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"own" Definitions
  1. used to emphasize that something belongs to or is connected with somebody
  2. done or produced by and for yourself
"own" Synonyms
personal distinct particular distinctive idiosyncratic individual respective specific characteristic distinguishing peculiar personalised(UK) personalized(US) separate special disparate distinguished express individualistic particularised(UK) spare free leisure unoccupied available disengaged idle inactive off unengaged unused accessible unemployed untaken at hand not in use not occupied on hand up for grabs vacant possess have hold keep command retain bear enjoy maintain boast carry control occupy preserve be the owner of have in hand have possession of be in possession of be the possessor of be responsible for admit acknowledge allow concede grant profess confess recognise(UK) recognize(US) accept accede affirm agree assent avow disclose reveal utter cop overpower subdue conquer defeat beat vanquish subjugate trounce best master rout lick quash suppress overthrow thrash quell clobber worst repress run direct manage administer operate boss conduct head lead oversee regulate superintend handle supervise coordinate govern administrate carry on guide divulge expose tell uncover unveil communicate impart betray leak spill unmask display bare broadcast publish blab unbosom raise breed rear tend nourish nurture bring up care for look after have as a pet keep as a pet cultivate foster farm bring on humble humiliate shame degrade demean abase chasten debase disgrace mortify sink abash break belittle crush reduce chagrin cheapen discredit embarrass disconcert discomfit fluster discountenance nonplus distress faze confuse discompose rattle upset agitate appall(US) receive attain earn get secure win derive gain grab land score achieve acquire garner obtain enchant captivate charm bewitch fascinate enthral(UK) beguile allure mesmerise(UK) mesmerize(US) enthrall(US) spellbind entrance absorb grip enrapture hypnotise(UK) hypnotize(US) entice rivet monopolize(US) corner engross dominate exercise hog bogart cartelize consume copyright devour employ exclude exploit several different definite discrete sundry various proportionate single assorted varied some miscellaneous self psyche ego mind spirit individuality soul identity persona intellect being oneself person I individualization myself proprium selfhood inner self More
"own" Antonyms
common shared mutual general broad collective joint communal generic public universal prevailing mainstream prevalent nonspecific widespread ordinary popular standard regular same indefinite atypical nontypical unusual peculiar preternatural strange uncharacteristic unnatural untypical aberrant aberrated aberrational abnormal anomalous curious freakish heteroclite nonconforming odd uncommon official occupational business company employment work working corporate professional commercial industrial work-related house community local civilian open social state civic civil municipal constitutional occupied lack need require want desire miss crave be bereft of be clean out of be deficient in be deprived of be devoid of be fresh out of be inadequate of be in need of be lacking be low on be pressed for be short of be strapped for reject deny disavow disclaim disconfirm dispute disaffirm disapprove disown refute contradict disacknowledge gainsay negate negative rebut refuse repudiate abjure condemn build encourage fail forfeit inspirit lose preserve release save surrender win yield give up succumb submit lose to create retreat give in bow neglect abandon mismanage forget disregard ignore misconduct misgovern mishandle forsake overlook shirk desert fail to care for fail to look after fail to provide for fail to remember gloss over lose sight of not attend to conceal hide cloak enshroud mask shroud veil cover cover up keep protect secret secrete suppress withhold keep dark be without be left without be dispossessed of be lacking in be minus be not having be free of be bereaved of be cut off from be destitute of be divested of be parted from be shorn of be starved of be stripped of leave ditch strand cast aside cast off get rid of leave behind walk out on relinquish liberate free loosen drop loose unfasten unloosen undo unhand give offer give away hand over let go elevate exalt aggrandize canonise(UK) canonize(US) deify magnify raise agree allow boost clarify comfort compliment delight enhance enlighten explain glorify sell close shut auction auction off cease operating cease trading close down close up put on sale put up for sale shut up omit skip discount slight overpass bypass brush aside brush off deliberately ignore be beaten fall bow out come up short suffer defeat be defeated collapse abdicate keel relent capitulate go down discard junk scrap dump dispatch jettison trash dispose toss shed dispense with dispose of do away with throw on the scrapheap be defeated by fall to submit to surrender to yield to succumb to capitulate to give up to forfeit to bend to fail to be conquered by be overcome by be overthrown by fall victim to give way to be taken by defer to give in to fail to keep fail to retain no longer have suffer the loss of combined united collaborative cooperative co-operative multiparty

985 Sentences With "own"

How to use own in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "own" and check conjugation/comparative form for "own". Mastering all the usages of "own" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" Another implores players, "Own it: Own your team; own your game; own your habits; own your attitude.
So we own IGN, we own Mashable, we own PC mag, we own Speedtest, we own Everyday Health.
Each federal agency has its own budget, its own cybersecurity priorities, its own IT infrastructure, its own security requirements, its own CISO and, most importantly, its own culture.
"Their own legacy, their own history, their own territories, their own loyal fans," Maurer said.
Athens, Ohio, is a place where people brew their own beer, shoot their own deer, fix their own cars (also grow their own weed, fight their own fights, get their own revenge).
I very much have my own life, my own money, my own daughter and my own career.
When you own your own business, you own your day.
Don't I own my own mind and my own vote?
Got your own space, your own bed, your own toilet.
He has his own bedroom, his own toys and games, his own set of books, his own nightlight.
It's a show with its own rhythm, its own meter, and its own story, its own story flow.
We have our own disabled, our own homeless, our own sick and hungry, our own uneducated, our own slums and sharecroppers, our own problems, chief of all of which is to keep America for Americans.
" She continued, "I very much have my own life, my own money, my own daughter and my own career.
They've got their own lives, their own destiny, their own goals.
They have their own schools, their own training, their own everything.
The heads were completely formed—each one had its own brain, its own mouth, its own nostrils, its own tongue.
It has its own ZIP code, its own post office, its own police and fire departments, its own power station.
We all have our own problems, our own issues, our own demons.
It carries its own cultural weight, its own worth, its own reality.
I do my own thing, make my own music, my own style.
They own their own content, they own media companies, and they own or have an interest in other types of services.
You create your own system, create your own [budget] and make your own first feature film or your first own documentary.
I am a proud citizen of serving my own people and our own people in our own, in my own country.
Each side had its own bakery, its own bars, its own sports clubs.
You handle your own business affairs, your own living arrangements, your own money.
He's got his own logo, his own app, and his own bro army.
He is his own demon, he is his own devil, his own tormentor.
Each league had its own teams, its own champions, its own specific mores.
I had animosity towards my own family, my own mom, my own brother.
They grow their own food, build their own furniture, distill their own whiskey.
We had our own religion, our own language, our own way of living.
You come to own your name just as you own your own body.
I could stage my own fantasy, my own dream world, my own surrealism.
Each section is distinct with its own signage, its own lighting, its own color scheme, and its own idiosyncrasies for frustrating riders.
The site also has its own front page, its own app, its own topic sections, and its own Reddit-like upvoting system.
This experimental desert community very much has its own hierarchies, its own social capital, its own parasites, its own textbook full of unwritten rules, its own perfectly acceptable (indeed, proudly championed) logos.
The Farrells have their own dialect, their own religion, their own way of doing things, and their own enthusiasm for long, braided hair.
I also own shares, I also own bonds, and I also own precious metals.
Everyone has their own group, their own contexts and their own set of facts.
"Try to manage your own waste in your own country on your own land."
America's first loyalty is to its own workers, its own culture, its own citizens.
I see myself stuck in my own head, my own thoughts, my own impulses.
People can create their own narratives, their own alternative news networks, their own realities.
If an own exposes another person's ignorance, a self-own reveals your own obliviousness.
"My hopes and dreams are to graduate college, to own my own business, or to own my own dance studio," one girl told me.
That genre produced its own stars, its own writers and directors, even its own franchises.
Have your own friends and your own hobbies and your own lives outside of work.
You do your own thing, walk at your own pace, and follow your own ideas.
We come with our own shit, we come with our own movements, our own beat.
Tourette's obeys its own schedule, obeys its own course and obeys its own relentless drive.
" Eisenman said, "Like, everyone has their own fingerprint, their own thumbprint, their own mark-making.
They have their own election laws, their own political culture, and currently, their own battle.
"We want be in charge of our own country, our own money, our own borders, and our own immigration policy," he said in a statement.
Whereas my sound has its own depth in its own right, and it's colliding with something that has its own depth in its own right.
They had their own distribution systems, they had their own awards, they had their own stores.
He is his own strategist, keeps his own counsel, and considers himself his own best messenger.
They make most of their own videos, do their own press, and cultivate their own image.
I live by my own ethics and my own standards and my own sense of love.
Instead, they operate their own clothes factories, employ their own designers and run their own shops.
Like superheroes, they had their own private hideaways, their own distinct powers, their own secret identities.
Berlin created their own thing, Holland created their own thing, the UK created their own thing.
Each hires its own staff, rents its own space, buys its own computers, and so on.
They have instructed Americans not to believe their own eyes, their own ears, their own intelligence.
Each game is its own entity, has its own circumstances and takes on its own personality.
For these annual events, he is his own promoter, his own publicist, his own street team.
Apple, of course, has done so for years: it makes its own chips, its own software, its own hardware, and its own services, to great effect.
We're the same guys who wore a million hats, operating as our own PR team, our own A&Rs, our own digital consultants, our own creatives.
Because if in the car you can connect, interface, video conference… it becomes your own space, you're going to have your own photos, your own email, your own music, your own calls, your own everything, it becomes like your iPhone, you want something belonging to you.
She should be judged by her own actions, her own record, and her own public-facing words.
"It's a freedom to own your own voice, to have your own medium," Morris said to me.
We excuse you, too: for our own sake, our own safety, our own sense of the world.
Esquillo's work is an invitation to ponder your own inner landscape, your own dreamworld, your own Loob.
But why not direct your own films, or write your own scripts, or start your own company?
Talking within your own group, in your own language, where only your own group understands leads nowhere.
They set out to forge their own futures, determine their own destinies, and follow their own faith.
Direct sellers set their own schedule and manage their own business plan according to their own needs.
They all have their own particular characters, their own particular pluses and minuses, their own particular appeals.
Then you realize that everybody has their own story, and their own problems, and their own situation.
I can project my own stuff onto her and use my own imagination, my own personal things.
The Outer Worlds has its own vibe, its own sense of identity, its own virtual power trip.
I think "Better Call Saul" should have its own feel, its own style, its own moral universe.
Different sectors in Israeli society have their own neighborhoods, their own community centers, even their own newspapers.
I can only really follow my own instincts and my own job and live my own truth.
"Levi will be running his own campaign, in his own way, with his own ideas," he continued.
He carries his own black briefcase, keeps his own agenda, and makes many of his own calls.
Let your children pursue their own interests, struggle with their own problems, and devise their own solutions.
When China copied Singapore and let the farmers own their own plots and let the manufacturers own their own businesses and so forth, China's productivity increased many times.
Enslaved men and women were not allowed to worship their own gods, perform their own music, use their own language, or even be called by their own name.
We support the constitutional right of American women to consult their own conscience, their own supportive partner, their own minister, but then make their own decision about pregnancy.
You've got to be sure that the baby can breathe on its own and eat on its own and walk on its own and grow on its own.
It elects its own president, raises its own army and pursues its own foreign policy—dream on Catalonia.
They could to go the shop on their own, get their own ice cream with their own money.
Let women cultivate their own stage presence, craft their own vibe, be the masters of their own careers.
On the page, I create my own world, with its own rules—and its own tools and technology.
After all, who wouldn't prefer setting their own hours, setting their own pay, and being their own boss?
The companies had their own CEOs, their own apps and websites, their own office buildings and email addresses.
"He has a personality, he has his own quirks, his own weird behaviors, his own desires," Sofman says.
Each has its own pros and cons, its own quirks, its own trajectory of waning or waxing popularity.
But I own Turnberry and I own in Aberdeen and I own in Ireland as you know, Doonbeg.
But really what was great to bring out in the book was how each generation makes its own spaces, has its own music, its own drug, its own fashion.
The fact that we own all of the golf, we own all the natural history, we own cycling, we own – we're in big business with Chip and Joanna Gaines.
I've always had this entrepreneurial spirit, even when I was a kid — the desire to be independent, build my own house, drive my own car, own my own stuff.
When each state with green ambitions has its own regulations, its own targets, its own mandates, even its own grid, it can feel protective of its own progress and loath to dilute it by hooking up with more laggardly states.
It has its own parliament, its own ruling party, its own tax rates, its own welfare arrangements (Scottish students go to university free of charge) and, if things go according to plan, will soon have its own Scottish National Investment Bank.
But Sia has managed to carve out her own path, on her own terms and in her own time.
He's since launched his own merchandise and his own eyeshadow palettes, and now even has his own national tour.
Okafor wants to build his own menswear and lifestyle brand "like Giorgio Armani" and eventually own his own store.
Bloggers are their own bosses, own their own content, and are in full control of their schedule and workplace.
"That organ has its own receptors, its own nerve, and is processed in its own brain region," McGann says.
Apple not only writes much of its own software, but designs its own chips and runs its own shops.
He has his own office, his own hype man (his dad, DJ Khaled), and his own chart-topping singles.
Kard wants to empower teens with their own bank account, their own IBAN and their own Mastercard debit card.
Also, now that I'm an adult, I can buy my own makeup, my own clothes, and my own jewelry.
I bought my own Carrie Bradshaw-inspired shoe collection and my own Acura Legend and my own stock options.
"Every single person is born with their own uniqueness, with their own traits with their own qualities," he says.
Still, that solitary raindrop has its own emotions, its own history, its own duty to carry on that history.
So first we've got to talk to our own state, our own governor, and our own senators and representatives.
Grimes is really supportive of women doing their own music, producing their own tracks, and writing their own lyrics.
"I'm my own boss, my own editor, my own shooter, my own writer, everything," Singh said, adding that she didn't even know how to use a camera when she started.
It may be hard to say no to our own children, but they need to find their own apartment, cook their own food and learn to live on their own.
The only way for Fitbit to make its own watch on its own terms was to build its own, along with its own OS — so that's exactly what the company did.
Each group has their own personality, their own narrative, their own collection of fantastic superpowers, but most of all, their own moments that — for better or worse — make them, well, them.
I think we need to own our bodies, own our futures, own our womanhood, and our right to be ourselves.
I was like, 'Yo man, are you listening to your own album, in your own house, bopping your own head?
I just wrote from my own experience, and my own struggles to balance the two sides of my own identity.
If you have to own one of these you own Nucor, but I don't think you have to own one.
"Everybody has their own privacy and their own space, so for instance, my mom has her own suite," said Jennifer.
It helps her to shape her own legacy, through her own words, to shine her own light on her work.
Uber has long argued that drivers, who can set their own hours and own their own cars, are independent contractors.
That's right, we're talking about fermenting your own hot sauce, pickling your own kimchi, and whipping up your own mayo.
Baseball has its own folkways and weird collective hangups, its own language, which in turn has its own peculiar dialects.
About our own lives, our own frustrations, and the unfair barriers between us and the fulfillment of our own ambitions.
"[Gabrielle] is her own boss and has her own career, her own bank account and all that," Wade told People.
" Intel: "Why own Intel when you can own AMD?
Like, it was on her own -- her own choice.
Though she surrounds herself with trusted advisors, Dany is ultimately her own boss, her own best counsel, and her own faith.
"I just want to feel powerful in my own skin," he said, "and my own mind, and in my own heart."
By introducing its own service inside its own app to its own (massive) userbase, Didi aims to tame the two companies.
But she invites you to revel in your own sexual prowess, your own earning potential, your own take-no-shit attitude.
We should be building our own pipelines to our own refineries and keeping all oil-related jobs within our own country.
You can start your own company, create your own products, attract your own funding ... you can do almost anything you want.
From there, you are on your own, free to wander among the exhibits at your own pace, in your own fashion.
Like Uber, Taxify's drivers are contractors who own their own vehicles and set their own hours, rather than being direct employees.
"They own the service level, they own the customer experience measurement, the scoring, they also own the financial metrics," said Arbour.
They are their own managers and they set their own rules, which means they also have to choose their own clients.
"Having learned the art of photography initially under Weston's tutelage, Modotti became an outstanding photographer in her own right, with her own clientele, her own methodology, and certainly her own vision," Hooks writes.
She made her own connections, found her own support groups.
All women own it, and all women should own it.
Every class has its own triumphs and its own scars.
Mr. Zsigmond's own story was dramatic in its own right.
He does his own makeup; he cuts his own hair.
It has its own laws and its own armed forces.
"Having your own money means you control your own destiny."
Every city has its own transportation assets, their own problems.
I have built my own factory on my own ground.
He had his own variety show and his own sitcom.
So it's pushing them to own their own stuff. Yes.
But you don't "own" it like you own a computer.
Maybe one of my own records, with my own band.
He will have his own case and his own day.
I'm gonna follow my own feelings and my own heart.
"I'm gonna follow my own feelings and my own heart."
Fighting against your own illness, fighting for your own marriage.
We've had our own ‑‑ our own flaws in the past.
You live by your own rules, at your own pace.
"They want their own laws, their own power," he says.
They have their own thing, they have their own belief.
I don't own, and probably won't own, a large painting.
When you own your own data center, this isn't possible.
Each one has its own character, its own distinctive marks.
She makes her own arms, her own body, an instrument.
Buddy Holly wrote his own songs, about his own life.
He has his own economic interests and his own rights.
You make your own money, and be your own person.
They have their own skill sets, and their own styles.
It was on their own apparatus, using their own metric.
The two billionaire entrepreneurs both own their own spaceflight companies.
Most people own smartphones, but most don't own VR headsets.
The Donald has his own way, his own communications approach.
We mow our own lawn and clean our own house.
Japan's own government has invested $40 million of its own.
Fighting Dutchmen who need their own space, their own tributes.
But he maintained that Facebook users own their own data.
He owns his own home, do you own your home?
You can dispute his own calculation of his own successes.
You own pitch meetings like you own your public utilities.
Give DACA its own vote and its own, serious debate.
They have lives of their own, children of their own.
I like having my own movies, my own TV shows.
The band comes with its own identity, its own fans.
Oratory has its own entrance, with its own door criteria.
It's its own thing, with its own partisans and fans.
We felt we could own that in our own way.
But I'd already written my own narrative, my own headline.
We have our own gag rule, in its own way.
She creates her own man, with his own unique pricklinesses.
"We'll own cars the way we own horses," she said.
Some undocumented immigrants own their own homes; many pay taxes.
She needs her own program, or maybe her own universe.
Why did you want to own one of your own?
Her own life held plenty of drama of its own.
Cooks also does its own processing at its own plant.
"They become their own energy, and do their own thing."
He has created his own opportunities, overcome his own mistakes.
That he always wanted to own his own hockey business.
And who wouldn't love to own their own foldable tablet?
This brotherhood has its own hierarchy and its own hagiography.
Whoever owns that will own power will own the future.
When I turned 40, I didn't own my own home.
The woman has her own power and her own voice.
About 72 percent of white families own their own homes.
Half of them own their own studios in the area.
I wore my own clothes and did my own makeup.
This brotherhood has its own hierarchy and its own hagiography.
This is the own goal to end all own goals.
Participating countries determine their own targets and their own policies.
Or a relationship to one's own mother, one's own grandmother.
It accepts its own vulnerability, its own lack of a reliable protector, its own inextricability from mutually compromising alliances and sub-alliances.
Silicon Valley wants to live in a world of its own, where it sets its own rules and writes its own laws.
Relatively well-off, Goodison chose to hire her own dahabeya to travel under her own sail and move at her own speed.
Because, if they can fix it on their own, they can come up with their own immigration policy then on their own.
"Every song has its own meaning, has its own story, has its own message and purpose," Black told us about the album.
Now she has her own money and her own place, and it's the first time of her living more on her own.
Wade and strip women of our constitutional right to make decisions about our own bodies, our own families, and our own futures.
This integrates with Salesforce's own platform and gives the latter a way to keep own customers using its own products for longer.
In my amateur days, I would design my own websites, cut my own hair, and change my own oil in my car.
He's got his own calling and his own sense of self, and his own very important place in the world of Westeros.
Does the pain and suffering belong only to us ("OWN OWS") or is it something we must acknowledge, or "own" ("OWN OWS").
It has steadily broken away from the mainstream media, doing its own reporting, making its own analysis, and fueling its own outrage.
Doing literally what I want to do, that relates to its own history or my own history or my own being or . . .
"From an early age, I knew I wanted my own money, my own identity, my own career," she told Vogue in 2008.
I think, personally, it's best to just let people be the managers of their own feed, their own profile, their own everything.
"It has its own set of rules, its own way of doing things, its own culture," she said of the world body.
So for me, owning time is ... Owning my own time and making sure my employees own their own time is very important.
Because every soccer game is already a novel: "its own epic, its own tragedy, its own comedy," all condensed into 90 minutes.
"I'm running for Congress, and people should judge me on my own merits, my own actions, my own record, and Hunter on his."
When you start owning your own keys, then you can start owning your own digital identity, then you can start to own data.
People can go off and form their own parties, support their own candidates, and advocate for whatever they want in their own ways.
Now, she's a beauty expert in her own right, with her own KKW Beauty line and the skills to apply her own makeup.
He gave me the basics, and since then I've been a rogue on my own doing my own thing in my own way.
Uber drivers are "independent contractors" who must pay their own payroll taxes, buy their own health insurance and save for their own pensions.
Each customer brings its own set of problems and solutions, its own language and its own comfort level with automation versus human involvement.
"I have chosen to remain childless, which is a decision that reflects my own life, my own desires, my own destiny," Gilbert said.
While tech giants like Facebook and Google are using their own data to train their own AI algorithms for their own ends, Restb.
She moved to a commune in the country where everyone brewed their own beer, grew their own vegetables, and wove their own clothes.
He will have his own ideas, his own staff, his own ways of deciding difficult issues and navigating the byways of American politics.
Is the news media prepared for a norm-breaking president who brings his own props, his own amen chorus and his own facts?
I scripted all of the cam shows, 98 pages of chats, with commenters having their own personalities, their own backstories, their own jokes.
He has his own army and imposes his own religious laws.
That and working within their own constraints, with their own ingredients.
They will each have their own rooms with their own closets.
I wanted to be my own guy, signing my own name.
"Own the center left, own the mainstream," she told the Times.
And he's chased his own vision and created his own thing.
"We have our own goals... our own interests," the source added.
So, she'll go her own way and have her own priorities.
I would also share my own stories and my own quotes.
In their own childlike way, they were experiencing their own panic.
He remembers everything, including his own erasure of his own memory.
It's your own responsibility to take care of your own children.
Own your Saturn and keep your eyes on your own paper.
Ultimately, if you own crypto you are now your own bank.
Courts rubber-stamp the party's own verdicts on its own officials.
Each class calls for its own essentials — and its own aesthetic.
Each level has its own rhythm, its own sense of momentum.
He bought his own clothes, he bought is own Cubs tickets.
Basically, get out of your own head and your own way.
States that run their own exchanges have set their own deadlines.
They are their own country, and they have their own concerns.
Until then many Russians did not even own their own souls.
The teen didn&apost own firearms of his own, he said.
To be clear, that's the magazine's own opinion, not Ansari's own.
Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom.
"My own family has done this, my own family," Stacey said.
Other people own yachts; I own a rowboat and a canoe.
He writes his own beats and does his own post-production.
Every city has its own beat and its own distinct style.
If you applied your own experience, your own memories to sound?
Nicole Gibbons always knew she wanted to own her own business.
Do I own this phone—or does the phone own me?
Female students have their own cafes in their own exclusive campus.
However, it's on their own time and on their own devices.
"We built our own keyboard, with our own algorithms," he says.
Anything I would write on my own were my own songs.
Suck at football but still wanna own your own Heisman Trophy??
We are designing our own packs and our own control systems.
They're doing their own thing and they've got their own stories.
She made her own clothes, and her own plates and cups.
Of reading your own books, of sleeping in your own bed?
We work on our own timberlands and those that others own.
The rubble is its own economy, its own tiny, merciless system.
Want to build your own business and be your own boss?
Its own success, however, created the seeds of its own downfall.
Even if you don't own your own company, the opportunities exist.
The grapes ferment at their own pace, with their own yeast.
Sure, every country has its own traits and its own circumstances.
It was just Gundogan, on his own, in his own mind.
Want to make your own yogurt, or make your own jam?
Remember that time doesn't own you, and that you own time.
They have their own bosses and they have their own audiences.
Neither was growing one's own vegetables or fixing one's own motorcycle.
"Now I open my own doors and make my own opportunities."
And they have shared their own stories and their own feelings.
"Own the center left, own the mainstream," Ms. Pelosi, 79, said.
Do I own the phone, or does Apple own the phone?
Even at the risk of my own success, my own career.
Sieman has his own style and is forging his own path.
"We have our own viewpoints," she said, and their own recipes.
Would you do your own appendectomy or rewire your own house?
"Own your failures and you will own your success," Taffer continues.
I own all the tools, and I own all the buses.
Obviously almost anything we own we like to own more of.
You do things in your own way, with your own approach.
It has its own judiciary and its own currency, the pataca.
"Users can own their data and own the network," he adds.
AWS has its own market, and Microsoft has its own market.
And I was living on my own, making my own money.
We don't wanna own it, we don't wanna own it politically.
They serve something greater than their own strength, their own power.
He was his own gilded man, going his own grotesque way.
Naegel keeps his own yardage and typically reads his own putts.
We just wanted our own bar and our own fireman's pole.
Yet Kiki is very much its own thing—your own thing.
The show reminds us of our own nakedness, our own vulnerabilities.
So if you own both businesses, you own two strong businesses.
I can grind my own wheat and make my own bread.
Local communities are starting their own Ubers and their own ISPs.
Sometimes via his own Twitter feed, sometimes via his own rallies.
That is, they don't actually do anything; they don't make choices of their own, or do their own things or have their own lives.
I didn't want that label on [Emmy] when I felt she deserved her own individuality, her own presence, her own mark in this world.
Or might it become a new form of photography with its own unique grammar, its own legibility, and its own new narratives to divulge?
Where Snapchat had been making their own in house (which had its own issues), Zuckerberg and company are inviting everyone to make their own.
We spoke on our own behalf, we wrote our own ads, we had our own websites, we decided who we were going to see.
But really, they grow their own food, they have their own water from the river, their own livestock, and have a certain dress code.
As with many industry leaders, Bevy doesn't own any wholesale stock; just as Uber doesn't own any cars and WeWork doesn't own any property.
Yet he was already savvy on the tech side, building his own websites and distributing his own music through his own cyber platforms: juniemorrison.
The modern right has its own trigger words (diversity, dialogue, social justice, community organizer), its own safe spaces (Fox News) and its own wokeness.
And then, at a certain point, we want to peel off and do our own seeing, make our own missteps, take our own leaps.
So this is really fun to see her revel in her own autonomy, in her own independence, in her own kind of private life.
Running your own business, being your own boss, setting your own rates, and determining how much you want to make each year — sounds thrilling.
Louis C.K. has never settled for just making jokes about other people; he has built a career on being a chronicler of his own privilege, his own comfort, his own excess, his own perversion and poor behavior.
She could stand within her own intelligence and her own career choices.
"I think everyone's just in their own lane, in their own element."
Each line will have its own concept and its own sub-brand.
"Each population has its own needs and its own issues," he said.
"It's about what you own and what you don't own," he said.
I try to go my own way and find my own voice.
We've heard that speech before, from our own moms, our own friends.
Your means you own it; the apostrophe in you're doesn't own anything.
WATTERS: So being interviewed on your own podcast about your own book.
We will make our own moral choices and our own biological decisions.
Would you use your own methods to improve your own public image?
"I wanted to control my own narrative, my own image," Pressley said.
In your own way, at your own level: Start with 30 crunches.
A couple early things, just on my own with my own money.
She runs her own fashion website and her own styling company, JVB.
But they had their own lives and their own home in Dallas.
You get to call your own shots and be your own boss.
Designing your own cupcakes or making your own ice cream are possibilities.
It is imperative to tell our own stories and own our narratives.
She comes forward at her own expense and at her own peril.
And when I mean on my own, I mean on my own.
I cannot reasonably argue that I own my own face and name.
Poor Steven Yeun, he doesn't even get to own his own death.
It has its own video and music offerings, its own retail operation.
He's coming in facing guys off his own staff, his own team.
To own your own rights to your film, it's like real estate.
Much like your own squad, the E.T.s each have their own role.
I have my own house and have established my own childcare business.
And then we have our own platform, our own player on
Everybody should be entitled to their own opinions and their own beliefs.
They also own their own production company called, originally, Duplass Brothers Productions.
I think I let my own security get in my own way.
I put my own team together and am forging my own path.
Sinead Harnett does thing at her own pace, in her own way.
But the equation changes when you own and operate your own business.
The facility purifies its own water supply and generates its own power.
It may be very like our own, but it isn't our own.
Now if you don't own your trademark, somebody else will own it.
Different markets are different; they have their own idiosyncrasies, their own failures.
"Our fight has its own form and its own pace," he says.
They just use us for their own purpose, for their own will.
I travel with my own bread and I bring my own avocados.
"Once you are 'trafficked,' you don't own your own problem," said Hermarratanarapong.
It's not like we all own farms and grow our own produce.
It makes me proud to think I will own my own home.
How do they own a house and you don't own a blender?
But I have my own story-sourcing tools and my own contacts.
I wanted to see them have their own power, their own strength.
He's just born with his own little soul and his own personality.
Just like my wins are my own, my failures are my own.
He let them choose their own stories and do their own research.
They play by their own rules, and follow their own moral compasses.
They are bosses in their own right, with constituents all their own.
We will vote to advance our own values, on our own terms.
Cover up a murder of one of their own, by their own.
The Convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda.
Trump hasn't donated his own money to his own foundation since 2008.
The luxury of being my own boss, of setting my own schedule!
Some simply like keeping their own hours and being their own boss.
Besides, I preferred having my own money and therefore my own agency.
"Every single storm has its own identity, its own footprint," he said.
"Every single storm has its own identity, its own fingerprint," he said.
Own your own labor, work where you want, and how you want.
Left to their own devices, children draw their own ill-informed conclusions.
Each clique has its own shot caller, and its own hyperlocal focus.
SNARL then warned its own local area, before beginning its own research.
"Each robot has its own personality and its own history," +Brauer explains.
Everyone in Honey has their own style, own opinions and discerning ear.
They can stand on their own and make noise on their own.
Anxious to own his own shop, he made the owner an offer.
Own your very own Cat Rabbit creation by visiting her shop, here.
That means they own just $0.47 for every $1 that men own.
You get your own space in the market by your own merits.
To hear with one's own ears, to see with one's own eyes!
"They wouldn't attack their own schools, for their own girls," she said.
I own as many books as you'd expect a writer to own.
He ignored his own red line after Assad gassed his own people.
"We want people to tell their own stories with their own images."
I figured we'd do our own thing — make our own Fun Friday.
I figured we'd do our own thing — make our own Fun Friday.
And so the novel follows its own dictates, creates its own history.
Every character is dealing with their own situation and their own problem.
"We want everyone to bring their own perspectives and their own viewpoints."
Tux rentals become scarce though most locals own their own formal wear.
It's machine learning, facilitating and extending his own words, his own imagination.
The Albanian speakers had established their own schools at their own expense.
Don't get too excited about your own story and your own narrative.
Some, like the Yankees, own a stake in their own cable companies.
WARREN BUFFETT: I don't own them, and Berkshire doesn't own them now.
"I have had my own experiences and my own research," she said.
And yet we can't fix our own roads and our own highways.
At Kismet, you set your own table and pour your own coffee.
Centcom should own up to its own actions rather than dispersing responsibility.
Before, each little neighborhood had its own center, with its own cafe.
" Sorrentino added, "Stay in your own lane and run your own race.
Students write their own teen-focused feature articles, using their own research.
People pick things in their own way [to create] their own combination.
So I want you having your own investment account, I want you having your own emergency account, I want you having your own credit score.
Those states, and countries with their own digital privacy laws, may be the only places in the world where users truly own their own faces.
By the second half the century, evangelicals had begun slowly forming their own media entities, their own economic engines—and their own DIY art scene.
In previous Civ games I'd allow my workers to potter around on their own, trusting them to build their own improvements at their own pace.
The genre grants us permission to give weight to the longings of our own hearts, the crises within our own families, our own wayward yearnings.
If we as Palestinians cannot produce our own food, build our own shelter, have our own energy—how can we get rid of this occupation?
Characters would have to stand on their own feet and have their own organic relationships with one another, form their own connections with a reader.
It's like, no, they have their own lives and their own families and their own passions and you get to see all of their layers.
There he raised chickens, rabbits, ducks, pigs and sheep, grew his own vegetables, made his own butter and cooked his own version of French cuisine.
" She added: "And you are going to ask them to imagine that happening to their own child, their own loved one, and their own family.
But, most importantly, if you are also a survivor, I encourage you to honor your own experiences and your own voice, in your own time.
Some, like Alibaba's Freshippo (Hema) and's 7 Fresh, own, operate and offer delivery or pickup from their own stores, while others like Miss Fresh and Dindong Maicai, deliver from their own warehouses, using their own fulfillment systems.
It's its own effort, in the same way that learning how to manage people is its own effort; earning how to lead is its own effort; learning how to think critically about a business is its own effort.
This is eroding our moral autonomy, our ability to claim our future for our own agency, for our own decisions, for our own choices, our own promises of where I wanna go and how I wanna get there.
But the people in my pictures, the children of these families, chose instead to thrive in this neglect and to invent their own things to do — their own activities, their own art forms, their own music and dance.
This is a great, great country and it wants its own identity, it wants to have its own borders, it wants to run its own affairs.
It is working methodically, from a comprehensive spreadsheet of plants, each plant with its own description, its own identified weaknesses, and its own timeline for retirement.
The performers became stars in their own rights, commanding high pay and attracting audiences with their own names on marquees and their own faces on posters.
It's their own shame, their own sense that they've been pinned down, their own desire to actually respond to what they feel is a fair critique.
"It's relatively recent that a female superhero can carry her own world or her own film—specifically, are allowed to carry her own film," Bell said.
You generally don't see yet people who come up solely on their own, create success solely on their own, and sort of plot their own destiny.
However, the idea of asking someone to inhabit his own narrative when they had their own family and their own life story did not feel genuine.
I opened my own credit card that offered the best chances of approvalI wanted to strike out on my own and get my own credit card.
The European Union has its own parliament, its own court, its own currency, a common market and a central bank, and yet Europeans don't feel European.
It's unfair to 23 million Taiwanese people if we can't use our own name, our own national anthem or our own national flag in international events.
They had their own rules, their own ways of enforcing them and their own reasons for being: to argue about music, to commiserate about an illness.
" Israel's own Declaration of Independence speaks about "the natural right of the Jewish people to be masters of their own fate in their own sovereign State.
Experiencing another culture on your own terms, at your own pace, with a budget of your own choosing can be an incredibly rewarding and insightful adventure.
Each testing company builds its own reference data set, drawn primarily from its own customers, and each company also creates its own algorithm for assigning heritage.
That means this is the first week Time has its own payroll system, it own human resources department, its own ad technology systems, and so on.
Instead, she set up her own label, drawing strength from her own singlemindedness.
"The greatest asset to own is your own abilities," he has told CNBC.
Maybe with no one there to own him, Jeb decided to own himself. 
Similarly, my own issues with my own father, felt non-complicated by circumstance.
My mission is to decide what we own and how we own it.
He is able to prepare his own food and do his own laundry.
As wrestlers, we're also producing our own match and directing our own match.
They have their own understanding of this murder, this is our own one.
Now, she deserves to tell her own story, and make her own choices.
They have to own their own land and they have to have children.
I think, if you want to own a steel company, you own Nucor.
She started her own lingerie line and her own clothing line with Dressbarn.
Women should always have their own bank account, and their own credit card.
It also found that 42 percent of children now own their own tablets.
You gotta find your own path and your own peace with that, girl.
Life we live, you have to set your own patterns, your own ideals.
Oh, not to mention the fact she has her own cable channel, OWN.
"To be your own business means to set your own rates," he explained.
I have my own pre-rolls and I just dropped my own wax.
Did you see other health systems struggling to own their own insurance companies?
It's reportedly working on its own workout clothing and its own bras, too.
And just being unapologetic to own your own power and who you are.
I was digging around in my own heart and sharing my own truth.
China is nurturing its own international payments system, based on its own currency.
I started my own company because I wanted to be my own person.
Compare that to soccer, where an own goal is, well, an own goal.
"I have my own identity, I am my own person," Abi told GMB.
Each man reflected his own moment in time and his own unique perspective.
If we were a sovereign republic we'd own our own ports and airspace.
People have always been fascinated by their own face and their own image.
If you write and record your own music, you own all the rights.
A trade war might even benefit its own brands and its own products.
The remaining 11 states that run their own exchanges have their own deadlines.
People who own the stock and own the car, they love each other.
That's the Jack [Dorsey stock] to own, even though I own them both.
"Juicero had its own team and they had their own vision," says Jaiswal.
They're their own people, and they're going to be making their own decisions.
We're our own unique country, with our own issues and problems and benefits.
Silver conducted the new research on her own time using her own funds.
We were lucky—we had our own livestock, our own pigs and things.
Despite the links, SportsHero is its own entity with its own dedicated team.
CLOs are picking which assets to own, and they cannot own them all.
"I think everyone should be their own example like that, their own messiah."
We let them make their own decisions and celebrate their own unique styles.
While I don't own any smart appliances, I do own an Amazon Echo.
Now, I have my own seat (sometimes my own row) on the train.
So, if you own 10 bitcoin, you'll magically own 10 Bitcoin Cash too.
They can doubt their own sense of reality [and] their own self-worth.
Let's face it, nobody likes to do their own taxes on their own.
He wasn't farid to show he's his own comedian with his own perspective.
Clearly the story shows the refugees' own faith and emotions, their own language.
"I just couldn't believe that people could own their own airplane," he adds.
Pelosi, a formidable fundraiser in her own right, has smashed her own records.
It lets the game developer tell their own story in their own way.
I stand with my own internal sense of self and my own values.
Pragmatists have their own kind of romanticism, cynics their own kind of naïveté.
They might own their own businesses, or turn up to rallies in suits.
It had its own demagogues and dirty tricks, and drew its own complaints.
Ali had long ago transcended his own origins and his own specific identity.
And my own experience and my own temperament I'm sure added to that.
The group is entitled to its own opinion, but not its own facts.
Own your career break: Own your choices, and emphasize your readiness to return.
He roundly beat them at their own game and on their own turf.
"Each of those islands had its own culture, its own music," Buesseler said.
China's own aluminium production sector, meanwhile, is experiencing plenty of its own turbulence.
Coloreds had their own cab companies, the way they had their own everything.
"This people makes its own decisions, cuts its own umbilical cord," he said.
Use your own convictions as a powerful advantage and redefine your own reality.
Additionally, many companies with office workers already own their own buildings or properties.
"Apple just spent all this money to own their own building," Johnston said.
Traditional rent-to-own companies typically already own homes for customers to rent.
I will never be able to own my own home at this rate.
She said the community has its own civic association and its own patrol.
That's an interesting story in its own right, which deserves its own book.
Does this play make you think about your own families, your own inheritance?
Yes, West is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.
"LA is cementing its own path and creating its own destiny," says Garcetti.
The kitchen makes its own cornbread and sausages, and smokes its own bacon.
"He had his own opinions, and I had my own opinions," Wardiya said.
My own apathy and my own sarcasm are really what I'm up against.
It seems like everyone is in their own world, doing their own thing.
Users who own their own hardware weren't impacted by Comcast's latest security blunder.
It's made me so interested in my own psychology and my own sexuality.
I started to write our own songs because I had my own anger.
Now that was even like its own, that had its own flipping gang.
Burton has created not only his own style, but essentially his own genre.
Chance the Rapper put together his own own festival in Chicago this weekend.
With technology, you can start your own blog or shoot your own videos.
But at home, on our own time, we could set our own rules.
He'd written his own encryption software and owned his own encrypted email server.
I felt like I could own that and own however I felt pleasure.
Everyone with CF has their own prerogative, and their own method of coping.
Zlatan wills goals into existence on his own terms, at his own pace.
Well, they put it into their own palaces and into their own country.
I want to be on my own, just on my own on Tinder.
I also have my own friends and my own hangout nearby, Molasses Books.
Close to 80 percent of people 65 and older own their own homes.
"I go buy my own hay, buy my own shaving," St. Lewis said.
It's my own exploration, my own contemplation, and where I've been led to.
He'll have to act as his own celebrity and do his own messaging.
We reinvented ourselves enough that we had our own world, our own milieu.
First, Swift will own all of her own master recordings from now on.
The EPA conducts much of its own research, and collects its own data.
It is clear their own markets and their own manufacturing are in trouble.
Those who own guns own more guns — in some cases, 100 or more.
We each have to write our own gospel that defines our own virtue.
People own their own homes and can sell them on the open market.
Those who own guns, own more guns — in some cases, 100 or more.
Now, it's our time to tell our own stories in our own words.
She even arrived with her own pool cue and her own baby powder.
Now, my daughter prefers to do her own thing with her own friends.
Brazeau, facing his own demons, tried to take his own life last month.
You can have your own opinions, but you can't have your own facts.
"Now we're on our own and they're on their own," Mr. Witriol said.
No — I must keep my own style & go on in my own way.
It had its own meteorologist and its own 21 and emergency dispatch system.
I can't direct myself purely by my own idiosyncrasies, or my own temptations.
That you would serve anyone's sauce but your own in your own home?
Because I don't own my own car, I've used Uber hundreds of times.
Each city had its own bill, because each had its own unique problems.
They use software to select their own assignments, working at their own pace.
Each caste has its own special role and its own place to live.
Fowler risked her own status, her livelihood, her safety, and her own privacy.
Then she learns to create her own norms based on her own values.
Twelve other states run their own marketplaces and fund their own enrollment programs.
WARREN BUFFETT: No, I do not own one – I don't own any cryptocurrency.
It's much better to rent what you own and own what you rent.
Buyers must either own their own business or work for an existing business.
I have tons of space, my own fridge/kitchenette, and my own bathroom.
"We're definitely doing our own lane, our own version of Batman," he added.
Everyone is handling it in their own right and in their own ways.
All families are their own countries, with their own idioms, rites and taboos.
The pathology that I can effect my own salvation through my own suffering.
Every country has followed its own path and run into its own walls.
So we own five of his works, and I'm sure we'll own more.
It's life-changing for me, and my own outlook on my own life.
He is accused of faking his own assault, not faking his own death.
Survivors heal on their own timelines, based on their own readiness and motivation.
Both own their own custom CMS (content management) software businesses that they license.
I want to live on my own terms and follow my own ambition.
He made his own pigments, his own paints, from his inventions with peanuts.
Meaning making ... Meaning we made our own movies, we made our own stories.
"We pump our water, we have a windmill and a solar pump, we grow as much as we can of our own food, we compost our own wastes, we educate our own children, we build our own houses," Johnny says.
Regrettably, some seem to believe that the U.S. friendship means the U.S. must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles – even after urging again and again that the policy must change.
"It's a huge victory for each one of the actors who are ... putting their own struggle out there through the film, being the voice of the voiceless, each one with his own story and own struggle and own problems," she said.
"Whereas if they're stuck on your own phone or your own computer and everybody's running for the door ... it will be too late at that point to move your own bitcoins from your own wallet onto an exchange," he said.
Regrettably, some seem to believe that the US friendship means the US must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles -- even after urging again and again that the policy must change.
At present they have only the very limited self-protection of supporting their own lives so far as possible from their own land — that is, by producing their own food and fuel, and by harvesting energy from their own sunlight.
And so, they are wanting to kind of check out alternative ways of healing and having autonomy over their own health and their own selves and their own sexuality and their own relationships, whether it's parenting or at work et cetera.
They're their own individual people with their own personalities and their own journeys so it's important to recognize that and give them the unconditional love they deserve.
People should just concentrate on their own lives and their own health and their own happiness, and whatever that looks like for you, be happy with it.
The changes would force advertisers to rely on Facebook's own data for targeting, "potentially boosting their own profits as a response to their own mistake," Eisenman said.
Every team is connected to a college — an institution with its own values; a campus in its own geographic location; a student body with its own tendencies.
It's clear that each of their stories are told completely from their own perspective, which gives the sense of privileging their own perspectives on their own lives.
Many countries are pursuing their own unique visions, building their own hopeful futures, and chasing their own wonderful dreams of destiny, of legacy, and of a home.
Places that have created their own user environments, with their own analytics, their own processes that may or may not be beneficial or even visible to Google.
They have their own strategies, their own aims, their own quirks; it's a welcome reminder, near a human-centric cityscape, that the world isn't just about us.
Let us leave it with its hatreds and its armaments, to stew in its own juice, to fight out its own quarrels, and decree its own doom.
His world can feel like a shadow world—with its own physics, its own inscrutable symbols, its own ghostly population of paper people—eclipsing the real one.
Each artist here deserves his own title and his own curatorial materials, in order to make sure that each are considered equally and on their own terms.
So I thought, wouldn't it be great to have our own place where we have our own little community that we own and are a part of?
"If I start saturating my consciousness with my own power, my own moment, my own this ——" He couldn't finish the sentence he was so disgusted with it.
They have been telling anyone in earshot that they could make much more if they sold their own ads, for their own stuff, on their own service.
They do everything from smoking their own pork and beef to roasting their own turkey and making their own triple berry jelly and pie crusts from scratch.
We need to examine our own biases, our own stereotypes, our own racism that we have inside ourselves, and we need to be engaged in political change.
And we'd own-- we'd own 50-- just over 50% of it-- of this business.
And that we still control our own individual actions and our own individual responses.
You can take away our opportunity to ever own our own homes, old people.
"He does things in his own way and in his own time," Lucas said.
Setting up your own ad, with your own nonsensical art and text, is easy!
And Conde didn't own it, they owned Wired magazine but they didn't own
You have to listen to your own heart and mind, do your own research.
If You Can Own A Space Rock, Can You Own A Rock In Space?
The Point: Parscale is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.
If you already own an iPhone X, well, you already own a great phone.
Jewish women in America have forged their own way and crafted their own destinies.
But I already have my own raid setup, my own high-res external monitor.
" Walker once explained, "I had to make my own living and my own opportunity.
Now, we are all sort of on our own, seeing our own doctors now.
GSK would own 68% of the company, and Pfizer would own the other 32%.
While foraging for their own food, they distribute the pollen that propagates our own.
Each star has her own path, and her own story — some messier than others.
I'm all about questioning everything: questioning my own reality and questioning my own self.
They sell turntables, commission their own music books and even press their own records.
I was the only one that sent my own, all in my own words.
She wears clothes in her own way and adds her own style to it.
It has its own hospitals and schools, its own makeshift cinemas and soccer leagues.
We each need to own them personally; we all need to own them collectively.
We each have our own story, have paved our own path to get here.
In season 1, Jack voiced a desire to own his own home construction company.
We have to be more supportive of our own people and our own culture.
I ask that you make your own observations and come to your own conclusions.
It needs to have its own dedicated sales team and its own separate quotas.
These funds are considerable, as Stratis own a sizeable portion of its own tokens.
But I would prefer to be my own person with my own career path.
His own Test match record as a batsman was, in his own word, poor.
Each big company has its own equivalent service, each stuck in its own bubble.
And you're going to have to learn your own process and your own path.
She wanted her students to find their own way, to find their own voice.
Instead of bringing your own bottle, you bring your own bot to the event.
She gripped the razor in her own hand, and hacked her own hair off.
The Office fans, rejoice: You can finally own your very own Michael Scott figurine.
"Each of the skating sequences has its own look, its own personality," Tierney says.
Without trade, Britain would have to produce and consume its own its own wine.
It has created its own logistics division and acts as its own freight forwarder.
Kim's proud to own her own company and probably even prouder of its success.
It included 2,375 people who own Samsung phones and 3,158 people who own iPhones.
"I travel with my own bread and I bring my own avocados," she said.
He&aposs got his own internal politics and his own regime dynamics going on.
"Individuals control and own their own data, and who sees it," the source said.
Two other companies—Movistar and AT&T—own and operate their own mobile networks.
But everyone is also running their own race, with their own pace and strategy.
Freedom is the ability to make our own choices, and therefore our own mistakes.
If you own your own funeral home, that's when you're living a better lifestyle.
C.K. could even be astute about his own hypocrisies (and by extension our own).
You ought to make it soon, in your own Dutch oven, your own cocotte.
So I moved into that startup world on my own, in my own way.
Both TPC and Nintendo own the copyright for Pokémon, Nintendo themselves own the trademarks.
The characters in these counties have their own lives and make their own decisions.
Each simulated county features its own AI-generated characters with their own individual stories.
We've got to own that, I don't want to tell you to own it.
Sometimes they pay things out of their own money, out of their own pocket.
But his war with his own Cabinet, over his own ideas, is equally stunning.
She wanted to touch Toni's nipples for her own reasons, in her own way.
We're in our own way, and we've got toget out of our own way.
Like, obviously Amazon is going to toot their own horn during their own holiday.
It operates without third parties, has its own hardware, and runs its own network.
Companies invented and produced their own products, limiting their facilities to their own inventions.
Each character has their own special abilities, and their own power level in multiplayer.
"I got my own Benz, I got my own ends, immediate friends," she raps.
Each one — human or hybrid — brings their own story/history and their own skills.
Skiffle gives them the opportunity to make their own music on their own terms.
It's called Choose Your Own Disaster, and it's a choose your own adventure memoir.
They want their own tastes, own variance ... which you don't see here (United States).
But I think that our technology will evolve its own wonders, its own sublime.
When the ground thaws, we'll fell our own trees and chop our own wood.
He also appointed people in these areas whose own positions contradict his own comments.
The company might own his music, he reasoned, but it did not own him.
Now, people in suburbs and small towns don't need to own their own car.
On top of that, many young people don't want to own their own car.
States were largely left to their own devices when protecting their own citizens' liberties.
"He can't show up in his own district, his own synagogue?" one woman asked.
When you have your own home, you can make your own rules about rashes.
Not going out on his own terms but going on in his own way.
"Everyone has to run their own race and make their own decisions," he said.
States have taken their own paths because of unique circumstances within their own borders.
Each case must be decided on its own merits, according to its own facts.
" In the book, Welch writes, "When you own your choices, you own their consequences.
It's so important that brands own the space because they still own the customer.
We decide our own policies and make our own decisions, and that's very good.
They can own your content, but they can't own the content of your character.
If I could cause my own demise, I could also achieve my own rise.
Part of being your own boss means being responsible for your own retirement savings.
"Understand the purpose of what you own and why you own it," Brandt said.
In his own stand-up, he aims his critical energy at his own shortcomings.
They can withdraw more of their own money, parked in their own bank accounts.
But it doesn't replace the protection of our own borders with our own capacities.
On Monday morning, Trump unleashed criticism of his own administration and his own lawyers.
It lets you record your own white noise loops and create your own mixes.
Lastly, remember that your own self-doubt—your very own fear—can be useful.
I own the ground under my feet and I'm gonna own you at Wrestlemania.
Graduates of Defy Ventures eventually start their own businesses and become their own bosses.
I don't want the conflict of I own or don't own a given stock.
Winfrey in December extended her contract with OWN through 2025, OWN and Apple said.
He wants to do it on his own terms, in his own nuclear bunker.
Developers can also build their own bots and integrate their own services with Chat.
They basically carved out their own valley and can 'play by their own rules.
From our own point of view we were continuing a path of our own.
But they say it will be on his own timeline, and his own terms.
That decision was based on Hillary Clinton's own words, her campaign manager's own words.
Back on "Breaking Bad," Jesse wanted to own an El Camino of his own.
"If we own our own health, we're going to do much better," she said.
Credit...Nicolas Ortega Doing your own taxes really isn't like changing your own oil.
Only humans consumed, swept up and eaten by their own fear, their own pain.
Like, make your own money, make your own decisions, don't depend on a man.
It would allow her to choose her own clients and be her own boss.
Amazon initially controlled much of its own inventory and built its own delivery infrastructure.
And everybody was different in their own way, and everybody had their own thing.
We have to speak to them in their own language, in their own environments.
Callimachi: How many sabiyas did he have in his own, in his own care?
Anyone could probably make their own Net paintings — which would have their own pulse.
That was, again, the government stepping in to own assets they don't traditionally own.
Affiliates were expected to find their own victims and set their own ransom demands.
You had to make your own way here on your own plane, didn't you?
"It was mobilizing its own communities and speaking to its own communities," he said.
They want to be the bosses of their own lives and their own kids.
They see it [with] their own eyes, they see it in their own paychecks.
By 1979, Mr. Fisher struck out on his own, forming his own investment firm.
Mr. Trump's personnel shortage is largely his own doing, even by his own account.
He made his own meals and did his own laundry, and was often lonely.
Total solitude, total imagination, totally retreating into his own world, being his own being.
People can now do their own research, "find your own adventures," Mr. Keyes said.
They often do their own bookkeeping and perhaps even file their own tax returns.
His own feet could not fit comfortably, so he sought to make his own.
East Germans, in a way, had their own migration experience — in their own country.
Total solitude, total imagination, totally retreating into his own world, being his own being.
He is ill informed about his own policies and tramples his own talking points.
The animals are peers: They create their own society, and resolve their own conflict.
By 0003, he had started his own company, determined to be his own boss.
So let's take our own advice: We Americans should now condemn our own extremist.
I am 31, own my own home, and my mother lives here with me.
They are now encouraged to form their own bands and write their own songs.
The girls own their own content, he said, but they have not signed contracts.
They could allow their prejudice to overcome their own camaraderie with their own sex.
You've heard about writing your own obituary, but what about planning your own funeral?
The Definitive Guide to Business with Marcus Lemonis To own or not to own?
Everybody has to move forward according to their own district and their own politics.
Many times the abuse took place in my own room and my own bed.
She hopes to someday own her own studio, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
But being on your own as a homeowner has its own challenges, experts say.
It's up to the player to choose their own path and their own difficulty.
I own – I own actually one of the largest wineries in the United States.
Kirkhuff grinds her own paint and gesso, creating her own media from raw ingredients.
People who build their own PCs aren't like garage woodworkers building their own birdhouses.
The terror group, he said, was manufacturing its own rockets and its own fuel.
My mother's dream was to own her own home, but we never came close.
I hope everyone draws their own conclusion and experiences hardcore in their own way.
You'd have to come military-style, with your own lodging, with your own diesel.
Each one could be painted its own color and arrive at its own size.
They are entitled to their own opinions but not entitled to their own facts.
They just operated on their own, and they wanted to have their own rules.
Each state has its own sovereignty and has some authority over its own interests.
EVE Online players govern themselves, choose their own professions and build their own community.
"She died on Oct 29 alone in that bed, in her own filth and her own waste while her own brother ran around outside playing," Gwinnett County Asst.
As the best documentary works do, California Trip lets us draw our own conclusions, contemplate our own prejudices, and muse over our own ideas of sun-drenched nostalgia.
Disney does own its own it's own community of custom-built mansions on the resort property called Golden Oaks, and another colorful community of homes in Celebration, Florida.
We were trying to get into the clubs and we couldn't get in, so eventually we did our own thing—making our own music and our own beats.
"I have spent the last four years trying to build my own ecosystem where I can release my own albums; I can release my own books," she said.
He is on his own now, and I know the day is coming when he will have his own tree to decorate, his own holiday traditions to establish.
If it had been more daring, the play might have found its own language to tell its own stories — the strange, eventful histories its own cast members supply.
Feeling her own feelings, thinking her own thoughts, Edna recalibrates her compass to point not to the torture of patriarchy but to her own pleasure, a new north.
IGs hire their own people (including financial auditors and even armed criminal investigators), issue their own subpoenas for documents, and have authority to take their own witness testimony.
When America's top diplomats create one, adversaries and allies usually fill it with their own narrative of events, their own proposals, their own accounts of encounters with Washington.
"This is a great, great country and it wants its own identity, it wants to have its own borders, it wants to run its own affairs," he said.
Let us also celebrate those whose strength and fortitude is our nation's armor, and remember that our land of opportunity is protected by people who diminish their own opportunity, their own comfort, their own safety and sometimes sacrifice their own lives for us.
"Broadly speaking, millennials want their own brands, they want their own products; they have their own life, their own lifestyle," and this presents a challenge for legacy brands that must adapt to appeal to younger consumers, he told CNBC in an interview Wednesday.
In its decision, the Nation's highest court unequivocally concluded that, although the Island may have its own constitution, its own government, its own laws, and its own courts— it is not a true sovereign under the U.S. Fifth Amendment's Double Jeopardy Clause.
"If they like it, they may buy an RV because you have your own linens, you have all your own food, you have your own comfortable pillow, your own fan, just your things that are always in your RV," Martin told Cramer.
"Some seem to believe that the U.S. friendship means the U.S. must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles — even after urging again and again that the policy must change," he said.
Although this is just the first step in a lengthy process, the prospect of being able to own your own cable box, just as you're able to own your own cable modem or smartphone, already has supporters of the measure giddy with excitement.
People nowadays are under tremendous pressure to do everything themselves, whether it's designing our own clothes, building our own internet or — good God — making our own lunch for work.
Nearly 80 percent of millennials own cars and 75 percent of millennials who don't own a car aspire to own one now, the Accel + Qualtrics Millennial Study 2017 found.
It is about time for Washington to realize that China — as befits a great power — will do its own thing, on its own terms and in its own time.
But the Catalans had their own language, own customs, and own history, and their union with Aragon afforded them a small degree of separation from the rest of Spain.
Fandom's Hermione exists in tandem with Cursed Child's, each living in their own distinct reality and with their own priorities, each worthy in their own right but connected forever.
For now, Sony is going to have to see how well Venom does on its own, all while watching Marvel's own version of Spider-Man do his own thing.
It encourages you to settle into your own lane, at your own pace, on your own route, taking into account all that is relative to you and you alone.
As someone who has struggled with the issue of abortion, I respect each candidate's right to have their own position and their own belief based on their own convictions.
Since then, Martinez has stayed true to herself in everything she's done: she writes her own music, designs her own album art, and usually directs her own videos too.
Jeff Bezos may own The Washington Post, Rupert Murdoch may own Fox, and Peter Thiel may eventually own Gawker, but in a way, Donald Trump owns all of them.
About 44 percent of Brits own ISAs and 55 percent of Canadians own TFSAs, which are much higher shares than the 20 percent of Americans who own Roth IRAs.
As a committed conservative, Republican and constitutionalist, I believe the states are empowered to foster and grow their own economies, within their own borders and under their own laws.
As players build their own criminal enterprise across the city, Clay and his own multicultural mob take down Mafia rackets, expose citywide corruption, and manage their own internal disputes.
And what it means is that Brighton Beach is a universe unto itself, with its own time, its own language, its own customs, for which it makes no apologies.
Federal prisons employ civilians who pay for their own food and health care, drive their own cars, live in their own homes and amuse themselves on their days off.
This movie ruined itself all on its own, but Depp contributed in his own ways.
"I was a business major, I always wanted to own my own company," she revealed.
Glose has its own bookstore and lets you read your own DRM-free e-books.
A grown-up with their own life, their own agenda, who knows who they are.
I wanted to make my own version based on my own children and my wife.
Why do they not each get their own festival in their own crappy parking lots?!
In 2008, she struck out on her own and started her own construction management business.
A key is a unique cryptographic address that allows someone to own their own cryptocurrency.
Chen argues that this unique key could also allow users to own their own data.
Stay in your own lane, think about your own goals, and focus on achieving them.
That is because it's perhaps the craziest own goal in the history of own goals.
If Netflix can make its own movies and shows, Hollywood can build its own platforms.
If you own an Apple iPad, statistically, the odds are you own an iPad 33.
If you own an Apple iPad, statistically, the odds are you own an iPad 2.
Each version of the European Championships has its own narrative, and its own distinct identity.
"Everyone is coming up with their own formulas and their own exclusive products," he says.
Watch Richards' own 1 in 3 video, where she shares her own abortion experience, here.
Pleased with going his own way, Trump literally went his own way out of town.
Everyone has their own facts, their own private Idaho stored in their expensive cellular phones.
Each of these towns has its own incubator and accelerator, each has its own meetups.
We should rebuild our own schools and our own bridges and highways and everything else.
She's got a successful business that she created on her own, from her own talents.
Watching Mac perform is seeing someone lost in their own world, and their own talent.
Nevertheless, they can't help projecting their own fears and their own baggage onto their kids.
King gave her own spin on the widely circulated list on her own Facebook page.
And are not going to own their own homes for quite a bit of time.
Disclosures: I own no cryptocurrencies, have never owned any and don't expect to own any.
It gives them permission to face up to their own desires and their own pasts.
He even has his own code for followers to use to order their own box.
In this case, you're getting paid to own something, rather than paying to own it.
Will Naz be able to hold his own and use that to his own advantage?
Our history writers have their own power to tell the stories in their own way.
We've decided to make everything custom — our own property manager software, our own internal CRM.
I'm an ADULT now, who can make my own choices and have my own identity.
Each person practices in his or her own way, for his or her own reasons.
Artists can now "create their own genres through YouTube, their own brand identity," she said.
"Everyone is coming up with their own formulas and their own exclusive products," John assures.
" He added: "Harry and Meghan now hold their own future happiness in their own hands.
Reframe the problem We all get stuck in our own perspectives and our own problems.
And they bonded over their dream to one day own a ranch of their own.
They each have their own rooms with their own closets, Osborn said at the time.
Having only worn her own designs once, Robertson is fairly removed from her own aesthetic.
We built our own warehouse management system, inventory management system and even our own hardware.
As for the emissions that come out of your own body, you're on your own.
He was now a master in his own right and one for his own age.
I want them to have their own connection and their own secret with the movie.
Every city has its own culture, its own way of creating art, food, and music.
And it's what our own government, what our own Congress should be more reflective of.
I honestly feel like my fiancé and I will own our own business one day.
You can play your own music through Spotify Premium or rely on Mirror's own music.
We had 30 vertically organized separate companies doing their own things, with their own tools.
"My whole life, I didn't understand my own gender and my own sexuality," she said.
It has its own systems with the potential for abuse, its own series of lies.
I see immigrants who started from the bottom and now own their own halal markets.
I want you to live in the space that's your own, your own delicious mess.
And number two, it shows the FBI was breaking their own protocol, their own rules.
That's really what OWN stands for to me—the opportunity to tell our own stories.
Dear Mr McNair: The horses you own are different than humans you do not own.
The process of making—and eating—your own creation carries with it its own satisfaction.
Most music bloggers eat their own sadness and wash that down with their own tears.
Whites had their own community, Blacks had their community, and Latinos had their own community.
They can cook whatever they want, set their own prices, and set their own menus.
We realised that we could bring the sequel our own version and our own story.
"This is its own medium of entertainment, on its own platform of competition," he says.
You can't own a bus, but you can own or [rent] a self-driving car.
Why did you think the time was right to open your own your own place?
A lot of the inspiration came from my own closet and my own personal style.
PCM's own Getsos has his own idea about what success looks like for the march.
If I only had to own one piece of the financial world, I'd own clearing.
Smith then decided to buy his own balloon and take matters into his own hands.
"They disclose that they own their own funds, so it's not a problem," Rosenbluth said.
They try to have their own country and their own culture, lots of Muslims there.
Dragging his own mangled corpse into a shallow grave of his own digging traumatizes Morty.
She has been cooking for quite some time, and used to own her own shop.
It was always about loving myself first: my own personality and my own little quirks.
I think we're all doing our own thing in our own way best we can.
It will also have to dig into its own pocket despite its own budget constraints.
Any one of these bands could have made their own movie or own live record.
People will mix everything together on their own, on their own plates, as they eat.
I had my own pain, which had led me into my own psychoanalysis years before.
Each of these countries on their own are not substantial markets in their own right.
He speaks intelligently about his own battles, his own journey, and I think that's great.
Celeste is the first African American woman in the US to own her own brewery.
But unless you own DIA, chances are your own results are different from the Dow's.
The remaining states and Washington D.C. run their own programs and set their own deadlines.
The members had the burden of carrying their own narratives and drawing their own conclusions.
I always thought, 'I'm on my own, I've got to do this on my own.
We each need to own them personally; we all need to own them collectively.2.
In fact, the residents are their own therapists, using their own experiences to help others.
Only 12 percent (of Tunisian women) own a house and only 14 percent own land.
" Those born abroad, Ms. Driscoll said, "have got their own governments, their own parliaments, whatever.
This, Pousaz said, was profitable but the firm didn't own any of its own technology.
The board appointed two of their own to fix the problem of their own making.
At what point does her own personal responsibility make her accountable for her own life?
Let's run our own bank and our own for-profit version of the Federal Reserve.
Erdogan, however, recognizes his own limits: a weakening economy could lead to his own ouster.
These former officials attack Trump ferociously to hide their own failure and their own guilt.
On top of all that, the human body's own toxins are problematic on their own.
Apple is trying to turn the iPad into its own category with its own ecosystem.
Isn't it your own fault that this is the third Beatles mug you now own?
Now, many own their own high-quality content and are investing heavily to produce more.
You have a clear understanding of what you own and what you want to own.
"But they'll never own anything and they'll never have their own company," he told me.
Eventually, it became clear that we had to own that this was its own movie.
Every generation creates its own path, creates its own methods to get its message across.
Dawnbringer is its own abundant world, with its own symbolism, patterns, allusions, and so forth.
Until recently I had my own restaurant, and I still own two ice cream parlors.
Then, go make something of yourself — on your own timeline, and on your own terms.
You set your own hours, choose your own clients, and determine how much you make.
Ms. Trump was really selling her own pampered life, as her father sells his own.
This can mean small things like cooking our own meals or walking our own dogs.
There, he could afford to own his own home and pursue his love of photography.
She had her own short-lived "Gayle King Show" on Ms. Winfrey's cable channel, OWN.
He added that his own infidelity was "never a problem" in his own three marriages.
Each of these paintings is isolated on its own wall, contained within its own space.
They had betrayed their own ideas and were now being punished by their own voters.
If you own the product, it's like being the C.E.O. of your own little company.