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"public" Definitions
  1. [only before noun] connected with ordinary people in society in general
  2. [only before noun] provided, especially by the government, for the use of people in general
  3. [only before noun] connected with the government and the services it provides
  4. known to people in general
  5. open to people in general; intended to be seen or heard by people in general
  6. where there are a lot of people who can see and hear you

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"public" Synonyms
government national civic community state civil federal social local municipal nationalised(UK) nationalized(US) official constitutional governmental metropolitan urban communal democratic domestic open overt plain clear obvious published exposed apparent conspicuous evident observable publicised(UK) publicized(US) transparent visible avowed blatant manifest prominent recognised(UK) general popular common mainstream majority widespread mass overall prevalent wide average broad orthodox predominant prevailing regular shared blanket collective unrestricted accessible mutual available joint neighborhood(US) neighbourhood(UK) conjoint cooperative free pooled collaborative leading important celebrated distinguished famous notable principal recognized(US) respected dominant eminent key noteworthy primary prime renowned arch cardinal ceremonial formal ritual stately ritualistic solemn courtly liturgical dignified prescribed set celebratory sacramental august grand imposing lofty mannered unclassified public domain released unconcealed obtainable attainable handy acquirable ready approachable procurable convenient forthcoming gettable feasible realizable(US) offered unlimited unhindered absolute free-for-all unbounded unhampered unrestrained unbridled unchecked unconditional unconstrained unimpeded unopposed easygoing flexible lax open-door admissible agreeable allowable appropriate employable fit getable nondiscriminatory not posted on deck on tap operative promotional advertising divulgatory marketing persuasive positive profile-raising promoting propagative publicity public relations informational P.R. press teaser business educational televised live television televisual TV on-air on-screen nonprofitmaking charitable not-for-profit nonprofit philanthropic non-profit-making non-profit benevolent beneficent eleemosynary altruistic humanitarian philanthropical do-good almsgiving socially concerned NPO humane public-spirited unanimous like-minded united agreed concordant agreeing consentient harmonious undivided accepted accordant assenting at one combined concurrent consensual consonant people populace population citizens country everyone masses multitude society voters citizenry electorate nation electors all commoners commons crowd humanity humankind mankind folks man men world mortals Homo sapiens human beings homo sapiens human race human species species inhabitants audience clientele fans following concertgoers followers patrons spectators theatergoers(US) theatregoers(UK) admirers aficionados buyers consumers devotees fanbase followership market patronage supporters land realm race kingdom domain commonwealth empire republic motherland dominion fatherland nationality buyer customer purchaser shopper consumer client patron user vendee emptor trade prospect investor representative sucker shopaholic end user gallery onlookers attendance gods peanut gallery gathering assemblage assembly congregation turnout throng house listeners viewers convocation flock group bevvy(UK) bevy(US) body company herd host pack swarm all and sundry everybody whole world each one each person every person one and all world at large each and every one every last one general public people everywhere every man jack the whole world every Tom, Dick and Harry every mother's son anybody young and old More
"public" Antonyms
private independent individual commercial commercialised(UK) commercialized(US) privatised(UK) privatized(US) single denationalized(US) denationalised(UK) nonnational non-public non-state-controlled non-state-run local personal selfstanding restricted secret confidential classified intimate unofficial dissembled dissimulated undisclosed unpublished unrevealed hushed inside unacknowledged uncommunicated esoteric off the record strictly confidential unpopular uncommon unliked contentious despised disfavored hated rejected unaccepted undesirable unwelcome abhorred detested disliked loathed obnoxious scorned spurned unvalued unwanted exclusive closed inaccessible unshared off-limits privy privileged exclusionary exclusory protected obscure unfamiliar unknown unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) inconspicuous unacclaimed unapplauded uncelebrated undistinguished unfamed unnoticed unrenowned anonymous insignificant invisible unappreciated unfamous unlauded nonstandard unconventional unusual limited minor peculiar underlying unfixed unimportant one-man one-sided one-way sole solitary unilateral adversarial competitive disjoint disobliging disunited divided encumbering hindering hurting preventing separate narrow specific incomplete particular localised(UK) localized(US) particularised(UK) particularized(US) rare unique rural bucolic country nonurban suburban subsidiary auxiliary inferior least secondary subordinate subjective submissive yielding international global worldwide intercontinental cosmopolitan multinational transnational universal world catholic ecumenical foreign all-embracing planetary personalised(UK) personalized(US) individualised(UK) individualized(US) special characteristic own select military informal casual relaxed simple unceremonial unimpressive unceremonious natural friendly without ceremony congenial ordinary nonformal spontaneous everyday laid-back conversational open undemocratic nondemocratic unclear inconclusive imperceptible disputable ambiguous doubtful fuzzy indistinct mistakable obscured questionable uncertain unobvious vague dubious indefinite subtle dark atypical uncustomary unorthodox irregular novel original exceptional isolated nonconforming singular unexpected infrequent unheard of prohibited banned forbidden illegal barred illicit no-no not allowed outlawed proscribed taboo against the law unlawful out of bounds out-of-bounds verboten hard harsh rigid rigorous severe stern strict nonpolitical covert hidden concealed disguised hush-hush surreptitious underhand defamatory profitmaking unavailable unobtainable unreachable unattainable untouchable secreted inconvenient ungettable unrealizable out-of-reach spiritual ethereal immaterial incorporeal intangible metaphysical nonmaterial ghostly transcendent unworldly heavenly nonphysical formless extramundane unbodied disembodied psychical asomatous bodiless mystical elite aristocracy best nonpareil top A-list corps d'elite cream of the crop crème de la crème upper crust cream pink elect pick fat flower pride choice nobility gentry animalkind animals beastkind beasts creatures fauna wildlife birdkind fishkind insectkind flora haters detractors nonsupporters critics disparagers slanderers traducers vilifiers attackers belittlers censurers defamers denigrators deprecators depreciators derogators doubters hecklers libelers revilers person human being man mortal woman individualist loner toff foreigners outlanders outsiders visitors strangers incomers newcomers noncitizens tourists protesters disbelievers opposition activists agitators campaigners complainers demonstrators dissenters dissentients dissidents marchers objectors opposers picketers rebels rejectionists seller manager marketer owner merchandiser minority animal kingdom dealer merchant retailer vender(UK) vendor(US) peddler salesman salesperson shopkeeper tradesman management ownership nobody

414 Sentences With "public"

How to use public in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "public" and check conjugation/comparative form for "public". Mastering all the usages of "public" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"These are public projects paid for with public dollars on public land, so the public needs to benefit," Ms. Sutphin said.
The public has understandably become dubious of public denials by public figures who are accused in the context of public scandals.
It does not impact public transportation, public-benefit hotlines, or public sanitation services.
"Public officials are public servants, but they're not meant to be public punching bags."
It is a public space, and in a public space the public interest prevails.
A thriving digital social network is as vital to the public sphere as a public library, public schools, or even a public water fountain.
To be a part of a community is to contribute to the community's well-being, including public safety, public health, public transportation and public education.
HK/SIN Indonesia - Public Holiday Malaysia - Public Holiday Singapore - Public Holiday China - FX reserves, June Indonesia - Public Holiday Malaysia - Public Holiday South Korea - Samsung Electronics earnings guidance Japan - Current account, May, at 7:50 a.m.
"Public transit is for the public, but it is also for the working public," she says.
Public relations agencies and lobbying firms use many tactics to influence public opinion and public officials.
But what is going to make it happen is public outrage, public imagination, and public inspiration.
The cover pool has significant exposure to French public sector assets (about 78% of the cover pool), in the form of public sector loans, guaranteed public sector loans, public sector bonds and guaranteed public sector bonds.
"The public supports these safeguards, the public wants clear air and water, the public wants a safe climate."
We'll continue to explore additional unicorn-unicorn, unicorn-public and public-public possibilities in future posts — tune in!
The public isn't right about every issue or every detail of drug policy, public health, or public policy solutions.
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds public television and radio stations including Public Broadcasting Service  and NPR. 15.
In sum: 15 local and international public artists; 15 local public programmers; 15 public parks; 15 city council districts.
Corruption of public officers and infiltration of criminal groups into public tenders slows down upgrading Italy's creaking public infrastructure.
The American public depends on public transportation and, in turn, our nation's public transportation systems depend on the public's support.
DeVos has never attended a public school and has spent much of her public life arguing against traditional public schools.
Steven Pike is Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Public Diplomacy at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.
Reactions to public health problems are mediated by more than just public health evidence or recommendations from public health experts.
Natural monopolies require either public provision or at least public oversight to provide services efficiently, hence the large public role.
"The public airspace belongs to the public and it should be run for the benefit of the public," he said.
But as I said earlier about public art, public spaces, it is for the enjoyment and stimulation of the public.
In May, Nauru made it illegal to make a statement "likely to threaten national defense, public safety, public order, public morality or public health", punishable by up to seven years in prison.
And also the public is keen, the public keeps hearing leaks, we public keeps hearing that this has been pushing back.
"The military is diverse and large, and it's public, it serves a public function, it serves a public duty," she says.
Public school teachers' unions are generally in opposition to charter schools, which use public money but operate with little public oversight.
"The Department of Public Safety and the county attorney's office perpetrated a public relations stunt to calm the public," Lamm said.
Public shareowners have watched as private equity has taken underperforming public companies, underperforming divisions of public companies, and made a fortune.
"The public expression of our diverse views helps sustain public support for the Federal Reserve as a public institution," Powell said.
On the one hand, in a democracy like ours, public sentiment and public priorities ought to be felt in public policy.
Top public health officials can't responsibly fail to correct misinformation when they are speaking in public about a public health crisis.
"When you work for the public, you work for the public and only the public," he said, standing outside the courthouse.
Calling a charter school a public school is like calling a defense contractor a public institution because it consumes public funds.
Steven Pike is an assistant professor of Public Relations and Public Diplomacy at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.
Through that, they will get public data from Facebook and Instagram and posts from public pages, public groups, and verified profiles.
If they want to be public, they risk public shaming.
Public servants are supposed to serve the public, full stop.
"Public health and public hygiene are now concerns," she said.
Public Key 1 was the PGP public key for 'dudebuy.
What about having public editor or public editors, plural. Internally?
So when should public artworks be removed from public view?
We're in public service, you want to serve the public.
Public pensions are an investment in the public sector workforce.
But I believe in the public good and public land.
If the government controls public discourse, it controls public opinion.
It's a public relations exercise dressed up as public health.
And a renewed value for public service and public servants.
"Public health depends a lot on public trust," he said.
Religious scholars and public officials have demanded his public execution.
There's nothing "public" about Musk's fanciful approach to public transportation.
We lack the public will to transform our public schools.
Google's public cloud is also behind Microsoft's Azure public cloud.
It's public safety, but what's causing our public safety issues?
Can we agree that public art deserves healthy public input?
Public funds belong to the public, and they are sacred.
Among planned reforms he cited an overhaul of public job centers, simplified rules on public tenders and a boost to public investments.
Look what we're doing in the San Francisco public schools, the Oakland public schools-- JIM CRAMER: You're a graduate of public school.
Databricks hired the CFO who took Splunk public"He took them public, and has taken other companies public," he told Business Insider.
CEO, JMG Public RelationsMy company: JMG Public Relations is an award-winning public relations firm for venture-backed startup companies and innovators.
Mike Pence funded public broadcasting for eight years as governor of Indiana, and even won a Champion of Public Broadcasting Award from America's Public Television Stations (then called the Association of Public Television Stations).
I think we just needed an age of great public energy, young people going into public service instead of to Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, and a great wave of public building and public rebuilding.
"Public shareowners have watched, as private equity has taken underperforming public companies, underperforming divisions of public companies and made a fortune," Garden said.
First, we were banned from holding positions of public office, then from public-sector jobs, from public housing, from government benefits, from education.
Likewise, if civically learned, the public will be knowledgeable about the nuances of public policies and more understanding of a public official's role.
Californians came together for public works in the mid-20th century — freeways, public housing, the finest public schools and universities in the nation.
The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) Public Interest Advocacy Staff conveyed this in their report recently submitted to the Georgia Public Service Commission.
The public health organization, the Public Health Foundation of India, is a public-private partnership that was started by the government in 2006.
They are public-works projects because large capital projects — especially ones that, like highways, involve widespread public benefit — have always required public money.
First, there's the question of how public officials differ in private — who public officials are in private, versus the public image they project.
No wonder public the public is wary of self-driving cars.
"That public 'whatever' is called public sentiment," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. Rep.
If you are open to the public, the public comes in.
If this is a public artwork, which public is it serving?
Public consumption: Yes, but not in enclosed public spaces or vehicles.
Public transportation is awesome but free public transportation is even better!
"It's [now] about continued public engagement and public pressure," Harrington says.
Some of the work is in public and in public events.
If it's not completely public it's public to these large corporations.
But when bots became available the public, the public largely shrugged.
He was later charged with trespassing, public intoxication and public indecency.
Creators for Change is equal parts public relations and public policy.
There are also exceptions for public safety and public health jobs.
Public views of the court would resemble public views of Trump.
He also lamented that public confidence in public officials has declined.
"Until recently, we assumed that public debate was public," said Bhagwat.
Both are now at Hilltop Public Solutions, a public relations firm.
The United States isn't exactly synonymous with gleaming public public transportation.
Public transportation is just that ... public and therefore with attendant risks.
But public polling has tracked a dramatic shift in public attitudes.
"By making things public, more things become public," he told Motherboard.
Tillerson's public schedule for Tuesday shows no public events or appointments.
Most public events were canceled and many public institutions are closed.
Most public events were cancelled and many public institutions are closed.
Other buckets contain public information and are intentionally set to public.
The public loves an impeachment, until the public hates an impeachment.
Public policy really does have the potential to shape public opinion.
The idiot cares nothing about public life, much less public service.
For certified public accountants, check with your state's public accountancy board.
But Hall is a professional and the public is the public.
Public places include synagogues, churches, schools, restaurants, stores and public buses.
This could potentially make public spaces less public and less equitable.
Secondly, public opinion does not generally determine US public policy anyway.
" Pence, who won the Association of Public Television Stations' "Champion of Public Broadcasting Award" in 2014, called preserving public television's funding an "easy call.
It was becoming a city that was geared towards taking care of its people, putting money into public resources, public parks, libraries, public housing.
The ACLU is asserting that if a public official uses that account for any public business, they have automatically made it a public forum.
Staten Island public schools and public parks, its new public health clinic and its recreation centers all rely on New York City's tax base.
That's why you need the public-public and the public-private partnerships to ensure the most efficient, most effective allocation of that limited capital.
There is no reason for Americans to ignore clear directives from public health professionals recommending limited public engagement and exposure in public places... He should revise his recommendations to better reflect the advice of public health experts.
Absent adequate public housing funding, lifting the RAD cap altogether and incentivizing the conversion of public housing to the public-private model is the most sensible policy from both the residents' and the public housing agencies' perspective.
The safest plan is to meet somewhere public and stay somewhere public.
The public wage sector represents a huge portion of Tunisia's public spending.
Neera has only ever served in the public (and public interest) sector.
Nipples in public are a thing, breastfeeding in public is a thing.
Public health officials said it's unlikely the wider public is in danger.
Launches occur in public, of course, so screw-ups are also public.
We probably just had gone public, so three years later being public.
Facebook Sports Stadium attracts public chatter Facebook Sports Stadium attracts public chatter
Even after public water crises like Flint—especially after public crises Flint.
The plan broadly calls for grants, public banks and other public financing.
"It makes public, and makes Juul be public, about the health consequences."
Brussels public transport Meanwhile, select public transportation services in Brussels have resumed.
Nandy: Graffiti was born being public and will always defend the public.
That's why public safeguards are put in place -- to benefit the public.
Public education choices are those that operate within the public school system.
The nonprofit supports public television, public radio and PBS — including PBS Kids.
Gardner has also worked at Edelman Public Relations and Ogilvy Public Relations.
She has a true commitment to public service for the public good.
Public servants and public service have been taking it on the chin.
Anything in public will largely be for public statements and for show.
Lesson learned: public debate is a vital component of public policy success.
" Ocasio-Cortez responded by tweeting, "That public 'whatever' is called public sentiment.
" Ocasio-Cortez responded on Twitter, "That public 'whatever' is called public sentiment.
She served as undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs.
We were debating public funding for public media, for NPR and PBS.
Libraries are funded by the public in order to serve the public.
Biden's public image has been bolstered by his distance from public life.
It is structural disinvestment in public commons, in this case, public transportation.
We're a public university and in a way, we're a public trust.
Later, urban planners like Robert Moses prevented public transportation to public beaches.
"The public is just the public" to Mr. Moses, Ms. Perkins added.
The two events sparked public calls for new public legislation on guns.
Center, and former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public
Editorial Observer Public servants are supposed to serve the public, not themselves.
Supporters say the restrictions protect public safety and privacy in public buildings.
However, this public announcement hasn't done much to stop large public gatherings.
"Public spaces belong to the citizens and public at large," Borrageiro said.
They&aposve weathered their companies going public, internal turmoil, and public scandals.
Such public meetings are important for the public to understand what happened.
But there is a big difference between public entertainment and public discourse.
Sonenshine is former undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs.
At public colleges, the public is subsidizing tuition and providing direct support.
We should not mob people in public spaces or destroy public property.
" Ocasio-Cortez responded on Twitter: "That public 'whatever' is called public sentiment.
We're mostly looking at public information, or information that could be public.
In response to the public outcry, the artist made a public apology.
When most works enter the public domain, the public collectively owns them.
Most major libraries have dedicated, easy-to-find sections of their sites devoted to lending electronic materials — the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library system, Boston Public Library, Louisville Free Public Library, the Salt Lake City Public Library system and the San Francisco Public Library are just a few around the country.
The government finally made public a draft of the proposed rule in 2013, describing it as an "urgent public health issue" and inviting public comments.
"The exercise is geared toward determining suitability to continue holding public office in public trust, and promote confidence in the public service," the statement said.
With eminent domain, the government can take your property for public use, so [for] a public hospital or an on-ramp or a public highway.
" Hillary Clinton on 'public service' "Through all these years of public service, the 'service' part has always come easier to me than the 'public' part.
The main contestants are bondholders and other creditors, commonwealth taxpayers, the beneficiaries of public spending programs and quasi-public delivery of services, and public employees.
Many of the roles filled by public service veterinarians aren't highly visible to the public – but they are crucial to our economy and public health.
This public interest is only heightened, and never diminished, by the existence of public controversy that deserves a fully informed hearing in the public discourse.
Just like public pension plans, adequate pay for teachers and robust funding for public schools are investments in the public sector and the common good.
Vancouver Public Schools, Longview Public Schools, Battle Ground Public Schools and the Hockinson School District all announced that negotiations are continuing with teachers and mediators.
"Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav," Public Enemy said in a brief statement Sunday, according to Rolling Stone.
"It's a public record, and the press and the public have a right to public records," said Archie Reeves, the lawyer who represented The Times.
"If everything in the public market had been recently priced, if Airbnb were now public, or SpaceX was public, it might be different," Altman said.
A first attempt at invigorating public offerings, the initial public price-setting of Google stock, was conducted through a public internet "Dutch auction" in 2004.
Outlook Stable The following six public sector covered bond programmes have been affirmed at 'AAA' /Stable: -Aareal Bank AG's (ARB, BBB+/Stable/F2) public sector Pfandbriefe -Bayerische Landesbank AG's (BLB, A-/Stable/F2) public sector Pfandbriefe -Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg's (LBBW, A-/Stable/F1+) public sector Pfandbriefe -Landesbank Hessen-Thueringen Girozentrale's (LBH, A+/Stable/F1+) public sector Pfandbriefe -Unicredit Bank AG`s (HVB, A-/Negative/F2) public sector Pfandbriefe -Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale's (NLB, A-/Stable/F1) public sector Pfandbriefe.
A new Oklahoma law requires anti-abortion messages in all public bathrooms A new Oklahoma law requires anti-abortion messages in all public bathrooms A new anti-abortion public awareness campaign is taking aim at Oklahoma's public bathrooms.
States should get block grants to create temporary jobs needed to control the public health crisis, such as workers for testing centers, thermal screening in public places, widespread contact tracing, quarantine monitoring and disinfecting public transportation and public places.
As the company returns to the public markets, it means it is in the fairly unique position of going from public to private to public again.
"Judge Jackson reminds us that it is in fact the policy of our laws that public sector public bargaining is in the public interest," she said.
The city's three library systems — the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public Library and the Queens Library — have intensified their efforts to mobilize the public.
This orientation toward public participation continued once in office as the White House Office of Public Liaison was converted to become the Office of Public Engagement.
The Dow is a handful of public companies; it is not all public companies and public companies are only a fraction of the overall U.S. economy.
"This is a public health crisis that needs a public response," Sean Kennedy, the NRA's executive vice president of public affairs, said in a phone interview.
Public nuisance laws, which are centuries old, were invoked when something interfered with a right common to the general public, traditionally roads, waterways or public spaces.
"This is a public health crisis that needs a public response," Sean Kennedy, the NRA's executive vice president of public affairs, said in a phone interview.
The department likewise seeks to log public forests, spray pesticides across public rangelands, and slaughter wild horses without any kind of formal deliberation or public oversight.
According to Jost, alleviating public alarm is, in itself, a public health priority.
Public filings should be easier to access online and free to the public.
Public listening risks public tears, thanks to Snap Judgement's moving and affecting stories.
They will stop engaging with public issues like poverty, pollution or public violence.
First, when Chinese public tech companies, such as Alibaba and Tencent, went public.
" - Steve Rovarino "We're looking at a public asset, assigned to do public good.
It's an enterprise product, sourcing public sector information mainly for public sector customers.
Photos you designate as "public" and "private" are not in the public domain.
They include cutting the deficit and the public debt and reshaping public spending.
But actually a public ledger, a public blockchain is completely visible to anyone.
"Act like a public company before you are in fact a public company."
Having sex in public violates public indecency laws in pretty much every state.
Never in public would I ever… Never full on making out in public?
The individual preference for public insurance is reflected in public polling as well.
And he runs a public company, he has a responsibility to the public.
If you forsake it for expediency, you undermine public safety and public trust.
Opioid addiction is a public health crisis that deserves a public health response.
The EPA has halted public communications while it overhauls its public relations strategy.
In the public eye Trump resumes a more robust public schedule starting Saturday.
What is the public interest, and how do we define public interest journalism?
Sonenshine is former under secretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs.
The basic public health and public safety rationale for that is very clear.
DH: So, we're public because they wanted us to be a public company.
I don't know, except for public relations reasons and manipulation of public opinion.
""If Boeing wants to build public trust," he added, "let public validation occur.
They are a very public and specific commitment to spending on public transit.
A proposal to strip protections from public lands should be made public immediately.
" Ocasio-Cortez shot back on Twitter, "that public 'whatever' is called public sentiment.
These public-private partnerships empower public officials to manage projects with greater control.
Of course, it is hardly the only public garden to restrict public access.
Sher served as former undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs.
Such a solution would need to privilege public interests, not just public awards.
Sonenshine is a former undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs.
Tweets are on the public record, indeed some have become the public record.
It's a profession that serves the public good and has gained public trust.
"Our job is to shape public opinion, not just follow public opinion," Rep.
In her words Public pressure to diversify boards forced public companies to change.
People also aren't allowed to access public parks, play areas, and public gardens.
"Public health comes first," said Schroder, who has a background in public health.
It is the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, not the Center for Public Broadcasting.
And they are not necessarily for public consumption, but they are public documents.
You didn't make a public statement, but it was a semi public statement.
Incidents of public corruption, if any, may seem opaque to the general public.
Public health officials point to deteriorating public health services, like S.T.D. testing clinics.
So when you're out in public, you're sort of open for public discourse.
State-backed "public information" campaigns shape public opinion in ways beneficial to Fidesz.
Meanwhile, authorities have been disinfecting public buildings, streets, as well as public transportation.
A public health success Child-resistant packaging is a major public health success.
But public-private partnerships without strong public management are a recipe for disaster.
The internet demands speed, and public diplomacy requires a public response to events.
When it went public 2014, it was the largest initial public offering ever.
With the public charge regulation, Trump is painting immigrants as abusing public benefits.
The public must trust that public health officials are giving out correct information.
Their feud turned nasty public after Block's text messages denigrating Hurd became public.
Public school principals and police officers get the highest marks for public trust.
Robert WeissmanWashingtonThe writer is president of Public Citizen, the public interest advocacy group.
To these Democrats, a neutral public square must be a secular public square.
A public digital ledger A blockchain is essentially an immutable public digital ledger.
It also features public interest groups Public Knowledge, Common Cause and Consumers Union.
Her mother retired as a public defender for the Philadelphia public defender's office.
Eventually, North Korea introduced its own public Mirae (Korean for "future") public network.
She is its deputy director of public art, not its public arts coordinator.
"Remember," Mr. Porcari said, "the first 'p' in public-private partnership is public."
How will the public, public institutions and the media react to his actions?
Several public health advocates say EPA isn't playing it straight with the public.
I've been in the public arena and under extreme public scrutiny for decades.
Trouble is, any public health study shields personal health records from the public.
The downgrade of CBK's public sector Pfandbriefe follows an updated full analysis of CBK's public sector cover pool after the integration of Hypothekenbank Frankfurt's (HF) cover assets and outstanding public sector Pfandbriefe into CBK's public sector programme in May 2016.
Much of what they'll say has been made public in lengthy written transcripts, but Democrats hope that the visual image of career public servants laying out the case in public will resonate and help build public support for impeaching Trump.
At 235 minutes: Andreessen answers why today's private companies — which Andreessen has argued can better compete with public companies (versus other public companies) — won't run into the same exact constraints as their public company counterparts when they eventually go public, too.
"So if you work there you have to be aware that you work with public money and behind the public money are public values, and that means you work for the public and not for your private interest," he said.
They include: imposing a limitation on public mandates; forbidding nepotism; reinforcing scrutiny over the financing of public parties and the use of public money; imposing stronger penalties against culpable politicians; as well as creating a public bank to finance political parties.
By copying, uploading, and distributing copyrighted standards without permission, Public Resource seeks to destroy this public-private partnership model that has served the public interest so well.
Demonstrators say Razzaz has sought public support for tough economic measures while failing to curb lavish public expenditure and improve public services, and that he should resign.
The resolution specifically states that the Green New Deal bill will create "appropriate ownership stakes" for the public, support 'community grants, public banks, and other public financing.
Now, cities across Europe are increasingly deciding to reclaim public services, spearheading a growing movement for "remunicipalization," meaning the return of public services from private to public.
When a proposal of the public charge rule was made public last September, New York's private Public Health Solutions observed a 20 percent drop in SNAP clients.
Rather, we believe this bill sets a tone that could combat public vitriol and discourage the public from crossing the line from public debate to physical attacks.
The concept of a fund isn't new—there's a fund for public health, fund for public schools, the mayor's fund—but public housing hasn't had this before.
In most states, sex in public is a misdemeanor under public lewdness and indecency laws, but the definitions of "public" and "lewd" vary, and are often ambiguous.
Jennifer L. Pomeranz, JD, MPH, is a public health lawyer and an assistant professor of public health policy and management at NYU College of Global Public Health.
Once those conversions occur, public housing agencies would rely less on public housing funding from Congress and assure affordability for public housing residents for decades to come.
The first step to creating space for big bold projects -- like public health insurance, public internet, and public utilities and power -- is ensuring we aren't getting robbed.
She is a Public Voices Fellow with the OpEd Project and is a public health professional with over 25 years of experience in nursing and public health.
We&aposre not looking for saints ... But a president has certain responsibilities as a public figure to display a certain level of public character and public morality.
" Fekner continues, "The bottom line is: what's done in public doesn't remain in public.
It is public health that does because these people end up in public institutions.
That news prompted lots of public outcry from both the public and local officials.
Deals with public transit agencies could complement public transit, instead of competing with it.
And I think, you know, the public -- the voting public sees right through this.
What the public thinks The federal wildlife agency asked the public to speak up.
She was named acting undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs in early 2018.
"Consuming cannabis in public places is prohibited to protect public health," the government states.
DAVID ZASLAV: As a public company, you know, every public company is for sale.
Rather there's a notice to the public beforehand, and an opportunity for public discussion.
Free: iOS Public allows anyone with an iPhone to view or host public conversations.
They include the California Public Employees' Retirement System, the nation's largest public pension fund.
If the public want to maintain current levels of public services, they must pay.
Clark has been assigned a public defender from the Oneida County public defender's office.
"We have a substantial public interest in disclosure of those public documents," he said.
" On her first public Instagram post, Langford writes: "Ladies and jellyfish - WE ARE PUBLIC!
Such negativity saps public confidence in their news sources as well as public officials.
Excellent, accessible and affordable public universities are not possible without a broad public support.
The public should be demanding better security from both the public and private sectors.
The first is the registered public offerings; this is the normal IPO, public offer.
The chief public defender, not judges, would supervise all public defenders, the statement said.
Public opinion polls consistently show that the American public is firmly in Israel's corner.
It's appropriate for this to be public given the public, nature of the accusations.
Tara Sonenshine is a former undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs.
The public atmosphere created by some of our highest ranking public officials is impermissible.
Public MSIs tend to be community colleges and less-selective public four-year colleges.
In the Nixon impeachment, public opinion shifted after months of public hearings and testimony.
Since then, nothing has been made public to address the overriding public interest issue.
After a public apology, they retreat from the public eye before coming back unscathed.
Stephanie E. Farquhar, Ph.D., is a Dallas Public Voices participant and public health executive.
Not only will both public radio and public broadcasting continue, they could even improve.
" Ocasio-Cortez returned fire over Twitter, writing "that public 'whatever' is called public sentiment.
The TLC will release a public draft of proposed rules for public comment soon.
She was later promoted to acting under secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs.
"If there were more public money, there would be more public subsidy," he said.
Ford and Kavanaugh have the right to respond to public attacks with public testimony.
Public pensions play several important roles for these public employees, government employers and taxpayers.
The other way to network is to do things in public, for the public.
Public sector indebtedness has continued to decline, reducing risks associated with the public finances.
The public utility company agreed to cancel the contract shortly afterward amid public outcry.
She is vice chairwoman of risk and public policy, not of public policy alone.
A new anti-abortion public awareness campaign is taking aim at Oklahoma's public bathrooms.
You have to delineate, through design, the private, the semi-public, and the public.
Tweets may be in the public domain, but nobody wanted a public suicide watch.
Stone insists his public statements forecasting the WikiLeaks releases were based on public information.
I have been in the public arena in under extreme public scrutiny for decades.
Real respect for the public involves appreciating what the public actually wants and needs.
Mueller's public remarks come roughly a month after his final report was made public.
Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and public transportation will remain open to the public.
These numbers can be very important for swaying public opinion and affecting public policy.
Public health officials warned against large public gatherings as some states banned them altogether.
Public safety and public health remain our top priority as we move through this.
This quarantine restriction shall not apply to public health, public safety, or healthcare workers.
Other cities have grappled with informing the public about data collection in public spaces.
It is the Harris County Public Health Department, not the Houston Public Health Department.
The public comment period closed last July, and over 30,000 public comments were submitted.
It's time to take this public, and for public policy to get involved, too.
Why Levi's is going public It's not the first time Levi's has gone public.
The public comment period closed in July and over 30,000 public comments were submitted.
Everything I just mentioned has the fingerprints of public policy — irresponsible, reckless public policy.
She did not use public transportation or attend public gatherings before she became sick.
He hates publicity, public appearances and public statements, especially if they reveal anything personal.
"Your actions have been seriously affecting public order and public safety," the officers announced.
So now, out of reaction to public outrage, Mylan has bowed to public pressure.
Some public school playgrounds will also be renovated, and made open to the public.
This is my PGP Public key: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: SKS 1.1.
That is to fund and support public universities, particularly honors colleges in public universities.
Public safety, public health, and economic experts and officials will be on the panel.
To make the playlist public again, tap the three dots and select "Make Public."
She was named acting undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs earlier this year.
On this account, a public official is to be gauged only on public acts.
If he was worried about exposing Snap's flaws in public, he wouldn't go public.
And we made this public so the public would hold us accountable to that.
I think that being public ... I don't think there's any glory in being public.
You can use it only to inform the public about matters of public concern.
Prior to joining Accel, Philippe was with Bessemer, where he worked with the firm's SaaS and Ad Tech investments including Cornerstone OnDemand (public), Eloqua (public) and Criteo (public).
Some offenders have been charged using an old common law called 'Outraging Public Decency', under which you can be prosecuted for public urination, or having sex in public.
As part of the study, New York State agencies and experts examined the peer-reviewed literature about pot, public health, public safety — and, of course, the public pocketbook.
And you would be able to upload public information — and that public information, unlike the normal web, you can make any of your public data into shared data.
If your Instagram account is public, your story is public, too — and you can creep on someone's public story without following them by tapping on their profile photo.
It was on the strength of Keillor's audience that Bill Kling, the former president of Minnesota Public Radio, started National Public Radio's first big competitor, American Public Radio.
In the US, public transit is a scarce public good in an age when (as nature seems determined to teach us) we need more public goods, not fewer.
Public health officials across the country have ordered businesses to close, imposed curfews and generally encouraged the public to avoid leaving their homes or congregating in public spaces.
Irene Sanchez is a writer and public scholar whose work has appeared in HuffPost, Zocalo Public Square, Inside Higher Ed and on multiple public radio outlets in California.
If there's a takeaway here for folks that are thinking about [going public], run it and act like a public company before you're public, including simulated earnings calls.
Teachers strikes are underway at Battle Ground Public Schools, Longview Public Schools, the Hockinson School District, the Ridgefield School District, Evergreen Public Schools and the Washougal School District.
If the president was proposing something in terms of a public-public, public-private cost-sharing structure, I think that's the right direction, no matter what we do.
If the public both supports the DREAMers and opposes the shutdown, does it build more public pressure on behalf of the DREAMers or move public sentiment against them?
"This is a public trial using public resources in a case dealing with the way a public servant acted in his interaction with the public," Jane Kirtley, a University of Minnesota professor who teaches media ethics and law, told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday.
Further, recognition should be given to the needs of public safety, the apprehension of fugitives, and the rights of the public to be informed on matters that can affect enactment or enforcement of public laws or the development or change of public policy.
"The MNB (National Bank of Hungary) serves a public purpose and manages exclusively public money, therefore to ensure transparency and the purity of public life it must be accountable to the public," the court said in the statement declaring the amendment unconstitutional.
After much public pressure, Trump declared a national public health emergency over the crisis in October, while further public outrage called for an opioids "czar" to lead the effort.
Most states have a similar clause to ensure that public money and property remain public, and to protect the rights of property owners against abusive and vindictive public officials.
This is compelled speech about issues of public concern, his argument continues, because wages, conditions and all the other issues in public-sector bargaining are matters of public concern.
A public hearing was scheduled for July 23, and I was looking forward to beginning the larger public discussion that is necessary in the creation of a public memorial.
INTERIOR MOVES TO PROTECT ACCESS TO PUBLIC LANDS: Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt on Thursday ordered that federal land managers consider public access when selling or trading public land.
So, if I could say anything at all to the president, it would be to invest in public schools, invest in public school students and invest in public educators.
"Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest and, mostly, you're right — your election is in the public interest," Dershowitz had said.
"Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest and, mostly, you&aposre right — your election is in the public interest," Dershowitz said.
We're not looking for saints," Galli continued, adding that "a president has certain responsibilities as a public figure to display a certain level of public character and public morality.
Facebook is the most popular forum for public and semi-public discourse in the world.
"That public 'whatever' is called public sentiment," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Saturday, referring to Pelosi's comment.
Photo: APParis officials are hoping to curb public urination by encouraging slightly less-public urination.
I'm a public figure, my books are public, and people can say whatever they like.
The traditional model for transportation is the public buys it, and the public owns it.
BUT it will be entirely financed with public debt, rather than via public-private partnership.
The public transport system is based on the principle of "service public", not (merely) profit.
" She called gender-based violence an urgent "public health crisis" and a "public safety crisis.
Companies are taking longer to go public, and many are choosing not to go public.
The public funds group is responsible for handling State Street's work overseeing public retirement funds.
Public employee strikes are illegal in Michigan, according to the state's Public Employment Relations Act.
Yet experts from academia, industry and public health say IARC confuses the public and policymakers.
Americans' trust in public officials and public institutions has fallen abysmally, as we all know.
His freeze on public-sector pay is, predictably, opposed by 80% of public-sector workers.
" Warren County Public Safety Director Frank Wheatley tells PEOPLE: "He was the ultimate public servant.
Most often, the public see them in the blue suits when they make public appearances.
In the public markets, funds were focused on public equity and fixed income, he said.
Data is a public good and what we're trying to build is a public good.
But because he was so private in public, he was so public on the internet.
The company is going public about going public while staying private about the same matter.
Normally, when conservatives talk about how the public can be wrong, we mean that public.
There's not just more IPOs going public, those that have gone public are performing better.
Created the Prevention and Public Health Fund to encourage improvement in public and community health.
The building where the gunman opened fire houses public works, public utilities and printing operation.
What we lose in logical consistency we might gain in public attention and public sympathy.
The two lawmakers asked for a public report to Congress and the public by Jan.
The Veterans health system will remain a public system, because it is a public trust.
They wrote the bill without hearings or public debate before making it public Thursday morning.
The spokesperson also confirmed that trainees only have access to public events and public documents.
Professionalism in public office is under an unprecedented attack, both by the public and politicians.
That is why public support for the public option usually polls at above 60 percent.
However, several conservative talk show hosts and public figures have offered public support for Ingraham.
Today, ChargePoint's network contains more than 57,000 independently owned public and semi-public charging spots.
The feature only applies to public page posts — not groups, public figures, or friend comments.
Public health-related emergencies are typically declared using the Public Health Services Act, Butler said.
The idea was that public works projects should serve the actual needs of the public.
When public servants enter government, they shed their private interests to serve a public role.
"You are unfit to hold public office and undeserving of the public trust," he concluded.
A bank built to serve the public can channel its resources to actual public needs.
None of them were public figures, and their private information is of no public concern.
But people who have jobs in the public eye do not belong to the public.

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