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"sound" Definitions
  1. sensible; that you can rely on and that will probably give good results
  2. [only before noun] good, detailed and complete
  3. in good condition; not damaged, hurt, etc.
  4. [usually before noun] deep and peaceful
  5. good and accurate, but not excellent
  6. severe

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"sound" Synonyms
stable sturdy strong whole intact solid substantial able-bodied bombproof bouncing durable fast firm fit hale healthy hearty robust stalwart stout logical reasonable valid convincing analytic analytical authoritative cogent coherent consequent good prudent rational reliable sensible weighty credible plausible satisfactory accurate correct exact precise impeccable faultless flawless true watertight unassailable holding up holding water standing up holding up in wash faithful veracious strict authentic literal close dependable fair astute trustworthy intelligent judicious sagacious wise perceptive percipient shrewd canonical fly kosher legit orthodox toned disease-free undamaged unimpaired uninjured in trim physically fit hale and hearty in fine fettle in good condition in good shape solvent creditworthy debt-free secure unindebted in credit in funds in the black not in debt out of debt of good financial standing able to pay its debts well-managed steady safe deep unbroken undisturbed uninterrupted untroubled peaceful quiet pristine preserved unspoiled unspoilt unmarred unscathed unsullied complete proper real thorough total absolute downright drastic out-and-out severe thoroughgoing unqualified veritable right royal categoric categorical outright unequivocal justifiable defensible tenable supportable justified acceptable sustainable just defendable legitimate understandable maintainable allowable excusable perfect entire untouched unharmed unblemished unhurt comprehensive full unmarked incontrovertible irrefutable indisputable incontestable undeniable conclusive unquestionable indubitable certain definite sure positive clear unmistakable unambiguous inarguable evident hardened toughened strengthened reinforced fortified indestructible armoured(UK) armored(US) impenetrable factual certified truthful definitive verifiable advisable appropriate expedient advantageous apt useful fitting profitable beneficial politic helpful suitable desirable gainful recommended genuine actual bona fide original pure unadulterated unalloyed certifiable undisputed unfeigned echt official marvelous(US) marvellous(UK) excellent wonderful great amazing magnificent smashing superb fantastic glorious mean splendid bad brilliant crucial fabulous sensational terrific phenomenal reputable esteemed respected celebrated renowned distinguished recognised(UK) recognized(US) acclaimed prominent illustrious famous eminent prestigious notable famed respectable estimable reputed honored(US) tight impervious sealed hermetic airtight impermeable locked fastened proof waterproof blocked bolted clumped obstructed plugged shut smothering snapped exceptional appealing delightful enjoyable likeable(UK) likable(US) nice pleasant satisfying agreeable adequate decent passable sufficient tolerable competent average presentable serviceable alright comfortable heavy fierce powerful profound terrible vicious almighty blistering ferocious frightful furious intense pronounced dreadful excruciating explosive fearsome ghastly airworthy flightworthy flyable in good order in working order flyworthy skyworthy considerable significant big important major sizeable material meaningful key worthwhile consequential eventful extraordinary grand unoffensive innocuous inoffensive innoxious unobjectionable hurtless gentle innocent nontoxic controllable disarmed guiltless inoperative kind manageable naive nonirritating painless powerless unawake sleeping asleep conked crashed dead to the world dozing dreaming inactive inert napping out like a light snoozing unconscious lucrative remunerative moneymaking fruitful paying economic fat successful going juicy commercial bankable sweet sustaining money-spinning profit-making harsh scathing biting caustic cutting mordant savage sharp stringent astringent devastating scorching searing stinging trenchant auditory audial audile acoustic acoustical aural auricular audible audio auditive hearing otic phonic sonic hearsay full-blooded vigorous strenuous uncompromising aggressive assertive committed dynamic emphatic energetic forceful muscular resounding sweeping salutary healthful salubrious wholesome health-giving medicinal restorative salutiferous sanative tonic aiding constructive healful healing nourishing nutritious marketable merchantable saleable sellable salable vendible corporate mass-market wanted hot merchandisable selling trafficable in demand for sale economical cheap inexpensive budget economy low-budget low-cost low-price bargain bargain-basement cost-effective cut-price cut-rate discount discounted effective efficient noise din racket note tone bang resonance reverberation hubbub report row chord cry music peep squeak tenor accent clank clatter channel strait narrows neck fjord inlet passage arm branch straits waterway bay creek estuary firth sea passage voe stretch of water arm of the sea gulf tones harmony melody tonality tune notes chords strains composition song symphony refrain theme piece instrumental vibe hymn idea impression prospect concept description thought drift implications earshot distance range hail hearing distance hearing range reach ear carrying range auditory range blare babel roar discordance cacophony decibels rattle chatter brawl katzenjammer bowwow bruit clamor(US) bluster clamour(UK) boom crash blast smash whump clash whack slam thump thwack clang thud thunderclap whomp thunder shot peal snap inflexion(UK) inflection(US) intonation modulation stress emphasis timbre pitch lilt accentuation pronunciation articulation enunciation measure rise and fall tone of voice change of pitch chime jingle toll tinkle tintinnabulation carillon pealing ringing tolling clanging dong knell ding ding-dong Angelus ring clangour(UK) vibration buzz thrum hum drone rumble murmur echo buzzing murmuring rumbling thrumming echoing drumming thumping strain warble air descant diapason lay ditty carol ballad aria acoustics audibility sound properties sound quality sound transmission soundtrack background music dialog(US) dialogue(UK) incidental music recording score sound effects sound effect effect special effect call cheep chirp tweet twitter trill chirrup chirping piping chirruping cheeping warbling birdsong trilling langue argot brogue cant communication conversation dialect diction dictionary discourse doublespeak expression gibberish idiom interchange jargon lexicon lingua franca heehaw amusement cachinnation cackle chortle chuckle chuckling crack-up crow gesture giggle giggling glee guffaw hilarity howling laughter merriment mirth euphony melodiousness musicality unison accord consonance mellifluousness mellowness rhythm tunefulness sweetness smoothness lyricism mellifluence orchestration raspberry jeer hiss boo catcall hoot bird razz snort Bronx cheer taunt whistle shout abuse derision scoffing mockery teasing insult taunting vocalism utterance vocalisation(UK) vocalization(US) delivery exclamation mutter speech footfall step footstep tread pace stamp tramp stomp plod stride stomping walk footsteps march gait track motion movement carriage rustle rustling crackle crinkling susurration swishing crepitation ripple susurrus swish whisper whispering crunch patter stir sough susurrant word term designation name appellation locution vocable lexeme morpheme usage turn of phrase phrase title label denomination moniker monicker article resound resonate reverberate blow go play reecho toot go off babble look seem appear act expound express feel give make raise state vent ventilate voice look like come across as come off as look to be appear to be announce declare utter broadcast enunciate herald proclaim promulgate pronounce publicise(UK) publicize(US) publish release advertise advertize blazon post trumpet verbalise(UK) verbalize(US) articulate enounce say vocalise(UK) vocalize(US) speak tell communicate pass talk fathom plumb determine gage(US) gauge(UK) investigate test probe survey take a reading of penetrate estimate measure the depth of explore comprehend examine scrutinize(US) search unravel dive plunge plummet swoop nosedive bellyflop duck spring vault go headfirst jump down throw oneself go down go headlong jump headfirst launch oneself leap down leap headfirst whir whizz bumble whiz burr zip whish zoom purr whirr vibrate susurrate bombinate throb bombilate strum bow drum fiddle finger pedal perform render execute fidget instrument operate work perform on make music on ring out rise be heard blare out blast out peal out pierce the silence tease rib kid mock chaff ridicule deride josh rag needle joke jive ride rally satirise(UK) satirize(US) roast bait sniff exhale inhale inspire breathe snift snuff snuffle expire puff grunt pant breathe out breathe in draw in insufflate respire gasp creak grind grate screech squeal rasp scrape groan jar rub scratch chirr complain scrunch screak grit pipe shrill yelp whimper whine scritch sing pip chitter drop fall descend sink tumble dip crater topple lower fling crash-dive fall headlong take a nosedive belly-flop roll rock flounder lurch toss buck careen keel sway reel teeter move seesaw wabble wobble pitchpole wallow sizzle crack crepitate decrepitate fizz frizzle sputter break crinkle pop sparkle spit sibilate impel goad provoke incite prompt badger dragoon hound coerce pressure instigate press pressurise(UK) pressurize(US) bully harass hassle induce nudge More
"sound" Antonyms
unstable unsteady unsound flimsy rickety unsafe damaged shaky defective unbalanced insecure imperfect precarious wobbly unfinished distrusted incomplete partial half-hearted unreliable illogical irrational injudicious foolish nonrational absurd careless unjustifiable senseless unjustified implausible irresponsible nonsensical unreasoning ignorant unreasoned fallacious incoherent preposterous incompetent undependable untrustworthy capricious erratic useless faithless fickle inept unpredictable flighty hopeless ineffective inadequate incapable ineffectual insufficient unproficient ill sick unwell unfit unhealthy crook infirm nauseous indisposed afflicted peaky sickly infected queasy sickened sickish liverish valetudinarian down insolvent bankrupt liquidated penniless ruined broke defaulting impecunious indebted bust collapsed impoverished broken penurious busted failed financially ruined in debt destitute interrupted fitful shallow disturbed disconnected unsettled discontinuous intermittent troubled spasmodic disrupted light sporadic fragmentary narrow slight tight close slim marginal small hairbreadth down-to-the-wire unconvincing inconclusive indecisive uncompelling unpersuasive impotent invalid muddled unimportant vague weak unbelievable incredible unlikely improbable feeble dubious doubtful indefensible unreasonable arbitrary insupportable unsustainable untenable unwarranted illegal illegitimate inexcusable prohibited unacceptable unlawful unsuitable wrong excitable fiery hotheaded impetuous rash neurotic paranoid panicky nervous anxious manic obsessive overanxious overwrought jumpy oversensitive phobic hysterical nervy twitchy stressy fearful hysteric debatable uncertain unfounded unproven disputable indefinite questionable refutable tenuous unsure controvertible arguable problematical unfortified dangerous vulnerable hazardous unsolid pervious penetrable deceptive democratic dishonest false inaccurate untruthful inexact imprecise incorrect untrue erroneous falsified obscure delicate nonhardy soft tender ramshackle frail fragile lethargic diseased debilitated unwise imprudent inadvisable inappropriate impolitic improper inexpedient silly stupid undesirable unfitting ill-advised unprofitable unseemly uncorrect inconsequent inconsequential confusing disjointed incomprehensible inconsistent meaningless rambling unintelligible confused crumbling decaying decrepit compromised deteriorated breakable dilapidated iffy tumbledown demolished destroyed shattered smashed wrecked crushed fractured fragmented cracked snapped annihilated shredded ruptured abolished disintegrated inapplicable inapposite infelicitous inapt incongruous indecent malapropos misbecoming unapt unbecoming unbeseeming unhappy unmeet fake bogus counterfeit phoney(UK) pseudo spurious phony(US) sham mock supposititious unauthentic artificial fraudulent imitation ingenuine factitious groundless uninformed disreputable unrespected abbreviated abridged diminished limited shortened condensed reduced restricted sketchy curtailed cut deficient fractional impaired truncated flawed amiss bad censurable faulty reproachable blemished corrupt disfigured stained tarnished impure sullied injured harmed hurt loose open permeable possible unclosed unsealed free ajar unsecured agape gaping unshut uncovered endangered exposed imperiled(US) imperilled(UK) liable subject to susceptible threatened violable in danger accessible defenceless(UK) agitated flustered discomposed disorganised(UK) disorganized(US) unhinged bothered distressed jittery perturbed restless awful horrible dreadful terrible unpleasant poor lousy abysmal horrendous shocking substandard lamentable objectionable odious deplorable woeful wretched rubbish egregious cowboy common fly-by-night notorious ordinary shady unknown diffident self-distrustful self-doubting ambiguous unconfirmed dismayed distrustful doubted doubting feared hesitant impractical impracticable unrealistic unworkable blue-sky idealistic nonpractical unusable utopian visionary impossible inefficient unpractical decorative excited inexperienced crazy deranged insane demented psychotic mad mental brainsick daft nuts nutty bonkers certifiable silence quiet hush stillness quietness quietude soundlessness serenity lull sereneness tranquility(US) placidity still calmness tranquillity(UK) peace peacefulness calm noiselessness hush-hush fact certainty truth actuality failure loss tap whimper advantage solution success monotone pitch volume quieten shush quell deaden mute settle subdue be silent suppress withhold conceal contain hide ban censor cover gag disguise belie redact stifle cloak mask muffle muzzle mispronounce distort mangle misstate make a mess of mess up murmur waft toot stop halt end terminate discontinue cease interrupt suspend finish off wind up be real

539 Sentences With "sound"

How to use sound in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "sound" and check conjugation/comparative form for "sound". Mastering all the usages of "sound" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It is called Ac2ated Sound, not Ac2ate Sound or Ac2uate Sound.
Here are the best sound machines you can buy:Best sound machine overall: Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound MachineBest white noise sound machine: LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise MachineBest budget sound machine: Big Red Rooster Sound MachineBest sound machine for travel: Homedics Portable White Noise Sound MachineBest sound machine for babies: WavHello SoundBub White Noise Machine and SpeakerBest sound machine for kids: Bubzi Co Sleep SootherUpdated on 10/22/2019 by Lisa Sabatini: Updated prices, links, and formatting.
"This sound guy was the sound guy of all sound guys," said Shannon.
Sound Mixing and Sound Editing: The sound branches love to nominate a good blockbuster.
It makes "the activist community" sound approachable; it makes "the skin-care community" sound important; it makes "the Christian community" sound inclusive and kind; it makes "the medical community" sound folksy and skilled at the bedside; it makes "the homeless community" sound voluntary; it makes "the gun rights community" sound humanistic; it makes "the tech community" sound like good citizens.
Home EntertainmentSoundbarsHome EntertainmentSoundbarsLG SJ22.1 Sound Bar FlexHome EntertainmentSoundbarsLG SJ370 Sound Bar FlexLG SJ7 Sound Bar FlexPrice$430What is it?
The LG Sound Bar Flex is a wireless sound system, but it is not a wi-fi sound system.
Ryan Rumery, our sound designer, has a fire sound effect running nearby, and that helps mask the mechanical sound.
The multidisciplinary artist, who produces sound under the name alva noto and founded the "archive for sound and not sound," Raster-Noton, works scientifically to find systems of making sound visually accessible.
In terms of sound quality, the new AirPods sound exactly like the old AirPods—which is to say, they sound fine.
"That doesn't sound fair, that doesn't sound free," he said.
She also presented awards for sound mixing and sound editing.
Sound comes from 40mm drivers which should sound just fine.
His sound and my sound, the whole thing blended together.
They sound great, but some may prefer a brighter sound.
Artists and sound designers aren't creating new sound or art.
But what's the difference between Sound Design and Sound Editing?
It provides stereo sound and can mimic surround sound environments.
We learned to capture sound together, to shape sound together.
Sound massage is about another totally different approach to sound.
The alarm sound works independently of the phone's sound mode.
They sound how they were meant to sound, fully realized.
With ear plugs and sound insulation, there is no sound.
" Sunset Sound had "more of a '70s, tight wood sound.
It did really sound like a reinvention of your sound.
Sennheiser says that the new sound bar will deliver 3D sound that's roughly the same as a nine-speaker surround sound setup.
The Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine offers up just about every feature you could ask for in a sound machine. ProsCons:
Sound Good sound starts with a good driver—the mechanism in a speaker or headphone that converts electric audio signals into sound waves.
Most musicians want a clean sound from their guitar, a special sound from the effects, and a clean sound from the amp/speaker.
Related drawings, prints, videos, and sound installation are featured, demonstrating González's interest in both representations of sound and sound as a sculptural material.
The award for Sound Mixing used to be called Best Sound.
People with epilepsy or extreme sound sensitivity should avoid sound bathing.
But the sound... I had to do something about the sound.
In addition to better sound, the Echo can provide smarter sound.
The award for sound mixing used to be called Best Sound.
Here makes your world sound…however you want it to sound.
Rather than blasting sound downwards, the Beam redirected sound towards me.
Sound Management Practice: We expect Tallinn's management practices to remain sound.
They've made NFL stars sound like children and politicians sound foolish.
Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - "Strange Touch (My House) (Sound Pellegrino)"11.
KS: It's money for your sound, your giant sound, come on.
The sound quality and surround sound is really good for games.
Those were sound decisions then and are even more sound today.
Smart HomeSmart HomeOnelink Safe & Sound Smoke and CO AlarmSmart HomeOnelink Safe & Sound Smoke and CO AlarmOnelink Safe & Sound Smoke and CO AlarmWhat is it?
He then sent the sound files to Gary Rydstrom and Shannon Mills, award-winning sound designers at Skywalker Sound, and asked them to listen.
Through movies that had won the other sound category — sound editing — but not sound mixing, even though the two often go hand in hand.
People don't expect Dr. Dre to sound like Del [the Funky Homosapien], Del to sound like the Pharcyde — these people don't sound the same.
If you haven't already guessed, Mr. Nediger offers us a sound change theme where the "th" sound is swapped out for the "f" sound.
I think our sound is unique because we have no 'sound', exactly.
Voices sound natural and guitars sound like someone's plucking at their strings.
Every sound you hear on this track is a sound she made.
Some sound escapes this vacuum, but it is all the same sound.
It was a financially sound decision, just not a nutritionally sound one.
They make the old sound new, and the new sound appealing old.
We did it through sequences and sound effects and 'sound montaged' it.
For sound, it has Dolby sound pushed through dual 1.5-inch drivers.
We did New York — the Harlem sound became the New York sound.
It's the sound of a band trying to make a new sound.
As a composer, I'm interested in sound and how sound is made.
Lower Profitability but Sound CFFO Ache has historically presented sound operational performance.
The optional 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system delivered stellar sound quality.
They sound slightly fuzzy, like the sound-equivalent of having blurry vision.
And so two seconds of sound that's looped has to sound smooth.
Oscar Nominations: 10Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing.
The Funktion-One sound system provides an all-encompassing and clean sound.
Sound mixing is making sure they all come together to sound real.
What about the sound of slight anticipation, or the sound of memories?
She didn't build the plugin to sound more "manly" in her emails, but to sound more like herself—or at least how she wanted to sound.
This sound is about 10,000 times smaller than the sound that went in.
The Sound HomePod's most impressive element is maybe the most important: its sound.
Sound Asset-Liability Matching: Fitch expects TREIT to maintain sound asset-liability matching.
And while it might sound strange, sound quality is simply good, not great.
I bought an external sound interface because I couldn't stand internal sound cards.
If comfort had a sound, it would be the sound of him sipping.
It's a strangely familiar sound, like the sound of the body from inside.
Specifically: what the hell is the difference between Sound Mixing and Sound Editing?
The raw 808 sound coming through the speakers is the best sound ever.
Delivering surround sound without surround sound speakers is an admirable, forward-thinking goal.
PERINO: Can I play a couple sound -- pieces of sound for you and --.
Noisey: Where do you think the Houston sound and your sound came from?
Polk Audio Command Sound Bar, $248.40, available at AmazonThis slim sound bar features
It didn't sound like a shotgun but it did sound like a rifle.
The runner-up was Dunkirk with three (Editing, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing).
AI-powered software also helps enhance the sound so people's voices sound clearer.
It'll sound cool, he mentions, but it might also sound a little different.
Sound on: More than 60% of Snapchat content plays with the sound on.
Another big inspiration for sound is the imagery and sound of Werner Herzog.
The sound the dog makes chewing the apple is the ultimate apple sound.
That can take the very pointed sound and make it sound more luscious.
I'm no sound-expert, but the fake AirPods don't sound like real AirPods.
Tran went easy on the aural effects—less sound bath than sound spritz.
" He said, "Well, I want the Mozart sound, I want the Tchaikovsky sound.
It doesn't really sound like much, or maybe it does sound like much.
When it comes to sound quality, the Q Acoustics 3020 speakers sound good.
The second new app, Sound Amplifier, dynamically mediates external sound for Android users.
They were making their own sound out of a sound we did already.
We want it to sound good, but it doesn't need to sound perfect.
There were four experimental conditions: a sound paired with a ball, no sound paired with an empty box (both "congruent" conditions); versus a rattling sound paired with an empty box, or no sound paired with a ball ("non-congruent" conditions).
The ambitiously named Sound Bar Flex (model number SJ7) is supposed to work as a portable speaker, a semi-surround sound system, and a traditional sound bar.
The answer to this perennial Oscar question is that Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, similar as they may, uh, sound, do actually recognize two completely different things.
In the below example, Resonance Audio is adjusting a guitar's direction of sound, the shape of how the sound emanates, and how wide the sound will travel.
Users of the product indicated a range of reactions from their dogs, including being scared of the sound, ignoring the sound, and bark correction from the sound.
"They rely on sound to find food, they rely on sound to find mates, they rely on sound to find their way around the ocean," said Fire.
Yes, this seems to be the sound of magic, if magic had a sound.
The second condition for sound is a source to actually produce the sound waves.
The film also picked up nominations for Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Costume Design.
" — to which sound engineer John Carter replies, "F— the actors, save the sound department!
The sound mix is in Dolby Atmos, which is a tremendous surround-sound system.
So it doesn't even sound like me, it doesn't sound like me at all.
Daniel Gritzer, 40, has misophonia, also called select sound sensitivity syndrome, or sound-rage.
Sound Effects of the SeaSpotify"Sound effects of the sea," you might be thinking.
Click here to view original GIFGIF: YouTubeThat sound, that sound, as they come marching.
LG SK6Y 2.1 ch High Res audio sound bar with DTS Virtual:X Sound (2018)
The film also took home trophies for sound editing, sound mixing and film editing.
They Sound Amazing: Sonos speakers are all high quality and deliver consistent, appealing sound.
PurpleDrums is a free, downloadable sound pack from sound designer and teacher Francis Preve.
Sound artists Tim Hecker and Ben Frost will host a session on sound sculpting.
The Sonos is one sound system with 10 sound sources built into one chassis.
This is the sort of perfectly tuned, immediate sound that makes everything sound good.
"Om is the sound of happiness… Om is the sound of love,'" he sings.
Higher pitches sound happier, lower ones sound sadder, and trembly voices are more afraid.
They were sound when you came up with them, and they remain sound now.
"Parts Unknown" also won in the picture editing, sound editing and sound mixing categories.
Even better than their design is how the headphones sound, and they sound awesome.
You can now right-click on the sound icon in the notification area and enable Windows Sonic, a spatial sound feature that supports surround sound and Dolby Atmos.
We wanted to find the sound of sugar, the sound of the beach under the sun, the sound of the heat of July that makes your body relax.
Outfitting nightclubs and remixing classic albums: Dolby has a new but growing business adding surround sound to nightclubs, having retrofitted London's Ministry of Sound and Chicago's Sound-Bar.
And I wanted a chance for our sound department, the guys at Skywalker Sound, to really shine and do something that was almost operatic with just sound alone.
Williams explores the work of Ben Burtt, who designed the sound for Star Wars at a time when sound creators were divided into either production mixers or sound editors.
In this case the "sound" comes out in gravitational waves and not ordinary sound waves.
It started out the the sound of Bow, and eventually became the sound of London.
They can hike and sound dovish, but I'm not sure they can sound dovish enough.
It also has improved sound processing to produce "true to life sound" in virtual environments.
"It is not enough to have sound standards and sound test procedures," he told lawmakers.
Reveal Sound: Get coveted Spire synth with a massive sound bundle for $849.953 (regularly $375).
By definition, Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound is a method of delivering omni-directional, immersive sound.
In terms of sound quality, you'll get a more bass-heavy sound than Apple's option.
The film was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing.
The songs sound like Incantation but they don't sound like we're mimicking our older stuff.
I don't like the way they sound, and they do have a very specific sound.
I could hear a rustling sound and the sound of him breathing into the receiver.
Studio, a medical-grade sound healing company that uses healthy sound frequencies to promote wellness.
Additionally, "Parts Unknown" was nominated for its sound mixing, sound and picture editing and cinematography.
"It was like the sound of rain, the sound of firebombs dropping," Keiko Utsumi remembers.
Your computer's sound card (sometimes called "sound blaster") frequently broke down leaving you without audio.
"We want to keep the sound in," Mr. Moore said, "and make it sound good."
Arrival had (justifiably) won sound editing and had a great argument for winning sound mixing.
The sound of pounding speed bags mixes with Mexican music blaring over a sound system.
The ripping sound you hear is the sound of two giant economies starting to decouple.
"Bohemian Rhapsody" also picked up the awards for film editing, sound editing and sound mixing.
They're very soulful, very funky, they sound like black girls and have a distinctive sound.
The sound editing clips package embedded above, for instance, shows off just what a sound editor does — namely, create the sound effects you hear in a movie in post-production.
"The app was sound, the data that came out of the app was sound, the math that was done on the app was sound," Gerard Niemira, CEO of Shadow Inc.
They sound as good as wired earbuds in this price range, and have better sound isolation than Apple's AirPods, and potentially better sound depending on how you like your tunes.
The ambisonic sound stream is as much about the location of the sound as the sound itself, so Omnitone combines that location with orientation data from the VR headset's sensors.
Every location has two sounds: the documentary, or "real" sound, and the memory sound, which is a recomposed or reimagined sound that takes the original recording and does something different.
With the 3.5mm audio jack, the stereo sound was compromised due to poor sound channel separation and the sound quality was compromised due to a mismatch between phone and headphones.
Sound will only play if you already have the sound turned on for your phone; if your phone is in silent mode, for example, the videos won't play with sound.
It's a sound history of our planet, but also a sound history of each of us.
You can spend less money on a simpler sound bar that offers some surround sound features.
Instead, he spends his days reviewing different sound effects for Soundsnap, an online commercial sound library.
The sound is so loved and recognizable that Apple even filed a trademark on the sound.
I'm not used to sound, so I think it's better if we dance without the sound.
Polk has previously introduced sound bars that work with Google Home while supporting 5.1 surround sound.
Reporters try their best to make null results sound interesting, and others make them sound dreary.
Maybe we think a sound is real when it isn't, simply because the sound makes sense.
Still, this award is for sound created in post-production (or sound effects, in layman's terms).
A deaf gamer, Ewok plays without sound and uses Epic's built-in sound visualizer to compete.
The sound-isolating ear cups support lifelike Dolby Atmos sound that sweeps above and around you.
Instead, the wearable's small speakers project sound directly the user, thanks its sound image localization feature.
"Loud sound is very stressful, especially if the sound is annoying and loud," Martin told
The idea is gaining traction, but is it a sound concept or merely a sound bite?
Speaking of how they sound, the AirPods Pro earbuds sound much better than previous-generation AirPods.
There is also OVO Sound and OVO Sound Radio — a record label and radio program respectively.
There is no longer a sound foundation, and the upper portion lacks sound wood for cabling.
"It doesn't make them sound strong — it makes them sound in over their heads," she said.
At the time, the most popular and praised sound card was the Creative Labs Sound Blaster.
I use sound as a proxy for vision because the electrical signal translates well into sound.
Why do you want to draw that connection between the grittier sound and the cleaner sound?
So it was hard sometimes to sound in the studio the way we wanted to sound.
And yet, most remarkably, the sound of Savion Glover is the sound of someone still searching.
Not only will your answer sound more articulate, but you'll sound more confident to your interviewer.
The proportions of sound to not-sound were renegotiated to the point where roles seemed reversed.
"Tiny sound?" is not a sound that one listens for; it's a small body of water.
They made him sound like an angel, and maybe I'm also making him sound that way.
"I wanted my sound to become the popular cheer music sound across the country," he said.
But Johnson's ideas do sound good, and campaigning on ideas that sound good is pretty smart.
The editing is getting all the sounds in place, putting this sound next to that sound.
At the very least, you'll learn what the difference between Sound Mixing and Sound Editing is!
KS: It'll sound a lot better when it's broadcast, because this actually does pick up sound.
Ambidio An innovative sound company that creates a continuous sound field with a sense of depth and dimension through any device with stereo speakers, bringing an immersive sound experience to everyone.
Rveal digital indoor HDTV antenna — $16.99 See Details Traditional foam earplugs muffle sound, but the Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs reduce the volume using specially designed sound tubes to balance sound waves.
Check it out: Instead of just muffling sound the way foam earplugs do, Vibe Hi-Fidelity Earplugs have specially designed tubes that balance sound-waves, enhancing sound clarity while lowering decibels.
Related: Dance Through an Interactive Gallery of 3D Sound Enter an Alternate Sensory Reality with Max Cooper's 4D Sound Show An Insider's Guide to "Hearing Architecture" with Sound Artist Kiyomi Gordon
In an unexpected but clever twist, the company — led by Sonos Sound Experience Lead Giles Martin and Academy Award-winning sound engineer Chris Jenkins — redesigned the opening bell sound for Nasdaq.
The standard sound system in the E-Class is impressive, but consumers can upgrade for a 3D sound package that makes it sound as if they are in a concert hall.
"You're never going to get your horn to sound just like the [Metallica] guitar when it does that sound, but when you try to do it you end up making the saxophone sound in a way that it didn't sound before, at least with yourself," Stetson said.
You really can use it as a regular sound bar, or, if you'd like something closer to a surround-sound experience, you can break it up and surround yourself with, umm, sound.
Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in June, Cochlear's Nucleus 7 Sound Processor can now stream sound directly from a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the sound processor.
If you're tired of the crummy sound from your TV or the barely-there upgrade of a cheap sound bar, then you'll appreciate the way the Sound+ handles audio, despite its drawbacks.
We have a "change-a-sound" theme today: We're going from an "h" sound in the base phrase to a "ch" sound, and the resulting phrase is clued in a punny way.
"I didn't want it to sound like a drum set so I went looking for a really different sound… Searching for that sound was a journey in a certain way," he said.
We developed a way of thinking and hearing and listening that might have been something like how a turtle thinks of sound, or hears sound, or lives in the world of sound.
It uses three microphones to detect where sound is coming from, so when you zoom in on video, it makes the sound from your subject louder and dampens the sound from elsewhere.
After someone switched me from producing a keyboard sound to a synth sound my musical talent improved.
"  tourguy1018, another Amazon reviewer, says:  "Sound quality is outstanding, really rich deep sound quality of the speaker.
While I'm no audiophile, I know my way around good sound and the Dimension sound really good.
The implant gets sound from an external microphone and sound processor that usually sits behind the ear.
Sound Mysteries"Sound Mysteries" is a Gizmodo series in which we explore weird or unexplained sonic phenomena.
How do you want to shape the sound, and how do you want to move the sound?
They falsely claimed that the sound would be very weak unless we bought an expensive sound bar.
Playing a Dolby surround sound sample clip, the Pro's sound was a bit louder, with better bass.
The warble sound was the only sound that had such a notable effect on the cretaceous creatures.
Hitta J3)"  Shy Glizzy  Shy Glizzy - "Awwsome" Shy Glizzy - "Bankroll"  Stooki Sound Stooki Sound - "My G's (ft.
Unfortunately, all the subtleties of the sound were lost with the sound of drills all around us.
The amp provides Windows Sonic surround sound on Xbox One, and DTS 7.1 surround sound on PS4.
What would happen if you used the real sound and explored what that place could sound like?
No doubt the sound they make is the sound of cash registers ringing in Disney merchandise stores.
It was unique, the sound they made; I suppose it was a sound only brothers could make.
Tiny spaces with shitty sound, or bigger spaces with meh sound and fake-ass Studio 54 attitude?
They're full of these classic pop themes, but they also sound futuristic, they also sound like you.
We are proud to have worked with previous Republican administrations on sound policy based upon sound science.
It may sound like something Intel should worry about, but investors shouldn't sound the alarm just yet.
Sound quality and comparatives: The sound that comes from the HomePod can best be described as precise.
Sound that hurts There are many myths about the effect that sound has in the human body.
Bose is known for its amazing sound quality, and the Lifestyle 650 sound system is no different.
Perhaps the most important thing to consider is how headphones sound, and the ME05 headphones sound great.
And that's exactly why sound machines, also called white noise machines or sound therapy machines, were invented.
It was definitely an indie sound to it, and some songs weren't meant to sound like that.
His sound tried to fit in with our sound and I think it worked out really well.
I was trying to write to sound like Richard and Richard was trying to sound like me.
Talking about sound: Your phone now plays a pleasant little sound when you plug in the charger.
Imposium applies visual effects like datamoshing, sound interruption, sound flowing, motion tracking, and rotoscoping on the fly.
Comfort, sound quality, and sound customizability also play a role in developing my love for these earbuds.
If background music is the sound of waiting, it is also, not coincidentally, the sound of capitalism.
Just think of the horrifying sound of The Babadook or the sublime sound design in NBC's Hannibal.
Of course, the most important aspect of the speakers is how they sound, and they sound awesome.
Sound review of the software code in such contracts will become as important as sound legal review.
The sound that was doing really good in Colombia was the sound that Puerto Ricans stopped doing.
They may sound strange to you, but rum balls didn't sound all that good to me, either.
"Black Panther" received seven, making its strongest mark in music: song, score, sound editing and sound mixing.
Some of the stage directions sound like speeches, a few of the speeches sound like stage directions.
A MIDI file on a no-name sound card floating in a cheap Packard Bell system with reused parts likely didn't sound quite as alive as it might have on a Sound Blaster AWE19993, a sound card so maximalist that it came with its own dedicated memory expansion slots.
Bone conduction means that sound is transmitted via vibrations through the bone, making it easy for sound to travel via the finger bone directly into the ear in order to deliver clear sound.
The higher speed of sound above and below the deep sound channel thus bend sound back into it, allowing it to propagate for thousands of kilometres, especially if the sound's wavelengths are long.
A non-rhotic accent does not pronounce the "r" sound unless it is followed by a vowel sound; it is not the case that it does not pronounce the "r" sound at all.
Short but suggestive, the text pushed sound beyond an experience dependent on hearing; it may be seen or felt, as Kim made incredibly clear as she invited us so associate it with the material and texture ("the sound of pavement floor"); with moments ("the sound of condensation"); with emotional states ("the sound of uncertainty"); and with action and restraint ("the sound of not trying to smell").
We showed that tinnitus sets in at a specific sound frequency, after the experience of loud sound exposure.
All photos: Adam Clark EstesWith the new Sound Bar Flex, LG didn't make the world's best sound bar.
Trump is trying to make the ban sound more palatable by limiting it to countries that sound menacing.
The combination of speaker placement and sound engineering creates a unique harmony of motion between sound and vision.
And what a sound manifesto the MOBO Award-winning, BBC Sound Of-nominated MC has provided us with.
The Only Known Sound in Space Is This 'Singing' Black HoleEveryone knows there is no sound in space.
"At festival grounds, the sound exposure differs greatly and thereby the subject's sound exposure," Grolman said by email.
Nominations: Six: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Andrew Garfield), Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing.
The AirPods are not magically going to sound like audiophile headphones just because you've balanced out the sound.
Usually the mobile app identifies songs by comparing sound input to the sound records in an online database.
The speakers sound fine for voice calls, but they're disappointing for music, which has an echoey, hollow sound.
You cannot use copyrighted sound effects or music for the sole purpose of making your podcast sound better.
Its adaptive sound technology analyzes the environment and delivers optimized sound and clear voices no matter the volume.
With Sony's bright, signature sound and intense blocking of ambient sound, it's the peace you never knew existed.
And, as we know, what we hear as a small sound is a huge sound for the creatures.
These are an accelerometer, for converting acceleration into sound, and a piezoelectric disc, for turning pressure into sound.
Sound Editing and Sound Mixing are potentially the most confusing and there's a big difference between the two.
Spacey starred in Baby Driver, which received nominations in the film editing, sound editing and sound mixing categories.
They sound absolutely terrific, eclipsing the sound quality of everything else that's come before them in the category.
The deep sound channel is found at the depth where these factors provide the lowest speed of sound.
Using acoustic instruments in rooms with powerful sound systems changed how he thought about filling spaces with sound.
That burning inspiration is sound, and dammit, these N60s sound better than they have any right to be.
Even if your hometown doesn't sound anything like New York, people still know the sound of— Dry leaves!
There are elements that really sound alike, but there are other elements that don't sound alike at all.
Since then, the German artist and designer has developed a fascination with sound design and mobile sound structures.
Then I worked in Hong Kong at the polytechnic university out there, teaching sound design and sound psychology.
When you serve and have witnessed and heard that sound, you will always know what that sound is.
The two round, center-aligned speaker grilles project loud sound, but damn it if it doesn't sound tinny.
New system sounds take advantage of spatial sound to fully support surround sound systems when you navigate around.
Tournament organizers later issued a statement explaining that the sound had come from a malfunctioning courtside sound processor.
Domino had a genius for making light pop songs sound bluesy and deep blues sound fresh and timely.
It's called a breakfall, and that sound reminded me of the sound of a sped-up nuclear explosion.
I loved the sound of the club smacking the wet earth; that sound signified the countryside to me.
The sound quality is generally fine and it's surprising just how good the Bose Frames sound at times.
I'm not trying to create a heavy song to sound heavy, or a violent song to sound violent.
"If I make a sound somewhere, it travels away from that sound in a spherical shell," Halpern said.
Though they sound cleaner than ever, they make songs about deep lows sound like optimistic, bleep-blooping ditties.
Dawes said that upon closer inspection, the sound was similar to a sound sometimes made by ventilation pumps.
The person responsible was King Tubby, an electrician turned sound engineer who radically changed the sound of reggae.
Your screen will flash after a second, and if the sound is on, it will sound a chime.
"Bad Liar" didn't sound like anything Gomez had ever released, and it didn't sound like anything else, either.
The sound changes from a silent E to an "ay" sound and the resulting phrase is clued punnily.
The sound of the birds, the sound of the waves, the taste of ice cream — it was different.
Companies have mostly solved the Bluetooth problem, so we can finally focus on sound — and Skybuds sound great Frankly, it feels like a luxury to finally talk about sound quality when discussing wireless earbuds.
""Despite claiming to make women sound like men, and men sound like women, to my ears the voice-changing technology made female interviewees sound more like trannies, with the signature croaky-sounding pitch change.
Those of you on laptops can buy external sound cards like our favorite, the Sound Blaster X-Fi HD. External sound cards vary in price depending on how serious you are about the job.
They fit better, their sound profile works with every kind of sound, they never sound muddy or tinny, and their OS-specific remotes and mics make hands-free calls far less of a pain.
Because we are able to provide the sound we can also cancel the sound, and because we can cancel the sound we are also able [single out sounds] like a voice and its commands.
Of all the sound machines we researched, the Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine is our favorite because it eases your way into a refreshing night of deep sleep with many different customizable sounds.
Musically, she and Arca "talked a lot about it, and we wanted the synths to sound like flutes and the flutes to sound like birds and the birds to sound like synths," Björk said.
I always like to do sound design, and in movies, you have more leeway with that, but I don't really notice that sound design is being used in TV, other than just location sound.
Both tracks appear under the aegis of Novelist's newly christened Ruff Sound Movement, the MC's crusade to create a new grime sound as he stated on Twitter: I'm trying to invent a new sound.
Along with BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale, he produced a sound for the car that feels right out of a film — a low whine that sounds like something like a cross between what a spaceship feels like it ought to sound like, and the classic THX deep note sound test.
Antarctic Sound ANTARCTIC PENINSULA A68a James Ross Island Cloud cover Antarctic Sound ANTARCTIC PENINSULA James Ross Island A68a Cloud cover Antarctic Sound ANTARCTIC PENINSULA A68a James Ross Island Cloud cover Antarctic Sound ANTARCTIC PENINSULA A268a James Ross Island Cloud cover A satellite image of the A2100a iceberg captured on Nov.
Sound and its opposite are also the subject of Nikita Gale's contributions, sculptures that entwine sound-abetting equipment (guitar stands and audio cables) with sound-suppressing materials (terrycloth and polyurethane foam, deceptively stiffened with concrete).
In 2008, decades after sound designers were first credited on the Great White Way, the Tony Awards established the twin categories of best sound design of a play and best sound design of a musical.
Their follow-up self-titled EP offered a more produced and polished take on their sound and now, with Blue, Communions finally sound like a band, who's really supposed to play guitar pop, should sound.
I like the way that I'm doing it, it does just sound like me, and I don't know how to even make it sound like the people I'm trying to make it sound like, so.
The firm has already developed devices in new forms, such as a sound bar and a television sound system.
Of the patients, high-pitched sound was reported by 16 (76%), although 2 (10%) noted a low-pitched sound.
"Black Panther" was also nominated for costume design, original score, original song, production design, sound editing and sound mixing.
The problem is the transmittal of that energy in the form of sound—there is no sound in space.
It uses an Arduino compatible microcontroller, a clock, and a sound sampler module that plays the "tweet tweet" sound.
While some people prefer wi-fi sound systems, a Bluetooth system like the Sound Bar Flex has its advantages.
Usually, I'd describe the sound as more or less bass-y, or the sound stage as wide or narrow.
The Bose Home Speaker 500 has the widest sound of any smart speaker, with wall-to-wall stereo sound.
It sees them expanding their sound with the addition of 12-string electric guitars, piano, organ, and sound effects.
Opt for monitors that have light-up sound indicators, so you can see alerts for your baby's sound activity.
The Pro then counters that external sound with equal anti-noise, so the wearer never hears the external sound.
He made it sound -- he took that conversation he made it sound -- now, he didn't know about that conversation.
Sound for the video was picked up with two microphones to create binaural recordings, the basis of stereo sound.
And up will come the sound and the sound will come down and characters will come in and out.
Sound quality testJust because sound quality isn't the biggest issue with wireless earbuds doesn't mean it's not an issue.
The speaker does feature something called Directional Sound Control, which lets you define the direction the sound radiates towards.
Dominique Moïsi, a French writer, urged Germans to "let the sound of Beethoven prevail over the sound of Wagner".
Vizio, "America's #1 sound bar company," has three new Atmos-compatible sound systems to choose from: What does 5.1.
What are the most important aspects about sound and recording sound that many outside your field may not realize?
Bohemian Rhapsody managed to eke out four wins — Lead Actor for Rami Malek, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Editing.
So if you're a costume designer, you nominate costume designers, if you're an sound engineer, you nominate sound engineers.
They kind of called it the "West Coast sound," but I never saw it as the West Coast sound.
It's a sound that is full of emotive capacity, and that game rightly lets you sit with the sound.
Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSSSoundmodoIn this Gizmodo series, we find out what things sound, sounded, and would sound like.
Why the improvements to the Game Boy's sound system when all of its classic games only generate mono sound?
Dylan adds words to that sound, but the sound is a bass line, so to speak, anchoring his art.
The TV also features DTS Studio Sound II for virtual surround sound that's included in its two speaker system.
The JBL Pulse 3 features 360-degree sound and a 360-degree light show for sound you can see.
If I had to describe a theme behind the sound, it would be the concept of sound waves themselves.
This is the sound of Americans trying to do rave, the sound of 13 year olds making Minecraft videos.
His CNN series, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, took home additional wins for picture editing, sound editing and sound mixing.
A sound effects generator book Did you know that Arduino can be used to build a sound effects generator?
I started using the Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Sound Machine ($50) as one last attempt.
"Proposing that doesn't make you sound tough, it makes you sound like you're in over your head," she said.
When I started banging on my guitar, I was trying to emulate that same sound - that fat, thick sound.
I mean, it doesn't sound great, but I wanted it to not sound great because it was a bootleg.
While promulgating sound policies like FISMA and the NIST framework are important, converting them into sound practice is critical.
This cheat sheet, however, will help you sound like the authoritative baseball fan you've always wanted to sound like.
The sound editing category used to be known as sound effect editing, which is actually the more apt name.
That doesn't sound super great for Facebook, but honestly it doesn't sound super great as a Facebook user, either.
I have no words to describe the horrible sound of that blast, a sound I had never heard before.
"He either was in the sound or he was never in the sound," John Kanaly, an Ocearch spokesman, said.
The people who make the sound of the song (not the words and melody), own the "Sound Recording" copyright.
The Emmesphere Sound Necklace combines Bluetooth headphones with immaculate sonic clarity and balanced sound with a sleek statement necklace.
Their sound quality, comfort, and ability to completely zap out ambient sound with noise cancellation aren't up for debate.
And 92 percent of films had no female supervising sound editors, while 96 percent had no female sound designers.
"An increase in sound could affect their neighbors as well as marine animals who rely on sound," Mooney says.
The exclusive DL02 Immersive Sound Engine enhances music clarity and bass, ensuring your tunes sound how they're supposed to.
"That sound, that sound, I'm never going to forget it," says one of the throng of fans, Loreen Beaudry.
These Robodogs Are Even Scarier When They Start Working In a PackThat sound, that sound, as they come marching.
Tap Text Tone to change your text message notification sound — simply scroll through alert tones and choose your sound
The "cawffee" vowel turns the vowel sound in the word "coffee" and similar words into more of aw-sound.
Sound is made by waves of air pressure, and decibels are the unit by which sound intensity is measured.
We may not think about the sound visual motion makes because sound and motion co-occur all the time.
Sound mixing focuses on creating the audio mix of a film by using sounds recorded both on set and in post-production; sound editing involves the creation of sound elements (like the explosions in Hacksaw Ridge).
When a stable sound is sustained for a longer time, and when the sound is harmonically stable (in the sense that it is completely in tune), the sound locks in the space in a unique way.
Since the Defense team wasn't impressed with the iPhone 11 Pro's sound without headphones, they integrated a sound channel to amplify the bottom speaker and redirect the sound to the front for less awkward speakerphone conversations.
You sound great right now, and you will sound better in person, so Jim Rutenberg, thank you for your time.
As you'd expect, the sound profile changed dramatically as the sound waves started echoing weirdly on the suddenly adjacent walls.
" Bahmani also compares Mayer's sample to Calvin Harris' work, calling it a "plucky guitar sound" instead of a "synth sound.
BoV's profitability benefits from sound core revenues generated from commercial business activities, sound operating efficiency, and contained loan impairment charges.
A synth-heavy, sci-fi score and sound design invoking the sound of balloons rubbing together was done by Cipheraudio.
The whole idea of this album is that it is a sound trip, and trip with the sound one should.
So when your palms cover the speakers the sound gets muffled, and when they're uncovered the speakers sound far tinnier.
Danelle said she attends about six sound baths per year, and uses them to explore her sound-to-color synesthesia.
Search for restaurants that have better sound absorption features in their interior design — tablecloths, upholstered chairs, plants, drapes, sound absorbers.
The VIZIO also features a virtual surround sound system with DTS Studio Sound II Advanced for an immersive watching experience.
V: When we started this project, we thought about the sound and image, then Pete Swanson's sound come to mind.
The sound project had three parts: build the sound circuit, build the solar panel itself, and then connect the two.
It has the same 360-degree sound as previous Echo speakers, but with one key addition: it supports Dolby sound.
You can also click and hold the sound icon to see a list of open pages that are playing sound.
While the sound shouldn't be as loud as your iPhone's alarm sound, it should be enough to find your AirPod.
Let's get the obvious out of the way first: the Sound Huggle muffs very likely sound like absolute tinny garbage.
Remember: Sound is made by waves of air pressure, and decibels are the unit by which sound intensity is measured.
What happened to ideas that are good and sound rather than ideas that sound good but are unrealistic and infeasible?
Dunkirk received seven additional nominations: production design, cinematography, sound editing, sound mixing, original score, film editing, and directing (Christopher Nolan).
Performing in any band is personal in a way, because I have control over my sound and the group's sound.
In addition to Malek's win for best actor, the film earned Oscars for film editing, sound editing and sound mixing.
Of course, GIFs don't have sound, and Vines do – so Giphy's tool will download the videos and sound files separately.
We were expecting it to sound pretty terrible, but Huang figured out how to make the unicorn sound pretty mystical.
Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos (Getty Images)SoundmodoIn this Gizmodo series, we find out what things sound, sounded, and would sound like.
Another instrument was a tool that made no sound at all — an example of an object's sound potentiality, Bhatnagar said.
To prove this, a Sennheiser played clips from the sound bar and then from a nine-speaker surround sound setup.
Ads can also include sound, and according to Instagram, 70 percent of watched Stories are viewed with the sound on.
The sound of gunfire was heard on the audio, as well as the sound of a crowd outside the station.
Confused and apprehensive creatures fierce the eerie quiet with an explosion of sound, welcoming the sound back to the sky.
Sound quality: If your headphones don't provide you with good sound quality, you might as well be running in silence.
On movies, the headphones make good use of the stereo sound, providing solid spatial presence for a surround-sound feel.
He says it's different than the variable depths inside a 3D sound field based on a game engine's spatialized sound.
It led me to thinking about how the Pistols evolved into PiL and their dub-heavy, sound-clash inspired sound.
People think about a speaker just producing sound, now we're saying no, it can produce sound and control your home.
But the two women find common ground in form and function – sharing a strong belief in sound-body, sound-mind.
See, every sound travels in the form of a wave, also called a sound wave — and each one is different.
After tweaking the sound settings in the Sony Headphones app, I got exactly the sound I wanted out of them.
Rothschild-Cross is plugged into the stage with a sound pack so she is tapped directly into the artist's sound.
This may sound counterintuitive and does not fit within the sound bite media culture in which we currently find ourselves.
Within the next 10, 20 years, whoever knows the sound of Pavarotti will also know the sound of the countertenor.
By the sound of it — the rumbling, roaring sound of it — the fans at Barclays Center wanted that upset, too.
"I definitely don't sound like I'm from Pittsburgh—many people think I sound German, Swedish, Scandinavian, or Croatian," she says.
"He made the most out of that cheap sound quality, but still made it sound like an orchestra," Allen enthuses.
So, no, there was no specific desire to distance ourselves from a sound or to sound more like something specific.
Mach 2 is twice the speed of sound; Mach 3 is three times the speed of sound, and so on.
The sound of rats in the wall and the sound of praying, or of evil, secular music on the streets.
She became the essence of a musical genre aimed at making the sacred sound secular and the secular sound sacred.
Outside of performance, prizes for directing, producing, sound design, sound mixing, editing, as well as overall "best films" are awarded.
I wanted to bring back that sound from Glee — that very vibrant and bright and powerful sound that we created.
"You are basically creating a sound in the ocean every 15 seconds, and it's a big sound," said Dr. Mitchell.
Ed Setzler, a Republican, called his bill "medically sound and legally sound" during his remarks to the House committee Wednesday.
That might sound like a lot of money to pay for racing genes but it could be a sound investment.
But being able to make my own sound and crafting a sound that's identifiably me 360-degrees is really important.
Jumping from sound to sound with itchy frustration, its scattered range reflects not an abundance of ideas but a dearth.
Well, good news — you can figure that out by consulting Bijoux Indiscrets' orgasm sound library, which features colorful sound maps that visualize the peaks and valleys of the sound waves people make when they moan in pleasure.
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The sound is not worlds away from Silt, but there are multiple electronic flourishes, harmonies that sound decidedly modern, and found sound interludes that Alsarah labored over for in a "very, very methodical process" that took months.
"I was able to interpret the difference between the sharp, quick sound and the slow, deep sound of percussion and manipulate it, get a third sound out of things," he told the journalist Dan Warburton in 73.
Billed as some of the first 3D 5.1 surround sound HiFi earphones, these audiophile-approved headphones feature a patented acoustic structure that splits and distributes sound frequencies in distinct channels, resulting in unmatched clarity and total surround sound.
"There are many artists who are doing their thing, so we've just got to keep on going, focusing on our sound—the UK sound as well as the African sound," said Prince in an interview with Fact Mag.
Sound engineers can take that image, feed it into a corresponding compact spherical loudspeaker array (dubbed an icosahedron), and recreate the sound exactly, right down to how the sound waves reflect off the walls of the performance space.
Those so-called "divergent" polymers sound like this:In contrast, this is the more typical sound of "convergent" polymers:Put them together, and they sound like this:Granted, it sounds less like a musical tone, and more like sandpaper on wood.
Facebook Sound Collection lets you add no-name music to videos The launch is separate from the Sound Collection feature Facebook announced in December that only lets users add sound effects or no-name music to their videos.
The silicon ear tips I chose do let in some ambient sound, which kept me feeling safe and aware of my surroundings, but even with some ambient sound, the crystal-clear sound coming through the earbuds wasn't impacted.
It listens to outside noises, adjusts for sound leaks caused by an inconsistent seal with your head and compares the sound you're hearing with the clean wave file and adjusts the sound to make sure they still match.
In a throwback move, the new all-electric Porsche Taycan offers a "Porsche Electric Sport Sound" that "enhances the vehicle's own sound and makes it sound even more emotional — both outside and inside the vehicle," the website says.
The podcast also features sound design by Mark Phillips — who worked on "Serial" and a suite of indie films — that makes it sound more like a movie than the piped-in sound signature of the typical radio drama.
"Westfront" is also notable for its creative sound editing, expanding space through offscreen sound, creating sound bridges using artillery fire that extends from one shot to another and even devising audio match cuts, between cries and whizzing shells.
Phone calls through the Crystal Sound OLED screen didn't sound as tinny compared to other phones with the same tech, though.
The Sound Table / Space 2The chic Sound Table made Food & Wine's Best Bars in America list because of its ambitious cocktails.
The Sound BlasterX H7 offers slightly more thanks to an adjustable audio app for PC gamers and virtual 7.1 surround sound.
For example, a cyclical sound wave would be the repetition of a sound clip without a pop in between each repetition.
Completely surrounded by a large number of small sound generation systems, the viewer is immersed in a three-dimensional sound composition.
The premise might sound a bit like Doom, but the musical sound effects create an experience that's more relaxing than violent.
Having that sound and knowing what all that music is going to sound like before you go in is super important.
That meant sound quality was always secondary — what good is good sound if you can't even hear it to begin with?
"Smart Sound," which is powered by Google's AI, tunes the speaker to optimize its sound balance for your particular room configuration.
In one version of the test, sound plays immediately as the video begins, if you have sound enabled on your device.
They brought in Randy Thom, director of sound design at Skywalker Sound, who has earned multiple Oscar nominations and two trophies.
Tick, Tick, Tick The sound of the clock sitting on my bedside table is the only sound present in the room.
When it comes to sound quality, they sound better than your average earbuds but not necessarily as good as fancy headphones.
Forgoing a rehearsal, and even a sound check, their cranked up guitars pushed the radio sound meters into the red zone.
These offer really good sound isolation, water and sweat resistance, a comfy fit, and better sound quality than your average earbuds.
A popping balloon would cause the external sound wave; the pop's echo through the tunnel would create the internal sound wave.
It can, in quiet situations, make the sound feel more natural, as if the original sound is really hitting your ears.
In the brain, a sound is never just the raw data of a sound wave: there's always something more to it.
A supersonic boom is the sound created by an object traveling through the air faster than the sound waves it creates.
And the Honor 7X's cutting-edge Histen 3D sound technology will make the experience even better, immersing you in brilliant sound.
It's a shame, because the sound coming from Sonos' new Playbase doesn't sound as terrible as I'm used to from pedestals.
"Elephants can identify bees by sound alone, indicating that they may associate the sound with a negative historic event," says King.
Sound designers then had to place all of a movie's audio effects within those specific channels/locations to create surround sound.
Sound mapping is when someone goes to a place and documents the sound in a very true-to-life, encyclopedic way.
It's meant to offer an easy, high-quality sound upgrade for people who haven't already bought into higher-end sound gear.
In Flight mode, the sound quality gets noticeably worse — all the roominess of the sound instantly disappears and everything becomes flat.
Tinnitus is the perception of sound (for example ringing, buzzing, whooshing or humming) in the absence of any external sound source.
This all might sound a little bit confusing, so let's dive right into what TCL's new smart sound bar actually does.
Of course, GIFs don't include sound so any videos with sound effects or other essential audio likely won't translate as well.
But shortly after season two was released in October of 2017, Netflix's internal sound technicians noticed it didn't actually sound great.
Nowak has made a career out of realizing new futuristic sound artworks that combine his love for drawing, architecture, and sound.
There should be that room in the music for it to sound like what it needs to sound like to you.
Using Supreme Sound technology, the Hesh 2 headphones produce high-fidelity sound all the way from the bass to the vocals.
As for the sound quality, the Beoplay H4s bang out rich, natural sound which you can customize using the accompanying app.
Sound System The Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System helps boost your TV's audio for a clean and crisp viewing experience.
They sound pretty darn good, and by good, I mean the sound is very clear and they have a decent bass.
I think during Carol's surgery he also made that clucking sound, that pop pop sound, which is kind of a tick.
One of the acclaimed pioneers in nature sound recording was Irv Teibel, a New York based sound engineer, photographer, and designer.
Bold's writing canvas, Ambient sound and Hemingway bot Bold's writing canvas, Ambient sound and Hemingway bot One surprise: There's no anonymity.
When I rap they say I sound like Barry White, so I had to do something to make it sound different.
The overriding rule behind Beeple's video work is diegetic sound: every sound in the track is also visible on the screen.
He recalled the sound of dozens of gunshots, the arrival of a SWAT team and the sound of a helicopter overhead.
Beats says it's improved the bass and dynamic range for louder and clearer sound without sacrificing the company's signature sound profile.
Specifically, it's about how crooning couldn't have been invented until after sound recording, or at least sound reproduction, was first invented.
It has 360-degree sound and great battery life, and you can connect two of them together wirelessly for bigger sound.
It has 360-degree sound and great battery life, and you can connect two of them together wirelessly for bigger sound.
Leading this sensory voyage were the two founders of the Seismic Sound Lab, geophysicist Ben Holtzman and sound engineer Jason Candler.
You hear the sound of someone being heard in your voice, and the sound of someone being unseen in the silence.
The film ultimately scored four nominations — achievement in sound mixing, achievement in sound editing, achievement in film editing and best picture.
From somewhere came the sound of a parade, that distant-drum sound, which was weird, because wouldn't it have been cancelled?
Christopher Nolan's World War II epic "Dunkirk" landed three awards, all for its technical craft: editing, sound editing and sound design.
With the record jumping from sound to sound with almost no notice, those lyrical threads come together to unify Fucking Lifetime.
The piece was an example of how visual art and sound can merge into new horizons, transgressing the limitations of sound.
The app helps boost certain levels of sound, like bass, mids, and treble to give your music a clearer, richer sound.
"No English words can end with a B sound followed by a G sound," he told me in a phone interview.
At $19.99 per month for its high-fidelity version and $9.99 for standard sound quality, Tidal focuses on richer, "lossless" musical sound.
The explosive sound that is normally associated with a sonic boom occurs when an object goes faster than the speed of sound.
Every single sound you hear, whether it's a sound effect or a drum or it's a number, comes from the human mouth.
Narrow the sound beam for solo listening, widen it for larger groups, and set it to radial mode for 360-degree sound.
Accompanying each sound are faint visualizations of the source, highlighting the connection between sound and the visuals we may take for granted.
What draws you to a tape sound, and what does it mean as a uniting principle for your sound and your label?
Meanwhile, the Sound Editing category used to be called Sound Effects Editing, and that's a good clue as to what it's for.
A Canadian startup called Outline Montreal has created a sound reactive LED mask that is appropriately called The Sound Reactive LED Mask.
Additionally, the legislation corrects a disparity in how artists, sound engineers, mixers and producers are compensated for sound recordings of their music.
It doesn't sound all that bad, but sitting in bathwater that smells like pie doesn't sound seem all that relaxing to me.
PEW Lasers takes all of the laser weapon sound effects in Fallout 4 and replaces them with a verbal "pew pew!" sound.
This obliviousness to the outside world is ameliorated with Sony's Ambient Sound mode, which pipes external sound in via the integrated microphones.
"The Democrats have their sound bite, the standard sound bite before they even know what the bill is all about," he added.
The AI-made track couldn't just sound like Beyoncé, in general, it would have to sound like a specific song she made.
Apple also doesn't support modern surround sound standards like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, which place sound effects in 3D space around you.
While some high-end TVs that deliver sound through the display may have solid sound quality, nothing beats a dedicated soundbar setup.
Mammals locate the source of a sound by judging the delay between a sound reaching one ear and then reaching the other.
You might also glean information from the sound: For example, the sound of an idling engine tells you someone is waiting outside.
The ideas of sound and time as a material and the vibrations of the sound and dust creating a drawing are fascinating.
Yet the sound is only half of ICYTWAT's story—and in fact, when it comes to his creative process, sound comes second.
That allowed them to build what they call an "urban sound dictionary," where types of sound are mapped out across the city.
As for the sound quality, I couldn't help but be impressed by how loud and full the sound from the AirPods was.
It's unclear what that really means since Samsung's MilkVR app for the Gear VR supports 3D spatial sound with simulated surround sound.
Usually TRIPH contains sound as well, but given that a presentation stage shared the space at Northside, this setup was sound-free.
Her songs sound like they're bending toward a light; her melancholic ideas and moody vocals are seeped in an electro-pop sound.
The Sound+ HW-MS24 sits in that range too (its 260 driver $22.2 Sound+ HW-MS24.0 cousin sits in a funkier spot).
Kind of like the idea of a common sound rather than a individual sound, which is a common goal when doing music.
It's all about sequencing, there's a lot of tricks to make it sound more alive, to make it not sound, well, robotic.
It features the biting line, "Now they sound tired but they don't sound Haggard / They got money but they don't have Cash."
Outstanding sound You would think with Jaybird having reduced the size of the earbuds themselves, sound quality would take a hit, right?
There was also a little sound and bass boost, so the overall sound got louder and there was a little more thump.
Sound Creditworthiness amid Growing Debt Fitch expects TS's financial profile to remain sound in the medium term with a balanced income statement.
Sound Poster 4.0 is played like a theremin, and its sound is controlled by viewers' hand motions in front of the poster.
The overall sound quality is a little better than the Echo, but nothing you would replace a serious home sound system with.
With an eclectic sound that mixes soul and folk, he's an indicator of hip-hop's evolution into a much more diverse sound.
Well. I be all over the place with my sound, and my voice, you know, not too many people sound like me.
The words for "nose", for instance, often involve either an "n" sound or an "oo" sound, no matter the language in question.
The "proven solution" is Pzizz's use of psychoacoustics — a field of science that studies sound perception and how sound affects the brain.
KEY RATING DRIVERS The 'BB+' ratings reflect the region's sound budgetary performance with an operating margin close to 15% and sound liquidity.
Apple's not making any big deal about redesigning the sound of them, so I would expect them to sound like the EarPods.
"There's a direct relationship between the loudness of the sound, and the duration of that sound needed to cause damage," Ricci says.
Trump has prioritized sound presentation over sound policy, as if he were watching the election on a muted TV at the gym.
To make the alarm audible, regardless of the phone's sound mode, turn on "Alarm sound" by swiping the button to the right. 
You can have "Storm shower?" and pronounce "shower" using the "ow" sound, and you can also pronounce "shower" using the "oh" sound.
The sound quality has also gotten an upgrade, although they still don't sound quite as rich and vibrant as Sony's wireless earbuds.
I wanted the vocals to sound like Bowie, but they sound instead like some kind of post-punk, distorted early 2000s thing.
This guy, he was just so insanely talented with getting sound really quickly, so we all felt really excited about the sound.
Synthesizers get wirted to sound more frenetic than music from the duo's past, creating a high-paced, ultra sharp tone and sound.
"Knights of Cydonia" is what the heat death of universe will sound like and it is the sound of rock 'n' roll.
That includes everything from live mixing to an octet of sound pads you can use to trigger music beds and sound effects.
In between the uber lo-fi sound of the cassette tapes and the seamless sound of digital, Phillips found his sweet spot.
Played in a massive room, over the sound of tapping keyboards and coughing, it will probably sound like a broken extractor fan.
A press release calls them "rapidly fluctuating acoustic vortices," similar to "tornadoes of sound," where a loud sound surrounds a silent core.
When they went to record they were labeled as difficult because essentially they didn't sound how they looked, they didn't sound black.

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