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"soul" Definitions
  1. [countable] the spiritual part of a person, believed to exist after death
  2. [countable] a person’s inner character, containing their true thoughts and feelings
  3. [singular] the spiritual and moral qualities of humans in general synonym psyche
  4. [uncountable] strong and good human feeling, especially that gives a work of art its quality or enables somebody to recognize and enjoy that quality
  5. [singular] the soul of something a perfect example of a good quality
  6. [countable] (becoming old-fashioned) a person of a particular type
  7. [countable] (especially in negative sentences) a person
  8. (also soul music) [uncountable] a type of music that expresses strong emotions, made popular by African American musicians

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"soul" Synonyms
psyche spirit consciousness ego essence conscience individuality personality self anima being essentiality humanity identity life mind nature persona pneuma quiddity heart bones core gut bosom belly breast heartstrings blood inside intuition bone quick inner space emotions feelings sentiments thoughts individual person human body creature mortal human being character guy man party personage sort specimen woman bod customer example embodiment incarnation personification epitome quintessence type exemplar exemplification model picture symbol symbolization avatar image likeness manifestation representation ideal feeling animation energy vitality ardor(US) ardour(UK) emotion fervor(US) fervour(UK) inspiration passion vivacity eagerness enthusiasm force intensity warmth ardency care compassion empathy benevolence charity concern goodness sympathy goodwill kindness mercy pity amity clemency commiseration condolence consideration gist substance point pith meat crux kernel nucleus nub meaning root drift sense theme significance import thrust visitant ghost phantom apparition spook spectre(UK) wraith shade phantasm shadow specter(US) vision poltergeist sprite fantasm haunt materialisation(UK) materialization(US) bogey temper disposition temperament mood attitude constitution outlook humour(UK) grain humor(US) individualism mettle mode feather R & B blues funk gospel rhythm and blues soul music insides depths interior midst recesses deep guts hold bowels centre(UK) center(US) penetralia womb workings deepest part furthest part waif foundling orphan stray outcast guttersnipe ragamuffin urchin castaway dogie drop fetch flotsam gamin jetsam mudlark abandoned infant street urchin homeless one wanderer god deity divinity immortal creator godhead lord almighty holiness master atua demiurge maker tutelary demigod father goddess numen activity liveliness vigor(US) zest excitement exuberance high spirits vibrance vibrancy vigour(UK) zing rapport bond affinity fellowship relationship accord camaraderie communion understanding concord rapprochement affiliation compatibility connection harmony interrelationship unity link best finest cream ultimate cream of the crop crème de la crème elite height jewel jewel in the crown paragon perfection prime prize music classical country folk jazz opera rap rock bebop ragtime a cappella hard rock heavy metal rock and roll More
"soul" Antonyms
body anatomy bones build chest constitution figure form frame makeup make-up physique shape torso trunk flesh reasoning logic reason analysis rationale rationalisation(UK) rationalization(US) sense argument ratiocination rationality rationalising(UK) rationalizing(US) thinking basis thought wisdom deduction dialectics proposition being entity presence spirit conscience essence existence actuality subsistence pneuma abstract subconscious callousness soullessness coldness dispassionateness hardness aloofness detachment dispassion emotionlessness hardheartedness heartlessness impassiveness impassivity indifference insensitivity apathy cruelty dismissiveness disregard harshness pitilessness obduracy unfeelingness cold-heartedness induration obdurateness animal plant nonhuman creature beast non-anthropoid monster brute quadruped fiend ogre critter devil demon ghoul inanimate wild thing lower animal exteriority extra outside exterior surface insignificance physicality top meaninglessness angel brightness god light reality happiness upset wrath person individual human man woman mortal character human being somebody living soul physical body earthling baby child guy girl biped skin face front covering shell appearance externals outer body physical being android cyborg robot bot humanoid droid machine computer automaton automation bionic person mechanical device mechanical person brain mind head periphery boundary border fringe perimeter rim brim outskirts skirt brink circumference edge hem sideline verge bounds demeanour(UK) demeanor(US) behavior(US) behaviour(UK) personality comportment deportment temperament attitude conduct disposition nature manner persona temper air expression object thing substance matter mass inability insensibility insensibleness insensitiveness calm calmness lethargy quiet stillness tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) alien extraterrestrial space invader disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) exclusion figment fabrication concept manifestation notion imagining personification instantiation image nonentity auxiliary peripheral facade façade airs pretence(UK) pretense(US) show act false display immortal deity divinity goddess avatar daemon numen celestial celestial being demigoddess divine being supreme being inhumanity barbarism inhumanness coldheartedness ruthlessness mercilessness sadism savagery barbarity malevolence barbarousness cruelness savageness bloodthirstiness cold-bloodedness addition antithesis enlargement expansion extension increase antipathy dislike gladness hate hatred health joy inactivity boredom drabness dreariness dullness lifelessness idleness inaction indolence insipidity insipidness languor laziness listlessness monotony passiveness routine opposite contradiction contrary converse counter inverse reverse direct opposite exact opposite antagonism antipode contra reversal contradistinction contrariety flip side inversion opposition other side

414 Sentences With "soul"

How to use soul in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "soul" and check conjugation/comparative form for "soul". Mastering all the usages of "soul" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I've always liked soul food; I just like the whole idea of soul, what soul is, what does soul mean, what does soul mean to different people, how do you get soul.
KYLE The Soul RebelsThe Soul Rebels - Let Your Mind Be FreeThe Soul Rebels - 504The Soul Rebels - Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
People who can reach down and reach the depths of their soul and hand that to an audience—soul-to-soul communication?
When I write "soul" here, I am thinking of soul as in soul music: the mixing of sex and love with tragedy.
Shake & Fingerpop, Family Function, Soul II Soul, Westworld, The Do Crew.
" Before leaping into action, Captain Soul often declares, "It's Soul Time!
Thank you for [giving] every soul, your soul, your art, your life.
Qiu's soul is the leaf, and Chun's soul is the begonia flower.
"Your soul is your soul—your body is completely irrelevant," she said.
Northern Soul was an up-tempo offshoot of black American soul music.
Our soul is not keeping up with our brains, advancements in our soul.
No I'm going to call it Soul-sappingCycle Soul-sappingCycle, I like that.
I think he saw a nation's soul measured by the soul of its people.
Do not let your body define your soul, let your soul find your body.
I think he saw a nation's soul, measured by the soul of its people.
My description of soul music is coming from the spirit, coming from the soul.
"I was thinking the other day she's the soul of my soul," he says.
I cried and prayed for his soul, I cried and prayed for America's soul.
Banks: Rock and soul have an overlap, and soul and hip-hop have an overlap.
Right about now / The funk soul brother / Check it out now / The funk soul brother.
On "Soul Desert,"—"Soul Desert" is one of the more emotional things we've ever done.
In the film, the seven deadly sins possess your soul (or, at least, Sivana's soul).
RBMA Presents: Soul Clap's House of EFUNK Who: Soul Clap, Biz Markie, Benoit & Sergio (live) Where: TV Lounge When: 10PM-12PM When your soul starts to get weary from all the pummeling 4/63, Soul Clap's 14-hour funk marathon is where you'll go.
Donuts are the soul food of a place that is often accused of lacking a soul.
As we learned from Infinity War, the Soul Stone requires one soul in exchange for another.
And as a result of her soul being comforted on the deathbed, my soul is comforted.
HUNTINGTON "A Decade of Soul: Classic Soul & Motown Revue," featuring Prentiss McNeil of the Drifters. Aug.
" Related: Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has died Rock & Roll Hall of Fame "LADY SOUL.
" By coincidence, these are the exact words used by Jayne: "my soul-mate, my soul sister.
" Earp finished off by saying, "You're a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.
A Country Soul—of course it's called A Country Soul—is the work of a dying breed.
Brevity may be the soul of wit, but it may no longer be the soul of Twitter.
One cliché about Prince calls him the first musician to give drum machines soul, whatever soul is.
Tourism, he explained, will deplete a city of its soul — and this city has a prehistoric soul.
Now, just like Soul II Soul sang in 1989, it is 'back to life, back to reality.
And our mentality, the Russian spirit, the Russian soul — I don't think anyone else has such a soul.
As you can see I'm a big fan of soul music and huge fan of soul trains history.
Their religion said that each body had a soul, but that the soul could only enter one vessel.
If television is the window into the American soul, then Zim renders that soul as a tortured one.
He had his own studio there and produced club hits, including mid-1990s collaborations with Soul II Soul.
I don't know if there's been collective soul-searching, but there's been a lot of individual soul-searching.
A soul-to-soul connection could spark at the gym, on a hiking trail, or during a volunteer mission.
A night of old soul and disco at Be-Wave's Soul Train night features handmade ekiben (train bento boxes).
At one point during the semester, he told her "his 'soul' could see her 'soul,' " the family's lawsuit claims.
My soul-cycling editor went on a soul-crushing rampage when she went and killed all my beautiful seedlings.
Dementors are magical, soul-sucking creatures that consist of a billowing black robe and a gaping, soul-hungry mouth.
We were influenced a lot by soul music, and a lot of soul music is kind of very sad.
Originally, we followed the Soul II Soul and Massive Attack models, where they had different singers on their records.
" She went on to say that Nipsey "wasn't a sad soul," adding, "He was a powerful strong magical soul.
You are forever the light that makes my soul ignite, you're the text book definition of my true soul mate.
Soul Stone The orange-colored Soul Stone is the only MCU no-show (as far as anyone knows) right now.
This is where the Quanta is explained as one soul, the smallest neighborhood of the infinite soul, Head of God.
We've been meant to find some kind of Faustian bargain in this — the selling of a soul for some soul.
The crowd is lively and hands are in the air, pounding to a mash-up of Soul II Soul, Snap!
You get the Soul Stone by sacrificing a soul for a soul at Voramir's terrifying mountain altar, and then wake up in a pool with the stone in your hand, so how do you just... put it back?
They fed us her choruses while nourishing us with their soul food — why do you think we call it soul food?!
Hustle & Soul is a WE TV reality series about the staff of Chef Lawrence Page's soul food restaurant, Pink Tea Cup.
DES MOINES — Joe Biden's fight for the soul of America often feels like a fight for the soul of Joe Biden.
And the soul still burns: Soul Calibur 6 was announced, though honestly I'm still happy to play the original on Dreamcast.
If the eyes are a window into the soul, then maybe the voice is like a sonic radar for the soul.
Jamie Foxx stars in "Soul" as Joe, while Tina Fey voices a fellow soul named 86,783,123,522 — or just 22 for short. 
There's nothing compromising about the gritty, stripped-down soul that's inspired a recent critical renaissance for '70s soul singer Candi Staton.
But in the end it made sense, considering the history of soul music — and Northern Soul in particular — comes from Detroit.
Brenda's French Soul Food: Worried that San Francisco's soul is being dissolved by the giant influx of robotic, hypercapitalist tech nerds?
He took some gigs for the money and others for the soul — the Up Stairs Lounge was clearly such a soul gig.
" Over the years he has spent a lot of time, he said, "digging into soul food and where soul food came from.
When you have a soul, you have conscience, but when you don't have a conscience, that means that you lost your soul.
You're certainly familiar with the term "old soul," but we're taking it a step further and dubbing Miley Cyrus an old beauty soul.
His music was always a mutable blend — rock, cabaret, jazz and what he called "plastic soul" — but it was suffused with genuine soul.
Brown Says Houston Started Flirting with Him at the 1989 Soul Train Awards Houston first met Brown at the 43 Soul Train Awards.
Rarely is there a single "soul" to be seen—and the slightly antique locution of "soul" ( Seele , in German) is almost invariably used.
A brief but fruitful collaboration with the eccentric producer Lee (Scratch) Perry produced two outstanding albums, "Soul Rebels" (19843) and "Soul Revolution" (1971).
Mr. Modi has certainly ushered in an age when the "Indian soul" — like the German and Russian soul before it — is finding utterance.
In the end, that is what art really does; it connects your mind and soul with the mind and soul of a stranger.
Because to feel anything would mean that my soul was victorious, and I am not convinced that I have a soul at this moment.
Whether or not you believe in real-life soul mates, we're keen to believe that everyone does have at least one denim soul mate.
You nourish your soul and feed your spirit as much as you can, so your spirit can incarnate into a reflection of the soul.
Spirit located and Oprah soul sunday fulfilled , I blasted Drake through some iPad speakers and danced for the ladies with everything in my soul.
Soul II Soul were kind of the blueprint, but then they started doing all of their songs with Caron Wheeler, so it made sense.
We can achieve so much, and we can achieve so much when we tackle poverty eye to eye, soul to soul, person to person.
She covered Stevie's 'Until You Come Back to Me' and they performed it together at the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards in 2005.
"I have clients that come in, say hello and fall asleep," said Soul Lee, owner of Beautiful Soul Makeup Studio in New York City.
We'll be eating good food, listening to soul, neo-soul, R&B and old-school hip hop, dancing, playing games and making new memories!
My body is the home of my soul, and my soul is what others will truly love when they get the chance to know me.
Soul to Soul (Sunday) The National Yiddish Theater Folksbiene presents this concert that blends African-American and Yiddish music to celebrate Martin Luther King's Birthday.
But it is the first to set one of those venues in a place with soul to spare and another without any soul at all.
"Curtis Mayfield, from what I understand, was quite a gentle soul, in an era where a lot of soul artists were quite macho," he said.
In the blogosphere, a curious notion is spreading and gaining momentum: namely, the idea that information is the new soul—a kind of Soul 2.0.
In the blogosphere, a curious notion is spreading and gaining momentum: namely, the idea that information is the new soul—a kind of Soul 2.03.
Mr. Samuelsson's Red Rooster Harlem, a neighborhood restaurant known for its soul food and soul-stirring gospel brunches, has birthed a doppelgänger Red Rooster Shoreditch.
" He then makes a rhetorical leap from the origins of Franklin's title, "the Queen of Soul," to an accusation that "Black America has lost its soul.
"There's an absolutely marvellous moment, when the soul sees God and there is a cataclysmic chord, after which the soul screams, 'Take me away,' " Over said.
This should be a day for soul searching across America - and that soul searching should be matched with legislating to begin dealing with this national shame.
And there's no better representation of how Detroit approaches it than along the McNichols soul strip, a cluster of soul restaurants on McNichols in Northwest Detroit.
CreditCredit If you bless an animal, does that mean it has a soul, and if it has a soul, does that mean you shouldn't eat it?
The problem with this "soul," for Alter, is its Christian connotations of an incorporeal and immortal being, the dualism of the soul apart from the body.
Soulcalibur VI has two main single-player modes, one centered around the game's cast (Soul Chronicle) and one focusing on a created fighter (Libra of Soul).
Maybe his approach to black music really was "plastic soul," yet he used his position to demand integration for artists whose idea of soul was more concrete.
"From Jazz to Soul with Rhonda Denet," Rhonda and the Silver Fox Songs Trio perform a selection of jazz standards and soul classics spanning five decades. Jan.
"She was a beautiful soul, you know, gentle – she really wasn't out here as much, she was pregnant, a beautiful soul," witness Jermaine Arnold told the outlet.
"I just want to say something that makes my mom a really precious soul, very tender soul, is that she sees the beauty in everything," says Alexa.
The group's latest album, Free From Your Spell, dropped earlier this month on Soul Clap's imaginatively titled Soul Clap Records imprint, and it is an absolute doozy.
In American Soul, Williams will star as a young Ross in the '70s as she debates whether or not to appear on the dance show Soul Train.
Similar rituals take place when a baby is born, to welcome to the baby's soul into the world or to notify the spirits of a new soul.
"Like I always say, your body dies but your soul lives on, and everyone's soul who was lost that day goes on through everyone else," said Puth.
David Brooks Every election cycle we say that so and so is fighting for the soul of the Democratic Party, or the soul of the Republican Party.
Since 2011, Soul sales have amounted to over 100,000 units annually, dipping below that figure in 2019 as the outgoing Soul made way for an all-new version.
Su seña de identidad musical era la mutación, el intercambio: rock, cabaret, jazz y lo que él mismo denominó "plastic soul", que destilaba soul de toda la vida.
For example, in the verse sequence "Conversations with my soul," Adnan continues her exploration of the divine by asking: Dear soul, am I only because I have been?
It's set to play at the upcoming Getai Soul event, which will bring it on the same stage as soul and R&B performers in the island state.
"Soul" is about a man's (you guessed it) soul which accidentally leaves Earth and returns to the You Seminar — a place where all souls are given their personalities.
What is at stake here, however, is not Michael Cohen's soul but, rather, the soul of our nation and its centuries of reliance on the rule of law.
Slavery and the continuing pattern of discrimination aren't only an attempt to steal labor; they are an attempt to cover over a person's soul, a whole people's soul.
Captain America If you want to rip out the heart and soul of the Avengers, and the heart and soul of any Marvel fan, you kill Steve Rogers.
Soul Chronicle features one main story, following the staff-wielding Kilik's quest to destroy Soul Edge, the nefarious blade that corrupts people and seems to emanate raw evil.
I hear somewhere close   that bird calling could-be , could-be — tell me, Bird, how soul inhabits the place of fire, how soul dwells there in its trembling?
We've obtained the first images of Kelly playing Gladys in the new BET series, "American Soul" ... which chronicles the rise of "Soul Train" creator and iconic host, Don Cornelius.
Last Sunday, Shea Butter Baby was up for three awards at The Soul Train Awards: Best Collaboration, Best R&B Soul Female Artist, and Album/Mixtape of the Year.
At first glance, Omikron: The Nomand Soul is a murder mystery that opens with your own, human soul inhabiting a police officer in the domed alien city of Omikron.
If the drum pattern that opens "Be My Baby" thrills your soul (and if it doesn't, do you even have a soul?), this is possibly the show for you.
"Man of the Woods" posits Mr. Timberlake not as a sex-symbol soul supernova, but as an affable bro who enjoys the funk, soul and disco of the 1970s.
" — Kris "If you find your soul, text me.
Diplo & Mark Ronson "Northern Soul" — Above & Beyond feat.
In fact, he loves funk and soul so much he ended up having to cancel his New Year's set in Bristol after a funk and soul induced fever incapacitated him.
Winehouse's bold, melancholy music drew from '60s R&B and soul influences, a style that would help set the stage for female British soul singers like Adele and Lily Allen.
The card wasn't clear on what soul strengthening was supposed to feel like, but if it's anything like pleasantly citrus-scented hands all day, then maybe my soul was strengthened!
Quackery alarm bells will no doubt start ringing for the cynical when she starts talking about seeing the soul through the eyes and raw food cleansing the soul, yadda yadda.
The universe of ACS: Versace is aurally made up of women: club and radio jams by Lisa Stansfield, La Bouche, Indeep, Soul II Soul, and Jocelyn Enriquez all make appearances.
"So there's a song that Black Eyed Peas did with De La Soul on Bridging the Gap ['Cali to New York'], it was just me and De La Soul," Will.i.
If, as Chris Wallace said at the outset, there really is a battle for the "soul of the party," the GOP may have already sold that soul to Donald Trump.
I think soul music needs to go back to its roots because a lot of soul singers today, it's all about who they was with, my love this and that.
While the distinct shape and stature of the Soul do most of the heavy lifting, little styling flairs like these really help separate the Soul from any other small crossover.
That much is clear on her full-length debut from last year, "Soul Eyes," a collection of feel-good soul and folk-inflected ballads telling of heartbreak and teachable moments.
Map of the Soul: 7 will be the second chapter in the boy group's Map of the Soul era; its predecessors include the Youth Trilogy, Wings, and Love Yourself series.
To the Editor: If Joe Biden's run for president is, as he has declared, a battle for the soul of this nation, then he should listen to his own soul.
Many people who have faith in the divine believe humans have a soul, and many of those people ascribe a soul very early in the process, conception being most common.
"LOLITA....Lolita....LIGHT of my LIFE....LIGHT of my LIFE...FIRE of my LOINS... FIRE of my LOINS...MY SIN....My SIN....MY SOUL...My SOUL," she wrote in the caption.
The canonicity and influence of her late-'60s deep soul records is self-evident; if you know what soul music is, they'll sound familiar even if you've never heard them before.
Vazquez' motto is "styling for the soul," and her roundup of Miami hotspots reflects just that: a soul-infused approach to Magic City living that is vibrant, varied, and surprisingly Zen.
Rather than use samples, De La Soul spent three years recording more than 200 hours of the Rhythm Roots Allstars, a 10-piece funk and soul band it has toured with.
Instead, he collaborated with the Roots, reworking his music with live muscle rather than programming, meshing his own songs with soul oldies and testing himself as an old-school soul man.
So to help me, we would take old country songs and put a soul twist on them, or we would take old soul songs and put a country twist on them.
What an incredible woman, a loving, joyful & peaceful soul.
He was an incredible actor, kind soul & class act.
" Another: "Can a battery electric vehicle stir the soul?
" Barry Jenkins tweeted that Demme was "A MASSIVE soul.
The question of whether K has a soul – i.e.
It shows the spectrum of R & B and soul.
" He also said Fallon "looks like a lost soul.
" Yet she acknowledges the Chicken is "in his soul.
" The name, the marchers proclaimed, "is in our soul.
" It has caused me some soul searching," he said.
" You know, as in McCartney's biggest single "Beautiful Soul.
"; "How many miles is the voyage of a soul?
Such a nice man, true friend & a good soul!
Soul Terra candle with hidden crystal — $36.99 See Details
WATCH: Former PEOPLE Writer Natasha Stoynoff Speaks After Trump Controversy Excerpted from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Curvy & Confident, 101 Inspirational Stories about Loving Yourself and Your Body by Amy Newmark, Supermodel Emme and Natasha Stoynoff, published by Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC, copyright (c) 2016 by Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC.
There is a painting that has brought me great personal comfort recently, as brave soul after brave soul has come forward with startling allegations of sexual misconduct: Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith Slaying Holofornes.
If what women wear, or don't, brings the "soul of France" into question, as Marine Le Pen, the leader of the extreme-right National Front, has argued, that soul is extremely vacuous.
When we say [the bill] doesn't have any heart and soul, if you've got a heart and soul and a little bit of compassion in you, let me try to help you.
We have more than one soul mate, and the other person can be a soul mate calling and pulling you in a way that is difficult for you to understand or control.
Bettye LaVette: Things Have Changed (Verve) After her 2003 rebranding with minimalist producer-songwriter Dennis Walker, soul belter turned art singer LaVette got melodramatic on our ass, as old soul belters will.
"A Lonely Night" is luscious, sugary, fleet pop-soul, and "Die for You" almost flirts with classic soul, with its sparkling, ambitious hook (which also recalls R. Kelly's "Feelin' on Yo Booty").
Map of the Soul: 7 follows the group's 2019 EP, Map of the Soul: Persona, inspired by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung's major archetypes of the human mind: persona, shadow, ego, and self.
As part of Quadron, he made meticulous throwback 1980s and 1990s soul with the singer Coco O. And as part of Rhye, he made soporific lite-soul with the singer Michael Milosh.
Yet Craig Charles also loves funk and soul so much he managed to get himself back to the studio to host his 6Music Radio show all about funk and soul mere days later.
For those who believe in reincarnation or the idea that the soul survives after death, past life therapy is the process of unearthing old memories stored in your soul from a previous lifetime.
A Juilliard grad, he has unimpeachable bebop chops on the alto saxophone — but he embeds them in a personal brand of refined neo-soul (he refers to his sound as "future jazz soul").
Nanban: Japanese Soul Food | $35 MasterChef winner Tim Anderson shares his love of Japanese soul food in this beautiful cookbook laden with oishii, or delicious, recipes from Nanban, his pop-up London restaurant.
She considers herself an "old soul"  If her song choices from week to week didn't make it clear, Shepherd confirmed that she considers herself "an old soul" after one of the live shows.
I read an article that questioned whether we need "new soul music" and said that soul must choose to be political or go the pre-Civil Rights route and be happy and sweet.
JBJ Soul Kitchen, which is operated by the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, is a non-profit restaurant where customers can dine regardless of whether they are able to pay a suggested donation.
Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has died There were tributes all over social media and television for the "Queen of Soul," who put her stamp on the music industry and pop culture.
What that tells me is that something deep in our collective soul — or at least the collective soul of Times readers — seems to know that we need more of what Paul's talking about.
Some would say our nation's soul hangs in the balance.
I love you with every fibre of my soul. 216.
You are a kind, gentle soul and one special talent.
He is a very special soul — complex, vulnerable, and talented.
Cuda Cares is a unique soul with a rare disease.
Then there are mixes we did on Soul Clap Records.
But talking about prayer and God, you have a soul.
Congratulations to this tiny soul for breaking down musical barriers.
We don't know where poor Shireen Baratheon's soul now rests.
Funny criticisms are often solace for a weary soul. What's
Or maybe she just felt like uncovering her gothic soul?
She stole from my body, my mind and my soul.
Is it possible for a soul to inhabit two bodies?
I think it heals my soul a little bit, too.
No LikeWhen powered off it seems to have no soul.
"She is a beautiful soul," Turturro said at the launch.
Chicken Soup Chicken soup isn't just good for the soul.
A delight to work with, the soul of an angel.
Another potential avenue to resurrection could be the Soul Stone.
Make sure their soul is saved through faith in Jesus.
Jumpman was a simple soul with a simple talent: jumping.
He was my heart, my soul, and my entire world.
Dear #UmaThurman may peace be with you and your soul.
So where and what the heck is the Soul Stone?
Those who can bare their soul in leather pants should.
Not just common goals, but a common heart and soul.
Gamora (Zoe Saldana) — killed by Thanos for the Soul Stone.
"Today, my soul is in peace, thanks to Pope Francis."
Sounds like someone affiliated with the Soul Stone, doesn't it?
The RS 5 is a car with an old soul.
The Joker is Batman's chaotic soul, turned toward destructive ends.
So lucky to know and love a soul like yours.
"My Fire Ox, My Brother, My Soul Sister," she wrote.
From the book Salt in My Soul by Mallory Smith.
I couldn't see his eyes, I couldn't see his soul.
" "It just tells me that she was a wonderful soul.
"Presidential campaigns are like MRIs for the soul," I said.
I mean, once you're gone, your body's not your soul.
It felt like medicine, like balm for a weary soul.
It was a beautiful opening into your heart and soul.
It takes a brave soul to risk the 3 p.m.
She's the most beautiful, precious soul I have ever met.
"You know, Donald is a fragile soul," Mr. Cruz said.
We each followed her instructions like dutiful Super Soul students.
Sharing an enthusiasm has been my soul and core intent.
His family called him a "gentle, generous and kind soul."
For some reason he always stares right into my soul.
What's missing is a sense of soul and emotional investment.
Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution, rock and soul. Feb.
You have filled my cup and so filled my soul.
My soul is turning sour; my voice beginning to crack.
It's incredible, and everyone with a soul should read it.
Please please feel something, have heart, have soul, have something!
Wean me from earth and raise my soul to God.
SLEEPER trains occupy a romantic corner of any traveller's soul.
Love this kid, such an artist and a sweet soul!
The soul becomes visible in the images the imagination produces.
Bernie was a gentle soul with a heart of gold.
Jon Cleary and the Monster Gentlemen, funk and soul. Feb.
I pray [to] God, may his soul rest in peace.
Very. We're with our athletes heart and soul right now.
"This memoir is my soul laid bare," she tells PEOPLE.
It's a battle of the soul singers on The Voice!
But Soul Man manages to confound even one's worst expectations.
" The question, he said, "is echoing in my soul now.
They have a soul that is missing from electric vehicles.
We need your unfiltered soul poured into our outstretched hands.
It's easy and it is so good for your soul.
But the vibrant soul of the city has been decimated.
I like to think not one soul will be lost.
" She adds: "Music is such a part of my soul.
Well, it starts with understanding the backbone of soul: gospel.
Have you felt like part of your soul was missing?
My wig, my brain, my soul — consider it all snatched.
I ❤ you Jennifer Eve with all my heart & soul.
Halsey is celebrating someone who has made her soul gleam.
"Nanies centers me in my deepest soul," he told Una.
It messes with your mind, your body and your soul.
The idea of the perfectibility of your body and soul.
Our soul has two homes – the forest and the sea.
Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's son has one sweet soul.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul.
He was a bright, loving soul with an angel's voice.
"The soul has no gender," astrologer Colin Bedell tells Refinery29.
Faith in God and prayer have always calmed my soul.
Was it a cool balm for your wounded, battered soul?
"This beautiful soul was stolen from us," Chantel Campbell writes.
"My favorite part of him is his soul," says Ashleigh.
Katy is my friend and is truly a kind soul.
The Queen of Soul has a career spanning six decades.
He was the most generous, wise soul with unmatched kindness.
It's good for the soul and good for your sanity.
We are filled with wonder and our soul is lifted.
When you lead with your soul, you radiate positive feelings.
It's all in the eyes, the window to our soul.
What's at stake are the nation's ideals, its very soul.
"The soul of America is at stake here," Charlamagne said.
When you feel the music, it penetrates to your soul.
"Soul mates - in this life and every other," she added.
I just would never sell my soul to the devil.
A thoughtful soul with a checkered past, like rocky road?
Every fucking word came from my soul, deep down inside.
Excuse me for a minute, my soul just shattered. 2.
Who will win this fight for the soul of America?
Their body isn't what made them special; it's their soul.
Even if you come home alive, your soul will hurt.
Depression is sensory deprivation of the body, mind, and soul.
It is, in many ways, our version of the soul.
I don't know if we've seen him lose his soul.
"She was bumping into me at Soul Train," Brown explained.
James Hillman is the psychoanalyst writer of the polytheistic soul.
You could see this little mutt's soul with every blink.
Now, we can call garage or grime or soul "pop".
Ajayu -- which means "soul" or "spirit" -- was left for dead.
Let the nonsense massage your brain, and open your soul.
It will be a fight for the soul of America.
God and Ronnie have finally welcomed a choice soul home.
A good view could feed a weary soul for days.
Why would Chris Christie's soul choose to abandon its host?
Personnel aside, science and technology are its heart and soul.
In real life, Wilder came across as a gentle soul.
It's the music that gets into my body and soul.
It's easy, and it is so good for your soul.
Jennifer Lawrence found her soul mate in fiancé Cooke Maroney.
Rest their soul in peace & speedy recovery for injured ones.
Don't mistake this article for the product of soul searching.
He's every bit the heart and soul of our team.
You were right when you said we are soul mates.
I legitimately sold my soul to Him in January 2013.
I've always been kind of an old soul, I guess.
It's good for the soul, and your vitamin D levels.
There's really a soul and energy here in every corner.
And, one more hard question -- Does Trump like soul food?
I hadn't told a soul, not even my best friends.
You say the eyes are the windows to the soul?
It gives a certain peace to the soul not to
For his part, he saw the good soul in everyone.
Like, the pure extract of my soul into an album.
It looks like Miami, but its soul is pure Brooklyn.
Moral injury is a wound to the soul and psyche.
She's a sweet idealistic soul, but she's not a doormat.
The most common answer we got is, soul is love.
For although my stomach is empty, my soul is nourished.
Your eyes, after all, are the windows to your soul.
The plantation is the Rorschach test for America's soul: You
The ancient Greeks taught that inaccurate language poisons the soul.
The Starchip is the heart and soul of the plan.
His soul was weighted down by guilt for a reason.
I began by saying that a void fills the soul.
Reguardless; music, soul, art, and beauty will shine as ever!
It is made of soul, joy and reticence,' he said.
This time Ms. Semple delivers less satire and more soul.
Finding your soul begins by discovering our ability to listen!
Michael Singer's book, The Untethered Soul, changed my life, too.
The heart and soul of our nation is at stake.
"She added: "Please today stand up for every soul Mistreated.
Soul Asylum with the English Beat, alternative rock and ska.
I have given you my soul; leave me my name!
The Beach Boys with the Temptations: Surf and Soul Tour.
This is why he held that the soul was immortal.
"My friend Lauren is your soul mate," Ms. Yuan said.
I love that the Grinch is such a miserable soul.
I just expected [The Soul Train Awards] to understand that.
The window to your soul just got some privacy blinds. 
"But once it gets in your soul, it's in there."
It drills deep into your soul and never goes away.
You want to hold each wounded soul in your hands.
UNCASVILLE Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire, rock and soul.
The addict's face is gray, his body and soul exhausted.
Folk and soul are actually my first two musical crushes.
Having not seen a soul since his departure on Nov.
To be so young, he's really got an old soul.
Disney Princess eyes, those are the windows to your soul.
Guy gives his heart and soul and they traded him.
OK, as a warlock, soul shards were so fucking annoying.
They were soul mates of a sort, you can tell.
Into the shoes Goya poured the soul of his subjects.
Bryan has sold his soul and gotten nothing in return.
It's not like it's some 'Chicken Soup for the Soul.
She puts me up and feeds me real soul food.
Check out the episode of 'California Soul' about DIY guns.
Shed skin was replaced with soul sickness and cowboy hats.
So your theory goes beyond religion or the the soul.
The battle for the soul of Russian masculinity never ends.
Is there any word more thrilling to the human soul?
Does the human soul then become one with the cosmos?
And I've committed myself, body and soul, to that effort.
And I'll be damned if it didn't kiss my soul.
Probably causing further scarring on a soul that's already wounded.
There's nothing cuter than a sensitive mechanical soul so, yes.
I can walk for miles and not see a soul.
He's just got so much soul with everything he writes.
I have been ignoring the quiet needs of my soul.
You can put a price on everything, except your soul.
Luckily, cheesemakers of today are trying to save its soul.
I always knew subconsciously that religion wasn't inside my soul.
I'm looking for something that's gonna touch a nigga's soul.
If it tickles my soul, I want it, straight up.
Does the angel of Death have to take his soul?
The Kia Soul — remember the commercials with the dancing hampsters?
When things get twisty, the Soul remains competent and controlled.
Would love another soul to rock the hell outta this.
The legendary soul singer died Thursday from advanced pancreatic cancer.
I saw someone talking about the new Pixar movie. Soul?
But with the Godfather of Soul, nothing is that simple.
He won the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.
"It is music that goes into your soul," she said.
Why even have a soul if it can't be monetized?
People must search their soul and draw their own line.
How can you love someone who ain't got a soul?
If there was a Canadian soul I heard its story.
After a night of frantic (soul) searching, I admitted defeat.
Honestly, it's the kinda deal that makes your soul glowwwwww ...
It paid the bills, but it didn't feed the soul.
The work is now 'animated,' or 'given anima,' 'granted soul.
Trump asked for the party's soul, and he got it.
"Really Doe" (featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt) 5.
Ms. LaSalle recorded blues, soul, gospel and even zydeco music.
But, kind soul that he is, he made himself available.
"The Kings are the heart and soul of the city."
Did they not defend the soul of the Jewish people?
But touch can get at the soul of a thing.
She was a beautiful soul, and born from another planet.
Do you think soul and metal is an odd marriage?
I think first and foremost, music needs to have soul.
Today, Democrats are undergoing some deep — and valid — soul-searching.
We were witnessing the greatest soul artist of all time.
Neither expected to find a soul mate alongside their shipmates.
Mata is, as elite athletes go, a pretty placid soul.
Tourism, he said, will deplete a city of its soul.
The garden restores my soul like no other public place.
While folk music was blowing up, soul music was too.
Nary a soul knew the champ was in the house.
Rather, each was, quite profoundly, a painter of the soul.
The more experienced the soul, the more intoxicating the motion.
RICHARDS: Soul food is a marketing term invented by Northerners.
Soul food is a gospel, and chefs are its preachers.
"It's a good story of a shining soul," another added.
SUCH a wonderful, fun, silly, smart, delightful, curmudgeonly ole soul.

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