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"same" Definitions
  1. exactly the one or ones referred to or mentioned; not different
  2. exactly like the one or ones referred to or mentioned

948 Sentences With "same"

How to use same in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "same" and check conjugation/comparative form for "same". Mastering all the usages of "same" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"Same management, same label, same promoters, same writers, same producers, same everything," he said.
Same display sizes, same wireless charging, same cameras — same everything.
Same enemy positions, same loot, same coffin / chest loot, and same boss.
Are they all identically dressed—same shirts, same trousers, same shoes, same haircuts?
It is the same every week: the same field, the same changing rooms, the same teammates and the same opponents.
Today, almost every new business is the same: same brands, same stores, same look.
It's not the same model, it's not the same face, not the same suit, not the same textures, not the same anything.
It looks the same, feels the same, smells the same, and makes the same coffee.
They had the same faces, the same beards, the same clothing and the same customs.
Screen: The iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 have the same screen — same 6.1-inch size, same 828p resolution, same bezels, same everything.
In the public eye, they were the same guy, trebled: same hair, same grin, same plump fingers holding the same brand of cigarette.
The same missions in the same order accomplished through the same abilities on the same hotbar slots mapped to the same keyboard keys.
These are the same conduct, just charged differently, same alleged victim, same time frame, same facts.
Meaning that the same performer does the same song with the same outfit—the same thing.
I keep the routines the same, keep family the same, life the same, home the same.
The same people are saying the same things on the same stages, selling the same people the same junk with slightly higher price tags.
It's got the same fast A12 bionic chip, the same front-facing camera, the same wide-angle camera, the same wireless charging tech, the same speakers and the same Face ID support.
The winner gets the same house, the same office, the same challenges and, yes, the same salary.
He began to notice repetitions, the same people, the same faces, the same gestures, the same clothes.
They should have the same stainless steel frame, same glass sandwich design, same notch, same dual camera setup on the rear, and same stereo speakers.
"The students go to the same classes, with the same kids, with the same friends, with the same teachers at the same time," Lighthall said.
Samsung's smallest S10 has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip, same 64GB of internal storage, same microSD card slot for storage expansion, same IP68 water and dust-resistance, same fast wired charging, same faster wireless charging, same headphone jack, same stereo speakers, and same new Wireless PowerShare feature for wirelessly charging accessories like the Galaxy Buds.
Same same same — I was a woman in both places.
"Same girl, same day, same time," wrote Smith on Instagram.
"Same girl, same day, same time," she captioned the photo.
Same components, same chips, same storage, year in year out.
Same hotel check out procedure, same outfit, same flight accessories.
I had the same writers, same producers, same talent coordinators.
" He added: "These are the same conduct, just charged differently, same alleged victim, same time frame, same facts.
Same furniture, same couch cushions worn out in the same old places, practically the same stack of magazines.
We all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny and the same great American flag.
Two people can have the same amount of excess weight, they can be the same age, the same socioeconomic class, the same race, the same gender.
If I could keep the same routine every day — same wake-up time, same route to work, same breakfast, same cup of tea — I'd be delighted.
They have the same 32GB of storage, the same expandable memory, same Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM, same fast battery charging, same fast wireless charging and the same IP68 water-resistance.
Peter Thiel talks about "the convergence of desire" — any exclusive nightclub around the world is basically the same experience, same drinks, same songs, same fashion, same goals.
Same foundation finish, same lip color, and same brown smoky eye.
"We're on the same team, same family, same network," he concluded.
Same devices, same vulnerabilities, and even sometimes exactly same code inside.
She had the same background, the same personality, the same strength.
"Same girl, same day, same time," she wrote in her caption.
"It's the same decor, same environment and same services," he said.
The same short legs, the same butt, the same asymmetrical face.
It's got the same Lightning port, same Touch ID fingerprint sensor, same 103-megapixel back camera, same 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera, and same bottom-firing stereo speakers.
They play the same games, see the same outdoor movies, eat at the same dining halls, serve the same nation.
Much of the Note 10 is the same as its bigger sibling: it has the same processor, the same S Pen stylus, the same software, the same angular design and premium feel, and the same camera system.
People who don't worship the same, dress the same, talk the same.
I was using the same fabrication, the same factory, the same models.
Same materials, same LED on the inside, same pairing button on the backside, and same Lightning charging port on the bottom.
It looks like the ritual manual—it's the same size, the same cover, the same rounded corners, the same colored paper.
Otherwise, they have the same cameras, same processors, same dual-speakers — the works.
There's the same super-soldier space marines, the same vehicles, the same weapons.
"Same girl, same day, same time," she wrote under her Instagram name, @selfloveclubb.
There's the same 21-inch PixelSense display, same cameras, and same port selection.
Same reliance on real NBA rosters, same highly stylized players, same 2v2 showdowns.
But the same genus, colonizing the same island, and evolving the same way?
"It helps me keep my same posture, same setup, same everything," DeChambeau admitted.
It has the same 5K screen, the same dimensions, and the same stand.
It's the same Jerricho Cotchery, the same Philly Brown, the same Cam Newton.
We all share the same fears, the same smartphones and the same hesitation.
"Same house, same job, same wife," Mr. Haigh said, according to The Guardian.
Same zip code, same education, same health… Now, you're asking my personal theory?
We remember the same shots from the same '80s movies; we love the same books; we're excited about the same storytelling possibilities.
We all share the same heroes, the same home, the same heart, and we are all made by the same Almighty God.
"We have given these products the same blood, the same nerve center, the same bloodline, the same ecosystem to share," Jia said.
Its characters read the same headlines we do, re-litigate the same political disagreements, watch the same films, peruse the same publications.
The Android Oreo-powered V303S retains the exact same design as the V230, the same dual-camera system, the same 22018:230 display, same 3,300mAh battery, and same Snapdragon 835 processor.
The second night of the Democratic debates had the same location as the first, the same set, the same moderators, the same format and the same number of randomly selected candidates.
" In that same essay, he lamented interracial sex because it would lead to a homogenization of humanity just as the world was filling with "the same cities, the same buildings, the same stores, the same products, the same way of life.
"When we remember that with those 272 souls, we received the same sacraments, read the same Scriptures, said the same prayers, sang the same hymns and praised the same God," he said.
They had spent most of their lives sleeping in the same room, going to the same schools, attending the same parties, competing in the same sports, and playing in the same band.
Visually, the Shield TV Pro is identical to the refreshed Shield TV from 2017: same design, same dimensions, same ports, same optional stand.
It feels like every fan watches the same feed, hears the same commentators, sees the same statistics and is served the same advertisements.
"It's become same-old, same-old — same-old, same-old great, I should add — and that's not enough for the market," Cramer said.
Eis Lanzarno has been on the same site, with the same machines, the same ethos, and much of the same decor since 1983.
They would go to the same DQ, sit in the same booth, order the same things, and oftentimes, see the same wait staff.
People want me to believethere's a difference when the resultis the same, same, same.
It looks the same, it has the same screen size, and the same cameras.
They drink the same coffee, watch the same films and carry the same smartphones.
Everyone is reading the same blogs, posting the same stuff, following the same artists.
We shop the same stores, attend the same churches and hike the same trails.
It has the same wedge shape, about the same price, and the same name.
The victim was the same age, the same height, the same build as me.
Think about the same meal, the same exercise routine, the same route to work.
I am using the same poll with the same construct and the same methodology.
The same thermodynamic gobbledigook, the same carbon we're made of, the same star dust.
You can expect the same crisis, same bluster and same script again in February.
Hopkins kept running the same plays, the same rotations, the same drills as Boeheim.
We are the same people using the same language and supporting the same team.
We played the same sports, took the same classes, volunteered at the same places.
We were close to the same age and walked the same brooding streets and strolled around the same St. Stephen's Green and browsed in the same melancholy brown-and-purple shops, crossed the same bridges with the lace-iron gates, drank in the same pubs, including McDaids and the Shelbourne Hotel's Horseshoe Bar, and took in the same Georgian houses and the same black-silver canals and loitered in the same libraries and heard the same rich talk and met some of the same people, but not each other.
There's just a general presumption of all black people thinking the same way, falling in the same income group, being the same age, living in the same hoods and supporting the same candidates.
Both videos were shot using the same GoPro Hero7 Black camera, the same helmet mount, and the same rider on the same mountain slope.
There's the same wood paneling, the same dimensions, the same wooden beams, the same bizarrely thin window in the middle of the largest wall.
The P30 features the same system-on-a-chip, the same teardrop notch, the same fingerprint sensor in the display, the same screen resolution.
The point being the importance of seeing the same-old, same-old — or thinking about the same-old, same-old — from a different perspective.
It has the same design, the same 6.1-inch 720p LCD with fancy rounded corners, the same giant bezels, and the same aluminum body.
Consider two chefs working side by side for the same catering company, doing the same job, for the same hours and the same money.
The plot is the same, the clothes are the same, the script is the same.
It has the same size screen, the same chamfered edges and the same button placement.
They will have the same treatment, the same responsibilities and the same opportunities for advancement.
It plays the same games, runs the same apps, depends on the same operating system.
We're also looking at that same software, those same Windows operating systems, those same browsers.
These are the same economic numbers from the same source calculated in the same way.
Every image shows the same wooden pillar, the same field, the same sky through time.
Everyone has the same Bosch appliances, the same views, the same marble slab open kitchens.
Every room looks the same, every bathroom looks the same, every office looks the same.
And what I'm seeing today from Trump is the same old, same old — same lies.
Not all lenders will price the same loan, for the same borrower, the same way.
It's like, everybody is wearing the same leggings, same top—different colors maybe—same ponytail.
The XR has the same overall design, the same processor, the same wireless charging, the same second-generation Face ID system, the same front camera, and the same main rear camera as the pricier XS and XS Max, but for hundreds of dollars less.
At home he drank the same beer, ate the same meals, sat in silence day after day with the same people in the same pub.
Surely the same people don't head home after the club and eat the exact same food, smoke the same cigarettes and use the same toothpaste?
After all, men and women share the same platforms, do the same jobs, run for the same office; they are part of the same story.
He loves it, it's certainly helped boost him to where he is today, but sometimes it gets him in trouble. Same. Same. Same. Same. 6.
The medicines are exactly the same as the brand-name drug — often made in the same factory with the same equipment to the same formula.
THE CONNERS Same-sex: 231st | Overall: 212st WILL & GRACE Same-sex: 215nd | Overall: 2247nd Sunday Night Football Same-sex: 22017th | Overall: 296st Big Bang Theory Same-sex: 473th | Overall: 247nd MURPHY BROWN Same-sex: 2000th | Overall: 21th Survivor Same-sex: 16th | Overall: 29th N.C.I.S. Same-sex: 28th | Overall: 3rd Some shows have little or no difference between how they rank among general viewers and same-sex households.
In fact, let's use the same charge at the same location with the same observation location.
Crew members eat in the same mess, use the same plates and share the same toilets.
So OSAKANA will apply the same philosophy and same care and same respect to domestic fish.
We wear the same things, listen to the same music, and look at the same pictures.
Yet Harvey's story seems stuck on repeat: same bat time, same bat channel, same bad ending.
We always smoke the same strains, with the same THC percentage, in the same familiar environment.
Even though they're the same seat for the same flight, they won't be priced the same.
So nothing changes — always the same faces, the same platforms, and the same evermore liberal system.
Airline pilots wear the same uniforms, they follow the same procedures, they even talk the same.
He orders the same food at the same restaurants on the same night (crab leg Wednesdays!).
Everybody's using the same office — everybody's using the same seat, and everybody's using the same wheel.
Five games in (including Demon's Souls and Bloodborne), the franchise still has the same animations, the same sounds, the same menus, even the same graphical issues.
To some people — most people, perhaps — we may all look the same, speak the same language, eat the same things, and come from the same place.
What are the odds that the same natural phenomenon would strike the same city, with the same fury, on the same exact date three decades apart?
This time, the detachable secondary screen is identical to the one on the phone — same OLED panel, same 6.4-inch size, same resolution, and same notch.
The conservative base, the conservative media, the conservative government — it's all the same thing now, all with the same perspective, all inhabiting the same epistemic universe, all pursuing the same war against the same perceived enemies.
It's people wanting to be different, but in reality they are just like everybody else in society—same problems, same daily grind, same prejudice, same racist slurs.
And we find ourselves in the same place, year after year, observing the same rituals, retelling the same stories, seeing the same faces, cycling on through time.
Otherwise, it's the same exact headset as the one that was released last year, with the same specs, same field of view and same level of immersion.
Women composers simply aren't getting the same opportunities, even though they have the same training, the same capacity to create, and the same passion for writing music.
They belonged to the same establishment, attended the same Ivy League colleges, were members of the same clubs, read the editorial pages of the same few newspapers.
But just being out of my comfort zone maybe, just because I've done the same thing for 10 years straight: same spring training, same organization, same whatever.
You start looking at production numbers, were these two units produced at the same time on the same line at the same factory with the same components.
"It's the same materials, the same paper, it's quite clear that these were both done by the same hand at almost the same time," said Mr. Meedendorp.
They weren't taught at the same schools, nor share the same textbooks, nor read the same journals.
You get the same refined design, the same fantastic EVF, and the same helpful in-body stabilization.
Their routines at the foul line, for example — same series of dribbles, same crouch, same high release.
The tweets contained the very same content, the same language, and the exact same series of hashtags.
Not just the body, but also the mind: the same knowledge, the same temperament, the same talents.
We cherish the same values and face the same adversaries so we much share the same determination.
They practised the same crafts and the same Christian faith, relying on the same ingenuity and hardiness.
Among the same-sex marriages, 97.53 percent involved same-sex women and 45 percent same-sex men.
They would line up in the same system, adopt the same style, play in the same patterns.
No two X-Men sounded the same, looked the same, or had the same set of powers.
They take the same oath, fight for the same flag and live according to the same law.
The same boogeymen, the same words It's not just that Trump's voters are articulating the same ideas.
Both books tell the same story of the same city populated by the same cast of characters.
We rode in the same cars, we stayed at the same hotels, we took the same trips.
They take the same oath, fight for the same flag, and live according to the same law.
It's the same awkward questions about how nervous stars are, the same dozen fashion labels name-dropped, and the same versions of the same blush-hued princess dress.
In fact, they seem boringly contented, seeing the same friends they saw in childhood, eating the same food, wearing the same collared shirts tucked in the same way.
That's where you ask how someone might feel about a black person living in the same country as them, or same state, or same city, or same neighborhood.
Mr. Humphrey and Mr. Dackerman say they were abused by the same man, Thad Alton, at the same school — even in the same tent at the same time.
Pinhal: And we always bet on the same suppliers, the same process, the same method, and the same product quality, and I think that was the winning factor.
You get the same service, you get the same pricing, and you all get in the same line.
The best solution is a bipartisan restoration of a fair playing field: same consumers, same rules, same enforcement.
It cited the same kinds of studies, used the same kinds of graphs, worked in the same vernacular.
They have the same purpose and are elected at the same time for the same five-year terms.
The Harvard psychologist found every pupil learning the same topic in the same way at the same speed.
How exactly does one "reboot" an animation if it's the same characters, same cast, and same general story?
They sleep at the same time, they eat at the same time, they poop at the same time.
Married the same year, treated by the same doctors, saddened by the same sense of exclusion and longing.
Kyle happened to bear a close physical resemblance to Schrutt's dad—same age, same build, same hair color.
Why do we keep going through the same hoops, the same hurdles, the same problems in Hong Kong?
When that happens, the same treatment delivered by the same people to the same patients jumps in price.
Kessel lifts Penguins over Capitals on banner night PITTSBURGH — Same teams, same extremely competitive game, same overtime result.
Staring at the same walls, the same spot on the ceiling, having the same experiences day after day.
Families attend the same churches, shop at the same market, and send their kids to the same schools.
We had the same playing field, the same launch pad, the same support system from a community standpoint.
You grow up in the same house, probably attend the same school, obviously share the exact same genes.
Imagine a world where everyone wore the same thing, bought the same items and wore the same accessories.
Indeed, showing up at the same bar with the same people will inevitably lead to the same behavior.
Conveniently, Gillibrand is on the same ballot, on the same day, in the same state as Andrew Cuomo.
Everyone sends kids to the same sorts of preschools, kids dress the same, even eat the same snacks.
I've watched the same rotation of comedians take the same stage and tell the same jokes for years.
Not all exercises are the same, not all bodies are the same, not all reps are the same.
A people with the same singular culture, the same religion and the same language tearing into one another.
Their fruits grow at the same rate, in the same abundance, and ripen at precisely the same time.
They're framing issues in the same way, pointing to the same boogeymen and even using the same words.
She's lived in the same town since she was 16, worked the same job, had the same friends.
Otherwise, the V43 model is the same as the original Phantom 4 Pro: same 30-minute flight time, same one-inch, 20 megapixel CMOS sensor that can record video at up to 4K/60p, same design, and same range.
So everyone gets the same content at the same time and shares the same experience at the same moment, which I have to believe is going to be unifying.
Everything about their design above the wire is identical: same soft foam pads, same collapsible design with extensible metal headband, same blue highlights, and same degree of lasting comfort.
I think they're in the same kind of ... They have the same kind of issues and the same sort of hostility to regulation and the same kind of ideology.
Culturally, too, Catalonia and the rest of Spain are basically the same: We mostly watch the same TV shows, listen to the same music and enjoy the same movies.
The MacBook Air still starts at $999 and comes with the same 1.6GHz Core i5 processor processor, the same amount of RAM (8GB), the same 128GB SSD storage, the same 83 hours of battery, all of it at the same price.
"They go to the same restaurants, they go to the same conferences, they have the same friends and connections, they write checks to the same think tanks and produce the same papers, it's a gravy train that never ends," Trump said.
Walk into any McDonald's in the world and, other than some localized decorations and special menu items, it's essentially the same thing as any other: same burgers, same fries, same macronutrient (im)balance, same standards of cleanliness and speed of service.
Democrats and Republicans might not live in the same places anymore or watch the same shows — but largely, they still buy the same kinds of cars, sign up for the same insurance plans, and participate in the same diet programs.
Same 2000:26 ratio displays, same touch technology, and in the case of the Surface Pro, same excellent hinge.
"We're the same age, have the same kind of personality and we laugh at the same things," Hanton said.
You can go anywhere in the world and see the same stores, the same trends, and the same habits.
You get the same world, the same characters, and the same general feeling that is augmented and "improved" on.
Same content, same writers, same big Facebook page driving nearly all the traffic — but constantly shifting domain names. Why?
It records to the same microSD cards, uses the same batteries, and charges via the same USB-C port.
It has the same stiff chassis, the same powerful but buttery engines and the same premium but simple interior.
We are the same, our views are the same, our morals are the same — he is my perfect match.
They don't think we deserve the same rights and the same treatment and the same things that they have.
"I&aposm trying to do the same thing I do every single day, same routine, same mentality," Andrus said.
They all attend the same charity events, the same Revolve-sponsored getaways, and the same cool coastal hangout spots.
The same amount, the same figure, the same quote, originality, but I think discoveries are made all the time.
We are the same, our views are the same, our morals are the same, he is my perfect match.
It's the same size and shape, meaning it fits the same mounts and works with the same accessories, too.
But each scene features the same chaotic angles, the same dogged grimaces, and the same life-or-death stakes.
Both sets of earbuds have the same audio tech, the same Apple H1 processing chip, and the same design.
We were all in the same room, before the same screen, but we weren't actually watching the same game.
We rehearsed in the very same space, with the very same people — almost the same people — but without him.
They've all got the same guts, the same design, and they all make the same ice, more or less.
Like you, we don't all think the same, feel the same, love, learn, live or even die the same.
"It's the same loan, the same payments, the same interest, but you have outsiders using the home," Yun said.
The acquisitions process is fundamentally broken, as the same requirements for the same systems lead to the same capabilities.
This means insurance must be priced the same for everyone in the same age group in the same community.
You're on the same page, you're in the same boat, and everyone is here for the same exact reasons.
It was the same amount I always took, bought from the same dealer, and ingested in the same way.
Qataris, Saudis and Emiratis stem from the same nomadic tribes, share the same religion and eat the same food.
Same thing here, same thing in Seattle, same thing in any kind of media market and any regional economy.
It seems like people are flocking to the same places, eating the same foods, and doing the same poses.
I'm sure he said the same to his own father, for the same reasons, and with the same reservations.
"Everything about the game is still the samesame questions, same time, same rules," says a spokesperson, except you'll play with the Apple TV remote instead of your phone's screen.
It turns out, this is almost the exact same dress she wore to last year's prom—same lace overlay, same color palette, and same mermaid skirt (which seems only fitting).
Same design (although the G5 SE is 7.3mm thick compared to 7.7mm for the G5), same 5.3-inch Quad HD IPS display, same cameras, and even the same modular design.
If they are not understood, or if they are forgotten, are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes, commit the same crimes, repeat the same disasters, spread the same sorrows?
And the premise was that everything about this place has stayed exactly the same; the main street has the same grocery store, it has the same café, the same bank.
At the same time, defenders argued that those same observers probably would not have reacted the same way had the same outfit been worn by been a white, thin celebrity.
More than two years later, in the very same courtroom, the same judge listened to what were largely the same arguments made by many of the same lawyers on Tuesday.
They're the same iPhones that are running the same hardware and software and connecting to the same LTE network at the same speeds they did before — just with a new logo.
The similarities between the show and the real-life case are striking -- same state (New Mexico), same type of defendant (middle-aged man), same profession (chemistry teacher), same crime (making meth).
In apartments decorated with the same furniture and painted the same shades of security-deposit white, we placed the same ceramic planters, creating photogenic vignettes with the same low-maintenance plants.
In that sense, his 22-26, 21-6, 6-4, 6-1 loss to Millman felt like more of the same: same fiery temper, same lack of composure, same disappointing result.
He's the author of the same number of prior books (four), lives in the same place (New Orleans), has the same friends (the photographer Deborah Luster) and the same murdered father.
"If we get the same-old, same-old politicians to take a same-old, same-old approach, I just don't see how that benefits the people of New Orleans," he said.
They go to the same colleges, marry each other, live in the same streets and work in the same offices.
Because why else would they be wearing the same robes, the same hair and makeup, and the same terrycloth slippers?
Same-store sales increased by 6.9% year-on-year, while same-area sales rose by 7.2% by the same comparison.
Obviously, not all children of the same parents, nor even those of the same sex, end up the same height.
"Jack Kennedy... had that same confidence, he had that same intelligence, he had that same will and strength," Minow said.
You might find several rental units in the same building, or of the same configuration, all by the same host.
But even with changes in personality and appearance, the Doctor is always the Doctor: same history, same memories, same values.
Every situation is different; no two people go through the same things the same way or in the same time.
They do it at the same time, the same pitch, with the same level of enthusiasm over and over again.
In some respects it is the same fight—the same door, the same resistance—that feminists have encountered for decades.
"They were the same ones, the same process, the same ones that have held all these times," said Mayor Klipsch.
They came on at the same time and they reported the same stories, and the basic content was the same.
"Nowadays, in all the bigger cities, there are the same luxury boutiques, the same smells, the same bags," she said.
We continue to live in the same house, our children go to the same schools, we do the same jobs.
We were never close but we knew the same people, ran in the same groups, even dated the same girls.
It's the same piano key being struck at exactly the same volume, and exactly the same rhythm, for two hours.
Students must be in the same classrooms, have the same quality of teachers and be disciplined in the same way.
We were diagnosed with the same kind of cancer at the same stage in our lives within the same week.
We went to the same university, studied the same subjects, and had the same types of internships or work history.
To the pound, men and women lug the same rucksacks, throw the same grenades and shoulder the same machine guns.
And it goes on as it began, with the same quiet rhythms, the same serenity, the same warmly awkward sincerity.
Unfortunately, often, the opera crowd always wants to hear the same things: the same Verdi operas, the same Mozart operas.
Mr. Spector had said the same thing in the same seat in almost the same words, just 20 minutes before.
Even so, this feels like something you've read before — the same characters, the same fetes, even the same recycled scenery.
They may not listen to the same music, watch the same shows, or read the same stuff as you do.
It became a ritual: They would go to the same DQ, sit in the same booth, order the same things.
It really is the same work ethic, the same vibe, the same total dedication to the work and individual artistry.
They want to continue to go to the same doctor, to the same supermarket, to the same restaurant for lunch.
There's more people on my block than in my hometown, and she gets the same ads, same time, same products.
Now we're told it's same team, same goal ... ballin'!
Many New Year's Eves tend to take on the same exact quality of the one before; it is the same overpriced bars, the same music, the same people, over and over again.
The cancer pavilion is a cruel democracy of appearance: the same bald heads, the same devastated complexions, the same steroid-swollen faces, the same plastic ports visible as lumps under the skin.
He spoke with the same zeal we expect from Shylock, had the same demands for justice, the same ludicrous faith in the judiciary, and even—I swear—some of the same desires.
"The same activist who sued 30, 40 years ago was back here in solidarity with another community, for the same things and the same reason with the same judge," Mr. Dandia said.
At times I almost felt we were occupying the same space, crossing the river Oka at the same time, keeping to the same path, hearing the same foresters' saws in the distance.
Zoe Walker, one of the narrators in this well-told suspense story, follows the same routine — same train, same car, same door — when she commutes to and from her real estate job.
Do you get the same feeling about playing the same songs over and over or repeatedly traveling to the same cities?
Growing up, we were taught to celebrate the same holidays, mourn the same national tragedies and celebrate the same national triumphs.
The two Note 10's should look identical: same glass and metal "sandwich" designs, same S-Pen support, and same performance.
They have the same grocery cart, same tupperware, and, if Abbi keeps going down the path she's on, the same future.
It's the same group of coaches, the same cast from a top-five offense, but we don't have the same stats.
They have the same haircut, the same great sense of style, and the same devotion to working out at the gym.
Given the same hand and same play again, Pluribus wouldn't choose the same bet, but rather vary it to remain unpredictable.
The mission area is the same, the prisoner is in the same place, and the guards are in the same place.
And if you look at it, it actually as the same pixel resolution, it has the same ... It's the same thing.
He had the same burly build and imposing height, the same buzz cut and the same chubby cheeks stuffed with tobacco.
For years they've had the same conversations, eaten the same meals and taken pleasant vacations at the same rented lake house.
Its website quote Cui as saying "we will certainly take countermeasures of the same proportion and the same scale, same intensity".
Next week they're going to trot out the same old Democrats with the same old message running the same old candidate.
Speed walls have had the same design, the same holds, put in exactly the same places, for more than 20183 years.
A separate witness had told CIJA of similar treatment by the same man in the same facility during the same period.
Tom and Louise meet up every week, same time, same place, same order: London Pride for him, white wine for her.
"When the transaction closes later this quarter, Packet will continue operating as before: same team, same platform, same vision," he wrote.
It was certainly odd that two people in the same city came up with the same idea at the same time.
We work with the same people, same engineers and mechanics, and we have the same driver lineup in car No. 38.
The writers and editors have gone to the same schools, ridden the same buses, and gotten drunk at the same pubs.
"When you add in the drink and candy, you may end up spending close to fifty dollars on a date to see a movie with the same actors, playing the same parts, and telling the same same jokes in the same tired storyline," he added.
That's ample time for an unsuspecting infected person to kiss you, sneeze on you, breathe on you, shake your hand, open the same door, use the same faucet, take the same cruise, touch the same toilet flusher, travel in the same train, bus or plane.
The ability to spin a good yarn — and recycle it again and again — can be another telltale sign of a fraudster "It's not just the same story, but they'll use the same inflection, the same word stress, the same pacing, same tone," Wentz said.
Warriors 224, Spurs 993 SAN ANTONIO — Of course, it had to be the San Antonio Spurs — the same Spurs who had defeated them here last month, the same Spurs who had not lost a game at home all season, the same Spurs with the same cast of legends and the same winning approach and the same unassailable confidence.
They're virtually identical to the standard PowerBeats3 that come in black and white — same 12-hour battery life; same premium sound quality; same flexible earhooks; same "Fast Fuel" charging feature; same sweat- and water-resistant design; same Apple W1 Chip for strong, seamless connectivity — only they sport red accents and include a bright red carrying case.
"We eat the same, sleep the same, talk the same, but unfortunately, these aren't the same," they say in unison pointing to their breasts, in this exclusive clip from Monday's episode of Botched.
In terms of specs, it's got exactly the same display as the Versa (and the same hideously large bezels), runs on the same Fitbit OS, and has most of the same sensors too.
When most of the cultural kingmakers come from the same backgrounds, live in the same cities, run in the same crowds, and consume the same art and cultural artifacts, their own vision narrows.
In that vague narrative, Kenya is the same as Zimbabwe is the same as Equatorial Guinea is the same as Uganda: all "African" and, thus, all home to the same history and problems.
"The main thing is when you meet women like that, you see in the end we do the same thing, we have the same drive, the same passion, the same dreams," he said.
He is, after all, one of the best players in the N.B.A. But these were still the same Spurs, with the same winning approach, the same winning confidence and the same winning attitude.
If you compare camera specs for the 25 iPhone X and the new iPhone XS, you'd think almost nothing's changed: Same dual cameras, same aperture settings, same megapixel ratings, same 2x optical zoom.
We're in the same league, give us the same respect.
Later that same day, Trump returned to the same theme.
Same team, wore the same colors, but had different numbers.
They were essentially the same institution, should operate the same.
You can't use the same harshness or the same slackness.
They follow the same format, hit on the same beats.
Again: same gurus, same intellectual circus, similar styles and temperaments.
I'm not using the same [gear] but the same processes.
Same thing will happen tomorrow, same thing will happen Monday.
He's just the same guy, same jokes all the time.
Nobody wants to be the same; the same is boring.
Not quite the same thing, but perhaps the same sentiment.
They were essentially the same institution; should operate the same.
Both groups attend the same classes in the same classrooms.
One year later, same address, same family, called for poisoning.
That's how badly he wanted some You Me Same Same.
The world feels the same, because it is the same.
We give them the same exam, the same homework assignment.
The Portuguese case is precisely the same, the same thing.
The same customers are coming back again the same day?
So we're just doing that again — same patterns, same style.
I did the same with my daughters with same results.
Everyone's doing the same thing and saying the same thing.
Very much so, same logistics, same setup, it's just business.
In the exact same chair, with the exact same facialist.
Do synesthetes see the same colors in the same songs?
I ran through the same rooms, heard the same screams.
It's not the same icons, but it's the same idea.
"It's the same old, same old Republican Party," she said.
They also have the same job, and the same crush.
Everyone in the same region will see the same topics.
She performs the same services and receives the same payment.
The staff stays the same, the presidents stay the same.
She had the same keen mind, the same quick wit.
We share the same faith and read the same Bible.
We all have the same interests and the same concerns.
But not everyone learns the same lessons the same way.
See also: Same dress, same mirror, 7 months apart. pic.twitter.
The bar, too, is the same, in the same spot.
"Same school, but not the same time," she corrected him.
Over the same period, Republican votes stayed about the same.
He played like that — that same ferociousness, same competitive drive.
Lev says the same thing, with the exact same inflection.
Things should taste the same, cost about the same (expensive).
All projects use the same equipment at the same prices.
It's just the same people are watching it the same.
Yeah, sure, picking up the same six tinnies from the same offie at the same time every Saturday night and walking to the same mate's flat to listen to the same ten songs you always do when you're remorselessly banging down three litres of room temperature continental lager before calling the same dealer and getting the same supply in before hopping on the same bus to the same club you always end up at before ambling back to the same afters-approved lounge for yet another bout of bog standard post pinger discourse might seem like a really good idea, but come on, you can do better than that!
We were war buddies who'd endured the same hardships, seen the same atrocities, and been groped by the same American Idol contestant.
Notice that in both scenarios the same number of voters with the same preferences are voting in the same number of elections.
The same story is playing out all over the world, often with the same branded foods marketed by the same multinational corporations.
If he keeps voting the same way, for the same run-of-the-mill politicians, shouldn't he expect more of the same?
You can't have the same curls you had when you were 28 and date the same boys and live the same lifestyle.
We need to have legislation to do it, and until we do it, it's just the same old same old, same old.
It's also the exact same price as the Playbase, and it gives users the same kind of control, and the same magic.
It's got the same glass-and-metal design, the same color palettes, even the font is the same—still etched in silver.
The aide rides in the same elevator, stays on the same hotel floor, and is protected by the same Secret Service agents.
It found that both can occur in the same country, the same organization or health facility, and even afflict the same patient.
Shooting the same subject with the same lighting, and both devices set on the same table, the images came out substantially different.
Same woman, same character, same costume, but where Wonder Woman's cameras frame her like a hero, Justice League's look up her skirt.
The rich and poor get the same ballot, all races have to wait in the same line, everyone gets the same sticker.
Well, here's where you draw the line: When it's the same city and the same name, then it's the same freaking team.
The film has the same big emotional ups and downs as Glee, the same candy-colored crispness, and the same rapid reversals.
We had visions of all six members of the clique, in the same room, on the same screen, at the same time.
One red flag is when lots of pages publish the same inflammatory messages, with the same captions, at roughly the same time.
Then I noticed a woman leaving the same Dunkin' Donuts, with the same dilemma and the same puzzled look on her face.
"We will definitely have the same views, the same sunsets and the same address," local homeowner Rick Moore told the Tallahassee Democrat.
" He said "it will be done essentially simultaneously… most likely on the same day or same week, but probably the same day.
All the concept really means is that people in the same workplace should receive the same compensation for doing the same work.
"The rules are the same, the prize money is the same, everybody is racing off of the same gun time," he said.
We can have great empathy with people who don't come from the same social background, the same sexuality, even the same race.
People in Europe, America and in other places laugh at the same memes, use the same formats, and chase the same likes.
The cardholder and their companion must be traveling on the same reservation, on the same flights, and in the same cabin class.
But the same agent showed houses in the same neighborhood to a white man with the same amount of money to spend.
It is possible that multiple fires will ignite at the same time, in the same area — perhaps even in the same canyon.
No matter what Nadia does, she eventually dies and awakens in the same bathroom on that same night at that same party.
While it was unthinkable in their time, today we can attend the same schools, eat at the same lunch counters, drink from the same water fountains and use the same restrooms as white folks.
We will make the same pictures, ask the same questions, have the same political arguments, show the same police tape, and wait in our purgatory for it to happen again and again and again.
But they are against the conditions in which this election is unfolding, and they are afraid that these elections will simply reproduce the same system, the same faces, the same policies, the same corruption.
He noted the same drug sold outside the U.S. sometimes costs a fraction of what it does in the U.S. "The same exact pill from the same company, same box, same everything, is a tiny fraction of what it costs in the United States," Trump said.
As we move forward, our day-to-day operations will essentially remain unchanged: We'll continue to have the same mission and vision, the same culture and values, the same brand, and the same leadership team.
He was so incredible and the last few years he's just not been the same — number one he's not been the same fighter, he's not been the same man, he's not been the same anything.
We're doing the same kind of routines, the work is the same, the batting practice is the same — or the lack of it is the same — and we're just not getting the results right now.
The sports might occasionally share the same broadcast network and same lead-in theme song and Curt Menefee behind the mic, but they'll never share the same level of viewership or the same cultural currency.
"We got the same police officers, we got the same evidence, we got the same factual scenario and circumstances, we've got the same forensic analysis and experts we're going to be putting on," Jackson said.
Then they were prompted to choose between two identical flights from New York to Chicago—same travel time, same departure time, same price.
I pump down that same avenue, in that same poverty-stricken neighborhood, around those same armed men that think they're soldiers and cadets.
And stringy street dogs all of the same stumpy build, the same yellow-red tinged fur, the same black patches of bare skin.
And I think it's why most sitcoms tend to look the same and feel the same and, you know, they're lit the same.
And yet other queries — run on the same day with the same search terms under the same conditions — offer different, more mundane results.
From Indianapolis to Innsbruck, they share the same open-source politics, fume over the same grievances and chortle over the same in-jokes.
So you see the same type of girl, you see the same type of roles, you see the same type of family dynamic.
Both will offer the same amount of shares for the same price on the same exchange, and even sound alike – Carvana and Cloudera.
But with that same kid, same age, same weight, but where the kid has an underlying medical condition, we would send them in.
They will hire the same models, curate the same art, cast the same actors over and over again, and we will all lose.
The companies are bidding against each other to advertise on the same sports channels, at the same arenas and to the same demographic.
Because we all have the same equipment, we all fly to the same places, we all pay the same amount for jet fuel.
"I think, understandably so, that people make assumptions—that we all look the same, think the same, and vote the same," she says.
They were gadgets of the same size that allowed parents to "videotape" their kids from the same angles at roughly the same quality.
It's the same data, same techniques and the same analytical models, but you would choose to focus on the outliers versus the normal.
When everyone is seeking the same diminishing prize by following the same formula in the same way, the real rewards are inevitably elsewhere.
They have the same desert camouflage pattern, the same tan cap and tactical vest, the same cutoff gloves and grotesque scene of bloodshed.
"We seek the same rights as heterosexuals, we pay the same taxes, have the same obligations and (therefore) demand equal rights," he said.
This means they are not entitled to the same basic assistance as refugees who fled the same war, sometimes even the same town.
That part of the world has been inhabited by humans—the same hills, the same rivers, the same valleys—for seven thousands years.
Usually pilgrims come in delegations and stay with them in the same hotels, travel on the same buses and share the same meals.
"It would be a mistake to get countries to do the same thing at the same time in the same way," said Scott.
They will tell the same tired jokes, recite the same bromides about the national character, and harp on the same milquetoast policy proposals.
They are there, every Sunday, same time, same place, same teams; not that anyone can ever really remember which side he is on.
But this statistic doesn't claim to compare two workers in the same job, with the same level of experience, working the same hours.
The other generally requires insurers to charge the same price to people of the same age who live in the same geographic area.
Dover Street, Totokaelo, Forty Five Ten, the Webster — they draw fundamentally from the same playbook, the same stratosphere of brands, the same ideology.
The same stop sign is going to look the same tomorrow as it does today, which looks the same as it did yesterday.
We all started at the same place, at the same time.
We all came from the same roots the same daily struggles.
Each has the exact same ingredient list, in the same order.
All of the cars will be exactly the same, same specs.
It's going to trigger the same response in the same receptor.
It's the same thing, but it's not the same at all.
It's always the same apology for pretty much the same act.
There's a new intro: same house, same blood, but new illustration.
Instead, they attacked the same systems and stole the same credentials.
No two patients are the same and have the same fears.
We were on the same flights, taken the same shuttle busses.
Not gut-wrenching in the same way, but all the same.
In the same ten years I can save the same $2000,21.
We have the same color skin, the same type of hair.
And you're not getting the same experience without the same music.
Kourtney Kardashian also shared the same photos with the same caption.
This is the same game, same shot, on the PS4 Pro.
Not everyone is cut the same, so sex isn't the same.
Same magnetic levitation, same mesmerizing spin, just a wooden exterior instead.
They weren't at the same time, they were the same show.
We have the same kind of mission, same kind of purpose.
Kellen tried the same steps with his iOS phone; same problem.
You get the same effect, the same uptake, and it's quick.
Trump has not done the same in regards those same meetings.
All right, same question from the same guy, go ahead Lauren.
"There's continuations in the same step, the same concept," she said.
This happens despite placing the same bid on the same audience.
It contains the same information, mostly phrased in the same way.
God put us on the same path at the same time.
They contain the same basic electronics and thus the same vulnerabilities.
Are you both getting the same criticism, or the same response?
Back on the same estates, plugging away at the same lives.
They live together, share the same car, have the same job.
They were shot, at the same place at the same time.
For Brits in the same position it should be the same.
The Obama administration did the same, and for the same reason.
How many times can the same people ask the same question?
All were focused on the same state on the same day.
Same intention I had, same exact adjustment, two completely different responses.
With "Walkaway," Doctorow pounds the same nails with the same bludgeon.
And they all made the same mistake at the same time.
I try to show them the same Mama, the same Lezley.
Different plane, same power, and a beautiful knockout all the same.
The Korean people are the same people, with the same blood.
In the same pan, cook the turnips whole the same way.
They don't travel in the same streams through the same pipes.
The same old, same old (for example, Joe Biden) won't work.
Not 'the same kind' — the actual same exact pieces of clothes.
We're never anxious about the same thing at the same time.
Kale and Rex had the same nose, the same knobby knees.
Why am I not paid the same for the same work?
Wednesday's game had neither the same tension nor the same skill.
We have the same values, and we have the same goals.
Not all users find the same value from the same features.
The fans are the same, the heat pipes are the same.
Same like in the States, same like in Europe, Emirates, everywhere.
Exactly the same temp in exactly the same amount of time.
The lies are the same and the inaction is the same.
You want to give him the same vocabulary, the same thoughts.
They had the same face, the same features, Mr. Johnson said.
The ports look the same, but they don't act the same.
I'll do the same -- I'll do the job the same way.
Before and after both involve the same stuff, the same machines.
Same office, same boss, a lawyer who specialized in real estate.
We're given the same opportunities, and we're given the same coaching.
"Travelers today don't want the same ole, same ole," he said.
They are rooted in the same traditions, share the same values.
Same polished concrete floors, same nebulous sense of where you are.
Trump's economic plan: same old, same old trickle-down economics. Pathetic.
If someone's doing the same job, you get the same money.
You build up the same melody and talk the same phrase.
Not everyone of the same race has the same skin color.
Among his findings, Wasser discovered that two tusks from the same elephant are often shipped by the same traffickers in separate shipments, which tend to happen around the same time and from the same exit port.
Every other aspect of my life had become so routine: I went grocery shopping at the same store every Sunday, bought the same types of food, prepped the same meals, hung out at the same bars.
Butterworth, who has three brothers and considers Mendes his fourth, is a sort of Mendes Maxi-Me: the same salt-and-pepper beard, the same swarthy skin, the same tonsorial style, but not the same metabolism.
Redbrick preparatory schools turned into granite-gray public schools, but the curriculum stayed the same: the same margarine, the same homilies on patriotism and Empire, the same random violence, careless cruelty and unappeased, unaddressed sexual desire.
"Our 'Early Stage Fund II' will pretty much follow the same strategy as our 'Early Stage Fund;' same team, same size, same investment strategy," Shmuel Chafets, General Partner and Vice-Chairman at Target Global, tells TechCrunch.
"We run the same offense, the same defense, in the same building, so it's practically the same feeling," he said after he had been brought up from the D-League yet again by the Brooklyn Nets.
Two weeks later we had the same, similar game, same situation, ran the same play, didn't go in, and I was a shitty coach.
The wedding was at the same church from 15 years ago and the ceremony included the same cake and many of the same guests.
As Churchill put it, we "speak the same language, kneel at the same altars and, to a very large extent, pursue the same ideals".
" Of the timing of the replacement, Trump adds, it will happen "on the same day or the same week... could be the same hour.
Jeremiah and Max had different faces, but they walked through the world like twins—same lanky build, same black suit, same sleek black hair.
It has the same Thor's Hammer headlights as Volvo's 90-series, the same terrific iPad-esque infotainment setup, and basically the same exterior design.
"They have the same view, the same programme, the same liberal vision of the economy," says Abdellah Tourabi, who hosts a political talk show.
And then, in the same week or the same game or sometimes even in the same moment, he can make it look very hard.
But these aren't the same Nazis who marched through Skokie, and this isn't the same progressive movement — and it isn't the same ACLU, either.
"I was so happy to find people coming from the same country—some even the same village—and all the same orientation," Ketifa said.
The XR has the same A12 Bionic processor, the same front-facing camera with Face ID and Animoji, and the same bezel-less design.
Great minds think alike, but they don't just happen to get the exact same tattoo in the same spot in the same few days.
The S9 Plus has the same camera system; same processor; a nearly as-big, just as gorgeous display; and basically the same software experience.
These things require the same will, the same modes of thought, the same decision trees the we're navigating in every moment of our lives.
They wander the same hallways, take the same elevators, and frequent the same bars, and the limits to conversation are primarily willingness to talk.
He does, however, believe they all share the same background, have the same perspective, and profit from the status quo in the same way.
Even with iOS 12, it's still the same home screen you know, the same suite of Apple apps, and the same mostly intuitive interface.
Equal pay means that women and men who do the same job are judged by the same criteria and paid by the same rate.
If I want to do anything it has to be in the same place, in the same area, in the same way, every time.
"I hear it's the same old, same old — it's going to be the same result," Mr. Johnson said of the proceedings in the courtroom.
You talk to these people and you'll hear the same themes, the same ideas, the same stories — only the heroes and the villains change.
All over the world, we hear the same music, drink the same fizzy waters and eat the same soft buns filled with minced meat.
"But now it's 2020, and we're just back in the same place with the same arguments and the same shouty old men," she said.
Twenty-five years ago, it was Generation X that was criticized for the same things, in the same terms, sometimes in the same publications.
Your shopping history and your medical history aren't collected by the same people, protected by the same safeguards or used for the same purposes.
Fashion people tend to move en masse: to stay in the same hotels, eat at the same restaurants, travel in the same black cars.
In other more positive ways, the 3707 and A3707 were closely matched: same payloads and performance, same operating costs, same potential for profit-making.
But Vice President Mike Pence would give them the same judges, the same tax cuts, the same attacks on workers' rights and the environment.
The four leaders in Salzburg backed Macron's call for workers to be paid the same amount for the same work in the same place.
"It's the same office, same people, most of the same rules," said the House aide, who was not authorized to speak on the record.
Each church show spiel was so predictable, featuring the same discordant musical crescendos, the same sermons, the same vague, lingering unease towards non-gentiles.
The first male skier gets $8,000 while the first woman snowboarder gets $4,000 for the same competition, the same day, on the same mountain.
"What [the two photographers] found was something in common: the same destruction, the same pain, the same suffering, but also the same wish to have life go on despite it all," the opening gallery text tell viewers.
It felt like being a part of this new community that really understood each other and were interested in the same sort of things, reading the same books, seeing the same movies, unearthing the same knowledge together.
It seems like way more than coincidence that the same house was hit by breaking in the exact same way, but cops aren't ready to say just yet that the same burglars struck the same home twice.
A man with the same name as the notorious "pharma bro" Shkreli was arraigned in the same courthouse, in the same courtroom, with the exact same judge on different criminal charges as those facing Shkreli on Friday.
Along the same lines, do teams measure leg length the same way?
Because we didn't charge the same way, but the same customer set.
Yet, here they are in the same building at the same time.
And John McCain said the same of same-sex marriage in 2008.
Now President Obama had the same law; he did the same thing.
The same thing was happening to other people at the same time.
That same year, São Tomé and Príncipe made same-sex activity legal.
The same resident later passed the same location around 2:05 p.m.
I try to bring the same energy, the same mindset all season.
"They're generally all the same, they generally work the same," Kafka said.
But again, we know that these same people have that same agenda.
"Same same but different," she captioned the post, adding the hashtag #tbt.
Most people are moving to the same places at the same time.
They aren't on the same level, but it's more the same principles.
He's tired of the same old, same old -- just like everyone else.
You're not exactly the same person, but you're in the same position.
Duncan Hunter provided much the same defense to the same cable network.
At the same time, I don't come from the same place today.
SB Nation did some of the same work at the same time.
The arrangements pretty much stay the same, but not exactly the same.
CUIs, then, need to convey those same traits for the same reason.
Some of us still did the same work for the same reason.
Men and women are paid the same amount for the same jobs.
It still costs the same and offers the same level of coverage.
Clouds were consistently the same size, and the vape tasted the same.
"Please don't be the same menu please don't be the same menu."
They have the same mesh body and the same low-key profile.
Same thing for stereo playback using two HomePods in the same room.
They had the same build, the same nonstop, staccato way of speaking.
Not all foundations operate the same way under the same weather conditions.
Group two did the same exercises using the same amount of weight.
That's the same percentage as a January poll from the same organization.
He has the same strengths and the same weaknesses he's always had.
"It's not the same old, same old all the time," he said.
Doing the same thing over and over expecting (sic) the same results.
Later on a man would say the same thing — the same thing!
The building is on the same grounds, enclosed by the same fence.
I've been drinking the same variation of the same smoothie for years.
Somehow, they both have the same reason for picking the same answer.
"At the same time, so much has stayed the same," he added.
They all used the same strain and same dose, to minimize variables.
We talked earlier about having the same stories to the same questions?
The jury saw the same evidence and came to the same conclusion.
Ideally, the same bird breed, or at least from the same region.
The same media have focused white populist fury in the same way.
Then I'd bring him out and You Me Same Same with him.
And the same with Hillary [Clinton], and the same with everybody else.
Is this really the same band—the same friends—that nearly imploded?
They're all happening together, in the same states, to the same people.
They also live at the same latitude and in the same climate.
By the same woman—or at least people using the same name.
Cats walk in a different way, they walk same arm, same leg.
You might use the same structure, or just include the same elements.
They often don't ski the same mountain, much less the same racecourse.
We go to the same parties; we're in the same leadership groups.
" So women end up fighting "literally the same battles…the same arguments.
You give them the same problem twice, you get the same result.
About 10 minutes later, I heard the same sound, the same chanting.
We cannot afford to continue the same approaches and the same models.
"Same place, same time," said opposition leader Henrique Capriles on Wednesday night.
The same risks need the same capital, no matter who holds them.
All of the above in the same place at the same time.
It's just been being on the same coast at the same time.
People are all on the same side, fighting for the same thing.
Everyone starts from the same pools, the same brackets, as anybody else.
Like we were standing in the same room, sharing the same space.
No two students are the same, and no two days the same.
Therefore we're not seeing the same thing, from same point of view.
We all use the same internet—why not the same time zone?
Same subsidies for low- and middle-income subscribers, same rules on coverage.
We can't sleep in the same bedroom or use the same bathrooms.
He's from the same neighborhood, I mean, we're from the same building.
We won't all live in the same house at the same time.
Rebuilding that same power structure ensures that the same abuses happen again.
They did not inhabit the same city or even the same continent.
I mean everyone digging into the same dish at the same time.
The same speech patterns were in evidence; the same distractibility was present.
They share neither the same subject nor the same techniques and materials.
Yes, they'd be reading the same words, but not the same book.
Same-sex marriage remains illegal and same-sex partnerships aren't legally recognized.
We used to sleep in the same places, eat the same food.
Pay that same amount"Pay that same amount every month," she said.
Some of us had the same skin tints, from the same foundation.
If someone is doing the same job they deserve the same pay.
We can't let the same damned people do the same damned thing.
Other Republican senators felt the same way, but lacked the same nerve.
Same-store sales same in flat, while analysts expected growth of 0.3%.
Stellina's images of the same objects did not produce the same feeling.
Granted, not all strains under the same name have the same characteristics.
You're not the same as me, but we're of the same tribe.
They speak the same languages and read or watch the same news.
The same is true in Europe, the same is true in China.
They went to the same schools and belong to the same clubs.
The State is rarely in the same place at the same time.
Fashion was not the same media, the same emotional message between people.
She, Piper, and Phoebe shared the same mother and the same father.
Will two different people ever see the same emoji the same way?
A journalist can do much the same thing using the same tools.
This one, on the same video, rides the same train of thought.
Same questions usually as well, everyone is coming from the same angle.
It has the same type of Super AMOLED quad HD resolution display, albeit larger and slightly brighter; the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM; the same water resistance and expandable storage; the same excellent cameras; and a similar capacity battery with the same fast wired and wireless charging.
It will be various segments, you understand, but will most likely be on the same day or the same week, but probably the same day.
You could discretely hook up with someone in the same small town—or on the same street or even the same block—without anybody knowing.
How could I go back to the same job, shop in the same shops, frequent the same places, when such a seismic event had occurred?
"We're going to make all the same controls and settings available [everywhere], which gives people the same opportunities to make the same choices," she answered.
At our school, you were with the same kids grade after grade, the same boys with saints' names and the same pretty, fair-haired girls.
I am fascinated by "sheet pan meals" right now – sides and main cooked on the same temp at the same time on the same pan.
"It's so crazy being all over the world at the same time and rarely being in the same place at the same time," she said.
I set both devices to the same brightness (200 nits), connected them to the same router, and loaded up the exact same playlist on Plex.
Zuckerberg made a commitment to not only provide the same privacy controls but making the same kinds of disclosures and treating users' data the same.
I chose the same heel height from the same brand in the same plain shade but this year, I finally decided to change it up.
More of the same will leave you riding the same single-speed bike and talking over the same overpriced coffee; but once again, no users.
Who doesn't want to share a home and a community with people who share the same goals, the same values, and (seemingly) the same heart?
You probably wouldn't like it if there were five colleagues walking around with the same shirt and the same shoes and the same pants, right?
Same mode in an Indian raga, same mode in a Irish ditty, same mode in a Scottish ditty, or whatever you want to call it.
" Reicher prefers Heraclitus: "No man steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.
Exactly a week later, at exactly the same location, at the same time and the same day, terrorists killed or wounded more than 250 people.
It often feels like all three are hatching the same schemes, raising the same eyebrows, muttering the same hushed whispers and innuendos over and over.
"The two companies share the same vision, the same model, and the same values," said Twilio co-founder and CEO Jeff Lawson in today's announcement.
"It's funny seeing yourself so young and yet you have the same gestures and the same voice, and the same physical patterns," Foster told Reuters.
After all, it is not just deploying the same methods Racing used three decades ago; it is under the same pressures, running the same risks.
Ranger conscripts in mountain warfare training must all carry the same weight, and ski and climb the same distances in the same amount of time.
Same-sex couples order their cakes from the same catalogs as everyone else, with the same options for size, shape, icing, filling, and so on.
Taiwan has introduced same-sex marriage -- and although Japan hasn't done the same, some cities issue same-sex partnership certificates, though they're not legally binding.
It can be as simple as similar hobbies, children around the same age, being from the same hometown or rooting for the same sports team.
" Sanders struck many of the same themes: "The way you win an election in this time in history is not the same old same old.
Here we're looking at two differently rewarded workers who are doing more or less the same job for the same organization for the same period.
If a group of people have the same, solid grounding in the same facts about politics, then everyone should come to the same conclusions, right?
The yellow and white building may differ in color from its London counterpart, but the facade is where the true resemblance shows: It has the same pillars, the same neoclassical style, the same doorways and the same shape.
My uncle came home from WWII but could not eat in the same restaurants, stay in the same hotels, drink from the same fountains, or use the same restrooms as white Virginians, even if he were in uniform.
It made for a samey experience not unlike the increasing ennui around sports games like FIFA—how many times are we going to buy basically the same game with the same creation suite, same physics, and same presentation?
How can it be the case that the two richest people in the world not only live in the same country, not only in the same state, not only in the same city, but in the same street?
It's tempting to see a convent full of nuns as a homogeneous group: all Polish women, living together, having taken the same vows, following the same rituals together every day, professing the same belief, experiencing the same violence.
Let me be clear, for those who enjoy heedless media speculation: The Recode brand remains the same; the Code conferences remain the same; the podcasts remain the same; the television specials we do with MSNBC remain the same.
Though it lacks the blue verification check mark of the original, it's a reasonable doppelgänger in every other way — same bio, same avatar, same location, same header photo; it even features some tweets from the true Roger Ver account.
"Ultimately, our goal would be to use the same tech platform to make it easier for people to sign up to all three should they want to use the same credit card, same username, same password, etc," he said.
The little stories inside the urinals differ only slightly, according to the era and the configuration of the buildings, but they're all about the same shivers, the same fears, the same clandestine passions, the same furtive or symbiotic enjoyments.
He eats the same food and watches as his parents watch the same TV show (Friends) and his sister watches the same movie (Breakfast at Tiffany's).
"Nationally, we need everybody on the same page, reading the same sheet music, doing the exact same thing as it relates to physical play," Collins said.
Maybe. But at the same time, the shipping of that same oil is going to be disrupted, so they would likely lose out all the same.
Given our ability to operate independently, little is expected to change: You'll have the same title, the same manager, and the same role you currently have.
"Same policy, same demands and same dim prospects of achieving them," Barbara Slavin, an Iran expert at the Atlantic Council, told BuzzFeed News in an email.
Over the last few weeks, I've seen the same aliens and same planets and same buildings over and over, and I'm craving something new and exciting.
In its various forms, the joke was about how Ubisoft continues to deliver the same maps crammed with content, the same stories, and the same characters.
This is why giving people with pre-existing conditions the same insurance, at the same cost, using the same doctors and hospitals, drove our efforts then.
We repeatedly see the same pairings, the same figures, and the same never-ending celebration of the mechanical and technological in the service of efficient production.
Regardless of the skin we are in or the uniform we wear, we bleed the same, cry the same tears and wrestle with the same fears.
But it's 90 degrees with 100 percent humidity, and guys have been doing the same routine, coming to the same clubhouse, eating at the same restaurants.
Yeah, the spirit might be the same, but you can't say that the show is the same, or the spirit of the show is the same.
Nick and I did a duet, but more so we were all basically in the same place and on the same page, going the same direction.
Paul Nakasone, was in front of the same Senate Armed Services Committee being asked many of the same questions and delivering many of the same answers.
With small publishing houses, you can't review someone if you're in the same house, even if you don't have the same editor or the same publicist.
And with Barbie, it's the same toy from the same mold from the same factory, but if she has a lab coat on, she's a vet.
Rick Scott, requires the state's 67 counties to collect the same data, record it in the same way and store it in the same public place.
Well, first, you're right that saying people belong to the same family or are part of the same structure does not mean that they're the same.
Instead, we find them stuck on the same sofas, cruising the same struggling streets and hamstrung by the same old obstacles (rap sheets and general inertia).
It's the explanation for why so many pop songs tend to use the same chords, sound the same, and have the same producers attached to them.
The church considers same-sex marriage and same-sex acts to be sins, while it does not condemn same-sex attraction alone, according to its website.
Jirschele looks alarmingly like his father when he's out there: the same stance, the same mannerisms, the same way of delivering signs to hitters and runners.
Today, Big Pot is lobbying Congress, targeting the same users, using the same mass advertising techniques, and employing the same kinds of lobbyists as Big Tobacco.
Researchers detected bots that were sharing the same content, in the same order, using the same hashtags, suggesting a network-wide automated or semi-automated effort.
They are led by the same cadres, train in the same camps, share organizational and military structures, and use the same propaganda tools and financial resources.
"The fact that everybody in America gets the same ads, at the same time, for the same products, has never made that much sense," he said.
Employees at Conductor have been offered the same jobs at the same compensation.
Let's give this family the same Aloha the same support we gave Amanda.
Same grey color palette, same snazzy dragon chain, but what have we here?
They're both very nice, cost the same, and do the same damn thing.
Everyone runs at the same speed, and mostly plays at the same level.
That same year, white men in the same age group were making $2900,270.
We're putting in the same amount of work; we have the same muscles.
Two things governed by the same equations should change in the same ways.
It all looks the same, because to YouTube, it is all the same.
Same map of bears tunneling from location to location, same level of security.
And same thing with Uber, same thing as you iterate through the system.
On August 27th, the same three-judge panel came to the same conclusion.
"Not everyone's on the same platform, looking for the same message," Wood says.
"Hockey is the same — we're playing the same game," Panarin said through Stiopkin.
At the same time, another teacher in Tulsa was making the same decision.
Suddenly everyone is Instagramming from the same place, reproducing the same cliche images.
I drank the same booze and ate the same junk food they did.
The plants were given the same sunlight and planted in the same soil.
They also used the same finger for the same letter virtually every time.
Fyi: Ive had the same cell # 15 yrs.. same email for 20 yrs.
Like how water looks the same as alcohol, but they aren't the same.
We all walk on the same sidewalks and drive on the same roads.
We still hang out with the same friends and do the same things.
This way we're all on the same timetable and have the same resources.
You follow the exact same path and kill the exact same mystical creatures.
When two stars wear the same thing — on the exact same red carpet!
They have the same violent video games, the same rates of mental illness.
"It's not the same person, but they want the same thing," he says.
We're doing many of the same things in the same place, every day.
When everyone has the same needs, then the same product can be used.
Oh by the way, same with Gallup, same with NBC/"Wall Street Journal".
That kept us all on the same team and in the same room.
I don't recommend the same tone and the same delivery of your message.
"But they both prey on the same communities, the same low-income borrowers."
Don't waste them at the same shitty bar, listening to the same music.
It's the same isn't it for me, isn't it the same for you?
Republicans and Democrats are basically promoting the same message and the same priorities.
They read the same reports that we do; they see the same trends.
She's been through the same struggles, she's faced the same situations, she understands.
Look for Trump to continue doing the same -- and with the same attitude.
We seemed to share the same reality and speak with the same voice.
The policy is essentially the same and the effects are essentially the same.
"They both are in the same ilk, in the same vein," Hitchcock said.
If productivity per capita stays the same, consumption per capita stays the same.
But those same notes more often rise over our cities, those same songs.
But, not all bills are the same -- or even close to the same.
Scott, a rapper, seems to have the same tattoo in the same location.
And the reason they cut — same planes, same everything — was because of me.
We had the same spirit as punk rock, the same as the blues.
That way, we're all going through the same experiences at the same time.
We were able to listen to the same song at the same time.
We are repeating the same sentence, but we don't understand the same thing.
You've got to be the same guy, you've got to prepare the same.
Same beef, same pickles, similar bun, and all of it was just okay.
They wore the same prints and attitude, if not exactly the same shapes.
But they probably would think the same, so we're on the same page.
But at the same time, I didn't have the same opportunity they did.
The same middle-aged women were there, the same bald men, only multiplied.
Same store food sales fell 0.1 percent, the same as the previous quarter.
Everybody showed up to the same place at the same time every day.
And that person was killed in the same province in the same district.
In industrial metals the pattern is the same over the same time horizon.
But we're not all the same or making the same kind of music.
I don't see Apple and Amazon in the same in the same arena.
"They'll get the same questions, but they won't be giving the same answers."
He keeps nudging us to notice the same points about the same relationships.
If you're not paid the same dollar, you don't have the same opportunity.
The same name could be spelled many ways, often by the same individual.
There is always the same internal woodwork, the same logical arrangement of parts.
They also speak the same languages and read or watch the same news.
In the same situation, I don't think his neighbors would do the same.
No eating in the same dining hall or going to the same parties.
They all have basically the same processors, they basically do the same things.
Few "Nutcrackers" tell the same story or even use quite the same score.
They work the same way — and they break down the same way, too.
The two men are of the same generation, molded in the same culture.
It asks and answers the same questions, in the same ways, multiple times.
"We're finally in the same place, at the same time," Ms. Letkemann said.
I sit in the same room but am not in the same gang.
AMAR RAMASAR It's the same body part taking the same kind of pressure.
But they're basically the same person; they're two sides of the same coin.
By the next morning, the same contact wanted $4 for the same masks.
Then they try to play the same way, with the same bow strokes.
We have the same attitude, we share the same obsession for collecting things.
This year during the same period, just 14,000 came by the same route.
I'm bored of watching the same thing, bored of seeing the same thing.
Now imagine dozens of different babies of the same age doing the same.
"He's got the same attitude and plays with that same fire," Popovich said.
People are increasingly going to the same destinations to take the same pictures.
Me and him were both doing the same thing in the same house.
She answered the same questions on the same date in 2017 and 2018.
And I see the same types of people here, same type of vibe.
"Day in and day out, to be the same person and same player."
Its cells always end up in the same place, in the same numbers.
Today's challenges aren't the same, and the solutions should not be the same.
Though same-sex partnerships are legal in Switzerland, same-sex marriage is not.
Nevertheless, they share different versions of the same quandary and the same illusions.
All of them feature the same body and the same 2,880x1,700 pixel display.
They were different but they spoke the same language, dreamed the same dreams.
We both have the same car, and the same chance to race well.
The exact same thing happened on the same spigot about a year later.
If you keep doing the same thing, you'll keep getting the same results.
Same-store sales increased by 1.6% from the same period a year earlier.
We quietly share the same air but not the same concept of time.
We wanted to move the same way and talk about the same things.
And, again, I would put the same multiple on with the same arithmetic.
The same goes for other countries which have the same cruel & inhuman laws.
GC It was too painful: mouthing the same things, wearing the same things.
They would laugh at the same things, and cry at the same things.
"We came in with the same mind-set, same game plan," Bell said.
RUBIO: The same gun and it becomes legal, performs the exact same way.
"I try to keep the same mentality, the same approach," Jalen Brunson said.
Tuesday, on Court 14, it was the same matchup on the same surface.
It was a prosecution by the same people — Comey, Fitzpatrick — the same group.
You'd continue on the same health plan as before, with the same benefits.
We wore the same uniform, wore the US flag on the same shoulder.
That same job today also buys a studio flat at the same multiple.
I've been the same person, doing the same things since it all started.
Yeah, we're the same, with the same root obviously, but we're totally different.
But you can reinvent yourself within the same company, within the same profession.
Basically, she always does the same thing, I think to myself sadly, reaches for the same trick to get the other person in her power, the same words, the same gestures; only I always forget, and I always fall for it.
Beyrer added the example of Nigeria, where the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2014 bans same-sex marriage or civil unions, "the public show of same sex amorous relationship" or aiding same-sex marriage and/or gay clubs and societies.
"When you see repeatedly the same address and the same individuals at the same location continuing to order parts and parts and parts and parts for the same types of guns, some red flags have to go up," Mr. Grewal said.
Muslims from all across the world, from different colors, races and cultures take a stand in one place, eat from the same food, from the same dish, drink the same water, wear the same clothes and bow to one God.
And if you study those photos, you might realize something peculiar: People don't merely go to the same places or take photographs of the same monuments and sites; they take photographs of the same monuments and sites in the same way.
"It's really easy to be in a room with people who have all of the same opinions, who are about the same age, who make about the same amount of money and who have the same interests," Dr. Dow said.
But the countless, ever-multiplying communities of today are something different: not collections of humans functioning in unison but random assortments of people who do the same things, like the same things, hate the same things or believe the same things.
The two operate, they have the same drivers, their apps look almost identical except for the logo, they have the same price point, and they get you from one place to another exactly the same way, literally by the same person.
That means "if you have two kids who have the same background environment, they get the same kind of parenting, they are the same ethnicity, same gender, they have a similar home environment, they have similar early cognitive ability," Watts says.
Their content will be distributed through the same channels, hosted on the same platform, and monetized through the same (Facebook) sales team as the existing digital kings.
In the same way an ad agency creates videos, these people do the exact same kind of work, they just don't have the same kind of relationship.
I don't miss the 36-hour romances with girls met on the same road to the same show or in line for the same band T-shirt.
That means that insurers would no longer have to offer coverage to all, at premiums the same for everybody, in the same region, of the same age.
When the CEW looked at salaries among individuals in the same industries with the same jobs and the exact same level of education, men still earned more.
Every single year, we look at these same films based around war, with the same cast of characters—all men, all white—and they're the same people.
It has the same aluminum body as the iPhone 63s, the same four-inch Retina display, even the same placement of round volume buttons on the side.
If you impose tariffs on Chinese imports, the US isn't necessarily able to manufacture the same goods or produce the same raw materials at the same cost.
While Rangers play in the same stadium and with the same coloured kit as before, some Celtic fans claim it is not the same club at all.
The gangsters and their victims live together in the same towns, go to the same schools, and vie for the same jobs; their lives are thoroughly enmeshed.
Abdullah's family had lived in the same cluster of houses, on the same block, with the same neighboring families, for as many generations as he could remember.
James Comey served in the same office for part of the same time; he even held the same position — deputy chief of the criminal division — before Horowitz.
In other words, even though we do the same job at the same building for the same federal contractor, some of us are being paid lower wages.
"This is not the same proposal as the Reagan administration made, and not the same set of issues of same jurisprudence from 35 years ago," Coleman said.
Their current season has begun to produce disturbing echoes of the last one: the same competitive despair, the same threat of irrelevance, the same undertones of nastiness.
And it's even MORE unlikely that two people would like all the same foods exactly the same amounts AND find all the same faces exactly as attractive.
If the terrorists of the world all looked the same, followed the same ideology and used the same tactics, America might be able to achieve total security.
It's the same distance between the mound and the plate, the same hitters in the opposing lineup — why can't they just throw the ball the same way?
Just like Trump voters in 2016, different people in the same group — white urban households — took the same action, around the same time, but for different reasons.
Amazon's existing same-day service, Prime Now, only offers 20,000 items for same-day delivery by comparison, making this a significant expansion of Amazon's same-day capabilities.
When Georgetown's CEW looked at salaries among individuals in the same industries with the same jobs and the exact same level of education, men still earned more.
They would be using the same plywood, the same Structo-Lite basecoat plaster, the same Georgia Pacific extruded polystyrene boards, to give form to multimillion-dollar apartments.
Following the same research methods as Brown, Abas found that events of the same severity produced the same rate of depression, whether in Zimbabwe or in London.
The same goes for anything good I do as a teacher, at the same university, in the very same classrooms where the darkness once fell over me.
"It breathes a little life into women's basketball, knowing that it's not the same old, same old, same old UConn," said Dawn Staley, the South Carolina coach.
But social media also cocoons us: It self-organizes us into groups of like-minded believers who share the same views, the same beliefs, the same prejudices.
I think that the fact that everybody in America gets the same ads at the same time for the same products has never made that much sense.
"Everywhere I have been the situation is more or less the same, the people in power who write beautiful words are the same, the number of politicians and celebrities who want to take selfies are the same, and the promises are the same and the lies are the same," she said to roaring approval.
"Though it's not the same character, she resonates in that same way," explains Reeves.
No, Diana definitely doesn't have the same witticisms as Liz, or the same vulnerabilities.
It's time we should get the same treatment, the same respect, as everyone else.
We had the same music teacher, we were around the same circles as kids.
Should the state recognise same-sex marriage on the same basis as heterosexual unions?
So, you're never going to be at the same place at the same time.
We may see the same movie — but we definitely won't see the same movie.
That same line that goes through a pencil is […] the same line as consciousness.
Repeating the same weather observation in the same environment can result in different data.
But the same change in momentum does not mean the same change in velocity.
If my child was in the same position I'd be doing the same thing.
Not every night is the same and not every pitching matchup is the same.
Later that same day, 91-year-old Barbara entered the same hospital with bronchitis.
And It's simple because we don't share the same realities nor the same pain.
It's hard to have women breastfeeding at the same time, [with] the same babies.
George W. Bush did the same and then Donald Trump did the same again.
Photo of the same wall, taken with the same phone, both six months apart.
Sleep in your regular nighttime clothes, drink the same tea, read the same book.
We are twins because we have the same birthday and share the same soul!
Despite coming from the same pond, though, they don't all walk the same line.
Then she started working at the same company in the same building as me.
The postmark was stamped on the same day in the same zip code, 11420.
Each one features the same aesthetic, with the same cartoon characters illustrating each speaker.
It's all the same hat but in different colors; same purpose, but different approaches.
It was the same old DKNY, except that I wasn't the same old Aliza.
It offers essentially the same functionality as Drive and works much the same way.
"We try to focus on companies with the same strategy, same history," he said.
The same way with pictures and the same way for file-sharing and drive.
This year, he says, the same contractor demanded 240,000 liras for the same job.
"We were working with the same creative intention and the same goals," says Rocheron.
It has the same color scheme, and the buttons are all roughly the same.
Treat your writing the same way, with the same dedication to a due date.
But they ultimately come from the same place — and belong in the same passage.
Same when I loaded a book with the same font on both e-readers.
Not everyone laughs at the same jokes, or is thrilled by the same action.
It's the same cost every month, and I buy the same one every month.
A smaller counter-demonstration also occurred at the same place, at the same time.
KFC same-store sales were up and Pizza Hut same-store sales were down.
However, imagine if those players weren't in the same room, around the same table.
" GCK: "We don't have the same resources, and we didn't learn the same things.
And they all sound the same because they all have the same talking points.
They like the same music (rap) and the same food (pizza and chicken alfredo).
So you have the same customer base, you must have the same commercial world.
Why were all these accounts suddenly tweeting the same message at the same time?
All websites should look the same and use the same navigation prompts and tools.
We cannot offer the same level of care to everybody with the same condition.
"Same game, same business, and we deal with all of them alike," he said.
An iPhone 1.73S Plus with the same 64GB of internal storage costs the same.
No two program models are the same because no two communities are the same.
An Egyptian study in that same year examining 2,000 healthy men confirmed the same.
"Of course a scan of the same thing looks the same," al-Badri says.
Sources tell us cops have gotten this same call before from the same guy.
In the same quarter last year, the chain's same-store sales rose 5.4 percent.
He brings his knee to the same height and throws from the same angle.
Everyone's wearing the same T-shirts, and they all have the same uniform on.
But his industry does the same thing, and he is doing the same thing.
Would players act the same way if they were put in the same position?
We are all struggling toward the same answers and hoping for the same things.
He uses the same words, the same language we all learned in high school.
It wasn't the same old, same old — at least when it came to wardrobe.
Not everyone felt the same way at the same time about the Women's March.
And that is also coming out of that same heritage and same legacy, Rob.
During the same quarter a year earlier, same-store sales were down 2.2 percent.
The same old people are sharing the same shady tax lawyers and investing advice.
The same man had been found wandering Michael Barnett's property earlier that same day.
Participants ate the same breakfast and did the same exercise — 60 minutes of cycling.
We always build the same kinds of buildings on the same kinds of riverbanks.
We can all enjoy them at the same time and in the same respect.
Tunisia is not the same as Libya; Egypt is not the same as Syria.
I try to be at the same level always and be the same person.
Costco had the same warehouse appearance as Sam's Club and the same general setup.
The two fighters were the same height and build, hacked from the same quarry.
That's why we get the same meteor showers around the same time each year.
After the break-up, I stayed in the same city with the same job.
I'm still on the same mission, still with the same restlessness I've always had.
We live in the same nation, with many of the same hopes and dreams.
These car-based vehicles share the same architecture and the same global supply chain.
Her eyes did not always move in the same direction at the same time.
They had the same questions and performed the same experiments that most readers would.
The tickets were sold the same day, the profits were earned the same day.
The same ol' photos by the same ol' people can get kind of stale.
He is always incredibly responsive and flips revisions back same day, sometimes same hour.
When you boil it down, supremacy is stupefying: always the same hero, same villain.
Both follow the same training program and eat the same diet for three months.
They had talent, but they didn't have the same experience or the same energy.
Increasingly, some of the same genes—and even the same mutations—are being implicated.
During the same period, some 600 dogs have made the same jump and survived.
It'll be slightly different capabilities, but it'll be the same service, the same brand.
If you try the same query twice, you won't necessarily get the same result.
You could go to every show with the same makeup and the same hair.
It's newer, certainly more effective technology, but the same game with the same players.
To do that in the first inning, same stadium, seven years later, same game?
Alex Azar has the same goal, and is using many of the same tools.
"I see [Jacobs] as having the same speed, the same boxing IQ," Golovkin said.
On its face, this feels absurd: The same service should cost the same price.
And I think they're the same, and in the region we are the same.

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