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"foothold" Definitions
  1. a place where your foot can be safely supported when climbing
  2. [usually singular] a strong position in a business, profession, etc. from which somebody can make progress and achieve success

978 Sentences With "foothold"

How to use foothold in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "foothold" and check conjugation/comparative form for "foothold". Mastering all the usages of "foothold" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Paw by paw, foothold by foothold, they proceed hoping that somehow they will make it through this ordeal.
It's how they're getting their foothold on telecommunications, it's how they're getting their foothold on various different industries.
The firm already has a foothold in Australia and Sweden.
As it turns out, that foothold was easy to find.
J), has a foothold, but also global competitor Netflix (NFLX.
This mobile foothold is "tremendously helpful" to Intel, said Ing.
In Cambodia, China's military has also gained a strategic foothold.
But investigators have a strong foothold with their multiple cooperators.
However, it struggled to get a foothold under the retailer.
Arthur is also helping AI gain a foothold in archaeology.
Buttigieg, meanwhile, is desperate for a foothold with black voters.
Mr. Yiannopoulos was just getting a foothold in the media.
The investment gives Tencent an instant foothold in the Indian market.
Experts think that restaurants will find a foothold with small investors.
They have found a foothold, but it rests on loose rock.
It will take time for China to truly erode our foothold.
She was layered, but no one layer provided a steady foothold.
Amazon may have secured a major foothold in the pharmacy industry.
That argument seemed to have gained a foothold in jurors' minds.
But Papi Juice has since established a foothold in the community.
Those working on legal issues will have a much narrower foothold.
Once chronic wasting disease gets a foothold, it can spread relentlessly.
In Chile, Korea's infectious pop music has found an unusual foothold.
And for many American companies, it can provide a similar foothold.
"We have only established a foothold with the Maute," he said.
For now, carbon materials are getting a foothold in boutique markets.
Or even how the sport could gain any foothold in the country.
Things got worse as coke gained a stronger foothold in the area.
The Tartus naval facility is Russia's only naval foothold in the Mediterranean.
AT&T has a foothold in that industry too with DirecTV Now.
Now let's see whether Uber also qualifies as a new market foothold.
Once it secures a foothold in public life, conspiracism has independent force.
He has helped ISIS get another foothold, a new lease on life.
The aliens, it appears, have found themselves a foothold on the internet.
Those groups have since regained a foothold in the north and center.
But leaving that small foothold for the disease proved a disastrous mistake.
The British already have a foothold in the manufacture of small satellites.
China has also gained a foothold in academic institutions around the world.
A power vacuum has allowed Islamic State militants to gain a foothold.
Tech has had a foothold in the city for a long time.
Islamic State militants also gained a foothold in the North African state.
For her, Rule No. 1: Never let the gloom gain a foothold.
Look no further than Africa, where the pandemic is gaining a foothold.
The virus has found a foothold on every continent except for Antarctica.
Two Senate seats would give Democrats at least a foothold on power.
The theory has also found a foothold in more mainstream political circles.
The industry has had a foothold in the capital city for decades.
It now has a foothold there through its e-commerce site,
But his foothold is insecure — and he is rowing against the current.
Impossible has gained a large foothold in American restaurants and food stores.
Meanwhile, the virus is grabbing a stronger foothold in Europe and Asia.
"Now that we've got our grand foothold, we'll be moving into messaging."
POLAND: Huawei has a strong foothold in Poland but remains under scrutiny.
Islamic State's last territorial foothold, in Syria, fell in March this year.
But other networks found more of a foothold than usual this year.
It still feels like Gillibrand is desperately seeking a foothold in this race.
In Google, Walmart gains a foothold in the voice-enabled future of commerce.
Militant groups maintain a foothold in Chechnya to this day, occasionally staging attacks.
A second phase of construction would nearly double Oracle's foothold in the city.
Gaining a foothold in a transplant factory would give the UAW an edge.
Without their distribution channels, most handset makers just can't get a foothold here.
In Europe, where unions have a stronger foothold, Amazon workers also remain nonunion.
But now Lyft will have a real foothold in a non-US country.
That's clearly true in China, where very few have gained any significant foothold.
What's happening: The Democratic field lacked storylines that found a foothold last week.
But even in this unlikely place, modern payment methods are gaining a foothold.
Wary of separatistism, Turkey views the PYD's Syrian foothold as a security threat.
Political Leverage: Helpful foothold to help unseat Republican opponent Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
It also gives the company a strong foothold in the Caribbean oil market.
But it doesn't seem like the company has gotten much of a foothold.
And other U.S. technology firms are trying to get a foothold in China.
Then, under former President Obama, they gained a foothold in the executive branch.
That allows hackers to gain an initial foothold in a company's data system.
Harley-Davidson joins a growing list of companies struggling to find a foothold.
Islamic State militants have also gained a foothold in the North African state.
Google's Android mobile operating system, meanwhile, is its foothold in the mobile market.
Mr. Harr acknowledged that the app was still trying to find a foothold.
Volcanic rock terracing on the mountainside provided a foothold for ancient olive trees.
Under the new name, the Party of Regions kept a foothold in Parliament.
She used it to gain credibility and a foothold in the national debate.
The norms of reality TV have found a foothold in the digital age.
But there is a foothold: You still have the title and the salary.
Without a foothold in the top leadership, their leverage appears destined to dissipate.
That link or attachment can give attackers a foothold into a computer network.
These efforts helped the relatively new breed gain a foothold in American culture.
"We have to get a foothold on this, before more people get hurt."
The area is part of the last major foothold of the Syrian rebellion.
Apollo opened the door Stepping on the moon gave us a foothold in space.
This kind of acceptance has yet to find a foothold at the collegiate level.
It's hoping that the strategy will earn it a foothold in the grocery world.
When her alliance lost the numbers, she worked hard to find a new foothold.
I will continue to act firmly to prevent any Palestinian government foothold in Jerusalem.
Israel is concerned Iran is trying to establish a permanent military foothold in Syria.
But Donald Trump has never found a foothold in the deeply socially conservative state.
Northrop Grumman may also get a foothold through its recent acquisition of Orbital ATK.
It therefore gives PepsiCo a further foothold into both water and at-home appliances.
The option of relocating the telescope has gained a foothold in the academic community.
Deir al-Zor province is Islamic State's last major foothold in Syria and Iraq.
ERGO Group keeps a foothold in the Russian market through its travel insurance business.
The launch sees the firm looking to gain a foothold in the European market.
The plant, now named American GreenFuels LLC, marks Kolmar's first foothold in physical production.
And No. 5, do not allow Iran to get a foothold in southern Syria.
Unionization created another economic foothold — but that, too, was mostly available to white men.
Democrats counter that it gives Republicans a foothold to eviscerate school nutrition programs altogether.
As part of that goal, it needs to gain a greater foothold in voice.
His strong recent debut album, "Aria," reflects his unfaltering foothold in the jazz firmament.
China has a strong foothold in Africa, though, with massive infrastructure spending and development.
But when developers use the latter incorrectly, they could give hackers a crucial foothold.
Still, it gives him an important foothold in the growing arena of "responsible investing".
Even more important, it would provide a firmer foothold in a potentially vast market.
Through it he had gained a foothold in a highly segregated mainstream art world.
Wary of separatistism, Turkey views the PYD's Syrian foothold as a national security threat.
It has bolstered its foothold in the Spratlys recently through an island-building campaign.
Most were already fighting for a foothold when it came to fans and sponsorships.
Getting methadone in jail gave a Connecticut heroin user a firmer foothold in recovery.
"Iran likely has a foothold in a fair bit" of these places, said Woods.
However, Islamist militants linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State have strengthened their foothold.
And yet many of these technologies are struggling for a foothold in the market.
Among the topics discussed was how to protect Cruz's foothold in the national conversation.
The internet created a new foothold for the production and trading of child pornography.
The Islamic State may also be gaining a foothold in the South Asian country.
It wasn't until the early 1990s that the idea started to gain a foothold.
"Fair trade phones," with modular components, are still a novelty but gaining a foothold.
To heal ourselves a little, we require a foothold of frequent, friendly human contact.
But there may be weeks of fighting before ISIS relinquishes its foothold in eastern Mosul.
This took a foothold after 2011 or so but was preceded by something less grandiose.
But what happens when a conlang starts to find a foothold in the real world?
UberX started from a low-market foothold and moved upstream to disrupt the taxi market.
The deal also gives Chevron a stronger foothold in the African liquefied natural gas market.
The move will likely shore up its foothold in the Australia and New Zealand region.
"Right now there's a foothold in the market," Michael Magdovitz, commodities analyst with Rabobank, said.
That document was laced with computer code giving the hackers a foothold on that system.
In Southern Indian markets such as Bengaluru, the startup is working to gain a foothold.
But as befits the country's tortuously sectarian system of government, various groups have a foothold.
Ringier Africa Deals Group, already have a strong foothold in e-commerce across the continent.
Though her legacy hasn't found a foothold in the public's imagination, that might change soon.
Like Centene, it has also found a strong foothold in the health law's new marketplaces.
This is happening right now in other cities where electric scooters have gained a foothold.
Logitech is making a big purchase to secure a foothold in high-end audio recording.
This year it also lost its foothold near Damascus in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp.
For PayPal, getting a foothold in mobile is critical to the future of its business.
Trump criticized Obama's decision to withdraw troops from Iraq, saying it gave ISIS a foothold.
The party's sole foothold is the State Senate, where it has a one-seat advantage.
Terrorism finds itself both a foothold and weapons in volatile regions with ongoing intense conflicts.
For Ricci, it was also a device for securing a foothold in the Chinese empire.
Yet, Djameh has found a foothold for his beers in the expat and tourist market.
They can be a foothold for a hacker to enter the rest of a network.
Together with adjoining territory north of Aleppo, Idlib forms the last opposition foothold in Syria.
Huawei, based in Shenzhen, China, entered Europe in 22017 but struggled to gain a foothold.
Division, rancor, envy all form the traditional foothold for the infiltration of socialist/communist thought.
But rugby league has never had the strong economic foothold of the 15-man game.
If you are looking for a foothold, chase down those fill-in-the-blanks first.
Smaller startups, including popular services like Zapier and Airtable, are also establishing a foothold here.
Islamic State's increasing foothold in Libya is worrying its North African neighbors and Western governments.
Mr Putin seems determined to deny his critics even a foothold on Russia's electoral ladder.
Investing in Trade gives JAB one more foothold in the coffee market, this time online.
It is unclear how many of these will actually gain a foothold in North America.
Blue Apron has struggled to get a foothold since its $300 million IPO in June.
Still, its foothold has shrunk by more than half from its peak in summer 2015.
Raines said he expects excitement around that device to continue to give GameStop a foothold.
Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer said he "hopes racism cannot gain a foothold" in this city.
N, which swooped on Italy's Versace, are also trying to gain a foothold in luxury.
It's a chance to get a foothold in the Bay Area and accompanying tech scene.
Despite their differences, all sides remain opposed to ISIS strengthening its foothold in the country.
As it tries to gain a foothold, other automakers are stepping up their efforts as well.
As a foothold, criminals play on the eagerness of the owner to reclaim their lost phone.
However, inadequate logistics and electronic payment methods have hampered it from gaining a significant foothold. Amazon.
The deal thus gives Samsung a firm foothold in the futuristic end of the automotive market.
Once the Lib Dems had a foothold, they clung on with ferocious campaigning on local issues.
It was driven out of the capital in 2011 but maintains a foothold in some regions.
After much cajoling, Helen follows — but she freezes halfway down when she can't find a foothold.
Its biggest remaining foothold is in the eastern province of Deir al-Zor, which borders Iraq.
It would also maintain a foothold in China, where both FCA and Renault are marginal players.
But it's struggled to keep a foothold above $221.01, and on Monday was trading below $221.1.
RELATED: Obama's Philippine problem Analysts say the Scarborough Shoal could be a strategic foothold for China.
McKinsey's response is to try to gain a foothold earlier on in tech firms' life-cycles.
He is also said to have a foothold in Sudan's human trafficking and gold smuggling underworld.
The YPG has allowed the Syrian state to keep a foothold in some of its areas.
Photo via Google Street ViewTrump's foothold in Toronto is currently the tallest residential building in Canada.
Anti-abortion groups are seeking a foothold on a new battlefield: custody disputes over frozen embryos.
The deal gives Mondelez a further foothold into snacking as more people eat on-the-go.
Islamic State is fighting hard to preserve its Syria foothold as it loses ground in Iraq.
The project shows how the Chinese company is evolving in local markets to maintain its foothold.
Chinese and Russian military suppliers are also trying to gain a foothold in the Saudi market.
The Taliban for the most part have tried to stop ISIS gaining a foothold in Afghanistan.
The regime of President Bashar al-Assad is battling to retain a foothold in the area.
Carver also provides a strong foothold in North Asia, the world's largest skincare market, Unilever said.
From its foothold there, Islamic State (IS) has ambitions to expand the borders of its "caliphate".
SoftBank launched Deepcore earlier this year to give the organization a foothold in early AI projects.
The Trump administration has found its foothold in slashing programs essential to women's health and lives.
They warn: Don't wait for it to arrive at the airports and establish a perilous foothold.
The group Islamic Jihad, which has a foothold in Gaza, is seen as an Iranian proxy.
"With Mitsubishi, Nissan will have a better foothold even in terms of small cars," he said.
And some foreign banks want a bigger foothold, believing that China's growth prospects outweigh its risks.
Or is it a necessary evil as streaming services establish a foothold in the music industry?
Which explains, in part, why Randy Houser hasn't had more of a foothold in recent years.
No one is winning, except Al Qaeda and ISIS, who gain foothold wherever there is chaos.
Parents fear speaking out would cause their child to lose their foothold in the dance world.
It's attracted global automakers Volvo and Ford who want a foothold in China's self-driving movement.
At the same time, Vale gets a foothold in the backyard of Rio Tinto and BHP.
But here's the thing: Using tax dollars for this gives certain pro-statue arguments a foothold.
That's why, according to Warnock, it took a while for the apple to gain a foothold.
The battle was an important foothold for the eventual surrender of Germany in May 2202, 2628.
Not to mention, Amazon already has a foothold into the space through its Whole Food's acquisition.
Former users say they see worrying signs as the drug maintains its foothold in Western Australia.
The acquisition gave Silver the foothold it needed to eventually form a base in San Juan.
Suddenly, new start-ups could get a foothold simply by writing programs rather than building machines.
UBS has been trying to get a stronger foothold in Brazil for more than a decade.
Independent TV has just really started to gain a foothold in the last couple of years.
He left open the possibility of a future Palestinian foothold there under a negotiated peace deal.
It's straightforward yet entertaining, and there are plenty of places to gain that all-important foothold.
The Senate had been the Republican Party's last foothold of power in an increasingly blue state.
Palestinians saw it as a foothold for what they trusted would become their own new state.
Still, it is easy to see how Uber has found a foothold in New York City.
If Microsoft can strengthen its foothold, that's a nice pot to pull from for a payday.
Wordplay THURSDAY PUZZLE — Getting a foothold in a puzzle like today's, by Timothy Polin, is important.
In the past year, militant groups have also fractured and Islamic State has established a foothold.
Still, "Blueprint Specials" is not likely to maintain a foothold in the American musical-theater repertoire.
Oil-rich Deir al-Zor province is Islamic State's last major foothold in Syria and Iraq.
There's concern that without Kurdish forces in northern Syria, ISIS could again gain a foothold there.
Instead, al Qaeda exploits the chaos to expand its foothold in Yemen, and Iran gains clout.
But for many start-ups, getting a foothold in the market remains a challenge, he said.
SoftBank also has a foothold in the U.S. market through its wireless unit Sprint Corp
"China has a long-term need to gain a strategic foothold in the region," Zhang said.
He said he had fled Syria as Islamic State militants sought to establish a foothold there.
Europe's oil industry, under fire from governments and shareholders, is grabbing a foothold in clean energy.
The Islamic State chapter in Afghanistan for several years had a foothold in eastern Nangarhar province.
Nangarhar is the where the Islamic State's local branch in Afghanistan has established a small foothold.
Gaining a foothold in the classroom isn't just a way to sell thousands of computers in bulk.
But far from stamping them out, some experts think his campaign will only provide them a foothold.
"The black market still has a good foothold, because of some of the government's missteps," Willis said.
NBK gained a foothold in Egypt in 2007 after the acquisition of Al Watany Bank of Egypt.
But life still managed to stake out a foothold, showing that life really does find a way.
The opposition's territorial foothold in neighboring Hama dates back to the earliest days of the civil war.
Part of Cook's strategy to gain a foothold in India is the country's improving 4G network infrastructure.
A big hurdle for Google Fiber's expansion across cities is getting a foothold in large apartment buildings.
It would also maintain a foothold in China, where both Fiat Chrysler and Renault are marginal players.
And let me just say to you — we have ISIS beginning get — get a foothold in Libya.
But gaining a foothold is key to Spotify's continued international growth, due to the market's sheer size.
They have gained a foothold in China, and indeed Seattle, by highlighting the limitations of bike ownership.
UNIQLO has a strong Asian foothold by way of China, home to over half its overseas shops.
The Idlib region and adjoining territory north of Aleppo represent the opposition's last big foothold in Syria.
Fighting their way into the city this week, soldiers have gained a foothold in the eastern districts.
Islamic State is fighting hard to preserve its foothold in Syria as it loses ground in Iraq.
Whichever company gains a foothold now will have a huge advantage in the future on-demand economy.
It helped them to source components more cheaply and to gain a foothold in the Chinese market.
For one, it's hard for harmful parasites or predators to gain a foothold in the challenging conditions.
This made it tough for existing companies and new companies to get a foothold in the market.
By age 19, she had landed in Nashville, working to get a foothold as a singer-songwriter.
It'll be interesting to see whether or not TCL's sets can establish a foothold in the market.
ISIS has gotten a foothold there and the Libyan government hasn't been able to fully control security.
Etsy stock has struggled to find a foothold since the company IPOed back in April of 2015.
"And we think once that foothold is in place," it's game over for other competitors, he suggests.
Its renewed push for an IPO comes as marijuana companies have gained a foothold on Wall Street.
A standard opposition—rooted in debate over ideas, fitness, likability—could not gain foothold on those terms.
Amongst those looking to gain a foothold at Heathrow once it is expanded is rival airline easyJet.
Companies like Roku, Amazon, and Apple all have a strong foothold in the set-top box world.
Mannatech "intended to do the same thing to gain a foothold in Mexico," according to the lawsuit.
Millions of people were turned upside-down in the financial crash, and they can't get a foothold.
Mulki will face a more assertive parliament, after the Muslim Brotherhood gained a foothold in the election.
But the company faces serious competition from Amazon's Alexa, which has an early foothold in the space.
Price is one of the main reasons Apple (AAPL) has struggled to gain a foothold in India.
China and Iran have proven they can gain a foothold on various parts of the U.S. grid.
Losing their foothold in Aleppo, once Syria's largest city, would be a big blow to the rebels.
The Palestinian group Islamic Jihad, which has a foothold in Gaza, is seen as an Iranian proxy.
His career took off around the time color television was gaining a foothold in the United States.
But clumsy regulation could deepen the moats of the incumbents, and prevent disruptors from gaining a foothold.
Having traveled widely in Asia, I've yet to find a country where games don't have a foothold.
Later, he got a job moving art and struggled to get a foothold in the publishing industry.
Would there be any chance of a U.B.I. finding a foothold in the entrenched U.S. political climate?
Democrats have a rare opportunity to gain a foothold against the Republican Party in the coming midterms.
But they have also battled against the Islamic State, which has sought a foothold in the country.
At just 25 years old, Pierre has already carved a foothold on the food scene in Paris.
But Karnataka is the southern state where the B.J.P. may have fought hardest to gain a foothold.
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has a foothold after buying the Swedish carmaker Volvo from Ford in 2010.
Mr. Perlmutter is no rabble-rousing upstart trying to get a foothold in a seniority-driven House.
Covering surfaces with microscopic structures shaped like mushrooms, they find, keeps barnacles from getting a firm foothold.
It was a foothold in a potentially huge market, and Shutterstock invested $15 millionin ZCool in 2018.
This relatively new construction technology, using polystyrene, is gaining a foothold in Kenya's fast-expanding housing sector.
Poland has been reluctant to allow its historical adversary Russia to gain a foothold in certain sectors.
The Russians are in Syria primarily for one reason: to preserve their foothold in the Middle East.
Uber cut its losses after establishing a foothold and sold its local business to a Chinese rival.
In countries where Facebook was not as popular, the acquisition gave Mark Zuckerberg's company an immediate foothold.
The campaign to eliminate ISIS's territorial foothold took nearly 25,000 coalition airstrikes in more than three years.
If, by ancestral good fortune, your family's foothold in the United States is uncontested, be especially thankful.
A local foothold may also help sustain a label that no longer sends Chinese into bacchanalian frenzies.
It tarnished Ikea's brand just as the company was trying to gain a foothold in consumer tech.
What MS-13 has not done is establish any real foothold in the international drug trafficking market.
Other cities like Singapore are viable alternatives to Hong Kong for businesses seeking a foothold in Asia.
The Russian Navy also operates a military facility at Tartus, Russia's only naval foothold in the Mediterranean.
It has also underscored how new allies and investors have gained a foothold in this strategic archipelago.
"They're meant to be 'source' vices, or foundational places where the devil gets a foothold," DeYoung said.
The Trump administration is working to isolate Huawei from developing a larger foothold in U.S. partner countries.
Like baseball itself, SABR is having trouble gaining a foothold among the impatient 18-to-30 crowd.
The motive and payoff is clear: a foothold in a country with the world's fourth-largest Muslim population.
The Ukraine-born Mr. Fridman had been seeking to gain a foothold in Brazil, Latin America's largest economy.
Russia has long been invested in Syria, and would never have relinquished its foothold in the region easily.
Some London-based lenders may expand their euro zone operations to retain a foothold in the euro zone.
Now the company wants to use its foothold in one area of market research to expand into another.
Today, Iran pairs its overland highway to the Levantine Basin with its Yemenite foothold, provided by Houthi insurgents.
Gaining a foothold in the encrypted phone market required more than simply making a device and selling it.
American football and hockey have failed to gain a foothold despite numerous visits by N.F.L. and N.H.L. teams.
Ingenico also gives its Europe-focused buyer a bigger foothold in the United States, Latin America and Asia.
Nurses and nurse practitioners are gaining a bigger foothold as primary-care providers, while doctors' roles are slipping.
Chili's is hoping to regain a foothold in the burger wars with a new lineup of craft burgers.
One airline union accused Qatar of "using enormous government subsidies to gain a greater foothold in US markets".
It is one of several Gulf states trying to gain a strategic foothold in east Africa through ports.
It's also firm's foothold in the UK, home to around 40,000 of its 50,000 drivers in the country.
Disney also used the opportunity to gain a greater foothold in China—which was not always so easy.
At the time, NET (the network that would evolve into PBS) was struggling to gain a foothold nationwide.
But for as alienating and intense as The Locust were, they found a foothold in more mainstream hardcore.
When Protestant aid agencies rushed in after a massive earthquake in 1976, the faith gained a substantial foothold.
Facebook never found a foothold in the country, and most Russians still use an early knockoff called VKontakte.
Acquisition of the Bats business would afford CBOE a foothold in the fast-growing exchange-traded fund market.
Intel is clearly looking to maintain its foothold in the laptop market with a pretty wide net here.
As the Great Recession hit, laid-off Americans turned to online education to seek a new economic foothold.
Ichthyosaurs, in contrast, could not find a foothold—or rather, a finhold—in the new evolutionary world order.
It's against this thrumming backdrop of self-care that products promising healthier sleeping habits have found a foothold.
Meanwhile, Uber has secured the US market, but is struggling to maintain its foothold in Europe and Asia.
Tesla wants to establish a stronger foothold in this massive market, before the subsidies and incentives go away.
All that said, if Oracle could adjust, it has the advantage of having a foothold inside the enterprise.
The trend is getting a foothold in Asia at a time when the overall individual wealth is expanding.
"The attractiveness of videos like this is a way to get a foothold in people's imaginations," said Mah.
The Islamic State pocket marks the last militant foothold in the arid hills along the Syrian-Lebanese frontier.
The study found signs that Uber's foothold may be smaller in deeper markets and gradually diminish over time.
Moscow has maintained a presence on the islands for decades as a strategic foothold in the high north.
Some of the companies at Lift99 are local startups, but others are international firms seeking an Estonian foothold.
For countless Americans, me among them, internships have provided a foothold on the path to the American dream.
It bought the Alamo and National brands in 2007 precisely to expand its foothold in the airport market.
Google is using the excitement surrounding the 2016 election to seek a foothold in the political polling industry.
Google is using the excitement surrounding the 2016 election to seek a foothold in the political polling industry.
Polo had gained a foothold in hip-hop, and many Lo Lifes had died or were in prison.
Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign looks to solidify its foothold in Democratic Party politics, the WFP's ambitions are broadening.
Health plan startups are vying for a foothold in the ultra-competitive market of selling insurance to seniors.
That makes PlayStation VR one of the industry's better chances at establishing a foothold with a mainstream audience.
The Trump International Hotel was Trump's foothold on Pennsylvania Avenue long before winning the White House seemed plausible.
Other advantages to investing here should ensure that foreign firms continue to want a foothold in the country.
The spill certainly inflamed the tension in Parliament, but women have long struggled to find a foothold there.
Soon, there may be enough to begin routine vaccination in countries where the disease has a permanent foothold.
But with the end of a rainy season that had limited mobility, Boko Haram has regained a foothold.
But he maintains that for many refugees, including Mr. Teklay, his Woodstock branch manager, it provides a foothold.
They understand this reluctance: Their other priority is, obviously, to keep the disease from gaining any foothold here.
The company is burning through billions of dollars in cash every year as it cements its worldwide foothold.
That could change in years to come, but for now, organized labor has yet to gain a foothold.
This purchase would give Deutsche a foothold in the United States and dramatically expand its investment banking business.
"Clearly they are using their foothold in the gulf to try and fund-raise and legitimize," he said.
But even for caregivers who keep a foothold in the labor force, the economic cost can be substantial.
But it also expands the influence of Russia, for which Syria represents a foothold in the Middle East.
This explains how they have been able to get into so many industries with such a strong foothold.
And it would serve to give Siri the foothold at home that the HomePod hasn't managed to provide.
Mr. Davis is a trombonist with a full tone and a strong foothold in the hard-bop tradition.
And Walmart (WMT)bought online lingerie retailer Bare Necessities last year, giving it a foothold in the market.
Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments were first produced in 1973, and have maintained a foothold in Christmas tradition ever since.
Al Qaeda-affiliated militant group al Shabaab has since gained a foothold in the country during the chaos.
The company recently acquired 27 Best Market supermarkets around New York to gain a foothold in that market.
But the company's car sales have shrunk, and an effort to establish a foothold in China has stalled.
But he said Islamic State strategy has changed as it loses its geographic foothold in Iraq and Syria.
Though Goldwind has a small foothold in the US market, it doesn't manufacture its turbines locally, Barla said.
But even for caregivers who keep a foothold in the labor force, the economic cost can be substantial.
But for the time being, at many restaurants in Hanoi, it is Tiger that has a clear foothold.
"What's gaining more of a foothold is the idea of reversing a woman's right to vote," she said.
The plan involved giving the junior Chung a foothold in Hyundai Mobis, of which he owns no stake.
"I'm 100 percent full-time here," Busque said, although she said she would keep her foothold at TaskRabbit.
Cavusoglu gave a warning that Turkey would not let the Kurdish PKK militant group gain more of a foothold.
The laconic former Colorado governor, struggling to get a foothold in the primary, made a pitch to moderate voters.
Kurdish fighters have exploited the violence, expanding their foothold in territory abutting Turkey and drawing bombardment from Turkish artillery.
The main opposition is a coalition of eight candidates who are trying to find a foothold in the government.
An American-backed Kurdish and Arab militia ousted the jihadists of Islamic State from their last foothold in Syria.
Broadcom would also gain a foothold in the business for 5G chips and connected devices, where Qualcomm has invested.
"I think it definitely weakened her to the point that tuberculosis could really get a foothold in," said Snyder.
Finding a foothold in that market could prove difficult for Facebook, which is entering much later than its rivals.
Based on a BCG survey of Cuban consumers in 2015, brands have begun to establish a foothold in Cuba.
Plus, locating outside of Manhattan gave the company a foothold in a great city, but room to spread out.
Unless we can successfully counter religious prejudice within Muslim communities, extremists will use this bias to gain a foothold.
Boston Dynamics is already selling robots it acquired with this purchase, giving it a foothold in the new industry.
In Yemen, al-Qaida would gain a greater foothold and remain active amid the chaos of war and famine.
Despite this, polyphony gained a foothold in church music, and over time it became ever more ornate—even obscurantist.
The move suggests that similar rollbacks of current e-scooter laws could one day allow these companies a foothold.
And then there's Hololens, another bet on augmented reality that could help further cement its foothold in the enterprise.
Sagers and other critics urge regulators to prevent dominant firms from buying a major foothold in an adjacent industry.
The US must match the dedication and resources that Iran has invested: that means establishing a foothold in Syria.
One major reason health officials say they have found a foothold in the U.S. is the anti-vax movement.
The researchers also identified factors that made some ants more likely to gain a foothold in their new environment.
Islamists have since regained a foothold in the north and center, tapping into ethnic rivalries to recruit new members.
Despite getting on the debate stage, Swalwell's campaign has struggled to get a foothold in the packed Democratic field.
The U.S. giant has struggled to gain a foothold in a market that remains dominated by licensed taxi operators.
Intime operates 29 department stores and 17 shopping malls across urban China which could give Alibaba a strong foothold.
In the Imam Hussein marketplace, an area of some 60 shops and stalls, they have established a lucrative foothold.
But competition in this sector is stiff and Deutsche Bank has struggled to get a foothold, market players said.
Russia and Iran strongly back the Syrian leader, who gives both countries a strategic foothold in the Mediterranean Sea.
It got its first foothold in office last December, winning 12 parliamentary seats in a regional election in Andalusia.
Israel repeatedly has said it would not allow Iran or its proxies to establish a military foothold in Syria.
However, despite its size, CLTX is seen as giving EEX and Deutsche Boerse a foothold in Asia's growth markets.
Clinton a strong foothold as the Republicans and Democrats head to their conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia this month.
Zika has a foothold in the continental United States now that mosquitoes in parts of Miami-Dade County, Fla.
The chaos allowed Islamic State to gain a foothold from 2014 and implant itself in Sirte, Gaddafi's home city.
It will also give the company a stronger foothold in high-growth emerging markets through Ingram's large international presence.
Whatever his political differences with Obama, Trump should see the virtues of retaining America's diplomatic foothold in the region.
But hardline Islamist groups, most of which favor Islamic sharia law, have established a stronger foothold in recent years.
Yet he came up as a young politician in hardscrabble Newark, fighting entrenched machines for a foothold on power.
Militant foothold Abu Sayyaf is headquartered in the restive Muslim-majority province of Mindanao in the country's far south.
It also gives Amazon a foothold in the growing bot ecosystem, which has so far been dominated by Facebook.
But she raised just over $35,000, and never got a foothold in the northern urban part of the district.
He's dreaming up a right-wing "supergroup" to gain a foothold in the European Parliament in elections next year.
But it sees unity as an opportunity to regain a foothold — and eventually take over — in the West Bank.
In the small foothold the Islamic State maintains in eastern Afghanistan, it carries out particularly barbaric acts of violence.
"We intend to gain a foothold in the U.S.," Yu Jun, GAC Motor's president, said at a news conference.
This move comes as Didi, a Chinese ride-hail player — and Ola investor — solidifies its foothold in new markets.
Ford's investment reflects a changing dynamic in the auto industry as newcomers find a foothold based on technological advances.
Yesteryear is a steady source of ideas and moods, and heritage brands use it as both foothold and foundation.
The incident has passed into folklore as the moment when fascism was prevented from gaining a foothold in Britain.
Once we have established a foothold in the hospital market, the next most obvious use case would be consumer.
Tied to Mr. Trump's visit, the initiative will let finally let them gain more than a tiny foothold there.
Above, a map of Afghanistan shows how the Islamic State (in red) and the Taliban have increased their foothold.
It gained an important foothold in Europe last year when it bought German rail company Vossloh's diesel locomotives business.
Selling shoes means selling a concept, and that concept needs to have a foothold in a wider digital experience.
Moran speculates that the group is seeking to gain a foothold to carry out cyberattacks with physically disruptive effects.
AF: Have tried, through many outlets, to gain a foothold there, whether it's through partnerships, whether through other ways.
Stars have retired or are poised to, leaving the sport struggling to get a foothold in the sports landscape.
Without an ability to scale, a company has a low likelihood of garnering a foothold in a competitive landscape.
But if Blizzard's goal was to squash pro–Hong Kong sentiments in its expansive foothold in esports, it's backfiring.
LVMH is the world's largest luxury group and has for years had a strong foothold in high-end fashion.
The New York Times brand now has a firm foothold in the country and among the global Chinese diaspora.
Earlier in 2019, EGP bought wind developer Tradewind Energy, giving it a stronger foothold in the American wind market.
Major military operations were started to keep the Islamic State's foothold mostly restricted to several districts in eastern provinces.
And soon, there may be enough to begin routine vaccination in countries where the disease has a permanent foothold.
Both retailers have a foothold across the United States, with overlap in states that include Texas, Missouri and Kansas.
As it grew, it became an entry point for younger doctors to gain a foothold in the medical profession.
The move also cemented close ties with staunch ally Australia and gave the U.S. a foothold in the area.
The first reason is allying so closely with Venezuela gives it a firm foothold in the United States' hemisphere.
President Donald Trump's administration is working to isolate the company from developing a larger foothold in U.S. partner countries.
This sounded alarm bells for the Israeli government, which feared entrenchment of Iran's military foothold in its immediate neighborhood.
He's interested in data and internet privacy issues, but he's hard-pressed to get a foothold in such fields.
Yeah, so now they've got a great foothold in the enormous travel industry and this is a horizontal expansion.
In Syria, IS fighters are on the brink of losing their last foothold of Baghouz at the Iraqi border.
The purchase is likely aimed at giving Foxconn a foothold of its own in the peripherals and networked devices market.
Partnerships between companies like IBM and Vodafone could help accelerate Europe's foothold in new markets like cloud computing and 5G.
Years of political uncertainty allowed ISIS militants to gain a foothold in the country, drawing the US into another conflict.
"By maintaining such a strong foothold here, Honeywell is reaffirming their commitment to being a part of New Jersey's future."
By going hyperlocal, Showmax has been able to get a foothold in what has historically been a very difficult market.
It's also conducting support and surveillance operations in places such as the Philippines, where the Islamic State has a foothold.
They're now so far behind that it's going to be a struggle to gain a foothold in the new market.
Mena explained how the new sanctuaries will be stocked over the coming months to give the species a new foothold.
If elected, Masters would become just the latest Thiel acolyte to gain a foothold in Washington in the Trump era.
Saudi Arabia and its allies have been fighting on behalf of an exiled government with a foothold in the south.
For some of them, the trouble started back when Medium was just trying to gain a foothold in the industry.
However, we believe the legal and political risk will rise as the company gains a greater foothold in overseas markets.
The latest push into digital health is the latest step in Nokia's bid to take a foothold in new areas.
But the surest way to get a foothold is, on at least one thing, to know what you're talking about.
Yet Western analysts worry that it may be something more: a spying post or even a foothold for Russian intervention.
Childs is the latest wealthy GOP donor to have kept a foothold in the party despite being accused of wrongdoing.
The political chaos and security vacuum has allowed Islamist militant groups to gain a foothold and human traffickers to thrive.
The banks also found that their investments did not give them the solid foothold they had hoped for in China.
The virtual reality sector is in its infancy and Xiaomi is hoping to get an early foothold, especially in China.
Miraval possesses a grape-growing history stretching back to Roman times when it was a foothold on the Via Aurelia.
It's also using this trip to Barcelona to help gain a foothold in Spain, through local big box store,  MediaMarkt.
The insurer is planning to enter Morocco and Egypt as it seeks to gain a foothold across the entire continent.
The deal is designed to give Intent Media, also based in New York, a better foothold in the hotel industry.
Oh - and while rap plays a dominant part in USA's youth culture, grime has that same foothold on Britain's teens.
Ternium had bought into Usiminas in 22 to get a foothold in the continent's largest and most protected steel market.
Scooters will need to navigate a labyrinth of regulatory and infrastructure challenges if they hope to ever gain a foothold.
But from time to time, a political movement has longer staying power because it gains a foothold in elite institutions.
This also helps make it harder for new players lured by the possibility of fast money to gain a foothold.
Zero-waste grocery stores have expanded from their EU foothold to Brooklyn, South Africa, and even Hong Kong and Malaysia.
In 2015, it invested in home services company HouseJoy, and insurance marketplace BankBazaar to broaden its foothold in the country.
In China, Tomra has expanded to 20.8085 employees, from zero in 7.762, giving a foothold in a potential vast market.
A trio of chains acquired since 2004, offering Chinese cuisine, have given Jollibee Foods a sizeable foothold in mainland China.
Today, U.S. retreat from the region has opened the door to Trump's trade adversary China to establish a firmer foothold.
The Syrian government has had no serious foothold in Raqqa province since Islamic State captured Tabqa air base in 2014.
Abercrombie, which also owns Hollister, has been staging a comeback after losing its foothold as a teen staple clothing brand.
Sky also has a online streaming box called Sky Q that sets up a foothold for selling more streaming content.
That's why public radio has managed to keep its foothold in American life in an era of growing media fragmentation.
There's countless stories about brave settlers setting down on worlds unknown, to help firm up humanity's foothold in the universe.
Taking over Idlib Idlib is the last remaining area in northern Syria where anti-Assad rebel groups have a foothold.
"If we do nothing, they get a foothold in this region," said Hishammuddin Hussein, the defence minister of neighboring Malaysia.
Both have advanced from opposite sides of the Euphrates which bisects the province, Islamic State's last major foothold in Syria.
"I lose my foothold and the hatch shuts," he told the Copenhagen court, saying Wall was knocked to the floor.
But problems with the Chinese government have often made it hard for companies to get a foothold in the country.
While it seemed like Chipotle Mexican Grill's turnaround was gaining a foothold in 2017, the burrito chain continued to struggle.
He was looking for a foothold in New York City, and Marin had to admit that the idea was attractive.
It forked over $4.87 billion to buy snacks company Snyder's-Lance to expand its foothold in the growing snacks category.
While the Patriots enjoy a robust 4.3 million Twitter followers the Rams are still establishing their foothold with roughly 823,000.
Most foreign manufacturers hoping to gain a foothold in the country partner with Chinese corporations and share revenue and profits.
Having seen Iran establish a foothold in Iraq, Israel is desperate to prevent Iran from setting up another in Syria.
Samsung is wholly devoted to the smart assistant, and the company's mobile devices are the one foothold Bixby currently commands.
Despite some recent pushback, it has built ports, laid down miles of new railways, and established a bigger military foothold.
For example, in China, Peterburg said Teva has found it challenging to establish a foothold over the last few years.
"We might think about expanding our foothold overseas or corporate buyouts," a manager at a wholesaler wrote in the survey.
Since early 2015, the group has gained a foothold across several districts in Nangarhar Province, where it has wrecked havoc.
Already, however, you can see a path through which tech companies could gain a foothold in the higher ed market.
Recently, the idea of safe injection facilities has found a foothold in several cities nationwide dealing with skyrocketing overdose deaths.
Unlike Baking Steel, Dough-Joe already had a foothold in the pizza stone space so steels were a natural pivot.
Nafta, which the president often calls the worst trade deal ever, has given the industry a valuable foothold in Mexico.
The modular method has already gained a foothold in hotel construction, as well as low-rise and single-family projects.
Its sale will boost Sinclair's growing foothold in regional sports and will give Amazon an entryway into local sports broadcast.
Separately, Islamic State fighters were ousted from their last foothold in a major Syrian city, state-run television reported today.
However, it's not yet clear which companies will be able to gain a foothold and actually make their plans profitable.
About 90 percent of the bank's transactions are for small manufacturers trying to gain a foothold in important foreign markets.
But the virus has gained a foothold in South Korea, the Middle East and Europe, raising fears of a pandemic.
More recently, humility has found a foothold in the most widely used measure of personality traits, the five- factor questionnaire.
At the time, surfing was still in its infancy on the East Coast, and was finding a foothold at Tobay.
By halting charter growth indefinitely, Albany lawmakers have begun to erode the schools' foothold in the country's biggest school system.
By halting charter growth indefinitely, Albany lawmakers have begun to erode the schools' foothold in the country's biggest school system.
He was also helped by a program introduced by Denver International in 2011 to help small businesses get a foothold.
Iran, which has backed Shia armed forces in the country's civil war, eventually established a powerful foothold in the country.
Militants loyal to Islamic State have exploited political chaos and a security vacuum to establish a foothold in the country.
The French government hopes new regulations can help change that by making it easier for startups to gain a foothold.
And Apple (AAPL), which has struggled to get a foothold in India, began manufacturing some iPhones in Bangalore in 2017.
Beijing's extensive investments in Djibouti are a microcosm of how China has rapidly gained a strategic foothold across the continent.
The deal, the largest foreign acquisition of an Indian company, would give Rosneft a foothold in the growing Indian market.
The company maintains a foothold in the fitness tracker market but it has stumbled in its recent move to smartwatches.
The Islamic State is at the center of the violence in the eastern Afghanistan, where it has gained a foothold.
Since it started in Seattle in 2015, Amazon Restaurants has struggled to gain a foothold in the restaurant delivery market.
"We start with proximity because it gives us the initial foothold in [a] network," Shulman told me in a call.
With an eye on making sure diversity is present in Massachusetts, small businesses are to be given a foothold too.
The GOP now has a foothold in the federal government even if Donald Trump loses and Democrats retake the Senate.
Its addition, however, gives the alliance a foothold in Africa, where other airlines have aligned with its competitors and are expanding.
And French entitlement has gotten a foothold in the U.S. Many people here believe the government should take care of them.
The company also acquired 27 Best Market supermarkets in New York and New Jersey to gain a foothold in that market.
Raziq's strongman tactics had been credited with repulsing successive Taliban attempts to gain a foothold in Kandahar, once their spiritual heartland.
Notably, Sinclair also bought out two D.C.-based local stations, WJLA and NewsChannel 8, giving it a foothold in the beltway.
Iran aims to establish a permanent foothold along the Syrian-Israeli border, something Jerusalem has made clear it will not accept.
For NextEra, buying Southern's power and gas assets gives it a bigger foothold in Florida, which is seeing an economic boom.
Old Man's War is a Robert Heinlein-style novel about soldiers fighting to secure a foothold for humanity across the galaxy.
Islamic State first seized parts of Syria and Iraq but later built up a foothold in Libya, exploiting a security vacuum.
The Trump administration is also working to isolate Chinese tech firm Huawei from developing a larger foothold in U.S. partner countries.
The move underscores how entrenched, home-grown e-commerce rivals have made it difficult for Amazon's marketplace to gain a foothold.
In part because of that unusual background, The Epoch Times has had trouble finding a foothold in the broader conservative movement.
The latest development comes as the Trump administration works to isolate Huawei from developing a larger foothold in U.S. partner countries.
It's a very specific cultural phenomenon that has gained quite a foothold in Silicon Valley for reasons that seem quite obvious.
For VandenHeuvel, the solution is clear -- remove the dams to allow nature to regain more of a foothold in this region.
A strong showing there can help Democrats establish an early foothold in the race to challenge Trump for the White House.
Although Apple seems to be courting China harder over this past year, its foothold in the country doesn't reflect its efforts.
Just when a firm seems to be getting a dominant foothold, a plethora of start-ups emerge to erode its advantage.
" And here's Malcolm: "It's more important to be getting a foothold with alliances and relationships and not be pulling a Tony.
The question, going forward, is whether Intel can leverage this expected mobile foothold in the iPhone 7 modem into more business.
Now, on the opposite coast, Mainers will have the chance to make their state legal pot's first foothold in New England.
Moreover, it gets Apple a strong foothold across the web as a widget and library that web developers learn to install.
The attackers could have been using the foothold provided by CCleaner installations to steal technology secrets from those companies, Williams said.
But since the company's exit from the mobile phone market, it's had a hard time finding a new consumer electronics foothold.
The company was able to gain a strong foothold due to some significant funding raised by its parent company, Maxi Mobility.
Sports programming has played a key role in Mr. Murdoch's ability to gain a foothold in the European pay-TV market.
The kind of interactive person-to-person toxicity that can plague other games doesn't seem to have a foothold in Fortnite.
To make up for that lost revenue, American Express has focused on small-business loans, where it already has a foothold.
Austerity has a foothold in Europe, with countries including Spain, Portugal and Greece all making cuts to get their books balanced.
Israel is anxious about Iran's deepening military presence in Syria and has pledged to prevent it from gaining a permanent foothold.
The move has also fueled speculation that Google may eventually acquire Spotify to gain a stronger foothold in the streaming market.
Their relationship provided Washington with a strategic foothold in Asia, and offered Manila a shield against China's assertiveness in the region.
It has gained a foothold in China's independent oil refining market by supplying some 6.5 million tonnes of crude in 2017.
The northwestern region including Idlib province is part of the last major foothold of the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.
But perhaps it is precisely because Democrats have so little foothold in power that they are forced to be more propitiative.
At issue are the so-called Northern Triangle countries — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, where democracy is still taking a foothold.
In reality, Putin's support for Haftar is about restoring Russian influence in the country and gaining greater foothold into the region.
Some serve licit business purposes -- helping foreign companies establish a foothold in overseas markets, for one, or reap foreign tax benefits.
The gang became international when many of those members were deported back to Central America, giving the gang a foothold there.
But things swiftly unraveled as rivalries between heavily armed militias escalated, and the Islamic State gained a foothold in the chaos.
It's part of ClearPath's efforts to ramp up its Washington, D.C., office and establish a stronger foothold in federal policy circles.
Specifically, it would give the two a strong foothold in New York, where both Gett and Juno are already very active.
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has exploited Yemen's civil war to carve out a foothold in the impoverished country.
Why it matters: If Moscow is successful in bailing out the Maduro regime, it will secure its foothold in the region.
Pybus' study focused on how the virus established an early foothold in northeastern Brazil, from which it spread to other areas.
As a result, so far no blood tests for mental illnesses have managed to gain a permanent foothold in the clinic.
Nordex bought AWP from Spain's Acciona for 785 million euros last year to get a better foothold in markets outside Europe.
C.D.C. officials and epidemiologists conferred last month about what might happen if the coronavirus gained a foothold in the United States.
Most Texans just figured they were paying better than in Mexico, and providing a foothold in the United States was enough.
With Democrats winning back a foothold of power by capturing the House last year, enthusiasm for impeaching Mr. Trump has ebbed.
The Red Temple might have more of a foothold in Essos, but in Westeros, its power is, shall we say, limited.
Without their intervention, solar and wind power, and electric and hybrid cars would have no foothold against their fossil fuel competitors.
As the group's foothold in eastern Afghanistan has come under sustained military pressure, it has increasingly claimed responsibility for urban attacks.
"The longer this continues, the greater the chances that measles will again get a foothold in the United States," she said.
The group gained a foothold among well-heeled Peruvian families, spreading through Latin America and even to an outpost in Denver.
One newcomer, the anti-immigrant People's Party, defied the polls to get its first foothold in the Althing with four seats.
Ms. Cantrell gained a political foothold while leading her neighborhood, Broadmoor, to recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
A third proposal could make it harder for some species to gain a foothold on the threatened list to begin with.
Some officials still suspect that the Russians used Mr. Mifsud to gain a foothold on a campus thick with secret agents.
And people like her put a foothold for women in the 1920s in bartending and being a part of that culture.
"If anyone did compromise your phone, you're wiping their foothold and they're going to have to hack back in," Nunnikhoven said.
Basketball: Aiming for a foothold in Africa, the deep-pocketed N.B.A. has set up youth training facilities and stadiums in Senegal.
Douma was the last rebel held foothold in the area, and talks between the rebels and the regime collapsed on Friday.
Islamist extremists have encountered setbacks in North Africa, and they have not gained a foothold in central Asia or the Balkans.
An army offensive last month ended with the militants withdrawing from their last foothold along the border under a ceasefire deal.
The parent company of Poker Stars agreed to buy Sky Betting & Gaming for $4.7 billion to get a foothold in Europe.
The Trump administration helped Apple get a foothold in India, CEO Tim Cook told Fox Business in an interview recorded Thursday.
Well, we fill in as many entries as we can to establish that all important foothold and then we spread out.
The research center, with $17 million from donors, aims to give "psychedelic medicine" a long-sought foothold in the scientific establishment.
An outbreak in Italy has infected 322 people, a worrying sign that the virus may be gaining a foothold in Europe.
The YPG is considered the backbone of the US-backed SDF, which was instrumental in eliminating ISIS' territorial foothold in Syria.
The sheer number of new restaurants can discourage chefs trying to find a foothold with what can be a fickle clientele.
On Wednesday, he raised the prospect that Islamic State-inspired rebels could gain a foothold in the north of the country.
The sport only gained a foothold in the U.S. a few decades ago, but its appeal has steadily increased since then.
"Clariant will give them the foothold in (the) specialty chemical business," said Nitin Garg, an analyst at investment bank SICO Bahrain.
Reverse outsourcing is feverishly taking place now as companies from developing economies seek to gain a greater foothold in developed markets.
But Hizbullah, the Shia militia-cum-political party, and its partners are reluctant to give up their foothold in the cabinet.
The acquisition will give LVMH a bigger foothold in the United States, as well as help Tiffany in Europe and China.
And political opportunists and autocrats, who are a greater danger to our nation than any external enemy, would have no foothold.
The American foothold put some of the valley's toughest men out of work, the same Afghans who knew the mountain trails.
It was vexing to repeatedly slide over the surface of this puzzle and get no traction, no foothold, no way in.
Google bought Nest for $3.2 billion in 2013, giving it a promising foothold in the nascent market for internet-connected appliances.
It's technologically robust enough and easy enough to use that developers love it, giving Apple a nice foothold in augmented reality.
The problem is that those programs weren't maintained, and so the mosquitoes have gained a foothold all over the Americas again.
But in "Hope," it finds a foothold in a way that made me sit up straight, chills running down my back.
Other world-class European chains, such as Carrefour from France and Tesco from Britain, have tried and failed to get a foothold.
The chaos there left a vacuum that allowed for groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda to establish a foothold and train terrorists.
The deal allows Northrop to expand its foothold in the space market, an area where Orbital ATK has played a dominant role.
Iraqi forces have a foothold in ten eastern districts of the city, but have sustained heavy -- if undisclosed -- casualties in the process.
Amazon's foremost competitor in Asia, Alibaba, is slowly yet steadily gaining a foothold in India, the world's fastest-growing e-commerce market.
Today's move is part of an enormous effort by Google to grab a bigger foothold in the all-important cloud computing market.
Metatherians (including marsupials like kangaroos and koalas) only got a modest foothold in the smaller, southern continents of South America and Australia.
San Francisco (CNN Business)Google Glass didn't resonate with the general public, but it may have found a foothold in the workplace.
But the company's main foothold is in North America and Europe, while in Asia it faces stiff competition from Korean app Snow.
He made just $9,000 his first year as a real estate agent, but he hustled to gain a foothold in the industry.
With the acquisition, the budget airline secures its foothold in Austria, which has become a rapidly expanding hub for eastern European destinations.
The agreement had shocked residents of the island, some of whom feared that China was seeking to establish a military foothold there.
Amazon's interest in a flight-ticketing option in India should also help its partner ClearTrip gain a larger foothold in the nation.
Intel in particular is trying to get a foothold inside of retail where they hope to promote their Internet of Things strategy.
However, Allo may not be going after the developed markets so much as it's trying to establish a foothold in emerging ones.
By buying Time Warner, AT&T has a better foothold not only in the content, but can bolster its digital advertising business.
"This (Poland) is the strategic direction where we wanted to make our foothold," Waberer's chief executive Ferenc Lajko told a news conference.
In most other abyssal environments, there's nothing but mud on the seafloor, making it hard for sessile creatures to gain a foothold.
These Russian hackers are reportedly using known weaknesses to infiltrate residential routers and utilize them to get a foothold on a network.
But Zambada uses his billions of dollars in profits from drug smuggling to gain a foothold in more legitimate businesses, as well.
Lowering device cost would also help the company gain even more of a foothold in the competitive corporate and clinical health space.
Although the N.F.L. has not had a team in Los Angeles in recent years, it has kept a foothold in that region.
But such organisations have only a shaky foothold in the newly built districts that are home to many millions of young commuters.
By using those leaked NSA exploits to gain a single foothold into a network, the malware tries to infect any computer within.
The novels play out in a breathtaking alternate world where humanity must establish a foothold off-world after an asteroid devastates Earth.
Lexplore already has a foothold in Sweden and is looking to grow in the already crowded American market for early reading assessment.
Lowering IGF-1, therefore, seems to make it harder for cancer to get a foothold, something that bears out in laboratory tests.
So nowadays she's got a huge platform, but at the beginning, podcasting was the only place she could even gain a foothold.
Thankfully, fellow artists like Lou Reed advocated for me so intensely that I got a foothold despite the worst intentions of others.
The U.S.-backed campaign in northern Syria aims to drive Islamic State away from its last foothold at the border with Turkey.
China, the world's second biggest oil consumer, is one of the main markets where Aramco wants to expand its foothold, Nasser said.
The mainland's three designated hubs – Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou – are trying hard to gain a prominent foothold on the global flight map.
That part of the documentary is bittersweet, because while the brothers do find a new foothold, they're clearly unmoored without each other.
That deal was never completed and Airbus later secured a foothold in the U.S. by offloading half of the jets to PanAm.
For months, Rubio, Bush, Kasich and Christie have labored in Trump's shadow, struggling to gain a foothold in this famously mercurial state.
Trafigura has already increased its foothold in nickel with an exclusive offtake agreement with Finland's Terrafame, that also produces zinc and cobalt.
In attempting to establish a foothold in the Chinese pharmaceutical market, it tapped the expertise of cross-border eCommerce solutions provider Azoya.
Barneys soon made its imprint on New York luxury fashion, building on its foothold in menswear and introducing designers like Giorgio Armani.
Focusing on Nintendo's core strengths—console games—while trying to establish a foothold in mobile is probably the right decision for 2016.
Specifically, he addressed why it has succeeded where the New York Times' long-running video efforts have struggled to find a foothold.
While efforts to mitigate climate change are heating up, China is rushing to grab the strongest foothold in the clean energy race.
Turkey already seems less concerned with Mr Assad than with preventing Kurdish insurgents from gaining a permanent foothold in the country's north.
With Cypress, Infineon will be able to gain an even stronger foothold in important future markets and accelerate the pace of growth.
Azar said that the longer these outbreaks continue, the greater the chance measles will again get a sustained foothold in the country.
In this telling, the populists and nationalists who powered Trump's election are regaining a foothold as more establishment-friendly figures are marginalized.
The company also strengthened its foothold in the US, which it entered in 13, by acquiring USD1.1bn of mature assets in 2016.
Taking these supplements within 24 hours of first feeling symptoms will help your body get a foothold against the virus, Spar says.
He may also be seeking to firm up the United States' position in the region, where China has been establishing a foothold.
And maybe it's the way forward to help find a new foothold and boot us out of the despair of our times.
But it will also have a chilling effect on foreign businesses looking to grab a foothold in the world's most populous country.
Together, they helped many aspiring bartenders gain a foothold in the slow resurrection of what felt like an all-but-dead profession.
Where are people most searching for World of Tanks, a game that doesn't have that huge a foothold here in the States?
L for 243 million pounds ($316 million) to cement its foothold in Europe's three largest e-commerce markets, Britain, Germany and France.
As a result, they developed a foothold in the smuggling trade that expanded year after year as Iran&aposs geopolitical isolation increased.
Qatar is having a passionate affair with Iran, which is intensifying the Shiite foothold on the other side of the Persian Gulf.
Later, under Mr. Marks's son, Simon, and Simon's partner, Israel Sieff, the family business boomed, securing a unique foothold in British society.
Amazon upped the ante in June with its $13.4 billion purchase of Whole Foods, giving it a major foothold in the industry.
Russia wants to build a secure foothold in the Middle East and its policy requires it to maintain good relations with Iran.
Surging rents are now pushing out some longtime residents, though Haitians' foothold throughout the rest of South Florida is not in doubt.
On Baseball Major League Baseball has a natural foothold in Florida, its warm climate attracting teams for spring training since the 3007s.
Having Prime in Whole Foods gives it a foothold in the physical world as the service becomes more vital to Amazon's business.
The move comes as the Sanders campaign seeks to gain a foothold of black voters' support before the next batch of elections.
The conflict has also afforded Tehran a foothold on the Arabian Peninsula, allowing it to threaten maritime traffic on the Red Sea.
The right choice from Kemp to replace Isakson could put Republicans in a good position to prevent a Democratic foothold in Georgia.
But the third-term senator from Minnesota struggled to gain a foothold in a crowded field despite a flash of early success.
It is slowly gaining a foothold, particularly for airport transfers from areas such as Kensington and Knightsbridge, according to founder Anton Chirkunov.
China's People's Liberation Army has gained a new foothold in the region, in the form of a base in Tajikistan's Pamir Mountains.
Lewis says companies that have established a foothold in China may be forced to accept that the tech superpowers are now decoupling.
On the other hand, if you can establish a foothold, there's no reason you couldn't enjoy this solid puzzle by Peter Wentz.
It was an overt sign of the renewed ties that could give China a bigger foothold in Latin American trade and investment.
Though the opposition has struggled since then to gain a political foothold, it is still believed to have significant support among voters.
So while the war in Syria has provided Mr. Putin with a Middle Eastern foothold, his interests are not limited to Syria.
The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a Sunni extremist group, created a foothold in Iraq as the Islamic factions battled.
He made just $9,000 his first year as a real estate agent, but he hustled to gain a foothold in the industry.
As the cost of Chinese-made technologies decreases, the window for Russian exports to get a foothold in the market will narrow.
The burger category is crowded and competitive, leading some analysts to question if Flay's shop will be able to gain a foothold.
But terrible unit economics, and the seasonal nature of the business, has made it difficult for smaller startups to gain a foothold.
Tougher rules elsewhere — notably in Germany, Spain, Italy and Denmark — have limited the company's availability to gain a foothold on the continent.
More turnover is anticipated -- giving Miller an expansive foothold to shape the administration's immigration policies and attempt end-runs around current laws.
Mr. Arnault intends to increase international sales by expanding the brand's presence in China and Europe, where LVMH has a stronger foothold.
Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the Republicans' messaging leader, warned anew of the foothold that Democratic "radicals" were gaining in the House.
Gebald and Wurzbacher believe the way to gain a commercial foothold is to sell their expensive CO₂ to agriculture or beverage companies.
Amazon continues to have a foothold in the smart speaker space, controlling 70% of the market, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.
Venture capital firms are already hiring former employees from Uber and other I.P.O.-ready companies to get a foothold in their networks.
Chromebooks have been a quiet hit for Google, gaining a particular foothold in education but also popular with consumers and some businesses.
The broader hope is that if supersonic flight gains a foothold with business travelers, costs will eventually come down as technology improves.
A generation of mainstay drugs have gone off patent, raising the stakes for companies vying for a foothold in the burgeoning oncology market.
This leaves room in the North American market especially for a "pro-consumer brand" to gain an emotional foothold with consumers, he says.
With Usabilla, SurveyMonkey gains a stronger foothold in the EU as the company's headquarters in Amsterdam will become the SurveyMonkey's largest EU office.
After rallying more than 50 percent from lows earlier this year, world crude is struggling to get a foothold above $40 a barrel.
In this way, the company increases its foothold in the enterprise, isolates competitors, and gains not just new users but more existing users.
This week, pipeline operator NuStar Energy NS.S agreed to pay $1.48 billion for Navigator Energy Services to get a foothold in the Permian.
That deal was not a quick play for growth, but part of the long-term foothold Mars is planning across the pet industry.
Whole Foods has hundreds of stores across the U.S., which could give Amazon a foothold in the grocery business — and possibly food delivery.
Why it matters: Violence has pushed public health measures against Ebola into sporadic stoppages — effectively allowing the infectious disease to take foothold again.
The company has largely been building up early customers through word-of-mouth and has taken a particular foothold among creative agency customers.
Roku jumped year-over-year from 32 percent to 37 percent, which is a foothold that none of its competitors can quite match.
In the meantime, the company appears to be doing as much as it can to establish a foothold in the business, Joyce said.
The longer the outbreaks continue, the greater the chance that measles will "again get a sustained foothold" in the U.S., the agency added.
On the left of the graphic, attackers who specialized in compromising corporate networks worked their way into the business to gain a foothold.
And it also makes sense that in the industry's early days, there's more than one charging business model trying to gain a foothold.
Airware is betting that buying a foothold in the construction and mining drone business could turn into massive footprint as the market grows.
ISIS came in, and now occupies significant territory in Libya, and is now prepared, unless we stop them, to have a terrorist foothold.
The streaming service allows Fox to gain a foothold in the subscription video world that companies like HBO, CBS, and others are joining.
Trump has a narrow foothold in the tech world, but has struggled to raise significant capital from wealthy founders and early-stage investors.
Back in 2013, Amazon acquired (and continued to operate) online math instruction company TenMarks to gain a foothold in the online education space.
Often through word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and relatives in Miami, select brands have already established a foothold in the Cuban market.
This high-profile partnership continues to show just what a strong early foothold NextVR is getting in the live event VR-streaming space.
But it can also do the more careful navigation on rough terrain where we need to plan really one foothold after the next.
Razer is introducing a new flagship smartphone, the Razer Phone 2, that's meant to establish a foothold in the new gaming phone market.
Growing numbers of wealthy Chinese are anxious to secure a foothold abroad and think that sending a child to study there could help.
For the mostly Sunni Muslim rebel groups, the fall of Aleppo would deprive them of their last big foothold in a major city.
" The agency warned, "The longer these outbreaks continue, the greater the chance measles will again get a sustained foothold in the United States.
United, part of United Continental Holdings Inc, is seeking a deeper foothold in Latin America, which is considered ripe for air travel growth.
First, imagine we lived in more prosperous and equitable times: Would Trump have gained a foothold in politics as easily as he did?
It is also having to compete with low-cost operators, such as Purplebricks, which are seeking to gain a foothold in the market.
The XpressWest project was seen as a foothold into a burgeoning U.S. high-speed rail market and an opportunity to showcase China's technology.
Dany has only a foothold, but she literally reaches out to touch the country with her hand, which Podeswa shoots with great affection.
Over the past few weeks, the terrorist group has taken advantage of a security vacuum to establish a foothold in Afghanistan's northeastern border.
CN of Colombia and Copa Airlines of Panama, giving the U.S. airline a deeper foothold in Latin America where travel demand is rising.
Netflix may have just secured a foothold in the world's second-largest consumer market but that could be a non-event, for now.
It gained a foothold in Hungary this year by acquiring a distressed mortgage portfolio from the Hungarian unit of Italy's largest bank, UniCredit.
Wearables and health apps give the company a foothold on a $2.8 trillion industry—and access to more data from millions of consumers.
And image isn't just about fashion today: It's about your appearance on social media where, as it happens, Urban has a strong foothold.
Coming Attractions: The Rise of VR PornLike many new technologies over the years, VR found an early foothold in the adult-film industry.
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has exploited Yemen's civil war to carve out a foothold in the Arabian Peninsula's poorest country.
Last year, Rappido took a position in the Colombian delivery service Mensajeros Urbanos to gain a foothold in that country's expanding delivery market.
Washington wants to maintain a strategic foothold in an area close to a crucial supply route for Iranian weapons entering Syria from Iraq.
The company had gained traction in a market where many other companies had failed to keep a foothold, and Nortman was curious how.
Expensive luxury brands, like many other consumer firms, have been eager to grab a stronger foothold in China, the world's largest consumer market.
In the foreign exchange market, diminishing risk aversion is helping the dollar to gain a foothold at one-month high of 51.383 yen.
The company that's able to grab the biggest piece of the mobile and home marketshare will have a unique foothold in the market.
The acquisition was announced during a press event this morning in Los Angeles, giving LeEco an instant foothold in the US television market.
The company is also expected to make an even more aggressive push outside of the States, where Microsoft easily has the largest foothold.
Insiders' cushy posts, bureaucratic careers, and more importantly the elitist foothold that big money donors hold in the Capital, all would be threatened.
Services such as Sony's Playstation Now and Shadow from French start-up Blade are all attempting to gain a foothold in cloud gaming.
Typically, these stories are about expanding humanity's presence into space, either for a foothold to safeguard against extinction, or simply for economic opportunity.
Unfortunately, leaving has become a necessity rather than a choice for many because of rising violence, rampant corruption and the Taliban's increasing foothold.
Today, Georgia is poised to reach greater economic heights as a key hub for global trade and foothold for U.S. businesses in Eurasia.
They and other officials warned Trump that leaving the region now would allow for ISIS, or another terror group, to regain a foothold.
If confirmed, the supply deal with a major smartphone maker could help LG Display gain a further foothold in the OLED display market.
The resulting turmoil has enabled the sworn enemies of the Houthis, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State to consolidate their foothold in Yemen.
"Spa Night" is a looming family tragedy of immigrants desperately trying to maintain a foothold in an oppressive, upwardly mobile and conformist subculture.
He said that Facebook's plan of attack was to launch its TikTok competitor, Lasso, in markets where TikTok didn't yet have a foothold.
Still, gaining a foothold in Messenger is a big step for PayPal, which could benefit from its exposure to Messenger's sizable user base.
For now, however, Yammer still has a shot at grabbing a foothold thanks to Microsoft's big push to its Office 365 commercial customers.
At Belmont—300 miles from home, writing constantly, trying to get a foothold in the Nashville underground scene—things started to open up.
They went from one of many hardcore bands vying for a foothold in the scene to a band that existed on another plane.
The two did not specify which new categories they may expand into, but General Mills has an ample foothold in the yogurt category.
As she gained a foothold as one of the race's clear leaders last month, Warren started to face more skepticism from her rivals.
In 2018, the US moved to block Chinese infrastructure investments in Greenland that could've given it a military foothold off of Canada's coast.
His advisers have urged him to wait to ensure the militants are defeated and to prevent Assad's ally Iran from gaining a foothold.
Gillette is a giant in the shaving industry, but its foothold is shrinking as scrappy competitors offering disposable razor subscriptions capture younger consumers.
But foreign banks have struggled to establish a foothold, with several large international players pulling out of the business for lack of scale.
The Miss America Organization is scrapping the swimsuit portion of the competition as it tries to find a foothold in the #MeToo era.
It said in the registration documents it plans to further expand its international foothold, which it cautioned will bring with it new costs.
So it's not out of the realm of possibility that measles could reestablish a foothold in the U.S., as the CDC has warned.
Pacific countries have been tightening their border controls to prevent the coronavirus from gaining a foothold in isolated islands with limited health resources.
Nadal gained a foothold in the brief resumption between rain delays, winning all three games played before play was postponed for the day.
But in recent decades, as women have gained reproductive rights and a foothold in the labor force, marriage has become more about companionship.
Affluent Chinese families seeking a foothold in a stable democracy snap up most of the visas, which are capped at 10,000 a year.
"In Q3 we expanded geographically and strengthened our foothold in the fast-growing third-tier implant segment," said Marco Gadola, Chief Executive Officer.
Mr. Gottheimer noted that other hate groups like the Oath Keepers and the Ku Klux Klan were gaining a foothold in his district.
The YPG is considered the backbone of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which was instrumental in eliminating ISIS' territorial foothold in Syria.
The centers at Johns Hopkins and Imperial College give "psychedelic medicine," as some call it, a long-sought foothold in the scientific establishment.
Match has carved out a foothold in the online dating market, largely due to solid growth in its youth-oriented dating app, Tinder.
From Cambodia, China can count on its loyal support on regional issues, while it also gains a strategic foothold deep in Southeast Asia.
With this collaboration, the French have a foothold in Shanghai and should focus less on disseminating "expertise" and more on opportunities to learn.
With this collaboration, the French has a foothold in Shanghai and should focus less on disseminating "expertise"  and more on opportunities to learn.  
The private burger chain has partnered with Move Systems, a food cart and truck manufacturer, to gain a foothold in the Big Apple.
The deal is worth up to $10 billion over 10 years and could be a foothold for Microsoft to win more government business.
In short, as long as China needs a maritime foothold in West Africa, Cameroon's debt burden may be lightened for a while longer.
They've been giving feedback on things like foothold placement and the overall flow of the interior as part of NASA's NextSTEP Habitation program.
This is a high-stakes moment for the UAW as the union once again seeks a major foothold after decades of failed attempts.
Match has carved out a foothold in the online dating market, largely due to solid growth in its youth-oriented dating app, Tinder.
The company is bypassing an already crowded market in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata for the chance for a foothold near Esmeralda Beach.
The takeover will give Standard Industries, which currently gets about three quarters of its revenue in the United States, a foothold in Europe.
A number of European clubs have, however, set up academies on a franchise basis to get a foothold in a potentially huge market.
Paytm has a stronger foothold in the lucrative money-transfer market and claims 230 million users in India, 85033 million more than WhatsApp.
Netanyahu has been cautioning against any attempt by Iran to deepen its military foothold in Syria or construct missile factories in neighbouring Lebanon.
The Trump administration is working to isolate Huawei, the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, from developing a larger foothold in U.S. partner countries.
After gaining a foothold in the match early in the second set, Bautista Agut endured a 40-minute rain delay before drawing level.
Nearly four in 10 of the top toons had female producers, but women of color still found it hard to get a foothold.
Over half of the stocks in the ETF are Asian companies, many of which have a more broad-based foothold in the esports space.
But for production companies outside of Hollywood's "big six" looking to gain a foothold, an Oscar nomination alone can be a truly transformational event.
At the same time, large criminal organization such as MS-298 have violated our borders and gained a deadly foothold within the United States.
But firms including Infosys, TCS, Dr Reddy's Laboratories Reliance Industries and Mahindra & Mahindra have a foothold there in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and outsourcing.
"I think we were holding on from the start to be honest and never got a foothold in the game," said coach Tom Sermanni.
And in doing so, force the West to respect Russia and its interests while maintaining (or even expanding) its foothold in the Middle East.
Although, when I'm in the pit of it, everything rages and hurts in a way that rationale has a hard time finding a foothold.
If Swift can be the first a first coding language for young developers, the company will build itself a solid foothold into the future.
A key criticism of Article 17 of the EU directive has been that it will further entrench large platforms' foothold in digital distribution dominance.
The acquisition was for both the IP and the team, giving the company a foothold in Korea, and a way to expand into China.
Beykpour originally came to Twitter as CEO Periscope, a company Twitter acquired in 2015 in an effort to get a foothold in livestreaming video.
After the meeting, Obama said the leaders discussed ways to prevent ISIS from obtaining a foothold in Libya by supporting a stabilizing government there.
"With a leading position in the feature phone market already, HMD has a significant global foothold ...from day one," HMD said in a statement.
The conflict has allowed Russia, Iran, Turkey and the Islamic State, now degraded by an American-led coalition, to gain a foothold in Syria.
But it's clear that Ticketmaster, by whatever means, has kept its rivals from gaining a meaningful foothold in the market for major music venues.
Soccer's strong foothold in the U.S. has made the World Cup into the only time when the country really rallies around a single team.
The funding will help eyeSight commercialize its solutions and also get a foothold in China with Kuang-Chi now on board as an investor.
For Acorns, the deal also gives the company a foothold in the Portland market — which it sees as an emerging hub for developer talent.
It's the latest sign that status-quo leaders (who typically believe globalization leads to economic and social progress, for example) have lost their foothold.
The company is one of the few — and many would argue the first — Chinese internet startups that manage to gain a meaningful foothold globally.
The extremist group established a foothold in Libya amid political chaos and conflict in the North African state, gaining control over Sirte last year.
The company has an early foothold in VR, and is wont to pull fun tech-related marketing stunts like an emoji porn texting service.
Beyond the failures of the Tripoli government, Haftar has been especially effective at beating back terrorist efforts to achieve a strong foothold in Libya.
Democracy has enough of a foothold to make this very unlikely to happen again; all the same, politics in Albania is a nasty business.
To return to a theme: The price of "standard" rooftop solar has gotten so damn cheap that BIPV is having trouble getting a foothold.
Between the sandals, Givens, Jonze's concept, and a debut at the first-ever PornHub awards, though, the video found a foothold in pop culture.
Yet while the likes of Skepta or Kano are beginning to gain a foothold in the States, they have been around a long time.
Kia, whose only plant in the continent is based in Nigeria, said the move would enable it to establish a foothold in east Africa.
Emily can't seem to find foothold without her husband, Lorelai doesn't know what she wants or where she's going, and Rory has no underwear.
Israel is determined to prevent Iran from expanding its foothold in Syria, even if it means threatening Russia's client in Damascus in the process.
Walmart (WMT) paid $16 billion last year to take over Bangalore-based Flipkart, giving it a foothold in one of Amazon's biggest overseas markets.
Barclays has 56 branches and serves around 127,53 customers in Egypt, where it first established a foothold in 1864, according to the bank's website.
The deal is aimed at giving Intent Media a better foothold in the hotel industry, company Chief Executive Richard Harris said in an interview.
Islamic State still has a territorial foothold in Syria west of the Euphrates in areas otherwise held by the Syrian government and its allies.
Yavuz said Mavi is opening up bigger stores and growing the existing stores while expanding its foothold in the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia.
Other cracks abruptly end in a smooth sea of granite, forcing climbers to swing left or right to find the next hand or foothold.
The Sinaloa cartel worked with a splinter group of the Carrillo Fuentes organization (Juarez cartel) to establish a firm foothold in the Juarez plaza.
In a sign that they could be on their way to that target, ISIS was ousted from Sirte, its last major foothold in Libya.
Now he could be a hostage, a corpse, or a foothold for the Dornishmen in the event of full-on war with the crown.
Google Play, meanwhile, may not have led on the revenue front, but it is getting a significant foothold in emerging markets, as noted above.
That went into effect in July 2018 and made it more difficult for U.S. beef producers to get a foothold in the Chinese market.
But in the long run, getting a foothold in the Chinese electric vehicle market is probably a higher priority than avoiding some angry tweets.
Montana Democrats have been facing a strong Republican challenge in recent years as the GOP has increasingly gained a foothold into Big Sky Country.
Mr. Zhang hinted at a potential strategic data play for the company trying to find a foothold in a market dominated by mobile devices.
In Egypt, terrorists have gained a foothold in the Sinai desert, near the Suez Canal, one of the most essential waterways in the world.
It's one of the reasons augmented reality solutions that let you blend the real and virtual worlds, like Microsoft's HoloLens, could gain a foothold.
Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has gained a foothold in northern Mali, as well as Mauritania, Niger and Algeria to the north.
And Google — along with other Silicon Valley companies — is looking to gain a foothold in China, where it has had limited operations since 2010.
Apple Pay went live in China last month, while existing competitors – Alibaba's Alipay and Tencent's WePay – already have a strong foothold in the market.
Opponents of higher minimum wages like to claim that by keeping wages low, they are helping younger workers get a foothold in the workforce.
The deals will help BASF, the world's fourth largest maker of farming pesticides, gain a foothold in seeds, a business it had previously shunned.
For critics ending U.S. military support in Yemen will only bolster Iran and give them and their allies a greater foothold in the region.
But although Britain's exporters have been getting a foothold in the emerging markets, they have not been as successful as they might have been.
The hope among advocates is that once a single-payer system gets a foothold in one state, it can be exported around the country.
If the mind flayers regain their foothold, if they can be the savior of their species, then they will pursue their goals without fail.
Brands in each category are always looking to find new ways to reach an audience and gain that critical first foothold in their market.
Weber said he expected all mainstream parties to focus on preventing the anti-immigrant AfD from gaining a permanent foothold in the German parliament.
Now Huawei is bringing that phone to the US, as part of a growing effort to get a foothold in the US smartphone market.
The new accelerator is seemingly poised to capitalize on this trend, while also giving Walmart and Green Dot a new foothold in the market.
Mr. Cailan was born and raised in Los Angeles, and his brother's success as a chef gave him a foothold in the restaurant business.
Moreover, Russia's posture vis-a-vis Venezuela offers a low-risk, high-reward way to gain a foothold and influence in the Western Hemisphere.
OPPORTUNITIES AND THE ECONOMY Analysts say Pinduoduo gained a foothold in the market thanks to the shortcomings in some of Alibaba and's models.
MUFG had said in December it was seeking a 73.8 percent stake in Bank Danamon, to build a foothold in Southeast Asia's biggest economy.
To the west of the river, in territory otherwise under the control of the Syrian army and its allies, Islamic State retains a foothold.
More important, these increases will make it more difficult for weakly educated youths and young adults to get a foothold in the labor market.
Activision Blizzard Inc, for example, said in November it would buy "Candy Crush" maker King Digital, giving it a bigger foothold in mobile games.
That, in and of itself, is a major development, especially for the left, which has struggled to get a foothold within the Democratic establishment.
The labor movement achieved some of its most important political victories in the midcentury only after it gained a foothold within the Democratic Party.
For an intern, a connection with a managing director can mean a foothold in one of the most lucrative career paths in the world.
I couldn't catch a foothold in the social media world and my following had plateaued no matter how much I re-worked my approaches.
The Capitol Hall has also given a foothold to Ms. Saliski and Mr. Ortiz as well as to thousands of migrants from the hinterlands.
Google is rolling out its Translate app in China in a first-wave effort to reestablish a foothold in the world's most populous country.
Adding Snyder's snack brands like Diamond Foods and Pop Secret popcorn will broaden Campbell's snack business and create a stronger foothold into convenience stores.
And so the news came and went fairly quickly — big company buys small start-up, foothold gained in new market, meager profits expected soon.
With these investments, Alibaba is buying a foothold into small but fast-growing e-commerce markets in some of the world's most populous regions.
Had Amazon not found this retail foothold selling books, could it have begun to build its gigantic, devoted customer base by selling anything else?
For publishers looking to win Marriott's paid media business, a strong foothold in technology and individual-level audience mapping and targeting will be key.
There are 118,000 cases, more than 4,000 deaths, the agency said, and the virus has found a foothold on every continent except for Antarctica.
Another foothold for Taiwanese cooking is izakaya-style, snacky food to serve with drinks in a setting splashed with neon and a cartoon mural.
As the coronavirus gained a foothold in the United States, thousands of employees from Seattle to Silicon Valley were told to work from home.
But faced with the threat of blacklists and the overwhelming might of the agencies, the Guild struggled to find a foothold in the industry.
Efficient Power has a strong foothold in China, but has lately run into resistance from customers there that he traces to moves in Washington.
But now, powerful gangs from Brazil are exploiting Paraguay's lax gun laws, police corruption and weak justice system to establish a more permanent foothold.
Danske Bank became a major force in Estonia in 2007 by acquiring the Finnish bank Sampo, which had a large foothold in the country.
At the same time, large criminal organizations such as MS-13 have violated our borders and gained a deadly foothold within the United States.
The Trump administration is working to isolate China's Huawei, the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, from developing a larger foothold in U.S. partner countries.
The planned opening comes at a time when Israel and Iran have launched attacks against each other as Iran maintains a foothold in Syria.
Howard Barkin returns with a twisty Thursday theme that is actually very easy to figure out, once you gain a foothold in his puzzle.
JL: ISIS certainly has a foothold in Afghanistan, though its presence is largely confined to several districts in three provinces (Nangarhar, Zabul, and Kunduz).
Rivals that are not part of the existing LNG production, including Chevron and Italy's Eni, also hope to win a foothold in the expansion.
Visit CNN's Election Center for full coverage of the 2020 race Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is looking for a foothold anywhere.
The virus has spread more slowly in Africa than in Asia or Europe but has a foothold in 41 African nations and two territories.
Metro's transformation into a wholesale group has put it on Sysco's radar as a potential foothold in Europe, one of the sources had said.
Christie, who's eyeing a similar strategy, held a meeting with prominent Republicans in South Carolina last month to try to get a foothold there.
The latest development comes as the Trump administration works to isolate Chinese tech firm Huawei from developing a larger foothold in U.S. partner countries.
But Western diplomats hope they have realized Haftar cannot take Tripoli and that a stalemate would give Turkey a foothold, which Cairo especially fears.
Preventing ISIS from establishing a foothold in the region would be one of the very few things on which India and Pakistan could agree.
Global oil producers are eager to gain a foothold in India, where fuel demand is expected to keep rising as the country's economy grows.
Hezbollah led a campaign in the same area that month to oust the Nusra Front jihadist group from their last foothold along the border.
For another, the government goes all-in on establishing a foothold on the moon, meaning that the US pulls out of Vietnam in 210.
Some, like FCA, have had more trouble than others, and so teaming up with Foxconn could help the Italian-American automaker find a foothold.
Rybakina, playing her fourth final of the season, was unplayable at times before Halep got a foothold in the contest and started controlling points.
Officials under multiple presidents have renewed the protections year after year, allowing hundreds of thousands of people to enlarge their foothold on American life.
It also launched a localized payments app for India as it tries to gain a foothold in the country's rapidly-growing digital payments space.
Will voices from more extreme wings of the Republican Party find a bigger foothold in publishing, further cementing their place in mainstream political discourse?
While the U.S. is a more developed market and less in need of supporting cash-based payments, cash still has a big foothold here.
This makes it increasingly difficult for the new, small product from the small-to-medium-sized firm to establish a foothold in the space.
The product has made major strides since its 2015 launch: It now offers cellular connectivity and has a strong foothold on the wearables market.
That a Chinese-owned entity would gain a foothold in Japan's vaunted auto industry thanks to poor quality control was once hard to imagine.
Adnan al-Dmairi, spokesman of the Palestinian security services in the West Bank, dismissed any suggestion Islamic State had a foothold in the territory.
But if such changes don't gain a foothold, corporate buying will most likely remain a cornerstone of the stock market in the coming years.
These bugs would allow hackers who have already gained a foothold into a computer to install persistent and hard-to-detect malware, researchers warned.
It is never easy to wrest the media's attention from Trump, but control of the House will at least give Dems a foothold. 2.
Netanyahu was expected to ask for US assistance in preventing Iran from gaining a stronger foothold in Syria as the civil war there deteriorates.
The premise behind expanding Centene's foothold "is the government is going to play a role regardless of what happens in the U.S.," he said.
This is how the alt-right got a foothold in 4chan, and this is the way some people end up on the other side.
My friends are out there hustling and making all kinds of sacrifices to get a foothold and, when it's not working, feeling like failures.
President Donald Trump's administration hopes that the U.S.-backed fight against Islamic State in its last foothold in northeastern Syria will end within months.
It has lost ground in Syria to various separate enemies over the past year and the eastern Deir al-Zor province its last major foothold.
Cloud has been an important growth vertical at Alibaba and nabbing a heavyweight ally will only strengthen its foothold as China's biggest cloud service provider.
Claustrophobia has a strong foothold deep on an Amtrak train; you realize very distinctly that you're in a cramped metal tube with no way off.
The recent attacks in Bangladesh have raised fears that religious extremists are gaining a foothold in the country, despite its traditions of secularism and tolerance.
"The longer these outbreaks continue, the greater the chance measles will again get a sustained foothold in the United States," a CDC press release said.
Competing in an overflowing field, Mr. Ryan — previously known mostly for challenging Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the House Democratic leadership — never really got a foothold.
The jihadists have linked up with Western-backed Free Syria Army (FSA) groups who continue to maintain a foothold in several towns in the province.
It's an honor, a privilege, a validation, and, until now, a secure foothold in a community that becomes ever more important as one's career fades.
Driving Islamic State from its last remaining foothold at the Turkish border has been a top priority of the US-led campaign against the group.
Ms. Forster caught the flavor of the decade in "Georgy Girl," the story of a young woman trying to get a foothold in teeming London.
In late April, Tencent-backed Meituan introduced its own marketplace for ride-hailing apps after struggling to establish a major foothold with its Didi equivalent.
Google has also undergone changes as a company, with its new CEO Pichai leading the charge to once again get a foothold in the country.
Once-off-limits drugs are gaining a bigger foothold in the health care market as scientists reassess how they work and what they're capable of.
Some Namibians wish the Chinese would go home, wondering how they ever established such a strong foothold in trades that should be dominated by locals.
Activision bought "Candy Crush" maker King Digital for nearly $6 billion last year, looking for a bigger foothold in the highly-addictive mobile gaming space.
By 1858 they had won an influential foothold in Congress, and by 1860, that party leader — Abraham Lincoln — was elected President of the United States.
European firms have joined in too: SNCF Geodis, a French state-owned logistics outfit, recently bought OHL for $212m, to establish a foothold in America.
That action could adversely impact hotel brands that directly compete with Trump's business empire, making it more difficult for them expand their foothold in Cuba.
Meizu's another in a long list of Chinese phone makers with a strong foothold that has yet to make a dent in the US market.
The FARC may find an electoral foothold among poor farmers and committed leftists, but many Colombians are worried that ex-fighters will join criminal gangs.
It would give whoever gets a foothold on the moon a considerable advantage in exploiting both its resources and those of the rest of space.
One of the reasons why Salesforce has been interested in the startup is because it has helped Salesforce gain a better foothold in Europe specifically.
Over the past two years, its built up that foothold, buying Ferrara Candy Company for $1 billion and Nestle's U.S. candy business for $2.8 billion.
If Rubio can secure Florida, he may gain a foothold on which to leap forward and secure the nomination as the only viable establishment candidate.
Hotez said he fears the disease is already gaining a foothold in the Gulf Coast region and is calling for more monitoring of vulnerable areas.
Some analysts believe that Australia, France and New Zealand are likely to re-double diplomatic efforts in the region to ensure China's foothold is contained.
After all, at the same time that many Americans are struggling to gain a foothold in the job market, employers still need to hire workers.
In the early 2000s, every network was trying to get a foothold in the reality-TV dating scene, even after The Bachelor premiered on ABC.
The trip was too dangerous; she was afraid he would drown at sea or be kidnapped by ISIS, which was gaining a foothold in Libya.
It cost about $200,000 a year for years to secure their future on Santa Cruz Island, releasing bird after bird until they gained a foothold.
The United Nations has warned that the crisis might benefit drug traffickers and attract "extremist terrorist groups" seeking to gain a foothold in the region.
Good academic reputations, greater freedom and the possibility of gaining a foothold overseas were all reasons for mainland Chinese students to study in Hong Kong.
Then, with help from tuft cells and other parts of the immune system, the body can fight off the invaders before they've gotten a foothold.
A polyglot mix of immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries first found a foothold in the United States on the Lower East Side.
Millennials, who are criticized for having "no work ethic" and "needing to have their hands held," have trouble getting a foothold in the job market.
The group maintains a foothold in the north of the Sinai Peninsula and inspires local Islamist extremist groups despite the efforts of Egyptian security forces.
Islamic State militants took advantage of a security vacuum to establish a foothold in Libya, seizing control of the coastal city of Sirte last year.
Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran are battling for regional power; terrorist groups are looking to secure a foothold; Russia and the US are squaring off.
Although as a developer Mr. Trump never got the real estate foothold in Russia that he craved, he has spent 30 years courting Russian politicians.
As the family's supermarkets spread across Europe, it became impossible for other would-be competitors like Walmart to even get a foothold in the region.
Country fans largely shunned the band following Maines' statements, and the band struggled to maintain a foothold in the country world in the ensuing years.
When soils are loaded with microbes, they use so many nutrients that it's hard for a lethal blight or other pathogen to gain a foothold.
A tool like the one designed by Osadzinski specifically enables operatives to rapidly post content and stay ahead of takedowns to maintain a foothold online.
Such a deal would give Google a foothold in the smartwatch space, an industry that the search giant has struggled to break into thus far.
All of the companies mentioned above, with a foothold in the fintech industry and in the mindshare around it, could go after a similar problem.
After a half-decade of stilted moves, haphazard trades and bungled team-building, the Nets are still trying to gain their foothold in New York.
Later, I had screeched to a halt at the lip of a sharp declivity and, unable to find a foothold, simply timberrrrrrrrred into the sagebrush.
The troubles mounted from there as Gabbard never was able to gain a foothold with the Democratic Party's progressive left, which largely stuck with Sanders.
It's true that Moscow's in extremis intervention prevented the collapse of Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, and preserved Russia's sole foothold in the Middle East.
Eight thematic sections give you a foothold in Johns' ruminations, through his work, on the nature of perception, on literary figures, memory, mortality and more.
In Washington State, where the coronavirus outbreak found its first foothold in the United States, officials are trying to fill multiple positions processing jobless claims.
The alert prompted Marriott to work with outside security experts, who discovered that the hackers had grabbed a foothold in Starwood's systems starting in 2014.
Islamic State militants have lost swathes of land to various offensives across Syria and Iraq, forced into a diminishing foothold along the Euphrates river valley.
With only a couple of three-letter words interspersed between the 6s, 7s and 8s, solvers may have a hard time getting a foothold there.
With only a couple of three-letter words interspersed between the 6s, 7s and 8s, solvers may have a hard time getting a foothold there.
At Fort Smith National Historic Site, in northwestern Arkansas, I inked one stamp for the frontier fort, a foothold on the land during westward expansion.
Those carriers — Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile — dominate the market, making it more difficult for Huawei to get a foothold in the country.
Over the last 20 years, Yemeni-Americans have established a foothold in New York's network of bodegas — small convenience stores offering coffee, groceries and knickknacks.
He hopes to prevent Iran, whose forces helped save Mr. Assad's embattled regime, from strengthening its foothold in Syria and threatening Israel and other countries.
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won his home state early in the night, but failed to carve out a foothold in the East Coast and Midwest.
But it's too early to tell how many have gained a foothold in North American waters, where they could challenge or even displace native species.
Sunni extremists have gained a foothold in Iran's Kurdish areas over the last few years, according to a 2015 research paper by Iran's Interior Ministry.
With the novel coronavirus gaining a foothold in the US and flu cases still increasing, a triple epidemic in the US is possible, he said.
In fact, his policies worked in the opposite direction, ensuring Assad's survival by allowing Russia to gain an unprecedented strategic foothold in the Middle East.
It has just hired Mauro Premazzi from Bank of America and is seeking to establish a foothold before expanding its Italian team, the sources said.
With the acquisition of AnsweriQ, it now also has a foothold in Seattle, which it plans to use to attract local talent to the company.
Lucky's also represented a way for Kroger to get a foothold in Florida, a market dominated by Publix and a scattered field of independent grocers.
Our report uncovers a chilling pattern: Over the past year, everywhere unions have a foothold in state government they're ramming through bills that hurt workers.
It would create several hundred jobs in the hard-hit region, and give the union a foothold in the industry's coming transition to electric vehicles.
She wants Britain to be a bridge between the E.U. and the U.S. Is having no foothold in Europe really the way to do that?
But the party, in order to keep its foothold on the state ballot, would face significant risks if it were cast as enabling a spoiler.
The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) will now have a foothold to conduct pervasive espionage... and has increased economic and political leverage over the United Kingdom.
Revolut is one of the many digital challenger banks which have gained a foothold in Europe by offering consumers colorful cards and slick mobile apps.
Despite the risk of potential over-exposure, brands seem likely to continue pursuing China's top social media stars to gain a foothold with local consumers.
" He also pledged "enduring commitment" to ensuring that ISIS and other terrorist cells "will not be able to grab a foothold in this region again.

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