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"contact" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] the act of communicating with somebody, especially regularly
  2. [uncountable] the state of meeting somebody or having to deal with something
  3. [countable, usually plural] an occasion on which you meet or communicate with somebody; a relationship with somebody
  4. [countable] a person that you know, especially somebody who can be helpful to you in your work
  5. [uncountable] the state of touching something
  6. [countable] an electrical connection
  7. [usually plural] (informal) a contact lens (= a small round piece of thin plastic that you put on your eye to help you see better)
  8. [countable] a person who has recently been near to somebody with a contagious disease and so might have caught the infection from them

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"contact" Synonyms
touch connection contiguity intercourse union unity collision communion exposure interface junction link touching contingence impingement taction tangency approximation closeness juxtaposition interaction communication association companionship correspondence dealings meetings relations exchange network interchange social relations touching base intercommunication interplay talk associate liaison acquaintance colleague friend confederate ally companion comrade workmate confrère mate crony confrere buddy playmate chum consociate partner impact crash smash force accident battering pileup sideswipe wreck smashup bang bump clash crush hit slam brunt shock commerce relationships trade traffic connexions(UK) connections(US) transactions truck bargaining business knowledge familiarity understanding awareness grasp cognizance intimacy conversance acquaintanceship relationship fellowship ken conversancy insight into know-how comprehension of grasp of tap brush nudge press stroke pat poke prod glance graze hold pressure push flick blow physical contact cooperation affiliation alliance collaboration partnership confederation hookup linkup linkage relation affinity encounter confrontation incident experience rendezvous meeting appointment interview concurrence happenstance chance meeting date engagement session meet get-together tete-a-tete tryst assignation intermediary linkperson mediator middleman representative agent factor fixer interceder linkman linkwoman contact person go-between contact man contact woman liaison officer subjection susceptibility vulnerability defenselessness susceptivity liability risk submission hazard jeopardy peril susceptiveness vulnerableness laying open lack of protection openness susceptibleness weakness powerlessness introduction meetup tweetup meet-up meet up presentation audience formality formal presentation entree admission access adit admittance debut door entrance entry importation in incoming induction ingress way open arms open door entré anode terminal contact lens lenses joint bond coupling joining knot loop interconnection intersection ligament ring seam splice tie cement connective kiss caress shave scrape rub light gentle touch light touch skim swipe pet titillation leverage grip attachment purchase strength support anchorage friction resistance pull traction adhesion drag foothold footing toehold anchor feel tactility feeling sense of touch tactile sense handling feeling one's way palpation texture skin senses sense sensation perception activity responsiveness sensibility lens glass meniscus monocle optic spectacles bifocal trifocal eyeglass magnifying glass pince-nez lorgnon lorgnette quizzing glass point of contact delegate POC assistant department head help desk single point of contact touchpoint envoy deputy commissioner ambassador aide agent general negotiator legate social interaction socialisation(UK) socialization(US) fraternisation(UK) fraternization(US) socializing(US) community confluence conjoining fraternity fraternising(UK) fraternizing(US) integration mingling sociability mail post letters matter messages missives writing e-mail faxes memos notes parcel post reports snail mail written communication exchange of letters airmail parcels point outlet plug socket power point jack port electric socket wall socket wall plug wall outlet connector input electrical connector input/output reach call get approach phone address buzz notify telephone text write communicate with connect with speak to visit get in touch with reach out to ring up talk to liaise converse discourse chat communicate connect confabulate interact speak intercommunicate deal engage correspond negotiate collaborate intermediate dial beep bell call up make a call to Skype video call dial up get on the phone to get someone on the phone give a ring phone up osculate canoodle with French kiss smooch snog buss give a kiss give a smacker peck spoon smack make out plant a kiss give someone a peck French neck canoodle summon bid hail beckon invite page call for ask for call on send for call in ask to come request the attendance of request the presence of demand the presence of call upon seek call the name of call out direct send aim cast level present set turn forward remit convey route consign slide clip make contact sweep tickle come into contact with touch lightly find catch chance upon come across happen on run into see chance on come upon happen upon hit upon luck into pitch upon run across stumble upon tumble upon bump into light on border adjoin converge abut join flank fringe neighbour(UK) skirt be against border on come together with converge with line look up go see drop in on go to see pay a visit to look in on visit with get in touch call in on go and see pay a call on pop in on drop in go round look in pop by stop by drop by strike slap slug swat thump bash beat belt clobber clock crack knock pelt pound pummelled(UK) More
"contact" Antonyms
separation gulf gap rift division opening avoidance distance distancing shunning eschewal elusion eschewing remoteness eluding steering clear of openness silence secrecy hush discretion quiet reticence blackout muteness quiescence tight-lippedness dead air hush-hush inarticulateness quietness quietude secretiveness speechlessness taciturnity uncommunicativeness conspiracy of silence circumvention dodging evading evasion preventing prevention keeping away steering clear nonintercourse antagonism disagreement miscommunication buddy intimate antagonist detractor enemy foe ignorance opponent strangeness stranger good friend main man rival adversary nemesis competitor competition corrival archenemy unfamiliarity recoil flinching quailing hesitation retreat withdrawal reaction pulling back disaffiliation dissociation protection from blackballing conclusion egress exclusion exit rejection prohibition noninteraction lack of interaction disconnection disconnect severance disengagement detachment disunion parting cut-off decoupling cutting off sight smell sound taste numbness insensitivity deadness dullness hypoesthesia insensibility unfeelingness lack of feeling lack of sensation paralysis unresponsiveness immobility stupor inexperience immaturity ineffectiveness naiveté greenness guilelessness inefficience naivete naivety unawareness unenlightenment unknowingness youngness youthfulness awkwardness freshness half-knowledge newness ostracization social distancing avoid shun have nothing to do with keep away from keep clear of keep one's distance from shrink from shy away from shy from stay away from steer clear of evade dodge elude escape circumvent give a wide berth to avert skirt shirk refuse cancel miss leave abort deny release stop hang up on let go of drop call phone reach ring telephone be in communication with call on call up communicate with converse with get in touch with give a ring to make contact with make conversation with ring up speak to talk to touch base with answer conceal refrain disregard ignore pass bypass dismiss exclude omit discard preclude skip unheed unmind cut lift take raise hoist elevate listen hear hark hearken harken heed mind concentrate pay attention withdraw clear remove evacuate disengage exfiltrate vacate depart recede decamp back away draw back fall back pull back pull out mishit misfire overshoot be wide of fail to hit go wide of

591 Sentences With "contact"

How to use contact in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "contact" and check conjugation/comparative form for "contact". Mastering all the usages of "contact" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Traveling in the real world is about contact: body contact, surface contact, contact with new foods, with new waters, new smells, new light, new languages.
Contact cards also get a design makeover with quicker access to the various contact channels for each contact.
They learn there are two kinds of 'no contact': NC (no contact) and NCEA (no contact ever again).
In the US contact The FDA; in the UK contact The Yellow Card Scheme; in India contact the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization; in Australia contact The Department of Health.
Contact, Turnbull decides: Contact would be like Contact—the 1997 movie in which Jodie Foster plays a version of Jill Tarter.
Contact your bank or the companies you need to contact.
Yeah, we had radio contact and phone contact with them.
I want the weakest contact, or contact right at someone.
Review your "Bill To" contact and "Sold To" contact information.
She's very talkative and very into eye contact and physical contact.
On the blank contact screen which appears, tap "Add New Contact." 
If you take soft contact, I'll bet on soft contact getting outs.
Last month, the FTC issued 45 warning letters to contact lens prescribers and 10 to contact lens sellers for potentially violating the Contact Lens Rule.
Avoiding human contact could include limiting contact with vulnerable groups like the elderly, avoiding contact with people outside home and school, and working from home.
Pressing on an "i" icon next to a contact should show details about the contact, which will then allow the user to create a new contact.
I completed all eight steps (my contact info, my roommate's contact info, Venmo's contact info, my bank, my roommates' bank) to the best of my knowledge.
"They had contact with him, but very limited contact with him," Brooks explained.
" He continued: "When we establish contact with a community, we maintain that contact.
In terms of physical contact, my understanding is there was some physical contact.
Give teasy, slutty eye contact but not burning into their soul eye contact.
"I'm getting weak contact, lots of weak contact, getting ground balls," Wheeler said.
What to do if you suspect you have fake medicine In the UK contact The Yellow Card Scheme; in the US contact the FDA; in India contact the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization; in Australia contact The Department of Health.
You can easily delete a WhatsApp contact; however, note that when you delete a contact in WhatsApp, the contact will also be deleted on your phone itself.
"Limiting player-to-player contact and rule changes that reduce risk for collisions are critical to preventing TBI in contact and limited-contact sports," the authors wrote.
Contact your landlord or mortgage lender: Give them the best way to contact you.
People are exposed to sarin through skin contact, eye contact, or by breathing it.
Use these links to find your Representative's contact information and your Senator's contact information.
Contact tracing is the process of identifying those with close contact with infected patients.
It wasn't hard contact, it was just contact and they got rewarded for that.
People are exposed to sarin through skin contact, eye contact, or by breathing it in.
"Officers made contact with Mr. Moreno, a foot pursuit resulted from this contact," police said.
Well, we do contact-free boxing up until eleven, and then you can start contact.
They merely happened to come into contact, and in that contact, one faded from life.
Click on the pencil icon in the contact pop-up to edit the contact details.
REPORTER: Roger, did anyone tell you to contact, in the Trump campaign, to contact WikiLeaks?
"So the idea is to vaccinate people who come into contact or are in contact of people who come into contact with people who have Ebola virus infection," he said.
Johnson was on the receiving end of contact when Denny Hamlin made contact with Kurt Busch.
If you're unsure about someone's identity, find the affected company's contact information and contact them independently.
Investigators made multiple attempts to contact her, the evaluation states, but were unable to make contact.
Although I never had direct contact with him, such contact would be neither illegal or improper.
"We believe the contact up in New York is connected to the contact here," he added.
Contact: Primary analyst and secondary analyst contact information is included in the attached Rating Action Report.
"These cases seem to be irritant contact dermatitis rather than allergic contact dermatitis," Dr. King claims.
Avoiding human contact could include limiting contact with vulnerable groups like the elderly, avoiding contact with people outside home and school, and even working from home for up to three months.
Miller added that neither Pence or President Donald Trump had been in close contact with the person, and contact tracing for who this person may have come in contact with is underway.
Set an emergency contact: Designate an out-of-area contact who can relay information between family members.
Johnson & Johnson makes the contact lenses, called the Acuvue Oasys contact lenses with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology.
Making too much or not enough eye contact Bad liars tend to avoid too much eye contact.
Although it dissipates quickly, sarin presents a short-lived threat through skin contact, eye contact, or inhalation.
Contact sports include football, lacrosse, ice hockey and wrestling, all competitions in which contact is officially sanctioned.
Some users will, however, provide professional contact information on their public profile – using it to contact them may be acceptable in some cases, though reaching out via any personal contact details is not.
When the user tapped on a text from an unknown number, a full-screen warning popped up that said the number was a restricted contact — but then the user just tapped the small "Add contact" text on that warning screen, added a name to the contact, saved the contact to the phone's address book, and then the user could text the contact without issue.
However, this option requires users to have the personal contact information of every partner they wish to contact.
If you fail to disengage the countdown the watch will contact emergency personnel and your specified emergency contact.
The feds will also be in contact with Elizabeth to make sure Wanda hasn't tried to contact her.
Motherboard was unable to contact the creator of Tweetsquad, as the contact form on the website is broken.
Landry's rep tells TMZ Sports the contact was not a push but rather "incidental contact" during an argument.
However, if your nomination advances, we will contact you and your nominee through the contact information you provide.
There are mandated periods of limited contact with schools and coaches, and periods of no contact at all.
If it's time to "ghost" a particular contact, you can then switch on Ghostbot — just for that contact.
Humans have evolved to be much more sensitive to eye contact and facial expressions that exaggerate eye contact.
Social contact is one of the best ways to calm down, providing you're in contact with calm people.
Stevens: Things that have been in direct contact with other things, retain that contact after they are separated.
Lewis said he had no recollection of physical contact and denied attempting or having physical contact with her.
To more accurately identify users, the social networking system stores contact entries received from an importing user and associates a stored contact entry with a user profile including information matching information in the contact entry.
He asked that anyone who had contact with the family in the days before the incident contact law enforcement.
Passengers are advised to contact Etihad Airways' global contact center on +971 (0) 2 599 0000 or visit etihad.
Contact: Contact: Jean Lopes (Primary Analyst: Banrisul, Banese and Banestes) Director +55 21 4503-2617 Fitch Ratings Brasil Ltda.
"Mike's the G.M. and he's in constant contact with Derek, and I'm in constant contact with Mike," Mattingly said.
It's possible that their partners had no contact information for them, or that attempts to contact them were unsuccessful.
The page also provides contact information for Democratic senators, and encourages constituents in certain states to contact their representative.
My friend has had no contact with the child since birth and almost no contact with the child's mother.
Other things that affect bacterial transfer include surface properties (roughness, moistness), pressure applied during contact, contact time, and biofilms.
They are said to be resistant to contact with outsiders and have almost no contact with the outside world.
Contact tracing involves identifying and following up with people who may have come into contact with an infected person.
Joycelyn was given direct contact info for her parents, and Griggs claims she's willing to set up further contact.
The page also provides contact information for Democratic senators, and encourages constituents in certain states to contact their representative.
"I will provide him with your contact information, so he can contact you while he is traveling," she wrote.
Try it without eye contact "Have a go at doing it without making eye contact," says Girl on the Net.
He also posted the girls&apos explicit photos and contact information online and told other men to contact them directly.
Together, the filings indicate that there was sustained, incriminating contact between Trump subordinates and Russia — contact they tried to obscure.
I'd never lost contact with Neil, but I got to renew my contact with the rest of them that night.
For instance, a "meta-analysis" of over 500 studies confirmed that intergroup contactcontact between the races—usually reduces prejudice.
It regained contact briefly in September 2016, but hasn't had contact with the spacecraft since then (although it's still trying).
If he is released ... Rachael's husband won't be allowed to contact Ostovich -- 'cause she got a restraining order ... barring contact.
Last July, Google announced its Contact Center AI product for helping businesses get more value out of their contact centers.
"We were in constant contact with the grounds crew, constant contact with the training staff," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said.
We've included contact information for the office of each Senator and Representative on this list so you may contact them.
Typically this means going without human contact, being isolated from other prisoners, and having zero contact with the outside world.
The research shows that it's not just another whether we come into contact, it's about how we come into contact.
They&aposve been in contact, they&aposve managed to break contact by falling back, and now they&aposre hidden again.
"I make watch contact before I make eye contact," said Misha Daud, the woman behind the Instagram feed Watch Fashionista.
There's digital contact and so it's very hard to ... Again, it was supposed to bring you together, it brings you apart, because there's no physical contact, there's no physical contact, there's no looking at each other. Right.
Davies said holding eye contact between 85% to 90% of the time in a job interview was the "happy medium" on what he called a "contact continuum" — the spectrum which runs from zero to unbroken eye contact.
Yeah. I had someone who had a contact, and I almost got in contact with him, but that didn't work out.
It is also using contact information you handed over for security purposes and contact information you didn't hand over at all.
And so, they would contact Mitch for certain kinds of tech advice, they'd contact me for certain kinds of people advice.
He swung less, and when he swung, he made more contact and harder contact than at any point in his career.
Lewandowski said he remains in regular contact with the president and has daily contact with Trump's new campaign manager Brad Parscale.
On first glance, it looks like James has been lazy and failed to make contact—but contact was never the goal.
Trump and Johnson appear to make brief physical contact in the video, but it is unclear whether their lips make contact.
Patients are believed to have either had contact with animals, consumed raw date palm juice or had contact with infected people.
Chief Executive Barak Eilam said the two companies were combining their contact center applications and analytics with cloud contact center technology.
First, inappropriate contact — who their children would be in contact with through Facebook, after all, it's a dangerous world out there.
While smaller community banks can rely on contact with customers, mid-sized banks with less customer contact need to go digital.
"What drives whether the volunteer has contact with the student is whether the coach has contact with the volunteer," Hemminger explains.
While staying home in order to limit contact with others is straightforward, your contact isn't really limited unless you live alone.
But we wanted that consistent contact because when a man that size makes consistent contact, there's going to be some damage.
Another option is to first delete the contact from your phone, which will automatically delete the contact from WhatsApp as well.
Thus, your phone ID would become your main point of contact, with the numbers behind that contact consigned to background algorithms.
Others are contact with a "voice" they do not recognize, and contact with someone requesting inappropriate behavior, including duping their parents.
Contact dermatitis is a type of allergic reaction that appears on the skin several hours after physical contact with an allergen.
I waited a few days for him to contact me, as I have a rule never to contact a guy first.
In Contact Warhol, Peggy Phelan and Richard Meyer analyze never seen before contact sheets calling it Warhol's final body of work.
The three-year-old company sells contact lenses with a membership model that charges users $39 each month for an annual eye appointment and contact lens fitting, along with a 12-month supply of contact lenses of their choice.
The Commission recommends that web companies appoint a dedicated point of contact, who law enforcement can contact when illegal content is discovered.
It's unclear if Tenichia is saying the alleged victim stated there was sexual contact with consent or no sexual contact at all.
CARTER: I have been in contact and I wanted to let you know, I&aposve been in contact with Brennan&aposs people.
Contact with Russia: Spicer said Russia was made aware of the operation, but beyond that, "no political contact was made" with Moscow.
" He added, "I want to repeat that we cannot speak about any official contact or contact orchestrated or initiated from the Kremlin.
I pay $91 from my HSA for the contact fitting and optomap, and another $121.20 out of pocket for my contact lenses.
Ground Contact Time Balance: Measures a runner's ground contact symmetry, which some runners have found to correlate with injuries or strength imbalances.
If there is fair contact made then you're well within your rights in the law of the game to take the contact.
He also must not contact her in any way, nor is he permitted to attempt to obtain her contact or address information.
Subsequently received contact entries are compared to user profiles and stored contact entries associated with the user profile to identify matching information.
The probe last made contact in July 2015 when it sent information to European engineers, who were again unable to stabilize contact.
Anyone with information about Kadirov should contact the FBI's tip line at 1-800-225-5324 or contact their local FBI office.
It said that to meet GDPR requirements, a user of the messenger platforms would have to contact everyone in their contact list.
But even if you're not in direct contact with someone who is contagious, you might still come in contact with the virus.
"If the cheerleaders can't contact the players, then the players shouldn't be able to contact the cheerleaders," said Sara Blackwell, Davis's lawyer.
We couldn't make eye contact with a man, and to prevent too much eye contact, we had to walk around the room.
"If you have travel plans that are affected by this new regulation, please contact the United Customer Contact Center," the statement said.
The athletes played sports ranging from football to track, some involving tackling and similar contact and others little contact but considerable exertion.
Several common substances, from soap to heart medicine to fertilizer, can trigger false positives for passengers who have recently come into contact with them — or have simply come into contact with someone else who has recently come into contact with them.
The phototoxic reaction can begin as soon as 15 minutes after contact, with sensitivity peak between 30 minutes and two hours after contact.
If contact occurs, wash your hands with soap and water and change clothing before having any contact with healthy domestic poultry and birds.
There, he admitted to drugging her with Quaaludes and then having sexual contact with her, though he still maintained that contact was consensual.
Staffers did have contact with the whistleblower prior to the complaint being filed and advised them to contact the Intelligence Community's Inspector General.
Eye contact mode has the robot moving on its own while, as you might guess, making uninterrupted eye contact with whoever is nearest.
Their solution was to use the heat transferred from surface to water while they were in contact as a proxy for contact strength.
Any app or online space that allows contact with strangers without moderation or age verification can allow contact between kids and adult strangers.
"If I had a contact with WikiLeaks, I think Roger would have leapfrogged me immediately and taken the contact himself," Corsi told CNN.
And there's a lack of public understanding that men's bodies can respond to sexual contact even if that contact is unwelcome, Stewart said.
After all, the FBI was aware of Page's (rather blundering) contact with Russian spies back in 2013 and monitored that contact in 2014.
CreditCreditPhotographs by Lu Guang/Contact Press Images Robert Pledge is an editor, curator and co-founder of Contact Press Images, a photojournalism agency.
The practice is known as "contact tracing" and involves tracking down anyone who is infected, and then those they have had contact with.
If a passenger has concerns about their screening process, we encourage them to notify a supervisor immediately or contact the TSA Contact Center.
The announcement called Boone's actions "inappropriate" and noted that he made "contact" with Miller, though it didn't specify the nature of the contact.
Toggle through the list to find a specific contact, or type in the contact&aposs name using the search bar at the top.
If the name is an existing contact, there will be an option to autofill in the name and associate it with that contact.
Finally, the law forbids sex offenders from using drones to photograph, follow, or make contact with an individual they are forbidden to contact.
The types of packaging were split into six categories: food contact paper (sandwich wrappers and pastry bags), food contact paperboard (boxes for fries or pizza), non-contact paper (outer bags), paper cups, other beverage containers (milk and juice containers) and miscellaneous (lids).
Groups like the Ivy League, which have limited full contact in practices, "have been forced to improvise and innovate without full contact to the point where they are so comfortable with it, they vote to eliminate full contact completely," Mr. O'Neil said.
If the patient won't provide any, the therapist should contact the tech support manager or clinical leadership to see what contact information is available.
There were 112 deaths from 1999 to 2014 due to contact with venomous spiders and 101 due to contact with venomous snakes and lizards.
You find negatives, you find contact sheets, you have to contact photographers who already threw away their archives…it was a really crazy thing.
It is kind of crazy that the Trump campaign was in contact with Russia when the Hillary campaign wasn't even in contact with Michigan.
Again, this is Steele, who is not to have contact with the FBI, in contact with Bruce Ohr whose wife works for Fusion GPS.
Professional cuddling may be female contact without the potential for shameful stigma, but it's easier to understand through a basic need for physical contact.
By contrast, from what I've observed, the primary goal of numerous online contact lens retailers is to sell as many contact lenses as possible.
And unlike HIV, transmission doesn't require an exchange of bodily fluids—just skin-to-skin contact with a lesion via oral or genital contact.
The small minority of sites lacking this type of contact page were shared by suspected bots at greater rates than those with contact pages.
"People who have worn contact lenses in their 40s, with one contact for near vision and one for distance, are good candidates," he said.
These don't always make quick progress, such as its prototype contact lens to monitor blood sugar via a contact lens to help manage diabetes.
The family last had contact with the girls in December of 2017 and had no additional contact between then and August 2018, Shea said.
If a salesman with critical information adds a delivery contact, the contact will only be able to see dialog initiated after they were added.
The ORR "About" page now links to a general media contact email instead of linking to the full contact page it had previously listed.
Schellenberg went on to say the family is in close contact with Global Affairs Canada but have not had any contact with his nephew.
SESSIONS: No. Technically, Sessions didn't repeat his earlier false statement here — he didn't deny all contact with Russians, just contact regarding the 2016 election.
The feds will also be in contact with Elizabeth to make sure Wanda hasn't tried to contact her by phone or on the Internet.
If you discover you came into close contact with someone with the coronavirus or if you get severe symptoms, contact your health care provider.
Lately, Cespedes said, he had been making contact with every pitch too early, and his front shoulder was flying open, leading to weak contact.
Someone explains how to contact the mortgage company and request a month's reprieve without incurring penalties; someone else describes how to contact utility companies.
"It's pretty obvious: Less contact equals fewer injuries," said Terry O'Neil, who founded Practice Like Pros, a group that promotes reduced contact in practices.
Per Davis, all three players admitted to having sexual contact with the victim after initially denying having sexual contact with anyone at the party.
"Any time the state requires more contact from the eligible population or enrolled population, you lose people at those places of contact," she said.
Basically, a guy will say I've seen this girl and that girl, and he'll give her contact info, and she will contact the escort.
H22N23 CIV is spread by direct contact with a sick dog and by contact with an environment or people that are contaminated with the virus.
Read these stories next: A Team Of Surgeons Removed 27 Contact Lenses From A Woman's Eye How Bad Is It To Sleep In Contact Lenses?
He traveled with them to competitions and the Olympics, and was the first point of contact on the hotel contact sheet the girls were given.
In other instances, Lewis "engaged in physical contact with female subordinates observed by witnesses where the contact was not incidental or innocuous," the report stated.
The camera lingers on this first contact, and the future lovers make eye contact that proves they both notice the way their skin feels together.
It is unclear whether that contact will continue, given rules that govern contact that super PACs can have with the White House or political candidates.
Google's keyboard now supports iOS 10 emoji, and you can quickly share someone's contact info directly from Gboard once you've enabled contact sharing in settings.
State officials have prepared a contact list, extending to 2300 people, who may have come in contact with the infection through multiple degrees of association.
Trachoma spreads through contact with liquid from the eyes or nose of an infected person or contact with contaminated materials, such as clothing or towels.
When McGinley tried to contact her the next day, her parents responded and told him to stop trying to contact her, according to the order.
They're using a new tool designed to scale up relational contact, prompting their volunteers to contact friends almost exclusively through Facebook Messenger and text messages.
Participants on the call also discussed the different risk profiles of indoor and outdoor events, as well as those for contact and non-contact sports.
Then there is contact with the heart and soul — through prayer, meditation, writing, whatever it is that puts you in contact with your deepest desires.
It is frustrating that consent—a clear, conscious, informed yes to green-lit sexual contact or any contact for that matter—continues to be misunderstood.
Weinstein's defense attorneys, however, tried to use Mann's and Haley's ongoing contact with the producer to argue that any contact with him had been consensual.
The prison, according to Licon-Vitale, will allow Avenatti to have contact visits, as opposed to non-contact where people are separated by a partition.
It seemed like it had been around too long to be a contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction to something he had come in contact with.
Credit...Photographs by David Burnett/Contact Press Images Mr. Burnett, a co-founder of Contact Press Images, has worked as a photojournalist for six decades.
Kashkari told reporters on Wednesday that he had no contact with the campaign before the election, nor has he had contact with Trump's transition team.
"Your goal is to make contact with any voter that's open to making contact with you," said Steve Dettelbach, a candidate for Ohio attorney general.
If your contact is on a call, MyState will notify you when they're available again, and let your contact know you're trying to get in touch.
People in Illinois and Wisconsin who have purchased or come in contact with rats from the affected breeders should contact their local or state health departments.
Very well made, great customer contact with helpful tips, and follow up contact to be sure I was happy with my purchase (I am indeed happy)!
It is usually transmitted to humans from fruit bats and then spread among people through direct contact (including sexual) or contact with contaminated surfaces and materials.
"If the cheerleaders can't contact the players, then the players shouldn't be able to contact the cheerleaders," Sara Blackwell, Davis' lawyer, told the New York Times.
The CDC suggests that people wash their hands after coming into contact with pet food and treats, as well as avoiding contact with their pet's mouths.
Reuters could not contact the captain of the Triades through Newport, which declined to give the captain's contact details, or through the port authorities at Dortyol.
"There is no question that there was physical contact but what the circumstances are surrounding the contact are what investigators are trying to determine," he said.
The complaint in the lawsuit doesn't describe any contact with government attorneys, and the summons itself only names special agents of CBP as points of contact.
Is it when a player goes down with no contact at all, or if he goes down easily from contact that didn't truly impede his movement?
David Mueller intended to cause an offensive or harmful physical contact with Taylor Swift or intended to place her in apprehension of such contact; and 2.
Don't try to close the deal on first contact When you are reaching out cold, don't front-load your first contact with too large a request.
These standards allow for 30 minutes of full contact per practice, including the "Thud" level (full speed, above-the-waist contact, all players keep their feet).
The minister insists segregated prisoners have regular access to "meaningful contact" with others yet the department has no definition of "meaningful contact," nor tracks relevant data.
Instead of not making eye contact with him like my mates from school, I looked over and made eye contact—just naturally, but not avoiding looking.
While the notice included no contact information, residents say the sheriff told them to contact Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño, Jr. if they had any questions.
According to Kubota, contact with people of different races has been shown to reduce bias in the brain considerably—but that contact has to be significant.
For example, students could share with their parents the contact information of their close friends so that the parents have another way to contact their children.
There, they've also listed contact information for the White House, the House of Representatives, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and others postcard writers might want to contact.
Now tap "Edit" at the top right corner of the contact page, then scroll to the bottom of the next page and tap "Delete Contact."4.
The Personal Care Products Council, North American Contact Dermatitis Group, and the American Contact Dermatitis Society already provide information and guidance for people with hypersensitive skin.
To control the virus's spread, epidemiologists typically find and monitor those who have come into contact with an Ebola victim, a practice known as contact tracing.
Prosecutors have called Butina a flight risk and said she had been in contact with Russian intelligence operatives and kept contact information for several Russian agents.
Responding to the study, Facebook admitted it was "likely" the academic had been shown the ad "because someone else uploaded his contact information via contact importer".
The first step in controlling love hormones, according to him, is avoiding eye contact—it's known that prolonged eye contact increases oxytocin release in the brain.
You can use the same method to find a new contact via Hangouts, but you will need to send the new contact an invite to connect.
How can we square that with the president's denials of knowledge about the Flynn contact with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, or any contact with Russia?
It said that nobody identified as having been in contact with the person has so far shown symptoms, 10 days after they had come in contact.
The WHO defines contact tracing as the identification and follow-up of people who may have come into contact with a person infected with a virus.
AdSense publishers can contact Google to report any invalid ad clicks, and should contact its help center if they think they've been the victim of sabotage.
You can try deleting the contact in question and seeing if they reappear as a suggested contact to determine whether or not you&aposve been blocked.
While colonial governments often forced contact and integration on tribes they discovered, experts now advise against making contact, and allowing tribes to decide their own fates.
Attorney in contact but no information on the children An attorney for the couple says he is in contact with them, according to East Idaho News.
It has to be equal status contact where it's people working together cooperatively for common goals and it has to be contact that's sanctioned by leadership.
The disease is transmitted to humans through contact with food or items contaminated by infected rats or through contact with bodily fluids from an infected person.
Amet told Watson that she had been in contact with McAfee, and Watson agreed to let Amet pass along her contact information to him, she said.
The letter detailed the actions of six male faculty members whose alleged misconduct included having sexual contact with a high school senior and then sexual intercourse after graduation, engaging in sexual contact with a student at an off-campus party, unwanted kissing and inappropriate physical contact.
Her work indicates that 30 years ago, only half of parents reported weekly contact with a grown child, while currently nearly all parents had contact with a grown child in the past week, and over half of parents had contact with a grown child every day.
The evidence, according to the indictment, was found on Hale's home computer and two thumb drives, and his cell phone contact list included the reporter's contact information.
ET. Corrections staff allegedly did not contact ambulatory services to take her to the hospital; instead, Finkelstein writes, staff attempted to contact the jail's on-call physician.
Since Zika can be spread through sexual contact, practicing safe sex (using condoms) with partners that may have come into contact with the virus is recommended, too.
"If I'm extroverted, I'm going to be coming into contact with more strangers, and that makes me more likely to come into contact with disease," he says.
You can log the fraudulent company name, physical address, website address, date and time of contact, and method of contact used, if you can remember all that.
We can only overcome our fears and the virus itself with information, identification, isolation and contact-tracing of all who may have come in contact with them.
RashesThe most common external reaction to stem from allergies: contact dermatitis, which manifests as red, itchy, scaly rashes when a product comes in contact with your skin.
Humans usually get Lassa from contact with infected rats or their urine and feces, but it can also spread from contact with an infected person's bodily fluids.
If you still require any assistance in regards to your order, please do not hesitate to contact us privately and advise your order reference and contact details.
Men in Black, Contact, Starship Troopers, and Alien: Resurrection were all released in '97, and apart from Contact, they represented a rather goofy slew of close encounters.
To check if moisture is the issue, look for your iPhone's LCI (liquid contact indicator), which will turn red when it has come in contact with water.
Mueller cites a May 2018 text exchange authorizing an associate to contact one official, and a Manafort colleague describing a February 2018 contact with the senior official.
Reason others would want to connect, plus contact info: Finally, invite people to reach out to you and give them the best contact information to do so.
Dozens of states, which govern public school athletic programs, reduced practice-field contact, something advocated by Practice Like Pros, a group that promotes less contact in practices.
If somebody put your contact information as their emergency contact, the Ministry has sent you an email to tell you that you've been affected by the breach.
"We are working closely with the appropriate Australian health agencies to identify and contact anyone who may have come in direct contact with the individual," Warner Bros.
Two professional groups, the North American Contact Dermatitis Group and the American Contact Dermatitis Society, maintain reasonably up-to-date lists of moisturizers and their allergenic potential.
"The bottom line is we interact and have, if not intimate contact, but pretty close, not 6-feet-apart contact, with a lot of people," Caplan said.
"It lessens contact with the general population, eliminates contact with more vulnerable populations, and is consistent with the guidance coming from the CDC and NIH," he said.
Despite his close contact with individuals who have tested positive, Trump insisted just a day earlier that he was "not concerned" about coming into contact with Wajngarten.
They should limit direct contact with the compromised person as much as possible and wash their hands before any contact, just as a health care worker would.
He said he had not, despite repeated contact with world leaders and others who have either tested positive or been in close contact with those who have. 
If your contact doesn&apost have a Google accountIf your contact doesn&apost have a Google account, they won&apost appear alongside your contacts in Google Maps.
Of course, racing contact happens all the time, but if a rider feels like contact crossed a line, they can protest, and judges will review the video.
In another study, participants with higher self-esteem were found to break eye contact less frequently whereas those with lower self-esteem broke eye contact more often.
Two were high-risk: a health care worker who had contact with the woman's sweat and a family member who had contact with her bedding and clothing.
Some items don't seem truly medical, and people tend to forget about them, McClanahan says, such as contact lenses, contact lens solution, and other vision-care products.
There also are other issues, including work rules about when teams can contact players in the off-season and how often coaches can hold full-contact practices.
The Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety, comprised of contact lens manufacturers and the American Optometric Association, hired Republican powerhouse firm CGCN Group to work on the Contact Lens Consumer Health Protection Act, which would require that a contact lens prescription be verified by a prescriber, among other things.
"He was the point of contact, the primary point of contact for – this is preliminarily – 23 people that came in or potentially came in with him," Trump said.
Just as they say that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, no 13-book synopsis can survive first contact with actually having to write them.
It's transmitted from animals to humans and is highly contagious among the human population from there — through direct contact, contamination of objects or even contact with the dead.
And he was the point of contact, the primary point of contact, for -- and this is preliminarily -- 3003 people that came in or potentially came in with him.
"When they start to play and have more experience and they have more contact, they'll see the contact won't kill them," predicted the former Philadelphia Flyers draft pick.
"As the first step, we have notified that the New York contact channel that has been the only existing channel of contact will be completely severed," it said.
The company has invested in vision as it refines its medical device group, adding surgical products and a contact subscription service to its lineup of Acuvue contact lenses.
Trump has denied, again and again, that his campaign had any contact with the Russians—and whenever contact has been disclosed, he's adamantly denied all knowledge of it.
That meant that he was supposed to refrain from having any kind of contact with the family, even the kind of contact that comes in a wicker basket.
While he was able to participate in the limited-contact minicamp, training camp will be the first time we see him taking contact on his repaired rotator cuff.
They have contact with everyone in town—the mayor, the RCMP, the Hunters and Trappers Organization and all that—so I used them as a point of contact.
To contact LinkedIn customer support, you'll have to go through their online Help Center, as the company doesn't offer direct contact with a customer support team by phone.
Dr. Alexander-Scott said officials were conducting "extensive contact tracing work" to identify anyone who might have had contact with the St. Raphael group that traveled to Europe.
"Contact with bats (or contact with intermediate animal hosts that acquired infection from bats) is a common theme among some recent emerging human infections," the CDC told NewsHour.
Harbaugh's contact with a player not registered for the camp was an illegal "bump"—or impermissible contact—and silly in the grand scheme of kids getting an education.
Just as interpersonal contact has been shown to ease prejudice against racial minorities and gays, psychologists believe that more such contact would be good for political civility, too.
Investigators are trying to determine whether Vanderpool has had sexual contact with others and are asking anyone with questions or information to contact them at 301-856-2660.
I would like to see if can repeat this across multiple different universities and then segregate out the non-contact versus contact sports, such as soccer versus badminton.
It's easy to text yourself: You just save your own number as a contact, then send a message to that contact, same as you would any other text.
Human-to-human contact then becomes the key driver to prove human-to-robot contact is just as effective, debunking the very claim under consideration in the process.
In that Milwaukee study, personal contact helped white applicants with criminal records a lot — but even with personal contact, only 6 percent of black applicants got called back.
"It's dangerous when a culture has no social contact rituals where groups mix, where extended families are in contact, where groups meet and do things together," Hamilton says.
Robin is currently prohibited from having contact with ex-wife Paula Patton or her mother, and aside from the scheduled weekly visits he can't have contact with Julian.
To be removed from the list, an individual has to go two years without contact—a near impossibility if officers are being compelled to make constant contact with them.
If they are found to have been in close contact with someone who is or may be infected, they are advised to stay at home and contact medical personnel.
It even cut off contact with the US, which was bad news, since Washington and Moscow were in close contact to ensure they wouldn't get into a military confrontation.
And Democrats relied heavily on VoterCircle, which can parse a voter's contact list, identify would-be Democratic supporters and local influencers, and allow organizers to contact them through emails.
And that was like the first time I really had an official contact with Apple PR. My contact was always more through actual engineers and designers and backchannel stuff.
Limit who can contact youThe big social networks all give you a certain level of control over who can contact you, though some have more granular options than others.
If you manage hundreds of contacts and contact dozens of people every week, Cardhop makes it much easier to find everything you need, add new information and contact people.
"You must clean all food-contact surfaces, including your utensils and food-contact surfaces of equipment, as frequently as necessary to protect against contamination of food," the letter warns.
You can only have one legacy contact for an account—if both the person and their designated legacy contact die, say in a car crash, there's no backup person.
The type of "contact" includes face-to-face meetings, phone calls, texts, emails and video chats, the outlet said, adding that all individuals have denied any contact with Russians.
Annoying as it is, if you wear contact lenses, you should just always have a travel contact lens solution and case, some extra contacts, or a pair of glasses.
Referees have been asked to emphasize various penalties depending on the season, such as illegal contact downfield, holding, pass interference, and any contact (even incidental) to the quarterback's helmet.
The FDA advised parents with health-related questions to contact a healthcare provider, and anyone with questions about the product to contact Perrigo Consumer Affairs at 866-629-6181.
In iOS 29, you can now turn on read receipts for a specific contact or specific group chat versus having it turned on/off for every contact and conversation.
More than 130,000 people in the region have been vaccinated, including health care workers, those who have been in contact with an Ebola victim and those in subsequent contact.
But when the couple have a untited front, Thomas said it's not unreasonable to choose detached contact in these situations, or in extreme cases, no further contact at all.
A separate source familiar with Kushner's interview with congressional investigators said he accurately answered questions about his contact and didn't recall anyone else in the campaign who had contact.
It sounds simple, but for a guy who previously made a lot of weak contact on bad pitches (or decent contact on terrible pitches), it's an important fundamental shift.
In that case, perhaps Melania was tested from exposure to government officials she's had regular contact with who tested positive, though none were reportedly in contact with her directly.
The job requires drivers to travel nationwide and come into contact with goods shipped from overseas, which could affect not only them, but those they come into contact with.
The region has eight indigenous peoples who have had some contact with the outside world, and at least 11 others without any known contact, Funai said in a statement.
The guest who tested positive for COVID-19 has not been named, but it seems he came in contact or suspected contact with many of CPAC's high-profile attendees.
The public health authorities will start "contact tracing," in which they try to determine each person with whom the patient came into contact and who might have been exposed.
So if there is a household contact with a cough, you have to worry about pertussis even if that household contact got the pertussis vaccine sometime in the past.
"The main concerns there have been to make sure that you avoid contamination, and particularly, avoid contact [with] ... food that has been in contact with flood waters," Meiburg said.
The CDC advises people to wear rubber boots and gloves when they clean their homes, to avoid direct contact with any item that has come into contact with floodwater.
The site contained little to no information about the firm, only providing vague descriptions of the services it offered, along with a contact page that offered no contact information.
At the time, Tabora said he had provided the US Government everything he was asked for: his personal contact information, his fingerprints and the fingerprints of an emergency contact.
No account is required at all to browse listings or contact sellers, and conveniently all their contact info pops up easily, letting you email, text or call as desired.
The study found one IoT camera made contact with 52 unique global IP address destinations when transmitting data, while one Samsung television made contact with 30 different IP addresses.
The proposal would provide much sought-after clarity on how debt collectors can contact consumers about money owed using modern communication methods, and how frequently they can contact them.
"My courtroom may be your first point of contact with the judicial system, so I've made it my goal to make it your last point of contact," she said.
" - Tiffany, 24 "Cat maintained eye contact entire time.
" - Jess, 230 "Practice making eye contact with people.
In an editorial in Science magazine in June last year, Hill and Walker wrote they disagreed with the "leave them alone policy", saying "controlled contact is better than no contact".
"It's likely that he was shown the ad because someone else uploaded his contact information via contact importer," a Facebook spokesperson confirmed when I told the company about the experiment.
If you are selected as a potential winner, we will contact you using the registration information and you will have the opportunity to update your contact information at that time.
A WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed to me that the company retains contact list data, which means that WhatsApp could also hand over your contact list in response to a government request.
Nothing happens: they make uninterrupted eye contact, the kind of eye contact that feels like it is penetrating warmth into her body, but Angel can't think of anything to say.
In Sue Burke's debut novel Semiosis, she imagines contact in a unique way: first contact not with animal-like life, but between humans and a planet full of intelligent plants.
Reuters spoke to candidates and those close to them, people in contact with White House officials searching for Fischer's successor, and with people in contact with New York Fed directors.
We'll never make contact with aliensWe take it for granted that eventually—whether it be next week or sometime during the next millennia—we'll make contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence.
Dating app Tinder is acquiring Humin the San Francisco startup which took a high-wire approach to contact management, trying to merge lots of disparate information into one contact app.
Once a contact is assigned to a number, any calls or messages sent to or received from that contact will go through the specific line that's been assigned to it.
By contrast, Practice Like Pros advises zero contact football until age 14, and just 30 minutes of full-contact practice a week at the high school level during summer camps.
Ultimately, manufacturing didn't allow for enough space for the negative electrodes, forcing them to become bent, allowing contact between positive and negative contact, leading to short circuiting and self-heating.
" Pushed further by defense attorney Christopher Nieto, Brown's colleague, who asked, "What would you think if the defendant had a name, address, contact information and did not contact that witness?
I eventually had to get my mom to contact the British embassy and get them to contact the prison to get me moved because I was scared for my life.
The order also mandates that officials provide parents contact with their children by phone within 10 days, if the parent is not already in contact with his or her child.
The order also requires officials to provide parents contact with their children by phone within 10 days, if the parent is not already in contact with his or her child.
Service members punished for 'improper contact' with women The Washington Post reports three Army noncommissioned officers have been reassigned after breaking curfew and engaging in inappropriate contact with foreign women.
"The secretary has had substantial contact with Chinese officials, and so there's not the imperative at this meeting to have formal bilaterals because there'll be substantial contact," the official said.
Separately, nine US lawmakers -- some of whom had recent contact with Trump -- are now taking steps to self-quarantine as a precaution after coming into contact with another infected person.
The team — an epidemiologist, two contact tracers and Dr. Bernardin — had not been able to line up guarantees of safe passage from the militia leaders, or even to make contact.
Dr. Ryan urged countries to hire thousands more contact-tracers, who find everyone known to have come in contact with an infected person and isolate anyone who may be infected.
The virus spreads between humans through direct contact with an infected person's bodily fluids, including blood, feces or vomit, or direct contact with contaminated objects, such as needles and syringes.
"From what we know, Wuhan novel coronavirus transmits through close contact — and there's no closer contact than a husband and wife," said Ontario's health minister Christine Elliott in a tweet.
Just before losing radio contact, the pilot had asked for "flight following," which allows controllers to track the flight and be in regular contact, under his "special" visual flight clearance.
Taxes: $2,140 (2018) Contact: John-Mark Mitchell, Mitchell Prime Properties, 2739-1835-20.45 (for details about the history of the property, contact Wick or Sabrina Jacobi, 23-7397-22018); johnmarkmitchell.
Even without a bite, contact with a bat can transmit the disease if the bat saliva somehow comes in contact with the person's eyes, mouth, nose or other mucous membranes.
The Sun Key Websites also contain forms where potential recruits can submit their contact information so Sun Key can put them in contact with a military recruiter in their respective area.
Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Fort Myers police at 239-321-7700 or to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS or by text at 274637, keyword FMPD.
" Prince's complicated history with painkillers takes center stage The lawsuit says Hall has also had only "minimal" contact with the singer, and "last had contact with her approximately 25 years ago.
Sanalla said NOC was in contact with the LNA force, saying the state oil firm was neutral and dealt with all parties in Libya's conflict, explaining his contact with the LNA.
" The patent also says, "The input structure has a metal contact layer, a sense layer positioned below the metal contact layer, and a drive layer capacitively coupled to the sense layer.
The exploit provides access to all contact information on an iPhone, and involves activating a FaceTime call and accessing the new group FaceTime feature to see contact information without a passcode.
It's even cutting off contact with the US, which is bad news since Washington and Moscow were in close contact to ensure they wouldn't get into a military confrontation in Syria.
According to the new rule, ejection is possible if a player lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent, provided the contact is clearly avoidable.
Jones was in contact with the first victim, identified as Victim A, in May, and in contact with the second victim, identified as Victim B, in August 2016, the complaint states.
The final product, a highly toxic, colourless and odourless liquid, will kill whomever it comes into contact with, exposing the attacker to serious risk, either through inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact.
As a result, officials urged those who may have come into contact with the bat to contact the state Health Department or a health care professional about getting a rabies vaccination.
Read more: A woman almost went blind in one eye after swimming with her contact lensesHere are the risks that contact wearers should be aware of — and how to stay safe.
One Reddit user says his Galaxy S9+ sent his entire photo library to a contact in the middle of the night while he was asleep (fortunately, that contact was his partner).
The man spent those first days at home, with what seemed like the flu, but had contact with his wife and children, who in turn had contact with others until Feb.
Ebola is spread through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person, while the coronavirus can be transmitted more easily, through close contact or droplets from sneezes and coughs.
Authorities in Italy, which is facing the largest outbreak in Europe, have stopped short of outright advising against physical contact, but have admitted that reducing contact might come as a challenge.
Because the virus is spread through respiratory droplets, close physical contact, and contact with contaminated objects, it's crucial that people try to limit their in-person socializing as much as possible.
One recent study showed a popular IOT camera made contact with 52 unique global IP address destinations when transmitting data, while one Samsung television made contact with 30 different IP addresses.
To explain the paradox of advocates for free markets favoring greater government control over contact lens prescribing, look no further than the online contact lens retailers who support the FTC proposal.
The French firm told Nissan not to contact its directors ahead of the meeting, because such contact was outside the agreed channels for communication of the sensitive findings, the source said.
" The recording ends, "Cactus 1549, radar contact is lost.
"Don't contact me again," he said, and hung up. ●
" She smiled, made eye contact, then added, "...including Everest.
Basically — who to contact, what to say, and when.
Since you pared down your contact list earlier — right?
" He said, "Honey, keep eye contact at all times.
We tried to contact Hodges ... no luck so far.
We will contact you for date / time of class.
What's the difference between the wrong [kind of contact] ...?
Still ... we're guessing they couldn't avoid a contact high.
The company is currently developing a contact lens that is intended to track blood sugar through contact with the eye, and a bandage-sized device being developed by its Life Sciences division.
"Once a contact is deleted, we remove it from our system—but of course it is possible that the same contact has been uploaded by someone else," Steinfeld wrote in an email.
No. If someone has added your number to their contact list, you might see them in your suggested friends list even if you've never added their number to your own contact list.
Be sure to get contact information for someone you can contact if you show up and something doesn't work at the rental, the place is dirty or is otherwise not as advertised.
Neither of the women alleging inappropriate contact from Biden — a former Democratic political candidate and a Connecticut woman — said they considered that contact to be sexual, and Biden has denied acting inappropriately.
But being in contact with our finality, and being more in contact with our nature, I think we'll find that humility, and I think that human beings are lacking humility right now.
Contact with British authorities is minimal, but rent and bills are covered by the state, and a handwritten list of contact numbers for medical and maintenance organizations is pinned to the wall.
It also said that kids with attorneys are allowed to have contact with them and that employees notify parents of their child's whereabouts as soon as they receive contact information from ICE.
Jones was in contact with the first victim, identified as Victim A, in May 2017, and in contact with the second victim, identified as Victim B, in August 2016, the complaint states.
"Contact "Get at your Google Contacts straight from the Google search page with this trick, simply adding the name of one of your friends or family members after the "contact" keyword.
California, February 22016I asked the business not to contact me any further with reference to someone else's debt, for whom I served as a reference and no longer have any contact information.
For instance, under the proposed rules, debt collectors can't contact debtors through their work email, and debtors can request collection agencies don't contact particular social media accounts, email addresses, or phone numbers.
THE IMPORTANCE OF LETTING YOUR PUP TAKE A NAP Provide emergency contacts Write down the contact information for your puppy's veterinarian, any known medical conditions or medicines, and your own contact information.
After the repayment of the loan, Mr. Manafort had no further dealings or contact with Spruce Capital or its principals, nor had he any reason to be in any contact with them.
For instance, a general control framework encompassing manipulation, contact-locomotion, and flight is still missing, and the role of the auxiliary (jet?) actuation during contact locomotion of humanoid robots is not clear.
The FTC received more than 600 comment letters in response to its decision to review the Contact Lens Rule, which was put in place after the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act.
"If any news needs to be reported, I may contact the prime minister or the prime minister may contact me," 37-year-old Fresh News chief executive Lim Chea Vutha told Reuters.
Stone told CNN by phone, "I don't think it is me because I wasn't in regular contact with members of the Trump campaign," although he was in contact with Donald Trump himself.
It took him a while to get you on the phone because he had to recreate your contact information from memory and then contact you without directly asking to retain your business.
And in order of him to testify that Trump officials had contact with Russia, he first needs to admit that he'd lied to the FBI about his own contact with the Russians.
Person-to-person spread means the virus has been transmitted due to close contact between people, whether the interaction involves actual physical contact or just a cough or sneeze in close quarters.
The data request includes contact information that would help health officials follow up with potential carriers of the coronavirus, or fellow travelers who may have come into contact with an infected person.
Prosecutors have not charged the agent they identified as Maria Butina with espionage, but said she had been in contact with Russian intelligence operatives and kept contact information for several Russian agents.
Depending on your symptoms, the site will push you to get in contact with your health provider, contact emergency services or inform you that you likely do not need to be tested.
Don Beyer to self-quarantine after contact with friend who tested positive for coronavirus MORE (R-Ga.) also said they would self-quarantine after coming into contact with the CPAC patient. Rep.
Don Beyer to self-quarantine after contact with friend who tested positive for coronavirus MORE (R-Texas) also had contact with the individual who attended CPAC and went into self-quarantine Sunday.
When someone tests positive, health workers retrace the patient's recent movements to find, test — and, if necessary, isolate — anyone the person may have had contact with, a process known as contact tracing.
New Jersey officials said that the man had "limited close contact" with other residents in New Jersey but that he was believed to have had contact with people in New York City.
And that's it, you will now be taken to your Gmail contacts, where you can click on a contact to edit or delete it, or add a new contact to your list.
Former national security adviser Michael Flynn in April told friends that he remains in contact with President Trump despite the ongoing investigation into Flynn's contact with Russia, according to a new report.
Scroll through the alphabetical list of contacts, or search for the contact name in the search bar at the top and select it when the desired contact appears below the bar.3.
"I tried to do nothing else except as I have always done, put A in contact with B, B in contact with C, for purely academic purposes," the man says in English.
Firms are also required to ask their retail clients to provide the name and contact information for a "trusted contact person" who can be contacted in the event of suspected financial exploitation.
Given Kilimnik's longtime relationship with Manafort and his continued contact with him during the 2016 campaign, he likely saw Gates as the next best contact with Trump's inner circle once Manafort resigned.
That's something from social psychology we've known for many decades now, that not just bringing people into contact with each other, but establishing the right kind of contact, actually can reduce bias.
More than 86 percent of teens told CDC in the survey that they had contact with potential tobacco advertisements or promotions, including nearly 60 percent saying that contact happened on the internet.
"We are working closely with the appropriate authorities and health agencies in Vancouver to identify and contact all individuals who may have come into direct contact with our team member," Warner Bros.
A 2009 study reported there are an estimated 1 to 2 million cases of AK among contact users annually in the US.AK most commonly affects people who wear contacts, but anyone can contract the infection — especially if they come into contact with contaminated water, mishandle contact lenses, or have a history of corneal trauma, according to the CDC.
Inbox Ivy League Coaches' Choice on Full Contact Will Aid Athletes To the Sports Editor: Re "Ivy League Moves to End Full Contact at Practices," March 1: As a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University studying youth football injuries, I would like to commend the Ivy League's football coaches for deciding to eliminate full-contact hitting at practices.
Mike Flynn: Trump transition team told me to contact the Russians Mike Flynn: Trump transition team told me to contact the Russians Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, said Friday that a senior official on the Trump transition team directed him to make contact with Russians in December 2016, according to federal prosecutors.
"People who wear reusable contact lenses need to make sure they thoroughly wash and dry their hands before handling contact lenses, and avoid wearing them while swimming, face washing or bathing," said Dart.
He doesn't rule out either buying a small to medium-sized contact centre or forming a strategic partnership to expedite improvements in PolyAI's offering and the company's understanding of how contact centres operate.
Working with researchers at Harvard University, scientists at the Max Planck Institute investigated the remains of five bodies excavated from the pre-contact cemetery, and 24 bodies buried at the post-contact cemetery.
"We've tried cooperative parenting and parallel parenting, going no-contact and going full-contact (a name for the emotional set back where you start sleeping together again against all better judgment)," she explains.
Just like today, farmers were in frequent contact with each other—and that contact likely resulted in passing along updated techniques and ideas, or perhaps even trade of plant stock and seed itself.
You can also use these apps to lock your phone remotely, and set the home screen to display a message with your contact info so the person who finds it can contact you.
Alarmingly, the FTC also warned that reports indicated that several individuals are facing prosecution for using the apps to contact or attempt to contact children, and Wildec appeared to be aware of this.
The report said exactly how the lettuce came into contact with the contaminated water is uncertain, but it could have been through direct application to the crop or contact with the harvest equipment.
"For our valued contractors whose pay has been affected on 27 or 28 April, 1 or 2 May, please contact us," the company stated, referring to a contact form and a telephone number.
It's not your straightforward "first contact" story Every couple of years, there's a blockbuster alien invasion / visitation / first contact movie — War of the Worlds; Battle: Los Angeles; Edge of Tomorrow; Independence Day: Resurgence.
"Since the defendant's contact with Mr. Gray came after Mr. Gray was detained by Miller, this court finds that the contact by the defendant was legally justified and not reckless," the judge said.
" As we learn more about the issue, Isaacson said, parents should do everything they can to limit contact in sports, "especially in practice before games, where studies show the majority of contact occurs.
"Businesses and creators are clearly informed in the sign-up or conversion flow that the contact information they would like to make public to help people contact them will be displayed," Lino said.
The agreement, which received preliminary approval by U.S. District Judge John Lee, expands a medical monitoring program to include athletes in non-contact sports as well as contact sports like football and hockey.
We sent the owner a note through the site's contact form, through Facebook Messenger and over a LinkedIn contact request, and we sent several text messages based off the site's historical registration data.
They alleged she was in regular contact with her Russian backers, including Torshin, a Kremlin-linked banker who has been sanctioned by the US Treasury and that she made contact with Russian intelligence.
It seems pretty clear that this is learned behavior that most, if not all NBA players have developed in order to draw fouls whenever they feel contact, or in some cases initiate contact.
" The statement continued: "We are working closely with the appropriate authorities and health agencies in Vancouver to identify and contact all individuals who may have come into direct contact with our team member.
At the same time, as the court points out, situations involving ordinary physical contact are OK. One of the ways we determine ordinary physical contact for assault is whether it's consented to, right?
Don Beyer to self-quarantine after contact with friend who tested positive for coronavirus MORE (R-Fla.) said he would self-quarantine after learning he came into contact with the same individual. Rep.
Don Beyer to self-quarantine after contact with friend who tested positive for coronavirus MORE (R-Texas) both announced their respective self-quarantines on Sunday after coming into contact with the infected individual.
If the person you want to contact isn't there, you can swipe left to tap in the phone number, or swipe right for the features list, which includes access to your contact list.
Currently, Deliveroo customers not wanting to expose themselves — or, indeed, the courier delivering their food — to unnecessary human contact can add a note to an order to request a no-contact drop-off.
He has also been instructed to have no contact with Stoneman Douglas students or staff, to stay at least a mile away from the school and to have no contact with his brother.
" She's a fan of "authentic human contact," but worries that by texting and Facebook messaging so often, "we may be losing track of what such contact is, or how we can achieve it.
He was also instructed to have no contact with Marjory Stoneman Douglas students or staff, to stay at least a mile away from the school and to have no contact with his brother.
The outbreak, experts believe, began at the market and was then transmitted to others via human to human contact, which happens when a person comes in contact with a sick person&aposs fluids.
" A source familiar with the State Department's contact with Giuliani refutes that characterization, telling CNN that Giuliani's assertion that he was directed to contact Ukrainian officials by the State Department is "totally false.
Eye-contact with the instructors creates an intimate bond Eye-contact with the instructors creates an intimate bond The Soundtrack – Popular songs are more than just a pump-up accompaniment to Peloton classes.
Local contact is not, they continue, sufficient to shift national threat levels, perhaps because large shares of native-born white citizens have limited opportunities to experience positive contact due to ethnic residential segregation.
Like many people with autism, I was uncomfortable with making eye contact, for example, so I developed a habit of looking at mouths so it would seem like I was making eye contact.
Michael Flynn, above, the former national security adviser, pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. about his contact with Russia's ambassador — contact that the president described as "lawful" in a potentially damning tweet.
A judge issued a restraining order prohibiting Nick from having contact with Laura, but she wrote a letter to the judge begging to lift the no-contact order claiming she was the aggressor.
The agency has had no prior contact with the family.
There was one more possible contact that I will note.
The ability to keep breathing after contact with police is.
No giant folding maps, no fanny packs, no eye contact.
The messages led the Kaspersky employees to contact the NSA.
Both said they never came into contact with Ebola patients.
PEOPLE was unable to contact any of Butler's relatives Wednesday.
Nobody ever really tried to contact me for the film.
After contact between the two drivers, Elliott took the lead.
And she barely had any contact with the outside world.
LS) said there had been no contact with Engie (ENGIE.
He is represented in North America by Contact Press Images.
I could KILL Rafkind and the whole First Contact team!
"Extended contact with kybers was detrimental to sleep," Luceno writes.
All four umpires huddled and determined there was no contact.
We were in close contact during his visit to Israel.
Both parties agreed to maintain close contact, the ministry said.
Motherboard attempted to contact 26 users via their email address.
Both sides agreed to continue to keep in close contact.
How will coming in contact with Westeros affect them forever?
Some people genuinely have a hard time making eye contact.
MACCALLUM: What about, does the FBI contact you about this?
"Physical contact is a requirement of being human," says Kupers.
She comes into contact with Colonel Darcy (Sam Riley), a
Furthermore, eye contact is an essential element of fight choreography.
As a result, Morelan's university issued a no contact order.
Reuters could not immediately contact the family to seek comment.
Michael Flynn and contact with Russians during the 2016 campaign.
Ice racers make contact as they come into a curve.
""HBO team please contact us to upgrade the security - ourmine .
You can contact your local law enforcement agency, visit ftc.
Send us an email or contact us anonymously through SecureDrop.
Efforts to contact Bornstein for comment have not been successful.
Efforts to contact Andrade Gutierrez outside business hours were unsuccessful.
But then there was no further contact between the two.
MUNCHIES tried to contact Katy Perry but received no reply.
There are organizations, peer groups and phone lines to contact.
Ailes wld not survive first contact w the discovery phase.
Send us an email or contact us anonymously via SecureDrop.
CNN has attempted to contact representatives of UNE for comment.
I'll be in contact with them to offer more photos.
It lost radar contact at 2,300 feet, Guernsey police said.
Most sharks will shy away from human contact, Bennett said.
Obviously, the contact is different because the crimes are different.
I had to explain that eye contact means a lot.
Please contact your local senators & support the passing of bill!
He has denied all sexual contact with minors, including Matt.
He went on to relate an anecdote from one contact.
Send us an email or contact us securely via SecureDrop.
We were in contact with them for all of 2017.
CNN was unable to immediately make contact with the company.
I didn't realize HBO HR is supposed to contact you.
Attempts to contact the orphanage's director were not immediately successful.
As a result, Chan recommends a period of no contact.
For her to stop all types of contact — it's suspicious.
But don't worry because Kim stays in contact with her.
Reuters was not able to contact any monks in Ladakh.
She wouldn't contact me unless I'd left her a message.
That contact went unnoticed in her eye for 28 years.
He urged any other victims to contact the sheriff's office.
CNN has been unable to contact a representative for Wang.
Reuters was unable to contact Min Aung Hlaing on Monday.
Hyperallergic has contact Gagosian for comment but received no reply.
Contact High also highlights the style evolutions of female rappers.
Reuters was unable to immediately trace contact details for Hong.
Reuters was unable to verify the information or contact Freites.
But when deputies asked for information to contact his wife.
If you have any questions, please contact our support team.
However, court documents say he also had Tijerina contact information.
Updated with information from the judge's written media contact order.
After multiple failed contact attempts, ESA declared the mission lost.
He was in constant contact with me on the phone.
Reuters has not been able to contact beoutQ for comment.
Cosby, 80, says any sexual contact with Constand was consensual.
Multiple attempts to contact O'Conner's representatives for comment went unanswered.
She'll give you a hug — a big, full-contact hug.
You can wear gray contact lenses, or purple, or green.
When she talks, Gilbert makes sustained and direct eye contact.
Reuters was unable to contact Kyaw Kyaw Oo for comment.
Reuters has been unable to contact Van Hauwermeiren for comment.
"Human contact is not going to go away," he says.
He and Paige haven't been in contact since July 2017.
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He declined, saying he was exhausted, but exchanged contact information.
City officials asked anyone with information to contact the police.
Google said it was also trying to contact its developer.
They flirt reflexively and professionally, making plenty of eye contact.
Soviet scholars had had little contact with their Western peers.
"I think it's sexy," he says, without breaking eye contact.
The Bausch and Lomb products, the contact lenses, great products.
"He is present, makes eye contact," she told the court.
It's unclear how Ivanka Trump came into contact with Klokov.
It also is closing its Tempe, Arizona, customer contact center.
An email sent via the site's contact form went unanswered.
She hadn't left contact information or been in touch since.
Have others close to Trump had contact with Russian officials?
"I haven't been able to contact her directly," she said.
He praises Legere's visible store visits and contact with staff.
We are in very close contact with ESMA on that.
Neu did not respond to multiple attempts to contact him.
The events team will contact you with a price quote.
These days most young Israelis and Palestinians have little contact.
He reads a lot, and has contact with his attorneys.
Contact information for the traders could not immediately be found.
He said local police had no previous contact with Paddock.
Reuters was unable to immediately contact Jose Filomeno dos Santos.
The Navy lost contact with the boats about 8 p.m.
She never once made eye contact with the social worker.
They kept telling me to contact my own insurance company.
Rescue crews have also maintained contact with the young team.
In that case, contact your bank as soon as possible.
City officials asked anyone with information to contact the police.
CNN Business has attempted to contact Parekh and Roy directly.
No family had been in contact with Colin for decades.
Note: He said he's never had contact with the President.
Both governments, it said, were in contact throughout the situation.
Reuters was not able to contact a lawyer representing Rato.
CNN was not able to immediately contact Gaddie for comment.
That's the only other contact we've had with the city.
UN officials made contact with Qunun at around 6 p.m.
"Taylor's Gift stayed in contact with us," Williams tells PEOPLE.
"New commercial for contact lenses starring @kj_apa #riverdale," she wrote.
Scammers will contact an unsuspecting taxpayer while impersonating the IRS.
BuzzFeed News has attempted to contact the woman for comment.
For now, however, the contact is at an early stage.
If you're having ear pain or discomfort, contact a professional.
He also stayed in contact with his mother, Karen Gallienne.
"The recyclate isn't yet suitable for food contact," explains Viallefont.
Your bad contact lenses habits could make you go blind.
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He said he would contact the winners through direct message.
Jihadists can contact each other through online gaming chat rooms.
Pedroso and Brenner first came into contact on Hacker News.
He was told not to contact her, including by phone.
This is contact with another person who is in pain.
"There was no contact between them," a source tells PEOPLE.
Leave your contact details today to discuss your subscription package.
Some adopt a more submissive posture, avoiding contact with others.
Try to maintain normal eye contact during your job interview.
Historically segregated species are coming into novel kinds of contact.
They're even used as spirit messengers to contact one's ancestors.

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