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"see" Definitions
  1. the district or office of a bishop or an archbishop
"see" Synonyms
view notice observe eye glimpse perceive recognise(UK) recognize(US) sight spot detect discern identify look at make out regard remark catch a glimpse of catch sight of descry watch witness behold catch check out examine take in feast your eyes on follow get a load of eyeball inspect survey scrutinize(US) scan understand comprehend appreciate fathom grasp ascertain get apprehend assimilate construe determine establish figure out interpret cognize conceive of cotton to find out discover learn work out uncover unearth unmask become acquainted with come upon get to know realise(UK) realize(US) suss out get on to wise up to dope out enquire(UK) check inquire(US) investigate ask explore query question confirm make enquiries as to probe clarify canvass go over consider analyse(UK) analyze(US) brainstorm contemplate decide on deliberate on ponder think about agonize over brood over cerebrate on cogitate on look into mull over muse on reflect on think think over turn over in one's mind ensure assure make sure make certain see to it verify affirm be sure to guarantee insure be in no doubt certify do not forget to double-check satisfy oneself take care envisage envision imagine picture visualize(US) anticipate conceive fancy predict foresee foretell visualise(UK) divine forecast augur figure prophesy foreshow undergo encounter experience endure go through suffer sustain taste tolerate know submit to put up with feel pass have bear face sense infer intuit pick up read apperceive get the impression have a feeling have a hunch suspect feel in gut feel in one's bones meet meet with catch up with get together with meet up with have a meeting with have meetings with make a date with meet by arrangement with meet socially with speak to run into bump into chance on chance upon come across cross paths with happen on happen upon run across run smack into stumble across stumble on stumble upon meet by chance run against find contact consult call seek out call on call upon look up drop in on refer to talk to turn to confer with consort with seek advice from seek information from seek the opinion of call in take a meeting with take counsel from talk things over with have recourse to consult with interview receive treat give a consultation to give a hearing to give an audience to give an interview to show guide accompany escort conduct direct lead usher walk steer take bring chaperon chaperone shepherd convoy go with attend companion visit come over come by drop by drop in stop by swing by be the guest of call in on come around drop over pay a call on pop in pop in on stop in pay a call pay a visit crash deem define esteem estimate reason characterise(UK) characterize(US) describe judge reckon surmise explain believe hold herald mark bear witness to usher in announce scrutinise(UK) size up examine closely look over look up and down cast an eye over give the once-over have a look around look around scrutinate go on a tour of go over with a fine-tooth comb date go out with take out court woo be dating dally with go steady have a fling with have an affair with keep company with be with step out with walk out with be romantically involved with go out keep company be involved with reference go to jump to acknowledge favor(US) favour(UK) respect accede accept approve endorse ratify facilitate chair control govern head helm host manage organise(UK) organize(US) overlook oversee regulate run supervise administer administrate arbitrate boss consider it give it some thought mull it over reflect on it think about it think it over assort with associate frequent mix with socialize with spend time with slot in accommodate fit in schedule squeeze in tour drive round go round holiday in stay in go see go to see come to see holiday at vacation in mind be sure remember to see that be careful be sure that make sure that take care that don't forget to make sure to take care to bishopric diocese archbishopric archdiocese episcopate episcopacy primacy benefice parish district jurisdiction prelacy bishopdom bishophood pope pontiff Holy Father ablegate His Holiness legate nuncio otho papacy paparchy pontifex maximus. associatedwords: papal pontifical popedom popery popish vatican vicegerent Bishop of Rome sovereign pontiff Vicar of Christ ecce lo look More
"see" Antonyms
disregard pass by be blind to overlook overpass pass over take no notice of tune out discount fail to notice look away from look past pay no attention to pay no heed to turn a blind eye to look the other way from pay no mind to ignore miss avoid forego fail to catch fail to see let pass avert misunderstand misinterpret misconstrue miscomprehend misapprehend misconceive misjudge misknow misreckon miss the point of get the wrong idea about get the wrong impression about misperceive misread mistake not get take wrongly distort take something the wrong way confuse be ignorant be in the dark be naive be oblivious be unaware be ill-informed be unenlightened be unfamiliar be uninformed be unsuspecting be witless be unknowing be unknowledgeable hide obfuscate conceal mask cover enshroud blanket cloak shroud veil withhold secrete suppress neglect dissemble bury obscure camouflage cover up proceed act commence start take action do execute respond move perform leap into action unheed unmind forget disbelieve discard dismiss look away reject deny scorn repudiate rebuff mistrust draw a blank brush aside brush off lose abandon leave desert fail refuse maroon be unaware of coldshoulder cold-shoulder evade have nothing to do with keep away from keep clear of shun shy away from snub steer clear of ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) turn back on aid assist destroy disprove help invalidate unsettle encipher encode encrypt cypher(UK) cipher(US) code scramble fix mend question tangle disallow fill let go stop be immune discourage dissuade dislike release ignorize be oblivious to bury one's head in sand close your eyes to look the other way pay no mind shut eyes to take no notice turn a blind eye turn blind eye disapprove refute reprove discommend disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) object oppose disagree with do not subscribe to contradict renounce disaffirm follow trail obey cease end finish close actualize realise(UK) realize(US) effect engender form materialise(UK) materialize(US) originate spring accomplish effectuate engineer produce bring about incarnate make happen make real break know ruin tell truth accept adopt back embrace honor(US) honour(UK) mind respect support uphold implement heed note recognise(UK) recognize(US) gaze scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) stare peruse study figure guess suppose estimate predict speculate approximate infer postulate judge theorise(UK) theorize(US) calculate deduce gage(US) gauge(UK) hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) reckon surmise fail to experience remain ignorant of retrodict disparage condemn ridicule belittle deride criticise(UK) criticize(US) diminish discredit mock trash blast defame denigrate derogate knock malign pan vituperate abuse hoard save store surrender yield overcome beat conquer crush master defeat prevail overpower best surmount curb survive overwhelm outdo surpass dispatch weather hurdle rise above triumph over mislead misdirect lead astray point in the wrong direction send off course send on a wild goose chase misroute misguide prevaricate

935 Sentences With "see"

How to use see in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "see" and check conjugation/comparative form for "see". Mastering all the usages of "see" from sentence examples published by news publications.

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"I was like, is there anything I can see, see, see, see, see [about my attackers]" she admits.
You see red, you see blue, you see green, you see yellow.
I see how I see it, and they can see it how they see it.
You see scrapes, you see sweat, you see every scuff.
Sometimes you see them, but don't see what they see.
Sometimes you see them, but don't see what they see.
"We need people to see what we see, see what Facebook sees, see what WeChat sees," Livingston said.
We see it in Detroit, we see it in New Orleans, we see it in Chicago, we see it in L.A., you see it in in Philadelphia.
We see London, we see France, we see Kourtney Kardashian's underpants!
I see London, I see France, I see Katy Perry's underpants!
"You'll see, you'll see, you'll see after the election," Trump said.
"In these boys, we see teammates, we see classmates, we see friends, we see brothers, sons and grandsons," he said.
We don't see color, we don't see religion, we don't see height.
You see the shift, you see the growth, you see the change.
I don't see race, I don't see religion, I don't see gender.
I see the people, I see the mountain, I see the window.
Well, but see, they see unions coming, maybe they see Washington coming.
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But to see how she sees herself, to see how other people see her, to see how she feels about herself?
We see it with each of these presidents — we see it with Johnson, we see it with Nixon, we see it with Clinton and we see it now with Trump.
You'll see Facebook, you'll see Twitter, and you'll see a bunch of games.
We turn down BroadwayI see my buildingI see my doorstepI see my home.
Must-see TV. Must-see TV. Must-see TV. They had created it.
You see what we&aposre doing, you see legislation, you see what&aposs happening.
I see London, I see France, I see a damn good deal on underpants.
Egyptians "can see improved road networks, can see electricity, can see housing," Madbouly said.
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I see him, we don't see each other, we see each other – we're very happy.
It's always cool to see those interpretations and see what they see in their head.
They'll see brown skin, they'll see black skin, they'll see a hijab and act accordingly.
I can see the person, I can see the hands, I can see the guitar.
All I see when I see that image, which I see every day, is terror.
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"The whole idea is that you should see lights when you see them and you shouldn't see lights when you don't see them," he said.
I see it—I see characters, I see people, I see streets, cars—and they seem to exist in this special level of mental reality.
"You could see American taxpayers see great benefit from better infrastructure, and you can see American pensioners see significant returns from private equity," he said.
You see it with Spotify, you see it with Apple, you see it with follow players.
I think you're going to see numbers -- I just see the activity, I see the business.
Birders do not just see "birds," gardeners do not just see "flowers"; they see specific variations.
Yes, we see Justin inject heroin, we see him in withdrawal, and we see him overdose.
Tractor trailers flipped over, you see it all… You don't want to see what you see.
"You see the football field, you see the hotel and you see the bus," Ibrahimovic said.
So now that Joel and I SEE EYE to EYE, you don't see EYE SEE EYE.
It's like I see myself on the wall — I see my complexities, I see my dimensions.
You see black nurses, you see black doctors, you see black police officers, but when you go to the tattoo conventions, you don't see black women.
And we see that already as we speak so over the next couple of days you'll see major layoffs, you'll see restructurings, you'll see people scramble.
"We see a physical manifestation of that in Yemen, we see it in Iraq, we see it in Lebanon, we see it in Syria," he said.
That's higher than the 43% who see a lot of discrimination against gays and lesbians, 41% who see it against blacks, 32% who see it against Hispanics, 303% who see it against women, 15% who see it against evangelical Christians, 14% who see a lot of discrimination against whites and 13% who see it against Jews.
"Crowds of families and children would gather to see what was going on, to see the journalists, to see the body, to see the police," she said.
You're looking at something — you go see a museum, you see a film, you see the world, you look out, you see the tree — that's creative action.
JEFF UBBEN: You see-- you see the-- you see s-- to a certain extent, price is everything.
"I might see one thing in them, but every person has permission to see whatever they see."
They see white people, they see Western civilization, they see America as a distinct and inviolable culture.
It is easy to see her thriving on clay (see the French Open) and grass (see Wimbledon).
" Kanzler: "It's important to see this because you see the whole transaction you see there was no deal.
To turn caring into action, we need to see a problem, see a solution, and see the impact.
If you could see [gravitational waves], you can see back past where you can't see with physical light.
I do not see Steve Bannon…do not see Steve Bannon…not see Steve Bannon…Nazi Steve Bannon.
As I stare out into his beautiful room, I see optimism, I see hope, I see the future.
To turn caring into action, we need to see a problem, see a solution, and see the impact.
"I don't see the need to see an absolute when I don't see an absolute," he told me.
I mean, first of all, see if you can get a discount just see if they got some kind of discount, some kind of coupon, just see, just see.
You only see what you expect to see, what you hope to see, or what you want to see," said Marturano in her book "Finding the Space to Lead.
"We see cocaine out here, but we don't see this large amounts and we don't see it in Safeway and we don't see it in banana boxes," he said.
And you see that with budgets, you see that with the pay increases, and you see that with medical.
They see more in us than we see in ourselves, and they help us learn to see it too.
"Neurologists see neuropathic pain all the time; we see it every day, but we never see families," Waxman said.
" Undeterred, Griffith responded, "If she tells me to see it, I'll see it," to which Johnson said, "We'll see.
We see the synergies that we expected to see, and we see the future that we had hoped for.
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I see her every morning, I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside of the gym and THAT is commendable!
We still see the longer term range for the stock price $23 to $22, but see a much higher likelihood that we see low 211s before we see high 219s.
See more scenes from the trial: Day 1: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 2: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 3: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 4: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 5: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 6: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV
I see London, I see France, I see a lot of tangled headphones and wallets in everyone's street style bags.
But you also see it, and you see what you've been able to achieve, you see what's held you back.
Audiences want to see their stories told, to see themselves as heroes, and to see something they've never experienced before.
And to see the other children see their sister like that and to see the pain in their little eyes.
You can visit Tunisia to see Tatooine, Lake Como to see Naboo, and Rub' al Khali desert to see Jakku.
Some people see the hidden image easily, some people see a rough outline and some can't see anything at all.
I don't need to see tilts, I don't need to see fouetté turns, I don't need to see your tricks.
They don't see a nurse — they see a terrorist.
I don't see color or race — I see people.
I'll see you — I'll see you at the wall.
Now you see him; now you … see him again.
Now you see it — what exactly do you see?
"We see the synergies that we expected to see, and we see the future that we had hoped for," McAdam said.
"I see it in her eyes, I see it in her face and I see it in her smile," he explained.
The more I look inward, the more I see people and the more I see people the more I see me.
And you'll see, you know, all the big names you won't see Southwest or Alaska, but you'll see the big names.
You see it in Brooklyn Chinese community, you see it in Manhattan Chinese community, you see it in the Flushing community.
"I see me being a designer, I see me being a model, I see me being a TV star," Lochte said.
"They see sex workers, they see drug abusers, they see people stealing to support their habit or to survive," she added.
So, you see that apprehension, you see more rigidity built in to the way that people want to see the world.
"Love means that I see you, I see your worth, I see your dignity," Booker said at that rally last month.
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TRUMP, JUNE 1: We will see what we will see.
I've helped you to see something you couldn't see before.
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Where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to overcome.
When you see me, you will always see him #LoveYouHussle.
See you at Disrupt NY — See you in Red Hook.
Everyone should see this movie; our children must see it.
The more you see, the more you want to see.
It's possible they won't see ever see the radioactive decay.
We will see soon see something similar in industrial machines.
I couldn't see his eyes, I couldn't see his soul.
The world is dying; come see it, come see it.
What do you think people see, versus what you see?
" I was like, "Okay, let's see heaven, let's see hell.
When I see her, I see POTENTIAL, STRENGTH and BEAUTY!
You can see the rock, you can see the brush.
"So fight game I'll see you when I see you."
Some see a family story, and some see girl power.
See the movie and see what you got from it.
You see the magic but you don't see the trick!
See who those girls were, see what Arie was like.
They see both their parents, and we'll see what happens.
You can see why investors see some value in GoEuro.
You will see what Twitter thinks you want to see.
You can see out, but no one can see in.
I see the sign of a Brexit, I see white.
I don't see the girl I see in our apartment.
That I see Hunter S Thompson, they see Holiday Elvis?
"You'll see people cry, you'll see people laugh," Derke added.
What do you see when you see the color black?
What we see is not necessarily what individual characters see.
"I see the turmoil, I see the struggle," she said.
We'll see what happens, I mean, we'll see what happens.
As do I. When we see them, we see ourselves.
We see P.T.S.D. We see people who have attempted suicide.
You see power in the breastplate, and I see anxiety.
That's how I see football, that's how I see life.
So, you see all the things you need to see.
The world will see you the way you see you.
I see colors — fuchsia, cream, blue — and I see confidence.
"When I see hay, I just see water," she says.
Yet what I see is I see remarkable female founders.
I see her see me miss an opportunity to reconnect.
Do you see how you can see "around" your hand?
The property goes from can't see to to can't see.
People gonna see it how they want to see it.
You see the violence, and you also see the lie.
We don't see any problem, we just see a situation.
You might see him, but do you really see him?
Now you see it with the coronavirus, you see it.
See, I don't see that in the announcements you've made.
Everyone can see the score, and everyone can see highlights.
Right, you see the quote, then you see an ad.
We'll see rafts and we'll see inner tubes tied together.
They don't see you, me — they just see the money.
"You shouldn't see doctors who see drug reps," she said.
If I couldn't see out, how could anybody see in?
Where I see needless cruelty, my neighbors see necessary reality.
Let's pop the hood and see what we can see!
I don't see Oprah, I don't see Uma, forget Keanu!
You cannot see the sunsets you see here anywhere else.
What we see there we can expect to see elsewhere.
What do white people see when they see brown people?
I wish people could see it like I see it.
We see his forms as well as see through them.
You can see some of the chain right here, see?
I see you, now I'm asking you to see me.
It's time I see myself as I see my daughter.
Yeah. I don't see why we don't see it now.
You may not see this flexible, holographic smartphone on store shelves anytime soon, and when you see this video, you'll see why.
"They want to see Emily in a bikini, they want to see a sunflare, they want to see the van," Smith said.
You have to see some meshing between the possibilities you see in that work and the possibilities you see in their personality.
But while it's what you'd expect to see, and what I'd expect to see, it's apparently not what Trump expected to see.
We see it on Fox News, we see it on the internet, but we also see it from our commander in chief.
And then you may see, frankly, not only a 2.0, but you may see a 3.0, and you may see a 4.0.
"I see the ballistic missile program, I see Iran in Yemen, and above all I see Iran in Syria," Ms. Merkel said.
Meanwhile, tech I.P.O.s in 2019 were less than stellar (see Uber), bad economics were unmasked (see WeWork), and trust in tech eroded (see Facebook), even as the big got even bigger (also see Facebook).
But when you see him every day, you see him beat out a double-play ball to get an RBI, you see him steal a base, you see the plays he makes in center field.
"If you see bigotry, oppose it, if you see violence, condemn it, if you see a bully, stand up to him," she said.
When I see pictures of Iraqi or Syrian refugee children who have drowned off Greece, I see myself and I see my father.
See if there were any underlying groups that wanted to see if — were waiting to see if anybody was out there in Indiana.
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"You can see across the river and just see the black as far as you can see," said Lori White, a Putnam, Okla.
So you see the same type of girl, you see the same type of roles, you see the same type of family dynamic.
Fans see you as the girl next door, tabloid editors see you as a story line and paparazzi see you as a target.
It's especially nice because it's going in reverse, so you don't see what you're going to see next until you already see it.
You see -- you see, I think you see some early productive commitments or conversations to reduce that deficit and increase significantly the purchases.
If they see it in their 401(k)s and they see it in their paychecks, they see it in their home values.
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And you go down the street, maybe not here, but you see police everywhere, you see Army everywhere, you don't see that anymore.
"I don't see it as duplicative; I don't see it as running counter to; and I don't see it as competitive," Grijalva said.
For your city, you would be able to go in there, see local news stories, see events, see local groups, whatever it maybe.
"They want to see Emily in a bikini, they want to see a sun flare, they want to see the van," Smith said.
Hopefully, the families of the victims will see this, see all the solidarity among so many people and see that it's done something.
They want to see major changes in their skin that you're not going to see — and by law, shouldn't see — from a facial.
It is dramatically cheap compared to what it costs to go see a movie, to see a Broadway play, to see a concert.
"You see what's for sale, you see what's in season, you see the fundamental color palette of a cuisine," he told the magazine.
Both the left and the right can see the Portland they want to see, and refuse to see the parts they don't like.
Going forward, I don't see more than 10,000, 12,000 units, so I see supply and demand equilibrium, I see the market is stable.
Secondly, be prepared to change your mind and to see what you do not expect to see or did not want to see.
You'll see it in The Mandalorian, you'll see it in this movie, and you'll see it in everything we do in the future.
While the media and other political observers struggle to see anything but a meltdown, his supporters see exactly what they want to see.
" France captain Hugo Loris: "It's nice to see the French people joyous, to see them with a smile, to see them with tears.
You need to try and see what other people don't see.
You see it every day when the two see each other.
And I'm able to see her — she's able to see me.
We might not see the individual, but we see their plight.
She's always pushing to see see more "strong women" on screen.
This is how I see myself, how do you see me?
We don't see, you know -- we see a strong labor market.
In "Entertaining the Guest," from Can You See What I See?
Yet some people see her spinning clockwise, and some see counterclockwise.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now it&aposs time to see what we see.
It's easier for their complicated sensors to "see" there, you see.
If they want to see the devil, let them see it.
It's disgusting to see that the man will never see justice.
I can see trees, I can see things out the window.
Reporter: [inaudible] Trump: We'll see what happens, we'll see what happens.
We post what we see and we see what we post.
Sometimes we don't see a context that someone else might see.
I don't need to see the fire — I see the smoke.
You can see The Woj, you can see coming at you.
You see his name on buildings, but you don't see him.
You don't always get to see what you want to see.
TODD: But do you see — do you see a vice president?
To see the full list of names, see the original post.
It's too easy to see just what we want to see.
Most other animals do not see the same colors we see.
You see yourself clearer when you see yourself in someone else.
Look outside the box and see possibilities where others see problems.
Let's see what else is happening in Trumpland...Ah, I see.
You don&apost see -- You don&apost see the issue here?
I'm not afraid because maybe you see something I don't see.
They see the same thing I see, but say it better.
As long as we were able to see, we'd see something.
I don't see it as journalism, I see it as badgering.
You see executions in the street, you see dead bodies everywhere.
We see what we want to see because we lack imagination.
What I see -- I see it as a purely biological attraction.
Our eyes see the blobs, but we don't see the patterns.
HANNITY: I do not see anything here, I see a dud.
If you see my gender identity, you will only see limitations.
It's not hard to see why Democrats see DeVos as unqualified.
Where some see sober, science-backed credibility, other see a circus.
If you can't see the lens, the lens doesn't see you.
You see that bamboo behind me though, you see that bamboo?
Now that's a port you see don't see that much anymore.
I see myself in them, and they see themselves in me.
I can see your eyes, lemme see—is that a burka?
If they were here, they'd see the progress that I see.
The best workers, see says, see the two as co-dependent.
When Frank and Claire see the video, they see an opportunity.
We don't see any freedom, we don't see any democracy here.
Is it possible I see horror, they see an Elvis movie?
You see it in the airports, you see it all over.
I want to see the quality we used to see again.
We will come to see [it] the way we see electricity.
I like to see just nature, see how life goes naturally.
You'll likely not see things clearly—or see things at all.
I see her more than most adult children see their parents.
Yo- PND: So you might want to see thisDrake: See what?
Styling lets you see the person before you see the disability.
" He added, "When you don't want to see, you don't see.
" Versace herself added: "When I see this collection, I see Zayn.
When you see a politician like Murphy, you can see why.
The Davosites must learn to see themselves as others see them.
The cameras see mostly what the hosts want them to see.
I go see young women's writing, see what they're speaking of.
You'll see new diagnostics and you'll see new interventions from us.
I see you and I see [audio cut for obscenity]. [Mr.
You see what you see, and you try to be honest.
There's really no time to see them, to see your family.
"We'll see, we'll see," the tuxedo-clad President said, without elaborating.
See themselves as heroes, and see the villains as they were.
Then what you see in the end is what you see.
When I see Jazmine Barnes' face, I see my own daughter.
Remember what I say, we will see what we will see.
That's been great to see and great to see that commitment.
To see Venice on skates is to see a different city.
See if you can spot the typo: Do you see it?
"They see corruption, they see a lack of justice," he said.
So you see it in Cuba, you see it in Louisiana.
"Let's see this thing go forward and see what happens," Rep.
Some people only see two women getting married and see novelty.
You permit them to see you as you see Trump: deranged.
So if you want to see the show, see it soon.
Let us not only see ourselves, but let others see us.
Though I didn't see darkness in Nick, I did see melancholy.
You don't see the daily killings like you see in Manila.
If they want to see the devil, let them see him.
I see that for you, and I see that for me.
They see only the news that Beijing's censors let them see.
We'll see how that works in real life, but we'll see.
Do you care to see whether James cares to see it?
You cannot see it, but I must make you see it.
Taalo: [Kurdish] Callimachi: And he was saying, see this, see that.
I see it in myself and I see it in others.
Now see the heartbreak within; now see how comedy contains tragedy.
There are some teenagers I see where I see this coming.
And uh we'll see, we'll see what happens in the election.
If people can't see your injury, they can't really see you.
But what some see as shortcomings I see as assets. Bland?
When the bigots decide to see you, they will see you.
I guess we just have to see... see what's in store.
"I see much more benefits than I see negatives," Fadell said.
They see her and they see this super-hip, cool girl.
You see it at the airport, you see it all over.
And if you want to see them, go and see them!
You see more venture capital, you see more long-term investing.
I--see-- I may see Tim Cook at the annual meeting.
Which obviously, you didn't see the details, I didn't see them.
PARSONS Nobody could see you, so — BURROWS Nobody could see, so.
I don't see either one giving a concession, but we'll see.
Because I had to see, you see, her call him God.
If they want to see the devil, let them see one.
"Let's see where we are, let's see what happens," he said.
Passengers can see out, but no one outside can see them.
We see only what the algorithms think we want to see.
We'll see how it progresses, and we'll see if I play.
But I see Trey, I see Aaron — these are my buddies.
I look at walls and see anything I want to see.
They don't see that part; they just see the end result.
I can see / back there see / what you're thinking about / about.
That would be really ... See, I could see him doing it.
You can see it, I hope ... listeners, can you see it?
You see these people, you see them argue past each other.
You can see the message, your recipient can see the message.
We see faces here — but we see faces in clouds, too.
Here's what he saw Monday: See more scenes from the trial: Day 1: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 2: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 3: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 4: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 5: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV
" Added Diesel, "They met all these people and got to see sets and got to see everyone in their makeup, got to see Nebula in her makeup and Gamora in her makeup and see fight sequences.
With Google Lens, your smartphone camera won't just see what you see, but will also understand what you see to help you take action.
One other nice thing about it is that you get to see this entire different world, you see shit you would never see otherwise.
DAVID CORDANI: When you see Queen Latifah, you see Nick Jonas, you see Ted Danson, who actually are motivated around the whole person dialogue.
"We see a strong demand outlook, we see good fundamentals in the U.S., we see strong macro in the continental European market," Parekh said.
They wouldn't see America as "good" or "evil," the way some Americans see, say, China or Russia, because they don't see countries that way.
For CENTRAL EUROPE market report, see For TURKISH market report, see For RUSSIAN market report, see) (Reporting by Karin Strohecker; Editing by Toby Chopra)
In contrast, 22000 percent see Biden as a liberal, 247 percent see him as a moderate and 22019 percent see him as a conservative.
"You see a version of a gumbo in Haiti, you see a version in Senegal, you see a version in South Carolina," he said.
"Today, you see it in a lot of bars, you see it on tap, you see it prominently on supermarket shelves," Mr. Perlut said.
When he looks in the mirror, does he see the Auggie Mom and Dad see, or does he see the Auggie everyone else sees?
Click through to see some of the beautiful Carried Jewels pieces. See?
You see about child separation, you see what&aposs going on there.
I don&apost see that, I don&apost see that with Trump.
So, you can see things that you can't see on the surface.
We do see prices at $223,22013 but we might see a correction.
He didn't see it then, and he didn't see it this week.
When I see that in other people, I see they are suffering.
So you see it and you see it a lot around here.
I don't see much risk in taking a wait-and-see approach.
And you can see it -- you can see it in the numbers.
I see them as fringe the way I see ISIS as fringe.
I didn't see it in "Yentl" but I see it in Israel.
And the models used for his Can You See What I See?
I see the mess that we're in, I see it every year.
To then see Faith want Buffy was to see bravery in action.
We&aposll see -- all cover this together tomorrow and see what happens.
But before you see President Trump, you&aposll see Bret Baier -- Bret.
Some people see it as affectionate, while others see it as creepy.
We have other sensors that can see when the camera can't see.
But you didn't see it the way you see it on camera.
We see what they see, and only if they want us to.
"I want to see who you're going to see," she tells him.
Read on to see the must-see moments from the town hall.
"I didn't see the damage I thought I would see," Scott said.
We're not going to see less, we're only going to see more.
"I see a lot of talk but I don't see any action."
To see the detailed report and amendments to the regulations, see: bit.
You can see a seemingly see a merger happening in the graphic.
What do they see about their lives that they didn't see before?
Some see it as art, some see it as a funny joke.
It's a natural, safe assumption: I see you as you see me.
TC: But you can see things that no one else can see.
See: here See: here (Reporting by Scott DiSavino; Editing by Jeffrey Benkoe)
I also don't see malice in Trump like I see with Cruz.
Sato: You'd see his immature moments and you'd see his mature moments.
I just want people to see them the way I see them.
So you'll see, you'll see the future as far as I'm concerned.
Are you ready to see the cutest thing you'll see all day?
But what some may see as baggage, others will see as experience.
I can see the hill, I can see the snow, the blood.
You get to see where they're at today and see that unravel.
I see his name everywhere, I see little red-headed toddlers everywhere.
Not only can we see your penis, we can see your balls.
And I'm able to see her, and she's able to see me.
Americans see -- you show one truth, but they see two different movies.
Without a doubt, because I see things now that I didn't see.
It's like that, when you don't want to see, you don't see.
He will see an immigration judge to see if he'll be deported.
He can't wait to see us; we can't wait to see him.
Some will see it now and others will see it shortly after.
In terms of the applicants we see, I don't see a trend.
Because people can't see you working, they need to see your work.
I'm more excited to see you than you are to see me.
See those photos below, and go see some live music this weekend.
I see it every day and my kids see it as well.
But where a few of us see predictability, many others see profundity.
You can't see a way forward; all you can see is down.
" And she's like, "you see how you wrecked yourself, you see that?
People see my face and that&aposs what they need to see.
We want to see detailed responses and we want to see denuclearization.
I think that's maybe what you see when you see me advocating.
Search for concerts and more on TicketMaster See Details I see London.
And when I see that video, I don't see that at all.
They want to see something fresh, they want to see something new.
You see that in groups products, you see that in messaging products.
" If people see anything, I want them to see "just be yourself.
No. When people see me working, they see that I am concentrating.
Nobody ever came to see him, at least that I could see.
I see things; she sees the blind spot of what I see.
Meanwhile, 58 percent see Clinton unfavorably, and 36 percent see her favorably.
"You're expecting to see the machines, you're expecting to see the people."
See how things were then, she writes; see how they remain so.
We see geopolitical risks to supply rising, we see U.S. production declining.
Users are more likely to see stuff that they want to see.
And I don't see problems at the borders — I see people there.
I see you and I see a couple more, but they're peripheral.
"I don't see all this stuff that they see all the time."
When I see a black person I see love no matter what.
After all, whenever you can see the sun, it can see you.
"I see ramen the same way I see a cupcake," Sharp says.
See this breakdown of Brexit voting by age: See you in there?
As if it's impolite to see others, or see yourself seeing others.
"People didn't see that; they see a more sexualized thing," she added.
"Only the people we want to see it, see it," he explained.
Some readers will see this as bathos; I see it as bliss.
This book equips one not just to see, but to see more.
That she can't see now what you see doesn't mean she won't.
See, again, I don't see that in the changes that you've proposed.
Off I went to O'Connell Street to see what I could see.
I think we will inevitably see Netflix and see a web browser.
People — family, friends, complete strangers — see our baby before they see us.
If you could see prior seasons what would you want to see?
Some see a subversive message about Washington's failings; others see his glorification.
You see those boats, and you know you're going to see something.
But I see you all the time and you probably see me.
I see what the houses represent and I see how things go.
We tend to see what we want to see in North Korea.
She don't see her mother handcuffed, 'cause she don't see her mother.
"Where you see a human rights struggle, they see terrorists," he said.
There's a lot Oppenheimer doesn't see, and a lot we don't see.
I like being able to see dealers that I wouldn't ordinarily see.
Everyone who can see your Venmo account can also see your connections.
You see, certainly, you can see me as an individual doing that.
What Moore's critics see as lawlessness, his fans see as insurgent valor.
All through the museum you see names, see what names can do.
Now you see equal rights, but you used to not see that.
She came to see me because she hated to see the conflict.
It's a great way to see more details or see more hours.
We must duly see it as its owners and masters see it.
People will see what they want to see in such a study.
SS: Majid, nice to see you, sir-, MJ: Good to see you.
You see it on the streets, you see it on social networks.
What you see in the stipulation is all there is to see.
"It was good to see how other people see me," she said.
See it 100 times and you never need to see it again.
"We'll see what we'll see over the next little while," Leslie said.
Now you see female police officers, you see female politicians and leaders.
But many Republicans these days see only what they want to see.
You may not like what you see, but you can see it.
I see you in my tomorrow, I see you in my forever.
"I see a lot of partisanship is what I see," she said.
Perhaps we'll see more of Live Caption and see more demos then.
If we see the global economy strong, we could see that continue.
I don't see this as diversity mentorship, I see this as mentorship.
People see glacial lakes as a hazard; we see them as opportunities.
Where some people might see miracles, I see the fruits of reason.
What I wanna see is, I wanna see the companies step up.
"We'll see; we'll see," Murray said, as he headed for the staircase.
You see the players out there, you see what we're dealing with.
You see Dicks banning assault rifles, you see … what's the big one?
"All I see when I see that image is terror," Eisenberg says.
I would see them almost as much as I see my wife.
Here's what he saw Wednesday: See more scenes from the trial: Day 1: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 2: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 3: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 4: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 5: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 6: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 7: Impeachment trial scenes featuring Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney you can't see on TV
Asked to share his message to the new president, Myers said simply, "I see you, please see me and please see the rest of America."
For CENTRAL EUROPE market report, see For TURKISH market report, see For RUSSIAN market report, see) (Additional reporting by Sujata Rao; Editing by Tom Heneghan)
So where you'll see their style is in a mall, maybe you'll see it at a festival, maybe you'll see it at an awards show.
You want to see Tessa Thompson, you want to see Tom Hiddleston, you want to see Jeff Goldblum and Cate Blanchett and all that stuff.
For CENTRAL EUROPE market report, see For TURKISH market report, see For RUSSIAN market report, see ) (Additional reporting by Claire Milhench; Editing by Toby Davis)
You see the wave equation in string theory, you see it in the cosmic microwave background radiation, and you see it in a guitar string.
When I see my friends and they see me in the dress, it takes some getting used to for them to see me like that.
Just watch [earnings per share], see how the market reacts with EPS going negative, see how it reacts with guidance, see where that comes in.
For CENTRAL EUROPE market report, see For TURKISH market report, see For RUSSIAN market report, see ) (additional reporting by Helen Reid; editing by Mark Heinrich)
"If you walk into the store, everything you see will also be online, and anything you see online you can see in-store," she said.
Isaac couldn't have been more moved: You see , you see what was done to us — to mine parents , to mine brothers , to me , you see ?
Just sit back and look into the mirror — see yourself watching her, see her reflected back in the mirror, see reflections of bodies in space.
But he can't see beyond a certain point like a mouse can see so many moves ahead in a maze, but a human can see way more moves ahead and then Garry can see even more moves ahead.
See Valar Themed Heat Mug at Amazon See Tyrion Lannister Themed Heat Mug at Amazon See Winter is Coming Themed Heat Mug at Amazon See Stark Themed Heat Mug at Amazon See Daenerys Themed Heat Mug at Amazon Game of Thrones Heat Change Mug: Valar Theme - £9.51 See Details You always seem like the cool person if you have a bottle opener on your person.
It can be hard to see an era until you see what it was missing, though, and it can be hard to see a generational fault line until you see what commonality the next wave of people doesn't have.
You do see it on planes, you don't see it on subways, you don't see it in coffee shops, despite what commercials will have you believe.
I needed someone to see not through me or see the star that I'd become but rather see the darkness inside that I was struggling with.
"I could see their minds working and just see that they just had a very, very high capacity and ability to see things," Dr. Lightman said.
If I'm going to see a couple films this month, I'm going to go see the one people said that I have to see in theaters.
We see the TPP 11, we see the Pacific Alliance deepening their integration in Latin America, we see the EU pursuing a very robust trade agenda.
We will look to see whether or not we see buying after the European close, and we will look to see which sectors are being bought.
It is a visceral performance because Kitt doesn't only want to see black angels: she wants to see herself, she wants you to see her, too.
So I don't see them ... I don't see anything happening there, my friend.
We still see him around town and people cry when they see him.
But I want you to know that I see you, we see you.
NUNES: What I see through -- on every single page, you see that, Maria.
"You wouldn't see the details you see with the Hubble images," she said.
If I don't see your tits by ten everyone will see your pussy.
We don't see her diagnosis or her label — we see Amadeus Reign Rojas.
It's so hard for me to see how anybody could see it otherwise.
Which, when you see the series, you'll see what he has to overcome.
The ability to look at the world and see what others cannot see.
Why don't you come back in and we'll see what we can see?
G. It is both refreshing and startling to see what untrained eyes see.
In the day theme, it's much easier to see the difference (see below).
You never know how the people you see every day really see you.
I see you wracking your brain to see if you've heard of them.
You can see the tits, but you can see the muscles, as well.
"Polar bears see people, people see polar bears, everybody walks away," he says.
You don't see Keisha on TV. You don't see Keisha as being sexy.
I want you to see what I see when I'm making the music.
I was glad we could only see them but they couldn't see us.
I would pay to go see him, and he wouldn't come see me.
You see [its impact when you see] a picture of a little kid.
We see that at Silicon Valley and we see it across the country.
We see our stereotypes, and we form stereotypes based on what we see.
These nights are great because I can see everyone I want to see!
You see this different side that daddy will never get to see ever.
"But I want you to know that I see you, we see you."  
Must See: WarGamesMust-see movies are futuristic classics that shouldn&apost be missed.
You see clear evidence that Prince was preparing that for people to see.
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see $1 = 64.8700 roubles
I see her as her own person but I also see genetic things.
Dove: When I see the Victoria's Secret Fashion show I see two things.
When a friend shows me a must-see YouTube video, I see ads.
They were going to see things that you can't see walking on foot.
And I think it lets me know that they see what I see.
We want to see ourselves represented in the narratives we pay to see.
We get to see a problem, then we get to see it solved.
I didn't want him to see me, but for me to see him.
What you'll see on Facebook is the same footage you'll see on ABCNews.
You can see to see when messages actually arrived on the recipient's device.
We'll see what happens ... nobody wants to see terrible things happen, especially me.
Followers see the limitations inherent in any given situation; leaders see the possibilities.
People look at you, and they see you, but they see your clothes.
You can see Paltrow frantically searching his face to see if he's joking.
See below: See more videos like this on Art of the Film's website.
Not just to see the world, but to see new sides to ourselves.
But it's important to see how they see themselves because I think ... Absolutely.
"I see him very differently than maybe you guys see him," Scaramucci said.
We'll see more wildfires, we'll see more houses lost, more people will die.
"I don't see an actor, I see myself," John previously said of Egerton.
I think Puerto Rico, everywhere I see a problem, I only see opportunity.
When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.
Meantime, check out the gallery ... see if you can see which is which.
Some 45 percent see personnel costs unchanged, while 5 percent see lower costs.
And, I don't see-- I certainly don't see the retailers' position getting weaker.
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see $1 = 63.2971 roubles
But where some investors see trouble, value investors like Klarman see a bargain.
"If that's how they see me, they'll never see me again," she declares.
If we continue to see (weak data), I can't see how they can.
I don't see it as a ladder, I see it as a circle.
You don't pay to see friends play, you pay to see enemies play.
They and their vendors will see more sales, while attendees see more music.
In the Covington boys, conservatives don't see the powerful; they see the persecuted.
When things are uncertain, people tend to see what they want to see.
What do you see when you literally see yourself reflected in this thing?
When you see him campaigning, do you see a reality TV show judge?
You only know what they know, you can only see what they see.
On the Runway Forget see now/buy now; think see now/take now.
You never really see me out, you never see me amongst the people.
I might not see everything, but I see enough to keep me satisfied.
And we all see the story we want to see on the runway?
When global figures see an embattled President, they will see a wounded President.
"Radar or a camera can only see what it can see," he said.
The fortune-teller could not see faces, but he could see Heaven's will.
This means that anyone who can see your screen can see your messages.
Half of readers on the page see one headline; half see the other.
"I can see the pluses, and I can see the minuses," he said.
Where some see bad faith in the North's activities, others see smart tactics.
"You only had to see them to see they were special," Brocchi said.
Now it's like, if you want to come see me, come see me.
Some nations are awash in bliss (see: Denmark), others bone dry (see: Burundi).
Do you want to see them or do you want to see us?
I see probably Cleveland, I see teams getting better, I will say that.
So I used to walk through the project and see what I see.
They're excited to see even stupid stuff, they're excited to see it coming.
When I first meet them I see everything before they fucking see it.
If you want to see the real Pablo Escobar, go see a documentary.
I don't want to see you thinking; I want to see you dancing.
You want to see two people see something in someone else worth loving.
Some people will see it, see all the things we put in there.
We're not going to see the results that we want to see overnight.
We'd encourage everyone to go see this remarkable film and see for themselves.
"We can now see something that we couldn't see before," Dr. Lutz said.
You're going to see me struggle, and you're going to see the process.
Participants were more likely to see what the experimenters motivated them to see.
Where Democrats see a road map to impeachment, Republicans see a dead end.
I don't see Scoot as much, but I suddenly started to see them.
"People see what they want to see," he said of bloodstain-pattern analysis.
I don't want to see mass closures, I want to see pinpoint response.
"I see a man running, and I see a man shooting," she said.
Where some see a fascinating interpretation of a supervillain, others see bad acting.
I've had the good fortune to see most places I've wanted to see.
When you see the most dollars, then you start to see it differently.
He was antiestablishment (see "Uptown")—no, a conservative (see the downright McCarthyesque "America").
So I'm curious to see what happens when, now we're going to see.
Only the Fool can see the pity of it, and see it whole.
We can't see them, just as we can't see our children's daily growth.
Consider it Pirandellian magic: Now you see it; now you really see it.
"What happens then is you see me and I see you," he said.
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see $1 = 79.8110 roubles
You should see some of the stuff I see and you'd be awed.
"You want to see forms, you want to see their records," he said.
You get to see and hear things you would never see on television.
"We wanna see KD healthy, we wanna see him back on the court."
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see $1 = 61.4120 roubles
I didn't ask to see him and he didn't ask to see me.
The permanent occupants of "the swamp" see presidents come, and see them go.
But I want you to know that I see you; we see you.
"You could see the cracks, you could see the fractures underground," Ansari said.
Trump's critics see no politics at all; Trump's supporters see nothing but politics.
It's powerful for young girls to see that bravado, to see that courage.
She had dimensions, I see now—but I did not see them then.
"The vegetation you see here, you may not see anywhere else," he said.
However you see Caucasian actors is how you should see actors of color.
All 11 sectors will see earnings growth, and all will see revenue growth.
What you don't realize is you can't see it because it's see-through.
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see $1 = 63.7933 roubles
"He can't see some of the stuff our Western allies see," he added.
You will always see them carrying it, or see them being handed off.
And as the viewers, we too often see what we want to see.
We see what technology we are missing and see future potential for markets.
They might first see red, for instance, and 20 milliseconds later see blue.
You believe what you actually see versus just what you think you see.
Someone might see a planter, but as a skater, you see endless possibilities.
You never know when you'll see Big Brother—or when he'll see you.
That's what you see happening in that picture; you see art history reframed.
"We see ... slim waistlines, we see a lot of femininity," he told Reuters.
You see everybody tried to get on base and you see what happened.
" So: "Yes, I see your view and I actually see that slightly differently.
"I see a lot more opportunity here than I see downsides," Cooper said.
What are we missing when we only see what we want to see?
She didn't usually see patients on Fridays, but could he see her then?
"To see and convince people to see is what I like," she added.
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see $1 = 65.9950 roubles
"You see the audience; you see that we're, like, literally on the side of a cliff in Universal Studios; you see the Los Angeles city lights; and then you see us on this weird little outdoor set, acting," Morales said later.
When they see the person it's harder to feel empathy for, the guy sleeping on the sidewalk … I want them to see those people and see Maddie.
And so I think if you look at Donald Trump and you see his kids you're pretty pleased to see what you see in front of you.
Greta Mantleray publishes See Her See You See We and Marion gets pregnant with Greg F.U.N. Nazlund, the man who will eventually ram his truck into Annie's.
People already want to see it or don't want to see it and there are lots of people are in the already want to see it camp.
Will Shu: We see ourselves going deeper into food, we see ourselves reaching a whole new set of customers, but we see ourselves firmly entrenched in food.
First of all, you've got — again, you'll hear me, I started to say "see" but I guess you don't "see" on a podcast, although I see you.
I was like, I don't want to see this constant branding I always see from the same cookie-cutter sex workers—I want to see more diversity!
" -Sheetz "Labor market continues to perform well ... we see strong job creation, we see low unemployment, very importantly we see labor force participation continuing to move up.
" But "until you see a marked shift in inflation, I just don't see why you are not going to see money keep flowing into the equity market.
You go to the second quarter you see some softening, you see some refineries goes to maintenance and you see as well, demand changes during the year.
We did see a trailer for the new Jason Momoa show See, which is a post-apocalyptic drama about humans who have lost the ability to see.
I will not live to see it repaired, but maybe I will live long enough to see this president removed and see his corrupt administration held accountable.
When you see multiplayer, and you see the scale of it, and you see we've got unlimited base building and you can command a set of frigates.
But we see the technique before we see the image, and we're left trying to see what lies underneath, with an urge to remove all the layers.
You have to develop the ability to look in the mirror and see yourself, not the way you see yourself, but the way other people see you.
You can see the shop's name in writing outside, you can see the door leading inside, and you can see the counter where you place your order.
Check out the options below: Get a Millennium Falcon lamp for $39.99 See Details Get a Stormtrooper lamp for $39.99 See Details Get a TIE fighter lamp for $39.99 See Details Get a BB-8 lamp for $39.99 See Details Get a Death Star lamp for $39.99 See Details Shop all the lamps here.
You see the iPhone X and it see you, thanks to the A11 Bionic.
I get my MRI tomorrow afternoon to see to see how bad it is.
"You can see things on [American] TV that you can't see here," he said.
We may see the same movie — but we definitely won't see the same movie.
You'll see an elder at our shows, or you'll see kids at our shows.
It's like when you see a feminist, you just see Lena Dunham, you know?
Your actual performance suffers because the audience won't see the character, they'll see you.
"He can see the baby whenever he wants to see the baby," Lewis continued.
And you can tap a "See All" link to see everyone available via chat.
We see its effects across the universe, but we have yet to see it.
What we see in those goosed ratings echoes what we see in economics research.
Where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to embrace and obstacles to overcome.
GUILFOYLE: Yes, you do that and then you keep -- PERINO: I see, I see.
There's a nine-year-old inside of me saying, 'See, see, I was right!
Sometimes the people who love us the most see things even we don't see.
People who want to see Patrick run see empathy, not combativeness, as the key.
As journalists, we don't want to just see clothes — we want to see fashion.
And then to see finally see a healthy baby, you're just overwhelmed with happiness.
"Americans are very impressionable people, they see what they want to see," he said.
You see him make big saves, you see him battling and working so hard.
Where most people see bribery, you see extortion; the result is often the same.
"Night in the Mega Mart — you see groceries, I see dead people," he says.
To see the rocks, priced between $1 and $100, see the Instagram hashtag #hdtspaintedrockauction.
Some see gender self-identification for trans people as the next frontier (see Briefing).
"I won't see that patient; instead, I will see an elderly man," he said.
Watch the episode of See Here Now below to see how it actually went.
But a decidedly larger group (216%) see Trump unfavorably than see him favorably (24%).
We have so much litigation — I see the courts, I see what they're doing.
Every time I see a Range Rover, I look to see if it's you.
I think people see her and they see an honest person, a sincere person.
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see Reporting by Polina Nikolskaya
To see what it is now, you have to see what it was before.
You see them work together, and you see a dynamic that is really encouraging.
I just don't see it — I don't see a woman being attracted to me.
It's just one of those: You see what you see from where you are.
AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity + Traits test — $69 See Details AncestryDNA Genetics Test — $59 See Details
Trey: If I had to see it, the whole world has to see it.
The team decided to dive into this data to see what they could see.
To see a child this way is to see war without politics or ideologies.
He replied I hope I see Robin, and I hope I see my mom.
I'd love to see them recognized, and I'd love to see this genre recognized.
I see myself as a person who allows you to see moments in time.
When you see me in the cage you're going to see a smarter fighter.
You can't see them, you can't hear them, you can't see their body language.
Whenever you see her off-duty, you can see what her natural taste is.
"[Gage] can see the baby whenever he wants to see the baby," Lewis continued.
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see (Reporting by Andrey Ostroukh)
The whole country is going to see what I get to see every day.
"I wasn't raised to see color, I was raised to see character," she says.
We see the same top five in fundraising that we see in the polls.
I trusted her to see my truth before I could see it for myself.
I had an itch to see beyond this, to see more of the world.
It can change how people see the world, and how they see other people.
INGRAHAM: Rudy Giuliani, always great to see you my friend, great to see you.
Sam could see how elated she was, could see it all over her face.
Yeah, you know, I see cutting, and that's all I see on the screen.
We see only each other's good sides, and we see them all damn day.
He replied 'I hope I see Robin, and I hope I see my mom.
See all the tour dates below and see more details at Gaga's website. Aug.
"I wish the American people could see what I see, that's all," he said.
That's the next step for me: to see that, and to see the growth.
Because it's Friday, and we all need to see a baboon see some magic.
We see the comedy of Joan, and we also see the pathos of her.
You don't see his head, but you see a sea of faces surrounding him.
" MaxLinear: "I see the gross margins as good, I see the numbers as good.
To see the full list of the most on-time U.S. airlines, see below.
Unlike dogs sniffing for land mines, humans see only what they want to see.
To see DACA end would be to see the light in their eyes dim.
"We all see how the Japanese fans flock to see Kei Nishikori," said Tiley.
"I wanna see the water, Daddy, I wanna see the water!" she says tearfully.
When we see Taylor Swift — or any pop megastar — we mostly see the sheen.
I would see her, and then I'd go see the boys—so you know.
You can see me every single season, and you can see how I change.
You don't see the whole video; you don't see what was said to me.
He goes to see his soothsayer or his diviner to see what's going on.
To see a Bill Cunningham street spread was to see all of New York.
If I want to see a bird on my phone, I see a bird.
But we'll see, but we'll see also if I do what some people expect.
"I see it as aspirational, I see it as a jump-start," Klobuchar replied.
We're not going to see deterrence until we see some high-level individual cases.
"You don't see the students and art lovers you see at FIAC," she said.
CNN: Do you see a different side of these kids than others might see?
I can only hope that you see in Lance what I and others see.
So when you don't see yourself at all — or see yourself erased — that hurts.
I don't see Snap 'going away' but I have yet to see the growth.
"I wish the world would now see Erdogan as we see him," she said.
People who pay to see me play are going to see my best effort.
" Scott recalled that the President told him, "'Tim, I don't see what you see.
When I see him, I see myself, in the body shape, in the hair.
I didn't see any older men and I didn't see a single fat body.
We don't see the crops or the cattle but we do see the loss.
I am a free agent next year ... but I mean ... we'll see, we'll see.
More advanced systems see every bottled weighed to see exactly how much is left.
This was an idea I could see it, I could see what it is.
The idea that we "see what we want to see" is not mere conjecture.
I see that here, I see that at any event I have gone to.
People see the danger but can't see the danger in not helping and ignoring.
Did you see, by the way, did you see Kamala Harris's talk in Oakland?
It's easiest to just see it: In the video clip, we see two galaxies.
Location data can also influence the types of adverts you see or don't see.
You can see it in his physique; you can see it in his card.
Let's see some fresh faces and let's see someone else in the Super Bowl'.
Every day people see me and then make the decision to un-see me.
Do we simply see what we believe, or do we believe what we see?
But people who don't see you for a long time really see the difference.
" To quote President Reagan once again: "Don't be afraid to see what you see.
When I see a newborn, I see a bottomless well of urgent, indiscriminate need.
P.S. If you're like me, you'll want to see or re-see Jean's films.
I want to see what is happening, see how people are dealing with it.
"This is what hard-liners see, versus what other people see," one user wrote.
"I said I see no joy, I see only sorrow," the two vocalists sang.
I know you're as glad to see me as I am to see you.
This idea that we see what we want to see is called motivated perception.
Then in 2008 you see this decline, and every year you see a drop.
I think what you will see is what you always see around these issues.
There were more concerning facts too, but you see what you want to see.
We see numbers climb, but we rarely see the human representation of those numbers.
We see numbers climb, but we rarely see the human representation of those numbers.
They see opportunity and optimism all the time, and they don't see the obstacles.
"The thinking is, If I don't see you, you don't see me," he said.
The more I see of Mr. Teicher & Company, the more I want to see.
Whether people see what Ms. Allora and Mr. Calzadilla see is not their goal.
I want to see this place change, and I want to see it improve.
" Asked if he would see President Putin, he said: "Sure, I will see him.
"I sometimes look behind me to see if I see anyone strange," he said.
"Bright's work challenges what we see and how we see it," wrote Mr. Miller.
"I see the power of prayer and see God's hand in that," he said.
"People see 'R' and they see 'D' and that's how they vote," he said.
So instead of coming to see dance, people are coming to see time. Exactly.
"You'll see a central bank cryptocurrency before you'll see a bitcoin ETF," Colas said.
And lying there in bed, I thought, the F.B.I. will see what I see.
"You can see the struggle first hand and it's difficult to see," he said.
They didn't want to see him go; they just wanted to see some improvement.
You see black people [on the ballot], you see Democrat, you vote straight party.
Now they get to see us and see how great the Chinese players are.
Tidjane, lovely to see you-, TT: Very good to see you Geoff, and Steve.
"But when you see the houses here, you can see what's happening," he said.
They see it [with] their own eyes, they see it in their own paychecks.
I will see if I can get him or her to see this herself.
I see a Bruegger's and text some coworkers to see if they want anything.
I see greatness in this company, but I also see opportunities to do better.
What do you see, hear, feel, taste and smell when you see these images?
I think [stage] directors see that and see opportunities for them and for actors.
Where some purists see an arbitrary nonachievement, others see a fun and worthy goal.
After all, we see them more often than we see most of our families.
They see events that you couldn't see in a movie, nobody would believe it.
See if you can spot the important difference from Apple's Face ID: See it?
And when I let him see my fear, I had to see it, too.
"What you see in Kansas you see in states across the country," he said.
Whenever Trump does see the document, he won't likely see it in a vacuum.
For people wondering how some see a way and the others see another way.
How do you engage, politically and personally, when so few see what you see?
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see Reporting by Alexander Marrow
For Russian equities guide see For Russian treasury bonds see Reporting by Andrey Ostroukh
"I'm somebody who can see things that other people can't see," he has said.
And when you see how democracy is breaking down now, you can see how.
The judge scoffed, and told her to go see what she wanted to see.
Maybe he'll see some friends and, who knows, go out to see a movie.
"People see abuses, they see the pluses of it," he said of private equity.
It's important for me, for other brothers to see, for sisters to see it.
Because it's really impossible to see if you don't have technology to see it.
We see it with cancer, we see all sorts of cancer quackery popping up.
You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine.
And then people in your hometown will see you, see what you look like.
Going to see a concert, going to see a comedy show ... It was cathartic.
Again, harder to see how that works in the real world, but we'll see.
But where some see a problem, others see an opportunity to throw a party.
Here's what he saw Thursday: See more scenes from the Senate trial: Day 1: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 2: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 3: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 4: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 5: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 6: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV Day 7: Impeachment trial scenes featuring Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney you can't see on TV Day 8: Sketches from the first Senate impeachment Q&A session
Together, they cooked up a new research project to figure out how Tsimane' speakers see what they see—or, more accurately, how they talk about what they see.
"I see them in the Northern New Jersey area, I see them in New England, I see them in D.C., in Philadelphia, even across the country," Martin said.
I think you're going to see more activism, you're going to see more women running for office, you're going to see more women take more risks, starting companies.
"When outsiders who've never been to Mississippi look in and see these headlines, they don't see the good part about Mississippi, they only see the bad," he said.
You don't see it in the media; you don't see it on TV. You see these robots in robes; in reality were just people with feelings and emotions.
And by the way, when things don't go her way you don't see her whining, you don't see her complaining, you don't see her saying things were rigged.
It's just heartbreakingly sad when you see this couple, and you see them come together, the moment they meet — and then you see the moment they split up.
I see a commercial that the new Aladdin movie is coming out next week and text my friend to see if she wants to see it with me.
Every time I see him around campus I see the image of his clueless face looking up at me to see if he was doing a good job.
It's almost like you're waiting to see what happens next, you see one car crash, and then you're like oh, let's see if the other cars slow down.
For TOP NEWS across emerging markets For CENTRAL EUROPE market report, see For TURKISH market report, see For RUSSIAN market report, see (Reporting by Aaron Saldanha in Bengaluru)
"Overall we see trends as sound, and while some may see net revenue guidance as light, we see another year of strong growth," Barclays said in a note.
For TOP NEWS across emerging markets For CENTRAL EUROPE market report, see For TURKISH market report, see For RUSSIAN market report, see Reporting by Aaron Saldanha in Bengaluru;
And while some see a "Leave" result as a risk-off event that could see gold rally, others see lower prices if the dollar rises and oil falls.
For CENTRAL EUROPE market report, see For TURKISH market report, see For RUSSIAN market report, see) (Additional reporting by Sujata Rao and Claire Milhench; editing by Richard Lough)
We see her at her home entertaining and in the market; we see her surrounded by friends like Miguel Covarrubias; we see her with comrades, artists, traveling companions.
But Orange County may see four to eight inches of snow, Putnam County may see three to five, and Fairfield County in Connecticut may see two to three.
For TOP NEWS across emerging markets For CENTRAL EUROPE market report, see For TURKISH market report, see For RUSSIAN market report, see Reporting by Aaron Saldanha in Bengaluru
I see them funneling dark money more strategically than Democrats, I see them exploiting the media ecosystem better than Democrats, I see them gerrymandering more effectively than Democrats.
The more content you put in a centralized location, the easier it is that they'll see what you want them to see and not see what you don't.
Nine percent of taxpayers would see increases in 2019, 85033 percent would see increases in 2025 and 50 percent would see increases in 2027, according to the report.
When we see that, we see need, and we see opportunity," John Goldstein, who heads Goldman Sachs' sustainable finance group, said Thursday on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street.
And thus, the world will see Kevin (as the Beast) galloping and transforming; they'll see David bending steel; and they'll see those evil agents drowning him to death.
We could see Tyron Woodley coming forward and pressuring the fight, we could see him diving for takedowns, we could see him sticking to the fence like glue.
Oh, I see microwaves, I see furniture, I see anything else, but that's ... It's also interesting because they haven't done a lot that requires design and service. Service.
GIGOT: One of the interesting things, Allysia, you will see Amazon, you will see Google, YouTube already in the entertainment media business, you will see Facebook investing in content, you are going to see all kinds of companies -- Comcast is bidding for more.
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It started out with a premise about, let's look at the enemy and see if it's not possible to actually humanize the enemy, see if we can't see ourselves in them, see if they're not just like us in so many ways.
Being wrapped up in it, I can see how this can engulf you; it's so deep and you see it in yourself, you see it in your communities, you see it in your family, that you want to really leave a lasting legacy.
The front-page editor can see which headlines are getting clicked, the video producer can see which videos are getting watched, the quiz author can see which results are most popular, and everyone can see the stream of comments, reactions, likes, and hearts.
Apple MacBook (2017), certified refurbished, gold — $929 See Details Apple MacBook (2017), certified refurbished, space gray — $929 See Details Apple MacBook (2017), certified refurbished, rose gold — $929 See Details
We see the wedding gown, with Anastasia in it, we see the honeymoon, the shared property and then the lights go dim when we see the continued BSDM relationship.
After singing "Taste and See" all the way through Catholic school -- "Taste and see, taste and see the goodness of the Lord" -- I had no idea what that meant.
Pornography is believed to be behind this latest hairless trend; women are often influenced by what they see and what they believe men expect to see and not see.
We see schools being closed, we see health care being denied and we see a thousand Puerto Rican families a month moving to the United States, mostly to Florida.
You see it in broadband, you see it in wireless, you see it in another area I care about greatly, health care, and the effects in terms of cost.
Sometimes what you see from Mr. Gyllenhaal doesn't differ too much from what you see from Tom Cruise, and what you see is the work — how hard it is.
"Sometimes I would look out and see the audience, sometimes I would look out and see my grandmother, and sometimes I would look out and see Alexander," she said.
"People want to see tax cuts, they want to see major reductions in their taxes, and they want to see tax reform, and that's what we're doing," he said.
I'm so happy to see that, and to see people given the respect they're owed.
"As a sculptor, I don't see nakedness, I just see sort of shape," Fiebiger said.
We don't see the violent behavior or the seizure aspect we see with this drug.
It wasn't just that half the people see gold and half the people see blue.
It permits you to see past yourself, to see the world, and death is an
We'll go over when you want to see [Monroe], when I want to see her.
I don't see any reference tocharity but I do see the bid up to $603,600.00WTF!
BokehI don't see any evidence of Bokeh artifacts, though I do see some reds popping!
And, you know, I tend to go see films that [my kids] want to see.
I'll be putting myself in other people's shoes, to see how they see the world.
Another obvious area is not in what you see but in what you don't see.
So we see it with our driver partners, we see it with our delivery partner.
"Anytime you see vacuums open up you see extremist groups fill the vacuum," McGurk said.
"I just see Kakuma, I just see it, I'm just inside the hole," she says.
This is what you'll see, and the time you'll see it, in your zip code.
We'd post it, we'd see people watching it, we'd see it start to get downloaded.
"What you'll generally see is you'll see activities flair up around a moment," said Plouffe.
You see it in a year, you see it in two years, in five years.
With enough fog, you could see the red beams, but you could not see Matloff.
While the lower elevations will see rainfall, the Sierra Nevada will see even more snowfall.
"You can see the stock market's up, you can see the dollar's up," he said.
It's fun to see them do that, and it's worrisome to see them do that.
I don't see what strangers see when they watch her rolling along in her wheelchair.
It's hard to see [the] difficulty, especially when you only see people do it well.
But where smitten cities see dollar signs, some housing and worker advocates see warning signs.
Sure, I see a lot of negativity, but I see a lot of positivity too.
It turns out that with video, we often also see what we want to see.
So in the video you'll never see a guy's face but you'll see his hands.
You see it in Wall Street and you see it in the start-up world.
When that person looks at me, they don't see a person; they see a whale.
We'll be curious to see if see if it does what he thinks it can.
So, I think people look at something and they see what they want to see.
" Some see it as "beautiful and empowering," while others see it as "a narcissistic nightmare.
WASHINGTON — Some see it as a proud tradition, some see it as inappropriate and gross.
See a cool lamp at Restoration Hardware but can't see yourself spending $500 on it?
There are contradictions between what you think you see initially and what you actually see.
You see the backs of their heads almost as frequently as you see their faces.
We can't wait to see the stories that have changed how you see the world.
If I see a friend is at the Forum, I don't just see she's there.
Unfortunately, the Democrats don't like to see tax cutting, they like to see tax increases.
But I don't see that—not-- I don't see it happening during my tenure here.
I see the pictures of my grandchildren and I see how much they have grown.
Personally, as a manager, I see résumés more of a way to see your professionalism.
I see them as that but I also see them as just Mom and Dad.
"The Americans are very impressionable people, they see what they want to see," he said.
I don't see them competing — I see them complementing each other as fun, modern royals.
Pose will hopefully help them see our humanity if they truly want to see it.
But we&aposre going to see what happens on Singapore, we&aposre going to see.