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"power" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] the ability to control people or things
  2. [uncountable] political control of a country or an area
  3. [uncountable] energy that can be collected and used to operate a machine, to make electricity, etc.
  4. [uncountable] the public supply of electricity
  5. [uncountable] the quality of having great power or force, or of being very effective
  6. [uncountable] physical strength used in action; physical strength that somebody possesses and might use
  7. [uncountable] (in people) the ability or opportunity to do something
  8. [uncountable] (also powers [plural]) a particular ability of the body or mind
  9. powers [plural] all the abilities of a person’s body or mind
  10. [countable, usually plural, uncountable] the right or authority of a person or group to do something
  11. [countable] a country with a lot of influence in world affairs, or with great military strength
  12. [uncountable] (in compounds) strength or influence in a particular area of activity
  13. [uncountable] the influence of a particular thing or group within society
  14. [countable, usually singular] the number of times that an amount is to be multiplied by itself
  15. [uncountable] the amount by which a lens can make objects appear larger
  16. [countable] a good or evil spirit that controls the lives of others

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"power" Synonyms
ability capability capacity competence skill talent aptitude competency potential gift artistry bent clout competitiveness expertise faculty nous adeptness adroitness aptness strength force intensity energy might muscle brawn effort forcefulness horsepower toughness nerve tenacity vigor(US) weight brawniness brute force grunt physical ability authority authorisation(UK) authorization(US) influence jurisdiction right sovereignty ascendancy license agency arm entitlement governance hand leverage licence permission permit dominance domination control dominion superiority supremacy hegemony command omnipotence reign rule ascendance grip imperium reins clutch death grip superpower nation nation-state world power great power major power player state country sovereign state land commonwealth kingdom republic empire domain realm federation community motherland effectiveness efficacity efficacy aggressiveness assertiveness dynamism efficiency eloquence fierceness potency authoritativeness cogency abundance bulk good deal great amount great deal heap huge amount large amount load lot mass sizeable amount substantial amount tonne(UK) ton(US) vast amount wealth ample amount appreciable amount boatload electricity electrical energy electrical power juice nuclear power solar power steam power water power current voltage heat fuel electric energy magnetism wattage kilowatts conductivity steam radioactivity free will freedom liberty autonomy opportunity privilege will discretion facility flexibility independence prerogative self-determination carte blanche free rein latitude volition choice office charge duty government job concern role business post task activity situation responsibility province mission purpose part operation exponent index degree logarithm violence vehemence passion fervency ferocity intenseness severity fervor(US) fervour(UK) emphasis wildness vigorousness brutality savagery fervidness importance sway prominence eminence pre-eminence notability worth account prestige high rank status standing stature mark fame vitality vigour(UK) verve pep liveliness spirit zip life vim dash zest animation gusto brio drive zing vivacity performance capabilities functioning working behavior(US) behaviour(UK) action running function impact effectualness means medium instrument vehicle agent channel mechanism organ expedient ministry technique instrumentality machinery route mode mogul magnate tycoon bigwig notable VIP personage grandee biggie baron nabob heavy king lion nob kahuna lord kingpin monarch theurgy wizardry sorcery witchcraft necromancy witchery occultism enchantment voodoo devilry thaumaturgy incantation witching voodooism spell divination bewitchment conjuring diabolism alchemy valiance bravery fearlessness daring intrepidity guts courage gallantry heroism courageousness boldness valour(UK) valor(US) dauntlessness heart pluck prowess mettle doughtiness charm appeal magic allure charisma fascination attraction draw pull seductiveness attractiveness hypnotism mesmerism captivatingness captivation drawing power duende value benefit merit usefulness utility practicality advantage use desirability profit good assistance effect helpfulness gain asset forte quality distinction qualification virtue credit plus beauty endowment pro recommendation kick piquancy punch pungency spiciness tang bite edge savor(US) savour(UK) spice tartness flavor(US) flavour(UK) oomph cardinality valence valency substance essence quintessence burden crux meaning meaningfulness moment significance thrust being consequence content essentiality import material matter meat aftermath bearing footprint ramification repercussion result reverberation pay-off brunt impression sharpness acidity sting acerbity asperity acuteness bitterness keenness pointedness acidness acridity acridness acrimoniousness harshness poignance determination commitment resolution resolve backbone self-control self-discipline self-restraint self-mastery single-mindedness spine aim dedication doggedness purposefulness resoluteness divinity deity god goddess Allah Almighty Author creator Creator daemon demiurge Eternal Everlasting Father genius God godhead Godhead Jahveh Jehovah actions implication reactions work workings aftermaths consequences outcomes product ramifications repercussions responses results aftereffects bearings fallout footprints oratory rhetoric articulacy articulateness expressiveness fluency persuasiveness grandiloquence diction magniloquence enunciation locution poetry blarney gracefulness powerfulness property attribute characteristic feature hallmark trait element facet aspect component constituent detail particularity peculiarity affection attribution character pressure coercion compulsion constraint duress arm-twisting enforcement insistence oppression badgering demand entreaty goading harassment harrying intimidation nagging pestering roughness coarseness crudeness rudeness commonness crassness crudity grossness indelicacy indelicateness lowness raffishness rawness tastelessness vulgarity astringency boisterousness brusqueness discordance run energise(UK) energize(US) supply fire operate charge up stoke up activate service supply with fuel fill up tank up stimulate inflame fan propel thump pound press push steer whack bulldoze send set in motion shoot strike cause to move put in motion steamroll move actuate trigger start catapult precipitate spark crank up power up set off turn on touch off initiate electrify wire connect zap plug in wire up hook up link up supply electricity to mechanise(UK) mechanize(US) automate computerise(UK) computerize(US) industrialise(UK) industrialize(US) motorize equip preset program(US) programme(UK) rig systematise(UK) systematize(US) technologize tool equip with machines change develop trip kick-start get going start up trigger off set going switch on supply energy to supply power to initialize(US) aid assist advance improve promote better contribute to favor(US) favour(UK) serve ameliorate build enhance further help boost foster More
"power" Antonyms
inability incapacity incompetence inaptitude incapability disability impotence helplessness hopelessness impairment inadequacy inaptness incapableness incompetency ineffectiveness ineffectuality ineffectualness inefficaciousness inefficacy inefficiency weakness frailty feebleness frailness fragility enervation lack listlessness laziness lethargy slothfulness slowness sluggishness paralysis sloth torpidity idleness invalidity apathy disadvantage powerlessness impotency vulnerability subservience subordination servitude subjugation enslavement slavery surrender yielding acquiescence bondage humbleness inferiority lowliness obedience serfdom serfhood subsidiarity controllability debility developing country developing nation Third World country Third World nation colony flimsiness imperfection deficiency emptiness futility hollowness limitation blemish defect failure fault restraint constraint repression suppression ban barrier ceiling limit restriction bar compulsion control hindrance impediment inhibition prohibition cramp curtailment embargo domination subjection subjugating conquest dominating overpowering subduing subjecting vanquishing mildness calm gentleness happiness kindness peace impassiveness impassivity insensibleness insensibility insensitiveness insensitivity calmness peacefulness passivity indifference organisation(UK) unimportance insignificance irrelevance worthlessness meekness obscureness triviality uselessness disregard humility disrespect notoriety self-government duty obligation submission compliance submissiveness deference tractability docility biddability servility conformity submitting obeisance bootlicking littleness slightness insignificancy immateriality inconsequence frivolity inconsequentiality insubstantiality pettiness frivolousness inconsiderableness negligibleness trivialness inapplicability impertinence moratorium outlawing prevention prohibiting banning barring disallowance forbiddance proscription forbidding interdict interdiction obstruction proscribing fact reality truth care carefulness caution cowardice fear hesitation infirmity irresolution modesty spinelessness timidity dependence responsibility nature science normality order mediocrity hesitancy indecision indecisiveness irresoluteness half-heartedness drain deplete diminish exhaust expend consume dissipate empty bleed debilitate decrease impoverish lessen milk sap spend waste wear bleed dry devitalize guide move gently caress

479 Sentences With "power"

How to use power in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "power" and check conjugation/comparative form for "power". Mastering all the usages of "power" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The power providers include Tohoku Electric Power, TEPCO Power Grid, a unit of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Hokuriku Electric Power, Hokkaido Electric Power, Chugoku Electric Power, Shikoku Electric Power and Kyushu Electric Power, he said.
Power distorts, power corrupts, power leavens—and power can change hands, even systemically, very fast.
CAPCO owns three power stations - Castle Peak Power Station, Black Point Power Station and Penny's Bay Power Station - which are operated by CLP Power.
Hard power and soft power are often gendered, and soft power tends to be contingent on hard power.
However, when you talk about monarchical power, or corporate power, or patriarchal power, or homophobic power, then that's power from above being imposed on those below.
The Supra, meanwhile, takes their virtues and adds power, power, power.
I am talking about power, real power, power to change the world.
Power distributor HEDNO, a subsidiary of Greece's power utility Public Power Corp.
Power to the people, power to the people, power to the people.
So there were power puffas in blue and yellow, and power shearlings in orange and black; power shoulders and power pantsuits (jackets cropped, trousers full) and power flowers for evening.
I'm all about vagina power, pussy power, cunt power – I'm there for it.
Conservatives have political power but feel shut out of cultural power, and liberals have cultural power but lack the political power to match.
Power to me means... For me, it's about power to rather than power over.
Power to connect, power to grow, power to create change and get stuff done.
Last year it generated 42% of electricity from nuclear power, 27% from hydro power, 24% from coal fired power and 6% from wind power.
So they invested in hydro power, solar power, and also the conventional gas fire power.
Whether it was government abusing power, or the abuse of economic power, or physical power.
All that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power itself.
But intellectual power, moral power, spiritual power, those are the "weak" and "feeble" kinds of power, which in the end could be the most powerful.
" But they all sing the chorus, and that's what makes the song interesting: "A knife in my heart / Couldn't slow me down (Couldn't slow me down) / 'Cause power is power ('Cause power is power) / The fire never goes out / I rise from my scars / Nothing hurts me now (Nothing hurts me now) / 'Cause power is power ('Cause power is power) / Now watch me burn it down.
The Statkraft Group produces hydropower, wind power, solar power, gas-fired power and supplies district heating.
The US has the power to help, the power to change, and the power to influence.
Men with social power could engage in sex virtually unheeded––social power translated to sexual power.
"We must discover the power of love, the power, the redemptive power of love," he said.
The publisher defined power as hard power (currencies and constitutions), dynamic power (audiences, communities and creative influence) and soft power (what leaders do with their influence).
The fact is if we want to curb abuse, understand it, and speak about it honestly, we must also take into account the broader context of gender and power — political power, social power, cultural power, financial power.
Liberals believe in protection from undue power, whether the coercive power of the state, the economic power of concentrated wealth or the unfiltered power of popular majorities.
Under Singapore's plan, commercial and industrial power users can purchase solar-generated power from the power grid.
We stand together to show the power of solidarity, the power of love, the power of pride.
We have to believe in the power of us—power in numbers, and power in our democracy.
Last year Greece launched power sales to smaller power producers to help cut Public Power Corp's share.
Problems will reduce from regions without power to villages without power to an isolated home without power.
Each major political party seeks to acquire power, exert power, and modify the rules to maintain power.
That power corrupts, and that power can be leveraged to amass more power, was a familiar idea.
Colonial power, patriarchal power, capitalist power must always and everywhere be battled, because they never, ever quit.
Something like 17 powers are mentioned: the power to declare war, the power to raise an army, the power to create a judiciary, the power to coin currency.
I believe that the people in power — not only political power, but also economic and social power — will not non-violently give up that power to the people.
It's actually a power plant that can produce power and India is a growing economy that needs power.
Here stands the power, and the power can no longer hear us, and the power does not care.
An island-wide power outage was announced by the Electric Power Authority after two power plants were damaged.
"You have to factor in the cultural power, the community power, the social power of fandom," Hinck said.
They have a pretty good power, not a great power perhaps, but a pretty good power over North Korea.
Instead, they provide power through net metering, in which surplus power is transferred to a public utility power grid.
But this can get confusing because rated power isn't the same thing as peak power or actual power output.
Utilities such as Kyushu Electric Power Co, Hokkaido Electric Power Co and Tohoku Electric Power Co also feature prominently.
Holding this white man to account is a threat to white power, to his power, to his supporters' power.
It draws the same power from the power supply as Skylake, but it uses that power much more efficiently.
The earthquake disrupted 69 power lines, which knocked out the power to more than 121,000 households, said Taiwan Power.
Nuclear power plants generate 20 percent of the nation's electric power and 63 percent of its zero-carbon power.
They've got their power, and I've got mine: the power of football, which is the greatest power there is.
And, yes, power — economic power, political power — matters in terms of how the good things in life are distributed.
Cersei:Armed robber: I just want to steal books from the library because knowledge is power Cersei: Power is power!
Tokyo Gas, Hokkaido Electric Power, Tohoku Electric Power, Kyushu Electric Power and Hokuriku Electric Power have all said they are looking at ways to take advantage of cheaper spot LNG.
Japan's top three firms Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), Kansai Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power said their power sales fell by 3.8 percent, 7.3 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively.
Any attempt to reorder power in Congress goes up against the problem that those who have power rarely use that power to support reforms that would give them less power.
Mr Waytz: It will work if both groups are enthusiastic about trying, but I'm pessimistic because it requires groups that are high in power (that is, political power, power in socioeconomic status, or power simply because of demographic factors) to potentially give up some of their power, and we know that high-power groups don't even like talking about power in the first place.
The U.S. constitution is one of separated institutions sharing power, and in many areas the president's power is mostly the power to persuade ("Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents", Neustadt, 1960).
Sri Lanka faces intermittent power cuts nationwide after a power failure on Sunday crippled its Chinese-built 900-MW coal power plant that supplies over 40 percent of peak power demand.
People who are in power also like to keep that power, and they don't want to give that power up.
"Power modulation is whenever the power output of a limb exceeds the power the muscles can produce," Haldane told Gizmodo.
Red Sox hang on in power struggle with Yankees NEW YORK — In the seventh inning, it was power versus power.
Meanwhile, nuclear power plants generated 3380 percent of the nation's electric power and 1003 percent of its zero-carbon power.
Transatomic Power Transatomic Power is a company that's looking to bring nuclear power back, but in a much safer way.
" Nietzsche asks in "The Anti-Christ": "Whatever augments the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man.
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek lawmakers on Wednesday approved the sale of power stations by Greece's dominant power utility Public Power Corp.
"Before it was just power, power, power, but now she'll put a little more spin on her shots," Austin said.
It's entirely about power — more specifically, his own power.
HAMBURG, Germany (Reuters) - Canadian power group Northland Power (NPI.
Fire ... / Screen ... Fire POWER / Screen PLAY POWER PLAY 59A.
" Every Sunday "Power" comes on so I watch "Power.
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely -- enter and enjoy."
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece's main power utility Public Power Corp.
" I asked him how much power he had. "Power?
Rather than bring power from faraway power plants, distributed generation systems would provide remote villages with cheap, flexible and renewable power.
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"Power is power," Cersei tells Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish in Season 2, rebutting the master of coin's assertion that knowledge is power.
If jostled, the switch could unexpectedly shut off, cutting power to the engine and disabling airbags, power steering and power brakes.
They have a lot of power over you—the power that comes with information—and you have no power over them.
Natural gas and wind power are cheaper than coal power in most places, and solar power is heading the same direction.
Section 202 of the Federal Power Act gives DOE the power to take control of power plants in a grid emergency.
"She also deeply believed in the power of art, the power of the written word and the power of collective action."
Specifically, it focuses on advances in five technologies: wind power, utility-scale solar power, distributed solar power, electric vehicles, and LEDs.
The story is largely about power — mainly the power imbalance between men and women — and its instructions put a spotlight on the power dynamic between reader and writer: the power to command, the power to refuse and the residue that is always left behind.
C.W.: Well, one is you've got the power of big money and the power of big military, the power of big lies, and now the power of distraction — Trump can keep everybody distracted.
Even the most scathing critique (and, let's be honest: art's critiques are way too elliptical to be scathing) of power is still worrying about power—and power uses power to soothe those worries.
The third is a distrust of power, particularly concentrated power.
The power of rebellion comes from the power of tradition.
The power of the presidency is the power to persuade.
We don't have political power, but we have some power.
The Power Vest's power was out of reach for me.
Wind and solar power are not like conventional power sources.
That's a big deal for a power hungry power user.
The power cuts come after delays in power plant projects.
Yet market power that grows organically is still market power.
Lesson one: Don't underestimate the power of a power suit.
"Power versus power," Boston center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. said.
Acwa Power operates power and water plants around the world.
Nebras Power owns and operates power generation projects in Qatar.
The Clean Power Plan is about more than power plants.
How knowledge engenders power, and how that power perpetuates itself.
"Political power can't be separated from economic power," Reich writes.
A 17 percent stake in power utility Public Power Corp.
The power of the president is the power of persuasion.
Through American history, political power has usually followed economic power.
The power of the page, the power of the book.
He tells me to power down, and I power down.
I don't think much about male power and female power.
You conflated corporate power and the power of the state.
Well, a bad power would be better than no power.
Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh Power Bank with 30W Power Delivery Charger
Abuse of power is determined by the abuser of power.
Victory in war led to global power and economic power.
ATHENS, March 1 (Reuters) - Greece's power utility Public Power Corp.
Resilient Power installed solar power microgrids in four community centers.
"The Power Notebooks" can be read as a power move.
Winning a #GreenNewDeal will require people power & political power. pic.twitter.
Generally through American history, political power has followed economic power.
How people in power maintain power and oppress marginalized groups.
It's about music's redemptive power, and where that power ends.
"There's power in organizing and power in telling our stories."
Power is still hurting GE Power, the maker of systems for power plants, suffered another 30% decline in revenue during the quarter.
HARRISON: It&aposs the old adage, power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely, and they will do anything to hold onto that power.
That includes about 71% without power on St. Thomas, 98.4% without power on St. Croix and 100% without power on St. John.
The test procedures would measure "initial lumen output, input power, lamp efficacy, power factor, and standby mode power" of general service lamps.
It's a form of coercive power, aggressive power, that destroys its victims, and it destroys the wielder of that power as well.
There's a bunch of power plants, they bid power into the system, and those who meet the "clearing price" sell their power.
Our victory demonstrates the power of a story, the power of the American people, and the power of commitment to a cause.
Her remarks reflect a paradox about men and power: Men are dangerous when they have too much power or too little power.
HANOI, Jan 19 (Reuters) - A consortium of Saudi Arabia's ACWA Power and South Korea's Taekwang Power Holdings has signed a $2.2 billion thermal power plant investment agreement with Vietnam, ACWA Power said on Tuesday.
For now, the US Army Corps of Engineers is concentrating its power restoration work across four fronts: providing emergency power, getting existing power plants up to speed, rebuilding power transmission lines, and repairing distribution systems.
Read her analysis on constitutional literacy, constitutional rights, the country's crisis of compassion, war power, the Supreme Court, presidential power, the presumption of innocence, the power of regulations, role of independent agencies and pardon power.
Harith's interests include Azura Edo independent power plant (IPP), a gas turbine power station in Nigeria, and Kelvin Power Station in South Africa.
In his landmark book "Presidential Power," scholar Richard Neustadt argued that the most important power a president has is the power to persuade.
There's no power button, as the Solo Pros automatically power on when unfolded and power down when folded and stowed in their case.
Any fundamental change in a society hinges on questions of power: who has access to power, and how those in power allocate resources.
I think themes of power, power systems, or how you get power — there's something very innate about a story that explores these themes.
Russia is a global power that may not be the U.S.'s match in relative power, but certainly it is in relevant power.
Examining wide band gap technologies, which aim to improve power inverters for solar power as well as other applications with the power grid.
Two Power Rangers feature films have already been made: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997).
The power plant also put the city at the center of a regional power grid and its web of high-capacity power lines.
Some psychologists separate power, defined as the control of valued resources, into two concepts: power perceived as freedom, and power perceived as responsibility.
They all abuse their power, the power that we give them.
Gaza's sole power station generates only a small amount of power.
Both docks come with separate power supplies to power a laptop.
North Korea is also eyeing more hydroelectric power, including tidal power.
This was one of the ways Cole's power remained Cole's power.
Ontario Power has been building up its power assets through deals.
Men have abused their power, and women have abused their power.
Anyway, synth-inflected power pop beats headbanging power pop any day.
If information is power, then Mistress Harley has all the power.
How can the activist who fights the power become the power?
Obama "has experienced that power, the power of powerlessness," Mott says.
It's not 'Oh my god' power ... but it is respectable power.
Power purchase agreements (PPAs) provide an alternate path to green power.
ATHENS, Sept 8 (Reuters) - Greece's dominant power utility Public Power Corp.
For one, willpower takes brain power, and brain power uses glucose.
"Oskar is my soft power New York projectile," Ms. Power said.
Bran's Greenseer power doesn't just give him power to watch things.
Power. Which means we finally get the power couple we deserve.
Drax power station provides about 6% of the UK power supply.
Our soft power is incredibly more powerful than their soft power.
The power they exercise, as inferior officers, is the president's power.
When it buys power, it pays a tax on the power.
Coal-fired power accounts for the majority of China's power generation.
There is power in numbers and there is power in unity.
It's about power, the quest for power, and all those things.
Power automate is one part of the larger Power Platform tool.
Conservatives have zero cultural power, but they have immense political power.
Instead, they procure power for their customers from wholesale power markets.
The more power you attain, the more circumscribed that power becomes.
HGTV's newest show is all about girl power — and star power!
" Baquet further explained, "Inevitably the people outside power gain power again.
The power-shift taking place will abolish the power of divisiveness.
And when I say "power" I don't just mean military power.
Salcido uses 7.5 megawatts of power — enough to power 11,000 homes.
" Here we feel the inadequacy of soft power, and "Soft Power.
Generation companies own power plants and sell into wholesale power markets.
Germany, the region's top manufacturing power, is phasing out nuclear power.
"The power to remove is the power to control," he wrote.
Nearly 2,000 people are still without power, according to Alabama Power.
Problems in power Experience of power hasn't gone well so far.
They would just have much more power, much more processing power.
Corporate power took the place of the power of the people.
Power generation has been separated from power distribution and customer billing.
Distributed power generators will be encouraged to trade directly with power consumers or power selling companies, while power grid enterprises will be entitled to charge transmission fees in accordance with the price guide from local authorities.
This is no different from how conventional power plants are independently unreliable, but become reliable when their combined output is aggregated on a large power system, with all power plants backing up all other power plants.
"Similar to hacked conventional power plants, a hacked [virtual power plant] with multi-megawatt power could have serious effects on the power grid," the spokesperson said, noting that the company is investing heavily in cyber security.
Basically on the table is a laptop power bank, which is one of the biggest breakthroughs for us was using this sort of technology without power, because on the farms there's no power or limited power.
A position of powerpower from being attractive, power from heading a classroom — is nearly inevitably accompanied by a slight stupidity of self-assuredness.
GE said during its third quarter earnings that it would divide the power division into two units: GE Gas Power and GE Power Portfolio.
Crosse's revelations on the power of electricity challenged orthodox creation theories: Here was a power that could be controlled, an alternative to divine power.
And maybe that's the point: Humans have a lot of power, the power to break each other's hearts and the power to destroy everything.
It is not about sex so much as about power—how power is distributed, and how people are held accountable when power is abused.
That's good news for Europeans who are trying to shift their power grids toward wind and solar power and away from traditional power plants.
Just last week, half of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority's (PREPA) customers lost power when a tree fell across a major power line.
Marubeni's 12 partners include Obayashi Corp, Tohoku Sustainable & Renewable Energy Co, Cosmo Eco Power Co, Kansai Electric Power Co and Chubu Electric Power Co .
UK Power Reserve has 32 rapid-response power stations with a total capacity of 533 megawatts (MW) in operation, enough to power 375,000 homes.
Banpu Power has stakes in conventional and renewable power plants with generating capacity of 1,883 megawatts, including solar power plants in China and Japan.
Their power to abuse, their power to dictate the terms of the conversation, their power to define what a field like moviemaking even is.
Turn off your phone by pressing the Power button on the side and tapping "Power off," then tapping "power off" a second time. 2.
Turn off your phone by pressing the Power button on the side and tapping "Power off," then tap "power off" a second time. 2.
The power grid is in such bad shape that the power authority does not know exactly how many of its customers are without power.
The same would be true of trans power, or gay, lesbian and bisexual power, or workers' power, and we can go on and on.
But there is a better way to power the world: a decentralized system, where power is no longer just generated from big power plants.
Pacific Power reported more than 2,303 customers without power in Oregon and almost 14,000 without power in California as of 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.
With a classmate, estimate what percentage of your electrical power is generated by wind power, nuclear power, natural gas, hydropower, coal or solar energy.
State Grid's power index aligns with the daily coal consumption at the six major power generation groups, another widely-tracked gauge of power demand.
Nuclear Power As for nuclear power, America has almost 100 emissions-free power plants, and many have stayed in service for over 60 years.
"While I do understand that it's not easy to compete with coal-fired power plants, especially with mine-mouth power plants, they do have to compete with gas power," Jonan said, referring to "strict" power tariff negotiations.
But I'm not gonna convert their de facto power into formal power.
Clean Power Plan This 2015 plan limits carbon pollution from power plants.
So, it constitutes that is black power, white guilt is black power.
It can be charged via solar power or from conventional power outlets.
Sure, that power comes from witchcraft, but it's about girl power too.
Kentucky Municipal Power Agency, $71 million of power system revenue refinancing bonds.
This is a gripping study of power, and the loneliness of power. ■
Geothermal power is Kenya's second largest source of electricity, after hydroelectric power.
Surprisingly, they set limits to their power (yes, we'd call it power).
And the Republican power brokers inside Congress really like having that power.
Meanwhile the putative government can muster little political power—or electric power.
If I can power through Hairssniffergate, I can power through these amateurs.
VETO POWER Enlargement requires unanimity, meaning Macron would have power of veto.
No song put the "power" in power ballad quite like this one.
The plant sells power to Oman Power & Water Procurement company, it said.
Power from family, from community, but most importantly power from inside yourself.
That's why the government is prioritizing reliable power and coal-fired power.
So the Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA), which represents power producers, sued.
William H. Macy is all about girl power — and girls in power!
The ugly Americans were driven back, the power of Iraq, the power.
Power disputed Avenatti's claim to have worked with Power after the lawsuit.
Words that only have power if you choose to give them power.
We're talking about power, you know, people don't give up power easily.
We don't have to display our power, our physical power, God Almighty.
Widespread power outages: Most of the city doesn't have power, officials said.
Given some input power, a transistor will have some specific output power.
It's easy to get pricing power if you have enough political power.
Last September, it signed a power-purchase agreement with Enel Green Power.
A strong economy helps to keep the party in power in power.
When you have economic power at home you have negotiation power too.
He loves the poorly educated because they power his drive to power.
The power broker drives around the city hoarding power and financial resources.
There is no power stronger than the power of a mama bear.
America is putting a balance of power on your abuses of power.
The power to select content is also the power to stifle content.
Soft power and hard power Tehran style — both equal a U.S. exit.
And hopefully people understand that education is power, informing yourself is power.
The battle should not be for power within, but for regaining power.
Scientists also successfully harnessed the power of sunlight to power a spacecraft.
Countervailing buying power is necessary to balance the power of sole suppliers.
Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency, $249.8 million of power project revenue bonds.
Utah Municipal Power Agency, $116.6 million of power supply system revenue bonds.
Tap and hold "Power mode" until the Power mode settings page appears. 
Power Smoothie This smoothie packs its power with hidden oats and spinach!
The power station currently has four 65-MW coal-fuelled power plants.
"The power of fire resides in the power to spread," he said.
Sometimes we have no power or little power, like on the judges.
That power currently resides in hundreds of power centers across the country.
Indiana Municipal Power Agency, $124 million of power supply system revenue bonds.
Muammar el-Qaddafi was in power, not during his time in power.
Power companies say it could be months before all power is restored.
And lastly, they don't have the pricing power," he told "Power Lunch.
About 450 megawatts is solar power and 90 megawatts is wind power.
The Clean Power Plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants?
We had power in the bedroom, but we didn't have political power.
He called nuclear power the single greatest form of carbon-free power.
This could also bring down trees and power lines, causing power outages.
Protecting the UK's largest power supplier Drax Power Station uses Darktrace's system.
Only 55 percent of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority customers have power.
The staunchest defenders of concentrated power are those who hold that power.
A man had no power in the face of power like that.
ExGen Texas Power operates five natural-gas-fired power plants in Texas.
Regional power companies continued to reduce the number of homes without power.
Killing far more birds than wind turbines are traditional power power lines.
It was a post-apocalyptic power fantasy about a character without power.
Those with power are never going to give up their power voluntarily.
In the Christian nationalist world, legitimate political power is largely male power.
There were three plausible positions: the power to remove was coincident with the power to appoint, and thereby required advice and consent of the Senate; Congress had the power to confer a unitary removal power at its discretion; or the president had such a power by virtue of the Constitution itself.
We're in a position also where we have the emerging power China competing with the United States, an established power, as an effective power competitor.
Retaining power Mugabe is Africa's oldest head of state, and his grip on power has faltered little since he first rose to power in 1980.
C40 produced a range of power maps, showing the relative power of local government over activities and assets like sidewalks, airports, cycling, water, power distribution.
"Macbeth," which opened Sunday, is an anatomy of corruption, inscribing the path from power foretold to power seized to power clung to at all costs.
Georgia Power, an investor-owned public utility serving most of Georgia, buys wind power Oklahoma via renewable energy certificates and long-term power sourcing contracts.
When you're all out of power and need to charge up, you'll be using a small, squat Asus power brick with a proprietary power jack.
There are also still questions about the power grid's ability to handle a large amount of power-hungry charging stations delivering power all at once.
Downed power lines: There are many downed power lines, Bowden said, and the main power pole off the island also went down in the storm.
When people talk about women's power, or black power, or workers' power, it has to do with people from below, there's no doubt about that.
Now, what a lot of people don't like to talk about, but I think is very important, is moral power, spiritual power and intellectual power.
Swisstek 40,000mAh Power Bar With AC Outlet Perfect for digital nomads, this Swisstek Power Bar features an insane amount of power in a small package.
Understand the power of the power lawScale benefits, network effects, and the power law are so powerful that people usually delude themselves into thinking otherwise.
South Australia's Liberal party promises to cut power bills by cancelling Labor's plan for a new gas-fired power plant and fund instead a new power link to a neighboring state, to back up wind and solar power.
Castle Peak Power Company Ltd (CAPCO) is a joint venture of utility CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and China Southern Power Grid International (HK) Co, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Co Ltd.
Sri Lanka is facing intermittent power cuts across the country after a nationwide power failure on Sunday crippled the country's Chinese-built 900 MW coal power plant that supplies more than 40 percent of the country's peak power demand.
In his recently released book, "On Power: My Journey Through the Corridors of Power and How You Can Get More Power," the musician draws on his personal and business experiences to drive home the significance of money and power.
"We unplug everything when we lose power so that the appliances don't get damaged (with power surges) when we get the power back on," Diaz said.
Thousands without power in Alabama Alabama Power Co. reported that about 3,500 customers are without power as a result of the strong band of storms overnight.
Power washers have something of a cult following, from a popular "Power Washing Porn" subreddit with 825,000 members to YouTube compilations of power washers at work.
" On the significance of a proposed bill to reassert congressional power: "Trump has continually undermined the power of Congress and undermined the power of the judiciary.
Engineers had restored power to 91 percent of its customers who lost power over the weekend by Monday morning, U.K. Power Networks said in a statement.
Early in our history, we owned and operated our own power plants, but, over decades, we have shifted to buying power from the commercial power grid.
William Cohen: I think in terms of China we have to recognize that China is a great power – economic power, it is becoming a military power.
Most recently, the Supreme Court specifically alluded to the agency's power to regulate existing power plant emissions under the exact provision underpinning the Clean Power Plan.
The third approach would be to counter the platforms' power with people power.
In the meantime, back up power generators were used until the power returned.
It is involved in both generation at thermal power plants and power distribution.
The power station is being built by China's SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation.
But we also have the power to fix — and the power to love.
These entities hover around power centers no matter which party is in power.
The power is there, but they push away the responsibility for the power.
Korea Southern Power and Daelim Energy have co-invested in Daehan Wind Power.
Ossia's receiver sends a low-power beacon signal to the Cota Power Transmitter.
Also: Black power isn't the same as white power, not even a little.
There will be power poses, and most importantly, there will be power couples.
Also amassing power, and cradling giant blood-goblets while giving speeches about power.
And unlike big power plants and power lines, they can be installed quickly.
Nuclear power accounts for about three-quarters of French power generation at present.
The problem was that speed required computing power, and computing power cost money.
It's hard to speak truth to power if you and power don't speak.
Maybe more power, or a different form of power, would help with that.
"Solar power is now becoming increasingly central to U.K. power production," Whitehead added.
"I have no power with that little girl – no power whatsoever," he said.
Coal-fired power currently makes up 26 percent of total EU power generation.
For any of that, though, you need human power, not just computing power.
"I know no power greater than the power of the public," he said.
Tokyo Electric Power jumped 13 percent and Chubu Electric Power surged 3.7 percent.
The power of chance History also teaches us about the power of chance.
Power distribution companies have long-term contracts including fixed amounts of power deliveries.
Trump has proven the power of these ideas, proven the power of populism.
Well, hopefully all the power that we have is the power of voting.
"The power of people was greater than the people in power," she said.
The problem is that power brokers no longer have any power to broker.
Power woes Puerto Rico's power grid was a mess well before the storm.
Maduro's critics call it a power grab meant to keep him power indefinitely.
Alabama Power reported Sunday afternoon that more than 63,63 customers were without power.
" Trump added that Democrats wanted to return power to "corrupt, power-hungry globalists.
Power shortage CNN went to talk to people at Gaza's only power station.
Besides a lust for power, why the perceived need for more centralized power?
More power for them, less power for the people they're elected to serve.
Finally, all that processing power in one chip requires immense power and cooling.
Power-Lifting Suction delivers 5X the air power for improved pick-up performance.
Power Lifting Suction delivers 10X the air power for improved pick up performance.
The New Dealers saw that economic power and political power were intrinsically linked.
Puget Sound Energy, Washington state's largest power company, reported 137,000 customers without power.
The ultimate comedy power couple are now the ultimate literary comedy power couple.
" Blakeman added, referring to Democrats, "If you abuse power, then you'll lose power.
Power vacuums and power shifts are filled rapidly in politics and foreign affairs.
Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, $129 million of power supply system revenue refinancing bonds.
And as economic power has become more concentrated, so too has political power.
We give our elected officials power but we can take that power back.
Monopoly power is defined as the power to control prices or exclude competition.
A "mission-critical" request to restore power was made to Florida Power & Light.
Today, reflect on power and the power struggles you've been seeing play out.
It isn't only talking about individual power, but it's also about collective power.
In 1879, a power plant in San Francisco started to sell electric power.
Power companies expected millions to lose power, and say restoration could take weeks.
But is that the power of suggestion or the power of the hormone?
"We had this power, and we wanted to leverage that power," she said.
A "Medium power?" is E.S.P. because mediums supposedly possess the power of clairvoyance.
The power of belief is Pennywise's power, but it's also his biggest weakness.
The Affair Sierra explores the power of breath, Helen the power of no.
Thomas Power, a protégé of LeMay, who privately described Power as a sadist.
The other side has power through money and we have power through people.
"I'd always rather use economic power before I use military power," Trump said.
Welcome to the age of the power frill and even the power pannier.
That power includes the power to decide process at least absent egregious oppression.
"Power's exciting, power sells tickets and power wins games, at times," Luhnow said.
Not just autonomous power, but the power to completely protect yourself from predation?
The Sharks' first power-power goal came on their 16th advantage this season.
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," Lord Acton once said.
They also installed power lines to support the new high-power charging stations.
Scottish Power to add solar and battery power to wind farms, BBC reports.
Too often that path is shaped by entrenched power more than community power.
Indeed, the staunchest defenders of concentrated power are those who hold that power.
The power of God is no longer reflected without mediation in earthly power.
Cramer: Let's talk about the power of business versus the power of government.
Unlimited power corrupts, even when the power is wielded by people in hoodies.
Nearly 1023 million households lost power, according to the Hokkaido Electric Power Company.
Almost 3 million households lost power initially, the Hokkaido Electric Power Company said.
Let me put it in plain terms: People in power want more power.
"Antitrust is about power, and are you willing to trust power," Frerick said.
Source: J.D. Power Source: J.D. Power —CNBC's Meghan Reeder contributed to this report
The state power company's union said a fire had caused the power failure.
The Clean Power Plan was aimed at curbing carbon emissions from power plants.
A tradition that believes that power corrupts, and that our goal should be not to gain power but to contain power or limit Presidential power.... This race should be about which candidate will best protect you from an overbearing government.
Yet this exhibition — like the hit soap opera "Story of Yanxi Palace" — is ultimately not about love but about power: how to get power, how to wield power, and how to maintain power in circumstances not propitious for your gender.
Earlier this month, Japanese media reported that Japco had asked for a total of 350 billion yen ($3.2 billion) in financial support to five utilities: Tokyo Electric, Tohoku Electric Power , Chubu Electric Power, Kansai Electric Power and Hokuriku Electric Power.
JERA, a joint venture between Japanese utilities Tokyo Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power, is Japan's biggest thermal power generator and the world's biggest buyer of LNG.
Modern lasers can, very briefly, reach a peak power of a petawatt, which is about 1m times more power than is generated by a nuclear power station.
They buy power for their local customers from wholesale markets, where the owners of power generators ("gencos") compete, selling their power (and other energy services) at auction.
American Electric Power is the largest power transmission network in the country, with a major power generation portfolio that serves over 5 million people in 11 states.
Power from the wind farms will be sold to Tohoku Electric Power for 20 years under a power purchase agreement based on the feed-in tariff programme.
Nanogrids, meanwhile, are smaller-scale power centers—ones that usually power just a single building—that can run independently with no connection to the larger power grid.
Last year, the China Power Investment Group, one of China's biggest state power generators, began merger procedures with the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, a reactor designer.
Dyson's handheld vacs have always been battery power-only, so falling back on a power cord when you run out of power has never been an option.
Tomas David, vice chairman of EP Power Europe - EPH's power generation division - said the company was interested in assets critically needed to meet a country's power needs.
More wind power was installed than any other form of power generation in 2015 and accounted for 44 percent of total 2015 power capacity installations, EWEA said.
The move comes as the world's top power user strives to reform its power system and to reduce power transmission barriers between provinces to boost energy consumption.
Consider this: Blatter was in power for 17 years, his predecessor was in power for 23 years and his predecessor's predecessor was in power for 13 years.
The state-run power utility had announced the schedule of a daily power cut lasting more than seven hours, so that firms could ensure emergency power supply.
While the Constitution does not explicitly grant power to the president to exercise emergency power, the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution to imply such a power.
ACWA Power and Saudi Aramco signed a deal with Bangladesh Power Development Board to develop a 3,600-megawatt LNG-based power plant and terminal in the country.
Recession would clip aviation, power The epicenter of GE's cash crisis is the company's power division, which makes turbines used by coal and natural gas power plants.
"We are very interested in power and publishing the truth about power so people can work out however they choose so they can reform power," he said.
And the truck will also include high-voltage power outlets that offer enough electricity to power "high power tools" without the need for a generator, Musk said.
ACWA Power and Saudi Aramco signed a deal with Bangladesh Power Development Board to develop a 3,600-megawatt LNG-based power plant and terminal in the country.
"Balancing" power is so far handled mainly by traditional power plants while surplus wind power is often dealt with by curbing turbine output or throwing output away.
Last year, Scottish Power sold its gas-fired, hydro and pumped storage plants to British power producer Drax, leaving Iberdrola with only wind power generators in Britain.
"It's about gender dynamics, power dynamics, abuse of power and not just sexual abuse of power," said Jennifer Aniston, who plays Carell's loyal professional partner and friend.
There should be a bright line between Congress's power to investigate for legislative purposes and its power to investigate in service of another constitutionally specified power: impeachment.
And Tokyo Electric Power, owner of the ruined power station in Fukushima, pulled out of a bid to build and run a nuclear power station in Turkey.
Saddled with unreliable coal-fired power stations, Eskom has struggled to meet the country's power demand since 2007, with several bouts of severe power cuts since then.
Here's how the strike is affecting France: Power generation was down nearly 7 gigawatts (GW) on Thursday, according to the power company EDF and power grid RTE.
In today's competitive power grids, the cheapest, sufficiently reliable power mix is selected regardless of whether the power plants are called baseload or peaker or something else.
The Clean Power Plan set limits on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, envisioning a 85033 percent cut in emissions by the whole power sector by 2030.
Get the rest of Cramer's power rankings here: for his consumer staples power ranking.
The desire of those with power to get more and more power seems insatiable.
They could also draw power from your mobile devices to power noise-cancelling features.
However, unprecedented flooding overwhelmed our primary power and two sources of emergency backup power.
"The PLA is a force of power but also a civilized power," Yang said.
Workers had been restoring power from the initial earthquake when Friday's disrupted power again.
As of Sunday evening, 58,118 customers were still without power, according to Gulf Power.
Hospitals in Corpus Christi have reportedly lost power and are running on generator power.
Should Dolores reach the Valley Beyond, she'll have enormous power over society's power players.
The order allows utility workers to inspect power lines and equipment before restoring power.
The distributed electric power generation scheme will be traded on current power trade platforms.
Villanova: The power of five For the Wildcats, the "power of five" mentality applies.
Power Stone The purple-colored Power Stone first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Zimbabwe, which is grappling with severe power shortages, imports power from neighbouring South Africa.
We have to believe in the power of people taking power of their government.
"The idea is power: Land is power," Mr. Payne said in a phone interview.
Glory and power, the history of these two franchises, winning, exaltation, moral strength, power.
It's not that we rely entirely on hard power or entirely on soft power.
Obviously our power play wasn't good enough, and their power play was the difference.
There is great power in numbers, just as there is great power in femininity.
They ensure there are no blackouts and that power flow doesn't overload power lines.
As power needs grow at a station, more power-providing cubes can be added.
If you need money and power, go to where the money and power are.
"What is needed today is to separate economic power from political power," he added.
For lower-power devices, it can make power outlets a thing in the past.
Its power primarily comes from gas-fired power stations, wind turbines and nuclear plants.
There was the power of touch, but we also learned the power of laughter.
So, it's more like a day to reflect their growing power, their business power.
I have this power, and I am using that power by using my voice.
Solar power in particular jumped 29.6 percent, while wind power grew by 15.6 percent.
Frustrations with the power supply are hardly limited to clean power users in India.
Tepco Power Grid collects this data and sends it to the new power providers.
In particular, the Clean Power Plan sets limits on carbon dioxide from power plants.
"Knowledge is not power – it's potential power," explains Robbins during a SuperSoul Series appearance.
Those rights rely on power, and power in the economic system depends on scarcity.
This is how we recognized that people power without political power will not suffice.
It's a total power move and lest we forget Cookus's sacrifice, knowledge is power.
And power couples have to be split up before they start making power moves.
I worry about everyone who exercises political power and judicial power, all of this.
Because to power any one house requires a power plant and miles of wiring.
Within weeks, I lost the power to fly, if that's what the power was.
Before the power authority could begin power restoration on St. John, Hurricane Maria hit.
Municipal Light & Power said between 7,000 and 10,000 residents lost power for a time.
The pardon power is an executive power, one expressly reserved to the chief executive.
Last year, state-controlled ADMIE was spun off from power utility Public Power Corp.
The UN is unwieldy, and hamstrung by big-power rivalries and small-power greed.
Restart your iPhone by holding down the power button then swiping to power down.
"The power over human life is kind of the ultimate social power," says Hassett.
Connect the Fitbit's power cable (which must be plugged into a power source).2.
To use a vernacular formulation, a hard-power problem requires a hard-power approach.
Power—maximum power—is truly, for these professional revolutionists, the coin of the realm.
Batteries power the drive system, as well as braking, power steering and air conditioning.
Also, the president&aposs power to pardon, even himself, it is an absolute power.
Turning North Korea into a nuclear power has defined Kim's five years in power.
We see so often how reified power mocks itself, almost to affirm its power.
That said, EIA's Electric Power Monthly includes a database of planned power station retirements.
No market, no institutional power, no media can stop the soft power of art.
Bolt EV power electronics and two 400-volt batteries provide power to the truck.
So you have the U.S. power laws and power laws between countries as well.
The idea is to use collective power to restructure power dynamics in whole industries.
Because the power to have a better life comes with the power of relationships.
Gatekeepers have a great deal of power, and without regulation can abuse that power.
Some power is very concrete; some power really is a gun to your head.
His push to project power abroad was accompanied by a power play at home.
They also showed improvements in leg power and could generate more power while cycling.

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