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"different" Definitions
  1. not the same as somebody/something; not like somebody/something else
  2. [only before noun] separate and individual
  3. [not usually before noun] (informal) unusual; not like other people or things
"different" Synonyms
dissimilar disparate contrasting distinct distinctive incompatible inconsistent unlike clashing conflicting contradictory differing discrepant distant distinguishable divergent incomparable incongruent particular altered separate independent individual express respective singular discrete especial detached isolated disconnected unique unconnected single free diverse unattached freestanding miscellaneous varied various assorted eclectic motley numerous varietal varying a mixed bag anthologized collected colourful(UK) colorful(US) dissonant divers diversified extraordinary peculiar rare special unconventional unusual bizarre exceptional off the wall original outlandish remarkable strange unorthodox unprecedented atypical left-field novel odd changed modified new transformed metamorphosed refreshing rehabilitated converted reformed amended revised remade remodeled(US) renovated redone remodelled(UK) improved fresh innovative creative imaginative innovatory inventive innovational unfamiliar ingenious groundbreaking pioneering alternative other substitute alternate another replacement second possible surrogate cover proxy relief reserve standby stand-in auxiliary backup complementary deputy fallback any other a different additional further some other added farther more experimental else extra in addition another thing irrelevant beside the point not pertinent off base off the subject off the topic repugnant disgusting offensive repellent revolting foul sickening abhorrent loathsome nauseating repulsive vile abominable distasteful hateful nasty objectionable horrid nauseous obnoxious foreign overseas alien remote exotic external outside adventitious extraneous nonnative offshore extrinsic imported antipodal expatriate extraterritorial faraway adopted extralocal out of harmony a far cry from contrary to not in keeping out of keeping out of line out of step at sixes and sevens unrelated variant several specific own definite personal sundry proportionate some More
"different" Antonyms
same alike identical similar like matching resembling clone equal equivalent indistinguishable synonymous twin akin analogous comparable correspondent harmonious homogeneous homogenous common general regular related standard uniform usual aligned allied compatible complemental congruent congruous corresponding kin kindred parallel changeless consistent constant conventional even invariable monomorphic perpetual unaltered unchanged unchanging unfailing normal ordinary commonplace familiar mainstream archetypical characteristic cliché cliched clichéd cliché-ridden cookie cutter prototypal prototypical typical continual enduring eternal everlasting lasting long-lasting perennial set stable undeviating undying unending permanent persistent firm resolute customary unexceptional model natural unextraordinary archetypal average classic conforming illustrative orthodox hackneyed old time-honored tired warmed-over accustomed everyday well-known experienced knowing known friendly kind in favor of nonexotic nonglamorous plain-Jane unexotic unglamorous unremarkable unromantic pedestrian plain run-of-the-mill unmemorable boring dull unqualified continued held kept maintained preserved retained sustained connected attached joined linked combined continuous integrated relevant material pertinent only singular sole one solitary lone single one and only only possible solo dependent interdependent appurtenant conditional contingent determined by provisory reliant subject to unoriginal overused worn banal stale threadbare truistic unimaginative bromidic trite overdone platitudinous predictable limited few minimal restricted circumscribed unvaried basic finite little narrow delimited paucal predefined reduced small bounded confined curbed affiliated correlated associated interconnected interrelated in step notable noted obvious acknowledged identified recognised(UK) recognized(US) avowed established proven native certified notorious publicised(UK) publicized(US) declared revealed like two peas in a pod much the same like peas in a pod two peas in pod joint shared united mutual collaborative cooperative co-operative multiparty

929 Sentences With "different"

How to use different in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "different" and check conjugation/comparative form for "different". Mastering all the usages of "different" from sentence examples published by news publications.

People who have different needs, different abilities, different cultures, different languages, different experiences, different tastes.
Different homes have different energy needs; different structures have different roofs and different challenges (chimneys, trees, etc); different states have different tax breaks.
I like different attitudes, different characters, different talk, different behavior.
It's always for different women, different shapes, different colors, different ages.
It&aposs different for different equipment types, different markets, different border crossings.
Different techniques work for different people (with different partners, and at different times).
Resources are different, staffing is different, metrics are different, brand is different, users and their willingness to pay are different.
We have people from six countries of Asia that have different backgrounds, different languages, different alphabets, different religions, different beliefs.
There's always people with different ambitions, different perceptions, different experiences, different tolerances and everything.
Why do different cohorts, different populations and different neighborhoods receive different allocations of resources?
It was differentdifferent in scope and different in kind and different in consequences.
What was important to me was to tackle different fields and see different institutions, different environments, learn different techniques, see different approaches.
That's because different people have different flows, different cycle lengths, and different levels of cramps.
There are different formulations, different types of retinol and retinol derivatives, different concentrations, different fragrances.
So it's a bunch of different perspectives of different kinds of African-American men from different walks of life, different upbringings, different backgrounds.
Now, we just use different methods, different molds, and different materials to express those different functions.
It's different in different countries, and in different parts of countries and within different population groups.
Do you feel different countries or different communities have different rhythms and run on different times?
At every scale, there are different customers, different incentives, different financing structures, and different value propositions.
This is undoubtedly because different verticals have different CRMs, different templates and different structures of data altogether.
Different ARMS launch at different speeds, deal different amounts of damage, and effect opponents in different ways.
Different cities have different approaches to police-community relations; different tensions; different standards for use of force.
Additionally, different initiatives from different governments try to protect their citizens in different ways in different regions.
A different church, a different marriage, a different economy, a different way of caring for one another.
And of course, different people in different settings can respond to different strains in vastly different ways.
This time around, I'm a different player, different person, slightly different game, slightly different understanding of the game and different mental processes during the matches.
Same team, different story, different area, different place to film.
There's different killer apps for different people in different industries.
They're different shapes, they're different colors, different types of women.
It's two different companies with different behavior, different corporate cultures.
Different people will have different things for different use cases.
For people with different phones, different carriers, and different wallets.
A different setting, with different cues, leads to different behaviour.
Maybe. Every city has different needs, different cultures, different layouts.
We drive different cars, prefer different restaurants, like different drinks.
Different states, even different counties within states, use different systems.
We show different colors at different times in different situations.
The six represented different issues, different places and different constituencies.
Each has different branding, a different login, a different interface.
Different time, different era, in many ways a different country.
"Every page you flip through, every woman is different, different shape, different size and different age," she says.
Since everyone has different hair with different needs, it's offering three different packages, with different sets of heads.
They come from a mixture of different party affiliations, different ages, different backgrounds, different parts of the country.
Different people, different companies and different parts of the world have different ideas of appropriate apparel for work.
Medicaid takes different forms in different states, and even within states, different populations are entitled to different benefits.
This movement is made up of individuals of different ages, different genders, different races and different political backgrounds.
What's more, different aspects of personality can be elicited by different circumstances, at different times, around different people.
And that's what I learned, because when somebody … different people, different ethnicities, different religions, different genders, different derivatives of genders, we all have our own unique perspective.
Operation in space is markedly different from operating in the atmosphere requiring different skills, different training, and different vehicles.
Well, "true" means different things to different people at different times.
Every injury is different, everyone has different functions and different personalities.
Different roots, different color bags, it all makes for different results.
E: So we have different strengths, different training and different perspectives.
This is a big country, different regions, different attitudes, different interests.
Different colors have different meanings in different parts of the world.
You see different people from different backgrounds, different cultures, every day.
We live in different places, read different books, enjoy different music.
Like just different different experiences that I had in different hoopties.
There are so many choices: different fills, different shapes, different sizes.
You're a different person with a different perspective, a different psychology.
These are two different things with different values and different circumstances.
They're segregated into different neighborhoods, different cities and even different states.
We all have different libidos, different yearnings, a different erotic imagination.
"We're all in different roles — different teams, different capacities," she said.
On different days, at different times, he can look very different.
But each mission is different, facing different dangers and different challenges.
The world is different, life is different, and kids are different.
"It's different for different films and different filmmakers," Ms. Rich said.
The two trials involved different witnesses, different lawyers and different jurors.
We spoke different languages, attended different conferences, read different specialty journals.
That'll range on different topics ... in conversation from different worldviews, but also with different emphasis on different kinds of topics.
Each of these different missions would entail vastly different authorities, different resources, and different obligations with regard to Congress's oversight.
"Bringing different perspectives, different energy types, different spirits, different emotional sensitivities to the workforce makes business more successful," Shriver said.
It is happening at different rates among different groups in different places.
"There are very different visions, different values, different forces at work," Mrs.
Different menus, different tone of voice, you know, different style of marketing.
Because you see different people from different backgrounds, different cultures, every day.
That's because different browsers on different devices display Twitter in different ways.
I enjoy working with different people on different stories in different places.
We all sound different, we all are different, we all look different.
The streets were different, the slang was different, the culture was different.
"Different regulators, different laws, different rules have caused some chaos," Guo said.
You could say standards for different areas, different regions, and different countries.
They look different, they talk different, they come from a different country.
West and Winehouse are different artists, with different careers and different lives.
They represent a multicultural society of different races, different religions, different sexualities.
It's about the people — new designers, different designers, different perspectives, different voices.
A different landscape made a different kind of human with different values.
Contractors of different sizes face different threats and have different risk profiles.
Different kinds of loss bring different stories, and different kinds of pain.
There would be different uniforms, a different ballpark and a different spotlight.
These people reside in different areas, are different ages, with different professions.
The Cubs have used four different left fielders, three different center fielders, three different third basemen, and two different right fielders.
"They had been installed over the decades by different organizations using different standards, different techniques, from different eras," Mr. Recordon said.
Each move entails a different league, a different language and a different culture.
One sees different things from a different angle and in a different light.
Different vices have different economic costs since they harm people in different ways.
We're all different people, we're made differently, we have different anatomy, different everything.
This way, you can pick a different name, different keywords and different categories.
But culturally, it's just a different culture, different values, different ways of behaving.
That evolves in different ways in different people in different lengths of time.
This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations.
"You see different people from different backgrounds, different cultures, every day," he continued.
There are different wars between different groups in different parts of the country.
Budgets were different, the way teams traveled was different, recruiting budgets were different.
We're just in different boats at different times and different arrivals and departures.
That's why different people in different parts of the world see different things.
They must look different, practice a different faith, and hold a different nationality.
The Atlantic has a different mission, a different focus and a different footing.
Different ways of striking the plate produce different vibrations and different Chladni figures.
We use different tools and work toward different goals on different time frames.
You'd have different investors, you'd have different founders, you'd have different people succeeding.
They all attend different schools, riding different buses that arrive at different times.
Different states will take different approaches, and these approaches will produce different outcomes.
That same template moves to different areas, to different places, to different outlooks.
Three different walls, three different special effects, three different emotional effects as well.
They come from different parts of my life, different times, and different cities.
It was a very different era, a very different economy, a different product.
The experiences are different, the history is different, and the context is different.
With today's move, a very different Google is acquiring a different set of assets for a different purpose and a different price.
After all, they live in different places, eat different food, listen to different music and, of course, consume different kinds of news.
"CFIUS is able to respond appropriately to different threats on different technologies posed by different entities from different countries," one official said.
" There are different patterns of transmission in different places, Briand said, adding: "We have lots of diversity, different outbreaks showing different phases.
" There are different patterns of transmission in different places, Briand said, adding: "We have lots of diversity, different outbreaks showing different phases.
These are different bodies of domestic law, on different shelves in the law library, with different treaties and different cadres of experts.
They are complete different worlds, with different creations, different people working on these products and selling them, and different types of clients.
It's a different kind of audience, different kind of sell, different kind of value, different kind of ad deal you sell, different kind of way you set up your programmatic stack.
There's a different mentality in different neighborhoods and different communities and so, in college, you're getting all of these different guys from different places who have different rules about what you can and can't say and do without getting punched.
And that means our food will be different in different parts of the country, and different parts of the world eventually, and will be different at different times of the year. Right.
I cried because like many women, I know that story very well: Maybe a different bedroom, a different drunk, a different violence or violation, a different bad deal, a different indifferent laughter.
They have developed relationships abroad and worked in different countries; they've worked in Washington running different desks for different regions on different issues.
But "meditation" is actually a group of different techniques — different methods produce different results.
Once there, his work will require different strategies for different communities in different places.
Her data suggests that different areas have different needs and so do different families.
Each flows through different paths, carries different chemicals and nutrients, and has different properties.
Different people have different needs, so I make different kinds of shapes for everybody.
It was like being in a different world, a different culture, a different country.
In different parts of the world, different carbon is exposed to different chemical reactions.
You've assumed a different persona, a different identity, a different set of behavioral traits.
After all, these satellites are all going to different places, different orbits, different directions.
It's a different gene, a different biology, and it might take a different approach.
"Different services had different takes ... there were all kinds of different recommendations," White said.
The BioShock series takes place across different cities, different periods, and even different dimensions.
Each has different constituencies who care about them, requiring different solutions presenting different challenges.
Different from other competitors, the CCH has three different configurations for different mission sets.
The recipe means different things to different people in different parts of the country.
"Neighbors built in different periods, different buildings with different materials, but adjacent," he said.
Settlers and Palestinians spoke different languages, practiced different religions and lived under different laws.
Different people, with different experiences, and represented by different parties, disagree on critical issues.
It's his station, but everybody has different segments on different days or different times.
It's called different things in different countries, and is enacted by different groups therein.
Disorders of the mind have meant different things to different people at different times.
They're different kinds of threats that have different risk factors and require different solutions.
But these are two different countries in two different eras, influenced by different geopolitics.
Different way, different presentation, different political angle, but you're all doing the same story.
Such symbols allow multiple interpretations, meaning different things to different people at different times.
But I do think there are different frequencies of different traits in different populations.
Different people have different answers to these questions, and different answers for the future.
Companies source from different regions to reduce risk, maintain a steady supply of beans in different seasons, and serve different flavors to their customers (different countries tend to produce beans with different flavors).
Special prosecutors, special congressional committees, and independent commissions are three very different things with different purposes, different investigative powers, and different degrees of independence.
Which means for each different person, from a different range of viewpoints on a different set of topics, from a different set of publishers.
Different developers test different types of technology under different conditions with different human testers who each have unique thresholds for what scenarios demand disengagement.
I wouldn't say I bring anything different, but we're all different people with different backgrounds.
Now, Apple sells five different iPads with two different connectors and two different Apple Pencils.
They found 579 different morphospecies — meaning they were all physically different — from 304 different families.
Different phones and phrases had different success rates, naturally, or worked better at different distances.
While the different characters don't have particularly different skills, they have different knowledge and limitations.
The same dream can mean different things to different people, especially people from different places.
Most episodes are completely different in tone and feature different characters and wholly different stories.
People in them have different kinds of plans, at different prices, and with different conditions.
I continue to want to explore different composers for different films, different projects, you know.
Players who bought into the games at different times pay different amounts for different ships.
Belize has a different economic bracket, a different culture, a different way of investigating crimes.
"The climate is different, the culture is different and our views are different," Appel said.
The nation's top judges should have different life experiences, different judicial philosophies and different personalities.
These are two different countries in two different eras, influenced by different ideologies and geopolitics.
"This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations," he said.
This, of course, is a different time, a different city, a different, more desperate franchise.
After 40 minutes, the choreography repeats, although with different music, different lighting and different dancers.
"There are different airline ownership and control structures, different needs of different airlines," he added.
They hailed from different regions, had different political styles and visions and espoused different policies.
"Different companies have different underwriting guidelines, and different parameters when they set rates," McChristian says.
"Different bacteria and fungi affect different diseases differently, and affect different children differently," he said.
"We were in different rooms fighting with different people about different issues," Mr. Chipperfield said.
"This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations," Trump said.
The band had several peak periods, and different people prefer different periods for different reasons.
She used soaring drone footage, closely observed street scenes and soundscapes, and travelled and recorded "different calls to prayer in different towns and villages, different horn sounds, and the different winds and different insects".
Sure, politicians have always pandered to private parties, sent different mailers to different voters, and aired different television ads in different parts of the country.
Flipping through the videos, you can hear different dialects, see different fashion choices, and glimpse into the drastically different lifestyles of Somalis in different cities.
In the context of different types of stories, the suspension of disbelief asks very different things of us, poses different problems and offers different rewards.
"Every single one of these plays is a different jewel and will require different treatments and different types of directors and different adaptations," she said.
Different gaits produced by different patterns — okay, they don't look that different, but they definitely are.
The decline has happened at different rates and different times in different parts of the world.
Different groups watch different programs based on the unique traits that make us identifiably, well… different.
Different stars produce different amounts of light, so the detectability of each CEB will be different.
Then, we try different things, different takes, and different angles from Valencia's point of view, specifically.
If you ask different people in different academic fields, they're going to give you different answers.
Different carriers and phones support different LTE bands and different cellular technologies (hello, GSM vs. CDMA).
But of course there are different dialects, there are different accents, there's different tones of voice.
"This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations," the president said.
"We've taken images at various different dates, used different algorithms, different wavelengths of light," says Keppler.
That's our story in America, we have a different light, a different shadow, a different view.
We talk at different times, so we all found out at different times in different ways.
Different forms of anxiety may have slightly different neurochemical roots, leading to different cannabis-linked effects.
I have no doubt that people with different life experiences, from different backgrounds bring different viewpoints.
" Instead, Trump said: "This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations.
"This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations," Trump told them.
The rules are very different, the culture is very, very different, it's an entirely different market.
"We're totally different on Staten Island, we have a different walk, a different talk," says LaCola.
With different notions of time, these different locations will then have different notions of cosmic expansion.
Are there different ways to approach these talks at different times, for different families and contexts?
Everyone's hands are different, everyone's preferences and needs are different, and we all play different games.
Different wolves in different parts of Asia and Europe might have been domesticated by different people.
And within different communities, Gordon was comfortable with knowing — and making different images about different communities.
They followed different religions, spoke different languages, ate different foods and have always distrusted each other.
The interlocking squares represent different parts of Russia, different athletes and different teams as a whole.
That I too, would have to have different ways, different traditions, a different definition of culture.
They are different villages, with somewhat different values, and different views of the admissibility of violence.
Do you think different approaches are needed for children at different ages and with different temperaments?
They arrived at different times, they had different levels of education and they were different ages.
Between people of different skin colors, different accents, different genders and sexual orientations, between religious affiliations.
The process often requires a different skill set, a different supply chain and different manufacturing partners.
The painters came from different castes, different regions and different faiths: Hindu, Muslim and Roman Catholic.
"His feeling was, in different cultures there should be different rules for different bishops," she said.
And so a pretty good circle at different levels of people with different perspectives, different jobs.
His precipitating insight was that different groups of immigrants bring different skills and face different conditions.
"Different animals in different ecological niches have different problems they need to solve," Dr. McGann said.
Similarly, in different parts of the U.S., different water types produce different types of local beers.
It's been different teams, different players, different coaches — a lot of plays, a lot of years.
We've got to start earlier understanding people come from different faiths, different cultures, different races, religion.
No such fairy dust exists; different sources perform differently in different economies and different electricity systems.
And it's a different product that serves a different market and resonates with a different audience.
I think we all know our kids best, and every kid is different, every parent is different, every relationship is different, and so of course different things are going to work for different parents and kids.
In the last 20 years, if you follow my movies in China and America, you can tell: different characters, different scripts, different action, different kind of acting.
To some, they might seem an unlikely twosome: a former president and former first lady from two different administrations, different political parties, different generations and different upbringings.
Young: That's what I love about being in this group: that we can continue to explore different feelings, different cadences, different instrumentation, different styles, and it's ok.
Statements that happen at the same time In different places, at different times In the same place, at different times In different places form a single score.
And what he's found is that different types of meditation do very different things to your brain, just as different sports trigger different changes in your body.
Exoplanets are so different from Earth—they're a different mass, different sizes, different surface gravity, many of them will orbit a star that's nothing like our sun.
The southern border is already a crazy-quilt of different border barriers of different sizes, different materials, installed in different eras — known, by and large, as fencing.
We are all from different cultures, speak different languages, have different religions and different sexual orientations but when we all come together, we say we are ONE.
"I think about the friendships that I formed in the military, people who were radically different from me, different generation, different race, definitely different politics," he said.
"Different people are in different political situations and different parts of the country come to it with different predispositions," said Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.).
There's every race, every size, every shape, there's different ages, different beliefs, different faiths — there's everything there.
Mysteriously, everyone on Blundr has an identical face paired with different hair, different clothing, and different accessories.
But the Switch is something different from both, with different games and different ways to play them.
Ultimately, people are going to have to want different things, fear different things, aspire to different things.
We still love each other very much but we're different people with different paths and different futures.
Just as different leaders are inspired by different ideologies, so they lean towards different types of comedy.
We'll need to figure out what makes sense in different markets with different laws in different places.
"Banks come in different sizes, serve areas with different needs, and use different business models," Mester said.
You could just see different parts of the vision all populating in different places with different magicians.
"I'm committed to a different framework, a different way of doing things, with different components," Daayiee said.
But, the sounds are different because we tried some different things and because the producers were different.
"UT simply seeks minority students with different backgrounds, different experiences, and different perspectives," lawyer Gregory Garre argued.
" In Riyadh, Trump said, "This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations.
I want to reach out to different kinds of women different backgrounds different stages in their career.
"It's opened up our lives to different cultures, different foods and ya know, different areas," Ellen said.
Maybe it was all the stage makeup, the travel, airplanes, different hotels, different climates, different running water.
So it's different than a lawyer, different than a manger, different than a rabbi or a priest.
There are different sounds on there, different artists, different overall vibes, but each one tells a story.
There were too many different places, too many different people and too many different kinds of jeans.
These radically different views are born in part of different psychologies and in part of different experiences.
In each piece, there is definitely a different flavor and a different energy and a different wisdom.
There's a few different characters and the different characters are voiced by different people in the band.
I've started experimenting with different core beats, finding new qualities in the music; different flows, different tempos.
Obviously different galleries go to different fairs but how else are the fairs different from each other?
These thresholds will arrive at different times for different renewable-energy technologies in different markets, of course.
And our segmentation into completely different media spheres, completely different social spheres, and different social media spheres.
"It may be all sorts of different things going into different mixes in different places," cautions Travers.
I have different shoes for different types of climbing, six or seven different shoes that I alternate.
Because their bodies work different, their stuff plays different, they need different things in the training room.
Try masturbating in different positions, with different kinds sex toys, and while having different kinds of fantasies.
I'd have to take a different name, get a different haircut, wear clothes from a different era.
Then recruits will spend time on different teams, getting work in different industries under different portfolio managers.
"The problems are different, the magnitude of the problems is different, the impact is different," he added.
Every congressional district has a different culture, different economic needs, a different perspective on the national scene.
The company said the items were all made by different suppliers, in different factories, on different continents.
Even though they're so different, every group is so different, and everyone has different needs and issues.
Both are three-dimensional structures, but each has a very different geometry: Their layouts are different, the curvature of their exteriors is different, their interior angles are different.
Not only do they have different sizes, shapes, and performance characteristics when new, but they have been used differently, in different climates, under different stressors, in different cars.
They are used in countless different capacities by countless different devices, many of which are differently regulated, subject to different laws, possessed of different capabilities and so on.
In sports, of course different body types are to be found in different sports, but the bodies also change over time and different bodies change in different ways.
Well, the other reason for different opinions is that different apps use different weather computer models, so if each one is saying something different then that is reflected.
"Ostrichpillow was really about complete isolation and it was really a statement product… So different products have different use-cases and different functions, and also different social acceptances".
"But they're all so unique and different, and you love the different things about them in different ways."
Different groups are led down different passageways and tunnels and different episodic narratives are played out to them.
And the idea is that you pay different services, different fees, and you get access to different stuff.
IK: Look, I think different countries have different political systems, and their citizens have different political beliefs, right?
We need to figure out what makes sense in different markets with different laws and in different places.
I really make an effort to show different stages of the growth, different walks of life, different stories.
The new season "looks different, it feels different, and it just yields different kinds of stories," said Ilana.
The anime series consists of a number of different major storylines happening at different places, in different times.
"But they're all so unique and different, and you love the different things about them in different ways."
"It includes 16 different approvals involving 10 different federal agencies being governed by 26 different statutes," Trump said.
They have different jobs, different hobbies, different lifestyles — you know, there isn't just one type of dad stuff.
People with different backgrounds, from different regions of the world, different shades, we do all of that testing.
In practice, different groups of market participants employ different strategies and have a different impact on price formation.
Just a lot of people from all over the world, different cultures, different religions, different races, living together.
Of course, that is because they filmed different hunts, often on completely different days and in different locations.
You can also associate different sounds and different vibrations with notifications from different apps, or make them silent.
We're working in all these different places and there's different types of conflicts in Mexico or different things.
" McGee says she's afraid for her friends in Cincinnati who are different: "anyone who's different, who looks different.
Because they really have different orthodoxies, they had different value systems, they have different ways of keeping score.
"Sixteen different approvals, 85033 different statutes, 5 different executive orders that all apply to this process," Gribbin said.
Different choices for these parameters lead to different forecasts, and different views of how the race has shifted.
Mesoamerican and Andean beans have different yields and tolerances; they get different diseases and thrive in different climates.
"These are two different countries, with very different circumstances and demographics, facing different choices," said Jennifer Palmieri, Mrs.
I'm really focused on that because that's going to probably require different organization structures, different incentives, different culture.
There are so many different milks, after all, and so many different human bodies with different dietary needs.
These elections, carried out in different years, midst different electorates, and using different electoral systems, are equally valid.
Again, context is crucial—how things are read in different places, at different times, up against different things.
I am interested in someone who has a different talent, different set of ideas, different visions to me.
Pessoa creates different authors with different languages and voices, putting forth different, often contradictory representations of the world.
Canadians have different fast-food franchises, different chain stores, different potato chip flavors (ketchup; poutine; Montreal smoked meat).
Switch between the five different head attachments and three different suction levels to attend to your different needs.
Some have different bumpers, different lighting and even different brakes and brake lines that don't meet American specifications.
She looks different in different shots because of how she's lit, the way any actor would look different.
All the users on the same account then can watch different shows at different times on different devices.
I'm able to explore different genres and different characters, and people seem to know me from different alleys.
Different groups see themselves living out different national stories and often feel they are living in different nations.
But different people in different places can have different notions of what is cool and what is embarrassing.
"There are different flavors and bouquets to good weed, and different strains that elicit different effects," he added.
"We're both Jersey Girls, but we do have different personalities, different interests, different strong suits," Ms. Coyne observed.
Because the works have different running times, they are bound to align in different ways for different visitors.
So you wash the carrots different than the spinach, even different than the romaine, different from the celery.
What I mean by that is that I have different facets to me: I have different personalities, I have different energies, I have different spirits that live within me.
The government types and older executives told me how different Tunisia was from Egypt — how the leaders were different, how the armies were different, how the people were different.
Take the fact that products for "men" and "women" come in completely different packaging and different scents, with different prices and different claims, while essentially being the same item.
Cobe Lund from MI says different art forms should be experienced in different ways: In my opinion, different forms of art are meant to be experienced in different ways.
" — Scott "Different people are interested in… different things.
That's why you need people with different points of view, to think of different perspectives and find different roads.
The photos weren't merely taken from different perspectives—they were taken on completely different days on completely different streets.
The photos weren't merely taken from different perspectives—they were taken on completely different days on completely different streets.
You have to imagine a web of different relationships, where the same physics has different descriptions, revealing different properties.
What's fascinating is how one haircut has signified so many different things, across different historical moments and different constituencies.
Developers release multiple versions of the same app so they can use different names, different keywords and different categories.
Because these spaces have different audiences, we use them in very different ways and feel different levels of freedom.
Highway builders must get up to 16 different approvals involving nine different federal agencies governed by 29 different statutes.
Autonomous vehicle developers are pursuing different strategies and technologies — and making different claims, in different ways, about their systems.
When you pluck a guitar string, it makes different sounds, and those different sounds correspond to different vibrational patterns.
Breakeven prices for shale vary tremendously between different companies, different basins and even different wells within the same play.
Different countries have different civil liberties traditions, and other societies also view American tech companies in a different light!
Highway builders must get up to 16 different approvals involving 9 different federal agencies governed by 29 different statutes.
Each election is unique, with different issues motivating voters, and different candidates appealing to different segments of the population.
But this had women from very different backgrounds, different class experiences, different relationships but they still came together, unified.
Mattresses are like shoes or bras or chairs in that different people with different bodies will have different needs.
Not just the addition of news, but a piece that feels different, reads different and leaves you feeling different.
So, for example, we've seen just within dogs, different dogs have different personalities, and they convey slightly different effects.
Negotiations have also touched on the possibility of different wages, at different times in different parts of the state.
And we have three different styles, actually three different styles, actually six different styles, but it's typical two styles.
"Barcelona is a mixture of different people who speak different languages and came from different places," Mr. Bartomeus said.
At least part of the reason is that they themselves have different strengths and weaknesses, different instincts, different tastes.
But in an important sense they are different types of movies, different types of stories, doing very different things.
Different cards will also have different earn rates in different spending categories such as air tickets, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.
The reason we have different bathrooms and changing facilities is because we have different bodies, not different gender identities.
"It's a different race, it's a different cycle, and I'm running against somebody who is completely different," she said.
He advocated getting a range of different experiences in different areas, whether at the same company or different ones.
That manifests in different ways and in different aspects of our lives—and the journey looks different for everyone.
What do our readers want from us on different devices at different times of day involving different news events?
Different radar views show different measurements, including one that identifies objects that have similar shapes by using different colors.
Putting this information together on one plane allows for different times and different places and different histories to collide.
"We are aware that different aid groups use different definitions and have access to different data sources," she added.
Because people have different approaches, different ways of thinking, different creativity, different backgrounds, sometimes those unique traits can combine together to be better than just the average of their intelligence.
"The challenge of the relationship is: How do people with different genetic traits, different personalities, different sleep structures, and different relational needs work as a team to make this work?"
Home mortgages, student loans, and payday loans, for example, are all used for different purposes, entail different amounts, have different terms, and carry different levels of social stigma and stress.
The curve looks somewhat different in different regions and during different seasons — there are different-size peaks and ramps — but it usually falls within a fairly narrow and predictable range.
It may seem old hat to Valley-dwellers who see Google's self-driving cars zooming around the streets of Mountain View, but different vehicles, with different purposes, in different countries, following different traffic rules may as well be a whole different industry.
This small-but-growing marketplace is currently inhabited by about a dozen different pet insurance companies, and each insurance plan offers coverage with different perks for different pets and different budgets.
Users designate different colors for different notifications, so if, say, you get an email, the circle turns green, the theory being that users assign different levels of urgency to different notifications.
But you have to work with many governments, different ministries within each government, you have to work with multiple partners in each country, which are very different, different languages, different dialects.
Given that these were different hearings in different settings involving different attorneys and different topics, it would be easy to ignore how statements made at these hearings relate to each other.
That the same words can mean different things to different people — especially in different countries, with different cultures — is part of Diplomacy 101, and something people expect from even novice politicians.
"UT simply seeks minority students with different backgrounds, different experiences, and different perspectives," lawyer Gregory Garre argued in court briefs.
The density of the cities are different, the demand for services are different, the sophistication of the consumers are different.
I&aposm getting different vibes from the Treasury secretary, different vibes from their trade representatives, different vibes from the president.
We all become adults with wildly different inheritances, starting our lives in radically different places, propelled toward dramatically different destinations.
The different emphasis doesn't reflect different facts, but two different philosophies about how to talk about progress in global health.
To follow debates on Brexit in different parts of Europe means navigating not just different languages but different epistemological planes.
Except ... the kicker is that the evidence might involve completely different incidents, with completely different women, at completely different times.
But different centers use different formats to store genetic sequencing data and have very different ways of describing patient outcomes.
It was simply surreal, a dispatch from a totally different world with totally different candidates who believe totally different things.
Apparently jealous of Android's fragmentation, Apple decided it needed three different models, three different storage sizes and nine different colors.
Different people have different reactions to different chemical formulations; what works well for one person can ruin another person's life.
Since they're all customized to different heights, different sizes, women and men have different needs, all that kind of stuff.
The different vegetable flours mean the reaction begins with different precursors, potentially leaving behind a different assortment of flavorful compounds.
Depending on the country, the characters eat different food, joke about different things, complain about different trends sweeping their city.
"Different contexts and different instructors and different students could potentially change what these gaps actually look like," Professor Brownell said.
In Russia and China, the communists were something different; Berlusconi was something different; and, of course, Hitler was something different.
I think they feel we might be different: hanging out with us [might be different], and sex [might be different].
We're all on different planes at different frequencies, going up and down different states of consciousness, like in invisible elevators.
Different panels of different judges have gone different ways, said Vera Ranieri, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Our elections are fiercely contested, just as they are in America, with different parties winning different states at different times.
There's so many different people from so many different places, of different backgrounds and religions — but here, we're all one.
Mainly, I could not imagine the sadness we would feel, in different ways, for different reasons, and in different measure.
The foil beneath the Vehicle can run at different angles and at different speeds, to create different types of waves.
"Very different situations, very different adversaries if you will, very different level of commitment," he said, according to NBC News.
Every month, you're tasked with making several payments, each at different amounts, with different due dates and different interest rates.
It needed a lot of different qualities from an actor, the ability to alternate between different states at different times.
Recessions are difficult to compare because each affects different parts of the economy in different ways and at different times.
The death rate varies by country, since different governments enact different intervention strategies and test their populations at different rates.
In other cases, they might summarize information on two different statistics for different groups or at different points in time.
Regulatory "sandboxes" can mean different things to different people, as well as to different sectors of the financial services industry.
We run them in a lot of different ways with a lot of different people, a lot of different cultures.
I wanted them to feel all the different body types, all the different women in different stages of their womanhood.
We were five recent college grads from different backgrounds with different jobs and different friends, but Mario Kart united us.
Remote ID tiers should account for different types of flight by different types of operations in different types of airspace.
TB: We're looking at different varieties of pucks and fairies — different horn shapes and different wing shapes, races within races.
In Silence, Father Rodrigues is on a different path and in different circumstances, and he takes a vastly different route.
JESSE GREEN This was an odd year, with many different kinds of shows in different styles and with different provenances.
"It includes 16 different approvals involving 10 different federal agencies being governed by 26 different statutes," Trump said last year.
The classic example is people who see a different color for different letters of the alphabet or for different numbers.
We just really are different people — completely different people.
"Addictions may be different for different people," he said .
The two different types aren't quite different species — yet.
" And different tasks, they said, "require fundamentally different mechanisms.
The Defenders — they're such different characters and different worlds.
And they were so different — the ideas were different.
" A SWIM MEET has "different strokes for different folks.
I think the different use cases for different ... Subject.
A message that you should be afraid, afraid of people whose ethnicity is different, or religious faith is different or who were born in a different country or hold different political beliefs.
And the reality is that Northern Ireland and Ireland are, at the moment, two different countries with two different outlooks, two different attitudes towards the future, two different views of the past.
A message that you should be afraid — afraid of people whose ethnicity is different or religious faith is different, or who were born in a different country or hold different political beliefs.
She was really attractive to me, for her femininity and her masculinity, and she was constantly transitioning through life into different beings and different genders, and different races as well, different species.
We begin having sex at different ages, in different spaces, with all manner of different feelings attached (if any, at all).
Maybe the best person is someone who doesn't think like you, exactly, and who has different experiences, different perspectives, different connections.
Different regions have different times of production and different peak loads; they can help smooth out each other's peaks and valleys.
With Wagner, this question is complicated by the fact that it has been different things in different places at different times.
What to watch: Merkel, May and Macron are different politicians at different points in their careers in different domestic political atmospheres.
Offering different styles should make the service appeal to a wider variety of musicians, as different genres require different mastering approaches.
Each of these clouds contain different chemical signatures, suggesting they formed in different ways, or from different areas, and then converged.
They have to analyze whether or not, the person-- (CROSSTALK) PAVLICH: Different countries have different values doing different ways of government.
Eastwood smartly intersperses the doomed flight throughout Sully's narrative; we see different aspects of it from different angles at different times.
"It was different than what I have ever looked for in a man before — very different, completely different, actually," Hartman said.
"Different companies have different reference data sets and different algorithms, hence the variance in results," a spokesman from 99.993andMe told me.
And I think a lot of us experimented at different, you know, at different points in the pipeline through different interventions.
No one had given me a checklist to follow, and so I bounced between different moods, different places, and different jobs.
What a pluralistic society—with different outlooks, different faiths, different colors—might look like to Dreher remains something of a mystery.
The speed and the tech events take place in different locations at different times, with different practice and pre-race regimens.
There are the trans-Atlantic flights taking them to games in different hemispheres, in different climates and in different time zones.
"We really do need to have different technology, different algorithms and a different cloud, than in the consumer internet," he said.
When she rose, her dancing gradually disclosed more and more resources: different meters, different floor geometries, different lines of the body.
A lot of different people put different claims on Christianity and then place on it different social commitments and group stereotypes.
And every abuse type is different, actioning hate is very different from actioning bullying, which is very different from sexual content.
But every breakup is different because every relationship is different and everyone is fucked up and fucked over in different ways.
Not only will it feel different and our fabrics are going to be different, the whole thing's going to look different.
More people voting would not only mean "different political parties with different platforms and different candidates," the writer Rebecca Solnit said.
We make this freely available and in different presentation forms because different generations have different ways of how they process information.
But then I saw the different socioeconomic backgrounds, different races, different religions — and people that were also not religious at all.
You did say different regions, different countries have different systems — yes absolutely and there's no question that going international requires work.
Lee pioneered airborne warfare William C. Lee won glory in a different war on a different continent during a different century.
Inundated with place-specific media and porn styles and weird laws, different countries breed different social norms—and different hookup protocol.
Different people with different experiences want different things; how do we find a way to live together without resorting to violence?
In some ways, it was an unequal relationship between two men of different ages, different upbringings and vastly different financial circumstances.
Different words, different pronunciations, and different spellings have created two distinct separations in the English language: British English and American English.
"It's like each piece of paper represents a different story, a different community, a different system, a different life interrupted," Wink said, noting that he will be taking his kids to the exhibit.
Each case was different, tried under different state laws by different prosecutors and defense lawyers and presided over by different judges, offering a window into the divergent paths seemingly similar accusations can take.
Every client has a different physical build or skin tone, the crew could be shooting with a different camera in different scenes, and the wardrobe and environment can change, so it's always different.
In the course of these conversations, four broad paths emerged, each pointing to different agendas, different messages, different coalitions of voters and a different conception of what it means to be a Republican.
People who live in these two camps don't like each other, refuse to live near one another, digest different news media, eat at different restaurants, drink different coffee and hold wildly different values.
The People's Vote campaign is a number of different pro-European organizations that were working since the Brexit vote, but often with slightly different messages, slightly different campaign strategies, slightly different end objectives.
"Different companies have different business models and different ways that they exploit the product, but the more there are, the more different ways, it's just that much healthier for the business," said Joel.
Elites use different words, eat different foods, listen to different music — I was astonished when I learned that people listened to classical music for pleasure — and generally occupy different worlds from America's poor.
It may require working with different companies, different industries or even different countries, so a year as a consultant can easily be comparable to several years worth of experience in a different role.
A. We're on a different night at a different time.
Using a different inequality measure leads to slightly different results.
Anxieties manifest themselves in many different ways for different people.
Different words for different times, but that's our national core.
"Reproducible means different things to different disciplines," Gallagher told me.
Lionsgate wanted to do something different, and Bithell is different.
Trump: It's going to be different, going to be different.
We just have a different vibe and a different energy.
"Dolgopolov is a different player, a different level," Federer said.
Different types of Emerson thermostats have plenty of different features.
After fighting, we had different lives, went in different directions.
They're from a different perspective, and they represent different needs.
Other cards reward different categories of spending with different rates.
Obviously, the contact is different because the crimes are different.
These factors could have a different effect on different populations.
"Different drugs would be regulated in different ways," Rolles explained.
Different systems will respond in different ways to populist pressures.
But those are different thresholds, and the responses are different.
Different modules, different charges — that's all speculation at this point.
There are so many different regions of different foods there.
Different people prefer different kinds of pressure levels and movements!
In dollar value, that means different things for different investors.
Today, every family is different because people's values are different.
The future looks different in different parts of the world.
Three, different kinds of stimuli create different kinds of product.
At IAIA, they found themselves in different circles, different seminars.
Two very different teams were doing two very different things.
We check different botanicals from different origins daily and weekly.
Fonzo: Different humans do different things, some right some wrong.
"Every child is different, every family is different," she continued.
I definitely viewed myself as different, and different was ugly.
Ideological camps live in different worlds served by different media.
But different parts of the world warm at different rates.
Each service displays different prices and has a different inventory.
It says I'm different and different, for me, is empowering.
"We need different pressure on the different sides," she said.
They're fundamentally different business models operating in very different economies.
Different insurance plans negotiate different discounts off that list price.
"Digital transformation is different things to different people," McDermott said.
A.K.A. a totally different person from a totally different country.
Sexiness is objective and means different things to different people.
Different people might draw different conclusions from the available information.
Trader Joe's can feel different to different kinds of shoppers.
Now we have a different president and a different whistleblower.
"It'll mean different things to different readers," Tiffany Liao said.
Now the policy prescriptions obviously are different in different places.
You are from different generations -- >> It's a very different system.
A different group of people with different energy and style.
Every channel has a different audience consisting of different people.
A different fingerprint is associated with a different user account.
I guess different people look at it in different ways.
Of course, everyone is different and every pregnancy is different.
Different HDMI ports on your TV might provide different functionality.
Different components of the marijuana plant can have different impacts.
There are different types of audits, which require different responses.
The risk profile is different, and the upside is different.
Different fridge configurations allow for different forms of Riccing. Help!
Selling out looks different, and maybe it feels different too.
That's why you get different Chladni figures for different frequencies.
And different readers will gravitate towards different sections and articles.
Different sizes of the same candy can have different ingredients.
Because our tastes are different, what we value is different.
Especially when there are different levers, different populations to serve.
Or are they different entities with different rights and responsibilities?
Pressure is manifesting itself in different ways in different places.
Many different crevices where you can hide many different things.
But different countries are at different stages of the journey.
This orgy of reminiscence has different causes in different countries.
Different people at the administration had different points of view.
They are different skill sets and come in different forms.
By lighting up different ones, it can create different images.
"Everyone's on a different path, a different journey," Henson said.
Different Pokémon need to walk different distances to find candy.
So things have been different and can be different again.
Different election results would have made for different fiscal policy.
Different strokes for different for folks, know what I mean?
She creates different products and what works to different mediums.
"It's about different personalities and different styles," Bragman told CNN.
They're two different systems designed to do two different things.
Companies use different algorithms based on different sets of data.
Different cultures are going to go different ways with it.
Zuckerberg: Um, in different ways, different parts of it yes.
Being "the very best" means different things to different people.
However, different income brackets may see results at different times.
"Different guys got it going at different times," Anthony said.
Three accounts, each with a different verb, tell different stories.
I visited two different mosques with two very different approaches.
Comander notes the treatment affects different patients in different ways.
Because out tastes are different, what we value is different.
Individual community members are all facing different obstacles, different oppressions.
Of course, 'care' can mean different things to different people.
Different people have different views, but that's the president's objective.
DL: Different ways of painting can communicate different kinds information.
Meanwhile, different colleges offer different amounts for the same achievement.
"It is different environment and a different time," he said.
"That money went in a different direction — completely different direction."
Different fields, even different researchers, identify intelligence in disparate terms.
But the circumstances are different and the moment is different.
Acceptable body proximity is different in different countries and cultures.
Each episode features a different story and a different cast.
We had different songs where you can hear different bands.
The stress manifests itself in different ways in different people.
The phrase "luxury rentals" means different things to different people.
It allows for different standards for different types of degrees.
It's a different aesthetic, a different understanding of this artform.
Hope and Change, however, meant different things to different people.
"Different posts require different questions and vetting," the aide said.
Likewise, different types of body tissue have different strain rates.
We have messages from all over, different countries, different states.
But it's very individual, and different sports have different needs.
"We all have different needs at different times," Cooper says.
So I love exploring with different things from different decades.
"It's very different from sheltering women, very different," she says.
Californians may have different ideas and different priorities than Louisianans.
I always felt, I'm different, I wish I wasn't different.
In some instances, different offices and different regions come together.
You allocate the dollars to different envelopes for different purposes.
"This is very different, it's very different," Bill Clinton said.
Depending on where you're traveling, different companies have different requirements.
This is a different Argentina dealing with a different IMF.
She returned this week: different fire, different shelter, same toil.
Use different passwords for different websites, and change them frequently.
You used different hand lenses for different phases of magnification.
But different brands have different specifications for what they want.
Athleisure, in any case, means different things for different people.
But sustaining power is a different matter, requiring different strengths.
Health issues hit us in different ways at different ages.
But this is a different America and a different President.
"Different people have had different reactions to it," Witte says.
The thing is, different people need different types of communication.
When it comes to motherhood, different states have different preoccupations.
Different kinds of makeup require different kinds of prepping methods.
Different sides might offer different perspectives, creating contrasts for voters.
They evolve over time and remain different in different eyes.
But they're different models and different places in the world.
Each episode features a different plot and a different cast.
Different sections are devoted to different elements of the Bible.
Bartending at different places definitely results in different drunken behavior.
But that ideal portfolio may look different to different planners.
But Russia has a different history and a different culture.
They hear from very different constituents, with very different priorities.
We all have favorites from different periods and different genres.
"Everyone is different and therefore has different goals," Dolan says.
It can mean a different thing in a different time.
I wanted to meet different people, and see different things.
The same disease may have different symptoms on different people.
Different countries are in different scenarios, requiring a tailored response.
Cybersecurity professionals strongly recommend using different passwords for different services.
The Ramones were kind of different but not different enough.
There will be two different models with different screen sizes.
That means different parts of his body have different accelerations.
"Four different people, that's four different sleeping temperatures," she said.
Republicans and Democrats represent very different constituencies, with different values.
Different DERs provide a wide range of different energy services.
Now, even those terms mean different things to different people.
There is no judgment there — different modes for different folks.
The varying ratios of different cell types, in different individuals.
Different tournaments stand out for different reasons, good and bad.
I do different tasks in different areas of the studio.
We had to use different pieces from different photo shoots.
All of them are different things from a different perspective.
Lacrosse, which I'm still ... It's helmets ... Different but- Different. Yeah.
"Different styles, different ways to understand the sport," Nadal said.
"Your circumstances are different, your loss was different," Brown adds.
The different acts in "Don Q" are like different worlds.
Each duet has a different mood, expressing a different relationship.
"It triggers different people in different ways," Mr. Loitsch said.
If the standards were different, different choices would be made.
"Could the results be different in different states?" he added.
Different countries promoted very different perspectives of the same scene.
In fact, I think different stories can serve different purposes.
Different medical schools have different strengths, she told me later.
Different tools and audiences beg for different types of videos.
It'll be different, and I think quite a bit different.
Since each measures different things, they often produce different results.
There will continue to be different timelines for different films.
We'll find different chemicals in the water on different years.
Mueller's theme, all portrayed by different actors in different films.
But different kinds of objects have different kinds of reception.
Varying conditions at different latitudes create wildly different ecological zones.
"It's different for different kids," Moheeb said with a shrug.
But these are radically different jokes telegraphing entirely different perspectives.
He was tinkering with different golf balls and different putters.
Those things can have different monetary values in different communities.
We're different sort of personalities and we've got different interests.
If you want to have different personalities, use different accounts.
Of course, different speakers are better suited to different situations.
Will we want different rules for machines in different countries?
Its venom contains several different components that have different effects.
Chili can mean many different things to many different people.
But this means different things to different groups and people.
Targeting allows them to send different messages to different constituencies.
Different species of animals perform different jobs with their muscles.
"I was told different things by different people," Wickman said.
Now, different glasses drive that bubble engine in different ways.
I felt free to try different things and different voices.
Different fungi are common in different areas of the country.
In Mexican culture, birria means different things to different people.
Different election results would have made for different fiscal policy.
"This story is quite different in different states," Siniavskaia says.
Legacies are different, histories are different, so let's work together.
Different modes of work call for different types of people.
Different states have different views, as is to be expected.
We have I think 79 different letters from different committees.
"This is a different day, and a different time," Rep.
We live in different philosophical worlds, with different foundational principles.
Currently, there are 42 different pension schemes for different sectors.
Different strands of it now live on under different names.
So it's opening up different markets and offering different services.
Using different methodologies will lead you to slightly different answers.
There are different kinds of exploitation, different degrees of it.
So different kinds of disappointment and different people were disappointed.
We think the different subclasses [of flavonoids] have different effects.
That required a different set of people, a different organization.
Oh, I think probably different ones came for different reasons.
Which is radically different than the way you ... Radically different.
Different analyses of a problem lead to different proposed solutions.
To be different among the different is an unwinnable state.
People have very different habits, and their life is different.
"Then, we burn different woods for different meats," explains Guinn.
I think different apps do different things better than others.
How can different people, different countries help with the process?
People from different cultures often have different styles of communicating.
Sierra Leone, to the north, has a different history, different needs, a different constellation of charities and aid agencies—and similar problems.
"The way I think of it, you've got a bunch of different forces on different levels pushing in different directions," Gregory said.
We had a shared aesthetic, but different ways of getting to a solution, and obviously different ideas, as we were different people.
As such, it makes sense that different studies involving different samples are going to come to very different—and sometimes inconsistent—conclusions.
Freestyle has 15 different filters to choose from, with 38 different settings that paint over your game with different hues and effects.
The spreadsheet has different sections for different categories, including current-gen consoles, current-gen games, and sections for different formats of movies.
"This was a different group and the nature of the posting was different, we were talking about a different employee," he said.
Each testing company is looking at different alleles from different parts of the genome, and using different algorithms to crunch that data.
More often than not, even though they're the same model, sometimes they'll have different graphics cards in them, different motherboards, different chipsets.
It's the bundle: your favorite websites tiered up into different packages, forcing you to pay different rates just to access different sites.
However, sometimes songs from the past can resurface in different times, different contexts, different socio-political landscapes, and take on new meaning.
The nature of the opportunity has changed, requiring different skill sets, different types of investments by business, and different policies from government.
Obamacare was intended to offer a variety of insurance plans with different features, catering to different kinds of people with different needs.
"This could mean there could be different lighting fixtures inside the home that are different colors at different times," he told CNBC.
" This story, she writes, must be "narrated many times, in many different words, and from many different angles, by many different minds.
We must depend on the published scientific web of multiple studies done by different authors on different populations using different research approaches.
During Cloud's final battle with Sephiroth, the transformative antagonist fights desperately, rapidly shapeshifting into two different forms with different bodies, different names.
The two games have different artistic styles, different weapons, and different maps to play in, but the core concept is the same.
"We are all different around here, different backgrounds, different colors," said Cristian Pimentel, 45, a maintenance worker who lives a block away.
This is harder to track consistently across different Pokémon and different trainers with different levels of experience — but players are trying anyway.
And I'm not knocking anything, it's just different models that occur differently, they have different ... over time they have very different consequences.
There's no uniform way this will be decided, Williams said, because different sports and different countries all have somewhat different time lines.
They're against men of all different varieties, in different industries, with different sensibilities, bound together, solely, by the grotesquerie of their sexuality.
They have marched to a different beat, promoted different standards, and played by different rules — all with a sense of smug entitlement.
But the thing is, last you'd noticed, the song was in a different key with a different beat and a different mood.
They are offering different things and I think that actually playing out to quite different generations and different types of fan bases.
With different shapes, colorful lenses, and frames, she can have a bunch of different pairs to match different looks she's going for.
Election influence is likely to be pushed through different channels, on different websites and using different techniques than in 2016, Green said.
Different times, different wars, different reactions by two magnificent athletes, both champions of principle to the challenges that life threw at them.
"It would be strange if twenty-nine allies with different political parties, different history, different geography, always agreed on everything," Stoltenberg said.
"All the stakeholders are asking for something different, because they have a different view on the sport and different requests," he said.
"It's not like a cut paste copy because the contexts are different, the environment is different, the infrastructure is different," Saxena adds.
This is what Mackey emphasizes again and again: Pain patients are different individuals, and different individuals will have different pain management needs.
In Israel, the situation is quite different — so different, in fact, that there are entirely different conceptual categories for describing Israeli Judaism.
If you look at the financial system today, equities and loyalty points are very different, they're very different systems, very different players.
On the brighter side, my eyes have been opened to many different opportunities involving technology, jobs, meeting different people, seeing different cultures.
The game has four different "worlds" where you encounter different threats, and each world offers a different type of game to play.
These sensors will pick up information on usage patterns at different times of day, in different noise environments, and in different temperatures.
I think there's different reasons, and when you're looking at Europe they are all so very different countries and also, different mentalities.
It's worth pointing out right at the start that some experimentation may be required, because different sets have different quirks, and on top of that different types of content require different types of configuration.
" When it comes to future projects, Bloom says, "My goal is to continue working with people who want to include everyone, people who want to see different faces, different bodies, different lifestyles, different narratives.
Customers can choose from 23 different colors of leather; eight different colors of Alcantara; 31 different colors of stitching; 18 colors of carpet; and even choose from 11 different colors for their seat belts.
"Traceback information from four restaurants in three different states so far has implicated 10 different distributors, 12 different growers, and 11 different farms as potential sources of the contaminated lettuce," the FDA said Thursday.
You'd be classified as one of, say, 12 types, with each type being given different probiotics, different dosages and different mixtures combined with a different diet to enforce a certain resident bacteria community composition.
If I talk to three existing portfolio companies and three potentially investable startups in a day, there are six different industries, six different business models, six different teams, six different sets of target customers.
It's marijuana or cannabis depending on your preferred nomenclature, but really there's thousands of different strains and they have different effects on the body, and of those thousands of different strains, there are also hundreds or thousands of different agricultural regions that grow those different strains.
Use different ringtones for different peopleSetting different ringtones for different contacts is a handy way of helping you decide whether or not a call is worth picking up before you've even looked at the screen.
"Each market is different, they have different objectives in other markets, we have different strengths in different markets, but of course it helps," he told the audience at Morgan Stanley's Telecoms, Media and Technology conference.
What we call "probiotics" are actually many, many different strains of bacteria that can affect different processes in your body in different ways.
But particle physics requires all sorts of different experiments, looking for particles of lots of different masses and lots of different interaction strengths.
Our skin color is the result of many, many different genes which work together in different combinations to produce different colors of skin.
"The people will be different, the relations between them will be different, and the uses of public space will be different," Rueda says.
You have forms of shallow attention, you have really deep attention, you pay different kinds of attention to different things in different situations.
And A Wrinkle In Time means different things to different people at different times in their life, and there are so many threads.
Psychedelics are unusual in that different doses have very different sets of effect, almost as if you're getting different stations on a radio.
The VPN (Virtual Private Network) business is competitive right now, with a whole load of different providers offering different packages at different prices.
We all have different aspects of ourselves, and who we are to different people in our lives, at different stages of our lives.
And we're trying to find out the way to bring this model to different markets, different functional areas, different geographies is the focus.
There are issues; the two countries represent a different political system, different history, heritage, people in terms of culture are also very different.
Every show comes to the air under a different set of circumstances, with a different budget, and with a different baseline for success.
If my body touches the surface aggressively or lightly, smearing or sanding, it creates different emotional notes, different speeds, and different focal points.
By the time I was 19 years old, I had lived in five different cities in four different countries and three different continents.
They were all different, but not so different that you couldn't believe they all met in the dorm rooms and had different interests.
Participating in this second wave means experiencing different types of gender dynamics and the sound of different languages and different discourses around violence.
And there's different flows, different songs, different ways you can compliment a beat, so that's what kind of drew me to hip-hop.
A former product manager at Zynga, Ross emphasized the importance of testing different strategies and using different approaches for different types of visitors.
Different immigrant groups have come in, and Canadian politics has always been different from American politics anyway, and now it's even more different.
"There are different levels of complexity involved in states, and there's different levels of capacity, and there's different levels of experience," he said.
But these two institutional forces — the press and the presidency — operate under different codes, have different objectives and are held to different standards.
"We developed the brand with best friends in mind, knowing that they had different budgets, different tastes and different sizes," Ms. Staple said.
"I got a different feeling with New York, different relationship, different bond with the city, with the fans, with the people," he said.
Still, there are far more options than prohibition and legalization, and different drugs with all sorts of different risks likely merit different policies.
"As they grow, they discover different neighborhoods bring with them a different community and a different set of rules and regulations," says Schlesinger.
"They looked at quite a few different cities of different sizes and different climates," said Ford, who did not participate in the research.
"Each song has the same theme in three different perspectives, from three different women in three different parts of their lives," Alana said.
Often the ads are sold dynamically in an auction — different companies offer to pay different amounts to get your attention at different times.
And go to the market not once a year but at different times in different locations with different ideas, formats, distribution and innovation.
"It never gets boring, because every day plays different, every opponent plays different, every guy gives you different struggles," Federer said last week.
Different label makers support different tape and font-sizes, so it's a good idea to pick one that offers a couple different options.
It's a nightmare: all the different quantity counts, the different sellers.
And there's different conflicting medical literature about different types of ingredients.
It almost felt like a different job in a different drama.
They can be read by different cultures and in different times.
So preserve the core even with different words in different settings.
Our research showed that different sectors had vastly different response rates.
Different places have different layouts, rules, infrastructures, people, habits, and needs.
All different audiences, very different audiences, have had the same reaction.
They are "in use" to different degrees and in different ways.
You learn their different schedules and the different routes they take.
So different cultures would necessarily have lots of different color words.
I think smart hotel, it has many different stages, different phases.
That was filmed over three different locations in three different times.
I think different people will get different things out of it.
Gauge your partner's reaction Holidays mean different things to different people.
But what happens when different voices are amplified, different notes strummed?
Yeah, the gaps in different communities are going to be different.
"Different physicists have different opinions on what's more compelling," he said.
IK: I think they're very different products, in many different ways.
And different brands of DNA tests can beget entirely different results.
Different parts of your brain mature at different times, Somerville said.
People would grow different weed and we'd have every different kind.
A slightly different set of apparatus would produce completely different results.
Certain strains cause different warts on different parts of your body.
The team created different ways to visualize different bodies of data.
Waking up in a different one is like a different world.
Both of these types have different culprits and require different treatments.
It means different things to different people, and I respect that.
It is hard to compare different courses over different time spans.
You may find different speeds feel better on different body parts.
Different color combinations make the textures look and even feel different.
I just want to do something totally different, with different people.
But at the moment different drivers have different opinions on that.
We live in different media environments with different sets of facts.
Different types of molecules emit waves at different types of frequencies.
The smells in the kitchen were different; the clothing was different.
"We've found different levels of success with different investors," agrees Lamb.
But everyone is different, which means that every relationship is different.
"Every school is different, every campus is different," Alhadeff tells Refinery29.
Different groups define the "peak" of a meme by different standards.
That's why you get different effects from the different race bots.
These two factions want different policies and different kinds of politics.
And different companies have chosen to handle this in different ways.
I've met with Lance Armstrong, different cheerleaders from different NFL teams.
The four-hour daily cuts hit different places at different times.
They are from different areas, upstate New York and different states.
Wright's done classic misdirection by generating different scams for different audiences.
It's so fun to play someone different and be someone different.
It's about allowing room for different representation, room for different voices.
She also says different consultants have different approaches to price structuring.
Or in Miriam's case, she has different sleeves for different purposes.
Feeling "sexy" means different things for different people, even on Halloween.
Overwatch excels because there's a different hero for different play preferences.
There were different loans with different payment amounts due on dates.
Different creators have different interpretations of the work they collaborated on.
And the different plants produce very different ratios of those cannabinoids.
Different mutations, for instance, will affect different genes within a tumour.
VCs just play it completely different, PE plays it completely different.
And different parts of the world will progress at different speeds.
You know, in different settings I receive different levels of pressure.
The two services are very different, though, and serve different customers.
Occasionally, of course, different groups may have come to different conclusions.
Every baby is different and every style of parenting is different.
Ever more interest groups oppose different industries for different moral reasons.
We are living in a different time and a different life.
Guys go through different slumps at different times in their career.
When different countries receive different treatment, circumventing tariffs looks more tempting.
"The sun is very different during those different phases," Fox said.
They can be dual use, performing different roles in different planes.
Different types of memories consolidate in different parts of the brain.
Different professional viewpoints, just the way everybody is a different character.
It's a different market that causes a different set of challenges.
The outcome would have been different if the victim was different.
But then we tried to incorporate different shapes and different forms.
Businesses have always offered different prices to different groups of customers.
Everyone has a different body clock, a different "flow," says Faye.
After all, "adult-only" can mean different things to different people.
Like any other country, Singapore means different things to different people.
People always think 'this time it's different,' and that 'we're different'.
Q: Different grapes have different characteristics - so what grape are you?
Liberation means so many different things to so many different people.
Apparently push recommendations may come at different rates for different people.
You could now also write in different journals for different activities.
They face different plights and struggles, and different paths towards citizenship.
Different organizations use different qualifiers including physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
But today this morning is different and this sun is different.
I prefer a different view of technology and a different voice.
People have and always will have different motives and different values.
I saw Bloc Party, all these different people making different music.
"Each city has a different goal and different financials," says Lurie.
The cameras could also shoot at different speeds or different resolutions.
Flowers from different terrains and cultures produce honeys with different flavors.
We don't have different brands in different parts of the world.
Because each is slightly different, they shine different colors when electrified.
The same song can mean different things to different people, dude.
There were hundreds of different accounts, all belonging to different people.
Like myself, Walker is two different hitters with two different personalities.
And each has a different strength and suitability for different deliveries.
"She has different game, and I have different game," Svitolina said.
That's why they are offering different options to meet different requirements.
Each has different wavelengths and thus penetrates skin to different depths.
And different people or situations have prompted different thoughts or conversations.
They know I have different values and different priorities than them.
The answer is no: words have different meanings in different contexts.
We work for different companies, and sometimes in different industries entirely.
It is different, life is totally different, but I love it.
The two standards serve different purposes and therefore require different processes.
Like many of us, she wanted different pleasures from different novelists.
Different players open to trading, in theory, should have different Pokémon.
Choosing different answers to these questions leads to very different conclusions.
"Same size, just a different model and different name," Rizzo said.
Each standard is different and might lead to a different outcome.
It actually found different income levels for different definitions of happiness.
"This will affect different communities in very different ways," Salganicoff said.
A hotter, grimier, poorer country with different risks and different rules.
Each of them has different fees and slightly different operational rules.
The reason why is they get different ingredients in different regions.
It's just a different dynamic and a different sense of space.
Furthermore, different landscapes will call for different levels of suppression expenditures.
Different styles Stylistically, the two men could not be more different.
The seven women live in different places and have different lives.
Different distributors require different minimum card purchases for online gift purchases.
Its descendants evolved different kinds of limbs adapted for different tasks.
"Open source means wildly different things to different people," Cramer said.
We ride many different styles of motorcycles from many different manufacturers.
In addition, each hurricane posed different threats and caused different problems.
Different jurisdictions having different currency rules will mean some price quirks.
Their varying glands produce different kinds of silk for different purposes.
It's better these days, but different markets have different pay scales.
"The goals are very different, so strategies are different," she said.
But different circumstances and political dynamics could lead to different results.
Different voices, black and Latino, appear, to testify to different experiences.
"Different people describe the same behavior in different ways," Buckels says.
Different people will accept different levels and forms of surveillance, too.
"Different markets have different challenges that require new solutions," he said.
I went through different lyrics and different instrumentals to get there.
You know, I think people need different things at different times.
Every day is different, and every interaction is different, as well.
You know, I'm no different to you, and I'm no different.
Different haircut, different clothes, but it's essentially the same motivations. Yes?
This is gonna be a different thing, it should sound different?
So, talk about ... Khosla's different, because every venture firm is different.
It's a different time; we have a different relationship with fashion.
You get different robot companions that help you complete different tasks.
Canion enters subtly, and different members notice him at different times.
It's a different set of fans, a different sort of population.
But can different drinks really influence your mood in different ways?
Different pawang hujan use different tools and materials in their work.
Different images of the same person can generate completely different impressions.
He would've licensed his name to different suppliers in different states.
Different ways of organizing society light up different parts of ourselves.
A single approach can have far different consequences in different countries.
Different people have different ideas of what the right way is.
The prints were of different sizes and pointed in different directions.
We have different expectations for students with different English language levels.
"They're entirely different, and this poses very different challenges," he said.
We're in a different space with complexities that are very different.

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