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"piece" Definitions
  1. [countable] (used especially with of and uncountable nouns) an amount of something that has been cut or separated from the rest of it; a standard amount of something
  2. [countable, usually plural] one of the bits or parts that something breaks into
  3. [countable] one of the parts that something is made of
  4. [countable] piece (of something) (used especially with uncountable nouns) a single item of a particular type, especially one that forms part of a set
  5. [countable] piece of something used with many uncountable nouns to describe a single example or an amount of something
  6. [countable] a single item of writing, art, music, etc. that somebody has produced or created; a short item of writing from a longer work
  7. [countable] an article in a newspaper or magazine or a broadcast on television or radio
  8. [countable] a coin of the value mentioned
  9. [countable] one of the small figures or objects that you move around in games such as chessTopics Games and toysb2
  10. [singular] piece of something (especially North American English) a part or share of something
  11. [countable] (North American English, slang) a gun
  12. a piece [singular] (North American English, old-fashioned, informal) a short distance

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"piece" Synonyms
bit slice section chunk fragment scrap segment block length wedge part hunk lump share shred slab article bar cake division component constituent module unit element item building block cog ingredient part of a set part of the pack factor member portion aspect work composition opus creation production masterpiece number oeuvre study arrangement music painting song musical work magnum opus piece de resistance work of art artistic work chef-d'oeuvre brainchild report story essay review column paper discourse dissertation exposition theme thesis treatise writing treatment vignette critique editorial commentary instance specimen example case sample illustration occurrence snippet selection swatch scantling test piece representative piece stretch area plot tract expanse lot strip parcel spread band swath plat patch property allotment field ground clearing acreage percentage interest quantity quota cut fraction subdivision allocation amount apportionment measure ration moiety token chip counter disk(US) disc(UK) man marker jetton coin check wafer substitute coin poker chip playing piece gun firearm heat arm handgun weapon small arm pistol revolver shooter rod shooting iron roscoe thirty-eight gat six-shooter side arm derringer heater automatic whole combination ensemble collection package system outcome product result body combo being unity fullness set assembly complex group amalgamation sketch performance act routine turn skit scene playlet shtick schtick show presentation play dance trick woman lady dame female girl lass gal miss lassie dowager chick matron broad filly maiden maid gentlewoman colleen girlie damsel tune melody strain refrain ditty jingle warble air carol lay motif chorus aria descant line choon depiction account portrayal representation interpretation rendition version acting playing rendering reading staging acting out take delivery variation enactment bulletin feature brief communication flash gen headline info intelligence news newscast notice release scoop wisp strand thread twist lock tendril curl shock string tuft filament fibre(UK) wire rope fiber(US) ply object thing device gadget thingamajig doodad doohickey thingamabob accessory contraption gizmo gubbins implement instrument something thingummy proprietorship possession holding possessorship control title claim dominion use hand deed buying purchase purchasing takeover having proprietary rights recitation passage monolog(US) monologue(UK) verse poem something known off by heart one's party piece recital declaiming telling declamation lecture narration exercise leaf flap foldout projection drama comedy farce tragedy entertainment dramatisation(UK) dramatization(US) pantomime screenplay soapie teleplay masque musical opera short piece of music romance role character lead stint guise hero impersonation personification appearance extra heroine stake investment involvement capital commitment concern equity participation special interest vested interest outlay stock engagement right co-ownership bite mouthful snack titbit taste morsel food nibble nibbles nugget refreshment savory(US) savoury(UK) tidbit appetiser(UK) appetizer(US) elevenses refreshments brunch drop sound bite announcement blurb clip comment declaration excerpt observation one-liner quotation remark response slogan statement buzzword fifteen minutes of fame newsbreak news item notation pane panel windowpane sheet glass window sheet of glass plate lamina square rectangle layer glazing scale coat plane foil lamella grain granule particle speck crumb atom molecule mite spot iota dot mote flake jot sliver fold skirt slip cover sash stripe tag tail tailpiece tape belt covering lap picture portrait drawing artwork image canvas lookalike portraiture art engraving impression doodle draught(UK) draft(US) figure statue sculpture effigy figurine model statuette carving bronze bust cast idol likeness icon simulacrum statuary ivory marble novel narrative tale book novelette prose allegory chronicle fantasy fiction novella yarn adventure autobiography bestseller biography chessman bishop castle chesspiece king knight pawn queen rook inlay enamel inset ornament stone tile wood look bearing manner countenance expression mien quality demeanour(UK) atmosphere attitude condition deportment effect features compartment bay chamber niche cubicle cell partition alcove booth cabin cavity cube locker nook recess berth carrel carriage pacifier dummy comforter binky soother nookie bo-bo baby's dummy sugar tit capacity job position task function post duty office place responsibility business mantle purpose contribution situation score soundtrack orchestration transcript theme music symphony harmony rhapsody concerto stanza instrumental while time spell span season interval period period of time length of time duration run phase minute stage term second moment assemble fabricate construct create form make build compose confect fix concoct produce make up put up set up put together rear erect raise fashion materialise(UK) materialize(US) establish start initiate introduce commence institute launch constitute actualize execute generate found instigate More
"piece" Antonyms
entirety whole entireness juncture total increase refusal unevenness part all agreement peace insert lot totality bulk mass aggregate sum ensemble lump fullness heap gross composite wholeness aggregation summation sum total individual one depression little none disarmament bit component constituent element fragment division portion fraction ingredient segment unit factor member building block component part idleness pass denial silence quiet wait inaction veto destruction ruin bloke boy chap gentleman guy lad laddie male man ignorance question concealment suppression disregard reality heedlessness neglect notion nothing nothingness subject abstract idea cessation inactivity inertia repose rest stoppage suspension abomination atrocity anathema aversion eyesore abhorrence disgrace outrage revulsion scandal demerit base core need want lack spontaneity improvisation spontaneousness extemporaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) extemporising(UK) extemporizing(US) improv autoschediasm impromptu invention randomness ad-lib ad-libbing stand-up nonobject abstract concept inanimate nonentity nonexistence nullity immateriality speech address talk oration discourse lecture disquisition homily sermon deliverance presentation allocution dissertation exhortation rhetoric rubbish garbage nonsense thrash ace dab dram driblet glimmer handful hint lick mite mouthful nip ounce peanuts pinch pittance scruple shade shadow back rear lease renting forfeit loss novel story narrative tale book novelette prose narration novella autobiography biography drama epic memoir parable piece of fiction work of fiction composition makeup structure constitution form configuration organisation(UK) organization(US) anatomy construction framework architecture design disposition layout ordonnance arrangement formation make-up set-up dissociation detachment separation disconnection disengagement distancing alienation disentanglement disunion extrication isolation segregation severance uncoupling break disjunction divorce split disassemble dismantle deconstruct strip undo break up pull apart pull to bits pull to pieces strip down take apart take down take to bits take to pieces tear down demolish raze destroy unbuild level demount dismember strike disarrange divide knock down separate wreck tell truth disconnect

757 Sentences With "piece"

How to use piece in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "piece" and check conjugation/comparative form for "piece". Mastering all the usages of "piece" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"This happened over a five-hour period, piece by piece by piece by piece," Broadhead said.
The chicken tenders come in four sizes: two-piece, four-piece, six-piece, and 10-piece.
Piece by piece by piece, Obamacare is just being wiped out.
"This happened over a five-hour period, piece by piece by piece by piece," said Broadhead at a press conference.
The phone's a piece of plastic, a piece of metal, a piece of glass.
A six-piece will cost $5, a 12-piece will cost $9.99, a 24-piece will cost $18.99, and a 48-piece will cost $36.99.
"Piece by piece by piece, Obamacare is just being wiped out," Trump said while talking about health care.
Earlier, Chef Leo was explaining like when you get Char Siu pork, what you wanna do is like, fatty piece, lean piece, fatty piece, lean piece throughout the slice.
Well, I think Mark Leibovich wrote a very amusing piece recently about the mood piece, the Trump mood piece.
But having a most-read piece does not mean that it was a well-loved piece or even a coherent piece.
I think you can play a lot better as a three-piece in comparison to a four-piece or five-piece.
"We take the wood piece by piece, fit them together in a curve, measure each piece and cut it," he said.
"My pixel contains a piece of roof blurred in with a piece of the ground and a piece of the tree and a piece of the car sitting in the driveway," says Scott.
Then — piece by piece — twirl your hair around your finger.
"America is getting taken apart piece by piece," Trump said.
Huawei is a piece, but it's not a gigantic piece.
In HP:WU you: So let's take that piece by piece.
How many phones can you unscrew yourself, piece by piece?
One criminal organization to take down, piece by bloody piece.
Each piece is framed as a piece of online ephemera.
Going through it piece by piece, this statement is fascinating.
He enjoyed doing his piece; I loved doing my piece.
Another piece of salami for Zero, a piece for himself.
"He said his piece; I said my piece," Anthony said.
One piece goes to radio, one piece goes to television.
We broke down Ninja's ultimate streaming setup piece by piece.
Instead it will be painstakingly taken apart, piece by piece.
"It's an essential piece of education, it's an essential piece of business, it's an essential piece of farm life," Bob Pritchard says.
Some fan favorites: OXO Good Grips Smart Seal 12-Piece Set, Rubbermaid Brilliance 22-Piece Set, and Pyrex 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set.
It took several tries to get the first piece, several tries to get the second piece, several tries to get the third piece.
Yet answers are emerging, piece by piece, some 3,000 years later.
The formerly sprawling industrial giant is being dismantled piece by piece.
Of course, the technological piece was a big piece of it.
Piece by piece they're going to start chipping away at it.
I did a piece for the New Yorker, a long piece.
It's still multiplying tissue and building it up piece by piece.
The particulars of composition may be different from piece to piece.
We give a really substantial piece of art, a statement piece.
Like the Mir, it was assembled in space, piece by piece.
Once that piece is working, move to the next natural piece.
The only alternative is to create it slowly, piece by piece.
I ended up running the technology piece and the sales piece.
There is the possibility to reel it back piece by piece.
And it's built piece by piece, Lego block by Lego block.
As we stop to witness, the bulls disappear piece by piece.
Editorial Piece by piece, the death penalty continues to fall apart.
It's not the biggest piece, it is the fastest growing piece.
Her piece is now the most popular piece on the site.
You can order it as one breast fillet, two-piece thigh and drum, or three-piece tenders with one waffle for $5.49 or as a "Big Basket Meal" for $7.99 with two waffles and a choice of two-piece white meat, three-piece dark meat, or four-piece tenders.
You can take a little piece from Starbucks; you can take a little piece from Nike; you can take a little piece from Apple.
Quality time, piece by piece Amanda Kahle and her husband Christopher started their puzzle business, Inner Piece, a little more than a year ago.
You should also consider the WorkPro Kitchen Drawer 100-Piece Tool Kit, the OUTAD Multi-Functional 153-Piece Tool Kit, the Cartman General Household 39-Piece Tool Kit, and the AmazonBasics 65-Piece Home Repair Tool Set.
They pulled the equipment piece by piece up through a mine shaft.
The forces from the tumbling ripped its components apart, piece by piece.
The algorithmic piece is the piece that Facebook clearly has control over.
You upgrade your system piece by piece, looking for value and performance.
Place a single piece of each vegetable across each piece of hamachi.
Optimists hope that the political ruin can be reconstructed, piece by piece.
It happened, piece by piece, under politically entrenched and physically threatening conditions.
Every single piece we needed we got, but not a piece more.
Each singer had to perform a classical piece and a nonclassical piece.
And it is a think piece itself — a piece of finished thought.
That's certainly apparent as he goes over the costume, piece by piece.
He starts off piece by piece, placing individual sheets into the pool.
Mara ate hers piece by piece, plucking each one like a jewel.
That piece, the other piece is what we need to do next.
You get over the betrayal by chucking this baggage — piece by piece.
I think Fitbit's social piece is way better than Garmin's social piece.
"I want to be trustworthy to my audience … I take it seriously, we're going to get this thing figured out piece by piece by piece."
A giant project gets done piece by piece, and a natural way to approach that would have been to do a small, useful piece first.
Most 4-piece boxes cost about $8, 6-piece boxes cost $17 to $20, 20-piece boxes cost about $30, and prices go up from there.
Unclear if Iggy loves the piece as much as she does this piece.
And how, exactly, did he lose a piece a piece of his finger?
I think it's an amazing piece of art and a great conversation piece.
And he's finding out, piece by piece, that he is very, very bad.
The other piece of the pie-- the third piece office is the noise.
We were writing songs piece by piece and just being patient with ourselves.
"A piece of something is better than a piece of nothing," he said.
Verizon and other phone companies are retiring their copper networks piece by piece.
Our bill is just one piece of the puzzle, but a critical piece.
A piece of wood is preventing the heavy, 440-pound piece from fitting.
He'll take it piece by piece, a bite here and a bite there.
Shop piece by piece or keep it simple with Samsung's bundled kitchen packages.
In fact, I&aposll get that little piece of dandruff off — little piece.
It includes a 120-piece kit and a smaller bonus 32-piece kit. 
"Law is not the only piece, but it's an essential piece," Johnson said.
Pros: Affordable, simple designs, fit a variety of bust sizes, DD+ tops, one-piece and two-piece suitsCons: More limited selection than someShop all Lively Swimwear for $65 (one-piece suits) to $80 (both pieces in a two-piece suit)
NUNES: And that&aposs what your piece -- your piece in RealClearPolitics actually pointed out.
Her mother sold off her own jewelry, piece by piece to support the family.
That's a flat piece of geometry moving around on a curved piece of geometry.
The best piece, obviously, is Ta-Nehisi Coates' doorbusting piece "My President Was Black".
On the other hand, you have this other piece, which is the AV piece.
Graphic designer Kristjana S Williams's piece Vestur Uglu London is one piece on display.
Taken piece by piece, it's hundreds of bits of hard-to-stomach flash fiction.
Think piece after think piece emerged about the sudden and enormous presence of witchery.
It was a scatter piece, and it was definitely a piece about my past.
Hospitals will be able to buy only the simulations they need, piece by piece.
Served in 6-piece or 12-piece configurations, they're available nationwide starting May 11.
I believe if you want a piece of cake, have a piece of cake.
It's gluttony—I like a little piece of this, a little piece of that.
Living wills are an important piece of the regulatory puzzle, but only one piece.
But once I got over myself, I took apart that section piece by piece.
Allow us to break it down piece by piece for you for easier digestibility.
Kevin Cheveldayoff has been painstakingly putting this roster together piece-by-piece since 2011.
According to Rudolph, the debate is best approached on a piece-by-piece basis.
These changes alchemize a small piece of gold into a small piece of lead.
Piece after piece of it clattered from his chest, an armor rusting off him.
You can see it as a very sad piece or a very hopeful piece.
Khloe Kardashian literally ripped her pants off piece by piece ... or so it seemed.
You should also consider theRiedel Vivant 4 Piece White Wine Glass Set, the2 Piece Riedel Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Glass Set, and the4 Piece Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set.
JIGSAW PUZZLE, PUZZLE PIECE, PUZZLE COMPETITION … PUZZLE PIECE (11) is kind of interesting, because it could be reparsed (punnily) as a piece of music played while solving a puzzle.
Potluck's complete offerings are as follows: a comprehensive 22-Piece Essentials Bundle ($270), a seven-piece Cookware Set ($160), three-piece Knife Set ($60), and a Utensil Set ($80).
Not long after the piece went viral, Odyssey asked Pearson to write an encore piece.
This one-piece just became the latest piece in the Perry and Bloom relationship puzzle.
Transitioning was only a piece of the puzzle for me but nonetheless the biggest piece.
At least Johnny Cash's piece-by-piece Cadillac thief got a car out of it.
The piece that I'm most proud of right now is this piece called the Medea.
She recently celebrated her best pop solo performance nomination for her song "Piece By Piece."
Get the one-piece here for $59.99 and the two-piece here starting at $29.99.
Now, I can give a piece of it to every girl, only a little piece.
"Each stripe is a piece and the union is a single, solid piece," Barnett said.
Obviously, things don't happen overnight, so it's sort of bit by bit, piece by piece.
If I want a piece of cake one night, I'll have my piece of cake!
The glittering piece is an unusual piece of jewelry known in Danish as a harpynten.
Instead of translating sentences piece by piece, it looks at the sentence as a whole.
It's the one piece of home they still have, the one piece holding them together.
I think it's a vital piece and a piece that we haven't heard much of.
Rather than using wrecking balls or dynamite, construction crews demolished the stadium piece by piece.
I think that if you read that piece, that is exactly what that piece does.
Click on the video below to watch how the scene came together piece-by-piece.
Artist by artist, piece by piece, there's a lot of quiet agitation in the air.
It's too bad, because scene by scene, piece by piece, there are things to like.
Next Mr. Gold hired people to take the paddleball court apart — carefully, piece by piece.
Mostly it's a piece about how tough it is to make a piece about water.
It was the final piece of the puzzle, but that's all it was — a piece.
I don't think it is the skill piece, I think it is the will piece.
"I felt a piece of me disappear, a piece that has never returned," Wood said.
You get to sit in front of a piece of work, a piece of art.
Schwab wears a classic red one-piece; King rocks a blue one-piece with ruffles.
Piece by piece, successive Australian governments have eroded the benefits offered to migrating New Zealanders.
That shared appetite led them to invest piece by piece in a jointly held collection.
That piece refers back to a bigger piece I had written a couple months earlier.
When journalist Krithika Varagur wrote that skin care was a con, the internet responded with think piece, after think piece, after think piece dissecting if it was exploitation or empowerment.
We'd put it up and then at some point later we'd say, 'Oh, my goodness, look at what's going on between this piece and that piece and the other piece.
For her, it's also an art piece and a special piece, and not just a costume.
A 175+ piece starter kit is $59.99 while a giant 620+ piece set goes for $398.90.
In other words, we'll be doing perception — the hardware piece as well as the software piece.
Multiple security researchers have reacted to the Guardian piece this morning, essentially calling the piece ridiculous.
The dark of the outside world gets them, piece by piece (an apt metaphor for adulthood?).
Key piece of evidence missing The accuser's missing cell phone was a key piece of evidence.
Clinton's campaign was live-tweeting the former secretary of state's speech on racism, piece-by-piece.
All the planets are some sort of piece of other bread, sitting in the bigger piece.
"Qatar is a piece, but it's a small piece," said a source familiar with the negotiations.
A heavier piece is more likely to have substantial cladding; a lightweight piece has thin cladding.
We always aspired to have a technology piece, a product piece that would unlock this process.
DER: Hang on, EARPIECE dupes the PIECE in PUZZLE PIECE, so we probably can't use that.
Why don't you go through pretty much everything and then we'll go through piece by piece.
Oil platforms are usually removed piece by piece and taken to the shore using complex vessels.
Instead, the researchers built small segments and swapped them piece by piece into E. coli genomes.
They considered a two-piece flight suit but settled on a more traditional one-piece configuration.
A lot of times, I'm starting a piece and I don't know I'm starting a piece.
There is a piece of paper for every surviving piece of writing from the classical period.
I have spoken by having written—this piece or any piece—for myself and against myself.
He also gave Theron a chin piece and a jaw piece to help define the jawline.
I didn't take my hand off the piece, I didn't take my hand off the piece.
Every piece is, in a sense, a statement piece: You wear it, and everyone definitely looks.
The photos below were taken from Awol and Wilbert's nostalgia-driven piece on black barbershops, their forward-looking piece on black masculinity, and their contemporary piece on black death and fatherhood. 
Lionel 2 Piece Set, $29.97 with member discount (regular $129.90), Albury 3 Piece Outfit, $34.97 with member discount (regular $129.85), Etoile 3 Piece Set, $44.97 with member discount (regular $199.85); fabletics.
The second looks at piece-centric features such as the location of each piece on each side, while the final aspect is to map the squares that each piece attacks and defends.
"A tablet the size of a piece of paper folds like a piece of paper," Nelson says.
And the most expensive piece doesn't even hit $100 — the corset is the priciest piece at $89.
It's another piece of evidence: no smoking gun, but not entirely a benign piece of information either.
They all want a piece of that Oval Office; they want a piece of the West Wing.
That's for The Sinner to reveal, piece by piece, over its sure-to-be-chilling sophomore season.
And we're chipping away at that piece by piece, and this is an important aspect of that.
This 1,000-piece option is a full CMYK color gradient, so each piece is an individual color.
I eat a piece of a matcha coconut donut and a piece of a PB&J donut.
After that I get a three-piece unibrow, two muttonchops, a goatee and a two-piece wig.
You're already reading each section piece by piece, and then all of a sudden a popup appears.
Right now, banks have to pass both a quantitative piece and a qualitative piece to pay dividends.
It's a pleasure to watch the song come together piece by piece in the live version above.
If I write a big long piece, an orchestral piece, it might be an hour or something.
Can you watch a pigeon being pulled apart piece by piece by a hawk in the morning?
"The way the piece works, it's not a fixed composition—it's a piece of software," Lee said.
"America is getting taken apart piece by piece and auctioned off to the highest bidder," Trump said.
They all want a piece of that Oval Office; they want a piece of the West Wing.
"Fiend" looks like a large, blocky piece of furniture but is in fact an interactive sound piece.
Tuesday's legal developments are the latest sign that, piece by piece, that edifice might be coming down.
Do you have a favorite piece you've done or a piece with an interesting backstory to it?
"Every piece of artwork is a unique piece of work, even those in a series," Taub said.
So this was a way of me sort of finding my way through it piece by piece.
The old Tappan Zee was closed to traffic in October and was being disassembled piece by piece.
That piece-by-piece approach was essential for Butler when he joined the eclipse exhibition of 1918.
The company offers one, key product, opting to make it a little bit better, piece by piece.
"It's a small piece, we thought it would be a bigger piece," said Sandy Shahin Hijazeen, 32.
"(An) SSP would be assembled piece-by-piece over repeated launches and dockings," according to the JAXA.
Piece by piece we will now begin the process of giving America the great HealthCare it deserves!
Second, he should alter guidance that forces the military to replicate the current arsenal piece for piece.
"You reveal it piece by piece during trial and then make your strongest argument in your closing."
"It seemed like every time we announced a piece of casting, Disney announced a piece," Serkis said.
These containers are available as a 5-piece set, a 10-piece set, or a 69.493-piece set, each comprised four different sized containers: 2 quarts, 1.5 quarts, 0.9 quarts, and 0.35 quarts.
Ms. Nitsche's three-piece suits come classic and correct, but also in versions that are, as it's said, spezzato: in checks that, on inspection, turn out to be subtly mismatched piece to piece.
Here are the best cookware sets you can buy:Best cookware set overall: All-Clad D5 Brushed Stainless Steel 10-Piece SetBest budget cookware set: Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware SetBest nonstick cookware set: Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware SetBest cast iron cookware set: Lodge Preseasoned Cast Iron 5-Piece Cookware SetBest copper cookware set: Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper 10-Piece Cookware Set
Then the band returned and played the entire album, track by track, piece by piece, as an encore.
Absolutely, because each piece of data is a person in some way, or some piece of a person.
"It's a piece of weed in there," says Snoop, showing off a piece of his fried chicken.  11.
It's on a piece of paper somewhere which is near another piece of paper that relates to it.
Putting on a piece of eyewear should be just as important as putting on a piece of clothing.
She picked Clarkson because she said she has always been a fan of the "Piece By Piece" singer.
SunEdison has been selling off assets piece by piece as it decides which path its reorganization will take.
I was in between a piece we had published and his anger about a piece we had published.
Sands's pages, many of them beautifully adorned with photos, maps, letters—evidence—we see the piece-by-piece
The first piece in which Ana used blood is in the film Chicken Movie, Chicken Piece in 1972.
The next piece of Google's VR puzzle is a piece published earlier this month by the Financial Times.
But after the Republican Convention, Atwater put together a campaign that gradually picked Dukakis apart, piece by piece.
The Trump response has gotten so predictable, in fact, that you can break it down piece-by-piece.
I usually bounce around from piece to piece and work on all the paintings at the same time.
They all want a piece of that Oval Office, they all want a piece of the West Wing.
The incentives piece aligned to the operations piece, and the key to operations is to execute the strategy.
It can serve as an accent piece for your holiday table, as well as a handy serving piece.
Since joining the show, the "Piece by Piece" singer has nabbed back-to-back wins with her artists.
Clarkson live-tweeted the final show, which included a pre-taped performance from the "Piece by Piece" singer.
The columns all reach the same conclusion, but the reasoning behind them varies considerably from piece to piece.
We aren't going to change the fabric of our skinny-obsessed culture overnight, but instead piece by piece.
Eddie Lampert, a billionaire Connecticut hedge fund manager, has been dismantling Sears piece by piece for 2235 years.
Winds peeled off the aluminum roof piece by piece throughout the night, and knocked over several gas pumps.
And so that's one piece that's yet to be determined, but it's one piece is being looked at.
Update: After seeing some responses to this piece I thought I'd add one straightforward piece of clarification here.
It was the most challenging space, mostly because I had to switch intellectual gears from piece to piece.
Piece by piece, its supports, roadways, walkways, and subway tracks were rebuilt at a cost of $1.2 billion.
As I got closer to this piece of paper; I noticed that it wasn't any piece of paper.
Piece by piece we nailed them together like a puzzle before covering the roof with the new tarp.
We're told sales are up 300% and most folks are gobbling up 1,000-piece and 500-piece jigsaws.
" He added, "The truth, to be honest, is the piece I prefer is the last piece I conducted.
"The partnership piece and the customer-facing piece are what needs a lot of muscle building," he said.
They break into the man's dwelling and, in an act of arbitrary aggression, dismantle it piece by piece.
Now, we don't use leverages much as the people who would buy them piece by piece would do.
According to Lee, the first piece she removed resembled scrambled eggs, and another piece looked like scalloped potatoes.
If One Piece on Netflix is good, this could be GREAT news for One Piece as a whole.
He invented his own notation systems to account for his tunings, which could change from piece to piece.
Right now, you can buy the 11-piece set for $27 and the 13-piece kit for $40.
Qualcomm's holding its big annual get-together this week in Hawaii, portioning off Snapdragon news, piece by piece.
Items in the 40-piece collection range in price from $4 to $140 (for 12-piece cookware set).
They all want a piece of that Oval Office, they all want a piece of that West Wing.
Peering in, I saw punters slot two-pence-piece after two-pence-piece into the equipment, almost robotically.
"Every piece of information we get is one more piece of the puzzle in this case," Lombardo said.
In one piece, a thick piece of rope is juxtaposed with a steel rod of the same dimensions.
IS has released several carefully staged videos showing the piece-by-piece destruction of Palmyra's most famous sites.
Andy Weissman, who's also with USV, wrote a piece months ago called "Control," which is a similar piece.
That's improving with new measures from the card networks but, again, the upgrades are happening piece by piece.
We'll eventually get a closer look at how each piece fits together and what it does, but this broad overview shows you — in general terms — how the Switch can come apart, piece by piece.
MH370 Piece by piece: An American tourist found a piece of plane wreckage off the coast of Mozambique, and now officials are testing to see if it's from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
Grabbing piece after piece after piece, with a dab of salt and sesame oil and an occasional sliver of garlic, has proved a fine way to spend a late night far away from home.
The original is a very complex piece but I loved the idea of taking one simple phrase from this relatively obscure piece of contemporary vocal music and making it the main "hook" of the piece.
Since winning Idol, Clarkson has released seven studio albums, the latest of which is 20133's Piece by Piece.
And that may mean de-orbiting the space station piece by piece or boosting it into a higher orbit.
The piece that is coming out has more total energy than the piece that went in the black hole.
The very ground beneath these neighborhoods has shifted, and the foundations of neighborhoods must be rebuilt piece by piece.
And, hey, if you want a piece of pizza, just eat that piece of pizza, workout or no workout.
It's easy to see where the product is going, as the company continues to add features piece by piece.
Marriage was just a piece of paper and a piece of jewelry but our hearts will always be real.
The "Piece by Piece" singer opted for a Gryffindor shirt, as did her 2-year-old daughter River Rose.
America is being taken apart piece by piece, auctioned off and just rapidly, auctioned off to the highest bidder.
The new piece beautifully complements her original piece of jewelry while adding just one more dash of extra sparkle.
It wanted a piece of Kesha's triumph without acknowledging that it had already destroyed a piece of Kesha's heart.
It's a new piece of technology designed to free you from being constantly tethered to another piece of technology.
Moreover, the idea of actually upgrading your phone piece-by-piece is kind of a pain in the ass.
In this department, what a piece is made of is equally as important as what the piece is about….
The 5,000-piece version was interactive and people were invited to vote with the likes for their favorite piece.
Get the Real Simple 4-Piece Place Setting here and the West Elm 5-Piece Gold Flatware Set here.
I find myself in front of piece after piece, without remembering precisely how I got there. Click-click-click.
In one sequence, Mr. Porteleki beats wildly on his drum kit as Ms. Vadas disassembles it, piece by piece.
Wade but votes to systematically destroy abortion rights, in case after case, piece by piece, for group after group.
They argue the legal strategy by Elias and company is specifically designed to undo Florida law, piece by piece.
On the grass outside the old factory buildings were entire building fronts that had been removed piece by piece.
Staff over at Billboard noticed that Swift's two-piece Atelier Versace outfit strongly resembled Bianca's two-piece prom dress.
I encourage you to read Hacker's piece – and also this recent Times piece raising questions about the public option.
Chord could then read that information and, piece by piece, begin to reverse engineer how it all worked together.
The second half of that scene, there's a relentless energy of it, and it's set piece after set piece.
Kelly Clarkson's "Piece by Piece" may bring tears to your eyes even if you don't know what it's about.
But nothing quite beats seeing a piece in person—especially when that piece might be gone the next day.
Again, the whole piece is called Interstice, and I wanted to make a piece that was literally about intervals.
President Trump and Republicans in Congress tried to repeal the law and then to undo it piece by piece.
A loan you take out to buy a piece of property, where the piece of property is the collateral.
One of the most titillating features Sunny Leone, a former actress in X-rated videos, undressing piece by piece.
This piece has been edited to reflect a correction to a statistic in this Vox piece about nuclear war.
Their career is therefore expressed in miniature in each piece, and each piece is a condensation of their career.
The teahouse was disassembled and shipped to Boulder, piece by piece, where it stands today in its full glory.
"I'll get that little piece of dandruff off," Trump said, brushing an invisible piece of dust from Macron's shoulder.
The piece, called Comedian, immediately gathered more interest than any piece of fruit this side of the Old Testament.
To find out why, watch the video at the top of this piece and read Chalkbeat's in-depth piece.
But don't get discouraged; with the right help, you can restore any prewar property, piece by piece, if necessary.
This piece is of a piece with the other ruminating he's done about time, space, gravity and human nature.
For quirky, off-kilter London two piece Jockstrap, that meant getting a 21-piece orchestra on their debut release.
"Instead of saying, 'I want this piece and this piece and this piece,' you're getting every big piece that's out there," he tells CNBC Make It. The rate of return for each index fund is determined by the performance of the companies that are in it, which can balance each other out.
Pick up the 5-piece set on sale for $24 (list price $70), the 10-piece set on sale for $50 (list price $100), or the 15-piece set on sale for $69.49 (list price $160).
When the piece is totally finished, you can either  pull it out of the hoop to sew it onto a pillow or a piece of clothing, or you can frame the whole piece of fabric.
"Piece by piece, they're taking it apart," said Joseph J. Esposito, the commissioner of the city's Office of Emergency Management.
But he encouraged Trump not to pursue a big immigration bill, instead to move on the issue piece by piece.
And if someone can own a piece of Mars on Earth, can someone own a piece of Mars on Mars?
Though he no longer owns the business he built piece by piece, he will still see the investment pour in.
All rooms showcased a piece of crystal outside the door like a piece of art that was encased in glass.
Kim Kardashian West is revealing the family's annual photo piece by piece — just like a holiday advent calendar — and Dec.
Kim Kardashian is revealing this year's highly-anticipated family Christmas card piece by piece just like a holiday advent calendar.
She reminded us to appreciate every amazing puzzle piece we have and not to worry about finding the last piece.
"But if there's a piece of garbage in that position, it's a very expensive piece of garbage there," says Parness.
I down a bottle of cold water while making a piece of avocado toast and a piece of jam toast.
I'm trying to think ... Listen, I actually think the returns piece, I think for me, I think that's the piece.
He's back, and he watches Mr. Robot (whom he can now observe) cracking a complex numeric code, piece-by-piece.
It's cheaper than a Sonos Playbar, and it's a nice piece of furniture—a conversation piece for your living room.
Kim Kardashian West is revealing the family's annual photo piece by piece — just like a holiday advent calendar — and Dec.
I'm not very strict with my diet: If I want a piece of pizza, I eat a piece of pizza.
"This is my favorite piece in here, even though it's just a blanket," she says of the lush, navy piece.
In February, Clarkson brought on the waterworks with an emotional a Capella performance of "Piece by Piece" during Idol's preliminaries.
"The trials were started based on a single piece of data, and one piece of data isn't sufficient," he said.
To serve, place a piece of cheese on one piece of chicken and top with a few slices of bacon.
You can work on a piece for years and keep on redoing it, and it gives every piece this history.
But Trump has dismantled Obama's environmental and climate agenda piece by piece, including major regulations and the emissions-cut pledge.
You should also consider the2 Piece Riedel Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Glass Set and the4 Piece Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set.
By the eighteen-nineties, they were passing laws that, piece by piece, reclaimed the right to vote for whites alone.
It's a useless piece of anatomy, a thin piece of membrane that sits about two centimeters inside the vaginal opening.
Thanks to this newly stable internal support system, the figure could be returned to its original position, piece by piece.
"Our artisans believe that when something is handcrafted, a piece of their spirit is infused in each piece," Alfonso says.
But can it learn what it is that makes a piece of music listenable, or a piece of art perusable?
But this piece will, like many of his others, remain as a homage to a slowly dissolving piece of history.
Let the sad piece of shit live out the rest of his sad piece of shit life on another planet.
Here, in piece after piece, most no longer than a few minutes, his pictorial and sensorial powers were truly liberated.
He built, piece by piece, to the final offering, Chopin's own "Funeral March" Sonata, giving an impetuous yet searching performance.
"We bought an old alpage up in the mountains, and it was taken apart piece by piece," Ms. Blower said.
A piece of art that I would love to see in person would have to be a Jackson Pollock piece.
While few adopt all the solutions, it is now possible to see the required playbook being implemented piece by piece.
"If you want to write a piece for the piano, you can write a piece for the piano," Teller said.
Each artist's segment was designed and then built piece-by-piece, with stones mounted on one-square-meter metal panels.
Including the fact that I think we have a good shot at piece by piece getting Syria to stop fighting.
They began publishing it piece-by-piece last month, promoting it on Twitter in the style of an advent calendar.
Even though Simon's gone, she has been "adopted" by 200 more of her Marine "sons," who are always welcome to claim a piece of her heart, a piece of her life and a piece of her love.
He had published his first piece in Commentary when he was twenty-three, his first piece in Partisan Review when he was twenty-four, and his first piece in The New Yorker when he was twenty-six.
After I graduated and became a journalist covering global affairs, I started writing about the show professionally — publishing piece after piece after piece on how it related to and illuminated the real-world workings of global politics.
But before you fly off in a rage over the remaining SR-71 spy planes being sold off piece-by-piece for scrap, that's not quite how this custom piece of jewelry from Wedgewood Rings came to be.
"We want to make people think of these as human stories rather than as a piece of dance or a piece of theater or a piece of music," Nigel Redden, the festival's director, said in a phone interview.
Unlike a piece of Brontean fiction, there is a high degree of surrealism in Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader's new piece.
This year it bought the final piece when it paid $2.4 billion for CallidusCloud for a configure, price quote (CPQ) piece.
Her 4-piece Pyrex storage set ($29.99) and 10-piece Pyrex storage set ($69.99) are also available for purchase on Amazon.
"They took over the land piece by piece," said Yacoub, one of 10 Palestinians who first appealed to the Supreme Court.
"You're trying to optimize for a very small piece of real estate on a very small piece of glass," he said.
It is a key piece having facts, and scientific data is a key piece helping us address this public health issue.
Trust me, it's going to take a little bit more time, but we're working piece by piece to get that done.
I order a 10-piece nugget meal with soda for me and two hamburgers and a four-piece nugget for him.
This isn't the first time the "Piece by Piece" singer has shared an adorable moment with her daughter on social media.
The potential innocent explanations for the president's behavior over the last two years have been steadily stripped away, piece by piece.
We are going to negotiate piece by piece with the E.U. And, you know, we continue to have conversations with China.
But the House never acted on the bill, arguing for a piece-by-piece approach that would start with border security.
He also presents a conceptual piece inspired by a piece of text by Giorgio Vasari, arguably the world's first art historian.
Someone has a viral piece and it feels unfair, gets a sponsorship that feels misplaced, or makes more money per piece.
Rebalancing also can take place at a deeper level than asset allocation if you are building your portfolio piece by piece.
Ren's favorite piece from the collection is The Tasmin, an undeniably sexy long-sleeve one-piece with a plunging sheer cutout.
A small piece (up to 9 x 12) costs $85 and a medium piece (up to 203 x 20) costs $99.
"For this piece, I knew I wanted to create an ambient piece, something between space music and ambient techno," said Becker.
Like the owners of the Cadillac factory, we've missed the bigger picture as we've lost control of government piece by piece.
In the meantime, workers celebrate getting a little bit bigger piece of the economic pie, and shareholders bemoan their smaller piece.
Overfishing is one piece of a much larger puzzle—but it's a piece where humans can affect fast and lasting change.
When a task becomes too overwhelming, I still find myself breaking it down into parts and finishing it piece by piece.
The BII Bikini ($12) is a seamless, mid-rise, medium coverage piece with a piece of elastic lining for extra security.
Well, it adds a piece to the puzzle in favor of Grandma, and suggests where the next piece might be found.
But Donald Trump has sided with Republicans who want to repeal it, if not all at once, then piece by piece.
"They all want a piece of that Oval Office, they want a piece of the West Wing," Trump said in March.
A narrow gallery displays some of the Chareaus' art collection, which they sold piece by piece to survive in New York.
Ms. Traister documents piece by piece how the politics of power interlocked to form a nearly impenetrable armor around Mr. Weinstein.
The song sounds fuller, largely due to the three-piece trying their hand at a four-piece without any additional person.
"It's the kickoff piece, the piece I go to," said Peter Costanzo, a senior vice president and executive director at Doyle.
For a fragile piece of kitschy clay, the light-up ceramic Christmas tree is a remarkably durable piece of holiday nostalgia.
That was 10 months ago, and since then the Trump-administration world that I described has been deconstructed, piece by piece.
Students, read the entire piece, then tell us: — Does anything in this piece remind you of your own family or background?
But once you start looking closely, the impression changes artist by artist, piece by piece — there's quiet agitation in the air.
The piece on Trump and Jeb was dreadfully wrong, as was another piece I wrote that same month underrating Trump's chances.
Beyond sharing video chat happy hour screenshots and quarantine dinner concoctions, our piece-by-piece biographies have ground to a halt.
I made this piece in three days for an anniversary album for "In C" — which for me was an important piece.
There's nothing like adding a dash of faux fur to transform any piece of furniture into an expensive-looking statement piece.
The tragic reality is that at this stage in pregnancy, an abortion occurs by literally dismembering the child piece by piece.
Each oil-painted piece was nothing but abstract color and, more alarmingly, every piece was cut in almost the same shape.
And that's what we now risk losing, piece by piece, with an administration that would keep that tank hatch slammed shut.
For this piece, she struggled to find underlays long enough — and decided she will never attempt such a large piece again.
But the final piece of the puzzle -- proving the provenance of a particular piece of wood -- will fall to Markus Boner.
"Every piece is still marbled by hand in the studio, so each piece is one of a kind," Ms. Cleveland said.
AND THAT JUNK DRAWER ... "Don't waste your time standing over the drawer sifting through it piece by piece," Ms. Roberson said.
"We always start by filling up a room and taking things away piece by piece, until it almost hurts," Krakvik says.
Much has been written on the topic, including this National Geographic piece by Neha Dara and this piece by Candace Rardon.
I see programs that have put a piece of Philip's together with a Baroque piece; that makes sense in certain ways.
Also consider these:WorkPro Kitchen Drawer 28-Piece Tool KitOUTAD Multi-Functional 212-Piece Tool KitCartman General Household 220-Piece Tool KitAmazonBasics 23-Piece Home Repair Tool Set______________________________________________________________The best ladders you can buy for working around the houseFrom painting the nursery to changing a light bulb or hanging holiday lights, everyday life often calls for a ladder.
Heisz replaces his buzzsaw with a piece of plain printer paper with "no special treatment," he writes on the woodworking website I Build It. He begins small, cutting a piece of paper with another piece of paper (paper-ception?).
The owner, Doug Brown, said he&aposs complying with the demolition order at his own pace, dismantling the home piece by piece.
The restrictions are intended, in part, to keep felons and other people prohibited from possessing firearms from acquiring them piece by piece.
A PUZZLE PIECE as a game object is very far from the silly sense of PUZZLE PIECE as a song about crosswords.
Investigators will have to piece together a narrative one piece of evidence at a time in order to figure out what happened.
But the black American experience is a vast thing, too; that didn't stop Black-ish from taking it on piece by piece.
Day 24 of the KarJenner's piece-by-piece Christmas card countdown featured another group photo — but it's missing a few important members.
Piece by Piece constructs a larger assembly of contemporary meaning and the artist's collective acuity concerning the world in which we live.
A much scarier possibility, one you've seen in countries like Hungary and Venezuela, is a piece-by-piece dismantling of democratic systems.
Instead of shelling out $349 or $400 for the HomePod or Home Max, you can create your own version piece by piece.
Piece by piece, these virtual fragments are being stitched together to form a shared, persistent place that will parallel the real world.
"You start pulling on the thread of the sweater and you realize quickly you can't do it piece by piece," Martz said.
We hope to slowly, piece by piece, work CASE into one or more analogs to determine its value for future space expeditions.
It involved painstakingly dismantling the entire machine piece by piece, using janky tools in place of the specialized ones I didn't have.
It vaguely resembles a pot of gold, a piece of French toast, a kitchen sponge, a piece of cheese... take your pick.
McKee's main focus is dissecting well-told stories, unpacking them piece by piece, and figuring out how they do what they do.
"The hospital piece is just a small piece," said Ariel Levin, senior associate director for state issues at the American Hospital Association.
I actually wore the piece also, and I remember the first piece of press was someone photographing the back of my sweater.
Can it be dismantled, piece by piece, or should we start figuring out how to live with a nuclear-armed North Korea?
There are a lot of other things in that bill she got done piece by piece, pushing the rock up the hill.
Still, he continues to barter for audio gear in lieu of cash payments as he improves his home studio piece by piece.
The eight-piece band (it's been a 21-piece in the past) performed the title track from their self-titled 2015 album.
You work on a 750-piece or 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle in your dressing room between the matinee and evening shows. Confirm.
The framing process here is a communal experience, each employee rotating from piece to piece, suggesting new ideas like a group workshop.
Her movement style changes from piece to piece, which is good, especially for a choreographer whose work you're doing all the time.
At the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Mr. Ligon's piece is positioned so that, from some angles, you view the Kelly piece through it.
For months, city officials have been contemplating back and forth on whether to implode the building or demolish it piece by piece.
Piece by piece, my framer has become intimate with me: my choosiness, my fondnesses, my dumb, entirely sincere urge to create remarkability.
An operator went after a piece of wallpaper, peeling off a piece of wall and she said, well, you&aposll need repair.
And now, suddenly, it's gone — taken apart, piece by piece, in order to be shipped to Chicago and rebuilt in a gallery.
"I look at each piece as just a piece of art, and whether it speaks to me," said Zootopia director Rich Moore.
Vivaldi's The Four Seasons was the happy piece, Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber was the sad, slow piece and The Planets: Mars, Bringer of War by Gustav Holst was used as a negative, arousing - in other words, anxious - piece.
TL;DR: You can score a savings of $80 off Ring Alarm's 5-piece home security kit ($25), $28 off a 214-piece kit ($25), and $2119 off a 28-piece kit ($143) during Prime Day — plus a free Echo Dot.
Piece by mundane piece, through new appliances and public works, the city will have to reconfigure itself to survive in the changing climate.
The bombshell piece, which was later joined by an investigative piece from The New Yorker, opened a Pandora's box of Hollywood horror stories.
Once a construction company finishes using a crane, a team will spend between two or three days taking it apart, piece by piece.
Curious, I wrote a piece, I co-wrote a piece during ... I guess right before Trump was inaugurated, right around the same time.
For example, a whole grain piece of toast with peanut butter would have more fiber and protein than, say, a piece of candy.
So it&aposs kind of sad because we&aposre not going to get anywhere until we start taking this apart piece by piece.
"It is a difficult task and our system is one where when you move one piece, it's related to another piece," she said.
A million piece jigsaw puzzle where you never pick up the wrong piece as you try to put it in the right position.
But, he suggested, why not try to do it piece by piece instead—to just reconstruct particular aspects, such as nonlocality or causality?
The only piece that has conclusively been determined to be from MH370 is a piece -- the flaperon -- found on Reunion Island last year.
The first piece piece Santissimi collaborated on, in 2009, was Settimo Cielo (Seventh Heaven), a sculpture depicting a man inside a hyperbaric chamber.
Harvard University Press; 592 pages; $35 and £27.95 SHE seemed a dismembered monstrosity as she grew, piece by piece, in a Parisian atelier.
The piece is structured more like a PSA than a piece of art, with an ending that could be smoother and more fulfilling.
If you have a lot of layers, he recommends taking them piece-by-piece and pinning each one in for a secure hold.
Following up a successful piece of work with another piece of work is the most ridiculous first-world problem I can think of.
There are a lot of other things in that bill that she got done piece by piece, pushing that rock up the hill.
It's primarily a process of approaching a large-scale project piece by piece instead of as a whole, so it becomes more manageable.
The 22-year-old tells Rolling Stone that this incredibly random music video is a piece of art, not just a musical piece.
A perspective piece by the genoeconomist Philipp D. Koellinger and behavioral geneticist K. Paige Harden accompanies the piece, and considers its potential impact.
Footage from body cameras can be a key piece of evidence in a case, but it is still just one piece of evidence.
To close out the piece of local news, the Bangor Maine Police Department left its Facebook followers with a small piece of advice.
The fact that Drake is in the headline for this anti-Drakebait piece means that this piece, in and of itself, is Drakebait.
From my piece on the game: Minit is a super-smart, tight piece of game design that you play in 60-second chunks.
Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez wrote an in-depth piece about this world a few years back: Trigger warning: her piece includes depictions of rape.
The proud mom even broke the fabulous getup down piece by piece, so parents everywhere can "get the look" for their kids, too.
Over the phone, Kaba says she simply tries to fill it piece by piece, with as many people as possible fighting alongside her.
If you want a little piece of German history, Amazon can deliver your own piece of the Berlin Wall, which fell in 1989.
"I DO not want to die slowly, piece by piece," said Gloria Taylor, pleading in 2011 to be allowed a medically assisted death.
For the nuggets, you could purchase them in a six-piece or 12-piece combo meal that included a side and medium drink.
"What's described in the literature is taking the instrument apart piece by piece, cleaning it with disinfectant and allowing it to drip dry."
Piece by piece, the music that would become "Blonde" and "Endless" was coming together, though up until then, it had been slow going.
The piece is Emanuel's eighth for The Atlantic this year, but his first piece since being named a contributing editor at the magazine.
And she was more about the construction of the piece, the architecture of the piece and the technology that went into designing it.
He has enacted his agenda piece by piece, in politically digestible chunks with few sweeping legislative achievements in a quarter-century in Congress.
When I wrote my very first piece as a journalist in Washington, it was a piece about poverty, I interviewed him for it.
This is my little piece of heaven, where all things insignificant and great alike can have their place in a piece of art.
The piece I've spent the past seven months plotting—the piece every person in my life is sick of hearing about—has dropped.
Here's a piece I wrote at the time, and here's a piece that Mukwege wrote afterward expressing his determination to continue his fight.
"End piece?" could be the last article in a magazine, or it could be a piece written about you when it's the end.
This piece, I had a ball doing it, because to the extent that my opinions are in the piece, they're pulled way back.
The writers of the piece responded, and said that the piece was fact-checked at Esquire but then Hearst executives killed the article.
He offered sincere apologies to those hurt by the piece and asked for respect for Fall and the decision to remove the piece.
But we, we beloved friends, we patriots, we will close this open tap, and we will win back our Germany, piece by piece.
The White House is prepared to roll out executive actions piece by piece, not necessarily all at once, once the President signs off.
"This a very large, complex puzzle that we're filling the pieces in, piece by piece -- what, why and who," Lott told reporters Friday.
The publisher's essay is linked at the bottom of each piece in our location tracking series and every piece in the Privacy Project.
WASHINGTON — For months, conservative news outlets have built a case against Imran Awan, his wife, two brothers and a friend, piece by piece.
When her Teen Vogue gaslighting piece came out, some people argued that she had ripped off a HuffPost piece from earlier that year.
"Politico wrote a piece about it, and then that Outline piece came out—it was a pile-on of epic proportions," he adds.
In the dictionary's archive in Munich, above, there is a piece of paper for every surviving piece of writing from the classical period.
Here is every piece that mentions "Julius Caesar," and here is every piece that mentions the Gettysburg Address over the last 12 months.
When introducing her intriguing 224 piece "Parthenogenesis," she described an interest in letting complex material loose, right from the outset of a piece.
It's the fact that each piece of Amazon is being built with a service-oriented architecture, and Amazon is using that architecture to successively turn every single piece of the company into a separate platform — and thus opening each piece to outside competition.
Cohn: Well, look, we want that farmer to go out and buy the next piece of land, and the next piece of land, and the next piece of land, and create the economies of scale and be able to compete in the world.
Through their work from sketch to garment, it's also their job to generate new feelings — conversations, too — from season to season, piece by piece.
Lay one piece of cheese on top of each burger, top with a portion of the warm rajas and then another piece of cheese.
That is, Python is a language but it's also a piece of software that's installed onto our system like any other piece of software.
And that kind of folds in on itself, because it's being reflected in a piece of art that's also a silly piece of art.
It's the piece you wear the most throughout the season (it's still March, and your go-to piece of outerwear is still going strong).
For this piece, we're specifically talking magic stuff, so bets, family trickery, and "I'm writing a piece for a big magazine" betrayals don't count.
The 42-tweet thread, shared on Twitter, is chilling and suspenseful — a modern day ghost story ladled out piece by piece on social media.
If you're throwing a party, this chicken chain is offering a discount of $10 on 24-piece orders and $20 off 48-piece orders.
Combine all those ingredients and the most likely path under Roberts seems to be an incremental process of narrowing abortion rights piece by piece.
Prices range from $35 to $200 for all seven pieces, which can be purchased individually or in a four-piece or seven-piece "kit."
Between now and Labor Day, you can get a three-piece or four-piece bottle set at a discounted rate — but there's a catch.
" Each piece of the 45-piece collection was imagined and created by Ross with the idea that "there's something for everybody and every body.
Bears opted for a smush, the penguins a peck and the chimps just pawed them apart and then ate the pumpkins piece by piece.
Each piece is stretched and worked on solely by Kokoska, so the final piece operates under the same auspices as Abstract Expressionism: action, reaction.
The fallout from this piece has resulted in stirring confessions about work culture, but I remain disturbed by the piece itself; it's borderline irresponsible.
By pressing a textured cloth piece into a damp piece of calfskin, she obtained a close enough match, and is now doing color tests.
Every maker has a story like that — a first step that often involves tearing down a computer or clock or toaster, piece by piece.
Kelly sang her song, "Piece by Piece" -- a song about her dad abandoning her and how she would never do that to her child.
Piece by piece Snap is trying to eek a developer platform out of Snapchat Lenses and give users something extra at the same time.
Seated at work stations in the center of the shop, builders assemble the models, piece by piece over the course of a few weeks.
A few years ago, each would have been torn down, piece by piece, assessed using instruction manuals, and the servicing recorded in paper tomes.
We love this All-Clad d5 Stainless-Steel 10-Piece set or this GreenPan Black Ceramic Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set from Williams-Sonoma.
Starting on May 11, Naked Chicken Chips will be available in as a 6-piece for $1.99 or as a 12-piece for $2.99.
It's attracted think piece upon think piece, and has come to represent a certain lifestyle, one filled with avocado toast and glasses of rosé.
Available from the Japan Trend Shop for $30, this 108-piece puzzle is especially challenging given the seemingly random curved lines across every piece.
Piece by piece, the interiors regained their former splendor, making those years of disrepair seem like a bad dream the space finally awoke from.
Then there was the Glamour piece chronicling the judge's "most powerful quotes" during the hearing and the Guardian piece on her style and fashion.
In piece after piece, Albee questioned or, more precisely, challenged the role that having a child plays in a heterosexual woman's idea of herself.
"I want to be candid with the American people about which piece we have solved, and which piece we have not solved," he said.
Her father, Carlos Chávez, and a group of neighbors were still removing the rubble, piece by piece, on Monday morning to free her body.
Delivery might be a small piece of the puzzle, but it's a crucial piece for engineers to get right before drones hit their stride.
By circumventing high-ticket items like the HomePod or Google Home Max, Amazon is letting users build their home audio system piece by piece.
Kelly Clarkson canceled the remainder of her Piece by Piece Tour in September, but she's still in touch with her fans, as People reports.
When she handed in the piece, Whitford says an editor told her they were no longer interested in the piece and didn't run it.
She paces in frenzied circles, collapses onto the floor in brooding meditation and folds piece after piece of small paper with fretful, concentrated industry.
Really, "faux taxidermy" is the most accurate as it describes the overall piece but implies that real taxidermy does not occur in the piece.
Taking that part of the bridge apart piece by piece could lead to collapse, Tappan Zee Constructors, the company responsible for the demolition, determined.
In fact, senility was possibly a blessing in this case; each forgotten piece was a piece to discover anew—its beauty fresh and thrilling.
Being able to make a living and support oneself is certainly a critical piece of the empowerment puzzle, but it is only one piece.
The nuggets will be available in six or 12-piece combo meals for $6.49 and $8.49, or four-piece à la carte for $1.99.
So that's a huge piece of it – it's not the only piece, but between the market openings, they're lowering non-tariff barriers on agriculture.
The dish itself is a labor of love and layering, each component — vegetables, meat, rice — carefully put together piece by piece in a pot.
Again, while I found it to be a superior piece of loungewear, at least during cooler months, this is a performance piece at heart.
So this summer, she debuted a small swimwear collection, consisting of one-piece and two-piece suits, inspired by her most popular lingerie styles.
After all, if you had the opportunity to design the perfect partner piece by piece, like modular furniture, wouldn't you give it a whirl?
He has a way of going right to the core, the essence of a piece, and not just putting an idea onto a piece.
"You can get lots of different bites out of the same piece of code, which makes that piece of code more valuable," he says.
For a typical piece of furniture today, "that supply chain is so long, you don't really know who produced that piece," Haviarova told me.
The tester makes his way up Post's neck from piece to piece, and ya gotta see the rapper's reaction when he gets the results!
Cuisinart 11-Piece Cookware Set, $49.99 (Originally $199.99) [You save $150]This 11-piece set from Cuisinart is an amazing deal on cookware basics.
Thursday morning, President Donald Trump's Homeland Security Department's press operation sent out a 1,592 word opposition document ripping into the proposal, piece by piece.
So the old Tappan Zee cannot be blown up but instead must be disassembled piece by piece like a delicate pile of pickup sticks.
A piece of green felt and a piece of white felt, the colors of Franco Ontario, are pinned to the front of her jacket.
President Trump claims that because Congress has failed to repeal Obamacare, he's going to "piece by piece" give America the health care it deserves.
I've seen something very difficult coming out of Syria, like a news piece or a video piece, and it has to be processed somehow.
Working with one piece of eggplant at a time, place about 2 tablespoons of the ricotta mixture at one end of each piece of eggplant.
It was a piece by [George Frideric] Handel which I knew and it was one piece of classical music I thought, 'This is quite catchy.
Since every room is a little different, in general, the brothers recommend spending on an anchor piece of furniture so you get the right piece.
" Sunday, at the 59th Grammy Awards, Clarkson is up for another award for the emotional live American Idol version of her ballad "Piece by Piece.
Whether it's a little piece of the strings, or a little bit of the vocals, every piece of the score is based on that song.
And he says there is a single piece of evidence from the case that is key for him: A piece of fruit – specifically, a pineapple.
You, Me and the Apocalypse is a character-driven piece that's awkwardly shoehorned into a plot-driven piece, and that means neither side entirely works.
The remarkable piece was destined to end up as a curiosity or piece of jewelry, with Burmese traders believing a plant fragment was trapped inside.
I knew there was a trend of women drinking more, and I read piece after piece about women coming to terms with their drinking problems.
The Mindtribe team continued to surgically rip apart the shoe, piece by piece, to see how the electronics were squeezed into such a small package.
The piece has a special meaning for Victoria's mother – Queen Silvia chose this piece for her first public tiara appearance at her pre-wedding gala.
Worked out piece by piece, equation by equation, by hundreds of brilliant minds driven to understand not just the what, but the how of reality.
TL;DR: Gorgeous S'well bottle sets are on sale for up to 37% off: Get a three-piece for $70 or four-piece for $1003.
A few hours before sunrise Monday, workers began dismantling the obelisk piece by piece as supporters and opponents gathered nearby amid a strong police presence.
They shoved 1,000-ton tunneling machines through the city's bone marrow, then ripped the ogres apart and hauled them to the surface piece by piece.
Google has been revamping its look piece by piece to fall in line with the Material Design style guidelines that it introduced two years ago.
The most important piece of advice The guide's most crucial piece of advice is to not engage directly with the speaker or resort to violence.
There's no public market for Palantir stock, so Thiel would have to sell his stake piece by piece — a process that's rare but not unprecedented.
Look, I think that my quote in the New York Times piece or one of ... Yeah, there's a big New York Times piece about you.
Grab the 2269.99-piece set for $216 (down 2205.70% from $169.99) or upgrade to the 15-piece set, now just $119.99 (down 33% from $179.99).
But what happens with this type of animation is, you've got a forehead piece, a lower face piece, and there are many versions of each.
"We're going to have to piece it together, and it's going to be difficult to piece together 1983 again," Larkin Lee, Gebhardt's defense attorney, said.
And its pop-up design means you don't have to put the tree together piece-by-piece — it can be assembled in three simple steps.
The service in April approved the use of two-piece flight suits while on duty as an option to the one-piece flight duty uniform.
Meals come in multiple options: a waffle sandwich, a three-piece tender meal, or a basket including one breast, two-piece thigh, and a drumstick.
And if I use that word in a cold piece of music, the whole piece will 'warm up' just from the use of that word.
She sent back this amazing piece of writing, and the writing became the crux of the piece, and it changed in this really wonderful way.
Oversized sunglasses, ruffled frocks, and mural-printed swimsuits are also included in the 48-piece collection, as is a very Gatsby-esque beaded shoulder piece.
You can't expect for your next piece of work after a piece of work that nearly killed you to measure up or be the same.
In 2014, Allan created a piece titled "Call Mum," which consisted of a flag on Cardiff Castle emblazoned with that very decent piece of advice.
We try to go slow and be conservative and pay just as much attention to the customer integration piece as we do the technology piece.
Democrats said they would probably try to pass the legislative package piece by piece, with the first votes on the House floor expected in May.
It will be available at $1.99 for a taco, $2.99 for a 2-piece, $3.99 for a 3-piece, and in $5 and $7 boxes.
You're fearful, closed or withdrawn — objectifying her, talking at her, offering only a shallow piece of yourself and seeing only the shallow piece of her.
We were lying on our beach towels, she in her red-and-white checked two-piece, me in my turquoise-and-white striped one-piece.
The couple unfurled Archie piece by piece: parts of his face, fingers and feet on Instagram, often in sepia-toned or black-and-white images.
So while Maryland's reforms are only a piece of the health care coverage puzzle, their efforts around cost containment are still a very big piece.
"He is undoing it, piece by piece, executive order by executive order," said Sam Nunberg, who worked on the early stages of Trump's presidential campaign.
I also could afford to save by purchasing whole bags of onions and potatoes at Aldi, rather than having to buy produce piece by piece.
It's like a puzzle, all these people came together, piece by piece, and now Donald Trump is coming over and just breaking those puzzle pieces.
She puzzles the pieces together (the show does a wonderful job of showing us how she thinks) and then breaks them apart, piece by piece.
That's one piece of it, but the other piece of it is, is it showing up in a place where people are actually viewing it?
However, the characters' attempts to solve those magical problems flesh out the series' world, stacking new elements of interest atop one another, piece by piece.
Camp is both an aesthetic mode, inherent to a piece of art, and a sensibility, inherent to the way we interpret a piece of art.
It's just as painful as if it were a hog, a fish, or a rabbit, if you chopped a rabbit's leg off piece by piece.
Here are the best basic tool kits you can buy: Best basic tool kit overall: Stanley 65-Piece Tool KitBest value tool kit: WorkPro 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Home Tool KitBest compact tool kit: Cartman General Household 39-Piece Tool KitBest basic tool kit for use on the road: AmazonBasics 65-Piece Home Basic Repair Tool Kit Set With BagUpdated by Caitlin Petreycik on 1/6/2020.
A piece of tissue plucked from the trash proved to be the piece of evidence they needed to obtain an arrest warrant, according to the documents.
The singer brought everyone – including herself – to tears in February when she performed "Piece by Piece" after guest-judging on the show for the first time.
If we imagine the phrase PUZZLE PIECE as describing not a game piece but a song about crosswords, then we've got a super funny seed entry.
Now that we've completed this 1,106-piece build, we can't wait to get our hands on Lego's 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon due to ship next month.
"Everyone wants to work in the White House, they want a piece of the Oval Office, they want a piece of the West Wing," he said.
It was the perfect piece of synergy – leveraging the hardware startup's compelling piece of remote control technology to bring to life the film's most marketable creation.
I have a story behind every piece that I buy, so I don't want to throw away that story, even if it's a fast-fashion piece.
"We've learned in Chicago if you hold a piece of film for a long piece of time you completely lose the trust of individuals," he said.
But its biggest feature is that it's completely modular, a desktop tower that you can build piece-by-piece to have the exact features you want.
It's not unlike the way that general audiences are currently ripping apart this movie, or critics like yours truly are breaking it down piece by piece.
In this inaugural episode of WIRED's new original series, [De]constructed, motorcycle mechanic Matt Dawe takes apart a 1974 Harley Davidson "Shovelhead" motorcycle, piece by piece.
Those of us who have providing oversight over this issue -- we&aposve had several of our members who have painstakingly going through it piece by piece.
In this premiere episode of WIRED's new original series, [De]constructed, Dawe takes apart the 44-year-old bike piece by piece, starting with the seat.
This Prime Day deal saves you 250 percent on a two-piece set that includes a 240-inch carry-on piece and 24-inch hardside bag.
Performing "Piece by Piece," a song about an absentee parent, the pregnant singer touched the crowd and judges with heartbreaking lyrics and an emotionally bare performance.
Meanwhile, Rodman's conceptual I Am Thinking of a Reverse Sunset, perhaps the most typically modernist piece, stands out as the only piece associated with the verbal.
I still think that the core side of the business will be the dominant piece but you can see that other piece actually grow pretty significantly.
More likely than not, when you encounter a piece of data that contradicts what you believe with confidence, that piece of data is in fact wrong.
The first time I saw them, it was an all-male seven piece, then the second time, it was a four piece with Amber and Angel.
" He also said, "This little piece of crap is a little piece in the story of our shared history and how Denmark became what it became.
" Trump called Obamacare "a broken mess" and claimed that "piece by piece" his administration is beginning the process of giving America "the great HealthCare it deserves!
Outterbridge's hulking iron and wood piece "Vertical" resembles a piece of rusting cargo ship, while Washington's "Love Thy Neighbor" takes on a more figurative, otherworldly form.
Each animatronic body was hand-sculpted down to the freckles and hair (human!), all applied by hand, piece-by-piece, and none more ghoulish than Mr.
What makes the difference is that the system doesn't translate each part of a sentence piece by piece, but looks at the sentence as a whole.
In July, a 91-year-old woman visiting the Neues Museum in Nuremberg defaced a piece called "Reading-work-piece," a 1965 artwork by Arthur Koepcke.
"There isn't one piece of furniture dressing or piece of architecture that doesn't have some kind of a handmade, homemade quality to it," Mr. Korins said.
He pointed to various areas on the finely hatched belly of the dog — in this piece, the canine's supine vulnerability gave the piece his signature strangeness.
By doing mitzvah (good deeds), and Tikkun Olam (world repair / pursuing social justice), you are, piece by piece, bringing the vessels and that holiness back together.
As Gregorian chants played in the background, he and a small coterie of staff members presented piece after piece, each in its own custom-made box.
This always was for me the most remarkable piece of piano music I know, and I haven't played another piece more often than this one, probably.
To play, you hold a game piece near the NFC reader on the platform and then place the animal or game-piece on top of it.
So Ms. Merck hired Andres Montiel, the owner of Evolution Projects, to restore, paint, assemble and install the old trim, piece by piece, throughout her apartment.
From the book: No matter what the emergency, whenever people are forced to flee you find, piece by piece, how their understanding of their situation changed.
A "What key is this piece of music in?" clue can be tough, especially if you have no experience with playing or listening to the piece.
But it's like, you can't get too high if a piece does really well, and you can't get too low if a piece has negative connotations.
Luxury boutique Just One Eye got the piece Tuesday in L.A. We're told the piece -- aptly titled "Tumbleweed" -- symbolizes Val's childhood growing up in New Mexico.
Then, dump some glitter polish on a piece of foil (or whatever you have around), grab a pointed tool of some kind (a toothpick will work wonders) and place the chunky glitter, piece by piece, into the paint closest to the cuticle in one even line. Easy?
While other companies are pushing out self-driving features piece by piece, making cars gradually more capable, Urmson says Aurora is aiming for full Level 4 autonomy.
From a belted one-piece (you have to see it before you judge) to the perfect velvet handbag, Moda's currently housing every investment piece we're drooling over.
Lego 7,541-Piece Ultimate Collector's Millennium FalconBack in 2825, Lego released a 21,2000-piece version of the Millennium Falcon that was the toymaker's largest set to date.
Barrack said the border adjustment tax is under consideration by the House because "you need a revenue piece to offset the cost piece" of corporate tax reform.
This chip was basically built by hand, piece by piece, and in their paper the researchers mention a low yield of functional devices, due to the complexity.
The shoes with motion control featured a rigid piece of plastic near the middle and a harder piece of foam on the inward side of the sole.
But if you look at a visual piece, hear music, or experience a piece of artwork, they contain symbols and messages that are universal to most people.
For those who were hoping to add the piece to their own wardrobe, the piece was custom made, so this exact sweater is not available to purchase.
Delta Airlines has found the piece of luggage that never showed up at LAX ... a piece of luggage that clearly had significance to the "Ray Donovan" star.
NASA's other alternative is to get rid of the ISS altogether, by slowly taking it apart piece by piece and plunging that hardware safely into Earth's atmosphere.
The company is working to tackle some of this dated software piece-by-piece, starting with their far less dated programs used to handle offline booking processes.
In some sections, Fashion Climbing is just a piece-by-piece description of his various hat collections — and those sections are the best part of the book.
The fact that you're getting a solid, bespoke piece for less than $300 is the real story, however, that that's what particularly enamors me about this piece.
Notre-Dame also holds a piece of wood believed to be a piece of the cross and a nail that some believe was used for the crucifixion.
"He's coming back to Youngstown because he's really good at the marketing piece, and he's not good at the delivering piece," Ryan said on Monday's conference call.
Rather than, say, introducing a Google Max/HomePod competitor, the company introduced the elements (Sub, Link, et al.) for building a home stereo system, piece by piece.
The update is arriving piece by piece to those who've downloaded iOS 11.2, which launched two days back with a not-yet-live version of the feature.
And then it's a bit of grinding—finding more of those enemies to tactically strip them off their valuable gear, piece by piece, and enemy by enemy.
Have you ever gotten caught chewing a piece of gum that's minty-fresh at the start, but then disintegrates within minutes to a flavorless piece of mush?
"We look at this as a piece of the puzzle, an important piece of the puzzle, that can connect with the local emergency management system," he said.
But neither part — a piece of the interior panel in the main cabin and a piece of engine covering — provided significant information about the aircraft's final location.
The iPhone's keyboard has a built-in way to automatically replace a piece of text with a different piece of text, and it's super easy to use.
Each bill aims to reopen shuttered parts of government, piece by piece, as the standoff continues between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats over border wall funds.
After repeatedly failing to repeal and replace the ACA in the face of overwhelming public opposition, they've instead resorted to dismantling our health care piece by piece.
Or a piece of information that is banal on its own might later be referred to in a classified report, making that piece of information also classified.
Is it improving a medical condition that's plaguing you, like Type 2 diabetes, or is it wearing a two-piece instead of a one-piece bathing suit?
Miami Marlins America's foundation is being gutted by billionaire robber barons selling off businesses piece by piece in order to turn a profit that leaves employees devastated.
I have an amazing vintage piece of jewelry that I framed and put in my daughter's room, and it became a piece of art on the wall.
It can take a piece of music, it will deconstruct it, and learn from it the essence of the piece, and also add different motions, moods, etc.
To be able to interpret and identify this piece of brass as a piece of an umbrella and then everything else fits together — so it's an umbrella.
Is this the same Kavanaugh who once demanded that the most graphic details of another man's private life, Bill Clinton, be made public "piece by painful piece"?
The cathedral also contained a piece of wood believed to be a piece of the cross and a nail believed to have been used in the crucifixion.
He and four Evanston Township High School assistant principals looked over the dress code piece by piece to see if it aligned with the high school's values.
Piece by piece, a new World Trade Center has risen around it, including 1 World Trade Center, which looms over an area that was once in ruins.
"When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died, and as I look at this arena and across the globe, a piece of you died," he said.
"You'd saw the car in half, take it up piece by piece on the elevator, and put it back together once it gets onstage," Mr. Nedeff said.
To read more about microgrids, check out this piece on how microgrids work, and this piece on how microgrids could've protected against blackouts during the California wildfires.
"A friend of mine and I took it apart, piece by piece, lugged it up the stairs, and more or less put it together again," he added.
The piece ended with a graveyard dance, Ravel's unflagging rhythm accelerating into ferocity: The effect — as of the whole hourlong piece — both somber and exhilarating, even hopeful.
The looming impeachment trial, which would have kept Booker off of the trail for some time, was "a piece, but not a big piece" of his decision.
My work "Untitled (Double Entendre)" [2019] is a series of objects — a piece of glass, a piece of wood, a stack of books — but I photograph them.
We rounded up some of our favorite street style ensembles and replicated them piece for piece, for the tune of less than $150 for the entire shebang.
Cheney took to social media to condemn the paper's decision to publish the piece, questioning whether Haqqani was compensated for the piece while bringing up the Sept.
More than 450 million One Piece comics have been sold globally since its inception, making One Piece second only to Batman as the bestselling comic in history.
And if a six-piece of these chicken rings isn't enough, Burger King also announced that it's bringing back its $2628 28503-piece nuggets promotion. http://read.
"We are the largest player globally in high-value transportation, that's one piece of it, and the second piece of it is the cash payments," Pertz said.
One of the toilet doors at work has a squeak, so he takes the stall apart and lays it out, piece by piece, in the men's room.
The word "piece" might tip you off that this clue is about a game piece, but you really don't have enough information yet to know the answer.
So I think adding this kind of Blue Lives Matter piece to the hate crimes statute muddies the waters and confuses the education piece quite a bit.
No, don't eat that piece of chicken . . .
Precision in control over cooking temperatures: This is especially usefulConstruction: Thickness: Durability: Finish:Number of pieces:Price:Here are the best copper cookware sets you can buy:The best overall copper cookware set: Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper 10-Piece Cookware SetThe best high-end copper-cookware set: Matfer Bourgeat 8-Piece Bourgeat Copper Cookware SetThe best middle-range copper cookware set: Calphalon Tri-Ply Copper 10-Piece Cookware SetThe best luxurious copper cookware set: Mauviel M'heritage 9-Piece 2.5mm Copper Cookware SetThe best budget copper cookware set: T-fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper Bottom 13-Piece Cookware Set
TARLOV: That is a tiny piece of what Madeleine Albright was saying and it&aposs also a tiny piece of understanding Madeleine Albright&aposs history in this country.
It would all bring up memories of us together, so I feel like in that way each photo has a piece of him and a piece of me.
By putting a small piece of black tape with an even smaller piece of white tape on each lens, the glasses are able to fool the liveness detection.
Here he is singing "Under the Sea" in the original Broadway production: The performance will be backed by a full 71-piece orchestra and a 12-piece choir.
The third piece, "Face" (2006), is a charcoal portrait of a woman in a pearl necklace on a round piece of wood, with a shelf mounted below it.
Windows now has an API that will talk to our piece of silicon and that will tell our piece of silicon what color and what font to write.
Which makes it an unlikely but strong companion piece to Sorry We Missed You, an angrily searing piece of social realism set in modern-day Britain's gig economy.
It&aposs a little frustrating in that there are almost a half million of these documents in Arabic as we try to go through them piece by piece.
While coasters can still be assembled piece by piece in painstaking precision, there's now a spline-based mode that allows for quicker building of those big-money attractions.
Laura Ashley's 26-piece line features a classic organza babydoll dress with puffy sleeves, floral crop tops, ruffled shorts, retro one-piece swimsuits and a dreamy sheets set.
"Buying a piece of this isn't like buying a diamond necklace from Cartier, you're actually owning a piece of Hollywood memorabilia," said Isabel Yeo, Julien's Auctions' jewelry specialist.
"You either roll up your sleeves and fight, or you retire" The marriage didn't fail all at once; it failed piece by piece for long enough to dissolve.
When what you're doing is taking a blighted house, piece by piece, out of the city of Detroit, and putting it on display in Europe, it's not okay.
Before they can gut the law, Congress will need to take stock of all it does — and figure out, piece-by-piece, what to put in its place.
Especially (but not only) when pregnancy and birth make the physical metaphor of transformation real, becoming a mother takes you apart piece by piece and rearranges you entirely.
Today, we are adding the most important puzzle piece to the leadership team to move our vision to a reality - and that puzzle piece is K. Guru Gowrappan.
He picks the most appealing patterns and traces them with a marker on a piece of acetate, which he affixes to a piece of mirror-polished stainless steel.
Based on Ruhle's experience it would seem like she should know better, but the claims made in Cohan's piece were so dramatic that she tweeted out the piece.
"Ryan Lizza's piece generated 4.4 million unique visitors, making it the publication's best-read piece of the year so far," according to The New Yorker's public relations department.
Frustrated by Congress's inaction on ObamaCare repeal, President Trump is taking a big political risk in using his authority to dismantle the health-care law piece by piece.
"This is a very tough room, and it's a performance that gets picked apart piece by piece by millions who watch it on TV or online," Gavin said.
Place 1 chicken piece on each of 4 plates, and layer each with 1 roasted red pepper half, 1 tablespoon pesto, 1 chicken piece, and 4 zucchini planks.
I'm not too shocked Facebook has all of this information, since it's a history of data either I or my friends provided to the site piece by piece.
In that spirit, I'm going to attempt here to puzzle it all out, piece by piece — what happened, what it meant, what there is to learn from it.
Another site-specific piece occupies a dark room on the second floor; inside a unique tent is a "sculptural theater" video piece by Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch.
In 1984, it's the paperweight that contains the beautiful little thing, and it's the rather unpleasant piece of the forest, the piece of nature that they go to.
So I think we are always looking for things like that, that can push the envelope both on the innovation piece, but also on the business-model piece.
Working slowly, use a hot glue gun to attach one edge of the rectangular piece to the circular piece until it resembles the shape of a pillbox hat.
Instead of producing the entire spike protein, they built just a tiny piece of it—the piece that actually latches onto human cells, called the receptor binding domain.
The party is dismantling the institutional framework of parliamentary democracy piece by piece in order to remove any restraints on the personal power of its leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.
Every piece of research tells you, and we've all heard this, every piece of research tells you that when you have more diverse groups you are more successful.
The original plan was to dismantle the whole bridge piece by piece rather than to use explosives, which officials worried might adversely affect Hudson River fish and wildlife.
We heard the personal stories she shared in songs like "Because of You" and "Piece by Piece," which describe feeling abandoned by her father following her parents' divorce.
So her Parsons team created a two-piece black wool coat with a capelike top to cover the arms and chest, and a narrow piece for the torso.
He's more like a particularly vicious TV critic, pulling the show apart piece by piece to see how it works, to understand what's it's really trying to say.
Not all would require declaring a national emergency, and they are likely to be rolled out piece by piece, not necessarily all at once, once Trump signs off.
"This a very large, complex puzzle that we're filling the pieces in, piece by piece -- what, why and who," Lott told reporters in a press conference Friday afternoon.
Perfect for any Disney fan, the 21-piece trunk features two-piece outfits based on the classic princesses, plus tons of accessories like jewelry, headbands, stickers, and tiaras.
We ordered quite the chicken and biscuit spread: four-piece Chicken Supreme combo, two-piece dinner, grilled chicken sandwich, a Cajun Fillet sandwich, and the infamous Boberry Biscuit.
I would create different looks from each island, whether it was making a two-piece red swimsuit out of the heart of a banana, a one-piece swimsuit out of banana leaves, or a two-piece bikini out of pineapple — basically any flowers and fruits I could find on the islands.
What you saw The opening day of the presentation was a series of methodical, piece-by-piece presentations from all seven managers, but make no mistake about it -- each piece, from the line-by-line breakdown of the President Donald Trump- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky call by Democratic New York Rep.
"When you lose a leg, you don't just lose a leg — you lose a piece of heart, you lose a piece of mind, you lose a piece of self-confidence," Mr. Cairo said on Wednesday at the center in Kabul, one of seven rehabilitation centers that he leads across the country.
The dreamlike encounter revealed itself to be "Voices Heard," the second performance of the event, a piece by Jigarjian and Pratt in collaboration with a 11-piece opera collective.
Deaver's story is doled out piece by piece, as is the rising timbre of Zalewski's distress, and the resulting tension is one of the best things about the show.
Between canceling the remainder of her Piece by Piece tour due to vocal strain in September and welcoming her son in April, fans have been missing her voice lately.
His recent triple album, ''The Epic,'' is a nearly three-hour suite for a 10-piece jazz band, backed by a 32-piece orchestra and a 20-person choir.
But piece by piece — at first with a few consecutive first downs, as Jones said — the Packers gathered themselves and slowly began to carve out smooth and efficient drives.
Her final act, the Dropout Piece, is both a conceptual and performance piece — life and art are one, the artists is swallowed up by the art and is gone.
Correction (December 9th): A previous version of this piece was entitled "Ancient eclipses show how days are getting shorter", an error repeated at one point in the piece itself.
Previously, your query planner was a human being, not a piece of software, and a relational database is a piece of software that would just give you a database.
"It's a better suit for my personality," says the singer, who is already working on the new LP, which will be her eighth following 2015's Piece by Piece.
For the last two years, I've been picking myself up, piece by piece, and proving to myself that I am much, much stronger than you convinced me I was.
He says his company's differentiator is the AI piece, and it is this piece that the company's lead investor in this round has been focusing on in its investments.
I did a piece for Vanity Fair on whether Jack Dorsey could save Twitter and I sent him a note and I said hey, I'm gonna do this piece.
British Antarctic Survey said it plans to move Halley VI piece by piece over the next three years to a new location some 23 kilometers, or 14.3 miles, inland.
These mini cheese sticks allow you to easily customize your snack size: Each piece has under 20 calories, and a full 73-piece serving has 110 to 120 calories.
Diet is one piece of the fertility puzzle, and it happens to be a piece that you can control, along with your alcohol consumption, smoking habits, and stress levels.
On their previous albums, they were a six-piece with three horns, and for this album they went down to a five-piece with a two-trombone horn section.
It's one thing to compute the structure of a piece of music, but another to compute a piece of music in terms of how music is perceived by humans.
Set piece: A set piece is a situation in which a team puts a ball back in play, through moves such as throw-ins, corner kicks or free kicks.
On day 22 of the KarJenner family's mysterious, piece-by-piece Christmas photo reveal, Kanye West and his son Saint are getting in some one-on-one guy time.
"There's a community that was built up over time, piece by piece, brick by brick, that today is very strong," he told the workshop for aspiring political communications professionals.
House Republicans told The Hill last year that a piece-by-piece approach would likely be their strategy to reform Dodd-Frank, rather than a massive bill like Hensarling's.
A massive cyberattack on Friday on a key piece of internet infrastructure included around 100,000 individual devices that were coordinated using a piece of computer code recently released online.
Paak (Warning: NSFW Language) "Piece by Piece (Idol Version)" — Kelly Clarkson "Closer" — The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey "Panda" —Desiigner (Warning: NSFW Language)  "Setting the World on Fire" — Kenny Chesney & P!
Only in the extreme west of Europe is the piece linked with Christian prelates; the other languages which call the piece a "bishop" are Icelandic, Faroese, Irish and Portuguese.
For example, FFX's most famous piece of music, "To Zanarkand," is normally a beautiful piano piece but becomes a ghastly choir of guffaws in the hands of Johnny Mac.
One way researchers have tried to work around this is by breaking down each element and having different AI systems build each element of a song piece by piece.
There's no word on whether or not the clutch is the piece that Gomez collaborated on, since her contract with the brand stated that she'd co-create one piece.
Republicans have been planning a Dodd-Frank overhaul for more than a year and are poised to make major changes to the law, even if it's piece by piece.
Pre-order the Philips Norelco Multi Groomer 29 Piece Mens Grooming Kit, $119.99Groom and trim every part of your body with this comprehensive 29-piece kit, which includes a
Two days after the Broadly piece came out, the Daily Mail posted a slightly more alarmist piece on the Sleeping Beauty Diet using Taylor's article as its principle source.
Owned by the Brooklyn Museum since 1899 but not on view for years, it has been carefully restored, piece by piece (there are 46 in all), for this show.
When my plethora of lipsticks and gossamer falsies are finally in place after a good organizing session, it's like slipping in the final piece of a 1,000-piece puzzle.
To replicate these line-blurring style ideas for the beach (or wherever the weekend takes you), we broke them down piece by piece with the latest from H&M.
You can have a mellow or innocent looking piece of poetry being delivered with a sinister piece of music and it turns it around like a David Lynch movie.
But there's a difference between treating a piece of information as newsworthy even though it was hacked and treating a piece of information as newsworthy because it was hacked.
"It is a cultural thing that was put together little by little, so you have to dismantle it and then put it back together piece by piece," he said.
However, piece by piece, Murff and Young staked the perimeter of their own experiences — trying to get a grasp on a phantom presence that seemed to follow them everywhere.
But the other piece in which we have a ways to go is the larger, and I think ultimately more significant piece: the work that we can do immediately.
This divide between people's great ideas and the failure we know they will yield is a hallmark of the period piece, but particularly of the period piece on television.
Despite these relations being hidden, we get to see how they emerge refracted and rechanneled in work that piece by piece, room by room, seeks to remake the world.
The other thing was the piece Julia Wolfe wrote, "Fire in my mouth," which was not only a very moving piece, but had all these elements in the hall.
After the demolition, only a portion of the west span, nearer Rockland County, will remain; it will continue to be dismantled piece by piece, according to Tappan Zee Constructors.
Is it ... Going piece by piece, one by one, show by show, et cetera, is gonna take a long time to really move the dial and having something mega.
But now things could be as long or as short as they needed to be, and, even better, they could vary — from piece to piece, from episode to episode.
Luxe Soft and Smooth 6-Piece Sheet Set Made with breathable 100% microTENCEL lyocell fibers, this silk-like six-piece sheet set allows for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.
Piece by piece, the trailer rolls out the classic Wonder Woman symbols: First the indestructible bracelets, then the sword and the shield and, of course, the lasso of truth.
But if the piece is not entirely effective as a work of art, as a piece of advocacy and as a goad for discussion, it is passionate and necessary.
The horse is then loaded onto an overcrowded truck, stunned, hoisted up by a leg, and pulled apart piece by piece – which is exactly what the Republican legislation sanctions.
The next time you crack an egg and there's a tiny piece of shell at the bottom, remove it quickly and efficiently with a bigger piece of the eggshell.

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