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"assignment" Definitions
  1. [countable] a task or piece of work that somebody is given to do, usually as part of their job or studies
  2. [uncountable] assignment (of somebody) (to something) the act of giving something to somebody; the act of giving somebody a particular task
"assignment" Synonyms
job charge task duty mission commission responsibility work business chore detail exercise post undertaking brief endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) engagement errand function homework coursework lesson reading schoolwork drill prep project study piece of research quiz test problem workshop module paper exam designation allocation ascription appointment allotment assignation attribution delegation administration appropriation earmarking accrediting determination nomination specification stipulation naming choice selection conveyance giving transfer alienation attornment consignment demise devise handing down making over passing on apportionment distribution issuance dispensation issuing grant granting awarding budgeting giving out dealing out sharing out handing out doling out parcelling out dividing up dividing out commissioning relegation deputation committal devolution entrusting transference consigning entrustment apportioning conveying investiture referring quota portion share part slice piece allowance cut proportion percentage bit measure ration amount quantity lot division department sphere domain field area realm arena discipline line province circle specialty(US) element bailiwick walk game front demesne firmament report thesis article dissertation essay treatise analysis composition monograph theme critique exegesis disquisition review discourse script things tasks activities goals jobs obligations actions affairs deeds errands exploits feats objectives acts briefs concerns contracts duties engagements enterprises classification arrangement categorization organisation(UK) organization(US) codification categorising(UK) categorizing(US) grading grouping systematisation(UK) systematization(US) sorting taxonomy cataloguing(UK) classifying ranking ordering profiling ask request appeal demand order plea wish petition requirement ultimatum asking bid desire imploration requisition solicitation supplication claim want committee legation delegacy delegates band body contingent deputies embassy envoys group party representatives set stint term time period turn shift spell stretch tour hitch run tenure session watch training workout preparation teaching coaching routine practice practise grounding tryout conditioning repetition shakedown warm-up work-out physical exercise detachment squad unit troop force section crew outfit fatigue formation patrol army course class curriculum lecture program(US) education programme(UK) seminar academy prospectus schedule schooling studies tutorial interest venture establishment market office affair company enterprise setup syndicate business matter partnership activity More
"assignment" Antonyms
keeping unemployment retention juncture whole disorganization(US) unity disorganisation(UK) hold holding beginning start denial disfavour(UK) disfavor(US) veto collection hoard store gathering discharge dismissal dismission expulsion firing gunfire shot shooting blasting shots rejection refusal break breather downtime inactivity interlude leisure recreation relaxation respite rest time out avocation entertainment fun hobby pastime retreat irresponsibility idleness nonresponsibility peace happiness passivity surrender abstention inaction retirement home debt uselessness inadequacy futility frivolity incompetence hopelessness ineptness pointlessness ineffectiveness ineffectuality ineffectualness inefficacy failing failure impracticality inoperability unserviceableness unusableness cessation indolence inertia inutility laziness repose stoppage nonactivity dereliction abandonment desertion forsaking neglect relinquishment negligence neglectfulness remissness misprision nonfeasance sloppiness disregard nonperformance non-performance shirking misconduct laxity nothing trivialities picayunes insignificant matters unimportant matters disclaimer dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) blockage delay halt hindrance slowing accumulation acquisition amassing accumulating collecting cumulation accrual amassment gaining harvesting procuring assemblage assembling garnering stockpile stockpiling aggregation buildup response answer reply retort comeback counter feedback reaction rebuttal acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) return repartee riposte entirety total gross sum totality aggregate ensemble bulk entireness mass all everything lump quantum summation composite compound amusement leisure activity pleasure enjoyment fun and games play celebration feast frolic gaiety merriment unit collective body assembly conglomeration

790 Sentences With "assignment"

How to use assignment in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "assignment" and check conjugation/comparative form for "assignment". Mastering all the usages of "assignment" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He was designated for assignment Sunday and can refuse the assignment to become a free agent.
When teachers give kids an assignment, they are also essentially giving themselves that assignment several times over.
But I chose to request lunar module as being my prime technical assignment, and I got that assignment.
Carter accepted an assignment to Class AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre when he was designated for assignment on June 23.
Lake also was designated for assignment July 25 and he accepted the assignment to Triple-A Buffalo six days later.
RHP Logan Kensing, designated for assignment by the Tigers on Tuesday, cleared waivers and accepted an outright assignment to Toledo.
" Assignment was 'culturally insensitive' The assignment was "culturally insensitive," Booker wrote, and he said the teacher had expressed "significant remorse.
She's there on assignment, she reminds him, though we have yet to see her write a single word or complete said assignment.
RHP Kyle Lohse, who was designated for assignment by Texas on Tuesday, declined an outright assignment and is now a free agent.
Workers will also be able to refuse, without consequences, an assignment outside predetermined hours or be compensated if the assignment is not cancelled in time.
Workers will also be able to refuse, without consequences, an assignment outside predetermined hours or be compensated if the assignment is not canceled in time.
At Bain, it was nonstop — travel, pitch, assignment, travel, pitch, assignment — so the "up or out" moment gave me a chance for more thinking time.
RHP Justin Miller (left oblique strain) will resume his rehab assignment Thursday with Triple-A Albuquerque and has 17 days left on that 30-day assignment.
This is my first travel nursing assignment, and while I like it, there's still a lot of uncertainty as to where/when my next job assignment will be.
This is a relatively narrow assignment but it's a very important assignment because it is a prestigious piece of business in Washington that is part of government service.
Now the fact is when we got the assignment to work with Customs and Border Protection, the assignment they wanted for us to work on was very progressive.
OF Matt Tuiasosopo was designated for assignment and RHP Jim Johnson as placed (right groin strain) on the 23.23-day DL. OF Matt Tuiasosopo was designated for assignment.
" - Peter, 23 "Severed fingertip while printing school assignment.
Harvey's tenure with the Mets came to an end after they designated him for assignment Saturday following his refusal to take a minor league assignment, which was within his rights.
After going 0-for-15 with a walk in four games of a rehabilitation assignment with Double-A New Hampshire, he moved up to Triple-A Buffalo to continue the assignment.
On top of that, Daimler offers "international assignment" opportunities, that allows staff to relocate — with the company offering to help prepare and support the person and their family, through the assignment.
He wound his way to Cleveland in 2015, but was designated for assignment last July and picked up by Boston, which also designated him for assignment less than a month later.
Peralta was designated for assignment on Friday after hitting .
" I'd say, "Thank you so much for the assignment.
Everything at my kids' school, every assignment — everything's online.
Participants were sent 17 emails including a paragraph giving some background on the health topic chosen, a link to a video on the "assignment" of the email and instructions for the assignment.
"For most of his career he had packed all of them up at the end of one assignment and had them shipped to his new assignment," Ancell said of Mattis' book collection.
NOTES: Boston 3B Pablo Sandoval was designated for assignment Friday.
NOTES: Los Angeles OF Carl Crawford was designated for assignment.
He could be ready for a rehab assignment next week.
My role was just to go 'on assignment' when asked.
The assignment was as exceptional, fanciful, and unsound as my
Russia will be a challenging but no doubt rewarding assignment.
Alaska was also the site of his last military assignment.
How will she answer her old assignment, Who Am I?
"I do know the assignment," Brian said, rolling his eyes.
My assignment overseas will come to an end next month.
RHP Steve Delabar was designated for assignment following Saturday's game.
I think we don't have to with this assignment, yes?
Protesting against the recorder assignment was one of these outlets.
He had been pitching at Modesto on a rehab assignment.
The Red Sox designated Hanley Ramirez for assignment on Friday.
Plus, I thought my daughter didn't quite complete the assignment.
He was designated for assignment by the Twins on Friday.
Escobar was designated for assignment by Boston on April 33.
OF Dalton Pompey (knee) has started his second rehabilitation assignment.
I've even heard it while working on assignment for PEOPLE.
That's why I got this assignment to talk to you.
"We are waiting for our first assignment," Mr. Sardashti said.
Trump's chief assignment Sunday night was to stop a crisis.
There's a new assignment: Find the source of today's heroin.
As a vegetarian, did you find this assignment particularly hard?
Plouffe was designated for assignment by Oakland Thursday after batting .
INF Sean Coyle was designated for assignment by the Angels.
I contacted my editors and asked for the Florida assignment.
He will begin a rehab assignment within the next week.
It's a tough assignment: I'm not much of a runner.
Over the story, the message, the assignment, all of it.
Holland was designated for assignment by San Francisco on Sunday.
"I got a B+ on the assignment," she told BuzzFeed.
Peralta would then need a rehab assignment before being activated.
Gonzalez was designated for assignment on June 25 after batting .
OF Matt den Dekker was designated for assignment on Friday.
Zumwalt immediately ordered a change of assignment for the cook.
The utility infielder was designated for assignment on July 23.
Both are on a rehab assignment with Class A Dunedin.
For now, she wants to focus on her newest assignment.
"It will be a lengthy assignment," manager Andy Green said.
We give them the same exam, the same homework assignment.
Prior to being designated for assignment on Wednesday, Hechavarria hit .
Terim's first assignment should be Sunday's league match against Goztepe.
Maguire's assignment came during a rough patch in his career.
Chapman initially was expected to begin his rehab assignment Sunday.
She declined that assignment and has since left the network.
First assignment, though: How did you spend your summer vacation?
The deputy has been placed on restrictive administrative assignment. pic.twitter.
He has until Saturday to accept or refuse the assignment.
INF Colin Walsh was designated for assignment Tuesday by Milwaukee.
I was a general assignment reporter earning $525 a week.
The Braves designated him for assignment and later released him.
The assignment: Write anything about this election season you like.
Carlos said Alan's first assignment was to murder three men.
To make room, INF Pete Kozma was designated for assignment.
It was a rather vague assignment and it seemed enormous.
Breslow was designated for assignment by Minnesota on July 24.
"This is a dream assignment for me," Ms. Leibovitz said.
Their assignment: to attach analogy labels to hundreds of products.
As for next week's assignment, let's read through chapter 16.
At that time, my assignment was away from the base.
Kozma was designated for assignment by New York on Friday.
Not for a school assignment, but for our real lives.
"The reporting assignment was simple enough," Mr. Payne later recalled.
People did change their diets according to their group assignment.
Still, I approached my recent assignment to visit Newtown, Conn.
In that vein, she had a homework assignment for me.
The assignment seemed prosaic: Write about British Columbia's salmon fishery.
She had a "homework assignment" to look at the moon.
Before accepting this assignment, I disclosed that I knew Koul.
Just act natural: Has there ever been a tougher assignment?
Now when I go off on assignment, I'm all nerves.
It took her longer than others to complete her assignment.
Some simply said rock on and handed me another assignment.
But after the shoulder pain continued, Wright's rehabilitation assignment ended.
Of six bundled payment programs, only one included random assignment.
Only an ambitious toady would accept such an ugly assignment.
It was no easy assignment: Aston had endured seven bankruptcies.
LHP Brett Oberholtzer was designated for assignment before Tuesday's game.
On assignment for the LA Times today covering the blaze.
After finishing this assignment, I look forward to logging off.
The contestants' first assignment: to create a model theme park.
The assignment came from Mr. Nixon himself, Mr. Dean said.
I was eager to help and gladly accepted the assignment.
"Logistically, the assignment was an incredible challenge," Mr. Furst said.
Mr. Winter is a staff photographer on assignment for Opinion.
It seemed like an uncomfortable seating assignment at first glance.
Page ended her assignment to Mueller's office earlier this summer.
The assignment is expected to last five to six hours.
"My primary assignment is C.E.O. of Artémis," Ms. Barbizet said.
Goldsmith's assignment was to take photos of the victim's faces.
On Assignment with Richard Engel airs Sunday at 9 p.m.
The CDC says Pratt's temporary assignment at Emory has ended.
You quickly learn how to appraise what characterizes each assignment.
Damon Winter is a staff photographer on assignment in Opinion.
My assignment desk is checking with the Pentagon, I said.
The students' first assignment was to design the classroom layouts.
The requirements for each assignment will be provided in writing.
For example, I'm flying to Arizona for a reporting assignment.
They're basically divided by the assignment, the jobs he did.
If she misses the day's assignment altogether, she loses $2.
This week, I tweeted a short thread describing the assignment.
Which is, perhaps, enough to ask of a school assignment.
In 2015, I joined the Times for an unclear assignment.
My last assignment was teaching at the US Naval Academy.
C Chris Herrmann (hamstring) caught two bullpen sessions Monday and is expected to begin a rehab assignment at Triple-A Reno on Thursday after experiencing a slight setback in a previously scheduled rehab assignment.
RHP Logan Ondrusek was designated for assignment off the 40-man roster Saturday, a day after being designated for assignment off the 25-man roster to make room for LHP T.J. McFarland to be activated.
" She suggested that the next time I am sent an assignment my child can't do herself, I first contact the teacher (in person or by email) and ask, "What are the expectations of this assignment?
He draws his 42nd career starting assignment against the Royals Tuesday.
This is the first major league managerial assignment of Martinez's career.
He expects to leave soon on a minor league rehab assignment.
OF Daniel Robertson was designated for assignment by Seattle on Friday.
" Another said discussing a change to an assignment was "always contentious.
He hopes to throw again this week toward a rehab assignment.
In my first assignment was with a NATO rapid airborne force.
They don't label every assignment with what could be potentially troublesome.
Other cities, including Watervliet, shifted resources to create the new assignment.
That's an assignment, and thank you for doing it for us.
She admits that this particular assignment was difficult to get through.
When did you get the call to work on this assignment?
RHP David Goforth was designated for assignment following Thursday night's game.
However, I am very pleased that he has accepted this assignment.
I don't see any harm or foul in this optional assignment.
RHP Jordan Lyles was released after being designated for assignment Friday.
Headey drew a tough assignment when she agreed to play Sarah.
"On that first assignment, (Bozorgmehr) treated me like family," Sayah said.
UT Brock Holt began a rehab assignment with Triple-A Pawtucket.
RHP Jeff Ferrell, designated for assignment by the Tigers on Aug.
He was designated for assignment by the Royals on July 24.
That will to be a fun assignment for Fishkin and Urbinati.
The assignment led to a monumental moment for the future royal.
Wojciechowski was designated for assignment by the club on May 17.
I also spend some time writing a model for tomorrow's assignment.
He was designated for assignment at the end of spring training.
He sends that clueless FBI director on assignment to another state.
So, you know, I was happy to suffer through this assignment.
Mary claimed to have had a harder time with the assignment.
That something was a rebound and perhaps a missed defensive assignment.
No one knows what their assignment is with regards to Russia.
LHP Paul Fry was designated for assignment by the Seattle Mariners.
Hannah goes on assignment to the surf camp in the summer.
Elizabeth doesn't even ask (when has she ever questioned an assignment?).
The information publicly available is name, address and congressional district assignment.
RHP R.J. Alvarez was designated for assignment Tuesday by the Cubs.
The idea for Kanga was actually born from a class assignment.
But the Falcons were able to play smart, assignment-sound football.
RHP Neftali Feliz was designated for assignment Wednesday by the Brewers.
Monica then told Sylvie her first assignment was to seduce Raniere.
That's a tough road assignment for a Packers team in disarray.
INF Nick Noonan, designated for assignment by the Padres on Sept.
Has your connection to Puerto Rico made this assignment more challenging?
For an assignment, he created a standup routine about his thesis.
Finally, in late April, I got around to making the assignment.
"They are always drawing a heavy assignment out there," Laviolette said.
On Monday, the company relented, saying the assignment would be voluntary.
INF Johnny Giavotella was designated for assignment by the Baltimore Orioles.
Rigid staff assignment policies and teacher layoff rules are two examples.
Still, the assignment proved to be a headache for the duo.
"She never said no to an assignment," one former colleague recalled.
He was at Akron this week on an injury rehab assignment.
In 2007, the Inquirer bumped him down to general-assignment reporter.
He could begin a rehab assignment Monday for Triple-A Tacoma.
On her first assignment, she forgot to take a cameraman along.
The three pitchers had been designated for assignment on Nov. 27.
Duffy was designated for assignment on July 260 by the Astros.
Enotiades had completed his assignment, and the investigation proceeded without him.
The next assignment is making Senegal a power of the skies.
This will be the first opening day assignment of his career.
Catcher Dan Butler was designated for assignment in a corresponding move.
LHP Raudel Lazo, designated for assignment by the Marlins on Sept.
Is that like, okay, assignment editor has weighed in. Newt. Okay.
RHP Alexei Ogando was designated for assignment Monday by the Braves.
Lauer's behavior extended to while he traveled on assignment, as well.
That assignment is below and can be adapted to any topic.
Trump mentioned that assignment while attacking her on Twitter on Friday.
I refused a big assignment from a tobacco company, for instance.
Shortly after joining Ford, she was sent on assignment to Paris.
Damon Winter is a staff photographer currently on assignment for Opinion.
If you can't get an assignment done, go see the professor.
Check. Every assignment in English class is just poorly written fanfic?
And every time they'd give me an assignment, I'd take it.
In fact, that sameness made the assignment a challenge, visually speaking.
Mr. Trump announced the resignation and Mr. Whitaker's assignment on Twitter.
"This sounds like a parody of a newspaper assignment," said one.
Our assignment is to wash the head of a dead writer.
Mr. Winter is a staff photographer currently on assignment for Opinion.
During his first week at work, he got a plum assignment.
She tapped the message envelope and found an optional over­time assignment.
More structure, both for the work assignment and the feedback process.
To an evangelist and egomaniac like Wright, the assignment seemed karmic.
Former diplomats told VICE News that Sondland's "special assignment" was unusual.
The final assignment for Constructed Worlds was to construct a world.
The final assignment is a fourth draft, with the length unspecified.
"Let this be my assignment," she said she told Mr. Stevenson.
Every assignment, barring emergencies at remote sites, is completed on foot.
RHP Brandon McCarthy (Tommy John surgery) continues his rehab assignment Wednesday.
Using random assignment, different groups saw different versions of the page.
I lived in Israel, my first assignment as an American diplomat.
That Greste was a western reporter on assignment helped his case.
Anthem lost an "anti-assignment" case in federal court last year.
Passengers don't have to pay for a seat assignment, of course.
The councilman also posted the assignment on Facebook, stoking widespread outrage.
My first official frugal assignment, to Las Vegas, went smoothly enough.
While on assignment for this book review, I lost my job.
Shadid, who died in 2012 on assignment, was of Lebanese descent.
In a corresponding move, the team designated Odrisamer Despaigne for assignment.
He can't hedge and recover back to his original assignment either.
During my first assignment in Brussels, I met my husband, a Colombian.
The second is the assignment of those voting rights by individual countries.
For any assignment, the Ixxéo team creates between 2,000 and 5,000 names.
Both should be on a minor league rehab assignment by next weekend.
I think she could do a good job in any assignment given.
Slma Shelbayah is an assignment editor and producer for the CNN Wire.
It could very well be the better way to tackle that assignment.
Records are inconclusive on whether Cruz attended Promise or skipped the assignment.
"I was terrified," he told the late night host of his assignment.
"They should seek competent tax advice when going on a foreign assignment."
My reporter had passed on the assignment because she's afraid of needles.
To make room for Jeffress, Texas designated RHP Ernesto Frieri for assignment.
Prior to the game, Cleveland designated struggling outfielder Leonys Martin for assignment.
It is still undetermined where he will go for his rehab assignment.
In one early assignment, she shaped metal into parts at a factory.
His current assignment is an art project that culminates in a painting.
Adeiny Hechavarria, who was designated for assignment by the Mets on Aug.
Hamilton was designated for assignment by the Kansas City Royals on Aug.
"It was a little scary," Mr. Van Cleef said of the assignment.
Since I was head of the Oriental Division my assignment was Asians.
But... This video was made as part of an assignment in MED130.
"I saw the assignment as a challenge," read the film's opening words.
Oh, and it murdered a bunch of people on an earlier assignment.
OF Matt Tuiasosopo was designated for assignment by the Braves on Monday.
The computer then calculates the best assignment of vehicles for the trips.
Her first assignment is to uncover a suspected mole inside the SVR.
So how, according to defense lawyers, did prosecutors game the assignment system?
That's a tough assignment, and by all accounts he handled it well.
IF Chase d'Arnaud was designated for assignment by the Braves on Tuesday.
We learn that she and Chris caught real feelings during their assignment.
The event staffer then immediately radioed someone, presumably with the seat assignment.
Luckily, it's a lighter assignment and doesn't take much time at all.
In a four-game rehab assignment in the Arizona League, Gallo batted .
Antonio Bastardo (left quad strain) has looked solid on his rehab assignment.
My temporary roommate is finished with her assignment, so she's sleeping in.
His first assignment was in Woodlawn, the area he grew up in.
It started out as a simple assignment: Write an essay about money.
NN: Be more confident when on assignment and dealing with difficult subjects.
INF Dean Anna was designated for assignment by the Cardinals on Sunday.
CNN: Tell us about the assignment that led you to these migrants.
Barring a setback, Miller's next step likely would be a rehab assignment.
Chairing the Space Council may be the assignment that makes him happiest.
I approach the assignment with trepidation: how does one approach a megastar?
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investors have punished staffing firms including On Assignment (ASGN.
I was hired at the assignment desk and worked weekends and overnights.
At the end of the day he had to resubmit that assignment.
Do you want to know the single hardest assignment for my students?
Prior to the game, the Royals designated reliever Wily Peralta for assignment.
RHP Cory Gearrin (shoulder) could begin a rehab assignment sometime next week.
This week, Elizabeth and Philip get a new (but quite familiar) assignment.
Is he envious, imagining this assignment being so much easier for her?
He jeopardized his personal safety by taking on such a dangerous assignment.
In a corresponding move, infielder/outfielder Cory Spangenberg was designated for assignment.
NASA announced Epps's flight assignment in 2017, and it immediately went viral.
Diaz was unhappy with his assignment, he wanted to attack the French.
OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis was designated for assignment by the Brewers on Monday.
Nearly two months later, it has not been given an assignment date.
His plan for a rehab assignment at Triple-A Iowa was canceled.
They had been asked to read "Anne & Emmett" as a class assignment.
Plus, the advice seems to change as often as your gate assignment.
When Henry hangs from a helicopter, a BASE jumper got the assignment.
In a corresponding move, right-hander Brad Brach was designated for assignment.
Chicago designated SS Jimmy Rollins for assignment to make room for Anderson.
She hasn't taken a new acting assignment since, instead concentrating on directing.
In it was a paper stamped "WAR DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL" detailing that assignment.
Markel, 28, had been designated for assignment by the Mariners on Tuesday.
Yet another assignment: Help the agency and its director become more transparent.
These students were one-third more likely to choose the challenging assignment.
His assignment to the Finance Committee was announced Tuesday by Senate Republicans.
Mr. Laurence's assignment and whereabouts were a secret, even from his wife.
INF Danny Worth was designated for assignment by the Astros on Monday.
"Any time I have an assignment involving baseball, I'm happy," he said.
I expect my employees to prove themselves on the very first assignment.
This year's event will be my last assignment as a staff reporter.
LHP Andrew Heaney was sent on a rehab assignment to AZL Angels.
The Indians sent him to Double-A Akron for a rehab assignment.
RHP Carlos Frias was designated for assignment by the Indians on Tuesday.
I have to say, it's starting to feel like a homework assignment.
The mystery traveler could be Death, flitting from one assignment to another.
Last month, Suh got her housing assignment for next year: Winthrop House.
It has since retired that product and added assignment features to Teams.
Janish will have three days to decide if he'll take the assignment.
Trans women now no longer need gender re-assignment surgery to compete.
"I'm honored by the assignment," Mr. Feinberg said in a brief interview.
He says some at school have actually attempted to defend the assignment.
"We'd have large support across the board (against the assignment)," he said.
OF Brett Eibner will start a rehab assignment with Omaha on Thursday.
The first assignment I ever did was writing poetry for some girl.
She was not involved in the assignment or editing of this story.
Initially, though, his assignment was to bring harmony to a divided club.
Mr. Davidson took on the Taper assignment with determination and lofty goals.
Eveland has been designated for assignment by the Rays twice this season.
Mr. Antonio's assignment is to enhance business ties between the two countries.
For many, an assignment at the forts was cold, isolating, and long. 
Their assignment: Show us what it's like to turn 18 in 2018.
Her colleague instead received a plum assignment: the Boston Marathon bombing trial.
She recalled a grade school assignment to write about a life goal.
His assignment to the camp led colleagues to protest on his behalf.
Butler's definition of an athlete matters for the purposes of his assignment.
Ms. Iglauer had been captivated by Canada well before the salmon assignment.
He was promoted on Sunday when Travis d'Arnaud was designated for assignment.
"Can you have this assignment done by next Wednesday?" a client asked.
His assignment was to bring in $100,000 a year for the regime.
Seventh- and eighth-graders receive their assignment after meeting with school officials.
I also packed a fresh change of clothes for after the assignment.
When you took the assignment, what specifically did you want to capture?
He moved to The Times as a general-assignment sportswriter in 1966.
CreditCredit Mr. Winter is a staff photographer currently on assignment for Opinion.
I cannot say that I embarked on this assignment without some trepidation.
I had to borrow my white roommate's face to finish the assignment.
The trooper is on administrative assignment pending the conclusion of the investigation.
Results In general, the assignment went well for a first-time event.
Each story assignment, in a way, is like getting a new job.
She gave no details as to the expected length of the assignment.
INF Jordan Pacheco cleared waivers and was returned from a rehab assignment.
LHP Adam Wilk was designated for assignment to make room for Mejia.
They submitted the assignment and returned to their jobs at Goldman Sachs.
As the new party secretary in Chongqing, he has a tricky assignment.
In a corresponding move, Kansas City designated RHP Andrew Edwards for assignment.
By that night, I had another freelance assignment with a national magazine.
My recent post-2016-campaign assignment here is just the latest investment.
Stern may also have considered the assignment mildly demeaning, at least initially.
"Newspapers have had general assignment and rewrite desks for decades," he said.
Soon after, Cincinnati imposed a ban on concerts with general-assignment seating.
OF Collin Cowgill was designated for assignment by the Indians on Thursday.
C Anthony Recker was designated for assignment by the Braves on Saturday.
For (almost) every assignment, bounty hunters get a puck and a fob.
The White Sox also designated right-handed reliever Chris Beck for assignment.
But he said it was not an assignment he had asked for.
In retrospect, editors should have used a newsroom reporter for that assignment.
Part of Zhang's assignment was explaining to Chinese readers who Trump is.
He said he'll need a rehab assignment before returning to the team.
On an early assignment he shot a new group called the Beatles.
Next came the more challenging assignment of extracting sperm from live penguins.
My assignment was preventing rogue states and terrorists from getting nuclear weapons.
"We dressed up for the assignment that we were working," he said.
They marched for something Tuesday ... and we're still recovering from that ASSignment.
But without the added bonus of an assignment, would I have gone?
He is one of 42 active astronauts eligible for a flight assignment.
Just because of a gender assignment, that does not make you stronger.
The assignment of the RRs reflects Fitch's 'Recovery Ratings and Notching Criteria for Non-Financial Corporates issuers' criteria dated April 22015, 214.8, which allows for the assignment of Recovery Ratings for issuers with IDRs in the 'BB' category.
They brainstormed other ways she could get students started, including model sentences and extra detail on the assignment, and scheduled Ironside's next visit to Zimmerman's classroom during a writing assignment to check up on whether the advice worked.
Service members who normally receive Assignment and Special Duty Pay (ASDP) will continue to receive these entitlements since they will still be in the assignment or position while they are temporarily deployed away from their permanent duty station.
When the rehab assignment ended Monday, Boston needed to put him on the major league roster or have him accept a minor league assignment, which he had the right to refuse due to his service time in the majors.
In 2012, a Texas school gave out an alternate assignment after a complaint.
Fearing another punitive assignment, Raymond waited for Campbell to step into the office.
LHP Tyler Lyons was sent on a rehab assignment to Class A Peoria.
Initially, Tremeka was going to have her daughter skip the insensitive assignment altogether.
Her assignment as a black female pilot was also applauded by Maj. Gen.
The spot is vacant after LHP Jeff Locke was designated for assignment Tuesday.
LHP Yohan Flande declined a minor league assignment and became a free agent.
INF Sean Coyle was designated for assignment by the Red Sox on Friday.
C Tyler Flowers was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Gwinnett.
To make room for him, the Rays designated INF Mike Martinez for assignment.
Cabrera is slated to continue his rehab assignment Wednesday with Triple-A Gwinett.
CF JaCoby Jones began a rehab assignment with Triple-A Toledo on Saturday.
The concept was conceived in conjunction with a five-week long school assignment.
RHP Miguel Gonzalez was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Charlotte.
CF A.J. Pollock was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Reno.
I made it through several email chains, three interviews, and one writing assignment.
OF Cameron Maybin went 0-for-3 at Toledo in his rehab assignment.
But I was excited about this assignment because I'm a big Costner fan.
"You decide how much to pay Workers for each assignment," the firm says.
So when you think about credit assignment — why did I win this game?
My first celebrity assignment for you was Spice Girl Geri Halliwell in 2002.
The assignment is subject to an annual review and takes effect Sept. 6.
My assignment in 2006 for the Post was to document the team's arrival.
RHP Ryan Dull was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Nashville.
RHP Javy Guerra was designated for assignment after Thursday's loss to the Cardinals.
RICHARD CLARIDA: Well, again, we have a very clear assignment from the Congress.
This would turn into the biggest assignment of my 17 years in journalism.
When he gave him the assignment, Hinch said, Urquidy was stoic and composed.
He's currently receiving language training in Washington ahead of his next foreign assignment.
The level of expertise and skills always determined assignment to these higher positions.
RHP Chris Withrow was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Gwinnett.
John Raymond, though thousands of airmen are working for the service on assignment.
RF Hunter Pence started a rehab assignment with Triple-A Sacramento Friday night.
It's up to the viewer to judge how seriously Wiktor takes his assignment.
The U.N. statement said Lok-Dessalien will take another assignment at U.N. headquarters.
One assignment, for instance, asked participants to brainstorm possible uses for a brick.
He made two scoreless appearances during a rehab assignment with Triple-A Rochester.
I'm on general assignment this week but I volunteer to transition to nighttime.
LHP Edwin Escobar was designated for assignment by the Red Sox on Wednesday.
INF Will Middlebrooks was sent on a rehab assignment to Double-A Biloxi.
LHP Buddy Baumann was optioned Saturday on a rehab assignment to Arizona League.
LF Micah Johnson was sent to Class A Rome on a rehab assignment.
He was on an assignment for class, to document a community through photos.
And if anyone should be put on modified assignment, it should be him.
RHP Hector Santiago will make a rehab assignment Wednesday with Triple-A Rochester.
LF Brock Holt was sent to Triple-A Pawtucket on a rehab assignment.
LHP Brian Flynn began a rehab assignment at Triple-A Omaha on Saturday.
But the assignment turned out to be much more difficult than she'd imagined.
C Ryan Hanigan began a rehab assignment at Double-A Portland on Saturday.
C Ryan Hanigan began a rehabilitation assignment with Double-A Portland on Saturday.
It was his first time catching on consecutive games during his rebab assignment.
She was there on assignment for an Amnesty International project regarding child marriage.
RHP Jake Odorizzi was sent on a rehab assignment to Class A Charlotte.
YH: My very first editorial assignment was from Japanese men's street culture magazine.
I&aposm Sandra Smith, in for Martha MacCallum, who&aposs on assignment tonight.
One lofty assignment -- often doled out to senior justices -- is the budget committee.
CF Cameron Maybin began another rehab assignment with Triple-A Toledo on Saturday.
RHP Jared Hughes was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Indianapolis.
Nunes seemed to delight in the cloak-and-dagger aura of the assignment.
Directing money to a charity does not avoid the assignment of income problem.
If I give the students an essay assignment, I'm potentially grading 200 essays.
INF Danny Santana began a rehab assignment Friday with Class A Fort Myers.
But this is a hard assignment, so we'll see how he and Sen.
"This is the ultimate 'geek' dream assignment," said Doug Rohn, director of TACP.
RHP Danny Salazar was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Columbus.
To make room for Richard, the Padres designated LHP Matt Thornton for assignment.
In a corresponding move, the Pirates designated right-hander Jesus Liranzo for assignment.
That meant more explorations in the concrete jungle – an assignment the members welcomed.
C James McCann began a rehab assignment in Triple-A Toledo on Tuesday.
It's the second time Kingham, 27, has been designated for assignment this season.
Burris pleaded for a shore assignment since his ship was about to sail.
Landau, who was not charged with a crime, had been on modified assignment.
RHP Brad Ziegler was sent to the minor leagues on a rehab assignment.
It's Friday, and no one's doing anything with my assignment until Monday anyway.
Toronto designated RHP Mike Bolsinger for assignment and promoted RHP Taylor Cole. 3.
LHP Joely Rodriguez will be designated for assignment by the Phillies on Thursday.
RHP Chad Qualls was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Albuquerque.
The agents from headquarters would have a 22011-day "temporary duty" (TDY) assignment.
RHP Jason Motte began a rehab assignment with Class A Rome on Saturday.
"He's OK, but he has not been away on special assignment," said Rossi.
Suntory's chief blender, Shinji Fukuyo, says he was initially wary of the assignment.
C Bobby Wilson was designated for assignment Monday after the deal for Lucroy.
He started the assignment with Class A Dunedin and in four games batted .
During Haspel's first overseas assignment between 1987 and 1989, she worked in Africa.
"I thought all senators got assignments—no senator gets an assignment," says Biden.
OF Jarrod Dyson was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Omaha.
RHP Liam Hendriks was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Nashville.
A leader; one who was the first to volunteer for any tough assignment.
In a corresponding move, the Indians designated righty reliever George Kontos for assignment.
That December I went overseas on my first foreign assignment, to Southeast Asia.
It is an assignment that could land the Mets right in the postseason.
That, of course, will be an easier assignment for Serena than for Venus.
Reliever Javy Guerra was designated for assignment to clear roster space for Feierabend.
If all goes well, he could then begin a minor league rehab assignment.
"The assignment was, 'I wonder what I'll be in 20 years,'" he recalled.
OF Lonnie Chisenhall was sent on a rehab assignment to Double-A Akron.
RHP Jason Grilli was designated for assignment Tuesday by the Toronto Blue Jays.
Delke, 25, has been placed on administrative assignment, according to the police department.
Prior to that assignment, Donnelly was the special assistant to now-retired Adm.
If his performance behind the plate didn't mark progress, his pending assignment does.
They created dummy Gmail accounts, often employed for one assignment and then discarded.
The film grew out of a humanities assignment to write a hero myth.
She wanted him for this special, but it was not an easy assignment.
He has three days to decide whether or not to take the assignment.
It's the first innings he's caught since starting a rehab assignment last week.
Cabrera, 33, recently was designated for assignment and released by the Texas Rangers.
Dozier (oblique) had been sent on a rehab assignment to Omaha May 29.
RHP Rubby De La Rosa (right shoulder inflammation) began a rehab assignment Saturday.
"Bishop Alfred Schlert also immediately removed Lonergan from his assignment," the statement says.
The assignment was "Multiplicity," which involves repeating a figure at least seven times.
Do you have any memories that come to mind from being on assignment?
Alex Rodriguez, who finished a rehab assignment with the Trenton Thunder on Wednesday.
OF Danny Santana could go on a rehab assignment as soon as Monday.
More than a few have complimented him on handling a difficult assignment well.
Officer Giglio, who was driving an ambulance on a special assignment, soon arrived.
In six games on a rehab assignment at Triple-A Toledo McCann hit .
Kin's U.S.D.A. assignment was just one chapter in a lifetime of professional trailblazing.
For the next study, she wants to do a random assignment of schools.
But it does not appear that he actually fought while on assignment there.
A question that I suspect that you're often asked: is your assignment dangerous?
Once here, with no assignment or story in mind, I drove to Parkland.
It wouldn't be the first time I had brought the kids on assignment.
The photographer, Anja Niedringhaus, was killed in 2014 while on assignment in Afghanistan.
His final assignment was as Ambassador to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
I was sent on one assignment to investigate a practice called orgasmic meditation.
Then, I have my students use them immediately in a creative writing assignment.
Then, you can ask the following: What is the assignment expected to assess?
But I couldn't bring myself to ask out of the 100-object assignment.
Morales, 35, was recently designated for assignment by the Oakland Athletics after hitting .
When an assignment took me back to New Mexico, I decided to stay.
He would get a $1 million assignment bonus each time he is traded.
For photographers, a perp-walk assignment can amount to warfare by other means.
He was employed by a rising nation and given a high-stakes assignment.
New York designated outfielder Aaron Altherr for assignment to clear a roster opening.
That was part of their homeschool assignment, to write a paper on it!
What tech gadgets and apps do you use on assignment in those areas?
Damon Winter is a staff photographer currently on assignment for the Opinion section.
In AI, a major method for credit assignment is known as error backpropagation.
Nervous and anxious, he read the assignment in front of three other students.
His current Infosys assignment is helping a large telecom company on web projects.
"You are a member of the K.K.K.," the fifth-grade homework assignment read.
"This is my little 10-year-old nephew's homework assignment today," he wrote.
I love kids and it's mostly photos so it'll be an easy assignment.
Soltero's most recent assignment — before he left Microsoft last November — was running Cortana.
Seoul (CNN)It was her first assignment as a North Korean secret agent.
How you 220 years into the assignment with nothing to show for it?
In a corresponding move, the Dodgers designated left-hander Edward Paredes for assignment.
Kim homered in a rehab assignment with Double-A Bowie on Monday night.
The network's channel assignment on the cable distribution network has also been lowered.
They accused the chief justice of violating procedure in the assignment of judges.
But both told VICE News they never visited the country during their assignment.
This is one fashion show you can enjoy without a plum seat assignment.
Her first assignment was to process the black box data from crashed planes.
Wordplay TUESDAY PUZZLE — Hi. Martin here, filling in for Deb, who's on assignment.
RHP Sergio Romo was sent on a rehab assignment Class A Rancho Cucamonga.
Assignment editors are losing sleep as they plan for the next seven days.
He had an assignment to finish and was quickly running out of air. 
Joe Girardi said he believed Ellsbury would begin a rehab assignment "pretty soon."
Consider asking for a tough assignment or finishing that side project you started.
SS Erick Aybar was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Gwinnett.
OF Michael Brantley was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Columbus.
Like his classmates, first grader Zachary Hood went home and did the assignment.
The assignment drags on him, even as he finds himself drawn to Rogers.
RHP Liam Hendriks was sent on a rehab assignment to Class A Stockton.
The whimsical assignment was one way for the Rangers to cope with reality.
OF Paulo Orlando (shin) had a setback and will continue his rehab assignment.
One of them, he said, was his current assignment guarding yeshivas and synagogues.
Playing Nicole, Scarlett Johansson might have the hardest acting assignment of the year.
From getting hired, to going to the wedding, and finishing up the assignment.
She video-chats with her boyfriend, a tech consultant on assignment in Oman.
He led the fight to remove loan trading assignment fees from the market.
OF Joey Rickard (sprained left middle finger) could begin a rehab assignment Monday.
She learned she had breast cancer in 1994, while on assignment in Mexico.
"John's regional performance justified this," Collins said, referring to his Final Four assignment.
On assignment, the part of my brain that can feel overwhelmed turns off.
To open a roster spot, left-hander Tim Collins was designated for assignment.
While there on assignment, I ordered the salt-baked whole sea bass ($266).
But this assignment will be a challenge, especially because of the high stakes.
Yet another homework assignment intended for elementary school students has been stumping parents across the U.K. The seemingly innocent question was on a homework assignment given to Year Five students at a primary school in Glossop, England, located near Manchester.
Play-action only complicates matters: Imagine jet motion changing both your run fit and coverage assignment mid-snap, then having to process a fake handoff (or two) before diagnosing pass and trying to scurry back to your new coverage assignment.
Assignment of STLC IDR The assignment of a STLC IDR of 'F3' to Romania is consistent with Fitch's approach to assigning ST ratings by using its LT/ST Rating Correspondence table to map the STLC IDR from the LTLC rating scale.
OF Manuel Margot was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A El Paso.
INF Mike Aviles, designated for assignment by the Braves on Wednesday, was released Sunday.
INF Dean Anna, designated for assignment by the Cardinals on Sunday, was released Wednesday.
So, Polvino decided to make some changes to the assignment with an updated narrative.
C Bryan Holaday will begin a rehabilitation assignment Tuesday at Triple-A Round Rock.
Understandably, parents were upset and reported the offensive assignment to the Pennridge School District.
NOTES: The Diamondbacks designated RHP Josh Collmenter and INF/OF Michael Freeman for assignment.
C Robinson Chirinos was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Round Rock.
Everybody says you need to find a mentor, but it's not a simple assignment.
INF Dean Anna, designated for assignment by the Cardinals on Sunday, was released Wednesday.
Then, in extended spring training while awaiting assignment, his comfort level began to rise.
In a corresponding move, the Mariners designated right-handed pitcher Shawn Armstrong for assignment.
At this point in time, we're not looking at a rehab assignment for him.
Because Chief Justice John Roberts is in the majority, he likely made the assignment.
Pantaleo has been placed on modified assignment and stripped of his badge and gun.
Brazilian analysts and those close to Bolsonaro's party have long predicted Araújo's new assignment.
Kara scores Mary Jane a field assignment covering a protest at a high school.
M. A nightmare account of an assignment gone wrong, but well worth a read.
The whole assignment ended up being much different from what any of us expected.
"To be honest, I actually had a missed assignment on that play," Willis said.
Her first assignment, which saw her covering landmines in Cambodia, required a certain look.
Despite the song being written for an assignment, "the impact was harmful," Harbron wrote.
As in any assignment, unexpected logistical changes and workflow hiccups always sprout from nowhere.
But that six-week assignment on the trail turned into more than 500 days.
"The assignment they wanted for us to work on was very progressive," Seifert said.
That study is particularly compelling since it was an actual experiment with random assignment.
"I thought the assignment was pretty impossible at first," Arlt, 18, told BuzzFeed News.
From there, they moved to Fort Sill, OK, where Marty completed his ROTC assignment.
Soon after, I got an assignment and managed to wrangle a Coolsculpting treatment gratis.
He's expected to go out on a minor-league rehab assignment by June 10.
Apparently this video was the result of a school assignment and teachers approved it.
For one assignment, students were asked to perform an original scene before the class.
It includes practice quizzes and an assignment to develop an IMDb clone using Salesforce.
My assignment is due tonight, and I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.
My nutritionist and I come up with at least one "homework" assignment each week.
RHP Zach McAllister will begin a rehab assignment on Monday with Triple-A Columbus.
RHP Chad Qualls, designated for assignment by the Rockies on Friday, was released Wednesday.
Ticket holders don't get a seat assignment until they check in to their flight.
I will leave the test of other jumps to you as a homework assignment.
RHP A.J. Achter was designated for assignment by the Los Angeles Angels on Monday.
LHP Eduardo Rodriguez appears to be close to going out on a rehab assignment.
NOTES: Pirates LHP Antonio Bastardo (0-1, 15.00 ERA) was designated for assignment Saturday.
It was not for a work-related assignment; I just felt like doing it.
I wasn't sure how to feel when my editors emailed me about this assignment.
Houston designated utility man Tony Kemp for assignment to open up a roster spot.
Chicago designated left-hander Tim Collins for assignment to open up a roster spot.
And once we actually get an assignment that requires it, then the Googling starts.
She wanted not "mere assignment work," but the title of staff photographer at LIFE.
While at Special Reports I met Ryan Ruggiero, the respected senior assignment desk manager.
INF Matt Duffy (strained left Achilles) could start a rehab assignment sometime next week.
CF/RF Starling Marte will begin a rehab assignment Sunday with Class-A Bradenton.
Cole, 25, joins the Nationals for his second major league assignment of the season.
RHP Tommy Hunter begins an injury rehab assignment with Triple-A Columbus on Friday.
Well, it's like … okay, a staff photographer for PEOPLE, they're given an assignment, right?
LHP Scott Alexander began a rehab assignment with Triple-A Omaha on Friday night.
Olivera, whose suspension ends Tuesday, was designated for assignment by the Padres on Saturday.
And the video was shot by a parent who had consented to the assignment.
RHP Tyson Ross was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Round Rock.
I first got my hands on some Viagra for a writing assignment in 22012.
Holland had a 4.50 ERA in three starts on rehab assignment at Round Rock.
OF Robert Andino, designated for assignment by the Marlins on Thursday, was released Tuesday.
RHP Bryan Morris was activated by the Marlins on Tuesday and designated for assignment.
Sogard likely will continue his rehab assignment after Wednesday's game with Triple-A Nashville.
If all goes well in the sim game, he'll head on a rehab assignment.
Indians 2B Jason Kipnis will resume his rehab assignment Saturday with Triple-A Columbus.
"Before Lisa was born, her mother worked in a big office," the assignment begins.
If Cain has no setbacks, he could begin a minor league rehab assignment Monday.
Notably, assignment to congressional committees is among the least transparent processes on Capitol Hill.
Wine School The last assignment for Wine School may not have seemed initially promising.
He allowed a walk with a strikeout in s scoreless assignment covering 35 pitches.
He allowed a walk with a strikeout in s scoreless assignment covering 403 pitches.
LHP Wade LeBlanc was designated for assignment to make room for LHP James Paxton.
RHP Danny Farquhar was designated for assignment to make room for RHP Brad Boxberger.
The team also announced that disappointing left-hander Jaime Garcia was designated for assignment.
Peralta is said to be about three weeks away from starting a rehab assignment.
OF Paulo Orlando was sent on a rehab assignment to Double-A Northwest Arkansas.
Omar should be immediately removed from this important committee assignment overseeing U.S. foreign policy.
Clinton has said she will give him the heavy assignment of "revitalizing" the economy.
It was the kind of assignment that comes rarely in a young scholar's career.
There was no pay for the assignment, and the candidate didn't get the job.
INF Eduardo Escobar (groin) began his rehab assignment Friday with Class A Fort Myers.
Eight years later, her assignment in Libya for Allen & Overy continues to shadow her.
RHP John Holdzkom, designated for assignment by the Pirates on Sunday, was released Tuesday.
INF Eduardo Escobar (hamstring) began his rehab assignment Friday with High-A Fort Myers.
The backlash against The Assignment (originally titled Tomboy, A Revenger's Tale) is two-fold.
He would always agree to try, and then find excuses or forget the assignment.
INF Mike Martinez was designated for assignment to make room for INF Trevor Plouffe.
That portion of Huber's assignment will be taken over by Durham, the person added.
OF Howie Kendrick (hamstring) was sent on a rehab assignment to Double-A Reading.
He was near the end of his assignment when he sustained a groin injury.
In September 2400, I was in Prague on a separate assignment for Cambridge Analytica.
OF Shane Robinson was sent to Triple-A Salt Lake on a rehab assignment.
He began a rehab assignment in April, but more problems with his knee arose.
Another time I left for five days to go on assignment for a story.
And court papers show that Mr. Moore seized on the assignment with unbridled enthusiasm.
Recently Oliver was given an assignment that involved getting a shoe from the teacher.
" And he brought all the vice presidents together and said, "You have an assignment.
I was at the AVNs on assignment for a previous employer, New York Magazine.
It was Mr. Kelly's final assignment as a staff photographer for The Daily Progress.
I wondered if he misunderstood the assignment, but of course he's smarter than that.
It may not be the assignment journalism sought, but it's the one we've got.
I visited these bridges in June while on assignment for The New York Times.
I was on assignment from Rolling Stone to embed with the staff of
The assignment was to write a four-page research paper on any biology topic.
The foreign editor was on the line with an urgent assignment: Find Josef Mengele.
The table assignment name cards from prior bar mitzvah events were in the pocket.
If a fee is too low, I'll simply decline the assignment and move on.
And, despite it never feeling right, I largely lived that assignment for 48 years.
He would have to shave off another minute to qualify for a beach assignment.
So chaotic have the days become that I had almost forgotten the new assignment.
How is connectivity in Cairo and in the region when you travel on assignment?
The professors quickly realized it would be their toughest assignment yet in forensic scatology.
Common violations included being out of place and failing to report to an assignment.
Somehow I manage to cross everything except one assignment off my to-do list.
It was on such an assignment that he met Hemingway in Havana in 1948.
My assignment was to find out what the refugees needed and offer them assistance.
LHP Brett Anderson, designated for assignment by the Cubs last week, was released Monday.
"He could have possibly tried to get a traveling assignment there," Ms. Schweitzer said.
She just finished a very grueling assignment in three different countries in four days.
After retiring from The Post-Dispatch, Mr. Dudman continued to file special assignment stories.
Any minute... Despite that book club assignment from Murkowski, Trump seems unlikely to repent.
Her first assignment was to write a paragraph about a half-page book excerpt.
But ultimately, "The Assignment" ends up being ridiculous even by its own nonsensical standards.
Having to pay for a seat assignment is the latest additional fee cropping up.
You've felt personally attacked by an incorrect horoscope assignment (Aries as pineapple pizzas?!) 2.
I'm making like the sea shanty: bound for Australia, on assignment for The Times.
The second assignment, three weeks later, is the same story, now 21 pages long.
"I wouldn't choose another assignment because I find this one so rewarding," Elmshaesuser said.
Rather, this was subtraction — the Red Sox designating third baseman Pablo Sandoval for assignment.
I have stood in an employment office, waiting for an assignment and a placement.
Jobs' first major assignment for Ive was the classic, candy-colored iMac, pictured below.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was born out of a department store marketing assignment.
He kept asking NASA officials about a new flight assignment and was routinely stonewalled.
"Harvey has no problem publicly shaming you," a former assignment-desk producer told me.
Strzok was removed from his assignment this week after Mueller learned of the texts.
He looks at me and he goes, 'Can I give you a homework assignment?
He was designated for assignment June 19 to make room for INF Trevor Plouffe.
He was in an argumentative mood and appeared disagreeable with his assignment in Denver.
INF Cheslor Cuthbert (wrist) had a setback (foot) and will continue his rehab assignment.
The assignment includes the next two summers, spanning the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
This is why it looks like Pompeo's new assignment is bad news for Iran.
His new assignment looks more like a cooling-off period than a permanent sidelining.
Dangers made each overseas assignment more memorable, if not always more fun, for me.
In fact, when Mr. Barry was first given the assignment in 2011, he demurred.
The paper said Wells hired the law firm Shearman & Sterling to do that assignment.
His last military assignment was as the National Security Agency's Deputy Director for Training.
OF Brandon Moss (ankle) is expected to start a rehab assignment sometime this week.
" He added that the assignment was "culturally insensitive" and the teacher expressed "significant remorse.
Separately, our Travel desk will buy carbon offsets for its staff writers on assignment.
Separately, our Travel desk will buy carbon offsets for its staff writers on assignment.
When I ended my China assignment last year, I no longer had such expectations.
Despite the challenges, some N.B.A. photographers do not consider it their most difficult assignment.
When I came back, I realized I had forgotten to do the drawing assignment.
Every photo assignment I had, I was doing long interviews, 10-15 hours worth.
Naturally, the movie grew out of Kaufman's real-life assignment to adapt Orleans's book.
"I handed in the album like an assignment," he says of 2018's Reckless.
Fox explains that the obits' desk is no longer a stigmatized assignment for journalists.
The assignment has yielded double dividends, but after the passage of the Letwin amendment in an extraordinary sitting of parliament this Saturday, it seems just possible that I might have the chance to roll the Brexit-watch assignment over for a third semester.
In a recent nationwide study, led by David Yeager of the University of Texas, 9,000 ninth graders were asked what kind of assignment they wanted (even if it didn't affect their grade): 63 percent wanted an easy assignment over a challenging one.
So every story assignment, every photography assignment, we've gotta get in the heads of our editors and reporters that they need to really reach out to diverse sources, and you can only change it by changing it one person at a time.
Part of me wanted to complete the assignment simply because I had invested so much.
He approached me four times for one assignment and he never kept track of it.
L.P. Of the places you traveled on assignment, which is the first you'll return to?
In a corresponding move, the Twins designated utility man Taylor Motter for assignment Tuesday night.
Hilbert threw himself into the new assignment, but over time he noticed something was wrong.
OF Craig Gentry was designated for assignment after being activated from the disabled list Saturday.
CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION: No transfer, assignment, or substitution of a Prize permitted, except Time Inc.
The technology cost too much, and travel moved too slowly to send photographers on assignment.
I nonchalantly agreed to the fight scene assignment, doing my best to keep my cool.
Doing this latest assignment to celebrate Her Royal Highness's 70th birthday is a true honor.
"I had a writing class assignment which inspired this project," said the student, now 22.
RHP Joe Gunkel was designated for assignment to create space on the 40-man roster.
Plouffe, 31, was acquired from the Oakland Athletics on Saturday after being designated for assignment.
Spangenberg could be sent out for a minor league assignment after the All-Star break.
Obviously, police departments could (and probably should) reform their practices around shift assignment and overtime.
As the person with the least seniority, he was given the last subcommittee assignment: healthcare.
She gives me a window seat assignment that's "normal" A.K.A. doesn't cost me any money!
The Arizona Diamondbacks designated three-time All-Star closer Greg Holland for assignment on Wednesday.
Trades ex-dividend by assignment of 1003 SosTravel shares for each TraWell CO share owned.
RHP Caleb Cotham (right shoulder inflammation) began a rehab assignment Thursday for Double-A Chattanooga.
Klay Thompson drew the assignment of defending James Harden without Iguodala in the last series.
It's like asking for an extension because you don't know how to do the assignment.
The assignment, however, couldn't be changed after booking without the help of a gate agent.
SAFE BAG assignment of 140 SOS Travel shares for every 500 Safe Bag shares owned.
She held a series of posts at the Pentagon before taking on her current assignment.
What teachers need to do is reward the student who hands that assignment in early.
Nancy Hungerford is a General Assignment Reporter and Anchor covering corporate, economic and geopolitical events.
In April 2014, Luisa Dörr was on assignment to photograph the Young Miss Brazil contest.
LHP Zach Britton (forearm strain) was sent on a rehab assignment to Double-A Bowie.
Mika and I were both on assignment along the border crossing separating Turkey and Syria.
RHP Jacob Turner was designated for assignment Saturday to make room for LHP Sammy Solis.
LHP Jeff Locke was designated for assignment Tuesday by Miami to make room for Steckenrider.
RHP Andrew Bailey (right shoulder inflammation) was sent on a rehab assignment to AZL Angels.
Researchers at Washington State University gave a group of study participants a relatively easy assignment.
Her first assignment: flipping greasy burgers, the very food she was supposed to be avoiding.
Trump did indeed go all the way, but for Manafort the assignment was a disaster.
It's ironic that Clinton is being attacked for taking an assignment she didn't even want.
C Brayan Pena (left knee) resumed his rehab assignment Wednesday night at Triple-A Memphis.
NOTES: Indians OF Abraham Almonte began a rehab assignment Wednesday night with Triple-A Columbus.
CF Joc Pederson (concussion) will begin a rehab assignment on Friday, manager Dave Roberts said.
RHP Jake Smith, designated for assignment by the Giants earlier this week, was released Friday.
He was expecting it to be a Nobel Prize winner—but this assignment was grim.
Available July 1 The American (2010)An assassin takes on his last assignment in Italy.
Shares in U.S. firm On Assignment fell 9.9 percent on Friday after it reported results.
Because I did not respect the rules of the assignment, these pictures were never published.
Walter Cronkite, the legendary CBS Evening News anchorman, twice reported that Warner died on assignment.
Last week, Justice Department ethics experts reportedly cleared Mueller to take the special counsel assignment.
NOTES: San Diego OF Jon Jay began a rehabilitation assignment at Class A Lake Elsinore.
RHP Yimi Garcia was sent to the Class A California League for a rehab assignment.
So that's exactly what she told her teacher when she finally handed in the assignment.
The Tigers face another tough assignment Saturday when they play host to No. 4 Virginia.
Martinez was with the Indians earlier this season, but was designated for assignment July 2.
Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver have a movie coming out this week called The Assignment.
To make room for Suter on the roster, OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis was designated for assignment.
She arrived at this assignment after having a somewhat non-traditional career for an astronaut.
Seattle RHP Felix Hernandez (shoulder) is slated to begin a rehab assignment sometime next week.
RHP Sonny Gray (strained lat) was sent on a rehab assignment to Triple-A Nashville.
To make room on the 40-man roster, Seattle designated OF Patrick Kivlehan for assignment.
Kovalenko's assignment involved exposing himself to radiation, but there were rules to protect his safety.
If he comes out of that OK he will begin a minor league rehab assignment.
They are sloppy because they would fail as a first-year law student drafting assignment.
Fortunately, IRL, after Polvino reviewed her daughter's assignment, she decided to handle the revise herself.
C Wilson Ramos (torn ACL) was sent on a rehab assignment to Class A Charlotte.
The old-timer's assignment was to teach American Pharoah about life not on the run.
It is just a supporting role, a small showcase but not much of an assignment.
He urged Maguire to take the assignment and report to the CIA station in Karachi.
I'm definitely rooting for its success, but I'm not the right person for this assignment.
The team will decide whether to send Santiago on a rehab assignment after Saturday's session.
About 40 percent of McKinsey consultants take on at least one international assignment each year.
The team will decide whether to send Santiago on a rehab assignment after Saturday's work.

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