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"second" Definitions
  1. after one other person or thing in order or importance
  2. used to introduce the second of a list of points you want to make in a speech or piece of writing synonym secondly
"second" Synonyms
next following subsequent succeeding ensuing sophomore directly after following after next off next up coming up on the trot later on next in order after the first alternative other additional another extra further repeat added fresh new supplemental supplementary auxiliary ancillary supportive subordinate bonus complementary appended supporting accompanying spare relief substitute backup fallback redundant secondary alternate superfluous surplus back-up reserve replacement standby inferior lesser lower subservient minor subsidiary lower-grade under double duplicate replicate twin matching repeated copy of repeat of carbon copy of dual twofold duplex binary paired coupled doubled binate latter last later last-mentioned second-mentioned second of the two instant moment jiffy snap beat bit eyeblink flash heartbeat jiff minute sec twinkle twinkling wink mo nanosecond shake tick trice rejects discards cull reject rejection imperfect goods export rejects faulty goods flawed goods inferior goods defective goods discarded goods more a second helping a further helping some more deputy assistant aide helper adjutant sidekick apprentice helpmate mate lieutenant coadjutor aid adjunct helpmeet henchman junior underling temp discard castoff clunker hand-me-down scrap throwaway flotsam substandard article substandard goods cast-off cast out remove recuse proponent supporter advocate champion promoter backer exponent apostle protagonist expounder friend espouser booster advocator herald hierophant gospeler gospeller paladin upholder sparring partner boxer palooka practice partner sparring mate second base keystone keystone sack second bag breath pause break breather rest recess respite lull interruption ten breathing space interval stop intermission interlude suspension hiatus halt replica clone copy duplication counterpart match likeness image ringer carbon reproduction picture doppelganger imitation spit fetch replication while time spell stretch stint span season period period of time length of time duration run phase stage term patch time frame endorse back approve promote commend espouse forward support favor(US) favour(UK) encourage uphold formally support back up advocate for approve of vote for assign transfer move post reassign relocate send allocate appoint attach detail lend shift assign temporarily allot accept confirm sanction authorise(UK) authorize(US) bless ratify pass mandate validate agree to allow warrant approbate licence(US) license(UK) permit vouch for affirm verify attest to corroborate prove substantiate bear out certify testify to answer for attest bear witness to subscribe give grant pledge contribute donate offer promise pay sponsor subsidise(UK) subsidize(US) finance underwrite set put up kick in ante up chip in recommend suggest propose advance nominate pose proffer proposition table plug prescribe tip tout extol reecho echo parrot ditto quote reiterate reproduce recall redouble recapitulate restate recap recite imitate reprise mimic rehearse parody reaffirm secondly also furthermore moreover secondarily besides including in the second place along with as well to continue on the other hand additionally in addition too to boot what's more More
"second" Antonyms
first preceding primary principal leading chief main foremost dominant key prime premier capital predominant highest supreme essential paramount fundamental cardinal central first-class first-rate important superior greater higher major necessary senior superordinate more higher-ranking elder same larger head original natural permanent genuine real true finished allocated designated earmarked needed thick in use set aside spoken for required only singular sole one solitary lone single one and only only possible solo consecutive straight continuous successional uninterrupted ensuing former prior age eternity unimportance whole a long time forever an eternity ages centuries days eons(US) months weeks years yonks aeons(UK) a blue moon donkey's years a very long time adversary antagonist boss detractor enemy foe leader manager opponent stranger opposer opposition critic supervisor captain commander director master employer overseer superintendent CEO foreman head honcho aeon(UK) eon(US) lifetime long while treasure riches fortune wealth prize richness plunder abundance selection pride and joy possession belonging property asset effect holding equipment archetype prototype difference dissimilarity model opposite reality reverse unlikeness block cease disapprove discourage dissuade halt hinder hurt impede move obstruct oppose protest reject stop resist counter deter prevent frustrate condemn contest controvert defy deny disagree with dispute dissent gainsay undermine contend with fight outlaw prohibit harm hamper cripple handicap thwart burden hamstring hobble shackle stymie upset curtail encumber

687 Sentences With "second"

How to use second in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "second" and check conjugation/comparative form for "second". Mastering all the usages of "second" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Hold on a second, hold on a second, hold on a second.
Drake's squad has the conference's second-best record, second-best point differential, second-best offense, and second-best title odds in both ESPN's Basketball Power Index and FiveThirtyEight's CARMELO Projections.
They finished second at DreamHack Summer last month, second last weekend at X Games, and now second again in Atlanta.
That's the thing that they want second to — that would be their second number — that would be their second request.
That's the thing that they want second to -- that would be their second number -- that would be their second request.
That's a huge - - wait a second, wait a second . . .
The Mets activated second baseman Robinson Cano from a second injured list stint and the second baseman was 1-for-3.
The panel found all five guilty of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, second-degree conspiracy and second-degree gang assault.
He converted the team's second penalty in the second half.
Then came a second crisis, and a second presidential intervention.
We played great the second half of the second period.
One second before and one second after are very different.
"I think I placed second, first, and second," Alexis said.
But I have learned a second language, a second culture.
"Aladdin" (Disney) was a strong second in its second weekend.
So let's break it down, everlasting second by everlasting second.
MSNBC finished second for the second straight night, with 5.3.
Buttigieg was second in large cities and second in suburbs.
ET, the second reading of second quarter GDP is released.
Richard Rojas, 26, pleaded not guilty to second degree murder, second degree attempted murder and first and second degree assault, prosecutors said.
Flores shot his second straight six-under 66, and eagled the par-5 second hole for the second day in a row.
Second baseman Ryan Goins fielded the ball and threw to first for the second out as the runners advanced to second and third.
Addison Russell followed with his second hit of the day and advanced to second on a wild throw by second baseman Jonathan Villar.
"It's not about how you feel second to second," she said.
Second Amendment Gorsuch has never ruled squarely on the Second Amendment.
In the second, they aimed to second-guess the executive branch.
The Briton finished second for the second year in a row.
The second set of the second quarter is jump switch lunges.
DJ Khaled (second from left) and Floyd Mayweather (second from right).
Mr Frey is the city's second-youngest and second Jewish mayor.
Second is ... Can I just, before you answer that second part?
Tomas scored on a grounder to second by second baseman Segura.
He was in the lineup at second base and batted second.
Duke threw a second wild pitch that moved Mancini to second.
It moves from second to second, one vote to one vote.
We have our second No. 13 seed into the second round!
Second set Nadal held at love to take the second set.
Second point, second point, Jimmy, you were asking me about China.
Barzal created the Islanders' second goal late in the second period.
It was the second baseman's second home run of the series.
The numbers rise, second by second, until they inevitably start over.
Second-year F Mario Hezonja started for a second consecutive game.
He is second from the left, not second from the right.
This implies the second season is more like a second series.
Desmond moved to second on Reynolds sharp single to the left side of second and scored on a sharp single to the right side of second by Amarista, who made his second straight start at short.
On Second ThoughtSend your messages through On Second Thought (free on Android), and you've got a 60-second buffer before it actually gets sent.
Edwin Encarnacion's grounder to shortstop force Bautista at second but second baseman Dustin Pedroia threw wildly to first, allowing a second run to score.
"I have been telling people for years: Do a second-parent adoption, do a second-parent adoption, do a second-parent adoption," she said.
" Judge Ho's Fifth Circuit colleague Don R. Willett, another new member of the court, observed in his own dissenting opinion in the same case, "The Second Amendment is neither second class, nor second rate, nor second tier.
The companies plan to open a second location during the second quarter.
And Underwood, who's very pregnant with her second child — her second son!
One second he's cooking eggs, the next second he is the eggs.
A second-generation UroLift is due in the second half of 2018.
Who needs second drinks when you've got second bedrooms to plan for?
The company's second-quarter earnings results cemented Bezos' position in second place.
He's in the midst of his second divorce from his second wife.
Williamson was charged with second-degree attempted rape, not second-degree rape.
He's been charged with attempted second degree murder and second degree assault.
Rockies second baseman DJ LeMahieu is second in the batting race at .
For the second version of the contest, I purchased a second Muse.
The home run was Vogt's second overall and second in two games.
The second: $40,000 for his second car and more credit card bills.
But the second you stop learning is the second you begin dying.
For one thing, everything is timed and monitored digitally, second by second.
Here's a second-by-second analysis of the handshake for your entertainment.
First/second stage separation, Delta Cryogenic Second Stage Ignition and fairing separation!
In the second period Carrick also helped create the Devils' second goal.
In the show's second season, she became pregnant with her second child.
Florida will face second-seeded Michigan on Saturday in the second round.
The second eviction notice, in turn, incurred a second $553 delivery fee.
Second by second, lives at Stoneman Douglas were transformed, broken and stolen.
The two-second standoff at the 38-second mark foreshadows the outcome.
Semien drove in the second run in the top of the second.
Second, Mr. Manafort pleaded guilty on the eve of his second trial.
Twitter is Serbia's second-most-used platform (though a very distant second).
After he recovered from his second suicide attempt, his second marriage ended.
"Second of all, second of all," he said, waving off Mr. Ryan.
Hey – KERNEN: But about a second meeting – PRESIDENT TRUMP: Second meeting. Yeah.
Hintz got his second of the night early in the second period.
The shot was Dallas' second since the start of the second period.
Second, focus first on discipline, second on discipline, and third on discipline.
The game remained close until the second half of the second quarter.
These months came in second, or tied for second, according to NOAA.
Mr. Marsh was second from the left, not second from the right.
Dickerson's homer, in the second inning, was his second of the season.
Since advertisers are charged based on ten-second video views [Correction: Ten-second, not three-second views], no one paid for views that didn't happen.
It was the second flask of vodka, the second carton of juice, the second time Z. had taken in hand the mixing of our drinks.
"When people heard 'second chance,' they were either concerned with their personal safety, or they were thinking second chance means second rate," Mr. Perez said.
Caldwell-Pope started the second half after Lakers second-leading scorer Kyle Kuzma (2500 points per game) sustained a lower-back contusion in the second quarter.
The 22-point second quarter was the most prolific second quarter in the 23-year history of the Knicks and their second-highest scoring quarter ever.
A second group, Dynamical Biomarkers Group, won the $1 million second-place prize.
So they say 25 megabits per second down, 3 megabits per second up.
Sonay ends up with the second-oldest sister, Selma, without a second thought.
Bottom second: Lumbering third baseman Chase Headley steals second base with two outs.
My mom cant get a second job because we are her second job.
His second try ended with him taking a second visit to the hospital.
Second, my value for the final angular velocity was 0.096 radians per second.
Second round of wage talks between Verdi, management due to enter second round.
The second one would include a second specific date when Britain could leave.
It's a billion billion calculations per second, not a billion calculations per second.
Barnes was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree.
In the second row, from lithium to neon, the second shell is filled.
The second wave of devices are coming in, the second round of features.
The offense's biggest play occurred on the second play of the second quarter.
Lindor was awarded second base on obstruction charged to second baseman Devon Travis.
Both put up the second- and third-highest totals in the second round.
INF Andres Blanco started at second base for the second consecutive game Sunday.
Washington scored first and Vegas second in the first, second and third periods.
Actress Talulah Riley has filed to end their second marriage ... a second time.
He played his second NHL game on a second pairing with Radko Gudas.
The Warriors trailed 23-252.4 in the second minute of the second period.
The second night of the second Democratic presidential debate is just hours away.
The queen asked who's second, and her footman said, 'There is no second.
Second season, I still wasn't the first or second option in the offense.
Headley scored when Aaron Hicks grounded to second, forcing Romine at second base.
Khaira's second, at 3:34 of the second, snapped a 2-2 tie.
Connor's second-period goal gave him a tally in his second straight game.
The second was $40,000 for his second car and more credit card bills.
The second theory suggests wings arose from the second, third and fourth fingers.
It was Buchnevich's second goal of the season and second in two games.
The teams exchanged goals in a 71-second stretch of the second period.
Davis led off the second inning with his second homer of the season.
"I founded Defy as my second chance to give second chances," said Hoke.
Maryland fell in the second round for the second year in a row.
If a ball's hit to shortstop, Bobby Richardson's the second player -- second baseman.
Harkins' second of the season came at 217:13 of the second period.
That was Fiers's second career no-hitter — and his second career complete game.
"This will know where every airplane is, second by second," Mr. Desch said.
Valtteri Filppula got the second assist on Green's second goal of the season.
The prewar preparations of Second Battalion, Second Marines left little time for rest.
In a second episode, 40 people are missing after a second boat sank.
Second by second, we count down to her death while learning her life.
CBGB's Second Avenue Theater – The BoweryCBGB's Second Avenue Theater was short lived but well intended, it was fittingly located at 66 Second Avenue, but didn't last long.
Hrynenko, her son Michael, Ioannidis and Kukic are charged with second-degree manslaughter, second-degree assault, criminally negligent homicide, third-degree assault, and second-degree reckless endangerment.
He accepted a second bribe of 4 million yuan from the same person in 2013 to buy a second house for his second daughter, the court said.
Each debate will last one hour with the opportunity to give 90-second answers, 90-second responses, 30-second rebuttals, and two-minute opening and closing statements.
Later on Thursday, lawmakers in a second reading approved the second item of legislation.
Syed's Second Trial: 2000 January 21 - February 25, 2000: Syed's second trial takes place.
Josh Donaldson's grounder to second forced Bautista at second while the tying run scored.
I was given a second chance and a second chance really saved my life.
That&aposs like giving people a second chance, helping people get a second chance.
The outbreak is both the second largest and second deadliest Ebola outbreak in history.
Hamilton and Marchand scored in a 69-second span late in the second period.
"I kinda blacked out there in the second quarter for a second," Redick said.
After Pavelich's attorney requested a second opinion, a second psychologist confirmed the first's findings.
Second, Facebook held a press call to discuss its second community guidelines enforcement report.
Rambo was charged with second-degree rape and Williamson with attempted second-degree rape.
This was just his ninth major-league at-bat, second hit and second RBI.
Smith helped create the Panthers' second goal just 433:11 into a wild second.
I'm grateful for the second chance and believe that we all deserve second chances.
The app only takes a second to load, but it does take a second.
I didn't even think for a second about her, not even for a second.
The second strangeness is the second layer of sound: the cries of the dying.
" The second-most popular question: "How will you ensure the Second Amendment is protected?
Maldonado then weakly popped up in front of second base on the second pitch.
A computer inside the car is responsible for making second-by-second driving decisions.
Eichel's second goal made it 5-2 with 6:48 remaining in the second.
Dallas took the 453-point lead on its second drive of the second half.
The biggest ranks first, the second largest is second, and the smallest is third.
Bergeron added his second of the game just 39 seconds into the second period.
He did worse the second day and their questions were better the second day.
Then he hears the second man's case, and concludes the second man is right.
I grew up among Second Amendment people and I'm a Second Amendment person myself.
The French language distinguishes between the second of two and the second of many.
It was the Falcons' second pick of the night, and second offensive lineman selected.
That's a lot of second-place finishes this year, but I'm fine with second.
There is a 60-second version of the ad and a 30-second ad.
His second began against Castro, with two out and two on in the second.
Iowa (230-153) will play second-seeded Villanova in the second round on Sunday.
"Only Waiting" is taken from their second EP, suitably titled The Second Ep from.
His last-second layup tied it at 11-140 to force the second overtime.
The Penguins got their second power-play goal at 3:51 of the second.
The 60-second commercial by Anomaly will air between the first and second quarters. 
At 2:203 of the second, Nyquist picked up his second of the game.
Croatia's Tin Srbic finished second, while Dalaloyan claimed his second medal of the day.
It was less than a second after impact, not less than a second before.
We were given two-minute, 90-second, and 30-second warnings before Bloomberg entered.
It was his second multi-hit game of 2016 and second in this series.
Martinez also had an assist in the second goal early in the second half.
Canada ranks second, overtaking the U.K., which had ranked second but now ranks third.
They'll be used along with the more traditional 15-second and 30-second spots.
He will pitch the second game of a doubleheader for the second straight turn.
It was the second most-mentioned advertiser, and had the second most-used hashtag.
"The Nun" dropped to second place, with $18 million in its second weekend. (Reuters)
Drury hit his 15th homer and Davis hit his second in the second inning.
That's what led to the second Columbus goal, which came in the second period.
He earned his second consecutive win and the second of his major league career.
There it was, my second ad for the second-biggest gig of my career.
Texas, the second-largest state, receives the second allocated seat, or the 52nd seat.
Hideki Matsuyama was second, three shots off the pace, after his second consecutive 2479.
He was charged Friday with second-degree murder and second-degree assault against Wynne.
And the fact that they make these decisions on a second-by-second basis.
On the second day, I thought Congressman Kennedy's questions- Second day was better, yeah.
The second-year left winger struck again on the power play early in the second period with his second goal of the game and 18th of the season.
Islam has been charged in a 33-count indictment with second- and fourth-degree grand larceny, second- and third-degree assault, labor trafficking, and second-degree unlawful imprisonment.
It shoots 4K video at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 60 frames per second, and 720p at 1703 frames per second, all at a bitrate of 100Mbps.
Second-home ownership is uncommon: in 2010 around 4% of houses in America were second homes; 1% of English homes are second properties of people living in England.
He is on his third chief of staff, third national security adviser, sixth communications director, second secretary of state, second attorney general and soon his second defense secretary.
SECOND-SEEDED THIEM LOSES Robin Haase upset second-seeded Dominic Thiem, 227.3-22015, 212.8-22005 (245), in the second round of the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany.
Garcia Knight scored 97.50 points on his second run in the second of Wednesday's two heats, with Swiss Jonas Boesiger second (96.00) and Canada's Mark McMorris third (95.75).
Hunt opened the second period by wristing in his second career goal and second in as many games from the slot at 1:25 to tie the game again.
The Second Fleet was originally formed following WWII as the Second Task Fleet and was redesignated in 1950 as the Second Fleet with the primary mission of supporting NATO.
Instead, the candidates were judged on their 20-second answers to two interview questions, 8-second descriptions of their social and political platforms, and their 90-second talent performances.
Shortstop and third baseman must be on the third-base side of second base, second basemen and first basemen must be on the first-base side of second base.
At Thursday's Republican debate, Marco Rubio suggested that the Second Amendment is second because the founders saw it as the second most important right in the Bill of Rights.
The 26-year-old will take on second-seed Garbine Muguruza in the second round.
With a second second pair of G27 headphones, I ran into the exact same issue.
Congo is Africa's second-largest country and is blanketed by the world's second-biggest rainforest.
The Congo outbreak is both the second largest and second deadliest Ebola outbreak in history.
I think the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, religious liberty, government overreached the Second Amendment.
Ariya Jutanugarn was alone in second place at 33 after firing a second consecutive 23.
But in the current environment, people are now having second thoughts saying wait a second.
All the nurses were saying, 'Just a second, you'll be breathing in just a second.
His second poor throw - on a pickoff attempt to second - allowed both runners to advance.
Five days ago, I had my second elective C-section and welcomed by second baby.
Freddie Freeman's two-run double highlighted the five-run second inning in the second game.
Maile tied the game in the second with his second home run of the season.
Every second it doesn't is another second wasted […] We don't have this time to spare.
Malgin scored his second goal of the game with 6:40 expired in the second.
Second screen gimmick — LG tacked a second screen on its V210 smartphone in late 21.
It's the second-highest debut by a Marvel film, second only the Marvel's The Avengers.
Sanchez will be making his second career postseason start and the second of this postseason.
This is my second job since grad school and also my second in real estate.
Villanova (30-5), the second seed, moves into Sunday's second round where it faces Iowa.
On Monday, the world's second-largest economy reported growth of 6.2% for the second quarter.
For a second, just a second, the light of possibility is exploding in my head.
The Asus and HP had the second most powerful CPUs and, naturally, did second best.
The other is to buy a second SIM card, and hence a second phone number.
It's because they are living in it, minute by minute, and eventually, second by second.
"John Wick: Chapter 3," in its second weekend finished in second place with $31 million.
He said the second quarter data could be inconsistent, before improving in the second half.
But Williams started to get second thoughts the second her BFF began the coloring process.
U.S. Treasury holdings of the world's second largest economy declined for a second straight month.
Duda's homer was his second of the season, and his second in as many days.
He ultimately finished second to Harvick by a scant 0.325-second in the main event.
The actor's facing multiple charges along with attempted second-degree murder, including second-degree assault.
It's 755 feet per second, not miles per second, and the text has been updated.
LW Milan Michalek missed his second game with his second broken finger of the season.
He is just the second Mets second baseman to ever hit eight homers in April.
Hernandez singled to center, stole second and advanced to third on Panik's grounder to second.
Verlander finally picked up his second trophy after finishing second in 2012, 20043 and 2018.
He is second from the right, in a white suit, not second from the left.
The Sox are the Second City's second team, as the insult goes, and it stings.
Parra had a second consecutive three-hit game for the second time in his career.
Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue, at Second Street, East Village, 212-505-5181,
Mr. Grotelueschen is second from the left, and Mr. Craig is second from the right.
The result was a slow-motion, second-by-second false-color video of the event.
Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue, at Second Street, East Village, 212-353-5181,
It took only 2:37 of the second for Malkin to register his second point.
The pair will fill the second row but were about a second off Hamilton's pace.
The second trailer for Chapter Two feels similar in tone to Chapter One's second trailer.
Bratt picked up his second of the afternoon with 7:41 left in the second.
Roncaglia was at fault again for the second goal seven minutes into the second half.
The second time I met him was in Hong Kong while writing my second book.
They rank fifth in defensive rating, second in pace, and second in assist-turnover ratio.
Humans sniff once per second-and-a-half; dogs, five to 10 times a second.
The Penguins regained the lead on Tanev's second goal at 14:31 of the second.
The Commerce Department's second estimate of second-quarter GDP is due at 8:30 a.m.
Brock Holt grounded out to second and then advanced to second when Rafael Devers singled.
"My mom can't get a second job because we are her second job," they wrote.
Soto scored from second base, but Adams stopped at second, holding Suzuki to a single.
He was the second pick in the first round, not a second-round draft pick.
He ultimately lost last Saturday in a semifinal — the second half of his second doubleheader.
He's up there like, 'These criminals deserve a second term — I mean, a second chance!
Georgia Tech tied the game at 21 on its second possession of the second half.
Also today: The second estimate of US second quarter GDP hits at 8:30 a.m.
The MTA said the Q train's second set of wheels on its second car derailed.
In many ways it is the second album in the second act of their career.
The level marks the second highest of the year and the second strongest since 2004.
The city has the world's second-largest collection of the buildings, second only to Miami.
That season, Houston ranked second in the majors in slugging, but also second in strikeouts.
Black's 3 missed in the final second to extend the game to a second overtime.
An error on Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong later allowed the second run to score.
But those trends began to shift during the second half of Mr. Obama's second term.
The second-biggest decliner was Cott Corp, down 3.0 percent after posting second-quarter results.
It earned $112 million during its second weekend, marking Marvel's smallest yet second-weekend drop.
The Canucks earned their second straight win while handing the Wings their second consecutive loss.
The world's second largest economy posted second-quarter GDP growth of 6.7 percent in July.
Biden, Buttigieg and Bloomberg placed first, second and third, respectively, in the second-choice category.
In the second overtime, Paul Westphal called a timeout for Phoenix with one second left.
In a second configuration of the passenger bench seat, on the other hand, the seatbelt system includes a second number of seatbelts which are detachably fastened to the fastening rail in second positions which are adapted to the second configuration of the passenger bench seat.
There will be one 60-second ad, four 45-second ads and three 30-second commercials according to industry publication Adweek, as well as billboards and shorter "bumper" TV ads.
You might remember that things falling to the Earth always accelerate at around 10 meters per second squared—they go ten meters per second faster for every second they're falling.
Bolanos hit a grounder to Cubs second baseman Ben Zobrist, who, for the second straight night, threw far wide of second on what should have been a double-play grounder.
MOSCOW — Adnan Januzaj curled in a left-footed shot in the second half to give a second-string Belgium a 1-0 victory over a second-string England on Thursday.
RF Josh Reddick contributed his second outfield assist in the second inning on Saturday, erasing Indians C Yan Gomes at the plate as he tried to score from second base.
The Procter & Gamble detergent brand aired a 45-second spot in the first quarter and a 15-second ad in the second quarter in which Bud Knight makes a cameo.
Africa's second-largest economy sidestepped a second recession in two years in the second quarter, as GDP posted a 3.1% quarter-on-quarter expansion after contracting in the first quarter.
The man from China, the vice — the second man in China, essentially, they call him the vice premier, like the vice president, but he's the second man, strong second man.
I film, I videotape, day after day, and I string all those pieces together, and when they are seen, they are seen in linear time, second after second after second.
Later, a second Atlético player, Diego Godín, was sent off for his second yellow-card foul.
He currently ranks second in the AHL in points and second in the league in assists.
Pham reached second when second baseman Daniel Descalso dropped his pop fly to start the inning.
Another six will follow at 90-second intervals with 15 going through to the second phase.
Cheyenne Griggs' closest match was possibly a half second cousin or a second cousin once removed.
Daniel Corbett, second from right, with Abraham Golan, second from left, and Isaac Gilmore, far right.
That Minit would give me a ninety-second problem to solve in a sixty-second window.
Tatar's second goal of the game made it 20-29 at 243:2 of the second.
This season, men's college basketball shifted to a 30-second clock from a 35-second one.
HP's Omen X 217S is the second laptop on this list to feature a second screen.
The second half, we were good if you look at their percentages in the second half.
"my second pregnancy and James was born happy and healthy !!!" she responded to the second commenter.
ET — initial jobless claims, August durable goods order and the second revision of second quarter GDP.
Jones, Buffalo&aposs second-round draft pick, returned for the second half, but aggravated the leg.
Titan is also the second-largest moon in the solar system — second only to Jupiter's Ganymede.
The pair narrowly edged out second-place Sweden by less than a fifth of a second.
His three-run homer in the second inning was his second in his last four games.
It supports up to 10,000 transactions per second as compared to Ethereum's 15 transactions per second.
The show's second season is expected to be loosely based on Kepnes' second novel, Hidden Bodies.
The Wizards will receive a 2021 second-rounder and send a 2022 second-rounder to Milwaukee.
Well, and doing six paintings per second is less work than doing 24 paintings per second.
We're going to produce a second season, but we're not going to write the second season.
But in the second, Santana walked and, an out later, went to second on Kingery's single.
Equestrian skijoring, second in popularity after dog, was demonstrated at the second Winter Olympics, in 1928.
Hintz added his second tally midway into the second period after converting Klingberg's cross-slot feed.
Elodie Yung's Elektra all but slinks off with the entire second half of Daredevil's second season.
One "leap second" will be added to the very last second of the year on Dec.
He got his second hit of the season, a two-run homer, in the second inning.
The second quarter growth was hurt as the services sector contracted for a second straight quarter.
Corporate America's profits are expected to have fallen in the second quarter — the second straight decline.
He later hit a second home run for his second multi-homer game of the season.
"We are going to call it 'Second Chance' because Kennedy got a second chance at life."
Together, the companies will constitute the second-largest cable company in America, second only to Comcast.
In the second, Anderson gave up an opposite-field leadoff double to Gonzalez in the second.
This is our second Cup win of the year, but we've had six second-place finishes.
This was the second warmest for this season, second only to December 2015 to February 2016.
The Hawks forced a second overtime when Young made a driving layup with one second remaining.
Clay Aiken On the second season of Idol, Aiken came in second behind winner Ruben Studdard.
Second 27 Trump, as always, finishes strong with his SECOND tug and pull of the handshake.
Colorado's Trevor Story opened the second with a single and advanced to second on a walk.
The Thursday incident was the second serious vehicle attack in Australia's second biggest city this year.
One amendment seeks to rule out a second referendum while another is for a second referendum.
Larkin was the finisher on Detroit's second goal of the game early in the second period.
It's the second biggest search engine behind Google, and the second largest streaming service behind Netflix.
She's tired of watching this pup struggle, second after second, sniff after sniff, paw after paw.
Staal and Greenway posted Minnesota goals in a 20-second span late in the second period.
Hayes has been charged with second-degree murder, attempted second degree murder and aggravated criminal damage.
Jacqueline Trudeau—her Second Life avatar's name—has resided in Second Life for over eleven years.
Cole's second career homer in the bottom of the second gave Pittsburgh a 3-1 lead.
One second everything's wonderful, and the next second, I'm knocking around in this house, by myself.
Faksa's second goal of the game came in controversial fashion 10:54 into the second period.
He picked up his second foul with 6:31 left and sat until the second half.
If Murray beats Sandgren, he will play Canadian second seed Denis Shapovalov in the second round.
With runners on first and second, Rondon struck out Adam Duvall looking for the second out.
Each committee member will get 20 minutes for in a second a second round of questions.
Virtanen's second goal of the night drew the Canucks even at 12:24 of the second.
Rookie second-round wideout Mecole Hardman scored a 17-yard touchdown for the second straight game.
RHP Ricky Nolasco tossed his second quality start of the season and second in three appearances.
NOTES: Montreal second-leading scorer, RW Alexander Radulov, missed his second straight game with an illness.
The impact will be seen in the second half, it is not a second-quarter story.
Matt Belisle recorded his second consecutive save, and second of the season, as Minnesota's new closer.
After their second son was born, they didn't hesitate signing James up for a second vasectomy.
He set up his camera to shoot a 25-second exposure with a 30-second interval.
And so Embiid sat out his entire second season following a second surgery on the foot.
You can kiss that 30-second restriction goodbye — starting today, you can share 140-second videos.
It was about a 30-second golf cart ride, but I loved every second of it.
It was the second two-run homer of the series for the Blue Jays second baseman.
An Islanders turnover led to the Penguins' second goal a mere 1:09 into the second.
In the women's tournament, Tennessee was upset in the second round for the second straight year.
Stafford and Greenhouse were arrested and charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder.
The second is that in the second half of 2005, Bush's approval rating takes a drop.
To take it up another notch, Curry played every second of the second half and overtime.
Included in the package would be a second baseman, Yoan Moncada, who ranked second on MLB.
Hintz added his second goal midway in the second period after converting Klingberg's cross-slot feed.
But for a second consecutive week, the Dallas offense stalled for much of the second half.
He started Saturday's first game at second base, then was in right field for the second.
Rookie Kaapo Kakko scored twice in the second period for his second career two-goal game.
The Bengals (5-6) won a second straight game for only the second time this season.
Further foreboding for the field, Querrey's second-round win over Dudi Sela was the second fastest.
It's not until the second floor that the second half of the message materializes: BIG PLANS.
Stamkos' second goal was scored into an empty net in the final second of the game.
With his second catch, Burton put the Eagles ahead 21-7 early in the second quarter.
The Australian needed a second jump but delivered to qualify in second place from round two.
The next inning, Granderson hit his second home run of the season into the second deck.
The team scored the second most goals in the league and gave up the second fewest.
"The second phase will not require infrastructure, so it will be faster," the second official said.
These bloated "swipe fees" have swollen into merchants' second-largest operating cost, second only to labor.
"In the second quarter, I thought our second team was basically out to lunch," Popovich said.
The run became 15-0 until Duke scored on its second possession of the second half.
He broke Chung to start the second set and cruised to his second straight semifinal appearance.
The 30-second ad will play during the second quarter, so don't mute the commercial breaks.
Eight minutes into the second period, the Flyers earned their second power play of the game.
The deal would mark the second-highest contract for a second-time arbitration-eligible player, MLB.
That leaves a comical mismatch between the second-best and second-worst teams in the West.
It ranks second in top grossing Apple downloads in the Lifestyle category, second only to Tinder.
And when I came back there was a second post under the first: 'Second plane hit.
The Canucks earned their second straight win while handing the Red Wings their second consecutive loss.
A "second strike" allows for a second vote on whether to remove a company's entire board.
For the second year in a row, Hamilton started in the pole position and placed second.
Edmonton's Alex Chiasson put the visitors ahead a second time 82 seconds into the second period.
"Ant-Man and the Wasp" made $28.8 million, good for second place, in its second week.
That allows the Arc to capture 4K footage at 30 frames per second, 5003p at up to 120 frames per second, and 720p footage at up to 240 frames per second.
Paxton also had a 93-2 lead when he took the mound for the second after the Yankees' Gleyber Torres hit his second career grand slam and second of the season.
Jackson drew a leadoff walk and stole second ahead of an infield single by Jankowski, who quickly stole his second base of the game to put Padres at second and third.
"Somebody would say, 'He's on the second floor,' and we had guys on the second floor saying, 'We're on the second floor, we don't see him,'" Pustizzi told the Sun Sentinel.
If the budget request is authorized, it will make VA the second-largest agency as measured by discretionary spending, second only to the Department of Defense (VA is also the second-largest agency in terms of the number of employees, where it is also second to DoD).
Pinturault, who was in second place after the first run, used a blistering second run of 1 minute 17.78 seconds to finish 0.51 of a second ahead of his compatriot Mathieu Faivre.
"In the second quarter we achieved the highest second-quarter net profit since 2010 and an improvement on an already strong second-quarter 2018," Chief Executive Sergio Ermotti said in a statement.
Ottawa then went ahead 2-13 at 17:09 of the second when Chlapik, a second-round pick in 2015, scored his second goal of the season and fourth of his career.
The Islanders got on the scoreboard with 11:56 left in the second period when Andrew Ladd got his second goal of the season — and second in as many games — against Vasilevskiy.
The camera shoots 2199K (21 x 53) video at 25 or 25 frames per second, 24p video at up to 60 frames per second, and 720p video at 120 frames per second.
So third baseman Chase Headley was shifted to the other side of second base, second baseman Starlin Castro moved into shallow right field and Didi Gregorius was not far from second base.
"Somebody would say, 'He's on the second floor,' and we had guys on the second floor saying, 'We're on the second floor, we don't see him,' " Pustizzi told the Sun Sentinel newspaper.
On to the second point, and that is the second subset which was the Hillary Clinton investigation.
Cracknell added a second score, his ninth goal of the season, 7:08 into the second period.
It is unclear if the novella will be published once Big Little Lies wraps its second second.
If you took three 10-second recordings, they will be broken up into three ten-second Snaps.
Netflix launches the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, while Amazon adds the second season of Catastrophe.
Brouwer's goal — his second in two games — was just Florida's second short-handed score of the season.
Pass the ball & around the 7 second mark take the shot(not at the 21 second mark).
It was Raanta's second shutout of the season, 13th of his career and second ever against Edmonton.
New Jersey's Second District: The Second is the southernmost district in New Jersey and encompasses Atlantic City.
The world's second-largest economy is set to release its second-quarter GDP data on July 15.
It was Zacha's second goal in as many days — and second of the season in 14 games.
Right wing William Nylander, Toronto's second-leading goal scorer, missed his second straight game due to illness.
The traditional second hand of the Commander Series has been scrapped in favor of a second wheel.
Anthony Gose hit into a fielder's choice to second to score the second run of the inning.
It joined Kubernetes as the second CNCF project in May 2016, and appropriately is the second graduate.
Is Calrissian going to be the perennial second fiddle — or second mindharp, if you will — to Solo?
This is her third Globe nomination and second win, while it's Rhys' second nomination and first win.
It&aposs really the second -- almost the second because it started as a counterintelligence investigation under Comey.
Especially it&aposs just the second year -- at the beginning of the second year for President Trump.
The Canadiens posted four second-period goals but still lost for the second time in three games.
This will be his second stint with the Nationals and his second team of the 2017 season.
It's currently the second largest tower in the world, second only to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Liriano helped his cause with an RBI double in the second for his second RBI this season.
Giordano's interception of a Vancouver clearing attempt led to Calgary's second goal late in the second period.
A 60Hz display 265 times a second, a 210Hz display 21 times a second, and so on.
As it got closer, the probe slowed down to 23 meters per second (0.3 feet per second).
Creighton used the game's second big streak to take the lead for good in the second half.
The center added his second goal of the night in the closing seconds of the second period.
Too bad she finished second -- would've loved to see Alex chat with her the second time around.
If you've had FOMO since it sold out most everywhere last year, here's your second (second) chance.
Veep and Girls both launched their second, footing-finding second seasons early in the year on HBO.
Moncada homered into the second deck in right-center in the second to make it 5-0.
Today, Mexico has the second-highest obesity rate in the world, second only to the United States.
Texas, the second largest state by population, also ranked second by total millionaires, with 490,634 millionaire households.
Infielder Jose Reyes started in his place at second base and batted second, going 0-for-13.
RW Alexander Radulov, Montreal's second-leading scorer, missed his second straight game with an illness on Friday.
Maharashtra, India's second most populous state, is the country's second-biggest producer of sugar, cotton and soybean.
Smoak was safe at first on LeMahieu's error on a grounder to second in the second inning.
It looked at three options, including building a second runway at Gatwick, the capital's second-biggest airport.
His pinch-hit homer was his second this second this season to tie or take the lead.
This is Gaza's second film festival, and like many second acts, it was tough to pull off.
Coleman forced another turnover to create New Jersey's second goal with 4.1 seconds left in the second.
Green Bay got the ball to start the second half and immediately faced a second-and-26.
Students accustomed to second-by-second vigilance found it difficult to manage their time when left unsupervised.
The ball pinballed toward second base, but second baseman Logan Forsythe had already broken toward the hole.
In the second quarter, exports tumbled 4.7 percent, the largest decline since the second quarter of 2009.
In its second season, "Outlander" is struggling to adapt the dense second novel in Diana Gabaldon's series.
Efimova was second in 1:05.50, 19-hundredths of a second ahead of King's teammate Katie Meili.
The speed of light in a vacuum is about 186,7923 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second).
The Sixers outhustled the Magic in the second quarter, outscoring them 10-1 with second-chance points.
Naomi Osaka is already the second highest-paid woman in sport, second only to Serena Williams. 7.
"I'm living proof that second chances work, because I was given a second chance," Johnson told reporters.
He said that while the Second Amendment is the Second Amendment, that doesn't dissuade reasonable gun regulation.
It would take a second overtime, but Little Rock held on to complete the day's second upset.
Zurich-based Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second-biggest bank after UBS, reports second-quarter results on July 28.
In one scene, his outfit changes second-by-second in an attempt to highlight a varied career.
Mnangagwa appears at the top of the second column while Chamisa appears second on the first column.
Mr. Robot's second season was divisive, to say the least, but its second half was sneakily brilliant.
It's a Trump talking point ... we have a Second Amendment and our Second Amendment will remain strong.
All I did was turn my back for a second, half a second, and he was grown.
It also gives Nigeria a chance to go to the second round for just the second time.
The inning ended when Tellez was doubled off second on Danny Jansen's line drive to second base.
I think it was happenstance, he was caught by surprise, and events that unfolded second by second.
Then he had another dunk in the game — his second of the season — in the second half.
Dillon passed the 100-yard mark in rushing on Boston College's second play of the second quarter.
He scrambled toward second, and his headfirst slide just beat Gurriel's throw to second baseman Jose Altuve.
She is the second-richest self-made woman, according to Forbes magazine, not the second-richest woman.
"Joker," an empty, foggy exercise in second-hand style and second-rate philosophizing, has none of that.
This comes in at 10.65 syllables per second and 7.23 words per second, the Genius website reports.
Pringles will air a 30-second commercial during the second quarter with Adult Swim's Rick and Morty.
I love One Second Everyday, an app that will cobble together a video of one-second snippets.
The patient, meanwhile, is awake on the operating table, providing the surgeon with second-by-second feedback.
"Second-grade offering?" is a RETEST, because it is a student's second change at a good grade.
Arizona coach Sean Miller was ejected after receiving his second technical foul midway through the second half.
In his second start back, he finished second, and in his fourth, he tied for third place.
The Wolverines' second-leading scorer, Isaiah Livers, missed his second straight game due to a groin injury.
There was about a 2-second silence after Bloomberg asked this question, not a 20-second silence.
In Spieth's three starts at Augusta, he has finished tied for second, first, and tied for second.
Schenn tied the game with his second goal of the season at 19:12 of the second.
In the second-quarter of 2019, it was still the second-largest smartphone player in the world.
Stastny made it 2-0 at 9:01 of the second period with his second postseason marker.
Second false alert in days Tuesday's false missile alert was the second in a matter of days.
It is the world's most populous country, second biggest economy, and second biggest spender on the military.
For the second time, though, the Sharks erased a second-period deficit before going on to victory.
House prices rose 6.6 percent from the second quarter of 2016 to the second quarter of 2017.
Wake Forest, which led 230-213 early in the second half, was hit by second-half turnovers.
Young advanced to second on Calhoun's single, and both runners advanced when Fletcher grounded out to second.
The Volunteers didn't hit their second field goal of the second half until the 8:05 mark.
In Chicago, Lightfoot is the second woman and the second African-American elected to lead the city.
Second strike It's the second time in 11 months that West Virginia teachers have gone on strike.
Miami's Cam'Ron Harris ran 8 yards for a touchdown on the second snap of the second quarter.
Zuccarello's second goal came at 12:17 of the second period to tie the score at 2.
Rask struck just 59 seconds into the second period for his second goal in as many games.
It was a second consecutive thrilling finish in this tournament, the second L.P.G.A. major of the season.
It was with 5:38 left in the second quarter, not 5:38 into the second quarter.
Serra pours on 21 unanswered points in the second quarter, then 16 more in the second half.
In the second term of my second year at university, The Smiths were all I listened to.
The Kansas City Star reports that a Jackson County circuit judge found 46-year-old Thu Hong Nguyen guilty of two counts of second-degree murder, second-degree arson and second-degree assault.
Renee was charged with second-degree attempted murder, second-degree attempted assault, second-degree burglary and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child — all of which she pleaded not guilty to.
The first live-action series, Titans, premiered in October and was quickly renewed for a second season, while the second, Doom Patrol (which has not received a second season order), hit in February.
And when you finish the first activity and want to move on to the second activity, just flip the die to the second activity and the app automatically starts tracking the second activity.
Hamlin claims second win of year at Southern 500 DARLINGTON, S.C. — Denny Hamlin claimed his second win of 2017 and his second career Darlington Raceway victory Sunday night in the Bojangles' Southern 500.
This is a nation of second chances – or at least one that gives everyone the hope and belief that there is the possibility of a second chance, when that second chance is warranted.
The 22-year-old German served superbly throughout and held his nerve in the second-set tiebreak to notch a second group victory to claim second spot ahead of world number one Nadal.
Netflix's second-half content slate is led by second seasons of both "Stranger Things" and "The Crown", the second Netflix original David Fincher series entitled "Mindhunter" and the Will Smith original film "Bright".
As for Graham, he scored 22 second-half points for the second time in three games and has scored in double digits in the second half for the fourth time in five games.
Let's run through some of them, including: a 50-second teaser for Hyundai's ad starring SNL's Rachel Dratch, a 1-minute teaser for Doritos' ad starring Western actor Sam Elliott, a 7-second teaser for Kate Hudson's Fabletics, a 46-second teaser for Budweiser, a 16-second teaser for Cheetos starring MC Hammer, a 15-second teaser for Avocados from Mexico starring Molly Ringwald.
Here we spot Bullen's second clue: Osborn Mountain, the home of Brown mentioned in the poem's second stanza.
The second version sports 1280 x 720 resolution, supports Google Assistant and auto-focuses in about one second.
Dallas led, 3-1, before Marchand scored his second goal with 6:36 left in the second period.
We end up getting second in the second game and get vouchers for two free pints of beer!
The second one was returned 36 yards for a tying touchdown by Wyatt midway through the second quarter.
Tampa Bay held McDavid, second in the NHL in points, scoreless for just the second time this season.
St. Mary's scored just 13 second-half points while losing for just the second time in 12 games.
Another marshal, Norris Greenhouse, 23, was also indicted on second degree murder and second degree attempted murder charges.
According to Breath's website, 1 puff per second equates to the computer performing 1,000 hashing operations per second.
Biggio hit his second major league homer to put the Blue Jays up 1-0 in the second.
Hurdle moved Josh Harrison from second base to left field, and he inserted Alen Hanson at second base.
You might get a second chance in life, but you'll never get a second chance at a mugshot.
It knocked "Ocean&aposs 8" to a distant second in its second weekend in theaters with $19.6 million.
Defensive tackle Vita Vea (first round), running back Ronald Jones (second) and cornerback Carlton Davis (second) remain unsigned.
The state had its second-warmest winter, warmest spring, second-warmest summer and a warmer-than-average fall.
Tsarnaev's brother and second bombing second, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed in a shootout with police following the incident.
He allowed just one batter to reach second when Harrison Bader doubled with two outs in the second.
On Thursday, he lowered second-quarter estimates for McDonald's sales and second- and third-quarter estimates for profits.
"Activity and enquiries have picked up in the second half of 2016," a second loan syndicate head said.
But let's back up a second, and walk towards how I ended up swerving at the last second.
It becomes so easy for him, that Fallon shortens the previews to half-second and quarter-second intervals.
The second quake gave her a rare second chance at life in a nation ravaged by nature's cruelty.
The second W: Workers The second "W" stands for workers, the people who are operating the bounce house.
Chinese runners initially came in first, second and fourth place among the women and second among the men.
I think they made the Second Amendment the second amendment because they thought it was just that important.
"We're on the second batter of the second inning," said Adena Friedman, president and chief executive of Nasdaq.
Stefanik as the second 30-year-old woman ever elected to Congress and the second openly-bisexual congresswoman.
Both face three felony counts of attempted second-degree robbery and two felony counts of second-degree robbery.
That will make Moxy the second-biggest buyer of the C-Series, behind Delta, America's second largest carrier.
At sub-second intervals, some believe your car could generate nearly a gigabyte of driving data every second.
Its operating income was $1.3 billion in the second quarter, compared with $464 million in second quarter 2015.
"I didn't even think for a second about her, not even for a second," he told the magazine.
This is Ensco's second deal since OPEC-led efforts boosted oil prices in the second half of 2016.
Second visit to region This was Mattis&aposs second visit to South Korea since taking office in January.
Salto can jump at speeds of 1.75 meters per second, besting the bullfrog's 1.71 meter per second leap.
"Red Dress" is the second single off the Canadian quartet's forthcoming second LP, Primary Colours, due July 1.
The funds will go towards a second city expansion in the second half of this year and hiring.
And the route is not the issue — the Second Avenue Subway runs underneath Second Avenue, hence the name.
Masterson will still appear in the second half of The Ranch's second season, plus several season 3 episodes.
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the United States, second only to melanoma.
LA County has the second highest population of Vietnamese immigrants in the US—only second to Orange County.
Noel Acciari, Backes and David Pastrnak answered for the Bruins in their second straight three-goal second period.
Prosecutors charged Edward Muhammad Johnson, 42, in Washington County court with second-degree murder and second-degree assault.
Buying books second hand is way cheaper, and saying no to toxic-filled paper receipts takes one second.
Torres homered for the Yankees in the second and the ninth for his second career multi-homer game.
Oklahoma City entered Tuesday second in the league in scoring (108.5), while Memphis was second-to-last (96.0).
Jurors at her second trial found Conley not guilty on a more serious charge of second-degree murder.
Swansea played a game of second lives today, as they managed a second goal, above, against Arsenal's three.
Second-quarter sales increased 235.02 percent to $210.65 million compared to $48.6 million for the second quarter 2015.
Yet as the fight for second place heats up, a second type of digital divide is taking shape.
Kulikov made it 4-2 at 5:59 of the second with his second goal of the season.
The Austrian had been 0.01 of a second behind Neureuther after the first run, but dominated the second.
Yolmer Sanchez sacrificed the runners to second and third, and Moncada scored when Narvaez grounded out to second.
The Hurricanes held a 3-0 lead after Rask's second goal just 2:01 into the second period.
Pedroia's second RBI hit was a roller to short that scored Mookie Betts from second in the fourth.
This is I think the second time I've talked to you at South By, second podcast with you.
Towns drew his second technical foul with 23.4 seconds left in the second quarter, complicating Minnesota's comeback efforts.
Another supplier said iPhone orders will be lower in the second quarter and second half of this year.
Even with the reduced expectations for the second quarter, don't rule out bad surprises in the second half.
Atlantic's "Second Purpose" The Atlantic's second purpose—ordinally, but not as to significance—developed as a quieter matter.
Utah (23-28, 20-243 Pac-236) dropped its second straight home game and second straight league game.
Cheesecake Factory expects the lowered second quarter outlook to impact both second quarter margins and earnings per share.
Colombia was reduced to 10 men in the second half when Carlos Sánchez collected his second yellow card.
Pettis' 19813-yard touchdown catch on the second play of the second half put Washington up 48-7.
" The second trend makes perfect sense given the first: "The second great political trend of the age: devolution.
Likewise, just as Ginsburg is the second woman on the Supreme Court, Thomas is the second African American.
For many merchants, swipe fees had become their second-largest cost of doing business, second only to labor.
Beyond Meat's second-quarter earnings are due after market close Monday — its second report as a public company.
The second two strikes happened Monday, also during a Somali-led counterterrorism operation, according to the second release.
That jackpot was the second largest in the game's history and the second largest in U.S. lottery history.
Two hundred years later, in the second half of the 19th century, microbial life caused a second sensation.
He hit two batters in the second inning, the second time in his career he has done that.
Fowler managed to steal second but Kris Bryant struck out looking for the second out of the inning.
It is difficult to know how much he "realizes," and this fluctuates profoundly, almost from second to second.
Moreover, I expect to be busy if not with a second career then at least a second act.
The second Turkish government official told Reuters that Bakraoui had entered Turkey for a second time on Aug.
The vote for a second deputy was inconclusive and will be put to a second round on Sunday.
The companies plan to release a second second phase of the technology in June to bluster its capabilities.
Teravainen scored on the Hurricanes' second shot of the second period amid a Washington breakdown at 1:56.
His credits include Zanies, The Laugh Factory, The Second City National Touring Company, and The Second City e.t.c.
It is essentially a second look and a second opinion to support or refute the doctor's initial diagnosis.
Blake Lively, wandering into the movie's second half as a second Veronica, seems to feel the same way.
Efimova was second in 1:05.50, 19-hundredths of a second ahead of King's American teammate Katie Meili.
Estrada allowed his second walk of the game (and second to Anthony Rendon) to lead off the seventh.
Freeland's no-hit bid was the second longest by a Rockies pitcher and second longest at Coors Field.
Coghlin kicked two more field goals in the second half before Jefferson's second TD run and Thomas' score.
The economy grew by 15.5 percent from the second quarter of 2009 to the second quarter of 2016.
Uber's net revenue grew 51 percent from the second quarter of 2017 to the second quarter of 2018.
The horse who finished second to him in Dubai, Gun Runner, won the second running of the Pegasus.
Two batters later, second baseman Adeiny Hechavarria homered to right field for his second blast in three days.
Gardner said his footwork had been sloppy rounding second, causing him to slow down for a split second.
Students in prekindergarten to second grade attend Deasy Elementary School; Gribbin Elementary School serves kindergarten through second grade.
But our planet moves through space at the rate of 18 miles per second — 18 miles per second!
The Baton Rouge refinery is the second-largest in Louisiana and Exxon's second-largest in the United States.
The Blue Jackets tied the score again in the second with two goals in a 32-second span.
The German economy shrank in the second quarter, showing negative growth for the second time in 4 quarters.
She is Puerto Rico's second female governor and the territory's second unelected governor in 70 years, per NBC.
Milwaukee remained one game back of the second-place Chicago Cubs for the NL's second wild-card slot.
The candidates who place first and second will face off in a second round of voting in May.
The pitch rose to 180 cycles per second in about a tenth of a second before cutting off.
Severino's poor slider was hammered again in the second inning, resulting in a second-deck blast by Reddick.
The company is now planning to open a second store in Chicago in the second quarter of 2020.
Her 14.346-second lap time was less than a second behind the winner, Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid.
Tkachuk's second of the night 24 seconds into the second period gave the hosts a 6-0 lead.
The Predators regained the lead at 19:10 of the second period with their second man-advantage tally.
Chief Clark said the third floor had collapsed onto the second, and then the second onto the first.
She sits in the second desk of the second row, in a direct diagonal path from the door.
Sogard, batting fifth and playing second base in the winner-take-all game, homered in the second inning.
We begin the second season of Mindhunters, but I'm asleep before the credits roll on the second episode.
The Mavericks started with an eight-second violation, with the Thunder following by taking a 24-second violation.
Ford Motor, the second largest domestic auto company, is scheduled to report its second-quarter results on Wednesday.
Two versions of the ad — a 2628-second and 28503-second version — will hit the airwaves on Thursday.
It is currently unclear if the buy is for one 22020-second ad or two 30-second ads.
The Blackhawks regained the lead on Shaw's second goal of the night at 9:27 of the second.
Alexandre Burrows tied the game for Vancouver with a goal in the final second of the second period.
His second wife, Edith, wanted him to resign after he suffered a debilitating stroke in his second term.
That jackpot was the second largest in the game's history and the second biggest in U.S. lottery history.
The moment is so brief that you probably missed it, so let's break it down second-by-second.
EditorsNote: Corrects second career save in second graph Espinosa's 25th-inning homer carries Angels over A's OAKLAND, Calif.
Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, $478.5 million of Oklahoma Turnpike System second senior revenue and second senior revenue refinancing bonds.
But after that, Swift had a second party with a second cake, and that one was honestly terrifying.
Twelve of the top 16 initial teams advanced to the second weekend, the second-most in 20 years.
He was a rifleman in Fox Company, Second Battalion, Second Marines, a member of First Squad, Third Platoon.
Ohio State played its second straight game without second-leading scorer Duane Washington Jr., who averages 11.4 points.
A second Sleepbox is scheduled to open in the second half of 2019 at Boston's Logan International Airport.
However, financials rose 9% in the second quarter of 2019, marking its best second quarter in 10 years.
This article was originally published on THUMP UK. For a second, just a second, think about Flo Rida.
Second later, a second explosion spewed hunks of graphite into the surrounding area and began to spread radiation.
The damage might have been worse in the Boston second, but Ramirez was thrown out at second by Pillar from center field trying to stretch a single for the second out of the inning.
Second seed Kei Nishikori's title bid at the Wimbledon warm-up tournament ended in the second round after he pulled out with a rib injury before his second round match against Germany's Florian Mayer.
He thinks that because he's made his case on economic issues so loudly, he's repeatedly won double-digit victories in Vermont, the second-whitest, second-oldest, and second-most-rural state in the nation.
Improved deliveries in the second quarter could drive Telsa shares in the near term but second-quarter profits and deliveries in the second half of the year are keeping UBS cautious on Tesla's stock.
He is the "second choice" candidate of 23% of likely Republican caucus-goers, according to the poll, while Rubio is the second most popular alternative option, with 16% saying he is their second choice.
Hill followed with his second hit of the day then moved to second on his first stolen base of the year and scored when Ramon Flores singled for his second hit of the day.
The Australian made his mark when he blasted a 143mph (230kph) second serve-ace - the fastest serve of any sort during the tournament so far and the second-fastest second serve in ATP history.
Second grade got into third grade; they'd already read through everything, so third grade needed all new books to begin with, and the first grade going into second grade, second grade needed all new books because they'd blown through everything second grade last year by the end of first grade.
He was more than a second faster than anyone else in the second session as well, with Toro Rosso's Pierre Gasly making the most of the treacherous conditions to take second place on the timesheets.
The lead grew to 4-0 in the seventh when Yankees second baseman Starlin Castro stumbled and fell while fielding a grounder – his second error of the night – allowing Gonzalez to score from second base.
"If we do not alter our nation's debt trajectory, we will soon wake up to find ourselves a second-rate economic power, a second-rate military power, and a second-rate moral authority," he added.
Fenerbahce, Turkey's second most decorated club, are currently seventh in the top-tier Super Lig, nine points behind second-placed Galatasary and leaders Trabzonspor, after a poor start to the second half of the season.
Other charges include second-degree attempted murder, two counts of bias crime in the first degree, one count of second-degree assault, one count of second-degree burglary, and one count of strangulation, prosecutors said.
Turner popped out in the first before singling and stealing second and third in the third, walking and stealing second in the fifth and reaching on a fielder's choice and stealing second in the eighth.
Mitch Moreland drew a walk to open the second and advanced to second on a single by Brock Holt.
Hicks' second walk was part of New York's four-run second inning that knocked out Blake Snell (4-7).
His second run in 2012 saw Lopez Obrador moderate his proposals somewhat, but once again he came in second.
It is his second consecutive start against the Twins and will be his second home start in six outings.
Electricity supply and demand must be matched second by second, with alternating current (AC) frequency held within tight bounds.
Along with the new second-gen router, the company is adding a second hardware product called the Eero Beacon.
A 60Hz display refreshes the image 60 times a second, while a 144Hz display refreshes 144 times a second.
The second something doesn't happen, the second I feel like I'm going too slow, I'm like, 'I'm a failure.
Second, the duo jokingly crowdfunds an all-cat-sounds remix of their stellar second album, Run the Jewels 2.
The Nittany Lions rank second in FBS in second-half scoring (22.83) and first in fourth-quarter scoring (13).
As a result, it slipped into second place among global luxury brands for the second consecutive year behind BMW.
The characters chat about this as if it's second nature, because it almost is second nature at this point.
" This is Lorian and Lincoln Jr.'s second ad takeover this year, which they have dubbed "the second season.
Mr. Tobia, 26, is a second-year doctoral student in philosophy and a second-year law student at Yale.
Tschaggeny has been charged with second-degree theft, tampering with physical evidence and second-degree abuse of a corpse.
Tana Mongeau (second from left) and Jake Paul (second from right) and Logan Paul (far right) at their wedding.
That would be the second straight quarterly improvement in revenue growth, following a 20% increase in the second quarter.
It shoots 4K footage at 24 or 30 frames per second, and 1080p video at 120 frames per second.
Keuchel allowed three homers for the second time this season and second time in his career against the Mariners.
Ford's second-quarter sales in China fell 24% in the second quarter after a first-quarter drop of 21.1%.
This is Trump's second win after taking the New Hampshire primary and coming in second to Cruz in Iowa.
Second to second, moment to moment, she's just spontaneous and has such a feel — an arithmetic feel — for comedy.
They enjoyed a 17-7 advantage on second-chance points to win for the second time in three games.
He hit second because SS Brad Miller, a left-handed hitter who typically bats second, wasn't in the lineup.
Personally, I'd argue that second-screening without some form of snuggling is no kind of second-screening at all.
The first and second options are invariably unacceptable; the first to the victims and the second to the violators.
During Mr Lugar's second stint chairing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he had doubts about the second Iraq war.
This morning was Gorka's second chance at this question on NPR, and his second time skirting around the answer.
Still, the prospect of the second Spears sister teaming up with the second Twilight lead is a tantalizing one.
Gardner got caught in a rundown to end the second but not before Ronald Torreyes scored the second run.
We get our deposits grew $60 billion from the second quarter of last year to second quarter this year.
During the hypnosis, Jerome uncovers Grace has unwittingly been hiding a second personality, with a super creepy second voice.
Crosby scored his second midway through the second period when he snapped a sharp wrist shot underneath the crossbar.
Second, the UI is fast and fluid, and even switching from tablet to smartphone mode takes about one second.
After the Flames pulled even, the Devils regained control in a 17-second span early in the second period.

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