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"distribute" Definitions
  1. to give things to a large number of people; to share something between a number of people
  2. distribute something (+ adv./prep.) to send goods to shops and businesses so that they can be sold
  3. [often passive] to spread something, or different parts of something, over an area
"distribute" Synonyms
allocate apportion allot assign deal divide share portion prorate ration appropriate consign disburse disseminate lot mete parcel partition divide up divvy up deliver supply circulate convey dispense transmit administer issue present give out hand out pass on pass round deal out hand round dole out dish out pass out give away dispose of disperse scatter spread diffuse propagate strew promulgate radiate sow spread around spread out sprinkle bestrew pepper proliferate broadcast dot spray class classify group assort categorise(UK) categorize(US) sort distinguish grade order range rank separate arrange codify compartment compartmentalise(UK) compartmentalize(US) peg place publish announce declare publicise(UK) publicize(US) communicate post proclaim advertise advertize impart blazon disclose herald leak marshall(US) marshal(UK) organise(UK) organize(US) array dispose systematise(UK) systematize(US) position methodize align triage space rationalise(UK) merchandise market retail sell vend trade deal in export handle import put up wholesale trade in traffic in buy and sell do business in hawk peddle merchandize reapportion reallocate redistrict resection offload deposit discharge dump unload disburden empty jettison tip unlade unship abandon delegate devolve drop shed debark empty out leave wipe apply smear dab rub streak besmear daub rub on slather coat plaster cover anoint put on smother cream bedaub spatter syndicate network ship send transfer bring carry dispatch run shoot take transport bear ferry address direct embark fill fulfil(UK) complete execute perform answer fulfill(US) hold implement keep meet occupy redeem satisfy effectuate engage officiate More

925 Sentences With "distribute"

How to use distribute in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "distribute" and check conjugation/comparative form for "distribute". Mastering all the usages of "distribute" from sentence examples published by news publications.

You can't distribute funding until you know how much you have to distribute.
And then they tell you you can't distribute and now we're going to distribute.
Green had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and posses with intent to distribute cocaine.
Sanofi Pasteur identified about 250 U.S. clinics -- approximately 4,000 usually distribute YF-Vax -- to distribute Stamaril.
She has been charged with possession of heroin, possession of heroin with the intent to distribute, possession of heroin with the intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school zone, possession of oxycodone, possession of oxycodone with the intent to distribute, possession of oxycodone with the intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school zone and possession of suboxone with the intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school zone.
He's also been charged with a failure to stop for a blue light resulting in death, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute amphetamine, according to Fox Carolina.
We distribute, like you said, we distribute streaming players through DirecTV, AT&T stores, through Sling, which is owned by Dish.
Currently, the State of Texas receives the funds to distribute to nonprofits, which distribute money to the refugees and offer support services.
She is charged with conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute one or more substances containing fentanyl, according to court documents.
According to her booking information ... she's facing multiple charges, including conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and possession of cannabis with intent to distribute.
Barba, 32, was indicted last week on 11 federal charges, including one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl with the intent to distribute and 10 counts of distribution or possession of cocaine, heroin and fentanyl with the intent to distribute.
The full charges against him include conspiracy to distribute cocaine, conspiracy to distribute narcotics, RICO conspiracy, running an illegal gambling business, and money-laundering conspiracy.
Barini is now being charged with a conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute one or more substances containing fentanyl, the Post reports.
Following the raid, Christie, in a sealed indictment, was charged with conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, and possession with intent to distribute more than 24 marijuana plants.
The Fund currently intends to distribute the shares primarily through an underwriting syndicate, although from time-to-time it may also distribute shares through additional privately negotiated transactions.
According to the study, several programs in the United States that distribute clean syringes to people who use drugs have started to distribute fentanyl test strips, as well.
Key tips: Will the courts distribute your assets according to your will or trust, or will a judge strike the gavel and distribute assets according to state law?
The plea deal was orchestrated four months after Barba was indicted on 11 federal charges, including one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess cocaine, heroin and fentanyl with the intent to distribute and 10 counts of distribution or possession of cocaine, heroin and fentanyl with the intent to distribute.
Hernandez was charged with attempt to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine and aiding and abetting.
A vending machine is neither a pharmacy nor a pharmacist, meaning it doesn't fit neatly into the existing rules regarding who can distribute drugs and where they can distribute them.
The big picture: Over the past year, Vox Media has develop its own podcast network, that it can use to distribute its own content, as well as eventually distribute others.
On Monday, Tartaglione appeared in federal court in White Plains, New York, after being charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine, and four counts of murder in furtherance of a conspiracy to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine.
In the months following Cerveny's overdose, Holder and Johnson were charged with one and two counts each: conspiracy to distribute and attempting to distribute cocaine and accessory after the fact, respectively.
Hart, 33, son of the longtime N.H.L. player Gerry Hart, was originally charged in 2014 with one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute oxycodone, a felony.
But they were having trouble getting as much as they wanted to distribute, so when I came and said, "I'd like you to distribute the LSD I make," they were very happy.
Express Scripts also owns specialty pharmacies that distribute pricey drugs.
Evenly distribute mixture on one half of the baking sheet.
The printing press was first used to distribute religious materials.
Every day, he said, government trucks distribute bread for free.
The National Guard has been sent in to distribute bottled
Brush hair with your favorite brush to distribute the product.
And you can distribute through YouTube or whatever you like.
But Tesla never bought any time to distribute them widely.
Today we've decided not to distribute this game on Steam.
She brought them to distribute at our staff party tonight.
Heslep told his father he did not distribute the images.
Our tools are free to access, use, adapt, and distribute.
We will not distribute any extra profit to our employees.
We will not distribute the extra profit to shareholders, either.
"Tongue in cheek" jokes are what you distribute to employees.
Novartis is partnering with Tilray to distribute medical marijuana internationally.
Athletes at Southern unloaded the truck and helped distribute items.
Did we ask them to distribute or create fake news?
We're going to need volunteers to help us distribute food.
Books are costly to promote and, in print, to distribute.
Is it designed to distribute heat in an innovative way?
Activists distribute leaflets saying, if you leave, they'll deport you.
Decisions to distribute these photos are taken seriously by Reuters.
Reuters editors sometimes decide not to distribute especially unsettling images.
She was charged with possession with the intent to distribute.
We are not promoting or being paid to distribute InfoWars.
"We already distribute LPG by truck across Nigeria," Brann said.
Health authorities distribute about 40 million free condoms every year.
Distribute chicken mixture among wonton cups, about 2½ tbsp. each.
It will also distribute Sun Pharma cancer drugs in China.
In 1992, I was charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.
McKeever was convicted of using a telephone to distribute marijuana.
And we help them market and distribute what they make.
We do not market, sell or distribute the brand internationally.
However, it's illegal to sell or distribute guns in Chicago.
Others rely on FINRA members to distribute their financial products.
Tournament officials fanned out to distribute puzzles to waiting hands.
A24 will distribute The Florida Project in the United States.
But with the internet shut down, they cannot distribute them.
China has been faster to distribute fines and criminal charges.
Who and how do you choose to distribute it to?
Divide that sliver even further and distribute among your family.
Glassenberg created an app to make it easier to distribute.
Sony struggled to distribute the film as theaters were intimidated.
Chinese and Australian researchers have already offered to distribute samples.
I'm frequently sent job postings to distribute to the students.
The group used Twitter to distribute recruitment tools and memes.
Other utilities just distribute the power that different companies produce.
Focus Features and Universal Pictures International will distribute the film.
Relief workers began to distribute food, water and medical care.
Why, then, do studios want to distribute Bond so badly?
Distribute into two serving bowls and serve super hot. 4.
Only after that were we granted permission to distribute publicly.
The same ecosystem that is really optimized for influence operations is also what we use to distribute news, distribute public health information, connect with our loved ones, share mediums, all sorts of different things.
The same ecosystem that is really optimized for influence operations is also what we use to distribute news, distribute public health information, connect with our loved ones, share mediums, all sorts of different things.
Studios discriminate against them, so they're often forced to produce and distribute their work independently: "You have to produce and distribute pornographic content for yourself because no one is going to hire you," she said.
Besides training, UNICEF says it will distribute 500 laser thermometers (2/school) to monitor the health situation of children, install 1,500 hand-washing units (6/school) and distribute megaphones and prevention posters in every school.
While BitTorrent is often used to distribute ordinary files, it remains the choice du jour for those looking to distribute and trade copyrighted content online, made easier via media PCs running Kodi and select plugins.
States have to distribute those benefits on or before Jan. 20.
We distribute, resist, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed healthcare but no individual initiative.
"They're able to distribute us," Hsiao said, of her parent company.
It's limited instead by one's ability to garner and distribute attention.
Sprinkle liberally with the spice mixture and toss to distribute spices.
These organizations will then distribute meat to the hungry, she explains.
LTV: Census numbers are also used to help distribute federal funds.
"For safekeeping," he says, "even if we don't publicly distribute them."
This fund will distribute their donations directly to the OneOrlando Fund.
The company has yet to announce how it'll distribute these shows.
Hooters plans to distribute draft kits with $212 worth of freebies.
The promise was to more evenly distribute pressure on each key.
How it will distribute these shows still remains to be seen.
Teams of volunteers distribute supplies such as food, water and mattresses.
They forcibly enter a school and distribute condoms to its pupils.
Some family members had criticized Boeing's initial commitment to distribute funds.
It should be legal to grow, to have, and to distribute.
The family plans to connect with charities to distribute the supplies.
PK: Is there a fixed percentage that you'll distribute to talent?
Heyn: There was no way to really distribute it back then.
Still, streaming platforms have shown they can distribute critically-acclaimed films.
A policy aimed at spreading success might distribute the funds differently.
Can you buy 50 tickets and distribute them to your employees?
From there, they'll distribute the cards to mosques across the country.
CS&L is expected to distribute all REIT earnings to shareholders.
The then worked to distribute the documents starting in June 2016.
Sure, someone could copy and distribute it, but that's about it.
Oracle figured it could distribute that software efficiently over its cloud.
Climate War Command would distribute funds, impose tariffs, and make sure
You have to learn to distribute your weight on both legs.
The firm has worked with Zoomcar to distribute its electric vehicles.
"The way they distribute the aid is anarchic," the mayor said.
The organization is now working with Busch to distribute the tickets.
FIFA will then distribute a technical evaluation to its member associations.
They do go to Netflix, they have a way to distribute.
The company said it worked with Likud to distribute the cameras.
You study new opportunities for The Times to distribute its journalism.
No, we have lots of ways to distribute and everything else.
Volunteers also handle public relations, distribute programs and act as hosts.
Give to established funds that act as clearinghouses to distribute donations.
The company is clearly reluctant to theatrically distribute its original movies.
Hundreds of relief workers arrived in the town to distribute supplies.
Walmart isn't the only retailer helping distribute Old Glory's products, either.
The plan was to distribute the items to campaign teams nationwide.
"In the Year of the Pig" was not easy to distribute.
Bluetool was part of a scheme to distribute online gambling payments.
And we decide how much they distribute, where the capital moves.
Harris even suggested that tech companies help distribute such a campaign.
After the Coens raised the financing, he agreed to distribute it.
This year it will distribute 50 feature films, not including documentaries.
SODIC hoped to distribute dividends to shareholders for 2019, Sherif said.
It will also be used to help distribute critical respiratory supplies.
The team doesn't just distribute games, but they're known for it.
I would mimeograph the pages to distribute the lessons, the writings.
Murphy said they'll look into how to distribute the remaining funds.
Bednets are relatively cheap to distribute, at only about $4.50 each.
Since NBC exclusively owns the rights to distribute in the U.S. through 2032, executives said they're able to create partnerships with social platforms and distribute content in various formats depending on how viewers are consuming it.
Apple has also shown that it's willing to distribute video on third-party gadgets, and the Wall Street Journal reported that the company is negotiating with video set-top box maker Roku to distribute the service there.
He's been charged with aiding and abetting, attempt to posses with intent to distribute a controlled substance, and possession with attempt to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine, with bail set at $100,000, the Post reports.
According to the indictment, McGowan was charged with eight drug-related counts, including conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to import controlled substances and possession with intent to distribute and distribution of heroin.
McDonald's is partnering with Medicina Solidale to distribute 1,000 meals each Monday.
Companies could also partner with countries to distribute internet through local providers.
About 20 people volunteered at the event to distribute maps and programs.
Indeed, only seven companies were granted the license to distribute streaming video.
It also plans to distribute other utensils within the next three months.
We've replaced the images with some we have the right to distribute.
Distribute the cream from roots to ends with a mixed bristle brush.
Macron will work with Germany to distribute the next round of grants.
Thailand aims to distribute 1 million bottles within five to six months.
You can also distribute analog inputs over Wi-Fi to other speakers.
The Union aims to distribute them to all African citizens by 2020.
If you wanted to distribute your software you did it through magazines.
It can show them, distribute them to whomever or even modify them.
Evenly distribute batter into the donut pan, and smooth out the tops.
Creating a digital version anyone could copy or distribute undercut your control.
She chartered four planes to distribute supplies, including water, diapers, canned food.
Note how the waves don't distribute along the surface of the object.
He added that activists often distribute registration cards along with their petitions.
US, will distribute the $3.4 million worth of scholarships to the students.
Vice is successfully leveraging data to distribute sponsored content effectively and efficiently.
The relationship continued with Allen's movie Café Society, which Amazon helped distribute.
Boston PBS station WGBH ran it; PBS decided not to distribute it.
The gang has flown into P.R. together to distribute aid to residents.
If guys chase over top, he'll get into the lane and distribute.
The plan now is to distribute the app as widely as possible.
The Santa Monica-based studio will co-distribute the film with YouTube.
They have pledged to produce and distribute an additional 1 million cans.
" OK. "People can screenshot, save and distribute everything they would like to.
XP Investimentos SA was hired to distribute the offering to retail investors.
He later pled guilty to felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute.
Sinclair signed on to distribute a TV show from conservative site DailyMail.
The territory still faces logistical hurdles to distribute food, fuel and water.
"They left us with three pallets of water to distribute," Alderson said.
The suspect also faces charges of intending to distribute those foul images.
The proposed reorganization also did not distribute benefit cuts equitably, he said.
They have to distribute the food to the people of the island.
Volunteers arrive daily to donate and help distribute food to the animals.
For diabetics who carefully distribute carbohydrates throughout the day, different rules apply.
The drug costs less to make, distribute—and thus buy—than heroin.
"Yes, we'll have more ability to rapidly distribute humanitarian aid," Redlener said.
Tesla installed big fans in GA4 to distribute heat and circulate air.
The city established the Hope Fund to help distribute contributions it received.
Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures will produce and globally distribute the film.
At that point, Senate pages could distribute the report inside the chamber.
That could limit the amount of capital they are able to distribute.
Tynes' publisher, California Coldblood, arranged for Rare Bird to distribute the book.
It also has licenses to distribute medical devices in nearly every state.
Paid labor is the main way in which modern economies distribute wealth.
And then connecting and figuring out how to distribute is really important.
If something is heavy, you need more people to distribute the weight.
Is the ... do you know about ads being used to distribute malware?
Hope: Social media and communications technology will help distribute opportunities and knowledge.
You can't really distribute it unless you do it under an alias.
Make sure your content provides value and find ways to distribute it.
Two other mass shooters also used the website to distribute their manifestos.
Companies can also distribute their wealth to shareholders and be very rewarding.
Amazon has licenses to distribute medical devices in nearly all U.S. states.
The New York Women's Foundation would also distribute proceeds to other nonprofits.
The government is issuing all the allowances — how should it distribute them?
Kraft Heinz announced that it would distribute free food to federal workers.
He has called on his supporters to join him to distribute flyers.
We should distribute them in our considered national interest, not by chance.
"We will feed each other, re-distribute wealth, strike," the graphic reads.
Mr. Jones has long relied on Silicon Valley to distribute his message.
Then a publishing company announced that it was going to distribute it.
This keeps things tidy and lets you distribute the add-ons evenly.
"It's an easier and speedier process to distribute things," Mr. Timins said.
Even companies that distribute the wands have sent in their discontinued brushes.
Allianz said it would continue to cooperate with OLB to distribute insurance.
We will no longer have the legal right to distribute their content.
Its goal is to produce and distribute 100,000 jackets globally in 2020.
The bristles are short and dense to help distribute high-impact color.
Open-sourcing computer code might make sense when agencies distribute welfare benefits.
Plus, they offer a prepackaged way to distribute asset managers&apos products.
Most bonds distribute interest every six months in payments known as coupons.
But they never found a nonprofit that would distribute that cash abroad.
Through Vudu, Walmart has the ability to distribute to a large audience.
He was charged with possession with intent to distribute, then blacked out.
Download a client, you have content you can distribute, that's really important.
We build just as much tech to distribute and optimize our advertising content as we do to create and distribute beautiful stories for our editorial brands, and it's all just as deeply interconnected with the shift to platforms.
In a separate indictment, another six officers were accused of participating in a drug trafficking scheme (including one of the defendants in the racketeering case) and were charged with conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute heroin.
I really want the fat to distribute in a way that doesn't muscle.
Amazon will also distribute the catalogs at its 4-star locations and bookstores.
Members of the House and Senate distribute tickets to those who have applied.
Evenly distribute batter into the muffin pan, and smooth out the surfaces. 6.
A fourth approach centers on partnering with traditional grocers to distribute meal kits.
You can distribute it, but most of the distribution happens on Facebook still.
Distribute the product evenly by finger-raking it through from root to tip.
Evenly distribute ricotta mixture among the zucchini halves, about 3 tablespoon each. 7.
Mark Grindeland, co-founder and CEO, hopes to distribute them nationwide one day.
Apple shut down Google's ability to distribute its internal iOS apps earlier today.
The government will distribute them to children and try to take the credit.
He was NOT charged with intent to distribute ... but it doesn't look good.
Even banks' ability to distribute capital to investors must be approved by regulators.
Altria will distribute Iqos in the United States for the first time Friday.
But we will not distribute this extra money to our employees or shareholders.
So: will Google continue to be responsible in its efforts to distribute news?
It wants to distribute Hyundai ads before soccer footage with the team playing.
Brands can then whitelist videos to distribute ads on those videos in particular.
Corrections officers say that foreign syndicates use the biker groups to distribute methamphetamines.
The International Olympic Committee will distribute them, a Samsung Electronics spokesman told Reuters.
The agency will also run a public education program and distribute insect repellents.
DeGeneres even helped distribute the 'za with the help of a delivery man.
Vendors distribute them for a voluntary donation of $2, but I always tip.
Now you can pretty much record anything at home and distribute it worldwide.
You don't need the Man to publish or distribute your shit out there.
Under Apple's rules, developers can only distribute those apps to their own employees.
Promises to distribute any materials at all prior to the announcement were delayed.
Distribute remaining yogurt on top of pancakes, allocating about 1 tbsp per pancake.
The site's primary purpose for creation was to advertise and distribute child pornography.
Some of the sites hosted by Freedom were intended to distribute child pornography.
Money FOG slows the progress you need to grow, keep and distribute wealth.
Providing such access requires being smart and transparent about how we distribute subsidies.
Apple has been employing the same lottery system to distribute WWDC tickets, too.
No wonder ISIS was so eager to distribute the news of Adnani's death.
Business backers gave McKinley the means to distribute 250m pieces of election literature.
Could a porn studio ever branch out to produce or distribute mainstream content?
Authorities earlier this week made it illegal to distribute or possess the video.
Aramco is promising to distribute at least $75 billion to shareholders in 2020.
So the creatures instinctively distribute as much as they can, Boener told CNN.
They distribute all of our networks with Fios, and then also on Go90.
People exchange gifts, distribute sweets, light up crackers, and go big on shopping. 
PSA, meanwhile, will distribute to its investors its 46% stake in supplier Faurecia.
Nahmani had been convicted of possession of synthetic cannabinoids with intent to distribute.
Beard was convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, cocaine base, heroin and phencyclidine.
Some partners may have to pay to distribute products via Caixa's branch network.
And video, easy to store and distribute, offered a viable alternative to print.
You could consider putting gift cards in care packages that you might distribute.
YT was charged with possession and intent to distribute meth, hydrocodone and weed.
She is charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute cocaine.
"We need to completely rethink how we distribute that subsidy," Johnson told reporters.
Marketing Land previously reported Facebook will let news publishers distribute content through Messenger.
If the Mystics play Toliver and Latta together, either of them can distribute.
The spray simply offers a way to distribute oil more evenly, Ayoob says.
That would mean you don't need YouTube anymore, because everybody can distribute anything.
We never figured out to distribute and get anything out into the world.
Other publishers are going straight to linear TV networks to distribute new shows.
America needs to rethink how we distribute our foreign aid around the world.
The company also announced plans on Friday to acquire and distribute hand sanitizer.
These are designed to break up the sound and distribute it more evenly.
It's still in the process of figuring out how to distribute that money.
Currently, we distribute in four locations throughout Manhattan on the five week days.
Disney has announced that it will distribute its streaming service on Apple's platforms.
Newspapers had the infrastructure to distribute articles to hundreds of thousands of people.
New technologies have radically expanded our ability to make and distribute a product.
Empire will distribute physical copies of "Skins" through Alliance Entertainment, a Sunrise, Fla.
Individuals cannot sell or distribute firearms unless they are licensed by the bureau.
" He added: "People can screenshot, save and distribute everything they would like to.
The government would distribute land, but to railroads and Western settlers, not blacks.
Trucks with loudspeakers blast out religious music and prayers and distribute free snacks.
They confiscated 256 ounces of marijuana and charged Peron with intent to distribute.
Authorities and companies are scrambling to manufacture, buy and distribute more of them.
She also helped distribute the food and water to evacuees at the station.
He faced a five-year term for conspiracy to distribute meth and cocaine.
He faced a five-year term for conspiracy to distribute meth and cocaine.
He wanted to distribute a picture of Peaches, in case she also survived.
It also said a share buyback remained an option to distribute excess cash.
Millions of independent third-party sellers use the platform to distribute their wares.
The liquid is added along with a metal spring that helps distribute heat.
Another goal of the plan, the mayor said, was to distribute shelters proportionally.
This year she's going to help distribute produce, collect tickets and bag turkeys.
Brokers in Gaza collect it and distribute the money to officers in Egypt.
This new business model can help distribute wealth and widen the investor demographic.
The group also photographs and videotapes its work to distribute on social media.
Jail staff failed to distribute prescribed medications nearly 224 percent of the time.
This could convince U.S. officials to distribute these weapons more often, Reuters reported.
In turn, officials use the data to target interventions and distribute federal funding.
It's students raising funds for water deliveries and showing up to distribute supplies.
We distribute a lot of content online, so I'm all for ubiquitous broadband.
But, as you may already know, Hunt doesn't distribute or sell this data.
Proximo, a related-party company, began operations in 2008 to distribute Tequila 1800 and after the termination in 2013 of the distribution agreement Becle had with Diageo, the company started to distribute Jose Cuervo's brands in the U.S. and Canada.
So I get the appeal of why you would want to distribute this stuff broadly, but a couple of years ago I was like, "Yes, you must distribute all your stuff broadly on all the social networks and YouTube," etc.
Robinson, 27, and Jaquan Bray, 26, were charged in a federal complaint with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and possession intent to distribute, the US Attorney's Office for the Western District of Texas said in a news release.
He faces one count of conspiring to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute 100 grams or more of heroin and a quantity of cocaine, possessing with the intent to distribute 100 grams or more of heroin and a quantity of cocaine, and possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime, Craig Carpenito, US Attorney for the District of New Jersey, said in a statement.
He said he would distribute them at open houses along with his show sheets.
Code is speech, and courts have recognized a Constitutional right to distribute encryption code.
Young1ove is the largest of at least three groups trying to distribute Dupas's curriculum.
Rodriguez is currently facing charges for conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids and money laundering.
Tiny Drive uses AWS's S3 file storage service and CloudFront CDN to distribute files.
"Any year we have a profit we distribute 35% of that profit," says Ramey.
Without a cloud interface, companies have to use physical USB cables to distribute applications.
Cash was a better match for people's needs, and it was cheaper to distribute.
Then they distribute the profits to their shareholders, either through dividends or stock buybacks.
Humanitarian organisations are buying the cook stoves from us to distribute to the refugees.
The village promoters then distribute the packages on foot to customers within each village.
It's loud, thanks to convection fans inside that evenly distribute the heat and steam.
Indonesian officials distribute money donated by worshippers for the poor at Dharma Bakti Temple.
From there you can distribute your podcasts to iTunes, Google Play, and other outlets.
Meaning they could distribute and we would on our site, with MSN as well.
Politicians distribute jobs among supporters and collect "taxes" and commissions on goods at ports.
January 12, 2016 - The Michigan National Guard is mobilized to help distribute bottled water.
Like the 2017 Republican tax bill, all bills distribute costs and benefits to taxpayers.
According to court documents, the drivers distribute perishable food, but they don't pack it.
So they distribute Universal Music to me, I pay them, they pay Universal. Yeah.
The governments would buy the Comoros passports and then distribute them to the Bidoon.
Melendez was charged with possession of narcotics with the intent to sell and distribute.
We can't get a publisher, we can't sell it, we can't really distribute it.
However, the government does not plan to distribute the medication across the whole country.
Just squeeze a dollop onto your fingers and distribute it on your wayward strands.
While foraging for their own food, they distribute the pollen that propagates our own.
Microsoft is planning to distribute its free Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11th.
The company partnered with the National Weather Service months ago to distribute weather alerts.
Just before serving, distribute chicken mixture among cooled wonton cups, about 3 tbsp. each.
It is rich, expensive to produce and distribute, and disseminated through screens and speakers.
In the public sphere Aadhaar helps to distribute subsidies worth about $40bn a year.
Fincher was charged with trafficking and possession of meth with intent to distribute it.
Warren's campaign events distribute raffle tickets to attendees, with the numbers read out onstage.
This can help us address the problem of how we distribute our increasing profit.
European copyright law says that it is illegal to distribute pictures of copyrighted works.
And it vowed to distribute stable, recurrent income, in addition to growth in value.
The second aspect in the beginning it's also very inefficient to distribute to users.
And all three papers distribute at least some of their stories via the app.
Creators could also distribute videos for free, in an effort to grow their audience.
He also stripped them of the right to distribute land and issue construction licences.
ICD will help distribute the fund in markets including the Middle East, Salam said.
There's a reason most games distribute players into regions based on their geography, though.
The trouble is, many energy-hungry countries lack the pipeline networks to distribute gas.
They are not allowing anyone to sell, cultivate, or distribute cannabis within the city.
Group Policy is also, funnily enough, a common way for hackers to distribute ransomware.
Salvation Army Salvation Army volunteers are needed to staff shelters and help distribute aid.
Sylvain Desjardins pleaded guilty in July to possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.
By the end of 2017, SHE aims to distribute maxi pads to 250,000 girls.
The deal will give Publicis a leg-up on helping clients distribute their ads.
He was detained on a charge of possession of heroin with intent to distribute.
You're also permitted to copy, update, distribute, and complete the work, without having permission.
As systems recover, the station has been forced to print and manually distribute scripts.
This means that you're allowed to copy, modify, or distribute these images without permission.
Then state governments distribute money to local districts, which accounts for another 45 percent.
They distribute these supplies to kids who live in the region's most violent areas.
Both Jakackis, along with two corporate entities, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute narcotics.
The campaign was focused on disrupting the Islamic State's ability to distribute its propaganda.
They plan to distribute the book for free online and offline through these partnerships.
US troops already help transport migrants and prepare and distribute meals at some locations.
Anchor serves as a platform for podcast creators to make and distribute their shows.
This year, Indiana will distribute filters to all residents in Zones 2 and 3.
You can retweet, you can repost, and distribute very quickly on a social platform.
N market, sell and distribute ready-to-drink coffee products in the United States.
We should have the right to distribute information to our co-workers without intimidation.
Local officials plan to set up spots in the city to distribute bottled water.
Distribute an actual quantum key string of photons from the satellite to the ground.
What Twitter ... they're not quite sure how they're going to distribute this live video.
However, we do not expect Infratel to distribute any meaningful dividends during FY18-19.
Farrell pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.
Microsoft is now planning to distribute a free Anniversary Update to Windows 10 tomorrow.
I used to distribute them via Ray Barney, and he'd sell them all over.
Feeding Texas is coordinating with local food banks to distribute food and cleaning supplies.
In Alaska a basic income was discussed as a way to distribute oil riches.
This way the company won't have to distribute unique encryption keys to multiple devices.
But they do need a way to distribute their music and make an income.
The foundation has also partnered with paint retailer Sherwin-Williams to directly distribute supplies.
The new agreement will allow JetSuiteX to distribute seats more broadly, through JetBlue's website.
Some are aiming to quickly distribute food that is about to be thrown out.
Riffle believes that it is better for an elected government to distribute those resources.
We should introduce the tax anyway, economists say, and re-distribute by other means.
Hersl arrested him for possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute.
Sirius XM also operates a small fleet of satellites, to distribute its radio services.
The rise of sharing services that people use to distribute documents in the cloud.
We also plan to distribute water purification supplies that remove debris and environmental contaminants.
Underwood's office will distribute the remaining charitable assets within the foundation to reputable charities.
Then the party should bottle it and distribute it to candidates across the nation.
Democrats ought to be reaching out to those voters, promising to distribute resources fairly.
The goal of Andromeda appears to have been to distribute malware to other computers.
Across the street is the municipal emergency management office, which helps distribute FEMA aid.
In September, Sony Pictures Classics agreed to distribute the film to about 1,100 screens.
When melted, add the canna-butter and cocoa and stir well to distribute evenly.
Mix the meat and seasoning together to evenly distribute the salt and pepper. 2.
He arranged "fly-ins" with local radio stations to distribute free Frisbees at events.
I warm up the package between my hands to evenly distribute the coconut oil.
He pled guilty to 2 felonies -- conspiracy to distribute crack and distribution of crack.
Cotner said he intends to distribute some of the new bikes to neighboring communities.
But continued rain has complicating efforts to distribute flood waters in a controlled way.
BAWAG said it was actively evaluating stock buyback options to distribute remaining excess capital.
The last remaining fight is over who will be allowed to distribute marijuana products.
They are working with district authorities across the state of Kerala to distribute donations.
It will usually strike from February through June when blooming plants distribute their pollen.
These three major soybean producers also distribute most of the world's soybean meal supply.
He collected the buckets and sticks after each game to distribute at other games.
It could print money and distribute it directly to Europeans to avert a depression.
I think you aren't actually even allowed to distribute this stuff, but selling is.
Those companies now produce their own shows and distribute them on their popular websites.
Fashion is hardly the only industry that does little to distribute its enormous profits.
We will not have enough resources to distribute for health care and other issues.
Eventually, he was using it to design, prototype, program, market, and distribute his creations.
The trusts require a trustee like a relative or adviser to distribute the money.
Another is independence from the people and institutions who make and distribute that art.
In previous years, it imported a Santa to Beirut's southern suburbs to distribute gifts.
Together, they distribute more than 90 percent of the nation's drug and medical supplies.
Finally, they distribute recognized refugees from these centers across other participating European Union states.
Throughout Puerto Rico, residents say they have yet to see their mayors distribute aid.
NBCUniversal also distributes "Saturday Night Live" and will distribute the upcoming "Trolls: World Tour."
That decision means that Merck can market its vaccine and distribute it beyond Africa.
He faced a five-year prison term for conspiracy to distribute meth and cocaine.
Officials say authorities plan to distribute food and find jobs for the city's youth.
Jones was convicted of possession with attempt to distribute methamphetamine and of marijuana possession.
Those funds typically distribute capital gains by selling underlying investments during the fourth quarter.
As a governmental agency, the NIH has to distribute grant money widely and carefully.
STX only paid to distribute the movie and does not have a financial stake.
"We need to completely rethink how we distribute that subsidy," Johnson told reporters. Sen.
But they create original content; they aggregate original content; and they distribute original content.
She and her husband established Meadowbrook Press in 1975 to publish and distribute it.
Saturday's protest was planned to distribute leaflets informing neighborhood residents about the gallery's contents.
China is also struggling to build the infrastructure needed to freely distribute gas supplies.
We just don't distribute it as well as some of the European countries do.
The EPA did not distribute the office's conclusions and instead circulated reports about it.
It was a first-degree charge for possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy.
With such appointments, European policymakers try to distribute several seats across different member states.
A jury convicted him in October on several charges, including conspiracy to distribute narcotics.
Ground Game has simultaneously raised over $40,000 to distribute to those seeking financial assistance.
In Ahmedabad, for instance, city-funded vans distribute free water during the hottest months.
Working with the AARP's state chapter, she helped distribute 8,000 citizen petitions to legislators.
In Zimbabwe, it is preparing to distribute shelter, blankets, food, hygiene kits and clothing.
Nor are they required to broadly distribute updates on business developments to the public.
Prosecutors are charging YT with possession and intent to distribute meth, hydrocodone and weed.
But Notes isn't positioned as a place for professional publishers to distribute their stuff.
Richard Brueckner, assistant state's attorney for Wicomico County, told reporters that intent to distribute within a school zone carries an additional 20-year potential charge on top of the a potential 20-year sentence with a regular possession with intent to distribute charge.
The legal requirement that these foundations distribute part of their assets provides a vital flow of cash to non-profit organisations that distribute food to the poor, provide shelter for the homeless, scholarships to low-income students and other services that address poverty.
Last month, prosecutors in Massachusetts announced charges against four men for conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent distribute a controlled substance or oxycodone in relation to the millions of pills that were allegedly diverted from doctors and pharmacies in Houston.
After the planned sale, Yue Yuen planned to distribute a special dividend to its shareholders.
But today, if I only had renewables Total would be unable to distribute any dividends.
Dearborn got hit with conspiracy to distribute a controlled drug and unlawful possession of alcohol.
He had reportedly been charged possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana with intent to distribute.
The plan asks parliament to distribute the president's powers among the government, parliament and judiciary.
At the same time, it's hard, because it's difficult to distribute something that is free.
The campaign, planned to coincide with the holiday season, will distribute 80,000 ride vouchers total.
Using a wooden spoon, break the starter up to distribute it in the water. 5.
The company is partnering with non-profit Network for God to collect and distribute funds.
Another conservative link: Sinclair signed on to distribute a TV show from conservative site DailyMail.
Associated Press is not alone in using automation, increasingly, to create and distribute the news.
They devised ways to use existing technology, such as WhatsApp, to distribute political messages rapidly.
Volunteers distribute the items into boxes, and drivers deliver them to homes across the reservation.
Rocko says Epic Records signed on to distribute the albums, but then things got tricky.
In 2003, Lemons was convicted of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, a felony offense.
Jobs needed a business-minded expert to effectively price, market and distribute his new Macintosh.
Her two assistants — Baby-faced 1 and Baby-faced 2 — make copies and distribute cookies.
In December, Obama commuted Brant's 1994 life sentence for conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine.
National Guard Soldiers arrive at Barrio Obrero in San Juan to distribute water and food.
The distributors make a profit based on how many drugs they distribute, the report said.
The two groups also could create and distribute new TV programs based on The Onion.
But they oppose reforms to take money away from older workers to distribute it downward.
Nestlé signed a $7bn deal in May with Starbucks to distribute the ubiquitous chain's products.
In those transactions, one was sold very quickly; one took almost a year to distribute.
The problem is how we choose to distribute the wealth and benefits of increased efficiency.
The stretchy disposable ring has "pleasure knobs" that are designed to evenly distribute the vibrations.
Photographers who use 500px to distribute their work are now adjusting to two big changes.
New digital entrants with strong customer relationships can formulate personalized policies and distribute more efficiently.
We then managed to distribute those books to public housing authorities all throughout the country.
Evenly distribute batter among the cups of the muffin pan, and smooth out the surfaces.
It enabled us to learn how to manufacturer and sell and distribute these vacuuming robots.
Using its wireless network, AT&T intends to distribute Time Warner content through mobile devices.
The AMF estimates that it costs $4 to buy and distribute a treated bed net.
The organization needs volunteers to support temporary shelters, distribute aid and assist in damage assessment.
UNICEF is already working to distribute cleaner cookstoves in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and other poor nations.
It's just like plugging something into a wall but uses powered surfaces to distribute power.
"It is the fastest, cheapest way to distribute the vaccine," FWS biologist Randy Machett said.
We train AI systems to detect borderline content so we can distribute that content less.
GE said on Monday it would distribute 8.7 billion shares to shareholders on Feb. 14.
How will we distribute the wealth in an economy dominated by platform-owning AI behemoths?
Samsung could similarly distribute Adblock Fast through its own preloaded app store on Galaxy devices.
Why the emphasis on vegan and vegetarian products, or companies that sell and distribute them?
DEKA partnered with Coca-Cola to distribute the Slingshot water purifier in the developing world.
C. Metro said Friday that it will distribute free commemorative sleeves featuring the president-elect.
We have said we distribute dividend in the range of 90-110 percent of... profits.
"We bust our ass to distribute massive volumes [of naloxone] to drug users," Wheeler says.
Local fire stations set up "water stations" to distribute water to the families in Flint.
But Dubset is also equipped to distribute royalties from those and its deals permit them.
But recently, it's displayed more openness to working with other companies to distribute its technology.
Being purely an online operation, C6 will distribute third-party products for consumers and corporations.
Expeditions: Google's aim to distribute virtual reality far and wide found a natural ally: Schools.
Likewise, the Manitoba Securities Commission worked to distribute information regarding financial literacy and investment fraud.
Celebrities and other clients can distribute a special phone number connected to their Superphone account.
Add the egg mixture and give everything a gentle stir to distribute all the ingredients.
"That allows it to distribute the stress more effectively than a rigid structure," she says.
It pays no taxes itself but has to distribute over 22013% of earnings to shareholders.
He already knows guys are keying on him and he's able to distribute the puck.
Reuters News, owned by Thomson Reuters Corp, competes with Getty to sell and distribute pictures.
Women have volunteered as cooks, preparing huge vats of beans to distribute to the troops.
SkyBridge and HNA are exploring a possible marketing relationship to distribute SkyBridge's offerings in China.
Like Yahsat, these firms rely on in-country partners to distribute and sell their products.
This is the same process Apple employs to distribute the AirPods among a user's devices.
Mutual funds distribute capital gains to their investors close to the end of each year.
Likewise, Peugeot will distribute it 46 percent share in automotive supplier Faurecia to its shareholders.
"Telecom operators are essential partners to distribute our content to a larger audience," Puyfontaine said.
Peugeot said it would distribute to its shareholders its 46% stake in automotive supplier Faurecia.
At times, the gangs distribute free samples, according to agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration.
One of the officers also faces a charge of possessing and planning to distribute heroin.
Generally, mutual funds distribute capital gains to their investors near the end of each year.
A graduate student at Harvard formed an organization to distribute similar kits in South Asia.
The changes could affect hobbyists and the companies that manufacture, distribute and sell racing parts.
The government is working feverishly to distribute them, but lines and public frustration are growing.
Guido or her volunteers pick up the donations and distribute them within the same day.
Vice recently announced an agreement with ESPN to produce and distribute films and other programs.
She added that registration allows aid agencies to assess needs and thus better distribute aid.
Often, researchers will distribute their work to journalists under embargo, before publicly releasing it. EurekAlert!
Self-expression and storytelling are important ways to help distribute the narratives of female experience.
Moreover, the Guccifer 2.0 account has now been established as venue to distribute leaked documents.
With hunger increasing, the government in 2016 launched a program to distribute subsidized food packages.
Gas distribution lines are the smaller gas pipelines that distribute gas to homes and businesses.
Startups had raised money and hired employees, betting on Facebook's Platform to distribute their products.
The central issue isn't necessarily that bigots can easily distribute materials within and among themselves.
Yet their algorithms indisputably create hierarchies of information — which they also distribute at vast scale.
The bill would have the government distribute special bonuses to these workers, among other benefits.
Makeshift "help centers" continue to distribute bottled water at local churches three times a week.
I understand that even a straightforward payment would take several months to process and distribute.
" He also said the department is prepared to distribute up to 2,000 ventilators "as needed.
We don't distribute it in the White House, and the same with The Washington Post.
In turn, the Bureau can distribute this data to federal, state, or local law enforcement.
These funds tend to distribute capital gains from selling underlying investments during the fourth quarter.
It preserves capitalism, but with stricter regulations and government programs to distribute resources more evenly.
Based on preseason estimates, it expected to distribute around 2174,133 free orders during the season.
But documents have surfaced that detail a specific plan on how to distribute her estate.
In Europe, we are arguing over the question of how to distribute the refugees fairly.
That could lead to a hodgepodge of ways that school districts try to distribute meals.
Universities argue that displacing scholarships allows them to better distribute funds to students in need.
They and Google will continue to be the two dominant ways that people distribute information.
Capital markets on a continental scale can help them distribute risks beyond the banking sector.
Amazon will work with a third party to administer grant applications and distribute the funds.
On average, those six banks plan to distribute 102 percent of their profits to shareholders.
The brushes evenly distribute the color, so it&aposs unnecessary to splurge on expensive alternatives.
Others said that it wasn&apost unique to Jaclyn Cosmetics to distribute tiered PR packages.
At the same time, Mr. Scognamiglio set up an office to distribute his family's cameos.
Rick Snyder sent the National Guard to distribute bottled water and water filters to residents.
Distribute half of the butter on the bottom of a glass or ceramic casserole dish.
We do have a problem with criminal gangs and with the drugs that they distribute.
PBS was created in 1969 to connect local public television stations and to distribute programming.
This season, at peak volume, Baldor will distribute as many as 860 flats every week.
Five studios are competing for the rights to market and distribute the lucrative superspy franchise.
Others have created a website to efficiently identify provisions and distribute them evenly among municipalities.
Many states and colleges also use Fafsa data to determine eligibility for aid they distribute.
Weeks of testing showed "good news," but the city will continue to distribute bottled water.
The murder of your neighbor will distribute more pain than the death of a rat.
Boeing said it would work with local governments and nonprofit organizations to distribute the funds.
This is the best way to distribute salt evenly and efficiently over a large surface.
A new central entity would collect revenues and distribute funds to member states in need.
The organization also partnered with a community service organization called PR4PR to distribute humanitarian aid.
Under the new law, an entity would be created to distribute and collect mechanical royalties.
Among the charges was one count of possession of heroin with the intent to distribute.
A local agricultural science program in Nebraska will distribute the donations to those in need.
Intel has also found consumer partners like Tag Heuer to distribute wearables in the past.
Its partner, the Bahamas Red Cross, will also distribute supplies including portable stoves and towels.
And sellers are often unaware of the composition and potency of the drugs they distribute.
All you have to do is be attempting to distribute drugs in the United States.
The question for advertisers, though, is how to distribute those budgets, and to which influencers.
Some activists went so far as to distribute "Wanted" posters featuring Tiller's picture and address.
Merchants can also use the service to distribute codes with their own logo and branding; track, manage and edit contacts inside Giftbit; run detailed reports to see what's working; email codes or download a set of links or codes to distribute themselves; and more.
In October 2014, he was convicted in Fulton County on counts of marijuana possession with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of certain felonies and manufacturing, delivery, distribution and/or possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.
The old warehouses are now used by retail and industrial firms to store and distribute stock.
Overall, however, lone stars (like ours) and binary systems should distribute more interstellar comets than asteroids.
Taking more from the wealthy to distribute to the poor will ease income inequality, they argue.
EFF now does everything from publishing investigative journalism to distribute downloadable tools like the Privacy Badger.
It also makes it illegal to manufacture or distribute tools or techniques for circumventing copy controls.
Tencent acquired rights to distribute NBA games, as well as some HBO and Time Warner titles.
We prefer to use kosher salt for salting because it's easier to distribute the salt evenly.
Customers can buy socks to donate, and store employees will distribute them to local nonprofit organizations.
Pour in the egg mixture, tilting the skillet slightly to distribute mixture evenly around the skillet.
They were charged with participation in a conspiracy to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana.
This would enable us to distribute it in a far better way to achieve our mission.
To make chutney-cheddar pizzas: Evenly distribute the onion among the rotis, followed by the cheddar.
The city also plans to use the machines to distribute packages providing materials for safe sex.
Marfrig said it will produce, distribute and sell the plant-based meat to restaurants and retailers.
In refugee camps on the city's outskirts, agencies are scrambling to distribute food, water and clothing.
But I mean this is a ... It's a new way to produce content and distribute it.
Netflix will produce and distribute the film, with edits done in accordance with Welles' personal notebooks.
How would you propose that Apple and Google distribute apps if they don't run the store?
We have working prototypes, and we're working through how to produce and distribute them right now.
Newspaper Folha du São Paulo reports that Bolsonaro backers paid to illegally distribute mass WhatsApp texts.
Ricardo Rossello tweeted Tuesday that the National Guard was touring the island and helping distribute water.
His sentence for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine was commuted by President George W. Bush in 2006.
Later, Double Fine stepped in to help distribute, which is how Everything wound up on PS4.
So as the world continues to distribute, this is going to become more and more important.
"That's standard language in the will: You settle claims before you distribute the residuary," he said.
Its individual spring coils adjust to your body to distribute weight evenly to offer serious comfort.
In 2018, according to interim communications director Maya Doe-Simkins, CRA expects to distribute 100,000 kits.
Using automated tools with Wikipedia's API, bots can distribute changes across dozens of pages at once.
The Brazilian government will distribute nine million free condoms in Rio during the upcoming Summer Olympics.
For now, Impossible has been able to distribute its product only by selling it in restaurants.
The company partners with campus bookstores to distribute digital course materials for use in higher education.
Islamist militants have attacked and killed those attempting to distribute vaccines since the bin Laden revelation.
The same goes for the "poisoned apples" that the artist will distribute inside of the cloud.
" McNabb told CNBC that paying fees to brokerages to distribute its funds raises an "inherent conflict.
He launched the Def Jam producing company because he wanted to distribute the music he loved.
Buchanan also said his priorities are medical capabilities and logistics support to move and distribute supplies.
Optimization software can distribute vehicles across various routes, like Waze does today, to help alleviate congestion.
Some major broadcasters have already been working with Facebook to put distribute high-quality live video.
Add orange peel and currants, pick up dough and mix with your hands to distribute fruit.
A Miami-based "OLPC Association," led by his friend Rodrigo Arboleda, would distribute its existing laptops.
The Indian delegation wanted to lift restrictions on its government's ability to distribute stockpiles of food.
Publishers were quick to distribute the redacted report, even noting it is available for free online.
The animation studio's relationships also could make it easier for Comcast to distribute content in China.
It plans to distribute 30-50% of its ongoing profit starting in 2020 as a dividend.
How does Authory retrieve articles for journalists whose publications do not freely distribute their content online?
Wells Fargo Advisors, a unit of Wells Fargo & Co, will initially distribute the annuity, Brighthouse said.
He was accused of conspiring to distribute illegal narcotics, and conspiring to defraud the United States.
With plans to distribute further in Africa and Southeast Asia, he hopes to avert many more.
" They "organize themselves and make and distribute their own creative transformations of the media they love.
Right now Mac developers can distribute their apps on the web and avoid Apple's fee structure.
Apple introduced its Developer Enterprise Program to help corporations more easily distribute internal apps to employees.
Some distribute scrolls of paper tied with ribbons, bearing photocopied prayers and testimonials written in longhand.
Is this the only reason developers are building their own stores and launchers to distribute games?
That compared with the about $100 million that Chesapeake had hoped to distribute in "restitutionary" damages.
The decision follows a long and arguably crazy mission to distribute and sell ebooks for free.
Instead, the power needs to be with the creators, not the platform on which they distribute.
The heads of state will discuss and distribute the different roles between the different member nations.
The WFP will distribute such staples as rice, vegetable oil, flour, sugar, salt and canned food.
Not long after, it was Navalny's allies who used Pornhub to distribute the anti-Medvedev documentary.
Spend this time figuring out a fine-tuned system that allows you to distribute resources fairly.
The state has been unable to distribute those grant payments because of the unrelenting budget stalemate.
After all, mesh networks are becoming the best way to distribute large bandwidth connections in homes.
The beauty of podcasts is that anyone can create, record, and distribute them with relative ease.
I quickly distribute my paycheck to rent, car insurance, internet, savings, and my credit card bill.
It's a federal crime to distribute a matchbook if any match has a crumbled head. Penalty?
Several charities set up centers where food was prepared and packed so volunteers could distribute it.
UNHCR and the Red Cross distribute three meals a day, while Serbian police patrol the camps.
The company said it would distribute 23.4 percent of shares in its subsidiary Worldline to shareholders.
The blockchain platform will allow artists to publish and distribute music and manage rights and royalties.
They spend part of the day at a church helping to distribute food and care packages.
So I have learned very intuitively: It is possible to evenly distribute labor around the house.
Never mind that the PGA Tour will distribute about $219 million to its players in 220.
Officers would be going door to door to distribute the letter, Utz told the clan leaders.
They're about improving profits for the store, and the businesses who distribute products through that store.
In November, the FDA allowed Catalyst to distribute the drug, with exclusive rights to market it.
Corporations will simply distribute the repatriated profits to their shareholders by paying dividends and repurchasing stock.
Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry does not have any deals with telecom companies to distribute the device.
The more you distribute your weight across the surface, the harder it will be to sink.
He will help develop and distribute illiquid credit instruments in both the primary and secondary markets.
The butter, which I was instructed to simply "pour into bread cracks," didn't really distribute well.
The federal government also uses census data to distribute billions in federal money to the states.
It announced a $3 million program to distribute 250,000 helmets and educate riders on safety practices.
It's affecting the air Officials plan to distribute free masks to protect families from volcanic ash.
The federal government, Long said, has established distribution sites and is conducting airlifts to distribute supplies.
They distribute fliers using the pictures and phone numbers of debtors and advertising for sexual services.
Every discussion was focused on how to distribute, process, and host data with no centralized control.
Generally, utilities that distribute electricity in New York are prohibited from owning sources of power generation.
Roc Nation will also "create and distribute content across multiple music streaming services" with the NFL.
Europeans feel vulnerable in a globalization process that does not distribute extra points of growth fairly.
The groups say they are partnering with the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh to distribute the funds.
No other construct or idea has been able to distribute benefits so broadly and so rapidly.
"We have not decided yet how we will distribute the money to the clubs," Murai said.
Sadly, the packet of icing was messy to use and didn't distribute evenly on my squares.
The employee could then distribute that money to the charitable organizations of his or her choice.
The streaming platform added that it was "not promoting or being paid to distribute" Infowars content.
The game could distribute the component stocks around the landscape like so many Jigglypuffs and Clefairies.
On Tuesday afternoon, PBS spokeswoman Jennifer Byrne confirmed that PBS will no longer distribute Rose's show.
That means organizers cannot distribute much-needed grants to the national committees for travel to Brazil.
Wrapports has an annual $25 million contract with Tronc to print and distribute the Sun-Times.
Both sides also agreed to not distribute leaflets along the border that divides the two countries.
He said more are then allocated for the state party to distribute among the county chairs.
Also named are companies that distribute opioid medications to these pharmacies: AmerisourceBergen, McKesson and Cardinal Health.
Aduacto Chavez-Meza pleaded guilty in 2013 to conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.
He understood that Bannon would raise the money to produce it and would also distribute it.
They want to distribute it over multiple locations and Equinix wants to help them do it.
Mindgeek is the parent company for most channels that create and distribute porn on the internet.
As a result, Octi plans to create and distribute avatars of more than 2,000 NFL players.
We're going through a big rebuild of our whole infrastructure of how we distribute our content.
Consider the interior minister's refusal to distribute tents for hundreds of thousands of people without shelter.
Channing and her mother would stand outside venues to distribute copies of The Christian Science Monitor.
The groups use the Internet and social media intensively to distribute their views, the report said.
That is to say, it's very possible that some managers neglect to distribute this festive treat.
For example, sellers need help figuring out how to distribute ad spend across formats, he said.
Each bank involved in the tests received approval for their plans to distribute capital to shareholders.
The recently launched platform Means TV aims to distribute quality leftist content and treat creators fairly.
State and federal governments should distribute prevention materials in the many languages that domestic workers speak.
Families open their taps to neighbors, share meals and distribute oranges that fall from their trees.
HHS declined to comment on any discussions about how the department plans to distribute the funds.
A water truck is meant to come to the camp once a day to distribute water.
Finally, as the election date approached my friend gave me fliers, posters and balloons to distribute.
Under current state law, it's illegal to possess or distribute clean syringes for an "unlawful" purpose.
In Philadelphia, hidebound ways of confronting iPhone thefts let thrive illicit networks to distribute stolen cellphones.
Supply stations are set up to distribute water, snacks, gloves, umbrellas and shields made of cardboard.
The U.S. census count is used to allot seats in the House and distribute federal funding.
Alcohol brands are turning their attention to making hand sanitizer to distribute in communities experiencing shortages.
To help, she and Ridgway are working on a guidebook that they plan to distribute free.
India has implemented the world's largest fingerprint-based identity system, to distribute government stipends and services.
First of all, we have humans review all of the people who distribute content on Discover.
In July, the State Department agreed and gave Mr. Wilson the right to distribute his blueprints.
Although Philip Morris has applied for approval, Altria would distribute the device in the United States.
Local residents distribute food to migrant workers and families at Zirakpur Ambala Highway, in Chandigarh, India.
Members of the New York National Guard distribute food to families in New Rochelle, March 12.
They have also lost out on crucial ad revenue and places to distribute their print products.
Plenty of companies, small and large, work with university plant breeders to distribute new seed varieties.
They plan to distribute them at schools across the islands with a total of 400,000 residents.
In April 2017, he was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics with intent to distribute.
On multiple occasions he was charged with intent to manufacture and distribute narcotics and narcotics possession.
Hackers could also target voting-machine vendors and use this trusted channel to distribute their code.
The company has also ordered 2,300 N95 masks that they hope to distribute to healthcare workers.
A publicity campaign will distribute explanatory materials in Spanish, Mandarin, Russian and Arabic across the city.
But there were no signs of emergency workers or any effort to distribute the disaster supplies.
Cats reportedly cost $100 million to produce and an additional $100 million to market and distribute.
It will distribute Forto throughout its network and Peet's primarily through its network of convenience stores.
The bank will distribute the funding to its various subsidiaries in forms compliant with local regulations.
Foundations need to realize that the wealth they distribute is not theirs to operate or control.
The government does distribute free condoms in public hospitals, but few know about it, she said.
In addition to firearms charges, Mr. Rubino was charged with intent to distribute methamphetamines and marijuana.
The distributed ledger idea first emerged as a way to distribute digital currency on the blockchain.
Its stores can be called on to help distribute aid and supplies during a natural disaster.
Earlier this year, New Jersey announced plans to distribute as many as 105,000 of the boxes.
There, the drug couriers find hosts who help distribute drugs: pills, bulk heroin and, increasingly, fentanyl.
But a new tool would need to be developed to distribute alert information to streaming platforms.
Altogether, Luxottica has nine house brands and is licensed to produce and distribute another 85033 more.
I've got other ideas, obviously, but I'll wait a day or two to distribute my feedback.
An arrest for possession of pot and LSD with intent to distribute landed him on probation.
He would do a very detailed budget every year, and distribute it to everyone in town.
Yee said that internet giants like Amazon and Netflix were looking for sports content to distribute.
"It is against the law for anyone to distribute images of child exploitation," Mr. Milner said.
Once you're done learning, recording, and editing, Anchor will host and distribute your podcast for free.
Those benefits are paid by the US Department of Agriculture to states, which distribute the funding.
That would include developing and coordinating anti-impeachment messages to distribute to surrogates and Republican lawmakers.
Last year a court case in Pennsylvania showed that Zoom was used to distribute child pornography.
Last year a court case in Pennsylvania showed that Zoom was used to distribute child pornography.
In addition to firearms charges, Mr. Rubino was charged with intent to distribute methamphetamines and marijuana.
Officials have struggled to distribute supplies and many residents are still without power, food and water.
So you need a single-payment solution which you can distribute to publishers, that's one problem.
The next year, Paramount allowed Disney to buy out its rights to distribute Marvel superhero movies.
When Dash and Assaf distribute newspapers to their classmates, their featureless forms tout headlines and scoops.
Kobach earlier agreed not to distribute any commission-related records publicly, at least for a time.
But the formula New Jersey uses to distribute school aid has left many local districts underfunded.
Shake to coat thoroughly, then empty into a 13" by 9" pan and distribute evenly. 3.
Whether or not broadcasters will use Periscope to distribute their live video is the big question.
It gets Verizon to pay more for its games, and distribute them more broadly than before.
He also noted that Booker's and Harris's bills distribute the rental credit on a yearly basis.
Party leaders today do their best to shape the information they distribute for maximum partisan advantage.
After this, he and Mehanna sought to distribute propaganda for al Qaeda in Iraq, with Mehanna agreeing with Abousamra that "the best recruitment tool was to distribute inspirational media depicting great suffering, and it would increase AQ [al Qaeda] membership a billionfold," according to the indictment.
To distribute the L&aposOréal Paris Colorista evenly throughout Kardashian's platinum blonde highlights, Fitzsimons spritzed the temporary color through small sections of her hair from root to tip, holding the can about four to six inches away and running his fingers through to distribute it as needed.
In October 2014, the rapper was convicted in Fulton County, Georgia, on counts of marijuana possession with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of certain felonies and manufacturing, delivery, distribution and/or possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.
AutoPilot allows IT to distribute laptops to employees without first setting them up to a company's specifications.
To sign up corporate clients at a low cost, C6 will distribute financial products through independent consultants.
Although the FBI found no evidence he intended to distribute the information, federal officials prosecuted him anyway.
Samsung's own GearVR team is using ConstructVR to distribute sales training to help employees sell more products.
First, not only does this mean Facebook can't distribute apps internally, it also basically bricks these apps.
And White House aides scrambled to distribute tickets, worrying about Trump's reaction if the crowd appeared thin.
The couple were charged with four counts of possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute.
It looks as though Facebook took advantage of the program to distribute the app without Apple's knowledge.
On Tuesday, Tilray announced a partnership with Novartis unit Sandoz to produce and distribute medical cannabis products.
Unions for liquor stores in British Columbia also hope they'll be the ones to distribute recreational cannabis.
Hengxin will also help distribute The Virtual Reality Co.'s content in the fast-growing Chinese market.
Pour the batter into the prepared skillet, then distribute orange segments and berries evenly over the top.
The U.S. government has said it will still distribute federal income tax refunds despite the government shutdown.
Overwhelmed by the response and donations, Vets Canada eventually partnered with Long & McQuade to help distribute guitars.
Top evenly with sausages, bell peppers and onion, making sure to evenly distribute sweet and hot sausages.
Yes, you can actually climb inside the minds of real-life humans who distribute lies for money.
Parker was charged with possession of narcotics, the sale of hallucinogens and intent to sell and distribute.
Native Son will premiere at Sundance this month, and A24 will distribute it later in the year.
The company is also working toward regulatory approval in Europe, and plans to distribute worldwide, said Aguirre.
Last week, police announced the arrest of Chukwuemeka Okparaeke for conspiracy to distribute large quantities of opiates.
These covers are rich enough with text, both literal and meta, to distribute in media studies classes.
FluroSat helps agronomists (the scientists working on farms) determine where to distribute their fertilizer, water and pesticides.
Pirates have been abusing Apple's enterprise developer program to distribute hacked versions of popular apps, reports Reuters.
Was it a struggle to dissect all of Moon's parts and distribute them to these different instruments?
The first, AB 730, makes it illegal to distribute political deepfakes within 60 days of an election.
Where is this dog located and is science advanced enough to clone it and distribute it worldwide?
Spotinst, a Tel Aviv-based startup, developed a service to buy and distribute that available excess capacity.
The goals is to distribute the weight evenly [so] you can bring out the hair's natural texture.
Dubset has platforms called MixSCAN and MixBANK, which work in tandem to identify songs and distribute royalties.
Disney said it will eventually make "Star Wars Resistance" available on Disney XD and distribute it internationally.
The company holds exclusive licensing rights to produce and distribute merchandise for all major professional sports leagues.
Technically, Apple's guidelines say you should only be using the program to distribute apps for internal use.
AM agrees not to publish, distribute, share, or describe unpublished texts and photos (the "Unpublished Materials"). 4.
You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.
But Cephalon, seeking federal permission to more widely distribute the fentanyl tablet, wrote that one went fine.
That price is what processors and bottlers pay cooperatives, which then distribute the money to their members.
Pioneer Books, an independent bookstore in Brooklyn, has joined the effort to distribute pins in the future.
There are now other virtual currencies, and broader uses for underlying technologies that create and distribute them.
He is also charged in Louisiana with one count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
An important aspect of the Maricá basic income is that it doesn't distribute reais: it distributes mumbuca.
Lloyd argues that the increased budget would go toward buying "truckloads of condoms" to distribute for free.
He pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to distribute drugs and was sentenced to seven years.
Let's distribute goods and services to those in need, regardless of their ability to... oh, what's that?
So, what companies can take their content and distribute it globally and how do you do that?
LG: They come and pick them up and then they distribute them somewhere else more populated. Right.
PEOPLE confirms that Nantz faces federal charges of conspiracy to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine.
He said 40 had agreed and signed a protest letter he hoped to distribute at the conference.
But they still depend on central brokers to distribute and manage tasks, which can make things complicated.
Please feel free to print this out and distribute to your friends accordingly: How old are you?
Kristi Noem activated about 15 of its members to distribute water to Pine Ridge Reservation communities. Rep.
Jacobo Orellana-Estrada on Thursday pleaded guilty in federal court to possession with intent to distribute heroin.
In 1981 he founded SoftBank to distribute personal-computer software in Tokyo with two part-time employees.
Unfortunately, customers threatened boycotts and Coca-Cola's own bottling partners were reluctant to distribute New Coke products.
It will also distribute 30 to 50 percent of its underlying result to shareholders starting this year.
Fun Fact: Colorado will distribute millions of dollars in extra marijuana revenue to schools to prevent bullying.
Given weak market conditions, Jasser said the bank would prefer not to distribute dividends at the moment.
New Zealand censorship laws allow the government to make certain videos illegal to view, possess, and distribute.
Do they have any other input, or just a finished product and they're going to distribute it?
We can then build augmented reality experiences on top of those models and distribute them as Lenses . . .
By March she had kicked off a program to replace the lead service lines that distribute water.
Everybody not only can publish their information, but can also distribute their information through their relationship right.
Facebook, for instance, did a deal with the NFL earlier this year to distribute highlights and recaps.
They also plan to implement major exhibitions on women's citizenship and suffrage, and to distribute relevant grants.
At first, my job at the American Lawyer was to answer phones, order lunch, and distribute memos.
Simply put, a 53G—or fifth generation—network would use high-frequency airwaves to distribute wireless data.
Oxfam's local partners in Aceh are, however, continuing to carry out emergency assessments and distribute essential items.
Lime plans to distribute 250,000 free helmets in cities across the globe in the next six months.
Concrn also hopes to create a replicable playbook to distribute to other communities that experience similar issues.
The UN refugee agency called on the Myanmar government for access to allow it to distribute aid.
The technical assistance will distribute in the form of grants to accelerators, hubs, incubators and coding programs.
Gary Davis, 30, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman to conspiring to distribute illegal drugs.
Roku's stock rose Monday on the news that Apple would distribute its streaming channel on its players.
Republicans argue that cutting Obama's rule lets states decide how they want to distribute Title X funding.
They have asked the judge not to let Concord distribute the materials electronically to people in Russia.
Authorities allege the Houston house where they found the boy was used to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine.
Stainless steel sole plates are less expensive than ceramic and distribute heat well, but they could stick.
One of them, Cole Beasley, doesn't seem worried about how quarterback Dak Prescott will distribute the ball.
Earlier this year, Twitter partnered with the National Basketball Association to distribute 360-degree video of games.
The 24-year-old physiotherapist spent hours at a hall that is being used to distribute supplies.
Supervisors distribute disposable hand-warming packets that workers slip into their gloves or tape to their bodies.
E-commerce accounts for only 3% of retail sales but provides a new way to distribute products.
Cluster munitions are containers that explode in the air to distribute smaller bombs over a large area.
The White House said this week the tax agency would somehow process returns and distribute tax refunds.
Separately, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, administers a program to distribute tarps to Puerto Ricans.
All three have elected to become REITs, and will be required to distribute substantial amounts of cash.
The company this week agreed a bancassurance deal with Canada's Scotiabank to distribute home and motor policies.
But she did not have everyone's phone number and did not think she could distribute mobile tickets.
Instead, prescription medications are promoted to healthcare professionals and those who actually supply and distribute the products.
It does not condemn private control of capital but rather proposes to distribute it widely, even universally.
The initiative has created a roadmap to dramatically improving the continent's ability to produce and distribute electricity.
"It is basically a mechanism to distribute risks between the state and the private sector," Pinedo said.
While the programs still have to teach contraception, they can't distribute it or demonstrate how it's used.
Their opposition to Brussels-imposed quotas to re-distribute asylum seekers led to the plan being dropped.
These companies typically achieve much higher profit margins than the airlines whose tickets they help to distribute.
Manzi said Utopia 56 would continue to distribute food, but at a new site elsewhere in Calais.
PepsiCo has an agreement to distribute Starbucks ready-to-drink coffee and energy beverages in certain markets.
He also said that with her permission, Diasporicans's Facebook and Twitter accounts could distribute her father's information.
I would buy advertising, looks like normal ads, and then use that to distribute malware. Mm-hmm.
But there are plenty of good-enough ways to distribute them that don't cost a monthly fee.
Pour 1/2 cup of the batter into the waffle iron, spreading to evenly distribute the batter.
At first we even attempted to distribute the records ourself but you learn that the hard way!
The source had used a middleman who ultimately released the game for pirates to distribute among themselves.
The exchange will distribute 30-50 percent of its ongoing profits starting in 2020 as a dividend.
Kubernetes gave operations, the group responsible for managing those programs, a common way to distribute the containers.
The count helps the city determine how to distribute about $4.5 billion in funding for homeless services.
Along with her friend Lee Bishop, she will distribute up to 2,000 shirts starting at 4 p.m.
Initially, IBM Watson Health will distribute the MedyMatch brain bleed detection application globally through its sales channels.
Mr. Rosselló said a major issue was getting transportation to distribute aid to people who need it.
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last week pledged to distribute the supplies to other countries in Africa.
There are also worries that supply chain shortages could stymie efforts to distribute the tests at scale.
Under previous programs in 153 and 2008, the government took longer than a month to distribute checks.
The almost five foot tall robots are designed specifically to be used in warehouses that distribute apparel.
For instance, mutual funds tend to distribute capital gains from selling underlying investments during the fourth quarter.
The country also banned the alleged gunman's manifesto, making it a crime to possess or distribute it.
The reason fentanyl is everywhere is economic: It is much cheaper to produce and distribute than heroin.
It is planning syndication deals with other publishers that want to distribute their stuff on Patch sites.
He said Thailand's constitutional court granted his office the authority to distribute seats under its own calculation.
I think Facebook, by the way, should just be taxed and should have to distribute ... Oh, agreed.
Blue Moon beer, sold at the San Francisco Giants' ballpark, is one of the brands we distribute.
Right now, businesses that provide and distribute respirators must embrace the very real possibility of opportunistic lawsuits.
But food distributors pushed back, saying the government had neither the capacity nor experience to distribute food.
The crew gives updates via the sound system, and they also distribute printed communications, according to Swan.
GoFundMe will distribute donations made to this campaign and other verified campaigns and to aid such organizations.
The OpenSocial software presumably would attract more developers with standardized API to distribute apps across all sites.
Newark announced a plan to distribute water filters to residents to address the issue in October 2018.
Chapo persuades a client looking to distribute cocaine in Ohio to accept a shipment of meth instead.
Smart traffic systems will reduce waiting times at traffic lights and better distribute cars through a city.
It will allow donors to distribute funds at different times and only if certain goals are met.
"They didn't need clinical trials, they just had to make the vaccine and distribute it," he says.
On Discord, anonymous benefactors distribute links to soccer livestreams like handfuls of pigeon feed at the park.
We would raise money, buy period products,  create period care packages, and distribute them to local shelters.
He gave dermatologists free samples to distribute to their patients, providing the veneer of a medical endorsement.
"Know how much of each paycheck to distribute into different bank accounts for separate purposes," Butera said.
In a Kickstarter video, the foundation says its goal was to raise $60,000 to distribute the images.
A senior Islamic State cleric has the authority to distribute female captives among its fighters, it said.
We should take out part of your brain and distribute it to people who could use it.
She took a group of municipal cleaners to distribute plastic trash bags for her clean city campaign.
And if there's a good way to grab it to distribute that weight, I couldn't find it.
Our agreement to distribute FOX channels expires today, and FOX has declined to come to an agreement.
Artificial intelligence could also be used to guide how public health officials distribute resources during a crisis.
Georgia used the server to distribute critical election and voter registration files to counties throughout the state.
The group also seeks assurance that Valeant will keep a sales force of 150 to distribute Addyi.
The private could link to a Social Security card, and the government would distribute benefits via blockchain.
The Trump budget also proposes protecting programs that buy and distribute drugs fighting H.I.V.-AIDS and malaria.
Synthetic brushes are traditionally more dense and don't distribute the product as nicely as natural bristles do.
These calls often distribute important information regarding the governance or other aspects of a credit union's function.
The concept of universal basic income is to distribute money to all citizens, irrespective of employment status.
Instead, the government uses the army as a means to distribute patronage, ruling through weakness, not strength.
But as important has been Lacma's effort to distribute the museum's wealth to satellite spaces around town.
In general, the agency can fine companies that make and distribute them, or take other enforcement actions.
Sony also rushed to distribute new posters in theaters, replacing ones that played up Mr. Spacey's character.
This is the story The Times was able to print at the time, but not distribute online.
The agency said the visit was "the first step in a long process" to distribute the grain.
The Andy Warhol Foundation will distribute $250 million to organizations for artist-driven projects across 22018 cities.
One question facing every cap-and-trade system is how to initially distribute each year's new permits.
I'm curious, as a developer, what do you look for when you're trying to distribute your game?
Foreign visitors have been detained in the past for attempting to distribute religious literature in the country.

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