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"further" Definitions
  1. more; additional
"further" Synonyms
additional more increased fresh other extra new supplementary added another else farther supplemental auxiliary surplus spare complementary add-on top-up reserve far opposite remoter further away further off furthest farthest opposing parallel facing more advanced more distant more extreme more remote most distant remote distant outlying far away far off far removed faraway removed away deep separate yonder afar out of earshot far-flung wide of far-off out of range instrumental influential contributory active involved useful helpful important significant advance conducive forward help promote cause helping serviceable subsidiary of assistance greater augmented expanded extended heavier increasing larger bigger deeper higher superior aggrandized amassed wider grander better ampler largest furthermore additionally besides moreover also yet withal again in addition likewise then forbye another reason on top of that what's more by the same token over and above that into the bargain on top of too to boot as well plus along with over and above beyond yon at a greater distance longer ahead in the distance on the other side on the far side over there less like more unlike to a greater degree to a greater extent moreso perceptibly more so more completely all the more so even more so more thoroughly increasingly steadily more gradually more more and more to an increasing extent with acceleration over unused left remaining superfluous in excess left over on forth onward onwards along forwards in front henceforth evermore hereafter forevermore eternally for ever into eternity and beyond ever after unfadingly aid develop encourage facilitate foster assist champion hasten push expedite favor(US) favour(UK) progress propel support cultivate lead result in bring on bring about give rise to produce effect create engender generate trigger be conducive to precipitate prompt contribute to initiate provoke snowball increase expand swell escalate multiply burgeon grow mushroom rise proliferate enlarge spread balloon bourgeon mount extend appreciate augment accumulate improve hone lift raise perfect boost elevate train ameliorate bolster enhance launch polish espouse back adopt embrace advocate defend accept endorse uphold abet sanction sponsor welcome approve sell pitch aggrandize hype plug propagandise(UK) propagandize(US) proselytise(UK) proselytize(US) recommend tout advertise advertize upgrade ennoble dignify exalt prefer canonise(UK) canonize(US) deify enshrine ensky enthrone glorify magnify sublimate save as well as not to mention other than save for to say nothing of apart from and what is more after that afterward next not only that More
"further" Antonyms
less fewer lower reduced diminished smaller a lesser amount of a smaller amount of not as much of a reduced amount of lesser negative lessened slighter inferior decreased scaled down not as much sufficient enough acceptable adequate decent satisfactory sufficing nearer closer near warmer nearby abutting adjacent adjoining alongside around beside bordering neighboring(US) neighbouring(UK) required obligatory compulsory mandatory necessary normal basic needed requisite common main essential usual commonplace included comprised covered incorporated encompassed existing current existent actual immediate present prevailing remaining first noninstrumental obstructive tangential unhelpful uninvolved useless chief noncomplementary nonreciprocal principal toward close however although nevertheless nonetheless in spite of that notwithstanding regardless but still that said be that as it may having said that on the flip side though whereas yet but then again despite that even so even though exclusively entirely solely fully totally wholly uniquely particularly singularly completely only just simply purely less and less worse to a lesser degree to a lesser extent to a lower degree to a smaller extent to a lower extent to a smaller degree no nay never nix not off away sideward sidewards sideways laterally sidewise backward backwards back rearward aside rearwards round crabwise to one side to the side toward a side toward one side apart far separate impede hinder inhibit curtail thwart discourage frustrate halt obstruct prevent retard slow cripple curb hamper hurt restrain stifle stymie subdue contract decrease diminish dwindle lessen recede wane abbreviate abridge cease compress condense cut decline deflate degrade demolish depress destroy regress drop fade reduce fall taper fail remit sink stall abate destabilise(UK) destabilize(US) idle plummet intimidate demoralise(UK) demoralize(US) dishearten dispirit disappoint bully crush scare daunt deprecate disparage repress unnerve appal(UK) appall(US) oppose reject attack desert disagree disallow forsake refuse contradict controvert confute contravene object disprove buck counter reverse challenge repudiate withsay slander defame smear badmouth besmirch libel traduce calumniate disgrace disrepute taint tarnish asperse denigrate malign misrepresent blacken vilify abase humble belittle humiliate debase demean mock shame criticise(UK) criticize(US) discommend protest demur remonstrate disapprove disavow discountenance dissent grouse argue against disapprove of express disagreement with express disapproval of express objections to lodge a protest against raise objections take issue with deteriorate degenerate worsen devolve disimprove retrogress weaken debilitate crumble depreciate languish atrophy slide betray deceive delude dissuade fool lie neglect pretend stop trick keep quiet keep secret demote downgrade break depose displace dismiss disrate declass devalue dethrone relegate excluding bar barring excepting omitting apart from leaving out not including with the exception of digressing I digress moving on on another note by the way

889 Sentences With "further"

How to use further in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "further" and check conjugation/comparative form for "further". Mastering all the usages of "further" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The show is going further and further forward and I'm falling further and further behind.
We're not getting together, we're getting further and further and further apart.
STEVE LIESMAN: Is it an economy that needs further accommodation, further easing, further help from the Federal Reserve?
"If he thinks it warrants further pursuit, further activity, further investigation, then he can move in that direction," he said.
I'll knock on any door to go further and further.
"You could create further instability, which leads to further migration."
Further up and further in, the creatures of Narnia cried.
So you can really push those words further and further.
And now we see Iran threatening to go further and who are pulled—being pulled in further and further into this crisis.
The answer is clear: to further destabilize Syria and our region, to further threaten Israel and to further terrorize the entire free world.
He just edges further and further away from a panicked Nicky.
"And further provocations will only lead to further pressure and sanctions".
The support class plays further back, and the scout even further.
I applaud, and hope further change and further debate lie ahead.
Humar felt herself veering further and further into her terrified imaginings.
The further Hsiung's empathy expands, the further its cost is divided.
"I would expect some further choppiness, some further volatility," Shue said.
But that era of success is drifting further and further away.
However, as she got older, that dream seemed further and further away.
I am digging further and further, I want to know more detail.
When you get older, you get further and further away from that.
What sense would it make to go further and further without hope?
This problem goes way further than fabric, and way further than London.
Further north, outside University College Hospital, an elderly passer-by goes further.
It suggests further supply availability, for potential reloads, a further bearish factor.
"She's really pushing herself further and further away," Kendall says about Caitlyn.
In recent years, we've strayed further and further from these basic principles.
"We've come further, but we've a lot further to go," King said.
People are getting pushed further and further away from the economic center.
And the Republican Party has continued to move further and further right.
And then she encouraged him to go further and further in that.
"We set the chairs further apart, the rows further apart," he said.
With each series, Ruff pushes the boundaries of photography further and further.
He withdrew further and further, a cloudy film dimming his blue eyes.
My Lyft seems to be driving further and further away from me!!!
He has a desire to have further meetings, to hold further meetings.
"He's done nothing but push us further and further and further away, with every executive order that he's issued so far," Democratic New York Rep.
Further falls in the yuan would further cheapen the cost of the manufactured goods it pumps into the world economy, further lowering the outlook for inflation.
"I've been seeing more changes as I travel further and further," Hofman says.
This will support the U.S. economy further and strengthen the jobs market further.
However, Kingston warns, any further Japanese militarization risks further antagonizing its Asian neighbors.
The dollar has rallied further and the U.S. Treasury yield has surged further.
" Further involves a figurative distance: "We can take our business plan no further.
Further scrutiny could yet lead to further bans, covering more than just FIFA.
Yet the final stages seem to slip further and further into the future.
Once you have that freedom, you want to take it further and further.
Instead of helping us, they marginalize us, pushing us out further and further.
"They give them some motivation for further study, for further learning," she said.
" And 78 percent "strongly agree" that they're "falling further and further behind economically.
Mouthpiece moved further and further away from anything resembling an empty "#feminist" piece.
" The NBA then further said it was "suspending game play" until "further notice.
And the parties split further and further apart, which is good for Trump.
That would be a further injustice, a further insult to the Rohingya's humanity.
The United States and China are splitting further and further apart on technology.
"The door to further rate cuts is closed until further notice," Vieira said.
Further gains in gold prices could prove elusive without further stimulus, analysts said.
Adapting practices, moving further and further out, it's all doable until it isn't.
"Everyday we expanded our search further and further," Madison County Chief Eric Turner said.
A further EUR1.7bn should be disbursed shortly, to be used for further arrears clearance.
Her grief is messy and complicated, spiraling further and further down throughout the book.
Meanwhile, Declan was terrified as he drifted further and further away from his family.
You know, should we go further to the left or further to the right?
Prosecutors gave no further details of Tanis' confession, citing the importance of further investigation.
"China is deviating further and further from those international standards and agreements," he said.
The satellites will drift further and further apart with each successive orbit of Earth.
"For stocks to advance further, we're going to need further evidence" of earnings growth.
Further, the Fed is trimming its $4-trillion balance sheet, perhaps removing accommodation further.
Any further delay in investigating voter fraud is likely to further weaken Trump's allegations.
"There will be further recalls," Stadler told journalists on Friday, without providing further details.
This will potentially further divide the country and further segment an already divided nation.
The US life expectancy is slipping further and further behind other high-income countries.
We watched with dismay as the election spiraled further and further out of control.
The stress drove me further and further down a hole of alcohol and cocaine.
Francisca goes a step further, both stitching Charlie back together and mutilating him further.
Lee and Paul in particular have put themselves further and further out of reach.
The interview — combined with news of further executive departures — helped sink Tesla's stock further.
Then the people with less money get shoved further and further out, including police?
Without it, our calendar would slowly shift further and further from the true year.
Number two was to always take it a step further — take the arrangements a step further, take the idea of a show a step further; having a real concert.
Creditors demanded further reforms but further austerity is a difficult sell in economically-ravaged Greece.
Volume 2, currently in the works, takes a step further and develops these themes further.
We expect sterling to weaken further and see scope for further pressure on the euro.
This is the algorithmic equivalent of pushing people further and further into their comfort zones.
Bois continually refers back to it, even as his arguments spin further and further off.
It could further politicize science, and further embolden conservative opponents to tune out scientists' concerns.
Aging further and further away from his core audience, he misread what teens cared about.
But soon, she noticed the waves taking the group further and further out to sea.
Going Further Choose one of the effects listed in the article and do further research.
The further you go, the further you're going to have to dig yourself out eventually.
Donegan has spent the past year digging further and further into our collective feminist heritage.
If problems in the sector persist, impaired loan ratios could accelerate further, further pressurising CARs.
Day by day, Facebook is extending its reach further and further into the American marketplace.
The man has been bailed pending further enquiries, and the NCA will not elaborate further.
This could add further pressure on the global economy and lead to further downward revisions.
Industrial production is expected to increase further in 2020, he said, without giving further details.
He did not provide any further information on the officer; CNN is seeking further clarification.
With each tweet, share and like, my brainchild rocketed further and further across the internet.
She is quite religious, but he took it a step further — like, many steps further.
"Further details (especially around the personal rating) may provide further insight," Harvard's internal report said.
It's no wonder that browsers continue to push further and further away from plug-in support.
It gave no further details, saying only that it would make a further announcement when appropriate.
And as AI creeps further and further into areas like transportation and healthcare, the risks grow.
As these people come of voting age, they'll continue skewing support further and further toward legalization.
I think we're confident now that we're beginning to identify further opportunities to further accelerate growth.
But with each passing week, those claims drift further and further away from any factual mooring.
They further assured me that the train crew would have further training to address this incident.
But the success also allowed us to start reaching further and further out into the world.
What we are doing is further transforming the model and further increasing our core tier 1.
The gun lobby has moved further and further away from the people they say they represent.
And then they split venues and then they started splitting further and further away in time.
But with budget talks scheduled today, analysts are awaiting further direction, which may affect yields further.
And then digital media, the internet and all of that, that's really further development, further progression.
With no recognizable place to advertise, sex workers could be driven further underground, further from safety.
"There is potential for further reduction in volumes as we progressively implement further changes," he warned.
Further, exemptions from Stark laws and other anti-kickback laws have further solidified the status quo.
"We have to do some further M&A and have some further exploration success," he said.
Zalora may opt to sell other business further down the line to further streamline its spending.
We're in uncharted waters now, and the shore is receding further and further out of sight.
The further the disruption, he explained, the further hiring for new roles will be pushed back.
As the flight was delayed further and further into the night, Fieri grew angrier and angrier.
There's more than enough promise here to merit further research and further funding for that research.
If one needs further proof, look no further to my former employer, the American Family Association.
Further layoffs at its portfolio companies could further stoke concerns about entrusting it with more cash.
I was prepared to go further, I told President Putin I was prepared to go further.
Further reading If this 101 has left you wanting more, here is some suggested further reading.
That's a lot of excess capacity for further economic recovery and further highs in this market.
Further details meanwhile emerged of Iran's deal with Boeing, which depends partly on further financing agreements.
" Mr. Geng warned the two countries not to "go further and further down the wrong road.
The police department has no further information to release, and no further comment on this matter.
An upgrade may result from further strengthening of the franchise and further recovery of problem loans.
Are there limits to floral abstraction, as the vase recedes further and further into the distance?
He has pushed the right further to the right and the left further to the left.
And what's happened is the agenda's grown further and further from the actual problems people face.
"As New York City residents moved further outside of the city, and still maintained a relationship with the city, the line of upstate has moved further and further north," he said.
" The European Union, in the words of the spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic, has "said repeatedly that the region doesn't need further escalation, it doesn't need further destabilization, it doesn't need further tension.
But as the government got further and further and further into this investigation, didn't they have to know that what they were dealing with was a somewhat slow, somewhat naive kid?
"The whole notion of a treaty got pushed further and further to the background," says Mr Dodson.
"It's really been one election after another where the public system further and further deteriorates," Skinner said.
For it to extend much further we need to see further disappointing data from the United States.
The way we&aposre always renewing ourselves and reinventing ourselves and pushing further and further the limits.
"That first discovery is leading us on a track of further discovery and further explanation," Martin said.
The Republican and Democratic parties have been drifting further and further apart since at least the 1950s.
Thursday's announced settlement does not preclude further future enforcement action if the DFS investigation reveals further problems.
The impeachment hearings will drive the parties further apart, delaying yet further the urgent business of governing.
Last month, Draghi said the ECB would announce further stimulus if the region's economic situation further deteriorated.
But in reality, we've quietly been floating further and further from that promised land King dreamed about.
Hopefully we just keep stringing them together and keep pushing ourselves further and further over that mark.
It serves to further sanitize the internet for many and to further fuel the war on porn.
That implies a further 1.2 trillion yen of further share sales sometime in the next five years.
I asked him if he was interested in modeling for me and things went further and further.
He said the constant struggle to diet caused her to descend further and drove them further apart.
New events have forced him further down that path, and now he needs to wade even further.
If Congressional inquiries eventually lead to further regulation, it could further erode the value of the stock.
The further you scroll through the images on his Instagram, the further you plunge into magical confusion.
It escalated quickly because the humor was pushing us to go further and further and more extreme.
This vicious spiral could draw the court further and further into a web of polarized partisan politics.
Like a sitcom character caught in an escalating series of fibs, Trump took things further and further.
Exposed through digital fragments, the paranoia mounts further and further until you simply can't bear it anymore.
Superman originally represented the Jewish immigrant experience, but that story drifted further and further into the past.
Snow is expected to order further overhauls of the MCSO intended to further safeguard against racial profiling.
Blanquer ordered all schools to postpone trips until further notice to prevent further spread of the virus.
Walkley said the event could lead to further market-share gains for Apple, further lifting the stock.
Fragmenting them further with criss-crossing pipelines and high-voltage cables will further reduce some species' range.
"Until they get further in the process, we're not going to weigh in any further," she said.
" The ministry warned of further countermeasures if the U.S. "choose to go further down the wrong path.
Investors focused on the Fed's meeting minutes for further clues over how many further rate increases are likely.
But as temperatures increase, pikas move further and further up the mountain to escape the heat—and can't.
U.S. auto sales are tumbling further and further away from record highs hit just a few years ago.
The BIS warned further that these companies would likely be further exposed by any rising interest rate environment.
Cities must look further and further afield for water sources, which are pumped hundreds of kilometers through pipes.
Today, we struggle to rationalize Peter Thiel's power and influence as he moves further and further out there.
Ms. Rice went further in an interview: "I'll speak for myself personally," she said of compensating athletes further.
Further delays, Boeing has admitted, may force it to cut production further—or even shut it down altogether.
Well, if you get further and further isolated in your community that is going to continue to happen.
Assuming no meaningful and fast transition to renewable energy, the economic growth can only deteriorate further and further.
Deimos sits outside this point, and may eventually get further and further away from Mars until it escapes.
So, all allies are doing more, but we expect them to further -- to step further up, do more.
But with each swing they need to block, you drive your enemy's posture bar up further and further.
Because cities have become too expensive, the transit-dependent have been forced to move further and further away.
There would be further narrowing down, and police would then request further identifying information like birthdates and names.
From there, you can access the larger Story (and fall further and further down the Instagram rabbit hole).
That started a slide into further financial instability, the family sinking a little further into debt every month.
"Further, the government notes with concern that these actions will further deepen the current constitutional crisis," it said.
Further, the Administration has failed to request an authorization from Congress for further military action against Assad's regime.
As the city grows closer to China, many younger Hong Kongers are also drifting further and further away.
The case can be strengthened further by reforming child credits to make further progress on the poverty trap.
We were captivated, and we drove further and further North and the radio signal became stronger and stronger.
Or maybe George continues to be stubborn about his role and drifts further and further from superstar status.
However, the Kremlin promises that further escalation on the U.S. part will lead to further escalation on Russia's.
Therefore, they will likely try to limit further currency weakness barring a further escalation of the trade war.
But if they did happen, they would cause further warming, which in turn would produce further methane releases.
Then, further practice investigating further by scrolling the Lens Blog, our weekly What's Going On in This Picture?
It's a pity that the Resident Evil series itself has only gone further and further down this path.
"This is a further step, an important further step, in our negotiations with the European Union," she said.
By suffusing the airwaves with his racism, were we further informing the public, or further polluting the ecosystem?
I started to think I could go further and further forward, till I was at the very front.
Further, I believe that society has pinned both political parties against one another further prohibiting a peaceful conversation.
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence fed optimism for further progress, saying further Phase 153 discussions had already begun.
During each of Clinton's speeches in March, she slowly waded further and further back into the political pool.
Generally, migrants are transferred from Border Patrol custody to ICE for further processing and release or further detention.
There will be those left-further left primaries in those districts where the further-left nominee will win.
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence fed optimism about further progress, saying further Phase 2 discussions had already begun.
The further to the right, the more economically conservative you are; the further down, the more socially liberal.
Those costs are putting higher education further and further out of reach for more and more young people.
That view was given further credence overnight by the U.S. Federal Reserve, which discarded its promises of "further gradual increases" in interest rates, and said it would be "patient" before making any further moves.
"Once the rotation gets going, it sort of self-intensifies in that it further lowers the pressure, which draws in more air; it further increases the rate of rotation; further increases the updraft," he said.
"Once the rotation gets going, it sort of self-intensifies in that it further lowers the pressure, which draws in more air; it further increases the rate of rotation; further increases the updraft," Lareau said.
He has also threatened further duties of up to 25% on a further $300 billion worth of Chinese imports.
"We have the means to make further takeovers," added Brandicourt on a conference call, without going into further details.
But that relationship crumbles over time, as the transformation pushes Doctor Manhattan further and further away from human concerns.
A man walking by noticed that they were being carried further and further out — way too far, too fast.
It was more dangerous when America was getting weaker and weaker and weaker and further and further in debt.
Fitch anticipates further cost reduction opportunities will continue after this current program ends resulting in further material restructuring charges.
Today, middle-class and working-class voters and communities are falling further and further behind the upper middle class.
If Mulvaney were to push up the value of the dollar further, he would further harm the manufacturing sector.
But with every second that passes, with every jump Mario successfully makes, the tension ratchets up further and further.
If any further abuses of the section 110 regime are identified, further measures may be brought for my consideration.
As the tension rises, the images zoom in further and further until it's hard to see what's going on.
The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has given no further details and had no further comment on SMRs.
His project is to drag the Labour Party further and further to the left, not to run the country .
They intend to develop the Inflight Robot further after the event, adding in further language capabilities, and other features.
Fitch believes further cost reduction opportunities will continue after this current program end resulting in further cash restructuring charges.
Dancers slowly crept out further and further from the stage as the night went on more patrons joined in.
If the equities fall further, and if the currency declines further, "then we would start picking through the rubble."
Levi Strauss is also eyeing further expansion through new stores, further wholesale relationships and building out its online sales.
The price of key inputs rose further and some districts said that they expected pricing pressures to intensify further.
The IEA may cut further if the global economy and especially China shows further weakness, Fatih Birol told Reuters.
Sadler further provides proof that these were only flimsy excuses, further detailing what her work entailed in the article.
Rising prices push middle-class workers further and further from their jobs, leading to unhealthy commutes and traffic congestion.
We continue to move further and further away from the checks and balances originally crafted under our federal system.
If we don't address the unequal effect recovery dollars can have, the disadvantaged will fall further and further behind.
Comet 67P is headed further and further away from the Sun, and the probe's solar panels are losing power.
"As we get further and further into cannabinoid biochemistry," he said, "there will be a lot of new science."
As further evidence of labeling laws' disparate impact on small businesses, look no further than the Ocheesee Creamery case.
In their never-ending search for growth, Amazon seems to be moving further & further afield from their core competency.
Further, a direct gift of stock goes further for the charity, versus selling your asset and giving away cash.
As the outside world encroaches further and further via social media, so does the public sphere become increasingly threatening.
Since the late 1970s, our two major political parties have grown further and further apart by every conceivable metric.
When Livingston reached out to the DCCC for further comment, committee spokesperson Kelly went even further in a statement.
Comey disgraced himself and his office to further a personal political agenda, and this report further confirms that fact.
The team gradually placed the Fruit Loops further and further away, encouraging the rats to fine-tune their driving.
Kingsway Financial Services Inc: * KINGSWAY ANNOUNCES RECEIPT OF FURTHER EXTENSION FROM NYSE Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
But that began to change from 2013 onwards as the group steadily attracted followers from further and further afield.
It raised tariffs on soybeans by a further 5% and on pork by a further 10% on Sept. 1.
The tech Cold War between the United States and China keeps getting further and further away from any détente.
The big question, then, is if we keep pushing technology and discovery further and further, who is it for?
Since 2008, the rise of the tea party had pushed the Idaho GOP further and further to the right.
In a Going Further activity, you will choose a question or mystery about our nearest star to explore further.
" He added that Mr. Moss "almost acts as a gateway drug to further preservation activities and further community activism.
Because the cost is deferred, the whole population can ease further and further into maladaptive dysfunction, generation by generation.
Further disarray The scramble over the tariffs has propelled the White House into further disarray over the past week.
Yet it fears that easing further might only stoke further borrowing by investors to speculate in the housing market.
And these two imperatives often come into conflict, especially as the factions they serve grow further and further apart.
But after years of chemical tweaks, the drug has evolved further and further away from its plant-based prototype.
Trump's rejection of international institutions and norms further destabilizes the global economy, which leads to the election of right-wing populists in key countries like Germany and France, who deliver the coup de grace to the EU. This creates further economic instability, breeding further discontent, which pushes voters even further to the extremes.
As things go further into the atmosphere and further into the environment, things get less saturated and less contrast usually… it's a good visual cheat or technique to say that this is further in the background.
Except on some website... COOPER: There are -- there are certainly a lot of people who just have a fundamental distrust that you do not want to get -- go further and further and further down this road.
"(Colvin) was a force of nature... It was like peeling an onion back, she just kept going further and further and further in... until we were at what she considered the heart of it," Conroy said.
Current initiatives (such as further exploration of the moon and Mars) are laudable, so long as they are directly linked toward the long-term objectives of human settlement and economic exploitation further and further into space.
The FSB said it will look further into the issue and may provide further guidance by the end of 2018.
A further deterioration in the leverage metrics over 3.5x in a sustained manner could lead to further negative rating actions.
What's more, many of these families are no longer clumped together, having drifted further and further apart over the eons.
I don't know the answer to that, but I'm worrying that it is helping pull us further and further apart.
After going further and further down the rabbit hole of substance abuse, Something emerges sweaty, damp, and covered in makeup.
Despite Monday's rally, analysts said any further move in the Brexit polls could cause further moves either way in markets.
Even so, this ban could further encourage agencies and advertisers to further shift away from these third-party data companies.
And it provides a policy that future presidents and senators and House members can campaign on expanding further and further.
They've had to move further and further outside of the city to find space that's large enough and priced affordably.
But if there are further signs that QE is winding down, expect them to widen further, irrespective of the politics.
The number could increase further: Tesla is giving underwriters the chance to buy a further $2188 million for over-allotments.
"We most likely will have it extend further east and a little bit further north for next season," DeMaria says.
Both the Bush presidencies and the GOP Congress since 1994 drifted further and further from the middle class over time.
Of all the unusual releases 2016 has produced, The Life of Pablo keeps rising further and further to the top.
The further and further you get away from it, the easier it is to forget about all the awful shit.
This in turn causes them to fall further behind, isolating them further, and so on in a self-perpetuating cycle.
However, front-month contracts fell further on Wednesday than further-dated futures, suggesting the EIA data dented that bullish view.
So to catch anything at all, they have had to travel further and further away from everything that they know.
"Our further conclusion is that we need further investigation," he added, while blaming both design and manufacturing as root causes.
Further analysis was required to determine the range of gas volumes and define further exploration and appraisal operations, Eni said.
It took a further small charge for the troubled A400M military project and warned of further costs later this year.
If the voters really aren't polarized, why do they keep gravitating toward politicians further and further from the political center?
"Where we identify breaches of our rules, we will consider further action, including referring firms for further investigation," it said.
" "I could see the court tilting further and further to the right until we end up with a dystopian society.
"We always work toward further growth, and we will sow seeds for the further growth," he said at the time.
Most investors expect further stimulus from the central bank, possibly including a cut in deposit rates further into negative territory.
All I can do from here is continue to shift paradigms and continue to push the envelope further and further.
As my colleague Zeeshan Aleem noted last September, Maduro has plunged the country's economy further and further into the ground.
The boundary between biology and technology blurs further and further as researchers discover more and more parallels between the two.
"A further escalation of trade tensions and the associated increases in policy uncertainty could further weaken growth," the report noted.
This ultimately further marginalizes and alienates the Sunnis, and further pushes them into adopting extremist methods and welcoming radical groups.
"Of course I wanted to flee further away, but how much further can we go?" said Dalaa's father Abdul Karim.
" His attorneys also wrote that "a series of traumatic events pushed [him] further and further into the margins of society.
As he moved further and further away from the trappings of the art world and its society, Nauman's work shifted.
His comment risked further politicizing the question of Russian election meddling in a way that could further undermine public confidence.
There's plenty of scope for further damage if Trump follows through on his threats of further measures and China retaliates.
I have come further from further behind from anyone running ... Eight people have dropped because they didn't have the money.
So things fall even further, with cuts to agencies that actually bring in revenue prompting further cuts down the line.
Describing himself as a "committed European", Wauquiez rejected that as well as any plan to further enlarge the EU further.
However, pending further testimony or should there be any instance of further wrongdoing, the appropriate remedy is removal from office.
On October 31, 2016, as may be further extended or withdrawn by corporation Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
"Millions of Californians are worker harder than ever before, and they are still falling further and further behind," Villaraigosa said.
Further, in addition, his daughter Ivanka will have no further involvement with or management authority whatsoever with the Trump Organization.
Nixon's campaign might be a victory for liberal Democrats if she manages to keep pushing Cuomo further and further left.
Our biggest fear is that after this unreal situation, the country will move further and further away from actual democracy.
"As metals and mining producers continue to come under further stock market pressure, we expect further credit rating downgrades, further dividend slashes, dilutive recapitalizations, possible forced equity raises and [mergers] to feature heavily in 2016," he argued.
"I think we are living in a new world of Donald Trump and a Republican Party that is driving itself further and further away from common sense and further towards a radical approach to government," Maloney told reporters.
As the film wears on, they get further and further from the ideas that make the whole conceit unique and exciting.
And as long as this experience remains unpleasant, and easy to avoid, we're just going to drift further and further apart.
But the story of Ableton goes further back than Live's 2001 release—further even than the company's official inception in 9993.
Whether the alliance ultimately pays off is almost beside the point; the alternative was watching Amazon pull further and further ahead.
Andrew Billings, Baylor DT: Draft Twitter collectively flipped its shit as Billings continued to slide further and further down the board.
We expect further margin erosion in 2017 due to persistent low interest rates and limited scope to reduce funding costs further.
The man said he would reveal further proof of his identity today, along with further details on the new blockchain project.
"And yes, there is a war going on, but it's further, further out," said Stephanie Novak, a visiting fan from Australia.
The timeline was understood to be flexible, but budgetary, logistic and technical issues have continually pushed dates further and further out.
Apple reportedly requested that Peterson remove the video, but it was clearly too late as the content spread further and further.
This knowledge was arrived at through "further research" after the fact — but then it turned out no "further research" was conducted.
Further weakness, or signs of recovery, could impact the pace and scope of further stimulus measures expected from Beijing this year.
I&aposd cut even further for those families under $100,000 income with three or four kids, I&aposd cut them further.
As it sank, it listed to port and each subsequent torpedo strike hit the ship further and further up its hull.
We may take action on Old Mutual plc's ratings as further reorganisation announcements are made, including further details on debt reduction.
The dollar drew further strength from upbeat U.S. indicators supporting the case for further interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.
That will add to uncertainty about the U.S. outlook and further limit the Fed's already diminished need to further raise rates.
The Greens' lack of transparency about their acquisitions only raises suspicions even further, suspicions, but no proof of any further wrongdoing.
Expectations are rising that the BOJ will have to slash interest rates further into negative levels if the yen strengthen further.
When stuck in depression, one tends to withdraw further and further from life, perpetuating a downward spiral of detachment and despair.
The same goes for Durant, who will benefit from having Thompson and Curry pulling help-side defenders further and further away.
"We've gotten to the point where the thought of a Palestinian homeland gets further and further removed from reality," he said.
It reaffirmed that China would actively reduce overcapacity and further liberalize infrastructure investment, meaning a further opening up to private investment.
An Instagram spokeswoman said the company was actively exploring further privacy protections for under-18s, but would not provide further details.
It took a further small charge for the troubled A400M military programme and warned of further changes later in the year.
But further increases in the rig count are likely to require a further increase in prices to make them sufficiently attractive.
Bizzarri said that thanks to further store facelifts, Gucci aims to further boost sales densities - a measure of profitability in stores.
A Japan Post spokeswoman said the timing of a further share sale has not been decided and declined to further comment.
But the stiffening would make the deck heavier, further increasing the load on the cables, requiring further stiffening, and so forth.
This further lowered the chances of any further ECB action in June even if quarterly staff forecasts were to be cut.
In some cases, you can track a member's progress as they gradually move further and further away from their troubled homes.
I fell further and further behind him in my earnings, and his participation in child care dropped from little to nothing.
She took hold of the center and started to push the Americans back, further and further, back toward Alyssa Naeher's goal.
As we retreat further and further indoors, finding ways to reach out and offer support really could make all the difference.
Soon a hard-won Wikipedia page would further extend the reach of the term — and further enshrine the new video genre.
"It just went further and further downhill," said Matthew Viragh, who once lived near Grand Army Plaza and frequented the place.
As the game wore on, Toronto captain Michael Bradley moved further and further back, helping to shore up T.F.C.'s defense.
Any further breakdown below $1.3000 could likely open the way for significantly further losses into the mid-to-high $1.2000's.
The dollar drew further support from upbeat U.S. indicators underlining the case for further interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve.
In fact, during the last 10 years, worldwide rates have declined, while America has drifted further and further from the norm.
Our goal would be to open it further and further so they can make really strategic playmaking decisions on the fly.
Legislative activity will only decline further if and when the Senate holds an impeachment trial that will further polarize the Capitol.
Now, as NASA reaches further and further away from our planet's orbit, it's being faced with new challenges for feeding astronauts.
RATING SENSITIVITIES IDRs, VR AND SENIOR DEBT An upgrade of the ratings is contingent on further earnings improvement reflecting management's further implementation on BIL's strategy, building further critical mass in private banking and reducing the bank's overall cost base.
After gazing into the replay monitor, N.F.L. referees always say, "Upon further review…" But it isn't further review, it's the first review.
Further issues with the banks and potential big losses for shareholders could spark further support for anti-establishment and anti-euro parties.
Dombrovskis additionally dismissed fears that the European Union could be further destabilised by further referendums on membership of the 28-country block.
Under Regan, the KCRCC has tacked further and further to the right, creating a political platform unrecognizable to Republicans of the past.
And a lot of people are getting left further and further behind because as capitalism gets more advanced it gets more specialized.
Non-stop laughter ensues as the debonair camp counselor encroaches further and further into the less and less oblivious camper's personal space.
As we work further and further to dig out the evil from our national psyche, the landscape itself will start to change.
Over the course of the next 12 hours, the wolf remained relentless, pushing the two further and further away from the truck.
Nowhere is the impact of global warming more visible than the the Arctic, where ice is retreating further and further each summer.
He rebuked the leftist regime in Venezuela, promising "further action" if the government there headed further down the path to authoritarian rule.
As this is still an active police investigation, we cannot provide any further information and must refer further questions to the police.
Buying nearby futures contracts while selling futures further forward, bullish traders profit if nearby prices move higher relative to further forward prices.
The greenback also drew further support from upbeat U.S. indicators underlining the case for further interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve.
We are keeping the same trajectory so that we keep on entrenching ourselves in this city, further and further entwined into Castro.
"Workers naturally obtain further skills and become more knowledgeable in their field as they progress further in their careers," the ONS said.
Further, the strap costs $120 without a Sinn watch (which costs a further few thousand dollars) or $210 without a Sinn watch.
The unscheduled gearbox change brought a further five-place drop, while the further change of power unit incurred another 25-place hit.
China, Binh said, should take "no further unilateral actions that further complicate the situation, and make practical contributions to peace and stability".
It said the test was a failure, but it provided no further details, like the type of missile used, pending further analysis.
The move represents a willingness to lean further into the company's larger lifestyle brand, and further away from one of complete fitness.
Caught in the closed loop of fan-servicing, Trump is setting the nation on a path toward further radicalization and further violence.
Investors are also watching economic data for further clues on whether the Federal Reserve is likely to make further interest rate cuts.
Tourist numbers have fallen more than 40 percent this year, and a further drop would most likely further weaken the Egyptian currency.
Such sanctions would be unlikely to deter further Iranian aggression or prevent them from further testing the limits of the nuclear deal.
The legislature has been pushing abortion care further and further out of reach for decades with medically unnecessary and politically-motivated restrictions.
If the past is prologue to the future, this will only further fragment Europe's politics and further heighten Europe's north-south divide.
They behave as if doing more of the same will get them further ahead, when nothing could be further from the truth.
If consumers show further signs of pulling back, then business leaders are likely to ratchet up the heat on Trump even further.
As the boys in the book deteriorated further and further into chaos and violence, I began to notice Simon more and more.
A weakening currency could very well lead to corporate bankruptcies that further erode investor confidence that leads to a further currency weakness.
About how, by placing us on podiums to look at, but never be close to, we slide further away further from intimacy.
Because they are rewarded with engagement and views, YouTubers are incentivized to create videos that edge further and further to the extreme.
As the world moves further and further away from the wall's demolition, Berlin has reconnected and revitalized itself as a global capital.
One of the key factors that have pushed Ward's campaign further and further to the right is Arpaio's entry into the race.
Maybe it's only with certain types of legislation, like it happened with nominations, as you inch further and further in that direction.
Set up a PAC — call it SanePAC or NotNutsPAC — to help candidates facing primary challenges from the further-right or further-left.
The seeming ineffectiveness of further monetary easing will almost certainly lead to further calls on governments to push the fiscal stimulus button.
This week, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will consider a further output cut to prevent prices from falling further.
Crucially, proposals further to the right typically lost support from Republicans and proposals further to the left typically lost support from Democrats.
It kept venturing further and further inland overnight and was spotted sitting on the road at times and even in someone's driveway.
As Medicaid continues to grow, the program and its finite resources will be further stretched and the program will be further weakened.
This meandering motion has allowed frigid Arctic air to dip further south over certain regions, while warmer equatorial air penetrates further north.
But supporters of the stores say closing them might only spread the problem further, encouraging people to drive further to seek alcohol.
In initially declining to investigate further, and then only doing so under pressure, the department has given further ammunition to its critics.
This lack of specialization and the harsher punishments can also further marginalize women even when they're leaving prison, the report further adds.
Since then, the costs skyrocketed, shooting up by 95 percent as the launch date has slipped further (and further) into the future.
"They just keep accruing the debt, every day getting (further and further) into debt," Metro State University educator Pam Fergus told CNN.
Which will further isolate them from the rest of the country (and the world) and further deepening (and worsening) our political divides.
Further HS2 announcements are taking place today which may clarify the exact route of the rail line as it moves further north.
They think it will further degrade habitat for wildlife, including endangered species like the ocelot and jaguarundi, and further restrict their movement.
"The American worker ... has been stretched further and further and further to make ends meet," said labor leader and United flight attendant Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, which represents some 50,000 flight attendants at 20 airlines.
It is also further evidence that Satya Nadella, Microsoft's chief executive, sees the company's future further and further removed from the PC software that once helped the company's co-founder Bill Gates turn Microsoft into the world's most valuable company.
It could set the stage for religious views intruding further and further on laws designed to make society more civil and more open.
Its discovery is answering a long-standing mystery about dinosaur evolution at a time when Earth's continents began drifting further and further apart.
"The talks could still suffer further setbacks and the risk of further tariffs has not been removed yet," Taylor said in a note.
Further reforms, such as further promoting the yuan's global clout or liberalising the capital account have now been put on the back burner.
"And we may have collected incredibly valuable intelligence that will lead to further disruptions and further counterterrorism activities down the road," Zarate said.
"Neither the White House nor the President will comment further until such oversight is conducted," he added, without further details on Trump's request.
Iranian women, especially in the cities, have long resisted it, pushing the edges of their headscarves back further and further to defy authorities.
Then Facebook — just a just a few days after Zuckerberg told employees he would "try not to antagonize her further" — antagonized her further.
And pushing deposit rates further into negative territory at the Dec15 and Mar16 meetings did not appear to boost lending growth rates further.
Yesterday, veteran referee John McCarthy released a video to give further clarity on the rule changes, which we will look to further explain.
But now it is being driven further and further from the West, and is adding another area of instability to the Middle East.
The company said challenges in reducing sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide emissions could further delay compliance past 2025 and may require further reprieves.
"The Aussie bounce could extend slightly further toward $0.69003, however, we doubt that we will see much further strength near term," said Franulovich.
As Heidi starts to get closer to Walter (maybe even a little unprofessionally), she starts to pull further and further away from Anthony.
"There are no further conditions at the end of the programme, no further restrictions," he said after meeting Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos.
Cornish was pushed further and further down the Cornish peninsula over the last millennium, until the last known native speaker died in 1777.
The Tea Party rose to power by dragging mainstream Republicans further and further to the right, effectively shifting the center of the party.
The repetition is criticism of games at large, for sure, but Taro also uses each new playthrough to look further and further inward.
Further sanctions could hurt Venezuelan oil supply further, already reeling from lack of maintenance and state-run PDVSA's inability to pay its bills.
For further proof, look no further than this video of him playing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from the Mulan soundtrack.
The commission will also say globalisation will contribute to a further widening in inequalities unless further steps are taken to curb its downsides.
You need to be so busy that the image of them in the back of your head gets pushed further and further away.
The bank expects to further save £800 million, after RBS chief executive Ross McEwan warned of further changes to be made in 2016.
Nevertheless, she's clearly spiraling further and further into insanity, which means Jaime is going give up on her at some point; hopefully soon.
A shock devaluation of the yuan last August and further declines earlier this year sparked financial market turmoil and worries about further devaluations.
It pushes us further into our separate tribal epistemologies, further challenging the already marginal sense of institutional legitimacy necessary for democracy to function.
We cannot ignore the innate violence of this rhetoric, which has spurred us further and further into a place of polarization and discord.
We are putting all further development of our projects with RatPac Entertainment on hold until we are able to review the situation further.
It leads to growing social and economic gaps and allows the 1 percent to drift further and further away from the 99 percent.
But even arm's-length readers are apt to find themselves being drawn further and further into the story — seduced in spite of themselves.
As a result, Washington and Ankara — though still formally bound together as treaty partners — seem destined to continue drifting further and further apart.
She added that she was pushed further and further away until she quit in 2000, fearing she could no longer protect her friend.
"With falling prices, pessimists started to make money on their bets, fueling further short selling and further downward pressure on prices," they wrote.
If for some ridiculous reason you needed further proof that Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty much a perfect human being, then look no further.
But everyone I spoke to agrees that at some point they lost control of the code and it slowly spread further and further.
This is why further discussion, research, and dialogue needs to be had now before we progress further into the second-wave digisexuality movement.
But while I seemed to those around me to be moving confidently towards the fix, my subconscious was backing further and further away.
These men spin easy narratives and are masters of scapegoating, luring more followers while Westminster drifts further and further away from everyday reality.
The drop indicates further weakness in the world's second largest economy and puts further pressure on Chinese lawmakers to announce new economic stimulus.
They used that power to move the debate on issues like health care and immigration further and further right, often tanking negotiations altogether.
She pushes a brand forward that is unique, and it's very much her even though we'd say push this further, push this further.
The ratings further reflect BAWAG's planned significant growth in the medium term, especially through further opportunistic acquisitions of loan portfolios or other banks.
" If the events of the past week prove anything to Ms. Olmstead, "it's that these memorials are splitting us further and further apart.
And, to add further injury, to further deepen the wounds, their abuse is often invalidated or minimized by society and health care professionals.
The Trump administration has said further Turkish aggression will be met with sanctions but has not supplied any further details or a timeline.
Expectations of a further reduction in the country's already record-low interest rates- according to a central bank survey- further pressured the currency.
Shows you how much further along Vietnam is, and how much further along the Vietnamese Communist Party is in terms of self-confidence.
It's the kind of asset that smaller companies can't always pay for, allowing Amazon to pull further and further away from the competition.
A further cut or a suspension of production would further weigh on Boeing, which is facing a rising bill from the Max's grounding.
A lack of coherent resistance will fuel what he admits to be his excessive tolerance for risk as he escalates further and further.
Poll data suggests that Trump is driving Democratic liberals further left and conservative Republicans further right on a key test of racial attitudes.
The art market boom of the late 1980s only further accelerated sell-offs, and engendered even further changes to museum protocol regarding deaccessioning.
This further imbalances power in favor of the executive branch, which may both embolden it to take further steps and inflame its opponents.
Simply put, Trump's order reaches much, much further than Obama's did — and it's exactly how it reaches further that's drawing so much outrage.
As it expanded further and further, it lost energy and momentum, becoming diffuse, aimless, and, by the end of book five, plain boring.
It's therefore quite worrying that both officials have inserted themselves further and further into the military-planning process when it comes to Iran.
ECB President Mario Draghi unleashed further firepower to its bond-buying program – deciding to cut interest rates further into negative territory and include corporate bonds in its asset purchases – in a further bid to stimulate growth and inflation in the 19-country bloc.
Investors say the dollar's decline has further to run as it remains broadly undervalued and that this may fuel further gains in asset markets.
With this new funding in the bag, Vahdam is aiming to further develop its business in the U.S. and make further inroads in Europe.
And so they reversed precedent to further weaken the voice of working people and further weaken labor unions, which is part of the problem.
"We expect to gradually remove further monetary policy accommodation and snug up interest rates a little bit further in the months ahead," Dudley said.
The Pirelli calendar is straying further and further from its naked-women-and-fast-cars look, and we couldn't be more here for it.
However, European nations and many in the U.S. national security community would like to see further direct support, likely training and perhaps further weapons.
And Saudi Arabia's pledge to limit oil exports even further this summer contributed to a further tightening of the supply-demand balance since July.
"(The) policy rate should increase further to avoid further erosion of the purchasing power of the local currency and anchor inflationary expectations," it added.
One thing is certain: If the price of Bitcoin sinks further and further, "staff adjustments" at crypto startups large and small will be unavoidable.
To start getting the $213 billion in job-creation subsidies, the company must meet certain hiring benchmarks, and it's falling further and further behind.
Those plans now appear to be on hold while further tests are carried out and the country club is temporarily shut until further notice.
So many women I know say they're slowly turning into their mothers, but my mother and I seem to veer further and further apart.
"Lower income people, largely POC, are getting pushed further and further away, and most getting pushed out of the city all together," Louque explains.
This is an unsustainable amount of expenditure, and we cannot further compound the problem by financially assisting with occurring further debt at this point.
Further Margin Contraction Unlikely: Fitch believes further margin contraction is unlikely in the medium term due to a volume recovery across most product segments.
"We have not been able to confirm any further details at this stage and are urgently seeking further information," a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.
Further Actions Both parties also agree that, in the event the measures adopted do not have the expected results, they will take further actions.
His government demanded the "complete" isolation of North Korea through further UN sanctions, and vowed to strengthen its military alliance with America even further.
It said the ratings are under review for a further downgrade because of "potential for a further deterioration in Toshiba's operating and financial performance".
Kosmos spokesman Thomas Golembeski, declined to give further details on the nature or timing of the project, adding that further appraisal work was planned.
He's able to "further consolidate his support while at the same time further alienating and marginalizing another segment of the US population," she said.
When I began to use YouTube more to watch running videos, the recommended and auto-play videos kept pushing me further and further along.
The pellets it fires are too spread out to do a lot of damage, but each hit pushes the enemy further and further away.
"Each time we hear that there's a further reduction in the amount that can be anticipated, we have to make further adjustments," Abramson said.
Watching these women make the same mistakes over and over again, digging their heels further and further into their own neuroses is exceedingly frustrating.
Sitting on an inflatable flamingo in the sea seems like a great Instagram opportunity, until you get pulled further...and further out to sea.
I was anchorless, rudderless, drifting further and further away from the comforting shore of context into the dark and deep waters of total incomprehension.
Judge Denny Chin further said that the cellphone destruction was not a separate issue but was a further step in the ball-deflation plot.
"I would weigh myself every day, and as it would go further and further down I would decide to keep going," Ruby tells PEOPLE.
Everything devolves into screaming matches on social media, a deafening echo chamber that spirals further and further into dark places while nothing gets solved.
For much of its length, you're simply trudging further and further down an infinite series of tunnels and staircases in a mysterious gray city.
Instead of barreling full-disclosure ahead, consider the egg toss approach, where you start with a little lob and gradually "throw" further and further.
You can speed up your growth curve by getting Egg Incubators, further increasing your array of potential Pokémon to further progress in the game.
The further back the human mitogenomic tree is traced, they point out, the more uncertainty creeps into it, so further investigation would be desirable.
Some diplomats in Vienna claim that destruction and further exposure of Iran's weapons plans will cause further instability in the implementation of the JCPOA.
EUR 0.71 MILLION * ‍MIC AG WILL USE PURCHASE PRICE PAYMENT TO FURTHER REDUCE EXISTING LIABILITIES​ Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Gdynia Newsroom)
Further underpinning JGBs, speculation is growing among investors and strategists that the BOJ will take further stimulus steps at its July 28-29 meeting.
"As the tide raced in I kept relocating my tripod further and further back until the light peaked and I captured this amazing moment."
But in a sign that further unrest could be ahead, opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi called for further protests in a statement late on Monday.
Robbie is a musician whose career has erred further and further towards the unintelligible (to the ordinary human brain, at least) in recent years.
"Comey disgraced himself and his office to further a personal political agenda, and this report further confirms that fact," the White House's statement said.
As she gets more and more powerful, the performer has shied further and further away from publicity and the press, giving precious few interviews.
That is what is driving the two political parties increasingly further and further toward the ideologically defined positions, if you will the ideological extremes.
Depending on further action by governments around the world, as well as customer demand, Hydro could take further measures to adapt to the situation.
So, in that way, these ideas that you are talking about have gotten further and further away from us, and especially in this age.
Each year, as the events of my youth recede further and further, my current life carries more emotional significance than that long-ago era.
Depending on further action by governments around the world, as well as customer demand, Hydro could take further measures to adapt to the situation.
"If the coronavirus spreads further globally, then we expect further downside risk to our estimates," Goldman Sachs analyst Brian Singer wrote in a report.
"As the population increases, cities move further and further out to form a metropolitan area," says Liz Allen, a demographer at Australian National University.
In 2019, the franchisee saw its debt slide further and further into junk territory after credit downgrades from S&P Global Ratings and Moody's.
This week's Champions League fixtures should provide further compelling evidence of why such a project would work, and further reason for UEFA to worry.
Also, as oceans warm, so do their ability to fuel strong tropical cyclones, and keep those cyclones spinning further and further from the equator.
Maybe as women, as people of color, we have to go one step further — 10 steps, 15 steps further — just to show our worth.
When asked if these costs could further increase, Moscovici said the EU "is ready to consider a further temporary deviation from the (budget) objectives" but Rome needs to go further than it has so far proposed to meet the terms of the EU Stability pact.
That said, the current VR reflects the agency's anticipation of some further improvements, thus limiting the prospects of a further upgrade in the near term.
Democrats could retake control of the House of Representatives, throwing a monkey wrench in the President's plans to further cut taxes and further deregulate business.
A package of further monetary easing measures expected to be delivered by the ECB in September could further ramp up the impact of bond purchases.
The Fed held rates steady, discarded its promise of "further gradual increases" in rates and said it would be "patient" before making any further moves.
Chang does think the renminbi will fall further, to about 7.3 from the 6.9 it's at today, but any further depreciation could be a problem.
Further, the firm expects to roll over profits from their initial prototype into still-in-development schemes, further reducing their cost in the long run.
So if you needed any further definitive proof that Kim is a totally changed woman, look no further than this multimillionaire's left hand ring finger.
"If we go further and further down [in scale], we're going to hit a region that we don't have a good theory for," Anders said.
It slowly builds, adding more instruments and volume as it goes on, creating this feeling of being sucked further and further in, like a riptide.
McQueen's allusions to experiencing a "sinister" time with sex, for instance, further described as a moment when he was finding himself, are not probed further.
Another possibility is that, as voting moves forward in April and May, the leading Democrat keeps seeing that magical percentage move further and further away.
"Millions of seniors, disabled veterans and people with disabilities are falling further and further behind on $10,000 or $11,000 a year Social Security," he added.
"Based on this free trade agreement I'm sure that it will further promote our trade and investment as well as further promote our technology cooperation."
UBI's ratings are also sensitive to a further weakening in earnings generation, which could lead to a downgrade if it puts capital under further pressure.
The question is how Moscow will respond: Will this deter Russia from further interference in the US election, or cause them to go even further?
With Brexit uncertainty set to bite further and mortgage interest rates at their floor, we think London's fall in house prices has further to run.
Tobago had become a no-profit liability for Britain, who distanced itself further and further until they finally annexed the island to Trinidad in 1889.
Further delays will only create more hardship, endanger communities, and further erode citizens' belief that the government is there for them in times of need.
"New concerns have arisen which are now the subject of further, high-priority investigation by Europol," he added in the letter, without providing further details.
But others argue that power consumption is a far more vital consideration, especially as you climb further and further up the SAE levels of automation.
" Juul went on to further emphasize its efforts to deter teen vaping, noting that it would "continue to develop technologies to further restrict underage access.
Any changes that move the bill further to the right from there is viewed by Ryan's team as almost certainly to only alienate them further.
You came up through a left-of-center dubstep style with Vex'd, yet your solo work moved further and further away from familiar drum patterns.
Yes, the cavemen are often rewarded for their noxious behavior — and we need look no further than the White House for further proof of this.
A further breakdown for each word or phrase gives you the ability to further adjust your accent so you sound more like an experienced student.
FURTHER DETAIL The ECB confirmed in its March minutes that tiering had been discussed, and any further detail later on Wednesday will be keenly received.
The result: a Labour Party yet further alienated from ordinary voters and a Britain yet further deprived of the effective opposition it so badly needs.
"The Fed can tighten further, but not too much further from here," said Adnan Akant, head of currencies at BNP Asset Management in New York.
If, on further and calm investigation, the customer is revealed to be seriously wrong, you can always move to the playbook's Upon Further Review page.
Investors took that to mean the Fed did not want to see the currency rise any further and might delay further increases in interest rates.
The administration official confirming the new round of talks did not provide further details on the expected duration of the talks or any further rounds.
Further, GE has said that it expects oil and gas revenue to fall a further 10-15 percent in 2016 because of weak oil prices.
They actually further developed some of the designs that they received from North Korea — and they further designed other missiles they got from North Korea.
As such, the data will further fuel expectations that the ECB will unleash further quantitative easing and deeper negative interest rates at its March meeting.
"Any further meaningful rally in oil prices will likely lead to further US pressure to ease" output cuts by OPEC and its allies, Goldman said.
The comet that it is orbiting — Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko — is getting further and further away from the Sun as it heads out toward Jupiter.
She still hopes to stay on as chancellor until 2021, but further poor performances next year would further weaken both Merkel and her ruling coalition.
Much of this money will surely be wasted, further enriching the new breed of fat-cat campaign operatives, and further alienating voters with toxic advertising.
Police have found that car chases often result in innocent people or officers getting hurt as a pursuit spirals further and further out of control.
Since then, this number has exponentially increased, further diverting our attention and further underscoring the importance of the press, the gatekeepers of the First Amendment.
Fitch views further reduction in tribal debt favorably as well as the commitment to building liquidity at the tribal level, further supporting STOF's credit profile.
"Management and the board will assess such control weaknesses and identify whether any further remedial actions are required," the company said, without providing further details.
As my youth ebbs further and further away from me, I've found myself wondering about what goes on at a contemporary school disco these days.
"The 2020 forecast assumes that no further downside risks materialize, particularly that trade-related issues do not escalate further," OPEC said of the economic outlook.
I could sense myself drifting further and further away from the paradigm that was my parents and the way I thought things had to be.
Netanyahu's Likud party was re-elected into power in 2015, veering further rightwards with its pledge to end talk of further withdrawals from occupied land.
But further study revealed anatomical differences in the skull and vertebrae, and the coloration pattern Silva chose further distinguishes it from its more famous relative.
It was further censured for sending fake lawyers' letters to customers in arrears — and had to pay out a further £2.6M in compensation for that.
And two Republicans on the panel, Mike Pompeo and Jim Jordan, carried that assessment further with their own supplemental report that bashed Clinton even further.
It was not immediately clear if further parachute testing will be required or if it could result in further delays in the overall Starliner program.
The new owners remain open to further investment; the only requirement is that any further Friends should not have "terms and conditions" to their input.
The state's demographics are shifting further and further away from Republicans, and the state is becoming more and more entrenched in a culture of partisanship.
"There are going to be further actions, further dialogue with Mexico in immigration, on how to manage the asylum flow in the region," he said.
On the vast and cavernous Met stage, Patrick Kinmonth's minimalist sets keep peeling back as though we are traveling further and further into Jane's mind.
And shouldn't they expect that their children and grandchildren will move further and further toward a world where that history will eventually become truly past?
But of course, there is room, if used intelligently, there is room enough to give further clarification and further interpretations without opening the withdrawal agreement.
"Looks like BI wants further clarity before resuming policy easing," Fulvian said, adding that a further rate cut could happen as early as next month.
"Looks like BI wants further clarity before resuming policy easing," Fulvian said, adding that a further rate cut could happen as early as next month.
And the timing of the jet's return to the skies is uncertain, which means that further compensation and continued slow production could increase costs further.
Were May to secure an extension of two to three months, some diplomats see a further possibility of Britain then asking for a further delay.
Requirements would become especially urgent after 2020, "in order to combat further aging and to ensure the investment backlog does not grow further," it said.
Restrictions were tightened further in Hubei over the weekend with most vehicles banned from the roads and companies told to stay shut until further notice.
"They just keep accruing the debt, every day getting (further and further) into debt," she said, adding that some families owed as much as $1,000.
They need to move gradually further and further away from their parents, but they need to know they can come back for reassurance and comfort.
Once you've set up a password manager, take things a step further and enable two-factor authentication to further improve the security of your accounts.
"If people get pushed out further and further, there are fewer reliable ways to get to work, so they opt for a car," Croft said.
"While not expected or planned, further deterioration of plant performance or emergence of other risks may necessitate invoking further stages of load-shedding," Eskom said.
Meanwhile, Israel indicated Tuesday that further military action against Iranian forces in Syria could happen, a development that would further complicate the seven-year conflict.
For spacecraft that want to go further and further away from earth, a new system is necessary — and x-ray navigation could be the answer.
Then at the same time you have Omar Hammami, who was a quite observant Muslim who drifted further and further toward fundamentalism, and then militancy.
But she went further ... claiming the criticism is misogyny ... that male artists like Marilyn Manson went way further and escaped the wrath of the public.
As the gap between the candidates shrank further and further, several Republicans, including President Donald Trump; Rick Scott, who's currently governor of Florida; and Sen.
"The further we get from full employment the further risk there is," Rosengren said in remarks at a meeting of the National Association for Business Economics.
This opposition from pro-European politicians suggests not only further debate on the government's Brexit plans, but also further disruption in the already divided Labour party.
Now, as the summer trickled on and the Mirage lay dormant, Cityfox's dreams of creating a raver's paradise seemed to be floating further and further away.
Further down the page, indie games are further broken down into category spotlights — like lists of those with "incredible sound design" or "unforgettable stories," for example.
But I pushed further and further, and finally he gave in and gave me an insane price that I'm sure was just to scare me away.
MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine annual inflation accelerated in July and moved further away from the central bank's comfort range, strengthening expectations for further policy tightening this week.
Meanwhile, Australian wheat production could drop further from a decade-low of 21.2 million tonnes last year, piling further upwards pressure on grain from the country.
"With further opportunities for market share gains as the turnaround continues at Speedy Hire, we see potential for further upgrades as the year progresses," Poulton said.
With Trump threatening further action on steel and aluminum imports from China as well as alleged Chinese intellectual property rights abuses, the conflict could escalate further.
It was jarring to watch Chalamet's Nic spiral further and further and then read that the real Nic is, in fact, alive and sober in 2018.
The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday affirmed it would be "patient" on further interest rate rises after four in 2018, further cooling off rate hike expectations.
Now that she's ventured even further out emotionally, the next phase would seem to be stepping further out into the world of more experimental music production.
A shift in battery chemistry toward higher nickel content, which would allow cars to go further on a single charge, is expected to boost demand further.
However, having exhausted most of its statutory tax flexibility further macroeconomic shocks that may affect the revenue base would further impair the projected margins of Piemonte.
"Sanctions will just push Turkey further out of the Western orbit and further into the hands of the West's enemies, Russia, Iran, et al," Ash said.
The researchers manually parsed these results (literally eyeballing the data), pruning the list down further and further as they pinpointed the source of each false positive.
"There are no further conditions at the end of the program, no further restrictions," he said after a meeting with Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos in Athens.
"The main factor is an expectation the U.S. dollar will rise further as the Fed raises rates further and U.S. economic growth remains strong," he added.
And with China, their main export competitor, expected to to let the renminbi weaken further, these countries will face further pressure to let their currencies fall.
But "until we are more certain of the balance between lower growth and rising inflation", he said, loosening policy further risked pushing inflation further above target.
Each new boundary is broken down the moment you reach it, the game world spilling out and expanding further and further than you can possibly imagine.
"This would provide further support to prices, which in turn would offer further encouragement to the U.S. shale oil sector and other producers," the IEA added.
And as long as that's not invoked, I will do everything to further... to do my part to further... this investigation coming to a swift conclusion.
The U.S. dollar is retreating from a multiyear bull market in 2016 as expectations for a Federal Reserve rate increase get pushed further and further out.
As AP discovered upon further exploring these options, Google's prompts further explain what each setting means, but only after you toggle each one on or off.
The European Central Bank on Thursday further eased monetary policy, while expectations are growing again for the U.S. Federal Reserve to further tighten policy this year.
Further, by encouraging the reinvestment of the tax savings, firms will have an incentive to invest and grow, resulting in a further stimulus to the economy.
Its randomly generated worlds stretch on forever, serving up new mysteries, new treasures and new dangers as you range further and further into the blocky landscape.
With VR, you go a step further in removing those minor reminders or distractions, and a step further in fully saturating your mind in another reality.
Sanctions will only further deter dialogue between Moscow and Washington, thereby pushing us further away from the diplomatic resolutions that would be in everyone's best interests.
But it would also damage all the "forgotten men and women" who have been put further and further behind with each cycle of recession and recovery.
Further asked by Reed about the military holding back data about U.S. operations in Afghanistan, Miller likewise said he needs to further assess why that's happening.
" Faranello noted Powell did leave the door open for further easing if needed, but added that Powell "had to raise the bar for further rate cuts.
Employer-led meal schemes are popular in France and Lunchr has taken the concept further by digitizing the process further into an app and payment card.
Still, polls have shown the Democrats slipping further and further from taking the Senate as their lead in the House narrows, despite their continued spending lead.
As children get sick, and pregnant and women try to stay cool in the powerful tropical heat, she said the situation is deteriorating further and further.
In your ideal world, people with money would continue to receive a good education and the people who don't would be left further and further behind.
That includes "downgrading of diplomatic relations with India" and a further review of bilateral arrangements between the two countries, a committee statement said, without elaborating further.
"There have been so many cuts to benefits and welfare that sanitary products fall further and further on the list, below heating and food," Hannah explains.
Perhaps further looking at how you posture troops along the demilitarized zone might do that, or how moving artillery further out of range might do that.
"There are no further conditions at the end of the programme, no further restrictions," he said after a meeting with Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos in Athens.
On average, the Democratic base moved 1.5 points further to the left of swing voters, while the Republican base moved 6.5 points further to the right.
But lobsters are cold-water animals, and while a slight uptick in ocean temperature has spurred their growth, further increases will likely drive them further north.
These conservative lawmakers have used this power to move the debate on issues like health care and immigration further and further right, often tanking negotiations altogether.
Climate change is projected to further shorten the length of a day by about 0.12 milliseconds over the next two centuries as glaciers melt even further.
But she started making so much money, and her success came so quickly, that the years passed, and she let college slip further and further away.
When I heard it I was blown away, the flow was perfect, and those trademark long blends of his just suck you further and further in.
As the company explained to me: The hardware to further push the latency down further did not exist, so we decided to invent the technology ourselves.
In other words, without government intervention, people who have wealth and investments will always be getting further and further ahead of the worker, the wage earner.
This could also further dry the Amazon and lead to the buildup of warm water in the Southern Ocean, which could further melt ice in Antarctica.
Let's further imagine that all this passes through Tillerson's head before he grabs the Washington Post and discovers that Trump has taken his Australia bashing further.
That said, Lightricks does plan to further expand BoostApps further down the road with more tools that will integrate scheduling, smart algorithms and post optimization features.
Further boosting risk sentiment, the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed a resolution to stop U.S. President Donald Trump from further military action against Iran.
Further to the IMO's changes, external observers are particularly concerned about the supply disruptions caused by Washington's plan to impose further sanctions against Iran in November.
Any hold of former Bush administration officials or Generals McMaster and Kelly is steering the White House further and further away from the administration's original intent.
But Mr. Netanyahu's continued support of settlements, "strategically placed in locations that make two states impossible," he said, is driving a solution further and further away.
Without giving further details, JPMorgan said in a statement on Wednesday that the cancellation was signed and that no further actions were being pursued by prosecutors.
And the White House's attempt at explaining why Kelly did nothing -- and, in fact, pushed Porter further and further into the Trump inner circle -- falls flat.
It would support and run candidates who pledge to represent the middle, and not chase either party as they move further and further to the fringes.
Apart from that, the market is also concerned whether Russian energy companies would be further affected should U.S. continues to impose further economic sanctions against Russia.
In 2017, the ICA identified 176 "corrective actions" to be taken by Volkswagen and a further 240, in 2018, the report said without providing further detail.
As the show sprawls further and further from its home base of Winterfell and/or King's Landing, it's having to use more and more storytelling shortcuts.
While OPEC has not ruled out further action, officials hope prices will be supported by further output declines in January as producers implement the new deal.
And the Freedom Caucus has been at the center of every GOP fight, from health care to agricultural subsidies, moving the debate further and further right.
The instinct to lie is cultivated over time through many tiny heartbreaks by which they get further and further away from themselves because they've been hurt.
" He added that "longer-range, a further legislative assault on illegal wealth, changes to restrictive labor and land acquisition laws and further FDI liberalisation are all likely further next steps and reforms that the administration is likely to press on in the next 2000-22 months.
What is indisputable, though, is that as AI gets further incorporated, and the society potentially gets wealthier, the link between production and distribution, how much you work and how much you make, gets further and further attenuated—the computers are doing a lot of the work.
" Andrew Seidel, a lawyer with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, notes that although it's hard to know what this will mean in practice, "It's an invitation — but one that carries great authority — to go further and further and further in shrinking the distance between church and state.
The alliance said in a statement it would suspend the strike from Wednesday until further notice, though it encouraged people to remain mobilized for possible further action.
And if you need any further evidence to prove how clearly the women of Game of Thrones are kicking ass this season, look no further than Sansa.
As you can see, as more and more solar energy comes online during the sunny daytime hours, demand for utility electricity is pushed down further and further.
As the Rhythm Method's music gets out further and further beyond the net curtains of Greater London's suburban sprawl, a conversion seems to be starting to occur.
Still, while freight rates are not expected to rise further, the oil and shipping industry remained wary of the potential for further conflict in the Middle East.
But then Simon breaks the pattern, and Clarke has to reconsider everything she thought she knew as she falls further and further into this life-threatening case.
Subsequent Democratic presidents—Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Mr Obama—have pushed the government further and further towards universal health-care provision, but the resistance has been strong.
But that's the basic dynamic at play here — and it's one that will continue to move the larger individual market further and further away from the ACA.
FFS, all we want is some fried chicken and to listen to "Flashing Lights" without it meaning anything insidious, but that possibility seems further and further away.
When you threaten to build a wall and choose to isolate instead of unite, we move further and further away from the country we aspire to be.
There'll be no further development, no miraculous Windows 241 Mobile revivals, and no further attempts to compete with the overwhelming duopoly of Apple's iOS and Google's Android.
As Michael's image filled the screen behind her, she went further and further off-key until she finally aborted the performance and demanded to restart the number.
Sudan imported one shipment of new banknotes last month, and three further shipments are due to arrive soon, a finance ministry source said, without giving further details.
But as our plans for space get bigger and further so do our rocket designs to allow for the possibility of trips further out, even to Mars.
I was really worried, in case it leads to a further arrest or further accusations, then I'm just gonna be in a really, really messed up position.
Although Suntory is still operating in China, Niinami said the company needs further clarity on the U.S.-China trade dispute before further investment decisions can be made.
"Further extensions of the tariffs, as recently announced, will further increase these numbers," said Stephen Redding, a professor at Princeton University and an author of the report.
If that line of attack causes further breaches and further damage, it's hard to say whether the liability will fall on Facebook or the third-party service.
In bond markets, the report sparked a further downward lurch in government borrowing costs -- especially in southern Europe, viewed as the biggest beneficiary of further ECB easing.
A further price decline could hurt risk sentiment, which would benefit safe-havens like the yen, and also further push down bond yields to the dollar's disadvantage.
"The DLC shitstorm hit full force and washed away people's enthusiasm, dragging us further and further from that first magical pick-up-and-play experience," they wrote.
In many instances it seems the further out we gaze, the further inward we see, and the play of macro/micro space becomes another topic for reflection.
So our government tries to work together with the international community to further promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment to further promote international cooperation.
A spokeswoman for IAG declined to give further details on the decision not to pursue Norwegian further, but said "we wish Norwegian every success in the future".
Once subsumed under a digital wallet, though, that "usage" component gets further and further out of Capital One's control, with tremendous implications on downstream interest (lending) revenue.
RATING SENSITIVITIES IDRS, VR AND SENIOR DEBT Bankia Upside could arise in the medium term from further improvement in asset quality, combined with further strengthening of profitability.
This actually helped to exonerate Hillary even further, but it was also an opportunity Republicans exploited as they sliced and diced his comments to further damage Clinton.
Every day brings us a new wrinkle that continues to push the Donald Trump presidency further and further into Twilight Zone territory, and Wednesday is no different.
In bond markets, the report sparked a further downward lurch in government borrowing costs — especially in southern Europe, viewed as the biggest beneficiary of further ECB easing.
Regional elections in the coming months could heighten tensions in government further or even trigger a change of parties in charge, further complicating any future state support.
BAML further explains that the bull market in European equities is in full swing and there is scope for further upside from a fundamental and valuation perspective.
Debt Burden to Decline Further: FFO adjusted net leverage dropped to 4.4x at FYE17 (FYE7503: 6.0x) and we estimate a further reduction to below 4.0x by FYE19.
So while the Fed is already far further down the road of post-crisis policy normalisation than its peers, the gap may be about to widen further.
Further attacks on hunting, whether on social media or by gun control advocates seeking to ban common semi-automatic hunting rifles, could put the industry further behind.
As a photographer trying to push further and further into the sphere of what is considered 'successful,' it becomes immediately clear that identity is a dangerous word.
The Fed managed to walk a tight rope of keeping the door open to further rate cuts but raising the bar for further policy moves moving forward.
As more shoppers buy online and Amazon creeps further and further into the space, money is flowing to more certain bets and avoiding anything bricks and mortar.
The BoE has a further repo scheduled for next Tuesday, two days before the June 23 vote, and a further one on the Tuesday after the referendum.
"These individuals are living further and further outside of the respective cities — commuting up to two hours each way — in order to save on cost of living."
If you need further proof, look no further than how the department has chosen to enforce its rule — clearing the way for the class action trial bar.
"We can't sit around for 100 years while the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful and everyone else falls further and further behind," Warren said.
"We need to have further discussion and further compromise, and I point out that states, like New Jersey, subsidize the nation in so many ways," he said.
But that surge has now faded, and could dip further following a recent agreement between Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping to temporarily suspend further tariff hikes.
The Drug Enforcement Agency ordered the number of opioids produced last year cut by 25 percent and a further 20 percent this year, with further reductions likely.
They look like they will subdue business confidence further and lead to a further retrenchment of spending by businesses and consumers, raising the risk of a recession.
"Post the election, with further clarity on certain policies and large ticket investments, I think that could be a further catalyst for growth going forward," he said.
At least with his wall, Mr. Trump gets to pretend that he is still in control, even as his administration sinks further and further into the swamp.
In effect, right-wing media took an audience already inclined to traditionalism and deliberately played on its fears and anxieties, pushing it further and further into tribalism.
Magnetic Fields opens my eyes even further, pointing out work by Alma Thomas, Mildred Thompson, and Howardena Pindell that could expand the Abstract Expressionist canon even further.
Immediately after Donald Trump was elected president, Sarah Weber started work on "While I fall further and further behind" (2017), a large and engrossing colored pencil drawing.
"Our role is to get kids in schools so that they're not further disadvantaged or further traumatized," said Lorraine Armbrister, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education.
Bloomberg's chances were dashed further after Klobuchar and Buttigieg withdrew from the race at the beginning of the week, further consolidating the moderate Democratic vote for Biden.
The central bank, worried about the baht's strength, had announced plans to further relax rules on capital outflows and was expected cut rates further to help growth.
The orbiting telescope has been low on coolant fuel for years, and now it is trailing further and further away from the Earth, making operations more difficult.
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office further estimated that the cost of subsidies would continue to rise by staying the course, further burdening the already overburdened working class.
A weaker currency may further lift inflation and hit domestic consumption, while lower exports may further increase unemployment, which some analysts expect will top 20% this year.
This will jeopardize U.S. policy and presence, further endanger civilians in Iraq (including those leading an ongoing pro-democracy movement) and bring further instability to the region.
At some point all of them will be unable to drive — further limiting their ability to accomplish these daily tasks, further limiting their sphere of social interaction.
As the investors and companies await more clarity on the Trump's approach to regulation, the stock market has been ticking further and further up to record highs.
A Cognizant spokesman confirmed the report and said in a statement that a court has instructed the tax department not to take further action pending further hearings.
"It will likely prompt further risk rating downgrades in their (banks') SNC portfolios, which may lead to further provisioning," said Julie Solar, a senior director at Fitch.
But one set of dangers, further trade-offs with mass deportation hard-liners, need to be explored further and more publicly before legislators go down that path.
A year later, Toyota was back on top and, since then, GM has fallen further and further behind Volkswagen and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, as well.
"Some would say it even endangers a victory in November because the further you go to the left or right, the further you frustrate independents," Cleaver said.
"But we don't want that further extension to be a licence for indecision... A rolling extension that just leads to further indecision, further majorities against things but for nothing isn't a solution for anyone," he said, adding that there was also real concern around Britain's European parliamentary election obligations.
Early last month Bostic said the Fed should be patient about further interest rate rises until there is greater clarity on the economy's performance, speaking before the Fed decided two weeks ago to scrap its promises of further gradual interest rate hikes and to be "patient" on further moves.
So part of putting the companies together, in addition to the phenomenal expansion of clinical service capabilities, it boils down to three things: The ability to further improve affordability; the ability to further expand choice; and the ability to further improve predictability, which comes after your last piece.
"We have already said more than once that any action which escalates tension ... and further aggravates the already complicated situation will only move us further and further away from the moment of settling this internal issue of Ukraine," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters.
The bank was widely expected to preserve its zero interest-rate policy, but the market expects further monetary policy stimulus further down the line from global central banks.
But the cushion of spare capacity is already low and will shrink further as OPEC boosts its output, leaving the market without much capacity to absorb further disruptions.
So, in an interview with CNBC on Monday, Saudi energy Minister Ali Al-FALIH hinted at further production controls, saying OPEC would not allow inventories to rise further.
The hospital confirmed that Wiygul's father was treated there but did not provide further details about his condition; Wiygul has not responded to CNN's request for further comment.
In addition, the startup plans to spend on recruitment to add a further dozen or so staff to its current 40 person headcount, and for further product development.
Click here to view original GIFWe typically only get to see rocket launches from ground level, where the space-bound craft drifts further and further away from sight.
Celyad retains all rights to grant further licenses to third parties for the use of allogeneic CAR-T cells Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Gdynia Newsroom)
On Monday, Orban's cabinet minister Antal Rogan announced that the government would further tighten restrictions on civil society groups under the "Stop Soros" bill, without providing further details.
You'd capture one pulse when it was here, the next one when it was a little further, the next one when it was even further, and so on.
The statement after the December meeting replaced the phrase "the Committee expects that further gradual increases" would be appropriate, to "judges that some further gradual increases" are coming.
That was the allure of even the old notion of manifest destiny, people within America moving further and further west, hoping to settle their own patches of land.
To be sure, strategists' forecasts are getting further and further away, as the recent drop in stocks is making the targets appear more bullish than their outlooks suggest.
The U.S. military official said depriving Islamic State of the Manbij pocket would help further isolate the militants and further undermine their ability to funnel supplies to Raqqa.
But then I realized Fiorina is Cruz's Hail Mary pass, his "reset button" on a campaign for a nomination that is falling further and further out of reach.
Feinstein to maintain confidentiality until we have had further opportunity to speak, and then said you were 'available to speak further, vacationing in the mid-Atlantic until Aug.
Then we just started pushing the anatomy further and further away until we landed at this movie monster that Jordan was looking for, where it has massive brows.
As one zooms in further and further, it seems as if each reality contains within itself another vastly different one, nested one in the other like Russian dolls.
"A foreign woman in Yangon who is pregnant was found to have contracted Zika virus and further examination is being carried out," MRTV reported without giving further details.
The US military official said depriving Islamic State of the Manbij pocket would help further isolate the militants and further undermine their ability to funnel supplies to Raqqa.
VR CBK's VR could be upgraded further if its company profile continues to improve, including further diversification of the franchise and business model, and a reduction in concentration.
Asked if fighting for the religion included taking up arms, Jumadi, the spokesman, said "it would need further discussion to answer that question" before declining to elaborate further.
"The continued slowdown in May profit growth further supports our view that growth momentum has remained weak or possibly weakened further," economists at Nomura said in a note.
Therefore the group retains only limited financial flexibility for further bolt-on acquisitions, and Fitch assumes that any further large acquisitions would be at least partly equity-funded.
A further price decline could hurt risk sentiment, which would benefit safe-havens such as the yen, and also further push down bond yields to the dollar's disadvantage.
Currency strategists at BNP Paribas further noted the real risks facing the Aussie were external, not domestic, and that the currency could fall further in the near term.
During Northern Hemisphere summer (Southern Hemisphere winter), the days are increasingly longer further north and shorter further south, because the Earth is facing the Sun at a tilt.
Most analysts expect the BOJ to ease further this month, with economic growth having ground to a halt and inflation sliding further away from its 2 percent target.
Boyce further claims that after frequent attempts made by Weber to get in touch, he states to have either delayed or denied any further interactions with the photographer.
The idea is that by working through the existing political system to win on policy, they will be able to push the Democratic party further and further left.
On top of that, Ant Financial is raising $3 billion in debt funding to finance further M&A activity that could extend its — and Alibaba's — reach further still.
In a recent report, he stated car companies are continuing to move the FM radio tuner further and further away from the center of the car's entertainment system.
Health-insurer stocks rallied Wednesday after Democrats took control of the U.S. House in Tuesday's elections, buffering further attempts by the GOP to repeal or further weaken Obamacare.
"The jet stream becomes wavier, meaning that colder air can penetrate further south and warmer air further north," said Nalan Koc, research director of the Norwegian Polar Institute.
As alternative cartoonists move further and further away from being able to tell a story, it's refreshing to have a new comic from Harkham to read and enjoy.
"As we send spacecraft and astronauts further and further from home, we must understand this space environment just as early seafarers needed to understand the ocean," it explains.
After being shared on Facebook and attracting well over half a million comments, the following problem has been spreading further and further across social media in recent weeks.
"(The ban) does not go far enough and it should go further, and the parameters of those sanctions should go further too," she told reporters in Kuala Lumpur.
The ECB cut its deposit rate further into negative territory last week as well as announcing a raft of further easing measures like the buying of corporate bonds.
Emerging market equities are far outpacing U.S. stocks this year, and some market watchers see further room to run for the group should the U.S. dollar weaken further.
There may be further displays of provocation from Pyongyang, Abe warned, adding that Tokyo, Washington, Beijing, Soul and Moscow must work together to discourage further hostility from Pyongyang.
If the closures gather pace and refineries curb their purchases of crude further, this will heap further pressure on prices for crude received by exploration and production companies.
Overall, the fund community remains bullish on oil, anticipating that strong consumption growth and further disruptions in production will tighten the market even further in 2018 and 2019.
Some in the industry are worried about further delays after regulators discovered new issues with the plane that could push back the date of its recertification even further.
The near-record imbalance remains a significant source of downside risk and could lead to a further sharp drop in oil prices if anything triggers further profit-taking.
Fanning the suspicions further, Trump in a recent interview on Fox News said that he would be "submitting things before the committee very soon," without providing further details.
And with global creditors monitoring the country's assets and the U.S. reportedly considering further sanctions, the global energy market is bracing for a further spike in oil prices.
"One of the consequences of that is you can get whole congregations that spin further and further away from the norm of what is accepted theology," she said.
Congress now runs the risk of further being seen as conducting a witch-hunt against the president by calling a witness who clearly has nothing further to add.
"As we send spacecraft and astronauts further and further from home, we must understand this space environment just as early seafarers needed to understand the ocean," explains NASA.
The Fed on Wednesday left rates unchanged, discarded a promise for "further gradual increases" in interest rates and said it would be "patient" before making any further moves.
The Social Democratic Party has underscored that it will not suffer the further deterioration of its profile by Merkel further encroaching on its turf -- another aspect of Merkelism.
Any further changes would also need analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), potentially delaying the vote even further in the face of pressure from the White House.
Notably, the dollar has risen further since Mr. Trump was elected, increasing roughly 6 percent in trade-weighted value since January 2018 alone, which further encumbers domestic manufacturers.
And warm seasons that last longer in broader parts of the country mean ticks are active for longer periods each year, and can live further and further north.
Even if it's sitting down with extremists, I think that's necessary in order to prevent them from further isolating themselves and from going further down the radicalization path.
As you move further and further back in time on your family tree, "there's some possibility that you've inherited no DNA from one of your ancestors," Pickrell says.
Adults telling us about these hazardous conditions only makes us feel the need to work harder, since success seems further and further out of reach with each generation.
Ruth becomes further and further drawn into Nao's story, and tries to find out her fate, suspecting that Nao was killed in a tsunami that recently hit Japan.
At an international import fair in Shanghai today, President Xi Jinping promised further cuts to China's import tariffs, and a further opening of its economy to the world.
To go further and introduce one of its larger products, like its social network or messaging service, would require further negotiations over issues like data storage and security.
"The Australian Government remains prepared to offer further support as required and our [Australian Defence Force] remains at short notice readiness to support any further requests," Payne said.
For now, Rao explained, India could be choosing to "preserve their bullets" in the event of further developments, which could cause further weakness and require central bank intervention.
The nonpartisan Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council spoke out in support of increasing bipartisanship to further a pro-business agenda including further deregulation, reigning in healthcare costs and more.
Companies with a positive GGDP can trade their climate chits to make further (and hopefully further green) investments, while companies with a negative balance must pay a fine.
"The stronger GDP print in the UK has given further weight to speculation that the BoE will not provide further stimulus anytime soon," said Rabobank strategist Richard McGuire.
A further four people are unaccounted for in the state of Victoria, the site of some of the fiercest recent fires, although authorities have not provided further information.
Is that still the current thinking, that you want to move further and further away from a pilot having as much influence on the flight of the plane?
For the past five years, as my once-straight teeth moved further and further out of alignment, Invisalign was a dream that I returned to again and again.
To South Korea, these developments justify the further easing of restrictions on its missile capabilities as a measure of preventing further North Korean provocations and ensuring self-defense.
The Nordstrom family had hoped that, after going private, the company could further its digital investments and further focus on realigning its store footprint, source have told CNBC.
It's all Trump, all the time, and as such, is taking us further and further away from freedom and liberty, and closer and closer to authoritarianism and fascism.
Analysts see a further pick up in risk appetite in early 573, especially with the U.S. central bank set to keep lending rates flat or lower them further.
Ryanair added that it could not rule out further disruption, which may prompt another lowering of full-year forecasts and further cuts to its loss-making winter capacity.
Long after Trump leaves office, these judges will shape American law — pushing it further and further to the right even if the voters soundly reject Trumpism in 2020.
If that's not enough, every day seems to bring reports of the company's potential IPO valuation falling further and further from its private market valuation of $47 billion.
But employers have been further buoyed since the election by the belief that imminent tax cuts and fewer regulations will further rev up the economy, Mr. Houston said.
Further provocations from Iran or North Korea could further expose Trump&aposs lack of clear success on the international stage and the limitations of his "maximum pressure" strategy.
Benchmark German Bund yields fell to minus 0.399% - flirting with the ECB's minus 0.40 deposit rate in a further sign that markets are braced for further rate cuts.
If you needed further proof that Mike Tyson's daughter is LEGIT when it comes to tennis ... look no further than this clip of her schooling one Novak Djokovic.
"The longer they stay on the wave, the more energy they can extract from that wave; that energy will serve to take them further and further," he says.
One employee, who asked not to be named, said further defections are considered likely as staff look to pre-empt further cuts should the Commerzbank deal go through.
Trump emerged out of a decade, maybe two, in which the Republican Party, because it had to say no for tactical reasons, moved further and further and further away from what we would consider to be a -- a basic consensus around things like climate change or how the economy works.
BUDAPEST, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Hungary's central bank is ready to loosen monetary conditions further via unconventional tools and has cut the cap on its 3-month deposit tool further by the end of the year, the Monetary Council said on Tuesday, after cutting its overnight deposit rate further into negative territory.
I guess also, removing the bodies from the identities of the people takes things further and further away from the facts of what exists in your studio or something.
The bank was widely expected to preserve its zero interest rate policy, but the market is anticipating further monetary policy stimulus further down the line from global central banks.
At worst, it is the Madonna of the instrument world: a star of times past with a place in cultural history, but nonetheless falling further and further into obsolescence.
Analysts said the currency would remain under pressure so long as the risk of further resignations threatens to further isolate May and raise the prospect of a leadership challenge.
That only takes us further and further away from an outcome we know in our hearts is the only fundamental outcome, the only outcome that is the ultimate guarantor.
But I don't think you have to look any further than the families of the Boston Marathon, in Atlanta, in San Bernardino to ask if we can go further.
Mortgage stress tests that come into effect in January are expected to further dampen housing demand, and economists are divided about how much further Canada's housing market will fall.
Moreover, officials indicated that further post-meeting statements might be altered to remove the reference to "further gradual increases" in the target range as long as current conditions persist.
"If credit growth remains high, credit standards ease further and systemic risk continues to grow, the CNB will stand ready to increase this buffer rate further," the bank said.
As noted, there are other species of hemimastigotes; perhaps further phylogenetic research will affirm the creation of this new supra-group, or it could inflame this debate even further.
Democrats are trading ideological purity for electoral viability in many campaigns — much more so than the Republican Party, which seems to be sliding further and further to the right.
"Short-term downside risks are primarily related to a further strengthening of the U.S. dollar and a further cooling of futures market sentiment," Julius Baer said in a note.
Chinese stocks have posted further losses this year, with the introduction of circuit breakers in the market aggravating worries about weak manufacturing surveys and further depreciation of the yuan.
There is one bizarre moment when he is sitting opposite Rodrigues, and he suddenly deflates like a punctured bouncy castle, his head sinking further and further into his robes.
It takes us further from understanding the lived experiences of survivors, and further from productive discussions about stopping men from exerting power and control over others through sexual abuse.
King and creator Damon Lindelof worked together on the second season of The Leftovers, where she played a woman whose life slowly tilted further and further off its axis.
"His breath cycles grew further and further apart, but only by seconds, which to me felt like minutes as I found myself holding my breath with him," says Numeb.
All that's left for her now is to move further and further from the place where the people are, away from the audiences who are even now forgetting her.
Nonetheless, the Governing Council said in the minutes further rate cuts could not be ruled out and Praet insisted the bank was ready to take further steps if needed.
If you feel like your closet is heading further and further west with each passing day, you're not wrong — the Americana trend is enjoying a moment in the spotlight.
The bigger picture is that interest rates globally look to be heading further into unprecedented areas and this will further diminish bank earnings and undermine their franchise as intermediaries.
"There's a fear of being disbelieved, blamed, enduring further harassment from people that don't believe them — or further abuse from the perpetrator — and having their privacy violated," Houser says.
But if he's fighting for redemption, he should know this: redemption has never been further away, and each time he climbs into the cage, it slips a little further.
In other words, the Fujiwhara effect could turn Madeline a bit further to the south while nudging Lester slightly further north, steering both storms clear of the Big Island.
With speculation that the Chinese currency is set for further falls, Morgan Stanley predicts that it could boost the price of the dollar and thus pressure oil prices further.
Surveys based on household income paint an even bleaker portrait: Pew Research finds that the middle class has been lagging further and further behind for nearly a half century.
Take off a further 2 billion euros for the retail investors, and a further 1 billion euros already pledged to bondholders who exchanged their paper in an earlier offer.
This aesthetically intriguing environment begs you to lean in for a closer look even as the horrifying crescendoes of the narrative push you further and further into your seat.
Fitch expects the government debt ratio to fall further, mainly thanks to a combination of favourable debt dynamics and further debt down-payments, to 48% of GDP by 2018.
The statement from the Security Council said members would closely monitor the situation and "take further significant measures in line with the Council's previously expressed determination" without elaborating further.
Comet 67P is moving further and further away from the Sun, and by the end of January, it will be more than 186 million miles away from the star.
But as hip America's current infatuation with Korean rapper Keith Ape shows, trap, grime, rap, and general music nerds are looking further and further abroad for their new favorites.
At this point, Goldman analysts say fundamental supply and demand will have to drive further gains — and they're not yet sure whether the figures will underwrite a further rally.
The question now is whether Trump believes he can use the same basic steps—further moderation, but with maximum abuse directed at minorities—to inch further in Obama's direction.
The bank guided that further RWA inflation is likely in 2H17, reflecting further adjustments to multipliers on investment banking corporate exposures and a refinement in the market risk framework.
He doesn't deny that the two parties' elected leaders in Congress have continued to drift further and further apart on the issues and in their ability to strike compromises.
Sabraw said attorneys could weigh in further on the matter in their next status report, due November 29, and it can be discussed further in a November 30 hearing.
PG&E further said as an additional precautionary measure to help further reduce wildfire risks, in high fire-threat areas, the company is conducting safety inspections of electric infrastructure.
Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian has said that expanding gaming will further doom his city's dwindling hold on casinos in the region and could spark further casino closures there.
"I think it's the most likely to convince people abroad who have had no exposure to Filipino food to maybe look further and investigate further beyond sisig," he said.
Doing so could put further pressure on Somalia's weak national government, as it fears further splits from factions wanting a new state called Puntland, on the north eastern coast.
The government has also budgeted extra infrastructure spending for the current fiscal year, so it has little room to take further steps if the economy weakens further this year.
In 2018, when the program runs out, the euro zone could link further debt relief to developments in Greek economic growth, but not to further reforms, the document said.
The central bank noted that lending and house price growth had slowed in the past year, but said it needed further evidence of a cooling before loosening rules further.
He said any further rise in oil prices could further widen the trade deficit and put pressure on the rupee, but the situation was not clear at this stage.
Time spent on starting from scratch would further jeopardize the health and wellbeing of those most in need of health care leaving our health care system in further chaos.
When these additional funds were then spent or invested, economic activity would increase further and continue to add to incomes, net worth, further credit creation, and federal tax receipts.
It's very much a center-left vision: incremental but fairly large increases in high-income tax rates, further tightening of financial regulation, further strengthening of the social safety net.
Speaking from the PLA destroyer Changsha, Xi called for further modernization of China's military to further his goal of creating a "world-class" force under the Communist Party's leadership.
Under President Alassane Ouattara, the government has been gradually withdrawing from SIB and last year further sold a further 24 percent to Attijariwafa, which was already the majority owner.
The adults are terrible and useless; the children can only rely only on one another as they plunge further and further into an overarching mystery about their parents' secrets.
But I always knew I wanted to do a trilogy, even though I didn't know what that trilogy would be, until I got further and further into the process.
"We are happy to offer further clarifications and further assurances if that can help the UK government to get the agreement over the line," Varadkar told journalists in Dublin.
"Despite our differences on other issues, we hope our willingness to work together on this issue will inspire further ambition and further action around the world," Mr. Obama declared.
Now, according to a new report by Politico's Josh Dawsey, Shane Goldmacher, and Alex Isenstadt, President Donald Trump's aides added a further innovation by simplifying this process even further.
The family's assimilation into America's upper class means its roots in the working class, which are still present in Dre's memory, are fading further and further into the past.
The album's closer, "A New Jerusalem" ends with Hollis asking "Do you see?" over the kind of barely-there instrumentation that's receded further and further into the record's horizon.
Barclays further added that with the market already up around 4 percent this year, the Euro Stoxx 600 target suggests a further 6 percent potential upside for the index.
On October 11, 2017, the electoral commission announced that there would be no vote before April 2019, which has further angered the opposition and fueled fears of further instability.
But he also said further moves could be made to improve G.E.'s profitability and lift the price of its lagging shares, leaving open the door to further spinoffs.
This natural experiment will test whether this secret weapon will help Armenia continue to punch further and further above its weight in technology, tourism and other diaspora-enhanced fields.
The U.S. put military and economic cooperation on ice following the 2014 military coup, but the withdrawal has seen the country turn further and further away from democratic values.
If state and local governments along with the private sector further enhanced their climate commitments, overall US emissions could fall even further by 37% by 2030, the study found.
The sun's position on the horizon as it rises and sets moves over the course of a year, further south in the winter, and further north in the summer.
The tabloids nicknamed him "Wacko Jacko" — a label that stuck with him as he veered further and further into a cocoon of fantasy and excess that ultimately destroyed him.
The youth-oriented conservative groups that thrived were focused more on culture (gun rights, meat eating) than on deficits or spending, while young voters moved further and further left.
The president is weighing further response on the Saudi oil attacks, charting a path forward on withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan and pursuing further denuclearization talks with North Korea.
Experts expect the cuts and confusion over whether the law is being repealed will further depress enrollment — which could cause the rate of people without insurance to rise further.
The Heritage Foundation, which has advocated several voucher policy initiatives, said the program could invite further regulations, impede further tax overhauls and was out of the federal government's jurisdiction.
But that feeling has long since dissipated, replaced by a gathering sense of gloom and mistrust as the promised reward of a free-trading Britain recedes further and further.
But across much of the world, the cats — inspired by anti-tax ideology — have been deliberately falling further and further behind, and the mice are acting with more impunity.
She further stated the decision to indict Jones wasn't necessarily the grand jury's fault, but she made it clear that no further legal action will be taken against her.
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Further proof everyone adores a good love story.      
Flake's book " Conscience of a Conservative " goes further.
Early — and consistent — investors compounded their gains further.
" _____ • "I will spare the party any further distraction.
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