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"covenant" Definitions
  1. a promise to somebody, or a legal agreement, especially one to pay a regular amount of money to somebody/something
"covenant" Antonyms
denial disagreement misunderstanding refusal discord dissension break strangeness antagonism hold inactivity indolence rejection inertia idleness failure unemployment breach infringement violation infraction transgression breaking dereliction noncompliance non-observance contravention nonobservance betrayal trespass disobedience defiance renege abuse neglect deceit perfidy infidelity treachery deception dishonesty treacherousness perfidiousness unfaithfulness disloyalty duplicity broken promise fake promise double-dealing two-timing breach of trust disaccord dissention dissensus nonconcurrence contestation difficulty difference of opinion lack of agreement dispute disputation dissent conflict clash debate contention remonstrance beginning confusion indecision introduction receipt start veto crime wrong wrongdoing misdemeanor(US) misdemeanour(UK) misconduct lawbreaking misdeed illegality criminality felony charge breach of the law infraction of the law unlawful act divorce separation answer disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) lawlessness request disavowal abjuration abandonment disclaimer repudiation disowning renunciation disconfirmation eschewal forswearing negation gainsaying rebuttal recantation refutation retraction denegation casting aside indifference complacence apathy impassivity insouciance nonchalance unconcern casualness listlessness disinterestedness disregard disinterest dispassionateness disaffiliation dissociation disagree reject break off release let go falsify disobey disavow terminate end conclude discontinue finish stop cancel abort quit drop annul deny misuse lose discourage loosen protest unfasten refuse untie enlarge loose disapprove condemn renounce violate infract contravene flout infringe defy ignore calculate confuse decline imply wish mix up retract recant repeal withdraw backtrack default rebuff burn repel repudiate shun snub spurn on disagree say no to balk at turn down

460 Sentences With "covenant"

How to use covenant in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "covenant" and check conjugation/comparative form for "covenant". Mastering all the usages of "covenant" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The new TLB will be covenant-lite, removing a net leverage covenant in the existing covenant-loose term loan.
There are two kinds of marriages in Arkansas, covenant and non-covenant.
QC has a maintenance covenant of 20163x and an incurrence covenant of 2.35x.
Debt Covenant Potentially Breached: ASRI was below the debt incurrence covenant level as at end-2016.
Yes, but it's in [Vermont's] covenant, supposedly the Moscow Covenant between Ethan Allen and the United States.
Conversely, covenant-lite structures, deals without a maintenance covenant, dropped to 22018% from 8% in the previous year.
As Philip Gorski writes in his new book, "American Covenant," which is essential reading for this moment, the Puritans understood they were part of one covenant and had ferocious debates about what that covenant meant.
Other significant document changes in the initial adjustment, such as the introduction of a leveraged covenant to take the borrower to covenant-loose from covenant-lite, were accepted by the sponsor without expense to the banks.
Sabrina Fox, co-head of European research at Covenant Review, said that the bond's restricted payments covenant had "serious deficiencies".
Covenant House Covenant House is an international network of homeless youth shelters, serving vulnerable kids in thirty one cities across the world.
Covenant Breach, Leverage Headroom Exhausted in 2016 The EBITDA contraction is likely to result in a covenant breach under the RCF during 2016.
A "covenant" is a promise, and the word here recalls the Ark of the Covenant, the wooden chest containing the Ten Commandments tablets.
"How are we sure in fact that this is Covenant the Swedish pop band and not Covenant the Norwegian black metal band?" asks Newett.
Waiver Request on EBITDA Covenant Vivarte's management has asked lenders to extend the LTM EBITDA covenant holiday to the next testing period of February 2016.
The restricted payments covenant and permitted collateral liens definition were also amended, while other deals have seen investors largely ignore aggressive covenant packages that favour issuers.
The boards of Covenant House International and Covenant House New York have hired a law firm, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, to conduct an investigation, Ms. Horowitz said.
In Alien: Covenant, another person of faith, Oram (Billy Crudup), is put in charge of the Covenant ship after its pilot, Branson (James Franco), is incinerated.
The term loan, which now also includes a leverage covenant, was launch as a covenant-lite term loan guided to pay 500bp over Euribor, at 99 OID.
In 2009, Taiwan adopted the contents of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as domestic law.
The financing includes a SFr22019bn, seven-year covenant-lite term loan, a SFr210.1bn, eight-year covenant-lite second-lien loan and a SFr210.1m, 20183-year revolving credit facility.
In the direct lending market, where covenant-lite loans are unusual, questions remain about how such a provision would be utilized when the borrower trips a financial covenant.
You only have to a prove 60-day residence before filing for a non-covenant divorce, whereas for a covenant divorce, you must prove you live in the state permanently.
They have become party to what Mr. Obama calls a lifelong "covenant" with the V.A. It's a covenant that the government always seems to be making, neglecting, forgetting and rediscovering.
Thomas Covenant, a programmer attending CCC, revealed this week that the conference had chosen not to ban their abuser even after Covenant provided medical records and police reports detailing the assault.
Covenant Review's head of high-yield research Anthony Canale highlighted one provision that could even deprive bondholders of the right to a call premium in the event of a covenant breach.
"Loan pricing is already low, and covenant-lite and otherwise weak covenant structures dominate the market, so borrowers in 2017 are clearly targeting the Libor floor as an additional concession," said Hoque.
As part of the media push surrounding the premiere of Alien: Covenant (set to debut May 19th), Twentieth Century Fox and its compatriots are offering up a VR teaser — Alien: Covenant In Utero.
"Our credit ratings are based on the analysis of issuers' fundamentals, whereas the covenant scores focus purely on the details of a specific bond's documentation," said Lisa Gundy, chief covenant officer at Moody's.
"From a company perspective, they don't want their lenders coming into the loan with an agenda that won't align with their (plans)," said Jessica Reiss, head of loan covenant research at Covenant Review.
It said on Thursday that it will respect that covenant.
Covenant House has figured out how to break the cycle.
By tweaking the mythology, Alien: Covenant sidelines those ideas entirely.
Right now, I'm totally obsessed with the [Alien] Covenant stuff.
Thousands of patients have kept our side of the covenant.
Directed by: Renny HarlinWritten by: J.S. CardoneIs The Covenant good?
Most recently, Alien: Covenant starred Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston.
The author of the Contributor Covenant is still periodically harassed.
In the end, Covenant doesn't hold a candle to Alien.
But when that covenant is broken, brace yourself for outrage.
Daniel J. Edwards at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Ala.
Tablets of Stone and a gilded Ark of the Covenant.
When I do concerts, I always talk about Covenant House.
But many covenant light deals are unrated or speculative grade.
Daniel J. Misleh is executive director of Catholic Climate Covenant.
We deeply appreciate our partnership and the covenant between us.
Bowman was transported to Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas.
In William Barr v East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, et al.
I wrote up a release and covenant not to sue.
"Paul, our covenant includes my limiting your suffering," I said.
I wrote up a release and covenant not to sue.
Alien: Covenant indeed reveals the provenance of the titular monster.
"As issuers climb the rating curve into Double B ratings, we expect more to look to loosen their covenant protections and issue high-yield-lite bonds," said Lisa Gundy, senior covenant officer at Moody's.
Now we have Scott's "Alien: Covenant," in which the crew of another spaceship, the Covenant, go through the same experience, and make the same mistake of importing the thing in question onto their craft.
Covenant Review said that the changes to the restricted payments covenant were "poorly drafted in a way that could create far more dividend capacity than is initially apparent", in a report published on Monday.
The Covenant House has main fundraiser every year called the Sleep Out, and everyone does a sleep out at Covenant House, and they hear from the residents about what it means to be homeless.
This is an opinion piece by Kevin Ryan, President and CEP of Covenant House, America's largest non-profit shelter network for homeless youth Instead, his roommate at the adult shelter told him about Covenant House.
It became my covenant, and it's been very healing for me.
Covenant Manor is an apartment complex for low-income senior citizens.
Here are some of the questions Covenant leaves in its wake.
But you can try to have the covenant set aside entirely.
But Alien: Covenant looks like a return to the studio formula.
This is the second prologue that we've seen for Alien: Covenant.
Alien: Covenant will be released in theaters on May 19th, 2017.
It contains no such covenant not to sue or arbitration clause.
The Covenant looks like something from, well, 'Passengers' here, doesn't it?
I saw Alien: Covenant on Saturday night, and you know what?
I stayed in my marriage BC of my COVENANT WITH GOD.
Warning: Your enjoyment of Alien: Covenant, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.
"I feel like this is a covenant," said Ms. Kelman, 59.
Fitch notes that the financial covenant only applies to the RCF.
The Covenant is coming "Halo" is finally taking off at Showtime.
Instead, Starbucks must adhere to an operating covenant within their contracts.
"Covenant lite is just the tip of the iceberg," said Gluckman.
Sarah will celebrate Christmas with her Covenant House family this year.
The alien Covenant weapons were very different from the human weapons.
The program at Covenant House engages youth at three different levels.
This week, Callie Beusman and Diana Tourjee revisit "The Covenant" (2006).
Yet that is the exact purpose of the app Covenant Eyes.
The firm needs to pass a banking covenant test next month.
The Covenant are these aliens that have taken over ... Never mind.
" Although he introduced the concept of "covenant theology" in an article in the magazine Commentary in 1961, the fullest expression of his philosophy came in his 19643 book, "Renewing the Covenant: A Theology for the Postmodern Jew.
The loans generate returns in the high teens and are secured with a full covenant package, which is becoming increasingly rare as the US and Europe continue to move towards covenant-lite loans with little lender protection.
VICE: How did you and your son end up at Covenant House?
Alien: Covenant takes place more than a decade after Prometheus, in 2104.
The sequel to Alien: Covenant, and probably 23 other movies, in 2019.
Now aspiring Master Chiefs can prepare themselves for an imaginary Covenant invasion.
Let this covenant abate the anger you feel at the hurting world.
Or, it has morals, possibly guided by a covenant with the Inuit.
The pubs are well-maintained and feature a high minimum maintenance covenant.
They expect the talks with lenders to result in a covenant reset.
Neither of these people are actually the main character of Alien: Covenant.
Covenant won't be for everyone, and it might not be for you.
Warning: contains minor spoilers for the first five minutes of Alien: Covenant.
Illinois Finance Authority, $282 million of Swedish Covenant Hospital tax exempt bonds.
I saw Alien: Covenant without knowing anything about Ridley Scott's movie franchise.
As Alien: Covenant throbs into view this month, the signs are mixed.
Bradley L. Reed, a minister of the Evangelical Covenant Church, officiated. Mrs.
"The covenant-lite structure may save the market," said a senior banker.
I prefer to speak of patriotic solidarity, or a renewed national covenant.
But the words are off-limits, taboo, proscribed by some unwritten covenant.
Finally, "Alien: Covenant" is expected to rule the box office this weekend.
A debt service coverage ratio covenant is also part of the package.
With the Covenant House, we set up shop there and didn't leave.
However, in Fitch's opinion, its interest cover covenant (2x covenant versus reported 3.6x at end-1H16 and calculated on a rolling 12-month basis) would be more vulnerable in the event IPF is unable to adjust its cost base.
Firefighters were called to the 11-story Covenant Manor at around 4 a.m.
When it's humming, Alien: Covenant isn't just a return to sci-fi horror.
Alien: Covenant is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 19th, 2017.
The Constitution is a covenant between the states to create a federal government.
Fox delivered the gift of an Alien: Covenant trailer late on Christmas Eve.
Mastodon's official site will only list instances that follow the Mastodon Server Covenant.
The Covenant is not about logic, it's about eye candy and rampant homoeroticism.
We even make movies about it like it's the Ark of the Covenant.
By joining forces worldwide, Global Covenant cities are creating a path to victory.
Because it is a prequel, Alien: Covenant does some fascinating things with time.
"I think there's a covenant of trust with the audience," he told me.
"We will be faithful to Christ's lordship in our lives," the covenant says.
For example, many Catholic institutions are using Catholic Energies from Catholic Climate Covenant.
Covenant shares are down more than 20 percent in the last six months.
But the Covenant weapons had slow-moving projectiles you could actually see coming.
Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, who was ordained by the Evangelical Covenant Church, officiated.
Dr. Jon Ireland, founding pastor of Oceanhills Covenant Church in Santa Barbara, Calif.
What we seem to witness is the erosion of the covenant of forgiveness.
I told him that I considered us to be in a mutual covenant.
She was a supporter and advocate for Motherless Daughters and the Covenant House.
I like Covenant a lot, while quibbling with much of it as well.
Swift Energy recently emerged from bankruptcy with a $10 million minimum liquidity covenant, and bankrupt rig provider Paragon Offshore expects a court to approve a $110 million liquidity covenant as part of a restructuring plan later this month, a spokesman said.
They came up with hundreds of names and it finally came down to "Covenant".
Covenant-lite transactions now make up 26.5% of the market, according to S&P.
The intention was that they were the remnants of the Covenant, sort of stragglers.
"ALIEN: COVENANT", Ridley Scott's latest "Alien" prequel, is due to be released in May.
It wouldn't be such a bad thing if "Alien: Covenant" had that aim, too.
The latest installment of Ridley Scott's space-horror franchise, Alien: Covenant, hits theaters today.
Covenant introduces Walter, a later-generation David-style android, also played by Michael Fassbender.
The trailer for Alien: Covenant is also structured and edited like a horror trailer.
The most shocking part about Alien: Covenant, though, is how unshocking it actually is.
The extended tranche will add a leverage covenant, accelerated amortization and enhanced call protection.
The funeral service will be held at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville on Saturday.
A first-lien net leverage covenant was added and call protection was also revised.
Covenant is not an easy crowd-pleaser, and that's the best thing about it.
""It's deeply concerning to me when you see the covenant erosion taking place here.
Despite lawsuits from those lenders, the company prevailed thanks to a weak loan covenant.
Given the breadth and depth of covenant weakness, existing loans are in uncharted territory.
Sandonato emphasized that Covenant House welcomes these kind of creative ways to pitch in.
Finally, unable to endure the pain any longer, Sarah ran away to Covenant House.
Rapace also stars in Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, which hits theaters on May 19.
Those are Junior Achievement USA, Covenant House International and donating $25,000 local food banks.
"We want to bring down the covenant to two," Sinha said of the ratio.
Covenant picks up after Prometheus, and shares more than just a narrative through-line: Both films were directed by Ridley Scott, who himself helmed the very first Alien film, and he mines that movie's DNA for stylistic strains to infuse in Covenant.
LONDON, Aug 22023 (IFR) - Obrascon Huarte Lain's bonds allow it to return more than 22015bn to shareholders, according to a report from credit research firm Covenant Review, as long as the Spanish construction firm can meet an all-important interest coverage covenant.
Since then, Covenant House has added 76 beds, bringing its total to 205, he said.
LONG-DATED MATURITIES, COVENANT LITE TERMS Loews does not have any debt maturities until 2023.
He announced the record with a song snippet of "BLOOD OF THE COVENANT" last week.
But why release Covenant first, and leave this part of the story so obviously hanging?
This wouldn't feel like a mystery if Covenant didn't make it into such a mystery.
The 20 terrifying minutes of Alien: Covenant that screened warrants a bit more discussion, however.
We're still recovering from Katherine Waterston's attempts to dodge a slithering xenomoprh in Alien: Covenant.
If you're good, you could end up working on upcoming Animal Logic project, Alien: Covenant.
That seems to be the challenge looming for anyone who plans to see Alien: Covenant.
A key objective is to maintain leverage below the net debt/EBITDA covenant of 3.5x.
Around 77% of the global leveraged loan market is covenant-lite, according to S&P.
Baywatch comes in ahead of #4 finisher Alien: Covenant, which earned an estimated $10.5 million.
You'll enjoy Alien: Covenant a whole lot more if you decide you don't care, either.
In order to provide these fundamental services for this population, Covenant House needs your support.
It also increased the margin on offer and proposed a new forward looking liquidity covenant.
The lack of lender protection in covenant lite loans is expected to hit recovery rates.
Nonetheless, Covenant Review's entry into the fray certainly does not make this jumble any clearer.
After the sale, the city agreed to lift the covenant in exchange for $16 million.
He treated the League Covenant as a purely executive branch prerogative and refused to compromise.
This is an opinion piece by Jim Kelly, Executive Director of Covenant House New Orleans.
The wrongful termination suit asks the court to declare the physicians' restrictive covenant provisions unenforceable.
We are parts of a covenant and pass down our shared order to our posterity.
"That's what made this deal happen," Madruga said of the Yankees' relaxing their parking covenant.
He offered a renewed covenant — re-empowering the people over and above the partisan politicians.
Like Moses, America too was rebinding itself with a new covenant and a new law.
Covenant Shores in Mercer Island, Washington, offers retirees a combo of country and city life.
The trustees can ask for more money or some other asset to strengthen the covenant.
"Any material change to the corporate and capital structure of GKN would lead the Trustees to reassess the strength of covenant going forward and determine appropriate funding plans based on that covenant and its associated level of risk," the trustees said in their statement.
"Any material change to the corporate and capital structure of GKN would lead the Trustees to reassess the strength of covenant going forward and determine appropriate funding plans based on that covenant and its associated level of risk," the GKN trustees said in a statement.
Although the idea of a covenant is focused on banking, it could expand into other businesses.
I wanted one of our early artists, Shi Kai Wang, to design all of the Covenant.
The financial covenant will be tested only if there are outstanding borrowings under the new revolver.
Aenova was last in the loan market in 2014 with a €730m covenant-lite dividend recapitalisation.
The difference between Prometheus and Covenant might be analogous to the difference between Alien and Aliens.
Because the film was poorly received, Alien: Covenant has had a bit of a twisted production.
In particular, SoundCloud says the broad language regarding the covenant not to sue has been removed.
The covenant-lite first-lien facility was priced at 325bp over Libor with a 1% floor.
It also violates the covenant, as well the very contract, between recruits and the Defense Department.
Unlike Alien: Covenant, though, War for the Planet of the Apes knows exactly what it's after.
Other elements of bond documentation have migrated into Europe's leveraged loan market along with covenant-lite.
Much like Prometheus before it, Alien: Covenant is turning out to be a severely polarizing movie.
So we're to run down everything you need for a guaranteed* good time at Alien: Covenant.
Covenant might look, at first, like a movie about the doomed crew of a colony ship.
Covenant sees them, in other words, the way a vicious alien or a sentient android might.
IKKS has recently announced its intention to amend the covenant threshold to allow for wider headroom.
Alien: Covenant is a sequel to 2012's Prometheus, which itself was a prequel to Alien.
There's a sacred covenant between controlling shareholders and the public markets that scratch each other's back.
From the pulpit of Covenant Christian Church, in Cary, the Reverend Chris Furr preached about compassion.
Vendor financing is not included in covenant leverage but is included in all Fitch defined metrics.
Middle market covenant-lite loan issuance is also notably high at US$4003bn through February 8.
Further, measures of profitability for purposes of the covenant compliance are getting more and more contrived.
Covenant-lite loans, which offer little protection for lenders, have become established as the market norm.
Covenant Living at the Samarkand in Santa Barbara, California, offers beachfront amenities because of its location.
It even arrives at your doorstep in a crate worthy of the Ark of the Covenant.
His philanthropic efforts have included working with Covenant House, a nonprofit focused on helping homeless children.
Benedict considers celibacy a main link binding the new (Catholic) covenant to the old (Jewish) one.
"Covenant House also openly promotes homosexuality as normal, natural, and healthy," AFA president Tim Wildmon wrote.
"This is wildly inappropriate, and this pro forma trick should be rejected," Covenant Review's report said.
Covenant Review said that investors should "reject the aggressive consent solicitation" and demand a higher fee.
Covenant Life and its parent, Sovereign Grace Ministries, were later hit with a child abuse scandal.
We got in touch with Jim Kelly, the director of Covenant House, and met with them.
I also really hope that Covenant House gets a lot of support out of this film.
" Salt ceremonies also take inspiration from Bible verses referring to a "covenant of salt," such as 2 Chronicles 13:5: "Don't you know that the Lord, the God of Israel, has given the kingship of Israel to David and his descendants forever by a covenant of salt?
Covenant Review analysts Jane Gray and Scott Josefsberg said that while the securitisation exchange notes are not allowed under the bonds' Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness carve-out, they would be if they meet the bonds' definition of Qualified Securitzation Financing or any other provision of the debt covenant.
While the idea of a covenant is centered on banking, it could easily expand to other businesses.
Engling said that CCC reviewed the materials provided by Covenant and chose not to issue a ban.
Similar resolutions were also passed that year by other evangelical churches such as the Evangelical Covenant church.
In an early Covenant scene, Weyland tells David to regard him as a father, creator, and master.
After watching Alien: Covenant last week, I felt like I had to go back and revisit Prometheus.
But that does not cancel several terms of the contract, most importantly the covenant not to sue.
Waterston is also recognizable for her roles in Michael Clayton, Steve Jobs, Logan Lucky and Alien: Covenant.
What were you doing to help your country live up to the covenant of its founding principles?
Scott returns to the franchise with "Alien: Covenant," which is set to open in theaters May 19.
There are some very mild spoilers for Alien: Covenant in here, though I've made them pretty vague.
This brief Pineapple Express reunion is the sole moment of levity in the entirety of Alien: Covenant.
From Dan Misleh, Executive Director, Catholic Climate Covenant, Washington, D.C. Leading from behind Anarchists have it tough.
Had it breached the covenant, lenders could have demanded immediate payment, putting a strain on Cogobuy's finances.
Ceva Sante raised an €22014m buyout loan in 2014, which was Europe's first 'pure' covenant-lite loan.
She would see Covenant House's outreach vans in the parks, and downtown in the Lower East Side.
These are the secrets of the bathroom, and all must sign a covenant of silence and understanding.
Get in touch with your local Covenant House to see if they are participating in a vigil.
Combat youth homelessness by donating to Covenant House, or join or organize your own sleep out event.
And many of these are covenant-lite loans, a type of financing with limited safeguards for investors.
The students with more sight automatically help the ones with less, in accordance with an unspoken covenant.
I never got to see Power Rangers, but I did get to see Alien: Covenant, on purpose.
Trusted church friends said hiring a lawyer would not be biblical, citing scripture and the membership covenant.
What is needed is more than just an update to the master plan, still the governing covenant.
The sisters, in a counterclaim, are attempting to enforce a century-old residential covenant to thwart construction.
His mother works as a clinical counselor for Covenant Integrative Counseling Services, a counseling practice in Columbus.
A film review on Friday about Ridley Scott's "Alien: Covenant" described the fictional planet Origae-6 incorrectly.
The financing also includes a US$105m, six-year revolving credit facility, with a springing leverage covenant.
His mother is a nursing aide at Covenant Village of Florida, a retirement community in Plantation, Fla.
In the years after her grandmother's death, Ms. Bell lived in shelters operated by the Covenant House.
Bank loans of 33 million euros were subsequently added to the liabilities due to technical covenant breaches.
About 73% of the leveraged institutional market in the first nine months of 2018 was covenant-lite.
The company said it would ask for the covenant test date to be deferred further, if needed.
Vidas: The covenant as we find it in the Hebrew Bible is about life, not about death.
Vidas: The covenant as we find it in the Hebrew Bible is about life, not about death.
But in Dark Souls III, players can mitigate that risk by joining the Way of Blue Covenant.
These include 11 replicas of the ark of the covenant that are now at the British Museum.
China signed the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in the late 1990s in an effort to improve its image abroad, which was badly tarnished by the bloody suppression of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.
NEW YORK, Aug 26 (LPC) - The private debt market has largely been immune to the covenant-lite trend, but a recent spike in so-called covenant-loose lending suggests funds are finding ways to offer more aggressive terms while sticking to investor demands to maintain certain restrictions on borrowers.
Mattress Firm Holdings originally tried to arrange the loan on a covenant-lite basis but had to add a leverage ratio covenant that will keep initial leverage at a maximum of 5.5 times until the second quarter of 2017, when it will reduce by 0.5 times a year.
It was a part of Covenant House a long time ago, but they moved to the Ninth Ward.
Torres and another man, a civilian resident of Covenant Manor, were injured and taken to a local hospital.
Last year the Global Covenant of Mayors estimated that they could curb emissions by 240bn tonnes by 218.
But 2005-06 saw the emergence of "covenant-lite" loans in which such restrictions were virtually non-existent.
Within the Alien franchise, it's not just Alien: Covenant that uses all these tricks from the original trailer.
It would be the first junk bond to include such a covenant since tax reform proposals were announced.
Here we have the very first trailer for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant in all of its terrifying glory.
Adam Cohen, the founder of Covenant Review, said the new language sought to "opt out" of those rulings.
We'll have to wait until May 19, when Alien: Covenant comes to theaters, to see if that happens. 
The company predicted it would be able to obtain a waiver in case the liquidity covenant is breached.
Michael R. Bloomberg and Maroš Šefčovič are co-chairs of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.
Banks have underwritten a €190m covenant-lite term loan backing a buyout of German managed hosting provider PlusServer.
"Alien: Covenant" debuted as No. 1 at the North American box office with $36 million in ticket sales.
David's attitude toward humanity in Covenant is explained by his relationships with the people in Prometheus, for example.
Fitch sees little risk in the creditors rejecting the amendment, but loosening covenant levels signals anticipated lower earnings.
In Macau, a leverage covenant governs dividends and Fitch estimates that WYNN is well within the relevant threshold.
On the Covenant, a crew and colonization force drift in hypersleep as the android Walter tends to them.
Even the weakest person, the most poorly formed person, receives the grace to live the marriage covenant faithfully.
One of the things I was told impressed about Covenant House is it's very much keyed into that.
ETTurnaround time: 10 days, 16 hoursRotten Tomatoes score: 82% Alien: Covenant Embargo: Saturday, May 6, 11:45 p.m.
The company's shareholders approved a funding plan agreed with creditors in March after it warned of covenant breaches.
This was in violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a treaty ratified by Budapest.
He is the chairman of the associate board at Covenant House, a homeless-youth shelter in New York.
And in the same way Audra got involved with Covenant House, I got involved with the Trevor Project.
And he visited Ethiopia on a quest to find out what happened to the Ark of the Covenant.
For me, Alien: Covenant was gory, devastating, and totally effective in making me jump out of my seat.
Covenant House welcomes all to meet the kids that they are assisting in getting back on their feet.
The dildo was so revered that it was placed in Solomon's Temple alongside the ark of the covenant.
Then at the end of that period, the people of the Mosaic covenant, including the Jews, will convert.
They are bound to Sanders through a covenant of trust that he will be their unwavering, unchanging champion.
WEEKEND A film review on Friday about Ridley Scott's "Alien: Covenant" described the fictional planet Origae-24637 incorrectly.
In Swiss society, to violate the covenant of secrecy is to risk not just prison but also ostracism.
People in such a covenant try to love the other in a way that brings out their loveliness.
It's now back in its old chomping grounds in "Alien: Covenant" (May 19), a prequel to the original.
A covenant is not a choice, but a life-altering promise and all the binding the promise entails.
So we started doing research and we came across the [homeless youth shelter] Covenant House in New Orleans.
The crew is piloting the Covenant to a new planet, with 2,000 sleeping colonists and 1,140 embryos aboard.
Unfortunately, Alien: Covenant is not really up to bearing the weight of the yarn it wants to spin.
"We expect the company will need to borrow on its revolvers in order to fund the settlement, reducing the cushion under the company's already tight financial covenant on its revolving credit facility, potentially leading to a covenant breach over the next 12 to 15 months," she said in a research note.
We also decided there should be a clear distinction up front between the Covenant and the UNSC (human forces).
In December 2018, one of China's best-known underground ministries, the Early Rain Covenant Church, in Chengdu, was raided.
It asked lenders for a covenant waiver requiring the business to maintain net debt at less than six times.
Spend hours battling the Covenant with your buddies, not on your PC or console, but in your local arcade.
This isn't strictly a trailer — it's more like a supplemental short film meant to connect Prometheus to Alien: Covenant.
And Alien: Covenant works as a sequel to Prometheus, but also moves closer to setting up the original Alien.
One Ridley Scott interview suggested that there's a missing movie in the timeline between Prometheus and Covenant, called Awakening.
The principal financial covenant for the RCF requires debt-to-EBITDA, as defined, to be no more than 3.5x.
And the 7,500 cities that have joined the Global Covenant of mayors, committing to ambitious mitigation and adaptation actions.
The covenant mandates "active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia" — which pretty much nixes any contact with Gab.
"I think the broad release of claims and covenant not to sue will be challenged in court," says Rosario.
"There is some protection [for investors] in the event of default," said Ian Feng, an analyst at Covenant Review.
The last thing you'd want is to run out of darts when a Covenant horde is storming your ship.
Telecommunications firm Level 6.53 upsized a covenant-lite loan to US$4.6bn from US$2.6bn this week, as well.
In Alien: Covenant and so many other movies like it, our cosmic neighbors turn out to be real assholes.
But this hasn't stopped horror fans and Alien lovers from praising Alien: Covenant as a marked improvement over Prometheus.
STATS is currently in breach of a maintenance covenant of debt/EBITDA of 4.0x on its USD315m bank facilities.
The bank has temporarily waived the covenant and has asked JCET to infuse equity to lower the leverage ratio.
Covenant-lite loans now make up 233% of the US market, compared with 22009% in 22.4, according to Moody's.
In Europe, 21.9% of leveraged loans are covenant-lite, compared with around 2200% in 211, according to S&P.
A default would mean that bondholders could demand Valeant repay its debt immediately, Covenant Review analyst Anthony Canale said.
"Prometheus" was okay, but Ridley Scott's return to the "Alien" series proper with "Alien: Covenant" has us really excited.
Headroom over balance sheet covenants is solid (eg, gearing was 1.6x at end-1H13 versus a covenant of 3.75x).
Despite improvement, weak underwriting and erosion of covenant protection remain supervisory concerns in leveraged lending, according to the report.
We also get into our favorite Alien series games, what with Alien: Covenant being right around the multiplex corner.
The States Parties to the present Covenant recognise the right of everyone: (a) To take part in cultural life.
To answer that, first we'll have to take a look at one of the key players aboard the Covenant.
Covenant House also partners with athletic events across the country to raise money through sponsor-based marathons and races.
The committee is empowered to hear complaints filed directly by citizens of countries that are parties to the covenant.
As mankind's super soldier Master Chief, you must uncover the secrets of Halo and fend off the attacking Covenant.
But Alien: Covenant exists as an excuse to justify more films until audiences move on to the next franchise.
Covenant House provides the same comprehensive care to all individuals that come through their doors, saving lives every day.
The bride and groom are both associate board members at Covenant House and members of the Central Park Conservancy.
The covenant implicit in celebrity profiles is that the journalist is a proxy for the reader, not the subject.
It is this raw covenant that gives memoirs an ability to shock in a way fiction hardly ever can.
So-called covenant lite loans now account for roughly 80 percent of the new leveraged loans on the market.
The loan included one of the most aggressive documentation packages, particularly regarding adjustments to Ebitda, according to Covenant Review.
It is the original destination of the spaceship Covenant, not the planet where most of the action takes place.
The move to bond-style covenant-lite structures with little investor protection has further boosted the appeal of loans.
The Covenant Regime is based on the idea that our current formula is a conspiracy to make people unhappy.
At the movies, we review "Alien: Covenant" and present a brief history of booing at the Cannes Film Festival.
This will allow for an increase in the covenant limit, should the transaction not be completed by Dec. 31.
The move showed that the covenant worked as intended, but the device actually put some bondholders at a disadvantage.
MoneyGram's debt restructuring efforts are initially focused on addressing a covenant tied to its credit line, the sources said.
Elizabeth Owen Ahlborn and Yavor Lubomirov Nechev were married July 22 at the Church of the Covenant in Boston.
Also, you can participate in a Sleep Out Fundraiser to raise awareness and money for Covenant House's important mission.
But that is progress from last year, Mr. Drury said, when Covenant House was turning away 240 people a month.
But based on everything we've seen in the grim and foreboding Alien: Covenant trailer, we're in good hands (slash claws).
During these restructuring talks, Vivarte remains within the terms of its liquidity covenant and will continue to service its debt.
The lenders want to maintain covenants, including a leverage covenant, but amend the levels based on any new business plan.
The denomination's national leaders voted Friday to remove the First Covenant Church of Minneapolis from its roster and evicted Rev.
Prometheus, for better or worse, helps set up the origins of Alien's titular creature, while Alien: Covenant continues that arc.
The aliens popping out of the Covenant crewmembers don't slither off looking for cover like the one in Alien does.
Covenant protections, or the buffers investors demand in case of default, are at record lows, according to Moody's Investors Service.
From what the trailer suggests, Alien: Covenant seems to have similar aims, and that's not at all a bad thing.
A good example of a post-term restricted covenant that should be a red flag is a lengthy non-compete.
" To either "elect those who are going to affirm the covenant we have with God or those who reject it.
The company is expected to need a covenant waiver, but one has not yet been requested, the second source said.
Loan defaults remain low, mainly due to covenant-lite structures – 1.75% at the end of 2018, according to Fitch Ratings.
Fitch notes that the financial covenant is a springing net leverage ratio that only applies to the revolving credit facility.
We annually affirm the college's statement of faith and agree to abide by the manner of life in its covenant.
Turns out, they didn't fare too well — their bodies looked like they've been melted by the Arc of the Covenant.
There's an abundance of things to be shocked about in Alien: Covenant, the latest installment of Ridley Scott's Alien franchise.
Vortigern, for example, makes a covenant with a three-headed lake monster, sort of like Ursula with triple the personality.
Sasol's net debt ratio for the year was 2.6 times EBITDA, against a bank-agreed covenant level of 3 times.
Covenant leverage is based on an annualised OCF, adds back 75% of targeted opex synergies and excludes vendor financing liabilities.
Most companies in the Fitch 50 had sufficient covenant headroom, although six issuers had remaining headroom of 10% or less.
The scrutiny of the organization was prompted by an anonymous complaint filed in April to Covenant House's internal ethics hotline.
The latter is part of the crew of Covenant, a ship ferrying 2,000 colonists to a new world in 2104.
While Covenant House fully employs most of their staff and outreach teams, volunteer opportunities do present themselves at individual sites.
Despite its flaws, Prometheus coasted to a small degree on grandeur—but there's no grandeur in Alien: Covenant, only more.
"What does it really mean when two bodies become one when you make a covenant with your spouse?" he asked.
At Covenant House, she's been working with mothers and children to try and help them see past the present moment.
Midmarket loans typically include stronger covenant packages and more frequent and transparent financial reporting and often have higher amortization payments.
The final feature of a covenant is that the relationship is not just about itself; it serves some larger purpose.
He deplored the Jews' claim that God had made a covenant with them exclusively—that they were a chosen people.
Notably, Virgin Media launched an exchange on sterling notes last month that will also impose covenant changes on dollar bondholders.
However, some ring-fencing mechanisms enhance MGP's credit profile, including covenant restrictions and an independent vote requirement for material transactions.
Founded over 47 years ago, Covenant House has grown into an organization that reaches nearly 74,000 young people each year.
"The covenant was criticized because its language was against Jews and international law," he said, referring to the 1988 charter.
For now, leaders in those fields are meeting semi-regularly at Altman's house; the group jokingly calls itself the Covenant.
The first scene of Alien: Covenant, which actually occurs before Prometheus, is a telling prelude to this convoluted rebellion dynamic.
The bond's covenant might require the bank to pay back 100 cents on the dollar to its holders when it matured.
Those generations who are born in the relative comfort and security of its legacy are prone to forget that original covenant.
That's where we started compiling more information that would give Master Chief a personality and the Covenant a reason for existing.
She was a fearless leader in Alien: Covenant, and a president in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series.
The credit facility contains an interest coverage covenant requiring coverage for the most recent LTM period to be at least 3x.
Green is a co-writer on Logan, Alien: Covenant, and Blade Runner 2049, some of the biggest films of the year.
Covenant doesn't answer the "Why are these people so dumb?" questions Prometheus raised, but it does help fill in other gaps.
Trinity Western University is a Christian college where students are expected to sign a covenant that restricts sex to heterosexual marriage.
It's a prologue to the newest Alien movie, which introduces the characters who join the Covenant to start a new world.
In fact, Alien: Covenant hews closest to that 1979 film, with its foreboding sense of claustrophobia and carnival-of-horrors malaise.
In order to maintain a $4 billion revolving credit line, Chesapeake agreed to a $500 million minimum liquidity covenant in April.
Alien: Covenant ostensibly picks up where Prometheus left off, except it focuses on a different crew looking to colonize a planet.
The Global Covenant is a newly formed alliance that brings together more than 543,100 cities to collaborate in fighting climate change.
And the rise in covenant-light lending "is not the same thing as credit quality deteriorating," says Ruth Yang of LCD.
Chapin Hall conducted its interviews in 22 communities, including at several of our Covenant House sites in California, Louisiana and Pennsylvania.
BW Offshore said a minimum liquidity covenant of $75 million was the most critical it had to comply with in 2016.
These include the penal code, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Act, and Prevention of Terrorism Act, he said.
Now, director Ridley Scott is back with everyone's favorite Xenomorph for more screams in "Alien: Covenant," which hits theaters on Friday.
But Covenant Review analysts said the clause contains an "egregious and unprecedented expansion of portability" that they urged investors to resist.
At that time, it included the largest high-yield bond issue ever as well as Europe's largest-ever covenant-lite loan.
The covenant between humanism and science has defined modern society: the latter helps people achieve the goals set by the former.
Also, you can participate in a Sleep Out Fundraiser to raise awareness and provide vital resources for Covenant House's important mission.
Franco gets a few more seconds of airtime when Branson's wife (Katherine Waterston), also aboard the Covenant, grieves her husband's memory.
Alien: Covenant marks the sixth movie in the franchise, and a return to tradition after some strange (though valuable) sideways wanderings.
The new language offers lenders a simple way to solve a complicated problem, said Ross Hallock, an analyst at Covenant Review.
Chau traveled to Israel with Covenant Journey, and to South Africa on missions with a group at Oral Roberts, Staver said.
"They're mad because they have been brought up with that teaching that you have made a covenant with God," she said.
Kevin Ryan, president of Covenant House: Clare and I send our love & sympathy to the Bushes on the loss of Pres.
"It's deeply concerning to me when you see the covenant erosion taking place here," J.P. Morgan's Michael Cembalest told Business Insider.
Cohen was working by himself when he started Covenant Review 12 years ago, and now has 18 lawyers in the firm.
Joshua Throneburg, a pastor affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church, officiated at the Lyman Estate, an event space in Waltham, Mass.
Public Leverage Target: VODZiggo's policy is to manage covenant leverage between 4.5x and 5.0x and to distribute excess cash to shareholders.
Companies highlighted in the latest edition had higher than average enterprise valuation multiples, mostly sufficient covenant headroom, and diverse credit metrics.
The weekend-to-date is up a staggering 62.9 percent, compared to 2017 when "Alien: Covenant" was the No. 1 film.
The path also crossed Covenant House, an eight-story shelter for homeless youth that was a polling place for the night.
The principal financial covenant for the RCF requires net debt-to-consolidated EBITDA, as defined, to be no more than 3.5x.
So, if you're planning on seeing Alien: Covenant when it comes to theaters on May 19, be better than I was.
The National Coalition for the Homeless says that 30 percent of clients using housing programs similar to Covenant House are LGBTQ.
Sadly, at Covenant House, we work with over a hundred young people a day who have been abused, assaulted or raped.
QVC's maximum leverage ratio covenant under the new credit facility will be 3.5x, which is unchanged from the previous credit facility.
Additionally, there is a combined zulily and QVC leverage covenant, which improves the overall interest rate under the new credit facility.
Britain's covenant is with the American people and the values for which they stand, not with whoever occupies the White House.
A total of 128 mayors from U.S. cities have signed the covenant, including Albany, New York; Boston, Massachusetts, and Atlanta, Georgia.
In "Coda Toward the New New Covenant: Death Sentence," quoted above, she reiterates that with the darkness comes moments of grace.
Covenant-lite loans, which do not require borrowers to meet some regular standards, make up about two-thirds of the market.
Article 39 provides that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights will continue to apply in Hong Kong after 1997.
When you grow close to another person, the unspoken covenant is that you're not holding back a big, relationship-relevant secret.
Before the end of May, Guardians will face off against Alien: Covenant, Baywatch, and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean adventure.
I wrote up a release and covenant not to sue, and all that Mayor Bloomberg has to do is download it.
" Within the "Alien" universe, Noomi Rapace took the heroic reins in "Prometheus," and Katherine Waterston flexes her muscles in "Alien: Covenant.
The R-rated "Alien: Covenant," directed by Ridley Scott, who also directed the first "Alien" and "Prometheus," received mostly positive reviews.
Although her siblings left the village, she decided, at 16, to sign the Shaker Covenant and commit herself to the group.
"We've addressed this and reported we are well within our debt covenant," Papa John's spokeswoman Madeline Chadwick said in an email.
It also includes a debt to run-rate Ebitda covenant calculation that includes contracted revenues that have yet to be generated.
The Constitution is a kind of covenant and I think it's a non-negotiable foundation for our sovereignty and national identity.
I've been a part of the Sleep Out movement as well as a Covenant House board member for almost a decade.
The proposed law, he said, goes against the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which the country ratified in 1986.
The covenant is an employer's legal obligation and financial ability to support its defined benefit scheme now and in the future.
I'd say many of today's parents are moving away from the me-generation ethos and toward covenant, fusion and surrendering love.
You can also combat youth hunger and homelessness by donating to Covenant House, America's largest non-profit shelter for homeless youth.
Covenant House is an emergency shelter for them, so it's like being on the front lines of mental illness with youth.
So I'm really hoping that the film helps raise a tremendous amount of money for Covenant House, all over the country.
The big picture: Not only are covenant-lite loans growing in the share of new loans issued, as of February their share of all outstanding leveraged loans reached 82% in Europe and 79% in the U.S. There is currently $928 billion of covenant-lite debt outstanding in the U.S. and 148 million euros worth in Europe.
"Alien: Covenant" (May 19) "Alien" director Ridley Scott returns to helm this sequel to the 2012 film "Prometheus," which is part of the "Alien" prequel series (did you catch all that?) In the new movie, a crew from the colony ship Covenant travels to a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, believing they have found paradise.
"Private equity borrowers could argue that meeting the required leverage level at any time following a breach in the financial covenant would cure the event of default, but lenders could argue that an event of default could never be cured because the financial covenant is tested as of a specific date, not some date in the future," Gruberg said.
He was a star at Covenant Christian High School in Indianapolis, and he led Indiana high school players in rebounding in 2009.
Alien: Covenant is a decent film about android consciousness and ancient secrets wherein Michael Fassbender proves he can play an excellent android.
The film picks up 10 years after the events of Prometheus, with the ship Covenant making a years-long journey through space.
From the early moments of Covenant, it's obvious that Scott and his collaborators want this movie to feel like an Alien film.
Dr. Hill has called on evangelicals to resurrect the ancient Christian tradition of honoring some same-sex friendships as a holy covenant.
Reboots and prequels dominate the day, from Ridley Scott's Prometheus and Alien: Covenant to a reported live-action Jetsons series (no, really).
Covenant Review argued in a report published on Thursday that the New York court "fundamentally misunderstands" the senior secured bonds' covenants, however.
You look for it in its streets, where the covenant at the core of urban life—the sharing of space—plays out.
Someday, these wonderful, courageous Americans will rebuff collective dependency and will embrace individual accountability and the covenant we find in our Constitution.
The principal financial covenant limits total debt/adjusted EBITDA (as defined in the agreements) to no more than 21x beginning in 2212.
In the US, where the private debt market is deeper, 35% of middle-market loans had Ebitda adjustments, according to Covenant Review.
Covenant is pacing for a far lower finish domestically, but its fortunes could easily be buoyed if the solid overseas performance continues.
The company last month agreed a pre-emptive loan covenant waiver for the period from September 30, 2017 to March 30, 2018.
Yes, Covenant is being marketed as a pivot away from the existential navel-gazing of Prometheus and back toward Alien's horror roots.
Covenant, like Prometheus before it, is less interested in the mechanics of its mythology than in the existential questions raised by it.
Covenant wants us to consider what it means to create, and what happens when our creations take on lives of their own.
Alien: Covenant (May 21990) For all the excitement about Prometheus, it turned out to be a bit of an expensive, gorgeous dud.
While covenant-lite is a well established feature of Europe's leveraged loan market, other elements of bond documentation are now migrating across.
But after the Covenant comes in contact with an unexpected solar flare, the colonists wake up to a shaking, quaking, dire situation.
After a galactic mishap throws their colonization mission off course, the Covenant decides to follow a beamed message to a nearby planet.
A large proportion of those investing in pooled funds or separate managed accounts are pushing lenders to avoid underwriting covenant-lite structures.
We'd understand that citizenship is a covenant, too, and we have a duty to feel connected to those who disagree with us.

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