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"amalgamation" Definitions
  1. amalgamation (of A) (into B) | amalgamation (of A) (with B) the process of joining two or more organizations together to form one large organization; the large organization formed by this process
  2. the act of putting two or more things together so that they form one; the new thing that is formed in this way

339 Sentences With "amalgamation"

How to use amalgamation in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "amalgamation" and check conjugation/comparative form for "amalgamation". Mastering all the usages of "amalgamation" from sentence examples published by news publications.

In the event that such amalgamation by-laws are adopted, the amalgamation would become effective shortly after obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, particularly from the Autorite des marches financiers (AMF).
Zume is the perfect amalgamation of modern Silicon Valley dreams.
Most of the characters are an amalgamation of several people.
The third is an amalgamation of pieces of old seafloors.
Woodhead's goal: To find an amalgamation between Zellweger and Garland.
It's an amalgamation of a bunch of Ubers of other countries.
Pazar is the amalgamation of the owner Attila Yilmaz's culinary experiences.
When the amalgamation is complete, CCD will continue its existence within FCDQ.
The amalgamation of the two sweets is childhood summer in food form.
The best snacks are, of course, some monstrous amalgamation of the above.
Amazon itself is almost an amalgamation of a lot of little startups.
This amalgamation creates the sensation that you're stepping into the artist's studio.
The amalgamation of various car brands under British Leyland had been a catastrophe.
That right there is an amalgamation of the worst dancers in the study.
I love how it's always been an amalgamation of cultures around the world.
So the final image isn't technically one photo, but an amalgamation of many.
Of course, the amalgamation of all this personal content raises big hairy issues.
The nation that become Cameroon was an awkward amalgamation of those two colonies.
Its latest for Spring 2017 was an amalgamation of 90's-inspire dresses.
His favorites include an amalgamation of raspberry and limoncello or peach and watermelon.
Its world is a bizarre amalgamation of hi-tech society, magic, and metaphysics.
One company leading the amalgamation of AI and facial recognition tech is SenseTime.
"For me, this music is this amalgamation of reality and dream," he said.
It's both, but this film, directed by three critics, is a perplexing amalgamation.
It was once hoped that such arrangements might kick-start a process of amalgamation.
The ship is an ever-evolving amalgamation of assorted, stolen, customized and found parts.
In Fitch's view the amalgamation will not result in any interruption of CCD's activities.
It came to prominence in 2012 after forming from an amalgamation of smaller groups.
And so planning our wedding with an amalgamation of both was so so amazing.
Hilarity ensues as every absurd action cumulates in an amalgamation of intricately choreographed antics.
Finally, an animation featuring the image of Marx, "Cinemarx," rounds out Kautz's convoluted amalgamation.
Their clothing is an amalgamation of designs worn by different cultural groups within Afghanistan.
Maybe narrative as an amalgamation of flashing signifiers, textures, shapes, objects, colors, and dynamics.
MA was an amalgamation of three separate recovery groups for people addicted to cannabis.
However, industry observers say the pace of reduction and amalgamation needs to increase further.
An amalgamation of Indian classical and tribal images, Rodwittiya's asexual goddesses evade easy categorization.
"All of our music is an amalgamation of our musical influences," Duddy tells the magazine.
I now find the amalgamation of opera house refinement and mountain goat ability perversely appealing.
Not only Russia, but the whole of the West, has been affected by this amalgamation.
Instant Apps are an amalgamation of how the web works and how regular apps work.
Even the name "Trending Storylines" reads like a marketing firm's amalgamation of other platforms' products.
Grand Central Market: A bustling amalgamation of culinary traditions from all parts of the globe.
An amalgamation of disparate tones and textures move as one, exceeding the ability to compartmentalize.
The games themselves were an amalgamation of straight-up basketball and a constructed comedy routine.
It's an odd amalgamation of cute nods to military history and Japanese dating sim tropes.
Her new EP is a G-rated, amalgamation of different sounds of the Black diaspora.
It was just an amalgamation of what was in the paper, essentially. Exactly. Right. Exactly.
Internet embedded theater, or cyber theater, is something of an amalgamation of these two mediums.
Trace of Memory reenacts this amalgamation in an epic environment made for Pittsburgh's Mattress Factory museum.
In my film, these two women became one; Nonna Anna is an amalgamation of them both.
Management and the boards of FCDQ and CCD expect the amalgamation to be effective on Jan.
Berkshire Hathaway is an amalgamation of businesses, including daily newspapers, car dealerships and ice cream stores.
The capital of Northwest Territories is a confusing amalgamation of diamond money, young professionals, and poverty.
The installation comes across as an amalgamation of stereotypes often associated with lower-income ethnic enclaves.
And this sandwich worked, a perfect amalgamation that was greater than the sum of its parts.
But that department is also an amalgamation of several agencies and has been difficult to manage.
To show them she is not simply one or the other, but an amalgamation of histories.
She's often been reduced to an amalgamation of hypersexual body parts or described as animal-like.
Hamm's character is an amalgamation of several people and is not based on one single individual.
I think it would be unsettling to think of yourself as an amalgamation of two individuals.
This district is a strange amalgamation: rated R+12 and yet still in Cook's Likely Democratic category.
This amalgamation of hundreds of types of music in one thing is definitely my kind of thing.
It may seem like a somewhat random amalgamation of looks, but hey, that's September weather for you.
Gospel music itself is an amalgamation of folk, religion, and Black southerners migrating to the urban north.
They also embrace a strange amalgamation of Mormonism, libertarianism and a right-wing reading of the Constitution.
And, intentional or not, Boss Baby is a clear amalgamation of some of Baldwin's most beloved characters.
I think The Sopranos are kind of an amalgamation of different characters in the New Jersey underworld.
Imagine it as XCOM lite, featuring a weird amalgamation of Mario characters and Rabbid-ified Mario characters.
This district is the strange amalgamation: rated R+12 and yet still in Cook's Likely Democratic category.
More recently, Vinicius, an amalgamation of Brazilian fauna, was the mascot for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
The edges look like a loose amalgamation of protein strands, just like on a ground-beef patty.
"As is the story of Puerto Rico, we are a people that are an amalgamation," she said.
Dr. Azziz presided over the amalgamation between what were Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University.
"The Amalgamation Polka" puts a little faith in love and decency, but it's no sober museum piece.
Afghanistan is an amalgamation of ethnicities and tribes, but Pashtuns represent around 40 percent of the population.
Uptown, she pays similar tribute to the Dakota residence, "an architectural amalgamation of styles" per her annotations.
First up is do not disturb during bedtime—an amalgamation of two preexisting features already built into iOS.
Cooper's character, Jackson Maine, is an amalgamation of several rock and country legends, from Young to Jim Morrison.
It's a strange amalgamation that patches together a lot of disparate ideas in a less than elegant way.
Shonk sounds like an amalgamation of the past 20023 years of star female songstresses—minus their worst habits.
I wanted to make my fourth album to be an amalgamation, a melting pot of everything Perturbator is.
At any rate, he's not remotely interested in what I consider an enviable amalgamation of uniform and costume.
The resulting amalgamation—potatoes topped with cod and the olive oil mixture—was a salty, creamy, fishy revelation.
In England, jugged hare hinges on a successful amalgamation of blood and Port, again added at the end.
Turns out, it's an amalgamation of other famous Disney Princess ensembles, as per this genius piece of IMDB trivia.
The city itself is an amalgamation of five counties (called boroughs), each with its own independently elected district attorney.
There's a lot of talk about subculture having died in recent years, lost to the internet and mass amalgamation.
It's an amalgamation of golden typewriter keys built in at different angles to create acupuncture stimulation to the noggin.
These maps illustrate the amalgamation of visual traditions during the early years of contact between Indigenous groups and colonizers.
It is the amalgamation of pagan fertility rites, the welcoming of spring and the foundation of the Christian religion.
An amalgamation of Islamist groups, it is dominated by the former Nusra Front, an al Qaeda affiliate until 2016.
Instead, most of what came out of her oven came from an amalgamation of her own research and ideas.
Displaying a combination of contemporary and 19th-century photographs, the exhibition transcends time with an amalgamation of puzzling images.
This district is the strange amalgamation: rated R+12 and yet still in the Likely Democratic category by Cook.
The data was then posted to a popular hacking forum and appears to be an amalgamation of over 2,000 databases.
Our closets are basically bursting at the hinges with an amalgamation of different purse styles we've collected over the years.
The game, if you can even call it that, is an amalgamation of rugby, a battle, and a mosh pit.
The Pakistani government responded swiftly to Almeida's column, dismissing it as "an amalgamation of fiction and fabrication" in a statement.
There's also Uilab, an amalgamation of Stereolab and Ui, the experimental rock group that featured music critic Sasha Frere-Jones.
I hope to have the warmest of relations with our European allies, based on trade and friendship, not political amalgamation.
It's an amalgamation of toxic online communities, gross invasions of privacy, the abuse of online manipulation tools, and revenge porn.
It was an amalgamation of all these things that I had known and felt over the past however many years.
More so than other anti-establishment movements in Europe, Five Star is an amalgamation of the left and the right.
Trump's base, his election, even his policy priorities, reflect an amalgamation that is not Republican, not Democrat, but purely Trumpian.
After all, it takes an amalgamation of many personal stories in order to tell the larger history of a people.
If Andreessen Horowitz, among other firms, starts to look like an amalgamation of all three, how will it be viewed?
When I make an album, it's an amalgamation of whatever happened in the six months building up to making it.
I am currently in therapy for an amalgamation of neurocognitive and emotional disorders; including depression, anxiety, ADHD, Insomnia, and more.
An amalgamation of Islamist groups dominated by the former Nusra, it is the most powerful armed group in Syria's northwest.
Ryan vowed to climb higher and did so by trying to grow into an amalgamation of his brothers' best qualities.
An amalgamation of Islamist groups dominated by the former Nusra, it is the most powerful armed group in Syrias northwest.
These maps illustrate the amalgamation of visual, aesthetic traditions during the early years of contact between Indigenous groups and colonizers.
"The amalgamation of all this real stuff provides a quality that's got a palpable feeling of reality," Mr. Laule said.
Through the amalgamation of various found objects with their own separate backstories, Shrobe symbolically fuses and recombines their historical narratives.
The amalgamation of culture produces complex work — produced the Caribbean itself — and my favorite pieces in the show address this.
But, dialogue and visuals suggest that Aladdin's Agrabah may be based on an amalgamation of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
His works are all about experimentation -- the amalgamation of sonic and visual arts and the deconstruction of instruments' mechanisms and physicality.
Even though it was an amalgamation of his usual stump speeches, every sentence of Trump's inaugural address was met with cheers.
The result is an eerie amalgamation of funeral home finery and the extravagant details of a 19th-century French artist salon.
The finished product is something of an amalgamation of inspirations: Ingmar Bergman, Woody Allen, a little bit Robert Altman's Short Cuts.
The term "Bollywood" is an amalgamation of Bombay – the old name for Mumbai, the geographic locus of the industry — and Hollywood.
Rather than being a complete fabrication, Reynolds Woodcock is more an amalgamation of actual British designers of the post-war era.
But Mapbox's system, an amalgamation of 130 data sources, is appealing to some developers because it allows greater customization, Chen said.
I don't know if there's a linear way to sum up my career, it's an amalgamation of a lot of things.
Lonesome Crowded West oozed with emo and post-hardcore fits as it ingeniously maneuvered through an amalgamation of genres and references.
Though the Gemstones might be a more rough-around-the-edges amalgamation, their slick charisma and excessive profiteering are easily recognizable.
Or, is it that the Kim regime, a unique amalgamation of the weird and warlike, seeks peace and reform — like Vietnam?
Boy meets bad girl Each character's journey, whether a main plot or side story, is an amalgamation of quietly unexpected revelations.
The stuffing is an amalgamation of hash browns, two eggs, bacon, turkey sausage, salsa, green chiles and three kinds of cheese.
Prepare to hate-watch an amalgamation of slinky gowns, teleprompter fumbles, and white guys literally patting each other on the back.
This district is the strange amalgamation of both being rated R+12 and yet still in the Likely Democratic category by Cook.
Rather than basing Succession's story on one particular family like he did in Murdoch, Armstrong created an amalgamation of various powerful families.
" As Bohemian Rhapsody's Rami Malek told Metro, the Freddie Mercury we hear in the film is "an amalgamation of a few voices.
Warm, magic-hour light spotlights the couple's mysterious amalgamation, while the protagonist stares back at anyone daring to look, owning their gaze.
The charge that abolitionists were promoting racial "amalgamation" helped to spark anti-black riots, including one in New York City in 1834.
The result is an amalgamation of alerts about fires, crimes (from the violent to the extremely petty), urban idiosyncrasies, and natural disasters.
He is also inspired by the idea that the work is an "amalgamation of mistakes" that slowly builds into a profound vision.
Thus, the attire of black folks is depicted as a stylistic amalgamation, rather than an either/or opposition between European and African influences.
When the amalgamation is complete, Fitch would expect to withdraw the ratings of CCD and assign ratings to FCDQ and its debt issuances.
And she's also Lola's clone, an amalgamation created from Lola's past videos that can exist entirely on its own, long past Alice's death.
The biggest official snub, however, goes to qiou, a made-up character that is an amalgamation of three others: tu, qiong and chou.
The team's interpretation is an amalgamation of all the other interpretations, so they tried to make this process of her "becoming" more transparent.
The 113 State of Marketing Report is an amalgamation of charts and insights from real marketing executives to help you create successful strategies.
It's the first time that this particular amalgamation of design stars has worked together — and for most, it also marks their pottery debut.
The amalgamation of materials, size, and positioning of the pieces culminate into the complete conceptual vision of a Los Carpinteros work of art.
The name is an amalgamation of the two restaurants that have best represented his culinary identity: the Bombay Canteen and Tabla's Bread Bar.
Even before the debate, Orban's spokesman Zoltan Kovacs likened it to an amalgamation of a medieval witch hunt and communist-era show trial.
Illustration feels like a wonderful amalgamation of those things, and it's incredible to still spend my days conjuring and creating as an adult.
It was an amalgamation of Barry's mother and the mother of Tarell Alvin McCraney [who wrote the play the film was adapted from].
The music is an amalgamation of Shakespearean-era Renaissance and early American — banjo, blues and work songs — joined occasionally by Ms. Williams's poetry.
Similarly to Cavia's cult action RPG Nier, Furi is a curious amalgamation of third-person hack-and-slash swordplay and twin-stick shooting.
And that's what makes the phone so breathtaking – it takes everything into consideration to present an amalgamation of features aimed to drive superfans wild.
Fitch notes that the proposed amalgamation will provide opportunities for cost saves as intercompany transactions will be reduced as will quarterly and annual filings.
Usually a computer-generated one, an amalgamation of hundreds of people to create a face that felt vaguely familiar, but was also totally unrecognizable.
The clip shared by Avilés wasn't a VTV clip but instead a strange amalgamation of video, audio, and fabricated graphics from three separate sources.
" In this way, one's self becomes an amalgamation of "whatever number of bodies and souls" at the moment of "absolute surrender to the other.
The 44,000-acre Nuns fire in Sonoma County -- an amalgamation of three recently merged fires north and west of Glen Ellen -- was 5% contained.
But if you're like me, it's more of an amalgamation of random bedding pieces that technically work, but don't provide the optimal sleeping experience.
Epaminonda's sculpture vignettes, made of pedestals, vases and models, bring to mind the eclectic amalgamation of purveyors and manufacturers right outside the gallery doors.
"It's this amalgamation of fury and intelligence and pure, unadulterated rage," Stallone explained of the mysterious creature back in 2009, according to Bloody Disgusting.
The most powerful is Tahrir al-Sham, an amalgamation of Islamist groups dominated by the former Nusra Front - an al Qaeda affiliate until 2016.
While one piece of technology might widen inequality, an amalgamation of capabilities that make it easier to work and trade improves millions of lives.
In "Notes on the State of Virginia," Thomas Jefferson wrote with anguish about the risks of amalgamation, or interracial sex, to a new nation.
Fire Emblem Warriors, released earlier this fall for the Nintendo Switch, is an amalgamation of Nintendo's Fire Emblem series of medieval fantasy-themed tactics games.
Think an amalgamation of Bowie, Prince, Annie Lennox and Boy George; queer icons wrapped up in a sexy new parcel with cheekbones to die for.
It's an amalgamation of me and my closest friends, and a lot of women I've met, cared about, or wondered about in the last decade.
Over the course of several hours, Pike created what looks like an amalgamation of a few of the Harleys that have exists over the years.
Early drawings and reference materials—Laaksonen's work was often an amalgamation of his imagination and men in his life—are shown alongside more polished drawings.
I'm trying to manufacture some of my own, but really, it's an amalgamation of other people's wisdom that I've ingested and gotten into my bones.
If only someone could unplug this phony soul, this overbaked noodle, this robotic amalgamation of parts—spare him the shame of looking the undignified fool.
Then in 1998, the provincial Progressive Conservative government (including Doug Ford, Rob's father), forced the amalgamation of all six cities into a single large unit.
Here's the official teaser trailer that doesn't really tell us much of anything:Essentially, the 10 will look like an amalgamation of old and new HTC.
Ms. Wang proposed making a 3-D scan of the company's dancers and creating new standard-size mannequins based on an amalgamation of those scans.
The deepest source of wonder for Mr. Herzog has always been the particular amalgamation of vanity, folly, bravery and genius that makes every individual unique.
One of the series' main characters, a Soviet nuclear physicist named Ulana Khomyuk, is an amalgamation of many nuclear scientists involved in the Chernobyl cleanup.
The roster is a quick-burning amalgamation of Charlie Strong's upperclassmen, Bobby Petrino's up-and-comers and a passel of transfers banished from other schools.
Of course, the amalgamation of references in Ziggy (both album and persona) make it one of the most influential monsters of creation in music history.
It sets the scene well: "Colors" is a bright, goofy amalgamation of the many Becks we've met over the years: folky, rappy, punky and funky.
In many ways the manufacturing of chips represents the supreme technological challenge for China, an amalgamation of all the other challenges presented in this report.
German's commitment to dynamic and sometimes riotous formal strategies expresses an amalgamation of Black femme iconography, including shrines to Serena and Venus Williams with butterflies.
"He's kind of an amalgamation of a lot of different figures who were that successful, but Johnny Mathis comes to mind," Rachel Brosnahan told Refinery29.
For stretches, this amalgamation of styles held together uneasily, but toward the end, a blend of ostinato propulsion and astringent harmony created a memorable vibe.
An amalgamation of local housing companies, TRI Pointe has surged more than 19% this year along with the homebuilding sector, which is up more than 25%.
Granted, from the title—A Brief Enquiry into Online Relationships—you'd be forgiven for assuming it's a bleak amalgamation of existential despair and failed Tinder dates.
Despite their mutual distaste for one another, the two women move into Frankie's beach house — an amalgamation of Nancy Meyers' greatest interior design hits — to recover.
Today, The Coconut Club is a two-year-old amalgamation of Windak's vision, beverage director Nathan Hazard's cocktail creations, and "tiki master" Darren Herczeg's enthralling theatrics.
He's also working on a Bengali mustard, dubbed kasundi, which is an intense, tomato-heavy mixture that is a perfect amalgamation of sweet, spicy and tart.
At a certain point the celebrity loses control of her identity—she becomes the outlandish amalgamation of what the media and the public have pieced together.
It's an alluring amalgamation of rap, funk, and jazz that makes you want to find the groove in the midst of Kendrick Lamar's musings on race.
The amalgamation of the ADF will reduce concentration in the medium-term, with the five largest borrowers expected to account for 60%-44% of total loans.
Our new home is the Ark, an amalgamation of space stations that have been strung together into an enormous Frankenstein's monster of an orbital living space.
That is who I am: a distinctive viewpoint — an amalgamation of thoughts and ideas, a "melting pot", if you will, of cultures from around the world.
You begin to understand the monolithic institution as an amalgamation of quirky collectors, impassioned artists, and status-hungry socialites: their coupling, their envy, and their demise.
IN MANY WAYS, the property is an amalgamation of hospitality concepts: It has the warmth of a bed-and-breakfast and the polish of a hotel.
Her influencer-makes-good journey doesn't seem to be directly from the feeds of any particular social media star, but instead an amalgamation of familiar mentions.
The former is an amalgamation of couch recliner, ladder parts, and bits of wood; the latter is couch frame, attic door parts, and bits of wood.
An almost cut-and-paste amalgamation of several Hallmark and Lifetime movies you've seen before, plus The Prince and Me, The Princess Diaries, and other Hollywood fare.
For Villapol, Cuban cuisine wasn't a set of recipes, but instead a necessary reaction to the unique amalgamation of historical influences and political circumstances facing Cuban people.
Billed as a "global tapas place," the resulting restaurant is the kind of kooky amalgamation of ideas that sounds like it might not work, but magically does.
A boys' adventure story in the Beirut Not Beirut of 70s/80s NYC as told by whatever Patti Smith/Vinnie Stigma amalgamation one prefers to listen to?
Holding companies are 'an amalgamation of warring armies'Holding companies formed in the 1980s to achieve economies of scale by selling marketing services to a variety of clients.
The hybrid they created helped speed the development of salsa dancing, an amalgamation of styles that has become one of the most popular forms of Latin dance.
Confetti-like polka dots punctuate a shower of spindly leaves while a perfectly portioned storm of tiny black sunglasses stack up in a calming black-on-pink amalgamation.
Stranger Things, meanwhile, was a not-so-subtle amalgamation of feature film tics and techniques drawn mostly from the popular classics of 1980s science fiction and horror films.
It's no secret that President Donald Trump's Twitter—an amalgamation of egregious spelling mistakes, terrible grammar, and bizarre exclamation points—is one of the most notorious accounts online.
It suggests to me that this amalgamation of cultures and influences, beliefs and narratives, that is American blackness — this funky joint — also comes out of an iconoclastic ethos.
Fashion choices are a fascinating and complex amalgamation of heritage, values, and personality, and there is absolutely a place for fashion choices to be discussed, celebrated, and photographed.
An amalgamation of waterworks, pyrotechnics, lasers, animation, and 3D projection mapping lets you experience the sunrise at night at an outdoor amphitheater built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
The security ecosystem will reorganize itself into systems of intelligence Security, like any other business function, is an amalgamation of people, processes and technology coordinated to manage risk.
If you're not familiar with Ready Player One, it's set primarily in a virtual world called the OASIS, essentially a giant VR amalgamation of 20th century pop culture.
Eventually he took on the character of Adam, who is an amalgamation of all the bros who get murdered in the first 30 minutes of every horror film.
There's a long line-up of musical and visual performances, creating an amalgamation of textures and sounds that's equal parts techno-futurism, '90s throwback, and something distinctly present.
For one night Sabina Park, in the nation's capital of Kingston, was host to the Carnival Thursday festivities, an amalgamation of soca, dancehall, and a generous open bar.
Tahrir al-Sham is an amalgamation of jihadists dominated by the group formerly known as the Nusra Front, which was an official affiliate of al Qaeda until 2016.
Second, the disparity of materials and processes is echoed in the subject matter, which touches upon identity as a layered amalgamation created out of different parts or references.
Although "Until" is unusual in its lack of an aural component, the work is a next-level amalgamation of everything he knows about sculpture, performance and audience engagement.
Magic System play Zouglou, a homegrown dance music that is a potent amalgamation of Caribbean and West African rhythms and dancehall, started by Ivorian students in the '90s.
" The same morning, Paul Hume in The Washington Post hailed the work as a "rich amalgamation of the theatrical arts" and "the greatest music Bernstein has ever written.
This allowed the researchers to confirm that the unusual fossil wasn't a deceiving amalgamation of multiple dinosaur species, and figure out the animal's anatomy down to very fine scales.
And places like America, while sure we have some sort of quasi-original cuisine, mostly we are an amalgamation of immigrant cuisines and regional classics and things like that.
The lawsuit's recitations of relationships and events that the DNC argues are proof of a conspiracy represent an amalgamation of allegations that have come from Mueller's office to date.
A year before the conclusion of their 10-year study, they will present an amalgamation of findings to date before the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting opens this week.
It is mongrel and in-between, an unfitting amalgamation of two sounds that were, if truth be told, never quite as disparate as the diehards would have you believe.
Two of the Internet's favourite things have combined into one glorious amalgamation of cuteness and geeky nostalgia that will have you breaking out your old Game Boy and Pokédex.
The levels differ greatly from one to the next, with different settings, challenges and villains, a diversity that's the result of an amalgamation of several generations of Mario platformers.
Best senior quote and picture in my yearbook from funny The photo in question looks like a crude amalgamation of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park.
The answer: They compared Indiana and Connecticut to an amalgamation of states that were similar in key categories, such as demographics, alcohol consumption, employment rate and gun ownership rate.
Some say the video is nothing more than an amalgamation of clichés about the country, from a peacock to temples to a fire eater, holy men and dancing girls.
This amalgamation of skating, dance and low-impact aerobics is the basis for Skaterobics, which Ms. Dean, a retired New York City Department of Correction officer, started in 2015.
"The Cadillac's superb amalgamation of luxury and performance makes the CT6 a true standout in the luxury market," Business Insider said in a 2017 comparison with the Lincoln Continental.
A city unto itself before the 1998 amalgamation, Scarborough has "higher incomes and bigger houses to the south, and some poverty and more rentals further north," Mr. Forbes said.
And between Phil's harsh reality and Vinnie's idealized Metal Heaven was Darrell, Vinnie's brother and unhinged guitar virtuosos, who became a perfect amalgamation of those two aesthetics (Rex played bass).
It's a coming-of-age love story following the character Jojo, who embodies an amalgamation of interviews the director conducted with 100 Thai teenagers, representing a smattering of gender orientations.
Asahi, Japan's biggest beermaker, will become Europe's third-largest brewer following its acquisition of east European assets that SABMiller is selling as part of its amalgamation with Anheuser-Busch InBev.
Since March will inevitably have as many cold days as it will warm ones (at least, that's what we're hoping for), the looks ahead are an amalgamation of just that.
An amalgamation of out-of-this-world shopping experiences, cutting-edge beauty, and fascinating culture, Seoul, South Korea has quickly skyrocketed to the top of every jet-setter's travel list.
Both sound like a fresh and weird amalgamation of Pavement and Beck and Ween but put through the filters Brian Eno used on his Here Come the Warm Jets album.
The images can be difficult to interpret on first viewing due to their everydayness — they're beautiful but banal, simple but intriguing, but as always, the power comes in the amalgamation.
As CEO of Amaya, he takes on the bizarre tropes and eccentricities of many Silicon Valley leaders, like an amalgamation of Elon Musk's faux-messiah and Mark Zuckerberg's dork everyman.
It's this kind of signature that was missing from Prabal Gurung's uptown amalgamation of snazzy white tuxedos, leopard print, diva dresses draped on the hip, explosive peplums and feather fripperies.
"My sketchbooks are filled with little ideas, and this is an amalgamation of 26 of them, each represented by one letter of the alphabet," Jeffers says of the best seller.
Whenever musicians with some notoriety get together and play their instruments in a new amalgamation, someone somewhere inevitably wants to slap the term "supergroup" on it and call it a day.
Talking Points Memo described the novel this way: The account–although it is fiction– is a peculiar amalgamation of a make-believe family encountering a series of very real conservative nightmares.
She's a fictionalized amalgamation of early-2000s 20-somethings who, for the first time in history, could live lives shaped by an inclination for shit-stirring and widely available internet access.
Unlike the plastic-y Pebble Times of years past, the new Time 2 is all metal—making it an amalgamation of the Time and Time Steel, the Time's metal-bodied sibling.
Israeli food has long defined itself as an amalgamation of different cuisines brought by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, as well as those appropriated from surrounding cultures.
Following last year's Paul White produced Phosphorous Philosophers, which is the best amalgamation of Darkside and Dilla you're apt to hear, they've bestowed us with their "Return of the Mack" cover.
The amalgamation of social media and modern-day mixed martial arts sees MMA fighters—even celebrities—act quick to kick the more famous (or infamous) MMA losers while they're briefly down.
It sounds like an amalgamation between the rawness of the early Skrapz is Back-era with the production sheen and contemplative interludes of 80s Baby and The End of the Beginning.
The shadowy financier's story has long been described essentially as Pizzagate But True, an amalgamation of everything suspected of depraved, decadent, corrupt elites at a time of massive distrust in government.
Iconic font company Monotype is getting acquired by PE firm HGGC for $825M Devin Coldewey: You mentioned the company is an amalgamation of foundries and studios from a century and more.
That kind of melded family is the province of Chitose Abe as Sacai, whose first principles are always of amalgamation: not just of feminine and masculine, but of shape and prototype.
The amalgamation of several different issues that Australian tourism experienced can be replicated in other countries with similar climate statuses, such as Egypt, Turkey or those on the Eastern Mediterranean Basin.
Each is an amalgamation of a massive set of images that Paglen compiled to train a computer to recognize "irrational" concepts, such as the symbolism used in the interpretation of dreams.
"There was a reason behind both the amalgamation of the characters and disguising the biographical information of the real life person of who the Dev Patel character was based on," Maras says.
The central motifs look like an imaginative amalgamation of esoteric symbols, heraldry, customized muscle car designs, Kenneth Anger neo-Egyptian movie stills, and emblems you might encounter in a Peter Behren's building.
Meanwhile, Facebook is likely to continue its payments push, both to merchants and in the person-to-person space, facilitated in part by the amalgamation of the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram platforms.
What Koeppel does instead is to give us the best account to date of the process by which an odd amalgamation of democracy and capitalism got written into New York's physical DNA.
The terms, however, still have to be approved by the San Jose judge presiding over the case, which represents an amalgamation of more than 100 lawsuits brought against Anthem since the breach.
Even though the vast majority of Godless is only "inspired" by an amalgamation of Wild West culture and history, as creator Scott Frank said, what Frank describes is something that really happened.
Overall, the accounts exhibited a mixture of Arabic and English, and the written Arabic content was in and of itself a strange amalgamation of oddly-phrased vernacular and misspellings in some instances.
If you have somehow missed this jewel in the dumping ground of the advertising industry, you've missed the greatest amalgamation of band and brand since Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park​.
Maps drawn by Indigenous artists at the behest of the Spanish in the 210th century illustrate the amalgamation of visual traditions during the early years of contact between Indigenous groups and colonizers.
She's an amalgamation of Toronto as much as she is of Somalia, citing Noah "40" Shebib's ambient productions and the pentatonic melodies of traditional Somali music as inspiration for her own material.
"In a sense, BCI is the culmination of the cyborg revolution imagined by sci-fi writers in the '60s: the ultimate amalgamation of human and machine," Keats told me in an email.
In order to make the film, Riaz founded Mano Animation Studios, an amalgamation of animators, designers, and producers from Pakistan, Malaysia, the US, and the UK, to pull off the ambitious story.
In terms of prolificacy and originality, he rivals every great icon, with an epic amalgamation of history, comedy and tragedy all rolled into one journey we're just lucky to bear witness to.
Idlib is held by an array of rebels, the most powerful being Tahrir al-Sham, an amalgamation of Islamist groups dominated by the former Nusra Front, an al Qaeda affiliate until 2016.
Right now this amalgamation is mounted in my family's weekend getaway spot where it functions as an intruder alert system, weather camera, and daddy-can't-come-to-the-beach-today video proxy.
Many of those resulting cocktails are incredibly intricate, like the Turmeric, a clarified amalgamation of jalapeño-infused blanco tequila, mezcal, chicharrón, cloudy apple juice, corn milk, spices, coconut water, and lime juice.
The song was "Twice" and we described it as an amalgamation of TLC, the most sublime All Saints track, and 1990s rap production by way of The Pharcyde or Souls of Mischief​.
Rosa — an amalgamation of popular Latinx tropes and in-jokes — now has her own entire cinematic universe, in which other TikTokers respond to her videos as though they're in conversation with her.
Taylor said Mr. X&aposs character was really an amalgamation of different business heroes — and attributes of Buffett, Munger, Ray Kroc, Sam Walton, and Henry Singleton are all incorporated into his character.
If the measure is an amalgamation of many things (one of which is purportedly implicit bias), how can we know which of those things is responsible for a (weak) correlation with behavior?
Given the above commentary and the fact that Fitch already heavily weighs its analysis of CCD on consolidated financial information, Fitch does not expect any impact on current ratings due to the amalgamation.
Introduced in 2018, the Foodi is an amalgamation of our two favorite kitchen gadgets (the pressure cooker and the air fryer) that cooks food fast and finishes it off with a perfect crisp.
Roberto Cavalli featured a bohemian amalgamation of color and print, Elie Saab went full-on Americana with star-printed robes, Vivetta presented botanical florals, and Alberta Ferretti paid homage to the classic nightgown.
I'd like to invite those women to skip aimlessly walking around alongside an amalgamation of groups who enable and encourage the dysfunction that got their children killed, and instead to meet with me.
The two listed firms agreed to combine in September as part of a wider amalgamation of their biggest shareholders, central-government run companies China National Building Material Group and China National Materials Group.
That amalgamation, which had nothing to do with Brussels, has left many in Leigh resentful of Wigan, which is only five miles away but which they see as an alien and bullying force.
The bad guy is thought to be either a member of the Ranieri family or an amalgamation of the 12th-century Ranieri di Biandrate and the 13th-century Marquis William VII of Montferrat.
If that amalgamation of reasons has helped a consensus emerge, Evans says he thinks the Fed's need to "ratify" its commitment to the inflation target would on its own warrant a policy shift.
"Everything He Needs" melds her voice into the beat's breathy swish, a shifting, feathery amalgamation of electronic exhalations, as the high background keyboards create a sense of mounting excitement inside a cozy space.
This is because it's likely past 3AM, I've had a few shots of Jameson, and the idea of some amalgamation of salt, fat, sugar, and carbs turns me into a Big Mac homing device.
His abilities — to absorb and manipulate photons — are also similar to Sunspot's powers, so there may be more to his story... or he could be a simple amalgamation of several characters for TV purposes.
Morris notes that he wasn't specifically going after Silicon Valley culture, but that he "kind of wanted it to be an amalgamation of America's hip, white gentrified, expensive-to-live-in places," he says.
Mineral Resources said at the time that the amalgamation of its existing Pilbara iron ore assets with those of Atlas would lead to greater synergies and economies of scale, helping to drive down costs.
He wrote that it was an amalgamation of the supposed Templar idol, plus "the infernal goat" found in depictions of witches' sabbats, the ancient Egyptian "phallic goat" god Banebdjedet, and the Devil tarot card.
This successful amalgamation of tastes and cultures also created a need for much more floor space, so Sahadi's tripled in size, with additions in 1985 and 2012, on either side of the original storefront.
I appreciate when people say they feel like they're in New York when they come to Yardbird, but it's really just an amalgamation of what Matt and I always wanted for our own space.
The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, the agreement among 23 predominantly American retailers, has already disbanded, its operations transferred to an independent Bangladesh-based successor, called Nirapon (an amalgamation of words meaning "safe space").
All you need to know before we begin is that "Johny Johny Yes Papa" is essentially an amalgamation of many strands of internet culture, knotted together in a kind of Dadaist CGI rinse cycle.
"He's kind of an amalgamation of a lot of different figures who were that successful, but Johnny Mathis comes to mind," confirmed star Rachel Brosnahan when she spoke to Refinery29 at the Maisel junket.
The brand is an amalgamation of western American influences and old-world European style, drawn from the founders' heritage: Baker grew up in Utah and Amorim in a small town outside of Porto, Portugal.
And yet, by combining several items from my memory — a deep sea cephalopod tentatively named Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis and an amalgamation of space crafts and creatures — I'm able to make the uncanny figure come alive.
The bank's organisational structure changed at end-2015 following the amalgamation of HBL with its previous shareholder, Heartland New Zealand Limited (HNZ), and HBL became the sole shareholder of all subsidiaries previously owned by HNZ.
You kind of pick and choose what makes an amalgamation of someone who's really trying hard to fit in, and really trying hard to be liked, and really hoping to make an impression on people.
The final result is primitive, adrenaline-filled fun that leaves the average posturing doom band still scrambling to find an unused amalgamation of Black Weed Bong Acid Wizard under a pile of decibel-induced rubble.
And yet, the BEC has been reinvented, because nothing is sacred and every food inevitably ends up a cursed, clicky amalgamation of things, born of some people's endless desires to show off their disposable income.
If every open end of the snake in the image is randomly connected to another open end, what are the odds that the final amalgamation of snake segments is in fact a single snake body?
The term "Barbecue Becky" was an amalgamation of the setting the incident took place at and "Becky," a term that has long been used in African American vernacular as a euphemism for a white woman.
"When one is looked at as an amalgamation of all of their skills from prior roles, they are always more qualified to do a number of opportunities than they realized when relying on title alone."
It's a rhapsodic amalgamation of guitars, violin, glockenspiel, synths, and vocals with the kind of lyrics that could tell you everything need to know if you heard them at the right time in your life.
This underpins Bass's The Department of Local Affairs, which crowdsources information about specific neighborhoods from people who actually live in them; the result is a delightful amalgamation of Yelp, travel guides, and community message boards.
In fact, arguably Dessau's most historically important building — an amalgamation of gray concrete and dark glass that housed the short-lived but hugely influential Bauhaus art school from 1926 to 1932 — wasn't restored until 1972.
Instead, like the basic "Becky" or the bro-ey "Chad," Kevin Nguyen is a stereotype, based on nobody specific but also an amalgamation of many, some of whom might in fact be named Kevin Nguyen.
Then you have the flexibility of looking at the actor, looking at the strengths they bring, looking at the original conception of the character, seeing maybe where they meet, and it turns into an amalgamation.
While you might agree that plant-based options aren't meat, it seems difficult to justify how an amalgamation of animal cells brewed in a bioreactor is any less meaty than cells taken from a slaughtered carcass.
The comments came from people in the area that has branded itself National Landing, an amalgamation of Arlington and Alexandria neighborhoods that was the other winner in Amazon's sweepstakes last year to award massive new campuses.
Only later when I got the part, sometime in the first year, did Mike actually even talk to me about what kind of character he thought he was or who he was an amalgamation of. Wow.
Urbex Melbourne (if you don't know, urbex is an amalgamation of "urban" and "exploration") established a Facebook page less than three years ago, but they've already documented the best large-scale derelict spaces in Victoria, Australia.
The kingdom is an amalgamation of the conservative central region (Najd) with the western coast (Hijaz) and the eastern oases along the Gulf coast (al-Hasa), all of which were separately administered until comparatively recently (here).
The piece, featuring multicolored stripes, a graphic '90s print, and flames, has garnered street style kudos from people like Pusha T, and is the perfect amalgamation of the shirts our dads used to wear on vacation.
And yet one can't judge this amalgamation to be any less stable than the New Deal coalition of union labor, religious minorities, African-Americans, and Southern segregationists that had twice delivered the White House to Roosevelt.
"home demo" has all the trappings of the best of 90s neo-soul; it is an amalgamation of the soul and funk of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, and Sophie's voice cuts through the smooth production.
Her character — an amalgamation of the many real women artists erased from history, which Sciamma rediscovered in her research — becomes a means of exploring the gaze, by presenting the idea that it is individualized and gendered.
The comments came from those in the area that has branded itself National Landing, an amalgamation of Arlington and Alexandria neighborhoods that was the other winner in Amazon's sweepstakes last year to award massive new campuses.
Told through an amalgamation of styles — candid interviews with family members, ambitious recreated scenes — the story of these two women, the choices they made and why they made them, is put under a self-reflexive microscope.
Italian architects used what had been an amalgamation of highland villages centuries earlier as "an ideal blank canvas", according to UNESCO's description, to practice what were, at the time, some of the world's most avant garde designs.
When Joe's son, an amalgamation of a young black "radical" involved with the Black Power movement and, apparently, the Nation of Islam, changes his name to Muhammad Ishmael Shabazz III, Claire and Joe laugh at his expense.
When someone can't remember, for example, which precise street that first kiss happened on, the producers have to guesstimate some generic amalgamation of rooms and streets and hope that it is close enough to appease the client.
One of the star speakers was Cardinal Peter Turkson (pictured), a Ghanaian who was recently put in charge of a powerful new Vatican agency (an amalgamation of four others) that is charged with "promoting integral human development".
This includes the disposal of a significant number of betting shops in a rapidly evolving market and the amalgamation of the digital platforms as consumer demand moves swiftly online, where GCG has been more successful than Ladbrokes.
Founded in 2016, the brand is an amalgamation of western American influences and Old-World European style, drawn from the founders' heritage: Baker grew up in Utah and Amorim in a small town outside of Porto, Portugal.
For starters, he was a strange amalgamation of John F. Kennedy (Catholic, runs the country while secretly dealing with a debilitating illness) and Bill Clinton (brilliant but flawed governor-turned-president who went to school in England).
I ordered one of its fragrance-inspired cocktails, "Thus With a Kiss I Die," a delicious amalgamation of mezcal, amaro, sweet vermouth and chocolate bitters combined by the bartender in front of me with a great flourish.
With an amalgamation of vivid hues and ragged strokes that burst with visual energy and activity, this painting is a city dreamscape, a seductive and mysterious ode to a city that Almaraz had a contested relationship with.
Yet, none truly stand out among all the noise the platform has to offer, instead giving users a muddy amalgamation of various tools and features that do a somewhat subpar job at helping them better navigate the site.
The result was an amalgamation of his administration's varied priorities -- and, to its authors, a sign that competing interests serving an unconventional President are nonetheless able to craft a cohesive and well-received product that reflects their boss.
At independence, South Sudan was an inchoate amalgamation of major and minor ethnic groups whose common cause was simply to break away from the Islamization policy of the Sudanese government in Khartoum after over 28503 years of war.
He's one of hundreds of people who have worked on the headset over the past five years, shaping it from a hacked-together amalgamation of off-the-shelf parts into a futuristic-looking headset appearing in fashion magazines.
VALLETTA ITSELF — THE first planned city of Europe, built by the Knights of St. John in the late 16th century — unites echoes of Cordoba, Jerusalem and Aix-en-Provence, a miniaturized amalgamation of a millennium of Mediterranean history.
Warzone is a satisfying amalgamation of what battle royale fans love about Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite and, yes, Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale mode, along with some truly inspired additions that freshen up the formula.
As is so often the case, what it really feels like is a hodge-podge, a pop-culture amalgamation that includes Stephen King's youth-featured stories, "Stranger Things" and Creepy magazine, for anyone old enough to remember that.
Charlize Theron stars as Kelly, Nicole Kidman takes on Gretchen Carlson, and Margot Robbie's character, Kayla, is an amalgamation constructed from interviews with women who came forward against (now former) Fox News network head Roger Ailes (John Lithgow).
In April, Mineral Resources agreed to buy Atlas via a scheme of arrangement, saying at the time that the amalgamation of its existing iron ore assets in the Pilbara region with those of Atlas would lead to cost savings.
And since the end of last year, our number one priority for the company has been what we call standing for safety and that is going to be the amalgamation of a bunch of different things that we do.
It's a bit of a cliché to say about a collaboration between two established artists, but a lot of the album's songs—"Underwater," for example, or "The Echoes"—really come off as an amalgamation of your two distinct sounds.

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