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"pitch" Definitions
  1. (British English) (also field North American English, British English) [countable] an area of ground specially prepared and marked for playing a sports game
  2. [singular, uncountable] how high or low a sound is, especially a musical note
  3. [countable] an act of throwing the ball; the way in which it is thrown
  4. [uncountable] a black sticky substance made from oil or coal, used on roofs or the wooden boards of a ship to stop water from coming through
  5. [countable] (British English) a place in a street or market where somebody sells things, or where somebody performs in order to entertain people outdoors
  6. (British English) (North American English campsite) a place in a campsite where you can put up one tent or park one caravan, etc.
  7. [uncountable] (specialist) the movement of a ship up and down in the water or of an aircraft in the air compare roll
  8. [singular, uncountable] (specialist) the degree to which a roof slopes
  9. [singular, uncountable] the degree or strength of a feeling or activity; the highest point of something
  10. [countable, usually singular] talk or arguments used by a person trying to sell something or persuade people to do something

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"pitch" Synonyms
slope gradient incline angle cant slant dip steepness tilt grade inclination rake lean diagonal upgrade leaning bevel ramp declivity acclivity tone timbre frequency intonation key modulation stress cadence cadency lilt sound tonality harmonic highness inflexion(UK) inflection(US) lowness note accent emphasis spiel patter line talk persuasion hype puff sales talk sales pitch sales patter promotion publicity advertising ballyhoo propaganda puffery marketing push presentation boosting ground field area park terrain arena close stadium playing field field of play sports field track course sports ground court ring enclosure bowl amphitheatre(UK) amphitheater(US) level degree point extent intensity height rank stage stratum amount gradation magnitude measure proportion quantity size volume high point strength throw hurl lob toss cast chuck fling heave delivery shy sling flip projection go launching slinging peg bung propulsion lurch roll lurching pitching plunging reeling rolling swaying keeling laboring(US) labouring(UK) list rocking wallowing wobble plunge dive drop plummet descent fall nosedive tumble header spill belly flop down duck tailspin collapse jump flop topple crash place site spot station patch state land country district domain region enclave zone sector dominion estate colony realm possession bitumen asphalt tar blacktop tarmac macadam concrete pavement paving flagstone road street roadway road surface rise hill bank ascent proposal proposition offer suggestion submission overture approach tender plan motion recommendation bid proffer scheme programme(UK) idea program(US) application request plug plugging promo pushing publicising(UK) publicizing(US) buildup hoopla broadcasting announcement announcing billing promoting vehemency ferocity vehemence fervency violence severity wildness forcefulness intenseness fury power ferment depth extreme fierceness energy keenness vigor(US) vigour(UK) sap resin fluid juice liquid secretion essence latex liquor plant fluid tree sap life fluid vital fluid birch juice maple sap rosin mucilage amber exudate gum lecture speech address oration sermon discourse disquisition homily monolog(US) monologue(UK) recitation allocution exposition lesson soapbox webinar chalk talk shot hit strike kick stroke pop shot-put elevation hillock uphill uprise eminence knoll swing swivel pivot spin swirl turn twirl reel wheel whirl revolution shunting pendulation pirouette rotation whip swinging round acme summit apex pinnacle crown peak crest top brow tip vertex mountaintop head cap spire ridge brink roof hilltop deepness base profundity declination extremity limit distance expanse fathomage distance downwards deepest part distance inwards vertical extent furthest part balm dammar gamboge tolu mastic kauri gum loudness amplification decibels sonority noise din racket bang resonance reverberation hubbub row report tenor filler caulking grout plaster putty oakum ringing jangle buzzing drumming tinkle chord hum humming sonorousness surge swell tide billowing heaving swelling swirling bulging eddying billow breaker roller surf upwelling undulation movement ripple fluctuation launch catapult dash propel direct aim buzz raise erect rear upend upraise put up uprear stand up elevate set up lift up stand mount set upright lift hoist stick up uplift straighten up prick up locate position plant settle fix fix in position post set establish deploy install(US) garrison assign situate put rock flounder buck careen keel sway teeter move seesaw wabble pitchpole wallow heel bend be at an angle recline skew stagger fall headlong take a nosedive go down descend sink slump founder stumble slip promote advertise advertize market publicise(UK) publicize(US) tout boost flog talk up hype up puff up bang the drum for beat the drum for propose sell table advance present propound submit deliver introduce pose posit propone put forward express suggest discard scrap dump jettison ditch junk throw out unload shed cashier reject throw away cast off fling away deep-six shuck off slough off eighty-six lose thrash flail flagellate lash scourge flay leather beat birch horsewhip paddle pelt strap switch whale belt bullwhip speak orate spout harangue declaim expatiate pontificate sermonise(UK) sermonize(US) descant expound preach speechify debate jaw preachify wind up prepare take aim get ready revolve rotate pendulate twist shunt wind immerge douse immerse souse submerge dunk wet bathe steep drench submerse moisten rinse wash water baptise(UK) baptize(US) irrigate lave tune up adapt adjust regulate tune accommodate conform reconcile attune coordinate harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) tighten dial integrate modulate string dart run fly rush shoot tear flash race spring sprint bolt bound charge gallop scamper scoot scurry speed lobby influence persuade petition press pressure urge solicit appeal importune pressurise(UK) pressurize(US) appeal to call on induce politick procure thrust shove drive force impel ram butt stick elbow jostle poke prod send barge bump balloon bulge jut protrude bag project overhang pooch pouch pout beetle belly bloat bunch dilate expand sow scatter sprinkle strew bestrew disseminate pepper spray spread disperse distribute dot propagate disject broadcast diffuse circulate seed transplant drill farm implant ingrain bury bed enroot replant reseed cover grow pot put in bed out onyx ebony raven sable jet inky charcoal coal obsidian ebon sooty jetty atramentous melanoid swarthy inklike slate sloe piceous livid More
"pitch" Antonyms
evenness upgrade level ascent rise improvement increase uprise acclivity uphill climb rising upswing soaring upturn zoom development expansion enlargement success decline agreement surrender disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) lowness ascendance ascending ascension lift launch levitation climbing blast-off lift-off take-off leap jump condemnation refusal monotone secret unimportance weakness nadir bottom base ravine canyon depth chasm lowland valley abyss depression rock bottom catch grab pluck intercept take grasp feebleness mildness apathy calm gentleness happiness kindness peace quiet silence descent dip downgrade fall downhill drop-off declension declivity escarpment hang hanging keeping retention flatness foot foothold foundation basement ground floor bed footing height defamation calumny libel slander denigration smear vilification aspersions scandalmongering traducement opprobrium blackening insult derogation detraction defaming disparagement aspersion rumor(US) rumour(UK) incline slope grade gradient hill cant inclination ramp slant upslope tilt destroy keep raze receive hold gather stop adopt repress finish dissuade conceal hide withhold refrain collect depart disarrange disorder disorganize displace forget ignore leave lose move neglect remove unsettle upset laze soothe stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) stay steady be still leave alone lie still remain balance stabilitate pile fix mend put lay place position set park plant settle prop rest plonk allow approve hire support take in right straighten yield be level be upright come level come upright straighten up even become upright become level even out lie ascend go up do lower be on an even keel maintain boom advance flourish get up stand up regulate range spike arrange array organize(US) marshal(UK) up order continue preserve recall re-establish reinstall reinstate restore return accept hoard save store bring back check pull slow hold back recant retract withdraw disavow rescind renege renounce repudiate revoke invalidate take back abrogate back out of go back on retain assert defend put on take on pick up hold on to fill load acquire nab seize snare haul in pull in reel in discourage hurt uncork unplug unstopper run down deny suppress decrease cover halt secrete disapprove deceive bottle up keep secret dive in plunge in carry on defame disrepute malign disgrace badmouth belittle criticise(UK) criticize(US) disparage mock ridicule denigrate traduce deride deprecate derogate dispraise eliminate strip end drop expunge purge abolish extract ax(US) axe(UK) discharge oppose defenestrate expel clear arise soar fly thrust upthrust float levitate scale lift off mount take off shoot up get glove clasp pick clench reach snatch grab hold of take hold of trend gravitate swing raise distort falsify disprove misrepresent confuse cop be given come into be in receipt of abate de-escalate diminish downsize dwindle lessen minify reduce subtract from play down block deflect parry repel avert rebuff repulse hinder impede prevent thwart foil deter restrict hamper stymie curb interrupt land be descend alight come down make a landing touch down idle succeed do well make good progress downsell demount disassemble dismantle dismember strike knock down take down tear down demolish ruin turn away hear listen to hearken pay attention to be quiet address discuss explore analyse(UK) analyze(US) debate examine investigate tackle consider discourse probe review scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) study research attend to comment on buy obtain attain gain purchase access procure secure appropriate amass hook bag have net score demit recede relent remit pull down let down set down cast down move down put down throw down bring low hand down let fall let sink lay aside lay flat lay down lay horizontally put horizontally knock over put on its side white happy hopeful good bright whitened

574 Sentences With "pitch"

How to use pitch in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "pitch" and check conjugation/comparative form for "pitch". Mastering all the usages of "pitch" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I'm about to land and pitch and pitch and pitch.
You have to focus on the next pitch because the next pitch is the most important pitch of the game.
Barria pumped pitch after pitch after pitch — fastballs, sliders and changeups — into the strike zone, and Belt spoiled every one.
Another game vs the WS. 1st pitch fastball: no bang2nd pitch off speed: bang bang3rd pitch fastball: no bang pic.twitter.
Pitch with "PITCH: Wellness Lies: " in the subject line.
"The pitch I threw wasn't a bad pitch," Cole said.
I pitch as long as he tells me to pitch.
Brewers righty Adrian Houser nearly matched Bassitt pitch for pitch.
"You've got to take it pitch by pitch," he said.
Pitch with "PITCH: The Good Fight: " in the subject line.
Pitch with "PITCH: This is Fine: " in the subject line.
He wanted to pitch today (Saturday) regardless, I don't know if he wanted to pitch that much, but he wanted to pitch.
"The concentration from pitch to pitch, not just on defense but on offense, Gleyber Torres won every pitch in this series," Mendoza said.
On "Let Pablo Pitch" bobblehead night, Pablo Sandoval did not pitch.
"The pitch I wanted, the pitch I executed," he said Monday.
Pitch with "PITCH: Asking For a Friend: " in the subject line.
The next pitch was a borderline pitch that Tumpane called ball three.
The elevator pitch for the Triby is actually a kitchen pitch. 1.
PITCH-DECK LIBRARY: The pitch decks that helped hot startups raise millions
"I made a good pitch," Wainwright said of the pitch to Bird.
Pitch 1: Swing and a miss on a pitch low and away.
PITCH-DECK LIBRARY: The pitch decks that helped hot startups raise millions
Until then, Finland has one more crazy pitch competition idea coming up: Ski Lift Pitch, where founders pitch their ideas to investors in a ski lift.
The story to me is that Joey basically matched him pitch-for-pitch.
You have a football pitch and the football pitch is actually IN America.
This was an eephus pitch, the off-speed pitch of off-speed pitches.
I would sit listening to pitch after pitch and, quite smugly, make comments.
If you'd like to pitch at our Pitch-Off please sign up here.
"Whenever they want me to pitch, I'll pitch," he said after Friday's game.
That pitch to Gomes, a first-pitch, hanging slider, was Gray's one regret.
They wanted me to pitch, and they just said, 'Let the kid pitch.
At TechCrunch Takes Manhattan we'll also be hosting TC Include Pitch Practice for underrepresented founders, a Flash Pitch event, and TC Editorial Pitch Practice with Jon Shieber.
"Pitch by pitch, it got tighter and tighter," Cosart said of his hamstring injury.
According to ESPN, the pitch was 96 mph, Teheran's fastest pitch in two seasons.
"Same cliché, pitch by pitch," Miller told reporters when asked about his playoff success.
Read More: Here's the pitch deck that employees used to pitch those individual investors.
"It's not only having that second pitch, but having that third pitch," Hamels said.
NextHealth's pitch to insurance companies is very similar to OPower's pitch to utility companies.
This is how it went: walk, sacrifice bunt, strikeout, wild pitch, wild pitch, walk.
Dan Corbin did not pitch professionally, but he knew what the pitch could do.
"There&aposs none of that: You pitch up and you pitch down," he said.
"He's around the zone with every single pitch, and every pitch is plus," Ensberg said.
Greek soccer has been plagued by pitch invasions and violence on and off the pitch.
He threw a wild pitch on his second pitch, letting the Orioles tie the game.
Plus loads of networking opportunities with investors, and the super-fun Pitch Rolette pitch competition.
He gave up two walks and one hit-by-pitch in a 99-pitch effort.
They send me out there to pitch, I'm going to go out there and pitch.
RHP Jharel Cotton matched Cleveland RHP Corey Kluber almost pitch for pitch through five innings.
Travis hit a 3-23 pitch from Wandy Peralta in a nine-pitch at-bat.
Sadako's pitch clocks at 96km/h — that's a solid 60mph pitch in American baseball speak.
DeGrom's longevity benefited greatly from a six-pitch sixth inning and a 10-pitch seventh.
"I thought the pitch to Headley was a pretty good pitch that he drove out the other way, pretty good piece of hitting, and I thought the pitch the Gregorius hit was a pretty good pitch, curveball down," Kansas City manager Ned Yost said.
Michael Pineda will pitch Monday against Houston, C. C. Sabathia will pitch Tuesday at the Marlins and Ivan Nova will pitch against the Mets on Wednesday in Port St. Lucie.
We all know that but you just hope your guy keeps his focus pitch to pitch.
If the first pitch is a strike, the next pitch is going to be a splitter.
You've likely heard of an elevator pitch, but have you heard of an ice hole pitch?
Just being able to consistently stay again pitch to pitch in the moment is extremely advantageous.
Happ was originally slated to pitch Friday in Boston but will pitch on four days' rest.
They were swinging, swinging at every pitch, and that's why my pitch count didn't get up.
Instead, the fans booed Gurriel loudly before Hill's first pitch to him and between each pitch.
My God, a 10-pitch inning, and then he goes back-to-back 27-pitch innings.
They pitch the product they want to develop to their peers during an initial pitch week.
Although low pitch vocals can stimulate ASMR, high pitch of the vocals can also convey relaxation to some because we increase our pitch when we express care or concern to others.
We're headed from a successful pitch-off in Austin to a surely successful pitch-off in Seattle.
"The first pitch is an important pitch," Hurdle said, underlining the intensity he wants from his pitchers.
"Football is for men and what happened on the pitch stays on the pitch," Suarez told reporters.
There'll be a chance to pitch TechCrunch writers as part of our pitch-off, featuring assembled investors.
Cruz and Cano both homered on first-pitch cutters from Graveman, whose best pitch is a sinker.
On the second pitch of the game, Roark threw a pitch near the head of Corey Seager.
"While his confidence came easily on the pitch, off the pitch was a different story," it continues.
With two men on, Matz fired pitch after pitch to the outer half of the strike zone.
He threw the ball well, came very close to matching (Dodgers LHP Clayton) Kershaw pitch for pitch.
There are many ways to pitch venture capitalists A startup pitch can happen anywhere – formally or informally.
"I think he has what it takes to pitch here and to pitch here successfully," Boone said.
It is why infielders often shift drastically from batter to batter, and sometimes from pitch to pitch.
It's for a pitch that deals with a similar pitch I worked on at my old agency.
INSIDE PITCH Noah Syndergaard is expected to pitch once more this weekend before the regular season ends.
"First pitch of my at-bat, 10th pitch of my at-bat it doesn't matter," Judge said.
But if they send me out there to pitch, I'm going to go out there and pitch.
The camerapersons filming en route watched in amazement as Honnold ticked off pitch after pitch, charging ever upward.
Springer singled on the first pitch of the game and advanced on a wild pitch on the second.
Facebook's pitch to developers is the same as Facebook's pitch to advertisers: We have a ton of users.
Every pitch can be a strikeout pitch, and his feel for pitching at that age [18] is insane.
According to Sahas Katta, going in to pitch Andreessen wasn't as hard as drafting the pitch deck itself.
We've added Pitch Night — a mini pitch-off competition that takes place the night before the conference starts.
Here are a few examples of how a great pitch would go: A great elevator pitch generates business.
Don't buy one (I bought one) The elevator pitch for the Triby is actually a kitchen pitch. 1.
After a Paxton wild pitch, Bogaerts hit a 3-1 pitch over the wall in right-center field.
He knows how to pitch up, he knows how to pitch in, he knows how to change speeds.
If you'd like to pitch you can submit your startup here and I'll pick 10 companies to pitch.
I didn't pitch until my senior year—that's when I transferred schools, and I finally got to pitch.
Inside Pitch Catcher Kevin Plawecki was hit by a pitch near his left wrist in the second inning.
"One (home run) was poor pitch selection and the other was just a bad pitch," Bibens-Dirkx said.
Left-hander Wade LeBlanc then hit McCann with a pitch, and a wild pitch moved Fisher to third.
"I wouldn't say it was a bad pitch, but it was a bad pitch to him," Kimbrel said.
We didn't have to pitch to people to become a driver, that pitch has been made by Uber.
After the pitch, teams will face an intense Q&A with our panel of expert judges from industry and VC. The top companies you see pitch today will go on to pitch again in the final round of Startup Battlefield tomorrow – same pitch, but a new panel of expert judges.
If the umpire feels that the batter didn't make an effort to avoid the pitch, it's then at his discretion to determine if the pitch was a strike or ball, and the pitch is dead.
He had been scheduled to pitch three innings, but worked an extra inning because his pitch count was low.
There'll be a chance to pitch TechCrunch writers as part of our pitch-off, featuring an esteemed judging panel.
"The aggression starts on the pitch and must remain on the pitch," Wales coach Chris Coleman said on Monday.
Following the preliminary pitch, the Air Force invited 30 companies to present at Space Pitch Day in San Francisco.
She indicates a higher pitch with a scrunched-up tight face and a lower pitch with puffed-out cheeks.
Inside Pitch Yankees left-hander Jordan Montgomery has inflammation in his left shoulder and won't pitch for two weeks.
Unlike pitch, which can be readily measured using phone apps, such as Pitch Perfect, resonance can't be objectively pinpointed.
Deadline speculated in September that Condal's pitch was actually a reworking of Cogman's pitch, but this detail is unconfirmed.
The pitch to (Yankees C Brian) McCann was a good pitch (for the game-tying homer in the sixth).
He can go back and pitch well in Triple-A (but) it's not going to help him pitch well here.
Brian Anderson was hit by a pitch, and he advanced to second on a wild pitch by reliever Hector Velazquez.
During the Pitch-Off, a dozen local startups will all compete and pitch for 60 seconds in front of judges.
RHP Chris Young threw a 35-pitch bullpen session on Tuesday and will pitch a simulated game later this week.
He was matched nearly pitch for pitch by Keuchel, who gave up one run on three hits in six innings.
"One day we pitch well and we don't hit and one day we hit well and don't pitch," Kemp said.
"Yanny" can clearly be heard when the pitch is lowered, and "Laurel" can be heard when the pitch is raised.
Until that point, Lopez had matched Gallen, a right-hander making his sixth major league start, nearly pitch for pitch.
"I was just taking it hitter-by-hitter, pitch-by-pitch, just like I did in spring training," Nicasio said.
Feminist snobbery is a bad way to pitch a politics of liberation, but a great way to pitch a book.
See the pitch deck the Clearbanc team used to get traditional venture investors on board with its unconventional sales pitch.
I have to pitch a lot better now, just get first-pitch strikes and put hitters away, stop messing around.
After Seager's 18th homer, Paxton issued four-pitch walks to Tom Murphy and Daniel Vogelbach sandwiched around a wild pitch.
It's a tool to be used to improve a pitch, improve the way you pitch, the way you attack hitters.
"The pitch that's his bread-and-butter pitch, you saw in the first inning, everything was belt-high," Collins said.
"I want to pitch well here, I think I can pitch well here, so tonight was very satisfying," Shreve said.
"He hit my first pitch and I had to remind myself that I have to be focused on every pitch."
Ozuna skied the first pitch he saw — Robles's 34th pitch of the night — to the warning track in center field.
Every man was 'a grand wee mon'whose every pitch was another sales pitch now every boat was a burned boat.
Fans were eating Bridges' pre-pitch antics up as he teased the crowd before throwing a high pitch across the plate.
Herrera fell behind Vargas with a first-pitch ball and then threw the Twins slugger a changeup on the next pitch.
Company founders that make the cut receive expert pitch coaching from TechCrunch editors, and you'll be pitch-perfect come game day.
Joking about the pitch afterwards, Snoop tweeted his buddy 50 Cent, who also had a historically awful first pitch in 2014.
If he feels good enough to pitch he will pitch, if he needs a day (off) he will get a day.
But having somebody who can go anywhere from a 20123-pitch inning to a 60-pitch outing is a unique weapon.
On the first pitch, Alvarado uncorked a wild pitch that scored pinch runner Thairo Estrada to forge a 3-3 tie.
Hicks then took a called strike, fouled off the next pitch and then looked at a close pitch for ball four.
Five pitches later he struck Davis out on a nasty pitch that had the leadoff man flailing at a low pitch.
Miguel Rojas was hit by a pitch with one out in the 20th, and Cameron Maybin drew a four-pitch walk.
Juan Soto drew an eight-pitch walk, Howie Kendrick singled, and Cabrera jumped on a first-pitch fastball for his homer.
"You break this guy down pitch for pitch, he's got as quality of stuff as anyone on the staff," Collins said.
"I keep saying, 'It's one pitch, it's one pitch,' but it's time to start making pitches in those situations," deGrom said.
Mitch Haniger was hit by a pitch, and the baserunners moved to second and third on a wild pitch by Barria.
"The (first) pitch I threw to Thames was a pretty good pitch, he's hot right now and got a double," Lackey said.
If you'd like to pitch at the event I'll be picking 10 companies that will have three minutes to pitch without slides.
For Friedrichs, who practised his Sandbox pitch over 50 times to perfect the 3 minute pitch, he has seen it all before.
Altuve was hit by a pitch in the ninth inning, marking the third consecutive game an Astro was plunked by a pitch.
If you'd like to pitch at the event, I'll be picking 10 companies that will have three minutes to pitch without slides.
"A lot of problems go away from when the first pitch is thrown to when the last pitch is thrown," he said.
After Granderson drew a four-pitch leadoff walk, Bruce pulled the next pitch 396 feet to the upper deck in right field.
The judges follow each team pitch with an intense, six-minute Q& A — that pitch coaching will come in handy for sure.
But one thing about Garrett: He'll go from Pitch 210 to Pitch 22012 if he has to, and you'll see good stuff.
Severino threw an inside pitch to Justin Smoak leading off the second, then hit Smoak in the foot with the next pitch.
He took one pitch from that side, switched helmets, took another pitch, and then belted a fly ball high over right field.
Kendrys Morales homered on the first pitch of the second inning and Eric Hosmer homered on the first pitch of the fourth.
You start out in a high-pitch voice and then your cat surprises you by responding with the same high-pitch call.
It is dominated by white, straight images and storylines--just take a look at Pitch Perfect and the sequel Pitch Perfect 2.
"A lot of problems go away from the time the first pitch is thrown until the last pitch is thrown," Eppler said.
Teheran's is more of a sweeping pitch, but I think he does a better job of locating the pitch than Harvey does.
SoftBank had apparently expected C2FO to pitch for SoftBank's investment – and were "puzzled" when Kemper did not pull out a pitch deck.
The company used the pitch deck below to raise its series A.Click here to check out BI Prime's complete pitch deck library.
They patiently watched first pitch after first pitch from Masahiro Tanaka, perhaps giving him the idea that he could steal a strike.
The founders' "Shark Tank" pitch, which aired in December 2017 on season 9, was Barbara Corcoran's "favorite pitch," according to USA Today.
On the next pitch, Santana bounced a slider in the dirt for a wild pitch during an at-bat to Jacoby Ellsbury.
I'm excited, I cannot wait to meet the lads, get on the training pitch and then get on the pitch to play.
The trick in investing is to watch pitch after pitch go by and wait for the one right in your sweet spot.
This is a thing you haven't seen before, you guys can pitch it yourself, I don't need to pitch it for you.
There's no non-commercial reason for Pitch Perfect 3 to exist: Its predecessor, Pitch Perfect 2, suffered from a pronounced case of sophomore slump, playing like a cover album of the original Pitch Perfect with one original song thrown in.
If you're at a party and you start talking with someone who you think would be great to pitch to, stop before you pitch and ask your mutual friend if it's OK. Know your 10-second pitch inside and out.
Applications are now closed for startups who want to pitch on stage at the TechCrunch Stockholm Meetup and Pitch-off on June 7.
So for instance, if you've had a lot of success writing winning pitch decks, offer to review their pitch and provide concrete feedback.
However, there are other ways to 'pitch' at The Europas and the main one a brand new format we've devised called Pitch Roulette.
Cubs manager Joe Maddon was ejected for arguing balls and strikes after the second pitch to Moustakas, who drew a four-pitch walk.
Palka hit the first pitch he saw from reliever Diego Castillo (2-2), blasting a 43 mph pitch over the wall in center.
Miami's Christian Yelich drew a five-pitch walk in the first inning, and Derek Dietrich was hit by a pitch in the second.
In fact, he suggests that seeing female names and photographs in a pitch deck is distracting, comparing a pitch deck to a novel.
Ryder also said storytelling is a good skill to have at conferences, where buyers often hear pitch after pitch, which can be monotonous.
Kylie Bunbury stars as the first woman to pitch in the big leagues in "Pitch," made with the involvement of Major League Baseball.
On the next pitch, Aledmys Diaz lined a double into the left field corner that scored Gurriel, who was running on the pitch.
When you're struggling, sometimes you pitch well, but you make one bad pitch, and it gets hit, and that's the reason you lose.
Angels right-hander Felix Pena (3-5) matched Anderson pitch-for-pitch for three innings before he was hit hard in the fourth.
I am not calling for a return to the days when the batter could call for a high pitch or a low pitch.
"I could tell they were coming out first-pitch aggressive, and fortunately I got some quick outs there, first-pitch outs," he said.
Chirinos delivered on the eighth pitch of his at-bat two batters after Gurriel capped his 10-pitch at-bat with a single.
In the pitch meeting, Aaron and Garrett start to take down Kara's pitch about women, but guess who steps in to save the day?
He was a pitch away from getting out of the inning but it was a big spot where you've got to make a pitch.
Just like the kazoo, when these membranes are stretched, they make a higher pitch, and when they are relaxed, they make a lower pitch.
Will he be set-up, waiting for that pitch, or will he outsmart himself, guessing that you'd never throw him the pitch he wants?
Next week, the TechCrunch team will be in Stockholm for the TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off to network and hear up to 10 startups pitch.
It's a time of year when relatively few pitch decks are sent, but the viewing of those pitch decks by VCs is incredibly high.
Davis singled on the first pitch, stole second on the third, and eventually stole third and scored on a Skaggs (1-2) wild pitch.
Paul Goldschmidt drew a four-pitch walk, advanced on a wild pitch and went to third on a fielding error by Castro at second.
You need to fix it right away from pitch to pitch, or within a couple of pitches, and he's been able to do that.
He has produced a pitch invasion so brilliant, so sublime, that all those who have invaded a pitch before him must acknowledge his superiority.
Free expert pitch coaching Battlefield teams have just six minutes to pitch and present a live demo to our panel of top VC judges.
We commonly talk about a filthy breaking pitch or off-speed pitch buckling a hitter's knee, but it doesn't actually buckle all the way.
New research shows that the pitch of a baby's cries at 4 months old may predict the pitch of its speech at age 5.
He got things started right with a three-pitch strikeout of Nick Martini, catching Oakland's leadoff batter looking at a pitch down the middle.
Perez dumped a 2-2 pitch into right-center field for a single, and Bonifacio drove the next pitch into the right-field seats.
After gauging Moore's windup on the next pitch, a called strike, Ellsbury took off on the next pitch, a full-count fastball to Gardner.
Elizabeth Banks ("Pitch Perfect 2") is slated to direct and star in "The Invisible Woman," based on an original pitch she took to Universal.
Amazon doesn&apost sell traditional ads with Alexa, but it&aposs incorporating the voice technology into its advertising pitch, according to the pitch deck.
Ramirez, who did not play Friday after being hit in the right forearm pitch Thursday, drilled a Jason Vargas pitch to center, scoring Kipnis.
A's RHP Jharel Cotton (right thumb blister), who had been slated to pitch Monday, will be activated from the disabled list and pitch Sunday.
An exceptional pitch involves communicating that in three to five minutes, with the rest of pitch time devoted to the fringes of the plan.
Here's the run-down: On April 6, TechCrunch is hosting a 'block party' of sorts, with three concurrent events going down at 5:30: TC Pitch Practice with TC Editor Jon Shieber, Flash Pitch in collaboration with Future Labs, and TC Include Interactive Pitch Practice.
Gray said he will throw a 25-pitch bullpen session with more fastballs Friday instead of his typical 40-pitch, more-varied bullpen between starts.
And the sales pitch they have used is, more or less, the sales pitch progressives use — a decision they will, I believe, come to regret.
Get behind a guy and come all the way back and know what pitch will get the job done and I can't execute the pitch.
Rays right-hander Yonny Chirinos matched Fiers almost pitch-for-pitch through six innings, during which he was charged with two runs on six hits.
A lot of times, we sit down with carmakers, and they pitch their vision for the connected car of the future, and we pitch ours.
In an about-face, Amazon is ramping up its pitch for audio ads on Amazon Music, according to three agencies who recently heard the pitch.
A passed ball and a groundout moved Springer to third, and the runner scored on a wild pitch on the first pitch to Alex Bregman.
Tampa Bay's bullpen had made it harder in the sixth — Danny Farquhar issued a four-pitch walk, then hit Andrew Romine with his next pitch.
There'll be a chance to pitch your startup as part of our pitch-off, featuring a few judges from the startup community and TechCrunch editors.
In the millisecond interim of deciphering the pitch, the professional hitter learns to have faith that the pitch will indeed curve and not hit him.
Your ability to go out there and stay in the moment and execute pitch to pitch and do the best that you can, that's it.
The pitch control allows you to adjust your pitch and tempo for DJing, and it should help the device appeal to the more veteran crowd.
Mychal Givens (2-6) came on to pitch for the Orioles in the ninth, and Smoak belted his homer to right on the second pitch.
Mychal Givens (2-43) came on to pitch for the Orioles in the ninth, and Smoak belted his homer to right on the second pitch.
He has neutralized hitters by changing their eye level from pitch to pitch, adding and subtracting velocity throughout the at-bat to upset their timing.
INSIDE PITCH JEFF MCNEIL sustained a fracture in his right wrist when he was struck by a pitch from Josh Smith in the sixth inning.
At Bain, it was nonstop — travel, pitch, assignment, travel, pitch, assignment — so the "up or out" moment gave me a chance for more thinking time.
I think you have a perfect pitch when you have a bad company.... And sometimes a perfect company doesn't need to have a terribly good pitch.
Anyone can work out a decent pitch in their garage, but it takes special know-how to navigate turning that pitch into money in the bank.
Subscribers to the MLB At Bat app can see a pitch-by-pitch account of every one of their team's games on their iPhone or Android.
Fleetwash founder Vito DiGiovanni became a PhishTrain client soon after hearing Lewis' first place pitch at Seton Hall University's High School Pirate's Pitch venture fund competition.
Off the hallway is the kitchen, with pitch pine floors, black tile countertops and a mix of pitch pine and purple heart wood in the cabinets.
TechCrunch is coming to Seoul next week for the TC Meetup + Pitch-off, and today we're proud to announce the startups participating in the pitch-off.
The judges have six minutes following each pitch for a rigorous Q&A — don't stress: each team of founders receive free pitch coaching from TechCrunch editors.
His first assignment there was sidetracked when he was hit by another pitch on his left wrist, which was fractured by a pitch during spring training.
LHP Clayton Kershaw (mild disc herniation) will not pitch in the Washington series, according to manager Dave Roberts, and is not certain when he will pitch.
It's the pitch, and the moment you make it part of the pitch, how you do (or don't) engage with the author is suddenly fair game.
During the event it was increasing evident that DeepMind's pitch to transform healthcare outcomes via machine learning algorithms is just that: a pitch, not a promise.
Odubel Herrera walked on a 3-2 pitch, advanced to second base on a wild pitch and to third on a single to left by Rupp.
To some, Pitch might seem far-fetched, which is probably why writers gave Ginny a "trick pitch" to explain how she competes with all these men.
We are planning on holding a mini-meetup in Barcelona during MWC, offering you a chance to pitch TC writers as part of a pitch-off.
Cubs 6, Giants 23 | Chicago wins series, 3-1 SAN FRANCISCO — As pitch after pitch played out, the goblins of past heartbreak began to creep back.
The average pitch was close to 100 vertical feet, and they advanced to each pitch only after completing (or sending, in climbing terms) the previous one.
Rising companies are demoing their products and there's even a pitch-off competition where four startups will pitch their robotic startup to a panel of judges.
The first Deicide record has a lot of pitch shifter—like they'd have the real vocal and the pitch shifter vocal in parallel for whole sections.
On Tuesday night, a thunder and lightning storm passed through the area an hour before the first pitch, and the first-pitch temperature was 53 degrees.
Investors spend nearly 5113% more time on the product slides in successful pitch decks and over 18% longer on the business model in unsuccessful pitch decks.
"I didn't really execute that high pitch well, and Reyes is pretty good at hitting inside pitches, so he did damage on that pitch," Chen said.
"I discovered golf in London on a pitch and putt, and I had proposed that we try to develop pitch and putt in France," Lasfargue said.
Boyd said the pitch was unintentional but emotions were high after Detroit's JaCoby Jones was hit in the face by a pitch earlier in the game.
If you make it to the final round, you simply pitch onstage again with the same pitch in front of a brand new set of judges.
That changed in the ninth when pinch-hitter Matt Joyce lined a single on a 24-2299 pitch, and John Jaso walked on another 25-2 pitch.
Duvall's homer, his 28th of the season, came on the second pitch he saw after missing four games since fouling a pitch off his left foot Monday.
After the companies pitch, there's time to grab a drink and connect with the local tech community and investors and pitch your company to the TechCrunch staff.
Other ways to pitch at The Europas: We will also have a lunchtime pitch session sin the sun, on the steps of the venue – Summer Time Style!
The Dodgers tied in the fourth after Bellinger drew a nine-pitch walk, went to second on a wild pitch and scored on Muncy's single to left.
Markakis' ninth homer of the year — a no-doubter on a 3-2 pitch — came on Roark's 103rd and final pitch with one out in the seventh.
I just tried to match their guy (LHP Sean Manaea) pitch for pitch, inning for inning, keep it 0-0 and give us a chance to win.
A pitch is a verbal representation of your business idea, and, in most pitch settings, you&aposll have a limited amount of time to make your case.
After each pitch, the judges will grill the companies with a Q&A, and at the end of the pitch-off, the judges will determine a winner.
Cora broke the emergency glass by summoning Eovaldi to the mound in the first place, and then by leaving him in there to throw pitch after pitch.
The Yankees put the shift on for Matt Olson with one on and one out, but Severino appeared to pitch around him in a six-pitch walk.
He started to look hapless on the pitch, a man devoid of ideas when his greatest notions were hidden behind locker room doors and training pitch codes.
If they have that, we all have to be accountable and look at it and know what's going on from pitch to pitch to batter to batter.
They'll focus on the naturally higher pitch of women's voices and 'shrillness,' all the while claiming their critiques of higher pitch have nothing to do with sexism.
The evaluators who heard the pitch subsequently rated the candidate as more intelligent, thoughtful, and competent than the evaluators who only read a transcript of the pitch.
Mike Clevinger, Cleveland's longhaired starting pitcher, was matching German almost pitch for pitch and went back to the mound in the eighth having already thrown 100 pitches.
Running with the pitch, Margot reached second on Hosmer's ground ball and third on a wild pitch before coasting in on Spangenberg's ground single to right field.
One agency exec familiar with Jumpshot's pitch said that at a time when platforms were limiting marketers' access to user data, Jumpshot had a seemingly appealing pitch.
This isn't a harness for trad multi-pitch routes but rather for gym and single pitch sport routes when you want to pack light and travel fast.
At a position that almost demands a few momentary lapses due to sheer volume, Kershaw proved consistently unhittable, pitch after pitch, inning after inning, game after game.
Hunter-gatherers used birch pitch as glue to make stone tools, and they may have chewed the pitch for fun, to suppress hunger, or to alleviate toothaches.
In the four seasons measured by Major League Baseball's Statcast pitch-tracking system, only the Yankees' Aroldis Chapman has thrown a pitch as hard, a 105.1 m.p.h.
Research has shown that babies prefer to listen to this exaggerated "baby talk" type of speech than typical adult-like speech: They pay more attention when a parent's speech has a higher pitch and a wider pitch range compared to adult-like speech with less exaggerated pitch features.
During the pitch-off competition, eight to ten startups will have exactly two minutes to pitch their product to a panel of local VC judges and TechCrunch editors.
They still don't know how the females actually react to different combinations of loudness and pitch, and whether she's gauging loudness, pitch or some combination in her assessment.
Amazon is ramping up its pitch for audio ads after long promising Alexa would be ad-free "I literally gasped," an agency executive who heard the pitch said.
The TC Pitch-off is a startup competition, where ten pre-selected startups pitch their wares to a panel of expert judges and the audience at the event.
Brandon Moss grounded an RBI single into right on Niese's last pitch before Yadier Molina welcomed Gsellman with a run-scoring double on his first big league pitch.
MakerBot's pitch for the Method — a reliable, easy-to-use printer that's a step up from cheaper desktop machines — is basically the pitch for its earlier Replicators, too.
From Boeing:A pitch augmentation control law (MCAS) was implemented on the 737 MAX to improve aircraft handling characteristics and decrease pitch-up tendency at elevated angles of attack.
At a youth-baseball complex southeast of Phoenix, a ten­-year-­old boy named Harley Harrington stood on top of a mound and twirled pitch after gorgeous pitch.
"As soon as the postseason starts, you're living or dying on every single pitch, and your whole team is living or dying on every single pitch," Verlander said.
" For Wayne, that pitch was the most nerve wracking part of the show: "Between the pitch and decision there was a deliberation time where we left the room,.
There will be a reception at the end of the pitch-off, where each company will have room to exhibit and talk 1:1 with pitch-off attendees.
"The only pitch I really wish I could have back is, obviously, that last pitch, a curveball that just kind of hung out over the plate," Cecil said.
After a wild pitch moved Goins to second, Travis hit a 3-2 pitch to left for his fifth homer to put Toronto into a 5-3 lead.
As per usual, we'll be holding the TC Pitch-off, where 2500 companies will have exactly 22015 seconds to pitch their wares to a panel of expert judges.
In that fleeting moment before a one-man pitch invasion begins – before an invader leaps from the stands and rushes towards the pitch with frenzied abandon – time stops.
"Pitch integrates with everything you already use," Reber said, describing Pitch presentations as "living documents" that will essentially update with information as data in other documents gets modified.
McDonnell also doubted a college catcher could retain information about pitch sequences and batter tendencies as well as a coach with pitch charts and binders at his fingertips.
"We want him throwing the pitch he has 100 percent confidence in, versus the pitch that we call that he may have 50 percent confidence in," Schlossnagle said.
But learning how best to come in and out of at-bats, from pitch to pitch, from different pitchers to pitching changes, there's a lot to adjust to.
"The trick in investing is just to sit there and watch pitch after pitch go by and wait for the one right in your sweet spot," Buffett said.
"I went out there looking for his hardest pitch, and I hit his slowest pitch," said Rosario, who lifted Chapman's 85-mile-per-hour slider into the stands.
And Brett Gardner hit his eighth home run, hooking a two-out, first-pitch slider — a pitch he was not looking for — just over the right-field wall.
INSIDE PITCH Michael Conforto, who was hit on the left hand by a pitch on Sunday, underwent a second X-ray examination on Tuesday, Manager Terry Collins said.
The preparation teaches entrepreneurs to focus on transactions more than relationships (when, in reality, an in-depth conversation after the pitch matters a lot more than the pitch itself).
After the episode aired, Pitch star Mark-Paul Gosselaar shared another mostly-nude photo, this time from the two actors who play the team's crotchety coaches: Well played, Pitch.
After a four-pitch walk to Michael Chavis, Betts coaxed a five-pitch walk off reliever Jesse Chavez (23-22), breaking the reliever's 153 215/23-inning scoreless streak.
A key play in the inning came when Trout struck out but reached first after the pitch from Mengden got away from catcher Bruce Maxwell for a wild pitch.
But beyond basic networking, we also hold a pitch-off, where ten startups will have exactly one minute to pitch their product to a panel of local VC judges.
The 12-year veteran swung and missed at a first-pitch fastball, but he connected on the second pitch when Darvish again tried to zip a fastball past him.
Directed by Marc Munden, scripted by Tony Grisoni Based on "Sales Pitch," 1954 "Sales Pitch," similar to "Autofac," is about high-tech consumerism taken to a bizarre, illogical endpoint.
"It feels good, just taking it one pitch at a time, just trying to focus on the next pitch and the next batter and go from there," Fiers said.
Each company will pitch for six minutes on the Pitch B stage at VivaTech, followed by a rigorous six-minute Q&A with esteemed judges from all over Europe.
"If you're interested in gaming, we're going to add on extra stats, the ability to do prop bets in the game, pitch by pitch, play by play," he said.
Jakle, who starred in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 – both of which were filmed in Baton Rouge – as Jessica, was born on June 27, Hollywood Life first reported.
Donaldson's homer came on a 2-1 pitch and was the next pitch after umpire Marty Foster stepped away from home plate and directed words toward the Miami dugout.
Startups competing in the Flash Pitch will get two minutes to pitch and answer hardball questions from the panel, with the winner taking a table in the Startup Alley.
Following a wild pitch that advanced Semien to third, Olson hit a 2-2 pitch over the wall in right-center field, his 19th home run of the season.
RHP Jameson Taillon matched Chris Sale nearly pitch-for-pitch Wednesday against the Red Sox, striking out six and allowing only five hits and three walks over seven innings.
Rizzo led off the next inning by hitting a 3-2 pitch from reliever Pedro Baez over the center-field wall — yet another delivery on a two-strike pitch.
Girardi let Tanaka pitch into the eighth and throw a season-high 110 pitches because he had the extra day's rest and will not pitch again for a week.
"He had struck me out on the same pitch in the previous at-bat, a slider in the dirt, so I was looking for that particular pitch," Ramos said.
Now watch the video below, in which the CEO of unicorn startup Carta dissects his Series A and Series E pitch decks:  Looking for more guidance on pitch decks?
He walked Jon Jay on a 3-2 pitch and then Schwarber destroyed the next pitch, rifling it 404 feet into the right field seats for his first homer.
After a four-pitch walk to Michael Chavis, Betts coaxed a five-pitch walk off reliever Jesse Chavez (23-2), breaking the reliever's 22 2/26-inning scoreless streak.
After Judge reached after striking out on a wild pitch to start the fourth, Gary Sanchez grounded the next pitch, a curveball, into a 5-4-3 double play.
The clef doesn't set the pitch like a tuner does, but it does indicate the pitch of a specific line of the written scale, and thus the entire staff.
But Machado astutely spotted a slider coming out of Guerra's hand on the first pitch to the next batter, Bellinger, and when the pitch bounced, Machado bolted for second.
He threw a wild pitch that allowed both runners to advance, and then another high fastball eluded Sanchez, who was apparently expecting a different pitch in a different location.
He needed only one pitch to dispatch Gio Urshela, who flied out to center, but then he walked Cameron Maybin, pushing his pitch count for the night to 109.
Hernandez will pitch four innings for Class A Everett on Sunday, work out at Safeco Field on July 14 and then pitch for Triple-A Tacoma the following day.
Trout scored on Dowdy's first wild pitch to make it 53-5, and Kole Calhoun scored on the very next pitch by Dowdy, which also went to the backstop.
Renteria brought Robertson into the game in the eighth to pitch to the top of the Cleveland lineup, then allowed the closer to pitch the ninth inning as well.
To use one of Buffett's favored baseball metaphors, you shouldn't swing at every pitch, nor should you expect every pitch you swing at to sail out of the park.
According to Boeing: A pitch augmentation control law (MCAS) was implemented on the 737 MAX to improve aircraft handling characteristics and decrease pitch-up tendency at elevated angles of attack.
From there, we'll head straight into the pitch-off, where 10 amazing companies will pitch their wares to a panel of expert judges, including local VCs and TC editors. PLUS!
App makers have 60 seconds to pitch their idea in front of the judges on a slow-moving escalator — for a visual twist on the idea of an 'elevator pitch'.
"I ended up throwing a lot of pitches (102) tonight and the one pitch I want to take back is that home run pitch I threw to Bautista," Maeda said.
Jameson Taillon nearly matched Sale pitch-for-pitch in his season debut for the Pirates (0-2), giving up five hits and walking three while fanning six over seven innings.
And really getting back into disassociating yourself with the results, and just understanding that it is a pitch-to-pitch process and understanding that the moment is all that matters.
A pitch follower designed for regular audio equipment, this module allowed Gallant to plug in guitars, microphones, analogue synthesizers, and other equipment and capture the voltage for pitch and amplitude.
I was just attacking the hitters, just trying to go pitch by pitch and not thinking about what I'm going to throw when I face the same hitter next time.
Boxberger's first pitch, a slider, hung tantalizingly over the middle of the plate, and Sanchez did what he is doing with just about every pitch these days — he crushed it.
The only win in those games was delivered by Carlos Martinez, and he matched Scherzer pitch-for-pitch through five innings, retiring 13 of the first 16 hitters he faced.
In the 1980s, seat pitch was more than 33 inches, by the 1603s seats had 32-33 inches of pitch and today they're at about 31 inches, according to SeatGuru.
Advertising: A large pitch of Snap's IPO pitch was its ability to continue to drum up ad dollars, going from $0 to ~$400 million in ad revenue from 2014-2016.
If they waited for a third pitch or for him to put on the necessary weight, they don't see that kid pitch in the big leagues for another couple years.
INSIDE PITCH The Mets right-hander Noah Syndergaard had a minor setback in his quest to return to the rotation when a 50-pitch simulated game was canceled on Sunday.
In Game 22000 Monday night at Chase Field here, he produced a two-pitch R.B.I. groundout in the first inning and a one-pitch fly-ball out in the third.
On Sunday, he led off with a single, went to second on a wild pitch, third on another wild pitch and then scored on a one-out single by Bogaerts.
After the fourth inning, deGrom appeared to argue with the umpire about a pitch, but he said he had merely asked if the pitch had really missed the strike zone.
Take a look at the resting pitch faces proving they're capable of working in more than one field by scrolling through our gallery of celebs slinging out the first pitch!
Frazier started the second with a walk as he was hit by a pitch, moved to second base on a wild pitch and scored on Gomez's homer to center field.
Because you can always hear at least two tones rising in pitch at the same time, your brain gets tricked into thinking that the sound is constantly ascending in pitch.
In the case of Pitch, users will be able to create documents for their own ends, but they can also use Pitch as a distribution platform, either to a selected group of users (for example, if you are pitching your startup to investors), or to a wider audience who are also Pitch users.
Edwin Rios struck out for the second out, but a wild pitch on the first pitch to Martin moved the runners to second and third, setting up the walk-off single.
Will Harris came in to pitch, and the veteran Howie Kendrick drove Harris's best pitch — a cutter, down and away — off the right field foul pole for a go-ahead homer.
It's messed up both the Democrats' traditional pitch as being the party of the "little guy," and the Republicans' traditional pitch for fiscal responsibility, free trade, and more aggressive national defense.
Applications to pitch at the event close on June 23 — so startups, this is your timely reminder to complete this form if you want to be considered to pitch on stage.
In Game 2, Martinez snuck a quick pitch past Jeter; in Game 4, Damon stole two bases on one ninth-inning pitch as the Yankees tagged Brad Lidge for three runs.
With his pitch count rising, Senzatela was able to finish the fifth by getting Taylor to fly out on his 13th and final pitch and strand runners at first and second.
The pitch: Primary's sales pitch to parents is that it offers essential basic styles, in bright colors, and without the hassles of logos and slogans that are often banned by schools.
Matt Duffy singled off Brad Hand (2000-2375) with one out and advanced on a wild pitch one out later before Crawford drove a pitch past Padres center fielder Jon Jay.
On his 41st pitch of the inning and 104th and final pitch of the game, Roark — with runners on first and third — struck out Carlos Gonzalez on a 3-2 curveball.
Abreu battled Matt Barnes (3-3) in a 10-pitch at-bat, fouling off six offerings before taking a 2-2 pitch over the Green Monster and out of the park.
Our popular Meet the Press panel is back where some of tech's finest reporters will tell you what makes a great tech story, and how to pitch (and NOT pitch them).
He likes to point out that he may be the only person to have seen every pitch thrown to Derek Jeter and every pitch thrown by Mariano Rivera in their careers.
For those who yearn for more, a pitch-by-pitch description — along with vivid commentary and interviews — is preserved in a book whose title translates to "Ultimate Baseball Theory" in English.
Founders of those startups will receive six rigorous weeks of pitch coaching — you'll work hard to craft your pitch, prepare your demo and be ready to strut your stuff with confidence.
After nine of the first 10 Orioles had taken the first pitch from Tanaka, Jones started his third-inning at-bat by driving Tanaka's first pitch off the center-field wall.
"He'll feel it one pitch every once in a while, but when he came off, he said he was feeling it every pitch, and that's why I pulled him," Girardi said.
That pitch — Pokémon, but realistic, more adult, is everywhere.
If your QHD monitor has a pixel pitch of .
MLB Team Report - Seattle Mariners - INSIDE PITCH ANAHEIM, Calif.
" Catch Hoffman pitch The Mensch on a Bench on "
In hindsight ... it was a pretty dang good pitch.
If you don't execute ... think about the next pitch.
" Sullivan also called Trump's pitch to black voters "superficial.
" His voice climbs in pitch, "You need to staaahp.
MLB Team Report - Oakland Athletics - INSIDE PITCH OAKLAND, Calif.
MLB Team Report - Detroit Tigers - INSIDE PITCH ANAHEIM, Calif.
Whether you exhibit or pitch — why not do both?
" The pitch: Think of the Axios motto, "smart brevity.
Here's the latest: • The sales pitch of her life.
That's the pitch Melissa Villaseñor laid out – in song!
Twins bop Royals with six-run seventh in opener MINNEAPOLIS — For six innings, the Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals matched each other pitch for pitch and home run for home run.
Vinny Guadagnino made his pitch that fellow "Jersey Shore" star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino could do way more good if he weren't behind bars ... and he made the pitch to Kim Kardashian.
"For the first time in two months, I felt nothing from the first pitch, playing catch, to the last (pitch in the) bullpen session," Darvish said through his interpreter, according to
Fiers enjoyed a lead before his first pitch after Chapman belted his 25th homer of the season, a solo shot, on White Sox left-hander Ross Detwiler's sixth pitch of the game.
Matz opened the eighth by striking out Jabari Blash on a 19933-2 pitch before the right-handed hitting Ramirez poked a 1-2 pitch just fair down the first-base line,.
Although the pitch deck states the pitch isn't affiliated with Fuchs's employer, Fuchs prominently mentioned that she worked for Goop in her Instagram bio and shared photos of herself at Goop events.
The two-day in-person seminar includes pitch coaching, intros to investors and mentors, follow-up online pitch deck help, legal advice, Amazon and Google Cloud credits and tax and accounting services.
There will be a some space for pitches so please email me with the subject line "BARCELONA PITCH" if you'd like to pitch and I'll pick ten folks to hit the stage.
The TC Meetup + Pitch-off in Seoul was a night to remember, with a packed house, an amazing panel of speakers and judges, and some of our best-yet pitch-off companies.
Things got so bad for the Pirates that manager Clint Hurdle called on utility player Jose Osuna to pitch the seventh and eighth innings and catcher Jacob Stallings to pitch the ninth.
We'll have a quick pitch-off in preparation for Disrupt SF and 10 companies will have 90 seconds to pitch and then have a few minutes of questions from some cool judges.
Instead, the next batter, Dee Gordon, was hit by a pitch that struck his foot to load the bases, and Miami got on the board on a high wild pitch by Scherzer.
Syndergaard's out-pitch of choice on this day was his slider, a pitch that travels faster than many pitchers' fastballs, in the low 90s, and has a bite that can confound hitters.
"I had the option of working with a fastball and hoping when I called a secondary pitch he would make a good pitch or at least be around the zone," Grandal said.
Video shows the visiting side Flamengo running off the pitch after their 1-0 victory over the home side Vasco, as fans threw missiles onto the pitch and set off smoke bombs.
SS Andrelton Simmons was scratched from the starting lineup about 90 minutes before Tuesday's first pitch C Geovany Soto was scratched from the starting lineup about 90 minutes before Tuesday's first pitch.
I know that was a big focus for me coming in — it's my first postseason — trying to keep your heart rate down, go pitch by pitch and not worry about the situation.
Moronta was pitching in a 13-1 game at the time, in relief of rookie Logan Webb, who matched Lucchesi pitch-for-pitch in a duel of former Northern California prep standouts.
In his fourth at-bat, he hit the first pitch — a curveball from Jim Johnson — for a single and he flied out on a first-pitch slider in his final at-bat.
Robertson is still at just 31 pitches, and could presumably pitch more, but asking a one-inning reliever to pitch in a fourth inning might be too extreme for Joe Girardi's taste.
During the regular season, the Yankees produced a 1.157 on-base-plus-slugging-percentage on the first pitch of a plate appearance — the highest mark in Baseball Reference's pitch data since 13.
Here are a couple of specific examples (peruse the full agenda right here): And in case you haven't heard, we've added Pitch Night, a mini pitch-off, into the mix this year.
"We have seen them on TV playing on this pitch, and now me standing on this pitch is a privilege I want to capture for the rest of my life," she said.
Statcast, the analytics tool that uses high-speed, pitch-tracking cameras to gather reams of data on each pitch, did not register a distance on the home run, according to the Mariners.
After Lewis Brinson was hit by a pitch and Sierra walked one out later, Berti hit a first-pitch fastball for a two-run double over the head of right fielder Eaton.
See more pitch decks:LA startup FloQast raised $40 million with this pitch deck that shows how even accounting software can inspire passionSan Francisco's Sysdig used this pitch deck to help investors focus on a giant cloud opportunity, and it wound up raising $70 millionIterable, a marketing automation startup taking on Salesforce and Oracle, wanted to be 'prepared for anything.
Rays left-hander Blake Snell allowed just two hits in five-plus innings before giving way to a cadre of relievers that matched Yankees starter Sonny Gray pitch for pitch until Hechavarria's homer.
Of Soler's 23 home runs, 10 have come on the first pitch, the most in the majors this season and the most by a Royal since pitch-count data has been collected (1988).
Abreu battled Boston reliever Matt Barnes (3-3) in a 10-pitch at-bat, fouling off six offerings before taking a 2-2 pitch over the Green Monster and out of the park.
The first part is the Pitch-off, where ten companies have exactly sixty seconds to pitch their wares to the audience and a panel of expert judges, including TC editors and local VCs.
But over time the pitch has become easier and easier, and now the company is starting to pitch other companies on their product instead of just relying on word of mouth, Kim said.
The Air Force's two-day inaugural event, dubbed Space Pitch Day, is designed to give small business owners the opportunity to meet with and pitch their ideas to the service branch's acquisition team.
Handwriting is just the kind of thing you need to do to tighten a pitch — and strengthen your recallResearch supports the technique Ward used to create his pitch and commit it to memory.
"If I am in Wembley, I will be looking at the Wembley pitch and I will be seeing live what is going on at a pitch somewhere else in the world," he said.
Peralta then won a battle with pinch-hitter Yasiel Puig, who fouled off five pitches before striking out on the eighth pitch of the at-bat and Peralta's 100th pitch of the afternoon.
"The same pitch I hit tonight probably was the same pitch I was missing two days ago," said Pujols, who ended an 292-for-220 slump — the longest of his career — on Sunday.
He changed his game plan a little bit to pitch into a couple of areas of the strike zone where he normally doesn't pitch, but all in all, that was a wonderful effort.
Archer had a 33-pitch first inning, allowed the first four hitters to reach and did not get an out until his 22nd pitch while only 48 of his 84 pitches for strikes.
Bryant greeted him with his first homer of the season — a solo shot to left on an 2-0 pitch — while Montero later scored from third with two outs on Sampson's wild pitch.
What was most memorable about it wasn't that the vocals sounded mechanical or synthesized (certainly that had been done before), it was the way that they moved—seemingly jumping from pitch to pitch.
The company's pitch deck raised $55 million and recently used an amended version of its pitch deck as part of rapid £6 million ($7.5 million) crowdfunding — taking its total funding to $74.2 million.
Now, their new research — published last week in the journal Biology Letters — indicates that the pitch of babies' cries at 4 months old may predict the pitch of their speech at age 5.
Sabathia's first warm-up pitch on Tuesday sailed to the backstop — and so did his first pitch of the game, which the Red Sox's leadoff hitter, Mookie Betts, had to jump to avoid.
Another skill that could improve with increased flexibility is pitch framing, the art of making a borderline pitch look like a strike to an umpire — something the Yankees' analytics staff has long valued.
In fact, 92% of companies with successful pitch decks had either an alpha, beta or shipping product, where only 68% of companies with unsuccessful pitch decks presented the same type of product readiness.
The knuckleball has never been a popular pitch by any means (fewer than 100 MLB pitchers have used it as their primary pitch, per FanGraphs), but did you ever think it'd go extinct?
After Robinson Cano laced a first-pitch single with two outs in the first against reigning American League Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber, Cruz also tried his hand with the first pitch.
"The only pitch I really wish I could have back is, obviously, that last pitch, a curveball that just kind of hung out over the plate," Cecil said of his delivery to Frazier.
He hit 99 mph on the final pitch of his 114-pitch outing, but the Red Sox did little offensively, costing Sale a chance at becoming the American League's first 13-game winner.
Even Clippers star Lou Williams made his pitch to get Kawhi to L.A as well, giving TMZ Sports a pitch to get Leonard to suit up for the other pro team in Tinseltown.
Later, he reveals that he actually really like the pitch.
Trump received $$ from LL Bean & followed with a sales pitch.
Berlin's efforts will be insignificant unless others pitch in, too.
He made a big pitch in the sixth on McCutchen.
The five other defensemen, of course, will pitch in, too.
But Warren's new pitch suggests lawmakers have more to do.
Obviously I don't have perfect pitch, but most people don't.
TechCrunch comment: This was the spookiest pitch of the day!
The projected temperature at first pitch Sunday is 93 degrees.
Slap AR on a pitch and get some VC funding.
Democrat George Wallace with a populist pocketbook pitch that foregrounded
But by Pitch Perfect 3 standards, it was a masterpiece.
And "moving on" is the goal of Pitch Perfect 3.
HANNITY: It was the right thing to do, pitch perfect.
We have so many burning questions about Pitch Perfect 3.
Ruf popped up Hand's first pitch into short left field.
Beyond that, Mobileye's overall pitch to those companies is simple.
MLB Team Report - Chicago White Sox - INSIDE PITCH OAKLAND, Calif.
Update: Memobottle has disavowed the pitch that prompted this post.
With one out, Starling Marte was hit by a pitch.
But the human brain also makes meaning out of pitch.
He should be ready to pitch again by Spring Training.
A previous bitcoin craze hit a fever pitch in 2017.
But the pitch has always been ... It's a knowledge base.
I snack on my almonds while we wait to pitch.
"Pitchers have to pitch inside to be effective," Harrison said.
Their playful pitch left the panel laughing in their seats.
MLB Team Report - Los Angeles Angels - INSIDE PITCH ANAHEIM, Calif.
Alternatively, pitch in with disaster relief thousands of miles away.
Anibal Sanchez delivers a pitch at Dodger Stadium Saturday night.
Pitch books on Campbell Soup have piled up for years.
The App: SirenThe Pitch: Dating apps make you sell yourself.
The App: MatchThe Pitch: #1 in dates, relationships, and marriages.
He strides slowly, then lets go of his pitch fast.
"The pitch got too much of the plate," said Adleman.
Piscotty then sprinted to second base on Arrieta's wild pitch.
Sometimes those come and you can just pitch through them.
TechCrunch's Berlin Meet Up + Pitch Off is just next week!
Graham's pitch to the president Thursday afternoon wasn't a success.
That's what really brought pro users to a fever pitch.
I gotta pitch things to him, he's a businessman, too.
That's his out pitch and he didn't have it tonight.
Picerne set out to pitch his services to Army brass.
Interested entrepreneurs can pitch to Pink Ceiling on its website.
Under the new model, the company's pitch to studios shifted.
And it's better than a pitch invasion of, say, bees.
"First pitch, you tip your hat to him," Gonzalez said.
To followers of Wansink's work, it was an intuitive pitch.
"It was rough when I missed that pitch," he said.
In its pitch to some news organizations, the Cupertino, Calif.
"These are games I want to pitch in," Corbin said.
But when I showed up, I made this odd pitch.
And another emergency generator arrived an hour before first pitch.
"Really, it just comes down to one pitch," Boyd said.
They all competed in Startup Battlefield, our epic pitch competition.
The best pitch will win a table at Disrupt Berlin.
The pair of Madrid stars gingerly walked off the pitch.
The Trump University "faculty" was adept at its sales pitch.
I would also go to pitch for something called Who?
On the next pitch, Andrew McCutchen homered to dead center.
We're talking Startup Battlefield, of course, our epic pitch competition.
Facebook's mission statement sales pitch falls well short of that.
Story was hit on the finger with a pitch Sunday.
The relocated engines caused the jet's nose to pitch skyward.
But to investors, his background mattered less than his pitch.
Dini followed with his solo shot on the next pitch.
Was that a difficult concept to pitch to your producers?
I pitch in $229 for dinner, and we walk home.
The pitch on the bus didn't work as well, however.
Just win ... and also, let Kershaw pitch all the time.
An impassioned pitch to jihadi wannabes in all three countries.
But by its own admission, the government botched its pitch.
Here's his top advice for creating a winning pitch deck.
I think whatever I would pitch would be very weird.
But beware the smooth sales pitch or the charmer's hustle.
"It was still quite a tough pitch shot," she said.
The hype around autonomous vehicles is reaching a fever pitch.
Apple's pitch is that the future of TV is apps.
His pitch to a college party also doesn't help matters.
"It can be an unhittable pitch," manager Pete Mackanin said.
Davis launched RHP Julio Teheran's first pitch over the fence.
The chance for a pitch that can change your life.
But we don't go in for big formal pitch sessions.
He has yet to pitch in a spring training game.
Pitch Perfect costars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin are married!
Even neutral spectators, however, eagerly await pyrotechnics on the pitch.
Images: SkyrocketThe pitch was Pokemon Go meets Call of Duty.
Pitch Perfect 3 sings its way into theaters on Dec.
Since then, the initial pitch has evolved quite a bit.
"I actually thought it was a good pitch," Kluber said.
On the very next pitch, he singled up the middle.
He did not pitch for the Bees during that period.
One out later, Lynn hit Jose Iglesias with a pitch.
Maybe some bed rest is the cure to pitch problems?
I prefer when we play Cleveland that he doesn't pitch.
He is expected to pitch in a long relief role.
She said that is not a very good sales pitch.
Another run scored on a wild pitch by Taylor Guerrieri.
They will have to pitch "onstage" to the LPs attending.
Maybe you leave that part out of the studio pitch.
The lender's top shareholder, the Malacalza family, could pitch in.
The third event is TC Pitch Practice with John Biggs.
Pitch Perfect 3 opens in theaters on December 22, 2017.
He also had a wild pitch and hit two batters.
"It was nice to see Marco pitch well," Tulowitzki said.
It was an investment pitch that could change their lives.
"I was trying to make a quality pitch," Graveman said.
His pitch is similar to any other plea for patronage.
The sales pitch about India's potential was already wearing thin.
Someone should have slipped Beca the Pitch Perfect 2 DVD.
It's a pitch for salvation coming from an unlikely place.
Working title: Sabrina the Fortysomething Witch The pitch: Remember Bewitched?
None of that joy comes through in the Pitch pilot.
Think of a baseball player trying to hit a pitch.
He faced one batter and hit him with a pitch.
Your pitch, therefore, must engage, intrigue and perhaps even inspire.
Vevo makes its pitch to advertisers after they flee YouTube.
Ronaldo lost it as medics carted him off the pitch.
One pitch after shattering his bat, Senzatela foiled Miami's strategy.
And Jolie Pitt was very impressed by their sales pitch.
Indians pitchers have combined to pitch 18 consecutive scoreless innings.
Pitch Perfect 3 is scheduled for release on December 22.
His sinker can be a very effective pitch against lefties.
In spite of a persuasive sales pitch, New York literary
"His main problem was pitch execution," manager Bryan Price said.
We reduced the roof pitch and height of the house.
MLB Team Report - Tampa Bay Rays - INSIDE PITCH ANAHEIM, Calif.
Stroman left the game after hitting Pham with a pitch.
Tyler Naquin reached on a wild pitch after striking out.
Chicago used infielder Matt Davidson to pitch a perfect ninth.
A wild pitch in the dirt brought home a run.
If you want to pitch, make sure to apply here.
The Trump pitch was always that he was a winner.
" Teheran said, "It was a pitch I wanted to throw.
Investor Kevin O'Leary expressed concern early on in the pitch.
And I thought, 'Please, let me just be on pitch.
He is slotted to pitch five innings for the Curve.
"That's a shame," Matheny said of the pitch to Pedroia.
Dozier took third on a wild pitch with one out.
Today, the pitch: It's good enough to replace your laptop.
It's basically the worst case scenario for a first pitch.
The third event is TC Pitch Practice with Jon Shieber.
But that's a good one, because that guy can pitch.
Rodon hit Drury with a pitch to start the eighth.
Pinterest's pitch to advertisers has not been an easy one.
Ventura is scheduled to pitch against Seattle on Saturday night.
What propelled Chapman to his fastest pitch in six years?
Gallo was hit by a pitch, and so was Chirinos.
This dog has some serious skills on the football pitch.
The home run came on Montgomery's 60th and final pitch.
Clinton's pitch to voters is all about her, they said.
They pitch their tents in the Home Depot parking lot.
The Senate GOP tax pitch is rolling out this afternoon.

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