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"undertaking" Definitions
  1. [countable] a task or project, especially one that is important and/or difficult synonym venture
  2. [countable] (formal) an agreement or a promise to do something
  3. [uncountable] the business of an undertaker
"undertaking" Synonyms
task effort enterprise operation project business venture affair endeavour(UK) activity assignment campaign job plan pursuit scheme attempt charge exploit mission endeavor(US) struggle toil labor(US) labour(UK) work application exertion pains striving toiling doggedness earnestness grind hard work slog travail vocation profession occupation trade calling career employment role racket craft line niche day job line of work position post industry sector area domain field sphere arena circle department discipline element realm walk world demesne contract agreement deal compact covenant pact treaty settlement arrangement transaction deed proceedings bond convention negotiation business matter business activity pledge commitment promise word vow assurance oath guarantee warrant solemn word word of honour stipulation warranty issue question situation concern matter subject problem topic case thing puzzle matter of contention point of contention point at issue event point item company firm organisation(UK) organization(US) corporation establishment agency bureau office practice franchise partnership consortium conglomerate method idea intention procedure strategy suggestion proposal disposition initiative proposition action angle approach course expedient formula maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) trial test examination analysis investigation tryout assessment experiment experimentation evaluation appraisal rehearsal check testing probation practise proof workout shakedown successful completion achievement accomplishment consummation fulfillment(US) fulfilment(UK) realisation(UK) realization(US) actualization completion effectuation fruition attainment commission enactment engineering execution implementation prosecution triumph assumption handling managing shouldering acceptance acquisition tackling adoption embracing putting on taking on taking up embarkation on entering on entering upon setting about endorsement espousal approval support admission compliance consent acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) permission recognition assent avowal nod green light go-ahead okay O.K. major focus specialisation(UK) specialization(US) thesis core focal point research topic subject matter dissertation resolve resolution determination resoluteness firmness purposefulness purpose steadfastness boldness courage indefatigability intentness manfulness perseverance persistence staunchness tenacity backbone constancy tussle fight scuffle scrap brawl fray fracas scrimmage skirmish scrum set-to battle conflict contest free-for-all punch-up scramble donnybrook fisticuffs trading commerce exchange sales selling traffic affairs bargaining barter commercialism contracts dealings industrialism market merchandising entanglement intrigue involvement embroilment engagement association collusion complicity enmeshment envelopment affiliation connection fraternity inculpation attachment federation fraternisation(UK) fraternization(US) participation relationship accepting assuming approaching attempting bearing beginning commencing endeavoring(US) endeavouring(UK) engaging starting contracting essaying trying hazarding initiating swearing vowing promising guaranteeing pledging affirming asserting assuring attesting covenanting declaring proclaiming pronouncing stating averring daring say giving an undertaking giving one's word inaugurating instigating instituting effectuating triggering prompting creating eliciting inducing precipitating kicking off kick-starting producing starting up invoking attacking addressing confronting challenging facing fighting contesting contending attending to concentrating on contending with coping with dealing with diving into embarking on engaging in venturing aiming pursuing seeking assaying experimenting struggling bidding soliciting pushing making an effort doing performing executing carrying out working making committing implementing prosecuting compassing negotiating occasioning transacting bringing on carrying off determining drawing on operating putting through agreeing arranging commissioning pacting signing consenting settling assenting dickering inking stipulating coming to terms committing oneself achieving accomplishing contriving effecting bringing off finishing bringing about succeeding finishing off succeeding in participating joining partaking abetting collaborating contributing cooperating playing sharing entering practicing(US) practising(UK) becoming involved launching into occupying oneself taking part throwing oneself turning becoming involved with getting involved with going in for involving oneself in starting doing becoming interested in beginning to participate in juggling overseeing overlooking stewarding fielding organising(UK) organizing(US) running taking fitting in daring presuming risking adventuring gambling speculating staking having the temerity having the audacity having the nerve having the courage having the effrontery taking the liberty taking the risk undergoing experiencing enduring suffering sustaining tolerating feeling having weathering encountering withstanding standing brooking tasting knowing braving seeing supporting starting out expecting intending meaning planning proposing acceding complying subscribing approving acquiescing coming round recognising(UK) recognizing(US) setting giving your blessing saying yes giving carte blanche giving the go-ahead giving the nod venturing on sharing in enrolling for enrolling in enlisting in entering into getting into going into moving into partaking in participating in playing a role in signing on for dispensing administering delivering administrating imposing applying exacting inflicting directing discharging commanding dealing enforcing manipulating resolving deciding choosing electing opting concluding purposing decreeing figuring settling on settling upon reaching a decision taking a decision coming to the conclusion making a decision voting moving ruling deciding formally passing a resolution overtaking passing overhauling bypassing outdistancing outstripping cutting going past getting past going beyond going by going faster than pulling ahead of cutting by cutting up getting ahead of leaving standing running by leaving behind outdoing enacting adopting authorising(UK) authorizing(US) sanctioning legislating ratifying validating carrying clearing ordaining backing constituting endorsing acting proceeding reacting maneuvering(US) manoeuvring(UK) responding taking action taking steps being busy doing something getting moving going ahead making a move making headway making progress taking measures More
"undertaking" Antonyms
abstention fun idleness inaction inactivity passivity peace surrender unemployment entertainment laziness pastime failure inertia hobby neglect avocation stoppage cessation irresponsibility discharge dismissal dismission expulsion firing breach break disagreement uncertainty rest respite recreation relaxation breather downtime leisure interlude time out assurance certainty fact protection reality safety sure thing surety indolence passiveness whole apathy improvisation spontaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) ad-libbing betrayal deceit perfidy infidelity treachery deception dishonesty treacherousness perfidiousness unfaithfulness disloyalty duplicity broken promise fake promise double-dealing two-timing breach of trust infringement violation breaking nonobservance renege dereliction infraction noncompliance abuse non-observance transgression disregard trespass non-compliance contravention disobedience dormancy inertness stagnation dawdling immobility shiftlessness sloth slothfulness torpidity torpor lethargy motionlessness blockage delay halt hindrance slowing uselessness pointlessness futility impracticality inoperability unserviceableness unusableness catastrophe debacle disaster fail failing letdown fiasco nonachievement nonfulfillment bungle flop bomb wreck blunder bust dud miss calamity tragedy disavowal abjuration denial abandonment disclaimer repudiation disowning rejection renunciation disconfirmation eschewal forswearing negation gainsaying rebuttal recantation refutation retraction denegation casting aside disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) proletariat shirking pretermission nonfeasance misprision neglectfulness omission non-fulfillment desertion forsaking relinquishment negligence remissness sloppiness nonperformance cancelation(US) cancellation(UK) abolishment annulment nullification recision rescindment rescission abatement voiding revocation abandoning abolition abrogation invalidation repeal dropping abortion dispute disaccord contestation disputation dissension dissensus dissention discord dissent remonstrance difference of opinion lack of agreement misunderstanding nonconcurrence difficulty noninvolvement nonalignment nonparticipation detachment do-nothing policy noninterventionism indifference complacence impassivity insouciance nonchalance unconcern casualness listlessness disinterestedness disinterest dispassionateness amusement leisure activity pleasure enjoyment fun and games play celebration feast frolic gaiety merriment unwillingness reluctance hesitation disinclination vacillation wavering aversion hesitance hesitancy misgivings opposition refusal nolition averseness sweerness antipathy indecision indecisiveness irresolution doubt irresoluteness doubtfulness tentativeness dithering question unsureness ambivalence incertitude half-heartedness nonmovement inflexibility rigidity stiffness woodenness stillness falsehood lie confusion distrust fear misgiving shyness cinch child's play kid stuff a breeze cakewalk easy task no-brainer no sweat picnic piece of cake pushover simple matter small potatoes snap walkover waltz a snap breeze cherry pie doddle answer solution disavowing disclaiming neglecting repudiating forgoing abstaining ceasing completing concluding denying disagreeing discouraging ending finishing foregoing forgetting refusing relinquishing

920 Sentences With "undertaking"

How to use undertaking in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "undertaking" and check conjugation/comparative form for "undertaking". Mastering all the usages of "undertaking" from sentence examples published by news publications.

A huge undertaking As CEO of the wildlife trust, Angela says the orphan project is a "huge" undertaking, but they've grown to do much more.
The new law, he said, is "going to be a huge undertaking, actually an impossible undertaking" unless the state has the support of county clerks.
Solving problems — big problems — is always a collaborative undertaking.
Alexander: I'm not going to be one more person, spending most of my time worrying about an investigation that we have a special prosecutor undertaking, that we have the intelligence committee undertaking.
All in all, Not Alone is a very ambitious undertaking.
Building a smart home is a fun, albeit complicated undertaking.
It's taking a passive approach to a very difficult undertaking.
Keith Ellison, according to two people familiar with the undertaking.
The magnitude of the new undertaking isn't lost on him.
But of course building a platform is a major undertaking.
I say "just" like this would be an easy undertaking.
The massive scale of the undertaking does have periodic downsides.
This one seems like it will be a larger undertaking.
It's a huge undertaking for a temp, the AP reminds.
That constant grappling we're always undertaking with our favorite art?
Getting in through the side door was a sordid undertaking.
And to be honest, I was up for the undertaking.
For Slat, the scope of his undertaking makes perfect sense.
I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking.
Organizing and preserving old photo albums is a huge undertaking.
Many are bewildered by the enormity of the undertaking ahead.
"It would be a massive undertaking [to build the infrastructure]."
But even between two of us, this is an undertaking.
It's a challenging, but important undertaking for showrunner Caroline Dries.
Upfront costs of such an undertaking weighs against future savings.
However, even such an undertaking will at least involve movement.
Making predictions in the Trump era is a hazardous undertaking.
The massive undertaking hasn't blunted Rolson's enthusiasm for the sport.
From a design standpoint, the mod was a major undertaking.
They disregarded the constitutional and legal importance of the undertaking.
Lars von Trier's latest undertaking didn't fare quite as well.
The Republican Senate is undertaking an investigation into the Bidens.
Even on a balmy July afternoon, it's a brave undertaking.
This was research for Blumental's Orwellian undertaking: a Nazi dictionary.
It is a demanding undertaking, both painful and rigorously skilled.
The undertaking will only bring more kvetching about Mr. Kushner.
In this herculean undertaking, the entire cast deserved much credit.
Graduates from other schools, like MIT, are undertaking similar efforts.
Preparing new food for the day is a major undertaking.
Even a Tillerson visit would be a major diplomatic undertaking.
What overarching plan, what strategy, justified such a major undertaking?
Venice no longer has the capacity for such an undertaking.
The undertaking was about as thorough as it could be.
The rally was by far Mr. Kessler's largest undertaking yet.
Even her supporters warn that she's undertaking a giant leap.
"It was, by all definitions, a huge undertaking," Hulsing said.
But Halsted's most ambitious undertaking, Sextool, is the appointment viewing.
Indeed, this realization has reverberated through his every aesthetic undertaking.
At the start, the camp seemed like a quixotic undertaking.
To some extent, China is already undertaking these three steps.
"Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise" is his most ambitious undertaking yet.
Nor does she specify her reasons for undertaking this work.
The HKMA said the undertaking was triggered in London trading hours.
It's a massive undertaking that's never been attempted in any country.
But if she does contribute, Kaawaloa said it's a serious undertaking.
And building gigabit networks nationwide would be a colossally expensive undertaking.
Flying used to be a glamorous undertaking back in the day.
First, tech firms are undertaking activity on behalf of other companies.
But with winter again setting in, it becomes a perilous undertaking.
Tackling climate change is a complicated undertaking, to say the least.
To say this is a massive undertaking is a massive understatement.
This is a huge undertaking this is not a small plant.
Still, the company is undertaking a significant push into e-commerce.
Undertaking such a massive overhaul of utility infrastructure is basically unworkable.
The referendum result complicates the government's undertaking to enforce that ruling.
"It's a huge undertaking and I have many jobs," she says.
Ganesha is generally invoked before the beginning of any major undertaking.
He served his sentence by undertaking three weeks of community service.
"The technical challenges associated with that undertaking are substantial," Stretch said.
"Creating a robot like Kuri is a massive undertaking," Mayfield writes.
But undertaking research on that planet from this one involves … difficulties.
But undertaking research on that planet from this one involves … difficulties.
She is presently undertaking an EMBA from Oxford's Said Business School.
It's a complex undertaking that requires weeks of preparation and training.
At least Caixa and BB are undertaking (timid) capital-preserving measures.
That would be a complex undertaking that would require deft diplomacy.
Update: Maris apparently thought better of the whole fund raising undertaking.
But unlike those exercises, Zapad is not a purely Russian undertaking.
This would be an unprecedented undertaking, and cost estimates vary widely.
A return to normalcy would be a long and laborious undertaking.
Like the reconstruction plan for Constitución, it is a collaborative undertaking.
Watching television has historically been a more passive, less adventurous undertaking.
It is a difficult task that Lord & Taylor is now undertaking.
Such an undertaking seemed impractical, and for a while it was.
One major undertaking is a new system to process insurance claims.
The sheer scale of the undertaking can be hard to fathom.
It was both an ambitious undertaking and a remarkably insular vision.
Durant, for his part, plans to remain involved in the undertaking.
But haptifying AEBN's vast library of videos was no small undertaking.
All the ideas are there, it's just such a great undertaking.
Reorganizing the workplace — a complicated undertaking — would help diminish the gap.
The entire undertaking has more than a tinge of nostalgia, too.
Indeed, they are common procedures when undertaking covert public corruption investigations.
" His prediction came with a caveat: "But it's no small undertaking.
"It's a huge undertaking to fix up the building," she said.
"What they do is not a small undertaking," said Mr. Orsos.
The Trump administration is particularly ill-prepared for such an undertaking.
He did not start bragging about the initiatives he was undertaking.
Cornyn has the cash to make unseating him a huge undertaking.
To fight back, Texas Republicans are undertaking new voter registration efforts.
Wilson said that he had thought of undertaking a stage version.
Gates, in an earlier tweet, had termed it an "amazing undertaking".
"It's a pretty bold undertaking, but an important one," he said.
That is a gargantuan undertaking that will touch every American life.
CVS is undertaking a $68bn tie-up with Aetna, a health insurer.
But monitoring hate crimes is a difficult undertaking and an imperfect science.
It is also, however, a very futuristic undertaking that's practically without precedent.
It was my project, my undertaking, and I shared it with nobody.
This makes finding spare parts and undertaking essential repairs difficult and expensive.
But looking fleeky on a daily basis is not an easy undertaking.
"It's a big undertaking; It's not going to happen overnight," he adds.
In 2013, his earbud implants became his first undertaking to go viral.
Moreover, there are reforms that Australia should be undertaking and is not.
The fund is undertaking an internal restructuring to list Prolintas next year.
Now, the charity has scores of volunteers, and is a family undertaking.
But as with most hardware startups, it won't be an easy undertaking.
There are many proposals on how to pay for this massive undertaking.
The biggest challenge is the logistical undertaking that such a trip represents.
Holding ourselves accountable to our Paris commitment will be an ambitious undertaking.
Grabbing shareholders' attention and getting them to vote is a massive undertaking.
It's a massive undertaking and a major step towards eradication, says Zaffran.
This is be a massive, multi-year undertaking for the social network.
He appeared engaged and interested in the massive logistical undertaking being described.
Right, so it was not a small undertaking to assemble a magazine.
Yet "Warcraft" is an intensely personal undertaking for its director, Duncan Jones.
The Nifty public sector undertaking index was the top gainer, rising 3.28%.
But for this macabre and peculiar undertaking, what other system is there?
But collecting and tagging that training data have been a formidable undertaking.
It is also undertaking manufacturing initiatives in perishables and specialized food packaging.
It is an ambitious undertaking, requiring an investment of millions of dollars.
"Just clearing these areas of IEDs is an enormous undertaking," he said.
In an email, Warren Buffett said he supports his son's latest undertaking.
Mr. Smith warned his old friend that donating was an enormous undertaking.
The idea of being a human incubator is not a small undertaking.
They're also undertaking a massive renovation of the broke electric power grid.
M ilch : I'm trying to make work, the undertaking in general, coherent.
But the Khan Sheikhoun inquiry has been the panel's biggest single undertaking.
Mounting the new "Ring" cycle has been a major and expensive undertaking.
Plus, you might even find a bit of fun in the undertaking.
It was a massive undertaking, and one that he pulled off flawlessly.
A shifting timeline for the talks has reflected the massive diplomatic undertaking.
Now Related is undertaking phase two of Hudson Yards, the Western Yard.
Of course, the "Standout star," appropriately for this funny undertaking, is SIRIUS.
Given the power of healthcare lobbyists, reform will be an enormous undertaking.
"There's no excuse for undertaking that policy in this way," Maloney continued.
An accurate diagnosis of mental illness is a serious and laborious undertaking.
We didn&apost have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking.
AutoNation is also undertaking a search to find its next chief executive.
Getting health care spending under control would be an even bigger undertaking.
"This is a massive undertaking," said Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld.
" But international criminal justice, he said, was still a "long-term undertaking.
It was a very big undertaking for me to do the recordings.
It was a massive undertaking in the tradition of American stadium rock.
Planning a trip as big as this is not an easy undertaking.
A spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor's office said it was opening an investigation into the attack, specifically into attempted murder in relation to a terrorist undertaking, terrorist conspiracy and destruction with explosives in relation to a terrorist undertaking.
Ford has a substantial undertaking before employees and businesses move into the building.
Workers undertaking routine tasks that are "codifiable" are the most vulnerable to replacement.
I can't imagine undertaking another exhibition like this again without doing the same.
Zuckerberg didn't anticipate the extent of the backlash his idealistic undertaking would inspire.
At the time she said CA had been undertaking parallel pitches for Leave.
Ian Teh documented this epic undertaking while traveling through northern China last year.
This season, though, Sondra Radvanovsky is undertaking the challenge at the Metropolitan Opera.
King's College London will also be undertaking a linked study focused on schools.
"This is a massive undertaking which TrueLayer intends to be the centrepiece of".
Companies undertaking a multi-cloud strategy should like having a fully compatible option.
But to suck up enough would be a huge undertaking, requiring vast plantations.
We are currently undertaking reforms at every level of our system of education.
Understandably so, given the how massive of an undertaking it will ultimately be.
Despite the deaths, youths are still undertaking the journey or considering the prospect.
There's no doubt that Facebook and Sony are undertaking their own extensive research.
Thousands of Iranian pilgrims are currently undertaking the haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.
But checking the air quality of an entire city is a massive undertaking.
Setting up a new derivatives house from scratch would be a lengthy undertaking.
The Syrian government has prevented the Commission from undertaking investigations inside the country.
But patch management is a complex undertaking, particularly for large organizations and enterprises.
The impressive undertaking caught the attention of her Kansas City friends and neighbors.
A color scanner Organizing and preserving old photo albums is a huge undertaking.
Yildirim believes the undertaking profession should have a term limit of five years.
He believes we can reverse this trend—without undertaking Sisyphean gun control efforts.
"Dealing with 50,000+, 100 megapixel photos was not an easy undertaking," he said.
Creating a customer data platform for B85033B isn't a fast or inexpensive undertaking.
Building a new browser from scratch is a fiendishly difficult and expensive undertaking.
Becoming a mom is a huge undertaking even in the most ideal circumstances.
But it's also a huge financial undertaking, one not everyone is ready for.
You can also find the code for this open-source undertaking on GitHub.
In 2016, Prince Harry was filmed live on Facebook undertaking an HIV test.
Their solution wasn&apost an easy undertaking, but they recognized a major opportunity.
The next chair of the Democratic National Committee will face a monumental undertaking.
Most were accused of spying for Pyongyang or undertaking other pro-North activities.
Captivating users once more with video and audio will be the trickiest undertaking.
In high-cost metropolitan areas, 20 percent down is a six-figure undertaking.
"I do believe it is a task worth undertaking — and attainable," he said.
Meeting the last man to see my father alive was a strange undertaking.
He cautioned, however, that re-opening trade deals was a highly complex undertaking.
This morning, it outlined yet more steps that it's undertaking to stay afloat.
Don't stack the decks by warning your parents or undertaking any elaborate ruse.
"This is a major undertaking for every agency, including ours," Mr. Shivers said.
The Havas Group will not be undertaking such measures on a global basis.
But Ford stressed the efforts of the United Auto Workers in the undertaking.
Enforcing the law against surreptitious foreign influence always has been a complicated undertaking.
But in a sense, her entire life had prepared her for the undertaking.
I trust others will see the wisdom of avoiding this ill-conceived undertaking.
"It's a tremendous undertaking to get this back on the ballot," Holub said.
Lawmakers in several states are undertaking new programs to help reduce infant mortality.
Andrea Cionci, point man for the undertaking, conceded some ambiguity but remained firm.
Political gatherings are banned and parties are prohibited from undertaking any political activity.
Six weeks would not have been too many for such a complicated undertaking.
From the beginning, the profit donation policy appeared to be a difficult undertaking.
But a subscriptions audit is worth undertaking at least once every three months.
But you need to have confidence about the underlying purpose of your undertaking.
In interviews with entertainment reporters, Parker spoke about the risk of his undertaking.
There seems to be little appetite in Washington to fund such an undertaking.
It was not an easy undertaking but it was incredibly productive and positive.
This year's exit poll has been a more difficult undertaking, for three reasons.
Absorbing up to 50,000 new workers would be a major undertaking, notes Jensen.
Lamar Alexander (R-TN) is undertaking a bipartisan effort to stabilize its markets.
At first, an undertaking like this may sound like it's not that difficult.
Chang'an said there was no written agreement, only an oral undertaking, Xing said.
At this point, a Twitterbot should seem like a much more reasonable undertaking.
Tarantino's Hateful Eight roadshow is a massive undertaking, notable not only for the scope of its architect's ambition but for what this could signify if the distributors, the Weinstein Company, have what it takes to pull off such a massive undertaking.
Marks & Spencer is undertaking a program of store closures to help revitalize the business.
Even though it's clearly an enormously difficult undertaking that doesn't mean we don't try.
Other lenders give credit based on the letter of undertaking issued by a bank.
The ritual of raising and lowering the flag is a solemn and serious undertaking.
An employer must obtain your consent prior to undertaking such a check, Wu said.
Carvaly's funeral home, Undertaking LA, opts to rent time and space from another crematory.
Predicting a recession is a notoriously difficult undertaking — both for investors and financial experts.
"Creating a robot like Kuri is a massive undertaking," Mayfield wrote at the time.
What's next: This letter is in response to a technical rollback EPA is undertaking.
It's no breezy girls' getaway; Namibia has cemented a reputation as a masculine undertaking.
You know, the launching to the 3,503 cities this year was a monumental undertaking.
According to Bruno Giussani, TED's international curator, organizing the talk was a huge undertaking.
Getting a home repair task taken care of remains an expensive labor-intensive undertaking.
This year it is preparing its latest economic census, a twice-a-decade undertaking.
And this summer, all of Madonna's efforts culminated in the charity's biggest undertaking yet.
Royono revealed the company is currently undertaking due diligence over its next regional expansion.
So the focus has turned to replacing those pipes, but it's a massive undertaking.
A broader effort to bring down the entire regime would be an enormous undertaking.
"Yeah, it was a bit of a naïve undertaking," Ross admits with a laugh.
But it meant creators' hard work would vaporize, making it feel less worth undertaking.
Though a laudable undertaking, it thus far has not materialized to the degree envisioned.
That's a massive undertaking and they make mistakes, but their hearts are all good.
The administration was "undertaking a larger strategic review" of how it responds to Iran.
This isn't a simple undertaking, but it can certainly be accomplished with some dedication.
This is just one of three investigations the EU is currently undertaking against Google.
The environment is undertaking a study to determine the island's "carrying capacity", she said.
He told investors after the second quarter that the company was undertaking aggressive growth.
I began to feel the weight of this undertaking while practicing for the executions.
It would be an ambitious undertaking, but that is no reason to avoid it.
Meanwhile, my colleagues on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee are undertaking even bigger reforms.
Numerous major automakers are undertaking EV rollouts, encouraged by Tesla's validation of the market.
Real recovery is a long-term undertaking and will be immense, expensive and complicated.
Authorities warned that they would be undertaking a "dispersal operation" to remove the protesters.
"This is a very substantial undertaking," de Blasio told reporters Friday, according to CNBC.
The project is an impressive and courageous undertaking as it proceeded without government permission.
Building a database of road rules is still a massive undertaking by any city.
"This is no small undertaking," USAID said when SIGAR confronted it with the information.
I will be diligent in measuring the record and in undertaking an independent review.
Call of Duty League's world tour is an impressive undertaking for its inaugural season.
The deeper lesson is that managing a national security crisis is a sustained undertaking.
Despite the mammoth undertaking, most of the changes have been barely perceptible to viewers.
As with any official religious undertaking, the expansion abroad was approved by the government.
Swiss campaigners are arguably undertaking the most comprehensive effort to change a national anthem.
"Undertaking a project this large is not for the faint of heart," he said.
That undertaking actually provided an important lesson, however: not all books are for you.
And being part of a legal case would be a huge undertaking for many.
It would be wrong to break that undertaking simply because it has become inconvenient.
Originally, this plan, Soulpepper's American debut, wasn't meant to be such a giant undertaking.
But the state said the two candidates would need to fund the massive undertaking.
Gediman said Yosemite was undertaking "extensive cleaning and enhanced sanitation protocols" following the outbreak.
Thanks to a big artificial intelligence undertaking, Siri has a more human-sounding voice.
That the House, in undertaking impeachment, had violated the Constitution, not the White House.
Originally a German state undertaking, the project became international after the Second World War.
The soup giant has announced it is undertaking a critical review, stoking takeover speculation.
Even undertaking advanced training did not make a servicewoman eligible for a combat position.
Olivier Messiaen's "Catalogue d'Oiseaux" ("Catalog of Birds") is an absurd undertaking for a pianist.
Implementation of these and other DRRA provisions has been a significant undertaking for FEMA.
The Trump administration is undertaking a 90-day review of its policies toward Iran.
There's also no information on whether the money includes work Delta was already undertaking.
But the scope of Black Mesa would have been an undertaking for any team.
New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood (D) is undertaking a similar investigation into Exxon.
Mr. Tillerson, an engineer, described the careful process he was undertaking for his reorganization.
Selling $400,000 supercars and million-dollar-plus hypercars is clearly a lucrative luxury undertaking.
Making solar big enough to matter environmentally would be an even more colossal undertaking.
An artistic undertaking of this breadth is also a clue to the national mood.
It is a huge technical and creative undertaking for those working behind the scenes.
This was no small undertaking, especially for Carter's first shot at a Marvel movie.
It's a huge undertaking to slow climate change, but we've done big things before.
Admittedly my 10-day trip was too short for undertaking an in-depth project.
Iran has strategic reasons for undertaking the activities that the West views as destabilizing.
This crew entered the dome in January, undertaking the fifth HI-SEAS mission so far.
This has been an expensive undertaking, with Baidu operating profit for the quarter ended Sept.
Securing pandas for any American city is an undertaking of extraordinary diplomatic and financial complexity.
As part of the undertaking, ANZ has promised to stop the practice from Aug. 18.
Finding different locations with sets and trained crews in place would be a daunting undertaking.
He started this heroic undertaking when he moved to Queens and started feeding stray cats.
An undertaking like this dinner party would have been unthinkable in the pre-Noma age.
But his phrasing,"verbal govt approval" is vague—especially for such a wildly ambitious undertaking.
Geoengineering the planet — particularly the ocean — is widely acknowledged to be an immensely challenging undertaking.
FKD is linked online to other far-right extremist groups undertaking similar operational security measures.
At the same time, she acknowledged that crafting a new plan is no simple undertaking.
The sovereign is also undertaking a tender on its US dollar 2019 and 2020 bonds.
The process of translating pop stardom into cinematic success is a delicate, even dangerous, undertaking.
This momentous undertaking was made possible by facial recognition technology provided by New Delhi's police.
Cook spoke triumphantly of the undertaking as he did the rounds on the media circuit.
But it would be a massive logistical undertaking, which may be beyond the IDF's capacity.
"Buying a property the size of Greenland is a huge, huge undertaking," O'Brien, 56, said.
I recognize this is a major undertaking, and broad electoral system change is never easy.
Basically, everyone's favorite couple is likely in the throes of a major interior design undertaking.
The project is still in its demonstration phase and a relatively small undertaking so far.
Don't forget the massive undertaking of actually rolling out those new networks across the globe.
Something simple like changing the alphabet and text box display can be a nightmarish undertaking.
To prevent, making, moving or selling electricity, and prevent undertaking of electronic commerce and communicating.
It's a massive undertaking to plan such a major event in less than a week.
She also cited a big digital upgradation project SBI is undertaking as another unfinished agenda.
Right now, a team of atmospheric scientists are determining the feasibility of such an undertaking.
Technically and financially, Facebook could probably pull off such an ambitious undertaking on its own.
"The scaling of this business is going to be a massive undertaking," Ammann told Reuters.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas is undertaking similar efforts.
Secondly, all sides should work towards a ceasefire—a complicated and thorny but necessary undertaking.
Hormone replacement therapy is a frequently unpredictable undertaking, requiring constant monitoring and regulation (and money).
It is a massive undertaking with a substantial collection of art from Native North America.
It was my most audacious undertaking (beside parenthood) and getting to the top meant 'success.
This has become a famously difficult undertaking for Republican leaders over the past five years.
Most cities don't operate their own municipal broadband network, which is an extremely expensive undertaking.
Meanwhile, the Rosetta craft will continue to orbit the comet undertaking scientific experiments until September.
First, his decision to allow commanders more leeway in undertaking operations on their own authority.
Sprung A Leak is her first solo exhibition in the UK. It's a huge undertaking.
"I myself still have the passion and undertaking to service Hong Kong people," Lam said.
For Irondale, "1599" has been an enormous, budget-stretching undertaking, six years in the making.
To think creatively, to jump outside the box and start choreographing is a huge undertaking.
That was part of a major effort Trump is undertaking to get more infrastructure built.
However, you are now also responsible for diverting busy detectives from undertaking their core mission.
Putting a man in a top slot in the current environment is a perilous undertaking.
Under the weak-side Convertibility Undertaking, the HKMA undertakes to sell U.S. dollars at 7.85.
Extricating Britain from the EU will be the diciest diplomatic undertaking in half a century.
President Vladimir Putin still bombs Aleppo despite an undertaking last March to withdraw his troops.
The $100 million project is a massive undertaking and has included outreach to local communities.
The Nifty public sector undertaking and metal stocks led gains, rising 3% and 0.5%, respectively.
The crown prince is currently undertaking the mammoth task of rapidly transforming Saudi Arabia's economy.
As with any complex undertaking, there are a lot of devils in the details here.
Contesting a state's election is a much more difficult undertaking than merely seeking a recount.
It would be a non-trivial undertaking for us to make the game on Switch.
Like the goal to walk on the moon, decarbonizing is a bold and audacious undertaking.
We are undertaking this effort in good faith, to educate our nation's next chief executive.
As imagined, such an undertaking would be devastating to life along an already threatened river.
The nine banks agreeed to provide the accounts in a voluntary undertaking with the Treasury.
Now the Fish and Wildlife Service is finally undertaking a status review of the species.
Some officials are also undertaking overhauls of zoos whose underlying philosophies, they say, are Victorian.
Those memories provided inspiration for what became a massive undertaking, one that began in 1989.
I'm pleased to see Slate undertaking long-form narrative pieces about a place like Fremont.
It was a huge undertaking done in a short time by a couple dozen people.
Unsurprisingly, given the scale of the undertaking, this would prove to be far from simple.
Studies have suggested that multicultural marriages are a tricky undertaking, with higher rates of divorce.
While such changes would be a serious undertaking, they do offer the potential for compromise.
His wife (Pernille Bergendorff), confessing not to understand the undertaking, resolves to end their marriage.
Curiosity finished the climb on March 6 after undertaking three different drives to get there.
These were the final hours of an undertaking nearly a year in gestation: On Nov.
Even Robinhood is undertaking its ritual downtime, ensuring that its userbase holds through the selloff.
Continually improving the core logistics associated with this undertaking requires massive funding and ongoing investment.
We aren't being paid for the extra work we're doing or the risk we're undertaking.
Developing, testing, validating and eventually deploying commercially viable autonomous vehicles is a capitally intensive undertaking.
These, as it happens, lie at the intellectual and aesthetic heart of Knausgaard's huge undertaking.
But the new idea is different than what came before and also a giant undertaking.
It was a very serious undertaking when it involved a judge with a lifetime appointment.
It's been a complex undertaking for us and we've discovered a lot in the process.
The undertaking will not jeopardize the police investigation or prospects of a future criminal prosecution.
The undertaking will not jeopardize the police investigation or prospects of a future criminal prosecution.
Who wouldn't want to expel a rampaging goat from a home before undertaking a renovation?
This undertaking is known as the Clarreo mission (for climate absolute radiance and refractivity observatory).
Now imagine that undertaking in a country with very few roads and limited public transportation.
"When we return on May 1, we will be undertaking a different approach," he said.
No one ever said that strengthening democracy at home and abroad was an easy undertaking.
For one, adapting Watchmen is a big undertaking, so how exactly are they doing this?
Predicting the future behavior of any country in the Middle East is a dangerous undertaking.
An estimated 7,000 kilometers of power grid routes need to be built, a massive undertaking.
Paying for long-term care can be a costly and complex undertaking if you're unprepared.
The best time to be undertaking this right-sizing is when balance sheets are flush.
Producing the necessary uranium or plutonium back then was a massive and hugely expensive undertaking.
It is an essential undertaking and one that the nation expects to follow tax reform.
A mammoth undertaking, the country's elections are the largest exercise of democracy in the world.
Ukraine is simultaneously undertaking its greatest bout of reforms towards the goal of European integration.
In total, the bar scene was done in 139 shots, which is a huge undertaking.
It's an expensive undertaking — and, for those that dominate global capital markets, a big opening.
As Huawei fights the extradition case, it has been undertaking a major public relations campaign.
"Everything from cross walk signs and shop signs, it was a huge undertaking," Westgate says.
I researched the procedure before undertaking the surgery, and she was thrilled with the results.
Before the Affordable Care Act, it was a major policy undertaking to ban preexisting conditions.
As the wide range of possible values shows, calculating the SCCO2 is a fraught undertaking.
The big picture: Although a massive undertaking, this energy transition is technologically feasible and economically beneficial.
China is undertaking major changes to its legal system aimed at improving the quality of justice.
Monarch, which predominantly flies to holiday destinations, said it was undertaking a review of its business.
"The size of the record doesn't make it a casual undertaking," he said to David Fricke.
It's terrifying because it's a huge undertaking, but I want to be a conduit for storytellers.
Our undertaking was historic – no American had ever built or led in combat an Arab army.
There's a power just in the fact that she, a transgender person, is undertaking this campaign.
As Montgomery's head scout, Tubman fully understood the objectives of the colonel before undertaking the mission.
Viewed broadly, the undertaking represents a logical extension of Spielberg's objectives in establishing the Shoah Foundation.
The government could, say, underwrite the worst risks of some investments, rather than undertaking them itself.
She's always unapologetically herself while reveling in the love she feels for whatever role she's undertaking.
You are developing four "Avatar" sequels at the same time, which seems like an enormous undertaking.
When she was ready to start Undertaking LA, she had a modest amount of seed money.
"That is going to be a significant undertaking," Sabraw said on Tuesday of the next deadline.
But getting there will be a tough undertaking, and one that leaves little room for error.
Regardless, building your own data centers is a highly expensive undertaking, especially with high-speed GPUs.
The Harry Potter Alliance is now rallying its members for their latest undertaking: the midterm elections.
After all, maintaining the White House, which started being built in 1792, is a massive undertaking.
Starlink is no doubt an ambitious undertaking, but it's also coming out at a difficult time.
While it might seem strange to us, the concept of Undertaking L.A. is far from novel.
But AAPL is undertaking a transition from being focused on hardware products to services and content.
"When you're undertaking a journey like this, there's always going to be a risk," he added.
These former staff members each signed an undertaking promising that they had deleted all such material.
That's an ambitious undertaking, and at long last Voyage of Time is ready to be seen.
It was a massive undertaking, but we kept it a free exhibit to honor Ali's legacy.
As loopy an undertaking as it may be, Maya & Marty is far from being airless nostalgia.
AMC's massive, five-season undertaking is an examination of the bodies that built the Transcontinental Railroad.
Both teams include cameramen to document the expeditions and experiences of wounded vets undertaking lofty goals.
How often do you find yourself encountering failure when you're undertaking these really labor-intensive projects?
Baghdad is gripped by a serious economic crisis, preventing it from undertaking reconstruction on its own.
Content moderation is a deeply complex and incomprehensibly difficult undertaking on platforms with billions of users.
Tackling climate change is no small undertaking — and even video games are gearing up to help.
His bulldozing brand and the public support it has garnered can aid in undertaking major reforms.
This insight can aid nations for planning and undertaking relief response to natural and manmade disasters.
The whole enterprise of ad tech, to me, has been a depressing undertaking for everyone involved.
The art director is undertaking a project encouraging artists to imagine their own, non-constrictive wall.
The testing company also hired a consultancy to identify the risks associated with the monumental undertaking.
Nonetheless, developing a vaccine for Zika is a major undertaking, involving much research and clinical trials.
Total expenses at Devon, which has been undertaking cost-cutting efforts, fell 23.9% to $1.65 billion.
The Paris Agreement is a collaborative project, perhaps the greatest collective undertaking ever attempted by mankind.
If we can arrest more and more because they are undertaking illegal acts, so be it.
At the time, Ms. Yang was working on a translation of "Don Quixote," a formidable undertaking.
Becoming a homeowners is a huge financial undertaking, requiring far more than a simple down payment.
It should go without saying that building your own thermite cannon is a very dangerous undertaking.
That July, Luetzelschwab touted how his former company would help execute the digital undertaking, documents show.
But the agency has halted approval of new neonicotinoid pesticides while it is undertaking its evaluation.
The yearning of this moment would have been part of Heaney's inspiration for undertaking the translation.
All of these factors make it a much more costly undertaking than it used to be.
It's true that the old system, of refugees undertaking a dangerous journey across Mexico, was awful.
Before undertaking such an expansion, Mr. Holmes said he was looking for another round of investment.
TMFNL's guarantee represents an irrevocable undertaking and ranks equally with other senior unsecured obligations of TMFNL.
"Time during an MBA program is particularly precious for students, so this was a large undertaking."
The findings could help people brace for the financial undertaking of schooling beyond their undergraduate education.
"It's going to be a huge technological undertaking," said Gomes, who helped design the list's framework.
Having a baby is an insanely huge undertaking, and I had a hard time reconciling that.
Do you ever worry about running out of ideas over the course of this massive undertaking?
What kind of design work did you do previously that prepared you for such an undertaking?
Even a new kitchen "can be a major undertaking" in a co-op, Mr. Brucker said.
Building one would make for a fun undertaking with kids or for kids, as you like.
People will pile political meaning onto the artwork, he acknowledged, but that happens with any undertaking.
Canadian policymakers say legalization is a giant national undertaking that will take years to be enforced.
We approached this undertaking with reverence for the ESA's goals and a commitment to advancing them.
"Iranica was the major undertaking of his life in every sense of the term," he added.
What extraordinary experiment is the Italian government undertaking, in cooperation with leading digital companies, including Facebook?
But the complexity of the undertaking, privacy fears, and entrenched interests have stalled the new regulations.
Both at some point went to negative rates, and are currently undertaking their own QE programs.
This is pre-eminently an undertaking of what the French call haute vulgarisation, or "high" popularization.
The partnership will be a 50-19703 undertaking, and is anticipated to create 1,100 new jobs.
But the Belgrade Waterfront project has been the most contested undertaking using money from the Gulf.
I found Ian remarkably collaborative, especially for a novelist, which can be a very solitary undertaking.
The festival, which was founded nearly a century ago in Mozart's birthplace, is a huge undertaking.
An undertaking like that would've required expending untold political capital -- all he had and likely more.
Attempting to collect any amount of compensation for students with special needs was a difficult undertaking.
He moved there in early 2018 to begin work on Fenty's debut, a fairly stressful undertaking.
The undertaking is no small feat given the diversity of his members with independent-minded Sen.
And yet, this may prove to be a modest undertaking compared to Amazon's future delivery ambitions.
Buying a house is a huge financial undertaking, and the down payment is only a start.
Now, what had been a search-and-rescue operation authorities is a search-and-recovery undertaking.
" Scott Murphy, the chief operating officer for Dunkin' US, described the plan as a "tremendous undertaking.
Rice said it is undertaking a $150 million fundraising campaign to support expanding its scholarship program.
Still, retail hotels are in their infancy and can be a high-risk and expensive undertaking.
The Democratic chairman, Adam Schiff of California, tried to maintain decorum befitting such a solemn undertaking.
But the $50 billion investment pledge is not an entirely new initiative that SoftBank is undertaking.
In a massive undertaking, the NYPL converted the registration and copyright information into an XML format.
That kind of reforestation would be a monumental global undertaking, but every single tree still counts.
That kind of reforestation would be a monumental global undertaking, but every single tree still counts.
Now, building a railroad underneath an old, densely populated urban area is an inherently expensive undertaking.
Zapata's feminist investigation of ceremonial objects is an interesting, if expansive, undertaking — one worth a lifetime.
The case involves children suing the federal government for undertaking policies that contribute to climate change.
"A massive undertaking, but two years later, it is now the masterpiece St. EOM intended," Yoho said.
PNB has said that two junior officials at the Mumbai branch had issued illegal "letters of undertaking".
A look at Lauvergeat's and de Goulaine's family history explains their relentless enthusiasm in the ambitious undertaking.
Though the master climber has scaled more than 5,000 trees, this undertaking is exceedingly rare, he says.
Having the perfect convertible table for it can be either a huge DIY undertaking or very expensive.
It was a massive undertaking, and Crawford gave them enormous creative freedom to do their own thing.
District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is working on a new project under his latest undertaking, Oats Studios.
Preparing for a new Paradise is a complex, arduous process and the largest undertaking in California history.
He'll be set certain tasks throughout the week, including building a transmitter and undertaking an IQ test.
This assumes that for any given undertaking you either provide expertise or you are just a bystander.
Just validating the devices, then collecting the data they are generating is a huge undertaking for companies.
Take the extensive money laundering Mr. Manafort is accused of undertaking with shell companies that hide ownership.
But Mr. Kaufman said it was a "significant undertaking" that was being run by the marketing department.
Issuers typically publish a "white paper" (a prospectus of sorts) and market their undertaking on social media.
Here are their reasons for leaving home and undertaking the long and dangerous journey north through Mexico.
That's where our country is today — undertaking costly and wasteful efforts just to preserve the status quo.
It's a big undertaking, then, for any fashion brand to focus its sustainability efforts on the ocean.
For a poll to accurately identify the correct 15 percent of the population is a significant undertaking.
That's a lot of territory, approximately 9,500 KM or almost 6000 miles, and it's a major undertaking.
Aiming for affordability for individuals, and not just fleets or luxury buyers, is also a noble undertaking.
The immigration process in the U.S. has become a high-stakes undertaking for employers, workers, and entrepreneurs.
The process is a multimonth undertaking, he says, that still requires a city selection and a venue.
Undertaking a 50-city tour is a daunting task for anyone, especially when you have a toddler.
Yet the massive undertaking that Markus and his colleagues are trying to realize might actually come through.
They also agreed to make efforts to limit temperature to 257 degrees, a considerably more ambitious undertaking.
It is also undertaking a central bank review aimed at adding employment to its inflation-targeting mandate.
Dismantling the Clean Power Plan, as the Trump campaign vowed to do, would be a complex undertaking.
It's a huge financial undertaking and should reflect your future plans as much as your current situation.
The International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA), the country's largest bank, is undertaking a $3.3 billion debt restructuring.
Like most of us, she's not just fighting nature, she's fighting Netflix—and that's no small undertaking.
Even after undertaking this massive project, I'm hopeful that Season 8 will improve upon the show's shortcomings.
It was a style and size much better suited for the type of trip he was undertaking.
In fact, he believes that an undertaking of this size should be the responsibility of numerous parties.
However, I am relieved to know that some of the most capable people are undertaking the job.
Don't start a business or a product line as a hobby — that typically becomes an expensive undertaking.
But it can also be a huge undertaking, one that depletes both your time and your finances.
RSD in its current format may simply have become too much of an undertaking for small retailers.
Counts include negligent entrustment, breach of custodian and parental trust, negligent supervision and negligent undertaking of search.
The ECB, meanwhile, is evaluating cutting rates further into negative territory and undertaking another bond purchase program.
That led to fears that Trump's administration was undertaking a "witch hunt" to single out those workers.
Later, while undertaking a PhD at the University of California, Los Angeles, Jobrani took up acting again.
"Of course there are anxieties, it's not an easy undertaking" to overcome VW's management hierarchies, he said.
But she has also faced criticism as a mother and wife for undertaking such a risky path.
We expect CRCLM to continue undertaking some carry-trade activities to support its weak core banking profitability.
This weekend, Qantas is undertaking a non-stop flight from New York to Sydney for research purposes.
"Overseeing the Libra Blockchain and the Libra Reserve will be a significant undertaking and responsibility," Marcus wrote.
With enough money, nine days in a remote part of the desert can be a glamorous undertaking.
"That's a huge undertaking," said Potts, who became the ninth director of the Federal Register in 85033.
Russia has signaled that it plans to press ahead with that undertaking despite Mr. Putin's order today.
DeLauro said she opposes Ryan's idea because it would mean undertaking a shift in public health programming.
The historic and crucial nature of the undertaking the U.S. is about to commence cannot be overstated.
Reinforcing Pentagon reforms The Defense Department is undertaking important steps to implement the fiscal 85033 NDAA reforms.
Separately, they would have difficulty achieving a long-term, complex undertaking such as returning to the moon.
Ice conditions are just too hazardous for the support planes or infrastructure needed for such an undertaking.
This is my first Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign of any sort, and obviously it's a huge undertaking.
It's both a group undertaking as well as a singular experience, generating distinct memories for each individual.
For Mr. Weston, music was a way of connecting histories with the present, and a communal undertaking.
One concern after the Challenger explosion was that NASA had been undertaking too many flights too quickly.
A far smaller undertaking, it has just 164 apartments, from studios to three-bedrooms, across 13 stories.
"Politics isn't a pure undertaking — not if you're going to win, it's not," he once told me.
While it's naturally exciting to cover the undertaking, Mr. Skolnick also finds himself worrying about the men.
For most people starting an undertaking of this nature would be more than a full-time job.
The guy's wildly temperamental tennis would never be my first choice for such an acutely cinematic undertaking.
Airborne precautions are required only for healthcare workers when undertaking aerosol producing procedures such as bronchoscopy/intubation.
Because the Controls start at $299 for a single switch, that would be a very pricey undertaking.
Or do you think undertaking such a climb without ropes is, as the article puts it, "insane"?
Making it cheap to get humans and their stuff to and from space is no easy undertaking.
Taking on entrenched financial-services companies like American Express is a daunting undertaking, to say the least.
It was a voluminous undertaking and we did it, as horrific and horrible as this scene was.
Belt tightening was sold as a shared undertaking, an unpleasant yet unavoidable reckoning with dangerous budget deficits.
"It has been a mammoth undertaking, and the result is suitably breathtaking," the critic, Oliver Wainwright, concluded.
"It has been a mammoth undertaking, and the result is suitably breathtaking," the critic Oliver Wainwright concluded.
Their love affair was the kind of audacious undertaking that has defined Mr. Macron's life and career.
And trying to solve social problems is a more complex undertaking than working to improve economic outcomes.
She was recruited for this mammoth undertaking during the least wintry time of the year imaginable: July.
Some argue (without evidence) that an environmental lobby is preventing governments and landholders from undertaking protective measures.
Some of the largest technology companies in the world are undertaking a new effort to fix that.
"This is a massive undertaking," he said, surveying the concrete and steel, the ships and containers below.
Peacekeeping is the organization's most costly undertaking, but it is still relatively inexpensive for the United States.
The undertaking proved to be as quality-conscious as that of any of the studio's other works.
Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has been undertaking a review of its intellectual property (IP) policy.
But stimulating competition in markets where products and services are free is a far more difficult undertaking.
In fact, working toward expertise in any area can be a grueling, lonely, and often ugly undertaking.
Notably, the CBRA does not prohibit private parties from undertaking development in areas designated by the program.
The escape Leaving Saudi Arabia is not a simple undertaking for women who rebel against the system.
President Trump gave the undertaking his "blessing" in a telephone conversation Wednesday night, according to Mr. Kobach.
She attributed the difficulty to normal procedural issues, but said rewriting history was always a difficult undertaking.
Melillo took the final step of her documentary undertaking in Avellino, the city where she was born.
Joining this international group were, significantly for such a musical undertaking, the singers who performed the chants.
Opera Software, the browser's parent company, said in August last year that it was undertaking a strategic review.
ASIC executive Tim Mullaly said it saw an enforceable undertaking as a faster way to stop the practice.
Accurately gauging your own handiness is crucial before undertaking a repair or renovation on your own, Lewis said.
What could Facebook gain by undertaking this boondoggle, especially one reported to be pursuing end-to-end encryption?
One by one, these promises fell out the window as Calloway realized just how much she was undertaking.
The Court battle he's spoiling for will be a far more challenging undertaking than tweeting seems to be.
A company representative told Vox that the company is already undertaking an ambitious plan to address climate change.
Electric Earth illustrates the difficulty of such an undertaking by smashing excellent video work up against shallow sculpture.
"We think linking this particularly difficult legislative undertaking with the rest of the Trump is flawed," he argued.
The Verge now serves 100 percent of its pages on HTTPS by default, which was a significant undertaking.
As a whole, it's an impressive undertaking, especially given that the entire exhibition is completely free for visitors.
The intrinsic challenge for these startups is that cooking, at its core, is a pleasurably low-tech undertaking.
For a game as massive as Fortnite, this is a huge undertaking, one that requires lots of downtime.
Instead, highlight how you kept yourself busy — whether by volunteering, undertaking training or travelling — and what you learnt.
The big red record button is the focal point for the whole undertaking, in more ways than one.
"It was a huge undertaking for me, there's never been a real story told about CF," he says.
The elections have been such an enormous undertaking because hundreds of elected posts were vacant around the country.
You may be buying a house and starting a family, and neither of those is a cheap undertaking.
The housemates themselves have to figure out the "true love" couplings by undertaking a bunch of elaborate activities.
So as great as Google Photos might be, switching to it won't be a small undertaking for everyone.
Yet when Britain decided to seek out Terra Australis, she was the craft chosen for the perilous undertaking.
The motion to drop the undertaking, obtained by PEOPLE, was filed by Carrey's attorneys earlier in the week.
It wasn't a successful undertaking, but he took them home that night and, miraculously, replaced the heel tip.
"With a new undertaking, we're committed to feedback & want to improve in a privacy-safe way," he wrote.
Putting an eight to 12 meter (26 to 40 foot) telescope into space will be a tremendous undertaking.
To be clear, this newspaper would not advise a fiscal stimulus of the scale that America is undertaking.
The finance ministry, which is responsible for setting the rates, is already undertaking a review of the subject.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife spokesman Ryan Moehring says this undertaking is innovative because of how it's being targeted.
Skanda, meanwhile, is looking forward to undertaking more such voyages around Africa in the fight against plastic waste.
For Samantha Power this was reportedly a near daily undertaking during the 2016 campaign that year of 2016.
The UN has been helping the government with this massive undertaking through its Voluntary Repatriation Center in Peshawar.
The companies decided to partner to help make working with these files an easier and more streamlined undertaking.
Somehow that has not dissuaded the beast of Bentonville from undertaking the biggest foreign acquisition in Indian history.
It stung Louis Martinet, editor of the New Orleans Crusader, that Douglass "saw no good in the undertaking".
As a veteran expeditioner, Bayliss knew such an undertaking would require far more than Jeeps, tents, and willpower.
That meant those officials' assets would be frozen and they were barred from undertaking transactions with U.S. citizens.
It was a huge undertaking that took a lot more time and money than I expected or had.
Indeed, like the rest of the population, I wasn't even aware that science existed as a human undertaking.
Employers can, however, give an undertaking to the tribunal that various pay and conditions agreements are not affected.
However, this undertaking places undue stress on patients, administrative work on staff, and delays necessary and urgent care.
"We think linking this particularly difficult legislative undertaking with the rest of the Trump is flawed," he said.
Today we're looking at the satellite communications company undertaking one of the most ambitious space projects in history.
Before undertaking any tasks, like the Kobayashi Maru test, you have to wave your wristband over a reader.
Digital influencers — virtual or animated humans that live natively on social media — will be central to that undertaking.
But he may not have known the full extent of the clean-up act that he was undertaking.
Ford said in 2018 it is undertaking an $11 billion plan to restructure its business and improve performance.
However, the undertaking has largely failed to appeal to locals, and in the process has even alienated some.
This is a stunningly ambitious undertaking -- and it falls somewhere between a long shot and a mission impossible.
We're basically undertaking a long period of sound design, which is curated by both us and Paul Weir.
"We are undertaking an exhaustive investigation to find out the exact circumstances of what happened," the email read.
It was a big undertaking: governments elsewhere in China are reluctant to spend money on housing migrant workers.
Given the attrition rate for lead compounds in subsequent development the whole undertaking was pretty-much wasted effort.
The job involves organising, planning and co-ordinating the production of online output and undertaking relevant background research.
The livestream very directly called HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US is an ambitious undertaking, to say the least.
Perhaps because he's not starving and drying himself out right now, he's handling the undertaking with good humor.
It's not a simple undertaking, as the project's senior researcher, Joe Register, explained in an email to TechCrunch.
Officials call the undertaking crucial for better dealing with aspects of climate change linked to civilization's waste gases.
The oil industry is undertaking a new public relations campaign to push for offshore drilling along Florida's coast.
Such an effort would be a massive undertaking for any administration, likely resulting in years of court battles.
Fighting the wildfires ravaging California right now is such a major undertaking that firefighters need help from space.
But the wildfire problem is a reason to get more, not less, information before undertaking new logging projects.
" — Stephen Milligan, Western Digital CEO "We are undertaking and accelerating a number of initiatives to improve our results.
The digital therapeutic program is supposed to be taken while the patient is undertaking in-office therapy sessions.
But that isn't stopping many fitness-oriented older Americans from undertaking rigorous training and testing themselves in competitions.
The undertaking had more than eighty employees and a budget of more than a million dollars a month.
Convincing the country's voters that they should elect you president is an undertaking that requires months, not weeks.
Say this much: Excising Spacey and subbing in Plummer in a matter of weeks was no small undertaking.
The Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets stands ready to be a collaborative partner in this important undertaking.
As a result, states and localities, with the support of foundations and research organizations, are undertaking significant reforms.
The guarantee represents an irrevocable and unconditional undertaking and ranks equally with other senior unsecured obligations of TMFNL.
By October, the firm had announced it was undertaking a strategic review, including the possibility of a sale.
If I am writing at a desk, the significance of my undertaking becomes way too filled with pressure.
"We are currently undertaking a review of our customer due diligence files for compliance reasons," the email reads.
But by and large, the biggest undertaking of the shutdown are replacing what are known as duct banks.
In short, "it's a very time-consuming and very expensive" undertaking for Trump, Drechsel says, and likely unsuccessful.
Given the magnitude of this undertaking, the MOT lent its support as we do with all international events.
The Middle East is at an important inflection point: Saudi Arabia is undertaking unprecedented and long-overdue modernization.
In preparation for the momentous journey that we were undertaking together, she threw herself into proper research mode.
He said he was now building 200 residential units and undertaking a major hotel renovation in Beaver County.
He did not immediately provide examples of efforts the agency is undertaking to improve communications about the accounts.
There is an inherent and lingering nostalgia that needs to be confronted and overcome in such an undertaking.
Now, self-quarantining might sound like a rather lonely undertaking, but that's what our phones are for, right?
The potentially sensationalist aspect to this entire undertaking bothered me before I saw One More Time With Feeling.
By and large, memorials, which are a huge undertaking by their sponsors, struggle to get off the ground.
For the F.B.I., placing such a sensitive undertaking in the hands of a trusted government investigator was essential.
Undertaking these voluntary actions to stop foreseeable and preventable bird killings has not held back our energy industry.
"I'm directing basically the war on the coronavirus, which is a massive undertaking," Hogan said in an interview.
A holiday predicated on the concepts of rest, reflection and feasting would seem to be a straightforward undertaking.
Known as the Bail Project, the undertaking is scheduled to open offices in St. Louis and Tulsa, Okla.
She said the industry was "expected to continue undertaking product research and development to meet changing consumer demands."
Cracking down on the most vulnerable immigrants, though, is the goal of several measures the administration is undertaking.
President Trump has challenged Beijing to change its ways, a politically risky undertaking but one that's long overdue.
Getting it right is a high-stakes undertaking; a miscalculation can drive a fledgling startup into a ditch.
"The gravity of what we are undertaking, I think, is sinking in for all of us," he said.
"Not undertaking the campaign would have risked significant and unnecessary disruption to businesses and to people&aposs lives."
The lengthy undertaking, with minimal debate about the amendments being voted on, is not the ideal deliberative experience.
Such a scenario would only make China's task of undertaking necessary economic reforms more challenging, if not unlikely.
Such an undertaking would be impossible, since the frontier stretches 5,500 miles (8,900 km) and is largely unguarded.
Local and global health officials are undertaking tremendous efforts to contain both diseases amid political instability and insecurity.
A Paris prosecutor called the attack "attempted killings ... in relation to a terrorist undertaking," according to the BBC.
Another challenge for a country like the U.A.E. undertaking a planetary science mission: a lack of planetary scientists.
Critics who gave the picture positive reviews defended it as a massive undertaking and a sight to behold.
The commercial was an epic undertaking spanning several months and locationsThe process spanned several months and geographical locations.
Between the cake, food, music, dress, photography and flowers, coordinating a wedding can feel like a massive undertaking.
"We are still undertaking a strategic analysis of what we will do with AutoScout2.93," a Scout22.9 spokesman said.
Last week, US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said the US military is undertaking a security assessment of TikTok.
"It's a substantial undertaking," said Ethan H. Frehner, an associate instructor in biology at the University of Utah.
The bank plans to cover these losses by raising new capital or by undertaking alternative capital strengthening initiatives.
In Jordan, underprivileged girls she met were amazed by her audacity at undertaking the journey at her age.
We do not want them to be shackled in this undertaking by governments intent on undermining their impact.
The RBNZ has been undertaking reviews which showed shortcomings around governance and risk management among New Zealand institutions.
The RBNZ has been undertaking reviews which showed shortcomings around governance and risk management among New Zealand institutions.
Lately, reports have circulated that the company is undertaking a search for an executive to help run Tesla.
But its investigation into who committed the Khan Sheikhoun assault was regarded as its most important undertaking yet.
"Texas has a rich history of undertaking action to make it harder for people to vote," she said.
And in both cases, you deal with vitriol from readers, because sports, like politics, are a tribal undertaking.
The VR work is part of a broader collaboration Microsoft is undertaking with Intel, code-named Project Evo.
Presidents usually make good faith efforts to implement their campaign promises, because politics is fundamentally a public undertaking.
But Novick has also produced almost all of his giant miniseries, a massive undertaking in and of itself.
Naleo's estimates do not project possible effect of registration drives or campaigns, like the one that Univision is undertaking.
But creating a whole new blockchain, with all the encryption, security and infrastructure required, is an entirely different undertaking.
"It's a very expensive undertaking to do a public event on a public holiday," he told Reuters on Sunday.
It was a crazy undertaking for us, but in my opinion, the more crazy undertakings people do, the better.
But this is expected when society is undertaking a significant re-engineering, and a realignment of expectations and behavior.
" Sometimes Shazia would even get groceries alone, something she described as a "huge undertaking, especially for a young girl.
This is a massive undertaking for small companies that don't have the global legal teams that larger companies have.
Gunnels says that part of that undertaking comes down to how the two different styles of production come together.
In the podcast, along with other topics, Spear and the host debate neo-Nazis undertaking lone wolf terrorist attacks.
Akros is BPM's investment and private bank, undertaking capital markets, brokerage, corporate finance (including advisory) and private banking activities.
If you've ever set a serious slate of resolutions for yourself, you know what an undertaking it can be.
"This significant undertaking exceeds what Dish has promised regulators before, but failed to deliver time and again," they write.
She spent time in the military undertaking courses in jungle warfare and piloting, according to state broadcaster Thai PBS.
While the final diameters are merely respectable here on Earth, it is a colossal undertaking for a space telescope.
Those human-like motions we see robots undertaking could be even more human when directly based on the original.
We don't have all the facts, and we are undertaking several actions to determine them as best as possible.
Reforms in this area are crucial to India's economic future, but are a tough undertaking given India's large population.
As MUNCHIES has pointed out before, eating is rarely as simple an emotional and social undertaking as it seems.
It's a pretty explicitly lefty undertaking, so maybe there's no hope of any self-described centrists getting on board.
The scale of the undertaking is almost beyond comprehension; the virtually insurmountable hurdles from the realm of science fiction.
There are certainly reasons to be skeptical of Google having its hand on the wheel of this undertaking, though.
The city is also undertaking a 63-mile FEMA-funded lead-pipe replacement effort, which is about 20% complete.
"We are constantly undertaking efforts to deal with misinformation," Pichai said, adding that Google is looking to do more.
We are now undertaking an independent third-party audit to demonstrate that no GSR data remains in our systems.
"The Department welcomes the undertaking to save employees' jobs in Tegeta's various operations," his office said in a statement.
According to Barefoot College, they are primarily illiterate and semi-illiterate grandmothers undertaking solar engineering training within their communities.
Engineers are undertaking temporary repairs and will assess whether the damaged vessel can sail back to the United States.
The SPD's youth wing, Jusos, opposes the deal and its head, Kevin Kuehnert, is undertaking his own "NoGroKo Tour".
Bankers also cited the discontinuation of buyers' credit, or letters of undertaking (LoUs), for importers after the PNB fraud.
But do you know what's perhaps even more of an undertaking than starring opposite your spouse in a movie?
"Roller Coaster" (280) Erika Jayne's first video — 280's "Roller Coaster" — was a monumental undertaking, shooting across multiple locations.
Only then, he said, would it become clear which side was "undertaking actual, real measures to stop the fighting".
Your habitual behavior often goes unnoticed because you don't need to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks.
Why are we undertaking a deal with an untrustworthy regime with interests totally at cross-purposes to our own?
Payments are a crucial cog in the wheel that takes a business global, but it is no easy undertaking.
IBA, which is Azerbaijan's biggest lender and is controlled by the state, is undertaking a $3.3 billion debt restructuring.
Though the benefits of addressing climate change are substantial, we should acknowledge that this will be an expensive undertaking.
It was an undertaking so covert that Roosevelt supposedly didn't even tell then-Vice President Harry Truman about it.
"She knows the threat, understands the threat, and is undertaking bold action to confront it head-on," Miller said.
Pruitt said in his letter to governors that he is still undertaking that review, and more changes may come.
The USPTO should be applauded for undertaking this review and the important steps they've taken to address patent quality.
Even for Jenkins, riding high from the success of Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk was a formidable undertaking.
Cedric Richmond (D-La.) that, among other things, forbade the agency from undertaking a major reorganization without Congressional authorization.
But to retrace your steps and get back to upper air,That is the task, that is the undertaking.
"This is the most controversial regulatory undertaking in the history of the Department of Education," Hartle told the Post.
Now, that mammoth undertaking has become all the more critical with the United States' election of Donald J. Trump.
Smugglers have lowered their fares from $700 to $550 and continue to push Syrian refugees into undertaking the journey.
This massive undertaking comes complete with a costume department, an "un-bibliography," rebellion merch, and a walking training guide.
"I will be diligent in measuring the record and in undertaking an independent review," Jones said on Monday night.
"Bringing that technology together was a very challenging undertaking," said David Flueck, Marriott's senior vice president for global loyalty.
Transitioning half of all Americans from one type of health insurance to another is no-doubt a huge undertaking.
It reduces: Adding up all the costs and benefits of distributed solar is a difficult and somewhat subjective undertaking.
At the same time, some states are undertaking emergency measures to expand and speed up workers' access to benefits.
Qantas had made a court-enforceable undertaking to make the payments, the Fair Work Ombudsman said in a statement.
Yes, both sides gerrymander, but even so, the march away from representative government is not an altogether bipartisan undertaking.
The inconsistency does seem a bit sloppy to me, but fixing that problem would likely be a major undertaking.
And the initial outcomes achieved by the contact lens provider show the benefits of pursuing such a difficult undertaking.
She adapted the screenplay herself, undertaking the project with multiple producers (including El Deseo, Pedro and Agustín Almodóvar's company).
Not because of poor generalship; indeed, Longstreet warned Lee against undertaking Pickett's Charge, which ended the battle of Gettysburg.
His hard-line pro-Israel supporters console themselves that Mr. Trump will soon recognize the futility of this undertaking.
What used to be a weekly endeavor for me is only a once-a-season undertaking every January now.
He is undertaking extra fitness training, and more gym sessions, to make up for the time he has lost.
"This is my fourth or fifth secretary, so everyone has to learn, and it's a large undertaking," Augustine said.
After decades of corporations whittling down labor's power and big donors taking over American politics, it's an immense undertaking.
Mahershala Ali returns to his Bay Area roots with this HBO film, his first undertaking as a documentary producer.
WASHINGTON — It was supposed to be a straightforward undertaking for a Republican-led government: Start passing conservative, Republican priorities.
It is a long way from undertaking a costly bid for primacy in East Asia, let alone the world.
Understanding how phytoplankton respond to their environment is a vital undertaking, as they are critical to the planet's health.
"It's a massive undertaking," said Eric Landau, the president of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, which operates the park.
Mr. Castriciones did not respond to questions about his appointment or the overall thrust of the land reform undertaking.
Benioff pointed to a drone project that Salesforce is undertaking alongside experts from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
When I started college in 2014, I was well aware of the investment my family and I were undertaking.
The Supreme Court has historically been reluctant to assert judicial oversight over what has always been a political undertaking.
It was part of a high-stakes experiment in energy conservation — an undertaking subsidized by the local electric company.
I think the president has been clear in his speech in Afghanistan that we are not undertaking nation-building.
That ambitious undertaking began with a concept that the museum would share the new building with a charter school.
"Obviously, the US regime will take all the responsibility for the dangerous consequences of this undertaking," the statement said.
Filling a vacant position is a big financial undertaking, according to a recent study by company review site Glassdoor.
The massive undertaking will examine every aspect of the Defense Department, from personnel and supplies to bases and weapons.
Source accounts and documents revealed to the Journal that the undertaking will cost the campaign millions of dollars monthly.
It's quite an undertaking to have every system part of the same federated authentication platform in a large corporation.
As he explained to us, the album was an undertaking he needed to endure so as to self-cleanse.
It is not all that unusual, they said, for such an ambitious undertaking to end in an unsatisfying result.
Estimating exactly how many Facebook posts are "sensational or spammy" is a tremendous undertaking tantamount to a fool's game.
The project is a massive undertaking, but once complete, it will dramatically speed up ship maintenance and replacement part fabrication.
Photo: 23andMeNot long ago, decrypting DNA was an expensive undertaking that could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It is true that our decentralized, precinct-by-precinct system would make a coordinated national vote hack a massive undertaking.
In 2012, science journalist Gary Taubes and physician-researcher Peter Attia launched a multimillion-dollar undertaking to reinvent the field.
The undertaking, which concluded with the order being formally repealed in June, has been widely condemned by digital rights organizations.
The photographer's most ambitious undertaking in this series is Bosch's famous and much re-appropriated The Garden of Earthly Delights.
As you can imagine, what emerges in the opening tints of Black Panther sets the stage for no ordinary undertaking.
"There is still a long way to go as the Belt and Road is a long term undertaking," he said.
Susan Collins, a moderate Maine Republican, said that any immigration effort worth undertaking should include a fix for DACA recipients.
I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking.
In 2014, after undertaking his own assessment of VA, Bob McDonald presented Congress with a plan to transform the organization.
Here's Elsa trying to cross a large body of water by icing it, which is a massive and distressing undertaking.
The proposal also fits in with a wider undertaking by Trump's HHS to increase religious protections for health care workers.
"We decided to call our imprint Tor Labs because the entire undertaking made us feel like mad scientists," Palmieri explained.
And we built a secure payment system — no small undertaking — which allows users to have faith in in-app transactions.
Ahmadiyya is officially banned in Saudi Arabia, with Ahmadis forbidden from undertaking the pilgrimage to Mecca known as the Hajj.
Scott Walker of Wisconsin returned to a more successful undertaking: dismantling what remains of his state's century-old progressive legacy.
The prototype, which is remotely controlled by an operator on the ground, is now undertaking a series of flight tests.
The sheer complexity of this undertaking will also push more trading onto electronic platforms, which are busy embedding automatic reporting.
The Appium project has made this easier, but it's not a trivial undertaking to set up tests with it either.
That, in itself, is a massive undertaking—but it is one which collaboration with artificial intelligence will also speed up.
The enthusiasm that Dr. Barzilay brings to this undertaking is fueled by her dismay at current approaches to cancer care.
The rule exempts private companies from being required to register their securities with the SEC - a lengthy and expensive undertaking.
"Of course there are anxieties, it's not an easy undertaking" to overcome VW's long tradition of management hierarchies, he said.
Looking ahead, the researchers would like to test the system on two more patients before undertaking a large-scale trial.
The state of play: Undertaking an Alzheimer's trial is a huge endeavor, Lowe argues, and is both risky and expensive.
Buying up chunks of the economy at the same time as greatly increasing public services would be a costly undertaking.
They need a doctor's diagnosis of gender dysphoria, must submit medical reports, sign a legal undertaking and pay £823 ($185).
"That said, there is still a long way to go as the Belt and Road is a long-term undertaking."
The CBR has rightly been praised for preventing a wider crisis and undertaking a clean-up during a punishing recession.
It is a bold undertaking, particularly for film-makers with an impressive record otherwise but no experience of spiritual subjects.
Chinese authorities launched an investigation into He's work and said they had halted the kind of research he was undertaking.
The tremendous undertaking took 400,000 workers to accomplish, but only three made it to space, he said in the clip.
Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported the group is considering undertaking a campaign to influence U.S. perception of OPEC.
Werner's Equifax appearance, an undertaking by an organization called Public Citizen, was focused on highlighting consumer-hostile forced arbitration clauses.
Juul itself also has stringent age regulations, and is undertaking its own campaign to reduce teen use of its product.
It's perhaps the most ambitious undertaking today date to discern the link between people's DNA and their success at dieting.
There is a huge amount of content on all of these platforms, and scanning it all is a massive undertaking.
GE also split its ailing power division into two units, as Culp began his undertaking to turn the company around.
That's how I ended up undertaking training and private security advisory roles here in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.
The president boasted the U.S. was undertaking "the largest military buildup" since Reagan, which included investing in American space programs.
Even the best, most thoughtful policy can have unintended consequences when undertaking such seismic shifts to a relatively archaic marketplace.
These lingering issues could distract CVS from transforming its business, an undertaking that analysts say will be a tough lift.
It has expressed concern about some provisions but is not undertaking any public campaigns, speaking only with lawmakers in private.
Barack Obama is undertaking an effort to change this country, to make America more like the rest of the world.
Atlante is, in theory, a private undertaking, but the government, says Pier Carlo Padoan, the finance minister, was "the facilitator".
But I was not at all prepared for the massive undertaking the late 2014-era Mac mini requires of users.
This was a yearlong undertaking for dozens of people, it's something meaningful, and no one pauses to really understand that.
The treaty prohibits a catalog of nuclear activity, including undertaking development, testing, production, manufacturing, acquiring, possessing or stockpiling nuclear weapons.
Accordingly, undertaking reasonable efforts to improve worker skills and readiness while directly providing some with jobs makes imminent economic sense.
It listed the contribution limits and restrictions on funds for five "recipient committees" that could be used in the undertaking.
Congress is currently undertaking this monumental task to reduce tax rates, simplify the tax code, and create a fairer system.
And pursuing over-the-counter sales would entail manufacturers undertaking the yearslong application process to the Food and Drug Administration.
That would also raise the stakes for a massive tax reform push Trump and congressional Republicans are undertaking this fall.
Supporting the French initiative is a worthy undertaking, provided, of course, that everyone understands what it is and is not.
Three Republican lawmakers say undertaking such a massive project will fall short of alleviating the issues surrounding border security. Rep.
A spokesman for the authority, Christopher McKniff, said adjusting the bridge's name would be an expensive and labor-intensive undertaking.
"It's this massive undertaking and it's political risky," Samantha Aulick, who is supporting the festival, told The Hill on Wednesday.
PREPA's larger looming expenses are related to the emergency rebuild the utility is undertaking after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.
"It was a difficult undertaking to develop and put on the site and do, and nobody used it," he said.
That the artist would devote himself to such an undertaking is moving, whether the emotion is implicit or formally transparent.
Today, MAPS is undertaking phase 3 trials to turn MDMA into an FDA-approved treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.
Although there's no "right" time to face this undertaking, I do believe that it gets harder the longer you wait.
There were four robot cooks in the kitchen, each undertaking basic tasks such as whisking, stirring, squirting oil and shaking.
The burgeoning draft-industrial complex has even made full-league seven-round mocks—an enormous undertaking of dubious value—commonplace.
I can't stand people cracking the joints in their fingers or breathing heavily when not undertaking any physically demanding tasks.
" Trump's comments followed his State of the Union speech Tuesday in which he warned Democrats against undertaking "ridiculous partisan investigations.
Journalists and public officials described New Jersey's undertaking as once unthinkable, raising ethical concerns and stirring fears of government intrusion.
And even though "Bisbee '17" depicts a wholesome and harmonious community undertaking, it is a profoundly haunted and haunting film.
Donor states and institutions have pledged some $11 billion in financing, conditional on the country undertaking the long-delayed reforms.
They hope the federal government will reclassify cannabis ("a huge undertaking," Dr. Briscoe admitted), reducing obstacles to much-needed research.
Up to 100,000 people are mobilized to perform during the show, an undertaking designed to demonstrate social unity, analysts say.
But undertaking this book, and several visits to the enveloping silence of a Trappist monastery, prompted her to look inward.
Hotel Belleclaire is undergoing a partial exterior restoration, an undertaking which will help bring back much of its original grandeur.
Mr. Salovey accused the Justice Department of undertaking the inquiry as part of a larger plan to dismantle affirmative action.
And though just postponing the games by a year may sound simple, it's likely to be a pretty big undertaking.
The Fed is currently undertaking a review that looks at such questions, which it expects to wrap up mid-year.
I do not believe this undertaking can be advanced through nationalism and barriers, mythmaking and drum rolls, incitement and xenophobia.
In transmuting from lark to serious undertaking, the Trump campaign has changed how politics is played, leastways for this cycle.
However, we do make tactical course adjustments when the markets are less than stable and we are undertaking such action.
In addition to the need to find Polish performers, he cited the challenge of finding sponsors for such an undertaking.
Whatever the intentions, though, pushing the world's largest and most diversified economy in any particular direction is a colossal undertaking.
The Times needs younger readers, and engaging them seems like an important undertaking when all of journalism is under attack.
Critic's Notebook Ilya Khrzhanovsky's films "Degeneratsia" and "Natasha" are part of an undertaking whose eccentricity and grandeur border on folly.
My most ambitious undertaking was a long walk from Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan to our office.
Moving them to the cloud is often a very complex undertaking, which is where Cornerstone and similar vendors come in.
The Saudi foreign ministry banned people undertaking the Umrah pilgrimage from entering the country, regardless of their country of origin.
She has pledged to convert French debt into a new national currency, an undertaking that could begin the euro's downfall.
Even conservatives near the mainstream's right bank will be hard-pressed to see it as another anti-anti-Communist undertaking.
Notwithstanding the value of FBOs, there are some who claim they are gouging their customers and undertaking other unfair practices.
This is a workplace human resource issue, and it should be handled with this comprehensive approach that we're now undertaking.
As a final undertaking, Equilar scanned its broader database of companies to search for the largest executive payouts from 2015.
"Watchmen" might have been the year's most audacious undertaking, delicately erecting a new mythology on top of an existing source.
"The process of a Syria strategy is an ongoing process that they've been undertaking for quite a while," he said.
It's a huge undertaking, but it was to make Skull Island feel like a real place, a tactile tangible place.
The work of improving career readiness is a huge undertaking and requires states to forge partnerships across many different entities.
Letters of undertaking (LoUs) are issued by a bank giving some sort of a guarantee on behalf of a company.
The current exhibition at Kettle's Yard in Cambridge, Homelands: Art from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, therefore, is a timely undertaking.
The Israeli prime minister is undertaking a 10-day tour of the region and the visit is far from ceremonial.
That still leaves a considerable gap for a twenty-million-dollar undertaking, which Stevenson hopes, optimistically, will open in 2017.
The accelerator in Luxembourg will be an international undertaking … so U.S. citizens or residents are more than welcome to apply.
"We do not believe Iran is currently undertaking activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device," Mr. Coats said.
So it is a good thing that the European Union is now undertaking significant steps to enhance its military prowess.
Drug companies need better ways to recruit patients for their clinical trials, an undertaking that costs millions of dollars today.
When animals pick scabs and vegetation off each other's fur they are undertaking an exercise in intimacy, as well as hygiene.
Mr. Foye has never made a secret of the fact that he would not have proceeded with such a monumental undertaking.
As the title indicates, the composition in question is a requiem Mass – decidedly an ambitious undertaking for a woman of 17.
The group is assembling plans to hold meetings in communities across the region, so "everyone have a voice" in the undertaking.
But an undertaking like the one Musk tweeted about today would obviously require approval from multiple state representatives and government agencies.
We are grateful to the Hunter family for undertaking this initiative and for asking T.R.U.S.T. to facilitate this life-saving effort.
Letters of undertaking (LoUs) are typically issued by a bank giving some sort of a guarantee on behalf of a company.
Editor's note: Carvaly currently runs Undertaking LA, a funeral home which does not offer embalming and aims to de-commercialise death.
A congressional inquiry involving Weisselberg would be fundamentally different from the law enforcement and counterintelligence inquiry Robert Mueller has been undertaking.
Details of the plan are not yet locked in and the whole undertaking could still "fall apart," according to the report.
And according to standard agency procedure, they refused to comment on whether the FBI was undertaking a criminal investigation of Trump.
Fitch considers GNW constrained from undertaking capital actions that would weaken the credit profile of GMA for regulatory and business reasons.
That's a huge undertaking that involves coordinating both Apple's fleet of human editors and the artists it chose to partner with.
Piffaretti is undertaking one of painting's roles today, which is to wedge space between these two ways of addressing an object.
"We're doing everything within our power to end the outbreak, undertaking many many different strategies and activities at once," Zucker said.
Road trips are a huge undertaking, and some parts of the journey are bound to be more lackluster than the others.
Fonda has spoken about her mission and praised the proposed Green New Deal, an ambitious legislative undertaking to address climate change.
The monthly "Book Your Own Fuckin' Tour" section of Maximum Rocknroll grew into a massive undertaking that required its own pressing.
I note this only as a reminder that brand loyalty can be a foolish undertaking, especially when it comes to headphones.
As of yet, Undertaking LA is not turning a profit, Ms. Doughty said, and the company has applied for nonprofit status.
It is also undertaking its biggest acquisition in two decades by agreeing to buy BHP's shale assets in America for $10.5bn.
State-owned Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India (SUUTI) sold the stake, CNBC TV18 and ET NOW television channels said.