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"last" Definitions
  1. after anyone or anything else; at the end
  2. most recently
"last" Synonyms
final hindmost rearmost remotest aftermost endmost furthest rear behind extreme trailing ultimate utmost outermost ulterior back end far farthermost farthest away closing concluding finishing culminating ending terminating crowning terminal climactic later latter eventual latest valedictory winding up lowest worst bottom minimum base bottommost lowermost poorest meanest undermost nethermost low ground basement underlying rock-bottom basal basic foundational radical only one sole lone solitary exclusive single singular distinct isolated unique individual onliest special only possible only remaining sole remaining one and only one-off previous preceding former prior past recent earlier late antecedent anterior old onetime sometime then ex- one-time other one time conclusive deciding decisive absolute categorical definitive determining irrevocable official principal authoritative clear determinate clinching determinative emphatic awfullest unluckiest direst terriblest unfittest unpleasantest unseemliest wretchedest least desirable perversest least appropriate least favourite least suitable least wanted most inappropriate most unsuitable most unwanted most ill-suited most improper most inapt unlikeliest least likely iffiest most unexpected most unlikely most improbable most fanciful most far-fetched most inconceivable most implausible most unimaginable most unthinkable consummate maximum utter complete downright most pure sheer total unqualified uttermost max profound supreme outright second last-mentioned second-mentioned second of the two departing farewell goodbye parting leaving going away outgoing retiring withdrawing exiting outbound resigning erstwhile outward-bound outward last-ditch desperate frantic all-out straining struggling do-or-die eleventh-hour frenzied last-chance last-gasp last-minute last-resort wild heroic one last rushed new current newest brand new brand-new brand spanking new fresh hot off the fire hot off the press just completed just done just finished just out newborn newfound new-found newly arrived continue endure persist linger remain bide extend perpetuate abide exist grind perdure protract hold live maintain pass proceed progress project survive persevere prevail sustain outlast go on keep going carry on hang on hold out keep up make it come through hang in last out stay around operate run handle bear resist stand withstand weather hold up take necessitate need require call for entail carry on for continue for endure for go on for involve keep going for keep on for run on for use up span cover comprise encompass compass extend over stretch across range over spread over contain include embrace incorporate embody subsume engross comprehend enclose be composed of subsist manage cope stay alive be breathe depend fare feed get along get by support oneself get through living go be operative be current be effective be in effect be in operation be valid have effect have force be in force be legally binding apply act function remain valid be efficacious be on be presented be staged take place be performed be screened be mounted be produced be put on keep at persevere with persist with beaver be persistent in be pertinacious in be resolute in be steadfast in continue with drudge finish keep going with keep on at labor(US) labour(UK) overcome surmount outlive ride pull through live through ride out stick out rise above bear up against persist through after finally lastly last of all at the end in the end at the rear last in order in the rear bringing up the rear afterwards next in the wake on one's heels on one's trail at one's heels in one's wake off the pace subsequently ultimately in closing in conclusion to conclude to end to sum up in summary in summation last but not least as a final point in drawing things to a close in winding up at last finally yet importantly in the final analysis close completion conclusion death finale limit termination culmination finis omega windup bitter end end of the line wind-up closing stages last act model mold(US) mould(UK) pattern anvil form matrix hobbing boot hobbing foot extremity height zenith pinnacle apex top acme apogee climax vertex depth consummation tip pole nadir More
"last" Antonyms
first foremost opening beginning initial starting inaugural leading leadoff introductory maiden original pioneer primary headmost earliest commencing prior former welcoming early preliminary prefatory prelusive highest best top topmost winning top-ranking number one uppermost upmost loftiest greatest upper premier above furthest up most prestigious most elevated one of many one of the many one of several one of the several one of multiple one of the multiple next following coming subsequent upcoming ensuing forthcoming approaching imminent impending looming oncoming succeeding consequent nearing consequential subsequential later posterior future inconclusive indecisive unresolved unfinished unsettled uncertain undecided indeterminate undetermined unclear provisional temporary questionable imprecise false tentative inexact incomplete interim unreliable main key prime principal prevailing most desirable most important probable likely feasible credible plausible presumed apparent expected foreseeable possible predictable rational reasonable anticipated potential presumable seeming odds-on minor minimal insignificant slight trifling trivial inconsequential inconsiderable lesser little low marginal negligible secondary fiddling frivolous inferior petty piddling piffling least minimum slightest nearest middle moderate inmost innermost centermost closest conditional limited part unimportant current present existing now latest recent regnant reigning extant ruling new present-day up-to-date center(US) central centre(UK) middlemost inner inside intermedial mid midpoint halfway medial midmost midway equidistant median incoming arriving entering inbound returning unconvincing contestable disputable doubtful dubious impeachable indefinite refutable vague ambiguous unsure unproved immediate past unlikely anterior fore forward front frontal least possible very little worst lowest foulest shoddiest crummiest lamest trashiest most appalling most atrocious most awful most contemptible most dreadful end conclude finish close stop culminate desist terminate cease climax die discontinue lapse break complete expire fizzle go out pass settle quit surrender concede submit yield bow resign succumb capitulate relent retire abdicate bow out chuck it in give in give up pull out stand down step aside step down crash seize fail jam collapse break down conk out go down go kaput seize up stop working wear out deteriorate worsen decline degenerate wane crumble degrade disimprove decay become worse get worse lose quality wear away shorten abridge curtail cut reduce diminish lessen trim abbreviate decrease limit slash cut back cut short perish go pass away pass on drop dead check out be taken cark it relinquish life depart this life kick the bucket breathe one's last bite the dust leave vacate depart evacuate desert exit decamp move from firstly beforehand before all else before anything else first and foremost first of all to begin with to start with without further ado initially originally at first at the beginning at the outset at the start in the beginning in the early stages in the first instance in the first place commencement introduction lead start nadir boon bottom interior help success peace prosperity aid

942 Sentences With "last"

How to use last in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "last" and check conjugation/comparative form for "last". Mastering all the usages of "last" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It knows where you took your phone in the last hour, the last week, the last month, the last year — and maybe even the last five years.
Refuse to forget last year's offenses and last month's and last week's?
Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) is the last Lannister; Sam (John Bradley) is the last Tarly; Robin (Lino Facioli) the last Arryn; Edmure (Tobias Menzies) the last Tully; Gendry (Joe Dempsie) the last Baratheon; and Yara (Gemma Whelan) the last Greyjoy.
But just as that didn't last the last time, it didn't last this time.
You can also delete searches from the last day, last week or last month.
I was on her last show, or one of the last, the last week.
Christie was last after the first lap, last after the second, last after the third.
In our biggest country, the U.S., we're growing share the last month, the last three months, the last six months and the last 12 months.
Around this time I grab the last of everything — the last squash, the last peppers, the last herbs, and throw them into the Thanksgiving meal.
Editorial Observer Hawaii's last working sugar mill, in Puunene, Maui, produced its last harvest last month.
You went out last night, too, and the residual tang of last night's pints, last night's fags, last night's regrets rolls round and round your mouth.
You can manually clear the data collected in the last hour, last 24 hours, last seven days, and last four weeks; you can also clear everything out.
"To the last man, the last minute, to the last second," Wade said looking to the audience.
"It's incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last minutes," Patty Wetterling said through tears.
The very last of Puerto Rico's 3.3 million residents got power back last Friday after last fall's hurricanes.
" Chuck D also tweeted "last final note the last final note was my last straw was long ago.
At the last ceremony on the last day of the last Open at Forest Hills, nobody missed him.
"Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty I am free at last," Bell wrote on Twitter.
Gemini is the last sign of spring, Virgo is the last sign of summer, Sagittarius is the last sign of fall, and Pisces is the last sign of winter.
The pair were last spotted together in Los Angeles last August, and before that in Venice, California, last May.
Last Friday was Saul Weinstein's last day at work, and the start of his last weekend as a Californian.
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When it comes to manning first base, the Yankees have been dead last: last in the major leagues in batting average, last in R.B.I., last in on-base plus slugging percentage.
If the trends continue, we're going to need a new last-last-resort drug that's hopefully not the last one.
He has 22000 RBIs in his last 12 games, 20 in his last 22 and 36 in his last 33.
At the end of October last year, the entire Deadspin staff quit; the last staffer's last post was November 1.
We saw Rod Rosenstein testify last night -- last week.
I mean, last night – last night it was amazing.
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This last factor may explain why Sydney and Melbourne rank so low on the "shareability" scale — last and second last, respectively.
It is most like the last iPhone — but not the last "best" iPhone — more like the last not as good iPhone.
The last competitive race to take place was Paris-Nice, which ended last Saturday after being stripped of its last stage.
Tesla sales rose 73% last month compared to last year.
The last quarter of last year was not too good.
Game of Thrones aired its last ever episode last night.
Penultimate means the last but one, or second to last.
WALLACE: Last -- last question and I&aposve got 20183 seconds.
The refinery's last crude unit was shut late last month.
The government last cut gas prices in November last year.
Last question, I asked this to Megan Rapinoe last night.
That's the last ... The recently- That's the last thing, yeah.
Moore last appeared in the season 12 finale last spring.
" Alec Baldwin's Trump exclaimed: "Free at last, free at last!
Not the last threat, just the last one I'll read.
That will last for as long as the instruments last.
Ailes resigned last summer, while O'Reilly was ousted last month.
Its last round, of $8 million, was raised last year.
Last season, the Raptors ranked dead last in assist rate.
At last, in the final hours of her last day
Last week the stock fell after weak results last week.
They averaged 4.04% last week, lower than last week's 2.33%.
Hexadite's last round, of $8 million, was raised last year.
The first shall be last, the last shall be first.
Last Sunday was the club's last bona fide jazz set.
Last September I decided to give it one last attempt.
The numbers were reported from last September to last week.
The group lost its last territory in Iraq last year.
Last time I bought them last year, they were $3.
SOX up 20203% last week after surging 22020% last year.
It is "Transformers: The Last Knight," not "The Last Night."
The last option is only responsible as a last resort.
I got them at Bergdorf, very last minute last night.
"Last year was last year," wide receiver Julio Jones said.
The last time it reached 20083 percent was last March.
It lost its last territorial stronghold in Syria last month.
"It is incredibly painful to know his last days, his last hours and his last minutes," Patty Wetterling said after the hearing.
It is a sequel to "The Last Hangover," a parody released last year that portrayed the Last Supper as a drunken affair.
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But Tom Brady didn't come to Houston last week to help people work through their anger, to sort out their frustration over losses from last season, or last month, or most particularly last November.
Italy was last and Brazil second-last for economics, Egypt was last and China second-last for "experience" and South Korea was bottom of the table, narrowly underperforming Chile, when it came to family life.
The Aussie was last at $0.7230, having been as low as $0.7175 last week, a trough last seen more than two months ago.
They were 24-203 against them last year, including the postseason, and a distant last in opponents' OPS and batting average last year.
"This is the last mile, the last carpet, the last premiere, this is the end," said Kristofer Hivju, who plays raider Tormund Giantsbane.
The whole point of having one last season is to have one last season, to race in every single race one last time.
After all, it means that there's still one last summer Friday, one last long weekend, and one last chance for an impromptu getaway.
He has bought the last of the film developer that he prefers, the last of the fixer, and the last of the paper.
You can clear your Google search history on your Android device from the last hour, the last day, the last month, or forever.
Last things last: How does my face look in this pic?
LAST WEEK'S episode asked how long American economic growth could last.
"I've got the last seat on the last flight," he said.
The results of the last CfD auction were released last month.
Countless. And now this season could be his last, at last.
Her last album, the live disc "Diamantes," was released last year.
We're a smart last mile in a world of dumb last.
It's incredibly painful to know his last days, his last minutes.
At the moment, colistin is considered a last "last resort" antibiotic.
His last day at the Gainesville Police Department was last week.
Last month, Bahrain shut down its last independent newspaper, Al-Wasat.
It has at last abandoned the last vestiges of that ambition.
The first will be last and the last will be first.
Prices hit 22,13 yuan last week, their highest since last April.
This is the last paragraph from John McCain's last book: pic.twitter.
The last traded at 1,900 in early October of last year.
When I watched the last episode last night, I was shocked.
Take the last Democratic debate, which aired last week on CNN.
That last one, oh boy, that last one is a doozy.
To paraphrase the preacher: It's here at last, here at last.
The four hits tied his career high, last set last Oct.
The technology giant last raised its dividend in September last year.
We grab the last seat in the last row and listen.
It touched 10.6465 per euro, which was last seen last August.
Last week's slip didn't last long, and the S&P 173 .
House of Fraser collapsed last month, requiring a last-minute bailout.
Today: Last year, Patridge listed home last year for $1.5 million.
Last month, that phrase was uttered for perhaps the last time.
Last year I released my last eagle back into the mountains.
The last straw, she said, was the fingerprint request last week.
It was her last Wimbledon final, not her last Wimbledon match.
Last year, he tried to move last call to 2 a.m.
" @PatClearySoCal tweeted: "Guess I ate my last InNOut burger last week.
Last week's increase was the largest since February of last year.
The last, last minute of my life has been just fantastic.
"Alec Baldwin as President Trump: "Free at last, free at last.
She was last seen last Friday afternoon at a relative's house.
Thomas was last seen Monday of last week before 8 a.m.
France placed second to last, and Canada placed third to last.
Last year, the Blue Jackets finished last in the Metropolitan Division.
The last time we saw them together was just last week.
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The Badgers took the last seven and 11 of the last 12 in the series, including a 48-3 thumping at home last season.
The next year, the Cubs finished third in the eight-team N.L. In 20163 they finished sixth, then last, last again, seventh and last.
"It was his last lap, his last breath, his last life," Deslyn Bess, Dominick's aunt, said in an interview a day after Dominick's death.
Last night, when Miley Cyrus chose her last contestant, she made history.
"I threw this in at the last minute last night," Lambert said.
"(Legal action) would be the last resort," he told reporters last month.
His last bilateral trip to Western Europe was to Finland last July.
Those last images from the show that aired last night showed that.
Best in Show: The Last Of The Iron LungsWell... hopefully the last.
Netflix confirmed last October the seventh season would be the show's last.
I made this last night and it'll last me for two days.
Last summer, Martin decided to retire and Thursday was his last day.
She was last seen at the Eco Hotel in Mayachik last Tuesday.
Last year, it only showed the last game of the World Series.
"Look at the last 48 hours," he told BuzzFeed News last week.
We're told the last time Amber eyeballed it was sometime last month.
"The Last Supper" before taping "The Last One" on Jan 23, 2004.
The most shared article in the last year was published last February.
Just last week, UiPath just last week expanded its own imaging capabilities.
That was the last we heard of the series before last weekend.
It's classy stuff that also feels like it will last and last.
Fisher's last film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, opens December 15, 2017.
Over the last several months, dating has been my absolute last priority.
Jimenez-Rodriguez was last seen last Thursday morning at around 8 a.m.
Orbital last raised an $8.7 million round in March of last year.
The last time the Fed hiked was in December of last year.
The last two victims were found in their apartment last Aug. 28.
I did that all last night and for the last few nights.
Last one to the party, and the last one to leave too.
He lived around the University of Western Ontario last semester last year.
The last time they hit the links was just before last XMAS.
Hope dies last, even if it takes until the very last second.
Let's go back to last week; yes, it was only last week.
Spicer last held an on-camera briefing with the press last Monday.
"I thought that last [season] would be our last one," he explained.
The last hurricane to make landfall in November was Otto last year.
The WMO blamed last year's El Niño for increasing warming last year.
Platts last made changes to gasoline specifications in July of last year.
Sterling was last at $1.3079, far below last week's top of $1.3297.
My last contact with the company was in January of last year.
Tide Pods are the last joke, and this is my last word.
Khashoggi was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week.
It registered 1.09 million migrants last year, a newspaper reported last week.
The last time he allowed at least six runs was last Sept.
At last, Tom Wolfe's "The Last American Hero" had gone prime-time.
The couple, who married last December, moved to Forest Hills last month.
Last year, she got new students until the last week of school.
Sterling was last at $1.3077, far below last week's top of $1.3297.
Trump and Kim met last month in a historic summit last month.
We're told Jo Andres died either last Monday or over last weekend.
For starters, last night's performance was completely different from last week's show.
The last time Rusin went longer than seven innings was last Sept.
Let's go back to last year's All-Star weekend one last time.
I am a liberated person now, free at last, free at last.
Politico reported last week China had made a similar offer last week.
It has finished each of the last two seasons in last place.
He was the last choice, in terms of the last person standing.
When the last camera store sells the last leftover roll, what then?
" Then Trump, on hearing the news: "Free at last, free at last!
The last-place team, DePaul, also defeated Marquette 69-68 last week.
Some sales last the whole prolonged day; others last a few minutes.
"Tonight was my last night as Peter Kavinsky," Centineo tweeted last August.
"The Last Supper" before taping "The Last One" on Jan 23, 2004.
This worked quite well until the last decades of the last century.
The purchases all came in the last four months of last year.
Launched last March, these weekly protests have become many Gazans' last resort.
The last victim was a woman who died last year, they said.
NB: Maybe the last piece, the very, very last one ["Lesson 5"].
KS: Okay, last question and then we'll get to the last part.
Actually, "Last Kiss Goodbye" isn't meant to be anything, much like an actual last kiss goodbye, the last peck before the real, crushing goodbye hits.
The last time I purchased new shoes was in a last-ditch effort to tackle 10 inches of snow with some Dr. Martens last winter.
This episode, we inch closer to the events of that one Last Night — Liv's last day alive, and the Crains' last night in Hill House.
The company's stock hit $81 per share last August but has held steady in the $70 range since last year and was last at $68.96.
Galchenyuk has 225 points in his last eight games, and Garland has three goals in his last two games and five in his last seven.
The iPhone Pro's battery can last four hours longer than last year's XS, and Pro Max lasts five hours longer than last year's XS Max.
And it was named after the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. So when I heard "last tsar," I thought of the last word cocktail.
You feel the sharpened perceptions of people who know they may be saying goodbye to their homes, their land, their families for the last time; that this may be their last meal, their last kiss, their last conversation.
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Last updated 225:22018AM ET July 16th Last updated 10:33AM ET July 17th Last updated 10:37AM ET July 2th Last updated 11:00AM ET July 16th Last updated 10:41AM ET July 17th Update July 17th, 2:01PM ET: More deals have arrived, including a $25 off deal from eBay.
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Over the last three years, especially the last three months, in particular the last three weeks, and, above all, the last three days, the world has been captivated by Kanye West's next move and incredibly eager to discuss it.
Last night, spectators held their breath waiting to see Lindsey Vonn's last downhill skiing run in PyeongChang, and possibly the last run in her Olympic career.
"Yesterday, the killer had his last sleep in his own bed, his last coffee break, his last day of freedom," Cook&aposs sister Laura Baanstra said.
But last week, new Republican Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai suspended customer privacy protections put in place under the last FCC administration just last year.
Pompeo, who made several trips to Pyongyang last year, sought to meet his counterpart last November, but the talks were called off at the last minute.
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Democrats have won three of the last four gubernatorial races, the last four U.S. Senate contests, and the last three presidential contests here in a breeze.
Seaside goldenrod provides the last few flowers in the last pockets of warmth and consequently monopolizes the last pollinators — making its late-blooming strategy pay off.
"Whether it's Bryce's last year, Murph's last year, my last year, we feel like this team is good enough to win the World Series," Wieters said.
He's down 9 points to Biden (it was 5 last month), 493 points to Sanders (4 last month) and 5 points to Warren (1 last month).
These last few weeks have likely been packed with the many lasts of summer festivities: the last beach day, the last barbecue, the final rooftop sunset.
Frazee told police he last saw Berreth last Thanksgiving, when he picked up their daughter, making him the last known person to report seeing her alive.
It's your last show, it's the last Man of the Woods show tonight.
She recounted her experience in a book "The Last Girl," published last year.
Last year, for example, Boeing delivered 5367 aircraft last year to Airbus' 800.
Last week, claims spiked to 86,000, the highest level since late last February.
His last name, Quill, was also given to 20 kids born last year.
EditorsNote: Edit 1: Corrected time sequences in second-to-last and last paragraphs.
Last week's episode, "The Last of The Starks," was all about choosing sides.
"I will return, dear Spider, one last time," she told him last season.
N) last year, Marchionne said last week that Ford, Toyota Motor Corp (7203.
This month, the world's last manufacturer of VCRs will manufacture its last VCR.
Last year, Smith took home $1,612,500 last year while working at Covington & Burling.
Last year Russia repaid the last of its outstanding $70bn Soviet-era debt.
Last week, the union organized a similar protest meant to last 24 hours.
The Mountaineers were the last team to win at Baylor, last March 2.
Mayor Heather Hall confirmed to CBS 42 the last poop train last Tuesday.
The last time he publicly supported primary candidates was in Texas last week.
Last month, average hourly earnings grew 2.8% from the same month last year.
Last week, there was talk of a last-minute rally with Bernie Sanders.
And so last year and last year we did even better, 80% better.
Slack last raised at a $2.8 billion valuation in April of last year.
Think about last week, what we in the last couple of weeks, actually.
It bought startup HotelTonight last month, a booking app for last-minute travelers.
Last week, she told us things haven't gotten any better since last summer.
Yeah, I last bought my last mascara 15 years ago, but that's okay.
There were 28,000 on the streets last weekend, down from 280,000 last November.
Declines in the currency had rocked global markets last month and last August.
It depends on the last round and the structure of the last round.
But can it do well enough to last him these last three weeks?
Nintendo is at last (at last!) bringing some new content to the Switch!
Last summer, Uber at last started allowing its customers to tip their drivers.
He has 17 hits in his last 24 starts dating to last season.
Last one at the party gets the last piece of cake, I guess.
Bowie's last album, "Blackstar" was released last Friday, on the artist's 69th birthday.
The last hour, especially the last 30 minutes, felt like an endurance test.
And the new trackers even have replaceable batteries so they'll last and last.
They have risen 24637 cents in the last year, not the last month.
Last year, Iran balked at capping its production until virtually the last moment.
The last check you got will be the last one that you get.
"She showed unbelievable strength over the last two years," Bowes said last year.
McCain announced last week that she was leaving Fox News' "Outnumbered" last week.
The last MCAS command comes 5 seconds after their last manual trim command.
BC has won the last four meetings and eight of the last nine.
Rosberg, last year's winner from pole, retired at the end of last season.
Last year, he turned down an invitation from organizers at the last minute.
Comey's last appearance on Capitol Hill last week exacerbated doubts about his position.
Exclusive talks were interrupted by court decisions last July and resumed last month.
John Oliver tackled that issue during last night's episode of Last Week Tonight.
Orange signalled last month that pricing pressure remained intense in the last quarter.
Its last raise was a $45 million funding round in September last year.
Davis has converted his last 18 save chances going back to last season.
The last grand bargain was struck at the EU-Turkey Summit last November.
Last year brought us enough hair-color trends to last, well, a while.
JCPenney (JCP) said last week that same-store sales fell 5.4% last quarter.
"My last boys' night was last night in New York City," he said.
Last night's episode of The Bachelorette picked right up on last week's cliffhanger.
McCain died late last month after being diagnosed with brain cancer last year.
People were getting their last drinks because last call was at 2:25.
The Falcons were last in the league with only 19 sacks last season.
Rivers was intercepted by Reggie Nelson on the last-place Bolts' last play.
Bitcoin was last trading at $3,880 — holding above 2018 lows hit last week.
And this year, internet providers fell from last place to last place minus.
Last week, the Labor Department said import prices rose 0.3 percent last month.
Ramos was injured last month, during the last week of the regular season.
That was the last time the two saw each other until last week.
Last week, Trump said the coronavirus crisis could last until July or August.
It was last May in Los Angeles, not last March in San Francisco.
Those last three bombs (if these are indeed the last ones) changed everything.
It is eight of the last 12 years, not the last 12 years.
North Korea also tested weapons in November last year and again last month.
Industrial production fell 13.5 percent last month compared with February of last year.
It was the end of last week, and the end of last month.
Some competitions can last weeks, and a single event can last several days.
His last tour, on Monday last week, had just three, including Ms. Errington.
He won them over the last eight major tournaments, not the last seven.
The Stars finished in last place in each of the last three seasons.
Officials said last week that using the act would be a last resort.
But steel output last month jumped 7.1 percent from last year's high base.
"Low volatility can't last forever," KBW's Cannon wrote in a report last Friday.
The door shut at last, softly, a few days before Christmas last year.
They have risen 33 cents in the last year, not the last month.
Sample question: How will the last generation know it is the last generation?
Witnesses hear a condemned prisoner's last words and watch a person's last breaths.
Tencent last tapped the bond market in January last year, raising $5 billion.
ADDED from last month: Beto O'Rourke DROPPED from last month: Deval Patrick 21.
So at least he watched the last three minutes of the last episode!
Ooredoo, last at 102.70 riyals, is up 7.5 percent over the last month.
Nonfarm payrolls increased by 98,000 jobs last month, the fewest since last May.
Last year, 649 Lamborghini Aventador units sold last year, according to the carmaker.
Last year, the world's last male northern white rhino, Sudan, died in Kenya.
I mean, you and I played it last year, was that last year?
Last year, more than 700,000 people signed up in the last week alone.
Last month, Rippon said last month he disagreed with the Trump administration's values.
That's what I saw last Tuesday, during Porter's last day in the gym.
The greenback last fetched 26.18 yen, below levels around 30.8.09 seen last week.
KS: All right, last question, and then Hilary might have a last question.
While the Nintendo Switch didn't ship with any streaming apps when it launched last year, Hulu arrived late last year, and was followed last week by YouTube.
Grammer is starring in the upcoming Amazon drama series The Last Tycoon, which is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's last book, The Love of the Last Tycoon.
The device, hailed by some as the last great iPhone (and the last one with a headphone jack), has served me well for the last three years.
Hadn't seen much love: The iPod nano, last updated in 2012, and iPod shuffle, last updated in 2010, were Apple's last music devices to lack Internet connectivity.
He won seven consecutive starts on the road last season, and he has now won nine of his last 11 road starts dating back to last June.
He won seven straight starts on the road last season, and he has now won nine of his last 11 road starts dating back to last June.
Retirement should feel like it did when you were 15 and the last bell of the last class of the last day of the school year rang.
Actually we have already highlighted in the last inflation report and the last monetary policy communique that the outlook for inflation has deteriorated in the last months.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's final season is coming closer to an end, and it will bring quite a few last chances, last attempts, and of course, last impressions.
It's only the 2200th time in the last 251 years that a storm has been classified as T2100; the last was for Super Typhoon Hato last year.
It's only the 15th time in the last 60 years that a storm has been classified as T10; the last was for Super Typhoon Hato last year.
And so the last customers finished their last drinks at the worn wooden bar, clinging to the last moments of the New York City life they'd known.
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In other words, try not to make your last-minute trip too last-minute.
Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill made a last ditch appeal against the process last month.
The A's finished dead last in the American League West the last two years.
Last year, Sony raised its PS Vue Slim package pricing by $10 last year.
That last one stuck, and wound up on signage at last weekend's Women's March.
My last name is Bhuiyan, so ... I like being called by my last name.
Washington took the last three of the four meetings between the teams last season.
Following a false start last week, Amazon's Australian store launched on Tuesday — at last.
Overall production was 8.95 million bpd last week, most since April of last year.
You look at that Peter Strzok trial last -- Peter Strzok hearing, rather, last week.
Last June, he said the current uptrend in the business cycle could last years.
"He had a concussion last year," Bundchen confessed on CBS This Morning last week.
The last time the index was below that level was in August last year.
Cybric was launched last year and got $6.3 million in seed funding last month.
"We wrapped the last episode last night at two in the morning," he said.
Last season, the Jimmer-less Knicks finished 10-40, dead last in the conference.
Mike Ghaffry, who joined as a VC partner just last year, departed last month.
"Last year we made the last 16, this year the quarterfinals," he said afterward.
I want to see every last detail, bring every last quest to its conclusion.
The Stars have lost their last eight in overtime dating back to last season.
Just last week the president quipped the impasse could last months, or even years.
It might be hard to top last season (after all, last season featured Omarosa).
Syria, the last nation outside the accord, said last week it would sign up.
Phoenix took the final two meetings last season and seven of the last eight.
Yulia was discharged from a local hospital last month, and her father last week.
Overall production was 25 million bpd last week, most since April of last year.
"Last I saw [Hemmila] was last night after a meeting, we talked," Rodriguez said.
The sterling was last trading at $1.3429, while the euro last traded near $1.1249.
Cell phones last a couple of years and TVs last a few years longer.
The last hike December last year, didn't see a huge amount passed onto depositors.
PEOPLE: Excluding last year, when was the last time you shot for SI Swimsuit?
The company earned $6.18 billion last quarter and $1.73 billion in last year's Q3.
"That last free throw, that last turnover, that horrible shot or whatever," Hirt says.
The last movie to last five consecutive weeks at #1 was Avatar, in 652.33.
It gained 0.6 percent last week and was last flat at 111.89 per dollar.
The 9th District race is the country's last undecided House contest from last year.
The British pound last traded at $1.3060 after seeing highs above $1.314 last week.
A 30-goal scorer last season, Jenner also tallied versus Toronto last month. 1.
That pattern of last-minute prices drops was true every year — until last year.
Retail sales fell 0.1 percent last month, while PPI fell 0.4 percent last month.
"This sport it usually comes down to last rock, last end," Dunn told Reuters.
Atlanta took the last three and five of the last seven in the series.
The Last Guardian I didn't actually play The Last Guardian in time for consideration.
Patheon, which went public last July, generated about $1.9 billion in revenue last year.
Last month, the Cupertino-based company missed iPhone sales expectations for the last quarter.
That means the Republican battle could last longer than thought last week, he added.
"And the last 12% of that's happened in the last two weeks," Parker added.
Its last round of funding, a $3.4 million Series A, was announced last October.
The last day of filming wasn't the last time the two met up, however.
Or  the last minute email leak in France during the presidential election last year.
The company's last round of private funding last June valued it at $15 billion.
"This is my last race, my last chance to make the team," said Prenot.
Ben and Lindsay started hanging out again last month ... after splitting up last summer.
His second post-reinvention solo album, Last Year Was Complicated, was released last Friday.
Only last week, it was researchers discovering the master's last living relatives in Tuscany.
That said, hair color was probably the last thing on Emma's mind last night.
The best pure striker in Major League Soccer last season was traded last week.
Putin said last year that it had destroyed its last stockpiles of such weapons.
Grand juries typically last for 85033 to 18 months but can last for years.
"Luckily it wasn't snowing last week, it was very warm last week," Henry said.
John Oliver decided to dive into the issue on last night's Last Week Tonight.
Both contracts have rallied in the last three sessions following last week's sharp losses.
The two-year Treasury yield was last at 2.449 percent, above its last close.
Gun violence is down the last 30 to the last 30 to 303 years.
The last of the flowers and cards came last week, for her 21st birthday.
Last year, it was last among large departments, with only 56% positive employee engagement.
My last op-ed was about how god-awful Trump's last week had been.
The federal government had been last or tied last on Gallup's poll since 2011.
She said weekly orders have doubled for her company's lockers since last last year.
Houston took the last three and 14 of the last 15 in the series.
Was this retaliation for the arrest last week of the last surviving Paris bomber?
Wang won the last meeting between the two players, at last week's Wuhan Open.
Michigan has won 25 of its last 26 games dating back to last season.
In 1997, he released "Last Album, Last Song" on his own label, Bataan Music.
Prices were last adjusted in November last year, the second such adjustment in 2015.
Cardi's last single was the 21 Savage-featuring "Bartier Cardi," released late last year.
The last five years—this last year especially—have felt really pivotal for me.
Slack last raised $200 million at a $3.8 billion valuation in April last year.
But The Last Blockbuster has a shorter shelf-life than, um, the last Blockbuster.
How is your life different now than it was last November or last December?
He retired the last nine hitters he faced and 12 of the last 13.
"Last week I saw my cardiologist," Mr. Horwitz wrote in The Times last month.
Ohio State has won the last six games and 15 of the last 17.
He has a 2.10 E.R.A. in his last 10 starts dating to last season.
The last time the tech company gave us an emoji update was last December.
Carnival shares were last down 3.8%, and Royal Caribbean shares were last 4.2% lower.
His last full season in the minors, 2009, was the Marlins' last winning season.
Strikes are often averted at the last minute or last only a few days.
He has won his last three starts and five of his last six decisions.
Finally, last Monday, with the very last chrysalis of the year, I saw it.
Mr. Pachter predicted last week's outage will not be the last to affect MoviePass.
Eppler acquired Simmons from Atlanta before last season, and Maldonado from Milwaukee last winter.
But like "The Last Time I Lied," this review saves the best for last.
"We had a letdown last year, I had a letdown last year," Green said.
""&aposThe Last Supper&apos before taping &aposThe Last One&apos on Jan 23, 2004.
Ms. Pallenberg's last film was Abel Ferrara's "4:44 Last Day on Earth" (2011).
She discussed her feelings in an interview last month with Howard Stern last month.
Both kids have the last name Wojin, a portmanteau of their parents' last names.
The dates were the last Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October.
FCA has been either last or next to last in the study since 2008.
The volcano last erupted in 2016 but the last fatal eruption was in 1914.
The digital currency then more than doubled during the last two months last year.
Forced national military service, which is supposed to last 18 months, can last indefinitely.
The last round before today's announcement was a $100 million Series D last September.
Last year's summit meeting in Taormina, Sicily, last year, may serve as a guide.
The Knicks are last in the league in shooting percentage and last in assists.
So you stopped speaking last summer I guess, last spring, or a year ago?
Now, it's got worse since we last talked and we had our last show.
The last-place White Sox ran into outs on the bases each of the last three innings while losing for the 25nd time in their last 210 games.
Mary was last seen last October and her brother, 14-year-old Elwyn Crocker Jr., was last seen in November 2016, shortly before it is believed he died.
" He said: "The drug war will be sustained and relentless until the last drug lord, the last financier, and the last pusher have surrendered or put behind bars.
Only one-in-five said they decided in the last month and even fewer said they made up their minds in the last few days or last week.
He initially got hit last spring while he was away for spring training, then again during the World Series last year ... and a third time just last month.
Euro-dollar volatility, which fell to a record low just last month below 4%, surged to 6.6%, the highest since last January, having ended last week around 4.8%.
There was the 21891 paper "Last Words, Last Meals, and Last Stands: Agency and Individuality in the Modern Execution Process," by Daniel LaChance of the University of Minnesota.
And it feels like commodities are doing terribly, but amazingly through last Friday, when I looked at it -- or it was last Thursday, the last time I looked at it, the Bloomberg Commodity Index is actually up over the last twelve months.
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Conason is too close, he feels the need to defend Clinton from every last negative story written about him and his family — and he also feels the need to report every last visit to every last impoverished town in Africa (and every last celebrity who accompanied the president, and every last private airplane they flew in).
The two have been inseparable over the last two years, hitting the beach in Costa Rice last August and attending the U.S. Open in New York City last September.
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House Umber's seat is called Last Hearth, so named because it's the last castle on the road up to the wall, and Last Hearth sits between Karhold and Winterfell.
While the Giants ranked last in the N.F.L. in defense last season, Mara absolved Spagnuolo of some of the blame last week, saying the team's defensive roster lacked talent.
His last real start, on the last day of April last year, was a horrific spectacle made all the more horrifying for the fact that it was so predictable.
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The Celtics have won eight of their last 11 and 10 of their last 13, while the banged-up Pistons (26-24) have lost eight of their last 13.
Try Hoverboard Porn: Last Week in Art Rainbow Bagels and Death-By-Selfie Statistics: Last Week in Art Ai Weiwei's Refugee Moment: Last Week in Art David Bowery Lives!
Buffalo beat Montreal twice in a 22-day span last month and has won five of the last six matchups, including its last three trips to the Bell Centre.
I don't see a Knicks landscape quite as hopeless as in ancient times, such as last week, or last year, or the last decade, or the decade before that.
The Cardinals won for the 260th time in their last 25 games while the Giants have lost seven of their last eight games and 11 of their last 14.
"It was our last game, and I wanted to win it," Augmon said last week.
Phoenix took the last two meetings, including a 103-101 win at Chicago last season.
I suppose the last thing we recorded was Mojave 3, whenever the last one was.
We got American Majority CEO Ned Ryun, and, last, but last least, Jonas Max Ferris.
One last thing President Obama granted 330 commutations on his last full day in office.
Last fall, the company introduced a couple of tools in beta for the last group.
Ahead of last week, I can't remember the last time I heard someone mention MapQuest.
His last top 10 single was in 2004, also the year of his last album.
Going into last weekend's Austrian Grand Prix, the team was last in the constructors' championship.
Last year's New Year auction was supposed to be the last at Tsukiji's current location.
Overall production was 8.95 million bpd last week, the most since April of last year.
The last person involved with the Paris attacks was arrested in the city last week.
But the Warriors were exponentially better last night, leaping their last major hurdle with ease.
Its last significant product launch was its Benchmark analytics tool, released in April last year.
As the last man standing, Ryan is his own Last Samurai a la Tom Cruise.
Spun off from eBay last July, PayPal has fallen 22% since its high last summer.
Last Chance High returns: The critically acclaimed VICE News series, Last Chance High is back.
The Nationals have lost four of their last five and six of their last eight.
Raikkonen remains the last driver to win a race for Ferrari, in Texas last October.
Last year, she tried to quickly banish last-minute imperfections before making a TV appearance.
The last elementary school shuttered last year, capping a long-term exodus of young families.
Now I've got to the last season, I want to get to the last episode.
Milwaukee took two of the three meetings last season and six of the last eight.
Here's why his house was the last one standing after a devastating blaze last year.
SMITH: Do remember the last exchange that you had with your son, the last conversation?
Tonight is the last episode of KC, and therefore my last episode on Disney channel….
His last green jacket came in 2005; his last major win over a decade ago.
The Wolverines have won 13 of their last 14 contests dating back to last season.
Colorado swept last season's three-game series and won six of the last eight meetings.
Is that the last -- the last strategy you could use, as a write-in candidate?
Denver took both meetings last season and four of the last five in the series.
We got to treat every last one of these games like it's our last one.
Last month, Google its artificial intelligence powered assistant last month inside its messaging app Allo.
Before that, the last time he shared a photo of them together was last Halloween.
The last time Oklahoma placed last in conference play was 1969 in the Big Eight.
Thurman is Pacquiao's last opponent, having just lost a close decision to Manny last month.
It's hard enough to make a relationship last, let alone make one last in Hollywood.
That's nearly 32% over last year's Black Friday, and even tops last year's Christmas sales.
Last week was the most violent over the last 13 months, according to international monitors.
"This is my last Olympic Games and almost the last competition to shoot," she said.
Coal use has exploded in China over the last 30 years, especially the last 15.
Last year, sales at IHOP stores open a year or more grew 1.5% last year.
This was his last big hurrah, his last opportunity to speak directly to the nation.
Following Ricci Lucchi's death last year, their new collaboration would seem to be their last.
He sold the last of the roughly 5.5 million shares he had acquired last year.
The Fed last raised interest rates last December, its first hike in nearly a decade.
One last, last thing: order a bigger bird than the online charts tell you to.
Last month he dropped his first single, "Thief", after signing to Island Records last year.
Real have reached the last six Champions League semi-finals and Bayern the last five.
I didn't want to say, in the last email, that it was the last episode.
He repeated his promise last night ... that this would be his last concert tour ever.
Only three Roma members were elected last month while five served in the last mandate.
Will you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out.
" And the last, last word to Kelvin Thomas: "There is no ceiling in football anymore.
Job growth totaled 235,000 last month and has increased 1.6 percent over the last year.
The Southeast Division rivals split four meetings last season, with Orlando taking the last two.
Yes, the kid's last name is hyphenated, and yes ... Chloe's name gets the last word.
Footage of last month's mosque massacre was livestreamed on Facebook by the shooter last month.
A tweet from Chrissy Teigen may be the last straw for Last Man Standing viewers.
The Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson, took to Twitter last week to call out trolls.
Last year the Lexus brand suffered a 0003 percent slide in U.S. sales last year.
The last known attack on a human happened last July near the town of Dotsero.
And Texas' last sweeping abortion measure was struck down by the Supreme Court last year.
Last year, Bashir canceled a trip to Indonesia for a summit at the last minute.
Last month, a scheduled signing of the executive order was canceled at the last minute.
The euro was last flat at $1.1161, close to the $1.1180 high reached last month.
The last delay (from last year) gave them almost another whole year before it ships.
The Jets have now lost 16 of their last 18 games dating to last season.
The euro was last flat at $1.1165, close to the $1.1180 high reached last month.
Paul voted against new sanctions last year and blocked a resolution last month from Sen.
His contract expired at the end of last season and he remained unsigned last week.
But the last price increase in Glumetza came last July, early in Valeant's third quarter.
And last winter, he moved in, thrilled to be living in the city at last.
The company, last valued at $1.6 billion, reportedly recorded $1 billion in revenue last year.
Last week, Trump warned his administration's response to the hurricane-ravaged territory can't last forever.
For bold lashes that last and last, Lancôme's Monsieur Bigshould be your go-to mascara.
"Last week, on Friday morning, we learned that 85033,000 new jobs last month," he said.
He was last seen in state media alongside Kim Jong Un in November last year.
Colorado has dropped seven straight Pac-12road games with its last win coming last Jan.
Zinke resigned last month from Interior, and his last day in the post is Wednesday.
"The last time I saw her, Betsy was leaving Nancy Reagan's funeral" last March, Mrs.
Last year's race at Indianapolis was billed as Gordon's "last ride" on his home track.
Clinton last met with House and Senate Democrats last July after first launching her campaign.
Colon said late last season that the 242 season could very well be his last.
North Korean launched nearly two-dozen missiles last year, the last one on November 29.
"Last year was his last public performance," Mr. Harrell announced shortly before the 2014 festival.
The global Brent benchmark last traded at $65.01, up 0.7 percent from the last close.
Click here to view original GIFThe new trailer for The Last Jedi dropped last night.
Moylan as sent to Gwinnett last July before being called up to Atlanta last September.
If this isn't the last shot, I can't imagine when the last shot would be.
"Last year, Activision's COO took home a bonus of $3,970,862," SAG-AFTRA said last year.
Memphis has now lost 11 of its last 12 and 17 of its last 19.
So that was the last straw and the last financial hardship that ended the band.
Last year, we learned the wild population had grown 17 percent in the last decade.
The last thing, the absolute last thing this company needs is a bad first quarter.
Oil prices ended at $56.82 last year, more doubling from lows hit early last year.
Maybe you've just lived through the last couple of weeks, or the last few years.
Old devices were made to last unlike new ones that last a year or two.
After a rainout on Wednesday, the last of the semifinalists will be determined at last.
Last year's runner-up, Juventus, had to wait until the last group game to qualify.
In the last decade, that has been more like nine of the last zero recessions.
I feel really touched to be on the last season, to be the last singer.
The Marlins have ranked last in N.L. attendance in each of the last five seasons.
The Braves, who went 26-22011 last season, clinched the N.L. East title last weekend.
So what did we learn last night in what many will consider Bernie's last stand?
Ingka Group last week closed its store in Wuhan, where the virus emerged last month.
The Senate began the impeachment trial last week after the House impeached Trump last month.
The last five games of the N.B.A. finals last summer were won on the road.
Data released last week showed housing stars surged last month to a 13-year high.
Hendricks is winless in his last seven starts, with his last victory coming May 24.
Brouwer signed last week but sat out the last two games while awaiting his visa.
The last team to record such a feat was Arizona in Week 2 last season.
The bonds they form last long after the last slice of pie has been eaten.
The euro last changed hands at $1.1167, while the greenback last traded at 108.66 yen.
Galen's entire life brought him to that last fatal place at the last fatal moment.
He was released last March, but an immigration court ruled to deport Joe last October.
He was released last March, and an immigration court ruled to deport Joe last October.
It's why he took the last half of last year off ... just to be Dad.
Selecting "Last Hour" will clear all your history from the last hour, and so on.
We've gained nice share throughout the last, actually, throughout the last seven or eight quarters.
The talks have stalled, as the last agreement expired at the end of last year.
The last time a Mets starter completed eight innings was Noah Syndergaard last Aug. 21.
His last post before the Huskies' semifinal loss to Alabama last weekend came on Aug.
Chinese output grew 15 percent last year and 44 percent over the last two years.
The home team has won seven of the last eight meetings, including both last season.
It has perfected everything except for that last foot—call it the Last Foot Problem.
Remember, the Kardashians didn't drop last year's card until the very last moment: Christmas Eve.
The contacts were about resolving what happened in the last election — and the last administration.
Trump offered something similar in his last budget and in a separate pitch last year.
It foils the illusion of linear chronology: the last is first, the first is last.
The Utes have won the last three meetings, including a 47-37 victory last February.
Last year, Craig said he will reprise the role of James Bond one last time.
The Marlins finished last in the N.L. East last year with a 63-98 record.
Afghanistan's last cease-fire was declared for three days last June during the same festival.
I've had more tapes out in this last year than in the last ten years.
The last time Flake felt that way — last Friday — he turned to Coons for advice.
So, last question, very last question: Your phone, your laptop, your mother, or your brother?
Now, you guys went public last year, just late last year, so recently. Mm-hmm.
One company, Humana, withdrew entirely last month, and Aetna and UnitedHealth mostly withdrew last year.
The latest were to Romania last week and to Bulgaria and North Macedonia last month.
"At last, at last, we're building at last," said Republican U.S. Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, the head of the memorial's commission, as he held up the monument's building permit.
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"Until the last pusher is out of the street... until the last drugs lord is killed, this drug campaign would continue to the last day of my term," he said.
The Observatory said late last week the jihadists had attacked Albu Kamal, the last significant town the group had held in Syria last year before pro-government forces seized it.
Dr. Ken, which airs right after Last Man Standing on Friday nights and holds onto a healthy percentage of the Last Man audience (though less than it did last year).
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There had been last-minute problems, and then last-last-minute problems, including a very big measurement error in the paper and a weird punctuation-related bug in the system.
Euro-dollar volatility, which fell to a record low just last month below 4%, surged to 6.6%, the highest since last January, having ended last week around 4.8% EUR1MO=FN.
And on the last day of the last United States Open at Forest Hills, a tennis player had walked down from the clubhouse to the stadium for the last time.
The Cardinals' choice meant that four of the last five No. 1 picks have been quarterbacks, and 8 of the last 11, as well as 16 of the last 22.
Over the last couple of years, and over the last many years, over the last couple of years especially, this country has lost $800 billion on trade with other countries.
On last night's episode, during his first one-on-one, Kufrin asked about his last relationship.
It was last at $1.1398 and still a long way from last week's top at $1.1628.
Eliminating that measure was included at the last minute in the House leadership's bill last week.
It was just last week when Thomas celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his last question.
"This is the last, last message from my husband," she said, the New York Post reported.
Egypt's last cabinet reshuffle was in February last year and included new investment and agriculture ministers.
During Game of Thrones' last-ever episode, the monoculture's last breaths on Twitter were highly opinionated.
Three of the last four meetings, including two of three last season, came after regulation. 2.
In the case of last night's episode, a few outlets got an early look last week.
Mere moments after The Last Jedi's new trailer (above) dropped last night, it started: porg mania.
The Pixel 3 was released last October and the cheaper Pixel 3a came out last month.
Last week, 19 activists were handed suspended sentences for breaking into another nuclear plant last November.
"An improvement from last year," she said on the Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour last month.
"'Flyover country' is the last acceptable stereotype," a friend boldly claimed over Chinese food last week.
Watson split with her last boyfriend, tech manager William "Mack" Knight, last November, Page Six reported.
Last week was Martin's last day before retirement, and the neighborhood sent him off in style.
Loving guidance on our last journey, or the last leg of our journey, is deeply resonant.
Last year's flu season was particularly severe, one of the deadliest in the last 40 years.
Mexico and most of Europe switched last weekend, while Australia moved to daylight saving last month.
The Irish won both meetings last season and have taken the last three against Wake Forest.
Kohan told the New York Times last summer that Season 7 might be the show's last.
Last year, Leicester spent the majority of the season in last place out of 20 teams.
"We decided to adopt when we lost our last baby, via surrogate, last fall," Durst explains.
The last Skywalker saga film is about to come out — this could be your last chance!
Our Revolution Georgia endorsed Abrams last month, and Turner helped Abrams launch her campaign last June.
"We are already dead last or next to dead last in next to everything," she said.
The species' last best hope may be to breed Vietnam's last surviving turtle with China's female.
The magazine adds that the last price increase happened last November, right after the 2016 election.
Last week, policymakers cut their projections for the third time in the last four quarterly projections.
Memphis took all three meetings last season and eight of the last nine in the series.
We've already seen some early fruits from companies late last year and last month at CES.
And then, one by one, we do come upon them at last — at bloody, bloody last!
John Kasich finished last and second to last in the two most recent Republican nominating contests.
It said 228 shooting incidents happened last month compared to 353 in October of last year.
Last week, Duterte said this round of joint drills with the US would be the last.
The last time we saw her this blonde was for just a few months last winter.
I was the last to find out about births and the last to see baby pictures.
That's right: We've made the last-minute gift guide to trump all last-minute gift guides.
Chemical production hit a record $797 billion last year, up 30% in the last 10 years.
He needs to get back to where he was that last seven games (of last season).
Remittances to Mexico totaled $2.52 billion last month, compared with $2.189 billion in March last year.
Last week, producer Chuck Lorre announced that the show's upcoming 12th season would be its last.
At 49,121 tonnes as of last Friday, they are back at levels last seen in February.
The last time I saw him at his house, I suspected it would be our last.
Last night the Washington Post first reported the decision to tighten the sanctions imposed last year.
If you click the "Last billing period" tab, you'll see what hit you most last month.
Broadway's attendance last week was 357,718, compared with 346,913 for the same holiday week last season.
The Last Guardian wasn't the most technically accomplished game of last year, or the best designed.
The loss dropped the last-place Coyotes to 1-4-1 in their last six games.
Its last chief financial officer, Mari Hurley, announced her departure at the end of last year.
The Grizzlies have now lost 217 of their last 453 and 245 of their last 21.
Just like last year, the Northeast comes in last, with the fewest cities making the grade.
"The Last Rainforest" (1989), one of the artist's last paintings, sold for £19333 million (~$5.6 million).
According to the aide, Warren last appeared on Fox News in the spring of last year.
"Last look" refers to the ability of dealers to reject a trade at the last minute.
Conway last week took himself out of consideration for those posts last week, citing family obligations.
Statoil spudded the Korpfjell well last week and expects the drilling to last 25-30 days.
The White House released a tax plan last month, while Ryan released a blueprint last year.
That 41-day standoff ended last week after the last of the holdouts surrendered to authorities.
The lowest S&P close of the last year, 1,867.61, came last August, according to FactSet.
That may not last long, however, as digital media saw an explosion in spending last year.
Taylor has three homers in the last two games and five homers in his last 215.
Tencent last tapped the bond market in January last year, in which it raised $5 billion.
Microsoft's last big surprise was the unveiling of HoloLens at the Windows 10 event last year.
Sterling was last down 0.3 percent at $1.3065, not far from last month's nadir of $1.2945.
The last page is dated December 2, 2016 -- the last day they spent in their home.
Just last week, CNN wrote about the 10 years since Thomas' last question at oral arguments.
Last-minute twist: Last week, the presiding judge received a letter from the Department of Justice.
She always "finished last or within a couple spots of last place," reports the Denver Post.
Proceeds from Avicii's last album, TIM, which released posthumously last month, will go towards the foundation.
The paper comes in the wake of last year's landmark COP21 meeting in Paris last year.
A teaser trailer for last night's 10th anniversary special, released last week, slyly acknowledged this fact.
The film is Williams' last work, but not the last film he had physically appeared in.
What's more, the last 13 smallest sea ice maximums have occurred over the last 13 years.
Last night, Republican presidential hopefuls faced off in their last debate before the New Hampshire primary.
He'll enter first, and he'll be one of the last to leave, if not the last.
S&P futures were last down 1.6 percent while Dow futures were last down 2.2 percent.
Last year, more than 21.5 million Americans waited until the last week to file their taxes.
None of those products caught on, and Facebook shuttered the last of them late last year.
Orlando's hit was the last allowed by Bassitt, who retired the last nine batters he faced.
When The Last of Us Part II was teased last weekend at PSX, I got excited.
Forsythe came into the game one for his last 18 and six for his last 47.
Professor Shaw counted 54 appointments in the last 50 years, with 19 in the last decade.
Maryland scored 10 of the last 12 points over the last 2:33 of the half.
But last month's bone-headed last-ditch effort to repeal and replace the ACA derailed it.
Bayern's transfer strategy last summer suggested that it had, at last, recognized the need for change.
Last night, he lost his place as the last Republican representing a county in Northern Virginia.
San Antonio took both meetings last season and six of the last seven in the series.
His campaign went without a single congressional endorsement from his launch last June until last month.
Sometime last late last year, the FCC started working on a new regulatory framework for BDS.
The hapless Browns last made the playoffs in 2002 and last won it all in 1964.
Troops last month retook the town of Rawa, one of ISIS's last footholds in the country.
The Bearcats have dropped four of their last five road games dating back to last season.
A lot of structures are built to last, but some don't seem to last very long.
Your last will and testament shouldn't be the last word on your end-of-life wishes.
Official forecasters said last month they assumed the improvement seen in preliminary data would not last.
After an 403-77 season last year, last place in the A.L. West looks pretty bad.
February last year was the last time China's special envoy for North Korea visited the country.
Eurogroup Chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem told reporters last week the review could last "rather months than weeks".
I've eaten more fried chicken in the last week than I've eaten in the last year.
It was last valued at $250 million and made around $100 million in revenue last year.
Nolasco has won his last two decisions, including a victory over Washington in his last outing.
It earmarked $1.5 billion for credit losses last quarter, up $240 million compared to last year.
You never truly know when their last breath is, and the last time youll see them.
Toronto had won the last four meetings and 18 of the last 19 in this series.
He's hit five home runs in his last seven games and three in his last four.
Penn State lost its last four games last season to finish with a 7-6 record.
Last month, Honey Soundsystem's Jason Kendig selected one of Savile's recent releases for The Last Record.
To be fair, it's not like Last Week Tonight covered the burgeoning election last year, either.
Lagerfeld died last week aged 85, and his last Chanel designs will air on March 5.
Dating back to last year, Perez has won just one of his last 16 road starts.
Talk about the last season, how you guys looked at the last season, each of you.
At a press conference last month, the commissioner asked reporters when they last wrote about gunfire.
Some 1,487 auctions were held last week, compared to 2,002 at the same time last year.
Last week, Prayuth used those powers for one last time to end various restrictions on media.
Sergeant Rose was one of the last on the last helicopter, firing as he hobbled aboard.
Solar last year accounted for 4 percent of electricity demand in the European Union last year.
The Timberwolves have dropped the last seven visits to Houston, their last victory occurring on Feb.
The Angels have won each of Santiago's last nine starts dating back to last season. 3.
"When he last played in Militello last year, Franco played some new ballads," Mr. Burtone said.
But last week, he deflected any talk of this being his last season with the Rangers.
Last week, President Trump extended those restrictions to include certain European countries, effective last Friday night.
Some stand out as the best films of the last year or even the last decade.
Chelsea, last season's champion, got £150.8 million pounds, 1.6 times more than Sunderland, which finished last.
" The last thing we need, and the last thing we should want, is a "personalized newspaper.
Just last year, Dubai said EHang would begin operating an autonomous flying taxi service last July.
But all that looks far less assured than it did last year or even last month.
Trump's last minute edit to his NATO speech last week resulted in a major diplomatic blunder.
We are weeks away from the last episode of the last season of Game of Thrones.
The last major company to take this route was Spotify, which listed its shares last year.
Central banks in Germany and Austria were the last to stop issuing the bills last month.
The IMF disbursed the current program last loan tranche worth $247 million in June last year.
Hopes to come back after being knocked down for the last time did not last long.
Last year, six weeks after the last of those procedures, Woods's arrest signaled a rock bottom.
Detroit has lost four of its last five games, plummeting to last place in the division.
Last week more than 100 people died, and a boat with about 250 capsized last month.
The U.S. and Canada struck a last-minute deal to salvage the trade pact last night.
His "last mask standing" comment is a reference to his current Fox series Last Man Standing.
ET on January 29 — up $2 billion from last week and up 40% from last month.
Four of its last six games have finished with that score line, including the last three.
Last week Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw her support behind a bill introduced last year by Rep.
It was last at $1.1392 and still a long way from last week's top at $1.1628.
One night last October, I watched preparations for a scene from the first season's last episode.
Last season at the Daytona 500, there were three big wrecks in the last 25 miles.
Net U.S. crude imports fell last week by 423,000 bpd in the last week, EIA said.
Over the last decade, it has been the spender of last resort for the global economy.
Molina and Cruz showed up, and at last Pierce appeared, the last piece falling into place.
A court ruling last year and legislation adopted last month protecting Communist heroes buoyed them further.
Last year, Dr. Campbell and his colleagues analyzed carbonyl sulfide records from the last 54,000 years.
That spread was last at 13.3 basis points, reapproaching the two-month high hit last week.
The onshore yuan was last at 264.29, as compared to a high of 6.9786 last week.
We've actually had a tremendous surge in support these last few weeks since the last debate.
Raif Jacobs joined Deliveroo from Google last year, and reportedly left the company early last month.
The city attracted a record 48.3 million tourists last year, its tourism board said last week.
Pelfrey had lost his last nine decisions, including his last four with Minnesota a year ago.
That means he's gained 3 pounds over the last year, according to his last official records.
Ohio State has won its last seven games against Michigan, and 29 of its last 14.
Yet last year's runner-up Rigoberto Uran lost time as he struggled on the last climb.
Last week, the Labor Department said the U.S. economy added 200,000 jobs last month, beating expectations.
Last month, The Associated Press reported that deportation arrests have surged in the last fiscal year.
Montreal has won four of its last five games, including its last three in a row.
The last time he threw a baseball was last May, just before the herniated disk diagnosis.
I just watched khloe's from last weekend, North/P's the week before and Saint's last night.
Strong was last seen leaving the Legends Casino in Toppenish, Washington, on October 2 last year.
Last year's European heatwave also hit the company hard as customers put off last-minute bookings.
The IMF disbursed the current programme's last loan tranche worth $247 million in June last year.
Despite winning their last two games, the Hornets have still lost 13 of their last 16.
The report showed claims rose to 2000,000 last week, a significant rise from last week's 211,000.
Cruz has scored in his last three M.L.S. appearances, dating to the end of last season.
If two parents don't share the same last name, what last name should any children have?
Late last year, they announced that Fixer Upper's current season, its fifth, will be its last.
The Aussie was last around $0.6500 after hitting a decade-low of $228 just last month.
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Arizona G Louis Domingue, who made 36 saves in his last encounter with Dallas, has yielded just two goals in his last two starts and nine in his last five. 2.
The Lakers aren't as messed up, but they have finished either last or second to last in the West the last three seasons (and look destined to make it a fourth).
While also relatively flat last week, the Nasdaq was the big winner last month and last quarter, which saw the composite index up nearly 9.7 percent for the three-month period.
That data also showed that 22 percent made up their minds in the last few days, another 10 percent in the last week, and another 24 percent in the last month.
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In a state with 13 million voters, the last three presidential races, the last three gubernatorial races, and the last US Senate race have been decided by about 1 percentage point.
Last week, The New York Times reported that Trump nearly fired Mueller last July, only to back off at the last minute after White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign.
Downton Abbey "Downton Abbey" has poured its last cup of tea, strapped its last traveling case to the car, dispatched its last awkward reaction shot to a mildly witty bon mot.
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Though President Donald Trump ended the practice with an executive order last summer, government data released last month indicated about 250 parents had been separated from their children since last June.
In the last 18 months, growing populist sentiment contributed to the UK's surprise vote to leave the European Union last June, and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump last November.
Their podcast, Last Day, focuses on the opioid epidemic, tells the stories of the last day of people who died from overdose, or their last day of use before getting clean.
Three quartets are on the agenda: the last of the Op. 18 set; the last of the Op. 59 trio; and the last of them all, Op. 7573-721-6500, lcgreatperformers.
At last count — the total was revised upward by 2.4 million last week — as many as 147.9 million consumers were affected by the cyberattack at Equifax, which was revealed last September.
"I'd done everything I wanted to do within the sport so it was just about enjoying the last moments, the last Games, and the last chance to represent Scotland...," he added.
BIDEN $751,580 total, $404,909 over the last two weeks BUTTIGIEG $4603,783,650 total, $428,128 over the last two weeks KLOBUCHAR $56,490 total, all over the last two weeks SANDERS $253,196 total, $162,0003 over the last two weeks STEYER $17,775,264 total, $1,870,852 over the last two weeks WARREN $651,351 total, $276,5903 over the last two weeks Mr. Buttigieg, who performed strongly in the first two voting states, has been struggling to connect with black voters in South Carolina.
While the Angels have won five of their last six contests, the Athletics have dropped six of their last seven and scored a total of one run over their last three defeats.
George Bush was the last president to fight in World War II, the last veteran in the White House, and the last to have real ties to the Cold War's Wise Men.
Despite all the concern last quarter — Facebook stock fell more than 20 percent after its last earnings call, and still hasn't recovered — Facebook still added 22 million new daily users last quarter.
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If you think about what happened last year, last year we – I think of things in terms of flows, and last year we walked into a situation with a lot of euphoria.
Debbie Urbanski's harrowing and inventive look at what the last days and years might entail for the last ones living it, after a failed last ditch effort to—well, see for yourself.
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South Carolina has been home to some of the most jarring race-related events over the last year, including a church shooting last year in Charleston last year that killed nine people.
Zora Neale Hurston's posthumously published "Barracoon: The Story of the Last 'Black Cargo,'" an account of the last survivor of the last slave ship written between 1928 and 1931, received wide acclaim.
The stance differs from the government's position in last year's trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the last major terrorism case in the U.S. Tsarnaev was sentenced to death last May.
Diamondbacks RH Zack Godley (21-20, 25) Scherzer has won his last three decisions and struck out 211 or more batters in his last three outings and nine of his last 20.
Last place went to Sears, which posted a 6.1 percent drop in same-store sales last quarter.
Many of last year's newly public companies sustained market caps far higher than their last private valuations.
He has not surrendered a run over his last 12 games (11 innings) dating to last season.
The moon, Earth and sun lined up last night in a full eclipse — the last until 2021.
One left in 2014 and the other three last year; they did not all leave last year.
Wall Street's four main indexes all hit record highs last week, a feat last achieved in 1999.
Bitcoin is up about 20163% over the last month, and about 50% over the last 3 months.
Memphis took the last four in the series, including a 109-90 triumph in Brooklyn last season.
If you put aside $50 for retirement last week, you worked two hours for yourself last week.
The last image captured by the Cassini probe in 20183Photo: NASASo, what was Cassini's real last image?
It would be the last of 22 accords that have been concluded in the last 18 months.
Dorsett, 30, underwent a cervical fusion procedure last year that limited him to 14 games last season.
Overall, the Mavs had won 22 of the last 27 and 38 of the last 48 meetings.
Last, crude got swept up in a sell-off last week that saw investors dump risk assets.
Minnesota is 22-2 over the last eight games between the clubs dating back to last season.
Non-farm payrolls last month increased by 155,000 jobs last month, missing analysts' expectations of around 200,000.
The closures follow the shuttering of 53 domestic shops last year and will not be the last.
His last grand slam, and last multi-homer game, came May 23 against the New York Mets.
So the last election, think of the last election as Silicon Valley voters against old economy voters.
The last image captured by the Cassini probe in 2017Photo: NASASo, what was Cassini's real last image?
Last week, Governor Jerry Brown initiated what amounts to a last-ditch effort to save the system.
The last set of documents was produced within the last month, people familiar with the matter said.
Omiros Zelios said Monday that the last of his clients was released from police custody last week.
He has retired 22 of the last 59 hitters he's faced, including 35 of the last 37.
The Chinese yuan strengthened, with offshore last strengthening to 6.9652, and the onshore yuan last at 6.9648.
Michigan has won 12 of its last 13 games since losing to Michigan State last season. 2.
Last month, General Motors pushed its last Chevy Cruze down the assembly line at its Lordstown plant.
But some researchers have been paid in the last couple of years, as Motherboard reported last year.
Acting DHS Director Kevin McAleenan announced his resignation last week, saying Thursday will be his last day.
She also sank the last British gunboat and captured the last American gunboat in Shanghai in 1941.
After attending a taping of "Last Week Tonight" last year, she walked away feeling energized and inspired.
Clinton turned over last year by the end of 2015, a deadline the department missed last week.
Production has however improved compared to last year, the company's new operations chief told reporters last week.
Tickets for the last version, held in San Francisco last October, had a list price of $1,500.
Millman reached the U.S. Open quarter-finals last year after knocking out Federer in the last 16.
The dollar was 0.07% weaker against the euro, last at $1.116, but maintained gains made last week.
The latest installment of the Hulu drama picks up exactly where last week's "The Last Ceremony" ends.
To look at them, that'd be the last thing I would see, the last memory I have.
The was last higher at $26.9480, though it remained lower than levels above $26.9089 seen last week.
Because based on last night's show, the 90th Academy Awards might've been the last for many viewers.
That last claim was the subject of a protest last week near Union Square in New York.
He has won his last five marathons, including four in 2018 alone, and ran 12 last year.
The first happened last year on the same boat shortly after the teams set off last summer.
Elizabeth was last placed in Alabama and was last seen wearing a flannel shirt and black leggings.
Arizona finished 3-9 last season and was picked to finish last in the Pac-12 South.
Motorola did something similar last year with the Moto Hint—and Sony probably won't be the last.
Last month it at last convicted two—Nuon Chea, aged 92, and Khieu Samphan, 87—of genocide.
The last time I felt like that, was when Ratking dropped (and Wiki's last two solo albums).
It sold out for the second time last month, though, so we'd bet it won't last long.
For many users, last week's Rose McGowan incident was the last straw, igniting a 24-hour boycott.
Last week I finally got around to seeing Last Flag Flying now that it's streaming on Amazon.
Efimova, who left Malta last year with her family, turned herself in to Greek police last month.
The HGTV couple last brought home a new pet in April last year, ahead of Crew's arrival.
It's also her daughter's last name and she wants to share a last name with her daughter.
I just watched the last five minutes of the last episode of House of Cards, season 4.
The shooter was discharged from the Army last last year on a general discharge, the official says.
Kerry last met with Lavrov in New York last week during the United Nations General Assembly meetings.
Prices of China's staple meat pork rose 33.6 percent last month and hit record levels last week.
Last month, Kahne, 38, said this would be his last season racing on a full-time basis.
The Shadow Brokers themselves last posted about their monthly dump service, it seems, in September last year.
And the last six months and the last month, all I did was cry in the hospital.
Bill Clinton told CNBC in an interview last month that this year would be the last CGI.
While also flat last week, the Nasdaq was the big winner last month and for the quarter.
Bayliss: I was the last non-climber on the mountain, and I camped there the last night.
MoviePass has had outages like last night's before; the last widespread one happened earlier in July 2018.
Cincinnati has lost its last six visits to Foxborough, with its last win coming in 1986. 3.
It's also the last we'll see Paltrow as Potts — but not the last we'll hear of her.
Their last playoff appearance was in 28, and they've come in dead last the past three seasons.
The  rose more than 2 percent last week, posting its seventh weekly gain in the last eight.
Noisey: Last week, you made the decision to cancel your last three appearances on tour with Pentagram.
I've written more in the last couple of months than I have in the last three years.
The euro last stood at $1.0631, having set a near one-year low of $1.0569 last week.
The last male northern white rhino died last year, bringing the species to the brink of extinction.
At ESPN's upfronts last May, the company announced "Get Up," which finally made its debut last week.
The last cabinet reshuffle was last July, when Najib culled leaders critical of his handling of 1MDB.
Convoys were able to reach Madaya last month, but only with enough food to last into February.
Although last month's index reading is 2628 percent above last January, it is the lowest since then.
Your Friday is what happened in the last few weeks and last night in the tragic loss.
The last time we checked in with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was in the trailer released last month.
The company blew away expectations last quarter, and has regularly delivered positive surprises over the last year.
Chicago took five of the last seven in the series, including its last three trips to Brooklyn.
Kyle Larson claimed his first career Cup Series the last time the series visited Michigan last August.
Last to the part was the ECB which introduced a trillion-euro bond-buying program last year.
The last time the Fed mentioned concerns and elaborated on external conditions was in September last year.
The last time unions launched major strikes at Eskom, midway through last year, power production quickly suffered.
Governor Jerry Brown responded last year by implementing mandatory conservation measures that went into effect last June.
"As I holed my last putt I was thinking this could be my last Open," he said.
It is an honor to be at my last — and perhaps the last — White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Although last month's index reading is 0.4 percent above last January, it is the lowest since then.
Investors rushed to call a bottom in oil prices last March, August, January, and just last month.