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"give away" Definitions
  1. to give something as a gift
  2. to present something
  3. to carelessly allow somebody to have an advantage

970 Sentences With "give away"

How to use give away in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "give away" and check conjugation/comparative form for "give away". Mastering all the usages of "give away" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Ohio will give away up to 140,000 boxes this year, and Alabama is set to give away another 60,4003.
"I give away, but I give away after it gets to the point that it gets so stacked and full, embarrassingly over-stuffed," she says.
"I don't think it's necessarily fair to ask a company to give away their code or give away their algorithms that they've invested in building," Larsen said.
I'm actually ready to give away everything now — everything.
I wish I had tickets to Hollywood to give away!
I couldn't give away that I was in New York.
Click here for three websites that give away freebies. 7.
Specifically, it seems like he's trying to give away cryptocurrency.
That's an extremely powerful and important authority to give away.
I'm terrible, so I give away my extra tokens ($2).
" The presidential salary "But I give away my presidential salary.
If you give away free rides, people will take them.
Heather says she'd rather "die" than give away her kid.
They plan to give away nearly all of their wealth.
Initially the nonprofit startup bought two pianos to give away.
Maybe she'll even give away some Bachelor In Paradise scoop?
The Luke Skywalker masks should have been a give away.
They have been forced to give away too much already.
And, for God's sake, don't give away your wife's bike.
Just don't give away how easy it was to make.
"Little things give away how organized you are," said Drexler.
No, we don't give away vast sums in foreign aid.
But in private — well, I won't give away what happens.
Don't mention Earth Wind & Fire or give away your age.
Give away all scissors (except for plastic ones for children).
Isn't it nice when retailers give away stuff for free?
But Wawrinka missed a backhand to give away that chance.
The race expects to give away 1,800 buns this year.
Did New York give away too much to get Amazon?
When I was a kid, they couldn't give away tickets.
He can keep $50 and give away the other half.
Or did I give away the ending to the sequel?
I saw him give away a little bit of it.
Microsoft hopes to give away its cloud services to 70,000 nonprofits.
But don't worry, I'm not going to give away anything major.
"I don't give away premiums that haven't been earned," Bristow said.
To give away any more would ruin the book's dramatic climax.
Like I said, I don't want to give away too much.
Retailers will also not be allowed to give away free samples.
At some point, you give away your true allegiance with language.
Is that something that you should be able to give away?
Google and Facebook give away most of their services for free.
Last year, the church had gathered 75 scarves to give away.
Luke Pell is ready to give away his own final rose!
Why would Google give away something so central to its business?
I'm not gonna give away the meanings it has to me.
As you use the tiles, you give away the transaction cards.
The trailer seems promising, but doesn't give away a whole lot.
I give away hundreds of copies of my books every week.
That's way too much to give away without even realizing it.
They give away tickets and people don't come to the game.
But none of them wanted to give away their trade secrets.
You don't want to give away any lead in any situation.
She's got an incredible heart, which she doesn't give away easily.
After 5,000 songs, he had more than enough to give away.
Put up signs about where they can give away their money!
Oh yes, but I can't give away all of my secrets.
So why did it give away people's data in the past?
Don't give away that power without building in plenty of safeguards.
"But I don't give away everything I see," she told me.
The city plans to hold several events to give away compost.
I just know I don't want to give away free bases.
But sometimes they go too far and give away the game.
But there are other helpful ways to give away unwanted items.
Your location data can give away the whereabouts of your spouse.
Your location data can give away the whereabouts of your spouse.
Do you ever give away, or donate things, you don't need?
I made pots and bowls to use myself, and to give away.
" George Washington The presidential salary "But I give away my presidential salary.
He has previously pledged to give away 99% of his Facebook shares.
The post has since been deleted, but it didn't give away much.
Now, they will have to pay to give away their own work.
Did Lorde's face just give away major insight into her musical preferences?
Amazon will also no longer give away stock grants for hourly workers.
And I've got a bunch of weed that I'm gonna give away.
Since Lindor stole a base, the chain will give away free tacos!
In this model the delegates give away their support one by one.
She's pledged to give away every cent to fight sex crimes. pic.twitter.
I simply couldn't, and wouldn't, give away a million dollars upfront today.
They make mental mistakes and give away free yardage on undisciplined penalties.
He added that treaties which give away sovereignty are "out of fashion".
Deplorable friends, I am buying 500 coffee makers tomorrow to give away!!
They show truncated clips and don't give away much about the plot.
In 2010, he pledged to give away more than half his wealth.
Mr. Broad has promised to give away 75 percent of his fortune.
And that's what happens when you give away free kicks easily. GOAL!
On Sunday, the men were finally forced to give away their products.
Usually, the name of the model can give away who is responsible.
We don't give away at-bats; at least we try not to.
Signees pledge to give away the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.
Goldman Sachs wants to give away some of its most valuable software.
To never again freely give away something as precious as a haircut.
The new year is a great time to give away old books.
They planned to give away most of their money in their lifetimes.
Colleges and universities give away merit aid because they believe they must.
Silicon Valley billionaires can make promises to give away fortunes to charity.
Since then, Buffett has pledged to give away a full 99% of his estimated $78 billion fortune to charity, and has encouraged other billionaires to give away at least 50% of their wealth through The Giving Pledge. 10.
"In order to get the defense spending, primarily, but all the rest of our priorities funded, we had to give away a lot of stuff that we didn't want to give away," Mick Mulvaney, Mr. Trump's budget director.
We give away free technology to children with cancer and other serious illnesses.
Give away something, make it more popular and then others will purchase it.
The bank also promises to give away 10% of its profits to nonprofits.
When it did, Huh tried not to give away how little he knew.
We give away cars when we have had the means to do so.
And there's nobody on the planet with more to give away than Bezos.
It's just a teaser, so we don't want to give away too much.
Some have even pledged to give away more than 99% of their fortunes.
Be very careful as the more computing power you give away to TheHopePage.
Democrats oppose it as a give-away to the rich and large corporations.
There's an adorable twist at the end, too, which we won't give away.
In this post, I give away my favorite ideas for making money online.
Sometimes I keep them, but I always have plenty — enough to give away.
I can't give away who it is yet, but you'll find out soon.
Sports Illustrated reported Barstool spent $140,000 to give away 70,000 towels that day.
Sometimes, it's the little changes to language that give away a company's ambition.
He started reading the announcer's teleprompter, thinking it might give away something, anything.
Indiana Pacers forward Paul George bought 5,000 tickets to give away to fans.
This is no time to give away billions of dollars to profitable businesses.
But how much of myself do I need to give away for intimacy?
Alibaba also uses Alipay to give away cash prizes through red wallet competitions.
He has pledged to give away one-third of his $27.8 billion fortune.
The book give-away will only last from February 9 to February 15.
It can strain credulity that it's really that challenging to give away money.
Other business leaders warned that the U.S. economy would give away technological leadership.
On Friday night, the team will give away free 1969 series replica jerseys.
How could a man who gives no quarter give away a golden ticket?
Just about the last thing they needed was to give away a penalty.
I won't give away the ending, but it does involve a MESS JACKET.
When wealthy people give away millions of dollars, their tax bills go down.
If you like, you can even give away unopened bottles with the leftovers.
"Government can't give away things of value without being compensated," Mr. Duchac said.
But, we're not here to summarize the series OR give away any spoilers.
"I can't give away too much, but I think it's funny," she said.
In some cases, rivals now give away consumer products that Symantec originally sold.
Some airlines give away (or charge a nominal fee) for nearly disposable earbuds.
Or maybe — to give away as little as I can — he does succeed.
Champions of the "open-data" movement push organisations to give away their data
And the more money I can make the more I can give away.
We have 10 pairs of tickets to give away to Canada Letter readers.
If you're talking about monopoly, well, they give away their products for free.
I hear, yes, Apple will give away a second Apple watch for free.
I don't want to spoil anything; I don't want to give away any secrets.
If you have a lot and want to give away some, sure, go nuts.
The bank said it plans to give away 2% of its after-tax profits.
And it's something that you never thought you would give away to people, right.
"I only wish we had 10 times the money to give away," Ling said.
Rick Wetzel expected to give away more than a thousand pizzas at the event.
OnePlus has yet to announce whether it'll give away ticket sales to charity again.
But I'm not here to give away spoilers or specifics of the new season.
I think we can agree that we can only give away so many chickens.
"We've been programmed to give away so much of ourselves for free," says Loba.
"We absolutely encourage others to start businesses around what we give away," Hotz says.
Entenmann's will give away one free doughnut at select locations all across the country.
"I don't want him to give away corporate secrets or corporate finances," she said.
Now, Facebook will give away 55 percent and keep 45 percent, according to Recode.
The chain expects to give away 2 million cups of coffee on Wawa Day.
If publishers want to give away their content, they don't have to show ads.
He told police he was going to keep some and give away the rest.
HQ could feature product placement and even give away those goods to runners-up.
"If you give away five coats, you might get a $100 deduction," Grissinger added.
Worth $87 billion, he has pledged to give away the majority of his wealth.
I don't want to give away the storyline, but I really think they're terrific.
Walks definitely come back to hurt you, and you can't give away those freebies.
It was decided that I would give away one of mine before we married.
"As mistress of the wardrobe, I cannot give away any house secrets," she said.
But it does give away plenty of things that won't be in its commercials.
"They want insurance, but they don't want to give away the house," she said.
They were worried he was going to give away the store and he didn't.
Its billionaire signers have promised to give away at least half of their wealth.
Chesky has pledged to give away at least half of his fortune to charity.
What they give away depends on what sponsors - themselves often struggling businesses - can donate.
In Atlanta, for example, select locations will give away free meals between 5 p.m.
This is why it can give away Android away to mobile manufacturers for free.
We want to give away a camera to a protagonist, can you help us?
So I guess he just sits on 'em now to give away as gifts.
They give away just enough info to get a puzzle started without spoiling it.
Their faces are imbued with personality, even as their expressions rarely give away emotion.
So the richer he gets, the more the ultimately will have to give away.
"I only wish we had 10 times the money to give away," she said.
Correction: This post originally said we had five pairs of tickets to give away.
"I wouldn't give away a beautiful instrument if it belonged here," my husband said.
Time is too precious to donate — so don't give away 2.3 years of it.
It is also not illegal to give away a swipe from an unlimited card.
That prompted Ms. Hoaglund to assemble about 50 mask-making kits to give away.
She found out about the lunch give away through flyers placed in the neighborhood.
Instead of a shotgun, the campaign will now give away a $250 gift certificate.
"Pina had this culture of not wanting to give away too much," she explained.
Warren Buffett praised Leon Cooperman's vow to give away his entire fortune to charity.
The Knicks tried to give away another game Monday night against the Indiana Pacers.
That's why some third-party sellers are willing to give away products for free.
The Flyers said that there were no plans to give away more wristbands Wednesday.
An Arby's was setting up a portable kitchen to cook sandwiches to give away.
" He replied: "The only thing there is so much more of to give away.
He says that he and his wife give away half their salaries to charity.
People give away their power when they lack physical and emotional boundaries, Morin wrote.
A $35 Chromecast device revived an old TV I was planning to give away.
Too often, people are asked to give away their insights and time for free.
"I don't want to just give away my money to the government," he said.
Let the joke unfurl on its own — don't give away the punchline up front.
Barber even had to give away her 9-month-old puppy to another family.
Donor-advised funds let individuals put money they plan to give away in one account.
Governments could give away more of the data they collect, creating opportunities for smaller firms.
The app will also host competitions to give away tickets to matches and other prizes.
It will also give away 3,000 cards on Wednesday for those who forgot Valentine's Day.
"There are some Easter eggs in there, too, which I won't give away," Miller teased.
Spoiler alert: We give away a fair amount about the plot of the film below.
Fortune Academy staff package candy to give away at their annual haunted house in Harlem.
They do not have to give away team secrets or reveal their Social Security number.
I won't give away the ending, but twists and turns are reminiscent of Naz's case.
Together, they declared themselves ready to give away drugs worth billions of dollars each year.
Apple reportedly plans to give away its TV content, because that worked well with U2
With no heirs to speak of, he has publicly pledged to give away his fortune.
"Amazing give away jawline/cheeks and lips for you and a friend!" the post reads.
Mr Buffett, the world's fourth-richest person, has pledged to give away his entire fortune.
Is it a card that Ghizlan would want to give away to everyone she meets?
To give away the first goal like that [on an own goal] is a killer.
And we're told Amber's position is that the money is not Johnny's to give away.
Did Dr. Phil Just Give Away the Date of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Wedding?
Few businesses can afford to give away $50 gift cards for completing a few questions.
"In the past quarter, the desire to give away bank capital has not helped either."
Gabe planned to give away Butterball, who is also 5 years old, during the ceremony.
But, a quick 5-0 Sooners run gave Oklahoma a lead it wouldn't give away.
Keep in mind that Google didn't give away the data that powers its AI applications.
We won't give away who won but, let's be honest ... we're all winning here, right?
He also started a charity, Give Back Give Away, which focuses on community development projects.
"We've decided the baker's going to give away the dough," Guluzian told the public broadcaster.
"We didn't need to give away equity and we attracted a customer base," Cridland says.
She inherited a sizable fortune, one that has allowed her to give away $70 million.
Having solved the market, he is hardly about to give away his edge that easily. ■
In other words, all the information you probably don't — and shouldn't — want to give away.
And if you give away your responsibilities to your team, then what will you do?
The game also supports competitive events that give away millions of dollars in prize money.
Each person is entitled to give away up to $5.49 million in assets, tax-free.
Petro's pledge to buy unproductive land to give away to poor farmers has sparked concern.
He recommends that parents never give away more than 10 percent of their liquid assets.
I feel like we give away too much of our digital selves to these corporations.
But in the event that he decides to walk away and you give away assets?
Elephant hunts, which he once marketed for $80,000, "I couldn't even give away," he said.
The event is strictly invite-only, but we have 25 double passes to give away.
It remained unclear on Saturday whether Republicans would move to give away their Wynn money.
YC-backed Giveaway lets folks give away their unused or unnecessary items in a marketplace.
I don't really care, I just wanted to give away some of his personal information.
Is this just something held in reserve to give away when budget negotiations get tough?
The question is, how much are Republicans willing to give away until victory becomes meaningless?
To start with, members might give away 1 to 7 percent of their assets annually.
And he knows he can't boss me around over how much money I give away.
The more wealth he creates today, they said, the more he can give away later.
About five years ago, he vowed to give away most of his fortune by 2016.
"I give away my presidential salary," Trump told reporters at a gathering of his Cabinet.
Throw away or give away any footwear that may cause you to catch a foot.
The foundation agreed to dissolve and give away all its remaining assets under court supervision.
Just give away a little bit of that money through philanthropic organizations that they control.
The event is strictly invite-only, but we have 15 double passes to give away.
It seems the Nets had designated the Sixers game for a community goodwill give-away.
Trump himself chose to voluntarily give away vital state secrets, either accidentally or on purpose.
I won't give away the ending, but let's just say it does not go well.
Can you give away checks from your foundation in the middle of a political event?
But, you know, just don't give information away that you don't need to give away.
The reality is that Zuckerberg can't give away shares without also giving away voting control.
The only other commitment he's made is to give away his shares during his lifetime.
Now, the cheap beer brand of choice for college students across the country has kicked its commitment up a notch, promising to give away $10,13,000 over 10 years and to give away $1,21.5,242 to help over 230 individuals pay down their student loans in 22015.
He said he was going to give away all of his money, and that he was really going to work on his philanthropy, and he did give away money, but he also had a lot of things that he had not accomplished in that area.
Pablo, in partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, is fundraising to give away free mammograms.
Microsoft hopes to give away its cloud services to 70,000 nonprofits in the next three years.
Sorting out clothes to give away to our friend who does a lot of homeless outreach.
Governments have long been reluctant to give away national powers to monitor banks and fight crime.
Cheerios' recent campaign to give away flower seeds was both wildly popular and, no surprise, controversial.
"We can't give away any more division games, that's just the way it goes," Campbell said.
Students get real money, typically about $10,000 USD per class, to give away to local nonprofits.
Fortune Academy staff members package candy to give away at the annual haunted house in Harlem.
A review is not supposed to give away spoilers, but suffice to say it gets bad.
Many libraries still take books that they can add to their collections, sell, or give away.
But although they both take a lot of wickets they also give away lots of runs.
LaMar's Donuts will give away one free doughnut person and they're doing it Willy Wonka-style.
We won't give away too much about the first episode, but it is, not surprisingly, hilarious.
Last year, One Warm Coat was able to give away almost 600,000 coats through 3,500 drives.
You don't do research like this for years and then simply give away your intellectual property.
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, plan to give away virtually all of their wealth.
"We don't give away anything except a lot of love and care and concern," Carter noted.
From The Internet: Similarly, check Freecycle for things people just want to give away — not swap.
And that's what has its payoff at the end, which I don't want to give away.
"In some pharmacies they almost give away statins to get people in the door," Kopecky says.
We give away, like, cow balls or the famous paint splattered button up Shane was wearing.
Nonhuman primates, such as chimpanzees, do not actively give away food that they need for themselves.
Hastings doesn't have quite as much money to give away as the Zuckerbergs of the world.
Don't stay out too late this evening or else you could give away all your secrets.
A: We have a big foundation and give away between $15-$20 million away every year.
The fiscal give-away was introduced in 2014 by former center-left prime minister Matteo Renzi.
Perhaps it's because the Sacklers, unlike the Calhoun family, still have a fortune to give away.
"We didn't have enough basketballs to give away back then," Dambrot said in a telephone interview.
Elmer-DeWitt's new plan is to try selling the stuff that Fortune used to give away.
Microsoft is teaming up with Nvidia to give away free copies of Gears of War 4.
"Never give away a whole night on your first date; time is too precious," Nobile said.
After all, he once said he hopes to give away his entire fortune before he dies.
Their response is to give away a trillion dollars to the biggest corporations in this country.
Preston and Bell asked him to give away the bride after her father could not attend.
The first trailer for Disney's upcoming adaptation of Beauty and the Beast doesn't give away much.
The deal runs until February 28th, or whenever Spotify runs out of Chromecasts to give away.
Indeed, the Bureau's internal guidelines actually require detainees to either give away or sell their artwork.
We've partnered up with Pixi by Petra to give away $1,500 worth of beauty products — a.k.a.
It's really not a district the G.O.P. can afford to give away, given the overall picture.
Whatever he doesn't spend or give away will be subject to the 40% federal estate tax.
Some grocery stores, like Publix and Meijer, even give away certain medications — like antibiotics — for free.
Owners plan to give away the goods, along with the recipe, to anyone who need it.
"You just give away the mirrors in your house, one with every birthday," Ms. Winger said.
The best, arguably, involves Chrissy Teigen, although the details are far too good to give away.
And you're going to have to get it in hand before you give away your leverage.
John Cryan: I never want to give away too much and the quarter is not over.
Didn't all of us sitting in that dinning room give away all our data for free?
Massages. So we decided to hire two chair masseuses to give away free massages to attendees.
The federal government even requires your health care providers to give away their services without compensation.
He donated 50 computers that a local senator could give away to schools and youth organizations.
He donated 50 computers that a local senator could give away to schools and youth organizations.
He loved watching the kids there skate, and would give away products to keep them skating.
If I had enough money to give away clothes, I'd rather give them to teachers and nurses.
Danieli anticipates the coffee company will give away about 500,000 copies of its traditional Haggadah this year.
Thursday, he returned to Pittsburgh as CEO of Google, and announced plans to give away $1 billion.
The problem is that the results don't really give away anything about the S8's imaging performance.
One restaurant, for example, has pledged to give away a free hot drink for every meal purchased.
The arrangement of the wires means such changes in resistance give away precisely where the crack is.
Tandem, on the other hand, is promising to give away 5 per cent equity to early supporters.
Using BitTorrent's "bundles," artists can give away their content for free, require subscriptions, or ask for payment.
Frost could not give away how, but described it as having traits similar to video game controllers.
The staff will gladly give you extra pickles, but they're more reluctant to give away their recipe.
Nobody had cracked the nut on how to deliver learning, and not just give away answers online.
It's unclear if either Clinton, the preschool or the foundation will return or give away these contributions.
This would be a dead give-away to a vendor that a customer had voided the warranty.
At the register, a snake of people lined up for the opportunity to give away their money.
What would Ainge have had to give away in order to better compete this season and next?
She made people love her, and obviously she had a lot of love to give away, too.
On the internet, the personal data users give away for free is transformed into a precious commodity.
Because tomorrow is National Doughnut Day and Krispy Kreme is preparing to give away one million doughnuts.
I won't give away what it is, but what surprised you the most while reporting this book?
No, of course sir, we still give away all the mints you can eat after the meal.
Here's a benefit for married couples: You and your spouse together can give away up to $28,000.
Chipotle is hoping the renewed effort to give away free food will bring back its old fanbase.
You're really in an unusually chatty mood today—you might even give away a secret or two.
The couple signed The Giving Pledge in 2010, committing to give away the majority of their fortune.
Rich people, they want to be philanthropic, but it's just, it's hard to give away your money!
Purdue would also give away opioid treatment-related medicines that it's developing, according to the Times report.
Many will say that's a good thing, since the United States did not give away too much.
Andrew Yang announced his campaign would give away a $12,000 annual universal basic income to 10 families.
Bove said the theory is since the big banks can't grow larger, they can give away capital.
The freebie is available until they give away 1 million Original Sliders or through August 31, 2019.
The way we speak can give away how we feel — about ourselves, the situation, and our abilities.
"I learned a long time ago that waterfront property is something you should never give away," Adm.
You give away something free, or below cost, in order to get consumers hooked on the refills.
In some cases, subscription box companies have to give away their products at a highly discounted cost.
Also, they don't have to give away money for an agent fee, which means they're making more.
In most funding rounds, you should be aiming to give away 10-25 percent of your company.
Plus, if you're going to have a gift-giving feature, you should really give away real cake.
At home, I multiply this recipe five times and like to give away new flavors to friends.
Israel, he said, is a tiny place, and for it to give away territory can be dangerous.
The film is impossible to really summarize, and I don't want to give away its gobsmacking twists.
They're also hard to trace, because there's usually nothing in the email to give away the source.
" Gabbard suggested that free trade deals "give away the sovereignty of the American people and our country.
As the United States learned early, a single mistake can give away a goal at any moment.
We give away about 10 prizes, anything from TVs to a wave runner to a Bluetooth speaker.
Mr. Abdul-Mateen declined to give away anything about those two projects, set to debut next year.
Inyenyeri is betting that it can give away stoves and make money by charging people for fuel.
Can Zuckerberg really control Facebook for the next 20 years given his plans to give away shares?
I wasn't the only one who noticed that he had a few extra tickets to give away.
For a year now, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been trying to give away her $199,700 salary.
Here's the entire theme set, but please note that these also give away where the rebuses are.
Station Casino could give away $333 million in winnings if the Knights win the title in June.
People roamed the parking lots looking for others who had cartons of aqua towels to give away.
As part of the move, she pledged to give away half of her wealth to charitable causes.
And just because someone gets a big title, it doesn't mean you should give away the store.
Gates' decision to give away the majority of his wealth does not mean he hasn't enjoyed himself.
While we should not lead with protectionism, the U.S. should not give away its intellectual property either.
To say more about what eventually happens to these boys may give away a bit too much.
It's not clear if he knows Drake told us he's planning to give away even more cash.
"If my Cuban father knew I was paid a decent salary to give away somebody else's money, and if I didn't give away enough the I.R.S. would charge my employer a special tax, he would say, those are a bunch of Communists," Mr. Ibargüen said with a chuckle.
In the game's instructions, Smith facetiously offers to give away his self-driving algorithms to autonomous automobile developers.
If Krispy Kreme is trying to give away 1 million doughnuts, then Walmart is aiming for 1.2 million.
Another post showed a photo of the bronze statue, but it's blurry and doesn't give away the design.
We also got comedian Gary Owen, and he says it's not the studio's job to give away money.
"We can't give away the kitchen sink and tell them all of our secrets," district commander Johnson said.
I don't want to give away the ending, but you realize her romantic relationship does not define her.
Most important about your cute little give-away: make sure you're handing it to an actual Alabama fan.
Facebook is full of neighborhood groups where people can buy, sell or give away things they don't want.
If a base is stolen during a World Series game, Taco Bell promises to give away free tacos.
CNBC reported last year that Apple would give away its original content for free to Apple device owners.
All you need to do is give away part of your computing power to let it mine cryptocurrency.
So on the contrary of us having to give away to actually be heard, the opposite is true.
He tells callers not to identify themselves or give away their locations or divulge specifics about their situations.
His tweet promises to give away five (more than $80,000 worth of bitcoin) to people who retweet him.
When you rotate a wheel with that edge at around 2,000 rpm, something is going to give away.
Worth noting: Weiner can give away $14 million in stock because he already has a ton of money.
To give away any more would spoil the many twists and turns that take place during the film.
A shareholder proposal came up for vote on Tuesday that required Musk to give away his chairman role.
But Nuzman said there were no plans to give away free tickets to children from low-income families.
Make no mistake, the fossil fuel industry is not going to give away their power without a fight.
The company promoted the launch by teaming up with Venmo, the digital wallet company, to give away money.
So why, then, do we so freely give away our time when it's so critical to our performance?
Then the woman would need to find a compatible donor who is willing to give away her uterus.
The DNC has come under fire for saying it would give away a fraction of its Weinstein contributions.
Melanie and Richard are signatories to the Giving Pledge, promising to give away more than half their wealth.
Although its competitors, like NextVR, give away content, Vrtify is experimenting with subscription and pay-per-view models.
ARKANSAS: A pinball machine can't give away more than 25 free games to a player who keeps winning.
Gates is worth $86 billion, and plans to give away the majority of his fortune when he dies.
Gates agreed to give away most of his fortune through the Giving Pledge, which he launched in 2010.
Startup founders never want to give away more equity in their companies than they need to early on.
Yet some lawmakers, judges and unions fear Castello Branco will give away some of Brazil's most prized possessions.
We don't want to give away too much of the story, but here's the gist of what happened.
Democrats said the meeting was a gift to the Kremlin and worried what else Trump might give away.
The result has been a free-wheeling give-away of federal property to over 8,000 law enforcement agencies.
The technique, credited to Harry's founders (who give away its basic code), amounts to a two-page website.
It was because why the fuck would you give away the spectacle you're trying to sell in August?
Maybe don't give away an AR-15 on your page THE DAY ONE IS USED TO KILL CHILDREN.
Like Alzheimer's itself, the moment creeps up slowly, taking care to not give away too much too soon.
Still, Zuckerberg will eventually dip below 50 percent ownership if he plans to give away all his shares.
GiveAway: Founded 12 months ago, GiveAway is creating a peer to peer marketplace to give away used things.
"We've been there for 85003 years, but we can't give away the store to do it," he said.
"We've been there for 19 years, but we can't give away the store to do it," he said.
The best thing to do is to give away treasures while you are very much alive as gifts.
Buffett announced in July that he would give away $3.6 billion to five charities, including the Gates Foundation.
"We also had one individual purchase and give away $15,000 worth of camping tents," Mr. Kositsky told me.
" While Lopez said she didn't want to give away too much, she said the show will be "packed.
Mobile carriers could afford to give away "free" phones by factoring hidden hardware costs into consumers' monthly payments.
This is true even for billionaires who indicate that they are genuinely trying to give away their money.
Present your portfolio neatly in some type of folder that stands out and that you can give away.
At 66A is a hint to the theme and, for me, enough information to give away the solve.
American negotiators, who do not want to give away their best bargaining chip, may offer noneconomic incentives instead.
When it comes to how they give away and talk about merit aid, however, they are very different.
But he and Chan have pledged to give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares over their lifetime.
The ballot measure allows adults over 21 to possess, grow and give away cannabis—but sales remained banned.
The teaser doesn't give away much about the show's episodes, but it does possibly introduce us to baby Wes.
So we partnered with GapFit to give away spankin' new workout wardrobes, one worth $1,000 and two worth $500.
Startups need to be willing to give away 5 percent of their equity in exchange of this support system.
You, and others, will be sticking to their word, so don't be afraid to give away well-earned trust.
Give away the things you love the most," she wrote, and concluded, "This is the only chance we get.
She will happily give away her portion of breakfast, take the bent fork or sit on the wobbly chair.
On a first come, first serve basis, KFC will give away bottles of sunscreen to those who visit
"When we're hitting, we're not just going to give away an at-bat because of the score," McCutchen said.
The panels and discussions are stale, because no team wants to give away any of their useful trade secrets.
If you create and upload videos, you could accidentally give away private information like your address or phone number.
"Didi was always one to give away her things to strangers, even before she became a Sadhvi," she said.
When I'm mad I'd rather hop on r/gtagivers and give away a shit ton of money, ya know?
They give away much, other than the clowns are butchering people in the town where the season is set.
They already know this huge six-square-mile parcel of land that they're going to give away to Foxconn.
The scene where she makes Laura give away her rag doll Charlotte — HER ONLY TOY — makes our blood boil.
In 2010, he also signed the Giving Pledge, thereby committing to give away more than half of his fortune.
Here, too, Kimchi wasn't quite ready to give away the secret sauce the team uses to make that work.
The government demands that firms give away technology as the cost of admission to China's vast market (see article).
So you don't just have to give away free alcohol to have a successful bot, is what you're saying.
It's always clear where The Shape of Water is going, from those opening moments that give away its intentions.
He would even give away the big aluminium cross he wore round his neck if someone asked for it.
After the show closes each participant will give away a photo and get one from someone else in return.
"My mother always taught us to give away the three T's – our time, talent and treasure," he tells PEOPLE.
Facebook and several other Western companies tried to give away free Internet in India, but regulators wouldn't allow it.
You can select aggressive IPv6 blocking to prevent any DNS leaks, which might give away your true IP address.
Once you give away the ending, I guess none of the details of how we get there really matter.
"If you can't give away $70 million, then I'm not going to try to," said North Carolina State Sen.
Last year, he signed Warren Buffett's Giving Pledge, promising to give away a majority of his fortune to charities.
After about an hour of nonstop burrito-making, the group reaches their quota of 100 burritos to give away.
He lamented having to give away 220 of his shirts to make room for her clothes in his closet.
I don't want to give away control over how my art is displayed and what I have to do.
Foreign status means that Mr. Berggruen forfeits United States tax breaks but can give away money as he chooses.
He also called it a "scheme" to give away assets to select creditors and reward management while hurting shareholders.
There are literally millions of better ways to give away $1.3 billion than handing it over to one person.
"For a long time, they tried to give away their content online and make money selling ads," Cramer said.
Games organizers said on Thursday they will give away up to 280,000 tickets to public school children in Rio.
Not to give away spoilers, but there's another moment late in the film where McBride learns an unexpected truth.
They've also pledged to give away most of their fortune through the Giving Pledge, which they launched in 2010.
The Giving Pledge invites the ultra-wealthy to give away more than half of their fortunes to help society.
Sing Street's ending — which I won't completely give away entirely here — is much more bittersweet than High School Musical's.
I'm not allowed to give away specific locations, but I can tell you I'm not going to this one.
According to the Associated Press, Chipotle plans to give away a whopping 21 million additional freebies to potential customers.
We won't give away too much with this one, but do the words "chest burster" mean anything to you?
The stream contained only the sky and the flag as not to give away its location to the trolls.
But poles are owned locally, and cities and counties aren't eager to give away access at below-market rates.
What makes it more mind-boggling is that Gates says he's working to give away nearly all of it.
We asked friends and co-workers about their best advice for someone about to give away their V-card.
And how much you give away in modern America in the name of, quote, connecting people around the world.
I don't want to give away — well, I don't know the story actually, so I can't give anything away.
What I did is I threw away the textbook and instead, you know how they give away free papers?
Subway apologized after a store advertised it would give away free medical masks to customers who purchased two sandwiches.
I don't want to give away what happens later in the podcast, but there are some really emotional moments.
The Chicago-based company has declared Monday "National Egg McMuffin Day" and plans to give away free Egg McMuffins.
The biggest item is all the money I give away, and we list that every single donation I make.
You won't give away any personal information about your culinary preferences, but you also won't get the right meal.
Billionaires who are part of the Giving Pledge publicly commit to give away over half their wealth to charity.
What if I give away my secret and the result is you can't get no more good cuts, huh?
Those little changes in their voice give away a lot to me just because of how I was raised.
Its stained fuselage riddled with rust spots around the nose and cargo area give away its age and condition.
Without wanting to give away the story's conclusion, Greg Stillson never reaches the White House in The Dead Zone.
To stay silent is to give away my power and the power of the women who will follow me.
They had to give away their collie, Laddie, who, my mother later learned, died weeks after they left him.
Your Google Home or Google Chromecast device might give away your location to malicious hackers, a security researcher has found.
But Halloween night, when you're constantly running to the door to give away your coveted candy stocks, is less enjoyable.
FOX NEWS OPINION Charlie Kirk: Chicago officials have an irresponsible idea: Give away money to create a universal basic income .
This year, they estimate they will give away 9 million Slurpees during the giveaway period—11 am to 7 pm.
Each person will give away a photo they made, and in return they will get someone else's photo via mail.
The initiative was originally designed to give away just $10 million, but the organization recently decided to double its efforts.
On Monday, Beer followed through on his promise to give away his findings and tweeted a link to the code.
And while she couldn't give away too many secrets, the actress revealed she's finished recording her part of the film.
First, I check my phone, and a friend is trying to give away tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld tomorrow night.
But it's a valuable look at just how much information you can give away about yourself with a single photo.
After scouring the web for recipes, she would make the deodorant in her kitchen and give away the leftover batches.
You know, the platform where people thought Mark Zuckerberg was going to give away millions of dollars to random users.
"We don't think they're going to give away much at this one," said Rabobank fixed income strategist Lyn-Graham Taylor.
Another common sentiment: Chuck and Nancy, as Trump calls the Democratic leaders, better be careful with what they give away.
You don't want to just give away a match because you just couldn't find a way to go to bed.
David Geffen wakes up happy, goes to sleep happy, has a great fortune that he is going to give away.
I purposefully truncated the data at the beginning of 2015 so as not to give away too much proprietary information.
"We don't think they're going to give away much at this one," said Rabobank fixed income strategist Lyn Graham-Taylor.
Often times, we give away all our love — to friends, family, romantic partners — and forget to leave some for ourselves.
Their biggest concern is finding some liquor to give away since they can't use any of Old City Soda's libations.
Not gonna give away who's in the photos before you click -- but it's a bloody fight with some major players.
But they made enough to give away the dongle as an I/O freebie and mail some out to developers.
Representatives for Cruz and Cornyn did not respond to questions on whether they plan to give away the NRA money.
They did, however, have to give away more than two times the equity they'd intended in exchange for the cash.
"They don't give away their money and get nothing in return," said Republican fundraiser who has worked with the Mercers.
The campaign signs dotting the lawns of the stately homes in Chester County, Pennsylvania give away the county's swing status.
This material confusingly shows up as ferro-nickel in the customs reports but the give-away is its lower value.
But Weaver gave no proof that he really had the bitcoin to give away — nor did others making this offer.
Collins, however, chose to give away his trust fund at age 26, and dedicate his efforts to fighting economic inequality.
" Said Supersweetooooo: "If you have a job give away all your money so people without jobs can continue not working.
They previously announced that they intended to give away their fortune — now an estimated $91 billion — to better the planet.
There are school districts where economic developers were empowered to give away the tax revenues without the input of educators.
Many budding entrepreneurs believe they have to give away their services and products for free to gain recognition, said Baer.
Naylor says some floral designers have warehouses with excess inventory they're willing to give away or lend out for free.
Spending data are hard to find for many countries, since they are reluctant to give away details about their preparation.
Tell Congress you'll hold them responsible if they give away our lands to the most profitable companies in the world.
If you're at Yankee Stadium on Friday night, the New York Yankees will give away an Aaron Judge Jedi bobblehead.
The village is proposing to give away nine homes for $1, so long as the buyers commit to renovating them.
You got to #1 via a "bulk buy" which means someone bought thousands of copies to give away for free.
The company also plans to give away Spectacles to its community of influencers to showcase them to its user base.
Gates is also co-founder of The Giving Pledge, encouraging other billionaires to give away a majority of their wealth.
Taco Bell promised to give away free Doritos Locos Tacos if a base was stolen during the 2019 World Series.
Epic will also give away free rewards to celebrate the World Cup Finals and the second anniversary of "Fortnite's" release. reported Tuesday that Rich Hobson will hold a random drawing to give away an AR-15 on Memorial Day.
As Business Insider's Katie Warren previously reported, he's pledged to give away at least half of his fortune to charity.
A business isn't worth much if you give away literally everything — your health, your values, your family—to get it.
The best idea wins €5,000 and we'll also give away 1x BOSE noise cancelling Bluetooth Headphones for best bug reporter.
Facebook has even changed its company stock structure so Zuckerberg can give away his stake without giving away his control.
The Italian government launched an initiative to give away 103 historical sites to individuals who will commit to their renovation.
People say I could have a huge amount of money to give away, and that's an apt observation these days.
But the idea is that, I figure vets give away, they give up, they sacrifice a lot to protect us.
Last year, Mr. Ulukaya signed the Giving Pledge, promising to give away a majority of his fortune to assist refugees.
Unesco designation came in the 1990s, as did government programs to practically give away caves to anyone who'd renovate them.
Social media use might give away your location or help the attacker know where the police are, Dr. Blair warned.
I will not give away how Mr. Cooper literalizes these questions with a powerful piece of luggage called Miss Bag.
Believing he could still give away nuclear secrets to foreign countries, the court put him in solitary confinement before trial.
I don't want to give away the ending; I think that the best part is that it ends with love.
So a larger turnout — a turnout bolstered by allowing women to attend — could translate into more money to give away.
"You never want to see any visible edges that would give away your secret for dewy skin," Mr. Machhausen said.
Those who agreed to give away money reported feeling significantly happier than those who planned to spend it on themselves.
But consider the fact that, according to Charity Navigator, Americans annually give away north of $400 billion for charitable causes.
A private foundation is required to give away 5 percent each year, he noted, but could give a lot more.
Because the company plans to give away so much of its profits, it is likely to remain a lean operation.
We don't want to completely give away the result, but we will say this: Jones clearly has nerves of steel.
Last June, presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced that he'd give away a $12,000 basic income to a random Twitter follower.
Gates has also pledged to give away a large portion of his fortune, and he's already to charity in total.
They may be forced to give away more data and fees, says Andrei Brasoveanu of Accel, a venture-capital firm.
It will give away prizes, and free mini cups of Dippin' Dots during a two-hour window at participating locations.
Spending caps give away the true motivation behind campaigns financed by taxpayers, which is greater government control over political speech.
After all, surely pharma doesn't think a friendly FDA commissioner like him will give away their formulae to just anyone.
Apple is reportedly trying to block a book that might give away the keys to its kingdom, the App Store.
Mr. Moore turned coy, saying that these elements were "part of the show" that he didn't want to give away.
But he's also been evasive about his exact plans, saying he doesn't want to give away secrets to the enemy.
Specifically, Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention had vulnerabilities that could enable multiple types of attacks that give away your browsing history.
In turn, Sirius will give away Amazon Echo Dots to customers who sign up for its subscriptions through Sirius' website.
One student was heard warning another that being live on the app could give away their location to a shooter.
We can build our own Wakandan corner of the web—and decide for ourselves what we want to give away.
To that end, Huebner has been attending small industry-specific conferences and purchasing swag to give away to devoted users.
For a few years now I have been working on an idea to give away three paintings and track them.
The new law would expand its criteria for reviewing foreign investments to ensure they don't give away valuable trade secrets.
All eyes are on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint for a checkmate move (hmmm, maybe give away Spotify for free?).
The brand is offering to pay up to $100 toward babysitting costs on Mother's Day and has $50,000 to give away.
For those who can itemize, cash donations and highly appreciated stocks often are the items generous filers want to give away.
Does it make sense to give away hundreds of billions of dollars in common equity in a rising interest rate environment?
Hiring me was a big risk on their part, but apart from that, I don't want to give away what happens.
The millisecond latency of requests coming from the same IP source or session ID would have been a dead give away.
We're teaming up with Society6, Domino, and Dwell to give away some seasonal joy in the form of a shopping spree.
The report shared conclusions reached in the classified version, but didn't include information that could give away sources and collection methods.
"As the birds flock to animal carcasses, they also give away sites of poachers' activities," the foundation said on its website.
But they probably won't put down the full $10 million, because even very wealthy people don't like to give away money.
They don't give away status: to the contrary, they require the user to perform some creative task that others find difficult.
Taco Bell teamed up with Microsoft last week to give away a bundle of Xbox products if they buy Chalupa meals.
Today, Verizon is launching a first-of-its-kind scavenger hunt on Snapchat to give away 256 new Apple iPhones. Intrigued?
That way there's less incentive for companies to try and dodge responsibility — they've already paid out the money they'll give away.
And while we're at it, no Mark Zuckerberg will not give away some of his millions to a random Facebook user.
Here's another reason to stay tuned; we're planning to give away free Startup Alley exhibitor packages through our Top Picks program.
EFF is probably the most influential IP law firm in the Silicon Valley, yet they give away all of their time.
Even when Carol urges him not to give away their position, Morgan puts himself in danger just to secure another kill.
The opposition party, which is adamantly against the agreement, argues it would give away 8,200 hectares (20,000 acres) in the process.
Leagues created on Quarterback can host daily challenges, give away prizes and compete against fan clubs devoted to other top players.
In August, Lyft said it planned to give away 50 percent off promo codes with GOTV partners to encourage voter turnout.
According to THV11, Mundy says his goal is to warn people about posting pictures that give away their personal GPS coordinates.
The discovery of this object (which we won't give away — watch the show!) causes Peter to reassess the world around him.
I guess I get catfishing players from your favorite team, but why catfish me just to give away free Redskins tickets?
Why give away your playbook to competitors, and the public, when you're one of the leading brands in the U.S. market?
It has never offered a full-featured API that allows users to give away their friends' information, as Facebook once did.
This work came with an action: I was in Google's headquarters to give away the caps and ask employees about Dragonfly.
Typically, digital keyboards are seen as safer than mechanical keyboards, which can give away what someone's typing with their acoustic emanations.
Last year, an internet hoax circulated that promised Mark Zuckerberg was going to give away $4.5 million to random Facebook users.
And then there's Thor Visionaries: Walter Simonson Volume 3, which ... why would you give away the third volume in a series?
In a moment when we are told that there is not enough for us, these camps give away food and books.
Cox: Can you explain why Rihanna would agree to give away more than a million copies of her album for nothing?
"Every pancake we give away has a purpose on National Pancake Day," Darren Rebelez, president of IHOP, said in a statement.
Sprint just announced it will give away free Jay-Z tour tickets to new and existing customers this Saturday, August 53.
"The House Republican plan to give away America's public lands for free is outrageous and absurd," he said in a statement.
I kept reading all of these different stories of women who would suffer violent torment rather than give away their purity.
From assisting with her bicycle give away at the African American Museum to working with the organization she started called CADAV.
"The Secretary and Deputy Secretary can't give away the public's infrastructure to those who recently signed their lobbying paychecks," Huffman said.
This isn't being used in any Google products yet, so the researchers were able to give away their work for free.
The basketball star created a station at a local Lowe's store to give away 500 prepackaged meals, WECT 6 News reported.
Or, rather, the film, with its compassion and its utterly jarring ending, which I won't give away, did something to me.
Uber co-founder Garrett Camp has joined The Giving Pledge, a commitment to give away half of their wealth to charity.
It had argued that the right to sue was a "personal" claim that it did not give away in the resecuritization.
I source my leathers all locally, in the fashion district and certain tanneries, but I can't give away all my secrets.
I'm surprised these kids are willing to give away their PayPal information and pay in full before we start doing work.
The Capitals sure seem to have made a mess of their off-season, and already had to give away Marcus Johansson.
It seems like so many people give away their best ideas or they share these germs of ideas on the internet.
If you are lucky enough to bag a heatwave weekend then unfortunately it also costs to give away water for free.
In India, numerous coaching institute give away gifts to high-performing students as part of their publicity to draw more aspirants.
The information can be disclosed as long as the business doesn't give away an employees' identity, according to the law firm.
It's honestly less than 10 percent of the money that I give away, but it gets 99 percent of the attention.
Ms. Nixon and Marc Molinaro, the Republican nominee for governor, had both called on Mr. Cuomo to give away the funds.
In other words, certain characteristics can give away whether a flow of encrypted traffic likely contains something related to known malware.
With some billionaires, there's a simple explanation for why they don't give away more money: They don't really feel like it.
It calls for the super-rich to give away more than half their fortunes during their lifetimes or in their wills.
Facebook users understood that they had to give away a part of themselves for easy connections and the much-coveted limelight.
The party that night was a designated Pre-Movement party so we had 2 tickets to give away to the festival.
Zuckerberg, along with his wife Priscilla Chan, have pledged to give away 271 percent of their Facebook shares over their lifetime.
That will mean that the couple is planning to simultaneously give away money while also giving away Zuckerberg's control over Facebook.
Every day, they give away the power they could have if they did mutually reinforcing work together to change whole systems.
Tito's vodka recently announced plans to make an initial 24 tons of its own hand sanitizer that it would give away.
Many megawealthy individuals have followed Bill Gates's and Warren Buffett's lead and pledged to give away half of their accumulated wealth.
The plan they have offered for doing that is opposed by Democrats as a give-away to the wealthy and corporations.
After all, it is "cheaper" for the company to give away a resource that it owns and has in infinite supply.
Yang said he has already secured $3 million in pledges to "give away to everyday Americans" in the form of UBI.
Lenovo won't give away any details in terms of its processor but it's possible it could be an Intel Lakefield chipset.
Even the villains — it would be a spoiler to give away their identities — share their names with the terrors of slavery.
All fans have been offered from the teaser trailers are short clips that don't give away much of the plot line.
"I don't know that you have to give away something that has value in order to sell your service," McAdam said.
In 2015, Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan pledged to give away 99 percent of their shares in Facebook to charity.
If you were the head of a foundation with millions to give away, what global problem would you want to solve?
I don't want to give away too much, but it's actually the Lord of Light who makes it go like that.
The team had planned to give away Osuna T-shirts to the first 15,000 fans attending the series finale on Thursday.
Military leaders have for years been warning troops that their cellphones and other personal devices could give away their positions overseas.
Democrats, who call the bill a give-away to the rich and corporations, are expected to oppose it in the Senate.
It eventually aims to give away the seat ticket for free and earn their income via all kinds of ancillary services.
Cook told Fortune magazine in 2015 that he intends to give away most of the fortune that he makes at Apple.
Last month, a Twitter account posing as Elon Musk targeted fans of the Silicon Valley billionaire, claiming to give away cryptocurrency.
Elders staff the shops that sell this, though they also give away the juice if a person is much in need.
To prevent this, he must sell or give away his ownership interest in his global business empire as soon as possible.
Maybe we did give away too much in non-defense discretionary in order to get the defense money that we need.
And no one is forgetting reading: The library plans to give away some titles from its Best Books for Teens list.
Only the wines might give away the location — the bottles produced here are deeply Australian, all rich chardonnays and fruity shirazes.
Look, to be clear, I think I want to live in America which has fewer billionaires with fewer to give away.
And before corporate responsibility became a buzzword, she modeled the idea that business owners should give away much of their wealth.
Rapper Vic Mensa spearheaded an effort with his SaveMoneySaveLife Foundation to collect brand-new sneakers to give away to those in need.
Once a team in the NBA Finals steals a game, Taco Bell will give away free tacos to everyone on June 18th.
This full trailer thankfully doesn't give away too much of the overall plot, mostly revealing the BFG and his friendship with Sophie.
The new trailer is careful not to give away too many details of the series, but does tease the mayhem to come.
"It's OK maybe to start leaning in and buying some of these things that people are starting to give away," Paulsen said.
But know, as you give away your time and energy, that the psychic return doesn't stop when you walk back into work.
"You don't want to just give away a match because you just couldn't find a way to go to bed," she said.
But at least one organization is now considering whether to give away the money it received from Epstein after his 2008 conviction.
Promotions that give away Home Mini speakers pop up fairly regularly, but it's still a nice freebie to receive with Tile trackers.
" And he goes, "You give away for free what we pay tens of millions of dollars a year from management consultants for.
For a price this low, we say grab a few pieces to give away as gifts (and keep one for yourself too!).
But airlines can give away unsold berths at little incremental cost, because the jet would fly whether they are filled or not.
Virginity is not a prize people "give away," like some kind of diamond they've kept tucked up in their crotch for years.
What I've seen firsthand is many people who have intent to give away very significant resources, but they delay the actual giving.
It is not easy to give away that much money so quickly, although winding down an estate is a years-long task.
So today's news is just formal confirmation that the TV guys really don't want to give away their best stuff for free.
Starting July 14, the ice cream chain will give away free samples of its new mint chocolate chip polar pizza ice cream.
When, day after day, people give away small bits of themselves to Big Data, they eventually give up power over their lives.
Like Andrew Bird meets Teenage Fanclub, the guitars immediately give away how unsure and insecure the song feels, despite the impeccable execution.
McDonald's was made to give away even more cash to make amends to those who played fairly, according to recently unearthed reports.
" Don't give away all my secrets!!!" she commented underneath the video, in an interaction first noticed by Instagram account Comments by Celebs.
I suppose I should give a spoiler alert, but it's five year old movie and this doesn't really give away the plot.
And here's the key: when the host cuts in to throw to a highlight, he doesn't give away what's about to happen.
Fresh off announcing a new album last week, influential UK experimenter Actress took to Twitter today to give away some unreleased tracks.
Who rekcahxfb is, or why they want to give away coins now while pinning it on the Bitfinex hacker, is a mystery.
Confusingly, this Indonesian material is lumped into the "ferronickel" category by Chinese customs, but the give-away is its relatively low value.
Simply put, proponents of throwing out this rule want to give away federal control of federal lands and resources to the states.
This includes articles with titles or pictures that give away major plot points or character deaths, or jokes that inadvertently reveal something.
Any time you give away extra outs — and they gave us three outs in the first — we need to capitalize on it.
And, secondly, I think that people strive for information and the way I do it I don't feel I give away secrets.
But it'd be really awesome if we could somehow give away space, or create platforms of promotion, that were just about innovation.
She'd made plans to give away her beloved tabby cat, Sissy, because without medication, she wouldn't be able to care for her.
Trump's handling of ZTE and the embassy in Israel demonstrate his tendency to give away bargaining chips without getting enough in exchange.
Soon after, they pledged to give away 2300 percent of their Facebook shares, then valued at some $45 billion, in their lifetime.
By the way, please don't put my full name in this—I'm about to tell you how much alcohol I give away.
In the second one, Alex tells Paul off, revealing he knows "Brooke," but doesn't give away any information on her current whereabouts.
Some smaller providers, such as Morningstar, give away data on most of their indices (on the weightings of their components, for example).
Every time we click on a link, check a tweet or write a post, we give away some of our finite attention.
Right now Ryan can give away his prosthetics, but to sell them he would need to certify them as a medical device.
Hannity subsequently tweeted his delight at the demonstrations and promised to buy 500 coffee makers -- presumably not from Keurig -- to give away.
And, besides paying for his nephew's college education, Cook plans to give away all of his money to charity when he dies.
Immediately thereafter, I harvested my first and last crop: a couple of pounds of leaves that I literally could not give away.
Yet the American people can't afford for Congress to give away billions of their hard-earned dollars in corporate welfare like this.
Many N.H.L. teams give away hard hats, cowboy hats, Broadway hats or other tokens to their most valuable player after each victory.
Marlins man interjected at one point, telling Hample to give away any balls he might collect, and to exit the ballpark ASAP.
When somebody leaves Second Nature, they give away their goods to the others: food, walking sticks, anything they cannot take with them.
It's just that it never worked out to the point where we felt comfortable giving away what we'd have to give away.
Bitcoin holders are taking advantage of higher prices and year-end tax planning to give away millions of dollars in the cryptocurrency.
Another plus: Start-ups that raise money through coin offerings don't have to give away ownership of their technology to outside investors.
Plus, now there's one less mouth to feed at this stupid potluck, and I don't have to give away our only toothbrush.
It would spoil the story, such as it is, to give away what happens in Part 2 ("During") and Part 3 ("After").
It takes a lot of time and energy to give away 21,000 cups, and Tool admits it has not all gone smoothly.
A billionaire, she received approval to give away her $199,700 government salary last year, and part of it went to the organization.
For one thing, races give away thousands of T-shirts and medals, which take up materials and energy to make and ship.
It goes something like this: if the Milwaukee Brewers win 12 straight, they give away free burgers, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
In late 2015, Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan pledged to give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares in their lifetime.
Soon after, they pledged to give away 20153 percent of their Facebook shares, then valued at some $22015 billion, in their lifetime.
I won't give away that twist, though that also means I can't say what the issue is, except that it is feminist.
Advertising revenue dropped across the N.F.L., and networks were forced to give away free commercials to advertisers because of missed ratings guarantees.
Paul Krugman Why is Donald Trump planning to give away $700 billion — that's billion, with a "b" — to foreigners, no strings attached?
While Japan certainly wants to reset relations with China on a friendlier footing, it does not want to give away too much.
But the program initially required users to give away their rights to legal action and agree to use arbitration to settle disputes.
Perhaps it's not so bad for the rich to pay a lower marginal rate, if it's because they give away so much.
I won't give away the ending, but suffice it to say that Caputo is challenged, legally and morally, and comes away bruised.
When Warren Buffett announced in 2006 that he would gradually give away the majority of his fortune to charity, he wasn't kidding.
Beyond health care, the Trump administration's tax plan is a give-away to corporations at the expense of the small business owners.
So he started a collection at the hospital of clothing and shoes from his home that he was planning to give away.
"Neighbors ask my opinion about things even when they list with other brokers, and I give away free advice," Ms. Chajet said.
Reliance Jio, the mobile network owned by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, will give away free 22K televisions with some of its new plans.
To compare Palm Springs to other movies would be to give away the delightful concept, and I don't want to do that.
And this month it was announced that hospitals and organizations in Texas would give away as many as 400,000 of the boxes.
He declined to say whether the bank will make good on Dimon's threat from 2016 to give away the service for free.
Under that theory, why not just lower the tax rate still more and the rich will have more money to give away?
Good ghost stories are hard to spoil; even if you give away the surprises, you can't unfeel the prickle on your neck.
Trump's tax plan is the great legislative success of his presidency -- but for Democrats it's a massive give away for the rich.
That company, backed by India's richest man, continues to give away its service free and helped trigger consolidation in the first place.
"They would raffle 20 or 19513 babies off every year in the &aposChristmas Baby Give Away&apos in the newspaper," Wingate said.
As realistic as these faces may appear, there are still plenty of details that give away that they are not actual people.
"When you make the decision to give away your DNA data, that choice affects you and everybody related to you," King said.
In 2010, Gates pledged to give away at least half his wealth and called on other rich individuals to do the same.
But even once they consider themselves changed, their gang tattoos, which sometimes cover their faces or arms, give away their darker past.
But critics of privatization say towns sometimes give away important assets for too little money in a quick one-time budget fix.
The Obamas plan to give away a significant portion of their advance to the Obama Foundation and other charities, their publisher announced.
And our trade meeting with president – I don't want to give away any detailed secrets, but trade ambassador Lighthizer ... he's getting close.
We won't give away who won the husband-wife shootout, but we'll say this ... Gabrielle ain't no chump from three-point land.
As we later found out, the MVP didn't get a car this year ... so Brady didn't exactly have one to give away.
Cook has pledged to give away his fortune to charity, except for the amount needed to pay for his nephew's college education.
Buffett lives modestly and is one of the world's most generous philanthropists, opting to give away most of his billions to charity.
He gave away most of his own fortune, and pioneered the idea that companies should give away one per cent of their profits.
The preview clip doesn't give away too much, but it does give viewers this juicy tidbit: "Crazy Kristen" is back in full-swing.
However, the tattoo didn't give away some of the bigger twists in the episode, mainly that Jon ended up killing Daenerys (Emilia Clarke).
Typically, they are given marching orders by politicians on much they can give away in terms of lower barriers to trade and investment.
Apple could be about to give away its crown as the largest company to Microsoft, which held the top spot 19813 years ago.
That group, backed by India's richest man, continues to give away its service for free and helped trigger consolidation in the first place.
It said it could not comment further on the "very few individual cases" among diplomats for fear it could give away their identities.
Not sure if it's too soon to give away spoilers for the original 1831 story, but, err, it doesn't end well for anyone.
For the first week, the company will give away a free small frosty at Wendy's, and a free movie ticket to see Warcraft.
While Lucasfilm is understandably reluctant to give away too much about Holdo's role, director Rian Johnson hinted that the two have met before.
He can't just give away a few points after a weak debate performance now, because if he did, he'd be clearly behind Warren.
This story is part of CNBC's Millennial Money series, which profiles how people across the U.S. earn, spend and give away their money.
If you're going to give away a service for free, it behooves you to be very clear about how you're making your money.
Apple is going to give away year-long subscriptions to the service to anyone who buys certain Apple hardware, most notably new iPhones.
Did the word "lodestar" give away Vice President Mike Pence as the author of the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times?
In December 2015 Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, a pediatrician, pledged to give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares to charity.
"If writers give away all our material in quips to the press, we won't have any material left!" he wrote in an email.
All-knowing, with buckets of love to give away, and some magical skills in the kitchen, these women are pretty much mythical creatures.
But let's not give away all the archetypes for free: people should go and have a look, and try to discover hidden meanings.
Neller said the Marines and Navy had seen exercises in which their personnel's use of mobile devices could give away positions to adversaries.
As a parting note, Trust Fund leave us still questioning how much of yourself to give away and how much to hold back.
Marketplace is a separate commerce section on Facebook that allows users to connect with one another to buy, sell, and give away items.
Somehow, clicking the follow button or, even worse, friending her on Facebook, felt like it would give away how much I liked her.
But he got just far enough to see how much user data Facebook was willing to give away in the name of growth.
We have the right to give away up to once ounce of marijuana at a time as long as we're not receiving money.
Avoid specific numbers Don't give away too much information about the offer if you're hoping your employer will counter with a higher number.
Under Adolf Hitler, the Nazis forced Jewish artists and collectors to sell or give away their works, and many pieces were confiscated outright.
We're teaming up with Cratejoy to give away $1,000 plus four curated boxes full of astrology-inspired goodies to harness your sign's power.
Anyway, this teaser doesn't give away much more than the series' vibe, but the vibe alone should be enough to draw your interest.
And by the way, if you ARE successful, since you didn't really earn it, you should give away the fruits of that success.
It looks like he dishes out a few bills he's got on hand, and toward the end ... seems to give away a stack.
Branson has also signed The Giving Pledge, in which he promised to give away more than half of his wealth during his lifetime.
I don't think that it needs to give away 100GB or even half of that, but what it offers now simply isn't enough.
As it is, both give away free rides to attract and retain riders and are engaged in a bloody war for market share.
You can be generous with money and always pay the bill, but money is actually the least meaningful thing you can give away.
A mysterious barn is inscribed all over with the Gar rune, a powerful symbol designating—something that also would give away the plot.
A scientist who founded Mectra Labs, a medical manufacturing company, he has pledged to spend $2200 million on DNA kits to give away.
He mainly spends his billions on charity through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and plans to give away most of his fortune.
Scams that convince people to give away their bitcoins by entering information into a legitimate-seeming (but fake) website are on the rise.
I cannot give away all my secret plans, but I will say it's so difficult to focus on one project at a time.
They won't give away students identification and they won't allow ICE and CBP on campus, to the extent they're allowed to by law.
A Republican candidate for Georgia governor said Monday he opposes any ban on bump stocks and will give away one of the devices.
And the strangest thing of all about this sort of treasure is that the more you give away, the more you have left.
But in a bid to degrease their image, McDonalds branches in the United States are planning to give away books instead of toys.
They give away the money, go back to school, and let their adult doppelgängers get arrested, none the wiser to their criminal saga.
Do you regularly give away, recycle or throw out things you no longer need or want, or are you more of a hoarder?
The vodka maker Tito's recently announced plans to make an initial 24 tons of its own hand sanitizer that it would give away.
I won't give away the opera's resolution, other than to say that the Boy, now king, has learned his lessons all too well.
Her voice was full and creamy, but it didn't give away the dramatic depths it would be plumbing a decade or two hence.
When setting up a firing position, snipers have to think carefully about their concealment, as the slightest mistake could give away their position.
In another recent game, HQ partnered with Nike to give away $100,000 in total, along with free pairs of sneakers, to four winners.
"I don't like to talk about it too much, because I don't want to give away too much," Hamilton said of his diet.
The goal is to offer a passive sighting system that is not emitting anything that could give away a sniper's position, Kennedy said.
McDonald's is unveiling two luxurious golden cups — one for auction and the other to give away — to celebrate the Shamrock Shake's 50th anniversary.
McDonald's is dropping two luxurious golden cups — one for auction and the other to give away — to celebrate the Shamrock Shake's 63th anniversary.
He notes that a lot of people give away control and make these decisions for in the event the startup doesn't go well.
We'll also give away some awesome door prizes, like TC swag and tickets to Disrupt SF, our flagship event coming in September 2020.
If the Super Bowl goes into overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings will give away free wings at all of its restaurants in North America.
Bloomberg said he instead prefers to give away his earned money to causes he cares about, like public health, education and the environment.
Yang generated interest after unveiling a proposed plan to give away $1,000 per month for a year to 10 families chosen at random.
In April, CEO Rick Smith told Cramer that Axon would give away free body cameras to every police force in the United States.
I want to be clear: this doesn't change Priscilla and my plans to give away 99% of our Facebook shares during our lives.
"If the U.S. continues with the trade war, it'll give away a lot of market share on the Chinese supply chain," said Xin.
This is over and above any funds that I have given away in the past and will continue to give away in the future.
I bought myself a new parka for the holidays and make sure my old one is in good shape and clean to give away.
Stephenson posted about the sighting on Facebook, but didn't give away her exact location, in fear fellow birders would come flocking to her yard.
They launched a "100 Tomorrows " crowdfunding campaign in November 2018, with the goal of raising $500,000, so that they can give away all 100.
Woods and Dr. Kamangar have since then partnered to give away another smile transformation to a fan, which will be announced on March 1st.
Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced last year that they would give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares to fund charitable endeavors.
Warren Buffett has donated $34 billion since 2006, and plans to give away his whole fortune, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has committed $45 billion.
It was just the two men, and Ali took out a pack of baseball-style cards that he would give away at the event.
Besides some pretty epic confetti, there are literally thousands of glow in the dark items couples would be able to give away as favors.
Spoiler warning: This essay does not give away the ending of "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too," but it does reveal some major plot twists.
He's not part of the Giving Pledge, in which billionaires pledge to give away half their net worth over the course of their life.
Ahead, a few key things to consider before you give away your password for this weekend's release — or log in with someone else's account.
But Afghan officials seem reluctant to give away that leverage so early in their talks, before they have secured Taliban commitments on basic issues.
He doesn't want to give away too much, but there is already a sense that Trump is doing a lot to decide monetary policy.
Because in part to answer political pressure at home about Americans, left, right, center who said are we going give away the farm here.
News organizations that had bought tables for the annual fundraiser and invited White House aides suddenly had some seats to give away to others.
MacKenzie Bezos joined some of the world's wealthiest people in a pledge to give away at least half of their wealth to charitable causes.
Google has the power to build new resources that they give away free and they build the resources that are particular to their problem.
In 2013, mining billionaire Andrew Forrest pledged $65 million to universities in Western Australian, and plans to give away $2.5 billion in his lifetime.
Their willingness to give away their wealth to the less fortunate means they are unprepared during a fatal emergency, which leaves them all dead.
Peter Valdriz reached out to Scott earlier this week when the rapper was offering to give away $100,63 to a select group of fans.
"Tell kids how much money you have to give away, and then discuss what causes are important to you as a family," said Weisman.
He joins fellow makeup artist Lisa Elridge to give away all his secrets and help Adele lovers feel and look like the singer herself.
The rest of the points are collected from the audience who have ballots worth one point each, to give away to their favorite act.
We're told Grammy winners sign a contract clearly stating they cannot give away or sell their Grammy statue or the Grammys can repossess it.
Holmes plans to give away shares to the "most significant shareholders," almost all of whom agreed to participate in the deal, Theranos' statement said.
In 2012, he announced a Rs 100 crore ($15 million) project to give away free laptops after his party won the 2011 assembly elections.
"If you choose to compromise or give away your personal integrity, you will have a life that is neither whole nor complete," he said.
People in Lithuania have made big sacrifices to be part of the West; they see Britain as willingly deciding to give away such privileges.
I send a group text to my family telling them she's hiding and to NOT to call Isabelle and give away her hiding place.
As Claudio Borio of the Bank for International Settlements points out, give away credit easily leads to reckless borrowing, which leads to financial bubbles.
Austin Petersen's campaign announced Tuesday that it would give away a Ghost Gunner 2, which allows users to print and assemble guns at home.
You know, when you look at Amazon and how they do Prime, none of of us really expected that they would give away video.
The White House official insisted that the memo "doesn't give away too much in terms of classification" and said that significant redactions appeared unlikely.
None of us really expected that they would give away video … So my view on this is that you need the Disney fly wheel.
The new plan, which is still under consideration, would be to give away the ad-supported Peacock streaming service to anyone who wants it.
And in 2017, the feds stepped in when a company tried to give away DNA tests at a football game without the proper licensing.
Photograph by Zachary Zavislak for The New Yorker It's the service, as polished as a river stone, that starts to give away the secret.
The assumption is that Kim, with a stroke of a pen, could give away his nuclear program in return for economic wealth and prosperity.
The team announced it'll host its 14th annual Seats for Soldiers night ... and give away floor tix for the soldiers -- valued at around $350k.
I'm proud to share a hometown with a philanthropy attempting to give away more money than any private entity has ever tried to do.
According to industry estimates, more than 180 young companies that give away their software raised roughly $3.2 billion in financing from 2011 to 903.
So it's sort of embedded in one era, but then stylistically there are little things that give away that it is of the moment.
What we've always done is give away a lot of free music, play a lot of shows, and then try to build that up.
Holloway and Kislevitz said they would be willing to give away 30% of their company for two Sharks, but for a $900,000 total investment.
Apple will also give away a free year of Apple TV+ when a customer buys a new iPhone, Mac, iPad or Apple TV box.
On the other hand, it's far more feasible for someone at that income level to give away $1,000 over the course of a year.
Little assistance has reached the clan, she said, in part because aid trucks stop at other camps first and give away all their supplies.
They take the pledge, promising to give away most of their wealth during their lifetime, and then they write letters describing their giving philosophy.
With promoters of these projects also not keen to give away control, many of these cases will go to the bankruptcy court, he said.
"I intend to give away as much of my money as possible while I'm alive to things that I think are valuable," he said.
Rather than wait to find out when they'd be able to return to China, the family asked their landlady to give away their belongings.
" Miguel added: "I'm never going to ask why these things happen and oh, I'd give away all that I have to have Adelaide here.
None of them fear deeper U.S. military involvement in Syria, and thus have no incentive to give away anything to the U.S. in negotiations.
While most of the time investors are focused on keeping costs low, Sreshta notes that Cuban was totally on-board to give away product.
The give-away, Maezawa added, is driven by a curiosity about universal basic income — a system that essentially pays someone simply for being alive.
Several billionaires, including Chuck Feeney, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett have pledged to give away all or most of their money before they die.
"Why give away billions of dollars in government assets to an entity that will be governed in large part by the airlines?" he asked.
But what will she say, especially when she insists that she does not want to give away her bargaining position with Brussels too early?
Along with billionaire Bill Gates, Buffett co-founded The Giving Pledge, a public call for billionaires to give away more than half their wealth.
It's being pitched as a smart alternative for growing companies that don't want to give away equity in return for capital to help grow.
Under the umbrella of law and order, taxpayer-funded officers eagerly clasp at the luxury watches FIFA used to give away without a thought.
I won't give away the plot, but based on the electrified reaction Friday night in the packed Paramount Theater, signs are pointing to yes.
The company also has struggled to give away some of the money earned from its 70 percent share of the United States vaping market.
BARC was pissed to find out she no longer has the pooch ... which she says she had to give away due to behavioral issues.
He is in residence almost every weekend, throwing hundreds of cups, which, at the conclusion of the show, he will give away to the public.
" You also cannot sell or give away merchandise "upon which shall have been printed, painted, attached, or otherwise placed a representation of any such flag.
She also tells the workers that they can't speak or cry during the attack because that would give away their position away to the shooter.
Either way, you'll love this news: We've partnered up with IMAX to give away the most epic package right in time for the new year.
Gates has since started The Giving Pledge alongside investor Warren Buffett, a promise to give away at least half of his fortune to charitable endeavors.
And along the journey, which I'm not going to give away too much about the series, you're going to find out a lot about Idris.
Considering how close the playoff race is, the Flames can't afford to give away points, Brouwer said, especially since Calgary controlled much of the game.
Which all give away the fact that, as a result of his international schooling, English is, indeed, his fourth language (after Korean, Spanish, and Italian).
She declined to go into much detail on exactly what data is being used, obviously careful not to give away any of Blossom's secret source.
It's the bargain that underpins so much of the modern internet: you give away information about your life, and in return you get free services.
In the series "Thanks a Million," Jennifer Lopez will give away money to someone, who in turn, will have to pay it forward to others.
I won't give away the outcome, but let's just say that this particular scene demands the services of an instrument ordinarily used for skin grafts.
The fact that the discussions were specifically about API access, which Facebook continues to give away for free to developers, had not been previously reported.
"Hang The DJ" takes place in a world that looks like this one, but without any details that could give away its era or location.
In 1980 Paul Newman and his friend A. E. Hotchner poured his homemade salad dressing into empty wine bottles to give away as holiday gifts.
The Privacy Badger extension is a simple, effective way of taking control over the data you give away in your daily journeys across the internet.
Blocks decided to give away the interface it had designed so that other developers could more easily connect their own operating systems with their hardware.
He and Zuckerberg both joined The Giving Pledge, started by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, to give away at least half their wealth to charity.
He would explain to his parents and in-laws and sons that he feared the Democrats would give away the store to stay in office.
"Whenever you raise capital, you should expect to give away 15 to 25 percent of your company, except in the very first round," Baker said.
It's unclear exactly how much dough Kaep will give away ... but with the jerseys flying off the shelves, it's certain to be another big donation.
We don't want to give away the outcome, but we will say this: the eventual winner is still not the tallest person on the podium.
As open source software grows more popular, and important, developers face an existential question: How to make money from something you give away for free?
In an announcement today, Sprint said it would give away 1 million internet-connected devices to low-income high school students across the United States.
They can raise the money and use it to fuel new projects without having to give away a piece of their company to venture capitalists.
A toilet block, a seaside clifftop, a lamp-lit street: The scenes photographed by Sean Coyle don't immediately give away signs of a dark past.
In fact, the AeroGarden Harvest is so effective, Insider Picks's Jada Wong had to give away the dill she planted because it grew so much.
I don't want to give away too much for those who haven't read or watched it, because so much of the story is about discovery.
Our elected leaders can't make the 1 percent be generous, and I wouldn't recommend holding your breath waiting for Devos to give away her inheritance.
Block out all the clues that give away gender and ethnicity and go purely for candidates that could make a difference in your board's trajectory.
Likewise, we can't hire secretaries of State that suppress the vote, give away our personal information, or allow hostile foreign governments to undermine our vote.
Some Democrats said the latest developments validate their concerns about the summit: that Trump might give away too much in order to win a deal.
Reviewers have been admonished not to give away much about what transpires during these 75 minutes, so my hands are tied, to a certain degree.
Although I like to trade and give away buttons, I always keep my dad's old Navy name tag and my Highland third-eye cat button.
I won't give away the top spot, but let's just say it was one of the most badass things to ever happen in the NHL.
I think it does it pretty well, but it doesn't give away the whole story – the comic book isn't the whole story of the album.
Russell Bender: What we have now is a situation where we give away data for free and, in return for that, we get free services.
But whether these roles are a crucial professional stepping stone or a form of exploitation, it costs money to give away your time for free.
What happens if Mr. Trump's people discover you can't just give away public lands and trash Native American sacred grounds without a huge push back?
Mr. Hodgkin left a letter asking that his executors give away large sums after his death, so the auction will raise money for that gift.
"I don't want to give away everything that we're going to try to do because they probably read the paper a little bit," Martin said.
Before the 1984 Summer Olympics, the fast-food giant announced that it would give away food items every time the United States won a medal.
It was a compromise because I didn't want to be disingenuous to fans, but then of course, I didn't want to give away the story.
And it is impossible, as they know, to shed the class privilege rooted in education and family socialization, even if they give away every penny.
In an interview, Chen, claimed he believed that Amazon wanted to give away his routes to smaller, more pliant companies that would accept lower fees.
He said on Tuesday that he planned to give away 500 Keurig machines and accepted the company's "apology," without noting it was directed to employees.
I'll abide by Richard's injunction to "never give away the ending," but I'll say this: Whether these revelations satisfy depends heavily upon the reader's expectations.
But that only makes the marketing opportunity greater and plays into the emerging publishing script: Don't give away what you have too early, for free.
Drew and Jonathan Scott, known for their show "Property Brothers," are partnering with the home-security company ADT to give away a $250,000 home renovation.
But any question that would give away the outcome of the race won't be reported until after all the polls in that state have closed.
Buffett, along with billionaire buddy Bill Gates, co-founded The Giving Pledge, a commitment from billionaires to give away at least half of their wealth.
Deal Professor Mark Zuckerberg wants to give away nearly all his stake in Facebook, and yet still keep control of the company he helped found.
The pair plan give away the majority of their wealth throughout their lifetimes and are doing so by thoughtfully tackling major issues around the world.
So why would Dahn's research group, which signed its exclusive partnership with Tesla in 2016, give away the recipe for such a seemingly singular battery?
We won't give away the ending, but we will say this: neither of them are anywhere near as good at spotting wigs as RuPaul was.
"I'm never going to ask why these things happen and oh, I'd give away all that I have to have Adelaide here," he says quietly.
Lawmakers is Massachusetts and Oregon approved legislation that will give away workers' private information, such as cell phone numbers and home addresses, to union organizers.
Javad declined to identify the exact location where the video was taken, as to not give away the location of his friend who obtained it.
"I want to be clear: this doesn't change Priscilla and my plans to give away 85033% of our Facebook shares during our lives," Zuckerberg wrote.
However, Connolly said late on Tuesday he would give away A$99,922 that he had received because he was no longer required to face court.
Left-wing governments have been equally reluctant, seeing it as investing in somewhere they might need to give away to Palestinians in hypothetical peace negotiations.
The donation came via the Pineapple Fund, an online organization set up by a bitcoin enthusiast to give away the majority of his cryptocurrency wealth.
This last time I did it, I said, 'Okay, you've got a new, whatever it was, you have to give away one of your toys.
Some scenes from previous trailers have been extended, and new jokes promise a movie that doesn't give away all its best gags in the trailers.
"It was only a matter of time before he came up with an idea that he didn't want to give away," Mr. Grahame-Smith said.
The Giving Pledge, where billionaires have promised to give away at least half of their wealth to charity, is one step in the right direction.
But given the price surges and mania around cryptocurrencies, it isn't clear why anyone seeking a profit would give away these out these new coins.
In 2012, Ms. Warren struck a deal with her Republican opponent to denounce super PACs and give away money to charity if they got involved.
She sings a fractured lullaby while caressing the head of a dead sheep (and how actual sheep come into the picture, I won't give away).
And some nice people at The Times have put aside 10 sets of tickets to give away to you, Cooking readers, in a random drawing!
As the rule stands, people who bought blocks of stock at different times can choose which blocks to sell or give away for tax purposes.
The likely truth is that all the other data you give away is enough to predict what you have said and will say in conversations.
However, Harry's communications secretary told reporters last week he would have an important role and would give away his daughter on the couple's big day.
"In order to get the defense spending, primarily, but all the rest of our priorities funded, we had to give away a lot of stuff that we didn't want to give away" to Democrats, Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget director, told reporters during a briefing where he also highlighted funding in important areas like the military, school safety, border security and combating the opioid crisis.
We are raising money to give away free mammograms for women who can't afford it and in just a month we have already given away 15.
If Amazon has to give away a few million devices to stake out its place in the future of shopping, it believes that's money worth losing.
OpenAI, the Elon Musk-backed startup that wants to give away its artificial intelligence research, also wants to make sure AI isn't used for nefarious purposes.
Whether you'd like to give away several thousand bushels of soybeans or a prehistoric fossil, there just might be a charity that's willing to receive it.
Also, Gates and Buffett started the giving pledge, a call for wealthy individuals to publicly commit to give away the majority of their money to philanthropy.
There's not a whole lot else a brand can do to celebrate an eclipse, aside from give away some free circular products, which some brands did.
Devoid of any recognizable landmark to give away its history, the footage of lower Manhattan near Wall Street, is eerily shot and appears sleek and dystopian.
A newly released batch of screenshots and concept art don't give away any spoilers, but they do offer a sense of what the game looks like.
By moving the camera and zooming in on specific details, you can find signs, license plates, and scraps of text that will give away the location.
If there's one upside to Zuckerberg's youth, he has plenty of time to follow through on his pledge to give away all of his money.[Recode]
Be suspicious when asked to reveal personal information "For any website or app, don't give away key information that you don't think is relevant," says Herjavec.
CNBC reported in October that Apple is planning to give away some of its original shows through the "TV" app that's included with iPhones and iPads.
I still took my sweet-ass time, though, and asked them if I could give away the food since they had insisted on throwing it away.
But monitoring them can also give away who is fishing nefariously, if you develop the software to sift through masses of location data looking for patterns.
Now, at least one organization, the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, is considering whether to give away the money it received from Epstein after 2008.
The summit already had US officials and allies nervous over what the president, eager to forge a strong relationship with his Russian counterpart, might give away.
President Putin emphasised on Monday that the state should retain control of strategic companies and that any disposals should not be made at give-away prices.
While Hayashi was careful not to give away too much about the design yet, he said that people would interact with the robot in many ways.
The photo, taken by her sister Kendall Jenner, did not give away much as it was a closely cropped photo of her face, shoulders, and hands.
The positioning and movements of feet, knees, shoulders and the serving hand in tennis give away clues about the direction and power of a tennis serve.
And the fact that Facebook enabled users to give away their friends' data as well meant that the data leak swept up millions of unwitting users.
Scott is a superstar and I am honored to share the stage this Sunday, and give away lots of money and a huge Double Dare prize!
When he found out Impagliazzo was making sandwiches for the homeless, Nicoletti offered to give away unsold bread for free at the end of the day.
While Jordan didn't give away what Smith told him, the actor spoke about keeping himself focused more on his work and continuing to build his career.

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