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"all" Definitions
  1. completely
  2. (informal) very
  3. all too… used to show that something is more than you would like
  4. (in sports and games) to each side
"all" Synonyms
each one every one any each the whole lot every bit of every single one the sum the total the totality the whole bar none barring no one each and every one every each specific e'ry every single each respective each particular everything the aggregate the whole amount the entirety the total amount the complete amount the entire amount the sum total each of each of the each one of the every one of the each and every every single one of the without exception each single each individual each separate both the entire the complete the whole of the every bit of the in its entirety the totality of the perfect full total complete entire utter gross maximum outright all-out greatest greatest possible only solely alone nothing but whatever whichever whatsoever no matter what for any any old any one no matter which never mind which such whichever comes to hand every part the lot every bit each thing all that all the things anything every little thing every single thing each and every thing as everybody everyone each person every person one and all all and sundry public whole world every last one anybody people everywhere every man jack the whole world it the end the end of that all she wrote guys folks people gang fam guys and girls you all friends comrades girls and boys ladies and gentlemen you lot you guys dearly beloved boys and girls et cetera whatnot etcetera suchlike etc. others that all that jazz what have you all this so forth so on the like the rest so on and so forth blah blah blah yada yada yada fully completely entirely totally altogether utterly wholly quite thoroughly absolutely perfectly soundly clean dead enough exactly heartily just plumb apiece per per capita split evenly spread evenly a throw respectively individually singly successively aside to each for each a shot from each a pop proportionately per item per head a lot highly enormously vastly hugely greatly extremely really seriously exceedingly terribly immensely uncommonly especially mightily supremely eminently colossally tremendously severely best utmost hardest best shot best effort best one can do level best maximum effort 100 percent highest endeavor highest endeavour optimum effort all one's got whole entirety extent majority aggregate most lot sum collectivity summation works bulk fullness lump totality assembly populace community population citizens country masses multitude society voters citizenry electorate nation collective electors commoners commons crowd all of it one's all ten out of ten whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show unexpurgated unabridged uncondensed exhaustive uncut uncensored unabbreviated thorough intact undiminished integral undivided unbroken replete unreduced focused(US) absorbed attentive engrossed concentrated concentrating observant determined earnest enrapt exclusive firm fixed intense occupied preoccupied single-minded steadfast steady across-the-board comprehensive broad sweeping universal extensive general blanket overall widespread global wide wholesale overarching common panoramic pandemic prevalent ubiquitous pervasive omnipresent worldwide rampant rife epidemic unlimited omni limitless More
"all" Antonyms
none not any not one no zero some certain many several various countless innumerable a few more than a few quite a few quite a lot of multiple numerous considerable specific individual a couple of a handful of a number of a quantity of a range of hardly any not many not much none of the a bit of a certain a given a little a little bit of an unspecified most nothing naught nought zilch bupkis diddly nada nil squat zip jack not a single thing nothing at all not a thing not anything nobody no one not a single person not a soul not one person not anyone no-one no woman no man not an iota neither not a hint partially halfway partly partway slightly somewhat fractionally half moderately incompletely part in part in some measure to a certain degree to a certain extent to a limited degree to a limited extent to a point to some degree to some extent overall together collectively all together en masse as a group as one combined altogether closely aggregately jointly unitedly barely hardly inconsiderably insignificantly mildly rarely negligibly only just scarcely diddly-squat 0 per cent fraction bit little portion hint iota percentage smidge spot tad dash cut proportion mite scintilla fragment sliver jot slice imperfection imperfectness incompleteness unsoundness partiality section elite aristocracy best nonpareil top A-list corps d'elite cream of the crop crème de la crème upper crust person loner human man woman censored incomplete unfinished missing lacking broken crude deficient fractional fragmentary insufficient partial unaccomplished unconsummated undeveloped undone unwhole absent defective flawed impaired distracted unfocused unfocussed unabsorbed inattentive absentminded inobservant diffuse abstracted scattered diverted sidetracked divided shared split distributed spread limited particular discriminate restricted selective im in non

865 Sentences With "all"

How to use all in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "all" and check conjugation/comparative form for "all". Mastering all the usages of "all" from sentence examples published by news publications.

A big sign greeting participants read, we welcome all races, all religions, all sexual identities, all abilities, all sizes, all colors, all beliefs.
All these tweets, all this disruption, all this chaos, all this division, all the negativity.
Addiction crosses all barriers, all lines, all races, and all incomes.
If you take all of the books, all the music, all the video, all the webpages, all the software.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
They'll pay for all your costs, all equipment, all your keep, all food, everything.
He gets all the touches, all the shots, all the glory, all the pressure.
They were all French, all French maître d's, all French wines, all French suppliers.
To have all these people, all these colors, all these races, all these religions together.
I love all people, of all races, all faiths and from all walks of life.
All were All-Stars last season, and all hit right-handed — and all struck out.
Abuse happens in all religions, all countries, all neighborhoods -- at all income and education levels.
"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things," Scripture teaches us.
Now there's all this new activity, all these new flights, all this excitement, all this investment.
"We did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting," Nix said.
We are a country made up of all races, all religions, all colors and all creeds.
But for instance, to acknowledge that not all information, not all news, not all reporting, not all writing, not all columns are the same.
I believe there is a deeper mystery to the universe, something that is everywhere all at once; an interconnection between all things, all humans, all animals, all earth, all of the universe.
"We did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting… We ran all the digital campaign, the television campaign, and our data informed all the strategy," he said.
They're all rapey and they're all gross and they're all behind the times and all that shit.
Where we're going, all the sensors, all the cameras, all the devices, all the internet of things.
Imprison them all, expel them all, or kill them all.
That goes for all races, all sexes and all religions.
MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, AMERICAN ACTOR: All right, all right, all right.
We can all enjoy all their music all we want.
Families frequently aren't all black, all brown, or all yellow.
All your games, all your friends, all in one place.
We saw all kinds of men, all ages, all ethnicities.
"  "We want to support all situations, all scenarios, all birth!
It's all gray, it's all nuance, it's all moral complexity.
All problems solved, all ailments allayed, all goals achieved. Right?
In the universe of Tribe, all is united, all is rhythm, all is truth, and all of that.
"We welcome on this site all denominations, all creeds, all walks of life and all religions," he said.
When your opponent holds all the cards, sees all, knows all and controls all, you're going to lose.
All the conversations, all the actions, all the strangers they encounter, all of it is taking place simultaneously.
" According to Britain's Press Association (PA) news agency members Baby, Scary, Ginger and Sporty opened the show with the message: "We welcome all ages, all races, all gender identifies, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all religions and beliefs, all abilities.
"You have all the dry goods, all the machinery, all the storage, all the folks from prep, you have all the assets that are needed," Lemonis said.
I can't stand the thought of the density and all the energy that passes through them—all that water, all that boat, all those rocks, all fighting.
On Baseball CHICAGO — They rewarded it all last autumn, all the hope, all the yearning, all the soul their fans had invested through all those empty decades.
All this violence, all this hatred, all these disagreements, it impacts us all, whether you realize it or not.
All are politically stable, all have huge economic potential, all have effective military clout, and all are regional powers.
Well, they are all primarily painters, they are all legends, they are all white, and they are all male.
All the bulk beans were sold out, all the brown rice, all the toilet paper, all of the oatmeal.
"We did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting," Nix says on the video.
"After all that hype, all that promise, all the talent that was assembled, it was all wasted," he said.
For all we know, all of these leaks are all wrong.
So I didn't expect it at all, at all, at all.
I am early to all, all ... All non-monetizing market segments.
Like all of the sudden, all these scams, all at once.
They thought it'd be all mobile, all social, all the time.
We opened our doors to all nations, all religions, all opinions.
We're all poor, we're all barefoot, we all look like hillbillies.
All my clothes, all my collections and all the little things.
Not all locations are open all four days at all hours.
All in all, seems like a win-win for all parties.
All pumpkin spice everything, all cinnamon everything, and all apple everything?
All her tricks, all her talents, all her powers came forward.
All the variants, all the deformities, all the freaks of nature, all the mental disabilities, all the insanity, all the injuries, all the illnesses, they still existed, they were as present now as they had been in the Middle Ages, but we had hidden them.
"The #metoo and #killltheking movement must continue to include all people—all genders, all nationalities, all countries," the post reads.
But we was all feeling, all seeing, all hearing, all smelling: We felt it for the terrible dying it was.
All students in the U.S. All black and Latino, and all studying computer science, so they're all doing technical internships.
He liked all of the, all four, all of them very much.
Ryan Zinke followed all the rules, all the regulations, all the procedures.
How about we get rid of all tariffs, all subsidies, all barriers?
All bodies are beautiful and so are all numbers and all pies.
After all, it can't be as terrible as "All Singing, All Dancing."  
She is all-in, she is all-fun, she is all love.
We all sound different, we all are different, we all look different.
You all like all the freebies you get from all these companies.
We all feel weird, we all feel ugly, we all feel judged.
Love you all and thanks for all the love all these years.
They were all young (26, 36, 28), all transgender, all minority women.
We all fail, we all fall, we are all just plugging away.
I think, musically, because of All Ears All Eyes All the Time.
It's all about self-interest and a war of all against all.
All of us fragile, all of us fleeting, all of us prey.
He knows all the chords, all the structure, and all the theory.
I'm all over Instagram, I'm all over Twitter, I'm all over everything.
Twitter is where all the media, all sides, all the politicians gather.
I think it's a problem across all borders, all genres, all races.
There are a hundred and sixty-eight people, all unique, all individuals, all had families, all had friends, and they're different.
It is a museum of his life: all his obsessions, all his reading, all his thinking, all accumulated in these rooms.
All in all, the project provides some warm fuzzy feelings for all involved.
"All in New York, all enormous and all looking to take our talent."
All that feedback's great, all that feedback's great, all that feedback is paralyzing.
It's also been coding it all, organizing it all and communicating it all.
I wanted to see it all, experience it all, be in it all.
Finally, after all the doubts, all the problems, all the setbacks, we're successful.
All the music, all the poetry, all the theatre did not prevent Auschwitz.
All in all, it was all a special evening Michael would have loved.
All love, all fun and all the sweets you can eat for FREE!
You give up all carbs, all sugar, all red meat, for two weeks.
Darryl Strawberry offered some universal wisdom for all teams, all ballplayers, all eras.
Use all the colors, touch all the toys and lick all the candy!
And they show that all sizes, all shapes matter, all ethnicities are beautiful.
They switch one through four all the time, all regular season, all playoffs.
That's because not all of these all-inclusives are really, well, all-inclusive.
As with all sample sales, not all styles are available in all sizes.
"All the componentry, all the cords, it all comes from China," he said.
We're all black and we're all young and we're all not from Toronto.
It appeals to people with all kinds of roles, in all kinds of industries, at all scales of organization and all cultures.
After all, whatever the sales pitch, all of these products will provide relief for discomfort of all kinds, and for all genders.
It's my be-all, end-all, cure-all for all the wraths my body incurs over the course of a weekend aquatic.
It's all about "women being celebrated in all forms and all body types and all races and cultures," the pop star said.
Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google are waging a war of all against all—a war for all of your time, all of your money, all of your worldly interactions and desires.
These are all closets full of documents, and we have our archives where we keep all the leathers we have been using, all the ideas, all the sketches, all the samples.
"It's the power that we come from all walks of life, that we come from all parts of this country, that we come from all races, that we come from all backgrounds, gender, all make-up, all upbringing," he said.
That's for metal, that's for people of all races, all genders, all religions, if we're all together; if we have differences, if we just don't see eye to eye, we're still all together, because we're all just people in the end.
You have about 8% of Americans in the hard-left camp — almost all white (80%), all well-educated, all voting, all giving money and time to campaigns, all active on social media.
It was all the rage of everything in that moment, all the lies, all the losses, all the violation, all of it came up there and vented itself on a dead man.
Think of all the causes there are out there in the world, all the suffering, all the need, all of the terrible things.
I cut out all of the bread, all of the juices, all of the pastas, all of the oils and salt and sugar.
After all, AlphaInfinity could cure all our diseases, solve all our scientific problems and make all our other intellectual trains run on time.
All was fog, all was mist, all was boast, all was fiction,As he hid his true airs with bad diet and diction.
In other words, we&aposve got to respect all races, all creeds, all background.
All three of largest platforms that dominate electronic trading now offer all-to-all.
They are a national treasure of all races, all religions, all walks of life.
I do think meditation is for all people of all ages, across all millennia.
It was really intense, watching all the videos, all the porn, all the cinema.
We all lost airtime, we all lost opportunities, we were all being treated differently.
"We are all shocked, we are all stunned, we are all angry," he said.
And it was all about Alaska, all about Alaska issues, all about our priorities.
After all, the games have all been played, the stats have all been counted.
After all, not all of them can be the toughest guy all the time.
"It's essential for all students at all schools all across the world," Bone said.
Being all alone in my home all day with all these wallow-y emotions?
"We're all humans and we're all flawed and we're all busy," she tells me.
They call him all day and all night and all they do is complain.
Let's face it, we all shit, we all piss, and we all have sex.
In all, they're all good, and they all also make for excellent hot chocolate.
First off, you're simply using everything you've got in the moment (all those skills, all that experience, all your smarts, all your talents, all your strengths and all that instinct) and, secondly, you're not letting anxiety get in the way of your confidence.
Not to be all sunshine and rainbows, but all of this made me appreciate all that I have and all that is to come.
"All of me loves all of you, all your curves and all your edges" are beautiful lyrics that no one wants associated with feet.
We are all flawed, we are all sinners, we all fall short of God's glory, we are all in various ways far from perfect.
But in the end, all the hype, all the blather, all the posturing, all the media, was about only one achingly obvious thing: money.
All in all, the iPhone 7 Plus will go all the way to 10x zoom.
It is about all creeds, all colors, all sizes and people just living their truths.
Matthew McConaughey wants to make sure students get home all right, all right, all right.
We're competing with all the digital teams, all the TV teams, all the research teams.
All my life I've heard that the toughest of all deals -- we all like deals.
We all got a story, we all got a purpose, and we all want change.
There's all these things I could talk about, all these negative things, all these conspiracies.
All I did all night and all day was shadowbox and think about Emilio Marcon.
All in all, what started as a jokey complaint had a happy ending all round.
And all of a sudden they took it all off me, I lost it all.
They were heckling at us all game, at him and all of us all game.
We all talk to each other, we all share ideas and we all swap ideas.
All in all, Black Panther has all the makings of Marvel's next big smash hit.
Scouting teaches young men respect for all people, all religions, and all our national institutions.
Soon all the air will escape, all the sounds, all the hipster scarves, and then?
It's an issue that affects all of us — all generations and all walks of life.
All the investigations, all the real news, all the really important issues are discussed there.
"'Real women' are all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, all levels of brave," she wrote.
The people at Bellhops, they all hunt, they all fish, they all watch SEC football.
It was all about the life, all about the music, and all about the art.
This hurts all of us — of all genders and at all levels of the company.
Women being celebrated in all forms and all body types and all races and cultures.
It's all fun and it's all smart, and it's all just a little bit messy.
"I go through everything — all the pants, all the tops, all the sweaters," she says.
All the studies, all the tests and pills and breakthroughs, it's all worthless, she said.
All of that suffering, all of that death, all of that huge expenditure of money.
All this proves is that she's got it all wrong, even after all this time.
He is all gut instinct, all blood and soil, all about loyalty over detached reason.
That's all well and good, but what are the all-caps theme clues all about?
Has all that expediency, all that work, all this thinking about the election all the time — was it all toward this moment where he finally has control and can do what he wants substantively?
His torture of English is rooted in the torture of being Trump — with all those wants, all that need, all that vanity, all that spite.
It's all girls in the front, and they're all in love with Liam—they're all trying to touch him, and they know all the lyrics.
But the power would be comparable to all the energy that humanity uses — including all our transportation, all our electronics, and all our power plants.
"I voted for all of my ancestors, for all the ones who didn't have the right to vote, all the long lines that they stood in, all the fights, all the marches," Denea told Refinery29.
How lost they must feel in the world, where all instructions, all the lyrics of all the stupidest possible songs, all the menus, all the excruciating pamphlets and brochures—even the buttons in the elevator!
Like most college educated Americans, reporters have trouble believing there are people who still stand by this president, despite all the lies, all the chaos, all the broken promises, all the racism, all the stupidity.
"Today, for example, I can tell you that revenues from gaming — hardware, software, games and so on — exceed the revenues generated by all TV, all movies, all books, all magazines, all newspapers combined," Koh explained.
All in all, this is an accessible, albeit familiar, cruise through pretty much all things economic.
All his claims, all his stories, all his insults are yuge, the best you'll find anywhere.
"We're all dealing together, we all want the same thing, we're all good people," Trump said.
All in all, I say do "all the things" to take care of your mental health.
Not all devices experience the problem and not all that do experience it all the time.
Making plays accessible for all ages, all abilities and all time is well worth the effort.
We will screen all applicants and choose 110 participants who will all attend all three days.
And it's great products that get all the attention, all the press, and all the support.
It affects all of our lives and touches all of our lives in all different ways.
It draws something inside of all of us that we can all — we've all been there.
The idea is to appeal to all these athletes, to serve all athletes of all types.
They then had to start all over again — that means all those interviews, all those assessments.
It happens to all of us… we are all getting socked in the stomach, all day.
The point is that Facebook sees it all, owns it all, and can sell it all.
We all share DNA  —  after all, it seems we are all descendants of a few tribes.
I put different crystals on all of them, they're all unique, I decorate all of them.
Bring all that you are in every way, and all your flaws and all your whatevers.
That's all great news for Neko and Pokémon fans — gotta catch 'em all, and all that.
Sanders won across all ideological lines, all age groups and all family income brackets under $200,85033.
All the emotions, all the adrenaline, all the competition — competing against the Yankees has been outstanding.
"It's a brand that appeals to everyone across all demographics, all genders, all races," Lindland said.
And all these regulations, all this uncertainty, all these taxes are giving us weak economic growth.
All this music that was coming from all different directions, it was all over the place.
All in all, the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide.
All in all, it took me about ten minutes to get through all of the prompts.
But Rowans is still a magnet for people of all ages, all classes, and all colors.
All his claims, all his stories, all his insults are yuge, the best you'll find anywhere.
After all, under it all, we're all only riding bareback on the skin of the earth.
"When we do our events, you'll see all ages, all ethnicities, all genders," Ms. Jackson said.
Cataloguing all the belts of all the federations of all the sanctioning bodies would be redundant.
"We all know who you are, we all know what you are all doing," he said.
It's not just all FedEx, it's not just all XPO and it's not just all UPS.
" "Free Medicare for all, government-paid, free college for all — first of all, there's no free.
"All right all right all right," Stolarsky incanted, shoving the checkers back to their starting points.
That song "all in all is all we are…" [singing] reminds me loads of The Beatles.
Not all regulations are created equal; not all regulations are equally costly; not all regulations are equally burdensome; and not all regulations stifle innovation and competitiveness.
He wants it allall the votes, all the adulation and all the things that will be useful for him to brag about in the future.
They've closed all bars and restaurants except for takeout and delivery, banned all gatherings, ordered mandatory statewide quarantine, closed all nonessential businesses, and closed all schools.
It's time for all the women in America, and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we've all fought for to fight for us now.
"We did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting, we ran all the digital campaign, the television campaign, and our data informed all the strategy," Nix told an undercover reporter for Britain's Channel 4 News in a segment released in March.
No wonder, when he had swallowed all the sandwiches on the plate (Owp!), and all the buns on the dish, and all the biscuits and all the cake, and drunk all the milk in the milk jug and all the tea in the teapot and then eaten all the food in the cupboards in Sophie and her mummy's house.
Although they're all trans-national, they all know each other and literally they are all friends and all co-investors in each other's companies and they all have links to Silicon Valley… and… more importantly… to Stanford.
Murad said she shared the award "with all Yazidis with all the Iraqis, Kurds and all the minorities and all survivors of sexual violence around the world".
That truth, of course, being that despite all the money, all the blog posts, all the influence, and all the cargo shorts, Sam Altman is still awful.    
Because all the trappings, all the images all the things, the cars, the homes, that make it look – make you look good clothes and all this stuff.
I'm not using all those colors in this music, but it's definitely all there—all the cheesy pop music I love is all in there for sure.
All those years of being picked on because of his size, all those street fights, all that anger needing redirection toward something constructive — all down to this.
But on the marathon course, I saw all these people running: men and women from all different countries, of all ages, with all kinds of body types.
"In all of the books, all of the profiles, all of the newspaper stories, we haven't found one mention of Donald Trump and All County Building Supply."
"I share this award with all Yazidis, with all the Iraqis, Kurds, and all the minorities and all survivors of sexual violence around the world," she said.
All the stars pulled out all the stops for Sunday night's VMAs — well, not all the stars.
Black women: We come in all shapes, sizes, all kinds of attitudes, all kinds of educational backgrounds.
All in all, it's going to be a life-changing season for all the Teen Mom families.
There's all these longings and all these stirrings—and we're terrified of each other, all of us.
"We've done all the cutting, all the prepping, all the portioning," says Eric Helms, Juice Generation's founder.
That you do the right thing for all citizens, inclusive of all citizens, for all states, etc.
You don't just see all the hands being raised, and all the smiles and all the victories.
All of the President Trump bashing, all of the inaccuracies, all of the lies in the media.
"I'm all good, I'm all good, all good," the star said, reassuring the crowd about his condition.
At least if it was true, I would be like, 'all right, all right, all right, okay.
We were all going to be millionaires, all going to be creators, all going to be collaborators.
Arnott is also the portfolio manager of the PIMCO All Asset and All Asset All Authority funds.
All in all, it's a wholesome story about two problem-solving entrepreneurs who we should all support.
Rio is the Bay of all Rivers — the Bay of all Delights — the Bay of all Beauties.
This is up my wheelhouse – I'm all about insurance, I'm all about charities, so I'm all in.
"I tell my patients: 'All vaginas, all labias, they're all beautiful in their own way,'" he says.
All in all, Tesla lost more money in three quarters than it did in all of 2016.
Right now, Urban Outfitters is offering 50% off on all furniture, all bedding, and all home decor.
Still, that's not at all what makes them the be-all, end-all article in preppy footwear.
We can't wait all day for football when all we've been doing all week is watching football.
And Gawker, for all its faults, all of its obscenity, and all of its mistakes, did good.
We're all hanging out, we're all putting music on the jukebox, we're all getting turned up together.
All that I had, all that I was, from the beginning, was all I needed to be.
"All the things they sacrificed, all the worry that they've had, it's all my fault," he said.
All sorts and all walks of life, from all over the U.S., Australia, the U.K. — like, everywhere.
"When you get up here, everybody is either all-American, all-world or all-universe," Toler said.
They're taking it all, all, all, don't leave no strings, don't leave no strings, they're taking it.
All that money, all that marketing, all that big-budget spectacle: It's quintessentially American, and quintessentially Hollywood.
But all kinds of people become cheerleaders, for all kinds of reasons and all kinds of rewards.
All of this begs another question: Why does Facebook's mother-of-all-data-sets exist at all?
And, again, the emails showcase women from all practice areas, all offices, and all levels of seniority.
The demonstrations are massive, across all regions, across all sects, and against all political parties (no exceptions).
"What they really want is to be all food, all the time to all people," Lempert says.
Outside of those two months, we all talk on WhatsApp pretty much all day, all the time.
I am against all forms of violence and above all I am against all forms of racism.
If we all do all our shopping online all the time, is Cyber Monday still a thing?
"All over North America, all over Australia, all over Europe, every night, they booed us," he said.
Some people in prison want to watch TV all day, complain all day, play cards all day.
The solution is to have all technology companies put all ads, all the time, into public archives.
All the tools — typewriters, brushes, pencils, bodies, cameras, computers — are also available to all, or almost all.
I'm calling ALL GANGS, ALL RACES, ALL GROWN MEN affiliated or not & WE WILL STAND UNIFIED tomorrow !!!!
This is an issue we all understand, all experience and all universally hate, regardless of political affiliation.
I mean, you know, I take all the punches, I really do, I take all the criticism, all the punches, but I do it for all of us.
And it's burned on through all the big pipes, through all the big airs, through all the free-ride competitions, through all the things that have been tried.
Kerby Jean Raymond of Pyer Moss, Claudia Li, Marco Marco, and Savage X Fenty by Rihanna, cast all-Black, all-Asian, all-transgender, and all-everything runways, respectively.
"It's all about celebrating the people in our community; it's always been about having girls of all sizes, all places on the gender spectrum, all races," McCharen said.
All of them were fast, all of them came with Audi's superlative all-wheel drive, and all of them were comfortable enough to drive to work every day.
We have all kinds of rules of thumb that help us with a starting point, but they can't possibly handle all situations for all people for all times.
Despite all the consensus, all the evidence, all the urgency, and all the popularity, they are still awaiting a vote on the floors of the House and Senate.
Instead, we see flashback footage from all the potential victims during all their years on the show, all the while seeing Negan's bat trailing over all of them.
But it's all hopefully for me — at least the goal is — it's all toward the ends of bringing it all back to what the thing is all about.
All the red flags, all the fights, all the insults, all the times he would scream at me in public and abandon me at bus stops in the middle of the night, all the times he didn't call, all the times he called me crazy, all of his radio silences, all his yelling, all the times I felt sick with worry and pain because I had displeased him so much — it was like I was a slave to everything he wanted.
All in all, nearly all of the borough's 500 workstations and 120 out of 150 servers were affected.
So who gains from all this coverage loss, all the Medicaid cuts, and all these stingier private plans?
All this effort, all this labor, all this single-minded focus on landing a man, and for what?
But we're all individuals, we all have different strengths, and we all bring different things to the party.
"It hasn't been easy at all; it felt like reliving all the traumas all over again," she said.
"Now, all of a sudden we were in an all-white school with all-white kids," Berry said.
There's so much in between all of this, so listen to it all, and you'll get it all.
These diseases are all chronic, all impact my daily life, and all cost me a lot of money.
All of your friends, all of your concerns, all of your gentle illusions are down at the gym.
They think it's all about your deck and it's all about who you know and all those things.
" And finally, try: "May all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy, may all beings be peaceful.
It's something that comes in all shapes and colors and all different scenarios, all different types of people.
It wasn't that it had all the apps and all the economies that are all used through iPhones.
All you can eat, all you can drink, tearing apart the very limits of ALL, as a concept.
All in all, we're told all of the memorabilia is expected to haul in upwards of $4.6 million.
All in all, if the user stops using these platform, all their past work is no longer accessible.
"All walks of life come in here, young to old, all classes, all creeds and colors," he said.
"When they all went together, it all broke and they went all down," Maia Ramirez told WCBS 880.
LOS ANGELES — Lionel Richie fans were celebrating all night long (all night), all night ... OK, you get it.
The investor is also the portfolio manager of the PIMCO All Asset and All Asset All Authority funds.
It connects us to all the colors — all the colors of sexuality, all the diversity in our community.
As far as I know, they were all cis, they were all lesbians, and they were all adventurers.
So all these sites and all these apps and all these things, I'm always signing up and participating.
Asians, Muslims, Christians, Jews, all Americans, all Pittsburghers, all came together with love in their hearts and souls.
Because you have all the meat, and you have all the sauce, and you have all the cheese.
Her days of all black, all the time are in the past; now, it's all about jewel tones.
Yet despite all its costs, all its damage, Fame seems to be all there is to believe in.
That bottom line saves you all the time of sorting through all the verbiage from all the camps.
There were stains all over the carpets, stains all over the sheets, stains all over the synthetic coverlet.
Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world.
"We all have families, we all have friends, loved ones, we all want to be loved," he said.
I know it's all about you — I know it's all about making America Great Again for All Americans.
For all those eclipses and all that travel, she has spent just 19983 minutes in all beneath totality.
All of it in the forest, all of it in the dark, all of it covered with snow.
Nearly half of all racial minority retirees rely on them for all or nearly all of their income.
All is well, he thought, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.
After all these hearings, and all these grand pronouncements and all these thoughts of crimes in plain sight?
The all-new, all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering system is the first in Rolls-Royce history.
Not all exercises are the same, not all bodies are the same, not all reps are the same.
A true romantic with many stories to tell — all witty, all vulnerable, all directly open, consistently sharing himself.
Mr Corbyn now has net-unfavourable ratings among men and women of all age groups, in all social classes, in all regions, and of all party affiliations—including Labour.
"All of these guys get all this attention and all this publicity for all the wrong things, and Sam has always done everything right — every single thing," Stubbs said.
"When (markets) are all going up at once, and all sectors are firing on all cylinders, you're fine to be all-passive," said Tom Roseen, senior analyst for Lipper.
" Ryan not comfortable with all-white, all-male 2020 ticket Asked if he'd be comfortable with an all-white, all-male Democratic 2020 ticket, Ryan said "no, absolutely not.
All in all, this is the meeting of the two greatest users of bodies-in-space since Fred Astaire stepped all over Ginger Rogers' shoes all those decades ago.
You plot paths between points and you collect all of the treasure, kill all the enemies, climb all the buildings, and solve all of the puzzles along the way.
When all, or almost all, shootings in a struggle result in deaths, and when all or almost all are on one side, it is clear what is taking place.
Also, India hit another high, Japan was an all-time high, Asia-Pacific an all-time high, Europe an all time high, and the Americas an all-time high.
" - Kevin, 31 "All performative piety all the time.
All New Yorkers — and all women — deserve better.
Plagiarism — like all sin — happens all too easily.
But what they spent and what they did was utterly dwarfed by all the other efforts, all the other spending, all the other advertising, all the other messaging, all the other campaigning that was done on both sides of that campaign.
"It's the first thing that I've been a part of that's all Black men, and we all own businesses, and we all get along, and we're all positive, even though we all come from different sections of the city," he says.
All of them dressed up really nice, in club clothes, and all of them with blood all over them.
I wish them all well and with all their new kids and pregnancies and all those things that continue.
"We're all human, we're all imperfect, and we all have emotions," said Ed Stubbins, a partner at Fuller & Thaler.
Now Lord we wanna [sic] give you all the thanks and all the praise for all that you do.
There's so much ground still to be broken in terms of equality for all genders, all races, all sexualities.
All that I am, all that I hope, all that I dream is grounded in what you taught me.
Of course this all assumes your company is all Cisco all the time, and most companies probably won't be.
It's very emotionally draining to be on all the time and going all the time, planning all the time.
All in all, holiday breakups — like all splits — are tough, and the reasons behind them are subjective and personal.
All in all, Apple's total sales are up 13 percent — the company's all-time sales record in a quarter.
We have all been devastated, we have all been trying to find some meaning in all of this suffering.
The holes don't all appear in one place: for example, all on the top or all on the left.
While we all want the shiniest, all-singing, all-dancing technology, a lot of us are restricted on price.
It's all OK, and it's all impossible to control, and it's all an adventure that I would not miss.
Imagine being the all-seeing, all-knowing lookout for all of your company's interactions with vendors, suppliers and customers.
We're trying to increase the number of women of all ages and all demographics and all races in office.
But take a moment and realize that we're all humans, we're all the same, we're all dealing with things.
They're all Portuguese, all relatively new, and all guaranteed to shut clubs down on either side of the Atlantic.
All highly successful people, all professionals that operate at the top of their fields — the masters — are all consistent.
It's all of us, it's all the same — we all have great ideas and great vision for our country.
At Magnum, you find all sorts of things, and people do all kinds of different things all the time.
No developed country can shut the door on all refugees, all foreign husbands and wives, and all skilled workers.
They don't have to eat all the food, drink all the wine, or even play all the party games.
Of all the rest stops in all the deserts in all the world, Bogart had to walk into theirs.
All the minerals in the mountains, all the gold, all the oil, and they give us only 92,000 acres.
"They still have to, as you know, follow all the laws and all the protections and all that," Rep.
This will be a permanent closure of all Stevens Tanker Division business in all locations and in all divisions.
It was so unbearably disgusting but we all pretended that it was all great and we all loved it.
"It was all you, all along," Laurel slurs toward the woman she blames for all of her failed relationships.
"And we all smile / And we all sing; we all sing, sing" You can find Tom Usher on Twitter.
All in all, he's remarkably smooth for a player his size and age, in all aspects of his game.
All four are 24 or under, all are quick and industrious and all are prepared to make a tackle.
He said he had all these deals with all the schools, and all the government, and this and that.
We've all been there: We find 10 garments on sale, try them all on … and they all look amazing.
All the explosions, all the gunplay, all the collapsing bits of scenery were meant to whittle down the numbers.
And above all, they think they made a conscious decision to do all these things all on their own.
After all the setbacks, all the organ failure, all the chemo, Fajgenbaum worried that his body would simply break.
Because it would reinforce this notion that we're all citizens, we're all equal, and we're all into this together.
"If we all stay informed, if we all stay alert, if we all stay prepared, ultimately, we will all be safe, which is our No. 224 priority," Landrieu said. Gov.
"All the athletes around me, all the spectators here in the stadium, and all Olympic fans watching around the world ... we are all touched by this wonderful gesture," he said.
All in all, it took about 15 minutes to shampoo all these brushes thoroughly, get all that gunk out of them, and rinse them off, so that wasn't too bad.
This is all all is fun all in good feelings... We will all be gone 100 years from now but what did we do to help while we were here!!!
I killed your High Sparrow and all his little sparrows, all his septons and all his septas and all his filthy soldiers because it felt good to watch them burn.
"It's red across the board - all energy is down, all grains are down, all soft commodities are down, all metals are down, with gold being the one exception," Hansen said.
I then reviewed the nominations and selected the final "board," ensuring it included people from all office locations, all functional areas, all backgrounds, and from all levels within the organization.
What matters to them, of course, is that they are all there, all present, all claiming a place in the last 16, all picking up their slice of the pie.
The first group of characters were in a post-apocalyptic hell, the second colonizing a space station, and all of them needed all-in-one, all-weather, all-sustaining garments.
The movies and television shows I learned from were full of wonderful women, but they were all straight characters, all straight relationships, all straight love stories and all straight rules.
Because if they can do all this lying, all this corruption, all this obstruction of justice and keep control of Congress, then all bets are off for what comes next.
" After calling for a civil discourse, he spoke of the power of various forms of diversity, evoking "the power that we come from all walks of life, that we come from all parts of this country, that we come from all races, we come from all backgrounds, gender, all makeup, all upbringing.
This is when the person "in recovery" realizes there is a very dark force working behind the scenes that is only now revealing itself and wonders why nobody warned them that all the ugliness, all the dirt, all the shame, all the secrets, all the lies, all the guilt — all of it — a volcano of buried emotions would suddenly explode and keep spewing…for years.
Should that happen, should Chile exceed all expectations, it will be down, in no small part, to Endler, to all of the work she has put in, to all of the study, all of the training, all of the intuition, and all of the reflexes: everything that went into this performance, everything that went into that save, all of the unseen work that makes up a masterpiece.
"Our vision is really to have all the components, all the infrastructure, all the business logic that you need to build a customer experience, and customer relationship management applications, all on the Sunshine platform, all living natively on AWS," Svane told TechCrunch.
Now the surface is coated with gray, dirty ripples: all that's bad, all that's weighty, all that's fearful, all that suffered, darted, and tried to break loose, oinked and mooed, couldn't understand, resisted, and gasped for breath—all of it turns to muck.
But then she continued: "And, it's time for all the women in America, and all the men that love women, and all the gay people, and all the people of color that we've all fought for, to fight for us now," she said.
"The women and men who have broken their silence span all races, all income classes, all occupations and virtually all corners of the globe," reads the Time article on the movement.
"I was able to see all the colors, all the shots, all the names on the jerseys, all the blocks and how fast they were moving," Olivia told the Washington Post.
And so I built out all the budgeting, all the planning, all the forecasting and all the operations around the finance team for what was the online sales and operations group.
"This Year of Mercy is first of all a reminder to all of us that before God we all stand in need of mercy; so in this we are all poor."
What we hear is the old-style, preacherly measure of Brooks's speech ("We are all, all, all, all precious in God's sight") and, in reply, no more than a tepid mutter.
Has all that expediency, all that work, all this thinking about the election — was it all toward this moment where he finally has control and can do what he wants substantively?
"All tourists, all travel, all vacations, and all foreigners who cannot prove a creditable purpose of entering Denmark, will be denied entrance at the Danish border," Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said.
It's all of our most favorite customers, developers, all of course our employees are here, all of our partners are here, or like we say, all of our stakeholders are here.
He has all these people telling him to run again, and all this fantastic support from all over the country.
Of course, we all have both goal-setting systems, so no person will set all promotion or all prevention goals.
People roll in to give us information all the time, from all kinds of different angles ... all kinds of stuff.
I want to see all shapes and sizes, all ages, all religions because that's what our society is comprised of.
I think we moved the ball great, but all in all, I think our pace was pretty good all night.
Every day was October 31 in the Sanctum, all the nights stormy, all the screams shrill, all the doors creaky.
"It's all about yield — that's all that matters, that's all that anybody cares about right now," trader Brian Kelly said.
Our America is big, it is free, and it is open to dreamers of all races, all countries, all religions.
First of all, Netflix has all but tweeted "someone will be pregnant!" with all its posts hinting at a baby.
First, we boot out all the foreign landlords, all the attendees at our glitzy arms fairs, all the visiting generals.
And in spite of all of that, the media has been lying to you all day and all weekend long.
And who else but Brucie was the final starburst of the variety show, all-singing, all-dancing, all awful jokes?
"People don't know all the things Santas do...All in all, 98 percent of it is fun," he told WBIR.  
I think that comes out in YA. All of the stakes feel so high all the time across all genres.
Here are all of the Mortal Kombat fatalities from all the Mortal Kombat characters from all the Mortal Kombat games.
All in all, it's the sheer weight of all of these issues and others that are weighing on investor sentiment.
Yeah you can buy some nice gear and plug it in, but this is all bespoke, all researched, all developed.
"All of my husbands, my three husbands — I love them all so much, and we're all very close," she said.
Blade Runner 2049 takes all those lessons, all those moments, all those questions, and makes them more pointed and pressing.
There were all kinds of dogs and cats, litters all around the house, all kinds of birds and fish, too.
Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world; squid ink appeared in Nicolas Baptiste's bar.
All the men I've fucked, all the men I've loved, every breath I ever took, all the choices I made.
And I'm all for that, and I think all of the people in New Hampshire are all for that, too.
All these riffs on all the Western musical traditions, the history of blue notes, all these notes in the cracks.
All these Latin motherfuckers dancing to all this crazy shit, and I'm a little kid just peepin' all this shit.
All in all, that'll bring the total up to 30 hybrid or all-electric vehicles in the next four years.
"Like all families, sons and fathers went all over the world in all branches of the military," my father recalled.
All in all, I have to say, the Olsens still have me captivated by their style all these years later.
They provide food for all sorts of people from all walks of life, who are in all sorts of situations.
The fact is, all our victims shared several characteristics: they were all female, they were older, they were all Chinese.
Paradoxically, that makes Pullman's work all the more ethically powerful, all the more emotionally moving, and all the more true.
The yacht has all new TVs, an all-new internet system, and all the latest 4K ultra-high-definition TVs.
Dozens of locations all around Northern Ireland were used as the sets for various scenes all throughout all eight seasons.
And I just want to thank you for all of the time, all of the meetings, all of the work.
All in all, the refreshed XE is predictable on this front; most premium vehicles now have all these features available.
All in all ... it's been 3-and-a-half years since their family has all been together on the outside.
Autism isn't any one thing: not all bad or good, not all joy or devastation, not all giftedness or impairment.
After all the tweets, all the bombs, all the speeches, no one is sure what exactly he has in mind.
All those resources, all that time, all the people distracted by this investigation — it now seems like such a waste.
All of them DJed, all of them designed, all of them partied, but none of them really did that much.
I really love to look at all the trends and all the beautiful super models and all their beautiful clothes.
All of the guys I photographed were unique characters, coming from all around the world and all walks of life.
Shaun Livingston's daughter's smile is how I smile when writing all of these, for all of you, all summer long.
All of a sudden, all we could think about, all we could talk about, were buffalo wings and sloppy joes.
All these songs I wrote, all these stories I told, all these situations I've been in, it had to be.
And what exactly does Ms. Campbell hope to achieve from all these appearances, all these campaigns and all these interviews?
"It just seemed all too consistent, all too repeated, all too ignored," he said of police killings of black people.
There are many, many more recipes to consider cooking tonight and all week — all month, all year — at NYT Cooking.
When you look at all the breaches, all the problems at ransomware and malware, it all comes back to passwords.
Football coaches can be easy to caricature: all that intensity, all those pep talks, all those promises to build character.
"We all work at our desks all day and pretty much touch our faces all the time," Bodge told me.
This was the result of all of the talk, all of the hysteria, around the Final to End All Finals.
Boston fans have all the power, and all the success, and all their glory, and they are madder than ever.
With all that in mind, the Yale researchers expect these big savings from Medicare-for-all: That all sounds great.
There are all-­Asian cliques from Flushing, all-­Asian cliques from Manhattan, all-­Asian cliques from Sunset Park in Brooklyn.
He supports Medicare for All, but he also wants to cancel all medical debt and make all prescription medication free.
Trump thanked Abbas for "all of the time, all of the meetings, all of the work" he has put in.
At 15, they call each other all sorts of terrible things; they are all bullies and they are all bullied.
What we aspire to as Buddhists is to understand that all subjectivity, all consciousness, all sentience is equal and connected.
I think all three characters are starting to take a Three Musketeers, "all for one and one for all" approach.
It had all the weapons, it had all the locations, it had all the interesting events … and it was unexplored.
All in all he's suing for $11,521.60 ... plus damages.
Because my kids all have Chromebooks, that's all ... Right.
It was still all my time — all my preparation.
After all, that's what fashion is all about — right?
And it's everybody — it's all races, it's all ages.
All in all, it's predictable — except in one regard.
All in all ... pretty good Thursday for these two.
" "Dancing is not the be all and end all.
All the little -- she handwrote down all the notes.
All these ideas of ... It's like Cheetos all night.
It's all hearsay, all — or most of — the time.
US Steel now, all of them -- they're all expanding.
All in all ... we're talking about a $42,000 value.
JW: They were all genius ... They were all genius.
" And they all chant in unison, "We're all different!
There are two approaches to improving yourself: Self-improvement junkies feel like they need to jump on every new seminar, read all the latest books, listen to all the podcasts, lift all the weight, hire all the life coaches, open all their chakras, and talk about all their childhood traumas — both real and imagined — incessantly.
"The women and men who have broken their silence span all races, all income classes, all occupations and virtually all corners of the globe," Time said in its story about the cover.
And it gave me the excuse, beside those notes, to take out all the stuff about Baldwin that I loved all my life, all the books I had underlined, all the subjects.
He seems to have the superpower to take all the pressure, all the expectations and all the lights and all the cameras, and somehow he's able to use it as a competitor.
As a chef, I am lucky enough to see this every single night in my restaurant: people from all walks of life, all ethnicities, all ages, all connecting deeply around a table.
If you saw her at home, she would be grimly bouncing on an exercise ball, muttering, "All best, all best, all best, all best" and wondering whom to say it to next.
Yes, we are all freaked out, we are all scared, we are all lonely fucked-up weird people, and that's okay.
Self care is really important and it's important for all of us — we really run on all cylinders, all of us.
Stuart Moulder At that time Microsoft organized by discipline—so, all programmers are here, all artists here, all game designers here.
"The Russians have been engaged in hacking for elections ... all over Europe, all over Asia, all over their neighbors," he said.
Maybe Sessions genuinely believes he's not at all racist and that he truly views all people of all races as equal.
From every era, from all over the world, from all walks of life, these are the best cinematographers of all time.
We value all people from all walks of life, and we give all employees the opportunity to grow within the company.
All my best friends … all their parents were married, they all married their college or high school person, they're still married.
Grassley later tweeted that approximately 20 committee investigators are tracking down all allegations, talking to all witnesses, and gathering all evidence.
All works are programmed as part of BAM's Next Wave 2019, a season of all new artists and all new experiences.
All the roads I had never hitched, all the chances I had never taken, all the lips I had never kissed.
"All the questions that came up and all the talk about it was all valid and I understand it," she said.
There's one that's all songs about blogs, one that's all songs about social networks, one that's all songs that mention Twitter.
Since she's by all accounts a former Democrat, it feels like she's trying to be all things to all people here.
They have to cram all that storytelling, all those plot twists, all the character development into two and a half hours.
I love all women, and I want to dress them all and make them all feel beautiful, because they are beautiful.
All the dribbling, all the shooting—all while running and dodging people trying to smack the ball out of your hands.
We all got on the show, we all had the same script, and I'm so completely proud of all my sisters.
Enjoy this goofy video but in all seriousness I appreciate all of the support that you all have provided me with.
Cars that go down the line of a factory are not all black or not all white or not all red.
We filmed all this stuff, and then it all kind of changed when the Jonases show up and it's all weird.
He started all 40 games and was named to the SEC All-Tournament team and the NCAA All-Midwest Region squad.
The comparison to Panda Express was telling; after all, we all knew that Panda wasn't a real fast casual at all.
All had been accused of crimes, all were stabbed and all, Ms. Alia said, had received similar warnings from the police.
They're all different locations, they won't all look the same, but they will all have the general bones of this philosophy.
All in all, Spanx's leggings are comfortable to wear, easy to care for, and best of all, appropriate for the workplace.
You're supposed to bring your M's all the way up, all the way down, all the way up and down again.
All the wars, all the strife, all the unsolved problems over which we clash are due to a lack of dialogue.
The public sees veterans one of three ways: We are all heroes, we are all victims, or we are all monsters.
All in all, the heavier the tamper, the easier the task becomes (not that it's all that much of a job).
"She coordinates all the loans, all the shipping, all the insurance," the museum's curator, Amy Smith-Stewart, said of Ms. Kenealy.
Every major American work of literature is right there at her fingertips: all of Melville, all of Wharton, all of James.
" But he added, "What it's all about was freedom and justice and equality for all Americans, equal opportunity for all Americans.
We were all there together all the time, so we were all decompressing after the film [House of 1000 Corpses] wrapped.
There is something nice about, "We're all human, we're all sinners, we all haven't killed our grandmother yet"— it's extremely inclusive.
This week, Beshear closed all non-essential retail businesses and issued an order halting all elective medical procedures and all evictions.
Why of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, do you have to walk into mine?
Now they're all part of a standard to which I'm holding all kinds of other artists, all kinds of other products.
We couldn't all sing, but we could all scream, and in punk it wasn't worthy if we couldn't all do it.
Even as we all self-isolate — indeed, because we are all self-isolating — we are realizing that we are all interconnected.
For all the loud shirts and bottomless margaritas, after all, I think Jimmy Buffett probably works pretty hard, all the time.
"You have all these workers running, and they're all doing their thing, and they all talk to each other," said Wijmans.
I am so proud of all that you were, all that you are and all that you are going to be!
All of the due process and all the other amendments to the constitution,they are all valuable in their own way.
F ord : It got all mixed up at going off in all directions, getting into all kinds of nutty liberal causes. . . .
Wallace checked all of his plates in all of his plastic tubs and found shades of horror on all of them.
The Public Editor THERE is a group of 10 friends in Charlotte, N.C., all women, all in their 50s, all white.
Medicare for all Lower-cost, high-quality health care for all, for example through Medicare for All, is also within reach.
After all, 29% of all sites are built with Wordpress, and nearly 60% of all sites use Wordpress as their CMS.
We were all screaming about it a year ago and they just, they slowed all this all the way to today.
All of those teenagers are girls, all of them had been using tampons, and all of them live in western Michigan.
We all spend time, we all do diligence, we all call customers, and we come to a shared point of view.
KS: Yeah, but the others are great, they're not all locked in yet, but they're all great and they're all going to talk all kinds of ... We're going to talk all kinds of stuff about Silicon Valley responsibility, work, future, blah, blah, blah, blah.
"I know Beau would want me to run, but honest answer is no man or woman should ask for your vote for president unless they with all your heart and soul can look you in the eye and say 'I promise you all my effort, all my attention, all, all my heart, all of my soul,'" he said.
We cannot keep talking past each other, declaring all Republicans are our enemies or the war is all about being against millionaires or billionaires, or it's all against American Muslims, all against immigrants.
"All we need is one light out of all of the background of stuff that's going on, out of all the craziness, all we need is one clear light that's reproducible," Jordan said.
Based on these tests and all available information, at all times, the USNWC has been in compliance with all required water quality standards and meets the requirements of all regulatory standards and authorities.
With all our flaws, all our mistakes, with all the frailties of human nature as much on display as our virtues, with all the rancor and anger of our politics, we are blessed.
Working people of all faiths, all colors, all ages and all genders are speaking up at town halls and community meetings for good, affordable healthcare, a dignified retirement and respect for our diversity.
After all the lies he told, all the fantasy he indulged in, all the hate he spewed and all the divisions he sharpened, he was rewarded with the highest office in the land.
And is it not this hum of the own, this distant reverberation of the self, that pervades all music, all art, all literature and moreover all that is alive and able to sense?
I'm not sure I love all those statistics, I agree with them all, or that they're all that accurate, but over the long term, there's something going on that isn't all that positive.
All they do is they issue stock all the time.
We were all shouting, and now we're all really hoarse.
Even after all this time, love is still all around.
People are complicated, and nobody's all good or all bad.
All races, all regions, again, are dominated by working Americans.
First of all, Ms. Konnikova reassured me, all kids lie.
I plan all the parties; I buy all their essentials.
As always, all events are free and all are welcome.
The cameras are there for all of it. For. All.
All in all, Not Alone is a very ambitious undertaking.
I share it all the time, all over the place.
And above all, this all makes Facebook look pretty bad.
But all this spending doesn't fall evenly across all retailers.
All we can see are their indistinctive all black outfits.
There's about half a dozen of them, all in all.
All in all, those vitamins cost a total of $115.98.
All in all, my wellness routine has saved my life.
"We're all unique, we all have different strengths," Terrazas says.
They're all the same age, and they're almost all boys.
We are all brothers and sisters, we are all equal.
We all push for that goal and we all train.
Currently more women than men, all races, all sexual orientations.
Players do not interact with all players all the time.
"We're all together, and we're all alive," he tells PEOPLE.
He trains for football all morning — and dances all night!
He's lost all this weight and all this muscle tone.
Does all this mean the plots are connected at all?
All women own it, and all women should own it.
"We'll all be using all of our houses," she said.
We're all about to party all the time and 2.
Many spent all their working hours on union business – all .
We all joke about it with you all the time.
After all, that's kind of what Lemonade is all about.
We were all laughing, all the kids were coming up!
All kinds of medical devices can be hacked, after all.
And when I say all over, I mean all over.
In conclusion, all you dudes can pretend all you want.
All in all, Hart of Dixie is timeless comfort food.
All in all, it spends about ten seconds on screen.
After all, all men must die — and that includes Spiders.
After all, we're all going to get old one day.
Yes, this is all true and happens all the time.
Because after 27, it is all cowardice, all the time.
Where is truth if we're all acting all the time?
It's all there; it's all latent in the original material.
And, as we all know, crypto is all about risk.
The Disney Plus made, all day long, all the content.
We appreciate all the support from all around the world.
All my life before then, all my fights were easy.
The healthcare system we have is all we all know.
For now, Mr Hammond is all things to all men.
All in all, it beat spending the day in class.
All in all, it's relatively uninteresting from a SETI standpoint.
Crazy Rich Asians can't be all things to all people.
For all we know, Apple's all but eliminated the issue.
We all have humanity underneath all these masks we wear.
Listen, there's all kinds of issues around all these companies.
We all know what Justin Bieber's "Yummy" is all about.
"They're all good — all of the Democrats," one woman said.
"They've been hearing that all day, all year," he said.
CBP takes all allegations seriously, and investigates all formal complaints.
All skinchangers are wargs, but not all wargs are skinchangers.
Seems the product's not all that far away, after all.
No one, including you, is all good or all bad.
We all have scars we carry all through our lives.
It's all in-house then — they control all the money.
It's just all random producers honestly, but they're all dope.
"We appreciate all the prayers, all the donations," she said.
All in all, an excellent outing for orchestra and conductor.
The characters talk about all these things all the time.
Not all the panel's members agreed with all its conclusions.
In all actuality, it wasn't even about me at all.
" —shelbyp4240d8926 "Most of all, remember that all bodies are different.
We all know about Facetuning, we all know about filters.
"Technology on its own isn't all good or all bad."
But it's also all fiction; it's all smoke and mirrors.
We are all born, and so will we all die.
All and all, DeGeneres was floored by the guest list.
To be honest, all this lifts all tides for us.
After all, isn't that what Thanksgiving's really all about anyways?
You're either all in online, or not there at all.
It's all here, and it's all yours for the taking.
They'll all fit together when it all comes to pass.
He has to be in all my films, after all.
Nothing was made at all; it was all stock items.
We are all human beings, and we all make mistakes.
After all, why let the kids have all the fun?
We all know her — heck, we all Insta-stalk her.
Merry wedding to all and to all a good night!
All in all, a very gentle "Game of Thrones" total.
After all, his words are life, in all its dimensions.
All in all, we really like working from the WeWork.
Mr Stiglitz: All humans, and all human institutions, are fallible.
They're all so poor all they have is money. Right.
Squashing all the negative vibes, it's all about the positivity.
I have all the ratings for all those morning shows.
"Just all in all, 'tis the season for giving back."
And after all, isn't that what 2020 is all about?
They're all over San Francisco and all over certain cities.
After all, all organizations need a way to sustain themselves.
Aside from all the drifting, that sounds all too familiar.
All in all, then, things sound like they're going great.
After all, models pose nude — often together — all the time.
After all, Halloween is basically all about role play right?
All are glad to have access to credit at all.
Alyssa is all of them — she's what we're all like.
Not all in the party agree on all of this.
Once all 50 pairs are sold, that's all she wrote.
All in all, the Canadian hit 265 career home runs.
Feminism comes in all stripes and all kinds of clothing.
"My dream is to have all stores carry all sizes."
"All in all, it's relatively uninteresting from a SETI standpoint."
We all need tenderness and we can all bestow it.
Was it all a lie?!" asked a fan. "All. Lies.
All in all, Ronan's glam squad, spent three hours together!
All in all, it was a weekend for the books.
All in all, a pretty typical Tuesday night drinking sesh.
If all time is eternally present All time is unredeemable.
His bid for the presidency is all triumphalism, all superlatives.
We've all known that much to be true all along.
All in all, a disappointing day for the home fans.
But we can all rise together; we can all win.
After all, Coach has access to all of their thoughts.
All presidents try to prevent leaks, and all presidents fail.
Socially driven curation is not the be all, end all.
"All right… all right…" she said, turning off the camera.
We all know all about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.
All of these things will all happen in your phone.
Before long, Instagram was all midi skirts, all the time.
All in all, the it takes almost exactly a minute.
And then they all -- the Democrats got all behind him.
It's me and all of Hollywood, all of us there.
All the other issues, all the other distractions, don't help.
All right, professor, what is toxic masculinity first of all?
Worst of all, this nonsense was all for a presale.
"That's all it's about, that's all money is," he continued.
All of a sudden it all comes back to Paltrow.
They're responsible for all the wounded, for all the disillusionment.
Not bad for a glorified garbage man, all in all.
We were tallying up all their sins, all their choices.
But we all know the Tories are all in Sytherin.
We're not all healthcare providers, but we all have mouths.
"All in all they do de facto 'work,'" Mateescu says.
You've read all the magazines and tweeted all the tweets.
Look at all these business interests all over the country.
HANNITY: All right, thank you all for being with us.
Go and send all your ships and battle and all.
All your gadgets rely on batteries, and all batteries suck.
Coaching happens all the time, at all levels of tennis.
Not all apps are meant for all age ranges, though.
But that's all, in all likelihood, a long way off.
All in all, the back nine felt a bit rushed.
So that's why we're all just we're all still puzzled.
All drugs and all quantities fall under the same category.
Just all in all a truly solid year in sports.
It's all welcome, it's all accepted, and there's no judgment.
All in all, Universal exceeded even my most jaded expectations.
It is, after all, California, where all things are possible.
So all in all, it was a pretty good effort.
All 'n All, released in 1977, earned them three Grammys.
All in all, I sent texts to 20 unknown contacts.
All in all, a solid first app outing for Fender.
It's all in good fun -- and it'll all grow back.
All in all, the new AirPods are a solid update.
All day they was calling us racial slurs, all game.
We're all sad and mad and tired all the time.
Despite it all, she admits she accepts all gigs reluctantly.
It's going to be all Trump, all the time here.
For Warren, it was all economic inequality, all the time.
All in all, it was an underwhelming show from Tesla.
First of all, it's all about duels, tactics, and survival.
"Most people aren't all good or all bad," she explained.
All signs point to nobody taking the position at all.
After all, these speeches are all pretty much the same.
Best of all, this all counts as work for everyone.
All in all, sometimes costumes don't work for every pet.
Simply put, all nations spy, and all nations know this.
It's all Drake, 50 Cent, Flo Rida, all these people.
But we all knew that caste clung to us all.
All these things, all these different ways of raising money.
All skin tones, tattooed, pierced, inverted, ... - we love them all!
All in all, helluva night to be a Panthers fan.
But we have not walked away from water, all all.
We wanted to give our all and we all did.
This was about equal rights after all and for all.
The evidence is all around us and all through history.
"Covfefe" was all the talk of cable news all morning.
But we're not all thugs, and all cops aren't heroes.
All those attacked were students All the victims were students.
We're all looking for all the help we can get.
Five soldiers, all experienced, and all running out of time.
There is all the glory, all the screaming, and everything.
Their work has lost all individual character, and all charm.
All in all, I'm impressed and satisfied with the X1D.
Boss of All Bosses still probably pays all my bills.
For all you know it could be all my fault.
All of Toronto and all of Canada was behind me.
But it's all good — because all of them looked amazing.
But all things were not equal after all, said Haynes.
He wrote her letters all her life, all his life.
Best of all, it works with almost all natural fabrics.
Some departments worked all night, as well as all day.
Not all of its tricks work all of the time.
All these strategies are available to all Americans right now.
"All in all, I am for this strike," he said.
These are all media, and all legitimate forms of communication.
"We are all sacred and we all belong," Garfield said.
That's not our job, all right, stop with all that.
All in all, the film took 11 months to complete.
All in all, he was onscreen for about 20 seconds.
All in all it's generally a minor change for CBS.
All my thoughts and emotions all condensed into one thing.
Pretty much all of the episodes affect all of us.
We're never going all into cash or all into stocks.
He's got all the intangibles, all the skills and assets.
"All these politicians with all these specific plans," he said.
All that makes investors the happiest auction winners of all.
You started all the way-- going all the way up.
We are all safe and that's all that matters pic.twitter.
All industry sectors ended lower, as did all major bourses.
We reserve all our rights to defend all shareholders interests.
All in all, a very nice first time at bat.
All in all, it's going to be an exciting week.
And not all kids get it, but all kids should.
All in all, I was surprised by a few things.
All in all, it looks like a nice little update.
But all in all, it was more bun than burger.
Louisville played all 11 available players and all 11 scored.
All in all, it was a fine midweek treasure hunt.
After all, we complain all day about being too busy.
After all, that's what rewards credit cards are all about!
All energy sources, and really all human activities, impact wildlife.
That, after all, is what life insurance is all about.
We all do from time to time; we're all human.
The four dissenting justices, all conservatives, rejected all legal grounds.
All for one, and one for all: the Marlboro musketeers.
Is it all heads down and frowns all the time?
Why it matters: It's not all about Medicare for All.
It does mean tolerance for all by all, without favoritism.
After all, whiteness and its trappings remain all too appealing.
Payment must be in either all pencils or all pens.
All in all, it was a fun and impressive ride.
It doesn't have to be all in or all out.
All in all, he was not only a media star.
Sooner or later, they all may be going all in.
Suddenly, ALL media was bad, and ALL news was fake.
On this episode of MashTalk, it's all Apple, all day.
After all, this all got started with a little tweet.
The basic forms are all known, have all been practiced.
We take all allegations seriously and investigate all formal complaints.
"So all the good needs to overcome all the bad."
They're all films and they all deserve to be worthy.
The truth is we are all family, we're all one.
" All was forgiven, as Siwa responded, "It's all good bro!
And you could name all the CEOs, they're all immigrants.
People to support all that, so it's all job creating.
We all do some version of it, all the time.
There is no escape from all politics, all the time.
Most of all, they wanted to do it all anonymously.
It's all beyond me, but it all makes me laugh.
We see them all over the sky all the time.
Blackness, whiteness, all of this stuff is all a performance.
You might cry all day or feel nothing at all.
All in all, it sounds like a pretty chill day.
All in all, 128 scenarios were replicated 20 times each.
Aside from the tuna, it all tasted all strangely indistinguishable.
After all, we are all well aware they are Lannisters.
We all have families, we all have the same challenges.
All of those things can work, and all can fail.
After all, they all now basically agreed on the issues.
All people are imperfect, thus so too are all parents.
So it's all working together and it's all very complicated.
All in all, the drying process takes about 36 hours.
All in all, I wouldn't even call that gameplay satisfying.
They're all pretty good but they're not all that good.
All of a sudden, it all came back to you!
"We all know now we all got crowns," Swift sings.
All compliments to LF (my favorite store of all time).
All in all, the microwave is, well, just a microwave.
This kit isn't all that different from those, after all.
It's all you think about, it's all you look for.
And like all things this year, it's all about Trump.
After all, over half of all known species are insects.
And all this came down and all hell broke loose.
You have all that adrenaline, all that machismo coming out.
All in all, it was definitely a wedding to remember.
Of course, isn't that, after all, what all protests are?
They're all — and I mean all — played by recognizable faces.
Think of all the germy things people touch all day.
That means all people from all groups, not just women.
All have been investing heavily, and all sport heady valuations.
Bond funds of all kinds lost 0.4 percent over all.
But all in all, billions of people are now affected.
Hope you all stay safe, calm, and above all, healthy.
After all, all that occupation business was so long ago.
All the moves are telegraphed, all the story lines exhausted.
Trump: It's not racist at all, no, not at all.
By evening, we were all there, all 20 of us.
The IOC has allowed all clean athletes in all sports.
KS: All over Asia, all over the world and stuff.
All three gave all three rounds to the Brazilian cowboy.
" — STEPHEN COLBERT "It all felt real, it all felt true.
"I have all mixed emotions, all good emotions," Mertens said.
After all, Bush is not at all popular in Iowa!
James: I think they're all stretching it all too far.
Now Brooklyn is all artisan cheese and all that crap.
But all in all, the bad probably outweighs the good.
All good trends after all, must come to an end.
Chris moves it all, and it all moves through him.
It releases all your pleasure receptors all at one time.
All this said, I feel like I've couched this all.
We all die alone, and we all read comics alone.
All the way to work and all the way home.
All in all a totally tragic scenario, from every angle.
And all of those were, well, they're all different stories.
All and all she's taking being a meme in jest.
He lays it all on the line all the time.
It was sort of a war of all against all.
All the rest has no interest to me at all.
People are complicated, and nobody's all good or all bad.
All night, all day, we will fight for Freddie Gray!
After all, as humans, we all want to be heard.
Under all previous presidents, both officeholders attended all NSC meetings.
All students wear the Thomas's navy jacket all year long.
They all pleaded guilty — but it was all a lie.
After all, almost all of us were strangers once, too.
That's all there is, and all there needs to be.

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