friction between Qatar and its neighbors and counseled restraint.
"Khloé's decision to stay with Tristan has definitely caused friction," a source told PEOPLE.
"What causes friction in the marriage, however, is Kanye's compulsive tweeting," the source added.
China's currency policies have been a longstanding source of friction with the United States.
Differences over Syria policy have caused friction with Washington, a NATO ally of Turkey's.
That friction would surely cause overheating and cause Earth fabric to rip or burn.
So, the barriers to entry went way down, and everything became about eliminating friction.
Friction between the Times' news and opinion departments is hardly unique to Bennet's tenure.
Yet, if this works, it will turn Facebook engagement into a friction-free experience.
Overseas demand remains a concern amid trade friction between the United States and China.
But he also understood that putting together unlikely things could produce interesting emotional friction.
The team is trying to provide them a relatively friction-less pathway to switch.
Still, the process was anything but easy, he said, causing friction with co-workers.
Escalating trade friction between Washington and other nations also affected prices, the company said.
It is a recipe for tension and continued friction in the cross-strait (relationship).
But this is not the only source of friction between Republicans and the President.
"There's a lot of friction in the trading system right now," Cohn said Thursday.
The trend has created considerable friction between the tech community and law enforcement agencies.
The friction comes at a time when Trump's national support appears to be plunging.
Still, the friction within the GOP went beyond the angry delegates on the floor.
Decades later, this caused friction between Armenia and Azerbaijan as the Soviet Union collapsed.
Tax reform An issue much discussed, argued about, and the source of ideological friction.
A eulogy by her daughter Patti Davis emphasized love over their well-publicized friction.
It is simple and without friction, just four sensors and some proprietary purring technology.
So there's some friction there—and if I have a bad show, I'm fucked.
Errors can also cause friction with individuals, groups, or even other nations as well.
Only one was cited for failure to remediate friction surfaces between tenants, in 2010.
In a sense, the friction or pain necessary to complete a transaction is removed.
I had a lower drive and had been feeling friction that bordered on painful.
Cohn said Thursday he sees "a lot of friction" in the global trading system.
Broadcast was created to reduce friction for restaurant operators as they adopt digital ordering.
For years, the United States largely ignored European investments in Cuba to avoid friction.
They're no longer truly separate and segregated, we're seeing some real conflict and friction.
When I look at Red Dead Redemption 297, that core seems to be friction.
And that has created a lot of friction between Twitter's management and Wall Street.
So Mr. Trump's announcement added to the friction as Mr. Pompeo moved around Beirut.
Protesters toppled the statue in August amid national friction over monuments to the Confederacy.
That did not stop the friction between Ms. DeVos, congressional Democrats and several Republicans.
This friction rings true to me and has existed among other groups of immigrants.
The growing friction led investors and business owners to steel themselves for greater turbulence.
He also addressed abortion, another source of friction between the Irish and the church.
In democracies, that creates friction, anxiety and push-back to protect freedom and democracy.
"America First" at the U.N., a leadership void in Sweden, and friction at Instagram.
The friction of the condom rubbing against vaginal or anal tissues can be painful.
Latex gloves can also be useful in reducing friction, and making it more enjoyable.
There were other ways of generating friction and making the habit harder to indulge.
Somers also advocates for putting "helpful friction" in between your dollars and your decisions.
Immigration is likely to remain a point of friction with the left-wing Greens.
Immigration is likely to remain a point of friction with the left-wing Greens.
But that extra friction makes your brain work harder at engaging with the information.
A particular point of friction was the Obama administration's attempts at rapprochement with Iran.
There is a lot of expensive friction in getting a company to the marketplace.
In their spare public comments, the two leaders glossed over longstanding sources of friction.
"LKQ's exposure to this, to me, is not a point of friction," he said.
A Gaza-Sinai state would have international port access while minimizing friction with Israel.
The protests roiling Hong Kong are also emerging as a potential source of friction.
The source of the friction was Mr. Cuomo's handling of the proposed special session.
Open friction is no longer so easily subsumed by the almighty virtue of comity.
A panel of stakeholders and interested parties then seeks to resolve points of friction.
It is time to abandon our groupthink bias against friction as a design principle.
In each case, friction will be rejected by users if it impedes their goals.
Time's a river, and we're all pebbles, giving it the very mildest of friction.
The lower speed eliminates the need for vacuum-sealed tubes to reduce air friction.
Introducing legal friction by having API providers constantly worried about making that access look unique, and developer friction by forcing developers to weave together APIs that are different only for legal reasons, results in throwing a wet blanket over this creative engine.
The service may appeal to consumers because it should remove friction from the remittance process.
Other sources of friction are likely to be corporate taxes, business regulation and social spending.
It's also possible that there is more friction around reducing hours than was initially assumed.
But tightening regulation is causing more friction between Pinduoduo and its merchants on the platform.
The other Housewives had similar messages of support, despite any past friction among the ladies.
The rate that galaxies collide with one another is influenced by something called dynamical friction.
Let's see what happens when we remove the friction and let developers' imaginations run free.
Germany's DAX, on the other hand, has been hit especially hard by global trade friction.
The figures suggested that exports may still support the economy despite broader global trade friction.
Each action inspires an equal and opposite toxic reaction with just a bit less friction.
But fringe groups can also serve as an instrument to create friction within Russia's rivals.
Barriers to job switching, like occupational licensing, increase friction and push up the natural rate.
The question, though, is how much friction do we want to introduce into the process?
More advanced technology can help reduce the friction that holds back better group decision-making.
The U.S. threatened to remove India's preferential trade status, elevating friction between the two countries.
Schroepfer replied that there are basically three problems facing VR adoption: cost, friction and content.
The problem is that there's still a lot of friction involved in claiming those photos.
For decades, Kashmir has been a source of friction between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan.
To be widely accepted, technologies will have to fit into people's lives without much friction.
Nor would they create the same kind of expensive friction with state and local governments.
The source of friction is Beijing's "Belt and Road" initiative, an ambitious global infrastructure push.
But on the road, with air resistance and tire friction, cold gas isn't as powerful.
The last thing the API economy needs is copyright friction Software is losing its magic.
The figures reflected the impact of escalating trade and political friction between Washington and Beijing.
This caused friction with Gastonia's white majority, recalls Mr Garcia, who was born in Colombia.
It may, though, offer cover for Italy, whose debt load is causing friction with Brussels.
It was a reminder of how currency could come into focus if trade friction revives.
For others, treating and then requesting money back on their app of choice reduces friction.
Mr Frischmann: Seamless and friction-free are great optimisation criteria for machines, not for humans.
Of course, Wheelys isn't the only company looking to reduce the friction of local retail.
We call this factor the coefficient of kinetic friction and use the Greek symbol μ.
She and her sisters are fighting; there's friction with her stepfather; her mother is controlling.
In the case of maximum friction, the magnitude would be: But what about the moon?
This will decidedly solve the problem of boob sweat or friction from skin and clothing.
" It was also blamed for causing "a tremendous amount of friction between parents and children.
Spending aside, deployments in support of NATO's operations in Afghanistan are another point of friction.
Then the Twitter account of the Defense Intelligence Agency caused more friction with a tweet.
"There is no friction at all" with Trump's security team, Clancy told CNN last month.
We've become like the coders themselves, torquing every gear in our lives to remove friction.
Several experts have pointed out that friction between the U.S. and China goes beyond trade.
That means the initial impact of the trade friction on Asian economies would be negative.
Securing the payment ecosystem means a relatively fast, friction-free and unified solution for all.
Eliminate friction, but not at the expense of what makes your brand interesting or special.
NASA said the habitat didn't expand because of high friction forces between the habitat's fabrics.
But new solutions are on the horizon, although the friction remains to be elegantly solved.
Yet cultural interaction also induces friction, whether spontaneously generated or instigated by demagogues and provocateurs.
Military construction could cause friction with China, with which Australia has a strong economic relationship.
I'm in this room for love and understanding—and knowledge that we all cause friction.
However, the friction remains frustrating for many other journalists who regularly cover the White House.
They said the snag was most likely caused by friction between the layers of fabric.
This is problematic since, when blood flow drops, friction along the vessel walls also declines.
Fully expanded, it nudges up against "Please, No Smash," the friction causing an occasional rustle.
Start by stripping Russian transactional partners like Turkey, which has centuries of friction with Russia.
The steady growth of Falun Gong's Dragon Springs complex has been causing friction for years.
But the public comments have not quelled concerns about possible friction between the two men.
Harris suggested designers should "leave enough friction for users to pause and consider" their actions.
It offers less friction, as demonstrated by a higher NPS score(13)than Webex(6).
Jade rollers are ideally paired with serums or oils to help cut down on friction.
It also aids in keeping hair protected from harmful friction in its most vulnerable state.
This friction reportedly irritated officials, who believed she was best served as Trump's personal secretary.
Plugging the numbers in, we get an implied coefficient of friction: Oh. That's not great.
A Ryan spokeswoman denied there was any friction between House Republicans and the White House.
Most notably, Shawn Andrews (above, as Kevin) and Jason London (Pink) caused friction on set.
S. economic ties won't change much under Trump, shrugging off some concerns about trade friction.
Their shared nationalist tendencies could aggravate friction between their countries, which are increasingly global rivals.
Highly unstable and sensitive to shock, friction and heat, it breaks down quickly in air.
There is ample friction in the family conversations without also introducing speed as a liability.
The announcement could further escalate friction between the United States and its largest trading partner.
Germany is suffering from trade friction and Brexit angst after narrowly avoiding recession last year.
Today's test will start from an unpacked position, which will hopefully solve the friction issue.
In fact, there's a lot of friction and overhead between the user and their shows.
Such support is likely to become a significant point of friction between Ankara and Washington.
The friction threatens to weaken the Democrats' hand heading into the next shutdown deadline, Feb.
It also created some friction with Democrats, who see a continuing need for stronger regulations.
Thanks to the friction of two bodies together, suggestive of the physical mechanism of pleasure.
Mr. Trump's announcement of tariffs on steel could be an even greater source of friction.
S. trade friction is not a positive situation for either country or the world economy.
Xi also said he hopes the United States would handle trade friction cautiously and appropriately.
Then there are powders, which are sprinkled on top of wax to further reduce friction.
Friction between the gas streams, he argued, created the detectable glow of heat and light.
The hyperloop uses a vacuum to reduce friction to achieve speeds up to 600 m.p.h.
Speaking after the meeting, Goodell tried to downplay the friction created by his contract extension.
It's well-known that the friction between volcanic ash generates huge amounts of electrical charge.
As plates move, pressure builds up across their boundaries, while friction holds them in place.
Longstanding problems like deflation, bureaucracy and a shrinking population added friction to the country's growth.
Our sources say lots of friction was created when Tekashi turned off the cash spigot.
It's just enough friction to prevent me from casually disabling the block when I'm bored.
Mobb Deep had friction with 50 Cent, but later signed to his G-Unit Records.
The resulting friction — us versus them, then versus now — is embedded in this concert's DNA.
But friction is the only thing that has ever made privacy, let alone obscurity, possible.
Regardless, racial friction has frequently been embedded in boxing, and sometimes used to make money.
Spending by businesses clearly has been restrained by the uncertainty created by the trade friction.
You put a constant force on a low-friction cart and show that it accelerates.
We naturally do not like friction, so there is a tendency to just go along.
"It shows how sensitive we are to small friction in our environment," said Dr. Wood.
Amid this noisy friction between ideological factions, Elizabeth Warren has been the odd person out.
The move would probably lead to diplomatic friction with Mr. Maduro's allies China and Russia.
In the premiere, family friction is a theme, as is Sheldon's intelligence and sheer naïveté.
As technology pushes us toward efficiency, we should probably introduce social rules that create friction.
This is not the first time there's been friction and criticism between Sanders and Carville.
"Extreme care must be taken because anything touching the skin can cause friction," King said.
The Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Toy addresses this issue with its low-friction, ergonomically curved design.
You open up the newspaper on any week of any month, there's tons of friction.
Lubricity refers to the ability of a fluid to reduce friction between surfaces in motion.
If there is friction between the two, it's not going to be easy for us.
When this became a source of friction, I started telling him exactly what to get.
"It's a really low-friction way of having an ad hoc meeting," Ms. Lane said.
"The biggest factor to look out for is the U.S.-China trade friction," Kato said.
But the internet's lack of friction has been a boon to the dark side, too.
British workers would have to deliver productivity gains that offset tariffs and supply chain friction.
It drives costs down by eliminating unnecessary friction and unproductive steps in the install process.
The announcement rattled investors who feared that worsening trade friction could hurt the global economy.
Hyperloops are theoretically able to truncate travel time because they eliminate friction and air resistance.
There's a lot of friction between getting new users to notice the app and actually download it, so the hope is that by removing that friction Blackstorm Labs can attract a wide array of developers and rethink the way apps are distributed and run.
The currency had shed around 14% year-to-date amid the friction between the NATO allies.
S. friction dented demand for bullion ahead of the minutes from U.S. Federal Reserve's latest meeting.
Earlier this year, Argentina's economic minister, Alfonso Prat-Gay, foreshadowed potential friction between the two parties.
"In short, we have a friction force associated with the spontaneous emission event," the researchers wrote.
That period also exposed the friction between Hart and Mould that had been developing for years.
For example, Tilt enables users to collect money from friends in a simple, friction-less way.
The key value prop comes from reducing the friction associated with taking action on one's finances.
The proliferation of GPS-enabled handsets addressed the friction around drivers and passengers locating each other.
But I think the digital access, removing friction ... is a big unlock for the Chipotle business.
Offering an on-demand solution removes that friction and meets the immediate demands of the customer.
"Somehow," of course, means with physics: This move is based on the momentum principle and friction.
What's more, the tremendous torque exerted during an exit attempt causes friction on the hind legs.
Syrians. This is an issue that is going to cause friction with many of our partners.
What's clear, though, is that there's quite a bit of friction here, which is a shame.
However, "it would increase the cost, complexity and friction" for U.S. banks operating overseas, he added.
The British government's relationship with business has gradually improved after months of friction after the vote.
Is it rational for platform companies to create friction for users who want to delete stuff?
That adds a lot of friction, but in this case, that's probably exactly what you'd want.
The mole seemed to be missing a key factor in digging: friction in the surrounding soil.
The friction of the first anchor above us soaks up over half of the falling force.
Mr Xi has avoided direct friction with India at disputed spots on their long, mountainous frontier.
A weaker yuan has been a source of friction between China and the U.S. for years.
Some artists, on the other hand, have intentionally created friction, sculpting entire songs from iPhone sounds.
"We hope the tokens will provide less friction and a much higher adoption rate," Lemons said.
Trump's tariff announcement rattled investors who feared that worsening trade friction could hurt the global economy.
The mole seems to be missing a key factor in digging: friction in the surrounding soil.
Yet despite friction between Zuckerberg and legislators, Facebook's stock rose 2% the day of the hearing.
Okamoto acknowledged the growing risks posed by trade friction but said Japan's economic fundamentals remain solid.
The big picture: The friction between Amazon and activists is a sure sign of the times.
When she's climbing up the pole, or sliding down it, friction and gravity come into play.
Precisely how much friction depends on the size and shape of the nuts, among other factors.
For extra comfort and added friction, you can perch yourself on top of a few pillows.
Analysts worry that increasing friction between the countries could eventually lead to an all-out war.
To make our services more efficient and remove friction, we want their tech to drive improvements.
Sometimes appointing even well-meaning relatives or family friends increases the likelihood of friction between heirs.
Having to push the little microphone button creates just enough friction that I don't use it.
These gloves reduce the friction between your hands on the screen to keep your drawing precise.
Gases get condensed as they speed around the black hole, and all this friction creates heat.
But exactly when and how Leonardo first developed his ideas on friction has been a mystery.
This has the potential to cause friction and upset, just as it did in the past.
The following decades saw a spike in Jewish immigration and increased friction with the Arab population.
"Trade friction between countries can throw sand in the gears of the global economy," Nee said.
Between the lines: The friction between Amazon and activists is a sure sign of the times.
After the crash, the cars are sliding along the track and slowing down due to friction.
This gives an acceleration of -7.53 m/s2 with a coefficient of kinetic friction at 0.769.
Vigorous rubbing from your towel also creates extra friction that your freshly washed skin doesn't need.
The planet of love and beauty squares Mars, introducing a bit of friction on the 21st.
The idea is to remove friction and make the sign-up process as simple as possible.
And friction between Trump and the Federal Reserve won't help move things along either, Anderson said.
Jitters over trade friction and the tax hike are also keeping a lid on wage gains.
The New Promises Of France's Legal Tech Startups Where there is friction, there are business opportunities.
Without giving away too much, the friction between you and Julie carries over from last season.
As an industry, we have to lower the friction that we create between people and technology.
But "trade friction is bringing uncertainty to global and China economy", ICBC Chairman Yi Huiman said.
A Hyperloop has levitating pods powered by electricity and magnetism that hurtle through low-friction pipes.
However, a source previously told PEOPLE that West's "compulsive tweeting" causes friction in the couple's marriage.
Pressure inside the chamber was relieved on Friday to ease the friction among the multiple layers.
During the Cold War, the overriding Soviet threat sublimated internal friction to the need for solidarity.
The friction is not just confined to the Democratic Party: The labor movement itself is changing.
When two plates move against one another and produce friction, it causes energy to build up.
But the friction at work here seems less a matter of authorial intention than stylistic uncertainty.
I mean where people have friction in their opinions, and that means writing about that stuff.
IT Band Friction Syndrome This inflammation/degeneration happens where the IT band inserts at the knee.
Also, core strengthening exercises, such as Pilates, can be helpful to prevent IT Band Friction Syndrome.
This apparent friction between senior dissident commanders could lead to bloody infighting, these FARC sources warn.
"It really could get in the way of a resolution on the trade friction," he added.
That friction was on full display during Trump's trip to Paris this month for Armistice Day.
Yet there will also be friction as Johnson seeks to balance domestic and foreign policy interests.
" Hoffman continued: "You want to minimize friction and find the most effective, most efficient way forward.
The system is designed for a certain level of friction between the legislative and executive branches.
Facebook doesn't want to introduce a ton more friction into the ad buying process, of course.
With just a little friction, holes and punctures in these materials can repair themselves in seconds.
When the CBO releases its report next week, the ideological friction will likely heat up again.
The secret isn't some clever solar concentrator or low-friction fan — it's all about the materials.
Should help reduce friction and keep users in-app under a greater variety of use cases.
Consumers are not going to accept friction in their retail experiences when Amazon is an alternative.
These chatbots eliminate the friction of traditional reporting and serve as legal empowerment in your pocket.
There was a lot of friction about the way we wanted to live our home life.
While the current friction is unwelcome and largely unnecessary, reports of NATO's death are greatly exaggerated.
But he expressed concern that the South China Sea would be a chronic source of friction.
"There was a lot of friction, parallel commands, which bubbled to the surface," Mr. Abdi said.
Separate trusts for each child — not one large children's trust — can mitigate some of this friction.
And while Bahrain is a US ally, there have been points of friction in recent years.
Over the longest time scales, the main factor at play is a phenomenon called tidal friction.
And that friction is already spilling over into Iraq, threatening to undo the country's fragile peace.
These stretchy bands were light, sturdy, and effective barriers to uncomfortable friction — and surprisingly attractive, too.
There has also been friction between Mr. Bolton's National Security Council and Mr. Pompeo's State Department.
Try to give them privacy, expect friction in their social lives and allow space for sadness.
Social distancing practices may disrupt how they function, and introduce friction into their normal farming processes.
Long before the publication of "Becoming," she'd sometimes hint at the friction just under her surface.
"I doubt that the Russians will escalate towards military friction with the Americans," the official said.
They very quickly get used to the convenience and the bubble and the lack of friction.
What the president did not foresee was that the friction would reach inside his immediate family.
Although biologists and indigenous people have worked together for centuries, the relationship has tended toward friction.
Maybe some intergenerational friction, some conflicts of language and reference, could work to the advantage here.
But it's becoming more challenging, and industry executives worry that trade friction could worsen the situation.
The seamless design of the Hidden Comfort running socks reduces the friction that can cause blisters.
You'll encounter some friction trying to access them if you don't have a subscription, of course.
So the most competitive company wins, not the most competitive system in terms of friction wins.
Other sources of friction are bound to emerge, given his campaign message about shaking up Washington.
Friction or the breaking of fibers could have provided the energy for ignition, the company said.
Along with increased regulation, these efforts created more friction against snooping and made privacy more tangible.
Given the organizational relationship between HHS and CMS, some friction between the two offices isn't unusual.
Reopening after the Labor Day holiday, U.S. markets are largely attuned to developments surrounding trade friction.
Another story from Vulture detailed friction between Union and "AGT" judge and executive producer Simon Cowell.
When you put the human back into the transaction, it becomes more secure with less friction.
According to the Los Angeles Times, there had been friction between Ingraham and the network's management.
But CNN's pro-Trump voices often seem better suited to generating friction than to offering insights.
Other recommendations are unlikely to be as politically explosive, though not without their own friction points.
In the digital world, there are a few ways of potentially adding friction to improve designs.
Either way, arguments, friction, and unhealthy tension may all indicate that the relationship is growing apart.
And that's not enough time to generate the friction necessary to melt a film of water.
Subsidies and tax breaks have been a source of friction between the two countries for years.
Foreign waste has emerged as a cause for diplomatic friction in recent months within Southeast Asia.
U.S. and European supervisors have a history of friction, although the sources say cooperation has improved.
When Tyson Chandler called out Carmelo for playing selfishly during a playoff series in 2013 and subsequently created friction between the two—friction that started after Melo created drama upon returning to the lineup after the Linsanity stretch—the center was sent packing within a year.
"There's no question that on the president's Europe trip that he created enormous friction for his own policies, which are actually very tough on Russia and pro-the transatlantic relationship, that in his conduct, he actually created friction for people to understand and grasp that," Carafano said.
At the annual meeting, airlines and aircraft manufacturers also complained about rising trade friction around the world.
He sees that as removing as much friction as you can from a software-driven business process.
"Through this friction, the outermost layer of skin starts to give way and bubble up," he says.
At times, Ms. Maloney's indifference to the obstacles in her path has generated friction on its own.
While some lumps and bumps can be caused by friction or shaving, they can also be genetic.
While there will be friction and conflict, it is necessary that this takes place behind closed doors.
Vehicle development progressed well through 2015, according to former executives, but there was growing friction among investors.
That regulation is already causing "friction" around the fund formation and companies' financing process, the report said.
So here is a block on a low friction inclined plane—see, that's just like a bobsled.
S. friction can undermine military contacts, when Beijing upended plans for him to meet Wei in October.
That could be a source of friction between the alliance supporting Assad, analysts of the conflict say.
Executives also said they weren't seeing any impact from friction on trade between the U.S. and China.
GRAPHIC: Pulp Friction: Rough debut for China's pulp futures as prices plummet 10% on opening day - tmsnrt.
Oil watch: Oil prices continued to rise Monday amid continued friction between the United States and Iran.
Here are the basics of gravity and friction, for example:Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.
Opendoor reduces the friction of selling a house from possibly months (and multiple showings) down to minutes.
Think of the friction in the world and our personal lives as the churning of the seas.
This helps keep the sock in place, which reduces friction and helps mitigate the risk of blisters.
Friction from the droplets and crystals bumping together creates positive and negative electrical charges in the clouds.
SMAC's low friction guide system makes their actuators extremely repeatable from move to move - within 1 msec.
But that innovative program, far from friction-free, was ended by Adidas at the end of 2015.
He said the two sides work together and meet regularly, but there is friction between the two.
After eight years of friction with Barack Obama's administration, Mr Netanyahu has good reason to feel optimistic.
For all the friction between Scott and Ingoglia, the governor and party chair have similar political backstories.
It's meant to reduce the friction that can sometimes bubble up while using a display-free device.
The device isn't perfect — for example, it did cause inflammation from all the squeezing, twisting, and friction.
It's technology that introduces a little friction and reflection into my life, and for that I'm thankful.
Last but not least, Corsair has two extra large desk mats with rubber and low-friction textiles.
Friction heats the orbiting gas to temperatures of millions of degrees — hot enough to emit X-rays.
Intermediary-controlled trust came with some friction, but now, with the blockchain, we can have frictionless trust.
Mattis said the United States welcomed China's economic development, but he anticipated "friction" between the two countries.
Doors are friction, he explained; they delay decision-making by tying up deliverables, untouchable on someone's desk.
And you'll want that extra friction when you're hanging upside down holding on with just your feet.
SpaceX claimed that friction between the propellants in the engine tank and the COPV was to blame.
A little friction in the system can cause disproportionately large outcomes for a company and a region.
But the pressure to succeed as a band, and the friction that can create, became too much.
Here are some places in the U.S. where friction between the companies and government is particularly acute.
"We think we can take a lot of friction out of that whole experience," he says. 2.
None of this fast-seeded societal friction has put the brakes on e-scooter startup momentum, though.
This will cause legal friction, particularly in America, where different asset classes are regulated by different agencies.
You can also wrap a leg around your partner to increase the friction and motion during intercourse.
Reducing friction is a far more efficient way of increasing speed and endurance than increasing muscle-power.
But peacock feathers rub up against each other all the time, so they produce lots of friction.
Attempts to tap gas and oil in the eastern Mediterranean have caused friction between Athens and Ankara.
Corsair gaming mouse pad The hard mat is a low-friction pad that won't impede any movement.
Yet both recognise that the drift in recent years towards escalating friction has not helped anyone, either.
Conventional brakes work by clamping a set of friction pads onto a disc on the wheel hub.
If SpaceX wanted to do more with the Roadster, however, then it might run into some friction.
I mean, watching two pieces of metal forge together through friction as they turn bright space orange?
Dugan's pace of progress was a key source of friction between Building 0003 and its parent company.
So I think that you know a bit of friction, even some setbacks is to be expected.
It all starts by getting strapped into the harness safeguard thing while wearing special low friction shoes.
And with Anki making Code Lab a free update the Cozmo app, there's minimal friction for adoption.
"The philosophy of the Internet has assumed that friction is always part of the problem," writes Kosslyn.
Karezza is the opposite of "friction sex," says Irene Fehr, a sex and intimacy coach in Denver.
"There's supposed to be friction between the White House press corps and the White House," Earnest insisted.
S. friction undermines Aussie * Fed's policy review next key focus * Graphic: World FX rates in 21.1231 tmsnrt.
First and foremost, despite the Obama-Netanyahu friction, Israel's partnership with its powerful American patron remains robust.
This is where being flexible with how much each person buys pays off in reducing roommate friction.
How Trump handles this friction with his own party is a huge challenge and an open question.
"We're constantly trying to remove friction from the system, whether it's advertisers, users, or telcos," Kyncl said.
Latex acts as a great barrier, but it can also increase friction and cause condoms to rupture.
Lubricants can reduce that friction and increase pleasure, but using them requires an extra step and money.
Treasury yields fell most of February on uneasiness about U.S.-China trade friction and disappointing economic data.
Researchers already knew there was more wind over water, and that smooth ocean surfaces had less friction.
ViralStyle provides a solution for fan community monetization that takes the friction out of selling branded merchandise.
This presents opportunities for friction with Google, or the ability for both companies to form a partnership.
Dr. Zeichner says he routinely hears patients complain of acne development in areas where there is friction.
The hands-on approach led to friction with politicians in Rome, concerned about a nationally important asset.
For the asker, this creates friction, and they don't ask in the network the next time around.
ShoppableTV is the latest initiative by NBCUniversal to remove points of friction that lower advertising conversion rates.
Next, you should consider the potential solutions that will reduce frustrations or "key friction points" for users.
Other measures also caused friction between Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak and Cetinkaya, the sources said.
Unlike China, which created friction in market entry for foreign tech companies, India has been reasonably open.
"We are low friction, we are small and we have a hell of a Rolodex," Collins said.
Violence is a tool, or the shocking and cruel consequence of choices—that friction you talked about.
I get that the company wants to reduce friction for developers, and that should always be applauded.
White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Monday downplayed any friction between the CIA and the president.
If you don't have a lighter or matches, you need to use friction to create an ember.

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