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"auction" Definitions
  1. a public sale in which things are sold to the person who offers the most money for them

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How to use auction in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "auction" and check conjugation/comparative form for "auction". Mastering all the usages of "auction" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The online auction, hosted by auction house RR Auction, begins March 5.
Dealers use auction houses for their international reach, and auction houses use dealers to connect with clients who wish to sell at public auction or through private auction sales.
Rosa Parks' Home, which is up for auction (Guernsey's Auction House)
The auction rep tells us it's not going up for auction.
Boston-based auction house RR Auction is putting Madge's handwritten note from May 1994 on the auction block at the end of the month.
The auction raised 900,625 euros ($1.02 million), according to auction house Christies.
Auction house Christie's held an auction for watches in Dubai in March.
Swann Auction Galleries' African American Fine Art auction set 12 auction records and raised a total of  $4,509,540, the largest sale total in the company's history.
Swann Auction Galleries's Illustration auction on June 4 racked up $669,811 in total.
The controversial car was up for auction Saturday at the Monterey Car Auction.
I got them from auction at the Leslie Hindman auction house in Chicago.
The U.S. Treasury will also announce the size of a 13-week bills auction, a 26-week bills auction, a four-week bills auction, and a 52-week bills auction, all of which are set to take place next week.
The house went to auction again in September 2019, with the auction scheduled to close on November 14 — but the auction house didn't get any acceptable bids.
Bidding for the auction begins Thursday, with the online auction running June 18-22 and a live auction taking place at Christie's Manhattan headquarters on June 22.
This isn&apost the auction house&aposs most expensive and outstanding Corvette auction achievement: in 2014, a 1967 L88 Corvette Coupe achieved $3.85 million during an auction.
Complete auction results were as follows: MATURITY 13-DAY 182-DAY WEIGHTED AVERAGE PRICE THIS AUCTION 99.568 99.130 LAST AUCTION 99.509 98.978 WEIGHTED AVERAGE YIELD (PCT) THIS AUCTION 1.74 1.76 LAST AUCTION 1.98 2.07 BIDS ACCEPTED (RUPEES) 595.7(MLN) 404.3(MLN) ($1 = 33.2800 Mauritius rupees) (Reporting by Jean Paul Arouff; editing by Katharine Houreld)
At the previous auction in March, the overall gauge of auction demand was 2.51.
They said the Treasury will likely enlarge the three-year note auction to $32 billion; 10-year auction to $25 billion and 30-year auction to $17 billion.
Julien's Auction House of Los Angeles will auction off Marilyn Monroe's personal items from the estate of her acting teacher Lee Strasberg, the auction house announced on Tuesday.
"The equilibrium was found, the auction mechanism worked," said Gary Epstein, who led the auction.
The auction was first spotted by Maurie Sherman, who tweeted a photo of the auction.
The cars hit the auction block March 11 at the Amelia Island auction in Florida.
This measure of overall auction demand 2.73 at the previous seven-year auction in January.
Auction house RM Sotheby's has 18 modern classic cars on the auction block in October.
On the night before the auction, Madley briefs the team owners on the auction rules.
Television is teaming with online auction company Prop Store on the auction, which runs Dec.
An auction of illustration art at Swann Auction Galleries brought in a total of $662,872.
Verizon and AT&T see a private auction as the quickest path to buying the airwaves, although AT&T wants an auction to be run like a traditional FCC auction.
The auction is due to take place on Wednesday, organized by Kent-based Canterbury Auction Galleries.
Barnebys, launched in 2011, aggregates items for auction, helping smaller auction houses reach a wider audience.
This gauge of overall auction demand at the prior 30-year auction in February was 2.09.
This gauge of overall auction demand was 2.60 at the prior five-year auction in May.
This gauge of overall auction demand was 2.83 at the prior three-year auction in June.
The auction house did not return CNN's request for comment on the outcome of the auction.
Auction house officials said it was the highest price ever paid for a wristwatch at auction.
The bid-to-cover at the auction dropped to 2.66 from 2.86 in the previous auction.
This gauge of overall auction demand at the prior 231.73-year auction in February was 2.09.
This barometer of overall auction demand was 2.50 at the previous two-year auction in February.
Raeburn, a journalist, and Zollman, a game theorist and philosopher at Carnegie Mellon, maintain that the best move for the mother of these children is to hold an auction—after determining whether market conditions call for an open-cry-first-price auction, a sealed-bid-second-price auction, an English-clock auction, or a Dutch auction—and begin taking bids.
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The regular bond auctions will include four 2-year auctions, one 3-year auction, two 5-year auctions, one 10-year auction and one 30-year auction, the Bank of Canada said.
This gauge of overall auction demand was 2.49 at the previous five-year note auction in August.
The measure of overall auction demand was 2.52 at the prior 5-year TIPS auction in April.
This measure of overall auction demand was 2.76 at the previous three-year note auction in May.
The auction was held at an interest rate of 0.05%, down from 0.3% at last week's auction.
The auction, scheduled for March 85033, will be the seventh bitcoin auction held by the U.S. Marshals.
This measure of overall auction demand was 2.55 at the previous seven-year Treasury auction in November.
On the auction front, the U.S. Treasury is set to auction $23 billion in 10-year notes.
However, another auction listing purporting to be selling the same gun has appeared on United Gun Group Auction.
Germany's bond yields rose on Wednesday before the auction and briefly extended those increases after the auction results.
The auction proceeds should be enough to offer all non-auction students the ability to attend tuition-free.
In a reverse auction, or "Dutch" auction, a single buyer makes an offer of payment to multiple sellers.
This gauge of overall auction demand came in at 2.52 at the prior five-year auction in May.
This gauge of overall auction demand was measured at 2.53 at the previous seven-year auction in June.
The organizers of the animal auction, Gulf Coast Livestock Auction, said it would be open to the public.
It went for $2500 million, including auction fees, at the annual Mecum collector car auction in Kissimmee, Florida.
Mexico collected $124 million in cash payments from the auction, below the $525 million raised in January's auction.
This gauge of overall auction demand was lower than the 2.56 set at the previous auction in February.
It set an auction record for a Nigerian modern work at auction last year, selling for $1.67 million.
At that auction in April, for example, by New Orleans Auction Galleries, the Kenos bid against each other about 212 times for a Turkish Angora carpet, according to court papers filed by the auction house.
KAR's auction unit ADESA and privately-held Manheim, a unit of Cox Automotive, dominate the used-vehicle auction market.
During an art auction, Blue showed us she knows what to do with an auction paddle — raise it high.
A live auction takes place June 22 in New York, with an online auction being held June 16–23.
This gauge on overall auction demand was the highest since 3.27 at the one-month bill auction on Feb.
TICK TOCK: Forward auction bidders have eight more days to get in their applications to participate in the auction.
Homes on the DLBA's Auction platform come with everything from property-condition reports to free tours before auction dates.
The auction was held by Nate D. Sanders Auctions, a Los Angeles auction house specializing in autographs and memorabilia.
Promising a minimum price at auction can coax an owner into selling, but it leaves the auction house vulnerable.
According to the auction house, the price is the highest ever paid for an artwork at auction in Germany.
In the end, the auction raised more than the 5.1 billion euros from 2015's 4G spectrum auction, but far less than the 50 billion euros forked out by bidders in a ruinous auction in 2000.
These may include a blind auction, where only prices and not volumes are disclosed to participants until after the auction has closed, and increasing the settlement tolerance where necessary to maintain the integrity of the auction.
The Archive of Artist / Designer will be crossing the Rago auction block as part of Rago's Post-War and Contemporary Auction on May 4th, which follows Rago's American and European Art Auction earlier the same day.
If you do this, we should auction, let's auction your Fiesta off for charity and I'm in for 2,500 bucks.
Earlier this year, a handwritten love letter from JFK to Meyer surfaced in an online auction from Boston's RR Auction.
The department also said it would conduct a small-value test auction using its contingency auction system on Aug. 17.
The auction winner is a Tupac fan and collector from the Midwest who wishes to remain anonymous, RR Auction said.
Barnebys' report mined data from more than 65 million lots sold at auction by more than 3,000 auction houses globally.
The auction started bidding at $95,000 and was part of the WestLicht Photographica auction that sold dozens of old cameras.
It's the first sneaker auction ever at Sotheby's and highlights the rise of urban streetwear to the rarefied auction world.
The bid-to-cover ratio, which measures auction demand, was the weakest since 1.93 at an auction in July 2009.
The Ministry of Finance will auction 2.4 trillion yen ($21.2 billion) of JGBs on Tuesday in February's first bond auction.
Like the last auction, unfortunately, the rules are more conducive to cronyism than competition, promising a costly, less competitive auction.
On the auction front, the Treasury is set to auction a three-month and a six-month bill on Monday.
The auction didn't only set a record for the museum; it also set an auction record for the entire Midwest.
January auction sales at Scottsdale — the U.S.'s largest auto auction by volume — fell by 15 percent to $251 million.
This gauge of overall auction demand was lower than the 2.56 set at the previous 10-year auction in February.
A Pokémon card was sold at auction for $195,000 on October 23, based on an auction listing spotted by Kotaku.
That lot sold for $111,000, and the auction house had expected it to be the top bid in the auction.
Last month, the auction market caught up with the museum world when African-American painters set several new auction highs.
The Early Printed, Medical, Science & Travel Books auction takes place on October 18; preview the catalogue on Swann Auction Galleries.
After examining the auction terms set by regulator, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the mobile operator decided to not participate in the auction saying its prices and terms did not give auction winners a market advantage.
Online auction house UBid Estate & Auction Services in Texas was hired by RadioShack to auction off a cache of electronics and store memorabilia from 12 safes in Fort Worth, Texas, UBid owner and auctioneer Michael Huff said Wednesday.
Rembrandt's 1641 etching of Cornelis Claesz Anslo was sold at Swann Auction Galleries for $60,19223, an auction record for the print.
Results of PJM Interconnection's second auction showed a total of 10,348 MW of demand resources cleared in the 2019/2020 auction.
The proceeds of the auction will go to his victims, according to the U.S Marshals Service, which is overseeing the auction.
Last year, RM Sotheby's brought in $172.9 million in auction and post-auction sales, and hopes to top that this year.
It also set auction records for 51 artists, 22 of which had never had work come to the auction block previously.
It also set auction records for 22020 artists, 21929 of which had never had work come to the auction block previously.
This has created a troupe of globe-trotting mercenaries, hopping from auction to auction and ignoring the pleas of national selectors.
Buying the vintage love letter RR Auction is holding an online auction beginning June 16 that will conclude on June 23.
But despite the low yields, demand at the auction on Wednesday was solid as Berlin marked a fourth straight covered auction.
Applications to take part in the auction will be open from Wednesday, and the auction itself will take place on Feb.
Christie's helped auction off the pieces for a total sum of 700,000 British pounds in an auction titled Ash to Art.
U.S. Treasury yields rose after tepid demand at a 10-year Treasury auction offset strong demand at a three-year auction.
The live auction will take place on February 14 and the auction house expects the sale to close in 30 days.
Cox runs the auction, which draws dealers from around the country to bid online or in person at the auction house.
"The Macallan has seen steep growth that levels out," said Isabel Graham-Yooll, auction and private client director at Whiskey Auction.
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The 13-year JGB auction produced strong results, with bid-to-cover ratio rising to 4.56 from 4.13 in the previous auction.
"Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)" was sold at auction in New York for $90,312,500, Christie's auction house announced Friday.
Starboard Value CEO Jeffrey Smith announced Tuesday that the firm has a stake in $7 billion automobile auction house KAR Auction Services.
From that point on, the computer was sold to various private owners before landing at Christie's for auction, the auction house says.
Here's an example: In December of 29, Christie's auction house presented a 2500-case collection of pre-Prohibition American whiskeys at auction.
KAR Auction Services — Activist investor Jeffrey Smith unveiled a stake in the car auction company, sending its stock up more than 2%.
There is a $34 billion five-year auction Tuesday, which is being watched after Monday's note auction was on the weaker side.
Mr Chen is chief executive of Taikang Life Insurance and founder of auction house China Guardian Auctions, a politically connected auction house.
He made his way to the United States as a child, creating the online auction site (originally called Auction Web) in 213.
REVERSE AUCTION BIDDING COMES TO A CLOSE: Bidding in the broadcaster portion of the Federal Communications Commission's incentive auction ended on Wednesday.
In other auction news, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago just raised an impressive $6 million at its 2019 Benefit Art Auction.
"We may conduct another auction in the afternoon session," he said, adding that the second auction may be conducted at 0730 GMT.
The 2-year Treasury auction had a bid-to-cover ratio of 2.30, below last month's auction bid-to-cover of 2.63.
The "world&aposs fastest UPS truck" is now up for auction with the Iron Horse Auction Company based in Rockingham, North Carolina.
While no auctions are expected on Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury is set to announce the size of a three-year notes auction, a 10-year notes auction and a 30-year bonds auction, all scheduled to take place next week.
Cboe was enhancing the technology used for the auction, expanding distribution of messages to market participants about imbalances in the auction, and seeking to increase the number of market makers that provide buy and sell quotes for the auction, he said.
But in the current hyper-competitive world of art consignments, where the auction houses pay sellers handsomely to secure top work for auction, the sale prices can often bear little relationship to the actual profits made by the auction houses.
The names of the TV broadcasters that are participating in the reverse auction will not be revealed by the FCC during the auction.
A total of 34,410 tonnes was sold on Wednesday, falling 1.6 percent from the previous auction, the auction platform said on its website.
This measure of overall auction demand was lower than the 2.48 set at the July auction, which was the strongest since September 2015.
The auction bid-to-cover ratio, which gives an indication of demand, came in at 4.87, compared with 4.41 in the previous auction.
Players who participate will be able to auction off their cleats to raise funds for their cause at NFL Auction after the game.
There is also a $34 billion five-year note auction Wednesday, and it's being watched carefully after a soft two-year auction Tuesday.
On Wednesday, the official auction price for bitcoin on the Gemini Exchange was $103,900, compared with an auction price of $17,285.89, on Dec.
FERC found some of the auction rules were "no longer just and reasonable" and should be changed before the upcoming 2016/17 auction.
The auction included the sale of Mark Bradford's "Helter Skelter I" (2007) for $11,977,19653, an auction record for a work by the artist.
AUCTION ACTION In Mainz, further auction rounds saw intriguing duels developing, as Vodafone outbid Drillisch on two blocks and Deutsche Telekom on one.
In 23, Sotheby's auction house teamed with a Japanese designer to auction off more than 228 original action figures, coins, collectibles and toys.
It was the last auction at Tsukiji so there were many people there, and I feel everyone in the auction was deeply moved.
One area of growth appears to be niche auction sites, Leavitt says, pointing to recent funding deals for car auction sites, including Mychebao.
AUCTION NO MATCH FOR SNOWZILLA: Starting Wednesday, wireless providers can apply to participate in the "forward" portion of the broadcast spectrum incentive auction.
WASHINGTON, Jan 19 (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury will auction 6-day cash management bills on Friday in a small-value contingency auction operation.
A total of 22,498 tonnes was sold, an increase of 0.8 percent from the previous auction, the auction platform said on its website.
On Wednesday, the Treasury will auction $32 billion in seven-year notes, $1 billion bigger than the seven-year auction held in October.
Auction results showed the U.S. two-year note's high yield was 0.855 percent, in line with the expected yield at the auction deadline.
Tuesday, a fully functioning Apple-1 computer went up for auction — and it could sell for at least $300,000, according to RR Auction.
The coalition deal also helped Italy auction a five-year bond at a yield of 0.32%, the lowest since a September 2016 auction.
The auction produced the tail, or gap between the lowest and average price, of 0.09, much higher than 0.01 in the previous auction.
At the prior three-year auction in August, this gauge of total auction demand was 3.13 which was the strongest since December 2015.
Mr. Dickman's family put the letters, part of his estate, up for sale in an auction handled by Cheffins, a Cambridgeshire auction house.
At Auction Napa Valley, the oldest charity wine auction in the United States, dating to 216, the cost ranges from $550 to attend the Napa Valley Barrel Auction, where people bid to buy cases of wine after tasting the wine right out of the barrel, to $4,000 for full access to the auction and events over four days in June.
DETROIT (Reuters) - Vehicle auction company KAR Auction Services Inc said on Tuesday it will spin off its salvage auction business unit within the next 22005 months so both entities will be able to focus on their separated priorities and boost shareholder value.
The auction Icons & images: Photographs & Photobooks will be held at Swann Auction Galleries (104 E 25th St #6, Kips Bay, Manhattan) February 9–14.
Governor Amando Tetangco also said the central bank has room to further increase the auction size of term deposits offered at a weekly auction.
It is on silent auction with the Stephan Welz & Co auction house until Friday, and is expected to sell for between $370,000 and $592,000.
Edward Hopper's etching "The Lonely House" (1923) was sold at Swann Auction Galleries for $317,000, an auction record for an etching by the artist.
The auction lasted eight hours and had bidders from 66 countries around the world, according to British auction house Christies, which handled the sales.
He planned to buy the remaining viable assets of the company in a bankruptcy auction, but he couldn't be CEO during that auction process.
A Frida Kahlo painting has sold for just over $8 million at auction, a world auction record for both Kahlo and Latin American artists.
The "big three" auction houses — Christie's, Sotheby's, and Phillips — are vying for two important collections, which could go to auction as soon as May.
The 10-year auction stopped at 2.02 percent, making it the widest gap between the auction rate and what Wall Street expected since 2012.
The auction sales in Scottsdale, Arizona — the largest auto auction in the U.S. by volume — totaled $251 million compared to $294 million last year.
SFX filed for bankruptcy in February, then put Beatport up for auction in March, but today's announcement confirmed that auction has now been suspended.
The auction Perrin will be leading today is a Design auction, so her next meeting is with the Design team at 9:30 a.m.
This week, his jacket and white shirt from the movie went up for auction through California auction house Profiles In History, The Guardian reports.
The researchers used a second-price auction, meaning that the highest bidder won each auction and paid the second-highest price that was bid.
The commission held a mock auction last week to prepare bidders for the real sale, where buyers will bid through a more traditional auction.
Bond prices also weakened after an auction of 5-year government debt drew less bids than the previous auction, raising concerns about investor demand.
The live auction for Whitney's trophy is set for Friday, but the online auction is already up and running ... and someone's already bid $10k!
French Minister of Culture Franck Riester refused to grant an export license to Actéon Auction, a small auction house in Senlis, north of Paris.
A total of 28,181 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, falling 2.8% from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
They are two of the top watches slated to hit the auction block in a December sale called "Game Changers" by Phillips auction house.
A total of 37,968 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, falling 1.8% from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
She was referencing a photo of the auction she had seen on Instagram, not a man she herself had seen in the auction house.
Just 21990 percent of the available permits were purchased in the May auction, netting $22020 million — compare that to $22050 million in February's auction.
The auction house did not identify the painting's buyer, who beat out five other bidders in an eight-minute auction in New York City.
Read more: Watch a controversial $20 million 'Porsche' fail to sell in a huge auction mishapThe auction house hailed the sale as a "supercar success" after all 26 cars were auctioned off, an accomplishment compared to the Monterey Car Auction flops earlier this year.
The number of multimillion-dollar homes being sold at auction has nearly doubled in the past year, according to real estate analysts and auction companies.
Albert Einstein's handwritten note to a bellboy while traveling in Japan in 1922 fetched $1.56 million at a Jerusalem auction, The Winner auction house said.
A total of 17,854 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, falling 17.8 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
The auction house says on its website that the sale is the most 'important sports auction in history' and covers every part of Pele's career.
Heritage Auctions alleges that the "Collectrium Market Data Beta," Christie's searchable database of auction results, includes 2.7 million listings culled from its own auction data.
He put the game up for auction through Heritage Auctions' Comics & Comic Art auction, and last week it sold for a winning bid of $9,000.
An auction of 2.0 trillion yen two-year JGBs attracted decent demand, with bid-to-cover falling to 4.91 from 5.39 in the previous auction.
At the last auction, on June 19, average yields on the five-year bonds fell to 18.349 percent from 18.475 percent at the previous auction.
An Internet entrepreneur from England was the winning bidder, Boston-based auction house RR Auction said on Friday, but the buyer wished to remain anonymous.
A total of 25,454 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, falling 4 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
A complete R22-D2 unit sold for $2.75 million Wednesday at a California auction, according to the Los Angeles-area auction house Profiles in History.
"To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest lock of Lennon's hair ever sold at auction," the auction house said in a statement.
While the auction of machine-designed art is a first, some see the sale as yet another work of portraiture on the Christie's auction block.
According to auction house J. Levine Auction and Appraisal, which commissioned forensic reports to verify its authenticity, it could be worth up to $15 million.
A total of 36,181 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, falling 0.7 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
A total of 38,681 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, falling 0.1 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
Increased auction size has been a noisy issue for most of the year; yet each auction, for the most part, has not been an issue.
CTU is aiming to start bidding in the auction in November and told Reuters last month that no special conditions were needed in the auction.
During the auction, the screen operator and some audience members heard the auction start at $270 million, but the auctioneer was actually saying $264 million.
WASHINGTON, Oct 15 (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday will auction 8-week bills for the first time, along with its 4-week bill auction.
"One of Marvin's wishes were his animals to be sold at auction as soon as possible," Gulf Coast Livestock Auction says in a Facebook post.
According to the auction house, RR Auction, the film roll was acquired from Terry Slezak, a member of the Manned Spacecraft Center's lunar receiving lab.
A total of 15,510 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, up 0.9 percent from the previous sale, the auction platform said on its website.
"It's a record auction price for any Mustang ever sold," said Dana Mecum, the principal of the auction house, Mecum Auctions, that sold the car.
Tuesday's auction weighted average yield for bonds maturing in May 2031 was 7.40879 percent, higher than 7.38959 percent at the last auction on Oct. 133.
The auction produced a tail — the gap between the lowest and average prices — of 0.02, much smaller than 0.16 in the previous auction in December.
A total of 33,050 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, down 7.5 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
The auction drew bids of 3.23 times the offer, a tad less than bid-to-cover ratio of 3.33 in the previous auction last month.
BHP said five vessel owners that were not invited to bid in Wednesday's auction have asked to take part in a second auction next week.
The end of the auction last Thursday meant the FCC will lift the ban on April 27, when down payments are due from auction winners.
The auction of 210 billion yen 20.5-year JGBs drew bids 20.035 times the offer, slightly higher than the 0.1403 times in the previous auction.
A handwritten love letter from President John F. Kennedy to his alleged mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer has surfaced in an online auction from Boston's RR Auction.
RR Auction previously sold the letter in 2016 to an Arizona collector, who reconsigned it, Bobby Livingston, the executive vice president at RR Auction, tells PEOPLE.
Also on Thursday, France sold around 9.5 billion euros of bonds in a heavily subscribed auction and Spain raised 4 billion euros in a debt auction.
Later on Thursday, the U.S Treasury will auction $28 billion in seven year notes, following disappointing results at at an 5-year auction earlier this week.
The Treasury's schedule of financing this week includes Monday's auction of new three- and six-month bills and an auction of four-week bills on Tuesday.
Indeed, the study found that just 1 percent of artists whose works were offered at auction accounted for nearly two-thirds of the total auction sales.
The Treasury's schedule of financing this week includes Tuesday's auction of new three- and six-month bills and an auction of four-week bills on Wednesday.
During her research, the pair made an unexpected discovery in the basement of the auction house: bundles of auction catalogs filled with notes in Weinmueller's handwriting.
Five of Elizabeth's dolls, as well as 20 of her childhood outfits, were sold at auction earlier this week by the British auction house Burstow & Hewett.
When you have an auction at Sotheby's, the night before the VIPs come in and check all the stuff out before the auction the next day.
In Germany final auction conditions will be made available by the end of the year and the auction itself is expected to be held early 2019.
In total, 25,324 tonnes were sold at the latest auction, an increase of 8.6 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
Christie's plans to auction the watch – a vintage Cartier Tank Ordinaire – at its Rare Watches and American Icons auction in New York City on June 21.
A pair of 1972 Nike Moon Shoes were sold at a Sotheby's auction for $437,000 — breaking the record for the most expensive sneakers sold at auction.
The Type 64 failed to sell at RM Sotheby's auction due to an auction snafu in which the bidding increments were displayed incorrectly on the screen.
At the auction, the painting was purchased by an unidentified buyer bidding via telephone after a protracted contest of nearly 20 minutes at the auction house.
On Monday, the Treasury will hold a $423 billion auction of two-year notes, which is $1 billion larger than the two-year auction in October.
A total of 41,945 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, falling 0.1 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website (
The Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962 sold at a Sotheby's auction house in August 2018, making it the most valuable car ever offered at an auction.
The auction attracted 19 companies as potential bidders, including Avangrid Renewables, EDF Renewables Development and Norway's Equinor, according to a government auction notice published in October.
The watch sold for about $17.8 million (buyer's premium included) in what auction house officials said was a world record for a wristwatch sold at auction.
Jeff Koons is back on top, if on top means holding the highest auction price for a living artist, as hyped by the auction house responsible.
At a private May 2016 auction at AlBahie Auction House, bidders shelled out a total of $4.1 million on 543 special plates, according to local media.
"It is very rare to see anything (like this) come up at auction," Katherine Schofield from Bonhams auction house told Reuters at a preview on Thursday.
The most expensive watch ever sold at auction is a Patek-Philippe one-off timepiece that sold at a charity-auction for $31 million in November.
The yacht-based expedition will see Trump Jr., his son and the auction winner kill black-tailed deer and sea ducks, according to the auction site.
He now runs his own London auction house, the Auction Collective, as a way to fill a gap in the market for "studio-fresh" contemporary art.
" Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo, said the auction system was a "pay-to-play auction" that meant "Google will profit at the expense of the competition.
But technology has brought the auction process to a global audience — so if it doesn't "help" the actual auctioneer, it certainly has helped the auction houses.
The current record price for a Ford Mustang sold at auction is $21974 million paid for a 21980 Shelby GT22001 at Mecum's Kissimmee auction last year.
"Unlike the reverse auction, in which there is a limited number of possible rounds, forward auction bidding rounds for a stage can continue without limit so long as demand outpaces supply for any product," said two FCC staffers leading the auction in a blog post last week.
"Unlike the reverse auction, in which there is a limited number of possible rounds, forward auction bidding rounds for a stage can continue without limit so long as demand outpaces supply for any product," said the two officials leading the auction in a blog post last week.
"You'd mention a book and Bill would tell you what it sold for in the Brinley auction in the 19th century, and then what it sold for at the Hoe auction in the early 20th century, and at the Streeter auction in the 1960s," Mr. Miles said.
After a court order allowing the auction to take place, tax authorities, who are pursuing Modi over the country's largest bank fraud, appointed professional auction house Saffronart.
A total of 42,966 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, an increase of 1.3 percent from the previous, the auction platform said on its website (
Prior to the auction, the anonymous buyer told the Aguttes auction house that he'd put the fossil on public display should he succeed in acquiring the bones.
The 70 mm film contains "126 of the most iconic images from the first lunar-landing mission," according to a statement from the auction house, RR Auction.
An auction of 2.1 trillion yen two-year JGBs on Thursday drew solid demand, with bid-to-cover rising to 5.31 from 4.37 in the previous auction.
The blockbuster auction set new records for works by Matisse and Monet and notched Picasso's second-highest auction sum ever, $115 million for a Rose period painting.
It would require the FCC to conduct a public auction and protect current users of the spectrum throughout the process, with auction proceeds going to the government.
Sponsors also typically pay an advertising fee to the home team for each auction run, as well as Dropit for powering the tech behind the live auction.
Sponsor can also offer every attendee an in-app post-auction offer like a coupon, so everyone walks away with something even if they lost the auction.
The auction will see the global intellectual property rights, and the U.S. patent and trademark sold by online auction house WA Auctioneers and will commence September 30.
On June 24, the personal effects of Bulger and Greig will be put up for auction in Boston in an auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service.
This most recent 30-year bond auction fetched a bid-to-cover ratio of 2.13, the weakest reading for this measure of overall auction demand since November.
And at the impressive 2011 auction, it sold for $8.8 million (after a pre-auction estimate of $300,000–$500,000) to Daniel Pang, representing a Korean hotel conglomerate.
These and six other items will be sold at the live auction with another 10 items available at an online-only Christie's auction that opens on Tuesday.
A total of 23,326 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, falling 16.4 percent in volume from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
"One of the most under-reported stories for 2017 is the 138.83 MHz auction," he says in the post, referring to the FCC's spectrum auction in April.
The auction that will be announced today will be the third airwave auction in as many years, collectively releasing nearly 5 gigahertz of airwaves for 5G use.
Others are deciding to sell privately with dealers, because of the decline in auction house guarantees, and so as not to risk a public failure at auction.
Thursday's 210-year auction attracted ample investor interest, with the bid-to-cover ratio, a gauge of demand, rising to 103 from 210 in the previous auction.
A total of 24,239 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, an increase of 22 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website.
Google justified the auction process in a FAQ: An auction is a fair and objective method to determine which search providers are included in the choice screen.
The Treasury's schedule of financing this week includes Monday's weekly auction of new three- and six-month bills and an auction of four-week bills on Tuesday.
The book belonged to screen icon Marilyn Monroe, and it's going up for auction on November 12 by J. Greenstein & Co. auction house in Cedarhurst, New York.
The Obamas also allowed their daughters' high school to auction off magazines they had signed, Mr. Eisen said, but they did not auction off access to themselves.
ET, comes on the heels of a slightly soft $34 billion 3-year auction Tuesday and ahead of Thursday's auction of $18 billion in 20153-year bonds.
A total of 24,711 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, an increase of 1.9% from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website (
Analysts forecast that the upcoming auction could fetch proceeds in the $15 billion to $45 billion range, but they said they expect bidders to be less aggressive than in the FCC's last auction, the "AWS-3 auction," which ended last year and attracted a record $44.9 billion in bids.
Analysts forecast that the upcoming auction could fetch proceeds in the $15 billion to $45 billion range, but they expect bidders to be less aggressive than in the FCC's last auction, the "AWS-3 auction," which ended last year and set a record of $44.9 billion in bids.
Art historian Barbara Rose, whose report on the auction for New York magazine was titled "Profit Without Honor," called that auction a "pivotal moment" in the art world.
A total of 42,966 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, an increase of 1.3 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website (
The government hopes to raise billions from the auction - a 4G auction in 2015 collected 5.1 billion euros ($5.8 billion) - which is likely to go on for weeks.
Portugal also held a debt auction, selling a 28-year bond - the longest-dated maturity it has placed in a regular auction since before the 2010 debt crisis.
The Treasury's schedule of financing this week includes Monday's regular weekly auction of new three- and six-month bills and an auction of four-week bills on Tuesday.
At least one of the four banks that left the auction last month were among those willing to offer flexible liquidity during the auction, according to the sources.
The auction site promises that all the items are authentic and can be shipped internationally and the auction is expected to remain active until the end of October.
In 1999, it sold for just over $1.26 million at auction, making it the most expensive single item of clothing to ever sell at auction, according to Time.
KAR Auction Services — Shares of the car auction company fell more than 4% after Guggenheim downgraded the stock to "sell" from "neutral," citing "cyclical headwinds" and increasing competition.
The auction bid-to-cover ratio, which gives an indication of demand, came in at 3.12, above a bid-to-cover ratio of 2.58 from the previous auction.
Brazilian consortium Oliveira Energia-Atem, who had already bought another power distribution company from Eletrobras in a previous auction, was the sole bidder and winner at the auction.
The auction bid-to-cover ratio, which gives an indication of demand, came in at 3.50, above a bid-to-cover ratio of 3.12 from the previous auction.
Heritage Auction House plans to put the Apple Computer Sneakers, which they say are from the early 1990's, up for auction on June 11, The Verge reported.
"Treasuries were trading weaker ahead of the auction, building in a meaningful pre-auction concession," said Ian Lyngen, senior government bond strategist at CRT Capital in Stamford, Connecticut.
Bidding for the "Spectre Silver" DB8793, on offer as part of the "James Bond Spectre: The Auction" sale, lasted just under five minutes, according to auction house Christie's.
The auction of 20.490 billion yen 240-year JGBs attracted bids 0.5953 times the offer, compared to bit-to-cover of 20.595 in the previous auction in January.
The central bank sold $38.8 million at a cut-off price of 7.7301 pounds to the dollar at its official auction on Thursday, unchanged from the previous auction.
This spring the auction house broke the world record for the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction with the $71.2 million sale of the "Pink Star" diamond.
A rare, first-edition copy of the book will go to auction at Swann Auction Galleries on March 8, with a pre-sale estimate of $15,000 to $20,000.
But the winner of one auction in December, Jasmine International, forfeited its license after failing to make the first payment for it in March, triggering a re-auction.
They are highlights of the fourth coin auction series of the D. Brent Pogue Collection, which is working in collaboration with the auction house and Stack's Bowers Galleries.
But the winner of one auction in December, Jasmine International, forfeited its licence after failing to make the first payment for it last month, triggering a re-auction.
After a few months of ethical deliberation, Carson's estate executors decided to auction off the box and turn the cremated remains over to auction house owner Darren Julien.
Dairy company A2 Milk rose 2.17 percent as an auction held early on Wednesday morning showed global milk prices had risen for the second auction in a row.
A total of 39,689 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, an increase of 15.3 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website (
A total of 39,689 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, an increase of 15.3 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website (
A total of 24,711 tonnes was sold at the latest auction, an increase of 1.9 percent from the previous one, the auction platform said on its website (
The final price doubled the work's pre-auction estimate of $55 million and was the ninth-most-expensive painting ever sold at an international auction house, Sotheby's said.
In 2000, he was named to succeed the chairman of Sotheby's, who resigned after the auction house was accused of price-fixing with its fellow auction house Christie's.
In 2012 he bought a version of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" at auction for $119.9 million — the most ever paid for a work at auction at the time.
Uma Thurman helped haul in $196,000 during an amfAR auction in Cannes, which is great -- but she's pissed about the extra-aggressive kiss the auction winner put on her.
Cheesemakers auction off their cheese to restaurants each year — in 2019, the highest bidder paid more than $22,000, setting a record for the most expensive cheese sold at auction.
"We will continue making every effort to sell the car," the auction house told the outlet, explaining that they now plan to advertise the car on its auction website.
The painting achieved an auction record for the Belgian artist, just as it did in 1999 when its American seller bought it at auction in London for £3.2 million.
Auction sales at Scottsdale — the U.S.'s largest auto auction by volume — fell by 20143 percent to $22014 million in January, marking the first drop in sales since 252.
Auction house Christies ran the nine-day online auction called "On the Shoulders of Giants" to raise money for the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
The pieces were highlights of the fourth coin auction series of the D. Brent Pogue Collection, which is working in collaboration with the auction house and Stack's Bowers Galleries.
Until now, companies participating in the auction have been restrained by a quiet period, but that will end after April 27, when down payments are due from auction winners.
After the bond deal, yields in local T-bill auction fell along with the 364-day T-bill rates at Wednesday's auction for the first time since April 13.
An upcoming Christie's auction in May is expected to break the artist's $48 million auction record with an estimated $50-$70 million price tag for his sculpture "Rabbit" (1986).
Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvator Mundi," a painting thought to have been lost in the 1600s, smashed a world auction record by selling for $450,312,500 at Christie's, the auction house.
"Auction drafts are a common part of fantasy football, and ESPN's segments replicated an auction draft with a diverse slate of top professional football players," the network statement said.
An auction for Sky, which broadcasts to 23 million households across Europe, would be the biggest ever deal in the UK to be decided by a panel-run auction.
In the lead-up to Wednesday's auction, Brazil made other missteps, analysts said, including establishing an auction system that forced investors to pay an unusually large amount of upfront.
James Bond's 1965 Aston Martin DB5 is going up for auction at RM Sotheby's "An Evening with Aston Martin" on August 15 as part of the Monterey auction week.
The Treasury Department's auction of $31 billion in three-year notes Tuesday saw relatively weak demand, while the auction of $25 billion in 10-year notes saw stronger demand.
" Still, Ms. Newman said after the auction that the final price of $23 million with fees was "still the second-highest price for a Munch ever achieved at auction.
At Phillips's Women in Photography auction, the iconic Dorothea Lange shot, "Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California" (1936) topped the lots, going for $87,500 in an auction full of important photos.
These photographs are included in Swann Auction Galleries's "Pride Sale," a curated auction of material related to the queer community and the gay rights movement on June 20, 2019.
It is being marketed as the first-ever all-female-artist benefit auction at a major auction house, with sales going to support financial aid at Miss Porter's School.
Turns out ... that was a VERY lucrative move -- because it not only fetched $8,000 at an auction in 2016 -- it sold again for $33,077.16 at a different auction Sunday.
Joel Verschoot, the Belgian breeder who put Armando up for auction, sold a total of 178 pigeons at auction for more than $2.5 million, including 7 of Armando's offspring.
The Treasury's schedule of financing this week includes the weekly auction of new three- and six-month bills on Monday and an auction of four-week bills on Tuesday.
The highest price ever paid for any muscle car at auction was $20163 million for a '22016 Hemi 'Cuda convertible sold at a Mecum auction in Seattle in 22018.
The #19703 briefcase that Markle, 38, held on the series from 2006 to 2007 is officially up for auction via in Profiles in History's Hollywood: A Collector's Ransom auction.
The 1973 application, which will be sold at Boston, Massachusetts-based auction house RR Auction, provides an early glimpse of Jobs' ambition to work in the emerging tech industry.
After the bond deal, yields in local T-bill auction fell along with the 364-day T-bill rates at Wednesday's auction for the first time since April 15.
The company, the fourth biggest provider in Britain, had previously threatened legal action over the auction plans, echoing a dispute that delayed the auction for 4G services in recent years.
The single-page letter, with writing on both sides, is expected to sell for at least $300,000 at the auction being conducted by Boston-based RR Auction that concludes Wednesday.
The average yield for the Bund in the auction was 0.45 percent, below the previous record low of 0.65 percent that was fetched in an auction held on June 22.
The price is 8,000 times more than what former NASA intern Gary George paid for the tapes in a 1976 government surplus auction, the auction house said in a statement.
The auction of 30-year JGBs attracted bids 4.22 times the offer of 700 billion yen ($6.38 billion), a slightly smaller bid-to-cover than 4.41 at last month's auction.
Click here to view original GIF GIF: AUCTION TEAM BREKER KÖLNLater this month, one of the rarest specimens of hardware history will go up for auction: a working Apple-1.
The onshore tender is in addition to a deepwater Gulf auction expected to attract in January some of the world's biggest producers, as well as a March shallow water auction.
The auction bid-to-cover ratio, which gives an indication of demand, came in at 3.37, slightly below a high bid-to-cover ratio of 3.54 from the previous auction.
In a related story, Children's Place bought the rights to the Gymboree brand name in a court auction, while Gap bought Gymboree's Janie and Jack chain in the same auction.
A 2014 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster fetched about $8.4 million at an auction in Switzerland in September, making it the world's most expensive Lamborghini ever auctioned, according to the auction house.
It will go up for auction in Los Angeles during the June 26-28 Profiles in History Hollywood Auction, and carries an estimated price of $1 million to $1.5 million.
Screenshot: Gulf Coast Livestock Auction (Facebook)On April 27, Gulf Coast Livestock Auction is selling off the collector's entire inventory, including two cassowaries, 26 marmosets, five lemurs, and 19 macaws.
The bid-to-cover ratio, a gauge of demand, at Tuesday's 800 billion yen ($7.23 billion) 30-year auction rose to 3.90 from 3.62 at the previous auction last month.
When it was sold in 2012 at a Sotheby's auction, "The Scream" set a record for being the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction, according to Reuters.
Terry Duffy, the CME Group's chairman and CEO, told CNBC the auction process was completed Friday morning, but said the group doesn't disclose who assumed the portfolios in the auction.
The auction house, explaining a 26 percent decline in net income in the second financial quarter, said its margins had been "negatively impacted" by "auction guarantee shortfalls" on two paintings.
Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvator Mundi" sold for $450.3 million at auction on Wednesday night at Christie's New York headquarters, shattering the record for any work of art sold at auction.
Auction 103 is the FCC's third mmWave spectrum auction and, of those, the largest in terms of available spectrum — by comparison, the two preceding mmWave auctions together generated $2.7 billion.
I was thinking about courtroom illustration in this context when I chanced upon a small advertisement announcing the auction of the Freda Reiter Estate at Freeman's Auction House in Philadelphia.
PARIS (Reuters) - French auction house Millon denied accusations by the Mexican government that a sale of dozens of pre-Columbian artifacts was illegal and proceeded with an auction on Wednesday.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A rare 1623 book that brought together William Shakespeare's works for the first time will go up for auction in April, Christie's auction house announced on Friday.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A rare 1623 book that brought together William Shakespeare's works for the first time will go up for auction in April, Christie's auction house announced on Friday.
Swann Auction Galleries' sale of Printed & Manuscript American was the highest earning Americana auction at the galleries in six years, bringing in a total of $1.2 million on September 27.
Sotheby's was quick to note, while the auction was still live, that "Nu couché" had achieved the highest price of any work in the 274-year-old auction house's history.
Though yields were higher than at its last auction in December, the debt office said it received subscription of 235.05 billion naira for the bonds at the auction held on Wednesday.
"After a pretty good 3 yr note auction yesterday, today's benchmark 10 yr auction was excellent," Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group, said in a note to clients.
A historical scene from the Chesapeake–Leopard affair (the 1807 incident that led to the War of 753), the painting is headed for auction at Swann Auction Galleries on April 5.
While the 13-year auction was slated for Tuesday, ahead of the 10- and 30-year auctions, there is greater risk for a weak auction in longer-dated maturities, Simons said.
After former KAWS fans burned their merch, the artwork, which was slated to go to auction at Sotheby's Hong Kong on October 7, was taken down from the auction house's website.
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Industry bosses say that inflated auction costs would undermine their ability to invest the billions needed to build 5G networks - as happened in a pricey spectrum auction in Italy last year.
The auction of 20.5 trillion yen ($0.2303 billion) five-year JGBs drew bids 20.230 times the offer, slightly lower than bid-to-cover of 21 in the pervious auction in May.
The June 193 sale of American art at Swann Auction Galleries made a total of $1,108,921, setting a new auction record for the Cuban-American painter Emilio Cruz in the process.
Prop Store -- a well-known auction house -- is about to host the UK's largest live auction of film and TV memorabilia for the 5th year in a row late next month.
The watchdog, which set out the rules governing the auction, said half of the 2.5 billion euros would be raised this year, adding the industry ministry would be organising the auction.
The government had played down the expectation of hefty premiums at the auction after about two-thirds of the interested companies backed out of the auction, leaving just three to bid.
"For us, having sold auction items for over 40 years, it's really rare to sell something of this historical significance," said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of Boston-based RR Auction.
E-commerce's next frontier: Ebay's fortunes started to decline in the mid 2000s as growth in the online auction industry slowed and as Amazon tightened its grip on non-auction sales.
Thanks to the Space and Aviation Auction from RR Auction, fans of space can own a little bit of the Apollo project without the indignity of ever having to use it.
INCENTIVE AUCTION UPDATE: Gary Epstein, who co-chairs the Incentive Auction Task Force, offered an optimistic assessment of the commission's work so far while speaking at the Americans Spectrum Management Conference.
On the flip side, Chen says the auction house could underperform based on a global slowdown in the art market, lower than expected auction sales and commissions, and weaker operating margins.
Only Brazil's state-run oil company, Petrobras, and a couple of Chinese firms submitted bids for an auction that the Brazilian government had billed as the largest oil auction in history.
This year, more than $380 million worth of wheels are slated to hit the auction block at six auction houses, according to Hagerty, the classic-car insurance and market-research company.
Total foreign holdings of Egyptian government debt stood at 218 billion Egyptian pounds following the previous auction on July 18, a 7 percent increase from the auction before that, Khallaf said.
A one-of-a-kind Rolex Daytona known as "The Unicorn" sold at auction over the weekend for $5.9 million, making it the second-most expensive Rolex ever sold at auction.
Last year, Zhang generated $31 million more in auction sales last year than abstract genius Pablo Picasso, according to French database Artprice, making the Chinese artist the top in auction turnover.
The bid-to-cover ratio was 4.16, down slightly from 4.53 at the previous 10-year JGB auction, but still high enough to suggest that demand at Monday's auction was robust.
A Sir Quentin Blake retrospective auction celebrates the author's prolific career as an illustrator and a 19th Century European and Orientalist Art auction fetches over $5003 million at Christie's in London.
Bonhams, a privately owned British auction house, recently revealed that it will auction off a collection of never-before-seen letters that had been in the possession of the late actress.
It is a risky business, and auction houses like to pass on that risk to a third party, who guarantees the sale with a so-called "irrevocable bid" at the auction.
Basic repairs should not affect a watch's value in a sale or at auction but changing parts might, said Jonathan Darracott, global head of watches at Bonhams auction house in London.
By the numbers: The painting easily set a new auction record for Banksy, whose previous record was $1.9 million that was set at a charity auction for a Damien Hirst collaboration.
While a far cry from the artist's $179.4 million auction record, "Femme au chapeau" became the most valuable work by a non-national artist to ever sell at auction in Canada.
Before the auction, a cluster of protesters gathered outside the auction house's York Avenue headquarters, objecting to the inclusion in the sale of works from the Berkshire Museum, in Pittsfield, Mass.
An auction for vintage and modern watches this week at Sotheby's raised more than $9 million, while Christie's plans to hold an auction of rare watches in Hong Kong on Monday.
The bid-to-cover ratio, another gauge of demand, at the 27.5 trillion yen ($20.285 billion) 225-year JGB auction, fell to 403 from 240 at the previous auction in September.
On Tuesday, Brazil said it plans to hold its second subsalt rights auction by mid 2017 and that the auction will include four areas adjacent to giant existing fields or prospects.
" The auction started out strong with Adrian Ghenie's "Dr.
" Still, Cohen says the auction has created "a nightmare.
The auction started at $40 ... it's already over $500!!!
WASHINGTON, Dec 22 (Reuters) - For details of the U.S. Treasury's auction of 2-year, 5-year and 7-year notes next week: 2-year notes here Special announcements on 2-year note auction: here here 5-year notes here Special announcement on 5-year note auction: here 7-year notes here Washington economics team
However, another Ford GT was sold at a Mecum auction in May for $1.8 million after a representative for the auction house at the event announced that a judge approved the sale.
Earlier this week, federal prosecutors revealed that a prominent auction house official had pleaded guilty to helping traffic elephant ivory, rhino horn, and coral through his auction house: I.M. Chait Gallery/Auctioneers.
Shakur's customized off-road vehicle, bought by the hip-hop artist only three months before he died in 1996, was sold at auction Thursday for $337,114, according to Boston-based RR Auction.
A Michael Jordan fan got stood up TWICE after forking out dough in an auction to meet his Airness -- and now the auction company's targeting the people who promised to deliver Jordan.
KAR Auction Services— Shares of car auction company fell 3% and closed down 0.04% after Guggenheim downgraded the stock to sell from neutral citing "cyclical headwinds" and more competition in the space.
The company also said it submitted a bid in a clean energy auction in Connecticut in September and expects to receive the outcome of the auction before the end of the year.
"One of the beautiful things about our auction is it has helped to spur other charity wine auctions around the U.S.," said Linda Reiff, president and chief executive of Auction Napa Valley.
Demand for benchmark 10-year notes at Wednesday's U.S. Treasury auction was the worst in a decade, data shows, following Tuesday's sleepy 3-year Treasury note auction that also drew lackluster demand.
Speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, Arlan Ettinger, president of Guernsey's Auction House, said that he was confident that many of the items in the auction would end up in prominent museums.
As we reported, the auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll was poised to sell Madonna's stuff until the singer got an emergency order blocking the auction, claiming the goods were stolen.
WASHINGTON, Dec 18 (Reuters) - For details of the U.S. Treasury's auction of 4-week and 8-week bills on Thursday, as well as the Treasury's auction schedule for the Dec. 24-Dec.
T-MOBILE COULD GET MORE $$$ AHEAD OF AUCTION: Reuters reports that T-Mobile can issue $2 billion in bonds, if it chooses to, to raise money before the upcoming broadcast incentive auction.
In July 2019, a pair of 1972 Nike Moon Shoes were sold at a Sotheby's auction for $427,000, breaking the world record for the most expensive pair of sneakers sold at auction.
Originally listed for $26 million in 2018, the Eagle Crest Estate is now up for auction with Concierge Auctions at a minimum price of $6.9 million, the auction house told Business Insider.
The auction house Profiles in History said the 43-inch tall unit that was compiled from parts used throughout filming of the original trilogy sold for $2.76 million at an auction Wednesday.
East Anglia One has already secured a subsidy from Britain's government through its contracts for difference renewable auction and Cole said the company will enter East Anglia Three into next year's auction.
Arlan Ettinger, president of Guernsey's auction house, said in an interview he is curious to see how much it goes for once it is put up for auction again on May 31.
Noteworthy is that CharityStars has recently opened up the auction platform beyond nonprofit organisations to private individuals who want to auction off items and give a percentage of the proceeds to charity.
After spending much of last year pitching broadcasters on the benefits of the auction, the commission refocused its efforts to educate them about the procedures for applying and participating in the auction.
An auction of 30-year gilts on Tuesday drew solid demand from investors, but the DMO had to accept below-average bids to the greatest extent since an auction in November 2018.
The Treasury's schedule of financing this week includes the regular weekly auction of new three- and six-month bills rescheduled to Tuesday, and an auction of four-week bills also on Tuesday.
The $12.2 million proffered at a Sotheby's auction for Banksy's "Devolved Parliament," which depicts members of the British House of Commons as chimpanzees, smashed the artist's previous auction record of $1.9 million.
Meanwhile, Sotheby's held an auction of Aboriginal contemporary art — the first of its kind in New York, as Aboriginal art is more frequently sold at specialty auction houses in Australia and Europe.
The ratio of bids to the amount offered was 2.52 , down from 2.72 at the prior two-year auction in June and the lowest since 2.13 at the auction in December 2008.
"A team of experts is looking into the safety considerations surrounding the 5G auction," he said, adding that changes in the 5G auction process could be announced as soon as this summer.
After very weak pick-up in the first auction of the loans in September, a much larger share of outstanding loans were repaid last week ahead of the next auction on Dec.
"Now that the Incentive Auction rules are in place and the auction is underway, we have the flexibility to ask Howard to transfer his considerable talents to become General Counsel," said Wheeler.
PARIS, Sept 18 (Reuters) - French auction house Millon denied accusations by the Mexican government that a sale of dozens of pre-Columbian artefacts was illegal and proceeded with an auction on Wednesday.
PARIS, Sept 18 (Reuters) - French auction house Millon denied accusations by the Mexican government that a sale of dozens of pre-Columbian artifacts was illegal and proceeded with an auction on Wednesday.
Invader's auction record is a whopping $250,000, paid for a replica of a mosaic he installed on the street in Hong Kong, which sold at the local Sotheby's auction house in 2015.
As for the auction itself — a basic fact of the auction world is that you only need two people with money who want the same thing to make for quite a show.
At its June Impressionist evening sale in London, for example, the auction house brought in $151.9 million (over the total high estimate of $149 million) and set an auction high for a Cubist work, with Picasso's 1909 painting "Femme Assise," which sold for $63.6 million, the highest price for any artwork sold at auction in London since 303.
Action had slowed to a trickle this week with new bids in each auction round dwindling to just a few million euros, fuelling speculation the auction could end up being Germany's cheapest ever.
After the initial market turmoil following the Brexit vote, British lenders showed only contained demand for central funds at a six-month liquidity auction last week, including at an auction held on Tuesday.
Known since 2001 as the "Pride of Poland," the auction has been rechristened the "Janow Podlaski Auction & Summer Sale," named after the state-owned stud farm which has gone through much turmoil lately.
"The new system will allow a registered buyer or seller of tea with any one of the seven auction centres to seamlessly participate in other auction centres," Union Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia said.
Broadcast TV Spectrum Auction: Potential spending in the FCC's 600 MHz TV broadcast auction, anticipated to begin in March 2016, is not included in Fitch's assumptions and will be an event-driven consideration.
A real estate company that the couple visited for a house auction has resulted in that company and its staff going into lockdown while they attempt to reach others who attended the auction.
Five banking sources said that of the 14 banks and brokers that participated in the auction before clearing began, only four at the most were willing to adjust their orders during the auction.
Still, the cautious sense of Brexit-proof resilience in the art market that surfaced at Sotheby's auction on Tuesday and at Phillips's sale on Monday was also clear at Christie's 39-lot auction.
Some analysts put the potential proceeds from the auction at tens of billions of dollars, but the final amount won't be disclosed — nor will the sellers and buyers — until the auction is complete.
The 800 billion yen ($7.06 billion) 30-year auction results were not particularly strong, with the bid-to-cover ratio, a gauge of demand, slipping to 2.85 from 3.50 at the previous auction.
Read more: A dirty paper plate once used by Kurt Cobain sold at an auction for $22,400During that same auction, the sweater Cobain was wearing during his last photo shoot sold for $75,000.
The ratio of bids to the amount of three-year debt offered was 2.71, below 2.74 at February's auction and the lowest since July 43.543 when this gauge of auction demand was 2.62.
It ended up auctioning for $19.8 million, making it both the most expensive McLaren ever sold at an auction, according to The Drive, and the most expensive car sold this year at auction.
The court also allowed the ED to auction 11 vehicles belonging to Modi - including Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Mercedes and Toyota models - and allowed income tax authorities to auction 68 paintings owned by him.
The finance ministry's auction of 20-year JGBs on Tuesday attracted solid demand, with the bid to cover ratio coming in at 4.12, up from 3.69 at the previous 20-year JGB auction.
The central bank sold only 22016 million Egyptian pounds ($21 million) of 215.7000-day treasury bills at an auction on Monday, down from 1.5 billion pounds at a similar auction on Jan. 28.
Auction house Christie's has filed a lawsuit against collector Jose Mugrabi for failing to make two payments on a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting he bought at auction in May 21.1 for $2700 million.
On Saturday, visitors to the Los Angeles office of Bonhams, an international auction house, will be able to view a 2162 costume of Darth Vader to be sold at auction on May 2583.
This was their smallest allotment at a two-year auction since September 2018 and was lower than the $7.111 billion they purchased the previous month, according to the Treasury Department's auction allotment data.
Complaints have also been heard that there are now too many auction events, too many auction companies, too many cars — and that some of the same cars are being offered with distressing regularity.
The auction house has announced that it will sell a trove of hundreds of manuscripts and letters long held by the Hamilton family — some of them previously unknown — at auction on Jan. 18.
Kenya said it had raised concerns with the Somali government a day before the auction after it noticed blocks in what it considers to be its maritime territory were included in the auction.
An extremely rare 70-pound meteorite, referred to as a Canyon Diablo, sold for a record $237,500 through Christie's auction house, the highest price for a meteorite sold through an online Christie's auction.
On Tuesday, for example, it was announced that the online auction house Paddle8 had merged with a Swiss tech company, The Native, and would create an auction that accepts bitcoin, a virtual currency.
The Contemporary Art Evening Auction also set a record for the highest price paid at auction for a work by David Hockney, and brought in a total of $392.3 million on Wednesday night.
It was unclear when a new auction would be scheduled.
It is unclear when a new auction will be scheduled.
Sottsass' "Suvretta" bookcase, estimated to sell at auction for $6,613.
Traders said the money market remained liquid despite the auction.
The museum bought the fossils at auction for $8.4 million.
On October 25, 2007, the Heritage Auction Gallery of Dallas
Another 10 stations could be offered at a later auction.
Central bank was yet to announce result of the auction.
The group also attended a charity auction hosted by Pratt.
The auction took place Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles.
It said $120 million would be offered at the auction.
Investors had many reasons to be cautious about the auction.
But, get your bids in fast ... the auction closes Tuesday.
Auction sales stood at 2.1 billion euros, down 1 percent.
Now, this week the company is being sold at auction.
George Armstrong Custer was sold at auction Saturday for $12,500.
The blond lock went for $12,500 at auction on Saturday.
Plus, George Condo and Giorgio de Chirico sell at auction.
Stars have often in the past offered themselves for auction.
The very weak demand seen at the auction was expected.
The results of the auction are expected later this year.
It wasn't immediately clear why the auction had been removed.
France's 5G telecoms frequencies auction should start later this year.
Rare whiskys can fetch more than $1 million at auction.
The auction, hosted by Concierge Auctions, starts on Jan. 29.
Others suggested Miranda auction off the famous ponytail to charity.
Creditors approved the auction of most of the carrier's assets.
The central bank will conduct an auction on June 219.
The auction house is hosting a preview in L.A. Sept.
At the auction, DiCaprio and Winslet reunited with Billy Zane.
The auction raised $30 million for the foundation's charity work.
What are your thoughts on Fonda's items up for auction?
Bucharest's government bond auction also drew robust demand on Thursday.
There's also an auction for being her maid of honor.
It may be one of the last great auction nudes.
Auction houses like them, because they help snare trophy works.
Earlier, Carso also picked up Area 12 in the auction.
The auction winnings complement the company's current strategy for expansion.
The auction took place at Sotheby's Australia on April 133.
The auction opened with a $300,000 bid on the piece.
The auction is set to last through the next week.
This compares with $135 billion set for auction this week.
But whether an auction actually does the job is controversial.
Dish, Comcast and US Cellular also bought spectrum at auction.
The auction took place at Sotheby's Australia on April 7.
The auction saw aggressive bidding as spectrum offered was limited.
Most of those products are now on the auction block.
The winner of the most recent auction remains a mystery.
The second annual Entrepreneur Auction is being run by Charitybuzz.
Last year Charitybuzz's auction raised nearly $1 million for charity.
Two blocks on offer at the auction were not placed.
The auction is set to be held on April 28.
It doesn't need to be sold at Christie's Auction House.
Levi aims to host a live auction within 60 days.
The "Creating a Stage" auction will take place on Oct.
He has not been identified either, the auction house said.
An auction in America last year raked in $2825 billion.
The rate for Tuesday's auction has not yet been specified.
In October, for example, it held an auction with Sotheby's.
The small town of Aladdin, Wyoming, is up for auction.
Brazil's government will auction 12 licenses to operate regional airports.
When the doll returns to the auction block on Sept.
The buyer in the online auction was not immediately known.
This measure of overall auction demand was 3.18 last week.
Proceeds from the auction will go to impoverished Mexican villages.
The auction result will be announced on the same day.
" Soon, however, the sign will say, "Auction, Surrender Yer Loot.
The animals fled the Hackettstown Livestock Auction on Wednesday night.
Bid rates will be published after the auction, they said.
Thank f— we didn't have Warren Beatty do the auction.
It said a similar auction would take place on Tuesday.
Earlier on Monday, Eletrobras delayed the auction, without saying why.
But not the pockets of a certain Genevan auction house.
Tsukiji Fish Market's daily tuna auction begins at 5 a.m.
A piece for which he paid $2 million at auction?
Novak did not expect any direct impact on the auction.
But I fear it will simply turn into an auction.
The auction ends in about five days, the website showed.
This minimalist "portrait" had never been offered at auction before.
The auction process is expected to be completed in June.
A major federal wireless spectrum auction got underway on Tuesday.
This week's auction has close to 0003,2000 animals for sale.
Italy sold 6.5 billion euros in bonds at an auction.
Bids are not submitted or accepted at the auction events.
All that makes investors the happiest auction winners of all.
No other estate auction has ever crossed that mark. (WSJ)
Q. How did you break into the art auction business?
Why did you choose to return to the auction business?
The result of the auction is expected later this year.
Everybody else should prefer the far more efficient auction approach.
The car fetched $143,000 at RM Sotheby's Auburn Fall auction.
"I feel like I'm at a slave auction," one black
That piece last sold at auction in 2012 for $98,167.
In total, the auction drew a combined sum of $8,318,125.
Previous plots turned on the annual truffle auction in Ste.
The price was a new auction high for the artist.
"The Enterprise auction is interesting," said Morningstar analyst Sandy Fielden.
An auction of Italian bonds went through smoothly on Wednesday.
Dinner and silent auction: $24914 for adults, $20 for children.
Dinner and silent auction: $45 for adults, $25 for children.
This story was updated to reflect a new auction date.
One of her paintings nets half a million at auction.
The auction house asked Mr. Ruffini to guarantee the attribution.
One British man decided to auction himself off on eBay
What do you think of the pieces up for auction?
Court documents confirmed that the auction was scheduled for Thursday.
For details of the auction, see: here Washington economics newsroom
Last December, the city offered the semidetached house at auction.
The auction is estimated to raise at least $29 million.
The Zimmerman auction was a turning point for the artist.
As of Wednesday morning, the auction is 999,998.371 bitcoin short.
What's next: Wednesday's announcement means the auction will conclude successfully.
The eBay auction is at $1,300.00 as of this writing.
Shortly after the show, he bought a Renoir at auction.
The auction house claims the car is in "spectacular condition."
The auction house claims the Miura was the first supercar.
She also bought a Pink Ladies jacket in the auction.
Both of those auctions also took place at RR Auction.
The yield held steady on Tuesday at the weekly auction.
His Place in Provence held an art auction on Nov.
Its estimated price at auction is between $12,600 and $18,900.
The rest of the auction generated few other significant prices.
After Mr. Ryan died, Ms. Dodge bought it at auction.
This detailed handicapping process involves thousands of advertisers per auction.
Auction bids on Friday were 10.2 trillion rupiah, he said.
It'll hit the auction block in Kissimmee, Florida, in January.
LONDON — The international auction houses are feeling bullish once again.
In 2014, his works generated $170.8 million in auction sales.
Or so Doyle, the New York auction house, is betting.
She returned to her auction site on the dark web.
SA) in an auction, raising 2.3 billion reais ($598 million).
Bids also can be placed through the auction house's website.
I just got a piece from an auction in Portland.
Auction prices for his most valuable sculptures have also slumped.
Then Mr. Daus appeared on screen to announce an auction.
Ad rates are even determined, in many cases, by auction.
PARIS — Call it the most exciting fashion auction that wasn't.
It was the second such auction which has been undersubscribed.
The fight will be settled by an auction this weekend.
It's not like they can build an auction platform here.
The auction was more complex than Meredith executives had expected.
She also serves as an auctioneer for the auction house.
The last known Nintendo PlayStation is going up for auction.
A new auction is scheduled to take place in November.
The eBay auction started Tuesday and will end March 6.
Then there's eBay, poster shows, art fairs and auction houses.
Some visitors at a recent auction preview came to remember.
Maybe we'll do some kind of auction in the future.
The auction will run from November 29th until December 13th.
Bidding on the gun during an initial auction on UnitedGunGroup.
Companies in Holland use an auction system to sell flowers.
The next auction will take place early on Wednesday morning.
I'm visiting an annual barbecue and auction near the Jamanxim.
This is the highest auction price ever for a vehicle.
The high guarantees break the dynamics of an auction, somehow.
Auction houses are a source of funding for deals, etc.
"Slave Auction Block," the missing plaque reads in large letters.
That made me decide to put it up for auction.
The auction will run from February 27 through March 11.
More artists may be announced closer to the auction dates.
The majority of auction houses develop their auctioneers in house.
"We auction best files to highest bidder," the note said.
The auction scheduled for May 23 2016 has been cancelled.
Each of the auction items comes with a Warner Bros.
An auction firm was accepting sealed bids through 4 p.m.
Use your auctioneering skills to auction off her cell phone.
The online auction, held by Lark Mason Associates from Oct.
Still, the auction produced fairly strong prices, underscoring firm demand.
Auction sales declined at both Sotheby's and Christie's in 2016.
Don't bid until the last few minutes of the auction.
Our first jewelry sale online was the Elizabeth Taylor auction.
The auction model is also flexible when the weather fluctuates.
Auction officials are predicting it could bring upward of $21920,21923.
The PBOC did not elaborate on the bill auction plan.
Auction houses, galleries, and eBay will be under close watch.
Another 20 blocks will be up for auction in September.
Why do you need to go to an art auction?
The auction will be held in Beverly Hills on Nov.
According to RR Auction ... the check is ultra rare -- the first known Trump one to hit the auction block -- and could go for more than what similar modern president checks have sold for recently.
The online auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll is throwing a special pop culture auction, and one of the items is a CD copy of Jackson's final album with nine previously unreleased songs.
The next so-called contracts-for-difference (CfD) auction will take place in spring 2019, the government said in a statement but has not yet confirmed how much will be available for that auction.
NAIROBI, Feb 24 (Reuters) - The weighted average yield of accepted bids for Kenya's five-year Treasury bond was 13.947 percent at auction on Wednesday, compared with 13.920 percent at the previous auction on Nov.
In March, a spin-skull painting from the auction was resold at auction for £23,2000 ($22015,225), just two-thirds of the sterling price it made in 225 (and less than half the dollar price).
O had no volume in Nasdaq's closing auction for the entire month of June, but orders were entered and executed in NYSE Arca's competing auction in 14 of June's 22 trading days, Bats said.
At the first auction, the finance ministry sold 2241.3 billion roubles ($20.4 billion) worth of rouble bonds maturing in July 552.03, a record volume for one auction, facing demand of nearly 2552.0 billion roubles.
Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday Germany was not planning to exclude any one company from its 5G auction per se, but rather wanted bidders in the mobile spectrum auction to meet certain requirements.
However, yields at the very long end of the curve erased losses and edged higher after an auction of new 40-year bonds drew slightly less demand compared to the previous auction in May.
As the second part of the auction (known as the forward auction) went ahead in August, wireless carriers bid only $22 billion to acquire the spectrum space—not the amount the broadcasters collectively wanted.
A Treasury bill auction on Wednesday was four times oversubscribed, with Nigeria's Debt Management Office selling one-year government bonds at 15.72 percent, lower than the 17 percent it paid at the last auction.
DUBLIN, Feb 5 (Reuters) - Ireland plans to auction between 1 billion and 1.25 billion euros worth of bonds on Thursday in a dual bond auction, the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) said on Monday.
COPENHAGEN, June 22 (Reuters) - * Iceland's central bank said Wednesday it would offer to buy offshore crown assets not sold in a June 16 auction at the auction exchange rate of 190 crowns per euro.
McTear's auction raised £84,000 plus an additional £20,000 in buyers' fees with about 95 percent of the lots selling, showing that whisky can be a consistent, if quiet, earner for a regional auction house.
Lucas Floether declined to give the total amount raised by the first auction, citing legal restrictions, but said the auction website had received 1003 million hits, with bids placed by buyers in 45 countries.
At a brainstorming session in early January, the watch department at Phillips auction house zeroed in on what it said would be the first such auction of its kind: the vintage stainless steel chronograph.
A rare gouache and mixed media concept art poster by Robert McGinnis, for the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, sold for 27,0003 (~$36,000) in the Bonhams Auction House Entertainment Memorabilia auction in London.
Earlier this week, Bonhams auction house announced that the painting, Ben Enwonwu's "Tutu" (0003), would feature in its Africa Now auction alongside works by artists like El Anatsui and Romuald Hazoumè on February 2000.
The sale — billed as only the second time that Lesage pieces would come to auction — also would have put the fledgling auction house, founded in 2006, and its nascent fashion department on the map.
Last year, Basquiat became the highest-grossing American artist at auction, generating $171.5 million from 80 works, according to Artprice, and his auction high has increased at least tenfold in the last 15 years.
A piece of Babe Ruth memorabilia that was given to a friend 75 years ago sold for more than $1 million at an auction over the weekend, according to a California-based auction house.
"To my knowledge, there have been no efforts to excavate the property during the time my clients have owned the farm," Brent Wellings, auction manager for Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co., told CNN.
"The digital space is the Christie's South Ken of the 21st century," said Mr. Cerutti, adding that he envisaged the auction house as a global operation with fewer auction rooms and more online sales.
The auction of 1.0 trillion yen ($210 billion) 20.5-year bonds attracted ample investor interest, with the bid-to-cover ratio, a gauge of demand, rising to 20.040 from 210 in the previous auction.
"I'm not sure a mandated sale or even a new auction really helps the refiners affected, an auction would just price up the oil," said Joe McMonigle, senior energy policy analyst at Hedgeye in Washington.
The 182-day treasury bills dropped to 18.469 percent from 19.521 percent in the previous auction and the yields for 364-day treasury bills dropped to 18.903 percent from 20.519 percent in a similar auction.
The reverse auction should be completed by summer and will be followed by a "forward" auction, where the government sells to telecommunications operators and other bidders the spectrum, which it will package into new bands.
As the court fight continued, two of the siblings decided to auction off a trophy of the collection, a 1957 Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti, the one that sold at an Artcurial Motorcars auction on Friday.
The auction house had promoted the painting as the most important early work ever to come to auction and predicted it would fetch up to $40 million, which would have set a new Schiele record.
Executives at Copart Inc, which dominates the auto salvage auction business alongside KAR Auction Services Inc, said last week during an earnings conference call the company could salvage more than 85,000 vehicles damaged by Harvey.
The spectrum auction is planned for the second half of March and several companies have already filed legal complaints that were to have been considered independently of the auction so not to delay the process.
The auction sale in 2016 has been contested at British court by Empreno Ventures, controlled by Russian businessman Dmitry Kosarev, who bought a stake in a holding company that owned Vivacom prior to the auction.
Austria does not expect the auction to bring a repetition of the 237 billion euro ($21 billion) windfall from an auction of fourth generation frequencies in 20.8554 - a process that drew complaints from mobile operators.
Woody Tuttle, an auto auction employee, told ABC affiliate WCVB-TV that people were standing between lanes of cars when the Jeep raced through the auction building, which is the length of a football field.
PARIS (Reuters) - The first auction house to sell prints by Banksy since THAT auction two weeks ago does not anticipate another stunt like the one that shredded half a picture moments after the hammer fell.
A Leonardo da Vinci painting sold for more than $450 million on Wednesday, according to auction house Christie's, which said that it topped a world record for any work of art sold at an auction.
NAIROBI, May 18 (Reuters) - The weighted average yield on accepted bids at the auction of Kenya's two-year Treasury bond on Wednesday was 12.020 percent, compared with 15.760 percent at the last auction on Jan.
Though the popular photo sharing app saw the number of advertisers spending in the auction multiply by a factor of five since July, the key will be in scaling the auction to create stronger demand.
Check out some more of the artworks up for sale below:   You can preview the works at the auction house's New Bond Street gallery space in London from February 11th to auction day, February 16th.
Bolstered by the Rubens, Christie's raised £65.4 million with fees from its 43-lot evening auction of old masters, more than three times the £19 million the company achieved at its equivalent auction last July.
The painter Sean Scully was surprised in early September to receive an email from Bonhams auction house with a photograph of a work attributed to him that they hoped to sell at an upcoming auction.
The auction raised $110.3 million — more than double the equivalent sale last spring — led by Peter Doig's 1991 landscape "Rosedale," showing snow falling in Toronto, at $28.8 million, an auction high for the Scottish artist.
The auction house will put the bag on display during a virtual reality conference on June 22 and 23, and then again on July 13 ahead of the auction, which is open to the public.
But most of the Basquiat works to come to auction in the near future are likely to be of lesser importance, auction experts say, which may or may not benefit from the latest Basquiat price.
A controversial auction In the lead-up to the auction, European Jewish Association (EJA) Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin wrote letters to the leaders of all German mainstream political parties urging them to stop the sales.
And the project comes at a time of apparent financial stoutness for Sotheby's, which says that its auction sales totaled $5.3 billion last year — a 12 percent increase over 2017, according to the auction house.
Peter 'Star-Lord' Quill's intergalactic helmet fetched $160,000 in a live auction held Tuesday in the UK by Prop Store ... which was the most of any one item of the 600 on the auction block.
"Our contractual agreements with our auction houses include recission rights for our buyers if a piece is determined to be fraudulent or materially differs from the description supplied by the auction house," explained the spokesman.
The auction house did not name the buyer of the guitar.
I enjoy the excitement of the live auction, with everyone hollering.
The system was initially put up for auction on March 17.
So the auction allows them to find a real market price.
The auction will take place in Hong Kong on April 4.
The collection was sold in 360 lots, Mallams auction house said.
This bag was probably the most controversial item up for auction.
Italy recently raised a record $7.6 billion through a spectrum auction.
The auction will take place at Sotheby's Australia on April 7.
For that work, the auction house is inviting bids above $126,000.
There is also a 30-year bond auction at 1 p.m.
In the ensuing debacle, the auction was eventually called off entirely.
Rosneft's absence from the auction could reduce competition for the assets.
In total, there will be 29 pieces put up for auction.
This gauge on auction demand was also the highest since December.
Corelogic reports a preliminary auction clearance rate of 278.0% in Sydney.
A winner will be selected after an auction scheduled for Wednesday.
The results of the last CfD auction were released last month.
Results of the auction will be announced on the same day.
More images of the rig are available on the auction page.
But by Saturday morning, the auction appeared to have been discontinued.
Details of this auction are expected to be announced on Monday.
The idea for the auction is to manage supply, Roszak said.
They do not buy at art fairs and rarely at auction.
The auction was also helped by large redemptions of maturing debt.
For a view of the full auction catalog online, visit
The auction begins June 15th at Ro Gallery in New York.
The company is scheduled to be sold via auction this summer.
Sotheby's American Art auction closed on a total ticket of $3,740,250.
Austria's Erste has said it will not participate in the auction.
Sotheby's will auction the Lesedila Rona on June 29 in London.
"We really want to launch this auction in May," he said.
London and Hong Kong rate partly because of strong auction scenes.
The regular four-week bill auction will be moved to Wednesday.
Mr. Trump was calling to say, in effect, skip the auction.
The two big auction houses appeared to be on divergent paths.
I logged in at a computer, but the auction was over.
Regardless, back in 2004, the company's Dutch auction was big news.
Auction winners are expected to be announced in December, he added.
The artist's auction sales in 25 were lower than in 2009.
The auction house said it took in less than $1 million.
"The auction might include blocks from (all) three basins," he said.
He later suspended the auction of oil contracts for three years.
The news of the planned foreclosure auction was reported by DNAinfo.
That owner eventually sold it in an online auction in 2009.
The auction is expected to fetch more than $12 million. (CNBC)
According to the auction house, it may or may not work.
A llama auction was also held, with one female fetching $11,000.
The auction to buy PPLA units will occur on May 10.
Shorter maturities dipped following relatively soft two-year bond auction results.
The planned auction is set to kick off on December 10.
They plan to participate in a spectrum auction in late fall.
Result of the auction was yet to be published, traders say.
Hatchimals usually sell for between $100 to $225 on auction sites.
The auction had been scheduled to take place on Jan. 31.
It was sold at an auction in 1958 for £45 ($126).
Lawyers for the auction house were not immediately available for comment.
The auction took place following two lackluster sales earlier this week.
And last, auction houses and museums must stop buying these treasures.

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