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"example" Definitions
  1. something such as an object, a fact or a situation that shows, explains or supports what you say
  2. example (of something) a thing that is typical of or represents a particular group or set
  3. a person or their behaviour that is thought to be a good model for others to copy
  4. a person’s behaviour, either good or bad, that other people copy
"example" Synonyms
specimen sample exemplification instance representation case representative sampling exemplar exhibit model typical case case in point demonstration illustration interpretation portrayal variety copy exhibition precedent blueprint epitome authority guide template lead paragon embodiment ideal prototype archetype paradigm pattern quintessence standard essence warning caution lesson deterrent admonition message sign threat notice determent forewarning word of warning deterrent example object lesson moral proof precept omen alarm exercise task activity drill criterion yardstick benchmark measure touchstone barometer norm gauge(UK) mark bar par metric rendition explanation version depiction narration report explication description statement account elucidation story narrative definition exposition commentary delineation detail inspiration influence motivation catalyst drive impetus reason spur stimulant stimulus encouragement stimulation boost incentive instigation muse impulse incitement lift lesson learned(US) cognizance divination revelation appreciation discernment enlightenment illumination knowledge sapience wisdom awareness epiphany insight realisation(UK) bit selection snippet element fragment piece portion part representative piece constituent unit test piece segment swatch scantling cross section slice sampler range transection random sample representative sample control group test group subset set collection assortment representative selection expression declaration articulation utterance announcement assertion communication pronouncement verbalization uttering voicing asseveration broadcast circulation dissemination appetizer(US) antipasto starter titbit canapé amuse-gueule apéritif cocktail finger food savory(US) savoury(UK) snack aperitif dip entree first course foretaste introduction munchies relish edition issue impression imprint publication release volume revision printing print form reproduction installment(US) instalment(UK) number panoply show trappings regalia apparatus attire display dress get-up spectacle splendour(UK) turnout ceremony garb insignia raiment ritual act affectation arrangement soul individual person human being body creature mortal life human being character guy man party personage sort woman bod customer citation excerpt passage quotation extract quote line reference source cite saying quoting verse stanza section More

798 Sentences With "example"

How to use example in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "example" and check conjugation/comparative form for "example". Mastering all the usages of "example" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Give me another example of another ... Here's another example.
I show that in example after example in my book.
Radiologists, for example, is a good example everybody always uses.
Real estate was an example, travel was an example, and where you go to work was a glaring example where people knew nothing.
Dakota Pipeline is an example, the Keystone Pipeline is an example.
"Green" is a good example and "Sour Grapes", is a perfect example.
I can only be an example, and I've been a questionable example.
One example—OK, the only example—came exactly four years ago today.
I use an example of when you call us about schools, for example.
For example, there's ProPublica, which is a great example of trustworthy journalism. Right.
I'm just using James as an example, Damore's example, I don't know him.
We have witnessed example after example of Trump dissembling or fully ignoring precedent.
In example after example, Kavanaugh has used this reasoning in arguments he made.
For instance, we've seen example after example after example of how algorithmic bias can affect facial recognition technology, and researchers warn it could also affect other technologies.
This is not only an example of loving parenting; it's an example of freedom.
The clue is correctly "Exmaple for example, for example" and the answer is TYPO.
I say bad example because it's not an issue example in the same way.
For example, at 13A, the clue "Example of 22- and 65-Across" is HOMER.
The school sets an example for Sitara; the Sitaras set an example for the Pappus.
It has been alleged, for example, that the Smurfs are an example of crypto-fascism.
The computer was a very good example, and now the telephone is a fantastic example.
Teach by example and discuss with them why it's wrong to watch pornography, for example.
BOB IGER: But that's a perfect example of what I'm talking about, or an example.
I think your example of immigration is much stronger than your example of health care.
Clarkson's example of how her weight may have masked her depression offers a good example.
Source Photo Example source Match Source Photo Example source Match By The New York Times.
The Martian might be a good example, The Goblin Emperor might be a good example.
My favorite example was 32A, "Speeding ticket," and it remains the clearest example to me.
SONNIER: Yes, I mean, the example I&aposve given in the past, Timothee Chalamet, for example.
But, for every positive technology example I give, I can point to a frustrating counter-example.
For example, McConnell cited passage of the Keystone XL Pipeline Act as an example of progress.
For example, many reported gang rapes during some of the performances (inside mosh pits, for example).
Hires per every 100 job openings: 53 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 100 job openings: 63 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 100 job openings: 64 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 1003 job openings: 67 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 100 job openings: 68 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 100 job openings: 74 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 100 job openings: 83 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 100 job openings: 85 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 100 job openings: 88 Example jobs and median salary per year Hires per every 100 job openings: 94 Example jobs and median salary per year
The political example, the media example set here, are quickly emulated and rolled out across the world.
A good example I think is Sister District, for example, working partnership even when I was there.
You know, I think probably the best example, there are folks who give to ProPublica, for example.
So let's take a more recent example or less prominent example where they canceled the Paper product.
States that have been slow to move have example after example of successful improvements in other states.
As he makes clear in example after example, the facts speak for themselves — sometimes in gruesome fashion.
Because we lead not only by example of our power but by the power of our example.
Because we lead not only by example of our power, but by the power of our example.
We want them to be not the bad example that we learn from, but the good example.
The above example, from Italy, may well be staged, but it's a perfect example of what's possible.
As a major leaguer, I had become his example to follow instead of being made an example.
A brief example of my success in problem solving is [example, including results for company or clients].
The one I like to use, it's not a west coast example, it's an east coast example.
Machine learning is a type of AI that involves feeding computers example after example of something, until they "learn" to create their own example — without ever having been given explicit instructions to follow.
The top example is footage captured from a launch PS43 and the bottom example comes from the Pro.
The ATM, for example, is a textbook example of a machine that was designed to replace human labor.
Let me give you an example, and I'll give you an example that's all of two days old.
He was an example of a graceful life, and that example will influence millions for generations to come.
The Logitech G533 wireless headset, for example, has a cardioid pickup pattern, an example of which is below.
I'm not with the camp that has said that, for example, Facebook, as an example, Facebook was complicit.
Bradley Byrne, the bill's Republican co-sponsor, praised the legislation as an example of Congress leading by example.
Would you for example or would the administration for example be willing to back off on arbitration panels.
What we did in the example that you cited, which is around videos, around violent extremism for example.
You're a Walmart, for example, or if you have a Safeway discount card, just to cite another example.
Mr. Slovik, guilty as many others were, was made an example — the sole example, as it turned out.
" She added that "She Persists" is an example, "but in the scheme of things it's a small example.
Give me an example of ... You were talking when we met yesterday about Harley-Davidson, for example. Yeah.
Let&aposs take a look back through time at example after example of example of Democrats using race and gender to divide this country so that they can convince you Republicans are all evil.
For example Now that we've clarified what your networking email should include, let's take a look at an example.
MATTIAS KARLSSON, SWEDEN DEMOCRAT PARTY: I think Sweden is a good example to put forward as a bad example.
The asset can be shared, for example on-demand cars, or the ride can be shared, for example, buses.
If a machine is learning from example and we can only provide a sexist example, we'll get sexist results.
Here's one such example that Ben Casselman brought up: Casselman's example gives us insight in how people use Google.
Change comes in this country sometimes very suddenly and quickly, cannabis is an example, gay marriage is an example.
For example, advertisers were using these categories to target individuals with the assumption that they are, for example, homosexual.
Pollack gave an example: For example, I'm walking down the hallway and somebody steps on my foot in school.
Over the past two decades, we've seen example after example of technology companies entering new industries with devastating effect.
So we used to think like, for example, being good at chess was an example of a smart human.
Amazon, for example, redirects many purchases to the browser — like those for books, music, movies and TV shows, for example.
That makes no sense because, let's use kale as an example, every other ... Let's always use kale as an example.
People can think that Hardin's a bad example – but he's not supposed to be a good example for a boyfriend.
And I said how do you determine, and we have example after example of MS-13 coming in with minors.
In this fictional example, a $2000,123 spend with 212x return seems to be the best strategy for our example company.
But in the example of Wells Fargo, for example, legislation like this being in place could have made a difference.
So, you know, this might be cyclicality for example in the consumer durables, sale of cars, for example, coming down.
Earlier this month, for example, Microsoft launched a new project to make blockchains ready for the enterprise, too, for example.
For example it's possible to display advertising without persistently profiling users — as, for example, pro-privacy search engine DuckDuckGo does.
The Times, with its industry-leading 125 Pulitzers, should be leading by example instead of being made an example of.
Opening sentences of 5 CFR 2635.702 cover both; 85033(a) gives example of coercion; 702(c) gives example of endorsement.
Student loans is the one and only counter-example, the only example where bankruptcy protections have been essentially taken away.
Apple's App Store, for example, doesn't allow apps to have sexually explicit imagery, for example, nor do Facebook and Instagram.
Obviously there are huge startups, but in a lot of them ... Look at, for example, Uber is a good example.
Only around 15 percent of damages would be covered in the cloud example and 7 percent in the vulnerability example.
Like the example I gave you around how we evolved the ranking of replies is a good example of this.
"I was asked to go on and talk about why the media just isn't heard by the right," Beck said, explaining that Stelter's show was "example after example after example" of why nobody is listening to the media.
To some, it would seem yet another example of the excesses of these times, another example of class stratification and elitism.
The ongoing ballistic missile tests are only one example of this, but they are an example that is difficult to ignore.
Though Pepe the Frog is the best modern example of the evolution of symbols, the is another notable example in history.
Here's an example of a geofilter: one might say Jersey Shore if you're at the beach in New Jersey, for example.
Kevin's case is less an example of reckless prosecution than it is an example of the unbreakable rule of unintended consequences.
So for example, just using your management committee example, certain jobs at the firm have put people on the management committee.
Can you give me an example of where a State Department person, for example, would be more constrained than you are?
The leaked demo also shows an example of medical misinformation, including an example about the coronavirus by a verified Twitter account.
Added to that, here is no example of a tech company rising up to set an example for others to follow. Yet.
A 2017 economics study, for example, had found that naloxone access laws decreased opioid overdose deaths by 11% to 9%, for example.
For example, there is no evidence that another candidate visit to this or that state, for example, would have made a difference.
So for example, how justified we are with the ePrivacy Regulation, for example, and its elements, and I think that's quite important.
Since 2015, the pro-Corbyn faction of Labour has been dogged by example after example of anti-Semitic conduct in its ranks.
Along with being the only known example of a single-species ecosystem, the bacterium was the first example of radiolysis in nature.
But it is also another example of garbage political memorabilia that you can buy at the White House gift shop, for example.
On each submission and/or invoice, for example, they could note what number submission it is ("4/35 for 2020," for example).
It's remarkable with Netflix to see how ... we can pick a recent example, Stranger Things I guess is the clichéd example now.
But I am talking about ... Listen, I think the gay, lesbian, bi and trans rights movement is a perfect example because even within those dynamics, even within those spectrums, we could name by name by name and example by example.
And before the crowd here on Saturday, Romney used another former president as an example of how society is shaped by his example.
For example, with case-control studies — a type of observational research — researchers start with an endpoint (for example, people who already have cancer).
Every night right here on this program, we show you example after example of the abusively biased coverage from the destroy- Trump media.
"And it's important for the leaders of this country to set an example, and what an example we have set with this legislation."
Take, for example, the recent example of a dog that looked, to many online, exactly like actress Laura Dern of Big Little Lies.
I want to lead by example and I want to be a positive example and an inspiration for any kids that I can.
The leaking is a clear example of executive branch malfeasance, the leaks as pure an example of whistleblowing as one can think of.
Google, Twitter, and Coinbase, for example, have all told employees to work from home, for example, while Google has prohibited all international travel.
What's an example of the business-- WARREN BUFFETT: Well, an example-- is that we have maybe 1,000 Dairy Queen-- franchises in-- China here.
"This is a classic example, and a clear example, that evil lives amongst us," said Superintendent Douglas G. Carter of the State Police.
Generally, contractors are not covered by labor and employment laws such as wage and hour laws (for example, overtime, minimum wage), leave laws (for example, the Family and Medical Leave Act), and anti-discrimination laws (for example, the Americans with Disabilities Act).
But the most general, I think, the first is the lack of good example from Christians, of the priests, of the bishops, I will not say of the Pope's because it's too much (laughs), but also the lack of good example, for example.
She's a great example for me, she's an example to my children, she's an example to many other people to continue to fight, to strive, to endure—and that's exactly what she's done in this fight camp, in fact, her whole life.
That whole indent, Jesse, was another example of - and I know these word are harsh - another example of the ignorant narrative of abolishing ICE.
Schlemiel Incompetent person (Example: The schlemiel accidentally drops a bowl of soup.) Schlimazel Unlucky (Example: The schlimazel is the one the soup falls on.)
The example about disparaging gay people reads like an endorsement of homophobia, and the explanation of that example simply reiterates how offensive it is.
For example, this deeply applicable ad appeared as my son was watching Nerf videos, for example, proving that algorithms aren't always the smartest. Enough.
In 742AD, for example, Saint Boniface complained of the terrible example set by people in Rome to the Germans he was trying to convert.
This would be true even if we didn't have example after example of Trump either flirting with or outright embracing racist ideas and sentiments.
Not only is the software free (like Google Chrome, for example) but the source code is open and free (unlike Google Chrome, for example).
Benefits to our veterans, for example, are almost 25 percent less than those receive by veterans in Florida, Arkansas, Georgia or Nebraska, for example.
This is an extremely disturbing example of just how bad the political atmosphere in America has become, but it's certainly not the only example.
" Asked why, Trump said, "Because I think if he does a great job, it will really – you lead by example, always lead by example.
For example you look at Uber as an example it is passenger with a driver and nobody in between cargo will have the same.
From Harvey Weinstein scapegoating an entire era to Bill Clinton expressing "regret," we see example after example of people wriggling away from explicit blame.
Our leaders have outsize influence in either weaving the moral order by their good example or ripping it to shreds by their bad example.
So this is the first example of government-funded health care, and it is an example of something that was set up to fail.
Benefits to our veterans, for example, are almost 25 percent less than those received by veterans in Florida, Arkansas, Georgia or Nebraska, for example.
KB: Yeah, I think it's a good example, with the troll score as a symbol of something we could do is a good example.
For example, the IHRA lists "claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor" as an example of anti-Semitism.
In another example of handwaving the previously established timeline, for example, Professor McGonagall shows up in this movie as a young adult Hogwarts professor.
Machine learning is a type of AI that involves feeding computers example after example of something, until they "learn" to make their own determinations.
Arendt would call this an example of natality, an example of the new, the positive creation that can happen in the face of bad politics.
Referring to a group of people as "filth," for example, is explicitly listed by Facebook as an example of hate speech and grounds for removal.
There is only one example of the former, and therefore there can only be one example of the latter, namely xᵃ – x = y³ – y = 2184.
One example in YouTube's search rating guidelines uses a video with "a moaning 'ahhh' noise set to jarring music and disturbing images" as an example.
This is an example, this is not a real example but this allows me to get the point across in the shortest period of time.
For example, you suggested that "Protestant toleration was good for business", pointing to the Calvinist Netherlands in the late 16th century as a prime example.
He gives the example of Facebook and Instagram's ban on the nipple as a more serious example of American prudishness being imposed on the world.
Another example of cognitive conflict is a test in which the names of colors are written in different colors ("blue" written in red, for example).
My baby deserved a mother who would show him not only a healthy example of eating, but also an example of self-care and love.
Commands are organized by region (for example, Pacific Command) and by responsibility (for example, Transportation Command) and report directly to the defense secretary, per
February 2016, for example, also featured a period of record warmth in the East, for example, though it was not as extreme as this one.
We hope that the example of what we can achieve together at the ISS is the example for the world and the whole of humanity.
"The recent example of Tesco Bank is a stark example of what we face," Rudd told a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) conference on financial crime.
" Asked why, Mr. Trump said: "Because I think if he does a great job, it will really — you lead by example, always lead by example.
" Asked why, Mr. Trump said, "Because I think if he does a great job, it will really — you lead by example, always lead by example.
So you might see a challenge, for example of a US citizen who has a husband, for example, outside the United States and can't enter.
For example, YouTube Go has several unique features, like the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and sharing videos with friends nearby, for example.
Savchenko's detention, for example, was sold in the Russian media as an example of Russia defending its own rights and territory against Ukrainian war crimes.
In example after example — from the majesty of Melville to the brutal Glasgow slang of Irvine Welsh's "Trainspotting" — the semicolon is a miracle of prosody.
It takes in training data — essentially, example after example — until it is familiar enough to anticipate with a high degree of confidence the proper response.
The claim has at least 193 shares on Facebook (example here) and at least 5,946 retweets on Twitter as of March 4, 2020 (example here).
The example they used in the patent was to stop people from recording concerts, but that's just one example of how the technology could be used.
By this point, we know this dream of unbiased AI is a fantasy, because we've seen example after example of how algorithmic bias damages people's lives.
So for example two extra dimensions could take the shape of a donut (this is essentially two circles) or they can be for example a sphere.
But somebody's got to serve as an example of how deluded we all are, and who better than someone who thinks he's not a good example?
In fact, the best example of this comes from a speech that Clinton habitually touts as an example of her get-tough approach to Wall Street.
What we need to do for the county is focus on issues that affect everyone and everywhere, homelessness for example, environmental issues, the economy for example.
Along the way, various herds have produced "characters" — helpful librarians, for example, or "weathermen" who post the day's weather along with what to wear, for example.
Another example outlined involved a law enforcement officer being able to prove when a vehicle was last driven, for example by seeing how hot it is.
But, also like 4chan and 8chan, much of that content seemingly isn't being moderated: We found example after example of users sharing photos albums of children.
He took to the tech industry for an example; Facebook copied Snapchat's example by releasing Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories after Snapchat rolled out Snapchat Stories.
TAVERNISE: And could he have, say, for example, just, like, gone to work at the library, for example, like, with your mom, or something like that?
It's another example of the world shifting its views on the drug — and another example of Australia and New Zealand drifting further apart on social policy.
For example, a person posts a photo that might be a little bit extreme or not part of a normal experience that someone would have at a business that we, for example, the fly in the soup photo is one that we use as an example.
Variable-rate fertilization is a key example where there are many competing offers seeking to help farmers drive better nitrogen and phosphorus application on farms, for example.
Well, your example is a good example that you can choose what kind of activity you want to do in your own car, because it's your car.
But, I've also seen the shining example of the eagle she is that rises above the cacophony of the noise of ignorants- I'm learning from her example.
But, overall, the American technology industry is a shining example of the wisdom of the founding fathers, and the example of Samuel Slater over 200 years ago.
T3 blast - example Variable Intensity Interval Training workout, by Michael Betts Here's an example of a simple 30 minute bodyweight VIIT workout that can be done anywhere.
For example, Bryan talked to me about his parents' 35-plus-year marriage, their example of love and how he wanted a relationship that emulated their marriage.
Here, we see the - ultimately failed - example of Theranos labs in the US as an example how the sector is subject to challenges associated with disruptive technologies.
The Shave Club would be an example -- not in snacking, but that would be a typical example of that but that exists also in snacking these days.
For example, an image of an ISIS flag could be used in propaganda both for and against the terrorist organization—an example Facebook noted remains a challenge.
It was to set an example for my fans who were fearless enough to show up to the fucking shows...You want to set the same example.
But overall, the American technology industry is a shining example of the wisdom of the founding fathers, and the example of Samuel Slater over 200 years ago.
Example A: Minutes later, he backtracked a bit, as you can see in Example B: There was, surprisingly, one outfit the pseudo-celeb did like: Jaden Smith's.
Brende cited the example of economic growth in Europe, which he said led to increased demand for U.S. and Chinese products, as an example of successful collaboration.
For example, Alexa can respond with a disappointed tone if a user answers a question incorrectly, for example, or respond excitedly if a user wins a game.
The McDonald's bulgogi burger is a perfect example of how the chain has adapted the menu to win over locals — and a pretty tasty example at that.
Think, for example, of SenseTime in China . . .
An example of a "Paid for by" label on an Instagram ad An example of a "Paid for by" label on an Instagram ad For example, the notorious conservative political donors the Koch brothers funnel cash through a PAC called Prosperity Action to fund Republican candidates like Paul Ryan.
" Clinton after Sanders struggled to name a specific instance when her bank ties influenced her behavior: "He cannot come up with any example because there is no example.
That means when you tweak a video clip's color, for example, you are using the same underlying algorithms as a video editor who works in Premiere, for example.
You can, for example, make live edits to your code while it is running and immediately see the result of a color change, for example, on your phone.
While it is by no means the only example of Pentagon acquisition mismanagement, it should serve as an example for the necessity of reform across the procurement process.
"We've spent the last few years building out the key foundations of our offering — our open source library for example and our SaaS solutions for example," he says.
In New York City, for example, the Upper East Side of Manhattan has galleries showing works by 19th-century artists like Claude Monet — Acquavella Galleries is an example.
And what example is he setting – not just in the UK, but to the leftist movements and parties for which British Labour has at times been an example?
For example, it could characterize a lot of contemporary fiction — works from Philip Roth and Bret Easton Ellis, for example — as well as the plays of David Mamet.
As political figures from Joe Biden to Bill Clinton have pointed out, "America's greatest strength is not the example of our power, but the power of our example."
"It cannot, for example, make up for sloppy or incomplete data collection," he said, adding that digitizing land records for example was a "huge bureaucratic and logistical" task.
It takes in training data — essentially, example after example — until it is familiar enough to anticipate with a high degree of confidence the proper response for a given situation.
Pepper can't interpret a user rolling his or her eyes for example, but that's an example of the kinds of features that IBM will be working on, High said.
In the former example, they're mechanical advantage for human endeavors, and in the latter example they are fighting-eating-pooping-dying machines with no internal life of their own.
Though this is a simplified example that doesn't account for changes to the balance throughout the year, it's a crystal-clear example of how insidious interest charges can be.
One imagines, for example, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg coming up with initiatives that would appeal to millennials and Gen Z'ers — a national service program, for example.
Hurdles remained: Applicants still had to undergo vetting and security checks, for example, and prove that being deported would cause an American citizen — a spouse, for example — significant hardship.
Successful attacks tend to inspire copycats — the New Zealand mosque shooter, for example, was cited as an example by both the Poway synagogue shooter and the El Paso attacker.
I think it's tough for people who aren't involved in these kinds of situations to understand, but in a lot of instances, for example, Ebola is another good example.
Another example mentioned under the "reasonable judgment" standard related to when a player was putting a ball back in play and, for example, determining the nearest point of relief.
Lead by example and take action Bill epitomized the belief that those in government should lead by example and do things with consistency and honor for the public good.
AWS itself – as a whole – is an example.
For example: 1 + 2 + 3 = 1 × 2 × 3
For example, I love it when you ______ my ______.
The northeast corner, for example, has _ "KI/TR"_ _ _.
"The reason why the rest of the world in large part has repaired to us is not the example of our power, but the power of our example," Biden said.
For example, brides can estimate baseline costs ahead of time (for example, the cost of the dress, accessories, and travel expenses) so bridesmaids know what financial commitment they are making.
She gave example after example of the ways in which they differ in experience, temperament, character, drive and motivation, not to mention grasp of, and interest in, policy and governance.
There is also improved support for signature capture, for example, as well as an improved printing solution for those customers that want to generate a receipt or invoice, for example.
And that's a system that's easier to stabilize and recapitalize and break runs than, you know, for example, just to take a negative example, the system we faced in 2007.
It's now easier to set up a shared cart of devices, for example, or to configure the laptop for a test-taking session (with copy-and-paste disabled, for example).
KOLPAKOV: I just can give you an example, which made me, you know, I felt really strange about that, because I couldn't frame it, because—well, this is the example.
For example, Schewick cites Amazon Prime Video as an example of a prominent video provider that isn't available on Binge On, but T-Mobile actually added the service just yesterday.
For example, he said, Intel/Mobileye's Road Experience Management technology, combined with local sensor analytics is a good early example of the kind of edge analytics that could become indispensible.
Trump's UN speech is the perfect example of the shortcomingsThe perfect example of the problem came in the form of Trump's performance before world leaders at the UN General Assembly.
That's one thing that I tried to demonstrate yesterday, and I took as an example these things with a number of holes in objects, which is an example of invariant.
"He's a bad example for democracy, but a good example for reform," said Patrick Vignal, a survivor from the previous assembly and now a supporter of Mr. Macron in Parliament.
For example, it will now allow businesses to make payouts in local currencies in 45 countries (an important detail, for example, for marketplaces and network-based companies like ridesharing businesses).
At least we can serve as an example, but I do also now feel more responsibility, I think, to make sure that people see it as an example of that.
This is a prime example of American ingenuity and engineering excellence, and it's another example of how high-speed broadband communications technology is increasingly the backbone of the American economy.
So I tried to set a good example for them, but I also knew that I was a kid, too, so I wasn't really sure what that example should be.
It's yet again an example for the nation, but now it's an example of how underinvestment and political dysfunction have left America with infrastructure that's failing and often downright dangerous.
The eighth example of a two-headed blue shark and the first example of a smalleye smooth-hound shark were described by a Caribbean-based team in this 2016 bulletin.
For example, one of the things that's interesting when you beginning thinking about, for example, AI tutors or AI work, is how does that try to improve compassion and empathy?
"For example, in 2016 more than 374 million smartphones will sell in mature market countries and in large urban areas of emerging market countries, for example, in Hong Kong and Singapore."
An example summary generated by Salesforce An example summary generated by Salesforce With reinforcement learning,  an optimal behavior is established — in this case maximizing accuracy as measured by a formalized test.
"All those job roles that mainly consist of receiving information in one form — for example paper — and inputting it into another format, for example, digitally, they will gradually disappear," predicts Verdon.
" Clinton shot back: "He cannot come up with any example because there is no example ... It's always important -- it may be inconvenient -- but it's always important to get the facts straight.
Still, this is a rare example of Chinese tech IPO that isn't hemorrhaging cash — for example, Nio — which, coupled with the Tencent connection, is likely to make it a popular one.
Well, for example, you could argue that non-tariff barriers, some of the ways these things are applied to some trade with some other nations, and I'll give you an example.
For example, one guide might suggest what someone should do to protect herself, should she want to take her case to a lawyer (for example: take a screenshot of the post).
A good example here is the Amazon Echo, the voice-recognizing household computer that has morphed from an odd gimmick into a useful and groundbreaking example of the future of computing.
For example, just 28% of adults can identify an example of two-factor authentication – one of the most important ways experts say people can protect their personal information on sensitive accounts.
So that's just an example of removing a high purity molecule from its natural carrier state in the wine to a pill as an example, which was a failure in humans.
For example, the robot could regularly do a task – drilling holes, for example – but when it approaches an unfamiliar scenario the human can gesture at the task that should be done.
"I would like to be an example of what fighting back can do, and I would not like to be an example of what fighting back can do," he said, chuckling.
Peers lead by example, and a good example of this is the recent pledge by a European economist not to be on a panel that doesn't have at least one woman.
"The main narrative in this affair really is the United States wanting to make an example of Mr. Assange in order to deter other people from following his example," he said.
Here is an example of an interaction that is not sexual harassment: And here is an example of an interaction that is sexual harassment: As should be clear, this is straightforward.
For example -- and I'll hand it over to Tim.
" In the Kayak example, it could be "travel plans.
For example, cyberwarfare — should that go through Congress too?
He has kind of like ... I'll give an example.
Let's take Tay — the Microsoft chatbot — as an example.
It is not ... KS: Can you give an example?
An example of a reference point company is Amazon .
" He continued: "And I'll give you a good example.
But some people still care — like me, for example.
For example, the worst single day in 2015 — Aug.
" In her example, the feature is simply called "Bookmarks.
For example, two of the largest U.S. companies - Amazon.
For example, Lemon Remodeling & Services in San Jose, Calif.
So, for example, a 20 Fr sound = 20 x .
Not a ton here — nothing on gaming, for example.
" The quote continues: "And I'll give you an example.
Here's an example of how one will look: ( function() {
Certain kinds of conversation — for example, "war storying," i.e.
" George W. Bush's presidency, for example, was not "okay.
" Instead, Parton says she likes to "live an example.
For example, the worst single day in 2015 — Aug.
" For example, "you just told me you play soccer.
" For example, at 59A, the clue is "Ever's partner.
For example, with the whole Le'Veon Bell situation ... Sure.
First are safety worries — for example, unintended genetic effects.
As one example, after RentPath — the owner of Rent.
For example, 44A's "___ John letter" has to be DEAR.
Other animals may have fared better — reptiles, for example.
For example, the Office key + X will open Excel.
Look back at the past — Teddy Kennedy, for example.
" For example, as @knifexparty put it, "First base: sex.
" Another example would be 59A's "The Trammps torch song?
For example, Medicare for America — embraced by former Rep.
It's just addictive in that ... like news, for example.
At the time ... I'll just give you an example.
We have laws on the books are all over the Nazis, for example, you are not allowed to go around freaking people out if you&aposre wearing a KKK hood, for example.
Pink ink, for example, often contains iron oxide, which means it may turn black under a laser, a less-than-desirable outcome, particularly if one has, for example, tattooed pink lip liner.
For example, Lyle Jeffs' attorneys already have won a major point in court: Allegations that he might run to a ranch in South America, for example, are simply untrue, his lawyers say.
So in cases where you have blood stains from 20 years ago, for example, you can actually go back and look at how old that suspect - or that perpetrator - was, for example.
Speaking to The Verge, a spokesperson gave the example of the AI looking for split-screen images as an example of potential bullying, as one person might be negatively compared to another.
For example, together with your employer, you could visually block work stations in your office from communal or social spaces, for example, so you don't end up seeing everyone going for coffee.
For example, Red Lion = 4 runs as it has 4 legs, but if you pass something with no legs, for example the Queen's Head, you're out and the next player is in.
Uber set an example for new digital companies -- the wrong example   NOTABLE LINKS FROM AROUND THE WEB: Motherboard obtained documents that give insight into how Cyber Command prepares for offensive hacking operations.
It's just the latest example of the boundaries in healthcare blurring:CVS, which last year acquired health insurer Aetna, wants to change where millions of Americans go when they get sick, for example.
Tokyo, for example, is notoriously difficult to traverse via address, while other situations — renting a Yurt in Alaska, for example — require constantly updated addresses that do not lend themselves to GPS coordinates.
For example, older versions of Apple's iPhones and iPads, for example, include fingerprint sensors, while newer ones include a sophisticated facial recognition system, and both systems can be used to approve payments.
Let's look at the first example, which is also an example of what I'm talking about above, and also explains the straw-grasping photo I've put at the top of the column.
But in some areas, they found higher concentrations: in a staff area for example, for example, where doctors and nurses were frequently removing protective gear, and in a mobile toilet for patients.
And it has sought to lead by example, for example by installing solar panels across Ebeye, Majuro and outer islands and by switching to more environmentally friendly air-conditioning in its buildings.
Photo: GettyElon Musk, in the midst of a crusade against traditional media, offered up an example of an "excellent" analysis that could serve as an example of what good journalism should look like.
For example, we had an example of a Belgian startup called MuseScore, which is quite a popular platform for people to exchange sheet music — and it's usually people simply sharing their own compositions.
I think one obvious example is that it used to be that capital income, from investments, for example, was taxed much more than active income from going to work and getting a paycheck.
Our rubber, for example, was crucial for the growth of the American automobile industry, and that demand spurred our own economic growth — an early example of a mutually beneficial partnership between our countries.
As you're browsing the page and land on one of the buttons – for example, "Animals" – you'll see a set of related hashtags underneath – like "#dogsofinstagram" or "thedailykitten," in the case of this example.
In Manhattan's Lower East Side, for example, there are lots of galleries showing up and comers, and the Whitney is an example of a museum that's good about showcasing works by newer artists.
In the same interview with the Times, Sanders gave us an example of himself not tolerating the b-word: NYT: Can you give us an example of one person who's broken your heart?
Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of Theranos, is an extreme example; a less serious example might be the professor who quickly changes the station to NPR before a colleague gets into the car.
Together they should lead by example and expand their model of integration to new regions in the EU. The digitalization and a Nordic digital market is an example of practical cooperation that works.
In the screenshot above, for example, you can see an example where a user can purchase an item directly from Lowe's, in this case a smart lock, using Apple Pay, from within Messages.
Example: Marriott partners with multiple nonprofits worldwide to increase diversity.
New in Android N is a VR mode, for example.
For example, Alabama registered 896 people to vote on Sept.
For example, heroin overdose deaths were underestimated by 22 percent.
For example, she was forced to watch other kids play.
The first couple, for example, the girl's already in school.
Lead contamination is a particularly good example of what's wrong.
That was a perfect example of Gresham's law in action.
Ms. Lewinsky later called the comment an example of Mrs.
Wealth management services, for example, skew toward an older demographic.
The move to negative rates, for example, weakens the yen.
Front works particularly well for a support team for example.
Maddox said this works sometimes in business negotiations, for example.
The Parrot Disco is a good example of this strategy.
An example would be when we hoist the Summoner's Cup.
One can frame a decision, for example, in objective terms.
Delivery person salaries, for example, are much lower in Brazil.
Credit Suisse, for example, opened a branch office in Dublin.
For example, GoFundMe automatically deducts 5 percent from every donation.
Demand for steel, for example, has weakened in recent years.
I saw that as an example to steer away from.
For example, my hemorrhoids were a highlight of my depression.
And Selena Gomez might be the best example of that.
A perfect example of this is the Paris climate accord.
A utility might do this in high winds, for example.
Tucker Carlson on Fox News: Consider Kara Swisher, for example.
Chipmaker Nvidia, for example, competes with both Intel and Mobileye.
I like to use the example of Hortonworks and Cloudera.
Prince William and Kate Middleton, for example, rarely show PDA.
In 2010, for example, Syria welcomed more tourists than Australia.
For example, I thought the Scooter Libby pardon was fine.
For example, say you love great literature or athletic competition.
At Amherst, for example, 22% of undergraduates receive Pell grants.
For example, iOS doesn't have a "back" button like Android.
For example, you can read the Airbnb privacy policy here.
Kassandra for example seems to reflect remarkably contemporary cultural values.
Guterres, for example, spoke without notes to the UN staff.
The U.S. Federal Reserve is a classic example of this.
An MRI, as an example, can cost up to $1,000.
The Texas laws are a perfect example of this dynamic.
Like, for example: Who is Hannah Berner from Summer House?
For example, they can require resellers to export the merchandise.
For example, Hulu costs $7.99, but has regular ad breaks.
For example, Michigan raised its taxes by only 0.1 cents.
Some impact their children's development by setting a good example.
Example: Pretty much any GIF from RuPaul's Drag Race ever.
Kara Swisher: Can you give me an example of that?
Caring for your neighbor is an example of climate resilience.
It's not that the example these other countries set isn't
He said he thinks more companies will follow its example.
The harvest in 2003 provides a clear example of this.
It could apologize for gentrification, for example, or hiring discrimination.
Take for example New York City, which tops the list.
And the thing about the pipeline is a perfect example.
One resonant example I think we can all get behind?
Both the United States and China, we're leading by example.
For example, Siri may suggest that you: And so on.
More institutions of higher education need to follow this example.
My dad is an example of capitalism at its best.
Mad cow disease is another example of a prion disease.
Ghana, for example, belongs to the same group as Afghanistan.
Take Malawi for example, where it is essential and necessary.
It's an amazing example of doing more with less resources.
King Salman has set an example the past two summers.
For example, people on vacations tend to use more marijuana.
Caption: An example screenshot and email sent to the police.
Take the newly launched XZ1 and XZ1 Compact for example.
For example, Google Analytics still analyzes traffic to sites there.
Today, tomorrow and forever, may the world follow her example.
Barr didn't heed their example -- and instead followed the President.
Apple, for example, charges a flat $80 for the repair.
For example, one time, I did __________ and I learned/realized __________.
You can now see your metrics in Stackdriver, for example.
Here's a clear example of that, recently published in JAMA.
For example, Scott said, there's very few filters and censorship.
LG: The Breather is a good example of this, too.
Carly Fiorina, setting a fine example for young women everywhere.
That's really just one example of several possible quantum hacks.
Clarity is desperately needed around taxation for Bitcoin, for example.
Take for example a disease called hereditary hemochromatosis, or HHC.
The peanut butter and jelly example changed everything for me.
Lower credit ratings raise the cost of borrowing, for example.
Did you know, for example, that Tucci has two cookbooks?
The Odyssey Facebook account, for example, takes credit for just .
Take Pearson, for example, who wrote that viral dadbod story.
For one example, you might have already heard of OpenGL.
Example: Most venture capital firms — think DFJ or Greylock Partners.
For example, that's a nice body and he's displaying it.
An example of this type of case is Obergefell v.
One of the big factors, for example, is GPS usage.
There are some special factors, sales of gold for example.
For example, "Natural makeup for fourth grade" was one title.
And the Tarot," he said, "is an example of that.
Is this just another example of Markle adopting British tendencies?
And I think this is a clear example of it.
It's another example of Petty's excellent storytelling and melodic genius.
Yoga instructors and churches are working with Vimeo, for example.
For example, take somebody like Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota.
And Kate Beckinsale was just spotted wearing the ultimate example.
For example, Miller told Mashable last week he's over it.
For example, U.S. large cap stocks have done really well.
Curtis cites the affair as an example of perception management.
The album's strong second single, "Curious," is an apt example.
Take this play against the Charlotte Hornets as an example.
STEFANIK: I use the example of posting votes on FaceBook.
For example: Let's say you tell me about a marriage.
Here in Cartagena, for example, it's very easy to see.
So back to that $30,000 car and $50,000 income example.
Goodwater Capital, for example, pegged Snap's 2017 revenue at $1.1.
For example, if you come across an attrition role — i.e.
Just mentioning the LGBTQ movement, for example, caused a stir.
Thanks for setting a good example of "responsible" sport shooting.
"Thanks for setting a good example of 'responsible' sport shooting."
I'm interested in what has happened in Detroit, for example.
Take the modest movement's largest demographic for example: Muslim women.
That is a fantastic example that can be completely replicated.
LS: I'm hard pushed to come up with an example.
Let's use Katie Sturino as an example of a creator.
This makes you a shining example of sun protection, right?
I'll give you an example with the Smart City Challenge.
For example what if you don't have a bank account?
For example, buprenorphine is an opioid that can be misused.
On Fridays, for example, she needs to order much more.
This seems to have worked in mouse studies, for example.
For example, time moves slower in places with higher gravity.
Take, for example, the hyperrealistic heads carried down the catwalk.
The best example is the tale of Vollourec in Youngstown.
Doing deep thinking, for example, is a deeply human activity.
Her Twitter, for example, is also the stuff of legend.
To name one example, consider the last several macOS releases.
Imagine, for example, how he will be treated by Assad.
Kaye highlighted the example of dating sites, such as Match.
That would be a super simple example of causal emergence.
So let's just use Sunday night's debate as an example.
This, for example, is Jared in February of this year.
Belarus, for example, only started celebrating the holiday in 1996.
I think recently, Twitter has been really funny, for example.
"For example, unlike Google, we oppose sex trafficking," he said.
An example is Datum, a decentralized marketplace for user data.
Just check out that nighttime cityscape for a clear example.
For example, Amazon's offered up the following (admittedly bizarre) suggestions.
" As a prime example, Brewster points to the word "negotiate.
In the poodle example, edible CBD treats should be enough.
For example, Polistes fuscatus paper wasps have unique facial features.
Sydney's use of boomerangs in 2000 is another obvious example.
For example, autonomous vehicles will eventually need repairmen, he said.
Frank Ocean might have been the best example of this.
For example, it recently opened three stores outside of Atlanta.
China's $500 billion Tencent, for example, backs Indonesia's Go Jek.
Panelo used the example as further evidence of Bikoy's unreliability.
" Take, for example, the piccolo trumpet featured on "Penny Lane.
Take his speech Tuesday night to Congress as an example.
You could, for example, avoid a $1.5 million harassment lawsuit.
For example, I met this girl on the shoot today.
A good example of this was Bank of America's valuation.
And I think this is a great example of it.
The Oregon protesters would do well to ponder his example.
For example, he also went after the mayor of London.
With others – Theranos, for example – it was far less so.
I hope this concert can be an example of that.
This includes, for example, information that you send through Facebook.
Being inspired by or taking direction from King's example is
But it's another example of people talking past each other.
For example, Americans who communicate with foreigners may be included.
That was a prime example of playing for each other.
Talking to people, traveling for example this last midterm swings.
In Salahuddin, for example, the Victory list is all Sunni.
For example, sexual harassment in public spaces is quite common.
Here we have a perfect example of proper bikini enthusiasm.
Alphabet's Waymo, for example, has been in development since 2009.
Obamacare was a perfect example - passed before it was read.
So Chad, for example, has come off the list, Iraq.
Here's an example discovered by Marjorie Rice in the 1970s.
For example, if a user has a subscription to MLB.
For example, another couple Chandler and I know finished Overcooked!
For example, it might direct members to a telemedicine provider.
To prove his point, Christensen uses Uber as an example.
When you say "erasure," can you give me an example?
It's important to remember the best leaders lead by example.
For example, we knew it had to be an RPG.
My colleague Vlad hasn't encountered it at all, for example.
That could include American crows or Mariana crows, for example.
Women are better represented than men in biology, for example.
JK: A good example for us was the space battle.
Take the example of former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
More of them will default to phone view, for example.
France is now offering another example of the same experience.
For example, France will hold its presidential election next month.
This is an example of the set of blue nudes.
Oddly enough, he can only name Carson as an example.
Hot reading techniques are a lovely example of this idea.
But I also realize we have to lead by example.
The Pixel 3A has an excellent battery life, for example.
Why doesn't it use the newer Apple Pencil, for example?
THE OLD SUCCESS (Atlantic Monthly, $26) is a perfect example.
For example, everybody in Atlanta is collaborating with each other.
Amazon is still selling this slightly different version, for example.
About 12 noted the patients had been drinking, for example.
Medical innovation, for example, depends on strong intellectual property protections.
An example of one of these grassroots efforts is FairCoin.
For example, are there institutional disadvantages to exercising this right?
You can't watch YouTube or other video content, for example.
Congress can help move the needle by setting the example.
Another example of something to be worked out: room definitions.
"We have a responsibility of setting an example," Colella said.
For example, take an everyday thing like Nike running shoes.
Trump is simply the most extreme example of a trend.
So maybe sometimes the queen isn't setting the best example.
In this example, we will connect to a Mac computer. 
Let me give you an example not related to achievement.
For example, symptom assessment, based on questionnaire responses, was imprecise.
But lets take a look at another example: Suicide Squad.
It's a classic example of willful erasure and ahistorical mythmaking.
A textbook example of such "negative externalities" is air pollution.
A company called Verisign, for example, handles registrations for all .
So the symbol ҂ might mean "drinking orange juice," for example.
For example, Kendo is the incubator behind Rihanna's Fenty Beauty.
In South Africa, for example, households get some water free.
Sonos Flex is the most recent example of hardware subscriptions.
TwitchCon is only the most visible example, an IRL synecdoche.
For example, I never take a car to the airport.
We didn't have — as an example, bringing back the remains.
For example, they overestimated their consumption of liver by 200%.
This means that the rounded tabs are gone, for example.
Why are the scollbars in Tweetdeck so ugly, for example?
My experience two years ago is the perfect example why.
In 2019, for example, I earned over $500 in interest.
What's an example of a project that has done well?
Germany, for example, has decided against banning Huawei's 5G components.
But in two other ways, the Tianjin example is worrying.
Their patriotism serves as an example to all of us.
Beauties like Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly lead by example.
For example, all political ad creative will be publicly available.
Eating less red meat, for example, can reduce carbon emissions.
Less teen sex is an example of increased national responsibility.
Take the broken beat stuff for example, which is awesome.
Why didn't you, for example, do a film about ants?
The FTC included this example in its letter to her.
CVS, for example, retains about 97% of its employer clients.
There are, for example, about 100,000 SNPs that affect height.
Mr Singh wants a new "super wealth tax", for example.
For example, say lots of people are making bitcoin transactions.
At work, for example, I use a Windows 10 computer.
For example, 2202 percent of jobs in Allen County, Ind.
One example Bailey gave is bonus points with American Airlines.
For example, Melinda and Bill wash dishes together every night.
For example, take a look at TOOTH EXTRACTION at 16A.
Second, this is the perfect example of the gig economy.
The State Department has some cyber diplomacy staff, for example.
As an example, he describes an experiment with two situations.
As a boxer myself, I tried to follow his example.
Below, for example, is the "hub" of the Aurora Driver.
Skin cells, for example, form a stack of horizontal layers.
What's an example of a story that's made you cringe?
Take, for example, two viral stories from the past month.
In the Twittersphere, for example, Filipinos were feeling pretty nationalistic.
Take, for example, Robert Young of "Father Knows Best" fame.
Taylor was an amazing example of a child of God.
But XXXtentacion was not an example of such positive thinking.
Sunday night's brutal shooting is a prime example of why.
So an example of that would be Super Mario Galaxy.
Sebastian the Sea Sponge, for example, is male and menstruates.
In the latest quarter, for example, Apple sold 47m iPhones.
Heroin, for example, is still way cheaper than opioid painkillers.
Georgia and Florida use it for college scholarships, for example.
Why did you choose tapestry and not, for example, photography?
The inclusion of the H1 chip is the clearest example.
Let's go through this calculation together with the dinner example.
For example, Dilly the adorable pup with an ear infection.
And other characters, like Petra, for example, explored their queerness.
In Ethiopia, for example, desire for a smartphone is high.
Can you name, for example, the place of your birth?
It was another example of the fact that they're twins.
The latest example of this trend is "Going in Style".
Take the Lido Lakes One Stop Adventure Hotel for example.
There might be 1,252 genes that influence intelligence, for example.
The link between stunting and productivity, for example, remains murky.
There's not obvious imbalances in the housing market, for example.
Making sense of a subway network is one such example.
Transfers between American banks, for example, can take three days.
For example, there are 19 Australians involved in the rescue.
For example, Kislyak is clearly part of the Russian government.
This is a classic example of algorithmic bias in action.
His SpaceX team, for example, developed its own LiDAR equipment.
Your mining laser, for example, takes any kind of Isotope.
Let's talk about just one example: let's talk about books.
Ruben Duque, for example, submitted false overtime claims 93 times.
As an example, I mean there's definitely illegal use cases.
Regarding Lakin, for example, Guerra doesn't beat around the bush.
Another example: The iPhones still lack wireless or inductive charging.
I don't want to struggle and be the shining example.
I think Nina was a classic example of just that.
The easiest example to grasp is arguably the Kardashian family.
While Zapier features Zenkit integrations, for example, IFTTT does not.
However, that example is with an invasively implanted electrode array.
So why Michael Graves, for example, when you did that?
Google, for example, has something called a vulnerability reward program.
What's an example of the impact of how that works?
He made collages from bits of seashore stuff, for example.
Another example: Apple's Siri squarely failing to dent the universe.
For example, what happens if you lose your authentication device?
Take the example of controlling and managing an air battle.
It's the latest example of Amazon experimenting with physical retailing.
You can't purchase a gun unless you're — well, bad example.
The Chemical Safety Board, for example, is targeted for elimination.
Chris Christie is the example that comes most to mind.
For example, a search engine serves both advertisers and consumers.
One example is the HPV vaccine, which is synthetically produced.
An example like that, we're both working on the data.
I can lead by example and also with the company.
My home oven's "warm" setting, for example is 170 degrees.
Exxon Mobil, for example, returned to the top 20 list.
It's another good example of how the Pixel isn't perfect.
One example of such a questionnaire can be found here.
Fortnite streamers are setting a new example for gamers everywhere.
The Pixel Buds are the perfect example of this dichotomy.
A smile might make the ball move forward, for example.
North has clearly caught on, and this was an example.
This example might seem doomed to fail for legal reasons.
Jesse himself is an example of the universe's ugly arbitrariness.
Take, for example, the nerve she's struck among North Dakotans.
Take 1 Across in Jason Flinn's Saturday puzzle, for example.
The embargo on ZTE, for example, prompted howls of protest.
Here's an example of one from the Nature Genetics paper.
His 2010 song "Monster" is a perfect example of this.
She's the perfect example of the ideal, classy, professional woman.
For example, it could be that microvascular damage causes depression.
For example the VIM text editor needs the escape key.
In one example, a parent emailed Ehrhart directly on Jan.
As an example, I have the new Pixel 3, right?
Allen, for example, initially set out to challenge GOP Rep.
Amazon is, if you'll pardon the pun, a prime example.
Meituan shares, for example, are down 11% since Jan. 15.
Last night's Oscars were the most blatant example of this.
For example, inspection drones, agricultural drones and disaster recovery drones.
Nova Scotian folk artist Maud Lewis is a stunning example.
Nicole is the perfect example of someone with regal femininity.
Urns, for example, can be moved by two steady hands.
For example, calling wine "dry," since it's, you know, wet.
For example, she freaked out when sitting near Winona Ryder.
The latest example: Citigroup just invested in online lender BlueVine.
Take, for example, her reminiscences on late 90s New York.
The Syria issue offered a perfect example of the differences.
Google's Deep Dream neural network is the most famous example.
So, for example, think about the history of the world.
Here's how Google Fi will work with iPhones, for example.
But she does not recommend that they follow her example.
What's the solution for places in between – Wheeling, for example?
Redd Kross is America's greatest example of a cult band.
For example, "You don't want to eat animals?" she says.
Unfortunately, Pell is a drastic example of a bigger trend.
Following the Obama example would be a recipe for disaster.
This is just one more example of the Democratic Party.
In this example, four would be your Life Path number.
Countries such as Russia would love to follow China's example.
We have set an example by doing a social audit.
Collect 100 mosquitoes, for example, and you pay 100 times.
Yelp did this with their Monocle feature, as an example.
Let me give you an example from the book. Okay.
Facebook first gave businesses keyword blocking in 2011, for example.
For example, in 1999 there were 1,200 cheetahs in Zimbabwe.
I hope that this story be an example to others.
Here is one of the more disgusting clips, for example.
The Boring Company is the clearest and most recent example.
America might, for example, adopt a system of proportional representation.
It's a glorious example of this meteorological phenomenon in action.
Alexa is also shipping on some Microsoft PCs, for example.
For example, they made the claim because it's like this.
The most obvious example is the constant barrage of goals.
Behavior at the end of 2401 is a striking example.
Does "Turtle The Tortoise" actually own a turtle, for example?
The Stanford band is a good example of pure provocation.
For example, my company supplies a construction system called UniQb.
For example, Congress could pass the bipartisan Secure Elections Act.
Audiences learned that the Governor, for example, had a daughter.
It's funny because like, if you take Beto for example.
China provides one example of what this can look like.
This incongruous situation is a great example of asynchronous competition.
A more recent example is more embarrassing for Mrs May.
They have their own pantomime hysteria about Russia, for example.
For example, Lesbians Who Tech launched in February of 2014.
And our president is really example number one of this.
This is just another example of Apple's formula for success.
For example, working together and exchanging ideas can foster innovation.
The Museum of Modern Art is a very good example.
For example, there hasn't been a Favorites feature until now.
The Candy Darling picture isn't an example of that though.
One trip, for example, included an excursion to Niagara Falls.
Chicago long failed, for example, to train its officers properly.
Failing to intervene in (for example) Rwanda had consequences too.
Would this look really bad in, for example, my house?
It's better to follow the example of the German Chancellor.
Why is someone eating a fast food burger, for example?
Mr Hughes's chance friendship with Mr Zuckerberg is an example.
Arm and leg twitches, for example, can be common too.
Take for example, "In Eerie Deliverance," the album's second track.
Citizens must contribute to a mandatory savings scheme, for example.
Nor has the Government proffered any expert analysis, for example.
Most engineering graduates, for example, are not engineers but entrepreneurs.
For example, avocados definitely do not grow in New York!
For example, even Madonna can't get her mail on time.
It's an example of what's known as an atmospheric river.
I say New York is a great example of that.
You are an example of the power of arts education.
One example that immediately comes to mind is The Expanse.
Here's an example of a still photo from the Hero5.
Your fellow employees, for example, can often derail your productivity.
Take my adopted home state of California, as an example.
Perhaps the best example of that is the AIDS quilt.
Foreign direct investment being a very good example of it.
Did the President, for example, miscalculate when he chose Garland?
Chicago's murder clearance rate, for example, is around 30 percent.
And that is just one example of their brilliant innovations.
China, for example, has made significant investments in Cuba's infrastructure.
Priebus cited respect for freedom of religion as an example.
Let's hope the United States doesn't follow France's unseemly example.
But not as much nitrogen as, for example, bean farming.
There are craters on other planets, like Mercury, for example.
So yes, the truck driver ... I hate that example. Okay.
No, but that's why I use this example so much.
For example, we've always worked to play up Blake's lashes.
Mylan's EpiPen has been singled out as the latest example.
The cholera outbreak is an especially clear and grim example.
A good example is [redacted] which has 2.1 million followers.
It's the latest example of Amazon's increased focus on profitability.
Saunders uses a data center cooling system as an example.
Mercury's shadow period, for example, usually lasts about two weeks.
New firms, for example, have far greater female partner representation.
Elzie, for example, doesn't call herself a BLM network leader.
Google's panel looks different from Samsung's or LG's, for example.
" An example would be "a ship going into a harbor.
For example, Campbell mentioned that her district has community schools.
It's never a really serious queen of color, for example.
He is the true example of honor, respect and dignity.
And that's just one example of our stellar speaker lineup.
Leaders must set the example for their teams to follow.
A very good example of that is the Humboldt squid.
The pound, for example, looked reasonably priced five years ago.
In principle, every video frame is a possible training example.
Instead, it serves as an example of effective authoritarian modernisation.
Agritech startup Iron Ox is the perfect example of this.
One example of these special ties is the visa process.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For example, like, an Indian, like, or something?
For example, stimulant drugs like Adderall and Dexedrine are nootropics.
HomePod is probably the best (or worst) example of this.
It can, for example, be employed to control a thermostat.
For example, there's a brain region called the ventral striatum.
Professional tennis tournaments, for example, are not a rigged game.
The $1,000 price threshold for smartphones is a good example.
Mexico, for example, spends 1.7% of GDP on safety nets.
For example, he's talked about imposing tariffs on foreign goods.
Cady Noland is one such example, as is Lee Lozano.
Sites that don't clearly label advertising lose points, for example.
For example "48 51 443 2 21 03" is Paris.
Eric Trump, for example, proudly submitted his ballot this morning.
Take, for example, this skirt from Amazon highlighted on fashionsecrets93.
Yeah. In fact, the Surfrider Foundation is a great example.
For example, you should definitely enable site isolation on Chrome.
Does Warren Buffet get the $1,000 a month, for example?
Want to conserve bird life threatened by farming, for example?
For example, many states allow inmates to wear various clothing.
I mean, pay, for example, in Silicon Valley is soaring.
For example, some genes control both cardiovascular and skeletal development.
Charles Molinos, for example, confirmed that he is Selrahc Sonilom.
That's an example from my own personal experience with that.
For example, I was talking to Colgate the other day.
Collins, the former NASA astronaut, is likely just one example.
For example, UC Berkeley has had two famously disastrous partnerships.
For example, having hepatitis will not bar someone from donating.
This is just another example of how tough they are.
I'll give you an example, and I'm nervous saying this.
We're already seeing experiments like this with UberEATS, for example.
Or, as in today's example, the world's largest search engine.
Nationalists in Europe hold up the policy as an example.
Take AP Computer Science (designed by College Board) for example.
For example, they generally have better access to health care.
Why are they such a great example of that trend ?
Just to give you one example of what they did.
Take for example this really sad case involving Redditor Cuddlem0nster.
The fishing cat in Southeast Asia is a good example.
Belton's work follows an example from half a world away.
Many other players followed his example embraced the same cause.
Aphria, for example, reported sales this week that missed forecasts.
His recent partnership with Guess is an example of that.
For example, how would these genes interact with other genes?
Ansari's case, for example, is not included in the data.
For example, try reading erotica out loud to each other.
Take a redhead's freckled skin and red hair, for example.
Gutierrez refused to substantiate her accusation with a single example.

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