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"collaborate" Definitions
  1. [intransitive] to work together with somebody in order to produce or achieve something
  2. [intransitive] collaborate (with somebody) (disapproving) to help the enemy who has taken control of your country during a war
"collaborate" Synonyms
cooperate team up ally associate combine get together link participate band coact concert conjoin interface band together cofunction come together coproduce league join forces join up conspire collude consort connive fraternise(UK) fraternize(US) machinate plot scheme sympathise(UK) sympathize(US) participate in a conspiracy contrive finagle maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) intrigue complot cabal negotiate discuss consult confer talk parley powwow deliberate confabulate debate palaver converse network communicate chat groupthink discourse dialog(US) dialogue(UK) engage join partake abet contribute play undertake share enter practice(US) practise(UK) become involved tackle be associated with embark on launch into occupy oneself take part compromise concede arbitrate conciliate settle bargain deal agree adjust come to terms make a deal make concessions come to an understanding find the middle ground give and take make concession meet halfway play ball liaise connect interact speak contact intercommunicate correspond intermediate pitch in chip in help assist join in aid attack begin commence do help out kick in launch lend a hand muck in subscribe coexist coincide accompany harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) attend concur synchronise(UK) synchronize(US) coevolve cohabit exist live reconcile co-occur exist side-by-side live together live and let live occur simultaneously interrupt intrude interpose interject cut in break in chime in butt in speak up have your say pipe up voice your opinion say what you think put in your two cents worth intervene interfere costar star appear act entertain perform headline feature More

500 Sentences With "collaborate"

How to use collaborate in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "collaborate" and check conjugation/comparative form for "collaborate". Mastering all the usages of "collaborate" from sentence examples published by news publications.

In other words, to really collaborate, the software needs to collaborate, too.
It's not like these people don't collaborate, but the reasons to collaborate have changed.
This is a real opportunity for them to collaborate, and, really, a requirement for them to collaborate.
If you're a female engineer or a female musician, and you want to collaborate with me, I want to collaborate with you.
Cars need to be able to collaborate with drivers, similar to the way that pilots and air traffic controllers collaborate with airplane technology.
So, you must collaborate with the kids, and with every ... They all have to collaborate with each other, there's like 50 kids all working together.
Utilising available technology to collaborate with ease across your team with allow you to be much more productive — the way you collaborate professionally is controlled and optimised.
Just as we collaborate with clients to help them win in the market, we need to collaborate and connect more as an entire community to drive disruptive change.
I'd much rather see having the city collaborate with the vehicles and instrument the city to collaborate with clever vehicles for the benefit of everybody who lives there.
He could find willing Israelis, but no Palestinians would collaborate.
They also want to collaborate and share with one another.
They could collaborate with the state parties and other actors.
Contributors can organize and collaborate in any number of ways.
Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?
"I swore I'd never collaborate with a lover," Mitchell said.
Every sensible incentive pushes the US and China to collaborate.
I'd love to collaborate with Edward Grieg, the Norwegian composer.
We're able to work and dance and collaborate pretty easily.
I collaborate with these are people and they inspire me.
"No matter who we collaborate with, it's unexpected," Reilly said.
Can these two please collaborate on a cook book immediately?
To this day he's my favorite person to collaborate with.
Are there any artists you'd really love to collaborate with?
"I'd love to collaborate with Chance the Rapper," she says.
Who are some other artists you'd like to collaborate with?
People support one another and collaborate to put on shows.
Collaborate, recruit, invest, connect — it all happens in Startup Alley.
On the other hand, people collaborate because they want to.
"Maybe we'll try to collaborate with some colleagues," Pratt suggested.
Hopefully it's not the last time Charli and Cardi collaborate.
Because there's no way for them to share or collaborate.
Roshan is the latest celebrity to collaborate with the group.
Last year, we were lucky enough to collaborate with her.
They also need to know how to collaborate with others.
Still, she's not focused on who she'll collaborate with next.
Knowledge and expertise needed resides in silos that rarely collaborate.
The question is how much Mexico is doing to collaborate.
The idea to collaborate has been a long time coming.
Alibaba plans to collaborate closely with the world of academia.
Over 250 designers submitted ideas to collaborate with the house.
Managers collaborate with more employees, from doctors to statistical analysts.
In 2014, Simons asked Ruby to collaborate on some menswear.
"I don't want to collaborate with them," Ethan Brown said.
It also benefited from Papua New Guinea's willingness to collaborate.
Instead, she hopes she can collaborate with her one day.
I'm always down to collaborate; I'm sick of designing clothes.
Microsoft, for instance, already offers ways for employees to collaborate.
PHIL LEBEAU: Would you like to collaborate on a movie?
There was an almost natural reason and incentive to collaborate.
These spaces provide electronic music artists the chance to collaborate.
Some organizations have found other ways to coordinate and collaborate.
I think it's important that we are able to collaborate.
Players had to collaborate, not compete, to complete such levels.
Anyone alive or dead you would love to collaborate with?
In the United States community archaeology can broadly be separated into three distinct types: projects that collaborate with indigenous peoples, projects that collaborate with other local and descendant communities, and outreach specifically for public education.
Doctors and researchers work in silos and are disincentivized to collaborate.
Vine went on to open for and collaborate with G-Eazy.
In that respect, it makes sense for the duo to collaborate.
You guys collaborate with a lot of people on Faraway Reach.
Now, Woods has been tapped to collaborate with U.K. label Boohoo.
Not long ago, large deals often required several funds to collaborate.
Municipal police, some of whom collaborate with criminals, are not trusted.
It's also a tool for us to collaborate on boutique projects.
It's been nice to explore that sound with him and collaborate.
The emphasis on project work means pupils collaborate with each other.
Hip-hop artists continue to collaborate at higher rates than peers.
Instead of competing with Khalil, the two of them should collaborate.
So they decided to collaborate to explore the precise biomechanics further.
We still work together and collaborate a lot and we're friends.
Use today's energy productive by finding solid people to collaborate with.
"I would pick Paul Thomas Anderson to collaborate with," he says.
They are teaming up with Samsung to collaborate in Africa. Crowdprocess
How can we deliver greater customer experiences and collaborate more effectively?
Collaborate is currently available to customers of Issuu's Optimum subscription plan.
This doesn't mean there are not areas where we can collaborate.
As many people as you want can collaborate on the space.
Collaborate with a partner on creative pursuits on or near Wednesday.
One where people can openly ask questions, get feedback, and collaborate.
It may turn out that they did later collaborate more fruitfully.
Team 210 members collaborate and even all live together with Paul.
During this shutdown, we can also find ways to collaborate again.
Some employees have criticized its decision to collaborate with Chinese authorities.
These countries are economic competitors yet the world continues to collaborate.
Google Docs allows you to easily collaborate with people on projects.
But I think for this EP, I'm going to collaborate more.
We all have the duty to collaborate to clarify this situation.
But, we all know how hard it is to truly collaborate.
Cuban scientists have been extremely eager to collaborate with American groups.
How do you collaborate with your wife in the review process?
Whenever you two collaborate it's almost as if it's effortless magic.
No two teams could collaborate to produce this much stupidity...right?
They will also collaborate on short-term rentals for Lyft drivers.
Many ranchers were reluctant to collaborate in a study about wolves.
Jamie loves the idea and suggests Phil collaborate with Jay-Z.
Over the subsequent operas, these characters fight and collaborate, by turns.
Then, in 21, came the opportunity to collaborate with his estate.
If we collaborate, if we share information, it can be useful.
Governments often do not share information or effectively collaborate across borders.
She created jewelry for Mr. Dolan's show; they did not collaborate.
They basically enable employees to communicate, collaborate, and automate routine tasks.
The companies also said they would collaborate on developing electric vehicles.
It made perfect sense to collaborate on this collection with you.
Often, we collaborate to build shared environments we can enjoy together.
Any women directors you'd like to collaborate with in the future?
" Soon after, she asked him to collaborate on "A Love Supreme.
The team will collaborate with local law enforcement and first responders.
Anything less is to collaborate in the destruction of a country.
The two companies already collaborate in the U.S. and Asia Pacific.
The official also said Verma had failed to collaborate with Azar.
The exchange plans to collaborate with foreign futures exchanges, he added.
We decided to collaborate on themeless puzzles about a year ago.
Holder will collaborate with with the Pulitzer Prize-winning Douglas Blackmon.
It's used by engineers to collaborate on projects and track bugs.
Do you have a secret language with everyone you collaborate with?
Branksome Hall and Branksome Hall Asia collaborate through the exchange program.
All local MRC units are encouraged to collaborate with State Coordinators.
Howard and Amy collaborate on her neuroprosthetics project in Season 11.
UPDATE: John Mayer took to Twitter to clarify that he did not design these new jewelry pieces and did not collaborate on them, writing: I didn't design a jewelry line, and I didn't collaborate on one.
Proceedings of Collaborative Information Retrieval workshop at CSCW 2010. Savannah, GA: February 7, 2010. similarly, using personal interviews, identified three main reasons why people collaborate. #Requirement/setup. Sometimes a group of people are "forced" to collaborate.
And whenever they collaborate, they pretty much shut down the Billboard charts.
A place where people could learn, create and share art, experiment, collaborate.
Consider how you will collaborate with companies along these different time horizons.
"PartySlate and I collaborate on events and editorial ideas," she told us.
If you could collaborate with any other brand, who would it be?
" But he closed with gratitude: "Thank you for inviting us to collaborate.
Push For Pizza saw potential in Gregory's dream and agreed to collaborate.
Mr. Sánchez's office issued a statement saying the two countries would collaborate.
The Value Voting platform helps independent advocacy groups share data and collaborate.
"I love to collaborate and I love to co-write," she explained.
And better yet, people can collaborate to solve the problem without you.
Breaking big has afforded Price the opportunity to collaborate with her idols.
When you get to collaborate with people like Ed Sheeran, it's great.
It integrates with existing ERP solutions and makes it easier to collaborate.
I think the way toward resilience is to collaborate with the elements.
If you could collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who'd it be?
After all, they also need to collaborate, be audited and so on.
So, maybe next time, King can collaborate with HoHH creator Mike Flanagan?
Can't we just get them to collaborate and call it a day?
But authorities in different countries do not collaborate enough against the traffickers.
The e-commerce giant will finally let us collaborate on wish lists!
"It's really neat to be able to collaborate across continents," he said.
Schools, unfortunately, have not shown themselves to be highly willing to collaborate.
And they've turned to a new tool — Slack — to help them collaborate.
The companies currently collaborate on battery cell production for cars and homes.
This was a feature that allowed users to collaborate on link collections.
Facebook also plans to hold 360 community meetups so creators can collaborate.
Gursky: What was your initial reaction when I asked you to collaborate?
They don't have time collaborate with the business and focus on innovation.
Leading up the event, the pair expressed their excitement to collaborate onstage.
Screencap via Ever wonder what it's like to collaborate on a comic?
The companies will collaborate across businesses within the Alibaba group, including Ele.
The catalog explains how Halpert badgered other dealers to collaborate with her.
Folk lets you manage your contacts more efficiently and collaborate with teammates.
Plus, its analysts collaborate with counterparts in the department's other research agencies.
"We just collaborate on anything he asks me to," Mr. Linnetz said.
He was the first artist to collaborate with the streetwear brand Supreme.
We need to see them in action to feel safe to collaborate.
Users can reportedly collaborate and create groups to share and edit photos.
Have you ever thought to collaborate with her for a SWMRS song?
"Robots are the natural way for multiple people to collaborate," Gupta says.
We need to break research out of these silos and truly collaborate.
Directors always collaborate with their subjects, and those videos are no different.
Slack and Google Docs allow teams to collaborate remotely in real time.
MoMA PS133 invited the collective to collaborate on an event next spring.
Once they got in touch, they decided to collaborate on the project.
We have radically different styles, though complementary, so we like to collaborate.
I asked her if she would be willing to collaborate with me.
That might explain why Belichick respects and trusts him enough to collaborate.
Individual sensors can collaborate with their fellows to establish a wireless network.
The people who reluctantly collaborate with Trump make a different error: economism.
Most of the people who I collaborate with rise to that occasion.
So how do you collaborate with younger, less experienced people on "S.N.L."?
Employees are encouraged to collaborate and peer in on each other's work.
And when you have trust, there's room to grow and collaborate together.
"He thought that to collaborate was to be protected," Mr. Geisser added.
We're seeing businesses mobilize and collaborate on climate action like never before.
Every afternoon, the space is reserved for instructors to collaborate and experiment.
Outside of Instagram, I collaborate with musicians making instrumental, ambient, experimental music.
They often collaborate on posters, flyers, and handouts for the group's events.
"Human workers will continue to interact and collaborate with robots," he added.
Is there a way down the road to collaborate and work together?
Offer to get coffee, offer to help them with a challenge, collaborate.
The German company on Friday said it would collaborate with the investigation.
I'd like to collaborate with the right people to pull it off.
The two had met years before and had been itching to collaborate.
Over the next 212 years, they would collaborate on 22014 more films.
American national and local street gangs will collaborate with organized criminal groups..
She continues to collaborate with artists and curators, working on multidisciplinary projects.
And we were hanging out backstage and they said we should collaborate.
Students collaborate with classmates and others to continue their spectrum of learning.
Mobster Salvatore Contorno was arrested in 1982.Stille, Excellent Cadavers, pp. 187-88 Despite his arrest, Contorno refused to collaborate any more with Ninni Cassarà and Falcone. After the decision of Buscetta to collaborate, Contorno changed his mind.
Commercial DNA testing companies like 2538&Me also sometimes collaborate on GWAS research.
Increasingly, the success of businesses hinges on their ability to communicate and collaborate.
I hope I get to collaborate with her for a long, long time.
The option set for corporations to collaborate with startups used to be simpler.
"Britney recently said she wants to collaborate with you," a reporter told Timberlake.
Authoritarian leaders were needed to force people to collaborate for the common good.
It was lovely to collaborate with a brand that is confident and feminine.
"I think it would be easy to collaborate with him again," she revealed.
So, I'm honored to collaborate with Lil Nas X on 'Old Town Road.
I am basically interested in anything Han Tani and Joni Kittaka collaborate on.
BandLab is a cloud platform where musicians and fans collaborate to create music.
When two nations or companies meet, they must collaborate to achieve shared success.
Supernova Cloud is free enabling you to collaborate, comment and share app designs.
But I have at least four people I would love to collaborate with.
There are now 2,500 companies using Front to manage shared inboxes and collaborate.
"Diversity is our party's strength, and our organizations are stronger when we collaborate."
She even hopes to see talent from all parts of the world collaborate.
I try to stay flexible, work within my limitations, and collaborate when needed.
Why did you want to collaborate with H&M on your first gown?
T) and R-Pharm sign memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate - Fujifilm (4901.
This means that co-workers can collaborate on a document in real-time.
Then, other kids can be inspired and maybe they can all collaborate together.
Spacebridge's purpose is to create an immersive studio for teammates to collaborate within.
And you can collaborate on your designs with your team in real time.
They all plan to collaborate and share their different approaches at the Biohub.
You also need to collaborate with a team on all that incoming information.
How important was it for you to collaborate with a size-inclusive brand?
Or at least deny your petty disposition enough to collaborate on a song.
She's also hoping to collaborate with human designers for their new runway collections.
Encourage teams to collaborate on some goals to foster a sense of interdependence.
Savannah and I collaborate on this as a group but it's Savannah's line.
I just like it when artists can collaborate in any kind of way!
It's also exploring opportunities to collaborate with Priceline as part of the investment.
Barack Obama supporters will continue to use the tools to collaborate and interact.
Possessing the ability to collaborate and a penchant for teamwork is also key.
For example, Justice Roberts and Justice Alito generally collaborate more frequently than others.
People have no option but to get their work done and collaborate virtually.
The Pentagon has stressed that Mattis believes he and Bolton can collaborate effectively.
Shares in McDonald's Japan, which will collaborate on the game, rose 7 percent.
Under the agreement, the companies may also collaborate on additional cancer vaccine programs.
Considering these are high-level projects, we'll collaborate using a single physical binder.
We're disillusioned that women are in conflict, because we assume they'll always collaborate.
Brandlhuber doesn't just collaborate with artists: He literally has an artist in residence.
You need a localized approach if you want to break through. Localize. Collaborate.
Salespeople have tools that help you and the salesperson that lets you collaborate.
Did you all work and collaborate remotely from each other for this album?
It was an affirmation of inclusion and willingness to collaborate despite our differences.
Take a look at the co-bots and assembly workers collaborate in action.
NBC and Euronews will collaborate and co-brand their digital products and coverage.
The Tudisco brothers collaborate on some projects and are inspired by everyday objects.
We used Zoom night and day to collaborate with colleagues from 29 countries.
It will make it even harder for other parties to collaborate with them.
That was where Parley became hugely important to collaborate with on this project.
" Margaret said: "I think as women, and as mothers, we're wired to collaborate.
Things where people could collaborate together, where I guess it'd be very unstructured.
Waymo and Lyft have discussed ways to collaborate on autonomous vehicles for years.
The statement did not detail how the countries would collaborate on police matters.
We were thinking we could collaborate with some sort of artificial intelligence department.
Vignelli's office in the next room, so the couple could collaborate more easily.
Rather, she saw it as a place for artists to gather and collaborate.
Instead, they carefully guided them to collaborate and solve the problem at hand.
All claim to be battling the Islamic State but have refused to collaborate.
This makes it challenging for the local government to collaborate on citywide initiatives.
Scrum is a teamwork method for software teams to collaborate and work together.
It is unusual for so many of them to collaborate in this manner.
Last year, Fairouz asked him to collaborate on an opera about Benazir Bhutto.
When he met Mr. Shabalala in Johannesburg, Mr. Simon invited him to collaborate.
When he met Mr. Shabalala in Johannesburg, Mr. Simon invited him to collaborate.
Co-founder and partner, Lévy Gorvy Sometimes we compete, and sometimes we collaborate.
You have sex appeal and creative agency, and can collaborate well with others.
He moved to New York in February, expressly to collaborate on the project.
Alta and Harley will collaborate on electric motorcycle technology and new product development.
In short, organizations need to check their egos at the door and collaborate.
Rolex would not collaborate, and none of the owners wanted to be identified.
It wants to collaborate on new approaches to logistics, service and digital retailing.
In March 2015 he was invited to collaborate in the first Spanish TeamBackpack.
"Any potential opportunities to collaborate with Tyme would be evaluated accordingly," Sanlam said.
Marion joined Walter in Lucknow in April 1936 to collaborate on several projects.
Mohamed Deriche had to collaborate with the mayors César Boniface and Jérôme Zévaco.
The hospital's consultants, registrars and interns collaborate in teaching the university's medical students.
Personas can help Dreamers find other Dreamers with certain skillsets to collaborate with.
Luxury houses frequently ask for artist recommendations with which to collaborate on a show.
Students will also be able to collaborate inside the apps and create group projects.
They collaborate with colleagues to make an educated guess based on the available data.
DioGuardi sent her to Nashville on a mission to collaborate with a songwriting colleague.
" He added, "So hopefully one day we'll get together and collaborate on certain things.
GitHub is a place where developers collaborate on, explore and access open-source projects.
"High-profile issues," said Huder, "are more difficult" for the parties to collaborate on.
Sonic also has plans to collaborate with Cinnabon for Cinnabon Cinnasnacks à La Mode.
He did say that said the US and Japan would collaborate on space missions.
Some architects want to do everything themselves, but we prefer to collaborate other disciplines.
In reality, companies collaborate daily and most shipments spend time on other carriers trucks.
"Using blockchain is a very efficient way to make people collaborate better," argues Verdon.
So when the idea came up to collaborate, I thought 'yes, this would work.
" Bank of America initiated Zoom and said the company "changes the way people collaborate.
And it's no surprise that Hilfiger chose to collaborate with model of the moment.
The companies will collaborate across businesses within the Alibaba group, including delivery platform Ele.
Dr Westra and Dr van Houte have shown that, in essence, such phages collaborate.
There may be more areas the two sides can collaborate on in the future.
When he did collaborate with UK artists, the artists he chose were always unexpected.
Politicians can collaborate and do deals, but lawyers refer to first-principles legal scriptures.
But as a new artist, I like to collaborate and learn from the greats.
We just said, hey, people, they want to be able to share and collaborate.
The app lets teams collaborate remotely, automatically uploading the final project to the cloud.
But does that really matter when we can finally collaborate on contributing to capitalism?
She also was also super down to collaborate which was a lot of fun.
Other theater companies have seen this attendance resurgence and have approached MoviePass to collaborate.
There seems like there's a movement to collaborate, combine different elements from different periods.
We're told she was simply brought on to collaborate and help choose a design.
Consider how vendors deliver invoicing, how employees collaborate and how development processes are executed.
"We sincerely hope we can collaborate in the near future," Price and Goodwin wrote.
The brothers also frequently collaborate on musical projects because they are clearly cool brothers.
How did the two of you meet and what led you to collaborate together?
AX * Collaborate Corporation Ltd - CL8 signs agreement with AON to launch mobilise platform-CL8.
"The idea is to find some way to collaborate in the future," Dua explained.
Some of them, I'll collaborate with, like you, on various things in the future.
Thankfully he was down to collaborate and brought in a lot of great ideas.
Now the pair collaborate on methods which will help pinpoint both crooks and critters.
IBM's Watson will collaborate with festival-goers to compose DJ sets of their own.
Father and daughter plan to collaborate on a book about the difficulties of aging.
Schools were poised to voluntarily collaborate with the program to roll out the courses.
The result, Splice, launched in 2014, allowing users to upload and collaborate on projects.
There were lots of areas for us to collaborate on that were very clear.
When he asked me to collaborate with him I didn't have to think twice.
Slack is a platform where employees can send messages, collaborate, organize and share files.
Our executive team has already reached out to Facebook to explore ways to collaborate.
Kygo is clearly not afraid to collaborate with performers outside of the EDM world.
To the contrary, Tillerson reportedly wants to collaborate on new cybersecurity strategies with Russia.
Choosing how much of their finances that they want to delegate vs collaborate on.
"When Brennan and I decided to collaborate on it, I was thrilled," she says.
HMD and Zeiss also signed an exclusive partnership to collaborate on smartphones in 2017.
If you were going to collaborate on something together, how you would approach that?
Now, the two parties will have to figure out how to collaborate on that.
Founded in 2013, GoHealth's model is to collaborate with health systems in each geography.
The filmmaker Ido Haar watches what happens when the two collaborate in Tel Aviv.
Those with the collaborate link will be able to add videos to the playlist. 
But, according to Waheed, an area that all countries could collaborate on is security.
Even Russia, an increasingly adversarial partner, continues to collaborate with the US in orbit.
" Abbott's spokeswoman said, "We continue to collaborate with St. Jude to advance the transaction.
Slack launched in San Francisco in 2013 to help companies and employees better collaborate.
We can collaborate on targeting the opioid epidemic, defense funding and infrastructure, he wrote.
Can you give me an example of how I would collaborate with my manager?
But fear not, because Batmanglij promises he'll continue to collaborate with the band. pic.twitter.
It's sounding more likely that Tesla and Mercedes-Benz could be ready to collaborate.
He was always on our list of who do you want to collaborate with.
Lactalis' spokesman Michel Nalet said the group was ready to collaborate with judicial authorities.
Though she's long wanted collaborate with the choreographer, West wasn't comfortable with performing herself.
Is there anyone you've not been able to collaborate with that you'd like to?
The students were then encouraged to form groups and collaborate on a group poem.
Ms. Lang likes to collaborate closely with visual artists — their vision stimulates her imagination.
Microsoft failed to address their collaboration needs, so millennials don't use Word to collaborate.
You've also had an artist collaborate with a scientist working at the Science Center.
The Styles, Culture, video and photography departments all collaborate to complete a full report.
It felt like a missed opportunity for MoMA PS1 to share space and collaborate.
Pétain later fervently sought to collaborate with them, a fact Mr. Le Pen elides.
On Wednesday, the public is invited to collaborate with the artist to make copies.
The Spanish production company MediaPro continues to collaborate with Allen on his newest film.
"It feels so safe to collaborate on our idea of what's sexy," she said.
Republicans joined Democrats in condemning his willingness to collaborate with a hostile foreign power.
So when RZA heard about ChessPark, he was eager to collaborate with Zisk's company.
"When it comes to safety, we truly do collaborate as an industry," she said.
It would incentivize firms to spend money and collaborate on developing a coronavirus cure.
Box offers online file storage that allows workers to share and collaborate on documents.
Be patient with the virtual process and encourage them to collaborate with others early.
You collaborate out here, and when you're in a room, you're focused on something.
Our ability to collaborate in social groups is one of our strongest competitive advantages.
The mere presence of managers, it seems, even notional ones, encouraged workers to collaborate.
I'll reach out to them and be like, would love to collaborate with you.
Baidu (BIDU) will collaborate with automaker BMW to develop autonomous driving technology in China.
Canva pro allows you to invite unlimited team members to collaborate on your designs.
The leaders will also explore other ways they can collaborate to fight climate change.
It also has features for employees to have discussions, make comments, collaborate, and chat.
Visitors to "Inside Art" can make their own work and collaborate with other artists.
So Merce decided to do video, and he invited me to collaborate with him.
I like people that I collaborate with to work as hard as I am.
Artists have invited him to collaborate, and then removed him from songs, he said.
Where when you collaborate or substantiate information that way, it's tough to negate that.
Do you have a community of Filipinas you can turn to and collaborate with?
They had opportunities to collaborate, plan lessons with colleagues and do their own making.
The mere presence of managers, it seems, even notional ones, encouraged workers to collaborate.
To be successful in business, and in life, you need to connect and collaborate.
A coalition of seven law firms has been set up to collaborate on them.
In the end, the choreographers decided to collaborate on an evening featuring all four.
Unsurprisingly, therefore, they do not spur regional allies to collaborate with the United States.
Walmart (WMT) will collaborate with comedian Ellen DeGeneres on a new women's fashion line.
But they can collaborate with those groups to become part of the distribution network.
The minority leader encouraged Trump to collaborate with Democrats to rewrite the tax code.
The consultancy also said that mobile carriers and other partners needed to collaborate more.
Solar manufacturers might collaborate with those working on innovative deployment models, and so on.
Babcock, EDP and Efacec to Collaborate on Wave Energy projects Bloomberg, September 23, 2008.
Imagine how we could use virtual reality to collaborate with our co-workers remotely.
The team also collaborate with Label, LCR and LSUTV to provide photography when necessary.
He left Monster Magnet in 2010 to "collaborate with new producers, songwriters and musicians".
The album, released on August 9th, saw the band collaborate with Rostam once again.
Cook also mentioned that he sees opportunities for both companies to collaborate in the future.
We have found it's very helpful if we collaborate and try to act as partners.
UPS and transportation energy company Unique Electric Solutions (UES) LLC will collaborate on the project.
The collaboration made Kid one of the the first musicians to collaborate with artificial intelligence.
"Thank you so much @boyceavenue for asking me to collaborate with you guys," she wrote.
The two have known each other since school and decided to collaborate on the project.
It is our top priority to collaborate with Glovers to constantly improve the platform's experience.
I need it to write stories, edit photos, and collaborate with the team back home.
Connecteam is a mobile engagement hub that allows teams to collaborate, communicate and run operations.
What's your favorite way to collaborate with hairstylists/makeup artists on a red carpet look?
Do we continue to collaborate with a harmful system, or choose a new victory condition?
Maybe, if all goes well, to even find people to collaborate with in the future.
Regardless of whether they'll collaborate again, both men are enjoying success in their respective careers.
We don't want to go into financial partnership, so for us, it's essential to [collaborate].
In a press release, the two companies say they will collaborate on design and services.
The armed forces will collaborate with public security and environmental protection agencies, the decree says.
"They come in the best disposition to keep walking, collaborate, support, and contribute," Garibo said.
Plus, you can invite family members to collaborate on albums, for a more social experience.
"When two nations or companies meet, they must collaborate to achieve shared success," Ren said.
Reichert often culls Instagram for inspiration and to find models and photographers to collaborate with.
The community gathers around them, trying to one-up each other and collaborate with friends.
It can also help parents collaborate with schools and teachers to create individual education plans.
Do we want intelligence services to actively collaborate with Facebook in sniffing out those campaigns?
If you want to collaborate with people, you've got to give respect to those people.
They can also collaborate with others in real-time or share their work with friends.
Asana's web-based software helps teams collaborate on projects and track and manage their work.
Rose did not collaborate with Kendall or Kylie Jenner on their Coachella wardrobes this year.
Separately, Tesla and Panasonic are teaming up to collaborate on the manufacture of PV cells.
Though Charlie Brooker writes most Black Mirror episodes solo, he has been known to collaborate.
And she had so many great, specific ideas, so we would just kind of collaborate.
By means of this dashboard, volunteers were able to collaborate, have meetings, and organize events.
"It was effortless to collaborate with her because she's a close friend," Delevingne told us.
Boards can also be shared so groups can collaborate and view updates across a project.
What we can't do is just collaborate, and assume it will have a happy ending.
It makes sense that O'Neal would want to collaborate with a well-known coffee brand.
And Rose did not collaborate with Kendall or Kylie on their Coachella wardrobes this year.
The two would sometimes collaborate on projects, including a cartoon called Sports Friends for Yahoo.
Teams can collaborate to send reminders and make sure everyone is on the same page.
Solutions like these enable both parties to collaborate and give brands a unified omnichannel strategy.
Its architecture encodes our values; its usage affirms our freedom to collaborate, share, and create.
It features real time communication and collaboration tools, letting users collaborate and share files easily.
It features real-time communication and collaboration tools, letting users collaborate and share files easily.
What made you want to collaborate with Beats and how did the partnership come about?
Some come to work on their own projects; others come to collaborate or attend workshops.
You'd get an opportunity to collaborate, commit, learn, understand each other, and then work together.
Also, we are going to collaborate with other countries to realize a hydrogen-based society.
Mexican military and intelligence services are more willing than ever to collaborate with U.S. counterparts.
About two years ago, Zaninovic began Googling to find an AI expert to collaborate with.
Use the moments of the past to be creative; use them to connect, collaborate, communicate.
Physicians don't have to code, but they do need to collaborate with those who do.
"We're excited about having a partner that wanted to collaborate and innovate together," he said.
The blockchain could provide a way for these companies to collaborate in a trusted environment.
The screens were huge with interactive surfaces designed for multiple people to collaborate and use.
For example, Hydric Media worked with Spotify on its efforts to collaborate with other brands.
It certainly wasn't music, as the services made no effort to collaborate with one another.
But there's something else they can do, together, which no satellite can do alone: collaborate.
Weird things happen whenever we collaborate with the Rick and Morty people [and] Justin Roiland.
And our customers essentially use it to sort of move away from email and collaborate.
Technology is how we do things, and political institutions are how we collaborate at scale.
"Diverse campuses play an integral part in how our students collaborate and thrive," she said.
CAP also said it will collaborate in the investigation into the cause of the spill.
Larger research schools also often collaborate with government agencies which can produce nationally sensitive data.
Or if I'm asked to collaborate with another artist or designer that I truly admire.
These agencies collaborate with private foundations across the country to bring artistic endeavors to life.
Sending a message is an opportunity to collaborate and build our identity as a species.
Season two features one memorable hour where the characters collaborate on a magical bank heist.
As a standalone product, it enables teams to collaborate around a rich set of documents.
ROSLYN HARBOR "Neiman Marcus Family Sundays at the Museum," families can collaborate and create together.
AQUARIUS: Your family life, your financial life and your profound spirituality will all collaborate beautifully.
It said it was ready to collaborate with the local authorities on establishing clearer regulation.
We are a small community, and it's important that we collaborate and stay in touch.
"Show us how you collaborate, because that learning and that building happens with other people."
How can North American policymakers and industry collaborate to safeguard traditional businesses without hindering innovation?
Instead, the reflex is to make a pact with the vandals, to collaborate with them.
The two reportedly discussed plans on how Turkish firms could collaborate with SpaceX and Tesla.
Today, the genre's stars collaborate with high-fashion houses or create their own clothing lines.
In part, that's because many tech companies appear unwilling to collaborate with the U.S. military.
The company did not collaborate with Huckabee when he launched Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.
The Allens collaborate with shelters, animal control groups and veterinarians to bring in the dogs.
There are some glimmers of good news, of ways people can collaborate across party lines.
The folk singer and actor Leon Bibb was there, too, and they decided to collaborate.
Then, Mr. Chavez decided to collaborate with Enron right before the energy company went bust.
Trump ripped into Nike and Kaepernick for their decision to collaborate on an ad campaign.
It's very doable and you can collaborate efficiently, but you have to have the mindset.
"All the features are to help teams collaborate and be efficient on mobile," Loi said.
You have to make friends with the world in order to really collaborate with them.
When a Senate seat opens up, you collaborate with state Democrats and win it easily.
How important is star power in terms of the artists you want to collaborate with?
"It's always exciting to collaborate with creatives who wear J.W.Anderson," he said in a statement.
It says to other countries that they are fools to trust or collaborate with us.
But when students write papers in groups — when they collaborate — 78 percent use Google Docs.
Other areas of science have seen great advances due to adopting a more collaborate atmosphere.
The two hooked up once they heard Cold Sun and immediately asked Vivian to collaborate.
I wanted to hear all about the process and perhaps find an opportunity to collaborate.
How do you decide what artists you invite to join the label or collaborate with?
The marriage ended in divorce two years later, but the two later continued to collaborate.
We're really about celebrating the community in L.A. and bringing great artists to collaborate with.
Mars connects with taskmaster Saturn, helping you collaborate with others to get your shit done.
And systems that collaborate with and hire those missing from the table — are even better.
The software also helps teams of legal professionals work together and collaborate around this evidence.
I like to be friends with women, collaborate with women, date women, and kiss women.
WOOD We don't really collaborate, but we both include each other's work in our work.
You need to discuss what is appropriate for your child and collaborate in rearing her.
It's an ideal situation for ISIS and affiliates to collaborate with regional groups, they added.
"We're not interested in the traditional way that fashion brands collaborate with musicians," said Clemens.
The SSL 2+ has extra options for those looking to collaborate or connect extra gear.
Falling in love is portrayed as a creative process in which the two women collaborate.
Nothing is more destructive for a team than a leader who is unwilling to collaborate.
But the key to success for many leaders is how well their teams can collaborate.
"I would love to collaborate with you on a zine," you say to someone, somewhere.
Some actors asked questions and wanted to collaborate; others wanted him to do his thing.
And many were forced to collaborate through blackmail or threats against members of their family.
It's such a blessing when you're able to collaborate with people that have that mindset.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with A+E Networks on this important project.

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