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"ordinary" Definitions
  1. [usually before noun] not unusual or different in any way
  2. (disapproving) having no unusual or interesting features
"ordinary" Synonyms
usual common normal standard everyday natural routine typical accustomed established regular settled stock customary familiar habitual household quotidian prevailing wonted unremarkable average commonplace plain modest unexceptional prosaic workaday homespun indifferent mediocre pedestrian so-so undistinguished conventional humdrum middling tiny meager(US) meagre(UK) little reduced trivial minimal inadequate derisory insignificant insufficient negligible nominal paltry pathetic minor unimportant inappreciable inconsequential nugatory unpretentious simple unadorned unsophisticated unembellished unostentatious homely unornamented unfussy restrained humble unassuming unaffected straightforward unimposing inelaborate folksy unobtrusive low-quality substandard bad lousy wretched imperfect shabby sorry junk tawdry sad base lemon poorer mean lowly low low-born lower-class proletarian plebeian obscure ignoble baseborn lowborn low-life lumpen prole servile ugly unattractive unalluring unprepossessing ordinary-looking unappealing unlovely deformed fugly huckery ill-favored(US) ill-favoured(UK) as plain as a pikestaff hard on the eyes no oil painting not much to look at plain-featured not beautiful bourgeois provincial suburban propertied shopkeeping Pooterish Victorian middle-class property-owning small-town parish-pump traditional conformist petit-bourgeois middle-England lacking inferior deficient poor suboptimal subpar dissatisfactory subnormal unsatisfactory wanting abysmal appalling atrocious dismal dreadful execrable vernacular colloquial informal conversational idiomatic nonliterary unbookish dialectal vulgar popular local native nonformal unliterary folk domesticated indigenous nontechnical nonspecialized unspecialized untechnical general generalised(UK) generalized(US) generic inexpert lay nonexclusive nonprofessional nonspecific overall self-evident self-explanatory universal unprofessional unnoticeable camouflaged concealed dim faint having hidden imperceptible indistinct low-key low-profile muted quiet retiring secretive shy practical useful functional effective practicable sensible suitable usable useable applicable appropriate apt fit good ideal perfect serviceable fitting chatty loquacious talkative garrulous talky blabby communicative expansive forthcoming gabby motormouthed mouthy voluble intimate long-winded spoken verbose casual leisure comfortable cosy(UK) cozy(US) relaxed comfy sloppy baggy loose slouchy sportif sporty laid-back untrained amateur dilettante unqualified nonspecialist non-professional non-specialist non-technical unskilled inexperienced avocational jackleg backyard Sunday amateurish dilettantish unskillful hierarch penny-farthing high wheel high wheeler table d'hote a la carte communal table prix fixe More
"ordinary" Antonyms
unusual abnormal rare uncommon unnatural atypical bizarre exceptional extraordinary freakish freaky inconceivable irregular novel odd offbeat outlandish peculiar scarce strange amazing astonishing astounding awesome breathtaking conspicuous cracking dazzling excellent fab fabulous fantastic great incredible magnificent marvellous(UK) marvelous(US) unique different distinctive unconventional aberrant anomalous cool curious eccentric fantastical far-out funny idiosyncratic Kafkaesque kookie kooky oddball substantial significant abundant ample bounteous bountiful considerable generous liberal plenteous plentiful profuse stable steady superabundant tidy voluminous wide major unrestricted unorthodox casual freewheeling informal unceremonious broad-minded large-minded nonconservative nonconventional nonorthodox nontraditional open-minded progressive left-field nonconformist pretentious showy arrogant insincere flamboyant phoney(UK) inflated conceited phony(US) snobbish dishonest dissimulating false guileful hollow ostentatious dissembling highfaluting vainglorious fresh active energised(UK) energized(US) invigorated lively new original refreshed unused presumptuous audacious bold bumptious chesty egotistic egotistical fastuous haughty hifalutin high-and-mighty highfalutin high-handed high-hat hoity-toity huffish huffy noble aristocratic highborn gentle imperial kingly patrician princely queenly upper-class wellborn well-born well-bred blue-blooded genteel highbred lofty titled upper-crust exciting interesting absorbing engaging gripping engrossing thrilling exhilarating intriguing involving rousing dramatic riveting adventurous enthralling envigorating(UK) invigorating(US) stimulating stirring compelling inspiring intense powerful animating arousing arresting climactic electrifying emotional emphatic titillating agitative extravagant elaborate grand luxurious expensive lavish luxuriant opulent ornate plush rich costly deluxe immoderate indulgent luxury sumptuous excessive flash sophisticated complicated intricate complex advanced detailed fancy elegant extensive flashy modern posh refined chic cosmopolitan metropolitan urban attractive beautiful pretty gorgeous handsome comely fetching stunning alluring beguiling bewitching captivating irresistible lovely pulchritudinous aesthetic(UK) appealing beauteous cute enchanting secondary backup fallback relief substitute occasional unexpected surprising unanticipated unforeseen sudden unpredictable unpredicted abrupt unannounced unsuspected unimagined unheralded blindsiding unenvisaged unlooked for unlooked-for unplanned for unthought of without notice apocryphal innovative unacceptable unauthorised(UK) unauthorized(US) uncanonical unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) unsanctioned superior senior chief greater supreme foremost high high-ranking important premier prime dominant heavyweight high-grade high-level key predominant

903 Sentences With "ordinary"

How to use ordinary in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "ordinary" and check conjugation/comparative form for "ordinary". Mastering all the usages of "ordinary" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The media has cannily figured out that ordinary people, doing ordinary things, in ordinary places, is easy money.
In other words, he is an ordinary man, with an ordinary job, trying to lead an ordinary life.
Our sun is an ordinary star in an ordinary galaxy.
Or it would be ordinary if these were ordinary times.
This is no ordinary time, no ordinary Republican Party, no ordinary incumbent, and it will require an extraordinary Democratic machine to triumph.
But, today is no ordinary day; that ping no ordinary ping.
But these aren't ordinary times, and Apple is no ordinary company.
The Palestinians have had only ordinary people and their ordinary lives.
But this is no ordinary landlord, and no ordinary rent check.
This indictment could have been brought by ordinary prosecutors, ordinary FBI agents.
But these are no ordinary times, and this was no ordinary hearing.
The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%, $7.90, available at The Ordinary.
"They see themselves as ordinary people who want to have ordinary lives."
Tesla is no ordinary automaker, and Elon Musk is no ordinary CEO.
I wanted to show that they are ordinary people with ordinary jobs.
But this was no ordinary room, and it was no ordinary function.
But this is no ordinary election, and Moore is no ordinary candidate.
But there are a lot of ordinary women who have ordinary problems.
In an ordinary time, such an ordinary corporate vision might be fine.
The moments you think are ordinary, but they're not ordinary ... you know?
It is a film that resists ordinary treatment and, especially, ordinary reviews.
"But this is not an ordinary case, this is not an ordinary settlement, and this will not be an ordinary fee request," the filing said.
Your ordinary traveler hits a few countries in western Europe after college, or during study abroad, then settles into an ordinary existence in an ordinary town.
And, just as Excalibur was no ordinary sword, this is no ordinary sole.
Gwyneth Paltrow is no ordinary bride — and she is on no ordinary honeymoon.
These aren't ordinary times, so it's not time for an ordinary farewell address.
But some enjoyable transactions between ordinary Germans and some ordinary Turks continued unimpeded.
This is not an ordinary time, and this is not an ordinary election.
"These are people who once led ordinary lives, with ordinary jobs," she said.
A single, obvious fact: I am the ordinary son of an ordinary man.
Trade ex-dividend: Banco BPM of 0.08 euro per ordinary share, Campari Group of 0.055 euro per share; CNH Industrial of 0.18 euro per ordinary share; FCA of 26 euro per ordinary share; Ferrari of 20900 euro per ordinary share.
Both served as reminders that this was no ordinary company, and no ordinary truck.
Sounds like a lot of money for an ordinary team in an ordinary league?
Well I've never been an ordinary fan, remember, ordinary fans have only two legs!
You enter ordinary life, or a life that will come to feel ordinary soon.
No ordinary dog shelter Randy's Rescue Ranch in O'Fallon, Illinois, is no ordinary shelter.
Reverse stock split takes effect, one new ordinary share every 100 ordinary shares owned.
The reality is much more ordinary — or at least what passes for ordinary in 2018.
The rendition flights are going through ordinary airports, the pilots are staying in ordinary hotels.
Lear doesn't find the amazing in the ordinary; he finds the ordinary in the amazing.
Saw in a flash of intuition the ordinary life before her, the ordinary, banal adulthood.
But Durant is not an ordinary player, and the Warriors are not an ordinary team.
Not an ordinary thing for a distiller to keep in-house, but these weren't ordinary times.
Conversely, sanctions on trade and ordinary private companies should be avoided, as they hit ordinary Russians.
Still, in Eggers's telling Mokhtar is no ordinary man, and he has more than ordinary luck.
It was an ordinary family, living an ordinary middle-class life in the middle of nowhere.
But this is no ordinary high school basketball team, and this is no ordinary high school.
Watts writes about ordinary people leading ordinary lives with an extraordinary level of empathy and attention.
The ordinary, Ruefle knows in her bones, is not so ordinary after all, even if it is.
Aberdeen shareholders would receive 0.757 of a new Standard Life ordinary share for each Aberdeen ordinary share.
The number of people killed is not ordinary, but the solidarity in New Zealand is extra ordinary.
That's something we really haven't seen before, where ordinary people can get famous for doing ordinary things.
The Ordinary Retinol 1%, $6.70, available at Ordinaries; The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%, $9.80, available at Ordinaries.
What ordinary Iranians say The perspectives of the protesters and ordinary civilians has been difficult to ascertain.
It was an ordinary truck with ordinary cargo: nine tons of margarine and 22002 tons of flour.
Doisneau, unlike the upper-crust Cartier-Bresson, was from a middle-class suburb, documenting "the ordinary gestures of ordinary people in ordinary situations", while making sure never to strip them of their dignity.
Ordinary and extraordinary shareholders' meetings to approve project to list ordinary shares on main bourse segment (0730 GMT).
It was the sort of scandal that would have defeated an ordinary candidate in an ordinary election year.
It's quite the rise for an ordinary guy who, well, played an ordinary guy-turned-president on television.
James Kelman has made a career out of giving voice to the ordinary thoughts of his ordinary characters.
Dan Rooney was an ordinary guy in a field where there were no ordinary guys on the field.
But Prince Felix Yusupov was no ordinary killer, and his prey—the "mad monk" Grigory Rasputin—no ordinary victim.
"If the loss is ordinary and treated as ordinary, what happens when the stock market goes down?" asked Rosenthal.
Without this visual differentiation, many of the terms would be able to pass as ordinary civilian terms, ordinary poetry.
Magritte calls it 'the mystery of the ordinary,' and what we're exploring here is the mystery of being ordinary.
I am just an ordinary guy who sees what millions of other ordinary people see in Russia every day.
If this were an ordinary president, making ordinary claims of security, this executive order would more likely be constitutional.
These mice slept like ordinary mice, but their synapses didn't change their proteins like the ones in ordinary mice.
It's all quite the rise for an ordinary guy who, well, played an ordinary guy-turned-president on television.
Why book an ordinary stay in an ordinary hotel room when you could be lodging like the BAMF you are?
As editors, we strive to tell the stories of extraordinary people doing ordinary things and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
But we all know that what we just saw was no ordinary election and Trump was no ordinary Republican candidate.
Great Slate isn't the ordinary way of doing something but maybe this will become the ordinary way of doing things.
MI> of 0.18 euro per ordinary share; UNIPOLSAI of 1003 euro per ordinary share; VIANINI of 0.05 euro per share.
Each ADS is equal to two ordinary shares, and the company has 220.3 million ordinary shares outstanding after the offering.
Of course if we flip over the card of the ordinary virtues we find the ordinary vices: resentment, pettiness, chauvinism.
I don't want them to learn this the horrific way I did, an ordinary woman driving home one ordinary night.
I shower and do my night time skincare (Fresh Soy face cleanser, Gardiner micellar water with a cotton pad, The Ordinary retinol, The Ordinary AHA, and The Ordinary moisturizer) as it bakes in the oven for 30 minutes.
If the sex you usually have is sandwiched between ordinary life, maybe romantic sex means getting away from your ordinary bed.
Those are among the things about Trump that terrify ordinary people, but the Cleveland meeting is no place for ordinary people.
"FDR had created the modern Democratic Party by deploying the state on behalf of ordinary citizens — ordinary white citizens," he writes.
Trade ex-dividend: STMICROELECTRONICS of 1003 euro US dollar per ordinary share as quarterly dividend; ZEPHYRO of 0.30 euro per ordinary share.
If you're doing ordinary photography and videography, there's rarely any need to go beyond extreme wide-angle lenses — but why be ordinary?
"I wanted to write about ordinary men and women having an ordinary love," the 71-year-old Hirokane said of the series.
Europe's biggest utility is expecting ordinary EBITDA of around 16.2 billion euros this year and ordinary net profit of 4.1 billion euros.
The real test will be whether hip youngsters, devoid of this loyalty, become equally enamoured with their ordinary lives and ordinary problems.
I can't decide if he's a deeply disturbed person pretending to be ordinary, or a deeply ordinary person pretending to be disturbed.
But this wouldn't have prevented Tuesday's attack, because the victims were ordinary New Yorkers traveling through the city on an ordinary day.
Ms. Gund, known as Aggie, is no ordinary philanthropist, and "Studio Visit: Selected Gifts from Agnes Gund" is no ordinary collection show.
To Banville, an apostle of the ordinary, the deep appeal of city life is that here the ordinary may be made magical.
Like almost all middle-class Americans, the Bidens paid tax at the "ordinary income" tax rate, which applies to "ordinary" things like wages.
The rule stands to substantially increase ordinary Americans' returns on their investments, effectively transferring billions of dollars from Wall Street to ordinary investors.
In his favour, Mr Souleyman's lyrics, which focus on the agony of being in love, portray Syrians as ordinary people with ordinary emotions.
"Normalization" once meant making the deviant conform to the ordinary, but it now means the opposite, accepting the deviant as the new ordinary.
They manage to capture the ordinary while reminding viewers that if you take a moment to look around, hardly anything is truly ordinary.
People with anageria age much more slowly than ordinary people, at a rate of roughly one year for every 15 ordinary human years.
Caucuses, as opposed to primaries where voters cast an ordinary ballot in an ordinary election process, are a terrible way to choose candidates.
"I want to end the era when lawmakers are celestial bodies, and begin the era when they are ordinary people, who live among ordinary people and do everything for ordinary people," he said after the ceremonial first meeting of the new parliament.
I like to write about very ordinary people doing a very ordinary thing, which is trying to work out how to fall in love.
The TORU Cube (other Platonic solids to come, no doubt) is meant to operate in ordinary, human-scale environments with ordinary shelves and boxes.
In Chester Arthur, the public had an homme moyen sensuel , a man ensnared by a more than ordinary chance to fulfill his ordinary appetites.
Mastering a difficult task—humans are supposed to go across the earth, not up it—is about relinquishing our ordinary selves, our ordinary world.
I would love to know more, always remembering that these are ordinary people doing an extraordinary thing before they go back to being ordinary.
ADSs on June 30 accounted for 43.7 percent of Ryanair's issued ordinary shares, assuming all were converted into ordinary shares, the company has said.
Perhaps we should choose instead to understand cancel culture as something much more mundane: ordinary public disfavor voiced by ordinary people across new platforms.
Trade ex-dividend: AUTOSTRADE MERIDIONALI of 2100 euros per ordinary share; CARRARO of 240 euro per share; CULTI MILANO of 0.08 euro per ordinary share; FINCANTIERI of 0.01 euro per share; INWIT of 0.211 euro per ordinary share; WIIT of 0.90 euro per share.
But although the H1-B category is often listed as being for speciality technology workers, most of the visaholders are ordinary people doing ordinary work.
Delivery Hero's offering will consist of 79,22015,203 new ordinary registered shares and of 220,228,228 existing ordinary registered shares from the holdings of certain current shareholders.
Omaha, Nebraska (CNN)In ordinary times, the University of Nebraska Medical Center -- a sprawling campus situated in the middle of Omaha -- is an ordinary hospital.
The consular staff, he assured them, "are just ordinary Saudis, and the ordinary Saudis are good people," recalled one of his lunch companions, Azzam Tamimi.
When I'm looking for organizers, I'm looking for people who genuinely believe that ordinary people have high intelligence and who really deeply respect ordinary people.
" Sotomayor wrote that the court's ruling "sidesteps the ordinary judicial process to allow the Government to implement a rule that bypassed the ordinary rulemaking process.
Tonight, I opt for a glycolic acid toner (Pixi), peptide serum (The Ordinary), my new emulsion (Avène), gentle moisturizer (The Ordinary) and eye cream (Innisfree).
The horrors inside someone's head can spill out into the world, in an ordinary street on an ordinary day, without any recognizable pattern or logic.
The dinner table, however ordinary, is an essential motif for family life and in Spielberg films it serves to bridge the ordinary with the extraordinary.
Mrs May, who is leading negotiations which could be just as consequential for Britain's future, is a woman of ordinary opinions and ordinary abilities, if that.
Her shrewd eyes and inconspicuous beauty allow her to play "ordinary" women—or women who tell themselves they're ordinary while suppressing an inner wildness or desperation.
We also use machine learning to understand what 'ordinary spend behavior' looks like and what may be 'out of the ordinary spend behavior' or even fraud.
This was no ordinary blood-tasting trip and chef visit, because my stocky six-foot-one companion with long, tangled purple hair is no ordinary man.
The discovery of the strangeness in the ordinary and the ordinary in the strange, through juxtaposition, repetition and translation: that is Ms. Bocanegra's continuing artistic quest.
Some of its jokes are of the wink, nudge, self-referential Scream variety, but the most delightful beats come from ordinary exchanges between ordinary Haddonfield citizens.
"We're interested in individuals, in details, in ordinary things to, hopefully, make something extra-ordinary of them, at least to widen the scope," said Luc Dardenne.
This insistence on ordinary women with ordinary bodies doing ordinary (sometimes extraordinary) things, some of them very funny, cuts to the appeal of a goof like "The Boss," which, even at its most familiar, feels different because of who's inspiring the laughter and jostling those breasts.
"The target was discovered by ordinary people with free time and the follow up work funded by ordinary people with a few spare bucks," Ellis told Gizmodo.
Which brings us back to our anything-but-ordinary President, who most certainly does not pay ordinary taxes, and whose returns are being kept in extraordinary secrecy.
Experiences seen as ordinary at the time are seen as less ordinary several months later, and people are more curious and interested in remembering them than expected.
That would mean that ordinary clergy of the respective churches could not serve together and ordinary adherents of one church might be denied communion in the other.
Kavanaugh is no ordinary witness, this is no ordinary testimony, and so what is there to prep for, exactly, if Kavanaugh is as innocent as he claims?
Just as many ordinary Germans rallied to help refugees in Germany last year (even as their arrival also set off a backlash), ordinary Greeks have also responded.
Please return to your ordinary lives, which likely seem just a bit more ordinary now that you know one more magical secret of the Legend of Zelda.
It's hypothesizing the ordinary instance, the ordinary case of a set of elements, and second, then from that hypothesis, estimating the degree of risk of some sort.
"One of the reasons society is so shocked by food banks is the idea that there are ordinary people in ordinary homes who can't afford food," she says.
In terms of revenue collection, you wouldn't want to just focus on the ordinary income rate, because people who are wealthy have a rounding error of ordinary income.
A ordinary person, like us Many people liked Fish because he had many of the same ordinary problems they did, Vigoda told the Los Angeles Times in 1982.
That's not out of the ordinary for an improv class, but this was no ordinary improv class; it was Performing Improv Comedy, and it counts for four credits.
"To someone like me, an ordinary mortal, and to ordinary mortals out there in the audience — people don't pay that kind of money for B.S.," the judge said.
" She called Penny's mention of the security job to Abbott, and his discussion with Buendorf about it, "ordinary networking that happens in ordinary businesses on a daily basis.
The morning of its premiere was just an ordinary day — hectic, but ordinary — when he noticed that Masazumi Chaya, the group's associate artistic director, was watching company class.
But Haverkamp said the floating nuclear plant is "riskier than running an ordinary nuclear-power station, and Russia has a checkered past when it comes to ordinary power stations."
Ms. Hay was among the rebels of Judson Dance Theater, which uprooted the rules of modern dance in the 1960s, embracing the idea of ordinary movement and ordinary bodies.
And no matter what story it's telling, the show is always careful to emphasize that it isn't just about a squirrelly dog, but rather ordinary people doing ordinary things.
So the researchers recorded 50 full hours of pairs of people having ordinary conversations — or as ordinary as they could while suited up in high-end motion capture gear.
Partly because she is not Mr Trump, but also in the hope she can show that ordinary politics works for ordinary people—the sort of renewal that American democracy requires.
With less than 800 made over its seven-year production run, even an ordinary Miura like this is worth $1.5-$2 million today, but this one is far from ordinary.
Just to illustrate how inadequate even the darkest ordinary sunglasses would be for eclipse viewing, according to Fienberg, certified solar eclipse-viewing glasses are 1,000 times darker than ordinary sunglasses.
These are ordinary guys, after all, at least according to their personas on record, and as ordinary guys, their forlorn confessional songs are a lot kinder and saner than most.
That's what the ordinary courage of everyday people can inspire when you're paying attention, the quiet sturdy courage of ordinary people doing the right thing day in and day out.
Yet there was a time when white supremacy was woven so deeply into the fabric of ordinary American life that it seemed almost mundane, just another part of ordinary life.
Do the ordinary people in the USA know what the so-called diplomats, who are getting paid with the money from [ordinary people's] pockets, behave themselves so aggressively and destructively?
"They travel on ordinary flights to these countries, they travel like an ordinary person," said Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban commander now living in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.
The display is a 5-inch, 1080p panel (pretty ordinary specs for a phone) and is also puncture-resistant and able to be used with gloves and wet fingers (less ordinary).
Italy's biggest bank said in a statement it had priced the issue at 8.09 euros per share, offering 13 new ordinary shares for every 5 ordinary and/or savings shares owned.
Life on Mars is going to be hard enough already without entrusting power to ordinary Martians, who probably aren't going to be any more rational and level-headed than ordinary Earthlings.
In the Tall Grass adapts a novella written by Stephen King and his son, horror writer Joe Hill, about a seemingly ordinary field where terrible things happen to seemingly ordinary people.
SHAOXING, China (Reuters) - Wang Jianfeng is no ordinary barber.
Out of touch with — and disdainful of — ordinary Americans.
Virtuosity will out — and always in small, ordinary gestures.
" Then we'd roll right into "Gandhi," or "Ordinary People.
"No ordinary battery swap & work day routine," she wrote.
Maybe the dark matter will interact with itself through a force that it feels and that ordinary matter doesn't, in the same way that ordinary matter feels electromagnetism and dark matter doesn't.
Instead of making overt critiques, he instead told stories about ordinary people with ordinary problems in the framework of big ideas, like the Ten Commandments or the values of the French republic.
In that sense, says Gauger, the Problem Glyphs are a kind of digital palimpsest, imbued with an energy and a history that far transcends both ordinary digital drawings, and "ordinary" magical glyphs.
The private placement consists of up to 5.2 million newly issued ordinary bearer shares from a capital increase and up to 2.9 million existing ordinary bearer shares from the holdings of Cinven.
The ordinary push and pull of consumer action in a marketplace isn't able to do nearly as well because patients neither can nor want to approach health decisions like ordinary commercial transactions.
It's not about ordinary people with ordinary stuff on their phone; it's the chilling effect when an informant won't call a newspaper because he or she fears that the government is listening.
STOCKHOLM — It was a radical experiment in free speech, even for Sweden: Give ordinary and not-so-ordinary people the chance to be, more or less, the official voice of a nation.
Textualist analysis often also turns for support to semantic canons of interpretation—that is, general rules (often said to be based upon how ordinary people understand ordinary speech) for interpreting communicative speech.
Innovation is born from solving the most basic problems ''[Franklin's] focus tended to be on how ordinary issues affect everyday lives, and on how ordinary people would build a better society,'' Isaacson writes.
The transition for her was understanding that a book about an outwardly ordinary woman on an ordinary day in London could be every bit as 'big' as the books about wars and revolutions.
At the same time, as the court points out, situations involving ordinary physical contact are OK. One of the ways we determine ordinary physical contact for assault is whether it's consented to, right?
Ordinary in the way that Offred was ordinary in "The Handmaid's Tale" — a smart, resourceful young woman, more concerned, initially, with the travails of daily life than with politics or the larger world.
The camera is often looking into people's faces: Ordinary people doing ordinary things — sitting in a folding plastic chair on an Art Deco hotel porch, walking along a sun-bleached, nearly empty boulevard.
Mr Hun Sen also targets ordinary citizens with defamation suits.
You know, I love ordinary Americans who do extraordinary things.
"Our Beloved", a film about ordinary Burmese soldiers, is different.
MI Ordinary shareholders' meeting to appoint board members (0930 GMT).
Many ordinary Indian citizens lost their jobs due to demonetization.
In an ordinary criminal investigation, Title III requires two things.
I am 25, and I lead a pretty ordinary life.
They seemed to be ordinary people, but they were not.
Ordinary Taiwanese were disillusioned with her stewardship of the economy.
Nothing seemed unusual to me or out of the ordinary.
There is no holiday from gun violence for ordinary Americans.
We'll follow the ordinary process of seeking cooperation and extradition.
This is no ordinary robot – it is missile toting one.
"This is no ordinary tattoo," Johnson explains over the footage.
Meridian and Beisheim hold nearly 21% of Metro's ordinary shares.
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – These are not ordinary times in Ethiopia.
The ordinary excel while the extraordinary frequently find themselves restricted.
Is that going to matter to ordinary people at all?
This is no diner, and this is no ordinary cook.
Kelly Clarkson loves to tell us how ordinary she is.
By ordinary rail, the journey to Beijing takes 24 hours.
To the untrained eye, it looks like an ordinary keychain.
But these are not ordinary times — certainly not for Amazon.
Their assistance in relief efforts impressed officials and ordinary Chinese.
Charismatic and folksy, he has wide support among ordinary Moroccans.
The purchasing power of ordinary folk has fallen far more.
Many ordinary citizens expressed horror, but even more voiced admiration.
His resume would be enough to fill several ordinary lifetimes.
I am not an ordinary flounder; I am something else.
Ordinary Eritreans, meanwhile, hope politics might loosen up a bit.
We also need to restore the dignity of ordinary people.
MPC, it turned out, was not an ordinary phone company.
An ordinary Sunday morning instantly came to a grinding halt.
This wasn't your ordinary bureaucrat who just mishandles one document.
At first glance, it looked like a completely ordinary wedding.
The downside is that its ordinary state schools are not.
Those left behind may see themselves as ordinary, even failures.
And his behavior was out of the ordinary, they said.
The bank announced a dividend of $0.10 per ordinary share.
Linux did not become important because ordinary people used it.
Of course, given her diet, these are no ordinary cookies.
The top tax rate on ordinary income is 39.6 percent.
Despite this, evidence suggests ordinary people still love letter balloons.
The implications are profound because banks are not ordinary firms.
Smartphones are changing the way ordinary Burmese understand their bodies.
Today is no ordinary day – today is Star Wars Day!
Americanisms, he says, are taking deeper root among ordinary Britons.
But trade in goods for ordinary people will continue indefinitely.
Meanwhile, ordinary Afghans see little improvement in their daily lives.
Inflation skyrocketed, making ordinary goods unaffordable for families in Venezuela.
It's this severe, severe headache that's out of the ordinary.
Brain imaging didn't turn up anything out of the ordinary.
Hundreds of ordinary folk, including children, are also in jail.
Credit: Manjul DuttWe're bored to tears with ordinary green limes.
Ordinary Sudanese face shortages of bread, fuel and basic medicine.
The fence between Gaza and Israel is no ordinary border.
But above that ordinary proclamation was a more surprising claim.
Polls said he was far more popular with ordinary voters.
Ordinary, said Aunt Lydia, is what you are used to.
"Manny is a level above the ordinary fighter," Arum said.
Neither would be good for an ordinary citizen to download.
Ordinary folk in the novel scrape about to avoid destitution.
"She was very much an ordinary little girl," Rhodes said.
As you'd expect, he finds nothing out of the ordinary.
Only that realisation will end the suffering of ordinary Afghans.
He was an ordinary guy who pushed himself, who sacrificed.
Any ordinary person could relate to what he was feeling.
They could have been anyone, just ordinary friends catching up.
But talented operators like this come from fairly ordinary backgrounds.
Very few ordinary people actually go through raw data dumps.
Little effort has yet been made to court ordinary voters.
As a result, thousands of ordinary people are in danger.
Johnson's PUBG session last Saturday was an otherwise ordinary affair.
He also recommended that she interact more with ordinary people.
"You don't bring Michael Dreeben onto something ordinary," said Katyal.
"Ordinary Death" nimbly floats these ideas without fully crystallizing them.
Needless to say, this is not your ordinary bank office.
As a result, countless ordinary household objects have become weaponized.
That basically takes them off the table for ordinary investors.
"We are sanctioning companies involved in ordinary trade," Harrell said.
We are your fans as are many other ordinary people.
The team at her lifestyle empire never settle for ordinary.
At this stage it's not even out of the ordinary.
Mr Peña's economic reforms are beginning to help ordinary people.
I hear "Ordinary World," and my head's in the past.
LONDON — To anyone else, it was just an ordinary day.
Mr Sanders plans to tax capital gains as ordinary income.
" Peter: "My life is as generically ordinary as everyone else's.
Both of them treated Mr. Berlusconi as an ordinary opponent.
You think you're not doing anything out of the ordinary.
It quickly becomes clear this is no ordinary banana farm.
No more tax audits of ordinary individuals, no more harassment.
The menu was, of course, not your ordinary wedding fare.
The Life Project: The Extraordinary Story of Our Ordinary Lives.
Tomorrow night in LA, however, is no ordinary XCX extravaganza.
Joseph's childhood was pretty ordinary for that time and place.
Walking on water isn't an activity associated with ordinary humans.
Net income attributable to ordinary shareholders was 21.25 billion yuan.
All of it sounds ordinary but is far from it.
Hardly something you could expect an ordinary person to do.
Even an ordinary person with $4 billion — whoops, $10 billion.
They move around searching for and overpowering other ordinary habits.
But the president is no ordinary subject of an investigation.
But this is a world far removed from ordinary people.
"This is not just an ordinary gun case," he said.
Small human truths spotlit by the interactions of ordinary characters.
Ordinary Indonesians also took to Twitter to express their frustration.
It happened in what, to me, was an ordinary way.
Driven on the road, the Cullinan feels a bit ordinary.
An authentic candidate who connects with ordinary citizens can win.
"This extraordinary event is rapidly becoming, unfortunately, an ordinary event."
It is normal construction noise, nothing out of the ordinary.
The TSA said the program is not targeting ordinary Americans.
BP maintained its dividend at 10 cents per ordinary share.
Its nothingness is fuller and richer than any ordinary existence.
The prototype combines the detection hardware with an ordinary smartphone.
That's because the Trump phenomenon is no ordinary political movement.
The Voting Rights Act is no ordinary piece of legislation.
He crafts whimsical, vibrant photos using ordinary settings and objects.
My apartment is nothing fancy, and my car is ordinary.
Nothing out of the ordinary for a middle school kid.
Of course, there's very little that's ordinary about Yvonne Orji.
The children of ordinary citizens were cared for at home.
These activities make the ordinary special and the special memorable.
So, nothing will happen unless ordinary folks make it happen.
Surpassing the anxious entreaties of an ordinary presidential race, Mrs.
I support and trust encryption to protect ordinary people's communication.
He was an ordinary seaman who worked the decks, too.
Volvo turned the ordinary V222 into the XC230 Cross Country.
Still, solutions must involve ordinary people outside the Arctic, too.
It transforms an ordinary bathroom into an elegant retreat. Pros:Cons:
But what he did tonight was just out of ordinary.
Under ordinary conditions, attempting such an observation would be folly.
Ordinary Afghans want the fighting to stop, whatever it takes.
Corbyn insists he has the backing of ordinary party members.
The case contained what appeared to be three ordinary iPhones.
But they can remain meaningful in surprising and ordinary ways.
"He got the verdict of an ordinary soldier," she said.
But Trump is neither a statesman nor an ordinary politician.
Seems like a lot of drama for such ordinary beer.
It sounds ordinary, but in that society, it's completely extraordinary.
But ordinary citizens also face a slightly less sophisticated threat.
Ordinary people become great innovators when motivated by powerful emotions.
It just transcends from an ordinary protein into something nostalgic.
ODNI's Litt said ordinary words are not used as selectors.
No fuss and to them, nothing out of the ordinary.
This latest repair video wasn't just an ordinary battery swap.
Chinese investments are larger than ordinary market forces would suggest.
This is an experience that's not out of the ordinary.
Juan Guaidó is an ordinary guy, nothing special about him.
Both of them treated Mr. Berlusconi as an ordinary opponent.
That allowed for almost no random chats with ordinary people.
Instead, the mutations seem to have arisen through ordinary aging.
Something so ordinary must be safe, the two women figured.
Closing eyes to taste better the char of ordinary sweetness.
Gemma (Imogen Poots) and Tom (Jesse Eisenberg) are pretty ordinary.
In reality, they're too expensive for ordinary use — for now.
Malware authors could also try to mimic ordinary enterprise traffic.
And Mr. Percoco was shown to be no ordinary aide.
Spend too much time around death, and it becomes ordinary.
But this is no ordinary, uh, thing tweeting through it.
There's a deserted, ordinary feeling to the Fifth of July.
The ordinary and mythic happen right next to each other.
Even ordinary Chinese people aired their unhappiness on social media.
" He added, "It's been a little out of the ordinary.
Rules that most ordinary English speakers could read and understand?
Behold, the completely ordinary building: What do you see here?
Many questioned his sensitivity to the worries of ordinary Americans.
Under ordinary circumstances, the process of accommodation would start now.
But Mr. Butts portrayed the situation as ordinary government operations.
Her goal is to recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary.
In ordinary circumstances, "ratting out" a peer violates that norm.
But inaction, or even just ordinary action, has risks too.
These seemingly ordinary objects, they're intimate and they're incredibly revealing.
She takes the risk of being ordinary, and therefore human.
And what site could be more ordinary than a pub?
Some are more or less ordinary people who have volunteered.
It is a series about extraordinary events in ordinary lives.
"This really is something beyond the grasp of ordinary folks."
Ordinary Indians offered financial support; celebrations followed her successful surgery.
This applies to tourist sites, public spaces and ordinary buildings.
In general, cryptocurrencies are not a replacement for ordinary currencies.
What now passes for ordinary would have once been inconceivable.
Ordinary voters, though, don't seem to have focused in yet.
The break with ordinary life promises to be refreshingly complete.
"This is an ordinary place," she said of her neighborhood.
Public opinion polls consistently show that ordinary Americans dislike it.
Did you think September 221 was just an ordinary day?
Some begged ordinary citizens or the authorities to help them.
Mr. Paxton, of course, was more than an ordinary mover.
Ordinary people have preferences about what their government should do.
Since Donald Trump's cataclysmic election, the unthinkable has become ordinary.
Ordinary adults taking responsibility made all the difference for me.
For example, the Arpanet sent data over ordinary phone lines.
My friends' fathers were present but seemed ordinary in comparison.
And targeted ads are much more valuable than ordinary ones.
Even in Madrid, ordinary Spaniards live in fear and poverty.
It would, in ordinary circumstances, be the most unremarkable statement.
At first glance, Cleopatra seems every inch an ordinary teenager.
"This will be no ordinary transition between administrations," she states.
Story at a glance Matt Winning isn't an ordinary comedian.
What are the spiritual needs of ordinary Chinese people nowadays?
Most of us are ordinary people, neither cruel nor heroic.
On an ordinary day, Mr. Raju would have followed them.
However, there will be some differences from ordinary congressional hearings.
The trial, which began on Wednesday, is no ordinary one.
Assange acknowledged this procedure is not out of the ordinary.
The protests have widespread support from many ordinary Hong Kongers.
It's amazing to come across something so 'ordinary' from him.
Food safety is a fundamental concern of the ordinary folks.
But Mr. Lewis, as we know, is no ordinary author.
But the ordinary packaging and description mask a significant development.
"Under ordinary times, he would be confirmed overwhelmingly," Corker said.
In many respects, this was no ordinary sexual assault prosecution.
Some superb artists are troubled geniuses, others live ordinary lives.
That gap is filled by ordinary car owners like Wan.
"That's how you make ordinary vegetables taste extraordinary," he said.
She enumerated some ordinary things they will never do again.
And why devote a whole book to something so ordinary?
The cost is putting ordinary Americans at each others' throats.
"But we're not going to stop ordinary people having conversations."
Here, we have a fairly ordinary couple getting a divorce.
The fighters captured in series "Dambe" are ordinary working men.
For ordinary Macanese, such concerns can seem remote, even abstract.
But to many ordinary Iranians and reformists, he's a hero.
"Plus, she just reaches out to ordinary people," he said.
Ordinary Kashmiris struggled to procure medicines and contact loved ones.
In the Ukraine affair, Mr. Trump again overrode ordinary processes.
Do you know an ordinary Yemeni from someone from ISIS?
What these pieces never need to be, however, is ordinary.
"There's nothing out of the ordinary about it," Mattis added.
Its nondescript exterior makes it look like an ordinary residence.
The supposedly decent, honest, ordinary people of Britain had spoken.
These colors wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Apple.
Most importantly, impeachment is more than an ordinary political process.
Meanwhile, despite solid macroeconomic numbers, ordinary people struggle to survive.
All kinds of ordinary activities were turned into promotional events.
Rather, they are ordinary people with jobs, families, and responsibilities.
National security wiretaps are more secretive than ordinary criminal ones.
"ordinary" Americans are bothered by people who speak Spanish. Unsurprisingly,
But Trump's policies could hurt ordinary citizens across the continent.
Lately it's The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid, which is very affordable.
"Fires are more a part of our ordinary experience," Gov.
This was not, in other words, your ordinary office pool.
How are ordinary people supposed to separate fact from fear?
"It has always been supported by ordinary Pakistanis," he said.
Diners were a mix of ordinary families and power brunchers.
His Facebook page revealed a man out of the ordinary.
It encourages ordinary men to stay in that conversation too.
My sister and I grew up like ordinary American teenagers.
Adversarial exchanges between reporters and officials are ordinary, not heroic.
Accessing birth control can be difficult even under ordinary circumstances.
How, exactly, did the FIFA crimes hurt ordinary US citizens?
Most importantly, ordinary Iranians know where to pin the blame.
But will it really improve the lives of ordinary people?
Underneath the breezy Gallic grandiosity, Lévy delivers fairly ordinary analysis.
Ordinary citizens are as a result of the regime's choices.
And then Michael wakes up, back in his ordinary life.
Indeed, The Shape of Water is both extraordinary and ordinary.
David Bowie was the opposite of your ordinary rock star.
Josh and the show are, at first glance, perfectly ordinary.
What we're talking about here is a perfectly ordinary economy.
Ordinary things are fascinating to them, because everything is new.
In Ordinary People that's the Judd Hirsch character, the therapist.
His is a presidency that has made the extraordinary ordinary.
As the American historian Christopher Browning showed in his landmark 20153 study, "Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland," it was ordinary Germans who willingly participated in the Holocaust.
Brewis will tell you right away that there is no grand metaphor or purpose for the song other than it being an ordinary interaction between ordinary people who meet and fail at their romance.
The historical Mildred and Richard were ordinary people who sought to live an ordinary life, yet they braved notoriety and contempt to challenge the commonwealth of Virginia's ban on interracial marriage with Loving v.
With Waves, Shults continues that theme in a highly realistic setting, zeroing in on an ordinary American family with ordinary dreams and hopes, whose seemingly enviable harmony is beginning to go out of tune.
I have a short section in the book about the trickle-down effect, the subtle ways in which we see policies and procedures for national security filtering down into ordinary laws and ordinary life.
Thaler and Sunstein have a lot to say about how choice architects can provide better feedback to ordinary people, but they have little to say about how ordinary people can provide feedback to choice architects.
It's not extracting a silhouette (my first guess) or using any kind of depth mapping — unlike something like Microsoft's HoloLens or Google's Project Tango, it works with ordinary RGB cameras on ordinary smartphones and tablets.
AX * Offer for issue price of AUD 0.0113 per ordinary share * Ooffer is for 720 million fully paid ordinary shares * Gtg is selling securities directly to U.S. Investors Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
And the fact that ordinary, smaller bills can get through is evidence that partisan polarization and acrimony are not paralyzing Congress: After all, such bills are nothing if not the ordinary functioning of democratic politics.
It's compatible with ordinary LEGO bricks, and of course they can be stacked and attached to themselves, though not with quite the same versatility as an ordinary block, as some symbols will have fewer studs.
I've run a prosecutor's office, and in an ordinary case against an ordinary citizen, the question of whether or not to charge someone is an extremely close call with evidence and arguments on both sides.
As Norman shows, McCartney has worked so hard at seeming an ordinary bloke that it is easy to miss the least ordinary and least bloke-ish thing about him: the magnitude of his melodic gift.
Director Jim Jarmusch has crafted a wistful, artful film that feels deeply good, a life-affirming but non-corny story of ordinary people with ordinary lives, seeking meaning in both creative pursuits and the everyday.
What used to feel out of the ordinary is now expected.
An ordinary market pullback rarely seems routine even when it is.
The film triumphs in its vivid, emotional portrait of ordinary men.
Millions of people use Twitter for ordinary chitchat and unfiltered thoughts.
Ordinary Nepalis say they have been hit badly by the delay.
Shark hunters fish offshore using vessels larger than ordinary fishing boats.
In fact, the pressure came from more than just ordinary Joes.
Others mine ordinary lives for moments of brilliance, like Seoul Searching.
" Scott added: "What you saw was nothing out of the ordinary.
They get away with it and ordinary men -- look at Manafort.
She's a psychologist, so it's not totally out of the ordinary.
McQueen. Bosch's appeal extends way beyond dogma, capturing ordinary viewers who
Starting next month, WWD reports, The Ordinary will relaunch at Sephora.
And for that they need ordinary, normal communication with other children.
The bank is offering new ordinary shares at 20.1 riyals each.
How does this differ from ordinary geometry taught in high school?
For ordinary investors, Warren Buffett recommends they own an index fund.
But William is no ordinary kid when it comes to academics.
" Another wrote: "Every ordinary thing has life, why torture a rat?
She peaked outside and realized it wasn't any ordinary car crash.
Anna Loshkin's photographs show people relaxing in the most ordinary ways.
Meanwhile, it's tough for ordinary people to understand what is happening.
But I must warn you — this isn't any ordinary love story.
Ordinary people usually think of income as whatever their salary is.
We might live delightfully ordinary lives, or we might be superheroes.
I didn't think such violent things could happen to ordinary people.
The ordinary, everyday act of kindness does not often go viral.
To do this, you combine the network with an ordinary computer.
For ordinary Afghans caught between warring sides, life is quickly deteriorating.
I'd like to talk about ordinary North Koreans for a bit.
Yet most ordinary people do not care much about the issue.
This is very out of the ordinary and a complete surprise.
Even the front entrance looks completely ordinary on the city block.
Massages, from the viewpoint of an athlete, are considered absolutely ordinary.
In theory, none of these items should go into ordinary landfills.
And we are not living in anything remotely resembling ordinary times.
Those ordinary people liked what they heard, and so did businessmen.
It falls massively short, admittedly, of what ordinary North Koreans deserve.
The prize may not enhance Mr Santos's prestige among ordinary voters.
Which has made it harder for ordinary people to get ahead.
Though Strange is hardly an ordinary man; he's the Sorcerer Supreme.
Think of the accident in Ordinary People, or "Rosebud" in Kane.
There are times when ordinary games are just too much effort.
I felt so — not ugly, but just so ordinary in comparison.
This is not to say that ordinary Irish people are content.
Coming across a 30-minute video isn't out of the ordinary.
But the Iranian-flagged Adrian Darya 063 was no ordinary tanker.
"It has some aspects similar to ordinary common stock," he added.
On the face of things, ordinary people have got their way.
These claims sent ordinary families undergoing exam hell into a fury.
Ordinary people pay higher prices than they should, for worse service.
In their most ordinary moments, drones just look like toys, sure.
The only ones left out of the equation were ordinary Americans.
Spam is the digital cousin of ordinary, paper-based junk mail.
This apotheosis of the peg began in a fittingly ordinary way.
Ordinary manifestations of local culture in border regions have been criminalised.
Others say it will be an ordinary, but symbolically important, person.
Even his skin is thicker and tougher than an ordinary person's.
I believe that we should tax capital gains as ordinary income.
The government even referred to Mr Liu as an ordinary criminal.
A haunting depiction of the impact of violence on ordinary lives.
But ordinary investors should also like to keep things fairly simple.
In an extraordinary moment, you need to reach beyond ordinary politics.
The lives of ordinary Egyptians, never easy, have become even harder.
His "Flatlands" photo series imagines ordinary places inverted into multiple dimensions.
Anna was and will always be a hero for ordinary Chechens.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher, characterised ordinary Poles as noble savages.
He says Weatherford's assistance was huge, anddefinitely out of the ordinary.
It gives ordinary people the opportunity to see into the future.
What they're not full of is characters who resemble ordinary people.
Left in the dark will be British business—and ordinary voters.
Her poetry teacher (Gael Garcia Bernal) thinks her poems are ordinary.
Now, he says, ordinary citizens are demanding action, or acting themselves.
In ordinary shopping, you spot something and you try it on.
IN THE BEGINNING it seems to be an ordinary nature documentary.
For his own big day, no ordinary penguin suit would do.
Even for ordinary players, losing from match point is extremely unlikely.
Conversion of savings shares into ordinary shares effective as of today.
Plenty of ordinary Americans simply concluded that the system was "rigged".
There are few things ordinary Indonesians care more about than roads.
It is exceedingly difficult for ordinary Yemenis to escape the fighting.
This season, on the other hand, is all about the ordinary.
Ordinary people are essential for enforcing social norms—and indeed laws.
So they're bound to catch something out of the ordinary, right?
And how it's being handled is equally out of the ordinary.
It's time to turn up ordinary gifting to legendary Edison levels.
Ordinary Iranian voters also seem inclined to keep Rouhani in power.
But the rules can hamper ordinary money transfers or charitable giving.
"We are ordinary women who believe in our religion," says Niaz.
Ordinary Americans should care about where the taxpayer money is going.
Good news, beauty obsessives: Deciem's The Ordinary is coming to Sephora.
"She says she's just an ordinary person, and really she's extraordinary."
It's in this way that ordinary moments take on breathtaking significance.
They also claim to be warehouse employees in the ordinary sense.
What could be more ordinary than wife-beating and dowry extortion?
Now the president of United States is not an ordinary citizen.
For an ordinary jump, creating the smallest possible splash scores points.
Secret domestic program targeting ordinary U.S. citizens at airports draws controversy.
The Wall Street Crypto Future Situation: Ordinary people don't use cryptocurrencies.
And structurally, he could build a more robust and ordinary campaign.
Our political leaders need to step in and protect ordinary people.
No one really noticed anything out of the ordinary that day.
Could the ordinary people not get medical treatment in Mao's time?
Unlike ordinary Japanese, the emperor and other royals have no surname.
But ordinary savers often want instant access to their nest-egg.
All of them have been tried out beforehand on ordinary consumers.
That's when you make verse by redacting words from ordinary text.
For now, all signs point to an ordinary "garden variety" correction.
Ordinary income for top earners is taxed at a 37% clip.
"Traffic in Manila is not ordinary", says a taxi driver, wearily.
Colossal bureaucracies arose to distinguish not just criminals, but ordinary citizens.
It's rage at an economy that doesn't work for ordinary folks.
But plenty of ordinary people hate spelling, just as in English.
But for ordinary Russians, phase two will not seem much better.
Opponents reacted by branding him out of touch with ordinary voters.
Taipei divided on Trump Ordinary Taiwanese were optimistic about the call.
Instead, it hits her sometimes in ordinary places, like her kitchen.
But, this was no ordinary meeting for our much beloved actor.
This interest, however, has advanced well beyond an ordinary research endeavor.
Bank of Italy holds annual ordinary meeting in Rome (103 GMT).
But what separates an ordinary cat-sitter from a cat whisperer?
Yoho argued that the meeting was not out of the ordinary.
So Republicans can't pass an ordinary bill without getting Democratic support.
After that, you are an ordinary person and life goes on.
That's already a big step up from the ordinary spiky router.
However, the scene they would soon encounter was anything but ordinary.
Trump's speech was designed to mimic that of an ordinary president.
Preston from The Ordinary Boys went on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.
ASKING QUESTIONS Ordinary citizens - and media - often equate arrest with guilt.
They dramatically changed the way ordinary Cubans looked at their country.
The iPhone XS Max is shocking in how ordinary it feels.
I'm such an average, ordinary person that doesn't deserve the praise.
When someone secretly sprinkled ordinary water on her, she didn't react.
Currently, the top marginal rate on ordinary income is 37 percent.
In GTA Online lingo, "stealth money" is simply ordinary game money.
The consequent jumpiness avoids ordinary kitsch for something more knowingly droll.
Many of these dramas show ordinary Americans grappling with spiralling expenses.
"Xi Jinping is showing he's like us ordinary people," he said.
It's the pathos of the ordinary taken to an impossible extreme.
This year Russia has started selling treasury bonds to ordinary Russians.
Ordinary Iranians understand that the ruling clerics have plundered their country.
Democrats underestimate how completely terrifying this spectacle appears to ordinary people.
Ordinary business may also take a hit at Lotte firms raided.
"Treat it as you would ordinary dry skin," says Dr. Lancer.
Tribe says that the Clause covers "ordinary, fair market value" transactions.
Finkéramos SpA ends takeover offer on Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti ordinary shares.
A vast network of volunteers, mostly ordinary people, sustains the movement.
The protestors came from all the factions and from ordinary people.
Such events now seem almost ordinary—and harbingers of far worse.
Although many ordinary Venezuelans would welcome an invasion, others would resist.
Many ordinary citizens resent seeing former fighters transformed into political leaders.
We love real-guy, ordinary incompetence in a heightened genre situation.
The difference here is that Ellis is no ordinary backup catcher.
He's the president of the United States, not an ordinary civilian.
I have some idea of what ordinary working stiffs go through.
But the Trump Administration's relationship with the press transcends ordinary discord.
Ordinary Americans haven't done their part to make democracy work either.
Further, these extra kinds of neutrinos were not the ordinary kind.
Ordinary citizens questioned whether enough had been done to protect them.
Analysts had expected a dividend of 0.26 euros per ordinary share.
By the 503s, the VCR was catching on with ordinary Americans.
I mean, this is the ordinary man's view on the street.
They powerfully underscore the collision of the extraordinary and the ordinary.
Bullion dealer Sharps Pixley is an ordinary member of the LBMA.
I wanted to start a sense for fashion among ordinary people.
But the last year and a half were not ordinary times.
"I don't think it's out of the ordinary," Ms. Little said.
In some ways, this is a phantom crisis for ordinary Spaniards.
But ordinary citizens, those that don't consider themselves "dissidents," might balk.
Everything looked smooth and effortless, an ordinary afternoon at the office.
That's on top of paying ordinary income taxes on the distribution.
This is when an ordinary NIMBY narrative — of the haves vs.
THE SWAMP TSA calls reports it&aposs surveilling ordinary Americans &aposridiculous.
As such, opponents say, it should be taxed as ordinary income.
How many times you met your own eyes in ordinary life.
But it puts the ordinary, progressive swearer in an unbearable position.
But to this point, Salesforce has not been an ordinary company.
The act is ordinary, humdrum, and not for anyone but herself.
In the world of Xaviera López, even the ordinary becomes surreal.
These are just ordinary people, and they have their own stories.
Have they been on the front lines working for ordinary people?
The four R's liberated ordinary people, among them the venturing bourgeoisie.
"Well, that's not ordinary anorexia," the woman pronounced to her companion.
And as we age, ordinary swallowing often becomes less well coordinated.
Doctors put him in an ordinary room on the fifth floor.
For the moment, though, it's us — ordinary citizens — who feel powerless.
Since then, it has become far more popular than ordinary Valpolicella.
We obviously did not directly compare ordinary Valpolicella with Valpolicella Ripasso.
Although the wazhashkag were numerous and ordinary, they were also crucial.
Sanctions aren't intended to harm ordinary people, according to Trump officials.
For ordinary investors, liquidity is important only at human time scales.
"The Ordinary only launched to make a marketing point," says Nicola.
And ordinary citizens really can play a role in the midterms.
It is more intentionally ordinary, though the movie is anything but.
Ordinary monetary and fiscal stimulus will not work in this case.
That's what the hearts of the ordinary people are saying, really.
DJ: The bottom line is alcohol is not an ordinary product.
So what happened Monday night is not out of the ordinary.
A classic study offered free research to ordinary Democrats and Republicans.
In the ordinary definition, it's some sound that is not wanted.
The views of ordinary North Koreans I knew were quite different.
Maybe someday "Ordinary Time" will be shown in that museum too.
They were the movies most interested in how ordinary people connect.
So how can Mr. Barr now use the "ordinary" rules playbook?
Despite what party leaders say, ordinary people care about Trump's lawbreaking.
It soon became clear that this was no ordinary gun bust.
" Gorey liked to say that he had a "perfectly ordinary childhood.
In short, he was no freak show — he looks remarkably ordinary.
He is living in Battambang Province like an ordinary elderly man.
Against ordinary opposition, Spurs and Arsenal would be considered championship contenders.
"Why, that's nothing but ordinary pickles fried," the cook told him.
The impossible is never more than an extension of the ordinary.
C.E.O. pay increased at almost twice the rate of ordinary wages.
The majority were ordinary Beijing residents belonging to other social groups.
The tears were notable because they were out of the ordinary.
This is not an ordinary situation, the Kentucky Republican told reporters.
He is a Prussian and of slightly more than ordinary intelligence.
Indictments like these would shatter an ordinary man into crushed stone.
Why does a fairly ordinary bivalve need Star Wars vision technology?
It was an ordinary Tuesday for Karlie Allen and her family.
It seemed to me that my ordinary life was pretty magic.
This will see aid workers and ordinary people get sick alike.
Everyone understood very quickly that this was not an ordinary flu.
Even detectives admit that he is far from an ordinary criminal.
Suddenly, I realized that the faraway hill was no ordinary hill.
It may well be the only ordinary thing she ever did.
"I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary," Baker said.
In other instances, ordinary people or community officials drive the revival.
I am haunted by how ordinary Mr. Castile's final moments were.
Yet black people still struggle to hold on to the ordinary.
But there are no civilians in the story, no ordinary people.
An ordinary van was transformed into a deadly and indiscriminate weapon.
But I like the way this clue made the ordinary extraordinary.
ABU QUEIDER, Israel — This was no ordinary Israeli politician's campaign stop.
"I feel like it's O.K. to honor ordinary soldiers," he said.
Ordinary Liberians still see few benefits from the country's vast fleet.
"He didn't choose Christina for just any ordinary reason," Matt said.
Nor did his acting rise much above the wooden and ordinary.
But the Iranian-flagged Adrian Darya 212 was no ordinary tanker.
And plenty of ordinary people are getting into the action, too.
While markets fret, ordinary Italians appear to want the tie-up.
The act of voting would turn ordinary people into good citizens.
Thanathorn said he hoped to win the support of "ordinary people".
It becomes inevitable when ordinary Americans decide to make it happen.
Because neutrinos interact very rarely with ordinary matter, bigger is better.
For short-term gains, you pay your ordinary income tax rate.
Yes, there was the ordinary unnecessary but inevitable concern for Jen.
And sometimes, an ordinary body breaks the rules: It becomes radical.
For many ordinary Afghans, it's a frustrating case of déjà vu.
The risk is that that can, however, increase your ordinary income.
Many ordinary Iranians, prominent activists and moderate politicians plan to boycott.
In ordinary circumstances, this ambiguity would not be a big deal.
It can include ordinary voters who are offended by Trump's behavior.
For ordinary citizens, it was something else: a moment of hope.
But since then, life has gotten far harder for ordinary Egyptians.
That means getting more money in the pockets of ordinary Americans.
"I'm an unusual product of an ordinary California family," she said.
They insist they would never attack ordinary fans, only other hooligans.
Embrace the beautifully messy, ordinary adult lives most of us lead.
What they do looks a lot more like an ordinary primary.
It's much harder to analyze specific companies for an ordinary person.
"None of us want to inconvenience ordinary people," the spokesperson said.
Simple, seemingly ordinary workplaces phrases can be surprisingly charged, says Naragon.
The people most hurt and put in danger were ordinary Americans.
Converts 1.3 billion euros mandatory convertible bond into new ordinary shares.
Ordinary tasks, like getting out of bed every morning, became impossible.
Ordinary people know who he is -- which counts for a lot.
Ordinary Republicans become seething zealots; Democrats can't stop ranting about Denmark.
He sort of talked in a way like ordinary people talk.
Ordinary Ukrainians in Kiev on Thursday were more understanding of Zelenskiy.
Queues at the tills suggest that ordinary shoppers can afford it.
Like everything else at the Ace, the minibar was hardly ordinary.
Among ordinary North Koreans, popular sports include soccer, basketball and volleyball.
In a statement, they said Lee was "just an ordinary person."
An ordinary grievance, unaddressed, had metastasized to become an epic one.
The bravery of the emergency services and ordinary Londoners is incredible.
Ordinary Ethiopians were desperate to find out what was going on.
Any interaction between gang members and ordinary citizens carries two meanings.
So far, so ordinary, in the world in which we live.
That observation doesn't make "Ordinary Love" a major motion picture event.
Langbeens, ordinary Americans whose lives were disrupted by a global war.
But ordinary people's well-being depends mainly on their immediate surroundings.
Ordinary liberal distaste for a conservative Israeli government furnishes another part.
In ordinary circumstances, their long faces might command others to hush.
While government administrators plan our elections, ordinary citizens actually run them.
" Ms. Turovskaya did little work in film production after "Ordinary Fascism.
They were talking about homework and recipes and totally ordinary stuff.
These men tend to be in their 0003s, and strikingly ordinary.
But they all matter secondarily, via their effects on ordinary people.
These are all ordinary, household things that you might already have.
The level of stress ordinary people are living through is extraordinary.
She is ordinary and gorgeous, fragile and cool, all at once.
It means that many, many ordinary, imperfect people have experienced it.
But second, this isn't just an ordinary leak to the media.
Trade ex-dividend: BANCA PROFILO of 0.005 euro per share; B&C SPEAKERS of 0.42 euro per ordinary share; FOPE of 0.125 euro per ordinary share; GRUPPO MUTUIONLINE of 0.30 euro per share; MAIRE TECNIMONT of 0.128 euro per share; NICE of 0.10 euro per share; SAES GETTERS of 1003 euro per ordinary and saving shares; SERVIZI ITALIA of 0.17 euro per share.
The movie is shot in beautiful, widescreen color, which gives modern Los Angeles some of the shimmering visual magic of Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice, but it's about fairly ordinary life in a fairly ordinary place.
Coverage of the romance industry often dwells on the contrast between the nubile young heroines of the novels and the women who actually write the books: ordinary women with ordinary bodies, dressed for their own comfort.
That's why her seemingly ordinary text that day scared me, and that's why, as we find ourselves in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, her day of errands is anything but ordinary in my eyes.
"When you attack a man for living an ordinary life in an ordinary job, it is bullying," said Nicolle Wallace, who was communications director for President George W. Bush and a top strategist to other Republicans.
Obviously, "ordinary opinions" and "racist opinions" are not mutually exclusive, and indeed, the problem with racist (and sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, and transphobic) opinions is that they are so often ordinary — which is to say common, widespread.
Trades ex-dividend: AEROPORTO DI BOLOGNA of 210,210 euro per ordinary share; BANCA IFIS of 210 euro per share; BANCA SISTEMA of 2300 euro per ordinary share; B&C SPEAKERS of 225,2300 euro per share as ordinary dividend and 2225 euro per share as special dividend; CERVED of 2100 euro per share and 240 euro per share as special dividend; GEFRAN of 0.25 euro per share; HEALTH ITALIA of 0.081 euro per ordinary share; MAIRE TECNIMONT of 0.093 euro per share; NOTORIOUS PICTURES of 0.0529 euro per share; SAES GETTERS of 0.550000 euro per ordinary share and of 0.566626 euro per saving share; SAVE of 1003 euro per share; TECH-VALUE of 0.06 euro per share.
While most of us are subject to ordinary income tax rates on our compensation, a fund manager's carry is eligible for long-term capital gains treatment (which can be close to half the ordinary income tax rates).
It has become an ordinary occurrence for white Americans to call the police on black Americans doing ordinary things: students, families who are barbecuing in a park, children selling water bottles, or consumers using coupons at pharmacies.
In an ordinary lab at the University of Michigan, Joseph Hamilton, of Flint, does the also-ordinary: He grabs a shiny ball and a bottle; he presses buttons and stacks little cubes; he zips and unzips zippers.
Confidential human sources are ordinary citizens who act as information gatherers for law enforcement organizations like the F.B.I. They have ordinary lives and live openly in the community, working on the side to assist law enforcement investigations.
"Such differences from an underwritten initial public offering could result in a volatile market price for our ordinary shares and uncertain trading volume and may adversely affect your ability to sell your ordinary shares," the company said.
Even so, sales of ordinary banknotes at a big premium are puzzling.
You still get most of the experience of an ordinary bike ride.
It's pretty rare for me to feel like it's an ordinary day.
But I'm not in my home, and this isn't your ordinary Alexa.
So far, courts have treated your finger more like an ordinary key.
Stark differences between theoretical selves were completely indiscernible in ordinary human interaction.
Which, Kaling is far from the ordinary looks her Office character wore.
This is not a book, in the ordinary sense of the word.
Nothing is more ordinary than a Monday morning at a Swedish bank.
"There was just a ton of cinematographers, ordinary people, shooting," Miller says.
Throughout the collection, Enriquez's stories range the gamut from ordinary to surreal.
On the surface, such a trip is hardly out of the ordinary.
Walk forward to your rendezvous point and an ordinary linear story unfolds.
These commercials are more poignant and memorable than an ordinary campaign ad.
Millicharged dark matter could interact with ordinary matter, but only very weakly.
"I just wanted to show that these are ordinary people," Chuang says.
"Did I almost convince you you were an ordinary man?" she purrs.
The wild trading that's gripped Wall Street may be no ordinary correction.
It could be anything, but it's probably not a dull, ordinary moment.
But it's estimated that nearly half of those creditors are ordinary Italians.
A nice reflection that trans people have ordinary concerns like everyone else.
Not a single one of them is a drama about ordinary Americans.
Her only fear is returning to an ordinary life - one without power.
Today is no ordinary groan-inducing Monday, it's also April 1 — a.k.a.
But despite its striking appearance, much of this is actually quite ordinary.
If we're not committed to playing away from the puck, we're ordinary.
"It is now currently in the ongoing annual ordinary review," he said.
Pete went on to live what appeared to be an ordinary life.
It's hard to ionize ordinary hydrogen, and even harder to ionize nitrogen.
JACKSON: His opinion is no ordinary opinion because he is the president.
The show includes paintings of flowers and objects that value the ordinary.
But ordinary people are investing some of their life savings in cryptocurrency.
Calling Ordinary People a "departure" for Mary Tyler Moore is an understatement.
At the institute, most of these people are ordinary folks — not cosmonauts.
"Ordinary people are also cheaper," he said in English with a laugh.
Former presidents, dignitaries and ordinary Americans paid their respects at the Capitol.
Elizabeth Warren can explain how big banks and monopolies cheat ordinary Americans.
Miruko isn't just your ordinary cat — he's a cat with phenomenal posture.
We had asked our government minders to talk with ordinary Pyongyang residents.
Radically ordinary hospitality shows this hurting world what authentic Christianity looks like.
But for ordinary individuals living overseas, the financial consequences can be severe.
FANGANE, India (Reuters) - Aajibaichi Shaala is not your ordinary school in India.
In Greece abortion is seen as an ordinary form of birth control.
The more diverse firms get, the more ordinary the returns may be.
Theresa May's spokesperson accused the strikers of showing "contempt for ordinary people".
It's just not one ordinary middle-class families can take advantage of.
Portugal will acquire new ordinary shares of CGD worth 2.5 billion euros.
That is probably a sentiment shared among all Japanese, including ordinary citizens.
And we need our elected officials to start listening to ordinary people.
Some hospitals have been pleading for donations of supplies from ordinary people.
What was previously mutual admiration among ordinary citizens soured into popular scorn.
Dogs can't make sense of it, and neither can we ordinary humans.
Ordinary party members voted for Mr Coveney by roughly two to one.
The Flyers are a fairly ordinary pair of fitness-focused Bluetooth headphones.
We promise no one will find it out of the ordinary. #Halloween
Have ideas for improving the world by making ordinary objects touch sensitive?
Nothing's too out of the ordinary, though, so I'm putting him here.
" He tells Du Bois, "I am a layman and an ordinary workman . . .
As ordinary people, they couldn't stop the disaster, or contain its fallout.
The adjusted figures reflect profits realised in the course of ordinary operations.
So-called money diets work about as well as the ordinary kind.
The new ministers also risk looking out of touch with ordinary Colombians.
It's not an especially beautiful device; it's a little ordinary, in fact.
But the lifting of sanctions will do little to help ordinary Eritreans.
Facilities for distributing fresh food are far more complicated than ordinary warehouses.
Mr Ryan talked of freeing ordinary workers from the Obamacare health law.
There are plenty of lessons from Venezuela's calamity, including for ordinary savers.
It seems impossible to generate such an energetic cloud under ordinary environments.
While that wasn't out of the ordinary, this particular match concerned her.
"Ordinary objects and simple ideas kept us busy for hours," he said.
There will still be moments — weeks, months even — of an ordinary marriage.
Lydia's level of commitment is impressive, but not out of the ordinary.
But this was no ordinary conference room ... this was a war room.
They are largely controlled by tribal authorities rather ordinary residents and farmers.
"This is not just an ordinary video game about sports," Tabata said.
It won't have an impact on hedge funds managers paying ordinary income.
Anything out of the ordinary changes what's called the Threat Indicator Status.
In an ordinary labour market, employers could raise pay to fill vacancies.
I also like her sensibility that everyday shoes should never feel ordinary.
But mutations—ordinary business for germs—can change that in a blink.
Of course, this time they found something quite out of the ordinary.
We don't want everyone suing each other for ordinary anti-social behavior.
Within minutes, ordinary people clutching buckets to collect rubble dashed to help.
That in turn allows them to offer better odds to ordinary punters.
Financial institutions are barred from promoting "high risk" products to ordinary investors.
But the EPRDF is struggling to win the hearts of ordinary Ethiopians.
So long as it only troubles ordinary people, the ban will continue.
The series explores what happens when ordinary people start doing unacceptable things.
Ordinary jails, the police and the courts are parts of the state.
There was something truly magical about just how ordinary it all was.
Behold "Context 958"—an ordinary man who lived in 13th century England.
Clinton as out of touch with ordinary Iowans and other voters, Mrs.
For comparison, ordinary sunglasses only block about half of the Sun's light.
Ordinary Kazakhs resent living drab, pinched lives at odds with Astana's bling.
This points to a second difference between Mr Assange and ordinary reporters.
JUST how bad have the past four decades been for ordinary Americans?
The 1970s, when stagflation robbed the ordinary American of income and opportunity?
Still, The Ordinary doesn't skimp on quality to justify its low prices.
In the meantime, ordinary people would suffer more than the regime's loyalists.
Neither of these temperatures was out of the ordinary for a woodrat.
Social norms play a big role, too, for ordinary people at least.
In their place are websites that allow ordinary people to become patrons.
What was out of the ordinary, though, was the reaction he got.
So here's to August Wilson who exhumed and exalted the ordinary people.
With such a disruptive Disrupt, no "ordinary" Startup Battlefield would do.
Registered as ordinary companies, some vehicles hold loans on say, U.S. property.
All of this requires a soundscape that is out of the ordinary.
But from the front, the Nokia 9 PureView couldn't look more ordinary.
Trump is able to excite voters who ordinary politicians can't access, it's
Under ordinary conditions, this oxidative process creates chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen.
So hopefully Brexit could be done through an ordinary and calm way.
Simple: We can read the Constitution, which was written for ordinary citizens.
You are not an ordinary 15 year old, and that is okay.
Warrant (2100 GMT), ordinary (240 GMT) and extraordinary (0930 GMT) shareholders' meetings.
Still, it reported a quarterly dividend of 10 cents per ordinary share.
Like so many ordinary Americans, they've had enough of the status quo.
The judge said all the other stuff is "entirely ordinary and mundane."
They're also more central because of their greater activity than ordinary users.
They write the laws to benefit their agency employers, not ordinary citizens.
The bank also benefits from the shareholders' ordinary financial support, especially funding.
Maybe there is a far more ordinary explanation for the Cold Spot.
It's the best for value and within the reach of ordinary Chinese.
The internationalist bureaucracy seemed to ignore the ordinary people of most lands.
Alok, writer and performance artist: I am committed to the queer ordinary.
Ordinary people given half a chance are capable of doing extraordinary things.
A car stopped and a group of completely ordinary people jumped out.
Your job is to make sure it's nothing out of the ordinary.
These messages, they come from the bottom; they come from ordinary people.
This overtly romantic behavior isn't anything out of the ordinary for Gwake.
Normally, performances don't make me nervous—but this wasn't an ordinary Christmas.
And as part of the President's family, Kushner is no ordinary envoy.
Seemingly ordinary relationships turn into a maelstrom of violence, shame and desire.
" "It was just an ordinary day out with no airs and graces.
It criticised the government for wasting money and disrupting ordinary people's lives.
They're an ordinary pair of breathable, stretchy boxer briefs, just more hardcore.
And until a few weeks ago, this season had been quite ordinary.
Instead, drummer Daf Ieuan suggested something a little out of the ordinary.
In it, ordinary folk have little say over who their leaders are.
The painting is mesmerizing and ordinary, weird, dizzying, and just plain captivating.
Well, that's because this is not ordinary pizza, but pizza French toast.
Now the main impetus comes from ordinary people looking for higher returns.
Kinsey published his studies on human sexual behavior, which showed that ordinary
As Lehman showed, ordinary bankruptcy is ill-suited to complex financial institutions.
They have acquired this power just as ordinary citizens have lost it.
But I can say for sure that mine was no ordinary kidnapping.
"We're ordinary people," said Ms. Zheng, explaining why Ms. Ye did that.
Perhaps more importantly, awe can make you appreciate ordinary moments even more.

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