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"accord" Definitions
  1. a formal agreement between two organizations, countries, etc.
"accord" Synonyms
agreement harmony concert conformity unanimity unison accordance congruence consensus rapport concord concurrence sympathy unity concurrency conformance congruency congruity consonance settlement deal contract pact treaty compact convention covenant alliance bargain concordat disposition entente understanding arrangement protocol bond pledge autonomy choice volition will free will self-determination discretion liberty freedom power independence inclination mind willingness determination conscious agency free decision free choice one's discretion voluntary decision correspondence similarity likeness resemblance equivalence similitude uniformity affinity parallelism alikeness correlation comparability parallel connection association consistency validation confirmation evidence proof attestation substantiation ratification corroboration endorsement approval testimony verification testament witness authorisation(UK) authorization(US) sanction acceptance documentation authentication tie-up partnership cooperation collaboration union affiliation confederation relationship liaison coalition linkup relation hookup federation coordination link amity goodwill friendliness cordiality benevolence friendship kindliness charity fellowship geniality brotherhood neighbourliness(UK) neighborliness(US) cordialness warmth comity peace kinship closeness empathy community togetherness communion compatibility fellow feeling reconciliation armistice ceasefire truce resolution pacification love pacifism peacetime de-escalation cessation of hostilities end of hostilities suspension of hostilities moratorium peace treaty cease-fire arms agreement entente cordiale international agreement mutual-defense treaty nonaggression pact nonaggression treaty nonproliferation treaty peace accord treaty of friendship rapprochement softening détente harmonisation(UK) harmonization(US) reconcilement reunion compromise conciliation detente euphony melody melodiousness music musicality mellifluousness mellowness rhythm sound tunefulness sweetness smoothness symphony lyricism tune mellifluence orchestration decision finding ruling verdict judgment(US) sentence arbitration conclusion decree judgement(UK) order adjudication pronouncement recommendation adjudgement deliverance diagnosis injunction result grant award give present tender vouchsafe bestow concede assign cede confer endow hand render vest yield accede acquiesce afford allow agree correspond coincide fit harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) tally match square suit answer concur dovetail jibe conform equate check chord cohere comport obey follow observe comply respect heed fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) keep accept embrace assent comply with conform to adhere to reconcile accommodate adapt adjust coordinate acclimatise(UK) acclimatize(US) condition integrate habituate acclimate assimilate accustom acculturate key acknowledge admit sympathise(UK) sympathize(US) hold engage confess fess own be united be as one be in sympathy stylize abstract conventionalize outline portray reduce schematize systematise(UK) systematize(US) formalise(UK) formalize(US) endorse approve consent subscribe okay ratify bless permit authorise(UK) authorize(US) recognise(UK) recognize(US) belong go befit click correlate chime inhere be suited to fit in fit into pertain to be appropriate be fitting condescend stoop deign descend unbend bend submit humble demean favor(US) favour(UK) lower attach attribute ascribe accredit impute apply associate connect reattribute consign designate earmark lay put invest with lay on remunerate pay recompense compensate indemnify recoup reimburse requite reward satisfy fee tip guerdon redress repay ante up dish out balance equalise(UK) equalize(US) offset counteract counterbalance neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) cancel counterpoise countervail even level nullify balance out equilibrize even out More
"accord" Antonyms
conflict disagreement dissensus incongruence incongruity incongruousness contention discord antagonism denial difference dissension disunity opposition refusal dispute disputation controversy debate dissention break misunderstanding beginning start receipt confusion veto indecision introduction disaffiliation dissociation disassociation separation disconnection defection severance disjunction disconnect disengagement schism rupture division split segregation detachment secession desertion breakaway enmity malevolence venom aloofness animosity dislike enemyship hatred hostility ill will dependence responsibility repugnance aversion loathing hate revulsion disgust abhorrence distaste repulsion antipathy odium abomination detestation objection repellence repellency war violation breach infringement breaking contravention dereliction infraction noncompliance abuse nonobservance transgression betrayal neglect trespass disregard withhold refuse remove argue challenge contest deny disallow disapprove dissent oppose protest question reject take hold back keep hold decline disagree contrast differ clash differ from disagree with disaccord contradict mismatch fight divide diverge separate collide acquire attain earn gain get land make net obtain procure secure deprive withdraw come by receive condemn decrease destroy discourage dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) hurt reduce take away accept collect draw have appropriate derive gather pick up pocket reap seize trouble afflict blight burden curse doom plague scourge torment vex blame castigate criticise(UK) criticize(US) strip rid divest dispossess relieve rob expropriate disinherit bereave abate confiscate take away from revoke demote lower annul cancel dismiss expunge invalidate negate nix nullify quash renounce repeal rescind retract defy disobey contravene ask fail forget ignore leave miss mutiny refute disprove confute controvert counter disclaim disconfirm gainsay belie counteract disaffirm disavow repudiate withspeak consume deplete use up waste dig into disperse dry up exhaust expend finish impoverish lessen milk run down sap

873 Sentences With "accord"

How to use accord in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "accord" and check conjugation/comparative form for "accord". Mastering all the usages of "accord" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Russia denies flouting the accord and has accused Washington of breaking the accord itself.
We must accord respect to an accuser and we must accord due process to the accused.
He trumpeted downgrades in US participation in the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear accord.
"Supporting the accord verbally is not enough ... If the EU is trying to salvage the accord..., they should try to keep Iran, not the U.S., in the accord," he said, state TV reported.
Okay. But what we should accord those kind of conspiratorialists to the same place we should accord people ... Right.
" Paris accord (April 29): "And I'll be making a big decision on the Paris accord over the next two weeks.
And a solid majority believes Iran is violating the nuclear accord; most would ask Trump to void the nuclear accord.
Russia denies flouting the accord and has accused Washington of breaking the accord itself, allegations rejected by the United States.
Moscow denies flouting the accord and has accused Washington of breaking the accord itself, allegations rejected by the United States.
The demarcation accord requires parliamentary ratification and many Egyptians are furious that parliament was not consulted in advance of the accord.
The economic pie would grow in accord with capitalistic principles, while the pieces of the pie would be shared in accord with democratic principles.
" The scientists lambasted President Donald Trump's announcement to pull out of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord, "the main global accord on addressing climate change.
Trump knew that that climate accord -- the climate accord for Paris was just going to push -- put pressure on our economy, it was a trap.
Prior settlements on the investors' behalf included a $125 million accord with hedge fund administrator Citco Group, and an $80.3 million accord with Fairfield Greenwich.
Surprisingly, the dollar continued to weaken despite attempts in 1986 (the Glen Eagles Accord) and 1987 (Louvre Accord) to halt the slide in the dollar.
He said he asks himself a series of questions: Is it logical, is it fair, does it accord with precedent, does it accord with common sense?
The accord introduces some 20153 changes intended to assuage critics who led a campaign that saw Colombians narrowly reject the original accord in a referendum last month.
Perhaps the most discussed initiative to crop up after the tragedy is the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (usually referred to simply as Accord).
You go back to that Paris Accord and you look at those countries that signed that Paris Accord, that had their hair on fire because we got out.
Analysts said the accord increases the value of Bradespar's net assets while freeing it from having to make a large cash payment to Previ for renewing the accord.
Instead, his instinct was to follow the course he set when he pulled out of the Paris accord, threatened to leave NATO and renounced the Iran nuclear accord.
Although the U.S. agreed to the terms of the Accord in 2015, President Trump said in June 2017 that the U.S. would not recognize the terms of the Accord.
It's far too early to call winners and losers before the details of a framework accord are announced and likely even afterwards, given the uncertainties inherent in any accord.
"Our assessment is that currently the RCC isn't yet ready to take over all of the functions and work of the Accord," said Joris Oldenziel, a spokesman for the Accord.
The United States has been backing Libya's unelected, unpopular Government of National Accord, which has failed to become either a government, or find accord in a country convulsed in violence.
The Honda Accord is affordable primarily thanks to the automaker's legendary reliability: You are highly unlikely to see a new Accord requiring any major repairs for years, barring an accident.
"France will try to convince President Trump of the pertinence of this choice (keeping the accord), even if work can be done to complement the accord after 2025," he said.
President Donald Trump has since pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord, and it was unclear whether Paris accord policies would be fully implemented around the world.
In other words, he was taken captive while the details of the peace accord were being worked out by part of the same Taliban that later would sign that accord.
The decision to go ahead with his speech in the waning days of the administration is characteristic of Mr. Kerry, a serial negotiator who over the past four years traveled the world on three major missions: an Israeli-Palestinian accord, the Iranian nuclear accord, and a cease-fire and political accord for Syria.
The Trump administration, hoping to secure a tougher nuclear accord and force changes to Iran's foreign policy, pulled the United States out of the accord in May over widespread international objection.
US leaves Paris climate accord President Donald Trump put the US at odds with nearly every other nation on Earth when he decided to pull out of the Paris climate accord.
" - Former U.S. President Barack Obama, who was in office when the accord took effect in November, in a statement "I tell you firmly tonight: We will not renegotiate a less ambitious accord.
It was also a rebuke to the government of Juan Manuel Santos, to negotiators who spent four tough years working on the accord and to the international establishment, which had praised the accord.
He said that the international accord reached last year to limit Iran's nuclear program was "not the best accord," but that it had made the nuclear threat from Iran "less urgent" for Israel.
Those initiatives are the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, which is U.S.-based, and Europe's Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (also respectively referred to as the Alliance and the Accord).
However, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that he will call for a renegotiation of the accord if he is elected, saying the United State is treated unfairly in the accord.
Google and YouTube had removed the addresses of their own accord, the commission said, and Facebook removed 178 of the 309 Facebook pages that the government had cited, also of its own accord.
Congressional reaction to the U.S.-Mexico accord has made clear that many want Canada included and will likely strongly resist a push to approve a bilateral U.S.-Mexico accord that cuts out Canada.
EU officials are currently in talks to update a 17-year-old free trade accord with Mexico and create its first accord with Mercosur, the collective group comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Committing to the entire accord places the Colombian president at odds with his party's powerful far-right wing, which detests the FARC agreement, and forces him to work with the pro-accord opposition.
Trump has abandoned international trade deals, the landmark Paris climate accord and environmental protections, taken aim at the Iran nuclear accord and closer relations with Cuba, and sought repeal Obama's signature healthcare law.
Accord to Hodas, this is interracial sex or lesbian sex.
After the accord was signed, fighting waned for a time.
A perfect example of this is the Paris climate accord.
The Plaza accord also involved Britain, France and West Germany.
Trump is considering whether the accord serves U.S. security interests.
But it does kick the accord to Congress for reconsideration.
She rejected an earlier version of the accord on Jan.
But that accord appears to have fallen apart this year.
President Trump may be backtracking on the Paris Climate Accord.
No country has followed America in abandoning the Paris accord.
Russia has signed but not yet ratified the Paris accord.
The accord could be extended by a further three years.
This new tentative accord seeks to plug that gaping hole.
The accord was narrowly rejected in a plebiscite in October.
Nike responds to withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord $nke pic.twitter.
Are the U.S. and China going to sign the accord?
Novak has said Russia is inclined to prolong the accord.
But, those groups aren't saying anything on their own accord.
Trump has previously expressed a desire to leave that accord.
It will sell its 2017 Accord hybrid later this year.
Cementing the accord before the U.S. presidential election on Nov.
The EU has been trying to save the nuclear accord.
Unfortunately for one white Honda Accord owner, it was not.
They just pick up the stuff of their own accord.
More notable than the accord itself is who signed it.
Other countries, including India, signaled their commitment to the accord.
Only Syria and Nicaragua are not part of the accord.
"There is no other roadmap besides the accord," he said.
We try to do everything possible to get an accord.
The accord is expected to go into effect from 2021.
The accord has lifted crude to about $50 a barrel.
"We reached an historic accord," Maduro said late on Sunday.
By exiting the climate accord, it's Trump vs the world.
Trump says she gave the interview of her own accord.
When the water recedes they'll leave on their own accord.
On the campaign trail, Trump promised to "cancel" the accord.
Technically, the U.S. is still party to the Paris accord.
Twenty U.S brands have signed up to the 2018 accord.
Early elections are possible if no coalition accord is found.
Aviation was excluded from last December's climate accord in Paris.
The accord between Dish and Fox averts a scheduled Sept.
Both men said they were hopeful of reaching an accord.
The accord came amid a trial in Minnesota state court.
Trump reimposed sanctions that had been lifted under the accord.
The accord will likely be in effect before the Nov.
And that's exactly what we did -- on our own accord.
Clinton called the accord "the gold standard" of trade deals.
More than 40 times she hailed the accord without qualification.
But many experts expressed dismay and disappointment at the accord.
But the new accord came too late; polio surged back.
Stocks kept going up and down of their own accord.
The U.S. withdrawal from the Paris accord won't happen immediately.
"Our fighters come here of their own accord," he says.
The accord averted a trial scheduled to begin on Jan.
This accord has come under intense pressure at the summit.
But human rights advocates have raised concerns about the accord.
Trump promised to "cancel" the Paris accord during his campaign.
The product of those layered odors is called an accord.
Sometimes the trucks would move, eventually, of their own accord.
The JCPOA is the official name of the nuclear accord.
He pulled the US out of the Paris climate accord.
It is unclear how the accord affects McCartney's copyright claims.
That's when the idea for the Retouchers Accord was born.
He has not yet torn up the Iran nuclear accord.
Mr. Trump did not immediately pull out of the accord.
Skeptics of an accord with rebels are undermining its enforcement.
Iran has said the accord is not up for renegotiation.
A former associate said the Prespes accord was Tsipras' nemesis.
He opposed the nation's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.
Name Withheld Legal outcomes don't always accord with ethical assessments.
What did China pledge to do under the Paris accord?
Businesses supporting the Paris accord are the president's natural allies.
New Jersey's most popular used car is the Honda Accord.
And it's not something gentlemen accord them; it's the law.
Arabs left, sometimes under duress, often of their own accord.
"On this issue, we are on one accord," he said.
The accord resulted in a dramatic reduction in Chinese activity.
But the 2015 accord provides no exemption for such sites.
The accord comes amid a fragile political situation in Afghanistan.
Experts are cautious about what the accord may lead to.
They also bought a Volkswagen Tiguan and a Honda Accord.
The gaps first appeared over the Paris climate change accord.
" Staying in the Paris accord "would hurt the working class.
Damascus has said it is committed to the Adana accord.
Even beyond that, the peace accord still shapes our world.
The Vatican had urged him to stay in the accord.
Should he, or shouldn't he, scrap the Iran nuclear accord?
The agreement became known as the 2015 Paris Climate accord.
The objective of the accord is not political but pastoral.
The rules stemmed from the international Basel III banking accord.
Public transportation can help support the Paris Accord — right now.
The lobby group has not publicly supported the Paris accord.
I never would have done that of my own accord.
Russia has likewise accused the U.S. of breaking the accord.
Biden was vice president while negotiators worked out the accord.
But they came nowhere close to striking such an accord.
Now imagine Trump decides to stay in the Paris accord.
"Our position is that it's our record that should be looked at, not whether or not we have signed on to some international accord," Perry told the pranksters, talking about the Paris Climate Accord.
And the world as a whole is nowhere close to meeting the targets set under the Paris climate accord three years ago, an accord that President Trump intends to withdraw the United States from.
China, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has urged countries to abide by the Paris climate accord, even though President Trump is withdrawing the United States, historically the largest emitter, from the accord.
Their lawyers called the accord the largest insurer-funded cash settlement in a U.S. shareholder derivative lawsuit, surpassing News Corp's $139 million accord in 2013 over its handling of a phone hacking scandal in Britain.
It was the second time a meeting on the Paris accord was scrubbed; an initial conversation between aides about the future of US participation in the accord was pushed back by a week last month.
The move put Washington at odds with other parties to the accord — Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union — who say Washington cannot unilaterally cancel a multilateral accord enshrined by a U.N. resolution.
But, just like with the Vienna agreement, the Minsk accord, the Helsinki accord, we now have an increasing concern about Russia's willingness to live up to the accords that it's signed, the treaties it's signed.
CAVUTO: But they ultimately got an accord going after two weeks.
For example, ACCORD included only diabetic patients, while SPRINT excluded them.
"The relevant reports do not accord with the facts," it said.
The U.S. criticism "does not accord with the facts", he added.
Many Democrats including Pelosi have showed skepticism about the new accord.
More troubling still, their mouse cursors moved of their own accord.
The recall included the City, Accord and Civic models, among others.
The Red Sea islands accord has become politically sensitive for Sisi.
Another child seated beside her in a Honda Accord was uninjured.
Mr Trudeau would have trouble getting an unpopular accord through Parliament.
Governments will meet in Morocco next month to review the accord.
Renegotiating the Paris accord, or replacing it, could be even harder.
Stefanel deadline to present proposal of accord with creditors in court.
The scheme supports one of India's promises under the Paris accord.
Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris accord.
Mattarella has given them until next week to find an accord.
Mexico and Brazil are negotiating to deepen their bilateral trade accord.
Moscow relented and signed a peace accord in Geneva in 1988.
"Corporations do not act on their own accord," Slavkin Corzo said.
The United States believes Russia is in violation of the accord.
Fabius was instrumental in negotiations to establish the 2015 Paris accord.
Iran could soon exceed the stockpile restrictions outlined in the accord.
On the campaign trail, candidate Trump promised to "cancel" the accord.
If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them.
But I'm glad to be [acting] on my own accord now.
The accord has been heavily criticized for sparing rebels jail time.
BP, along with most other global oil companies, support the accord.
The official said the manager was acting on his own accord.
But Iran says any new sanctions could torpedo the wider accord.
Tillerson announced the National Security Council (NSC) would review the accord.
Iran's initial moves do not appear to violate the accord yet.
Weil wasn't the only executive to leave on his own accord.
U.N. nuclear inspectors have repeatedly verified Iranian compliance with the accord.
China optimism is baked in in terms of the trade accord.
That accord has yet to receive court approval, court records show.
The private sector knows that the Paris accord had its shortcomings.
Trump also withdrew the US from the Paris global climate accord.
The accord is known as a staatsvertrag, literally a state treaty.
You had the Paris climate change accord, all in rapid succession.
President Obama bound America to the Paris Accord by executive fiat.
President Obama's unilateral joining of the Paris Accord is particularly audacious.
It was not immediately clear why there was no final accord.
Drug prices in particular might be a place for bipartisan accord.
The judge said that accord was not fair, reasonable or adequate.
Cementing the Paris accord before the U.S. presidential election on Nov.
Both civilians crossed into Gaza of their own accord, without authorization.
The automaker's new Accord sedan saw a 9.9 percent sales decrease.
Mr Santos hopes the final accord can be signed in July.
Earlier this month, the United States ratified the Paris climate accord.
The Trump administration argues that the accord would hurt American businesses.
Israel has been vocal in its hostility to the Iran accord.
They later extended the deadline to reach an accord to Oct.
Iran charged those sanctions were a violation of the nuclear accord.
The formal peace accord started at midnight local time on Monday.
But Honda makes it less likely in the 2018 Accord Touring.
The accord was announced Friday by the U.S. Department of Justice.
Australia has yet to ratify the Paris accord on climate change.
The parties worked with a federal mediator to reach an accord.
Whether he would try to withdraw from the accord is unclear.
The Accord came in with a little more than 291,000 sold.
In a free market, wouldn't that happen on its own accord?
The North Korean regime will eventually collapse of its own accord.
The majority of House Republicans voted against last year's budget accord.
The Paris accord involves almost every other country in the world.
The accord was a keystone of former President Barack Obama's legacy.
Pruitt called the accord a "bad deal for America" last week.
The entire group is scheduled to discuss the accord on Thursday.
Pruitt has been a vocal proponent of withdrawing from the accord.
No he loves it—he comes along of his own accord.
Biden was referencing Obama's work in convening the Paris climate accord.
An obvious first step is to embrace the Paris climate accord.
Enjoy this moment of partisan accord, it's sure not to last.
There's a global agreement (the Paris accord) to address climate change.
Donald Trump pledges to "cancel" American involvement in the Paris accord.
But he isn't the village busybody, snooping of his own accord.
He removed the US from the Paris climate accord in June.
Last June, Mr. Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord.
I realize we are not entirely in accord on this matter.
Washington withdrew from the accord last year and re-imposed sanctions.
Defending the Iran accord is an opportunity to do just that.
Mr. Trump has said he intends to withdraw from that accord.
Gullane Golf Club, though, has long stood on its own accord.
The accord should also make the testing moratoria official and permanent.
Trump will drag his heels in honoring an accord he loathes.
And his stepping off the board was of his own accord.
I always say, how are you doing with the Paris accord?
Trump promised to "cancel" the nonbinding Paris accord during his campaign.
The world's two largest economies still need to sign the accord.
And governments were tuned in to it by the Paris accord.
And both the Accord and the Alliance are about to expire.
But is there any progress toward a permanent accord with them?
But those broad principles don't always accord with current data practices.
Trump during his presidential campaign vowed to "cancel" the Paris accord.
He also said he had left Philadelphia of his own accord.
The House approved the accord last month in a bipartisan vote.
But he did not suggest such an accord would come soon.
And I've always wanted to accord to light its thing-ness.
Realistically, even with a signed accord, violence will continue in Afghanistan.
MORE, who helped solidify the Paris accord, spoke at the event.
Those capable of survival mostly came round of their own accord.
Both sides agreed to move forward with the accord last week.
The two continued talks and eventually signed an accord in 2003.
The BMW 3 series and the Honda Accord wagons are taillights.
Honda's best seller, the Accord sedan, had sales rise 6 percent.
Trump said he would not certify Iran's compliance with the accord.
A spokesman said the arrangement was consistent with the SEC accord.
She drives a 2000 Honda Accord, which just hit 310,000 miles.
He abandoned the global Paris accord aimed at curbing climate change.
Macedonia's parliament has already ratified the accord with a constitutional amendment.
Okay, now imagine Trump decides to stay in the Paris accord.
Two other suitors previously failed to reach accord with regulators, however.
Another diplomat said both sides were working to save the accord.
Vehicle may be a gray 4-door sedan, possibly Honda Accord.
Messerschmidt is leaving on her own accord, according to multiple sources.
EU leaders hope to rubber-stamp the accord at Sunday's summit.
Russia denies the missile is in breach of the arms accord.
During the signing of the Paris Accord, it was then-U.
The Paris climate accord "We withdrew from the one-sided, horrible, horrible, economically unfair, 'close your businesses down within three years,' 'don't frack, don't drill, we don't want any energy' -- the horrible Paris Climate Accord..." -- November 12 speech to Economic Club of New York Facts First: The Paris accord would not have required American businesses to shut down within three years.
Musk said on Wednesday that he had done "all I can" to convince Trump to stay in the accord, and threatened to leave the presidential advisory councils if Trump announced a U.S. exit from the accord.
Given the terms of the agreement, the U.S. wouldn't actually withdraw from the accord until November 2020 (indeed, the first day the U.S. would be free of the accord would be one day after the presidential election).
Lawyers for the shareholders called the accord the largest insurer-funded cash settlement in a U.S. shareholder derivative lawsuit, surpassing News Corp's $139 million accord in 2013 over its handling of a phone hacking scandal in Britain.
Pruitt's also proposed a repeal the Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration's key proposal for keeping the United States within the goals set out in the Paris climate accord — an accord that Pruitt was also for abandoning.
The army estimates about 300 FARC fighters have withdrawn from the peace accord with the government as dissidents, while 6,000 others are concentrated in specific areas to hand in their weapons as agreed in the peace accord.
So your email struggles aren't going to disappear of their own accord.
But the Accord says the RCC is not yet to the task.
It (the detail in the Minsk accord) has already been spelt out.
He's leaving on his own accord after three seasons in the role.
Khloé Kardashian's ex-husband entered rehab in December on his own accord.
Now he sees an Obama accord and believes he can do better.
The Paris accord won enough backing for entry into force on Nov.
Those sanctions relate to different issues than those the nuclear accord addressed.
But Tehran has stopped short of moves that could jeopardize the accord.
In November, ExxonMobil also expressed belated support for the Paris climate accord.
President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the accord in May.
The accord has lifted oil prices, which are near $55 a barrel.
I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!
Signing the accord puts it one step closer to becoming international law.
Trump has threatened to tear up the U.S. commitment to the accord.
As a result, those deal-breaking proposals remain absent from the accord.
Lanman had earlier filmed a commercial to sell the 1996 Honda Accord.
They accord each of eight "major national ethnic races" a designated statelet.
He could be arrested if he travels there of his own accord.
The accord commits Guatemala to extend asylum to migrants who seek it.
Like the climate accord scoop, those are big, if not long stories.
Batista had taken a picture of his own Honda Accord on Oct.
Some majors stand to benefit from an OPEC accord more than others.
The accord was voted down by a margin of just 0.4 percent.
Iran held its own national elections, the first since the nuclear accord.
They are unlikely to reach an accord before the end of September.
The accord has formed the basis for Northern Ireland's prosperity and security.
I mean, he may have brought the beer on his own accord.
Mr Bolsonaro wants to pull Brazil out of the Paris climate accord.
A formal accord on bishops would be a big step towards that.
Thankfully, the cat — in typical Babou fashion — returned of her own accord.
Antitrust watchdog Cade approved the deal under restrictions included in the accord.
Under the putative accord, power would have been devolved to the provinces.
However, the senator doesn't like Trump's current effort to retool the accord.
A U.N. mission will supervise rebel disarmament once an accord is signed.
Or Google must have decided, of its own accord, to self-censor.
It appears Darnell did not die on "his own accord," Williams said.
The U.S. exited bad deals – the Paris Climate Accord and Iran deal.
He said the trade accord could be modernized, as Mexico has argued.
Aviation was excluded from the landmark climate accord in Paris in December.
Yet the Plaza Accord wasn't the end of US action against Japan.
But he stopped short of any call to cancel the nuclear accord.
Greenberg and other defendants paid $115 million to shareholders in that accord.
Elvia wants to believe that the FARC peace accord will be different.
The accord set out basic agreements and aspirations based on basic science.
Or did Rosenstein do it of his own accord without Trump's knowledge?
The accord takes effect once Cameron declares that Britain will stay in.
In the background, I'm pretty sure I hear cats mew their accord.
The No. 313 car among millennials, they found, was the Honda Accord.
Sanchez Ceren's government order would have canceled the accord on March 15.
Trump pulled the United States out of the accord in June 2017.
And it could trigger further efforts to erode the landmark climate accord.
In Google's case, it left China of its own accord in 2010.
A revised version of the accord was ratified by the country's legislature.
Honda recently launched the significantly redesigned Accord sedan in the United States.
Last month, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said the accord cannot be renegotiated.
The accord came as authorities grapple with the nation's opioid drug epidemic.
Days earlier, the Paris accord had been officially ratified—ahead of schedule.
In May, he pressed Trump to remain in the Iranian nuclear accord.
President Donald Trump on Friday refused to certify the accord to Congress.
The president is abandoning America's future by quitting the Paris climate accord.
Both were formally included in election festivities in accord with presidential tradition.
A few weeks later, Trump pulled out of the Paris accord altogether.
Ahead of the meeting, Putin threw his weight behind the Paris accord.
And the accord supports the global transition to a low-carbon economy.
The two parties have 60 days to reach an accord, IFIS said.
Both leaders affirmed their countries' commitments to remaining part of the accord.
At that point, Dell'Oso expects them to leave of their own accord.
Kennedy said Republicans had reached an "accord," but declined to provide details.
The Trump administration announced the U.S. was leaving the accord in 2017.
Honda Motor was down 3.8 percent as Accord sales tumbled 26 percent.
The U.S. is now the only country not part of the accord.
The bones that splinter of their own accord, under an evil spell?
"Nobody should get applause for rejoining the Paris climate accord," he said.
That's the injunction from the U.N. framework and of the Paris accord.
The accord was co-signed by France, Germany, England, Russia and China.
Once concluded, the accord should be endorsed by the UN Security Council.
France's Le Drian said Iran was honoring its commitments under the accord.
The Accord proved a joy to drive, especially for a family sedan.
He holds that revisions need to be made in the nuclear accord.
Italy's borrowing costs have been rising as details of the accord emerge.
And for those who hadn't noticed, Honda dropped the Accord plug-in.
It is instead adopting an a la carte approach to the accord.
And reneging on the Iran accord will leave our allies in disarray.
Working with the Libyan Government of National Accord, U.S. forces on Nov.
Mr. Obama, in Vietnam recently, predicted that Congress would ratify the accord.
Other countries who were party to the accord have not dropped out.
Some 13,000 FARC members, including 6,000 combatants, demobilized under the peace accord.
How does the new Colombian accord compare in this body of research?
"They're constantly in touch trying to clinch an accord," one source said.
Because the Jacksonian period did not really end of its own accord.
Business Insider was on hand to witness the historic accord in person.
Some companies have already begun experimenting with this of their own accord.
The landmark Paris climate accord promises stronger regulatory support across the world.
The accord with Turkey represents a moment of painful compromise for Europe.
In July, Trump announced he would withdraw the US from the accord.
Ersson left the flight of her own accord, according to the Post.
U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan must still approve the accord.
The Civic was joined by its big brother, the 2016 Honda Accord.
Honda's all-new version of its flagship Accord sedan plunged 19.3 percent.
If of his own accord our son chooses to specialize early, fine.
Now the Old World is baring its teeth to save the accord.
Iran insists its nuclear work remains peaceful, as guaranteed under the accord.
But with the 1998 Good Friday peace accord, free trade was allowed.
Monthly sales of the automaker's completely revamped Accord dropped by 15 percent.
In 2001, Cardinal Sfeir also struck a consequential accord with the Druse.
The Vatican's initial statements did not release many details of the accord.
They saved disagreement over the climate accord until the cameras were off.
Many restaurants had already closed on their own accord, before these measures.
But the quiet ascendancy of finance allowed management to shred this accord.
Their unregulated liquidity is the knife that minces the capital-labor accord.
Environmental advocates dispute the argument that the Paris accord would cost jobs.
The Red Sea islands accord has become politically sensitive for Mr. Sisi.
He opposed Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord.
In 1985, the Plaza Accord was struck among just five industrialized countries.
That accord has attempted to cast a light on dangerous conditions inside.
The Trump administration plans to exit the international accord later this year.
The individual, who did not own the Accord, died the next day.
"Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord," Mr. Trump said.
" The other countries, it says, agree that the Paris accord is "irreversible.
This is hardly the first international accord the Trump administration has upended.
Ilva's temporary administrators and Arcelor are in talks to find an accord.
The accord also promises to dominate Iran's presidential elections due in May.
Dendias called the Turkey-Libyan accord a 'blatant violation of international law'.
The accord enjoys 67% popular support, according to one poll this week.
Victims and former rebels who demobilized prior to the accord will attend.
Mr. Pruitt would derail the Paris climate accord, an unprecedented global achievement.
Trump may dismantle Obamacare and pull out of the Paris climate accord.
And some of the critical details of the Paris accord remain unresolved.
In the EU, France, Hungary and Austria have also ratified the accord.
Earlier, business leaders blanched at Trump's abandonment of Obama's Paris climate accord.
But most big companies — even oil producers — say they support the accord.
Iran and six world powers forged a landmark nuclear accord last July.
We've been assured Pauley quit "NCIS" on her own accord in 2018.
That accord expires in 2021, just weeks after the next presidential inauguration.
First, of course, is the accord coming from the Paris Climate Conference.
Republican U.S. congressional leaders have backed Trump's move to exit the accord.
Brian Resnick contributed the section on the Paris climate accord in 210073.
His website is an expansive, fascinating digital gallery of its own accord.
And Iran's behavior outside of the nuclear accord, particularly its efforts to project its influence in the region, gave Trump and his hawkish advisers justification to rationalize leaving the accord and exerting pressure on Iran wherever they could.
With punishing U.S. sanctions squeezing its economy, Iran is demanding that European powers that are party to the nuclear accord - France, Britain and Germany - do more to protect the financial gains Tehran stood to make under the accord.
Such disenchantment may only weaken public support for the accord and the leaders who promoted it, giving hardliners who never liked the nuclear accord an opportunity to blame the United States and deflect attention from their own failings.
She mentions that Macedonia violated the Interim Accord, when, in fact, it is Greece that violated the accord, drew Western condemnation by denying Macedonia's entry into NATO in 2008, and lost the subsequent International Court of Justice decision.
The text, dated July 203, makes plain a 19-1 split in the G20 over the Paris climate accord, the 2015 global accord to fight climate change from which U.S. President Donald Trump said last month he would withdraw.
Before the final figures of the nonbinding referendum were announced, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who had supported the accord, said that if the 30 percent threshold had been reached, Dutch ratification of the accord would probably not be possible.
European parties to the nuclear accord - Britain, France and Germany - have sought to keep the deal alive but Iran has said it will take further steps away from the accord unless it is allow to resume normal oil sales.
Missiles are not covered by the nuclear accord, but rather by a United Nations resolution, whose wording was negotiated by then-Secretary of State John Kerry just as the nuclear accord was coming together in Vienna in July 2015.
Trump begins withdrawal from the Paris accord After months of threatening, President Donald Trump officially began the withdrawal process from the Paris accord—a pact signed by 200 nations, including the US, to protect the world against climate change.
"Salvini doesn't seek an accord with the church; he looks for an accord with those elements within the church that are favorable to him," said Andrea Riccardi, the founder of the Sant'Egidio Community, a Catholic group close to Francis.
So the simplistic story—that the Plaza accord felled Japan—misses the mark.
Instead, the Paris accord relies on the power of transparency and peer pressure.
Even if the accord is adhered to, U.S. production could cap oil's gains.
Discussions between them presently point in the direction of an accord to coalesce.
In 2017, Graham called on Trump to stay in the Paris climate accord.
People automatically accord priests a kind of deference available to few other professionals.
Your typical car, say a Honda Accord, usually comes with about six speakers.
We're told she left on her own accord ... and wasn't asked to leave.
The global accord aims to keep global warming "well below" 2 degrees Celsius.
Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) condemned the "horrific crime," blaming renegade Gen.
Many of the other changes spell out matters implied in the original accord.
To accord that honour to our own exemplifies the ego that characterises Man.
Bolsonaro has also said he may pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.
The Saudis retort that Mr Khashoggi left the building of his own accord.
The two have a close relationship, developed while negotiating the Iranian nuclear accord.
After that, the accord allows the former combatants to form a political party.
But China's clout at that time was bolstered by its accord with America.
Local efforts have also proliferated in countries still hewing to the Paris accord.
Talks to reshape the 1994 trade accord have been underway since last August.
A United Nations mission will supervise rebel disarmament once an accord is signed.
And tearing up the nuclear accord would remove an essential constraint on Iran.
Dutilleux: Sur Le Même Accord; Les Citations; Mystère De L'Instant & Timbres, Espace, Mouvement
Dutilleux: Sur Le Même Accord; Les Citations; Mystère De L'instant & Timbres, Espace, Mouvement
Prices have risen about 40 percent since the accord began in January 1003.
He also started the process to leave the Paris climate accord, as promised.
Many of the details of the accord are still to be agreed upon.
If it falls apart, he could become politically vulnerable for promoting the accord.
Vehicles getting acceptable ratings include the Audi A3, Honda Accord and Nissan Maxima.
This was a decision I came to and proposed on my own accord.
We may need a new Plaza Accord, or there will be currency wars.
Last month, Cerrejon and unionized workers reached an accord to avoid a strike.
The accord doesn't require Uber to stop classifying the drivers as independent contractors.
Bannon and Pruitt were the leading voices against the accord in the administration.
The odds that Iran will violate the accord in major ways appear slim.
He is trying for a similar accord with the National Liberation Army (ELN).
The meeting was part of steps for the implementation of the Minsk accord.
A similar international climate accord, the Kyoto Protocol, wasn't ratified for five years.
The accord will facilitate RIOGaleão's efforts to attract new partners, the statement said.
The accord points to internationally agreed definitions of terrorism without specifying particular groups.
Currently, all but two nations -- Syria and Nicaragua -- are signatories to the accord.
The accord removes limits on the number of flights between the two countries.
The United States, the world's biggest oil consumer, quit the accord last year.
Trump promised during the 2016 presidential campaign to pull out of the accord.
Tom Wolf (D), who supports the Paris accord, also participated in the event.
Trump has railed against the accord for years, arguing it was poorly negotiated.
Trump said the accord was flawed in Iran's favour and wants it renegotiated.
They signed a political accord on July 17 that defines the transition's institutions.
He already has -- pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord.
It was actually Trump who scuttled a few bipartisan attempts to find accord.
Mr. Modi also took steps on Tuesday toward ratifying the Paris climate accord.
Prices have risen about 40 percent since the accord began in January 2017.
On Monday, however, the Nicaraguan government announced its intent to join the accord.
Others, like former Uber president Jeff Jones, have left on their own accord.
An accord by year end that significantly changes NAFTA is seen as unlikely.
Rosenstein is expected to depart the DOJ of his own accord next month.
I left of my own accord, after struggling with a series of doubts.
The writer and producer decided to leave the show of their own accord.
Trump has vowed to broker a historic peace accord between Israel and Palestine.
Under Mr. Obama's nuclear accord, Iran must reduce its supplies of heavy water.
The market has failed, of its own accord, to procure more power generation.
Chhabria is scheduled on Thursday to consider whether to preliminarily approve the accord.
Overall, we found the Honda Accord to be an eager and capable performer.
For us, the Accord won in two major departments: driving dynamics and infotainment.
The Accord simply felt more comfortable and eager to please at high speeds.
The eighth round of U.S.-Taliban negotiations concluded this week without an accord.
The Paris accord would march America off the same green energy economic cliff.
The U.S. signed on to the historic Paris climate accord during his presidency.
The authority of the courts depends on the respect we accord their decisions.
Mexico and the United States first brokered a bilateral accord in late August.
In 2016 the UN installed a "government of national accord" (GNA) in Tripoli.
There's no need to upgrade to the Accord for decent back-seat room.
At the end of the week, the guerrillas voted to ratify the accord.
Zarif urged France, Germany and Britain to do more to save that accord.
The peace accord now moves to the lower house of Congress for endorsement.
But each accord will make significant inroads on different parts of the problem.
No Republicans in Congress supported the accord after it was announced in July.
The ultimate importance of the climate accord will be determined by its members.
But that doesn't make failure defensible, sustainable or in accord with legal principles.
Greenhouse gas emissions have risen in the two years since the Paris accord.
The accord includes Australia and Japan among economies worth a combined $28 trillion.
He negotiated a delicate peace accord between South Africa and Mozambique in 1984.
He has signaled his intent to pull out of the Paris climate accord.
"Don't ask me how to implement the peace accord," the Taliban official said.
The accord requires court approval, and a hearing is scheduled for July 11.
Zuckerberg described both moves as one his executives made of their own accord.
It's not just that Trump announced his intent to withdraw from the accord.
Congress is highly likely to block any deal that threatens that peace accord.
A breast pump sat on the passenger seat of her gray Honda Accord.
He will cancel Alberta's carbon tax, upsetting Mr. Trudeau's pan-Canadian climate accord.
Washington has been hesitant to sign an official peace accord before Pyongyang denuclearizes.
What relationship will they bear to Australia's commitments under the Paris climate accord?
The accord contains the Irish border "backstop" arrangement, which undermined Theresa May's deal.
Reinforcements eventually arrived, but only after the Communists left of their own accord.
Mr. Simmons's pitch for leaving the club of his own accord is straightforward.
"It is not accurate that she left of her own accord," he says.
The U.S. economy, in particular, would do just fine under the Paris accord.
The accord is seen primarily as a move to control hydrocarbon drilling rights.
Even before the California utility said it had an accord with bondholders, Gov.
But more recently, the Accord merged with local traffic for one-hour drives.
It didn't help that the accord was negotiated by his predecessor Barack Obama.
There was no immediate comment from other countries that helped broker the accord.
"I don't think that would be in accord with our values," Sullivan said.
There was no immediate comment from other countries that helped broker the accord.
They still seem determined to preserve the nuclear accord despite renewed American sanctions.
The accord also includes Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany and the European Union.
I was also part of the deal putting together the Paris climate accord.
Our tipster asked him to save the Paris climate accord, and he laughed.
But the political instability in the region makes such an accord practically impossible.
He found a 2017 Honda Accord with 19,000 on its odometer — for $18,000.
The sluggish pace of sanctions relief constitutes a serious threat to the accord.
Do you think the United States should stay in the Paris accord deal?
President Obama is signing the Paris Accord, but The United States is not.
Trump is seeking quick ways to withdraw the United States from the accord.
Already 25 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have ratified the accord.
It helps explain why Trump pulled out of the Paris global-warming accord.
The Accord for years was Honda's top-selling model in the United States.
Global allies have also signaled an unwillingness to renegotiate an already signed accord.
Your smart meter will go hustling—if its accord—for the cheapest electricity.
"As far as her leaving on her own accord, no," David Broussard said.
Life was best lived, for many Transcendentalists, in accord with these sacred rhythms.
"We hope that Congress does not put this accord in jeopardy," he added.
MORE's actions on climate change, including by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.
We had similar agreements in the past, this is just an updated accord.
Trump announced last month that he would withdraw the U.S. from the accord.
It does not accord authors the right to be published wherever they choose.
None of these three serious misdeeds is prohibited by the present nuclear accord.
But it is also true that the accord had real advantages for him.
Mr. Trump announced in June that he would withdraw from the Paris accord.
Iran isn't making Europe's efforts to save the ailing nuclear accord any easier.
The same accord regarding humanitarian aid following a natural disaster has been absent.
The accord is a nuclear nonproliferation deal, not a grand bargain with Iran.
The delay is reigniting fears that the White House will abandon the accord.
Even before Mr. Trump withdrew last May from the nuclear accord, Brig. Gen.
"America is making a mistake if it leaves the nuclear accord," Rouhani said.
Perry also discussed the Paris climate accord and coal exports on the call.
When asked about Iran possibly breaching those restrictions, Hook said it was clear there would be consequences and that despite the U.S. pullout from the accord in 2018 and subsequent sanctions, it was not an excuse to violate the accord.
As The Economist went to press, he was about to announce America's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord—or, then again, he was about to stay in the accord, demonstrating the wise counsel of the globalists in his White House.
Trump has said the Paris accord was negotiated to have terms that are unrealistic and unfair to the U.S. The president is looking to withdraw from the accord and immediately restart talks to set targets that would be more fair.
European diplomats have said that further breaches of the accord could see the European parties to the deal - France, Britain and Germany - trigger a dispute resolution mechanism within the accord that could eventually lead to the reimposition of United Nations sanctions.
With the Accord Touring, Honda seems more interested in making a practical car that works for its buyers than it does in exploiting the ego for cash, and that does not mean the new Accord is in any way lackluster.
For Mr. Obama, who asked Mr. Kerry to keep working on the negotiation after the president failed to reach an accord with Mr. Putin during the Group of 20 summit meeting in China last weekend, the new accord poses considerable risks.
With the new investments the plant will have a capacity of 440,000 vehicles a year and can add volume for the Accord as necessary, Steve Rodriguez, Honda's manufacturing leader for the Accord, told reporters on a conference call on Monday.
The thought was not pleasant so I decided to move of my own accord.
Akter said the end of the independently operating Accord would be a major drawback.
For one, more women have left of their own accord than any season before.
But district officials decided to act on their own accord after deeming "Chamber" worthless.
Macron reiterated France's commitment to maintaining the accord, a remark aimed at soothing Tehran.
He's not positioned to vow US commitment to the Paris climate accord going forward.
The accord is not the first big derivative settlement involving a Murdoch-led company.
The lender had obtained a 13-day standstill accord with creditors on March 22.
But for the self-proclaimed dealmaker, leaving Vietnam without an accord will likely hurt.
The deadline for meetings with those against the accord has now passed, he said.
They were sitting in a Honda Accord near the exit of the strip mall.
In 43, the base year for the Kyoto accord, national emissions were 24m tonnes.
The site appears to have shut down of its own accord around May 22015.
The accord was reached after lengthy negotiations that began at the end of 2014.
In 2000, he and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat failed to agree a peace accord.
And the president's decision to withdraw from the accord is similarly unconscionable and fatuous.
Abandoning the accord will delight his political base, droughts, deluges and disease be damned.
But Trump has said the accord is not comprehensive enough and should include China.
In recent years locals have tapped in of their own accord — buying not renting.
Should the courts permanently overturn the limits, the accord itself could be in jeopardy.
Syria, the last nation outside the accord, said last week it would sign up.
"He's out of the Paris climate accord," he told the "Fox News Sunday" program.
Right now, the 24-year-old Bay Area marketing manager drives a Honda Accord.
Eritrea has signed a peace accord with Djibouti, and restored diplomatic ties with Somalia.
It is Iran's first election since it signed a landmark nuclear accord last summer.
The new accord is expected to be named the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.
Seemingly everybody thinks Trump was wrong to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.
Such an accord is likely to take years to negotiate, say experienced trade negotiators.
At least six European Union members - mostly in Eastern Europe - have shunned the accord.
In the 1980s tensions between Japan and America were resolved by the Plaza Accord.
The accord still needs final approval from the public in an October 2 referendum.
Foes of the accord narrowly defeated a first version in a plebiscite last year.
He said an accord could be worked out within "a maximum of a month".
We can guide them, empathising with purpose—in ways that accord with our values.
But it would be aimed at winning over enough waverers to salvage the accord.
The Accord will renew its mandate every six months, but only through mid-2021.
MF reported instead that Mediaset and Vivendi were still far from reaching an accord.
Under the details of the accord, the United States cannot formally withdraw until 2020.
They said the accord could help maintain a nationwide set of fuel efficiency requirements.
Eventually, Iraq agreed to the second deepest cuts under the OPEC accord in November.
Many investors have also advised the president to keep the U.S. in the accord.
Sources have said their similar market values made it easier to find an accord.
She then took the decision to remain in the house of her own accord.
He would renegotiate the NAFTA trade accord linking the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Trump has said would be open to striking a new nuclear accord with Tehran.
JPMorgan has already set aside money for the accord, according to a regulatory filing.
Reports surfaced on Wednesday that Trump will withdraw from the historic Paris Climate accord.
The Paris accord aims to cut the emissions that scientists blame for global warming.
But the FARC prefers "a good accord over a photo with Obama", Timochenko declared.
They don't just decide that's the best thing to do of their own accord!
Kiir, Machar and other rebel factions signed an accord last September, halting the fighting.
Under the peace accord, though, they will serve no jail time if they confess.
Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioglu signed the accord for the Turkish side in Ankara.
Beijing reiterated its commitment to the Paris accord after Washington pulled out last week.
Sensing something was up, the pair and three others left of their own accord.
HPE and Oracle are among the other companies that have signed onto the accord.
A day or so afterward, he comes to see her of his own accord.
The accord will need other major polluters like China and India to step up.
Now, in the name of final checks, the Accord is asking for several remediations.
Trump has vowed to broker a historic peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians.
The accord, called the European Union Association Agreement, has already had a tortured journey.
European countries and China have said they will stand by the existing nuclear accord.
A U.S. exit could unravel the accord and increase economic pressure on ordinary Iranians.
In Congress, Democrats and several Republicans condemned Trump's decision to withdraw from the accord.
State-sponsored visas also accord with both America's tradition of federalism and the Constitution.
Under the terms of the Paris accord, a U.S. pullout will take until 2020.
If Congress fails to act on the trade accord, NAFTA will remain in place.
He strongly backs the Paris climate accord pushing the world toward that same objective.
The accord consisted of individual greenhouse gas limits each signatory nation determined for themselves.
The two countries are discussing a partial accord that could take effect on Nov.
Under Le Touquet accord, British officials can check passports in France and vice versa.
In other words, the plastics crisis needs its own Paris climate accord—and soon.
"We are focused on continuing to support the Government of National Accord," Waldhauser said.
That came despite his signature on an accord banning the use of chemical weapons.
Lizzie: The Honda Accord is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.
Trump defied Tillerson, announcing in June that the U.S. would withdraw from the accord.
The Oslo Accord of 1993, which he helped negotiate, was testament to his boldness.
If Thursday's meeting doesn't produce an accord, the moderates could reach that threshold quickly.
Trump has condemned the accord—and Iran—since the start of the 2016 campaign.
On foreign policy I would re-engage our allies and rejoin the Paris accord.
The accord "dismantled Iran's nuclear capabilities and allowed U.S. monitoring and verification," he added.
The extension of the accord was negotiated by representatives of both countries in Brasilia.
International inspectors say Iran continues to abide by the terms of the 2015 accord.
The Accord is also available with an optional 6-inch color head-up display.
Like the Accord, the Camry can also be had in a variety of flavors.
This was a close one, but the Honda Accord takes it by a hair.
A Singapore company controlled by India's Accord Group would invest the other 70 percent.
Fidel: In June 2017, Trump pulled out of the Paris accord I mentioned earlier.
He might bet in accord with his heart — to leave — given the financial appeal.
Trump must decide to withdraw from the accord by the end of next week.
That reasoning applies even if he wraps up the probe of his own accord.
Mr. Trump has suggested that he will withdraw the United States from the accord.
But he has talked generally about pushing back on Iran without scuttling the accord.
This temperature was set as an idealistic goal during the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.
An Edeka spokesman confirmed the settlement but said details of the accord were confidential.
A 1998 Anglo-French EU defense accord is considered the genesis of Thursday's agreement.
However, she declined to give details, saying the accord would be formalised on Wednesday.
Davis has subsequently said he wants the accord swiftly translated into a legal text.
The Paris accord, though it represents some progress, is another failure to achieve this.
On April 22, Earth Day, 175 countries signed the United Nations Paris climate accord.
Trump on Thursday announced he was withdrawing the U.S. from the global climate accord.
The plan was part of a 4 billion-real refinancing accord signed with lenders.
They were not detained and left the port of their own accord, he said.
The administration has announced its intent to withdraw from the global Paris climate accord.
The accord with OPEC member Iran was negotiated under Democratic U.S. President Barack Obama.
KBB praised the Accord for its roomy, high-quality interior and rock-solid powertrain.
The 1994 accord blocked the North from reprocessing plutonium from its reactor at Yongbyon.
Russia also voiced abiding support for the Paris accord, regardless of the U.S. withdrawal.
Apple has pledged to back the Paris climate accord by switching to renewable energy.
He also has complained that the accord does not prohibit Iran's ballistic missile activities.
As president, he pulled the United States out of the Paris climate change accord.
Reminder: Iran says its nuclear program has stayed in compliance with the 2015 accord.
However, they didn't sign an accord, though they promised to talk again next month.
He also says he will withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord.
The action is permitted under a recent accord between the Trump administration and Guatemala.
Unlike Victor Mallet, the Financial Times journalist, Mr. Tibbo left on his own accord.
The other signatories - Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China - remain committed to the accord.
It was of his own accord, not in response to a request by activists.
But in Mr. Trump's calculation, withdrawing from the accord will be a political winner.
"We know that, regrettably, the United States is leaving this accord," Ms. Merkel said.
According to Mr. Mulvaney, that is what exiting the Paris accord was all about.
Eastern today whether the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris accord on climate change.
The duties will be imposed if a new accord cannot be reached by Monday.
Instead, he sounded as if the United States was already out of the accord.
An earlier version of this article misstated when Venezuela ratified the Paris climate accord.
Under the accord, FARC will also have the option of becoming a political party.
On the other, Qatar, Italy and now Turkey support the Government of National Accord.
He is immune to any evidence that does not accord with his personal agenda.
But the accord with credit unions is a sign that talks are still alive.
He plans to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on day one of his presidency.
Trump plans to make his call on the Iran nuclear accord public on Tuesday.
He argues that Iran made false declarations about its nuclear program, undercutting the accord.
Athens has been angered by an accord between Libya and Turkey signed on Nov.
Parly said the accord between Turkey and Libya is a cause of high concern.
Any accord put before the Swiss people required a "marked social agenda", he said.
At first, the Iranians reacted coolly, and stayed within the limits of the accord.
Buttigieg has pledged to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord.
Chinese accounts of the meeting did not mention the Paris accord or Mr. Trump.
Huawei wants to clear its name and show its transparency with this legal accord.
A political agreement on the accord could be signed by leaders in Brussels today.
He said American tariffs on Chinese goods will help the administration enforce the accord.
Trump has called the Paris accord an unfair economic burden to the U.S. economy.
One hundred and ninety-five nations negotiated the Paris accord, including the United States.
Giving it one such reason, namely by implementing the 2014 peace accord, is essential.
This could help shield the accord from its Iranian critics, according to one analyst.
The accord will go into effect after six of the countries have ratified it.
But even if such an accord is signed soon, it might not mean much.
The accord allows countries to set their own targets for reducing their carbon emissions.
Meant as sincere flattery, the NSX can be as docile as a Honda Accord.
The terms from the Algiers accord was demarcation and that has still not happened.
Other business people realize the economic folly of pulling out of the Paris accord.
The original ceasefire was nullified when the peace accord was rejected in the plebiscite.
They have said the accord is the best forum for protecting their global interests.
Trump announced last month that he will withdraw the U.S. from the landmark accord.
He also announced that the U.S. will pull out of the Paris climate accord.
All 28 EU member states must approve the accord for it to take effect.
Didn't the president say he was pulling the U.S. out of the Paris accord?
The government and rebels expressed optimism when the accord was signed on Feb. 5.
Both companies have pledged not to close any plants as part of the accord.
But single-minded pursuit of a nuclear accord with Iran predates the Syrian conflict.
The U.S. is now the only country on Earth not part of the accord.
He overruled objections that the accord was too small and released too many claims.
Most servicemembers covered by the HSBC settlement received partial compensation through the Santander accord.
The accord aimed to restore Kiev's control over separatist-held territory in eastern Ukraine.
It said the accord was valid for five years, but was not legally binding.
They failed to prevent Yitzhak Rabin's government from signing the Oslo accord in 1993.
Such complaints led to Cia Siderurgica do Atlantico signing an adjustment of conduct accord.
The pact also explicitly affirms the Paris climate accord, which Mr. Trump recently shunned.
There is no evidence that such a side deal to the nuclear accord existed.
Before joining the administration, Bolton called the accord "unilateral disarmament" by the United States.
Reaching accord within a single political party, let alone a nation, is hard enough.
The Supreme Court is considering an appeal by the Accord against a ruling last year which ordered it to shut down, following a petition by a factory owner who was prevented from working with Accord brands and accused of false test results.
The decision to ratify the revised accord in Congress instead of holding another referendum will anger members of the opposition, particularly former President Alvaro Uribe who spearheaded the push to reject the original accord and wants deeper changes to the new version.
What is not yet clear is whether Trump plans to initiate a formal withdrawal from the Paris accord, which under the terms of the agreement could take three years, or exit the underlying U.N. climate change treaty on which the accord was based.
No other agreement from the previous administration — not the Paris Climate Accord, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, not even the Affordable Care Act — ignited Trump's anger as much as the Iranian nuclear deal, an accord he viewed as the shoddy product of lousy negotiators.
It said the average settlement was $72 million, topped by HSBC Holdings Plc's $1.575 billion accord over lending practices at Household International Inc, a consumer finance company it bought, and Merck & Co's $1.06 billion accord over its marketing of the painkiller Vioxx.
Trump to Announce Paris Accord DecisionPresident Trump will announce his decision on whether the US should adhere to the Paris climate accord in the Rose Garden at 3 PM Thursday, following reports he's set to pull the nation out of the landmark agreement.
And we'll sit down with the Democrats and all of the people that represent either the Paris Accord or something that we can do that's much better than the Paris Accord and I think the people of sour country will be thrilled.
But a spokesman for the safety agency, Gordon Trowbridge, said no accord had been concluded.
Erdogan on Thursday also approved an accord between Turkey and Qatar on military training cooperation.
The Accord was formed by European fashion brands along with a global union federation - IndustriALL.
The government said it will work toward ensuring factory safety even after the Accord exits.
Trump claims Russian President Vladimir Putin has been violating the accord, but provided no details.
Sunday&aposs election will be the first presidential vote since the signing of the accord.
But when Trump abandoned the accord in May, European leaders scrambled to save the deal.
The deal reworks terms of a prior accord over the mine and the infrastructure project.
"We don&apost want to tear up the accord," Duque said in his victory speech.
Under the accord, the official name of the country will become 'Republic of North Macedonia'.
In October, Trump accused some signatories to the nuclear deal of profiteering from the accord.
He has called for protests and may seek a new referendum to scrap the accord.
Others said the accord would have made it too hard to sue Visa and MasterCard.
The order to negotiate would expire in three weeks if an accord is not reached.
A peace accord could lead to the eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces from the peninsula.
But after the accord, it would take Iran about a year to make that weapon.
That accord allowed Iran to expand its oil exports and relieved pressure on its economy.
But it also resulted in Beijing and Washington agreeing to join the Paris climate accord.
It is unlikely that global treaties like the Paris Accord will fit within this vision.
In fact, Corker led GOP opposition to the accord and is a prominent Iran hawk.
Washington, however, withdrew from that accord earlier this year and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran.
The accord was approved by Brazil's lower house on Tuesday, but still needs Senate approval.
We don't know if they've just reached a peace accord or whether it's something more.
Just when reaching an accord with all present nations seems hopeless, Gore has an idea.
At some point, investigators said, the Accord crossed over a median and struck another vehicle.
Two years later, he and Mr. Franceschini signed an accord to exhibit part of it.
The accord has seen some 10,000 former fighters disarm and begin to enter civilian life.
Some devout Christians objected to the accord because it recognises the rights of gay people.
In Japan, there was caution about the lack of specifics in the inter-Korean accord.
Other parties to the accord are Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei.
The UN, America and Italy have sponsored a Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).
"He was there of his own accord, as far as I could tell," Altschul said.
The FARC signed a peace accord in late 2016 and has become a political party.
I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days.
"I withdrew the United States from the terrible, one-sided Paris climate accord," he said.
But there is no sign of an accord around another plan, even the Norway option.
The president who signed up for the Paris Climate Accord, and legalized same-sex marriage?
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said there would be no changing that accord, despite parliament's rejection.
The renewed focus on the nuclear accord is, in part, a function of the calendar.
The two leaders are expected to discuss trade, with the possibility of reaching an accord.
The accord was aimed at reducing bloated global inventories and propping up weak oil prices.
The accord grants the party five seats for two terms in both houses of Congress.
The Dalai Lama said America's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord made him "quite sad".
But the accord has caused consternation both within his government and among Italy's traditional allies.
The accord is the largest gas safety-related settlement in New York history, Cuomo said.
Opposition leaders say the government should resign over the accord and call an early election.
Trump ordered the reimposition of U.S. sanctions against Iran that were suspended under the accord.
China had said earlier it would ratify the accord before the G20 summit in September.
The producers agreed at a May 25 meeting to extend the accord until March 2018.
Dreyfus did not say whether Schoen left of his own accord or was pushed out.
Whether such an accord exists is not only hard to establish, it is also irrelevant.
Bouhadi said he was optimistic there would soon be an established government of national accord.
It routinely flouts the Vienna Document, an accord designed to avert misunderstandings during war games.
The remaining signatories - Russia, China, Germany France and Britain - are trying to salvage the accord.
Instead, they say flexibility was the intent, and warn against a withdrawal from the accord.
To be clear, this isn't something you'll plug in and install on your 2014 Accord.
The Accord reports that 85 percent of the hazards its inspectors identified have been fixed.
Reuters reported previously that the talks could yield an accord as soon as next week.
Senior White House officials reportedly will meet this week to discuss withdrawing from the accord.
Tillerson was in the "remain" camp in the internal administration debate on the Paris accord.
Read Axios' scoop on how Trump has made his decision to withdraw from the accord.
Even before Trump's decision yesterday, the Paris Accord had broad support in the business community.
But that should be a formality given the accord now reached between the various players.
Among the benefits the Paris accord provides to U.S. firms, according to the companies: Salesforce.
The climate accord wasn't as muscular as many island nations and environmental advocates had hoped.
His Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, by contrast, is a strong supporter of the Paris accord.
Hariri, 46, said he aimed for the quick formation of a government of "national accord".
Maybe Colton had a secret that made Cassie want to leave of her own accord.
Since winning the election, however, Trump has offered less certain views of the Paris accord.
Trump's presidency has always raised questions about the U.S.'s involvement in the climate accord.
That accord led to a lifting of sanctions by major powers on Tehran last month.
Axios news outlet reported on Wednesday that Trump had decided to withdraw from the accord.
The accord also limits their deployed land- and submarine-based missiles and nuclear-capable bombers.
Kaine, a Virginia senator, supported the trade accord as recently as a few weeks ago.
" Another source close to Mueller, 38, said she "is in treatment on her own accord.
Honda has outfitted the Accord Hybrid with both Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto.
The relative accord that Veronica Mars had with its fans in season one didn't last.
Much has been made of the potential diplomatic fallout of Trump withdrawing from this accord.
Take the Paris climate accord, which Trump announced Thursday afternoon he formally pull out of.
To Trump, withdrawing from the accord represents a triumph of populist America over greedy globalism.
It's unclear whether Ryan uninvited the candidates, or if they withdrew of their own accord.
The Paris accord is not perfect, but it is the best we could hope for.
Every accord contains at least one loophole, and UNDATA's is really quite an elegant one.
Ironically, now would be a good time to propose a limited cyber accord with Russia.
Under the accord, Iran received sanctions relief in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program.
The commitments from the Alliance and the Accord group are set to expire in 2018.
He slid his 6-foot-3 frame into the driver's seat of his Honda Accord.
Iran-watchers said the press conference appeared calculated to embolden Trump to scrap the accord.
The accord will also result in the rescinding of the contract between the two parties.
Once the accord enters into legal force, no nation can legally withdraw for four years.
President Trump announcing his decision to withdraw from the historic climate accord, June 1.53, 21.5.
However, the more likely scenario is an unraveling of the accord, as producers violate quotas.
He pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and the Paris climate accord.
A global climate accord could not simply be a compact among developed economies, he said.
The White House's instinct back then was to enforce the INF accord, not scuttle it.
Rank-and-file members, they say, could still be given amnesty, as the accord provided.
Trump did not mention U.S. differences with India on immigration and the Paris climate accord.
MGM spokeswoman Mary Hynes deferred to the union for any further comment about the accord.
He'll stress his determination to overcome congressional opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord.
The Paris accord involves almost every other country in the world — except Nicaragua and Syria.
Aesthetically, the new Accord is not quite pretty — at least not in the traditional sense.
The storage tanks part of the facility would be owned fully by the Accord entity.
The administration took up, critically, a major push for an international accord on climate change.
But since the accord was reached, the promised economic benefits have been slow to arrive.
The two leaders have clashed over the U.S.'s exit from the Paris climate accord.
If you do not change of your own accord we will impose change on you.
Clinton, Mr. Kaine supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord, which organized labor strongly opposes.
Michelle Baldanza, a Pentagon spokeswoman, referring to the Government of National Accord, or unity government.
So, one of the President's earliest actions was to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.
Comparatively, the Colombian accord offers one of the most promising platforms to ensure sustainable peace.
The accord, signed by almost 200 countries last year, came into force on Nov. 4.
The new accord prevents countries from requiring companies to reveal software source codes and algorithms.
Advocates of the Paris accord hope the TFCD's framework document will particularly assist smaller firms.
In June, Trump announced he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.
Some members of the RSC had already urged Ryan to break last fall's unpopular accord.
The agreement between the government and FARC is the most extensive peace accord ever negotiated.
But family members of the officers told Reuters that no such accord had been reached.
Once the accord is implemented, it'll take the United States four years to legally withdraw.
The accord was also enshrined in a UN Security Council resolution, making it international law.
Democrats and Republicans are working feverishly behind the scenes to reach an accord before then.
But Guttenberg shot back, insisting that Kavanaugh turned and walked away of his own accord.
Of her own accord, the 9-year-old girl stepped in front of the crowd.
Jesus Santrich, is responsible for narco-trafficking crimes committed after the signing of the accord.
Congress has 60 days to reimpose sanctions that were lifted as part of the accord.
Oh, look here, Donald Trump is going to cancel the Paris climate accord, that's great!
The JCPOA or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, is the formal name of the accord.
It is hoped that this these "soft power" dynamics will help the Paris accord succeed.
And with Learning, efficiency is further improved by directing Search in accord with earlier experiences.
Both countries signed the accord to improve relations toward the end of the Cold War.
They did not enter PNG and do not remain in PNG on their own accord.
But voters in Colombia's more urban and developed central provinces tended to reject the accord.
The new restrictions could threaten the recently signed international nuclear accord, Iran's foreign ministry suggested.
As for the Paris accord, all he needs to do is change our emissions targets.
Trump refused to certify the international accord in October, triggering a 60-day congressional review.
It would also help the European Union's efforts to keep the Iran nuclear accord afloat.

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