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"misunderstanding" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, countable] a situation in which a comment, an instruction, etc. is not understood correctly
  2. [countable] a slight disagreement or argument

967 Sentences With "misunderstanding"

How to use misunderstanding in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "misunderstanding" and check conjugation/comparative form for "misunderstanding". Mastering all the usages of "misunderstanding" from sentence examples published by news publications.

No. That is a widespread misunderstanding, but a misunderstanding, nonetheless.
Both are about intense but furtive love affairs that are thwarted by misunderstanding after misunderstanding.
What's not okay is Bialik's fundamental misunderstanding of how harassment works — a misunderstanding that makes the piece careen into victim-blaming territory.
"There's this general misunderstanding about people of color, and also this general misunderstanding about working-class people that you hear," Murray said.
Cardi B told Howard Stern the pair had tried to resolve a "misunderstanding": I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding.
" He added, "Maybe it could have been a misunderstanding.
There are deeper issues — mistrust, misunderstanding, conflicting political pressures.
No, most rape is not the result of a misunderstanding.
Most jokes like this depend on some sort of misunderstanding.
The press corps at times seemed invested in misunderstanding her.
But you know, there's a misunderstanding and it's being cleared.
These two Americas are deeply divided by mistrust and misunderstanding.
But a simple misunderstanding can have dangerous fallout on Survivor.
This is a basic misunderstanding of what is going on.
But that's a big misunderstanding of how these payments work.
Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin said it was a misunderstanding.
Despite autism's prevalence, misunderstanding and miseducation often lead to bullying.
" Rams management says the whole thing is a giant "misunderstanding.
This actually came after Jay had a misunderstanding with Adam.
"That's a fundamental misunderstanding of black voters," Sellers told us.
Mr. DeFriest's initial crime in Florida was arguably a misunderstanding.
I think people are misunderstanding how that's going to go.
A misunderstanding occurred and there was no battery or trespassing.
"There's so much misunderstanding going," Kylie, 19, told the camera.
Still, it's easy to see how this misunderstanding came about.
There's a misunderstanding that bull markets die of old age.
It points at a big, terrible misunderstanding we're all in.
What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about LA?
What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about Instamoms?
That's what I had understood, but maybe now I'm misunderstanding.
It's all justified by a misunderstanding of the First Amendment.
We sincerely apologize to Charlie and Candace for this misunderstanding.
However, there has been some misunderstanding about how AMP works.
It's misunderstanding bisexuality and treating it as a personality type.
About 20 minutes into this misunderstanding it escalated almost instantly.
There is, however, one misunderstanding that needs clearing up, viz.
European misunderstanding and confusion The Europeans are up in arms.
Yet there is still a lot of misunderstanding around it.
In fact she seemed pretty entertained by the whole misunderstanding.
"You're misunderstanding what pedophilia means," he said on the podcast.
Russian officials blamed the earlier itinerary item on a misunderstanding.
Is it because the pithy length lends itself to misunderstanding?
What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about you?
They must be misunderstanding, or they must have been misled.
But that's a gross misunderstanding of how admissions policies work.
That opens up the work to possible misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
But they may be misunderstanding the silence from elected Republicans.
SAM Can you put this down to an unfortunate misunderstanding?
This approach demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of how Congress works.
This assumption involves a basic misunderstanding of Middle East politics.
You know, she was sure that it was a misunderstanding.
" Another common misunderstanding is referring to the holiday as "St.
And unfortunately there's a lot of misunderstanding in Bess's world.
That can lead people to conspiracy theories, misinformation, and misunderstanding.
He thought it had to be some kind of misunderstanding.
But that was either a feint or some bigger misunderstanding.
So my entire life has been based on a misunderstanding.
I'm afraid there might be a slight misunderstanding between us.
This is a fairly major misunderstanding of the Marxist worldview.
Blanco said in a press release: "'Loner' is a song about misunderstanding—and more than misunderstanding it's a song about a universal feeling of not feeling worthy enough, not feeling good enough," he said.
It wasn't a misunderstanding or me wishing later it hadn't happened.
"It was a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding," Evans, 26, told E!
I'm sorry for the misunderstanding that caused my ill-worded tweet.
KEANE: You know, there&aposs a lot of misunderstanding about this.
Tate's unarmed character after a tragic misunderstanding just to prove the
But the misunderstanding runs much deeper -- and traces back much further.
And I think all the things that happened were a misunderstanding.
She told BuzzFeed News that the violation stemmed from a misunderstanding.
"There's so much misunderstanding going on," she says in the clip.
There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the job, she tells me.
Such analogies betray a fundamental misunderstanding of how EU negotiations work.
"You know, it started off as a misunderstanding," Cole Whittle says.
Sorry for the misunderstanding Love you guys and THANK YOU ALL!!
But the FBI itself says that it was all a misunderstanding.
Mann told CNN affiliate WSB that the arrest was a misunderstanding.
But this is simply a misunderstanding of what machine intelligence is.
Outside the jail, he told us it was a huge misunderstanding.
But no one dares to confront the authorities with their misunderstanding.
A lot of students chalked up the incident to a misunderstanding.
I might be completely misunderstanding the reactions of those around me.
I spent every day misunderstanding the symptoms as terrible jet lag.
Societal pressure and misunderstanding can have real psychological impact, Hollingdale says.
Mark Lowe, the owner of HOUSE, says it's all a misunderstanding.
Another misunderstanding concerns how the bank goes about acquiring government bonds.
This is based on a misunderstanding of what a blockchain is.
"It's a fundamental misunderstanding of what the message is," she said.
Spicer told Germany's Der Spiegel that Friday's incident was a misunderstanding.
But many people with disabilities still face rampant discrimination and misunderstanding.
At best, USFWS's recommendation represents a simple misunderstanding of FERC's authority.
He had, in point of fact, created a gentle, genial misunderstanding.
Police notes from the event say it was considered a misunderstanding.
It turned out to be a misunderstanding; there was no gunman.
As a result, the slightest miscalculation or misunderstanding can quickly spiral.
Kota told Bloomberg that his conviction was based on a misunderstanding.
Taser says there is no excuse for officers misunderstanding the risks.
There had never been a fight, it declared, only a misunderstanding.
Uber's spokesperson referred to the #DeleteUber trend as an unfortunate misunderstanding.
" This was later denied by Doolan, who called this a "misunderstanding.
The misunderstanding concerns nothing less than the nature of politics itself.
A spokeswoman for Party City said that was a big misunderstanding.
What Mr. Trump's excuses all reveal, however, is a basic misunderstanding.
Or do you think they are misunderstanding or exploiting youth culture?
Mr. Poll attributed the walkout to a "misunderstanding" with union leaders.
Ren Zhengfei: I think your idea might come from a misunderstanding.
"We never anticipated that people would have some misunderstanding," he said.
In what universe is this the result of a tragic misunderstanding?
We were led to believe we were misunderstanding a medical technique.
There's a fundamental misunderstanding when people say health care is slow.
What happened, then, was surely a result of a pardonable misunderstanding.
It reinforces misunderstanding that helps increase our terrible economic-inequality problem.
So it's concerning that there's a lot of misunderstanding about debt.
That means they're prone to misunderstanding the stuff you post online.
The aftermath: Lochte later apologized, saying the incident was a misunderstanding.
Creativity is an antidote to isolationism, paranoia, misunderstanding, and violent intolerance.
Estherwood Mayor Donald Popp thinks it was all a big misunderstanding.
The "Goldberg" project seems to have arisen from a historical misunderstanding.
But that empathy may have led to a huge historical misunderstanding.
It's a misunderstanding of science and history that is totally flawed.
We apologize for any troubles may have caused by this misunderstanding.
To conflate the two represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the issues.
"I think there's a misunderstanding about the work," Turner tells Creators.
That contrived misunderstanding between Richard and Laurie leads to a second contrived misunderstanding when Richard walks into the wrong conference room and winds up spilling invective to a tech blogger he assumes is Raviga's P.R. person.
There's also a sense that the public is misunderstanding the company's ideals.
The rest owed itself to a widespread misunderstanding of his injury status.
The Attorney General's prediction is predicated on a fundamental misunderstanding of DFS.
It's a misunderstanding of how black communities think about race and politics.
After the outcry, the embassy claimed it had all been a misunderstanding.
These excuses add to the general public misunderstanding and stigma around kink.
"I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding," she said.
The spokesperson chalked it up to a misunderstanding by special operations personnel.
It would seem cliché: the nerdy character completely misunderstanding the girl's subtext.
Is the misunderstanding that the emoji does not, in fact, depict Kylie?
"They have an opportunity to say there was a misunderstanding," he said.
Lim said it was a public misunderstanding that using bitcoin was secure.
Carney said Jenkin's letter "demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of central bank independence".
But is it possible our fear comes from a place of misunderstanding?
"We believe that this is a misunderstanding about language learning," Cooke said.
We declined due to editorial policy, however the writer regrets this misunderstanding.
"The misunderstanding about military culture by civilians is very broad," says Driver.
The biggest misunderstanding is about the nature of dialects, especially urban ones.
For that to gel, today's statesmen need to overcome a fundamental misunderstanding.
This could just be a misunderstanding, but Reagan doesn't have any sympathy.
YouTube historian Lindybeige explains how this is all just a big misunderstanding.
"You always risk people misunderstanding you when you say anything," he wrote.
Now that the facts are out, it seems this was a misunderstanding.
Mr Trump's misunderstanding of economics explains why his politics are so irresponsible.
Such exercises are an important way to prevent confrontation triggered by misunderstanding.
So could a misunderstanding by either side of the other's military movements.
He waged a sometimes ham-fisted battle against prejudice, misunderstanding, and evil.
But he's playing on a broader misunderstanding of tax brackets among Americans.
The most common misunderstanding is that the laws are the same everywhere.
But such videos exhibit a deep misunderstanding the crux of the joke.
Toki went home with Murphy until the slithery misunderstanding was figured out.
"Obviously, there's a misunderstanding about what the group's message is," said Annab.
I apologized for the misunderstanding and said it was all my fault.
Sometimes, it's a genuine misunderstanding, but other times the intent is clear.
The bottom line: All this stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of trade.
We must stop shouting at each other across troubled seas of misunderstanding.
Some drama is likely to come up today due to a misunderstanding.
It was just one big misunderstanding (perhaps a malfunction of a computer).
But this betrays a misunderstanding of both EU politics and trade talks.
The company that owns the venue reportedly said it was a misunderstanding.
But that view betrays a misunderstanding of how partisan gerrymandering actually works.
They reflect his basic misunderstanding of what the organization is all about.
Safeway has since apologized for what the store said was a misunderstanding.
"Leave immediately and keep out to avoid any misunderstanding," a voice said.
Was it some sort of misunderstanding, as the Jordanian military has asserted?
This is a deep misunderstanding of the situation without all the facts.
" United apologizes In a statement to CNN, United apologized for the "misunderstanding.
One mistake, one misunderstanding about someone's responsibilities could cost us the game.
Genever has long suffered from both solitary representation and also fundamental misunderstanding.
But whatever the source of the misunderstanding, Netanyahu knew who to blame.
What's more, it demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of American values and capitalism.
There has to be a misunderstanding for a buddy comedy to work.
It was all a misunderstanding, the email said, and she was sorry.
This may be a big misunderstanding about — that email is too polite.
Using soldiers for law enforcement entails the risk of abuse and misunderstanding.
So the defense claimed this was a misunderstanding that was quickly corrected.
Mr. Trump's tweet suggested a potential misunderstanding of how television licenses work.
Perhaps the biggest source of division and misunderstanding was the war itself.
This is based on a fundamental — and inexcusable — misunderstanding about the Sept.
The killings reflect broad misunderstanding in Brazil about how yellow fever spreads.
Later, we'll laugh about the misunderstanding, but for now, the fidgeting persists.
It's sort of hard to just call this all a big misunderstanding.
" He chalked the AP's interpretation of his quotes up to a "misunderstanding.
Unfortunately, the company's rhetoric belies a fundamental misunderstanding of what's at stake.
Such hopes are grounded in a misunderstanding of how humans actually think.
UBS apologised in June for any misunderstanding and placed Donovan on leave.
Rainey said the disconnect stems from a misunderstanding of the original deal.
Second, there is also often a misunderstanding about the purpose of insurance.
More than anything, Ramona stands for empathy in the face of misunderstanding.
The truth is, all prejudice is born out of generalization and misunderstanding.
So there's been extensive concern about misunderstanding, about overinterpretation, about false reassurance.
I'm sure this was a misunderstanding that got escalated for no reason!
Behind Rubin's complaint is a common misunderstanding of what reactionary movements are.
As if there could be a misunderstanding of whom the DJ is?
Pierre Moossa, the producer of the Westminster broadcasts, called the issue a "misunderstanding."
"I am the victim of a misunderstanding," he told Spanish-language magazine TVyNovelas.
Brown said the incident was a misunderstanding and likely based in political motivations.
In a statement Tuesday to AP, DiNardo characterized the dispute as a misunderstanding.
Also, human and feline relational styles are different, which can lead to misunderstanding.
This belief relies on a fundamental misunderstanding, and not just of black voters.
Is it a spiritual romance with a perverse misunderstanding of faith and love?
His particular misunderstanding of the presidency is different than the more common kind.
"This was not a simple misunderstanding by an overeager foreign student," Chutkan said.
Ryder, who is supporting Priebus' efforts, replied that it had been a misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding expiration dates and trashing good food is also bad for your wallet.
As far as the issue of whitewashing, I think it's a fundamental misunderstanding.
"I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding," Cardi told Billboard.
Both sides to the negotiation chalked it up amicably as a mutual misunderstanding.
Grace is actually bisexual, but says she won't hold the misunderstanding against Styles.
The refugee crisis has fueled mistrust and misunderstanding between Europe's East and West.
But that assumption rested on a misunderstanding of what students are paying for.
He says he is not gay and the accusation stems from a misunderstanding.
International-relations scholars call the most lethal forms of misunderstanding a "security dilemma".
It was all one big misunderstanding—she just felt sorry for the cows.
I guess Liz and I will just remain in a state of misunderstanding.
Poignant episodes both of solidarity and misunderstanding explore every "invisible line" between people.
Unsurprisingly, the supervisors higher up the ladder wrote it off as a misunderstanding.
There is a lot of misunderstanding about what a single-payer system means.
But there appears to be some misunderstanding in terms of West's political message.
Trump's campaign issued a statement that chalked the difference up to a misunderstanding.
This appears to have a lot to do with a misunderstanding of consent.
Cue, meanwhile, was quick to chalk the entire thing up to a misunderstanding.
But it is also because of a misunderstanding of what is at stake.
Kevin has Tanner and Chloe back in his life after overcoming their misunderstanding.
A SIMPLE misunderstanding almost stopped Nafsika Butler-Thalassis's political career before it started.
This created the foundation for mutual reproaches, misunderstanding, and crises in the future.
They thought it was a misunderstanding and that it would be clarified soon.
As mentioned above, it is a misunderstanding deeply rooted since the ancient Greeks.
The Democrats' letter is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the draft order.
It is this same misunderstanding that presents the biggest challenge of Ocean's career.
Mark Zuckerberg has shown a misunderstanding of and contempt for media industry practices.
"I think there's a misunderstanding about what the entire plan is," Price said.
What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding that people have about chemicals?
The call appeared to reveal Trump's continued misunderstanding of NATO members' defense commitments.
A big misunderstanding or a block in communication will come up for examination.
But fear, discomfort and misunderstanding routinely disrupt relationships once a diagnosis is revealed.
There's always a chance that there was just a misunderstanding, Dr. Bonior says.
Such a wealth of interaction naturally leaves plenty of room for creative misunderstanding.
Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant's friendship was once on hiatus due to a misunderstanding.
Regardless, experts see a risk still of a catastrophic misunderstanding given the tensions.
Drawing distinctions between rape, assault, sexual misconduct and genuine misunderstanding can be difficult.
"I want to correct that, because there has been some misunderstanding," Gabbard said.
In this case, it led to an unfortunate misunderstanding or clash of expectations.
"It's just a misunderstanding," he added to the Asbury Park Press on Wednesday.
First, we must combat the pervasive stigma, misunderstanding, and fear about substance use.
Menand exhibits a fundamental misunderstanding of how the MBTI is supposed to operate.
The public has a misunderstanding of how these mass shooters radicalize, she said.
Nearly half the time, a misunderstanding explained why the surrogates were off base.
These proposals reflect a willful misunderstanding of what our Social Security system is.
It was a big misunderstanding, and I need to play it safe there.
But they also betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the history of American privacy.
Many admit to holding back information in hopes of avoiding judgment or misunderstanding.
Maybe it was a misunderstanding, but I didn't have the opportunity [to explain].
I've been doing my work for so long, and this is a misunderstanding.
Not seeing them was a big misunderstanding... and [recognizing] how skilled they were.
An official in Macron's office said Trump's rebuke was founded on a misunderstanding.
You don't want to risk them misunderstanding what you really have to offer.
It's the misunderstanding that leads people to be unduly confident in p-values.
The tweets show a misunderstanding of how Google Search and its algorithms work.
This type of misunderstanding happens between human drivers on the road every day.
The Russians: (in unison) Ohh … well, this is big misunderstanding … Jared: I'll say.
A CDC spokesperson said that the delay was because of a scheduling misunderstanding.
They just seem to be coming from such a simple and fundamental misunderstanding.
His (and others') misunderstanding of Donald Trump has been extremely confounding to me.
"That logic relied on a misunderstanding of what motivates developing nations," he writes.
Lucido said the exchange was a "misunderstanding" but later claimed he was misquoted.
"I apologize for the misunderstanding yesterday and for offending Allison Donahue" he said.
"I apologize for the misunderstanding yesterday and for offending Allison Donahue," he wrote.
Astrologers believe the hate is based on a misunderstanding of what astrology is.
That's a fundamental misunderstanding of who Donald Trump is -- and always has been.
We saw a lot of misunderstanding of race and immigration in this campaign.
"It was a misunderstanding, without questioning Cardinal Sarah's good intentions," Archbishop Gänswein said.
This is an emerging area of cyber defense, prone to misunderstanding and confusion.
Mnuchin has claimed these omissions were due to a misunderstanding of the questionnaire.
There was a scandal around a sort of willful misunderstanding of a chapter.
He blamed his "British sarcasm" and "deceptive editing" for leading to a misunderstanding.
But one common misunderstanding is that people think of lighting designers as technicians.
Choices could be made because of fear, pain, misunderstanding, but it's a choice.
And thus you have a ... My misunderstanding ... But you could do it privately.
In an apparent misunderstanding, Mr. Muilenburg took the call as a green light.
Sometimes, racism is framed as a misunderstanding rather than an act of hate.
To say it's a misunderstanding—you're looking at the tip of the iceberg.
Many have had fun purposely misunderstanding the lyrics of "Livin' On A Prayer."
Well, I'd be willing to bet that whole controversy was a misunderstanding built on a language barrier, just as I'm willing to be this one was a misunderstanding built on one part cultural misapprehension and one part post-election oversensitivity.
Eastwood's statement depends on a common misunderstanding about political correctness: that it's about censorship.
Are we waiting for that shoe to drop, or are we misunderstanding the argument?
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders chalked up the furor to yet another misunderstanding.
Kasich shows his complete misunderstanding of faith in his failure to defend religious liberty.
We are not Europeans because we have 'common European values,' this is a misunderstanding.
But the company is now apologizing and saying it was all a big misunderstanding.
Some intelligence community officials believe that Trump's hostility might be based on a misunderstanding.
To see the nature of the misunderstanding, we have to back up a little.
That misunderstanding makes it easy for the law to be twisted for partisan purposes.
The spokesperson said the issue was due to a misunderstanding about Chao's ethics agreement.
EG: I think that's partly the misunderstanding, that M&A can be a mistake.
"We should know each other; we can avoid a lot of misunderstanding," he said.
But Ryder, who is supporting Priebus' efforts, replied that it had been a misunderstanding.
There's the lurking fear that the accusations might be based on misunderstanding or hypersensitivity.
"It's not like all that," she said, as if there had been a misunderstanding.
"Our previous above statement was incorrect and the result of a good-faith misunderstanding."
UBS said it apologised unreservedly for any misunderstanding caused by Donovan's innocently intended comments.
UBS said it apologized unreservedly for any misunderstanding caused by Donovan's innocently intended comments.
" The sheriff's department report concludes by labeling the incident a "misunderstanding and teenage drama.
Of course, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what responsible gun owners believe in.
Check out the video above to see how food companies profit from our misunderstanding.
The reason for this gigantic misunderstanding, suggest the Smithsonian's curators, goes beyond bad schooling.
"Comments on social media have really highlighted the misunderstanding of this disease," she says.
"This was no simple misunderstanding by an overeager foreign student," Judge Tanya Chutkan said.
Perhaps some of this alarm has come out of a misunderstanding of social media.
Some of it is the studios' misunderstanding the worth of the movies they have.
Our previous above statement was incorrect and the result of a good-faith misunderstanding.
We were scared, suddenly panicked about Matt's promising future being ruined by a misunderstanding.
Leaning forward in his chair, he redefines Naraha's existential dilemma as a simple misunderstanding.
Let our company solve this MISUNDERSTANDING, we would be Glad to help you out.
Mike Pence wants the gay community to know it's all just one big misunderstanding.
In this case, a simple misunderstanding could have cost a man his livelihood. [Haaretz]
"It may be a misunderstanding, someone from local administration may... have overreacted," Ivanov said.
Amanda's rep told us the whole thing was a misunderstanding, calling her shove "playful."
At first, we thought it was simply a technical misunderstanding of the subject matter.
Kioumourtzoglou says this is a fundamental misunderstanding of how scientists classify cause of death.
It's a world rife with misunderstanding, where mixed signals lead to folly and crime.
The retention of innocent Canadians' information wasn't just the result of a legislative misunderstanding.
It is a deep misunderstanding by the nationalists of how trade deficits are created.
Many years of conflict and hurt and misunderstanding between my dad and me followed.
Isabelle is a Parisian artist who risks her gallery representation over an intimate misunderstanding.
"There is fundamental misunderstanding between the American and the North Korean positions," he said.
Koehne's brother, Joey, said he strongly denies the charges, characterizing it as a misunderstanding.
I think right now, there is a lot of fear and misunderstanding about refugees.
Bahrain said Tillerson's remarks were "inappropriate" and showed "a deep misunderstanding of the facts".
The general public has a misunderstanding of how these mass shooters radicalize, she said.
Without a "common language", we risk the potential for misunderstanding terms lost in translation.
Could this just be a big misunderstanding, or some cruel joke on football fans?
"Any misunderstanding could lead to a disaster between the two countries," Mr. Teng said.
Prejudice, fear, and misunderstanding are all powerful forces working against decency and common sense.
This feature will help Alexa when you're frustrated at it for misunderstanding a request.
This is Obama's fantasy land, because he has a total misunderstanding of basic economics.
He argued a big misunderstanding of America First is that it means American isolationism.
But the whole innocent and definitely real misunderstanding got us here at VICE thinking.
You describe your performances as a ritual…That's a little bit of a misunderstanding.
And that happens in part because text messaging leaves lots of room for misunderstanding.
But to compare these situations reflects a deep misunderstanding of history and black voters.
Recent examples include a polite misunderstanding between megastar Kanye West and rapper Wiz Khalifa.
What do you think was the biggest misunderstanding about backdrop painters and their art?
And sometimes when those discussions occur, misunderstanding and even anger can be the result.
In his mid-30s he was engaged, but that relationship ended over a misunderstanding.
But that argument reflects a misunderstanding of what state law enforcement is doing here.
Due to a simple misunderstanding, I once had a terrible experience with glue sticks.
Teen Vogue and Facebook both said the labeling fracas was all a big misunderstanding.
COMBAT STIGMA Misunderstanding of opioid addiction shrouds nearly every effort to reduce its toll.
This is because of historical abuse, theft, inept interpretation and misunderstanding based on stereotypes.
This basic misunderstanding can be extremely costly in terms of both time and resources.
The first thing to do is eliminate the (admittedly, small) chance of a misunderstanding.
After this "market misunderstanding", investors will closely watch the IPO process of Saudi Aramco.
This failure also arises from a misunderstanding of the Latino community and its culture.
"There's another misunderstanding ... that Bhutan has claimed that we're the happiest country," said Tshoki.
And many Republican ads take advantage of that misunderstanding, reinforcing a dishonest perception. Rep.
Some companies showed "wilful misunderstanding" of the aims of the legislation, the report said.
In part, that is all the fruit of a twin misunderstanding, a false comparison.
The central division between Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy is not one of misunderstanding.
Much of the misinformation is rooted in a misunderstanding of what these laws do.
As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.
But that may be a fundamental part of misunderstanding the differences between the two.
Fingers crossed that Scott's alleged infidelity has been wildly exaggerated...or just a huge misunderstanding.
"The fear and shame in myself was my own misunderstanding," she told reporters on Tuesday.
She said she was also surprised by the "misunderstanding" that exists around what feminism means.
That kind of empathy is how we begin to deconstruct misunderstanding, to fight against hatred.
For one, the growing market of pseudoscientific tests might give consumers a misunderstanding of genetics.
You're also completely misunderstanding what the ratings are trying to accomplish in the first place.
By Tuesday evening, Trump had succeeded in making that all seem like a big misunderstanding.
The tweet — which comes with photographic evidence of the misunderstanding — pretty much speaks for itself.
Soon after they had opened the first Corks N Canvas, they experienced their first misunderstanding.
"There could be some misunderstanding, some bad call on one side or another," he says.
A tweet from the company's support account suggested that the verification scandal was a misunderstanding.
This was not just a mistake or even a misunderstanding: it was a terrible misnomer.
It was also mostly a lie, based on a misunderstanding, designed to bolster a hegemony.
A common misunderstanding of quantum computing is that it amounts to extremely fast parallel processing.
RELATED: FBI: No charges but 'extremely careless' Paladino told CNN it was all a misunderstanding.
Our previous statement above was incorrect and the result of a of good-faith misunderstanding.
Because of a misunderstanding of the rules of the website, Draft Kings suspended my account.
He said investors are misunderstanding the company as the shares plunged following a massive loss.
But it was horrible because it was a huge misunderstanding, it was a huge lie.
Someone seems to get mad at me on Twitter after misunderstanding a tweet of mine.
Air Canada said in a statement that the ordeal was the result of a misunderstanding.
I think with the large misunderstanding that we have over bodies and sex, comes shaming.
Maybe, Cordner hoped, this was all a big misunderstanding and everything would be straightened out.
"I asked for something in writing which stated that there was a misunderstanding," he explained.
"The whole statement seemed to suggest a complete misunderstanding of the climate problem," Reilly said.
But thanks to the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding HIV, some have found it wholly ineffectual.
Across Asia and the Middle East, Hu thinks there is a great deal of misunderstanding.
Faulty communication can stem from misunderstanding, when you don't take responsibility for what you say.
He mentioned the Twitter backlash he received from Lady Gaga fans after a minor misunderstanding.
If anything, the 2016 presidential campaign only deepened popular misunderstanding of international trade and finance.
Unless I'm misunderstanding, these lyrics gonna have folks looking at Jay-Z like... #LEMONADE pic.twitter.
The situation is contrived and methodically designed for maximum frustration, misunderstanding, and miscarriage of justice.
Their fundamental misunderstanding of how software security works, and what responsible disclosure means, is staggering.
That doesn't mean that anyone is denying or misunderstanding the sources or roots of terrorism.
But in order to succeed, they must undo decades of misunderstanding and mischaracterization of infertility.
There has been as much misunderstanding, especially among Trump's boosters, about what it really means.
Veyrat explained the supposed misunderstanding which occurred over his cheese soufflé during the Michelin inspection.
"The 'hole in the soul' is a misunderstanding about the nature of reality," he says.
But my day in the chamber revealed the depths of my misunderstanding about my metabolism.
The American president isn't alone in misunderstanding how competition actually works in the global economy.
Kavanaugh — teary, pouty and Trumpian — would have us believe this is about a simple misunderstanding.
It also reflects a misunderstanding of due process, writes Christine Emba in The Washington Post.
"It was a misunderstanding, obviously," Callaway said in his initial session with reporters on Monday.
The tweet displays a profound misunderstanding of the way conspiracy theories and "fake news" work.
UBS apologised for any misunderstanding caused by Donovan's comments and put the economist on leave.
Maybe there was a misunderstanding, and it hardly seems worth dwelling on this single incident.
The first misunderstanding is about Facebook itself and the competitive dynamics in which we operate.
Clearly, the misunderstanding of the work of cinematographers allows it to be underestimated and undervalued.
The whole thing is a farcical misunderstanding of five characters who see five different things.
To rectify this obvious misunderstanding, Congress is voting today to pass my Email Privacy Act.
"Our team understood this story was purely editorial, but there was a misunderstanding," Facebook added.
But I don't write in Chinese, I explained, and the organizer apologized for her misunderstanding.
It's a reminder that misunderstanding and bigotry against trans people is still prevalent, she said.
The jury's decision seemed to be a fundamental misunderstanding of how people use the internet.
Analysts say Mr. Trump's approach also betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of how the government works.
"There seems to have been some sort of flirtation, then a misunderstanding," the official said.
His wife, Maria del Carmen Venegas, 32, says the charges are "a misunderstanding" in Mexico.
Unfortunately, Moore's public comments evidence a profound misunderstanding of the how our constitutional rights work.
"Obviously there was a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding in that old story," he continued.
These theories are baseless and reflect a misunderstanding of the Constitution and rule of law.
Enten: So I think this is a misunderstanding, and I'm glad you brought it up.
Given that fundamental misunderstanding, there's no immediate off-ramp for escalating tensions going into 2020.
And No. 2, because there's a fundamental misunderstanding about what our responsibilities are around it.
"This was a local store level misunderstanding that is being dealt with internally," they said.
By misunderstanding the purpose of the riots, public officials made events like them more likely.
Celebrity health endorsements, no matter how well-intentioned and carefully crafted, frequently lead to misunderstanding.
So on one level, the campaign against Uber was the result of a massive misunderstanding.
According to the report, pilots' misunderstanding of weight distribution could potentially exacerbate engine-related emergencies.
There's also a basic misunderstanding at the heart of all this diagnosis-from-a-distance.
In his statement he puts this down to "miscommunication" and a misunderstanding by an assistant.
Iranian officials called it "a cultural misunderstanding" at the time, and the diplomat was later fired.
It's almost as if Facebook has a fundamental misunderstanding of how people are using its platform.
On Wednesday, however, Mercedes issued a statement saying Lauda "regrets any misunderstanding" caused by his comments.
To hear Barr tell it then, what happened with his letter was all a big misunderstanding.
The last thing we need going into the next four years is more confusion and misunderstanding.
A spokesman for Trump Jr. told The New York Times that there had been a misunderstanding.
But a spokesperson at the time told the Guardian that the whole thing was a misunderstanding.
But there can be a lot of misunderstanding about what vaccines are and how they work.
Williams does make an interesting point, suggesting that this might all be a kind of misunderstanding.
And I think that's really been a gross misunderstanding of what mental health is all about.
At best it's overregulation to prevent any sort of misunderstanding or possible future hassle with OFAC.
But this narrow view of the president's options rests on a misunderstanding of basic constitutional principles.
We regret any misunderstanding it may have caused and have updated the language in our materials.
" Appearing to not want to continue the argument, Kourtney says that her commentary "was a misunderstanding.
There should be no misunderstanding that U.S. consumers pay for tariffs on products that are imported.
Mueller blamed the scandal on a misunderstanding and called it a technical, not an ethical, problem.
It also betrayed a fundamental misunderstanding of how major changes have always occurred in our country.
Sephora tells us that the misunderstanding is a lot less severe than Twitter made it seem.
This comes across as a misunderstanding of what we've been working towards these past few months.
After some laughs at the misunderstanding, Ashley instructed her mother to drop the capsules into water.
With the stakes so high, talking lessens risks of misunderstanding in an alarming game of chicken.
I think part of our struggle is rooted in a misunderstanding of what surrender actually is.
" Bahrain's foreign ministry said Tillerson's remarks were "inappropriate" and showed "a deep misunderstanding of the facts.
This was just YT being YT and that the media was misreporting and misunderstanding the story.
The singer did what any pro heistress would do: she explained that it's all a misunderstanding.
There was just a misunderstanding, you should have never gotten this far in the first place.
It all could have been a misunderstanding, an awkward social situation easily misinterpreted from far away.
But the stigma and misunderstanding of HIV is what enables the law to continually be undermined.
If there's one thing that never fails to win the internet's heart, it's a simple misunderstanding.
What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about the era that The Get Down captures?
Like any episode of Curb, it revolves around how a simple misunderstanding can have disastrous consequences.
To be fair, that misunderstanding of the system has been built into it from the start.
"We're going to finish this nomination this fall, so let there be no misunderstanding," McConnell said.
Was Scella the shortest-lived Hollywood couple ever, or is the whole thing just a misunderstanding?
What were the proponents of Waxman-Markey misunderstanding at the time that is understood better now?
Chavarria said he's willing to do whatever he can to fix the damage from the misunderstanding.
It's the only mode most of these comic-book movies have had: suffering, oppression, misunderstanding, apocalypse.
Here's the thing: It is absolutely possible that, at root, this is all one big misunderstanding.
Or, in the most generous interpretation, it's a misunderstanding of what an "intellectual conversation" really is.
He accuses central bankers of misunderstanding the drivers of inflation and their effects on the economy.
"It shows a complete misunderstanding of how this White House works," Pence said of the book.
Obduracy built on a misunderstanding is hardly a promising foundation for lasting and large-scale disarmament.
Police departments need to make a change and recognize the misunderstanding and stigma this population faces.
When youngsters who injure themselves seek help, they are often met with alarm, misunderstanding and overreaction.
That outrage was perhaps prompted by a misunderstanding of the rules for induction into the Hall.
I feel that the biggest misunderstanding is that many Chinese take "House of Cards" too seriously.
"It must be a misunderstanding," Tusk told journalists in Malta, which holds the EU's rotating presidency.
Trump blamed a faulty earpiece for misunderstanding the question and said he's previously repudiated the support.
Nothing but insults, degrading comments about Muslims, a total misunderstanding of what made our country great.
" Part of that misunderstanding, he says, is what led to the misuse of the word "illegal.
"What happened on Friday, to me, it's a simple misunderstanding," Kappell said in the video post.
Distance makes misconception and misunderstanding a mind game—even more so than with regular ol' communication.
"So that quote is not in context and is a misunderstanding of my position," Kavanaugh said.
Something else that contributed to the misunderstanding was that trich was considered an exceedingly rare disorder.
It could have all ended there as a big misunderstanding, with an apology and Fairooz's release.
If you're looking for something to do, you may be misunderstanding the point of the Sky.
In the course of your reporting, what did you understand was the biggest misunderstanding about Rivers?
We deeply apologize for any misunderstanding, as it was absolutely not our intent to offend anyone.
As far as our prospects for cultural misunderstanding go, however, it's worse than that: He's French.
A lot of the fear of credit cards comes from a misunderstanding of how they work.
And with what potential to provoke misunderstanding, fear and even harm to people with few defenses?
The museum blames misunderstanding, but zine artists say tribal perspectives on oil and gas were silenced.
That seems like a smart response when any discussion of a word is packed with misunderstanding.
Mr. Howe later returned to the stand and claimed that it was all just a misunderstanding.
At the time, I wasn't even worried because his friend said there had been a misunderstanding.
There are many places, however, where the misunderstanding goes deeper, obscuring what Virgil meant to convey.
This translation shows regular misunderstanding of how Greek and Latin names work and what they signify.
However, they are not misunderstanding youth culture, but using it to sell more of their product.
Hjorth works finely parsed and brilliant variations on her unrelenting theme of familial mistrust and misunderstanding.
So Trump's explanation for the market slide rests on a fundamental misunderstanding of how time works.
The second reason, though, is that this kind of thing encourages a fundamental misunderstanding of causality.
And we still haven't gotten to the bottom of who is lying (or misunderstanding) and why.
But researchers said the remark showed a fundamental misunderstanding of the way biomedical research is conducted.
Sanders allies feel betrayed by what they view as a low blow over an old misunderstanding.
" A few hours later, Linney received a text from Strout saying, "Laura, there's been a misunderstanding.
On Wednesday, though, she cleared up what she thought had been a misunderstanding over her comments.
In "Partners," two office-mates, Craig and Jane, are locked in a state of constant misunderstanding.
Many businesses have a "gross misunderstanding" of what social media is good for, Diaz-Ortiz said.
The Washington Post was one of numerous outlets that conveyed that misunderstanding in aggressively inaccurate headlines.
This misunderstanding can lead many to overestimate their influence among their peers and form cooperative relationships.
Pence described the controversy as largely a misunderstanding, but the episode didn't do him any favors.
Michelin said a technical glitch had put the Bourges restaurant on its map, creating the misunderstanding.
It was possible to imagine, in fact, that this would not be a misunderstanding at all.
But what Klein gets wrong about Cap/Steve Rogers signals a fundamental misunderstanding of the character.
There's a fundamental misunderstanding at work in damning abstraction by associating it with erasure and irresponsibility.
That there's a general misunderstanding as to why that is and what to do about it.
I'd say that the age gap causes a [general] misunderstanding [on the part of] older generations.
"I am sorry for any hurt caused as a result of this misunderstanding, but we must remember that we are talking about a misunderstanding, and I am sure that we can put the issue behind us," Rivlin was quoted as telling Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.
In fact, a rep for Ulta Beauty tells Refinery29 that this was all just one big misunderstanding.
"There is a lot of noise and some people are misunderstanding what they are seeing," McDermott said.
Say exactly what you want, without any room for misunderstanding—it will stave off your bot rage.
Government lawyers said the searches were based on a misunderstanding of the required standard for such searches.
But he revealed a profound misunderstanding of how federal lawmaking is supposed to work in the process.
He added that the new memo also responds to "the misunderstanding or mischaracterization" of the original one.
He told them it was all a misunderstanding and that he was 'a friend of the king.
They wanted to raise their issues, but because of a misunderstanding, we tried to avoid their issues.
Six minutes later, the Madrid crowd was once more silenced by another misunderstanding between Madrid's central defenders.
Jessica Simpson called out Natalie Portman on Twitter for what appears to have been a huge misunderstanding.
All too often, financial services participants bombard investors with jargon that leads to greater confusion and misunderstanding.
"Every time one of these things happens, it plays on misunderstanding of how advertising works," Eion said.
"Morey must apologize for his misunderstanding about our country," said 21-year-old college student Rudy Chen.
And, crucially, the "misunderstanding" at the center of this meme can be deliberate, accidental, disingenuous, or ironic.
Zara soon apologized for the "misunderstanding" in a statement posted to Weibo, a Chinese social media site.
Some people I spoke with said the US government is fundamentally misunderstanding the situation facing their country.
Mr Trump's 97%-success-rate claim appears to be based on a misunderstanding of the MDA's arithmetic.
Like the original complaint, "it is based on the fundamental misunderstanding of fantasy sports competitions," he added.
And misunderstanding the role DNA does or doesn't play in determining one's fate can have dangerous consequences.
So you don't want somebody like Trump shooting off his mouth, and people misunderstanding what he intended.
Even the claim that Putin wants to undermine our democracy requires a serious misunderstanding of his worldview.
" He continues, "I talk about stupidity, misunderstanding, arrogance, lies — all these things that are part of politics.
But he then got more serious, addressing Trump's misunderstanding of his presidential role and impact on others.
Most of the mistakes later are about hiring decisions or just misunderstanding the market or your customers.
A Senate aide last week said the cancellation was due to a "misunderstanding" between top committee lawmakers.
On July 14, days before the attack, Aoba grabbed and threatened the neighbor over an apparent misunderstanding.
FedEx said the "mistake" that prevented PCMag's package delivery was caused by an employee misunderstanding the blacklist.
This shows a misunderstanding of the scope -- and limitations -- of the Secret Service's responsibilities over presidential candidates.
But Holtz-Eakin, a former Congressional Budget Office director, said that is a misunderstanding of basic economics.
This big change in the new seasons belies a fundamental misunderstanding of the books' take on violence.
Faki, the head of a 55-nation bloc, canceled his visit to D.C. entirely over the misunderstanding.
Yet the Franco-German dialogue over refugees has, in reality, been marked by misunderstanding, dismay and irritation.
Genetics often gets oversimplified due to a general misunderstanding of how genes affect traits, Comfort told me.
Rose briefly addressed the tweets early this morning, explaining that it was all just a big misunderstanding.
Yates showed a fundamental misunderstanding of her role in shutting down Justice Department in defiance of Trump.
Testy of TX This is a pretty common misunderstanding of what "no zoning" in Houston actually means.
An FCC spokesperson dismissed their concerns, saying they were based on a "fundamental misunderstanding" of the proposal.
Email is how offices communicate these days — and that opens the door for a lot of misunderstanding.
Clinton's behalf betrays a basic misunderstanding of the way the agency functions, and views its own mission.
Was it all a case of misunderstanding the differences between what theater is and what journalism is?
Mooney thinks these views represent a thorough misunderstanding of how much we actually know about our world.
But I feel there is a huge misunderstanding among both people trading cryptocurrencies, as well as critics.
But their defenders say they are great guards, cautious (not stubborn, that's a misunderstanding) and even lovable.
Some of the current recommendations are based on misunderstanding of the laboratory and the professionals running it.
On July 14, days before the attack, Aoba grabbed and threatened the neighbour over an apparent misunderstanding.
Our fear of deficits, according to MMT, comes from a profound misunderstanding of the nature of money.
"This is obviously a misunderstanding," said German State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth, who attended the talks in Montreal.
Chinamasa said the incident was the result of a misunderstanding and did not reflect military muscle-flexing.
Is misunderstanding the context or the origin of these foods part of what non-Asians get wrong?
A lot of Musk's arguments feel rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of how journalists do their jobs.
If an employer asked me about it, I would just lie and say there was a misunderstanding.
VS: Is there any way this is a misunderstanding about what happened in the dugout in 2001?
However, blaming Twitter is a narrow-minded argument and a misunderstanding of the true problem at hand.
In this context, the work suggests a misunderstanding of the firmly disciplined Pollock as a wild man.
There's a misunderstanding that the repeal of net neutrality will result in immediate and drastic change online.
I think there is a basic misunderstanding that it's not really about war — it's about preventing war.
Let there be no misunderstanding, the threat of severe economic and environmental damage is real and growing.
"This report will spread misunderstanding and was lacking in consideration," the magazine's editors said in a statement.
The most significant example of this occurs during an episode exploring public misunderstanding about genetically modified organisms.
But at the root of many disputes are issues of transparency, misunderstanding, overreach and, of course, money.
Misunderstanding the science, the group spread the alarm that tetanus vaccine was secretly a birth-control method.
" Mr. Sweet said that was a mistake based on a misunderstanding of the legal term "death recorded.
This week's flare-up began, as many had warned, with a misunderstanding over Hamas fire on Tuesday.
This is a gross misunderstanding of his life, and an inversion of the message he actually preached.
There's humor, there's love, but there's a whole lot of misunderstanding that has to be waded through.
It suggests a decadent and supremely dangerous abstraction and a fundamental misunderstanding of what politics is for.
A flashback in the opening scene reveals it was all a big misunderstanding involving the Jesus' penis.
"In being fair to Elizabeth Warren, I think it must have been a misunderstanding," he added later.
Mr. Hoyer's staff moved quickly on Wednesday to walk back his remarks, blaming it on a misunderstanding.
This was not some mix-up or misunderstanding or someone who worked for Warren making a mistake.
An RSVP misunderstanding between Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres led to a hilariously awkward interview last week.
That reflects a misunderstanding about the world — that security is assured only when we're blowing things up.
The NWS Forecaster(s) corrected any public misunderstanding in an expert and timely way, as they should.
But true saddle discomfort comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to ride a bike.
Because of a misunderstanding on the part of the editors, this was not discovered until after publication.
However, the funny misunderstanding occurred when the website updated its "how to" visual demonstration of the dish. 
Both of these videos are premised on the anxiety that's born of systemic misunderstanding, confrontation and racism.
"There was a misunderstanding, a group of local police and uprisers was bombed by American aircraft," Gen.
The bill's supporters argue that Cotton is either misunderstanding the bill or misleading the public about it.
These are all potential issues, about people misunderstanding and acting inappropriately on behalf of their genetic results.
"The last several years, the ethos of the denomination has been characterized more by mistrust and misunderstanding."
Right now this all looks like a big misunderstanding that will be resolved in fairly short order.
"This was no simple misunderstanding by an over-eager foreign student," Chutkan said before imposing the sentence.
Then you need a fight or argument, or at least a misunderstanding (the more contrived the better).
"In my district, right now there's a lot of misunderstanding as to what it is we're doing," Rep.
He said that there's a bit of a misunderstanding of how entertainment subscriptions tend to end up working.
This misunderstanding has now been cleared up and all parties are satisfied that they acted in good faith.
One reason for much of today's misunderstanding about anti-Semitism is that it is undergoing another thematic change.
Without properly understanding different nations' strategies in these domains, says Allen, the chances of misunderstanding and conflict increase.
"I was frustrated with the level of misunderstanding from people who have never experienced mental illness," he says.
There is a misunderstanding about what such models were saying which their makers failed to make clear enough.
Please cover your ears, if that's physically possible") to Chris Christie ("I think you're misunderstanding New Jersey's slogan.
This miscalculation suggests a fundamental misunderstanding that equates a painting with its image, but more on that later.
Sociologist Tamara K. Nopper argued against depicting these Black-Asian conflicts as "mutual misunderstanding" in a 2015 article.
It's at least conceivable that the whole conflict is a result of an enormous misunderstanding of some kind.
Every experience of pain, joy, heartbreak, longing, failure, misunderstanding, and triumph — that could be in my daughter's future.
At best, the image is an ethnic stereotype that promotes cultural misunderstanding; at worst, it is intensely derogatory.
"We apologise for any misunderstanding that might be interpreted as an offence to the great artist," they wrote.
" The athlete added: "I think there was a little misunderstanding of the fact of what I believe in.
The chances for a misunderstanding, for a retaliatory move to trigger an unstoppable cascade are easy to see.
That's not only derivative — it also reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of what made the Dark Tower series work.
There might be deception or misunderstanding, or one friend might be violating physical or emotional boundaries, she says.
Still, there are a few things you can do to prevent your Alexa-enabled device from misunderstanding you.
" Asked about McConnell's earlier plan to bring up the 2015 repeal bill, Cornyn said, "That's a big misunderstanding.
History is, of course, strewn with examples of contradictory campaign anthems and politicians misunderstanding their favorite artsits' intentions.
One of the challenges in Thailand is that we still face with alot of misunderstanding with the public.
"I have a unique way of misunderstanding the world that helps me see things easily overlooked," he says.
It makes his service particularly necessary, the Times reported: Most rape is not the result of a misunderstanding.
After hurried meetings in Paris and Libreville on January 20103th, any "misunderstanding" appears to have been quietly resolved.
Their stories were often sad, courageous, and triumphant—but Squirtle's becoming was particularly complicated and prone to misunderstanding.
So I hope that this misunderstanding stays in the woods and doesn't follow us back to the city.
I'm also told the head of the Chinese security detail apologized to the Americans afterwards for the misunderstanding.
The innocent explanation is that there was a diplomatic misunderstanding at the airport, albeit a rather astonishing one.
No room for misunderstanding Trump's statement was remarkable because it was not just an explanation of Saudi policy.
"What happened on Friday, to me, it's a simple misunderstanding," Kappell said in a video posted on Monday.
I am disappointed by the misunderstanding, but wish him the best as he continues to serve the House.
First, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of Impact Aid and the critical role it plays supporting public schools.
But what finally turned Attica the town or prison into Attica the uprising was a misunderstanding, not discontent.
This move is motivated by the president's misunderstanding of a Wall Street Journal article he read in October.
Even if you have the purest intentions, the potential for misunderstanding is way too high to risk it.
When officers responded to the call, Mr. McLellan told them the situation was a misunderstanding, Chief Scott said.
With such inherent misunderstanding of the term, socialism is whatever they believe is wrong with the current system.
"There was a misunderstanding about those values [not being] tied to building a great business, which they are."
"I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding," Cardi later told Howard Stern of the meeting.
However, Crane says that this is simply a misunderstanding of who these patients are, and what they need.
She said the issue is believed to be a "simple misunderstanding about the contract," the Financial Times reported.
Hours later, Mr. Netanyahu's office issued a statement in which it said the whole thing was a misunderstanding.
Freedhoff told me our obsession with protein may stem from a misunderstanding of protein's benefits for weight loss.
Kusick decided to have a little fun with the whole misunderstanding and took the idea to the extreme.
Michael told us the whole thing was a "misunderstanding" and that his wife didn't want to press charges.
Surely this was a misunderstanding, and the mayor of a Drake-themed village knew what he was about.
We also invite Unity to participate in this broader thinking with us, whatever the outcome of our misunderstanding.
There's a lot of misunderstanding – some people think I'm completely deaf until I put my hearing aids in.
We shouldn't be afraid to fight this misunderstanding, to speak out when we experience things a little unusual.
" He continued, "This misunderstanding of our community leads to miscommunication which we should convert into a progressive dialogue.
The so-called trade imbalance is a one-dimensional view and a misunderstanding of the benefits of trade.
And the neo-mercantilists have a habit of making crude errors, like misunderstanding how value-added taxes work.
Because of a fundamental misunderstanding about who lives in rural areas, Democratic presidential campaigns have let outreach slide.
The risk of misunderstanding and stereotyping is only exacerbated when mental health professionals are encouraged to be silent.
A discerning chronicler of cultural misunderstanding, she started the book just as nativist resentment became a political movement.
The bombing generated a brief moment of public concern, but its legacy has been overwhelmingly one of misunderstanding.
Learning to stop feeling the need to explain myself to people who are already committed to misunderstanding me.
"Delaying chemotherapy out of a fear of coronavirus is a total misunderstanding of risks and gains," he says.
And for anybody who is misunderstanding what I'm saying, trash, I think, is my favorite type of movie.
And if he stands by the one-big-misunderstanding argument, will Warren let that be the last word?
"The Royal Navy said: "While the exercise was conducted properly, we regret any misunderstanding this may have caused.
Hege Aakre, Bochkaryov's lawyer, told Reuters her client denied any wrongdoing and regarded the incident as a "misunderstanding".
It's a sad story — yet another misunderstanding among geniuses — but you can see why they wouldn't get along.
His manner is central to his populist image, but it inevitably leads to misunderstanding, even among Filipino journalists.
Trying to make Trump fit into any sort of pre-established box of presidential behavior is misunderstanding him.
It reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of how the Constitution allocated foreign affairs authority between the President and Congress.
They say the criticisms reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of their approach to engagement with the corporations they own.
That said, there's a "chronic misunderstanding" around giving advice to those who are living in poverty, Micah says.
The Commission and the public had plenty of time to correct misunderstanding of the facts, assumptions, and options.
Most people believe that bullies and the bullied aren't the same individuals, but Bradshaw says that's a misunderstanding.
It's better to have one uncomfortable conversation than to let a misunderstanding and stubbornness ruin a good relationship.
School authorities sometimes think that, because shootings seem unpredictable, they cannot be prevented, but this is a misunderstanding.
"We are misunderstanding the scale and also the impact of these propaganda operations of the Kremlin," she said.
Trump's critics suggested that this error showed a fundamental misunderstanding of geography on the part of the President.
My female friends also hold a deeper misunderstanding that anal sex, for gay men, is like a handshake.
So we had a misunderstanding [and] a lack of awareness of the real risks of addiction back then.
But along with the effects on advertising, we're also massively misunderstanding a pretty critical shift in journalism itself.
But it's fun to try to find where people are misunderstanding and then tweak it a little bit.
"Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will."
She yelled at him, and he said that it was a "misunderstanding" before trying to leave her home.
Uber said it was not, and has since apologized for any misunderstanding, but the consumer backlash had continued.
Turkish officials said instead that France had been allowed to hear a recording, and blamed France for the misunderstanding.
" He said the city is looking at alternative sites and hopes to resolve what he termed an "unfortunate misunderstanding.
Reporters swarmed Nakamoto's Temple City, California, home, but he soon explained that the article was based on a misunderstanding.
To some extent, this appears to be yet another example of political reformers misunderstanding the nature of political parties.
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said Monday a misunderstanding may have led to Unilever's rejection of Kraft Heinz's merger bid.
"I have received apologies from the two priests for any misunderstanding or any hurt their presence caused," Warfel wrote.
The fact remains, however, that this is a fundamental misunderstanding of gender and sexuality, as well as Eisenman's practice.
"It is a complete misunderstanding," Sellin told Rzeczpospolita daily when asked if he wants the museum to be built.
"So that there is no misunderstanding and for clarification, I hereby resign as a delegate," Johnson wrote to Clark.
According to the Associated Press, Mexico claimed the incident was one of misunderstanding, while Trump had another, baseless explanation.
In a statement after her arrest, her representative said a "misunderstanding occurred and there was no battery or trespassing."
Besides, Hughes is misunderstanding anti-trust law, and those laws are out of date and wouldn't be effective anyway.
Tirana, Albania (CNN)Some will try to downplay it, to dismiss it, to tell you it's a big misunderstanding.
Just because joining the military is an admirable choice doesn't mean it's a path free of doubt or misunderstanding.
The underlying issue may be a misunderstanding or a misplaced grudge that can quickly dissipate from a genuine conversation.
"It was a misunderstanding," Coolio, 53, told reporters outside of court, according to TMZ and the Los Angeles Times.
Mongolia's government has apologised for the "misunderstanding" caused by the visit and said it will not permit a repeat.
But Joke Bijl, a forest service spokeswoman, says this is a misunderstanding: all animal populations run up against barriers.
That misunderstanding is at least somewhat understandable given the fact that many of the president's foes seem oblivious themselves.
" Per their website, "Working to combat the stigma and misunderstanding is the key to getting this outbreak under control.
But even less controversial harm-reduction policies are being stymied by governmental inertia and a misunderstanding of the evidence.
His UN speech betrays a misunderstanding of how U.S. international engagement since World War II has served American interests.
Thanks to him, optimists everywhere came to believe that hatred was a misunderstanding and that contact could fix it.
Dan Hinkson, a licensed dealer in Fredericksburg, Va., says there is a misunderstanding about firearm purchases over the Internet.
Zendaya was able to purchase gift cards up to our limit, and we apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding.
"It feeds into the misunderstanding that all cult members are freaks, and that something's wrong with them," she adds.
Carson's campaign has since conceded he did not formally apply and said the debate centered on a semantic misunderstanding.
Now school administrators are trying to clear up the kerfuffle, which they insist was simply a misunderstanding gone awry.
Malpas thinks the Boy Scouts' decision reflects a common misunderstanding of the difference between assigned sex and gender identity.
It's possible that some of the Twitter complaints are related to a misunderstanding about how this transition process works.
"A misunderstanding would be that it's just about Hollywood, or that it's just about the film industry," Hurwitz says.
Kisby Enterprises admitted to us ... there was an "unfortunate misunderstanding" and it now intends to withdraw the eviction filing.
A city official showed up in hopes of alleviating the situation and explaining the misunderstanding, but to no avail.
A survey carried out earlier in 2015 by the Wellcome Trust suggested a similar prevalence of misunderstanding in Britain.
When Hillary wasn't elected, I know that I thought, Oh, there's a huge misunderstanding in our culture about mothers.
But Macron's remarks spoke to a larger issue of our dangerous misunderstanding of the dynamics of far-right violence.
Republicans on Wednesday tried to suggest that perhaps the impeachment investigation was all a misunderstanding based on secondhand accounts.
There are concerns that with each new maneuver a misunderstanding or misstep by either side could lead to war.
The government had stated that the issue was a misunderstanding and they never planned to change the blasphemy laws.
" It blasted the department for its "flawed analysis and misunderstanding of the dynamic, competitive and highly regulated healthcare landscape.
The engagement appeared to be a misunderstanding that occurred in the dark of night, it said on its website.
"It doesn't hurt anybody but it seems like such a tragic misunderstanding of how Kickstarter actually works," he said.
One recent misunderstanding revolved around Camping World's recent acquisition of Gander Mountain, a hunting, fishing and camping equipment retailer.
So much unnecessary struggle, conflict, and wasted energy comes from a fundamental misunderstanding about what's really under our control.
Trump's peevish tweet seems to be based on a misunderstanding of Macron's comments about building up Europe's unified military.
"I said, 'I want to make sure you understand, there's no misunderstanding,'" he said of his talk with Garland.
When Barry reaches Layla in El Paso, the novel's twin motifs of misunderstanding art and the 2016 election converge.
"I think there's a lot of misunderstanding on why we did it," Saunders told Cramer in a Wednesday interview.
The footwear companies said that "there should be no misunderstanding" that tariffs result in consumers paying more for products.
Was there ever a problem with kids at your shows misunderstanding the more nuanced political discussions in your lyrics?
She says a mental breakdown and a misunderstanding with police led her to the streets a few years ago.
It's also a gross misunderstanding of the cultural legacy of combat sports and the current issues that face them.
Whether it's the news or common articles, there is a lot of disrespect due to misunderstanding, which is unfortunate.
She knew that the misunderstanding of this relatively new disease was creating a dangerous situation when mixed with homophobia.
CDC officials said there are no bans and what transpired was a misunderstanding of a routine discussion on budgeting.
Sanders's view of Castro and the Cuban people espoused in the video shows a monumentally dangerous misunderstanding of Cuba.
And many baby boomers seem to be making her point for her by misunderstanding what OK boomer is about.
In college, this generational social media gap has become a source of misunderstanding and miscommunication between students and administrators.
Here, again, is where Trump's recent tweets show a misunderstanding of basic aspects of the US criminal justice system.
"The DOJ's claims lack a basis in reality and reflect a fundamental misunderstanding of the industry," the company says.
The Trump administration proposal denies transgender people the right to assert who they are, and potentially furthers public misunderstanding.
First, they're outright, clearly intentional lies — not dubious assertions or misstatements that could be attributed to ignorance or misunderstanding.
After we both vehemently denied the rumor, the gunnery sergeant dropped the accusation and said it was a misunderstanding.
His attorneys have reportedly called the whole passport incident a misunderstanding ... saying Ronaldinho didn't know the documents were fake.
She didn't know exactly why, but she thought it was some misunderstanding about some money that had gone missing.
Watkins had another staffer confront that person about the alleged incident, which the sources described as a big misunderstanding.
Anyone who thought differently was committed to misunderstanding me, and there was nothing I could do to control that.
Even when it is discussed, he adds, it's often laden with judgment, redolent of misunderstanding how addiction grips people.
" Mr. Burks later said he strongly disagreed with Father Conroy's recollection, adding that he was "disappointed by the misunderstanding.
It seemed like the easiest way to solve a problem that I saw all around me — that of misunderstanding.
In his posts, Mr. Trump seemed to betray a misunderstanding of how two branches of the federal government work.
"Mediation allows schools to sweep sexual violence under the rug, treating it as a misunderstanding between students," she said.
I would like to believe that this was nothing more than a misunderstanding, just a case of poor service.
It originates from ignorance or misunderstanding and harms those suffering from mental illness by depriving them of their humanity.
Actress Jenna Fischer actually apologized on Twitter for contributing to a misunderstanding about the teacher's deduction for classroom supplies.
She said the church's reliance on bishop-mediated repentance "reflects a deep misunderstanding" of the Christian theology of grace.
But much of that is rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of what we do and what the public expects.
But the idea of crowdsourcing fact-checking also belies what some say is Mark Zuckerberg's fundamental misunderstanding of journalism.
She said chaos and confusion during the inferno may have led to misunderstanding about the passengers possibly being locked.
She says that the region's "rising intolerance for dissenting views" represents a misunderstanding of the press's role in society.
Third, seek quiet, direct dialogue with the North, just to be sure there is no misunderstanding of our resolve.
Officials can intensify the dialogue on doctrine among the leading nuclear powers to minimize the risks of any misunderstanding.
Like that scene in Euphoria, that dangerous misunderstanding can encourage reenactments of the violent, punishing sex normalized by porn.
As the article correctly noted elsewhere, the worker sent the alert intentionally, not inadvertently, after misunderstanding a supervisor's directions.
Much of West's criticism of how Coates describes Obama, however, seems to come from a misunderstanding of Coates's point.
Rather, rewarding advocates of intolerance with a cushy position reveals a misunderstanding of how the forces of illiberalism work.
All of the above is rooted in House of Cards' fundamental misunderstanding of how to build its final season.
We're eliciting evidence of widespread misunderstanding from editors, but also evidence that many simply don't care about outcome switching.
ANDREW SHEARDHong Kong Free exchange (May 27th) conveyed a frequent misunderstanding about unemployment statistics in France, especially concerning the young.
" Putin played with the misunderstanding, asking Zakaria with a smile, "Why do you change the meaning of what I said?
To the extent that there's been a miscommunication or a misunderstanding, we certainly apologize, because we're all about family here.
Based on your research for the publication of this book, what do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about Whitman?
Ironically, Kohn's publicity tour for the book has been tangled up in a bitter misunderstanding about race, privilege and reporting.
A failure to communicate these interests with foreign leaders -- especially hostile ones -- can increase the chances for misunderstanding and miscalculation.
Muji's China website said it was a misunderstanding, as the company's registered address and the food production site were different.
Nevertheless, many of these models encoded human prejudice, misunderstanding and bias into the software systems that increasingly managed our lives.
There's a misunderstanding that every single U.S. ambassador will be ejected when president-elect Donald Trump takes office on Jan.
He had a green card and no recent trouble with the law, so he assumed the issue was a misunderstanding.
Last year, the tennis star declared bankruptcy but later insisted it was a "misunderstanding," according to the Rome News-Tribune.
He described his confinement as a misunderstanding and said he supports reform efforts by the crown prince, known as MbS.
"Document precisely who is part of the lottery pool so that there's no misunderstanding later," Sinins told the Associated Press.
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is being sued over a misunderstanding that may have started with a fish head.
One misunderstanding, one misjudgment, one mistake - that's all it takes to move us to the brink of an international crisis.
All of these things led to decidedly mixed reviews and a lot of misunderstanding about what the film was doing.
Legal experts told Vox the White House letter seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the impeachment process works.
But a quick glance at the current Brexit debate on all sides suggests that there is still plenty of misunderstanding.
In the case of telecoms prices, however, the ONS's attempts at openness at first led more to misunderstanding than enlightenment.
This is not a "communications problem," some kind of misunderstanding that can be resolved via a digital age charm offensive.
Such frustration is often rooted in a misunderstanding of how mindfulness works, and what it's meant to do, say experts.
The ministry told Reuters on Wednesday there was "misunderstanding" about the regulations which "did not fundamentally conflict" with global practices.
In a previous statement to PEOPLE, Young said the situation was essentially a misunderstanding — an explanation the film's producers dismissed.
As for the gym, a rep denies Charlo was racially profiled but apologized for the "misunderstanding concerning our guest policy."
A congressional hearing Wednesday on the Meltdown and Spectre chip vulnerabilities had all the technobabble and painful misunderstanding you'd expect.
Pharmaceutical representatives say that this response stems from a misunderstanding of the health care system and how their industry works.
Naz's parents still very much believe that Naz is the victim of a big misunderstanding, that he's incapable of killing.
That reflects a general societal bias and misunderstanding about the reality that 50 percent of infertility issues originate with men.
Analysts suggest there are other scenarios in which an error or misunderstanding might bring about a conflict on the peninsula.
The airline said in a statement that the "misunderstanding" was "quickly resolved amicably" and the flight landed safely in Mumbai.
"The biggest misunderstanding we're seeing is that GitLab is an alternative to GitHub and we've grown beyond that," he said.
The White House had questioned OGE's authority to request the waivers, but ultimately said the spat had been a misunderstanding.
Just so there's no misunderstanding, this early wave of "bots" will have very little to do with complex artificial intelligence.
To us, it's a poison coursing deep through the veins of our country, and it thrives on hate and misunderstanding.
Not for the first time, the Mexican administration stands accused of misunderstanding the way the people of the country think.
Aside from fundamentally misunderstanding social human behavior, the PUA philosophy has been widely criticized for being toxic and objectifying women.
Cernovich's press pass has been approved, this was a misunderstanding on MY part, for which I accept full responsibility. pic.twitter.
" The pamphlet continued, "Misunderstanding of this phenomenon may lead the clinician to inappropriately stigmatize the patient with the label 'addict.
"Secretary's Zinke's comments yesterday betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of federal civil service," Cantwell said in a statement.
In some cases, administrations came back to such a policy only after misunderstanding and miscalculation brought them near the precipice.
" A Qantas spokesman told The Independent: "There was a misunderstanding on board, which seems to have been exacerbated by will.i.
"The fact that they're so reticent to do it shows a real misunderstanding of the" balance of power, he said.
Gift-wrapping has a bit of all these factors—discrepancies in focus, confusion over perspectives, misunderstanding of what is wanted.
That the public might think that, Ms. Parker said, suggests a misunderstanding of what really motivates her as an actor.
But Trump's statements are particularly troubling because they are rooted in a misunderstanding of the premise of the NATO alliance.
Or it could simply be a false alarm from terrestrial interference, a stray military transmission or some rare astrophysical misunderstanding.
Right now, the reality is a bit closer to tech companies misunderstanding who their users are and what they want.
The wall may thus sound like a solution in search of a problem, but that would be misunderstanding its purpose.
In addition, it appears as though sexism contributes to the misunderstanding as to the number and motivation behind female assailants.
At the Tel Aviv conference, Netanyahu said that Israeli-Mexican ties "are much stronger than any passing disagreement or misunderstanding".
Normally bullish on the banking sector, Bove in recent years has complained that investors are misunderstanding what drives the industry.
Fan also emphasized the need to deepen military-to-military relations with the United States to "avoid misunderstanding and miscalculation".
It failed to sell after an auction blunder caused misunderstanding in the room of the actual prices of the bids.
But even these hints underscore the impression that an avoidance of misunderstanding has been bought at the cost of oversimplification.
"A Qantas spokesman told The Independent: "There was a misunderstanding on board, which seems to have been exacerbated by will.i.
In that same vein, David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan Funds, said that the market is misunderstanding the economics.
I think there's such a misunderstanding of what people in the music industry do, like what singers and musicians do.
Trump's actions here likely reflect another misunderstanding of how American politics works, one that Lee tackled in an earlier book.
This is an apology handshake to clear up a prior misunderstanding and, from a technical perspective, it has everything, really.
Unfortunately, that tactic is naive and misguided, and relies on a misunderstanding of the law and politics surrounding the case.
Don't take it to heart, it's a misunderstanding—Neptune is deceptive, and you're likely hearing what you want to hear.
There is no biomarker or blood test to establish diagnosis, and patients often face misunderstanding from family, friends and doctors.
"It's a fundamental misunderstanding of what the message is," director Thea Sharrock argued in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.
Bunce must also overcome a more widespread misunderstanding of the relationship (or lack thereof) between chronological age and physical maturity.
He has met with various media outlets and tried to explain that the whole thing is just a big misunderstanding.
There is also the possibility that using lyrics as text reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of how a picture book works.
But if that was the misunderstanding, that this is a cooler-looking, branded Berocca, it's still a win for us.
Even if that's pain rooted in misunderstanding, it's pain that is nonetheless real and seems to have gone unconsidered here.
"Pound and Yeats are inventing 20th-century theater in the process of total cultural misunderstanding," he said in an interview.
To Mike Mikaelian, a third-generation raisin farmer, that was a fundamental misunderstanding, and a huge blow to the industry.
Since digital communication can be so susceptible to misunderstanding, it's important to make direct, human contact from time to time.
"The lack of transparency increases the risk of misunderstanding, miscalculations, accidents and incidents that can become dangerous," Mr. Stoltenberg said.
" A few months later, Ms. Ermansons received a voice mail message from Mr. Horovitz, apologizing for the "terrible, terrible misunderstanding.
I thought of a conversation I'd had with the curator and gallerist Jeffrey Deitch about a common misunderstanding about Chicago.
Or the related contention that this was a case of teenage horseplay gone awry — an innocent misunderstanding, if you will.
Mr. Tucker first chalked it up to a misunderstanding, owing to vandalism that the site had experienced in recent days.
Much of the criticism surrounding "New Americana," Halsey's first genuine hit, was actually just a misunderstanding of its satirical lyrics.
A common misunderstanding by skeptics, for example, is that interpretations are based on the physical location of those constellations today.
In Iran, Trump's disastrous (and utterly failed) "maximum pressure" campaign displays a stunning misunderstanding of Iranian history and strategic priorities.
The Patriots, for their part, tell Schefter there was nothing scandalous about the incident -- suggesting it was just a misunderstanding.
The cause of the false alarm was a misunderstanding by someone at Royal Navy Air Station Yeovilton, Portsmouth News reported.
"To characterize (the administration's position) as extraordinary or overreaching shows a complete misunderstanding of what these agencies do," Levi said.
JW: So, sure, people can applaud that, okay, but that belies a fundamental misunderstanding about how the world works now.
It's more of a misunderstanding between terriers and the people who would like them to be nice, obedient golden retrievers.
It's the classic product of State Department and European diplomatic thinking, rooted in a basic misunderstanding about how dictatorships work.
The idea that jokes will stop the tide of fear, hate and misunderstanding about people who practice Islam is seductive.
The more politically aware will use their art to "fight for social equity, reduce misunderstanding and discrimination," Mr. Gao said.
My sister, of course, my gorgeous sister with her handsome husband, she was in no hurry to correct the misunderstanding.
I regret the ambiguity surrounding the party responsible for failing to disclose Katyal's experience and any misunderstanding caused by it.
He referred to it as sexual assault, as groping, and finally said he would dismiss the thing as a misunderstanding.
For passengers who fail to understand what they're getting in a ticket, the misunderstanding can be both costly and frustrating.
It stems from a key misunderstanding many of us have of the difference between a physical dependence and an addiction.
Abortion is legal in Cambodia, but there is widespread misunderstanding of that, according to a report by the Guttmacher Institute.
There's a common misunderstanding that if a company doesn't sell more of something, it means the product is a failure.
"We deeply regret any misunderstanding or possible trouble this may have caused our customers," the company said in its statement.
It's a popular misunderstanding that one can only ship two characters who are not already romantically involved on a show.
But that does not negate the misunderstanding and gender stereotyping that often surrounds intentional fasting for spiritual or political purposes.
That finding is the result of a grievous misunderstanding on Dolan's part of how the American Time Use Survey works.
The rules are in place to avoid an aircraft getting shot down, either by mistake or due to a misunderstanding.
According to Clay, the misunderstanding of how sex trafficking differs from sex work contributes to the stigma against sex workers.
"It was a misunderstanding followed by some poor judgment on my part," he wrote to the prison officials in explanation.
How much do you think the lack of respect or misunderstanding of what you do is gendered, as they say?
Hotel management at the DoubleTree told the Oregonian that the incident was probably a misunderstanding and not rooted in racism.
Much misunderstanding about the practical trajectory of the Trumpian pivot stems from the fact that Cohn is a registered Democrat.
"There is a big misunderstanding about how the cycle of violence works and why people get dragged into it," Maler says.
Today, the company launched damage control measures and the CEO is spreading assurances that this is all just a big misunderstanding.
And then, a few weeks ago, it all came rushing back to me in a wave of shame, misunderstanding, and mortality.
Sharpton's attorney, Lisa Bloom, tells us her client's statement is really just a "misunderstanding" ... Bloom says there is no sex tape.
That's a misunderstanding of what Tumblr did ... People came to me who didn't know they were looking for what I did.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said it's a "fundamental misunderstanding" to believe eliminating zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) credits would hurt Tesla competitively.
Trump later complained about the dismissal of the lawsuit, displaying his misunderstanding of the law of public figure and actual malice.
My friend told me it was a huge misunderstanding and they had never hooked up, had never even thought of it.
"There seems to be some misunderstanding that somehow I see the world through a different lens," Tillerson told the Florida senator.
There's a misunderstanding in our culture that stepping away from the baby to take care of yourself is a selfish thing.
A source from within the Olympic movement told Reuters a delay in delivering the phones had been due to "a misunderstanding".
As Sears filed for bankruptcy yesterday, we chronicled how the once-iconic department store has been misunderstanding its shoppers for decades.
"It belies a misunderstanding that there's a way to know who the radicals are in a sleeper cell beforehand," he said.
Instead, the deputy got the 911 caller on the phone and let Bynum talk to her to clear up the misunderstanding.
Conversely, Sanell Aggenbach's "Rumours" (2011) highlights the emotional toll of lived womanhood, particularly in relation to experiences of shame or misunderstanding.
The complaint is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of COPPA principles, and we look forward to defending this action in court.
Fischer testified that he never made sexist remarks to Newton and said his criticisms of her final paperwork was a misunderstanding.
The Palestinian sports minister, Jibril Rajoub, called the photographs an "issue of misunderstanding" and said he hopes they will be removed.
Mentally ill and intellectually disabled people have been subjected to torture, confinement, and forced sterilization based on public fear and misunderstanding.
She suggests this reflects the fact that media visibility is a form of social recognition and can reduce prejudice and misunderstanding.
She corrected the record, making his misunderstanding clear, and kept demonstrating her detailed and superior comprehension of the issues at hand.
The potential is high for friction, misunderstanding, and conflict among the increasingly different ways of doing things across the major poles.
"[The biggest misunderstanding is] that I don't like black people or that I come from some entitled, rich background," Stacey said.
But her conservative critics reveal their own economic misunderstanding when they support targeted tax breaks as a means of creating jobs.
Managers should discuss with employees the plan in advance to avoid conflict and misunderstanding during a period of absence, Taylor says.
In response to his tweet, several users mocked the president for his incorrect words and misunderstanding of climate change versus weather.
Swift communication may not end a crisis, but it can certainly reduce the danger of tensions flaring up over a misunderstanding.
Problem was, the Italians went back on their promise once the meeting began, chalking the whole thing up to a misunderstanding.
The complaint is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of COPPA principles, and we look forward to defending this action in Court.
Her lawyer told us the arrest was a misunderstanding, because Gelson's didn't give her a chance to pay for her items.
Meanwhile, the Trump team presents itself as naïve victims of misunderstanding who were never handed any of the promised dirt anyway.
Nothing but insults and degrading comments about Muslims — a total misunderstanding of what made our country great, religious freedom, religious liberty.
The White House had questioned the OGE's authority to request the waivers, but ultimately said the spat had been a misunderstanding.
But comparing the group to the civil rights movement betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of both its importance and its broader agenda.
Still, things went along pleasantly enough from his perspective until a misunderstanding with his sister sparked open combat with his mother.
Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding on November 5 when a security agent didn't recognize that Ms. Bensreiti was wearing a hijab.
But some may find that food can contribute to misunderstanding and unnecessary drama on the holidays and the days in between.
Matthews says he wants to educate people on the effects of magic mushrooms and remove misunderstanding around their use and purpose.
This matchmaking seems wise, as Raoul is already in love with Valentine, but a misunderstanding causes him to refuse the offer.
City officials, meanwhile, argue that Protect Our Parks is misunderstanding the law and misrepresenting the environmental impact of the planned construction.
"All this criticism is based on misunderstanding, I think," said Shuji Yamaguchi, a partner at Tokyo-based law firm Okabe & Yamaguchi.
Fibromyalgia's invisibility and the public's misunderstanding of its effects leaves many people afraid to reveal their diagnosis and suffering in silence.
"It's a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of free speech," Sanford Heisler Sharp LLP chairman David Sanford told Forbes in 2017.
The scandal is entirely journalistic in origin, the result of a misunderstanding that occurred (they always do occur) during an interview.
Check it out ... judging from his casual demeanor, Mystikal makes it seem as if this is all just one gigantic misunderstanding.
I have learned to become aware of every move and word around me, because I cannot allow any room for misunderstanding.
Otherwise, he risks introducing all sorts of chaos into the system, raising the risk of misunderstanding, overreaction, and potentially even conflict.
Recent behavioral science research indicates, however, that such approaches may reflect a misunderstanding of humans and the likely causes of misbehavior.
" An IOC spokesman said: "It seems to have been a misunderstanding, we have not asked for the symbol to be removed.
That, I wrote off at the time, as a misunderstanding, but what had just happened seemed like an aborted kidnapping attempt.
At the root of this fear is misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and a lack of knowledge of disability history and, thus, disabled lives.
I want to believe his explanation of the events, that it was a misunderstanding followed by a joke in poor taste.
And that then caused real damage to Uber's business, with hundreds of thousands of deletions over what was essentially a misunderstanding.
I'd say, rather, that the decision, which Harvard is not commenting on, may reflect a misunderstanding of how moral character develops.
"When the news of that misunderstanding came out, we were surprised," said Win Myat Aye, the minister in charge of resettlement.
L.G.: Your comment reflects a misunderstanding of federalism, which does not mean that states are simply free to disregard constitutional rights.
Hardin called the situation "a colossal misunderstanding" that prosecutors assumed Penny ever had the documents, much less doctored or destroyed them.
All that needs to happen is one false move, one false word, one misunderstanding, and a match is lit and dropped.
At first, the renters "joked about the misunderstanding," she said, but the situation escalated after 20 minutes when a sergeant arrived.
The YouTube ad crisis — and the company's response — also speaks to a persistent public misunderstanding of the worth of digital creators.
These people had all disappeared so quickly, fading into the barest of recognitions, as though their friendliness was just a misunderstanding.
What's worse is that most of my family played it down to "misunderstanding," and that all the bullies needed was education.
" Earlier Tuesday, Clinton apologized for her misunderstanding of the State Department's email classification system, adding that she takes the issue "seriously.
In this atmosphere, multiple barriers — language, culture and ideology — make misunderstanding and dangerous miscalculations more likely, paving the way for conflict.
A common misunderstanding among passengers is that if the ride is much cheaper, then the driver is getting paid much less.
"Many girls have the misunderstanding that they have to find products that are going to make their hair curly," says Baltazar.
I think the misunderstanding that a lot of people have is that every wine is a good candidate for longterm aging.
"There's a misunderstanding in where the dangers are," said Dewey G. Cornell, a psychologist and professor at the University of Virginia.
"This ... appears to be compounding Trian's fundamental misunderstanding of P&G today and the operating environment the company faces," Taylor said.
What kind of sacrifice should be asked for when an accuser feels hurt but says it all could be a misunderstanding?
Along with the mayhem and misunderstanding that ensue, the play vibrates with anxieties about identity: Its doppelgänger theme feels surprisingly modern.
F.D.R. tried to calm and explain complex issues to the public; Mr. Trump uses his tweets to provoke conflict and misunderstanding.
"I think … that it is an absolute misunderstanding and miscomprehension of where we are as a country right now," Bennet added.
"I would argue there's an awful lot of profiteering off of people's fears and misunderstanding implicit in this weird Instagram world."
Johnson is almost certainly wrong about this, and people familiar with Brussels say he's fundamentally misunderstanding how the European Union works.
However, reauthorization remains stalled for two interrelated reasons:  a fundamental misunderstanding of the student aid delivery system, coupled with misplaced priorities.
Many State Department employees found that Insigniam's questions, both online and in person, betrayed a fundamental misunderstanding of what they did.
It's an absolutely thoughtless conflict, one that makes these superheroes into nothing more than Luthor's pawns and victims of a misunderstanding.
Keates, the author of biographies of Handel and Purcell, has embraced a new myth, one of unending posthumous misunderstanding and distortion.
Railing against Marvel for bringing women and nonwhite superheroes to the big screen represents a fundamental misunderstanding of Marvel's superhero legacy.
The lawyers said not to be worried, it was all perfectly legal, and was simply the product of a little misunderstanding.
Rothstein outlines three especially important aspects of the kind of interpretive difficulty embodied by puzzles: (1) that misunderstanding is often cultivated (rather than accidental or incidental); (2) that people frequently seek to both extend and limit the duration of that misunderstanding, and — as the title reinforces; (3) that specific material configurations (shapes) are vitally important for that cultivation.
"It is against the basic tenets of Islam, and I would like to convey my heartfelt apologies for this misunderstanding," Naik said.
Their gripe: Marvel has miscarried the character, jettisoning decades of storytelling and fundamentally misunderstanding Magneto's very nature by aligning him with Hydra.
Premiere France has since updated its article to acknowledge the "misunderstanding between our journalist and Kathleen Kennedy" and to fix its quote.

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