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"traction" Definitions
  1. the action of pulling something along a surface; the power that is used for doing this
  2. a way of treating a broken bone in your body that involves using special equipment to pull the bone gradually back into its correct place
  3. the force that stops something, for example the wheels of a vehicle, from sliding on the ground
  4. the extent to which an idea, a product, etc. becomes popular or gains support

855 Sentences With "traction"

How to use traction in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "traction" and check conjugation/comparative form for "traction". Mastering all the usages of "traction" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Traction, traction, traction Almost every VC I spoke to mentioned the next 12 to 18 months as a critical time for startups in this space.
"When you [get] tremendous traction, they don't understand what that traction means," Rossiello said.
"So for anyone who's worried their company doesn't have enough traction, that was our traction," says Chesky.
We see a lot of candidates who seem to be getting traction with or some candidates getting traction with emphasizing the differences.
While YouTube Kids has gained some traction with children, the report finds that the app has had little traction with advertisers to-date.
American tech investors might continue to wait for market traction before providing the fuel needed for that traction (even if that seems counterintuitive).
Deaf culture is shifting as hearing-restoring tech gains traction Deaf culture is shifting as hearing-restoring tech gains traction This segment originally aired Jan.
So talk about this TED talk that you did that really got a lot of traction, speaking of traction and I think it really did.
And in Europe, we have some traction, but the brand isn't so strong that we've been able to see similar traction on the app side.
And so you can't help but always be bringing in all the data around you of what people are saying is getting traction and not getting traction.
Marketing Traction Course  If you want to ensure that your startup doesn't fail, you need to be familiar with the bestselling 43 Fast and Cheap Marketing Hacks & Traction Strategy.
One of the reasons that his stuff gets the traction it does, whenever it does get traction, is there's some thread there that is truthful, or in the sphere.
Now, they seem to be gaining some traction now outside the U.S. In distribution, and they've gained some traction in the U.S. with Amazon as a marketer for Starz.
I personally didn't have any traction issues while testing the Treadwell 2, but if traction is a concern, you can always switch out the tires for something more heavy-duty.
They have more followers; their tweets get more traction (studies have shown that emotional tweets pretty much always have more traction); they set the terms of their neighborhood's culture and tone.
Gaining traction for this concept   could and would require
The opposite of distraction is not focus — it's traction.
Getting traction as a great restaurant city has been harder.
And the positive, seasonal traction extends to the broader markets.
Van Susteren's conservative commentary apparently never gained the same traction.
No surprise, the story of his heroism gained some traction.
This notion has gained significant traction in the tech world.
On Weibo, news of Chen's disappearance is picking up traction.
The videos soon gained traction online, putting CPAC under pressure.
The new looks never failed to gain traction with shoppers.
But Elliott could be gaining some traction according to investors.
NEA said Doxa didn't show enough traction with users yet.
The movement to forgive student loan repayment is gaining traction.
There is some evidence that such articles are gaining traction.
Multipolarity is gaining traction and will have two broad axes.
But the idea is gaining traction with Republicans as well.
But then Walker dropped out after failing to gain traction.
Pindrop has gained a lot of traction from top investors.
The other 22008 candidates have failed to gain any traction.
It's nothing new, but it's gaining serious traction these days.
On the surface, Tidal has repeatedly failed to gain traction.
The idea, universal basic income, is gaining traction worldwide. nyti.
I hope this gains traction in honor of my wife.
By the early 20th century, the term "Negro" gained traction.
So far, the software platform seems to be finding traction.
SOFR has been slow to gain traction among market participants.
The wheels offer grippy, almost sticky traction on paved roads.
If one gains traction, it would surprise and delight me.
Christian Cannabis has already gained some traction on social media.
Calls for higher taxes for the rich are gaining traction.
But in summary, things are beginning now to get traction.
In July 2018, the app appeared to gain traction internationally.
Early indications look as though Abercrombie is finally gaining traction.
There was democratic, popular traction with this set of policies.
One of the reasons for this new traction is technological.
It is easy to see why this idea has traction.
The idea has gained traction among some Democrats, including Sens.
The "don't prosecute" story gained considerable traction in conservative media.
Our Vision 2020+ strategic concept is beginning to get traction.
Calls to abolish the agency have gained traction with lawmakers.
It never gained much traction, and was shuttered in 2014.
The bill never gained any traction and died in Congress.
The Hill: Warren struggles to gain traction amid Sanders surge.
But why do these variations never seem to gain traction?
Such legislation has yet to gain traction on Capitol Hill.
Time has already gained some traction with its television content.
If you repeat a lie often enough, it gains traction.
It was a case where we had uniquely limited traction.
But lame something so transparent in its agenda gets traction.
Most of these projects have failed to gain much traction.
The overall bill hasn't gained much traction in the Senate.
The city is clearly looking to build on that traction.
It's a concept that's gained traction outside of Fortnite recently.
However, on Facebook, the feature hasn't seen as much traction.
For a few years, the plan appeared to get traction.
The idea got unexpected traction, but there were two problems.
With the scandals gaining traction, however, that formula is weakening.
TNW: Did the company pick up traction from the beginning?
Until Mr. Cordray left, they had gotten very little traction.
This is when Kalt finally managed to get some traction.
The #10YearChallenge gained widespread traction on social media this month.
It's still early but definitely getting traction from ongoing work.
The technology has also been gaining traction in other states.
We are assessing whether it's really got traction or not.
The idea has gained more traction among the public, too.
But his progressive campaign never gained traction in the polls.
In China obviously we have the strongest momentum and traction.
Thus, a vegan interior movement is starting to gain traction.
Gaining traction in the art world is "difficult," she said.
It was the catalyst Cali'flour Foods needed to gain traction.
Candidates struggling to still build traction are facing crunch time.
Optional removable lugs give you greater traction on ice, too.
Republicanism never got much traction in Britain, even before Brexit.
It was a novel idea that didn't gain enough traction.
In a pinch, pine needles and sticks can increase traction.
Opera has gained traction elsewhere in the Los Angeles area.
But that argument has until recently gotten very little traction.
Diversity and inclusion is gaining traction in the corporate world.
We see early signs of traction & the flywheel is working.
But that idea has gained little traction with other Republicans.
What sort of traction he'll gain remains to be seen.
Bank breakup legislation has attracted little political traction in Congress.
Doubts that the idea would gain traction were not surprising.
The outsole employs strategic groove placement for comfort and traction.
"I don't think it's going to gain traction," he said.
Peach has gained a little traction with the general public.
But that effort isn't gaining traction with other Republicans. Sen.
My annual holiday giving guide also didn't get much traction.
Arpaio's chaotic campaign struggled to find traction throughout the race.
It began gaining traction on 8chan and 4chan last year.
And gun control legislation gained traction in the state legislature.
Traditional elites of all persuasions are losing touch, and traction.
Those smarts paid off as her music career got traction.
HQ has massive early traction and still millions playing daily.
The spot with the most digital traction, according to iSpot.
That said, there's no guarantee that CareKit will get traction.
And if the video gets traction, I write a book.
We think there are great opportunities to invest at every stage — pre-traction or post-traction — but it's important to figure out where you will specialize and then orient the fund around that stage.
Early traction"Are there signs or indications of early traction — whether the business or if it&aposs prerevenue or hasn&apost launched — of the fundamental behavior you&aposre trying to tap into?" he said.
In the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD), the manual that neurologists use to diagnose headache disorders, there's something called an "external traction headache," which is a headache resulting from sustained traction on the scalp.
But it's uncommon for them to have much enterprise market traction.
Repeat that back to them and you can really gain traction.
Where did this idea start, and why is it gaining traction?
The concept of psychedelic-assisted therapy is now steadily gaining traction.
The coveted minimalist closet clearly started gaining traction before Kondo's show.
The app's latest product, IGTV, has been slow to gain traction.
Sam Elliott, too, has some traction for his role in ASIB.
Major share indexes have been unable to regain much traction since.
That idea didn't gain traction, so he entered the race himself.
But it didn't really gain traction until the 2016 presidential election.
The company is gaining traction without giving away the store, too.
That does not mean he has lost traction with India's youth.
I just don't know what kind of traction it has. Right?
There were many qualified, experienced candidates running who never got traction.
The post gained traction Tuesday on Twitter and share-site Reddit.
OStechnology, a lightweight system designed for flexibility, traction, and energy return.
The San Francisco offense can gain no traction against decent opponents.
So far, Pandora's efforts seem to have little traction with consumers.
We find much more traction if she focuses on innocent children.
Republicans seized on the controversy to help the video gain traction.
Arming teachers is an idea gaining traction with President Donald Trump.
Binary Capital specializes in businesses with initial traction that need direction.
And it's gaining traction in what amounts to a huge market.
" "There's only one way to make sure there's no traction -- vote.
And things like "gravity" and "traction" don't really translate into dog.
That's why Mr. Cruz has so little traction in New Hampshire.
Though it's still early, Lea is seeing some traction, notes Canty.
Indeed, almost anything with a positive yield is seeing good traction.
While in theory they're anti-traction, their love (sorry) is not.
The outsole is grippy, with great traction behavior and sharp cornering.
There are already a few startups gaining significant traction early on.
So, we saw a massive traction of old Fendi baguette bags.
Even on socialism-averse Wall Street that idea has gained traction.
Investors write checks into big dreams, which are validated by traction.
This philosophy, while not adopted by everyone, is fast gaining traction.
Now, however, the call for justice is finally gaining some traction.
Gaining traction again was a matter of steering into the skid.
Swalwell just flat out failed to gain traction in the race.
It is too soon to tell whether they will gain traction.
" Credit Suisse said the company's reinvestments are "showing signs of traction.
But the lack of traction in wage growth is a concern.
We'd been at it for a few years without much traction.
Others have come and gone, but never really achieved much traction.
Thanks to positive word of mouth, the site picked up traction.
However, attendees say so far the committees have got little traction.
It's gaining traction in the states and in the corporate world.
Even when Republicans controlled both chambers, Trump's failed to gain traction.
The idea of security forces using unmanned aircraft is gaining traction.
Some of the policy easing is getting a bit of traction.
It wasn't the first time McCoy found traction in the snow.
Oleg Oleg's storyline got more traction than anyone's this week (FINALLY).
The company's about to get a pick up some traction, however.
It is unclear, however, if the legislation will gain any traction.
Although that bill has not gained much traction, it includes Sen.
We're starting to get traction in healthcare and telcos as well.
But now it's gaining traction among an unlikely audience: car makers.
Just how much traction the armed left will get remains to
Pinterest is also gaining traction in categories outside of its roots.
Traditional smoking is less socially acceptable – and vaping is gaining traction.
China has so far failed to gain much traction in Bhutan.
Surprisingly, this message from 1937 is gaining serious traction in 2019.
Proving that the startup has traction is key, according to Mathur.
"We have good sales momentum and cost transformation is gaining traction."
Smartwatches have gained traction with a new focus on fitness tracking.
But gaining traction will still be an uphill battle for Johnson.
Bills in the House and Senate have yet to gain traction.
What has been noteworthy is the online traction, according to Clements.
Those proposals have yet to gain traction with lawmakers in Juneau.
Over a year later, the feature has struggled to gain traction.
But efforts to revise the Constitution have failed to gain traction.
The video started to gain traction after O'Rourke's Republican opponent, Sen.
Elsewhere in the world this approach has not gotten much traction.
LinkedIn China's Chitu, for instance, is struggling to get market traction.
Twitter declined to share metrics around Moments' adoption, traction or growth.
Instagram promised to provide more insight into traction in the future.
And that was the point where I think we got traction.
The idea has gained traction in Europe, South America, and elsewhere.
Google tried and failed to gain any traction with Google Glass.
Watch Patrick Campbell's incredible talk on monetization at Traction Conference here.
Maybe I've got two months' traction on that in the past.
"If you're passionate about it, you're going [to eventually] get traction."
Apple's HomeKit has been slow to gain traction in the market.
Kim Guadagno (R), who struggled to gain traction in the race.
Her group has more political connections, and a bit more traction.
On Earth, excavators use their weight to dig and provide traction.
There are political enemies of the press that are gaining traction.
That argument did not appear to gain traction with Justice Alito.
Democrats are struggling to gain traction on other investigations as well.
However, the bills have yet to gain traction in the Senate.
The bill gained some traction but is currently stalled in committee.
Whatever traction he was gaining during the primaries is now lost.
The hope is that its turnaround efforts will gain some traction.
Against this backdrop, unionization efforts at The Times have gained traction.
Mobile payment systems have been slow to gain traction in America.
It's a last-ditch effort, and supporters say it's gaining traction.
Neither tweet got much traction at first, which frustrated Mr. Melendez.
Some of its traction so far is down to the founders.
There just isn't enough oxygen and they couldn't get any traction.
Deval Patrick, whose late bid has struggled to gain any traction.
The idea has gained traction with major retailers and delivery companies.
The project failed to gain traction with any of these directors.
Grubhub is a food delivery service gaining traction among Gen Z. 
But right-wing movements have found early traction and see opportunity.
The movement has received a lot of traction on social media.
But the general idea does appear to have gained some traction.
Floor mats in cars can also be used to increase traction.
Sports-inspired purses also seem to be gaining traction among celebrities.
Finally, there was traction when Wahlberg and HBO joined the project.
Booker has consistently failed to pick up traction in national polls.
Rob Blum, many of those challenges have failed to gain traction.
But it lost traction as the proposals failed to excite investors.
After tons of hard work and some luck, you gain traction.
Buttigieg has so far struggled to gain traction among black voters.
We need to gain some traction on the road, play well.
But so far, Sanders is gaining traction in this musical primary.
A bipartisan Senate Finance Committee bill has yet to gain traction.
A range of boutique startups, including Maisonette, have gained traction, too.
Luckily, that idea never gained serious traction during tax reform discussions.
Because it takes years to gain traction, we should get started.
PC: Traction was coming from a number of different areas really.
That questions remains largely unanswered even as he now gains traction.
Harris had struggled to gain traction in the race for months.
But it's unclear how much traction Facebook has had so far.
Neither team could get much traction, resulting in 19 lead changes.
And Sanders's allies say reports about him losing traction are overblown.
Tuesday's market fight back had begun to gain traction in Asia.
The technology behind cryptocurrencies, has been gaining traction among mainstream businesses.
Alas, none of the sites have gotten all that much traction.
They have a lot of traction, they'll grow really really fast.
It has already displayed success in this area; the Twitter Audience Platform and MoPub have gained traction, and with Facebook's Parse shutting down, Twitter's Fabric toolkit should gain traction with third-party app developers, as well.
Can Uber gain traction with its self-driving technologies if it doesn't?
"We wan to build momentum and not lose any traction," she said.
Other mobile-focused apps in the sharing economy are gaining traction too.
But there's another cinematic ecosystem gaining traction — and it's a terrifying one.
Brodie got excited by the idea and early traction for the MVP.
Number 45 has also made no traction on introducing Congressional term limits.
But it's gained enough traction that opponents have felt compelled to respond.
We are impressed by their early traction with both educators and consumers.
"We are starting to see signs inflation is gaining traction," Sonders said.
"When we started there wasn't a ton of traction," she told Hyperallergic.
Google cuts some services because they have no users and no traction.
I think as soon as this gets traction, the rest would follow.
But that idea isn't going to get traction with Republican senators. Sen.
McCarty, however, mysteriously left Eaze right as the company gained significant traction.
There are also more reliable methods that have yet to gain traction.
And on Facebook, it can get more traction than traditional news coverage.
But if Trump starts gaining more traction, she might hold on longer.
The division has been in turnaround mode since, without gaining much traction.
Gabbard has gained traction among prominent Yang Gang fan pages, per Sanz.
He hadn't been able to get any traction with Republican state legislators.
Only one American mass shooting gained major media traction this past week.
It is worth remembering, however, that many startups fail to gain traction.
The post quickly gained traction and has been shared hundreds of times.
The Sony investment being announced today is another indicator of Roli's traction.
VCs were looking for products that had traction, revenue and even profit.
Similar legislation has already gained some traction in the House of Representatives.
Have you gotten any traction there when you start talking to investors?
A new understanding of pain called "central sensitization" is also gaining traction.
After the platform gained traction, Baopals was written up by local media.
Easy Taxi maintains impressive traction, raising more than $75 million to date.
However, the stock has gained traction lately, up 15 percent since June.
But too often, even promising ideas have difficulty gaining widespread commercial traction.
Yet the idea had gained little traction in the broader aid industry.
Environmental education has evolved since 1970, and new models are gaining traction.
"We think we are making positive traction" in the investigation, Underwood said.
Now Kapur sees that easing gaining traction, particularly in rising property prices.
He conceded, however, that his proposal isn't likely to get much traction.
Despite such controversy, the idea of risk assessment is gaining considerable traction.
A strong brand identity gains traction and widespread recognition in the marketplace.
Rand Paul's campaign has failed to gain traction in the Hawkeye State.
With a Republican president and Republican Congress, these ideas may gain traction.
"Early traction of Tesla is tracking very closely to Apple, " Palihapitiya said.
EF: The A round is about achieving product market fit and traction.
The Minnesota case, however, has given the necessity defense some legal traction.
Traction for this form of electrified transportation in the U.S. is slow.
Despite the Caesar photos, the multiple reports, there is no international traction.
His stories don't often get much traction with that base, he says.
How much traction have you been able to gain since last year?
Following the announcement on Wednesday, the hashtag #صوفيا_تطالب_باسقاط_الولايه or #sophia_demands_that_guardianship_be_dropped gained traction.
Kasich came away unclear whether his plan would get any more traction.
Now, we at GenieBelt are seeing traction from users and customers globally.
However, the idea did not gain traction with fellow G-7 members.
The idea did not gain much traction with other G-85033 members.
Our alternative to algorithms is now gaining traction in the tech community.
Time's Up takes aim at R. Kelly The campaign has gained traction.
The controversial technology has struggled to gain traction among established financial firms.
Conservatives and Republicans got far less electoral traction out of traditional earmarks.
They've had early traction with their Alexa voice-activated personal assistant device.
It's a sentiment that unfortunately has gained traction in the black community.
This carbon capture technology remains costly and has struggled to gain traction.
I thought it might get a little traction, a couple more eyeballs.
Gaining traction for a product is one way to help woo investors.
The waterproof construction and the grippy outsole give perfect traction on ice.
The religious message against the vote was gaining traction beyond Christian leaders.
In particular, Tokyo, Seoul and Bali has seen much traction, Mehta said.
The cigar industry lobbying pitch has gained the most traction in Congress.
Such campaigns have been gaining traction among mainstream fast-food restaurant companies.
And the idea is gaining traction to other blue cities and states.
This was back when streaming was just starting to gain major traction.
Mr. Blankfein said he thought that neither proposal would gain much traction.
About a year in, the site started to gain traction among influencers.
Charles has now gained the majority back, while Westbrook's traction has slowed.
Borrowing costs could rise further if the Treasury-Padilla proposal gains traction.
Republicans fail to pick up traction with a confusing line of questioning.
The plan might not get much traction in Congress, to begin with.
It's coloring books for adults, which have been gaining traction, booksellers say.
But Oatly seems to have gained traction outside of the vegan sphere.
Opponent pledge campaigns such as these could gain more traction among progressives.
For all its apparent traction, Stripe does have some limitations in Asia.
But Edyn has gained traction in a crowded market for gardening tech.
I'm gonna go out there with that: It's not gonna get traction.
With enough traction and network effect, it could outlive its Platform pivots.
Mendieta, on the other hand, was just gaining traction in her career.
Richie Hecker is an investor and the chief executive of Traction & Scale.
The Cybertruck pulls first, increasing the Tesla's traction and decreasing the Ford's.
But since the devices never gained traction neither did the music service.
Both are slowly gaining traction, though neither can claim official industry support.
Antitrust action is gaining a lot of traction among lawmakers and regulators.
Nor has El's suggestion that everyone state their pronouns gained much traction.
"That seemed to get them traction in the market," Ms. Caldwell said.
The unum format, meanwhile, is finding some traction in the real world.
Another wave quit after also failing to gain traction in New Hampshire.
A Senate bill that would establish a deadline has gained bipartisan traction.
That effort gained traction in 2014 after Malaysia Airlines Flight 503 disappeared.
That may enable rivals to gain even more traction with their products.
That's integral to the traction that Gucci has found with young consumers.
But there are signs that the technology may finally be gaining traction.
And there are political enemies of the press that are gaining traction.
Polls found Klobuchar generally struggled to gain traction with voters of color.
Those do not appear likely to gain traction in the near future.
I got one or two entries in each section but no traction.
Yet my reporting from Iraq got little traction; I felt like Sisyphus.
Other elements of Mr. Neumann's grand plans have failed to gain traction.
"This is a business model gaining a lot of traction," she said.
Both teams found a bit more offensive traction for the half's remainder.
Facial recognition, already widespread in China, is gaining traction in Western countries.
Wheels may give them some traction, but then are confounded by stairs.
Micropayments haven't proven viable yet, and similar schemes have had limited traction.
As of now, the background check legislation appears to have more traction.
Republicans gained some traction as public opinion of the tax plan improved.
As Daisley continued to spend time on the project, it gained traction.
While Mr. Sanders struggled on Saturday, he at least showed some traction.
Now, however, his view is gaining traction in courtrooms around the country.
This Yes California campaign has a ballpark-zero chance of gaining traction.
Finally, look for a boot that offers good traction and water resistance.
But the negative impacts may not translate into traction with the public.
Warren, of Massachusetts, has steadily gained traction in her party's primary contest.
It showcased exactly the type of traction that Higgins was looking for.
The Pirates gained traction after that and worked their way into contention.
But, I see why Freshly has been gaining so much traction recently.
His diehard supporters are proof that his message has plenty of traction.
There are two big reasons active stock managers can't get any traction.
But campaigns to reduce the overprescription of antibiotics have also gained traction.
Still, Dr. Moreau said, the issue initially received little traction among academia.
It has an annual bill of around £300m ($390m) just for traction.
"Everyone knows you get more traction talking about childhood obesity," he said.
It remains something of a mystery that he hasn't gained more traction.
Those bills have also gotten little traction outside of the House. Rep.
And the app gained decent traction, for a meditation app at least.
All the artists-first philosophy won't matter if it never gains traction.
It is unclear whether this plan will gain traction with congressional leaders.
Anti-Beijing sentiment also has been gaining traction in the United States.
Others say he wouldn't gain much traction even if he did run.
E-commerce is gaining traction in Latin America after a slow start.
But it is Lindsey Vonn's spot that probably got the most traction.
All were short-lived ideas for which Amazon couldn't gain customer traction.
Meanwhile, the centrists in the race have struggled to gain much traction.
It's still too early to know if the accusations will gain traction.
Mr. Dawson used to earn $18 an hour making railroad traction motors.
But as far-right Hindu groups have gained traction, India has changed.
To gain traction, bitcoin needs to be faster and cheaper, they say.
Kasich, a popular governor, never gained much traction in the presidential race.
When it comes to polls, however, Booker's campaign hasn't yet gained traction.
Adult coloring books have also gained traction in the past several years.
Obviously, Square is actually getting quite a bit of traction now, especially.
This conspiracy theory also gained a little bit of traction on Twitter.
"We believe that with the European economy hopefully also getting more some traction, (then) forget Brexit for a while, focus on Europe, that's where our business is and hopefully also we will see some traction here," he added.
Unlike all-seasons, winter tires have an increased tread depth that helps channel away snow and slush and improves traction by packing snow in the tread grooves for what Bridgestone, the tire company, calls "snow-on-snow" traction.
Have you found a way to get traction with the logic of that?
"They are gaining traction in new market segments and new geographies," he said.
So he knows a thing or two about what's likely to get traction.
This raises questions about whether the Fair Drug Pricing Act can gain traction.
It will also struggle to get traction with the youth it is targeting.
That's where our business is and hopefully we'll see also some traction here.
The group has been "extremely surprised" at the traction the petition has received.
A string of recent data has suggested the economy is slowly regaining traction.
Instead of strikes, I'm all for getting noticed and gaining traction by doing.
Amazon wants in, but the e-commerce giant has struggled to gain traction.
Thick wheels give the Rev better traction compared to other cheaper e-scooters.
But a new Y Combinator -backed company seems to be picking up traction.
The company has struggled to gain traction with younger riders in recent years.
Clearly, Nixon had some good moments even as Watergate started to gain traction.
Recent data have suggested that Japan's sluggish economy may be slowly regaining traction.
Sunrise said UPC's improvement in many areas showed its turnaround was gaining traction.
The RS 5 doesn't want the advanced traction control or adjustable exhaust note.
"Jeremy's Radical Relics" or "Lin's Loopy Antiquities" both have some traction to them.
So far, marijuana legalization has failed to gain serious traction in Hawaii's legislature.
Key provisions resemble measures that have gained traction in Vermont and other states.
The site gained so much traction that Chaiwala followed it up with Polygamy.
But the way that we get the traction is with the recent elections.
Oftentimes, it's her tweets about President Donald Trump that gain the most traction.
"We're gaining traction... I see us coming back quickly and strongly," Fritz said.
But none of the alternatives, particularly Pete Buttigieg, have gained much traction either.
Though I love the look of the leather outsole, it does compromise traction.
"Our latest AlphaWise survey data speak to continued traction in these key categories."
But so far, such systems haven't gotten much traction with users or manufacturers.
More importantly, the public still have no traction with much of our narrative.
Wine n Dine soft launched last year and picked up some unexpected traction.
Scott Peters but has gained little traction according to Democrats in the area.
But no one understood the new sport, so they couldn't get any traction.
One that has actually landed and gained traction is What Do You Meme?
Oppo handsets are gaining strong traction in the low to mid-range market.
But he has struggled to find traction within a party riven by anger.
Does it gain any traction within the broader debate over the Mueller report?
Some traction with a much smaller proof-of-concept fund surely helped, too.
Waiting for an automatic stabilising mechanism to gain traction might prove prohibitively costly.
Google Health, for example, closed down in 2011 after failing to gain traction.
A post about this neat touch bar workaround is gaining traction on Reddit.
The clip of the interview gained traction on Twitter due to Guthrie's persistence.
The company credited this growth in part to traction for video ad formats.
Already in the investing landscape of least-traveled markets, Cuba is gaining traction.
Now, it's also gaining traction in another realm of medical technology: diagnosing disease.
Joe McCarthy, comes to mind -- to gain traction in a national presidential race.
They need to have a global context and traction to make it happen.
It's uncertain whether the new bill will gain any traction in the House.
Bitcoin has also struggled for traction as means of payment, its intended usage.
But that idea likely won't gather much traction in a Republican-controlled Senate.
The banning of diesel in cities is an idea that is gaining traction.
The checks are bigger, but so are the expectations around revenue and traction.
No, but a conspiracy theory is gaining traction on Reddit alleging just that.
And of course there were no such things as traction or stability controls.
But the index lost traction as the yen recovered some of its losses.
Here, the names that got the most traction throughout the year-long search.
Calls for support are also getting a lot of traction on social media.
But the symbol has started to gain traction among some of Grande's fans.
It's not easy being a snake, especially when you can't get enough traction.
They're considering making it a startup of its own, if it achieves traction.
Lasso has yet to gain traction with Facebook's ever-elusive teen users, though.
The stock has been gaining traction, and Cramer expects it to keep rising.
But proposed plans to pay for the tax cut aren't seeing much traction.
What traction will their talking points gain when they invoke the Palestinian issue?
Meanwhile, dance and movement therapy are gaining traction as methods of treating PTSD.
Experts say these courses are starting to gain traction in the job market.
Why are these more nuanced fembots gaining traction in popular science fiction now?
Particularly in emerging and developing markets, leading local players continue to find traction.
We will help founders achieve two years of commercial traction in three months.
In the meantime, two fields are gathering traction and attention from the VCs.
But in Iowa, there are signs that her campaign could be gaining traction.
It's gaining traction on Twitter and in other forums across the virtual schoolyard.
Another system that's gaining traction in New York City is Luxer One lockers.
A separate survey earlier this month also showed Meade failing to gain traction.
Pros: Made in America, real shearling is warm, durable, great traction, waterproofCons: Expensive
That, in his estimation, the term "yuppie" had lost descriptive traction decades ago?
E-commerce is fast gaining traction in Latin America after a slow start.
These will reassure growth investors to keep pouring money into companies with traction.
He has thus far struggled to gain traction in national and statewide polling.
I think they're slowly but surely gaining traction in the pizza area, too.
Single-payer has gained traction among Democrats, with potential 85033 contenders like Sens.
The internet outrage machine snapped into action and the video quickly gained traction.
"It's hard to imagine that gaining a lot of traction," Ms. Baron said.
In the heel and forefoot are rubber pods for traction as you move.
We appreciated their traction and being able to wear them at the office.
Even on Day 1, the fancy designation had a hard time getting traction.
Lawmakers in Washington, though, have struggled to get traction on a federal law.
"Lenders who loan directly to businesses, they want to see traction," Loren said.
Yet these groups are hoping for more traction beyond just a tax overhaul.
These socks provide full-toe, non-slip traction while enhancing balance and stability.
Samsung Pay and Android Pay are growing too, but have more limited traction.
You can see what's gaining traction in your circle, and in your city.
They were pushing that, but 'Drown' actually started to get traction at radio.
It gained more traction on Twitter over the weekend, with the hashtag #thotaudit.
New financial technologies have been slower to gain traction in the United States.
Kind of amazing that Cruz or Rubio could get any traction at all.
I am largely baffled by the traction of it all, as a whole!
A number of myths about the Gaza protests have consequently gained widespread traction.
Despite being heavily hyped, WebTV struggled to gain traction during its early years.
But from our view as a software company, we are seeing good traction.
It's heartening to see Cho's initiative getting so much traction, along with Takei's.
The higher end implies it's riskier or perhaps the traction isn't that great.
In Chicago, it was raining and I was losing traction—it was exhausting.
The necessity to execute and prove actual traction in the market enables options.
The measure failed to gain any serious traction in part due to lobbying.
Why this matters: Carbon taxes have no political traction in Congress right now.
The answer: VCs could not find enough investable companies with Series A traction.
The forum was created in 2010 but didn't gain traction until last summer.
That includes Gab, a Twitter for conservatives which has failed to create traction.
A few different approaches to address this problem are starting to get traction.
The DREAM Act was also repeatedly introduced but repeatedly failed to gain traction.
The competitive value of data analytics gained traction in professional sports in 2002.
Dramatic traction suffers, probably as a result of the many, and diffuse, vignettes.
To date, Steyer has struggled to gain traction among voters despite prolific spending.
Virtual reality, long-promised, is finally gaining traction in New York video boutiques.
"The biggest headwind to this getting mass traction is human psychology," he said.
Even though hospitals have lost some cases, their arguments have also found traction.
And other issues on which Mr. Kushner has focused have gotten little traction.
Or equip them with external traction cleats, sold under brand names like Yaktrax.
And recent weeks have provided several indications that the business is gaining traction.
That weakness became increasingly apparent as Klobuchar's campaign gained traction in whiter states.
The campaigns of Ms. Sobchak and Ms. Gordon are hardly gaining any traction.
DailyHunt, NewsPoint and others have also gained traction in recent years in India.
Runyon's persistence and her social mission helped her build traction for the business.
"We grew really fast and found traction right away," Maiolfi told the Sharks.
They weren't getting traction, and now they're benefiting from this sort of discontent.
That's largely why Bennett's push for organized opposition to Sanders isn't gaining traction.
No one knows what traction the European JCPOA dispute resolution path will get.
The accusations are finally beginning to get traction as antitrust probes gain steam.
Despite such concerns, the design-build process has gained traction across the nation.
Speculation about Cuban's potential run for president has gained traction in recent months.
Kansas State (1-1) used two quarterbacks, but neither one could gain traction.
However, Harris has struggled to gain traction with black voters around the country.
They can deceive marketers about the traction and success of an ad campaign.
But they are gaining traction among urban drivers, taxi fleets and government agencies.
There is no sign he has gained traction with voters, white or black.
Despite the extra complications, adding green space to functioning infrastructure has gained traction.
But it's still too early to know how much traction the bill has.
They have found traction this year in an industry long resistant to unions.
PARIS — Europe's economy is struggling to gain traction after years of anemic growth.
Without him, the Spurs lost their traction, and the Warriors motored past them.
The Rejuvenate Restorer fills in scratches, helps prevent sun-fading, and improves traction.
When play resumed, the Bearcats' offense found traction and Boston College never threatened.
Klobuchar has had a tough time gaining traction in the crowded Democratic field.
The company's early traction has brought it a new round of venture capital.
"Good news is that conversation is beginning to see greater traction," Brown said.
Bullock so far has failed to gain any traction in the presidential primary.
Similar legislation was introduced in the 114th Congress but failed to garner traction.
A petition for Target to nix plastic bags has gained traction on Change.
Fasting was another slim-down strategy that gained traction over the past decade.
Vegan diets gained traction among both die-hard exercise buffs and animal lovers.
The Minnesota lawmaker has so far struggled to gain traction in opinion polls.
Likewise, traction is crucial for braking, which transfers weight onto the front tires.
But some of those theories get enough traction that they are worth debunking.
What's worse, even Sanders's black surrogates don't seem to be gaining much traction.
That was happening long before same-sex marriage gained traction in the 1990s.
And while he expects the game to eventually gain traction as a nostalgia play, Barton said that the new business model that Nintendo has adopted means that it will take up to a few more weeks before any traction is reflected.
And that can be challenging as the company gains more traction — and more attention.
Thankfully, they also helped add some traction to the icy midwestern road, CNN reported.
It pops up periodically over the years, and often gets more traction during drives.
In 2017, it became clear that this idea has traction in the corporate world.
When he&aposs embarrassed, as he was last week, he always refers to traction.
Expectations that the central bank will devalue the official rate have also gained traction.
With this breakthrough, all the traction and bite a surfer needed was now available.
You can use the "traction method," in which a penile extender stretches the penis.
Despite its new traction in the Democratic field, reparations isn't a broadly popular policy.
TRENDING Bid to split California into 3 states gains traction – could it really happen?
And they're surprised that Donald Trump is getting the traction that he has. Right.
Facebook-owned WhatsApp has gained traction in India, where remittance payments are big business.
The personal robot, codenamed "Vesta," and rumored since last year, is reportedly gaining traction.
Finally, the weekly chart of Allergan showed that the stock is finally gaining traction.
Despite those minor inconveniences for customers, Aldi seems to be gaining traction in Bentonville.
But joining forces against the United States is a strategy that is gaining traction.
Yet even with that dramatic resonance, the incident failed to get much traction nationally.
Let's be thankful for that truth and hope that it gets a little traction.                       
Just as my storage needs were ballooning, an alternative to floppies quickly gained traction.
But by the 1970s, health and safety concerns about PERC started to gain traction.
None of the apps coming from NPE Team have so far recorded significant traction
This was a true driver's car: no antilock brakes, no traction control, no assists.
"Every time I expected it to stop, it picked up more traction," said Wolf.
"I expect demand for gold to gain traction in the coming weeks," Lee added.
Bullock has so far failed to gain any traction in the Democratic presidential primary.
The issue has also gained some traction in the Senate, where Illinois Democratic Sen.
"If Breitbart were gaining traction, that would be one thing," said one Post source.
Wind power continues to gain traction in the renewable energy market, particularly in China.
Second, investors want to see traction, and few will take risks on relative unknowns.
A familiar founder — especially one with prior success — certainly helps new products gain traction.
It didn't receive much widespread traction, though, and was removed from the app store.
The company is also gradually seeing traction for revenue streams beyond its advertising business.
Without appearing in those nationally televised events, he had little hope of gaining traction.
But as China faces up against an environmental reckoning, electric cars are gaining traction.
But anger at times blunts her analysis and it robs her of political traction.
The bill is not expected to gain traction in the Republican-led U.S. Senate.
One of first use cases where they are seeing traction in is customer support.
And it's been incredible, the amount of traction we've gotten on the grassroots level.
The term "search neutrality," however, hasn't gotten much traction as a distinct legal principle.
Teo helped him turn Snapchat's early traction in Scandinavia into a state-side phenomenon.
There are multiple theories as to why, and one in particular is gaining traction.
The tires understeer, so the car loses traction in the front wheels while cornering.
The Alibaba-backed online marketplace has steadily gained traction since it launched in 2012.
Competitors have quickly gained traction in the race to the air-based delivery market.
Mike Enzi, a fellow Republican, but failed to gain traction among Wyoming's political establishment.
But any attempt to significantly alter the current system has failed to gain traction.
Jay Inslee's climate-focused presidential run gains traction, this could come up even more.
On Thursday, when she lost access to her Twitter account, the hashtag gained traction.
Goldsmith told me he is finding traction selling to investors making frequent diligence calls.
The scenes involving Micah Richards and the Villa fans pitch-side also got traction.
Microsoft Dynamics has more traction than most people expect or anticipate in enterprise CRM.
When Mortal Engines begins, the traction city of London is already a resource hog.
When an initiative has early traction, it is much easier to continue the momentum.
The 1980 Olympic report repeatedly stressed the word "legacy" and the concept gained traction.
Often children are in traction or in isolation, for example, depending on their illnesses.
But it's gotten a lot of traction in a slightly unexpected place: film festivals.
"[Hinge] has been getting real traction with cosmopolitan millennials,"a Match Group spokesperson said.
He also lists France and the UK as other markets where it's getting traction.
Before experiencing real traction control, I might have shaken my head at the concept.
There is also some disruptive Trump foreign policy thinking less likely to gain traction.
The index dipped early and struggled to gain traction amid volatility in Chinese stocks.
VR experiences in particular have seen growing traction for use during food & beverage events.
But Boston found their traction and came back to haunt the Bulls, 4-2.
The runner-up was Ted Cruz; basically everyone else got no traction at all.
But he failed to gain traction with voters and dropped out in February 2016.
Following the high-profile insult trading, the videos started getting traction in Trump's orbit.
Unless it gains traction at radio, "Ric Flair Drip" is maddeningly destined to stall.
Pitaro's other big debut, the morning show "Get Up," is struggling to gain traction.
But they too are seeing increased traction in this Trump era of intense partisanship.
In the U.S. presidential campaign that year, Akhmetshin and Veselnitskaya appeared to gain traction.
But a broader line can gain traction in popular usage by a larger audience.
Another plane booting video is gaining traction online months after the violent United incident.
But the programme failed to get traction as a commodities downturn cut investor appetite.
"Four years is a long time to show any sort of traction," said Peck.
We are seeing real traction among governments in the concept of a blue economy.
Cramer can also tell that the M&A business is starting to gain traction.
The Council is just one part of Silverman and Schonfeld's Traction Technology Partners startup.
Now it will work with Linux, which has gained significant traction in recent years.
On the currency front, the dollar struggled to find traction against major Asian currencies.
The U.S. is lagging behind though, and mobile payments have yet to gain traction.
He hasn't gained much traction in the polls, even ones he was included in.
To this day smart guns struggle to gain any traction in the consumer marketplace.
These app releases are more critical than ever thanks to Windows 10's traction.
Price's main priority -- repealing and replacing Obamacare -- is looking for traction in the Senate.
The product has struggled to get traction with users and partners, according to sources.
"Apple's more than a gadget maker and this idea's finally gaining traction," Cramer said.
It's a beautiful dream that may never gain enough traction to get anywhere, though.
They focus on issues where they get more traction, like tax cuts and guns.
However, despite decades of debate and promising starts, no model has successfully gained traction.
But if they do gain traction, it could easily come at Mr. Biden's expense.
Whether it can gain any traction in the more conservative House is less certain.
But—at least according to Riggin's account—Shannon's article did not gain much traction.
It's challenging in the absence of traction or leverage, and it requires thoughtful readjustment.
One theory recently gained traction due to a photo uncovered in the National Archives.
We've been pushing something along those lines and we really haven't gotten any traction.
At last, they took off their shoes, for better traction, and began to climb.
But these ideas gained even more traction because they fit in with cultural concerns.
Apparently, the piece began gaining traction in the more conservative sectors of the site.
Still, simply launching a futures contract does not guarantee it will ever get traction.
However, it does not appear to be gaining much traction with Africa's ruling elite.
But he has struggled to gain traction, so far winning only his home state.
But even if no legislation gains traction, the CFPB is in for big changes.
From a stop, the XC60 gives all four wheels some power for better traction.
According to a report by Vox, Warren is building traction with Silicon Valley elites.
In 2014, it shut down NYT Opinion because it failed to gain much traction.
Its enterprise discount program for larger customers has also been gaining traction of late.
And campaign finance reform, which would hamper ALEC's cash-flow, is gaining traction, too.
The pension reform proposal by Temer's outgoing government never gained enough traction in Congress.
And the charmlike bags gained traction, exerting an outsize pull on women's purse strings.
The concept of comprehensive immigration reform gained traction during the George W. Bush administration.
These groups adapt and evolve, gaining followers and traction while the world watches ISIS.
Hanson's anti-Islam stance has gained some traction, and sparked tension in race relations.
A newer position gaining traction in the field is that of a curriculum developer.
It took nearly half a century for the idea of superfoods to gain traction.
It fell five votes short of the 60 needed, but gained genuine bipartisan traction.
Clinton's campaign fought to minimize any traction Mr. Trump could gain from his speech.
"And so then that's when see really the euro-dollar getting some traction there."
Andrew Cuomo (D) that gained more traction than expected but ultimately came up short.
But the notion that Samsung's latest device could be gaining traction there is significant.
But unable to gain traction against Facebook, Google began to walk back its efforts.
Several national redistricting measures have been proposed in Congress, though none have gained traction.
So here's the question: is the backlash against globalization finally getting real political traction?
In any case, Meyer reports, the idea is gaining traction under the Trump administration.
Yes, but: In the US, however, concerns about Google search have gotten less traction.
The lack of traction in VR content suggests the technology might not even exist.
Polls show candidates getting traction with voters on kitchen-table issues such as healthcare.
Even breakout hits like Snapchat aren't finding traction on older users' phones, it appears.
But other lawyers said they doubted defense arguments regarding FARA would gain much traction.
It ended up getting the most traction of any Facebook post I've ever done.
Environmental disaster is an objective likelihood, still gaining traction among more right-wing preppers.
"No one has traction yet… and almost all good markets are competitive," Levine says.
Pick the right number of "points" for management, market, traction, location and add together.
Shortly after that product debuted and gained some traction the team reconsidered its approach.
"We're seeing significant traction with Bluecore predictive," said co-founder and CEO Fayez Mohamood.
But it feels like it's garnered more traction in the last handful of years.
What happened over time was that we continued to gain a lot of traction.
Whiting's hopes notwithstanding, most analysts agree that these measures will not gain any traction.
There are countless competitors, and Sun Basket, Plated and HelloFresh have all gained traction.
He will be speaking again at Traction Conference in Vancouver on June 23, 2016.
Rubber pods sit in the heel and forefoot to provide traction while you walk.
The number of confirmed cases in the US, as testing gains traction, is exploding.
The traction prefabs were having was much lower than anticipated for single-family homes.
Similar boycott calls around the host Sean Hannity did not gain as much traction.
But the idea of downsizing is gaining traction as more baby boomers enter retirement.
Health researchers have been convinced the anti-vaccine movement is gaining traction in America.
The traction control is up to 10 times faster than on a normal Porsche.
Despite pockets of passion, and a compelling history, Davis Cup is losing traction globally.
Traction and distraction both have the same Latin root, trahere, which means to pull.
The sequel starts a little slow, but gains traction and likability as it unfolds.
One issue gaining traction in particular is the impoverishment of doctors in rural Russia.
Kinstler said her husband had rarely taken such assignments once his career gained traction.
At-home genetic testing services have gained significant traction in the past few years.
But it took a while for the beverage to start gaining traction with consumers.
Let's just say the traction control on the DB11 is looking out for you.
It is hard to see Mike Gillislee, Rex Burkhead and Lewis getting much traction.
Yet, the topic has not gained primary candidates much traction on the campaign trail.
He later admitted this was simply a ploy to "gain traction" on that channel.
And if open banking gains traction globally, consumer financial data will become more available.
The Cory Bookers and Kamala Harrises haven't gotten enough traction to compete with Warren.
The measure, which gained little traction, earned a nickname on Capitol Hill: Zombie Trumpcare.
It wasn't until the summer of 5.83 that Cambridge caught traction in Trump Tower.
I hold out hope that he will gain traction after such a late start.
It could be tough for Patrick to gain traction joining the race this late.
But Democrats' push for a special prosecutor has failed to gain traction with Republicans.
Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), another presidential contender who has so far not gained traction.
So far, no specific proposal for a single program has gained widespread bipartisan traction.
But over the years the "imperio" line has lost traction with the Venezuelan people.
Because traction alopecia is caused by inflammation, Dr. Henry injects the scalp with steroids.
It is unclear how much traction the announcement will have with militants in Kashmir.
Even though the company only launched in April, it is already seeing great traction.
You need substantial amounts of money for a chip startup to gain any traction.
Mercedes says this increases traction in bad weather or when racing around the track.
As such, it's been difficult for the HomePod to gain traction in the market.  
Mark Stallings read "The Effective Executive" in early 2019, when Casely was gaining traction.
However, as campaigning has developed the party has pared some of its earlier traction.
TikTok is not the only Chinese app that has gained traction among U.S. users.
"That argument has gained a lot of traction over last 10 years," he said.
It's a test of an idea, universal basic income, that is gaining traction worldwide.
However, after the story gained traction on social media, the company released a statement.
Albert's narrative, like a lot of nostalgic car passion, loses traction on this downslope.
These two pieces of news seem to confirm a narrative that is gaining traction.
Germany can't form a Government, in France traditional political parties don't gain much traction.
But Ethereum startups have had limited traction with users, and many have shut down.
The right PR consultants can potentially get you traction that no one else can.
Rogers told Business Insider that tire traction in winter weather depends on thread depth.
But it wasn't until recently that the idea gained some traction in the Senate.
Lidl opened its first US stores in 2017, but has struggled to gain traction.
All the others have collapsed, and this one is now struggling to gain traction.
It&aposs no secret that Buttigieg has struggled to gain traction with that demographic.
With the group's central philosophy suddenly finding traction in the daily discourse, appearances mattered.
Still, the U.S. and North Korea have failed to gain traction on nuclear talks.
They seemed to be getting some traction delivering larger catering-type orders to companies.
General Mills rolled out its own Greek yogurt, but it didn't gain much traction.
Pressuring China is one of Mr. Trump's only policies to have gained bipartisan traction.
There isn't expected to be much traction for the new cellular technology until 2020.
Several other Trump-aligned immigration bills have failed to gain traction in recent years.
It is an argument that has gained traction among some economists on the left.
But, overshadowed by some peers, he has failed to get traction in early polls.
Traction alopecia manifests as a receding hairline around the forehead and near the ears.
Their jokes gained traction and circulation when they were reposted by others on Twitter.
Facebook shares tumbled 14 percent last week, while the hashtag #DeleteFacebook gained traction online.
"The established parties who tend to be center left/center right have really lost a lot of traction with voters so you're seeing more non-centrist parties, be it on the right or on the left, take traction," he said on Tuesday.
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"During the past two years, Revel has driven significant product innovation, gained market traction in key industry verticals, recruited terrific talent to the Revel team, and demonstrated strong client traction and growth," said Eric J. Lee, General Partner at WCAS, in a statement.
Seeking momentum Johnson ran as a Libertarian in 2012 and failed to gain much traction.
In Britain, the government's "deport first, appeal later" policy for foreign prisoners is gaining traction.
While there has never been an international declaration on pollution, the topic is gaining traction.
But even these attacks were often only able to gain temporary traction in regional outlets.
This is because Facebook's iPhone-only news app, launched in 2014, never got much traction.
Wright State couldn't become a Cinderella because it didn't gain traction against the physical Volunteers.
"Specialized hardware is getting a lot of traction right now," OpenStack CTO Mark Collier noted.
Shortly after it gained an impressive amount of traction, he started a Twitter account. pic.twitter.
Even if he himself doesn't win president, however, Yang hopes his ideas will gain traction.
Weighing on global stocks, manufacturing data showed China's economy was still struggling to regain traction.
The belly button piercing is once again gaining traction, too — but it got an update.
So-called soda taxes gained traction in the San Francisco area in 2014 and 2016.
Biden failed to gain traction with voters during previous presidential bid in 1988 and 2008.
The social media giant continues to benefit from gaining traction in mobile use and video.
If smart guns get any traction, then non-smart-guns will come under legislative assault.
Kendal will provide Jababeka with diversification benefits and traction for future growth upon successful execution.
"  "Even though this feature had lots of traction we ultimately decided to shut it down.
The campaign for a $15 per hour minimum wage has gained traction around the country.
She'll gain some traction thanks to Trump's sexism and the Republicans' relentless assaults on her.
Since HB 481 started gaining traction, the center has seen an increase in protest activities.
In 2008, he ran again, found little traction, and ended up as Obama's running mate.
And only after they tweaked the company's business model, did it begin to generate traction.
The "me too" movement started gaining traction when Alyssa Milano tweeted about it on Sunday.
If they fail, candidates may find themselves struggling to gain traction in a crowded field.
Livestreaming has become a hit with teens, as apps like YouNow continue to gain traction.
In fact, the trend is gaining so much traction that the hashtag #clipperbob is trending.
The new Audi electric AWD system provides the traction needed to launch the vehicle forward.
President Jair Bolsonaro, elected in October, is struggling to gain traction for his flagship legislation.
Trump's policies have traction precisely because they're seen as primarily affecting those people, over there.
AR and VR have been hyped for years, but have yet to gain mainstream traction.
These aren't the only storylines that get traction in the show's landscape of fratty misbehavior.
But, for some reason, I still wasn't able to gain traction with my financial goals.
And it began to get massive traction in the '90s, when I entered the picture.
She references the anti-Islamic group Pegida that came here but couldn't find any traction.
Great News never got much traction with viewers during its two years on the air.
Her own story left her feeling "mixed" about the current traction women's stories are getting.
Bitcoin introduced us all to the concept, but it hasn't gained traction for everyday users.
Rumors of Qualcomm acquiring the Dutch-based automotive chip-maker gained traction late last month.
This non-story didn't exist a couple months ago, and now it has national traction.
In terms of traction, groups with a total of 530,000 voters are using the platform.
While these services are popular, they have hit an upper bound in traction and revenue.
A pair of cartoon series (Droids and Ewoks) failed to gain traction and were canceled.
But the new approach, while still in its early stages, seems to be gaining traction.
We started to get a little more traction and that was a really big driver.
Flake would have a difficult task gaining any traction in a Republican primary against Trump.
And clashes are likely to ensue if the idea actually gains traction and real momentum.
Brand traction on the island continues to flourish through informal channels and word of mouth.
Initiatives like Instant Bookings have started to gain traction in both domestic and international markets.
The piece failed to gain much traction in the chaos of the election's final days.
The challengers' constitutional arguments did not appear to to get much traction with the judges.
After the campaign gained traction, even Menzel weighed in during an interview in May 2016.
His charisma also helped a fledging athletic-shoe company called Nike gain traction with runners.
As an example for makers of national policy, however, Kerala's model has been gaining traction.
Ettitude, a predominantly bootstrapped company, first launched in Australia and gained traction via ecommerce channels.
Maybe a nice message, one filled with wisdom and hunanity [sic] would get more traction.
AI's ecosystem will gain traction as more large customers, distributors and developers come on board.
The Lincoln brand meanwhile is struggling to gain traction in China's crowded luxury car market.
The hyperloop is just five years old, but it's quickly gaining traction around the world.
After being conceived at a TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon, mobile app GroupMe began to gain traction.
But the petition didn't pick up traction until it garnered media attention on May 15.
Once his movement gained traction, he and other supporters attended a Sinterklaas parade in Amsterdam.
Spotify had announced a partnership in video in 2015, but reportedly struggled to gain traction.
Facebook's "Lists" product struggled to find traction for a decade before being half-shut down.
The new site got a colorful coat of paint, too, but it never regained traction.
Multiple award winning child comedienne, Emmaneulla Samuel gained global traction with her hilarious short videos.
In Okta's previous report from March 2016, chat service Slack was gaining the quickest traction.
That doesn't necessarily mean that the idea of a robot tax will gain traction stateside.
She said challenges for gaining traction in the Indonesian market include low per capita incomes.
That initiative, called Google Health, was shut down in 2011 after failing to gain traction.
The video clip gained traction on social media after a conservative blog shared it Sunday.
At the same time, the ledger technology behind it is gaining traction on Wall Street.
Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) data released this week showed an economy struggling to gain traction.
But just as Fiat started to gain some traction, the market began to shift radically.
Investors using algorithms say they can also identify patterns for information that gains traction online.
With quick-reacting traction, there are probably few conditions this eco-friendly crossover couldn't handle.
So the narrative coming out of Tuesday night is likely to be Trump regaining traction.
We could see some traction in wage inflation in the next three to six months.
It's a model that's gaining more and more traction, something's happening in Turin as well.
While many women shared the boycotters' anger over that issue, the boycott gained little traction.
Legal challenges to Obama's actions suspending some of the ACA's regulations never got any traction.
But it was sometimes very hard for me to get traction in my everyday life.
Seattle-based Rover has been gaining significant traction, raising an additional $40 million this week.
As with all disciplines, some explanations have gained more traction in political science than others.
I'd say we're getting good traction on Instagram; any platform that's particularly visual is effective.
It will feature work produced in Asia as Christianity gained traction across the east.
Discussion about Buffett's 1991 comments on leverage and Trump gained traction Wednesday on social media.
Dan Fisher (R) and former U.S. Attorney Gary Richardson (R) are struggling to gain traction.
But in state after state, the proposal so far has largely failed to gain traction.
Conversely, stocks that may be seen as risky in other times could gain serious traction.
Additionally, few of them are used company-wide, instead finding traction in just particular departments.
We're just going to keep pivoting and trying different things until you get some traction.
Crypto loans have been called a bubble, and payments have gained little traction so far.
O'Malley has struggled for traction with voters since launching his Oval Office bid last summer.
Given Kremlin conduct, it's no surprise that the DETER Act is gaining traction in Congress.
"There haven't been many outsiders (to health) that have really gained traction," Kocher told CNBC.
McCain conceded Wednesday that he did not know whether his call was getting any traction.
"It is incredibly troubling to see how these restrictions keep gaining traction across the country."
Since its 2015 public offering, Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings has gained traction in the market.
"This program did not get the traction it needed to justify pushing forward," she said.
It's a common reform proposal made by politicians but has yet to gain much traction.
Nonetheless, the group of elder GOP statesmen think that their policy arguments can get traction.
Inslee will try and gain traction Wednesday on night one of the 2020 Democratic Debate.

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