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"distinct" Definitions
  1. easily or clearly heard, seen, felt, etc.
  2. clearly different or of a different kind
  3. [only before noun] used to emphasize that you think an idea or situation definitely exists and is important synonym definite
"distinct" Synonyms
clear decided obvious definite apparent evident manifest marked patent plain unmistakable noticeable sharp palpable recognisable(UK) recognizable(US) transparent unambiguous conspicuous unambivalent different separate distinctive individual disparate specific unique discrete dissimilar diverse particular precise distinguishable contrasting detached disconnected nonidentical single sole unalike set concrete express special especial peculiar singular exclusive characteristic explicit distinguishing exact idiosyncratic personal identifying classic typical diagnostic discriminating proper diagnostical symptomatic signature striking pronounced prominent remarkable notable bold outstanding discernible accurate correct true faithful right strict unerring perfect veracious authentic literal detailed genuine separated divided parted removed apart split disjointed disunited partitioned distant severed sundered disassociated divergent scattered unconnected distributed distinguished custom customised(UK) customized(US) novel original personalised(UK) personalized(US) specialised(UK) specialized(US) easy effortless simple straightforward painless unchallenging uncomplicated unproblematic breezy elementary quick rudimental attainable facile mindless smooth uninvolved untroublesome basic trenchant cutting keen pointed incisive penetrating acute biting scathing strong vigorous acid forceful pungent caustic emphatic tart acerbic astringent liquid fluent pure sweet dulcet mellifluous soft clarion mellow melodious honeyed lilting lyrical mellifluent musical soothing tuneful euphonious separable divisible detachable severable scissile independent removable breakable dissociable splittable dividable dissoluble isolatable fractional dissolvable vivid graphic realistic dramatic affecting arresting evocative lifelike picturesque powerful stirring lively lucid moving stimulating haunting easy to see clearly visible easily observable easily seen easy to glimpse easy to make out easily detectable easily noticeable easily perceivable easy to catch sight of easy to detect easy to discern easy to distinguish easy to identify easy to notice easy to perceive easy to pick out easy to recognize easy to spot fine subtle narrow tenuous nuanced abstruse elusive faint hairsplitting obscure cryptic enigmatic esoteric fine-spun impalpable petty recondite tiny trifling exceeding extraordinary considerable great immense supreme huge enormous superior tremendous vast exceptional excessive extreme surpassing very great crucial vital full rich canorous orotund rotund consonant deep reverberant reverberating reverberative baritone loud resonant resounding sonorant sonorous carrying vibrant big clean light unclouded undistorted unmuddled unmuffled unobscured clipped concise terse short curt brusque abrupt brief succinct crisp summary thumbnail compendious compact pithy condensed laconic aphoristic epigrammatic apothegmatic several respective own sundry various proportionate assorted varied some miscellaneous other alternative alternate substitute unrelated variant alone independently separately away individually singly isolated aside afar exclusively excluded aloof freely by oneself More
"distinct" Antonyms
indistinct undefined indiscernible indefinite fuzzy obscure nonobvious obfuscated unapparent vague hazy unclear unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) ambiguous clouded confusing equivocal mysterious cryptic identical similar indistinguishable same homogeneous even resembling undifferentiated uniform alike equivalent like parallel equal identic the same kindred matching kin nonspecific generic common general universal standard nonexclusive all-encompassing all-inclusive non-specific ordinary conventional run-of-the-mill broad public popular basic everyday generalised(UK) generalized(US) atypical uncharacteristic untypical peculiar unusual irregular odd uncustomary unorthodox eccentric quirky strange uncommon unique unnatural exceptional queer unconventional weird aberrant inaccurate inexact imprecise incorrect untrue erroneous fallacious falsified invalid wrong counterfactual false flawed loose untruthful wild discrepant inauthentic off inconspicuous unrecognisable(UK) unrecognizable(US) connected attached joined linked combined continuous integrated related relevant material pertinent together sympathetic unified united whole expected usual banal indistinctive predictable undistinguished unoriginal characteristic normal average monotonous plain stale typical unvaried unspecific indiscriminate blanket comprehensive overall global mediocre collective shared aggregate composite cumulative joint grouped mutual collated conjoint consolidated compiled group mixed imaginary abstract intangible fictional conceptual fabricated imaginative invented unreal concocted fictitious hypothetical theoretical unsubstantial imaginal notional visionary assumed fanciful fantastic many multiple numerous several various manifold diverse varied assorted voluminous diversified different multifarious multifold multitudinous dependent interdependent appurtenant conditional contingent determined by provisory reliant subject to faint slight slim weak gentle minor remote small feeble difficult challenging uneasy complex complicated hard impossible laborious grueling(US) gruelling(UK) punishing tiresome unendurable demanding exhausting fatiguing intricate troublesome arduous backbreaking wooly(US) woolly(UK) appeasing ill-defined kind mollifying nebulous soothing bland calm frivolous impotent mild nice stupid cacophonous disharmonious indivisible inseparable annexable combinable incorporated

780 Sentences With "distinct"

How to use distinct in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "distinct" and check conjugation/comparative form for "distinct". Mastering all the usages of "distinct" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Distinct tumors at distinct depths and of distinct sizes in the breast have thermal curves with very marked characteristics.
This is a real thing: Distinct fears have distinct signatures.
Or are they separate entities with distinct trajectories and distinct NASDANQ values?
But he remained distinct from those peers, and his sound remains distinct now.
Negroes were a distinct people, with distinct traditions and values held in common.
Killer whales are not only genetically distinct; they're culturally distinct from other populations, too.
"She has not only a distinct style, but a distinct aura," Mr. Kelly said.
In this case, even rudimentary object recognition would allow for a scene to be parsed more intelligently: sky distinct from landscape; landscape distinct from buildings; people and cars distinct from buildings; objects on tables distinct from the tables themselves — and so on.
The whales in the Caribbean are distinct, and they appear to identify themselves as distinct.
The story is not only presented from two distinct viewpoints, it uses two distinct methods.
It is today just one of the many sub-groups housed within the larger category of Art, a period — much like Mannerism, Minimalism, Modernism, Maximalism and the like — that defines a practice with distinct members and distinct timeframes, with distinct styles and settings, distinct techniques and ideologies.
Agari found more distinct sites that met the mandate and VailMail found more distinct sites that didn't.
Although the film is about one person, we're essentially dealing with three distinct characters in three distinct situations.
Under a seemingly common umbrella — lung cancer, say — genetically distinct tumors would be treated with therapeutically distinct drugs.
Distinct gene Many Africans have a distinct form of the Duffy Antigen Receptor [DARC] gene compared to other world populations.
The textbook definition of nationalism is a distinct people united by a common culture, common history, governing a distinct territory.
Bipolar disorder occurs in 2.6% of the population, according to the National Institutes of Mental Health, and is characterized by distinct episodes of depression, distinct episodes of mania or hypomania, and distinct episodes of normal mood, or euthymia.
Oral, dorsal, pedal, anal and supra-orbital glands produce individually distinct odors, and oral- and dorsal-gland odors are kin distinct.
Facebook's M. All are already iconic assistants with distinct personalities — or at least with the distinct sense that they have personalities.
It's not nearly as distinct as, say, a fingerprint, but the way we walk is distinct enough to further distinguish fakers.
We've also never really had a true two-party system with two very distinct parties representing two very distinct, non-overlapping coalitions.
Unlike Beyonce's Lemonade, a visual album that accompanied each song with a distinct act with a distinct look, Endless is more fixed.
In an effort to stop the merger on antitrust grounds, critics claim that Medicare and MA are distinct products, in distinct markets.
The river — the nation's sixth-longest, flowing through Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas — also connects the distinct cultures of those four distinct states.
Up close, the paintings looked like a smattering of tiny, distinct dots, but take a few steps back, and a distinct image would form.
Human's distinct smell One of those distinct odors is human bodies, and the dogs are trained to recognize that specific smell and brush aside others.
Adam Driver's Kylo Ren is rendered as a disembodied head floating in a pile of blood, with Driver's distinct facial features as distinct as ever.
Genetic testing, for example: If 180 regions of the cortex really are distinct, then the neurons in each should share a distinct combination of active genes.
They argued that even though Jews are not a racially distinct group, the vandals viewed Jews as a distinct race and were motivated by racial animus.
"Finding that we had a tubular structure inside this skeletal tube tells us that it had a distinct mouth and a distinct anus," Dr. Schiffbauer said.
The fossilized babies of other species of ichthyosaurs had been found with fish scales in their guts, a sign that distinct species may have had distinct food preferences.
But B and T cells would turn out to be distinct types of immune cells, which see and attack foreign or non-self cells in very distinct ways.
Matsubara's Buddhist-inspired work suggests that our own thoughts are not distinct from our thinking and, similarly, that we are not distinct from the process by which we recognize ourselves.
"Protected Designation of Origin" applies to foods that are "produced, processed, and prepared in one area and have distinct characteristics from this area [..] using distinct local knowledge," like Orkney beef.
DISTINCT FROM AN 'E-CIGARETTE Illicit THC vaping pens or similar devices are distinct from e-cigarettes, such as those made by Juul Labs, which vaporize a nicotine-filled liquid.
"Those of us that feel that one of the reasons that we're not in the majority is because we haven't been as distinct, we haven't made the differences as distinct," said Rep.
Atlanta is governed by a patchwork of county governments, which means transit expansion is determined by distinct groups of appointed and elected officials, distinct swatches of voters, and hyper-local political calculus.
"New normal" students need a different type of support as they pursue continuous education across a work life that is likely to include 30 or more distinct jobs and three distinct careers.
The regulator uses it if it suspects that two enterprises "have ceased to be distinct", or that arrangements are in place or contemplation, which could result in the enterprises "ceasing to be distinct".
I can recall four distinct instances, the above section included.
Each product served a distinct role in the iPod ecosystem.
A distinct pattern emerged, according to our analysis using Kensho.
To keep parties strong and distinct, you need opposing benches.
The breed has distinct ears with curled back tips. 10.
Joe Barton at one point, in his distinct Texas twang.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered three distinct storytelling phases.
As a trans woman, this took shape in distinct ways.
No. That wouldn't give such a distinct and clear result.
Individually the elegies are distinct, their nuances reflecting disparate customs.
That it's of digital culture and not something distinct. Right.
Dixie Alley doesn't have one distinct season, like Tornado Alley.
It has several distinct revenue streams, diversification, markets like that.
There's a subtle, but distinct, difference between the two offerings.
The idea was to keep Mormonism distinct from the mainstream.
There's been a distinct lack of transparency to all this.
Its members are designated as Naxi, a culturally distinct ethnicity.
The virtual environment offers distinct advantages over a physical one.
According to Falcone, the TSP offers two distinct advantages: 1.
How is a declaration of War distinct from an AUMF?
In all, eight distinct injuries were detected in the skeleton.
" He went on to add, "America has two distinct choices.
Back in the day, there were distinct tiers of photography.
For a start, the firms make money in distinct ways.
But increasingly it seems to coalesce into two distinct sides.
This is puzzling: gender identity is distinct from sexual orientation.
But this model has distinct advantages, as my study showed.
Kurds are an ethnic minority distinct from Iraq's Arab majority.
Everything in the middle sounded warm, distinct, and crystal clear.
The demonstrators come from two distinct sections of Hungarian society.
Established under French rule, it is actually two distinct currencies.
But ambush marketing comes in at least two distinct flavours.
All of its map icons exist as distinct little islands.
Overheard are two distinct audio tracks composed by Raphaël Sohier.
The base of the Emperium has a very distinct style.
Keister makes the sculptures by fitting distinct ceramic pieces together.
El Cap, though, looms largest and offers 58 distinct routes.
DOMINIC CUMMINGS: I think that is a distinct possibility, yes.
And how is it distinct from, say, compassion or sympathy?
These readers, however, are distinct from the lazy and incurious
"Losing his law license is a distinct possibility," he said.
Along the way, she's identified 10 distinct types of schmucks.
The cities were chosen because they each had distinct climates.
BOLDR is a small watch company with a distinct style.
Surprise is its own distinct state; it's different from awe.
The site has a really distinct sort of analogue aesthetic.
Dill, Travis, and Lydia have very distinct personalities and lives.
The Assuncao fight was one which took on distinct phases.
These are all distinct possibilities with Donald Trump in charge.
And more than 100 distinct products have Alexa built in.
So the artists of Nerac have names and distinct personalities?
With Portal, however, the system takes two distinct form factors.
With Parker gone, addition by subtraction is a distinct possibility.
TokyoEvery neighborhood in Tokyo's vast metropolis retains a distinct personality.
Severe illness creates a distinct rift between before and after.
Yet there remains a distinct disparity in our collective interest.
Much of the work, separated into distinct sections, is compelling.
Monsoon climates typically have two distinct seasons: wet and dry.
It's a distinct human being from the moment of conception.
The demand is heightened by a distinct lack of supply.
Obviously, the Cohen matter is distinct from the Russia investigation.
Both: Mm.Herrine: There's that distinct scent of the Gulf shrimp.
"They identified five distinct terroirs within the property," Grahm said.
Her distinct appearance came from feline dwarfism and an underbite.
It is an essential and distinct part of the military.
Teens are worse hit for two distinct reasons, experts say.
The Republicans, as the rural party, have a distinct advantage.
But it is notably distinct from DNA in the nucleus.
This skyscraper is one of New York City's most distinct.
But these cognitive abilities are distinct from mentally sequestered rumination.
Dorsey spoke to three distinct audiences during his media tour.
On Wednesday, more distinct and color images revealed a snowman.
Miley Cyrus hosted during two distinct eras of her career.
While structurally distinct, both portrayals open on a similar note.
The older generation had a few distinct advantages, said Cheng.
What's more, each app gets a distinct random email address.
We are policy scholars at two distinct Washington think tanks.
The candidates were distinct in age, experience and perceived potential.
But we're clearly witnessing a distinct and powerful societal shift.
I bucket our training onboarding experience into three distinct categories.
And then there's the slow but distinct rise of PWAs.
The relationship between difference and similarity is minute and distinct.
My mother has one distinct beauty marker: her red lips.
It's a testament to how distinct a voice Burial has.
This is my earliest and most distinct memory of him.
Yeah, he has a very distinct and easily recognizable voice.
Every area felt distinct and, in their own way, oppressive.
The impact of these distinct approaches sticks with us today.
So there, on Tuesday, were two distinct futures of Fox.
In addition, using only three distinct funds eliminates potential overlap.
For "Westworld," Lisa and I go through three distinct phases.
From the beginning, Lloyd Webber showed a distinct musical talent.
But Beauchamp's analysis still falls short in three distinct ways.
It also marked a distinct turning point in their relationship.
Narratives compress these distinct pieces into a simple national story.
This makes them similar to, but still distinct from, molluscs.
A winning streak for the Browns is a distinct possibility.
These two utterly distinct wines might have been blended together.
This latest effort has two distinct advantages for drilling proponents.
There are two distinct patterns of undervoting in Broward County.
With three distinct programs, Dorrance Dance offers other treasures, too.
Leprosy causes distinct deformities and imposes a heavy social stigma.
Each has its own code, with distinct values and rules.
There are two very distinct sides to contemporary Southern apparel.
Still, the desire for a distinct identity was not slaked.
Each one is distinct: Some are sermons, some are swoons.
Women can bring to office distinct values, priorities, and perspectives.
Catalans feel strongly about their distinct language, history and culture.
This unusual London prison camp went through three distinct phases.
Some were so distinct that they deserved a new designation.
But the Virginia contest seems to have a distinct dynamic.
Different sectors face distinct challenges and varying scales of uncertainty.
They are certainly interconnected, but they present distinct policy challenges.
A distinct understatement, but I'm still glad to hear it.
Turkish meatballs are distinct from Swedish meatballs in some ways.
Stollar and Wozniak are at distinct stages in their careers.
His small island home, he discovered, had a distinct history.
The 29 footprints had distinct sizes, showing three barefoot individuals.
That means competition across traditionally distinct beverages is heating up.
The Mustang series is known for a bold, distinct style.
Their research identified four distinct personality types in every office.
Each performer pursues, and achieves, a distinct kind of credibility.
Clay, tiled roofing is another distinct characteristic of these homes.
The lab work revealed at least 459 genetically distinct individuals.
The fierce reaction has exposed Kurdistan's distinct vulnerabilities and shortcomings.
Savannah does have a few distinct assets, among them location.
As with foldables, I detect a distinct lack of confidence.
Such people are a distinct minority among Americans in general.
For Heaps, the label captured a distinct New York spirit.
The intelligence collected from human sources is distinct and potent.
But trebbiano Abruzzese is distinct, relatively rare and potentially superior.
Republicans have a distinct national advantage going into this election.
So, over time, dogs diverged into distinct types of dogs.
His bawdy interjections help give everything that distinct Witcher feel.
The financial crisis split the generation into two distinct groups.
For instance, a job and work are two distinct concepts.
Technologies are not distinct from the people who use them.
And that's why Denver entrepreneurship has its own distinct flavor.
This growth period can be divided into three distinct phases.
Yeah. I'd say it's defined by two very distinct things.
And they figured out there were two distinct consumer groups.
Falling behind puts us at risk of two distinct threats.
The 18 photographs in Excavations fall into two distinct categories.
Basically, there's no distinct "superhero" team element in the show.
"For a long time, the field of human evolution has imagined a fictional world where distinct human groups separated from one another and then remained distinct for long periods of time," Siepel tells me.
Because alphanumeric coding languages are as distinct from one another as Chinese is from Russian, different degree tracks are necessary, along with distinct professional organizations that offer their own particular professional exams, certifications and licensing.
Yet mime, like acting and dance, has distinct schools and vocabularies.
Users may also notice a distinct change in the color gamut.
In each episode, Serling provided wry narration in his distinct voice.
Sidibé's distinct genius was in capturing the perfect gesture and moment.
These two systems are distinct to mitigate risks of a cyberattack.
Ziegenhorn has the distinct honor of turning 18 by election day.
But weren't they keeping the two brands distinct for a while?
The two new investment funds take distinct approaches to the sector.
Their actions were distinct, Chevalier argued, but their words were similar.
The information available about the Bentonville case suggests two distinct problems.
And you represent two very distinct wings of the Democratic Party.
But some wasps recognize each other individually through distinct facial features.
He has distinct marketability, but Khalidov is simply a talented fighter.
They're extending something distinct about humans — their creativity and their interpretation.
Debate about sin taxes often tends to blur two distinct purposes.
And that makes it a distinct anomaly in today's TV landscape.
It is so distinct that it could never be justly replicated.
A distinct limb juts out, grounding the piece in the corporeal.
In complex ways, solidarity is related to, but distinct from, identity.
As a result, YouTube tabloids have diversified to serve distinct audiences.
The attacks were "distinct but certainly coordinated," Mr. Valls told lawmakers.
While they knew each other, they also ran in distinct circles.
Both are distinct possibilities; which scenario manifests itself depends on us.
Money lies behind the move, he said, citing three distinct forces.
President Kennedy had two distinct advantages a cybersecurity moonshot does not.
They have four distinct castes, each with their own life tasks.
Instead, it can determine a distinct strategy for each unique situation.
The realigned parties became much more ideologically distinct (see chart 3).
Using these variables, UnifyID sorts gaits into about 50,000 distinct types.
There's also the distinct possibility this whole thing is a troll.
What makes the game distinct, though, is its completely unique world.
These characters are dispersed among 640 distinct communities on 294 planets.
Tampa, Daytona Beach and Miami offer distinct demographic opportunities and challenges.
That more focused approach is distinct from the full human genome.
But they live apart and see the land in distinct ways.
Chimpanzees and bonobos have been distinct species for around 900,000 years.
Six distinct lands make up the park, which include Warner Bros.
Governments can pursue somewhat distinct paths and set their own budgets.
Still, she insisted, the class gives participants a distinct corporeal awareness.
Every city has its own beat and its own distinct style.
No flexible flow or crystalline enunciation, yet every apt word distinct.
Seemingly, the show pivots back and forth between two distinct timelines.
It is often eaten raw and has a distinct peanut taste.
A few people noticed a distinct Orwellian flavor to the event.
Each of these crimes is similar but distinct from the other.
It wasn't just money that crossed between the two distinct companies.
Parades, historic crews, distinct microcultural traditions, and, of course…King Cake.
The communities are distinct, but they're both potential windfalls for networks.
Medical use, legalization, and decriminalization are all distinct and separate categories.
But the SEC and New York's case against Deutsche is distinct.
Some of the world's greatest wines have a distinct saline tang.
As a result, the dunes here form distinct dots and dashes.
The thin metal page was three-fourths covered with distinct scratches.
Areas within the painting are defined by their own distinct hue.
TripAdvisor also recognized the winning airlines in four distinct service classes.
However, CareKit seems to be a distinct platform separate from ResearchKit.
Those crying foul who could be divided into three distinct groups.
But the songs tend musically distinct, sometimes sharp and sometimes heartbreaking.
These two factors make this year's "panic" distinct from past panics.
So in the coming weeks, defeat is a very distinct possibility.
And we can tell more than a trillion distinct odors apart.
Carnage only likes to use four distinct colors at a time.
There's a distinct possibility that Lorna will eventually save the day.
Previously, scientists had overlooked this fact and missed the distinct lineage.
Each one controls slightly differently and has its own distinct feel.
Or is it a separate and distinct problem of its own?
Both of the artists came to the project from distinct backgrounds.
He added that the data did seem to show distinct wingbeats.
But nearly three decades later, Gradius still feels distinct and exciting.
The summary will reportedly include distinct "scores" for acceleration and braking.
Deus Ex Go also maintains the series' distinct sense of style.
Unlike the Kinder Surprise though, it has two distinct, sealed halves.
As complementary as their visions can be, their signatures are distinct.
A pretty distinct fire can be seen halfway through the trailer.
Monsoon climates typically have two very distinct seasons: wet and dry.
Genetically, they're as distinct as brown bears are from polar bears.
I view my life in distinct chapters of before and after.
The report outlines 44 distinct recommendations to the industry and regulators.
And dreadfully distinct Against the dark, a tall white fountain played.
But there was a distinct focus on something else this time.
Both countries possess Buk missiles, but the model types are distinct.
LinkedIn is a social media site that's distinct from any other.
Each compartment was like a peek into a distinct little world.
Markets have fundamental constraints of their own quite distinct from politics.
Resistors view these not as distinct movements but as interconnected struggles.
Using distinct cards can also better help you track your spending.
Nationally, since the recession, there have been two distinct housing markets.
This is a corporation with a profound, distinct, global ideological mission.
These new findings show a distinct migration from Facebook to Instagram.
There's a distinct pathos and campy humour to the Uber ebook.
But Carol also has a really distinct personality — she's really funny.
Their two distinct sensibilities don't so much meld as respectfully coexist.
They confirmed that Mr. Trump has two distinct groups of supporters.
Is there a distinct causation between research efforts and mortality decreases?
So, the neurons remained distinct individual units while also being connected.
The iron-packed molecule gives meat its distinct flavor and aroma.
The gender roles are distinct and historic: Men grow, women trim.
Ng told me that he is working on three distinct projects.
Each one of the video concepts is distinct from the next.
The naked ball is then wrapped in that distinct fluorescent felt.
Connoisseurs love to talk about the distinct sounds of different orchestras.
Neither had that distinct tangy taste we associate with true cheese.
"  She continued, "The flavors seemed more distinct, the textures more prominent.
Different managers and organizations have very distinct philosophies about remote work.
We are left with two candidates with distinct strengths and flaws.
Cycads, unlike most flowering plants, have distinct male and female plants.
Some were graphically strong, while others were conglomerations of distinct brushstrokes.
That, and a voice that's too distinct to be drowned out.
What exactly, is the distinct pleasure of hating to see it?
Salute or not, the mannequins gave off a distinct militia energy.
Gracefully, each spread offers a distinct new friend for young readers.
And the post-hunt photoshoot gave me distinct Don Jr. vibes.
Governing and campaigning in the recent administrations are relatively distinct processes.
His efforts pay dividends in distinct aromatics, with few hops required.
"This is how we're distinct," Auer-Welsbach said in an interview.
The company shows off its many personalities with four distinct programs.
"They have very distinct and separate functions to play," he said.
The Bio-Zero Memory Foam Pillows come in three distinct shapes.
There were approachable melodies, warmer sounds, spatial depth and distinct vocals.
Developed from orchards and farmland, the area mostly lacks distinct neighborhoods.
Ito broke her life in the danchi into two distinct parts.
We looked at two states with distinct approaches: California and Mississippi.
That DXM feels so distinct beyond that is just a bonus.
She had the distinct feeling that someone was staring at her.
But it also helps give Astral Chain a very distinct feel.
And it is important to stress that the two are distinct.
Immigrants, including Trump's own German-born grandparents, made this nation distinct.
"Stoney," his 2016 debut album, was successful, but almost too distinct.
The researchers randomly changed the simulation in small but distinct ways.
The researchers randomly changed the simulation in small but distinct ways.
Some of them explained how they created that distinct cackle. 10.
"He has a distinct NBA skill," another Western Conference executive said.
"Standing here, I have a distinct sense of déjà vu," Mrs.
But some paleontologists took issue with calling it a distinct genus.
"Sex and sexual orientation are independent and distinct characteristics," he said.
More distinct, color images released the next day revealed a snowman.
And there is a distinct difference between physical and psychological pain.
I'd feel a distinct, small buzzing, would reach down and—nothing.
She's wearing gold-plated glasses that have a distinct '90s feel.
Fanning and Smith acted fervently with distinct passion for their roles.
Everything about the aircraft's appearance was distinct including the cockpit windows…
Boreal forests are distinct from tropical forests, closer to the Equator.
Boreal forests are distinct from tropical forests, closer to the Equator.
GMC now has two distinct sub-brands in Denali and AT4.
Name Withheld Let's try to keep two sets of questions distinct.
Name Withheld Let's try to keep two sets of questions distinct.
It's as if two distinct opera companies shared the same name.
In many ways, the two nations could not be more distinct.
The global average masks two distinct groups of roughly comparable size.
Each form is a distinct hue that inhabits its own layer.
Taiwanese have also developed a distinct local identity in recent decades.
What were once distinct and separate holdings have become closely intertwined.
But also distinct today is #MeToo -- as well as unprecedented partisanship.
Gascony is not merely distinct from Provence and the Côte d'Azur.
The Hill saga is distinct from recent scandals involving former Reps.
Its skirt also stood out thanks to its four distinct tiers.
The housing stock, Ms. Hofso said, reflects two distinct building booms.
The married media duo Jamie and Brian Stelter reach distinct audiences.
Right now, I see four distinct threats to the world economy.
Each track reflects a distinct and important part of that movie.
And each — Levites and Israelites — has a distinct name for God.
Mr. Muilenburg is under immense pressure to achieve two distinct goals.
Distinct groups turned to the Constitution to protect their specific interests.
Their union had distinct roles, and they both thrived in them.
Her nails are always complementary to the look, but completely distinct.
It is a single entity made up of multiple, distinct panels.
Islamophobia intersects with Black Lives Matter in dynamic and distinct ways.
In that time, I've noticed a few distinct, related patterns emerging.
Flake has essentially melded together three distinct critiques of the president.
It's a distinct departure from the executive's position in April 2015.
He made the very distinct decision to go to Los Angeles.
Set It Up has a distinct heritage, and it knows it.
The most dangerous thing for institutions (including media institutions) is to lose their sense of identity, by which I mean not just their sense of their distinct identity but also their confidence in that distinct identity.
RESTRICTIONS The CMA uses IEO orders if it suspects that two enterprises "have ceased to be distinct", or that arrangements are in place or being considered, which could result in the enterprises "ceasing to be distinct".
A jobs guarantee also has some distinct advantages over ideas like UBI.
There's been a distinct lack of gaming deals to get stuck into.
Less time commingling in the pan means that each addition remains distinct.
It's something that sits somewhere in between, and it feels completely distinct.
The U.S. is a patchwork of local economies with distinct community profiles.
It isn't a mixture of the two, but its own distinct medium.
David Brooks American capitalism has always been distinct from continental European capitalism.
They are a tight-knit group compared with Australia's distinct indigenous "nations".
But does the professional class constitute a distinct economic and political problem?
Runaways has come under two specific, distinct criticisms since it first debuted.
Best to treat the two as similar but distinct works of art.
What they do, again, serves a very distinct purpose in our nation.
"Beringia represents a vast area with many ecologically distinct areas," said Potter.
Australia's hottest capital city, Darwin, has two distinct seasons: Wet and Dry.
At their best, fights feel distinct and deliberate without ever sacrificing fluidity.
There are two distinct, gendered, and utterly separate roles in this relationship.
A successful life is distinct from a profound and vital one, however.
Nyalas are a kind of African antelope known for their distinct looks.
While U.S. military advantages are eroding, we still retain some distinct advantages.
The ATS emerged as a distinct category of software in the 22s.
The region is composed of eight countries with distinct markets and economies.
I work in the communications department and have a few distinct jobs.
The middle leg bones clustered into three distinct groups without the subgrouping.
In the end, size really does seem to have some distinct advantages.
It's definitely a distinct look that might not fit in every home.
Larger grains produce a distinct darker green—smaller grains a lighter green.
And although this alien dust was faint, it had a distinct signature.
Each artist offers a distinct lens onto the UAE and the region.
She also revealed that West often helps her make her style distinct.
While they're providing similar services, they're still operating as two distinct groups.
Because each season, and really, each city, has such a distinct aesthetic.
Their deep commitment to the process paints a distinct portrait of democracy.
It was absent of one distinct marmalade-like quality — that dreaded tackiness.
But it was really important to us to have this distinct voice.
All the children are defined as distinct individuals but without excessive shtick.
"The person in the video has a very distinct walk," Bevers explained.
The distinct line of bright, white reef was exposed during the hurricane.
While Oculus and Facebook started quite distinct, the dividing lines are blurring.
In recent years, this backlash has taken on a distinct political bent.
Their goal was to design a place with a very distinct feel.
They have chins on the bottom and distinct bezels on the sides.
It still felt like there was some distinct lag in the experience.
But it, too, has played a distinct role in Qatar's ambitious outreach.
Overwatch features a cast of 5003 different heroes, each with distinct skills.
Google's newest phones feel good, but they lack any distinct visual identity.
But this new study suggests the split happened in two distinct stages.
Among US allies there is a distinct sense of alarm about Trump.
Alongside the threat of biological warfare, they hold a very distinct horror.
The mobile-sensing system developed by the researchers has three distinct pieces.
Before it exhausts its limits, populism typically moves through several distinct phases.
Countries that want to expand their coverage have taken two distinct approaches.
"It's just a very distinct look that can't be replicated," Sieg explained.
Brazilian officials really have two distinct problems with the Americans' conduct here.
Gradually he grows accustomed to the distinct rhythm of a traveller's day.
However, it may be Ghenov's knack for composition that is most distinct.
No character was too minor to be considered as a distinct individual.
In any case, witnessing his distinct world in action somehow felt enough.
Normal mergers could incur capital-gains tax, which retaining distinct companies avoids.
Or are they distinct things, (1) packing for shipment and (2) distribution?
According to the panel, that might be down to distinct communication styles.
Birmingham, a disorganised sprawl, has always been a jumble of distinct villages.
Seidler's research into the effects of microgravity suggests it's a distinct possibility.
We took a look at seven distinct possibilities, from fizzle to fireworks.
Moreover, it has the distinct potential to harm rather than help competition.
But those are distinct enough that they feel like three separate brands.
Enough that the long-maligned Stocks app got three distinct mentions onstage.
Internally, workers noticed a distinct shift away from creators and toward listeners.
It's a subsection of glitch art, which is itself a distinct category.
There are distinct similarities between Star Wars and the Super Mario series.
I have distinct recollections of you saying that to all of us.
Nevertheless, NSSID's status as a distinct disorder is supported by clinical research.
From this wobbly and imitative origin Paley's voice grew distinct—and multitudinous.
Fossil fuels have a distinct fingerprint in the isotopes of their carbon.
He does well to disentangle which aspects of China's predicament are distinct.
BROADLY: Do you feel like you have a distinct sense of home?
The subjunctive has a distinct form for all verbs in many languages.
Genetically, they're different, which renders them distinct, according to phylogenetic species concepts.
The Russian kids evidently received this education courtesy of their distinct microbiomes.
But in Christian art, the halo has taken a few distinct forms.
That put the data center model — and VMware — at a distinct disadvantage.
As I make my way out, the difference in atmosphere is distinct.
Three distinct possibilities emerged on my walk to East 95th Street: 1.
Two distinct groups emerged: those who identified as Texans, and everyone else.
What sounds like a single title really encompasses three distinct play experiences.
Like Catalonia, the Basque Country has its own language and distinct culture.
Biotech companies often stress that similar and interchangeable are two distinct concepts.
The researchers found four distinct bitcoin bubbles that correspond to that model.
Android Go is distinct and different from Android One, by the way.
We hear not only two distinct textures but the gap between them.
This method gives steaks, pork chops, and even vegetables a distinct flavor.
This means we will remain separate and distinct companies until final close.
The two sales and trading groups Montag oversees have distinct power structures.
Its two components are distinct enough to be recognizable on their own.
It is a color that signifies a distinct change in one's life.
He's also credited with inventing bifocals: glasses with two distinct optical lenses.
With the triple cooker, you can create three distinct dishes at once.
But most varieties aren't nearly as distinct as their bright costumes portend.
I found that each resort offered its own distinct version of luxury.
Yet the basis of Xie's work is a solitude distinct from loneliness.
Both companies will keep their distinct brands and operating structures, Walmart said.
Focus on the '90s long enough, though, and a distinct vision emerges.
That's why governments ... need to tackle them holistically, not as distinct problems.
Do they have a distinct relationship of their own to that history?
A 2014 Gallup survey found distinct, but not necessarily conflicting, policy priorities.
It has a distinct sense of culture and a big Asian influence.
Even Dicey Dungeon's idea of metagame progression is distinct from its peers.
Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern among them—who had distinct audiences and often
To him, these conditions have created a distinct set of investment possibilities.
It's distinct from Sanders' plan, which focuses on the existence of billionaires.
Ru's father had a distinct reaction to their business plan, for instance.
Peacocks vibrate their tail feathers in two distinct patterns; they twerk, essentially.
It was declared a distinct species in 1993, according to the report.
Instead, they fall into two distinct categories of nebulous mounds and shafts.
IBM argues that its service offers a number of distinct advantages, though.
While these might seem like distinct concerns, they are actually highly related.
There's been a "distinct underinvestment in the Northern territories," to quote Crowley.
The two parties became more internally homogeneous and distinct from each other.
Weaves framed their excellent sophomore release as having distinct parts and personalities.
Such an approach might lead to machines with distinct and individual personalities.
Using the Razor Maker site, users can build their own distinct version.
But Republicans broke with this compact in two distinct and important ways.
Jolene said it tasted like synthetic blueberries and had a distinct aftertaste.
Then there's its distinct flavor — a clean, clarified sweetness that's almost frosty.
In collaborating with other artists, Côté uses his distinct designs as contrast.
His growing up gave him a distinct sense of place and purpose.
St. Martin and St. Maarten is one island with two distinct sides.
After Obama's visit, however, U.S. officials took note of a distinct backlash.
There are distinct parallels between the two countries and the two movements.
Despite its distinct setting, this is not really a book about history.
Given the advanced age of some justices, retirements are a distinct possibility.
" Mr. Kasparov called it a "personalistic dictatorship with distinct elements of fascism.
Most striking, bandannas have a distinct habit of turning into personal trademarks.
But in a warming world, sea levels increase for two distinct reasons.
So there are now two distinct debates about the Bernie Bro problem.
So getting separate and distinct governments working together is a monumental task.
But New Jersey represents a distinct opportunity to press a liberal agenda.
But this reinforces my point that doing and teaching are distinct skills.
Economists generally recognize that corporate tax cuts have two quite distinct effects.
More broadly, the SEC's document carries the distinct possibility of stifling innovation.
Belcourt has imbued each work with a distinct sense of self-reliance.
While they look similar, measurements show distinct differences between the two asteroids.
Dear Joe, Among serial entertainment pursuits, binge-reading has distinct, immersive pleasures.
I remember feeling distinct pain there each time I paid the check.
Today, larks have a distinct advantage because they run on society's schedule.
More like feta than yogurt, kashk gives ash its distinct, satisfying flavor.
Soon the Italian influence evolved into a distinct style of Carrickmacross lace.
"I had the distinct feeling I had met Paul before," she said.
According to Kimishima, each property targets a distinct segment of Nintendo's audience.
When Hall analyzed the I.B.S. patients' DNA, she found a distinct trend.
The most distinct voices in the chorus of praise, however, were female.
I have a distinct memory from when I was 5 or 6.
Those races are also distinct from Ocasio-Cortez's in an important way.
Whatever the reason, there's a distinct lack of originality in contemporary nicknames.
But there are distinct warning signs for Mr. Macron in Sunday's results.
Without going into detail, I can attest that the experiences are distinct.
D.C. The two cases you describe are actually distinct in important ways.
JIM BEAVER (Irving, Tex.) Everybody in my family had distinct, thick accents.
For these and other reasons, APIs are a distinct subset of SaaS.
"This plant has the peculiar quality of turning distinct colors," she said.
But Sticks & Stones feels distinct in that it encapsulates Chappelle's paradoxical urges.
"These are two distinct issues," wrote Paul Grewal, Facebook's deputy general counsel.
Researchers recently agreed to refine the tiger family into six distinct subspecies.
SD Hotels is capitalizing on the hype around two distinct travel trends.
It is a mistake to see economics and culture as distinct forces.
Is it difficult keeping the different people you play separate and distinct?
Yet the population of Zanzibar has remained religiously distinct from the mainland.
You do this by having clear and distinct attributes of your product.
That included policy, which he saw as distinct from the product organization.
This can lead to trouble in schools, but of a distinct kind.
Slowly she started identifying distinct speakers and figured out they were related.
The animation style has the distinct look of "Bob's Burgers," as well.
Clinton promised a "third way," distinct from traditional Democratic or Republican policies.
Discrete variables always take distinct values with gaps in between these values.
What are the distinct ways Taylor Swift fits into conversations on identity?
If you answered all three questions correctly, you're in a distinct minority.
The play was reviewed and determined there was no distinct kicking motion.
And he did it nearly as well, with his own distinct style.
"These are such distinct breaks from previous history and protocol," said Newmark.
It was a great honor and distinct privilege to serve President Trump.
Commerzbank analysts say that a negative outlook for Italy is "distinct risk".
The threads may not all be original, but they're kept nicely distinct.
In one distinct way, the 10th Hall of Fame class is unique.
Ashley Bickerton: There were distinct battle lines drawn across the East Village.
"They all have distinct personalities," Ms. Salamone said of the FaZe gamers.
"He had a very, very distinct idea," said Mr. Wolf of Hush.
However, four distinct strategies can provide a framework to conceptualize your options.
"They make it very distinct from how women use makeup," Gough said.
He delivered a distinct paean to values that Trump so often dismissed.
So we have very distinct playstyles associated with classes to start with.
But the aroma is distinct, and more often reminds me of kerosene.
The ease of connection with an iPhone is also a distinct benefit.
By the 20th century, American liberalism had come to mean something distinct.
Thibault sees his seven years with the Mystics as two distinct rebuilds.
They determined that the United States is distinct in a few ways.
The 23-22 and 2176 Max are distinct models of the plane.
Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins both won Oscars for their distinct portrayals.
The two websites both focus on local news but have distinct personalities.
How the Hong Kong democracy movement feeds on the city's distinct identity.
Mr. Oleshansky, who calls himself Fritz the Schmoozer, has three distinct strategies.
Delaney is also well aware that it's a distinct benefit to him.
What&aposs new and exciting, however, is the console&aposs distinct appearance.
This popular company divides its three-week residency into three distinct programs.
As a result, it would scrap fixed income as a distinct business.
There was a distinct sense of desperation urgency to pass tax reform.
Sweden's bellwether case, though, is distinct, and borne by three overriding causes.
India's northeast is home to more than 200 distinct indigenous minority groups.
Those distinct approaches have to do with their business models, he said.
People who knew him then saw him as distinct from his parents.
So many distinct investment strategies are roads to a heavy tech allocation.
Perhaps the colonies were, in some small but critical way, genetically distinct.
Most new TVs today come with distinct Netflix buttons on the remotes.
The Szeklers, in Romania, and the Paloc, in Slovakia, speak distinct versions.
Finally, Biden can take on Trump, starting right now, in distinct ways.
The F.T.C. competition director sees "distinct challenges" for antitrust enforcement in tech.
This telling difference reflects the fundamentally distinct character of each major party.
Minnesota has a distinct reputation for clean politics and high-turnout elections.
One thing that remains distinct about public art is what's not hidden.
Events aren't presented linearly, but Haller's flashbacks and flash-forwards aren't distinct.
The reason it's easily identified is it has a distinct optical property.
Or perhaps an arrangement of two distinct media like photography and paintings.
La La Land and Whiplash both have very distinct and memorable ending.
With a distinct cartoon appeal, the artwork is rambunctious and purposely absurd.
Increasingly, Republicans and Democrats see themselves as part of cultural groups that are fundamentally distinct: They consume different media and attend different churches; live in distinct kinds of places and rarely interact with people who disagree with them.
In the last year, for example, people have searched for more than 4 billion distinct thoughts, feelings and emotions on Tenor, and the number of distinct search terms grows every single day in response to news, culture and memes.
This is two such distinct things — a relationship drama and a kaiju movie.
Commerzbank analysts say that a negative outlook for Italy is a "distinct risk".
"A pretty distinct change of styles between our last two teams," Maurice said.
Harlem resident and socialite Lana Turner's distinct style has always been eye-catching.
Linda and I have distinct memories of Linda having found discussions on Dragonstone.
At least six distinct sub-sites have been found within the excavation area.
There's a distinct pause during an especially bloody murder in the second episode.
It requires a pin in the crowd, and a distinct pin in yourself.
It's an entirely distinct shape that can't be described by a polynomial equation.
The otherwise unremarkable launch was notable and record breaking for four distinct reasons.
While the case is distinct from the San Bernardino case, there are parallels.
CatalogYouTube Music's distinct advantage compared to all other streaming services is its catalog.
Having a distinct movement that is primarily defined by misogyny is [fairly] novel.
In each of Plimack Mangold's winter paintings, the sky is a distinct hue.
Each path is a distinct strategy would take the company in different directions.
In an interview, Hovenkamp said that the case is distinct from Illinois Brick.
For starters, you cycle through four distinct "stages" of sleep throughout the night.
Each building has a totally distinct design, requiring constant research into different techniques.
It's worth noting that most DJs seem to fall into two distinct categories.
But at the event itself, there were two distinct Oscars ceremonies going on.
A platform has at least two distinct customer groups: its consumers and producers.
And part of what makes Chucky distinct is that he's a funny character.
The New York Studio School offers three distinct intensive sculpture courses this summer.
It helps that, despite ostensibly having the same structure, each world feels distinct.
Amazon is keeping the base model Kindle distinct from the Paperwhite, feature-wise.
This being the case, why are they considered two distinct languages at all?
Such splintering creates distinct pockets of voters to which smaller parties can appeal.
Some are near homophones with distinct but related meanings, like emigrate and immigrate.
His work shows his acceptance of the distinct pairing of nostalgia and melancholy.
Can you talk about the combination of two distinct elements in the work?
To continue this analogy, each section's palette is distinct from the other two.
"There is a distinct increase in the role of nuclear weapons," Acton said.
KC: Rhythmically it feels so distinct as opposed to the other two parts.
Or is he the less distinct figure at the top of the stairs?
Of the thousands of domains requested, only 15 distinct IP addresses were returned.
West Coast IPA, fresh and fruity, has become a distinct style of beer.
A distinct chant of "Lock him up!" broke out in the upper deck.
That nuance of distinct positioning and subtle detail is lost on mediocre headphones.
"Unfortunately, we know we've sort of got two distinct diversity issues," Erlich says.
For one thing, there are common, distinct trends that unite European music styles.
Gobert has experienced a distinct blossoming on offense in his fourth NBA season.
Snap's distinct and coveted audience might compel businesses to get with the times.
That's a big difference, one that gives cannibalized males a distinct reproductive advantage.
In this sort of world we readers find ourselves at a distinct loss.
That's a distinct contrast from Mueller's request to interview President Trump, Eggleston said.
Another is its distinct style of buying popular brands with oligopolistic market shares.
Its competitive position benefits from distinct distribution channels that target these specific niches.
It's like opening a magazine: There's a distinct tone and style you notice.
This week provides two distinct one-on-ones and one dramatic group date.
His opposition to President Barack Obama's judicial approach is deep-rooted and distinct.
But getting getting a used phone directly from Apple has some distinct advantages.
His daughter and son-in-law have related, but distinct, conflicts of interest.
I get it; rain boots have a distinct purpose of keeping feet dry.
All of the dogs are doing well and have their own distinct personalities.
Burckhardt's abstract paintings form one distinct body of work within his diverse oeuvre.
In fact, this alternative history lacks one distinct and large fear inducer: ISIS.
One Twitter user claims to have tallied up 218 distinct logos so far.
It's a distinct advantage over similar studies that tie prothesis into muscle activity.
"The two traits are categorically distinct and widely recognized as such," she said.
But what makes him distinct is how quickly he's climbed up the ladder.
Splitting the East bracket in half has provided two very distinct basketball experiences.
These are two very distinct candidates with two very different wells of support.
LeadStories counted as many as 17 distinct copies across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Few Americans will recall a more distinct pair of candidates for the presidency.
But at the same time, you've got a very distinct way of dressing.
My most distinct Hardback memory was the first time I ever went there.
And do you have any distinct memories from that period in your life?
In the early stages of building Hyperspektiv, the three created 70 distinct filters.
News about the company's Stadia competitor, Project xCloud, seems like a distinct possibility.
However, over 130 distinct insurance organizations reported writing cyber premiums for the year.
In 2015 a team documented 5,476 distinct kinds of viruses in the ocean.
Waldburger that the statute of limitations and the statute of repose are distinct.
In all, the sequence of tornadoes carved four distinct paths around Dodge City.
Scientists remain divided over whether the coywolf has evolved into a distinct species.
For the four following years, boxing had a clear and distinct middleweight champion.
It's an electrical problem, distinct from the "plumbing problems" remedied by bypass surgeries.
I was able to pick up some physicality that was distinct to Ofglen.
The country is home to 54 ethnic groups specializing in distinct artisanal traditions.
As a result, growing up, I felt I had two distinct incompatible identities.
Richie Hawtin has a distinct vision for how his visuals and music interact.
And then come the puppies, maybe a dozen of them from distinct litters.
"There are two distinct problems in drug discovery: biology and chemistry," he said.
That's a distinct advantage that delays fatigue and increases training intensity and performance.
"VR and AR are going to stay two fairly distinct categories," he says.
Until today, Microsoft's most effective pitch was to two distinct crowds of customers.
The village around us has gone dim; our shadows have grown less distinct.
Republicans with big immigrant constituencies, though, remain the distinct minority in the party.
It was the fact that there were three distinct voices in the book.
This is part of what gives her work a distinct and compelling twist.
How did he pull off five distinct looks in a matter of minutes?
The styles of Tim Burton and Disney couldn't be more distinct — or different.
Yet, at its core, the gameplay is not all that distinct from TwoDots.
According to Ozan, McDonald's customers use the Dollar Menu in two distinct ways.
Women have distinct traits that make them successful investors, according to UBS' research.
Still, even its misfires serve to make Cerebus more distinct as a work.
The African diaspora, in particular, introduced distinct hybridizations of indigenous and colonial religion.
There was a distinct appetite for takeovers in the food industry this week.
The members of each population can be identified by their distinct beeping patterns.
Native American tribes are distinct political entities, sovereign nations in their own right.
The bird knows 14 distinct dance moves including Voguing, headbanging, and body rolling.
K. We are a distinct ethnic group,' people look at that as negative.
From there, messaging takes place in distinct chat threads separate from Facebook Messenger.
"They're complementary credits to each other, but they are distinct from each other."
Trump is so distinct that he has made this election unavoidably about him.
Yet among several seemingly motionless sailboats, a shadowy yet distinct shape stood out.
Although crushes and love interests create similar biological reactions, there are distinct differences.
Because Democratic gains come from three largely distinct sources: demographics, support and turnout.
Second, for those with a degree, student loans can be a distinct burden.
While true tax reform is highly unlikely, tax cuts are a distinct possibility.
I heard a distinct sound of farm tools rattling and banging next door.
"We've each got a piece of this, but they're all distinct," said Sen.
Their alliance seems unlikely to some, given their distinct approaches to Wall Street.
"I think there's the distinct chance this case is never argued," he said.
"Each one can have very distinct inventories" of individual health plans, Coleman said.
Trump has taken an entirely distinct approach to the problem of mass communication.
With Buttigieg, a second rhetorical principle is emerging — one quite distinct from Sanders.
The "Friends" gang was known for many things, including their distinct personal wardrobes.
Certainly, trends can change and Trump remains distinct regarding many previous presidential trends.
These are two distinct but complementary tools, and the United States needs both.
Spider-Verse has a distinct feel unlike any other Spider-Man movie before.
In 2015, Google formed a holding company, Alphabet, with distinct units under it.
Facebook said it has found no link or coordination between the distinct campaigns.
The Aggies' part of the West Region bracket has a distinct Southwestern flavor.
That's a positive sign, indicating personal investment and a distinct point of view.
Green sea turtles will be divided into 11 distinct populations, the agencies said.
There are two narratives in the Trump presidency that are distinct but inseparable.
But this is no longer a long shot, but rather a distinct possibility.
Five distinct DDoS malware families targeting Telnet-enabled IoT devices have been invented.
But that distinct shape is actually negative space within the surrounding spinel crystal.
It's a category distinct from ordinary articles that have incidental untruths in them.
Even as adults, death is couched in the distinct, hushed tones of taboo.
It is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in the city's Daan distinct.
Rather than simply announcing the winner, the game offers two very distinct endings.
Anyone could make an album practically anywhere, creating a distinct DIY recording ethic.
And finally, both magazines and outdoor media created their own distinct vertical silos.
What was once seen as similar enough was now branded as entirely distinct.
For Pouyan, too, like Feyzdjou before him, miniature plays its own distinct role.
There's a distinct sense that I don't quite know who I am anymore.
Distinct terminology is used within /r/raisedbynarcissists and other forums for estranged children.
Reeder realized his own ability to construct a distinct persona with each iteration.
Like so many things in the eastern Mediterranean, they're close cousins, but distinct.
To make ostensibly commercial music with no distinct pop structure isn't that strange.
Muscle Milk is over-sweetened and has a distinct protein taste to it.
Then we have the observation of those facts seen from our distinct perspectives.
We identify 158 distinct ethnicities, with further segmentation for Hispanics and African-Americans.
German has three distinct angers, Mandarin has five and biblical Hebrew has seven.
Showing distinct markers of Islam, like having a beard or wearing a veil.
It occurs amid the great harvest dinner, and it has three distinct phases.
It is striking to see how distinct the sculptures are from each other.
He once explained why conducting an opera is distinct from leading a symphony.
For Facebook, it's something distinct, new and unmistakably statelike: a claim of sovereignty.
After 48 hours, it had a distinct mineral quality, and an undeniable complexity.
Over time, the scientists found, the three pup groups took on distinct dialects.
Both are bolstered by oodles of professionals, but only Bhad Bhabie remains distinct.
But the most interesting and distinct thing about Bennett's songs is his voice.
It's sad, and no longer as distinct or eccentric as it was. Boohoo.
Mars's two moons — Phobos and Deimos — are small and distinct from our moon.
I analysed these thematically, grouping the words into 14 distinct "flavours" of love.
All of those cultural similarities produce a distinct region — with smaller geographical subregions.
The distinct stations for sandwiches and rice bowls also seem copied and pasted.
The footwork and ball bounces are distinct, the shot selection and mentality, too.
In the show, the Gelfling are populous, divided into clans with distinct customs.
And now the Senate moderates are, themselves, showing a distinct lack of backbone.
I had the distinct feeling that this corridor was not meant for me.
Historically, innovation, according to Edwards, has followed two distinct models — commercial or cultural.
"Elmet" is a beguiling patchwork of influences held together by Mozley's distinct voice.
Chai's style, the sole element that holds these distinct works together, is unaffected.
This is distinct from, and sometimes inversely related to, happiness (hedonic well-being).
The most interesting parts of "grown-ish" suggest there's a distinct show here.
He is distinct and distinctive, but also distinctly and distinctively of a type.
But there are other distinct changes that have happened to the working class.
They are desperate to escape an unstable region where they are distinct targets.
And the distinct style of its architect, Louis Curtiss, can still be seen.
"It is quite distinct in New York," Mr. Bergdoll said of Harvard Hall.
As one species of cicadas quieted down, another's distinct cry would take over.
The room is like a temple — a holy place, distinct from the everyday.
We want to show them how our journalism is distinct from our competitors.
What is distinct in this case is its timing, duration, and unstated intention.
Ideally, online education accomplishes at least three distinct things: distance, scale and personalization.
They were portrayed, instead, as a distinct subculture with bizarre and threatening habits.
Surgical masks are looser-fitting than N95 respirators because of this distinct purpose. 
The people inside missed the distinct (and armed) quirkiness of those stationed outside.
Three freezing months at relatively low elevations has spawned a distinct winter culture.
Each had a distinct story that has never been fully or truthfully told.
Each of the five is distinct in character, and equal in comedic talent.
Like any great trio, each member of the band has a distinct persona.
For the uninitiated, residents are quick to explain their ways and distinct parlance.
There are two distinct camps when it comes to Halloween and fancy dress.
Boreal forests are distinct from tropical forests, which are closer to the Equator.
The genetic analysis revealed that the specimens represented at least three distinct species.
Quebec, Mr. Trudeau's home province, is a distinct society in all but name.
Based on populations living today, these individuals fit into three distinct genetic groups.
I have the distinct impression that this is how he'd like to go.
What felt distinct about the Grammys was how staged its political statements felt.
Their answer: Given the skew of the Electoral College, it's a distinct possibility.

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