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"even" Definitions
  1. that can be divided exactly by two
  2. (of an amount of something) equal or the same for each person, team, place, etc.
  3. (of two people or teams) equally balanced or of an equal standard
  4. not changing very much in amount, speed, etc.
  5. smooth, level and flat
  6. equally spaced and the same size
  7. calm; not changing or becoming upset

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"even" Synonyms
steady uniform unvarying unwavering constant regular stable unchanging consistent unvaried changeless invariant smooth unbroken undeviating unfluctuating continual continuous metrical unaltering flat level plane flush true straight featureless leveled(US) levelled(UK) undamaged unwrinkled homaloidal horizontal parallel planar plumb exact round precise entire full solid undivided whole complete set settled decided agreed established inflexible preset arranged unchangeable calm cool composed placid equable even-tempered poised imperturbable relaxed serene equanimous unexcitable cool-headed peaceful tranquil unruffled easy laid-back equal identical same similar comparable like coequal commensurate alike corresponding duplicate equivalent even-steven indistinguishable matching proportional equalised(UK) equalized(US) drawn tied square balanced quits all square equally matched the same equally balanced level pegging on an equal footing on a par on the same level even-stevens neck and neck equitable fair impartial just unbiased unprejudiced honest nonpartisan disinterested dispassionate fair and square objective evenhanded fair-minded indifferent candid tight nip and tuck close hard-fought evenly-balanced near well-matched close-knit evenly matched well matched down-to-the-wire narrow hairbreadth sharply contested fifty-fifty uncreased uncrumpled unrumpled uncrimped uncrinkled unfurrowed unpuckered unpleated silky ungrooved unlined unscrewed untucked velvety wrinkleless moderate controlled restrained sober modest temperate tolerant abstinent disciplined judicious lenient measured mild peaceable reasonable careful deliberate unhurried slow laborious leisurely ponderous proportionate harmonious proportioned well balanced well proportioned well-proportioned in proportion well-formed congruous symmetric coordinated having a healthy mix perfectly mixed perfectly varied well-balanced well-rounded symmetrical direct linear quickest shortest unswerving beeline right straightforward bee-line straight line not crooked straight ahead straightaway uncurving unbending still much yet more so all the greater all the more to a greater degree to a greater extent barely hardly scarcely at all so much as indeed actually possibly truly verily nay veritably more precisely you could say in truth or rather in point of fact yea in fact and indeed and even and more than that certainly really surely ironically surprisingly curiously paradoxically unexpectedly as it happens funnily enough believe it or not oddly enough though it may seem strange as improbable as it may seem as strange as it may seem as unlikely as it may seem though it may seem improbable though it may seem unlikely unusually believe or not exactly totally entirely thoroughly utterly completely fully wholly altogether perfectly soundly well clean enough heartily quite through and through all over still and all nevertheless nonetheless however notwithstanding though withal howbeit but besides furthermore even so for all that all the same be that as it may at the same time after all natheless further additionally again also moreover along in addition likewise more then too to boot as well still further into the bargain over and above anything in any way anywhere remotely in any degree in any extent in the slightest to any degree to any extent a bit rather to be precise to be exact more exactly strictly speaking correctly speaking equalise(UK) equalize(US) balance align equilibrize symmetrize equate match stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) standardise(UK) standardize(US) regularise(UK) regularize(US) level up flatten smoothen grade lay pancake roll level off level out make flat make level smooth off smooth out make flush make regular make uniform even out range orient arrange array order place position assemble coordinate dispose file form marshall(US) marshal(UK) situate adjust allineate organise(UK) straighten uncurl unbend unkink uncoil realign unfold untwist make straight straighten out make plumb put perpendicular put straight put upright put vertical evening dusk nightfall sundown sunset twilight eventide eve gloaming late afternoon night evenfall crepuscule crepuscle duskiness dim early black dark vesper black darkness shade gloom murk shadows blackness umbra shadow shadiness candlelight murkiness semidarkness gloominess tenebrosity penumbra semi-darkness More
"even" Antonyms
varying variable irregular fluctuating nonuniform uneven unsteady alternating erratic inconsistent changing disproportionate unequal unpredictable capricious unstable deviating inconstant shifting vacillating rough coarse bumpy lumpy unlevel unsmoothed wrinkled bent bending twisting curving wavy ununiform roughened broken unsmooth unbalanced rugged approximate ballpark loose imprecise approximative estimated inexact broad general relative close proximate unprecise vague comparative indefinite near uncertain guessed excitable emotional mercurial temperamental agitable agitated irascible volatile annoyed hysterical edgy enthusiastic sensitive skittish demonstrative impatient impulsive neurotic passionate distinct disparate different separate dissimilar distinctive distinguishable individual specific diverse separated unique other unassociated contrasting discrete nonidentical lopsided imbalanced ill-matched one-sided asymmetrical unsymmetrical disproportioned asymmetric askew skewed tilted aslant misaligned wonky slanted unfair partial biased prejudiced unjust open discrepant mismatched inequitable awry landslide easy chromatic colourful(UK) colorful(US) kaleidoscopic motley multicoloured(UK) multicolored(US) polychromatic polychrome rainbow varicolored varied chequered(UK) checkered(US) versicolor mottled multihued multicolour(UK) multicolor(US) particoloured arrhythmic nonmetrical unmeasured unrhythmic unmethodical unsystematic hurried smooth abrasive jagged ruffled sharp pockmarked pocky unaligned undulating undulatory discomposed flustered unhinged unglued unstrung upset rattled distressed stressed unsettled tense unnerved overwrought restless shaken twitchy worked up disturbed unrestrained intemperate immoderate uncontrolled unsuppressed excessive severe dissolute extreme harsh irrepressible unconstrained uncurbed undisciplined ungoverned uninhibited wild indiscriminate rampant raw hasty speedy quick swift brisk fast rapid expeditious fleeting hurrying rushed precipitate precipitous rash brief short interrupted anxious damaged moved touched troubled fractional frationary incomplete compartmental compartmented divided constituent fragmentary part apportioned segmented inadequate fragmented free less even less not as much totally absolutely fully thoroughly truly utterly downright entirely really unquestionably obviously wholly outright unsurprisingly predictably expectedly as expected as was foreseeable not surprisingly halfway half partially nearly partly almost virtually about somewhat relatively moderately practically roughly approximately partway borderline incompletely all but break vary imbalance disproportion unmatch help differentiate roughen disagree assist aid differ coarsen abrade harshen scratch rough up make uneven wrinkle dent kink rumple bend sophisticate pit impede irritate crumple aggravate agitate crinkle crease scrunch squash fold crush ruffle screw scrumple crimp scrunch up squeeze ruckle screw up pucker abandon disbelieve disregard dissociate ignore neglect reject unliken distort unbalance destabilise(UK) destabilize(US) build collect construct gather pile stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) steady disarrange disorder disorganize disturb dishevel jumble untidy displace scatter shuffle unsettle mess tousle scramble muss disarray confuse beat better exceed pass smash top surpass best eclipse overtake defeat outrank outclass trump outdo outmatch outperform morning aurora cockcrow dawn dawning daybreak daylight morn sunrise sunup dayspring the break of dawn the crack of dawn first light early morning lightness brilliance glare brightness blaze

976 Sentences With "even"

How to use even in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "even" and check conjugation/comparative form for "even". Mastering all the usages of "even" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Even as things even out, they should just about even out.
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.
I'd never even imagined...That's not even something that I consider even particularly erotic.
The chasm between them is too large to bridge, even briefly, even in training, even in tribute.
All too often we forfeit even before the debate even happened, before the referee even blows the whistle.
Can the new T-Mobile offer even better service, with even more innovative features, at even better prices?
Even when these men are powerful, and even when these men have fought for progressive, even feminist, values.
Even rich people will be affected — there'll be no escaping, not even in New Zealand, not even to Mars.
"Even Chinese President Xi Jinping and even Russian President Putin -- they haven't even met Kim Jong Un," he says.
More Life's highlights are so tasty I only wish it were even messier, even more dissociated, even more unpredictable.
They even sing some harmonies in Spanish, even though at first they didn't even know what they were saying.
We can recognize a stop sign even when it's covered in stickers, even in the rain, even at twilight.
Maybe the dogs will be even better doggos, the swords even more swordy, the martial arts even more artful!
And even if Thunderclap won't even hit your device, it highlights that even our best standards aren't perfect, even for the high-end side of the peripherals industry that Thunderbolt represents.
Pregnancy is a marathon, and the medal ceremony is the even longer, even harder, even less certain challenge of motherhood.
Insurers will react by setting even higher premiums, leading even more people to forego coverage, leading to even higher premiums.
I hope one day they can have even more success than me and be something even bigger and shine even brighter.
Having said that, even the standard SHERP will continue to travel even if one or even two wheels are taken out.
Even without the David Letterman exposé, even without Sheryl Sandberg, and even without sort of this new chapter in your life.
It has to take it even if the reports seem a little unfair and even if they might even be undeserved.
An even more open China would create an even bigger shock, resulting in even more economic dislocation in the Rust Belt.
And even a little bit weaker, would be even better.
And it's even fun, even only for a few minutes.
Even if it is, are the ethics even remotely defensible?
It's like you can even pull it back even farther.
It can even glide, delivering an even more silent strike.
In fact, it might even make things even more awkward.
Even growing up here, and even for a Monday morning.
The Arctic absorbs even more heat and melts even faster.
She even tweeted that she might even be over it!
I mean, I don't even, I don't even know myself.
I imagine an even techier ZEON would look even sillier.
That can make it even harder, even if they pass.
Secondly, who's to even say that this doorbell even works?
I don't even know where he even got a hammer.
Some had even pressed the commission to go even further.
Not even a remote — not even a — there's no plan.
Even in your own home, you're not even safe anymore.
Even Angie, who is on the fringe even by LeftTube's
I always want to push it even more, even further.
We don't even know if such a deliberation even happened.
They told me I could go even faster, even farther.
Step even further back and the picture is even clearer.
Even more alarming, 91% of that plastic isn't even recycled.
It might not even be aware that it's even there.
And the cast was even greater than, even more wonderful.
Not even Congress — they don't even know what it means.
" I was transfixed by "even longer, even harder, for less.
She wouldn't even say hi, wouldn't even say thank you.
Making them even shorter could make that disparity even worse.
Y'know, even though it's exhausting, it feels even more incredible.
BONGINO: -- before anybody has even had a chance to mourn or, Sean, even worse, even had the chance to get the facts.
Even if it totally worked for you, even if you think you're being helpful, even if that person is related to you.
And look at me now: I chose to move even farther north in order to enjoy an even colder and even longer winter.
Even if you are in your 50s or even your 60s, you are likely to spend 20 or even 30 years in retirement.
For the most part, what Liverpool does works: Even Barcelona, even with a 22017-0 lead, even with Lionel Messi, could not resist.
Pradhan stands out because she feels even more strongly, and is willing to make even greater leaps, than even most critics of Gitmo.
Even on this stage, even under this pressure, even with a place in history within touching distance, Ajax kept its nerve, and played.
It's perfectly possible to conduct yourself with ethics, integrity, and no hint of scandal, even in politics, even in D.C., even in Ukraine.
For the most part, what Liverpool does works: Even Barcelona, even with a 3-0 lead, even with Lionel Messi, could not resist.
People even complain even when we have a lot of nominations.
CLAYPOOL: Even is a judge -- but even if -- but listen, Martha.
We actually didn't even really even have spam, let alone hate.
Delaying your benefit even longer will mean an even bigger payout.
Even better, the latest version doesn't even require an internet connection.
Even so, the space seems extremely bare even by Apple's standards.
Nobody is supposed to even act like you&aposre even there.
You might even find a few you didn't even know existed.
HAYES: But even that, honestly, even that strikes me as optimistic.
Even hardware deteriorates over time, has software issues or even stolen.
Some even think the Fed could start cutting rates even earlier.
Even better — even if such exploitation is immoral, it's not illegal.
Don't even (bleeping) put me ... closer wasn't even a coined phrase.
Now they have to do even more with even less time.
Even more so: this one doesn't even have an artist picture.
I don't even think they'll even call it a political party.
She even cracked some jokes and made personal, even humble remarks.
The rules don't even require wheels, even though they always have.
He has even declared victory, even though there remain uncounted votes.
I don't even find, they're not even sexual, they're just awful.
We never even kept a small, even a tiny oil well.
"I don't even know why they were even there," Poe added.
Everybody dreams of being a pop singer, even me, even today.
For something even less than... and it wasn't even his fault.
But even smaller meteors injure people, and might even kill them.
Since then, however, things have gotten even worse and even dumber.
Even knowing about addiction, even knowing about H.I.V., it was irresistible.
Few even knew she was pregnant, or even thought to ask.
Callimachi: ISIS was watching them, even here, even in this camp.
Even from the sidewalk, even without windows you can see through.
Even though the band wasn't touring or even really together anymore.
Not even for best comedy per se, but other categories even?
THRUSH: Even your support--your support seems-- STEIN: Even my support.
Even worse: Summer in Australia doesn't even start until December 1.
Even in his creation, he's not even sure what he is.
There's not even a requirement to give or even provide reasons.
Even Starbucks— PRESIDENT TRUMP: Yeah, even Starbucks, yesterday Disney and others.
But even if that's the case, and even if Warner Bros.
You're even more charming today than usual, if that's even possible.
We haven't even ... We don't even have the principles right now.
In fact, how it even began even to look even further was on September 24, the speaker announced an impeachment inquiry before even seeing the call transcript that we're going to hear so much about today.
You know, so, I don't even know, yeah, I don't even think Instagram, even if Instagram did, no one was really using the camera.
Suddenly I saw this even shinier way of studying evolution, where it could go even more generations and do even more, seemingly neater, experiments.
Jason, played by Manny Jacinto, was pure joy in Season 1, and he's somehow even better, even dopier, even more passionate in Season 2.
They may even have one, they probably don't even turn it on.
Even better, they can improve your shots even after you've taken them.
They've even met each other's families, though Olindo even joked about that.
Although, I'm not even sure I'd even be able to make contact.
I wear it everyday—even in the winter, even when it's overcast.
Even here on Earth, robots struggle with even the most mundane manipulations.
Today, the DxO One gets even more useful—in even more places.
Even then, acquirers still often swoop in and make even deeper cuts.
But sometimes salt can taste even better than usual, even more rewarding.
Even the best, smartest, kindest among us have terrible, even ignorant opinions.
Elle even manages to mind-flip one van, which impresses even Lucas.
Not even his phone, we don't even have to go that far.
Even more so, really, as the phone hasn't even hit the market.
"I can't believe I'm even doing it, but I'm going even deeper."
But even they are centralized services; even they can and may change.
It even has a "starter kit" to make being fabulous even easier.
Some even say that the President doesn't even ask Priebus for advice.
Hell, even Rachel loved it, and she doesn't even play video games!
Even if Dogecoin is far from even a penny, it's inching closer.
Even passivity is a choice, even if it is a default choice.
We even love coming out to these events, even though it's work.
How this is even happening and how this is even my reality?
The conditions even then were so bad that even Mandela contracted tuberculosis.
Even more amazing — I rarely even think about snacking at night anymore.
Sometimes symptoms don't even appear or go unnoticed, even in severe cases.
Here, nobody even refers to the Bushes, Romney, McCain or even Ike.
Even with pumping, it could be weeks -- even if the weather cooperates.
Not even a tweet, not even a text, not a phone call.
But even as a kid, you don't even know what that means.
Even so, this battle to turn California even bluer won't be easy.
And they love that band even more, even though they're openly abusive.
Great for March Madness, even though I don't really even enjoy sports.
Even though the group themselves sometimes aren't even sure what's going on.
If that even makes sense somehow, because it doesn't even to me.
Why are you even asking me to even think along these lines?
I'm not messing around -- not even a little bit, not even 1%.
In fact, they never even believed that he would be even nominated.
Even if they look uncertain, even if you're worried, darkness never prevails.
And it's not even certain if the leaked schematics are even real.
This one even rotates, making it even easier to locate your items.
It's sublime even as it — because it — skirts too-muchness, even tackiness.
Adding even more camera modules could lead to even more imaging ability.
PC: I'm even before you and it was even more different then.
They can't even count their votes in Iowa, they can't even count.
Even with that income, the club's ability to break even seems unlikely.
"I will wear it even more gladly, even being scared," he said.
Hair was marketed even to men — even to those who weren't bald.
He even won a Nobel Peace Prize before even acting on anything.
I don't even think this would be controversial, even among his supporters.
Even the – even like the average millennial visits three time a quarter.
Even bad publicity is publicity, and it may even encourage bad behavior.
Honestly, even the uncanny even-year thing doesn't quite cover it, either.
Even just wearing latex was quite exciting, perhaps even a revolutionary act.
But the issue is even more pressing than even our heroes realize.
Distressingly, it's not even clear whether most of us even care anymore.
I'm trying to even reflect on ... I can't even remember the first.
Demonstrators didn't even enter the auditorium, even though it wasn't sold out.
Even with all of the record-breaking sales numbers, even 23 percent of consumers reported that they hadn't even "made a dent" in their list.
Rarely have I even -- even in the last 20 years, rarely have I even had any person give me any negative stuff in the street.
People everywhere in Chad can see your products – even when your shop or stall is shut for the day, even at night, even on holidays'.
There's no dramatic catharsis, just an ever escalating series of promises that something even better, even cooler, even more exciting is right around the corner.
You just imagine him there, even though he's old, even though he's dying, even though there's people waiting downstairs, still trying to square the circle.
They lost the race even though they passed their tax cuts, even though the economy is strong, even though Trump announced his steel tariffs, even though the district had gone for Trump by a massive 20 points in 2016.
It will take a long time before the truly poor will even know about bitcoin and even then there is no reason to even discuss it.
Or, perhaps, when one world is left behind entirely, unable to compete — even briefly, even in training, even in tribute — fans will start to switch off.
And there's a reason that Donald Trump, even while campaigning against the law, promised his reforms would mean even more generous coverage for even more people.
Even worse, just 589 of them broke even when factoring in travel costs.
But as boutique workout studios get even fancier, will classes get even pricier?
Many even continued to work, even though they did cut back their hours.
It's even more tragic to realize that things will probably get even worse.
Even the fighting scenes are cut, with even those cut, why bother watching!
Dykstra hustled even harder, and fell even farther, following his retirement from baseball.
Even more impressive was that in 2003, said sweet spot didn't even exist.
This leaves room for even stranger ideas—maybe even the elusive dark matter.
Even more terrifying, they were unsure whether work on it should even continue.
How is it even possible that this particular planet-moon architecture even exists?
Even refined sugar may now be even more rewarding, and thus more addictive.
Even so, it's still a solid camera that's even more affordable than before.
Dorret even revealed during the bake that she hadn't even practiced her signature.
"You weren't even wearing them!" she'd say, painfully practical, even in the afterlife.
Do you know how many grown people can't even even manage that much??
New, more sophisticated attacks are targeting Uighurs' phones — even iPhones and even abroad.
But even the Paris Agreement might not even be enough to save corals.
One guy even called him – I can't even say it – the p-word.
Even though the sparklers are slightly different, the designer can barely even notice.
I didn't show even maybe even 10 percent of what I can do.
Even now, however, some accounts are unimpressed - even with a double-digit coupon.
Even blinks; he didn't even want him to blink, until the right moment.
Even though fall technically isn't even here yet, Halloween is somehow already everywhere.
And even when the date is set, will you even know he's there?
I don't even get it, like, who would even want to read that?
The ghosts will even "speak" to you, even though it's mostly garbled nonsense.
Even looking at them I still can't even tell they're out of compliance.
It was incredible even without the Millennium Falcon — but now, it's even better.
Audrey Hollander: Even if you think you have enough lube, use even more.
Even the guys who always seem to know Apple's plans aren't even sure.
Carrie puts the greater good above anyone, even herself, and even above Franny.
I couldn't even remember the last time I'd even heard of a case.
Even with an even court, about 40 percent of cases are decided unanimously.
Now the company is making it even easier to buy even more products.
The place even charges 50 bucks for this and people even pay it.
Some people have even said they woke up and didn't even feel hungover.
She even buried Jessica in Peter's front yard to haunt him even more.
Even then, even once they're all safely home, there are disquieting goings on.
You can even paint on the grilles to make them disappear even more.
No matter what they do, even if it's willing, even if it's consensual.
If it is an even amount you can write "even" or 0/100.
But I didn't even know that, because I didn't even know my face.
He said it was his top pick even before he even met her.
I suspect it's even worse on age, but it doesn't even mention that.
I hope they'll take even more confidence from this and smile even more.
If it is an even amount, you can write "even" or 0/100.
My father became even more taciturn, my mother even more nervous and jumpy.
Even then, even in extremis, I would fly only as a last resort.
I even took even took the look for a stroll down Wall Street.
Why scold something that doesn't even pretend to be high or even middlebrow?
Trump is even less curious, even more uninterested in the details, than Bush.
They turned everything, even hatred, even love, into fluff I could bat away.
Even Drake was saying how accurate it was, and we weren't even done.
Even decades later, it's worth attempting to be likable—even as an adult.
I'll even switch my voice or approach mid-call, without even knowing it.
No one even knows how much of his surroundings he can even perceive.
Practice even more, and you could even reach over 100 words per minute.
It was weird, I even thought and I wasn't even there, weird messaging.
Even if you wanted to, even if you tried, and yes, she's tried.
And because of that, conversely, even this gorgeous climax seems touched — even enhanced?
Even more realistically, those moments tend to happen when she isn't even trying.
Even though you're not even hurting these soft girls you have been fighting.
Even though, as the illusion of choice shows, people don't even realize it.
And perhaps even more disturbingly, sometimes I can't even answer the question myself.
Even Trump has even begun to campaign here, dispatching surrogates to sell voters.
Even the right one will go down, even if for the wrong reasons.
I&aposve even double-tied them but even then, they still come loose.
He never embraced even the most universally acclaimed landmarks, not even Gideon v.
Even so, it's not like King's views are anything new, even if Rep.
When pressed, he doubles down, even when it sounds ridiculous and even racist.
In fact, even if they do, there's no guarantee they will even care.
Even more amazing is that that I didn't even notice this sizeable workforce.
Even then, they only work well in certain blocks, and even then, you need line of sight, and even then, you will still have LTE upload speeds.
And unfortunately for fans, Hemsworth said that even though the challenge is out there now, he's not even sure what a "challenge of the jams" even entails.
The president even seems willing to up the ante even further, by suggesting that the rate could rise to 25%, or even higher, if negotiations remain stalled.
"[By] pumping liquidity into a market that already has enough or even lowering interest rates, financial instability even worsens and this loan situation even accelerates," he said.
Even if the changes make sense economically, even if they're possible politically, even if the world is on fire ... people like their stuff the way it is.
He was usually an early riser — up and dressed by 7:30 every morning, even after he retired, even after two strokes, even after a heart attack.
I think he even saw the baby before Brooke even did on Skype abroad.
Even people who do feel lonely might not admit it, not even to themselves.
That makes the economic situation even worse and the debt even harder to pay.
Through software even the shakiest footage appears smooth — even smoother than the iPhone 7.
Yeah. [laughs] JDR: Is that real break-even or, like, Silicon Valley break-even?
Even then, there are even greater political and bureaucratic challenges that the technology faces.
In Missoula, Montana, the sun burns a bloody red even even at high noon.
Actually, that fact is not even disputed by liberals and even the staunchest environmentalists.
You can get an STI, even from someone you trust, and even from oral.
It started raising interest rates even though inflation is not even 2 percent yet.
If they have even more a smaller majority it would be even more ridiculous.
I don't even know what that means, let alone whether I even have those.
And even if she was, why would it even MATTER in the FIRST place???
Setting even one stuntman on fire, even with modern protective gear, is highly dangerous.
Even then, it was clear that "Star Wars" was something special; something historic, even.
And now even more sick people can't even afford these plans, so they leave.
To buy a Bentley, even though he doesn't even have a learner's permit yet.
She would even perform in Glee club, and even becoming an IRL- Tracey Flick.
His Obama's even got some great voice over work to make it even better.
Skipped coupon payments would have made issuance even harder, even for the healthier banks.
Even in this ravaged landscape, flowers bloom; even in this wretched society, love grows.
I can't even read that book no more; I can't even look at it.
Turns out, many even rocked 2018's biggest trends long before Instagram even existed.
Even sheathed, this wasn't something I even wanted to contemplate putting near my genitals.
They're even less visible in the mainstream, statistically, and they take even more heat.
Some you might even forget even exist, like Midge's brother Noah Weissman (Will Brill).
Chains that were faltering even before Amazon's ascent are now in even deeper trouble.
Russia even hacked into the Democratic National Committee, maybe even some state election systems.
It gets even better when the fireball gets squished to release even more fire.
Now even lighter, even more gentle in their embrace, these are benchmark-setting headphones.
It might set him up for even bigger and even better adventures to come.
I didn't even think for a second about her, not even for a second.
But even more remarkably, Trump doesn't even seem to know what health insurance is.
Even in pictures, I have this oddly white face, with I don't even know.
Now, with even more developer-friendly subscription policies, those numbers could climb even higher.
Best of all, because it's so quiet, I rarely even notice it's even operating.
But even Trump all but stopped calling for that even before he was elected.
Even so, there's so much variety in this many songs at this tempo even.
Even though the Jets were tired, they knew the Senators' legs were even heavier.
Others are even less confident that the law will even make it that far.
You wouldn't even have to know, you can say that automatically without even knowing.
Black Friday didn't even offer the Pro series for that little — not even close.
Meh. I've even considered getting the suckers injected (a treatment even Katy Perry recommends).
Steakhouses have even become cliché to even the most committed traders in the business.
"Even when he was taking off my underwear, I couldn't even react," she said.
Without these storms, the tropics would grow even hotter and the poles even colder.
Twitter doesn't even require verified accounts to use it, even though it probably should.
That result would fuel even more doubt about Rice even among more moderate voters.
Cowboy boots, even though they don't know how to ride, not even English-style?
But it can still be a touch confusing, even for even diehard TV fans.
Taking this even further, what if Pence won't even take the oath of office?
Even so, Jenner raised eyebrows online this week, and it wasn't even about her.
Even the biggest Friends diehard might not know how Ursula even came to be.
There's even Halloween entertainment, including dance parties, DJ's, and sometimes even trick-or-treating.
You can even use it for your online shopping for even more savings potential.
Who an influencer is, even in moments of performance, is becoming even more muddied.
The public recognizes that even when legal, secret recording is wrong, maybe even despicable.
Even though the current algorithm is terrible, I'm expecting it to get even worse.
And I guess even the type of people you see even frequent down there.
I didn't even slightly appreciate how audacious and vast and even ridiculous it was.
Plus, she even hinted at what's to come — like possibly, even more new products?!
"I never even had any idea that I'd ever even meet Corey," Wooten said.
Even ten years ago, would you even imagine a movie like Straight Outta Compton?
He wants to do what's right, even if it's inconvenient, even if it's unpopular.
They even had the perspective to recognize history as it happened, even in defeat.
Even the most objectionable parts of life seemed preferable, even lovely, compared with this.
MOST people -- even those who get it -- will not die or even require hospitalization.
I don't even know where the title Life on Mars even came from [laughs].
She even gets Mr. Harle himself even to make a cameo at the end.
That's true even with a radically different membership, even in a frontrunner-less year.
By considering polygons with even more sides, later mathematicians tightened the vise even further.
I loved him even when I hated his violence, even when it hurt me.
Less than 40 percent of Americans even have even $1,000 saved for an emergency.
Even if temporarily, Colombo has reverted suddenly to the wartime mentality — or even worse.
BAYSMORE: I mean, even, even to this day it still makes me, like, uneasy.
Like many real kids — even in 1989, even in Maine — they have filthy mouths.
That the question doesn't even begin to make sense renders the result even funnier.
I even laugh at all the funny bits, even though I know it's coming.
Don't even answer this because anything from you I will no longer even open.
But I promise you there's a reason – and even one that's not even sad.
The return of even broader sanctions could put even more pressure on the economy.
Even though they weren't even involved, the story also prominently featured Harry and Meghan.
In my opinion, A+ quarter and even more than even the bulls were expecting.
After more than three decades in prison, Dailey seemed even-tempered, agreeable, even acquiescent.
It's even more flagship-like than the Mi 2395, at an even lower price.
The super-sized batteries that power companies use are getting even cheaper even faster.
Confidence in the current economy is driving spending even higher and savings even lower.
And could even increase its existing bid, to make Takeaway's offer look even smaller.
She is always there, even when she's angry, even when she's being horribly mistreated.
Today, Congress's stature is even more diminished, and individual members have even less power.
I don't even think — in a certain way, I don't even think that's healthy.
Why even release it if something even more incredible is right around the corner?
Some don't even make it past the 12 month mark, or even the six.
If anything, the EPA argued, the standards could even stand to be even stricter.
So even if she is working just as much and just as hard (or even more and even harder!), the ceiling over her earnings is often simply lower.
Even if you don't work for a company of all men, even if you aren't a sports agent, even in my industry, it's just the fight we fight.
"Season 2 goes even deeper, even more deeply, even more painfully into the heart of America right now, what it means to be American right now," Gaiman said.
I felt this way even though I knew very well we weren't a good match, and I even felt this way even though I hadn't actually been rejected!
There are some Gchats from friends you do not ignore — even if you're at work, even if you're in a meeting, even if it's your turn to present.
They rarely even spoke of smallpox, even though the disease has altered the course of history, killing hundreds of millions of people and blinding and scarring even more.
But even in the midst of Tuesday's brawl, there were a few illuminating, even hopeful, moments to be extracted, even if the effort left you with a headache.
If it's a private lot, which were expensive even at the turn of the century, there might even be even drawings and diagrams of the lot in question.
It's worth it because I feel even worse about what's happened to the animals and even feel even better about the possible benefits that could come from this.
That's true even if I'm just borrowing it, or even if I'm just testing to see if you're willing to let me have it, or even if I really want it, or even if you're too drunk to realize I took it.
By the time the next night's show rolled around, Joel was even more stressed from doing another day of interviews and seeing even more sights with his wife and meeting even more locals and hearing even more crew members backstage ask how his voice felt and telling them that it hurt even more than the night before.
And then Trump got into the race, and was from an even ruder place, New York, and talked even tougher, and made even bigger promises about getting things done.
Even if Democrats sweep into power in the House, or even both chambers, we can't be confident that their triumph will be long-lasting — or even repeated in 2020.
Consider for a moment that maybe the perfect candidate to beat Trump is a guy who is even older, has even less of an organization, and cares even less.
Even when it's been tough, even when it's been like f–king World War III.
Even worse, as generalists, VCs are often not even the most qualified board member available.
And even then, further research might add more complexity or nuance, or even disprove it.
That's even more for cards with 2%, 3%, and even up to 6% cash back.
And we weren't even advanced enough that anyone had even visited the prospective project site.
Even at this clip, even with the bumps, the tight tunnel is mesmerizing, almost calming.
I wouldn't even call us reform; I don't even think you can really categorize us.
Even so, Janet Jackson never withdrew, even when she was facing personal and public demons.
But somehow I sold even more records even to this day still than Justin Bieber.
Economists expect growth to slow even more in 2019 and fall even further in 2020.
Even with intense focus on redundancy, natural disasters can overwhelm even the best laid plans.
And there's an even more stupefying one: Is Jeremy Irons even on the same show?
Even so, governments have over time tried to close the window of transparency even tighter.
All of these little changes add up, even if people don't even immediately notice them.
Still, owning a home is possible, even for young buyers, and even in expensive areas.
It even records 4K video, so it even allows you to edit and export videos.
Even after Mansfield had a biopsy, she didn't even consider that she could have cancer.
Even if they call us ignorant, even if they call us stupid, it doesn't matter.
They weren't even hiding their rich parents from view, even while nobly resisting their help.
You can even nest labels under existing sub-labels if you need even more depth.
He has even released a shortlist of potential nominees even though there are no vacancies.
We all "lie" to some degree at some point -- even presidents -- maybe even under oath!
This one may not actually even have even been finished before FOX pulled the plug.
Some are even attempting to cross the puddle without assistance, or even on a bike.
Even with them being out now I didn't even want their faces on social media.
Even even his eye-rolls, Emily Jane Fox wrote in Vanity Fair, couldn't phase her.
" Burke said his mom never even spanked them: "Nothing of the sort, not even close.
It's getting even easier to find the best Pokéstops without even looking at your phone.
Van Hove's version of The Crucible is even more radically innovative—and even more successful.
And even if they could, blocked roads and even mudslides have prevented transporting the bodies.
That makes sense – and may happen – but Apple (or even Amazon) make even more sense.
He's so reserved, even repressed, that even after two hours he feels like an enigma.
Hell, Tony Soprano was even in therapy, even if it didn't do him much good.
It's not even close ... And by the way, I haven't even gotten to 9/11.
Cornelissen decided to plant his winery here even though he's not Sicilian—or even Italian.
It wasn't even a humble brag, I'm not even good enough to do a humblebrag.
In terms of our work together, I don't even think we've even scratched the surface.
Even the biggest fires can be put out—and eventually, they might even be useful.
But privately, some acknowledged even then being exhausted, impoverished, hungry and even sympathetic towards demonstrators.
This pattern is self-reinforcing, making for even more extreme partisanship and even deeper deadlock.
He doesn't even want to know about the issues of attempt to even grasp them.
I am not even guessing, I have not even read it — I have no idea.
I'd never even shook her hand, and in the past I'd even forgotten her name.
Then there was Adele, taking the stage even though she wasn't even nominated this year.
It won't even pay the interest on our new debt for even a single day.
Even better: You can even blend multiple colors together to create your own perfect shade.
Actually, it's just fake, it's not even news, I can't even use 'news' for it.
Even so, LimeBike is close to breaking even in one market already, according to Sun.
The rich get richer and poor even poorer, even in the face high-worker productivity.
The Bills and Patriots staff even got involved as things got real even pushy-shovier.
Even though you have this information in advance, you will not be even remotely prepared.
Even with the AI safeguards, there's still a risk of abuse, or even just apathy.
This is even true with the Confederate statues, even though the South lost the war.
The conversation about domestic abuse within queer communities is even newer, and even more shadowed.
Many states have even enrolled more people than they thought would ever even be eligible.
But for a person who cannot even see the moon, everything seems even farther away.
Even though it's an extremely rare event, it's still troubling to even consider the possibility.
Time to focus even more, work even harder, and it all starts with your mindset.
It made this woman even more sexy — even though sexy doesn't naturally match with her.
As such assistants get even smarter, this increasingly routine behavior will become even more so.
Or it could force those to be even more granular and silo users even further.
They could even even call Mueller himself to testify about his conclusions in open hearings.
Facebook's next foray into gaming could be even simpler for users: They don't even play.
These complications can confound even seasoned law enforcement, making programs like ViCAP even more important.
I couldn't tell if he was even remotely interested, or if he was even hard.
Even Johnny Legs, the great John Leguizamo even makes an appearance as Boy In Alley.
Not even too long ago, people couldn't even drink out of the same water faucet.
That is certainly inadequate, but helped prevent even more desperation triggering an even larger exodus.
"My agents could never even get her on the phone afterward to even say no."
I'm millions of votes ahead, which they don't even mention, they don't even talk about.
More importantly, even if you save $3 a day, you're not even saving that much.
Even if his support breaks evenly, good for Biden — and it might not be even.
He may even see the 2016 election hack as a way to even the score.
And that makes the region even warmer, and leads to even smaller amounts of ice.
Perhaps, some even dared to dream, Rubio could even supplant Trump and come in first.
To put it into an even bigger context ... how do you even go about that?
It's not even close to AI. It's not even close to what human intelligence is.
It suggests that even destitute, even dead we can be known and loved. Bull's-eye.
That's true even if the evidence wouldn't support a criminal conviction or even civil liability.
Across New York, anxiety is growing among even the most even-keeled health care workers.
There's nothing even to tell us even what music Gamsatti danced her solo variation to.
Even with Obama, even with Hillary, there were very few resources that were sent down.
Observant Jews will not like writing this word, even in English, or even reading it.
And even when he's absent, he's present — a looming mental presence even when physically removed.
Even if he's not really there, even if he's dead, he's still in her mind.
If you have dollars you can eat, even if the city is even less secure.
There's rules... even if you don't like 'em ... even if you don't agree with 'em.
There's rules ... even if you don't like 'em ... even if you don't agree with 'em.
" He even said Breitbart was "looking to open a Breitbart Paris, even a Breitbart France.
Even in Turkey, it's not that good of a life, even if you are safe.
The fight, the struggle, the challenges, will make it even more valuable, even more worthy.
"I don't even want to even have to contemplate what the alternative would have been."
And that immunity should extend even to those who had mild or even asymptomatic infections.
Even so, 21 percent said Trump would forget about the ban and not even try.
Even his socks are vibrant — he will wear colorfully striped socks even when formally dressed.
Even the North Sea, even Norway, which plateaued recently, is now increasing production this year.
Even then, they did not call for medical care even though he was bleeding profusely.
Even her iconic wardrobe even inspired a fashion line at the Limited back in 20103.
Even beyond that, the "outrage" might just be mild annoyance or even a deliberate hoax.
Even if I didn't want to hear it and even if the truth was inconvenient.
And this should make growth even lousier, which in turn will make people even angrier.
Either path would require further, even more damning revelations, and even then neither is likely.
Heck, you don't even need a whole exercise bike, or even a morning workout routine.
It's not even — believe it or not — it's not even a difficult thing to do.
I went to a Catholic school, even though my family wasn't Catholic or even Christian.
And even in my less-crazy current state, even while I criticize, I can't stop.
Much of the album is about the uncomfortable fact of remaining alive even when you thought you couldn't continue, even when the people you love are gone, even when the landscapes you once knew intimately have turned strange, even as everything around you keeps changing.
Even when that proposition was stayed by the courts, for a long period afterwards people were afraid to use public health clinics, even those that were documented, even those that had green cards, even those that were citizens, just for fear of being discriminated against.
Roger showed us that even the sturdiest walls collapse, that even the tallest mountains are eventually climbed, that even the prettiest flower wilts, but he showed us much, much more.
She couldn't conceive of this kind of place even existing, and even if she could, even if by some miracle she showed up, she wouldn't be able to recognize me.
They lied to federal authorities even when they had lawyers advising them, even when the risk of getting caught was high and even when the consequences for them were dire.
"Even though you're a white supremacist, even though you're a neo-Nazi, even though you think like this, I don't think you're always going to think like that," she said.
"Hope is that even if the storm does come, even if I lose my car, my house, my family, even if I lose my life, blessed be God," he said.
But even if Musk were right, Tesla isn't remotely capable of satisfying even US automobile demand.
They were going to have even -- they even talked about having a second convention in August.
They even tried to run each other over, even if they were married to one another.
You might even feel bad about asking for money even though you already signed a deal.
Even we revolt amongst our writer selves whenever we talk about them even having a fight.
Even so, I noticed the difference playing games and even just moving the cursor around Windows.
Most climbers spend months or even years before even thinking about making it to the Himalayas.
But even more importantly, good character is even more trustworthy than the most well-intentioned rules.
Maybe even more amazing considering the fact that she wasn't even in a movie this year.
Even back -- even back at home when we are talking about, you know, FISA-- HANNITY: Right.
His only problem is that someone who's even more of an outsider has done even better.
The 'AAA' break-even AP of 86.5%, corresponds to a break-even overcollateralisation (OC) of 15.6%.
People even showed up to peer into the windows, which made the place look even creepier.
But even if we do, who even has the time to invest in all the craziness?
You could even meet your match at an after-work function — or even in the office.
You even begin to second-guess most of your own answers, even when you know better.
We don't even know how little we know; and our politicians seem to know even less.
For the most part I don't even look at the words, even while I'm writing them.
As machine learning gets even better, these technologies will make creating memories from moments even easier.
So BMI dominates, even though, as Tessa reminds us, it can be flawed and even harmful.
My teens were even worse – grappling with how to fit in, and what that even meant.
It's a daily activity for most people, even if many of them don't even realize it.
And even though it bothers other people, and even myself sometimes, I've grown to love it.
Democrats and other detractors have gone even further in their language, some even using Nazi analogies.
Politics is rough, even at the small scale, even when you're dealing with Christmas tree legislation.
But even as password security improves, there's something even more problematic that underlies them: security questions.
They're even offered financial incentives to not even include any other search engines, European authorities allege.
Even top House Democrat, Keith Ellison, even claiming today that our borders are "an injustice." really?
Even worse, your accuser might be right, even when your heart was in the right place.
Even if the president never even asked them what the litmus test, that&aposs the idea.
The even better news: you might even win a lifetime supply of makeup for doing so.
Yet it often seems like the US government isn't even trying to even understand the problem.
The cops write off the community even more; the community writes off the cops even more.
Outrage — even if it's warranted, even if it still consumes you — can't be your angle anymore.
If there's even the faintest possibility of this happening, you'd better prepare for even more awkwardness.
Even with a carbon tax, the break-even oil price falls only to $22040 a barrel.
Others, like Unicredit, reckon the pound will fall even further, perhaps to $1.20 or even lower.
And even longtime strategists are uncertain how, or even if, a contested convention would play out.
But delay even past then, up until age 70, and your benefits will increase even more.
Their cars stirred up even more dust, which made running the actual marathon even more difficult.
I'm not even sure I'll ever even see a KeyOne in use in my daily travels.
That way, they'll have an even more comprehensive map and maybe find even more faraway sources.
Even in the summer months, when drinking up becomes even more important, I still skip it.
Even Alicia Keys, who doesn't even wear makeup, spends roughly $455 to keep her face glowing.
But even still, a show seems like an unnecessary step even further into the public eye.
Or maybe even change the one thing that would have made the sex even more amazing.
However, even though electricity was generated, it was not even 1/100th of the required amount.
Users say it's even gentle enough for those with sensitive skin like kids and even pets.
Ignoring unwanted advances has, for too many women, invited even more harassment and, yes, even violence.
Animals that don't even need her, animals that don't even have anything in common with her.
Even better: Microsoft unveiled a new publishing push to bring even more games to the platform.
But there's no single consensus, even in 2017, on whether the events should have even occurred.
And sometimes discriminating against workers based on their attractiveness might even be legal, even if unfair.
Even for me, I feel like I have to cake it on to even be me.
There was much more in the ending that was even happier, and I even shot it.
Cultivating these traits in yourself might even draw back your ex or — even better — an upgrade.
I mean, if I did, you know, I would even probably even double down on that.
As smartphone sales plateau — how do you even compete when even $150 phones are pretty good?
They're not even supposed to mention a product's potential benefits, even if research supports the claims.
Even in my dealings with people now involved in the herb industry, they don't even smoke.
Even after you buy this one, you could even get this one, or buy them together.
They can't even keep fake Libra scams of their platform, and it hasn't even launched yet.
Even in the shallow end, you can easily lift another person—even someone larger than you.
For this reason, the potential for IoT within small or even tiny businesses is even larger.
Most people don't even trust debit cards, even though they're issued by a bank they trust!
It even impressed Sheeran, who complimented her on it (even though it was actually her friend).
It's funny to source it, even here; the name renders even the caption below somehow official.
I always think even that song is more connected, even by proxy, to punk, you know?
Even Trump's own spokespeople were nonplussed by his statements, which they downplayed or even openly contradicted.
That means, even with the right experience, an applicant won't even be considered by a human.
Even though arguably his talent as a writer/director/performer isn't even in the same conversation.
You can even restrict any and all downloads (even free ones) without a parental thumbs-up.
She's not even pregnant (the medicine soothes morning sickness), which makes the timing even more bizarre.
We've been trying to cut down on saying "we can't even" but We. Can't. Even. 2.
For some people, fragrances could even trigger severe symptoms such as migraines and even difficulty breathing.
Naively, it seems like even deeper material, at even hotter temperatures, would also be a fluid.
Most robots didn't even get in the front door—which they didn't even have to open.
He expects it will rise even further, because he expects even more tourists in the future.
You may even have tried the salted caramel bacon, and you don't even really like bacon.
She even put in these pauses before the chorus, which she hadn't even done in rehearsal.
As if it were even possible, when you became a mother, you became even more beautiful.
I have a hard time even saying that I'm an artist, or whatever that even means.
It appeared the D.I.Y. designs were growing even more popular and getting even more offensive, too.
Races that we were not even thinking about winning are now very close, or even leading.
So everybody gets what they want even quicker, and we don't even know it man. Why?
We shouldn't stay away from even white nationalism or even, you know, whatever form it takes.
But lately it appears that even Internal Affairs/media reporters are compromised, biased and even dishonest.
They even have webbing between their toes and they're really good swimmers, and can even dive.
But even I misgender trans people—in fact, I even misgender myself, in my own head.
Novartis even agreed to pay Cohen $100,000 a month for a year without even meeting him.
I can't even tell you how they can be so callous not to even understand it.
It's extremely sensitive and will explode even under gentle shock or even when exposed to sunlight.
Maybe you've even noticed that certain celebrity poses have even trickled down to your friends' feed?
"Some students have said, 'I don't even understand that this situation even exists,'" Mr. Mastellone said.
Would he go running whenever he wanted, even in the dark, even when it was raining?
A successful squeeze, or even just the possibility of one, would make that tightness even worse.
I think the question is not even if it is finished but is this even art?
With even the most meager goals unmet, the Obama administration settled on something even less ambitious.
"Someone even set up a GoFundMe," said Rao, who admitted they hadn't even thought of that.
"There were even a couple days where I just couldn't even do my job," he said.
Professional climbing walls create an even playing field for competitions, even if that field is vertical.
Sometimes they don't even give [minority groups] a voice or even a chance to say things.
Even more appalling is the pervasiveness of violence suffered by women even within their own homes.
Encrypted data, even if stolen, needs to be decrypted, an often insurmountable challenge even for governments.
It may well put up even more of a fight if the valuation drops even further.
Even worse, the Senate Filibuster Rule will....   ...never allow the Republicans to pass even great legislation.
Even so, most disputes that lead to liens or even lawsuits end in settlements, he said.
This is unbelievably fascinating, but the story gets even more intriguing—and potentially even more confusing.
Netflix even "has the ability," according to Moody's, to break even on cash flows by 2023.
A showdown for the national title would be an even better narrative, even as a blowout.
We have even more expensive works than this, and Christopher Wool isn't even a controversial artist.
Unlike Tillerson or even Trump, he doesn't even really have meaningful experience in international business deals.
What is wilderness, even multi-year stints in therapeutic boarding school, compared with even criminal incarceration?
Many fans may not have even known Donskoi's name; now they even know his weird nickname.
It just made it even more powerful by not even using the power to do it.
And maybe they even turned out to be relatively useless or even detrimental for ad performance.
My life, even at 50, even with HIV, is laid out before me full of possibility.
But even worse, Sessions has also made some very troubling — even racist — remarks in the past.
It's slower and more expensive, and since then, it's gotten even slower and even more expensive.
There's even a breakdown of the WJC championship even though this was recorded before the game.
Someone must be supervising students during even a quick bathroom break (secretary, paraprofessional, even a custodian).
Even as this book turns tragic, it remains utterly alive, even joyous, in its newfound language.
You can even create your own custom interviews with the interview builder for even more specificity.
According to Chris Harrison, even Peter doesn't even know how this one is going to end.
Meanwhile, any backlash to their position — even if it is correct — amplifies their outrage even more.
Unbelievably, this is not even the worst, or even fifth-worse, attempt to attract young voters.
"It's even more challenging because some of these larger companies are grabbing up even more employees."
Even worse, the Senate Filibuster Rule will.... ...never allow the Republicans to pass even great legislation.
A Jones win could even be a problem even if Democrats don't retake the Senate. Sens.
Consumers have already adjusted to, or even welcomed, cans for seltzer, craft beer and even wine.
Even in the US, you'll ... Even that we're way ahead, you'll have at least three vendors.
Even then, there is no clear obligation for Mr. Netanyahu to resign, even while on trial.
You may even begin to take responsibility for the conflict, even when it's not your fault.
Slimes, even those whose spirits can only be felt, hold each other up even in death.
This continues even after clear discussions with her and H.R. Is this even a normal thing?
But even with all this largess, they strove to retain the podcast's intimate, even claustrophobic, feel.
He even refers to it as the "most effective mass transit system" he had even seen.
Even regions far from Texas are scrambling, and even competing, to compensate for lost refinery output.
Even in this digital age, lawns need to be mowed and lemonade stands can break even.
And we are not even sure to what extent such a prediction is even theoretically possible.
The Trump campaign, even they would tell you, they have excess capacity to do even more.
And you've also got about a billion people, maybe even more, who don't even have electricity.
Even if you don't have a lot of time, even a minute or so can help.
For Japan, the loss — even one in which it surrendered 27 points — proved even more inspiring.
Oh, and there's even some crumbled up cookies in there to make this slice even better.
Even worse, the Senate Filibuster Rule will never allow the Republicans to pass even great legislation.
But they began turning their backs on the deal even before it could even take effect.
Even remembering it overwhelms him with emotion, and he tears up talking about it even today.
Consider the companies that have even more analysts than Snap but with even less market value.
As president, she'd have an even tougher time convincing Congress — even if Democrats held both chambers.
Not even the most ardent Trumpsters can maintain their enthusiasm, even if they maintain their support.
The man, the man's nationality wasn't even Mexican, but even if it was, it was racist.
Needless to say, this will make Somalia even less safe and even more unattractive to investors.
Even if he were convicted, we don't even have a precedent for how removal would work.
But even though RCS has taken a while to arrive, it could have taken even longer.
It wouldn't even cost me mine — I could even start a new business within the decade.
It's not even that they tried and failed, either; most people never even try at all.
It can even be as simple as watching falling leaves or even looking at the clouds.
Five years ago—even three, four years ago—I'd be swimming without even thinking about it.
Rather, they will become even more dependent on criminal smuggling networks, and even more at risk.
In truth, no one was even completely certain that there even was oil in the country.
You could even ask questions—and possibly even get an answer from a trained medical professional.
That will make repairs even more challenging, and consumer awareness of the technology even more important.
But even within this rote exercise, even amid the dreary name-checking calisthenics, truths seep out.
Even today, with an amazing number of women serving, we are not even close to parity.
My astonishment was even greater when, after staring for even longer, I finally noticed the gray.
They've got some dividing line in their head even if they're not even conscious about it.
Even cooler that you can even play the game with different people from around the world.
And, perhaps even more telling, the restrictions aren't even applied to most other Muslims in China.
Doing it a second time — when it's not even the bill they'd choose — is even harder.
These directives prohibit abortions—even during miscarriage and even when necessary to save a woman's life.
Or even soft-funk, like some Steve Arrington, some George Duke, maybe even some Herbie Hancock.
It was a curious declaration, even though I kind of understood why before she even explained.
So we really find it difficult to even kill even one of them in the battlefield.
Even after the strong June jobs report they see a less-than-even chance of even one rate hike before next June, based on futures tied to the Fed's policy rate.
You can even assign a button to act as a "Shift" key to provide even more custom options, so that you can set up key combos to run even more inputs.
Expressing political beliefs -- even beliefs your boss doesn't like, even political beliefs shared using strong language -- and conveying them on your own time (even crudely), should not be a firing offense.
We frequently and consistently elect and hire men to lead us on the biggest stages even if we don't like them, even if they are uncouth, even if they are unqualified.
Recent reports indicate that the software fix may not even work and that the plane might require a hardware fix, which would be even more expensive and take even more time.
So when Jews react viscerally to anti-Semitism—even white Jews, even privileged Jews, even internet-famous Jews—don't take them to task for centering themselves in a conversation about bigotry.
So even if you're making a lot, and even if you've saved a lot, and even if you've been diligently paying off your student loans every month, it might not matter.
"Even though there still a global slowdown, even though it&aposs still a manufacturing recession, even though there&aposs still concerns about a recession, even though there&aposs a trade war, all those factors are out there, and yet these stocks have stopped underperforming," he says.
Even more appealing, to those who understand that progressive thought sometimes requires suppressing one's visceral and even moral biases, is the idea that people should even be able to air noxious views.
It's also a big improvement even over previous generation of Dyson fans in delivering airflow quietly – even at lower settings, it heats and cools effectively, and you'll barely realize it's even on.
It may seem a little premature, even risky, for Democrats to let the Trump administration know which investigations they're lining up, even before all the midterm election votes have even been counted.
The "odd-even" car restriction scheme will allow private vehicles with odd-number license plates to drive only on odd-number dates, while even-numbered plates are allowed on even-numbered dates.
Of course even this has been commodified, and even with the extreme hostility towards the audience, a yandere character can still be seen as appealing and even desirable, given a sympathetic story.
By sympathizing with him even for a minute, even in fiction, even for the purposes of trying to understand his thought process, I wasn't doing enough to illustrate that he was evil.
Our weekend hikes always put us in a better head space, even when its rainy or muddy, even when the kids get pooped, and even when they complain in advance of going.
I think even at the time it was completed, it was somewhat tenuous as to whether they'd even put the record out, or just maybe not even play shows, American Football-style.
Animation allows Rothman and his co-directors Bob Persichetti and Peter Ramsey to make their scenes even bigger, even better, even more eye-popping than the comic book pages that inspired them.
You can even even hold and swipe multiple matches at a time to speed up the process.
"And extrapolating widely, maybe we could even do this in mammals, maybe even humans, and enrich learning."
"I don't even know who that is," Shaq said before throwing even more shade at Lonzo's dad.
She even has a design shaved in on one side for even more style to this 'do.
It was even analyzed by codebreakers during the Second World War, but even they had no luck.
And still tonight, we have even more questions than even earlier this FISA application is heavily redacted.
Welp. It'd seem that even in 2017, you still can't get anything past anyone — not even progress.
Maybe it doesn't even have to be that deep—maybe the depth in question doesn't even exist.
Like GoDaddy, the earliest available version of Patreon's ToS are even more strict, and even more specific.
LG has even transitioned from LCD to a P-OLED screen, so colors looks even more vibrant.
Stocks are continuing to advance but the advances are more even, with even lagging sectors doing better.
Making a huge painting even bigger The revamped Battle of Atlanta painting also will get even bigger.
Even Guillermo del Toro knows that Bob Odenkirk's spinoff has somehow become even better than Breaking Bad.
One company is even using the shockwaves to heal wounds—stuff Curie never could have even imagined.
West even went as far as saying Drake wouldn't even be where he is today without him.
Even if their character might be questioned and even if there's trauma that might come with it?
Even so, the pace is moving quickly now and even more precise results are likely within reach.
Now, there's an even newer, and maybe even weirder, variety: Oscar Mayer hot dog-flavored ice cream.
But tiering would imply that rates will stay low for even longer and may even be cut.
Under Disney's control, each of these brands has become even more valuable and even better-known globally.
These are all admirable, perhaps even heroic qualities, but somehow they make people hate her even more.
But it was so discouraging that they were saying don't even waste your time, don't even try.
Which I think is even stranger because that's like, well, don't you want to even it out?
The piece really gets even better because they actually didn't even have to reach out to Fred.
Even our 'allies' will constantly surprise even the most hardened cynic with their mendacity and double-dealing.
All these trends have squeezed workers, even when they have jobs, even when the economy is growing.
Now other Democrats go even further, sir, saying Republicans even suggesting such comments actually embolden our enemies.
When Tina Knowles introduced her daughter, and we started crying even though the performance hadn't even started.
Expect even more presence for the annual shooter in the esports scene and even bigger prize pools.
The army could even end up using lethal force, even if that was not the original plan.
Rather than be deterred by his amputation, he started climbing even more, even taking up ice climbing.
I would even love to try a short haircut, like maybe to the shoulder or even shorter.
But there's admiration and maybe even nostalgia mixed in, even if it feels like a prophetic omen.
It's even less likely that Senate Republicans would want to convict him or even hold another trial.
Recently, however, I've started to even feel repulsed by him even when he kisses me good night.
I'm not even in a position these days to even express my true feelings outside of art.
And I hate to even say, but even that son of a bitch Matt Damon sent flowers.
Apple instead proposes a new type of hardware, something even more flexible than even current touchscreen technology.
I can even go into settings and manually adjust my preferences, thereby making recommendations even more personalized.
And then before long, we're completely not even paying attention to whether or not he's even [entertained].
" She adds: "Even though we're living it out, it's so amazing for us to even think about!
Lower rates could make housing even more out of reach by spurring demand, driving prices even higher.
Even when physically repaired, the psychological scars can take even longer to heal, according to Del Potro.
I'm not sure he even enjoys instilling fear in his opponents or even being underestimated by them.
Even if that's the case, Motorola is hoping that carrier subsidies will make these phones even cheaper.
He knows Challenger 2 has the potential to go even faster, maybe 450 or even 470 mph.
It's even possible to mentally check out even if you yourself aren't about to go on vacation.
If we can't even speak the same language, we'll lose trust in one another even more quickly.
And the Olympics—or even worse, a financially unsuccessful Olympics—might plunge it even further downward.6.
Even though my text size is on the second smallest setting, it looks even smaller on Instagram.
The growth is even crazier when you realize that Nintendo shouldn't even be getting all this credit.
" Adding, "I don't even believe in crying because you're happy, I don't even know what that is.
Even so, Khloe took it in stride, and was even happy to pose for a few pics.
Steele doesn&apost even stand -- he doesn&apost even stand by his own dossier when under oath.
Even so, fiscal hawks are quick to raise concerns over supplemental spending requests — even emergency relief ones.
And that might even mean introducing non-food SKUs to Instacart, which would complicate inventory even more.
In other words, you could soon get roped into enjoying even more content for even more money.
"I don't even know what to say or how someone even thought to do this," said Kardashian.
Today, portfolio construction abilities are even more sophisticated, making it even less of an issue, Hale said.
So the path forward for even a modest health care deal, already fraught, becomes even more complicated.
Even mainstream American continues to maintain a sense of ambivalence, for some even downright hostility, towards whistleblowers.
Tesla's new Autopilot just got even smarter, faster, and even closer to realizing its self-driving potential.
Moreover it's even further from its star so really has great chances for moons and even rings.
Amet even filed a police report, even though the statute of limitations on her claims had expired.
Even if he's joking, which he's not, even if he's joking what an outrageous thing to say.
"That part wasn't even necessarily about ideas or even notions of who's conservative or not," Kurlantzick said.
Even at its outset, F21 Red drew concerns about the human cost of its even-cheaper merchandise.
Now we are seeing quite a bit of overweight people, even obese people, and even in children.
Even if that was possible, though, Moor isn't sure he'd even take Nintendo up on the offer.
Plus, the dogs literally stand by the kids through it all — even when even their parents can't.
Even in the morning, Rebecca is even-keeled as she suggests Jack spend some time at Miguel's.
Even if the person, people, whatever—even if Satoshi comes back, it's going to be like Jesus.
Like, I'm having trouble even looking at the photo of her leg, even knowing it's just makeup.
This was major, even if it wasn't clear to many what Clinton was even accused of doing.
Even the Nats owners would have barely broken even if they'd paid for their entire stadium themselves.
I might even have it, because many women don't even know it's there until the symptoms start.
He found that he could easily discard friends, even old friends, even his once beloved confessor, Staupitz.
Even in the Old City of Mosul, Iraqis crept back in quickly even as the fighting continued.
By asking good follow-up questions, you may even uncover challenges they don't even know they have.
It's obvious that even after her awkward Grammys moment, she can own even the silliest musical number.
As we sink even deeper into the information economy, changing these workplace norms becomes even more urgent.
And he made no effort to even [laughs uncomfortably] — he didn't even figure out who we were.
Our song doesn't end even when it does, even when Yolanda pushes a bullet through Selena's back.
Even though lying can bring about unpleasant consequences, telling the truth sometimes can be even more upsetting.
Realizing that ideal has never been easy, even within our own borders, even among our own citizens.
"What's even more important is that he was her hero that day and even before," she said.
"I really avoided even seeing them because I didn't even want the appearance" of impropriety, he said.
"We also want to even go further and prevent the bullying before it even happens," she said.
Charlie Kirk: It is so beyond realistic, it's almost not even worthy of even analyzing the policy.
It's hard to fit a treadmill or even a stationary bike in many apartments or even houses.
There were even some displays for Halloween candy when we visited, even though it was mid-August.
I have always been writing, even when there was no producer, even when I was in school.
This is even more astonishing today, when we can't even get 22019 states to agree on anything.
Research even shows women in technical roles or senior positions are even likelier to be an only.
Now Golden State is expected to be even better, even more entertaining, with the newly added Durant.
The result is that, even after so long in the public eye and even by the ignominious
But it turns out that's not even a responsibility that Wikipedia even know it was taking on.
Some say "color blindness" means that even mentioning race is wrong -- even when pointing out an injustice.
It wasn't even just MLB teams, even minor league clubs and college teams asked for Dawson's info.
Even in our industry, Axios, The Information, even Recode a couple years ago was brand new, right?
That would make a veto, or even a push to weaken the sanctions, even more politically sensitive.
It's another not to even fear a three-point try even occurring with ten feet of space.
But, even with that $100,000 bed, even Rocky is growing tired of all the sex he's having.
I couldn't even fathom, hell, you couldn't even understand what the fuck this guy was talking about.
Grim even admitted that in his piece, which made his "98 percent certainty" theory even more ridiculous.
And what the general public believed — even if doctors didn't support it — was often even more bananas.
Even if Kaepernick were allowed to subpoena Trump, there's an open question if it would even matter.
There's every chance it's horrible, or even worse than the book, or even just kind of disappointing.
It's a trip even more to know there's a lot of artists that aren't even out yet.
Even in so-called modern families, women do not enter into temple during menstruation cycle even now.
Those plugins can even add support for new languages, new databases, or even simply new color schemes.
You're less likely to correctly read facial expressions, even interpreting some expressions — even neutral ones — as threatening.
Yet even when paternity leave is available, many fathers don't take all or even some of it.
Beginners and even confident wine drinkers will find much of value, even leafing through rules at random.
"Even Obama recognized, even Hillary Clinton recognized, that a carbon tax is politically toxic," Mr. Pyle said.
That, of course, made the Italian budget deficit even bigger, making the country's debt problems even worse.
And she believes things can change, even in small towns in the Midwest, even among her parents.
Campaigns must be able to meet with foreigners, even to discuss facts — yes, even "dirt" — about opponents.
Even farther out, beyond the Kuiper belt, are another group of objects that are even more puzzling.
Lignite is considered even dirtier than black coal but remains relatively cheap to extract, even in Germany.
Many people did not even know how to register, or even have the resources to do so.
We can then be even tougher on Crime (and Border), and even better to our Military & Veterans!
Sometimes Jill even takes on more commitments than her husband, throwing fundraisers, parades, or even house parties.
They'll get better very rapidly, they don't even see a doctor, they don't even call a doctor.
It isn't even clear that the U.S. could "end" the dollar's dominance, even if it wanted to.
Even in the meeting, even on that day, she took her time to get to the news.
Muscovite twitchiness that non-Russian nations will demand further, or even full, autonomy extends even to Chukotka.
Even a slight torque will cause the falling magnet to rotate, which produces an even greater torque.
But even 30 years of upheaval can get unwieldy, so Krist winnows the historical record even further.
But even if Turkey gets what it wants, it may be drawn even deeper into a quagmire.
Even so, it has added to the wave of concern across the administration, even among Trump appointees.
It turns out the Kardashian West household has even more fridges — even one just for water bottles.
Forecasts suggest the flooding could get even worse, and cause even more devastation after months of fires.
And indeed, she barely even touches the slice, even as she marvels at how wonderful it is.
But even beyond that, Marriott offers members a fifth night free, even when you book with points.
We don't even know who has been lost — how many were scared away before they even started.
Even then, Jefferson did not want to publicize his project — or even share it with his family.
Even with over half gone, no one is close to majority — even among its ascendant left wing.
Even with the exemption she didn't see it as fair or even as a compromise, she said.
I was amazed to find the schnitzel was even bigger — it didn't even fit on the plate!
Even today, dozens of freezable gel caps, wig liners and even scalp-cooling conditioners are available online.
There's even evidence that suggests some Trump supporters are even too embarrassed it to tell the pollsters.
But the reaction let's take a look at the 10 year still even hasn't even hit three.
But with him gone — and someone even less experienced taking over — the likelihood somehow drops even lower.
Feet are even poorer, even more vulnerable, there's nothing more vulnerable: the child in each of us.
Even many who did work had not kept up with or even learned about the reporting requirements.
She'll go for broke even if she breaks the movie, even if the movie might break her.
He even hinted that he might even leave the House of Representatives before his term was completed.
My ride was smooth and breezy, and I even began to let loose and even have fun.
When even this President and even Mitch McConnell are at least pretending to be open to reforms.
Manteufel even admitted that Ellie has even licked him again since his amputation and he's been fine.
It was an act of aggression, even if Jacob couldn't parse it, even if he loved it.
With his small joke, the stupidest of all ideas became reasonable, even almost sensible, maybe even genius.
JOE KERNEN: The President even broached the possibility of zero rates here or even negative rates here.
Even though the price rises were massive, some experts think that this year could be even bigger.
Meena was even conceived in prison, and has never been out, not even for a brief visit.
Even unconsciously, she makes him play the way she wants to, even if she doesn't try to.
Even before we had left the region, even among our fellow Marines, we had already become disconnected.
Even so, Arenado does not even have the most lucrative contract among National League West third basemen.
And not even in a "people aren't buying music anymore" way but even more subtly than that.
All these trends have squeezed workers, even when they have jobs; even when the economy is growing.
Even if Rousseff survives the impeachment, there's another, even crazier, way she could potentially lose her job.
People caught selling or importing baby walkers — even used ones — face $100,000 fines or even jail time.
Afterward, even when they finished about even with Democrats in the statewide vote, Republicans kept their majority.
Elected officials hold sway over laws that they often don't even understand or sometimes even attempt to.
We even vetted each individual who was mentioned in remarks — even if they had been dead for a thousand years, and even if they were eighth-graders, which can really feel like overkill.
Even worse, if there is even the tiniest flaw in a sapphire screen, it becomes even more fragile when it comes to being dropped or accidentally hit by any solid surface or object.
The thought of being touched by a stranger—even by a doctor, even by a woman doctor, even as a means of maintaining my health—was too much like having my pussy grabbed.
It was not even just a public-facing privacy; it was even with people who knew her well, and I think in some of those core instances, she was inscrutable even to herself.
"Even if our allies support the terrorist organisation, even if we stand alone, even if an embargo is imposed, no matter what they do, our fight is against the terrorist organisation," Cavusoglu said.
"Even if our allies support the terrorist organization, even if we stand alone, even if an embargo is imposed, no matter what they do, our fight is against the terrorist organization", Cavusoglu said.
I can say that with confidence because even though I have done better, even though I am a college graduate, even though I am blessed and fortunate enough to play college football at the highest level and at one of the most prestigious schools in college football, even though I am a healthy being and even though I am fully conscious; I have still endured racism.
I doubt this statistic was true, even 20 years ago, and I'm even surer it's not true now.
Even with his degree, he'd have nowhere near the 1,5003 hours required to become even a co-pilot.
So even if Brown was faking, it didn't do much, but that's when Jones made things even worse.
Even though nothing even goes right, we can still enjoy occasional indulgence in fast food and superficial nationalism.
Ford will sell an even faster, even more powerful version of its Ford GT supercar for $1.2 million.
That makes it even more crucial to know the symptoms — even if you're not currently trying to conceive.
Even news junkies are guilty of this, and reporters ironically may even be the most egregious repeat offenders.
They might not even be aware of its existence, or even think of it as a federal program.
But it means even more as a step toward reliably getting humans off of Earth—maybe even permanently.
It might even be heartfelt—even if it would go out of its way not to show it.
But even if you dish out the cash, you won't actually own the star or even its name.
Eventually, the priest even decided that his ward could not even write to Edith until he turned 21.
Even before entering the White House — and even while using their products — Trump was critical of tech companies.
If something is even borderline on the edge, why even waste the effort to potentially get in trouble?
Ya'aburnee The images he depicts are serene, even blissful, even if they're hewn from rusty and jagged metal.
Expect to bundle up even more next week An even colder air mass is forecast late next week.
Even more annoying: The fact that even within the same company, promotions are often handled in different ways.
"Even if I have no food, even if I have nothing, I will never go back," he said.
We can't afford to have even a moderate in office, even though I know she's a good person.
There's even a very brief appearance from Scott Baio — who apparently needs no introduction even among alien-kind.
Even with the warming we've had so far, the consequences have been extreme, and foreshadow even worse devastation.
I feel like I shouldn't even be talking about my own experience — like I shouldn't even say anything.
If he wins Iowa, it's even possible he steamrolls to the nomination before it even gets a chance.
We couldn't even hear her wheezing and she didn't even show any signs that she wasn't breathing well.
It turns out that not even Bungie knew what it was supposed to be or even stand for.
Even when the court has an even number of justices, about 40 percent of cases are decided unanimously.
"People should be careful using bounce houses even in merely 'breezy' conditions, even without storms present or nearby."
But what's even harder to believe is that the real events might be even crazier than the movie.
I can't even really describe this outfit other than like spinster aunt horseback-riding instructor, but even worse.
"When dealing with agencies, this abdication by ambiguity is even more tempting — and even more problematic," Thapar wrote.
Even if he thought things were over between us, he couldn't even wait a week before moving on?
I do think right now, even with a strong cast, they could kill off anyone, even Andrew Lincoln.
Second challenge: Now suppose that the game show gets even greedier, and secretly tweaks the game even more.
We expect to see it fall even more, especially as models with even larger capacities hit the market.
Twitter wasn't even on the list, even as Twitter was trading at $14 when the list was made.
Making a complicated situation even more complex, some of Kasich's six delegates in DC aren't even Kasich supporters.
Roy's style has evolved to this: Backing his players, even after dreadful losses, and keeping an even keel.
Even if you haven't heard of AmeriCorps, chances are you benefited from it and didn't even realize it.
And even Cena admits there was a question of two on the show that even had him stumped.
You even think that refillable coffee pods make the whole system more sensible, less wasteful, and even acceptable.
This likely will mean planes are about to get even more dense and seats will get even smaller.
A: I think even in the year since we've made it, it has become even more relevant unfortunately.
"I didn't even think for a second about her, not even for a second," he told the magazine.
Even more pessimistically, the researchers say the RSL may not even be caused by liquid water at all.
It remained even if they had been convicted of a crime, and even if they had been acquitted.
To make things even more confusing, cusk eels are not even true eels, as their name would suggest.
This detail makes the landscape of Blade Runner 2049 feel even more surreal, even more of a spectacle.
But no one, not even the hopeless losers at the end of the queue, budged or even frowned.
For firms, even those closely tied to the state, the rise in borrowing costs has been even steeper.
Still, even Brooks had to recognize that even the most ardent Chris Gaines fans are annoyed by CDs.
There's even a mention of both Kryptonians and the Green Lantern Corp, even though they're nowhere in sight.
Even though Mitchell's lunch contains quinoa, Blatner also suggests the actress add even more grains to her dinner.
Many users and, yes, even celebrities, apparently re-use passwords across multiple services, making them even more vulnerable.
Cannon even told Stern that he "wanted" Packer to be there, even though the latter had skipped out.
And if you can go even further, and send it back to the private sector, that's even better.
Maybe even — gulp — the self-loathing that comes with wondering if you even deserve your blessings at all.
One of the most moving things to me was simply, it's not even acting, it's not even writing.
It could even show up in sensitive physics experiments, where even the slightest vibrations can produce false signals.
Today, they see the system as urgently broken and even the President even seems envious of the Australians.
He may well decide in response to go even further, possibly even recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state.
It's nice to know that I still have Flappy Bird even though I'll probably never even play it.
In the old model, customers had to wait months or even years for updates, even for small changes.
Even parents told us that their kids don't even pick up phones, so they have to text them.
Read even closer, check that cc: line, and you may even discover that you're a Tier I friend.
But even more alarming, Turkish escalation against the PYD will align that group even more closely with Russia.
And yet Trump imagines an even larger scope of both presidential authority and governmental action than even Roosevelt.
This makes its unpredictability even more maddening, and the possibility that it could become predictable even more tantalizing.
Trump may not get all or even most or even a majority of his agenda passed through Congress.
His continued defense of Flynn -- well past the point of loyalty or even reason -- is even more baffling.
He can't sacrifice anyone else, even when they want to be sacrificed, even when it would obviously help.
Even if you're earning more than you spend, you can still trim your expenses and save even more.
Even so, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's 31-year-old founder and chief executive, has even greater ambitions (see article).
In truth, I wanted to meddle, but I wanted them to be happy (maybe even together) even more.
But this was well before Kickstarter or GofundMe, or even Facebook (I didn't even have a cell phone).