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"split" Definitions
  1. [countable] an argument or disagreement that divides a group of people or makes somebody separate from somebody else
  2. [countable] a long opening made when something tears
  3. [singular] a division between two or more things; one of the parts that something is divided into
  4. the splits [plural] (US English also split [singular]) a position in which you stretch your legs flat across the floor in opposite directions with the rest of your body sitting straight up
"split" Synonyms
tear break cut rip chop divide hew rend sever slit cleave slash snap bisect bust crack fray incise lop rive fracture fissure rupture splinter burst gape open break apart come apart come undone give way shatter fragment disintegrate fork branch diverge bifurcate divaricate part branch out divide in two go in different directions separate ramify spread branch off subdivide turn off furcate fork off diversify expand distribute allocate allot apportion share divvy partition dole halve slice divide up carve up divvy up dole out parcel out share out slice the pie measure out mete out disunite decouple dichotomize disassociate disband disconnect disjoint dissociate divorce factionalize uncouple unlink unyoke break up part company become estranged bust up get a divorce get divorced reach a parting of the ways split up ditch dump stop living together end relationship part ways go separate ways break up with tell somebody it's over leave go depart withdraw decamp exit quit retire retreat bolt flee scoot scram skedaddle vamoose flit fly repair blow remove inform tell leak rat squeal finger grass peach pool shop inform against inform on tell on rat on rat out sell out squeal on give away grass on peach on someone secede reject renounce disaffiliate apostatize repudiate resign abdicate desert retract break with separate from withdraw from break away from cause a rift estrange disaffect disgruntle alienate set against one another drive apart come between set against sow dissension drive a wedge between pit against one another cause disagreement between put at odds sow dissension between set at odds screen section segment wall partition off screen off fence off section off separate off wall off curtain off divide off mark off cordon off dice hole pierce puncture perforate bore penetrate riddle drill punch stab spike gore lacerate gash rent make a hole in prick bore through chip chisel crumble flake whittle hack shear sliver clip hackle pare snip laminate stratify plate double-cross betray two-time cheat defraud mislead trick hoodwink swindle deceive backstab cross fail sting cozen let down beguile bluff con dupe break down categorise(UK) categorize(US) classify class group sort rank grade codify type assort compartmentalise(UK) compartmentalize(US) range peg relegate place distinguish damage harm injure mar spoil ruin deface hurt impair blemish devastate wreck vitiate blight crush defile mangle smash demolish desecrate chink cleft cranny crevice gap rift breach opening chasm division schism dissolution divergence fractionalization disunion separation bifurcation discord fractionation scission alienation disruption cleavage difference branching forking junction splitting sundering estrangement parting breakup break-up split-up parting of the ways bust-up judicial separation legal separation disagreement quota portion allotment piece allowance proportion allocation percentage bit measure ration amount quantity lot apportionment imbalance discrepancy disparity contrast inequality variation unevenness variance disproportion polarity gulf bias unfairness lopsidedness inequity asymmetry partiality event competition contest match game performance tournament race bout clash battle championship encounter fight fixture heat matchup meeting mill playdown revenue earnings income proceeds profit yield return takings gain profits receipts gains returns take pay gate salary turnover net wages annulment abolition abrogation invalidation negation nullification repeal rescindment voiding cancellation(UK) countermanding recall rescission reversal revocation quashing abatement abolishment avoidance cancelation(US) demarcation distinction delimitation differentiation discreteness discrimination definition confine enclosure isolation margin segregation terminus marking off flaw defect deformity disfigurement fault imperfection irregularity kink scar scratch blotch deformation excrescence excrescency broken cracked ruptured splintered torn fractured fragmented snapped riven torn apart broken apart torn asunder rent asunder separated divided cloven smashed severed disunited divergent factionalized bisected clashing conflicting schismatized driven apart at loggerheads at odds in disagreement at variance not in harmony in conflict not in agreement in opposition not united dissenting argumentative detached parted removed apart disconnected disjointed distinct partitioned distant sundered disassociated scattered unconnected distributed forked branched pronged angled Y-shaped diverging tined V-shaped zigzag bifid bifurcated dichotomous dichotonic forken uncertain doubtful undecided unsure dubious hesitant unresolved vague ambivalent hazy iffy irresolute unclear ambiguous equivocal indecisive sceptical(UK) skeptical(US) suspicious dithering two-part bipartite common mutual shared in common frayed ragged tattered threadbare worn shabby holey raggedy ratty unravelled(UK) unraveling(US) unravelling(UK) moth-eaten ripped seedy worn-out tatty well worn distressed incoherent disordered confused discontinuous disorganised(UK) disorganized(US) fitful muddled rambling spasmodic aimless fragmentary jumbled bitty choppy gone absent away lost missing off out truant withdrawn astray decamped disappeared displaced flown unavailable vanished lacking not present in absentia run-off More
"split" Antonyms
join connect attach bond fasten fix stick adhere bind glue link weld pair yoke unite unify converge combine fuse merge amalgamate coalesce meld mix synthesise(UK) synthesize(US) compound conflate conjoin consolidate integrate interfuse meet concentrate concentre(UK) concenter(US) gather pool pull together mend marry couple associate agree close sew ally cooperate rally coact collaborate league club act jointly act together band together club together come together wed be married be wed get hitched get married tie the knot walk down aisle get together stay remain wait linger abide hang rest await bide dwell settle tarry halt stop hang about hang around hang out hang round keep on remain behind arrive come show appear approach enter land materialise(UK) materialize(US) check in clock in come up drop in get in make an appearance make it pop in pop up roll in show up defend protect support back stand by aid and abet be faithful to be loyal to be supportive of come to the defence of side with stand up for stick up for sympathize with take the side of keep quiet about abridge collect compress condense contract curtail decline decrease diminish hold keep repair restore recondition patch doctor rebuild reconstruct fix up patch up revamp reattach reconnect readjust refurbish reform overhaul service renew continue endure face strengthen yield give up dawdle stand take on return advance proceed progress press on push forward forge on push on gain ground engage press ahead go forward go ahead go on forge ahead move forward dig in breathe live discourage dissuade surrender turn up intrant intrat come in go in make an entrance follow enlist in team up with be in ally with become a member enrol in enroll in join forces with become involved align with get involved with affiliate with become a part of unite with associate with band together with implode prove approve conceal hide listen praise be quiet juncture connection joint commissure jointure junction seam point suture closing closure solid agreement door upholding misfortune bridge obstacle union unification coalition alliance confederation harmony accord association confederacy federation merger partnership affiliation consortium cooperation convergence convergency meeting merging coincidence confluence conjunction concentration coming together marriage wedding nuptials matrimony wedlock betrothal espousal tie fusing joining combination connecting integration amalgamation consolidation coupling fusion linking uniting coalescence combining linkage aid assistance attachment help promotion unity whole peace concordance concord beginning commencement construction establishment foundation solution start blockage obstruction occlusion plug seal stoppage conclusion continuation ending finish barrier blocking impasse balance parity exhibition friendly practice demo demonstration session showcase workout work-out drill exercise preparation rehearsal run-through training session tune-up practice game practice match reconnected repaired fixed restored mended rebuilt reconditioned unanimous agreed undivided uniform common united unopposed like-minded together attached combined connected sympathetic unified healed OK perfect resolute sure unbroken working joined straight unbranched agreeing cooperating cooperative harmonious peaceful

714 Sentences With "split"

How to use split in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "split" and check conjugation/comparative form for "split". Mastering all the usages of "split" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The cells split, and split, and split, and create a new
We split the down payment, we split the mortgage, we split the dinners and the childcare.
They have to split their time and split their love.
The racial split in the US is not a worldview split.
It's not just that Democrats are split, it's how they're split.
"Opposition parties are split, and the Saenuri party is split," Oh said.
"Migration," he said, "has split the country, and it has split Bavaria."
Race has split America's poor, and class has split America's white majority.
Electric: $223 (after split with my fiancé)Water: $222 (after split with my fiancé)Internet: $2229 (after split with my fiancé)Cell Phone: $2229 (after split with my fiancé)Car Insurance: $23 Vision Insurance: $245 25(k): $230.
I do not mean split personalities so much as I mean split narratives.
What was a 327-19673 split has become two thirds-one third split.
Mobile: $14Water: ~$25 every quarter, split 50/50Gas: ~$102 every quarter, split 50/50.
The court last week also split 4-4 split in a loan discrimination case.
To split the atom has proved to be easier than to split a prejudice.
T1, the defending Spring Split and Summer Split playoff champion, is tied with Gen.
Instead of a clean split down the middle, Swagtron is split into three parts.
An already split Congress, representing an already split country, quickly became even more polarized.
The generational split is not an ideological split The generation gap among Democrats is often equated with the party's ideological split, but the latter doesn't consistently track the former.
Open hip standing split pulse In most Vinyasa classes, standing split is a stationary move.
The results were split deeply among partisan lines, while independent voters were almost evenly split.
"I am definitely split, just like all people have split opinions about it," he said.
We split that spreadsheet between the two of us and ensure a 50-50 split.
Announces reverse stock split * Announces 1 for 5 reverse stock split * Dryships inc - reverse stock split will take effect, and co's shares will begin trading on split-adjusted basis as of opening of trading june 22, 2017 Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Split partisan control: Finally, there's the potential for a partisan split among the three key bodies.
Denham and Duffy on the GOP split on immigration Republicans are split over immigration legislation; Rep.
Split View also gets an update so you can split the view with the same app.
The source tells People that they split amicably: "It wasn't a dramatic split," said the source.
Industries Qatar split its stock on Wednesday after banks having their stocks split earlier this month.
Here's an example of one of their split meme posts: With over 3 million likes, here's Female Thoughts, which seemingly now just posts split meme after split meme:  And The Meaning of Life's Facebook page, with over a million followers, also posts split memes all day.
But, when the baby came, we couldn't split breastfeeding, we couldn't split the physical trauma of childbirth.
If he goes, we will have a split; if he stays, we may also have a split.
" Tatum and Dewan announced their split early last week, telling their followers that they decided to split "lovingly.
It's because now the split is about the same as the split in Trump's approval versus disapproval rating.
So it seems like we talk about a split, but it doesn't seem like it's a real split.
His side claims she hooked up with Kaitlynn before the split ... her side says they split months ago.
The service will split revenues between Apple and magazine publishers, but details regarding that split were not available.
At the same time, the split knocks other neutrons loose from the nucleus, which themselves split other atoms.
All styles are available in Twin Long, Double, Queen, King, Split King, California King, and Split California King.
Us Weekly reported Grande and Mac Miller's split on May 10 and Davidson and David's split on May 16.
A split in parenting styles Could Jolie and Pitt have had different parenting styles that contributed to their split?
Various channels split off from the central valley, forming little tributaries that often split again on their journey outwards.
If you can't seem to get a split playing ten pin bowling, why not just split the ball itself?
In January 1999, it issued a 423-for-1 split and in September 1999, it split 2-for-1.
Approves two-for-one stock split * Announces 2 for 1 stock split Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
In January 1999, it issued a 3-for-1 split, and in September 1999, it split 2-for-1.
Last July, Meek, 31, opened up about his split from Minaj six months after they split during a radio interview.
That stock split, which must come into effect before July 15, 2020, will see one ordinary share split into eight.
The president can use these as wedges to split them, but more importantly, to split them from America's swing voters.
Black voters split 2628 to 28503 percent for Clinton and female voters split 22019 to 33 percent in her favor.
It's a split run, or split copy: different versions of a New York Times print product distributed throughout the country.
Hadid split from singer Joe Jonas in 2015, and the same year, Malik split from Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards.
Although Veeramah and colleagues see a split between eastern and western dogs, that split probably happened after domestication took place.
FF: I agree, and I actually think it's going to split the left and it's going to split the right, ultimately.
We know how much TV and movies love pulling out the "split personalities" card — I mean, you guys saw Split, right?
Split Screen Given that most of us are reading articles from Facebook already, a split screen functionality would be very useful.
The Marlins (57-03) split the four-game series with the Cardinals (56-49) and also split their 10-game homestand.
She cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split and notes a prenup will decide how they'll split their assets.
Since then, it has been split cleanly in half, chiseled away by souvenir hunters and split again into many smaller pieces.
We may still be recovering from Bachelor Peter Weber's split from Hannah Ann Sluss, followed by his split from Madison Prewett.
There is also an argument to split the coast and the interior, with a three-way split breaking up the coast.
Seattle-based divorce attorney David Starks said that an equitable split does not always mean the assets will be split 50/50.
Faris, who has previously only said one or two things about the split, opened up to People about their relationship post-split.
I also pick up a bottle of wine to split with my other roommate, which costs $25 after being split two ways.
For starters, it's split up into 8 regions, including the Northeast, Southeast, the Midwest (split into three parts), Northwest, West, and Southwest.
"If I'm going to split the money and they're not doing anything, I'm going to split the money with myself," he said.
So after the cataclysmic Heard-Depp split and attendant abuse allegations, the amicable Swift-Harris split, we're due for a middle ground.
But such were the ways of the cartels, which regularly split apart, took new shapes, then split apart again before re-forming.
Trumptax might split Republicans just like Trumpcare did Trumptax might split Republicans just like Trumpcare did Trumpcare is out, Trumptax is in.
DUCTLESS MINI-SPLIT AIR-CONDITIONER If central air is not an option, a ductless mini-split system may be your best bet.
Similar to a stock split, bitcoin investors at the time of the split should have received an equivalent amount of bitcoin cash.
"In partnership with a split Congress in this split-screen moment, we've been able to pull off some great results," he said.
This record combines the two EPs (split with Benumb and split with Gnob) that we released right before Prowler in the Yard.
Specifically, they are Split and Share, which allow you to, well, split your purchase among friends or share it to Venmo's social feed.
Com, Inc announces 1-for-3 reverse stock split; will begin trading on reverse split basis on Nasdaq on January 20, 2017 * Support.
Less than two weeks after her split from Nick Young, Iggy Azalea is speaking out about why she split with the NBA player.
She got the Cabinet post only after Vice President Mike Pence broke the 50-50 split vote among senators split on her confirmation.
One is that we get almost as many letters about sentences tortured to avoid the split as we do about split infinitives themselves.
Six months after the Silicon Valley stalwart Hewlett-Packard split into two companies, one half announced a surprise plan to split yet again.
She split her own party, but she also split the Labour Party (with plenty of assistance from that great Thatcher admirer Tony Blair).
Spring Split points will now be based on the Spring playoffs, while Summer Split points will be based on the regular-season finish.
Many view the split as inevitable, but some lawmakers and former officials have expressed concerns about the potential implications of a premature split.
In terms of specifics, the split feature won't actually split the purchase (because that could delay the transaction if one friend decides not to approve quickly enough), and instead just automatically requests your friends pay you back via Venmo for the split amount.
Split jumps for 14 reps Grasshoppers starting position: Grasshoppers second position, alternate and repeat Split jumps starting position: Split jumps second position, alternate and repeat: Complete four rounds of this circuit with as little rest as possible in between moves and rounds.
So I split up ... I'm an engineer by training, and the way to take on complex problems is to split them into component parts.
Xerox — The company's board approved the terms of Xerox's upcoming split into two separate companies, and expects to complete the split by December 31.
The Supreme Court upheld the third version of President Trump's travel ban today in a 5-4 split that split predictably along ideological lines.
Their Shocking Split Despite building a family together, the tides in their marriage turned by June 1993 when Reynolds announced the pair's shocking split.
Another rising band, Gatecreeper, also appeared on the aforementioned Scorched/Outer Heaven split, and released a split with thrash vets Iron Reagan this year.
The situation sounds similar to Brown's split with his personal chef -- who split from the NFL star last year in a public, bitter breakup.
Let's assume that Germany's actual population has an equal gender split, but there is a 40 / 60 split in German respondents to the survey.
We offer to split with them but, in the drunken haze, I don't think they split it, so we get a free ride home!
At that time, Apple was trading in the $15 per share range (split-adjusted: Apple stock split 7 for 1 back in June 2014).
Oil and refining lobbyists are split on how things could change with Pruitt gone—partly because the industry itself is split on the policy.
If you and your partner prefer drastically different head or foot tilt positions, then a split King or split California King will be best.
The delivery truck held more than five hundred bundles, mostly fine-split ash, but also large-split "regular" mix, plus hickory, cherry, and apple.
That split is the same as 2016, and ties for the largest split for that question since pollsters began asking in 2001, Gallup said.
As a result of the reverse stock split, the Company's issued and outstanding shares of common stock will decrease to approximately 4,517,000 post-split shares (prior to effecting the rounding of fractional shares into whole shares as described below) from approximately 9023,333,000 pre-split shares.
Independents voted a split ticket much more than major party millionaires, and when it comes to investing and the economy, independents also split their allegiances.
Split a VentiIf you're with a friend and you both happen to want the same drink, split a venti instead of getting two smaller sizes.
A little after 8AM ET today, Bitcoin was split into Bitcoin Cash, an alternative cryptocurrency, in a chain split that had been anticipated for months.
Gregorius's platoon splits: Gregorius came into the 3093 season with a pronounced platoon split, though that split has actually been reversed this season: .274/.299/.
Now, apps using subscriptions will still see the 70/30 split in year one, but this will become an 85/15 split in subsequent years.
If the original partnership ownership is split 23-270, then the taxes due on a long-term capital gain sale are also split 80-20.
Q. and I split the bill for the food ($29.40 + tip) — we both ordered Beyond Burgers and fries and we split tater tots and queso.
If you're still standing at the end, you win or split the prize money, which is typically about $2,000 split between a few hundred people.
Where Democrats were split on the impeachment question after Mueller, Republicans are the ones who are beginning to split, with Vermont's GOP governor backing impeachment.
Revenue generated from the ads will be split between the university paper and Snap, though the company declined to share what that split will be.
The split-screen images on television of Mr. Rubio and Mr. Christie were mirrored by the split-screen reactions of their staff in assigned rooms backstage.
But what it does suggest is that a new referendum would split Scotland pretty much down the middle, in the same way that Brexit split Britain.
Though the actor, 53, has remained silent about his split from Heard, a source close to Depp tells PEOPLE he's felt the strain of the split.
Public split on Barr A CNN-SSRS poll released Tuesday, before the Mueller letter was released, finds public opinion on Barr's actions is nearly evenly split.
Jenna Dewan Tatum split from husband Channing Tatum last week, and, as per her Twitter, she's very grateful for the support of her fans, post-split.
Go deeper: The polar vortex is about to split into 3 pieces The polar vortex has split, sending frigid air howling into the U.S. and Europe
The effect of the reverse share split was a 230-for-1.8 share split of the outstanding common and preferred shares held by the Company's shareholders.
The options here are: Split your assets according to the state law, or split your assets according to the terms you've agreed on with your lawyer.
Monthly ExpensesRent: $1,000 ($2,000 total split with my fiancé, T.)Utilities: $75 split with my fiancé ClassPass Lite: $15Spotify: $93Health Insurance: $285, paid out of pocket.
Case split nation along racial lines A jury acquitted Simpson in the killings in October 1995, a decision that largely split the country along racial lines.
Torcida Split 1950 – a Hadjuk Split supporters' association – has issued an official statement accusing the federation of corruption and pledging further disturbances unless senior figures resign.
Following her split from Kutcher in split in 2011 and a finalized divorce in 2013, Moore faced a tumultuous time as she resumed a single life.
The design for Heatherwick's losing entry, which has never been published, was a staircase that split and split again—"like a growing plant," he told me.
The burqa row has publicly and painfully split the governing Conservative Party, just as the opposition Labour Party is publicly and painfully split over anti-Semitism.
Meanwhile, more players means more potential winners to split the pot (each game has a prize of at least $1000, but that's split amongst all winners).
Much as 2016 produced an anomalous split between the popular vote and the Electoral College, 2018 could produce a split decision between the House and Senate.
In February, PEOPLE confirmed that the engaged couple split after a yearlong romance, which included lots of ups and downs, including their first split in March 2016.
The split was first reported by Page Six, who say the couple is no longer living together and could publicly announce their split in the coming weeks.
While the pair, who split in July after nine years together, have had their ups and downs since their split, they have recently been spending time together.
The fuel economy regulations assumed consumer vehicle purchases would split roughly 22015:22004 between cars and trucks by 22014 but instead the split is almost 22010:22014.
The Spice Girl's split defined those early years: there was the time before Geri left—when all was well—and then there was the post-split heartbreak.
Jennings and his teammates, Matt Jackson and Monica Thieu, split $300,000, and Colby Burnett, coming in third place, split $100,000 with teammates Pam Mueller and Alan Lin.
The split throws into question how the couple will split their fortune, which includes an approximately 16 percent ownership stake in Amazon's roughly $811.4 billion market capitalization.
At the end of the Summer Split, for the major regions, the team that wins the Split gets the region's No. 1 seed for the World Championships.
Damwon Gaming has split with head coach and part-owner Mok-Kyoung "Micro" Kim and will continue the 2020 LCK Spring Split under Jae-Min "Zefa" Lee.
We split the bill because it's not a quick $10 meal and joke about creating business rules for when we split the bill and when we take turns.
Soccer glory can only briefly apply a thin veneer over deep divisions within England, profoundly split by Brexit, or Belgium, long split between its Flemish and Walloon sides.
One zygote fertilized by one sperm can split into three, according to American Pregnancy, or one of two zygotes can split, creating two identicals and one fraternal multiple.
BANANA SPLIT The "Three Way Banana Split" cartel, made up of traders at UBS, Barclays, RBS, Citigroup and JP Morgan, was handed a fine totalling 811.2 million euros.
Placing apps into the Split View is simple once you know how — you have to tap and hold on app icons to drag them into Apple's "Split View".
Not only did Pratt write the forward to Faris' book, Unqualified, which was released after their split, but he complimented her first post-split appearance at the Emmys.
Bitcoin, for example, recently split off into two separate versions with nearly identical code and, most importantly, an identical transaction history up until the time of the split.
The ruling is significant because it creates a split in the lower courts: The justices are more likely to take up a case if there is a split.
The possibility of a bitcoin split had many crypto investors wringing their hands at what a coin split could do to the network and price of the currency.
The counter is that the split schedule created vacuums where weeks of nothing happened on TV, but nothing ever happened on TV back before the renewed brand split.
Or, if you have a particular destination in mind, like Split in Croatia, you can type "Split, Croatia vacation" into the search box and it will turn up.
Seek out extracurriculars for your kids that are not split up by binary gender, and if you're a teacher, don't split up groups based on binary gender. 48.
The EDL has come and gone, PEGIDA UK is nowhere, Nick Griffin was cast out of the BNP, which has split and split again, and UKIP is struggling.
The split mostly broke down on partisan lines - 83% of Republicans said it was, while 85% of Democrats said it wasn't, which is a pretty typical partisan split.
But when you split the college degree-less sample up by sex, women are split right down the middle, with 41 percent supporting Trump and 40 percent Clinton.
Cabrera, Hosmer lead Royals to DH split with M's KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City offense showed up big-time in a doubleheader Sunday split with the Seattle Mariners.
Trump and the "real" Republican will split the Republican vote, just as William H. Taft and Theodore Roosevelt split the GOP vote in 1912, giving us President Woodrow Wilson.
I think it's okay to be angry that I don't split rent, I don't split bills, and there's no second income to back me up in really tough times.
The standard split for app stores tends to be 70/30, with subscriptions in Apple's App Store dropping to an 85/15 split in year two, for comparison's sake.
So even if a candidate wins the majority of either state, Maine could have a 3-1 split and Nebraska could have a 4-1203 or 3-2 split.
Split from the mainstream Mormon Church The FLDS, which split from the mainstream Mormon Church over the practice of plural marriage, first settled in Short Creek in the 1930s.
Ideological split on decriminalizing the border Mirroring the debate on health care, progressives and more moderate candidates split on the question of whether to decriminalize crossing the border illegally.
Take That members have reunited, split, reunited and split with the regularity of a soap opera romance since that grave moment in '96, because boy bands are for life.
The two teams split their regular-season matchups, but the Wolf Pack win the tiebreaker because they swept third-place Fresno State while the Aggies split with the Bulldogs.
The Bulgarian split lunge is a bit more challenging than a regular split lunge, because the lifted foot in the back adds an element of balance into the equation.
SPLIT DECISIONS — I am trying to evangelize for all of the Variety puzzles this year, which is easy and natural for almost every challenge but this one, Split Decisions.
Synnex (SNX) plans to split into two separate publicly traded companies, with the IT solutions company expecting the split to be completed in the second half of this year.
" - Irene, 236 "Felt like God for split second.
One such feature — Split Tunneling — is particularly useful.
On Screen Control + Screen Split 2.0 & Dual Controller
Since the two split in January 2014 and divorced that October, Lucas and Henriquez have been open about their willingness to cooperate in raising their child together, despite their split.
It's just a natural progression: You split the cost of a big-screen TV, you split bills, you take turns buying dinner and groceries, maybe you even get a pet.
The set comes with an organic cotton sheet set designed for use with the "upper-flex" mattress, which is like a split King, only just the head half is split.
THREE-WAY SPLIT President Cyril Ramaphosa pledged in a state of the nation speech to split Eskom into three entities for generation, transmission and distribution to make it more efficient.
The two charming characters have an introduction, are split apart for a while, get back together, and are almost split apart again until they rebel and unveil their world's true nature.
Did they split a Lyft on the way home, and did Cudi pretend he didn't know how to do the split thing in the app so he would't have to pay?
Yankees thrilled to get split with Indians CLEVELAND — For New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi, whose team lost its first two games in Cleveland, a series split never felt so good.
In condemning polarization, he lamented the partisan split on climate change, a split exemplified by Trump's insistence that it's a Chinese hoax and commitment to rolling back Obama's regulations curbing emissions.
Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone, who met and got engaged during season 5 of the show, announced their split on Friday, becoming the first married pair to split in Bachelor history.
Several groups experienced a split between rank-and-file members and union leadership, emblematic of the larger grass-roots and establishment split that has roiled both political parties in recent years.
When some bitcoin developers decide to implement their own upgrade of the bitcoin network, bitcoin investors at the time of the split receive equal amounts of the split-off coin. Aug.
"Split" made about $40 million during its opening weekend, so "Glass" is performing comparably — though it seems unlikely that the movie will wildly outpace "Split," particularly given mixed reviews from critics.
People were close to evenly split about whether they think the major tech companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook should be split up, with 47 percent agreeing and 50 percent disagreeing.
Views remain split over whether Trump coordinated with Russia .
Credit... SPLIT, Croacia — La máquina de humo parecía redundante.
The split was super messy -- even by Hollywood standards.
Here's what you need to know: • The Republican split.
The couple split in 2010 — yes, nine years ago!
Should we order something — or do we split up?
Jared Golden (Maine) — split his vote on the charges.
Tasters were split on whether they liked the flavor ...
But things didn't work out ... and the two split.
Occupation: Online School TeacherIndustry: EducationAge: 30Location: Pittsburgh, PASalary: $51,292Paycheck Amount (biweekly): $1,332.18 Gender: WomanMonthly ExpensesRent: $13 (split with partner from joint account)Car Payment: $285 (split with partner from joint account)Student Loans: $549.34 (based on our combined household income)Savings: $925 (split with my partner, V., who makes $89,000 a year working in software.
Functional features like One-Click Split (for simple split screens), Launch Mode (for a battery-saving boost), and Navigation Dock (for increased efficiency) make the device easily personalisable, intuitive, and user-friendly.
Public split on Barr's handling of Mueller report The news comes on the same day as a new CNN-SSRS poll that finds public opinion on Barr's actions is nearly evenly split.
What distinguishes Red Velvet from the competition is a clever split-personality trick: by dividing their songs between "red" and "velvet," they conceptualize teenpop's eternal split between the banger and the ballad.
The report said the deal could be announced before Xerox executes its previously announced split into two separate companies, and would also end Donnelly's plan to split into three publicly traded companies.
Aniloff said he had typically split his emerging market bond exposure 50/50 between hard and local currency bonds, but that split was most recently 65-35 in local currency bonds' favor.
After getting accustomed to how depth perception works (spoiler: it doesn't), the view switches to a split-screen view of four boxes (much like the split-screen view while playing console games).
The pair, arguably Quebec's most high-profile couple, had spent more than a decade together, only to split in 2014, remarry in August, 2015, and split again in January of this year.
Regardless of all this uncertainty, neither Americans nor Europeans can afford to ignore the very real possibility outlined above that Trump's attempt to split the two authoritarian states will actually split the West.
The fear is that in districts where Democrats hold a slight edge in total voters, several Democrats could more or less evenly split, say, 52% of the vote, while two Republicans split 48%.
And just like Ice Cube's masterpiece the album is split is split into two sides Side A is called "NIGGER": It's hip hop in its rawest form—loud, angry, political, and self-aware.
Los Angeles split a four-game home series with the Diamondbacks last weekend and is coming off a two-game split with Colorado, with the victory on Wednesday ending a three-game skid.
Joe was shocked and angry when the Jonas Brothers split — but it had nothing to do with a drug addiction Joe was thrown for a loop when the Jonas Brothers split in 2013.
The Post/ABC poll also showed a significantly less Republican America, finding a 34% Democrat to 24% Republican split in how voters identify themselves, compared to CNN's 6253% Democrat to 28% Republican split.
The rising star has shown prowess with a range of champions over the split, plus racking up impressive stats over the split in Creep Score-per-minute and kill/death/assist radio. 5.
Miller also opened up about the split during a conversation with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music in July, explaining that both he and Grande had moved on since their split.
Shyamalan spoke a bit about this to Entertainment Weekly, saying that the origins of Split lie in early drafts of Unbreakable: This character, Kevin from Split, was in the original script of Unbreakable.
Around two-thirds of Philip's revenue comes from its healthcare operations, which for the first time have been split into multiple divisions with a view to understanding the company after the lighting split.
But he split with Konta last year, and when Kerber split with her longtime coach Torben Beltz, she recruited Fissette — in part because of his résumé and in part because he speaks German.
The Democrats will face a similar split between the increasingly pro-corporate but socially liberal Clinton wing and a more economically progressive Sanders wing, a split that the Clinton wing will eventually win.
The film is split into two parts, before and after tragedy (the tragedy being a wrestling injury), much like the split nature of Ocean's album Blonde, which is one of Shults' favorite albums.
The carbon in carbon dioxide is split from the oxygen in one of the same three basic ways that the hydrogen in water is split from oxygen: electrolysis, photoelectrochemical methods, and thermochemical methods.
The Democrats will face a similar split between the increasingly pro-corporate but socially liberally Clinton wing and a more economically progressive Sanders wing, a split that the Clinton wing will eventually win.
Podemos has at least saved itself from an open split.
Without IDC providing the exact split of Chromebooks sold vs.
Iowa's politics often split between the state's east and west.
It doesn't split and does not have an expiration date.
I had a delightful gin cocktail and we split pupus.
That money is split between the owner, trainer and jockey.
Christina El Moussa and her boyfriend, Doug Spedding, have split.
A tumultuous presidential election the following year split the country.
Allen, 26, has split this season between Cleveland and Columbus.
The Southeast Division teams split two previous meetings this season.
Vanessa turned around for a split second, looking at them.
The total for two nights was $221, which they split.
We share bougie chips and guac and split the bill.
Democrats are split on soda taxes, and so are Republicans.
I offer to split the bill, but the moms treat.
Following the public split, Kufrin was open about her pain.
Oculus' Go headset arrived this year to split the difference.
HOUSTON (Reuters) - When it split off its Phillips 66 (PSX.
Then there is a split among those who advise Trump.
The split here may not just be Democrat versus Republican.
South Korea itself is split on its support for THAAD.
"Opinions are split about what to do next," he said.
Still, the couple split the cost, according to the source.
Scientists are split on the root of the monarch's troubles.
Split View works well for keeping two apps in view.
And meanwhile, the high court is split along political lines.
That's all I want, just that split second of effect.
The No Doubt singer split from Gavin Rossdale last year.
Like the state as a whole, senior citizens are split.
Then we split up and went on our merry way.
Analysts who track these kinds of things are widely split.
"It was an amicable split," a source previously told PEOPLE.
Bieber and Baldwin previously dated before they split in 2016.
Garfield and Stone split in October 2015 after four years.
"I was saddened and disappointed by the split," Ghani continued.
FF: Break up Apple, split the Apple, core the Apple.
We have two beers each and split a third one.
Hayden Panettiere has not split from her fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko.
We split total cost of about $27 $25 297 p.m.
Maryam's home was bombed, shattered, and her family split apart.
HP shares are down almost 30 percent since the split.
Warren would similarly pair with states to split the cost.
I saw him starting to wake up and I split.
Republican delegates were split between the more conservative Ohio Sen.
Yuriko Koike, who split off to form her own faction.
The two would split four months after the finale aired.
The bill comes to $84 with tip, and we split.
I order a beer, and we split the check. $15.
The pair split in 2016 and officially divorced in 2017.
After nearly 10 years of marriage, they split in 1994.
Almonte has split the 2016 season between Cleveland and Columbus.
It was not immediately clear what split was set previously.
Unlike me, Thorp can identify bees in a split second.
Hunter and Conrad had dated previously, but split in 20083.
Top aides are split on how deeply to cut taxes.
It was not a pretty split, by her own account.
The chest of an elderly man is split in two.
How will debt figure into how you split your costs?
The Weeknd reportedly split with Bella Hadid in early November.
To be fair ... Brooklyn and Chloe haven't announced their split.
Mainstream artists like Split Enz also reformed for protest gigs.
He split time with Triple-A Fresno, where he batted .
All of the mainstream parties are split internally on migration.
Despite the uneven spending, Coloradans are split on the issue.
A split vote risks handing the governor's mansion to Republicans.
But split people out by education, and the reflection fades.
Unlike Republicans, Democrats promise to split the pie up fairly.
We ordered breakfast, and I split a waffle with her.
It worked most of the time in a split second.
" He added, "I would like a little more split votes.
News was first to report the news of their split.
But the split was actually made public in March 2014.
Aloy's quest is split into two sides, which ultimately intersect.
In 003 however, votes will be split to improve transparency.
Many of these more political superhero movies split the difference.
The stars initially announced their split in in June 2015.
In the back half of 2015, Google split itself up.
The split is a weird one which deserves more investigation.
After a whirlwind summer, the two split in October 2018.
Even that could only happen if the split were amicable.
We shared a taxi from the airport and split ways.
Miley Cyrus is focusing on herself amid her messy split.
The voter subgroups Axios is tracking are split on this.
In California generation, transmission and retail services are split up.
We lived together and had to split up our things.
No details were given about the split in the profile.
The other 30 percent is split between YouTube and creators.
They tied the knot in 2002 and split in 2006.
GG previously claimed March 27 was the day they split.
The French region is split into hundreds of named vineyards.
The current split screen / slideover setup is useful but limiting.
If they split we would have to look at it.
He offers to pay, but I insist that we split.
Girls were split into three groups: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
So let's say opinions on this first shot are split.
We live near each other, so it's easy to split.
Monthly ExpensesRent: $795, split evenly between me and my boyfriend.
Instead of ads, streamers will split viewer donations with Caffeine.
I was single and split all my utilities and rent.
Before that, they were mostly split between the two parties.
Instead, she dropped to the floor in a full split.
Those split seconds of generosity make it better for everyone.
My new film is the sequel to #Unbreakable AND #Split.
Views on Obama's performance are also split among partisan lines.
"Groups are getting farther and farther split apart," Leiserowitz said.
But the couple split within five years, in May 1997.
Papa Johns let you split a pizza's price with Venmo.
The couple split in 2011 and disagreed over custody arrangements.
But a split quickly manifested among Trump critics as well.
The couple split in 2013 but have not yet divorced.
We split the bill and I pay $53, including tip.
Mike Pence, appeared to split with his partner on Sunday.
"It's almost like I have a split personality," she says.
The split in the insurgent group is not helping matters.
New World Order is split across two loosely related arcs.
We all split the bill and cover my friend's tab.
We are all stuffed but happy and split the bill.
But when they split up, the project never came out.
We split the bill, and then go home and cook.
The couple's split came amid a difficult time for Grande.
With a few exceptions, the action occurs in split screen.
The couple split in 2009 after four months of marriage.
A few are missing, like split toning and tone curve.
But the copyright question had since split into two stages.
One did the textbook and manuscript and we split that.
Among Millennials in their thirties, the gender split is even.
The cause of the split, then as now, was trade.
We split the bill evenly between the three of us.
Those voters used to be fairly split between the parties.
The bill doesn't look so bad when you split it.
Neighborhoods were literally split in half, and many never recovered.
The teams split the season series, both winning at home.
In February 2017, PEOPLE confirmed that the pair had split.
The Browns appear to have "split opinions" on Garrett vs.
I have an avocado to split between morning and afternoon.
The pair split after three years of marriage in 2013.
He split from his first wife, Nancy Putkoski, in 2004.
This forced them to split up into smaller splinter groups.
The reason for their split was cited as irreconcilable differences.
Miller died in September, months after he and Grande split.
Under a proportional system, seats would be split four ways.
It's now been two years since eBay split from PayPal.
Jenner's move comes one month after her split from Tyga.
Golani said the change does not represent an ideological split.
And remember, this all takes place in a split second.
A workspace can be multiple apps running in split screen.
Its politics still split both American and Vietnamese society today.
Rapper Common and CNN political commentator Angela Rye have split.
Like many, he fears the economic consequences of a split.
The NSC was split on whether to allow Huawei in.
Miller split from Sturridge in 2015 after 4 years together.
Shakespeare split just one infinitive, the King James Bible none.
Labour is split between its magical thinkers and its pragmatists.
We split a few more pitchers of beer and nachos.
Split each layer in half horizontally, making 6 even layers.
For the best deal on a Note 9, we're split.
So he always did that, he always split his vote.
Gavin Newsom for four years before they split in 2005.
However, analysts were evenly split over the prospect of deregulation.
News of an impending split first broke in November 2018.
We split a popsicle prosecco cocktail (YUM) and people watch.
The two wed in 1993, but split 10 years later.
It split roads, farms, railroads; but also families and communities.
Wall Street institutions and Twitter users are split on bitcoin.
We split a pizza and some fancy short rib fries.
The following month, Hunter and Kathleen Biden finalized their split.
Feedback was similarly split on the size of the Board.
But then, Tuesday came ... Usher and Grace announced their split.
Dow Chemical and DuPont agreed to merge and then split.
The neutrons smash into other atoms, causing them to split.
The game starts out with the screen split in two.
The two split in 2010 after 4 years of marriage.
The two companies might partner up to split the space.
But we always split it, so it's not too terrible.
News, Chrisley revealed the reasoning for her split from Kennard.
The cabinet, like Parliament, remains split over the customs union.
My coworker pays since I paid last time we split.
It's a lot smoother than the previous Split View interface.
Prout said she was not happy with the split verdict.
Exhibit A: The lyrics, which definitely hint at a split.
The star hasn't been letting the split get her down.
Such support, however, was largely split along political party lines.
Meanwhile, Jonas and model girlfriend Gigi Hadid split last November.
If we go out to dinner, we'll usually split it.
Families split and, you know, 'Get on with your life.
Blige cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.
Here's how she worked around VF's questions regarding the split.
It's more like $40 or $50 split between several platforms.
They had three children together, but later split in 2005.
After they had split, you would see ... it was fascinating.
The court split on whether to give Smith a reprieve.
There was good action to his fastball and his split.
They decided to split because it just wasn't fun anymore.
Carrey and White had split a week before her death.
Naturally, the two bands released a split together in 2016.
Less than two years later, though, they split for good.
"I think psychologically, I split into two pieces," she says.
Grande and Miller split in May after two years dating.
But his attempt to split hairs only inflamed his critics.
They "got it" just a split second before I did.
So this is a big split in the American mind.
To split them was sad, but we had some crossovers.
Despite their split, they have appeared to be amicably separated.
The Andes split into three ranges at the southern border.
The report on Friday generated split reaction on Capitol Hill.
"Jamie and Katie split," a music entertainment source tells PEOPLE.
She pays $500; the split is relative to our incomes.
It split into three pieces and briefly caught on fire.
Three years later, voters seemed just as split, and angry.
I worked hard -- a split shift -- and it paid off.
To be clear, Scott and Kourtney split officially in 2015.
But Moore and Brooks could split their shared conservative base.
Then we split up to write the other two episodes.
The split is less about communism than what came after.
He cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.
Analysts are split over whether the easing cycle has ended.
It's a hard but necessary step to a healthy split.
But the DUP's actual electorate seem split on the issue.
A rep for the actress confirmed the split to PEOPLE.
Meanwhile, eBay shares were about 9 percent since the split.
But the parties split on exactly how that would happen.
"After we split, we were in Las Vegas," he recounted.
She implies ain't a damn thing changed since their split.
They remain split on exactly when to start those reductions.
That was how Latinos felt when J.Lo and Marc split.
I blurred the background because my split ends are awful.
Toomey therefore needs to convince those voters to split their
White House Jumper's Shocking PastElle King: Secret Marriage, Public Split!
Demand was split evenly between the two tranches on offer.
The split comes just shy of the couple's third anniversary.
However, that finding was split dramatically between men and women.
Reaction from lawmakers in the meeting on Monday was split.
Regulators had been split over whether to grant a delay.
Grande is also taking time for herself following the split.
"My childhood was split compared to most people," Giray said.
States already facing an historic partisan divide split even farther.
The couple split in fall 2014 after three years together.
And Americans remain split on the prospect of impeachment proceedings.
In a split second, he decided to sell his car.
I think the split is going to be really fascinating.
TAK says it split from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).
After years of drama the pair finally split in 2007.
The age groups were similarly split in a second prompt.
We're told the split definitely did not involve substance abuse.
In fact, an evenly split court really isn't anything new.
Irreconcilable differences was cited as the reason for the split.
Still, the former couple have remained amicable since the split.
The position will split into two posts in February 2018.
The parties have split Senate control almost exactly in half.
People reports that she and Orlando Bloom have officially split.
We have been split up for almost six months now.
Boyfriend and I split stuffed French toast and huevos rancheros.
With $100,000 per team split five ways you're doubling that.
The rebates are split between federal and state Medicaid programs.
Lufthansa does not provide a regional split of the figures.
Amazon has split three times since its IPO in 1997.
However, this approach raised the specter of a chain split.
The two con artists will split the heiress's considerable fortune.
The split got pretty nasty before they reached a settlement.
But Clinton and Trump supporters are split on the issue.
We split in 2011 after three and a half years.
He agreed to split the trial in a January order.
The proposed split was opposed earlier this morning by Sen.
Black Democrats, meanwhile, are nearly split between conservatives and liberals.
Legal experts are split on whether the precedent would hold.
If that fails, a split could be on the cards.
Online jersey sales are split between all 30 ball clubs.
The pair split in May 2015 after three years together.
Michael also addressed the split on Instagram on Dec. 29.
So in that way it's split right down the middle.
The lefty Fringe audience is therefore split as never before.
It was the first time split screen had been used.
The team is split between Berlin and Sydney, he says.
Talking about Split View, the app picker is completely new.
Industry officials are split on whether that is legally possible.
Their split, as the 6th Circuit noted, was not amicable.
Viacom and CBS were split into separate companies in 2006.
" She later added: "God doesn't want families to split up.
The centrifugal forces that split the USSR also linger today.
Republican lawmakers are split over the question of whether Sen.
Thorne split with both Mongeau and Mod Sun this year.
The heft of the moment depended on the brand split.
A split GOP vote could hand the election to Jones.
The IPO will be split between new and existing shares.
Split the hot dogs halfway lengthwise to make a cavity.
The split television screens encapsulated the absurdity of it all.
This uses electrolysis to "split" water, producing hydrogen and oxygen.
You need to split those people up into five districts.
She maintained a close friendship with Combs after their split.
Right now the public is roughly evenly split on impeachment.
"I thought he struggled with his split tonight," Girardi said.
Recent surveys show Americans are roughly split on the issue.
There were also reports of a split between Kurdish factions.
But a split decision could also lead to a settlement.
Two other candidates split the remaining 8.1% of the vote.
Sycamore's solution was to split the retailer into three parts.
The former couple split in May after two years together.
They all promised to split the money if anyone won.
The split comes at a challenging time for the star.
We split pork buns, spicy shrimp wontons, and mapo tofu.
There was no plan for reuniting families split at border.
Amid the royal split, Agnew's position was no longer needed.
The flows were broadly split between bond and stock E.T.F.s.
The assistants pursued legal action and eventually split a settlement.
Four boys and three adults were split between four canoes.
Don't split up — even to go check something suspicious out.
The lefties' offspring was evenly split between righties and lefties.
Cameron's governing Conservative Party is deeply split over the issue.
Both have split the party in various ways for years.
Thorne split with both Mongeau and Mod Sun this year.
More importantly, the five traditionalists are deeply split among themselves.
The band and split heart both separate and join them.
Liam doesn't appear to have commented on the split directly.
Some party members say the feud could cause another split.
In July 2019, multiple outlets reported that the pair split.
In a statement on the split, Amazon told Business Insider,
In the end, the Party split into Bolsheviks and Mensheviks.
CUTCHOGUE "Summer of Split Pop," solo exhibition by Robert Perez.
The actual federal-state split is 28500 percent — 6900 percent.
Abertis's Latin American assets would be split, the sources added.
The private equity firm split the retailer into three parts.
The proclamations split the two monuments into several smaller sections.
Trump's advisers are split on the issue, the newspaper added.
Concern about inflation has split economists' views on interest rates.
Though China has said it does not want to split
Drop the split seats and a bike should slip in.
Braun and Cohen split their time between two California homes.
Bitcoin cash split off from the original bitcoin on Aug.
" On "Survivor," the competitors were split into teams, or "tribes.
Some legislatures are split between Republicans and Democrats, forcing compromise.
Dobrik and Koshy announced in June 2018 they had split.
The reason for their split remains unclear at this time.
The crowd of more than 200 was approximately evenly split.
Hoverboards like the Swagtron T3 are split down the middle.
The company was split off from Kraft Foods in 2012.
I mean, straight up from a full, sitting split. What!
He denied there was any split between Malong and Kiir.
I take the pees, so that's how we split up.
Both groups were then further split into three more batches.
We split the bill, and I leave for a date.
Within a few years, India's Communists had split three ways.
Split second decisions are ... needed, and the complexity creates danger.
Ms. Lewis attributes the split for Mr. Fontana's artistic prowess.
Its membership is split evenly between Democratic appointees and Republicans.
That doesn't mean trying to split the baby with conservatives.
NOTES: The two teams split their six games this season.
We're actually split, essentially, a third, a third, a third.
Your work on split perspectives, too, which is really interesting.
The split is about 70 to 30, favoring the former.
Blake split from Miranda Lambert and Gwen from Gavin Rossdale.
This was the first album after Galaxie 500 split up.
Over the next decade, however, their politics began to split.
The pair split the season's four grand slams between them.
The poll numbers split strongly between gender and race lines.
States still split the program's cost with the federal government.
Nobody wants to know the real reason ADHDJs split up.
And I was floored when Bisping won that split decision.
Split the difference, and project them a little over .500.
The girls split up soon after arriving at The Barrowland.
At the end of the month, we split the balance.
He can see Chino's elbow is split open and bleeding.
We linger over two rounds and eventually split the tab.
The band split in 2001 and briefly reunited in 2012.
Republicans in some races have also split the fundraising pot.
The driveway is overgrown and strewn with split black jamuns.
The media is giving some split reviews on Spicer's performance.
The plan would split the bank's assets between two entities.
With votes split three ways, I barely won a majority.
That has resulted in more children split from their parents.
Jamie Foxx recently split from Katie Holmes after six years.
Investors were split on what the ECB discussion could mean.
Democrats are split on who they think could beat Walker.
Reaction to the Senate briefing was split along party lines.
It's simply that people here are split between the parties.
The split persisted among Democrats, independents and even among Republicans.
It is about 28503 percent, split between employer and workers.
The frankfurter was split open, grilled and served with relish.
Evil Geniuses 2020 LCS Spring Split standings, through Saturday: 1.
Split brows, broken noses, smashed teeth and knockouts are common.
They're both betting that the industrial conglomerate will split up.
Split the vanilla beans and scrape them into the sugar.
The art Watkins made firmly resisted the war's anguished split.
They know no one's gonna split a pack of ramen.
A source told PEOPLE the two actually split months prior.
And then getting in, how do they split between it?
The two lawmakers represent a split in the Republican Party.
"My wife and I split the child care," he says.
So eventually, the Obama administration tried to split the difference.
What would happen if you were split off from Google?
Mr. Trump's closest advisers on China are split on strategies.
A close friend of mine recently split with her partner.
Experts believe that role will soon be split into two.
Guifarro would split that between his uncle and his mother.
The UK remains seriously split over what to do next.
They split the $20,000 cost of dividing the unit evenly.
When detonated, it would split the Earth, killing all inhabitants.
It's an overwhelming piece, and here the group split off.
The split focus of his life prompts some interesting reactions.
The two split the utilities and the $261,2600 rent equally.
The sneaker that split was a Paul George signature Nike.
Around the country, teachers said they were split on Summit.
The split would make each entity more competitive, he said.
This cost is split between the national and local administrations.
The youngest white voters are more evenly split between parties.
She would have split up our marriage anyway, she quipped.
The two men split the earnings, about $10, between them.
Americans are largely split on the news of Kennedy's retirement.
Buying behavior was split evenly, with 40% opting for each.
The festival's 21st season will be split into two parts.
Usually, beekeepers split their time between pollination and honey producing.
In "The Split," a London law firm deals in divorce.
She can fall into a rage in a split second.
Sanders notched some early victories when the field was split.
My family, too, had been split apart by Germany's divisions.
Analysts appear split on the effect on the stock market.
Connecticut's Senate, previously evenly split, is now held by Democrats.
They now split their time between New York and Georgia.
Unsurprisingly, these issues have split voters by race and education.
For instance, take the seven-letter answer with the split ?
They split into teams and played volleyball with colorful balloons.
Jewelry designer Meyer and Tobey Maguire split up last year.
Lewis and Edward split in February after 10 years together.
Respondents were split on whether the government should require it.
JCPenney said it is considering seeking a reverse stock split.
Such a split within the black community shouldn't be surprising.
Companies were split into divisions by geography and product type.
This past summer, I took our family to Split, Croatia.
"Who has the 'marshmallows'?" it said, licking its split lips.
The Victory Fund found a partisan split among the candidates.
Now some classes are evenly split between men and women.
By then, the groups already must have split in two.
The two will split the duties and debut this weekend.
Time split between Manhattan and a house in the Hamptons.
Gail: There's got to be a split of some kind.
The dénouement of the film left me split in two.
The roots of the superpower split go back 22 years.
Blue Apron has continued to struggle since the reverse split.
Thereafter he split his time between Warsaw and New York.
Us Weekly was the first to report the split news.
We split a cheeseburger and fries ($20, but D. pays).
We split ravioli with pesto and truffle and spaghetti carbonara.
Delegates are actual people and can't be split into fractions.
Continents Split Up at the Same Speed Finger Nails Grow.
We split a veggie combo and an order of tibs.
Culpo and the Detroit Lions WR split earlier this year.
The Celtics and Hornets split two previous games this season.
The first mandate is, we've decided to split the company.
And we've already split those hairs two or three times.
By summer of 2019, however, the couple had split up.
Go deeper: Republicans, Democrats split over role of national media
One of those tear gas bombs split my eye open.
Amazon later split HQ23 up between New York and Virginia.
My method was to use split screens on my computer.
That support is split between at least five other candidates.
TMZ was the first to report news of the split.
Mr. Bayes and his collaborators try to split the difference.
Those seats are evenly split between Republican and Democratic incumbents.
Licensing it, you could split it up 100 different ways.
The parade was split into two sections, civilian and military.
That even split might not be a coincidence, some say.
Ad revenue will be split between Facebook and the creator.
Reaction over Ortega's accusations has been split down political lines.
At best, American public sentiment on the matter was split.
A separate split of services trade is expected to follow.
Dhal puri is a roti stuffed with ground split peas.
"We don't want to split our family," Mr. Vishnubhotla said.
White women without degrees were split between Buttigieg and Sanders.
Six years later Mr. Redstone split the two companies apart.
If you accept the proposed split, that's what you get.
You can even split your purchase with convenient monthly payments.
Independents were split approximately down the middle, according to Gallup.
At the bar, the couples split a bottle of rum.
We get two coffees (cappuccinos) and a muffin to split.
They dated for a little, but finally split in 2010.
We did 13 dates after Republic, before we split up.
Slime molds can also heal themselves if split in two.
I call the Lyft, but we split it three ways.
On Twitter, fans were split in receiving the new graphic.
But they split over what else to do about it.
The two teams split six goals in the first period.
Activists point to the lopsided split between pay and returns.
Brennan tried to split the difference with a new term.
Lower courts split on the merits of the legal claims.
Despite the split, she remained important in the party hierarchy.
Cillizza: How much has this issue split on party lines?
And activist investors have further pushed to split the insurer.
Voters are becoming likelier to split by age and education.
Every good marathon I've run has been a negative split.
Finally, drivers implementing a "prudent" strategy will split the difference.
Hemsworth has given very little public comment on his split.
"It's like a split screen," said GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak.
We order lemon pepper wings, calamari, and edamame to split.
The two split in January after dating for 10 years.
Split second decisions are needed, and the complexity creates danger.
Reckitt also said it will split into two business units.
Many lawmakers share houses or apartments to split rental costs.
Reviewers were more split than usual on the Champagne's price.
But on other relevant measures, the groups did split more.
The CDU seems to be split over its leadership question.
Also converging in Aleppo is the region's rising sectarian split.
Finally, they split the groups a third time, by gender.
We split the check, but I pick up the queso.
I split the household items with G. $45 4 p.m.
We split the check down the middle making my share.

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