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"including" Definitions
  1. having something as part of a group or set
"including" Synonyms
inclusive of containing counting with which include which includes made up of among other things in addition to on top of added to alongside along with and also as well as plus together with to go with not to mention in conjunction with and amongst accompanied by besides coupled with as an accessory to among for instance like namely viz say e.g. for example such as exempli gratia as an example f'rinstance in particular as between given combining considering after taking into account taking into consideration allowing for incorporating comprising encompassing covering embracing involving constituting consisting of carrying entailing numbering subsuming comprehending enclosing inserting building in taking in composed of imputing regarding remembering adding putting in appending inputting listing recording registering typing writing writing down entering inviting bringing admitting letting in asking encouraging welcoming surrounding enveloping encircling ambient circumferential neighbouring(UK) neighboring(US) nearby abutting adjoining adjacent bordering peripheral circumambient flanking outlying proximate immediate inclusive taking account of also then combined with accompanying in company with at the same time as in tandem with among others amongst others and more and so forth and so on especially etc. just like notably particularly specifically to mention a few to name a few additionally as well still further furthermore more supplementarily moreover next to to boot too More

730 Sentences With "including"

How to use including in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "including" and check conjugation/comparative form for "including". Mastering all the usages of "including" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I have been extremely consistent and critical of all authoritarian regimes all over the world including Cuba, including Nicaragua, including Saudi Arabia, including China, including Russia.
" He added: "I have been extremely consistent and critical of all authoritarian regimes all over the world including Cuba, including Nicaragua, including Saudi Arabia, including China, including Russia.
" He went on to note that he's been "extremely consistent and critical of all authoritarian regimes all over the world – including Cuba, including Nicaragua, including Saudi Arabia, including China, including Russia.
Now the company is expanding that capability to influencers, including Aimee Song; celebrities, including Kim Kardashian West; athletes, including Candace Parker; and publications, including Refinery29.
" He made the distinction between praising the program and condemning authoritarian regimes, saying "I have been extremely consistent and critical of all authoritarian regimes all over the world including Cuba, including Nicaragua, including Saudi Arabia, including China, including Russia.
We discussed so many different things, including nuclear, including war and peace, including economic, Syria, Ukraine, we discussed many, many things.
I'm mostly including this because everyone, including me, loves Firefly.
Including some 100 contacts with foreign leaders (including Russian officials).
The three endpoints available to developers including driver profile info, including rating as mentioned; trip info, including things like distance and fare; and payment, including payments made to the driver, when and for how much.
It's the scale of being human: It encompasses so many different things, including race, including gender, including sexuality, class, all of those things.
It means including young people, it means including people of color.
And when I have close to 100 million people watching me on Twitter, including Facebook, including all of the Instagram, including POTUS, including lots of things — but we have — I guess pretty close to 100 million people.
We've talked to a lot of investors, including Bill and including Dan.
I mean, corporations benefitted a lot, including Berkshire, and including the banks.
And when all is said and done, if all these other countries, including China, including Canada, including the European Union, including India, all follow up with tariff actions of their own, we&aposre talking better than 2360 products.
Others, including Hamas militants, have been killed in other incidents, including Israeli airstrikes.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said authorities were including all possible causes, including terrorism.
In May of 2016, Gizmodo reported that Facebook had purposely and routinely suppressed conservative stories from trending news, including stories about CPAC, including stories about Mitt Romney, including stories about the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, including stories about Glenn Beck.
MARIA CARDONA, CNN: They are the tactics that have been used through history by the worst purveyors of pure evil, including slave traders, including Nazis, including terrorists.
The other three, including Officer Nero, face lesser charges, including assault and official misconduct.
Local media sites including al-Wasat reported 15 killed, including women and eight children.
Now, I'm all for alternative forms of energy, including wind, including solar, et cetera.
Major platforms, including Apple's Podcast Analytics, today offer granular and anonymized data, including listens.
Many Apple products, including the iPhone, are manufactured in China by suppliers including Foxconn.
We're going to let the public know that we're an organization where everybody—including immigrants, including LGBTQ and including very conservative people—has a seat at the table.
But the immediate task is to bring all interests together who want to destroy ISIS, including Russia, including Iran, including our Muslim allies to make that the major priority.
Including Bush, only 32 people have ever lain in state in the Rotunda, including Sen.
Including Bush, only 32 people have ever lain in state in the Rotunda, including Sen.
Including the areas of STEM, science, technology, and so forth, including things like artificial intelligence.
Including Bush, only 113 people have ever lain in state in the Rotunda, including Sen.
One including the Elephant and Camera, and the other including the Wind Pedal and Bird.
"I'm looking everywhere, including in the United States, including in Britain, absolutely everywhere," she said.
"There's a lot of skepticism about institutions, including the media and including advertising," said Shepardson.
Many of those officials, including Mr. Sondland, have described what happened without including that name.
The move toward including the financial rider is getting pushback from conservative lawmakers — including Sen.
Some states, including Missouri, Florida and Tennessee, exempt a broad range of items, including computers.
Companies including Tofurky and nonprofits (including the American Civil Liberties Union) are suing the state.
Sixteen abstained, including the U.K. and Germany, while 12 voted in favor, including France and Sweden.
Boente said a message Friday to presidentially appointed US attorneys applied to everyone, including including Bharara.
I'm on a handful of boards [including HP and Zendesk and still-private startups, including Planet].
Including during the Vietnam War when he got five deferments -- including one for bone spurs. 20163.
Six states, including New York and California, banned state-funded travel, including state university sports teams.
"We're trying to empower all different segments including car manufacturers, including ride-sharing companies, including logistics companies, to make good use of this technology to make their business better," Xiao said.
"I did my due diligence after the season on the pros and cons on a lot of different teams, including the Cavs and including Philadelphia, including Houston and Los Angeles," James said.
At Berkeley, the Corporate Access Program has 46 members, including including Uber, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Palantir.
"We get advice from all kinds of people, including you and including other politicians," Bullard told Liesman.
Playpen had three administrators, including Fluckiger and Chase, and numerous moderators, including Browning, according to court documents.
DUPIXENT can cause serious side effects, including: · Allergic reactions (hypersensitivity), including a severe reaction known as anaphylaxis.
They are with us strategically, including on ambitious projects, including on arms exports, that's a real asset.
SS Alcides Escobar had two hits, including a double, and scored two runs, including the game-winner.
The migrants, including five women and four children, are of various nationalities, including Palestinians, Syrians and Guineans.
The Chinese government, including President Xi Jinping, pledged quick action following the backlash, including an immediate investigation.
Lebanon's economy has been hit by factors including years of regional turmoil, including the war in Syria.
Beijing has threatened retaliation, including tariffs on some of its largest U.S. imports, including aircraft, soybeans and autos.
The solution: exercise, including resistance and strength training exercises and good nutrition, including getting adequate amounts of protein.
Round-trip fares are as low as $98 (including taxes) on many routes, including: Boston-Baltimore; Chicago-St.
Lots of folks (including some Facebook employees) have proposed ideas, including banning political ads from the platform altogether.
Later, children guilty of minor offenses, including truancy, and innocent children, including orphans, were placed in the school.
It has 290 members, including women, and there are representatives of religious minorities including Christians, Zoroastrians and Jews.
Police said several people, including Difiore, were arrested on various charges, including aggravated assault and alcohol-related offenses.
There were also 436 people including six women on death row for various crimes including murder, he said.
"They're realizing that their bottom line can be enhanced by including more people, including different communities," she said.
Numerous congressional Republicans, including some of Trump's most vocal allies, have pushed back against the move, including Sen.
Before Medicaid, my family members, including my siblings, provided all of my care, including bathing, dressing and toileting.
I've certainly had these conversations-- with members of his administration including Mr. Mulvaney, including the Secretary of Treasury.
He has won 43 Tour titles, including five majors, while Woods has 79 tour wins, including 14 majors.
Nothing — including business interests, stock markets, civilian infrastructure including nuclear and power facilities — would be out of bounds.
Nike has six teams, including host France and England, while smaller German brand Puma has five, including Italy.
Artwork — including an elongated kangaroo by George Stubbs — was displayed alongside actual animal specimens, including their platypuses (platypi?).
"Sharp is in talks with Foxconn to seal a deal, including cross-checking various of our business conditions, including potential risks including contingent liabilities," Sharp said in a statement to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
"He (Falih) has talked to several countries including Norway, including Turkmenistan, including Egypt, and they have made signs of their willingness to join the collaboration," Kuwait's oil minister Essam al-Marzouq said on Tuesday.
As of earlier this month, the Alexa app store had reached 135 applications, including a handful of bigger names, including StubHub, AccuWeather, AOL (including HuffPost and TechCrunch…disclosure!), Automatic, Fidelity, Bandsintown, Automatic, and others.
"The President would like to maintain stronger, better relationships with everybody, including China, including the United States, including Japan and all," Yasay said, referring to President Rodrigo Duterte, who was sworn in last week.
There were only 10 crew members, including four on-duty pilots, and 40 passengers, including several Qantas frequent flyers participating in the research study, off-duty Qantas employees, researchers, and journalists, including this reporter.
Among investors to back the second fund were large institutions including Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec and Fonds de solidarite FTQ, as well as funds including Swen Capital Partners and companies including Veolia.
"It's not enough just to raise it privately because everyone is watching, including our allies, including the people of Russia, including our intelligence agencies," he said of any grievances Trump may have aired with Putin.
"I would use this opportunity to take some profits and ensure adequate diversification, which for most investors would mean adding to exposure internationally — including Europe, including Japan and, of course, including emerging markets," Hooper said.
He's known for including models of all different body types in his shows, including Ashley Graham and Selma Blair.
China has threatened equal retaliation, including tariffs on some of its largest U.S. imports including aircraft, soybeans and autos.
China threatened equal retaliation, including tariffs on some of its largest U.S. imports, including soybeans and other agricultural commodities.
Owning over 212,173 journals (including the powerhouse Cell) and 217,211 books and references (including Gray's Anatomy) is big, right?
Since the election, we have created 2.4 million new jobs, including...(APPLAUSE)... including 200,000 new jobs in manufacturing alone.
In 2017, amid great fanfare including a White House ceremony including President Trump, Foxconn officials and then-Wisconsin Gov.
"We have several projects across the board, including seven or eight other cities internationally, including Latin America," Allgood said.
But some, including vibrio vulnificus, can cause severe illnesses, including blood infections and blistering skin, according to the CDC.
It's important to us, it's important to our customers, including Mac Pro users, all Pro users, including Mac Pro.
A handwritten note found next to it contained ramblings, including references to previous terrorists, including the Boston Marathon bombers.
It's important to us, it's important to our customers — including Mac Pro users, all pro users, including Mac Pro.
Scentbird has raised $3.8 million from angel investors including Alex Ohanian and institutions including Ludlow Ventures and SGH Capital.
Police said five people were killed, including the assailant and officer, and 40 more were injured, including an American.
The series gets extra points for including other interesting queer characters, including a small cameo from a sassy devil.
There are many things the Senate can't approve, you know, including Kate's law, including I could name many things.
Beijing has threatened equal retaliation, including tariffs on some of its largest U.S. imports, including aircraft, soybeans, and autos.
Interior's IG office is handling a number of investigations, including an ethics probe into six Interior officials, including Bernhardt.
The other witnesses Ford named, including Judge, have denied attending the party — including her "longtime friend," Mitchell pointed out.
The Rhine is an important shipping route for commodities including grains, minerals, coal and oil products including heating oil.
President Obama has done an extraordinary amount of work, including through us, around science and technology, including R&D.
Medical resources, including testing kits, and smart public health policies, including access to paid sick days, are urgently overdo.
Mr. Biden picked up nine states, including Texas, while Mr. Sanders won four, including the night's biggest prize, California.
The manufacturing sector has several exceptions under the 100% workforce reduction, including: Food processing, including all foods and beverages.Chemicals.
Beijing has threatened equal retaliation, including tariffs on some of its largest U.S. imports, including aircraft, soybeans and autos.
Meanwhile, funds for intermediate and long-term needs, including your retirement, can be invested in riskier assets, including stocks.
Airlines including United, are seeking to exhaust voluntary leaves, including early retirement plans, before turning to furloughs or layoffs.
The F.B.I. estimated its membership at 135,000, including a large number of public officials, possibly including Detroit's police chief.
It is banned in countries including Russia and the European Union, but allowed in others, including the United States.
The firm is affiliating with 10 others, including senior government aides and former members of Congress, including former Rep.
"I saw the bravest people I've ever seen, including the construction workers, including every person down there," he continued.
For various reasons, several prominent tech companies, including Alphabet and Facebook, are now including stock comp in their numbers.
Everyone, from Hillary Clinton who started all of this by having those emails on her classified server to the investigators Strzok and Page, including Loretta Lynch, including James Comey, including Andrew McCabe, including some half-dozen officials who have been reassigned or retired since the scandal has developed, all exercised great misjudgment.
Adidas is kitting out nine of the 24 teams playing at Euro 2016, including reigning champions Spain, while Nike has six teams, including hosts France and England, and smaller German brand Puma has five, including Italy.
Beijing has threatened equal retaliation, including tariffs on some of its largest U.S. imports, including aircraft, autos and agricultural commodities.
Other manufacturers say they plan on including V2V technology in their vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz in the 2017 E-Class.
Plex News will also work across platforms, including Android TV (including Nvidia Shield), Apple TV, Roku, Android mobile, and iOS.
"We sent out over 50 care packages to companies, including competitors and noncompetitors, including food and nonfood companies," Denholm said.
"Now hearing 36 vehicles including and heavy machinery heavy machinery went up the road, including multiple bulldozers," Unist'ot'en Camp tweeted.
It included a range of locations, including Richmond, Hampton Roads and four potential locations in Northern Virginia, including Crystal City.
Nike has six teams, including host France and England, while smaller German brand Puma has five, including Italy and Switzerland.
Ola Electric Mobility's challenges including building EV infrastructure (and gathering related data, including maps) for India's sprawling and diverse landscape.
The app lists everyone attending, including Startup Alley exhibitors, Startup Battlefield contestants, investors, sponsors, speakers, and media (including TechCrunch staff).
Forced labor, including the exploitation of young apprentices, occurs across multiple sectors in China, including electronics production, mining and agriculture.
In addition to overwhelming opposition from Democrats, including the provision would have likely drawn pushback from moderate Republicans, including Sen.
The Rhine is an important shipping route for commodities including grains, minerals, chemicals, coal and oil products including heating oil.
Several news outlets, including Gizmodo, have detailed the close relationship Ring has with police departments, including their Ring-related messaging.
Other 2020 Democrats have begun staffing up in early primary states including New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina including Sen.
ReMy told Business Insider that it works with many data providers, including Surescripts, and a number of clients, including PillPack.
Cell phone billsFood billsTransportation costs, potentially including a car paymentApproximate entertainment costs, including things like eating out, concerts, movies, etc.
He continues to sell merch — including beanies, pens and sunglasses — and has  deals with big brands including Scott Toilet Paper.
We are working with the U.S. government, including the Department of Defense, in many areas including cybersecurity, recruiting and healthcare.
Nine cities, including Washington, New York and San Francisco, have contributed data sets, including those detailing crime, schools and transportation.
Such accusations have felled celebrity chefs including Mario Batali, film producers including Brett Ratner, and the casino mogul Steve Wynn.
Certain teams at the company — including trust and safety, and operations — have access to all accounts including the highest levels.
The Chinese have invested in a wide scattering of French sectors, including wine, hotels, and industrial food production, including milk.
Including taxes, the subscription was just under $10, an extremely reasonable price for a month of coffee (including iced coffee!).
"Including showing up in the streets and screaming; including continuing to put pressure on museums to take down their name."
One charge stems from allegations Netanyahu accepted gifts, including expensive cigars and champagne, from wealthy individuals, including a Hollywood producer.
Some appear to have targeted the left as well as the right, including a series of LGBT accounts, including ParisGaaaaay.
Three Californias Video Logistically, the Cal3 proposal directs the governor to request Congress grant approval to divide the state into  three states : Northern California (including San Francisco), California (including Los Angeles) and Southern California (including San Diego).
It's social media, and it gets out in the world, and the reason I do well is that I can be treated unfairly and very dishonestly by CNN, and, you know, I have — what do have now, John, 158 million, including Facebook, including Twitter, including Instagram, including every form, I have a 158 million people.
The team will focus on five areas, including: 3D printing and the broader ecosystem that supports it; immersive experiences, including both augmented reality and virtual reality; smart machines, including home and commercial robots; and the Internet of Things.
The acquisition is subject to conditions, including approval from LSE shareholders, competition approvals including those from the European Union and the US and financial regulatory approvals, including those from the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Italy.
Numerous creatures have been found entombed in amber, including insects, lizards, amphibians, mammals and birds, as well as plants including flowers.
Salesforce Ventures has previously backed start-ups including Stripe, Evernote and MapAnything, and now-public companies including Dropbox, SurveyMonkey and Twilio.
And-- you do learn about a lotta dumb things, including writing letters in the past, but now including tweeting and emails.
There were also snacks and heavier food, as well as drinks including wine, beer, and spirits — including a few Japanese whiskies.
Singapore's court judgments, including on Mr Yee's case, are reasoned and published, and can stand scrutiny by anyone, including The Economist.
New investors also joined including firms with a depth of expertise in foodtech, including S2G Ventures and Obvious Ventures, he noted.
The government also announced a set of interim rules, including assessing greenhouse gas emissions, for all major projects, including LNG terminals.
Critics of the question argued that including it would reduce the accuracy of the census and undercount minority populations, including immigrants.
The rest of the money went to more fundraising, book purchases (including Bossie's own book), and administrative costs including Bossie's salary.
They now resemble bases with buildings and weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, and have sparked protests, including from rival claimants.
Some 50,000 people, including journalists, have been arrested and 150,000, including teachers, judges and soldiers, sacked or suspended from their jobs.
Dupixent can cause serious side effects including risk of allergic reactions including a severe reaction known as anaphylaxis and eye problems.
The Patriots quarterback Instagrammed a suspect board including a diverse group of potential culprits, including Jaws, Lady Gaga and Julian Edelman.
Its panels including, "From Intern to CEO," to "Innovation is Not for Adult," were centered around themes including fitness and travel.
Liberal media watchdog groups, including FAIR, criticized the mainstream media, including The Times, for much of its reporting on the story.
Google's family of apps — including Gmail and Google Maps — have went offline multiple times, including in November 2012 and December 2014.
He noted several safety features for the devices, including shrouding the wings and including sensors and algorithms to detect moving objects.
We've witnessed the fall from grace of big names, including Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly and Bill Cosby, and companies, including Uber.
The victims, including some 300 wounded, came from more than 40 countries, including the United States, Britain, Morocco, Spain and Hungary.
That makes it a valuable treatment for wounds that won't heal (including diabetic or radiation injuries) and fighting infection, including gangrene.
Prominent environmental groups, including the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund, generally back Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.
We don't want them gathering, and I see that they do gather including on beaches, and including in restaurants, young people.
It's supported by almost 60 House Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as several presidential candidates, including Senator Kamala Harris.
Other countries, including Iran and China, have already demonstrated advanced capabilities for cyberwarfare, including influence operations waged over social media platforms.
Other countries have retaliated, including China, Europe, Canada and Mexico, taxing American-made products that flow into their countries, including apparel.
We relaunched the ESPN app, which is the home for all of our content, including when you authenticate, including free content.
"Police continue to conduct aggressive operations against terrorists, including in the days leading up to and including Ramadan," the alert said.
A UNICEF report released last year analyzed "family-friendly" policies, including parental leave, among 31 rich countries, including the United States.
All the samples Mr. McLaren examined had been tampered with, he said, including those of 15 medalists — including winners of gold.
You can also click the gear icon to access other options, including specifying whole words only or including case when searching.
Including the deployment of broadband networks in any infrastructure legislation, including broadband funding for rural or otherwise hard-to-serve areas.
Participants — including Swoozie, Jennxpenn and Cassey Ho — asked Clinton questions on a variety of topics including immigration, education and climate change.
ORGANIZATION-controlled pages addressed a range of issues, including: immigration (with group names including 'Secured Borders'); the Black Lives Matter movement (with group names including 'Blacktivist'); religion (with group names including 'United Muslims of America' and 'Army of Jesus') ..... By 2016, the size of many ORGANIZATION-controlled groups had grown to hundreds of thousands of online followers.
"He has talked to several countries including Norway, including Turkmenistan, including Egypt, and they have made signs of their willingness to join the collaboration," Kuwait's oil minister Essam al-Marzouq said, referring to his Saudi counterpart Khalid al-Falih.
Dozens of Brazilian firms, including steelmaker Gerdau SA and several banks including Banco Bradesco SA, have been under investigation for suspected bribes.
The campaign consisted of hacking Democrats, including Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, before releasing that information via third-party websites, including WikiLeaks.
And-- you do learn about a lot of dumb things, including writing letters in the past, but now including tweeting and emails.
Fighter jets already have an assortment of air-launched weapons, including conventional bombs, missiles (including ground-to-air missiles), and even torpedoes.
Versions of Adobe's apps, including Photoshop, have been available across multiple platforms for a while now, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.
Amex Membership Rewards points currently transfer to 19 airline partners including Delta and British Airways, plus three hotels including Hilton and Marriott.
Wolfram pulls its own information for a wide range of sources, including its own Wolfram Mathematica and third-party resources, including Crunchbase.
Google runs a number of such programs, including resource groups that support minority employees including ones for Hispanics, Asians, LGBTIQ, and women.
The highest growth sectors are business and financial services, including construction and engineering, and health care, including medical devices and information technology.
The passwords, including a system administrator and root password, are trivial and easy to crack, including one composed from the vendor's name.
The language confused many people, including experts, and was harshly criticized by law enforcement officials including New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.
During the rainy event, Philip met with representatives from organization, including including two Royal Marines who have completed the entire 1664 miles.
Major smartphone carriers, including AT&T and Verizon, are allowing customers to exchange Galaxy Note 7s for another device, including Apple's iPhone.
Aramco, the world's largest oil company, has said it was considering options including a stock market listing, and possibly including downstream assets.
Many conservatives were critical of the president including some of your former colleagues on the Hill, including some people here at Fox.
Mude says the app could be improved by including a broader range of information - including data about the market price of livestock.
There, participants — including Swoozie, Jennxpenn and Cassey Ho — asked Clinton questions on a variety of topics including immigration, education and climate change.
Kansas shot 59.3 percent for the half, including a 7-for-13 touch from 3-point range, including three makes by Mykhailiuk.
But for example, bringing Cuba into the global community is actually good for everybody, including the Cubans, but everybody, including us, Americans.
These funds control billions of dollars in assets, including significant shareholdings in some of the country's biggest publicly traded companies, including banks.
Analysts pointed to risks for Microsoft's future earnings, including cloud infrastructure and application competition from companies including Amazon Web Services and Salesforce.
The administration in September levied sanctions, including financial sanctions, against four members of Maduro's inner circle, including his wife and vice president.
Law enforcement officials, including the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, have criticized encryption as a hindrance to investigations, including in terrorism cases.
Augmented reality — including head's up displays  — will be a big part of the showcase, as will smaller transport products, including delivery robots.
But a determined group of politicians, including the powerful Verdini, is blocking more far-reaching reform, including to the statute of limitations.
Customers will be able to trade over 3,500 U.S. stocks including Nike and Amazon and 1,000 international shares including Burberry and Barclays.
But what it also did was help oil companies make a lot more money from this, including Aramco and including the Saudis.
He had multiple underlying health conditions including including cancer, diabetes and had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments, the statement from the agency said.
Brooklyn Buttery, $6.99 for six ounces in stores including Whole Foods in Brooklyn and Eataly; $35 for four tubs, including shipping,
He spent years working in the aerospace industry, including at Boeing, on projects including studying heat tolerance for astronauts and their spacesuits.
The Hill's Scott Wong: 239 House lawmakers missed tonight's vote, including those who have self-quarantined including: Meadows, Gaetz, Gosar, Brownley & Collins.
The execution was carried out using three drugs, including etomidate, an anesthetic, which drew harsh criticism, including from its manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson.
" Television: Next-day TV episodes from networks including NBC, ABC, FOX and FX for shows including "This is Us" and "Family Guy.
The Mexican government said it has provided medical care, including hospitalization, to migrants who have requested it, including some who appeared dehydrated.
The capital region (including Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady and Schoharie Counties) and the central New York region (including Cayuga, Onondaga and Oswego Counties).
It said its signatory member countries, including Costa Rica, must grant equal rights to same-sex couples, including the right to marry.
Including the full repeal of the estate tax could also be a problem in the Senate, where some GOP lawmakers, including Sen.
Actresses including Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, leading to campaigns including the #metoo movement.
Public figures, including celebrities, social media stars and journalists can be verified on other platforms, including Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR) and Instagram.
Meanwhile, 18 saw higher promos, including L Brands' Victoria's Secret and Pink, and 3 saw lower promos than last year, including Ugg.
Nevertheless, officials said important decisions were reached, including an agreement to ensure the security of communications, including new 5G mobile phone networks.
With Singh at the helm, the company has raised money from top VCs including Andreessen Horowitz and has big customers including Comcast.
The Constitution also authorizes national defense (including, in part, NASA), and administration of the District of Columbia (including, by implication, the Smithsonian).
The changes will not be welcomed by car importers including Dogus Automotive, which sells brands including Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley in Turkey.
In doing so, he also transmitted family values — including humility, responsibility and engagement — to a group that now numbers 40, including spouses.
Providers including Crossover Health and One Medical offer on-site or nearby services for other companies, including those in the technology sector.
Prior to Sunday's polls, several democracy activists including Agnes Chow were barred from running, drawing international criticism, including from the European Union.
At the hearing, two issues generated the most consistent interest from members: staffing resources (including hiring practices) and technology (including cybersecurity policies).
The announcement followed a meeting between Bulgarian officials, including Prime Minister Boiko Borisov, and Americans, including the ambassador to Sofia, Eric Rubin.
Several California jurisdictions, including San Diego, have made pledges to achieve total reliance on renewable energy sources, including sun, wind and ocean.
That compared with 6.6% in central regions including the capital, Rome, and around 7% in the north including the financial capital, Milan.
White House officials, including Pence, initially gave differing reasons for Comey's dismissal, including that he had lost the confidence of the FBI.
Some important constituents had left the union, including dancers with American Ballet Theater, and others, including the Met chorus, were trying to leave.
But all three big German carmakers, including VW, were committed to spending up to 3,000 euros for various measures, including trade-in incentives.
The General Administration of Customs and local police have collaborated to deepen the crackdown in five provinces, including Guangdong, and cities including Shanghai.
Thailand has confirmed 349 Zika cases since January, including 19603 pregnant women, and Singapore has recorded 393 Zika cases, including 16 pregnant women.
Republican officials in 20 states, including 10 with competitive Senate races, have sued to eliminate all Obamacare regulations, including pre-existing condition protections.
In response, thousands, including local celebrities, have taken to Twitter to show their support and nominate others (including Katy Perry) to get involved.
Rights groups say millions are vulnerable to abuse, including forced labor, in various Thai sectors including the country's multi billion dollar seafood industry.
" "Or he believed it because I would constantly tell anybody that would listen — including you, including the media — that Robert Mueller was conflicted.
Music stars including Drake and Adele, and politicians including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, were quick to congratulate the star on his milestone performance.
Southern California would comprise of 12 counties, including San Diego, and California would comprise of six counties, including Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.
Israeli officials including Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin (Bibi) NetanyahuMORE have praised the plan, though Palestinian officials including President Mahmoud Abbas have rejected it.
So far, Virta has raised $82 million, including a $45 million Series B round from investors including Venrock, Obvious Ventures and Founders Fund.
In fact, Qualcomm has repeatedly attempted to engage with Broadcom on issues including price, including at meetings on February 14 and February 23.
Mr Hammond has put an extra £250bn towards infrastructure, including projects such as new railway signalling and upgraded "digital infrastructure", including internet connections.
Top imports from Mexico, according to the government, include vehicles (including passenger cars), machinery (including flat-screen TVs), mineral fuels and medical instruments.
That's good enough to recharge any phone, tablets (including the new iPad Pro) and small laptops (including the new 13-inch MacBook Air).
But critics including lawmakers said the accounts likely had much broader scope including their organic content, such as free posts and events listings.
Trump administration officials, including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, said Tuesday they would go ahead with the 2020 census without including the citizenship question.
Thailand has confirmed 392 Zika cases since January, including 39 pregnant women, and Singapore has recorded 393 Zika cases, including 16 pregnant women.
" Tillerson said Iran targeted religious minorities including Baha'is and Christians, and in 2016 executed 20 people on charges including "waging war against God.
Funding for child care, including the Child Care and Development Block Grant, has increased steadily, including in the budget agreement earlier this year.
Among Netflix's shows, "When They See Us" scored 16 nominations (including Best Limited Series) and "Russian Doll" received 13 (including Outstanding Comedy Series).
That compared with 6.4 percent in central regions including the capital, Rome, and 7.0 percent in the north, including the business capital, Milan.
She appeared in magazines including Vogue, Glamour, and Harper's Bazaar, and worked as a commercial model for brands including Macy's, Target, and Nordstrom.
Their fight has drawn international attention, including a letter of support from a number of leading academics, including Noam Chomsky and Judith Butler.
The car is well-documented and exceptionally well-maintained, despite almost constant usage to date — including several long rallies including drives across Australia.
For comparison, Coinbase has approval to operate in 13 states (including Washington, D.C.) and Gemini is operating in 46 states (including Washington, D.C.).
Others have closed foreign offices, including TPG-Axon Capital and Hutchin Hill Capital, or shut down altogether, including Perry Capital and Nevsky Capital.
Eight states are voting, including California, which will have a huge impact on the fall, including Democrats' chances of taking back the House.
Members, including Walker and Denham, have said they have been in touch with White House aides including Short and top adviser Stephen Miller.
Some analysts including Rapidan Energy Group have suggested that major stakeholders including flag carriers were working to push back the global sulfur ban.
For a smart aid strategy, all nations — including America — must consider the prevention of diseases like cancer in the developing world, including Africa.
He spearheaded many of the group's efforts, including getting feedback on the paper's language with a number of national LGBTQ+ organizations, including GLAAD.
They released findings from their own investigation on Thursday, including that Central Command's analysis system had flaws including insufficient accommodation of dissenting views.
Several grocers, including Walmart, have realigned its workforce and resources to readjust to the need to focus more digital efforts, including delivery options.
Indexes including the S&P 500 are a guide for trillions of dollars of capital worldwide, including index-tracking, exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
Ultimately, Ryan won five Oscars, including Best Director for Spielberg, while Shakespeare took home seven, including one to Gwyneth Paltrow for Best Actress.
A growing chorus of conservatives, including President Trump, claim that the world's largest social media companies, including Twitter, have an anti-conservative bias.
In April it let 100 people go, including about 10 percent of ESPN's more front-facing employees including on-air talent and writers.
Forever 21 is apologizing to its customers for including free samples of Atkins nutrition bars with its online orders — including plus-size clothing.
Some cities have done similarly, including Baltimore and New Orleans, while others, including New York City, have yet to act on the issue.
Not including those liabilities in the debt ceiling debate reduces the chances that the entitlement debt, including "mandatory spending," can be effectively managed.
These players, including Amazon and Facebook, dominate how Europe's 500 million people use digital services, including social media, online movies and e-commerce.
AltSchool has so far raised $175 million, including from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and prominent venture firms, including Founders Fund and Andreessen Horowitz.
Maduro retains control of state institutions including the military, but most Western countries, including the United States, have recognized Guaido as Venezuela's president.
Netflix is weighting its upcoming original content toward comedy, including a Paul Rudd scripted series, and sci-fi, including a "Dark Crystal" prequel.
In Denmark a bill tightening immigration laws, including the confiscation of refugees' valuables, passed with overwhelming support including the center-left Social Democrats.
These products include $153 billion worth of largely non-consumer goods, including machinery, electronic components including semiconductors and printed circuit boards, and chemicals.
Several states, including California, and organizations, including the Sierra Club and the Southern Border Communities Coalition, challenged the administration decision in two lawsuits.
Including Monday's charge, prosecutors have indicted him on four charges of financial wrongdoing, including temporarily shifting his personal financial losses onto Nissan's books.
State and local governments, including California and New York, are introducing sustainability initiatives, including a recent push to ban certain single-use plastics.
The shop will feature milk- and fruit-based bubble tea blends including Oreo Crush, along with alcoholic brews including Raspberry Mar-Tea-Ni.
Only 11 other non-English speaking movies were previously nominated for Best Picture, including including Roma, Amour, Babel, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Google Photos also recognizes faces, including your face when you upload pictures, and friends and family who appear commonly in pictures (including pets).
There are five ramens, including some vegetarian options, and a long list of appetizers, including fried chicken, braised pork belly and gyoza dumplings.
Durham, like other ancient temples including Salisbury and Winchester, is ultimately saved by its handsome endowments, including property holdings whose value has ballooned.
When you average the results of those questions including and not including third party candidates, the other two polls found Missouri Democratic Sen.
Thousands of detainees have been released since January, including journalists and dissidents who have been jailed for a variety of charges including terrorism.
But his self-funding — including an enormous, initial $34 million ad buy — has drawn fierce criticism from progressive Democrats, including Sanders and Warren.
It can be rented long term at a cost of €19.99 (including VAT) per month with an initial payment of €2,644 (including VAT).
New York's JFK Airport is planning to spend $13 billion including $12 billion in private funding for improvements including two new international terminals.
Today, the Compadres' businesses assemble various auto components, including wheels, tires and fully constructed truck beds to vehicle interiors, including carpeting and plastics.
Milk is produced by different mammals, including cows and goats, and from plants, including a wide range of nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.
The Act helpfully calls for much stricter transparent incorporation practices, including disclosure of the beneficial owners of a corporation, including significant identifying information.
A report by the Justice Department inspector general released last week found that the CIA, including Brennan, expressed concern over, including Steele's allegations.
The proposal would promote early interventions for drug use, including at schools, as well as boost addiction treatment, including medications for opioid addiction.
Microsoft has implemented some unique company policies, including internal carbon taxes that push departments, including the Azure team, to minimize their climate impact.
For seven states -- including Arizona, Colorado and Pennsylvania -- it has richer data, including hospitals and government buildings like fire stations and police stations.
The Legal Workforce Act even has the backing of business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and immigration enforcement groups, including NumbersUSA.
The 40-employee startup (including new hires) has raised $41 million, including $30 million in a Series B round led by Menlo Ventures.
And the fact that we are now at the lowest point we have ever been all with those friends, including Canada, including European Union, including the Germans, who are worried, even the Italians, who are concerned, where is all of this going?
A: He often made negative comments about many of the protected groups that he was in charge of protecting, including women on his staff, including sexually harassing comments he made to me, including asking me to date and what size my breasts were.
"This is actually a major, major pain point for all aspects of the business including business travel managers, including finance teams, and actually including a lot of the travelers that have to deal with it when they're on the road," Sindicich said.
Ratings agencies including Moody's have been warning for years that cyber issues, including lax controls or a meaningful breach, could lead to a downgrade.
Still some, including Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, have called for more drastic measures to boost bank stability, including breaking up the largest banks.
In the months since January, other governments that recognize Guaido, including in Europe and the Caribbean, have frozen Venezuelan state assets, including bank accounts.
Monday's filing adds new details and allegations, including a sampling of chat transcripts, although some of the information, including the transcripts, has been redacted.
Three of the board members, including Kalanick, are insiders, including another member of the infamous "A-team" (his like-minded -- and exclusively male -- colleagues).
Turbulence at the network, including a restructuring, resulted in a number of top executives being let go, including Fusion Media Group CEO Felipe Holguin.
The first floor is given over to everyday life, including the economy; the second to collective life, including politics and questions of national identity.
Turkey has detained thousands of soldiers including half its generals since the coup attempt, in which more than 200 people, including civilians, were killed.
There are other signs of trouble, including the fact that several utility vehicle segments have begun to flatten and even decline, including compact crossovers.
But subsequent stories, including a major investigation by Bloomberg published in November, linked Pishevar to other allegations of sexual misconduct — including the London incident.
However, UAE banks including NBAD have been seeking to cut costs, including staff redundancies, to manage the expected slowdown due to lower oil prices.
According to White House officials, that dynamic has been a constant undercurrent to Trump's presidency, including on matters of policy including immigration and trade.
She's raised more than $21.3 million as of the latest filings, including heavy support from political action committees including the DCCC and Emily's List.
Draper envisions other potential applications of the tech right here on Earth, including for those with visual impairments, and for first responders including firefighters.
The airstrike killed 51 people, including 40 children, and wounded another 79, including 56 children, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.
The 85 billion peso ($4.6 billion) contract was for a group including Spain's Acciona, Slim's Operadora Cicsa and several Mexican firms, including builder ICA.
Claire McCaskill chided the secretary for including the economic benefits from the tax plan in the budget without including any estimate of its cost.
Electric JUMP bikes are already available around the world including in the United States and Canada and other European capitals including Berlin and Paris.
Harry served in the British Army for 10 years, including two stints in Afghanistan, and now works with several charities, including supporting wounded soldiers.
Residents say Islamic State military positions including weapons stores have been placed near civilian buildings, including a bakery that was hit in recent weeks.
Self-driving cars typically use a combination of sensors, including radar and light-sensing Lidar, to identify objects, including potential obstacles coming into range.
There's also a batch of U.S. economic reports, including durable goods and trade, and some big retail earnings, including Home Depot, Target and Lowe's.
Just released today, What Happened details what happened in the 2016 election, including a long list of who's to blame: including herself and others.
It invests around 7 percent of funds in property, including a majority stake in Interparking, which runs car parks including those at Brussels airport.
China's import requirements could also be used to justify including major capital equipment purchases in any eventual deal, including aircraft and semiconductor manufacturing kit.
Eight of Sobol's political allies including Navalny are in jail for breaking tough protest laws and potential criminal cases hang over others, including Sobol.
Ward shared some important lessons he learned during the fundraising process, including the importance of including a 'domino chart' and having 'message-market fit.
Besides the ten dead (including the killer), there were 16 wounded, including several children; the lives of three of the injured remain in danger.
Forty-one people and sports entities, including top FIFA officials, have been indicted by U.S. prosecutors for offences including corruption, fraud and money laundering.
The holding oversees Ferrovial's activities outside Spain, including the company which manages its airport interests, including stakes in Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airports.
But top Democrats, including Schumer, are delaying meeting with Kavanaugh until they reach a deal on documents, including from his time as staff secretary.
The Idaho Falls Zoo is divided into exhibits for various continents, including an Africa section with 28 species, including lions, zebras, lemurs, and penguins.
Six news outlets, including The Hill, agreed to ground rules in order to cover the event, including not naming donors unless without their permission.
Much warmer than average annual temperatures were recorded across the West, including Washington state and Oregon, as well as in the Southeast, including Florida.
Yahoo's top four executives alone, including Ms. Mayer, would collectively receive about $100 million, including two years of stock awards, if they were fired.
"Abu Mazen (Abbas) meddles in every way in the U.N.'s attempts to alleviate the distress in Gaza - including now, including today," Netanyahu said.
This would require a range of measures, including support for electric vehicles and "more efficient and cleaner combustion engines including refits" said the paper.
To date, NSLComm has raised $16 million, including $12 million from VCs, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, OurCrowd, Cockpit Innovation and Liberty Technology Venture Capital.
Najib said most of the items seized were "gifts from friends, foreign dignitaries including royalty for various occasions including official visits and family events".
Plaintiffs, including fund management firm Deka, allege that managers below management board level, including divisional heads, knew early on about deliberate and systematic cheating.
Because of how much this Senate procedure has thwarted civil rights legislation including bills that would make lynching a federal crime, lawmakers including Sen.
Facing a deadline to get the census forms printed, administration officials including Ross said on Tuesday they were going ahead without including the question.
And lawmakers across the country were boarding planes Monday morning to return to the nation's capital, including those from coronavirus hot-spots including Seattle.
Lawrence and Maroney, 34, were joined by their family and friends — including some A-list guests including Emma Stone, Kris Jenner and Sienna Miller.
American negotiators have already proposed including the language in prospective trade agreements, including with the European Union and Britain, if it leaves the bloc.
We call on Congress to block the USTR from including CDA 230 in our trade agreements, including the USMCA and to reform CDA 85033.
He recently produced some not-so-scary movies, including "Whiplash," which won three Academy Awards, and documentaries, including "The Jinx," which won two Emmys.
Ackman had asked ADP shareholders to approve his proposal to seat three new directors, including himself, and oust three others, including Chairman John Jones.
Three former ministers, including Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, were executed and 3003 others, including President Celal Bayar, had death sentences commuted to life imprisonment.
They&aposre named on dozens of documents related to Epstein entities, including businesses and foundations, in various executive roles, including president, director, and treasurer.
Economists, including at the National Bureau of Economic Research, attribute the job losses in part to increased trade liberalization and technological advances including automation.
"It's important for people, including policy-makers, to realize that there are societal-level factors that affect people's health, including mental health," Kaufman said.
The products included in the recall were sold nationwide online through merchant websites including Amazon and at various retail stores including Target and Walmart.
Why it's on the list: Suplari's technology has landed customers including Hulu and Nordstrom, and dollars from investors including Workday's venture arm Workday Ventures.
Existing terms, including white nationalism, do not reflect the group's distinct history, media tactics or myriad hostilities, including its "hard-core misogyny," she said.
Twenty-nine people related to the PP, including a former treasurer and other senior members, were convicted in May of offences including falsifying accounts.
A federal jury convicted Bulger of 240 counts that year, including racketeering and extortion, and found him culpable in 2000 killings, including McGonagle's death.
Cairn has 22 licenses in Norway, including two operating licenses, and 15 licences in Britain including one as operator, according to the company's website.
Multiple news outlets this week, including CNN, have reported on internal turmoil at the VA, including efforts by some staffers to undermine Shulkin's leadership.
But the estimated total is 10 million, including large populations in countries including Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Lebanon and Democratic Republic of Congo, he said.
Altogether, 41 people and sports entities, including top FIFA officials, have been indicted by U.S. prosecutors for offences including corruption, fraud and money laundering.
She was polling behind frontrunners including former Vice President Joe Biden but ahead of many others who are still in the race, including Sens.
That means delighting customers (including socially conscious ones), investing in profitable innovation (including in green technologies), and attracting workers (sometimes by paying them more).
Adding to the uncertainty, critical details of the agreement have not been disclosed, including how much US products, including farm goods, China would purchase.
Gallagher, a special operations chief, was charged in 2018 with crimes including murder, accused by his platoon of targeting civilians including women and children.
Supporters of the Jones Act, including ship builders, have said it supports American jobs, including ones in Puerto Rico and keeps shipping routes reliable.
Tariff List 4 -- effective September 210 : Part 23: 104 items will be imposed with a 43% tariff, including seafood, fish, crab, shrimp, fruit, nutsPart 24: 21815 items will be imposed with a 25% tariff, including: beef, chicken, potato, wheat, soybean, TCM, steelPart 3: 64 items will be imposed with a 5% tariff, including: creamPart 4: 737 items will be imposed with a 5% tariff, including: turkey, chemicals Tariff List 18153 -- effective December 15: Part 1: 749 items will be imposed with a 10% tariff, including: coffee, corn, caviar, chemicals, cars, buses, scooters, bikesPart 2: 163 items will be imposed with a 10% tariff, including: cars, motorcycles Part 3: 634 items will be imposed with a 5% tariff, including: whiskey and cigars Part 4: 1815 items will be imposed with a 5% tariff, including: wood, floors, doors, clothing, CDs, TVs, lights, automobile parts, pens
Other perks include 4 percent back on restaurants, takeout, and bars, including UberEats; 3 percent back on airfare and hotels, including Airbnb; 2 percent back on all online purchases, including video and music streaming services like Spotify; and 1 percent back on all other purchases.
Other perks include 4 percent back on restaurants, takeout and bars, including UberEATS; 3 percent back on airfare and hotels, including Airbnb; 2 percent back on all online purchases, including video and music streaming services like Spotify, and 1 percent back on all other purchases.
There have been 10 cases in Massachusetts, including three deaths; three cases in Rhode Island, including one death; eight cases in Michigan, including three deaths; two cases in Connecticut, both of them fatal; and three cases in New Jersey and one case in North Carolina.
The agency will now collect information including "social media handles, aliases, associated identifiable information, and search results" on immigrants, including permanent residents and naturalized citizens.
NATO members, including Poland and the Baltic states, feel threatened by what they see as increased Russian intervention in Europe, including its influence in Belarus.
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The serviced launched nearly a year ago; already the company has some 130 staff, including 70 caregivers — including doctors — and a tech team of 30.
For users, there are still plenty of other options, including the use of third-party integrations that link the two services together, including Zapier, Automate.
But GOG says that it will be "constantly working on including this feature in more and more games," including both new releases and classic titles.
Members, including the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Jackman and Kate Hudson, can access more than 10,000 on-demand workouts, including running, cycling and yoga.
Autoliv has typically worked on safety systems used by all major car manufacturers, including seatbelts, airbags, steering wheels and active says systems including collision avoidance.
That's particularly true for transport companies like FedEx, industrials including Stanley Black & Decker and General Electric and energy companies, including Schlumberger, Hess and Marathon Petroleum.
Actresses including Amber Tamblyn, Molly Ringwald, and Sarah Polley have written editorials detailing the widespread abuse of actresses in Hollywood, sometimes including assaults on children.
He was the father of five, including the sad-sack comedian Chris Elliott, and the grandfather of 11, including the actresses Abby and Bridey Elliott.
Several Republicans, including the same three senators whose "no" votes blocked the earlier bill in July, are still undecided, including Graham's close friend John McCain.
The company received the highest sponsorship rights, including rights to all FIFA competitions and corporate activities up to and including the 2030 FIFA World Cup.
Most members, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, are leaning towards this if all producers, including non-OPEC, also agree, OPEC sources told Reuters last month.
On Syria, Putin says Russia has had a "positive return," including "very good, business-like" relations with all the key players, including Iran and Turkey.
Safety measures implemented after that disaster, including tsunami warning systems, failed on Friday for various reasons, including government neglect, a lack of funding and vandalism.
Stitch Fix works with more than 250 women's fashion brands, including Joie and Citizens for Humanity, and more than 30 men's brands including Scotch & Soda.
People with lupus are more vulnerable to all kinds of other conditions, including everything from common infections to cancer and issues with pregnancy (including miscarriage).
Some tech companies, including Microsoft, say it's time for Congress to set rules on how the powerful technology can lawfully be used, including by governments.
Russian officials said the two sides had signed a total of 80 documents, including 68 on commercial matters, during Putin's visit, including private-sector deals.
"We have the same conundrum on including it and alienating conservatives, or not including it and alienating insurance companies," a senior GOP aide told me.
Ayers had a criminal record, including numerous prior arrests and convictions starting in 20153 including driving under the influence, domestic battery, assault, menacing and kidnapping.
States such as Alabama and Missouri have passed similar bans, drawing outrage from including organizations including the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, as well as Hollywood.
They've been involved in fatal accidents before, including a sinking on Arkansas' Lake Hamilton in 1999 in which 13 people, including three children, were killed.
The fire has killed six people, including two firefighters, and destroyed 1,060 homes and nearly 500 other buildings, including businesses, barns and warehouses, officials said.
There is, in the absence of data, plenty of anecdotal evidence that French and Belgian youth, including Muslims, use drugs—including those who become radicalized.
With a rapidly growing number of members, including those outside of New York, the group developed an online presence including a newsletter and job board.
VC — the relatively new early-stage venture capital firm founded by Fred Destin and Harry Stebbings — alongside a number of other investors including including SAP.
Five people, including a minor, were arrested at the rally and charged with crimes including second degree trespassing and fighting in public, Asheville police said.
Bitcoin is regularly used for anonymous digital payments, including on websites like Silk Road, where it can be used to purchase contraband items including drugs.
Medical professionals, she said, relocate mainly from southern Europe, including countries like Spain, Portugal, and Greece, and Eastern Europe, including countries like Romania and Bulgaria.
"The streets are desolate, including close to the dictator," said opposition leader Freddy Guevara, tweeting pictures of empty avenues including near the Miraflores presidential palace.
Several former senior officials, including ex-prime ministers Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal have been placed in custody over charges including "dissipation of public funds".
The series will also feature interviews with experts, including Spotify staff, industry vets, and artists themselves, including Rick Ross, Little Dragon, Mike Posner, and Vérité.
"People are very, very frustrated, and that's why some, including young people, are looking for a way out, including independence," Ms. Lau told Mr. Zhang.
Stitch Fix works with more than 250 women's fashion brands, including Joie and Citizens for Humanity, and more than 30 men's brands, including Scotch & Soda.
Amnesty's researchers spoke to 54 people in Norway, including police officers, prosecutors, academics, social science providers and 30 sex workers, including three victims of trafficking.
The soldiers, including commandoes and officers, are charged with half a doze crimes including attempting to assassinate the president and attempting to overthrow the government.
The government's estimates are also based on other assumptions, including Britain's ability to strike "ambitious" free trade deals with major economies including the United States.
The group generates traffic from its own media platforms, including PagesJanues and Mappy, as well as through partnerships with international players, including Google and Apple.
Mr. Lewis has also sold assets including Tesco's South Korean business, and he cut costs, including thousands of jobs, to reduce the company's debt burden.
The reader supports document formats including PDF, EPUB, TXT, MOBI, and DOC; image formats JPG, PNG, and BMP; and audio files including MP3 and WAV.
The suit, brought by academics, including law professor Markus Kerber, follows several other failed challenges of ECB power, including its right to buy government bonds.
It scores businesses on factors including worker treatment, environment and products and tracks a selection of Russell 1000 companies, including Apple, Amazonand Bank of America.
This campaign targeted a broad range of industries including critical infrastructure, entertainment, finance, health care, and telecommunications across 17 different countries, including the United States.
The United States has a significant operation underway at Incirlik, including A-10 attack planes, KC-135 refueling tankers and surveillance aircraft, including armed drones.
"As long as individuals take appropriate personal protective measures, including the use of a mosquito repellent, including wearing clothing that prevents mosquito bites," she added.
Stitch Fix works with more than 600 women's fashion brands, including Joie and Citizens for Humanity, and more than 30 men's brands, including Scotch & Soda.
In comparison, U.S. markets offer more uncertainty, including whether U.S. President Donald Trump will deliver key campaign pledges that have boosted equities, including banking stocks.
At the event's signature march in Washington, D.C., over 500,000 people showed up — including a slew of celebs including Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Judd.
Frieden said the agency was not recommending that people, including pregnant women, limit travel to Florida, including the neighborhood where people may have been infected.
VICE on HBO netted three nominations, including Outstanding Informational Series, and VICELAND scored two nominations, including one for Ellen Page and Ian Daniel's show GAYCATION.
Now, Republican leaders, including Trump, are making a big push for a tax bill, including a major speech the president delivered in Missouri this week.
Nissan continues to aim for autonomous multiple-lane driving, including lane changes, by 2018, and functions for full urban driving, including intersection turns, by 2020.
He also leads several entities that he created, including the National Security Commission, which has broad powers over domestic and foreign policy, including counterespionage laws.
That same survey showed Mr. Cuomo leading her among registered Democrats by nearly 40 percentage points, including among every subgroup including women, liberals and minorities.
This season, there were 72 Broadway shows, including 38 musicals, 29 plays and five special events (including "Springsteen on Broadway," which brought in $50 million).
Quad publishes every Condé Nast title, including The New Yorker and Vogue, most publications from Hearst Magazines, including O: The Oprah Magazine, and Scholastic books.
A bankruptcy court in Delaware has been handling a settlement including multiple plaintiffs, including the state of New York, several of Weinsein's accusers and creditors.
One is nominated for five additional Oscars, including Best Picture; two more are nominated in other categories as well, including Best Documentary and Best Actor.
He has worked with leaders of numerous countries, including Nigeria and Qatar, and Exxon has been dominant in many countries, including Equatorial Guinea and Sudan.
They at least occasionally came alongside officials of banks they represent, including Goldman Sachs, and trade groups including the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.
They say that American privacy safeguards — including the United States Constitution — often provide better protection than the rules in other jurisdictions, including those in Europe.
Including over 6 million products from brands including Burberry, Fendi, Gucci, Prada and Saint Laurent, Lyst offers shoppers convenience and unparalleled choice in one place.
It also requires details of the termination, including the type of procedure used, complications, and gestational age of the fetus—including fetal weight and length.
We're the first ones at the restaurant, so we get a round of drinks, including one for the birthday boy — N. pays ($28, including tip).
The missile, if perfected, could target all of South Korea, including at least six American bases, and parts of southern Japan, including two large bases.
The raised forecast comes after U.S. retailers, including Kohl's, Macy's, and J.C. Penney, reported mixed holiday results amid intense competition from online sellers including Amazon.
Storm distinguishes itself in numerous ways, including its exclusive focus on seed and Series A stage enterprise startups, including mobile, SaaS and cloud infrastructure companies.
That period closed on May 22, and revisions were announced on Friday, including deletion of more than 500 product lines, including flat panel television sets.
So in 2019, several cities, including San Francisco and Oakland in California and Somerville in Massachusetts, banned city departments (including police) from using the technology.
There are medications that reduce the dizziness, including antihistamines such as meclizine (Antivert) and anticholinergics, including scopolamine skin patches, which may offer short-term relief.
Six other people, including three security forces, were reported wounded and more than 150 people, including 41 foreigners, were rescued from the hotel, Danish said.
A number of them, including Fiat Chrysler CEO Michael Manley and Boston Beer founder Jim Koch, touted the president's economic policies, including his tax cut.
Many chief executives, including the heads of Exxon Mobil and Chevron, will speak about a variety of issues, including climate change and new energy technologies.
Last fall, JBS became the center of a corruption investigation including the bribery of Brazilian meat inspectors and more than 1,85033 politicians including Brazil's president.
Four men, including two Russian intelligence agents, face 47 criminal charges, including conspiracy, computer fraud, economic espionage, theft of trade secrets and aggravated identity theft.
Including a toolkit of transportation funding mechanisms — including direct federal spending, revolving loan programs, direct federal loan programs, tax-preferred financing, and public-private-partnerships.
The inquiry resulted in the indictments of 30 people, including several former aides to Ms. Park, on criminal charges, including the abuse of official power.
She has been tied to thefts in many states, including California, Colorado, New York and Ohio, and in cities including Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Monaco.
Moreover, marijuana use carries risks, including cannabis use disorder, psychosis and cognitive impairment, as well as additive effects when used with other substances, including opioids.
As CEO, he oversaw partnerships with rivals, including some of the world's biggest tech and financial institutions including Google, Apple Facebook, Visa, Mastercard and Baidu.
Not in the religious sense, but in the sense that any of us — including you, including me — is a complete and total accident of existence.
The clearinghouse is expected to cover a range of derivatives asset classes including FX futures, equity index futures and options, and commodity futures, including precious metals.
"We have had prior contact with this family, including a neglect report in 2012 when DCFS placed four children, including Manuel, with foster parents," Resa said.
Currently, at least two moderates, including Ms Collins, and four hard-line conservatives, including Mr Cruz, have said they cannot support it in its current form.
I also wrote several spoiler-y pieces about the game, including: And finally, I emailed Yoko Taro a bunch of questions, including asking him about God.
Jaunt already has more than 200 pieces of contact in its library, including sports and concert programming, including one it made with former Beatle Paul McCartney.
" While many, including Paris Hilton, applauded Hyland and shared positive messages in the comments section, others did not, including one troll who commented: "Eat a doughnut.
Cohen has repeatedly and vociferously denied that such a trip happened, including to Congress, and including after he struck his first plea deal in New York.
Five defendants including Fishenko pleaded guilty, while three former Arc Electronics employees including Fishenko's alleged right-hand man, Alexander Posobilov, were convicted at trial in October.
Vendors, including Axon, should design ALPRs to facilitate transparency about their use, including by incorporating easy ways for agencies to share aggregate and de-identified data.
Blockbuster M&A deals including Bayer's bid to buy out Monsanto could be followed by other large-scale mergers in sectors including pharmaceuticals, one banker said.
Several multinationals, including Philip Morris, BAT and Alliance One International, said they had engaged in efforts to reduce child labor, including education and worker safety programs.
The motivations to arrive at a settlement are very acute on all fronts, including Trump, despite his brave talk, and including China, despite their brave talk.
More than 150 women, including Olympic gold medalists, have accused Nassar of abuse — including inserting his ungloved fingers into their vaginas and rectums — that spanned decades.
Cruz said Trump has embraced liberal ideas, including abortion rights and requiring healthcare coverage, as well as liberal politicians, including Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.
Nissan is aiming to develop autonomous multiple-lane driving functions, including lane changes, by 2018, and functions for full urban driving, including intersection turns, by 2020.
Financial names including Allianz, EY and Société Générale have bases in La Défense, as well as global consumer brands including Carrefour, Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble.
Spoofing is clearly a concern with essentially every regulator and SRO including Nasdaq and Nasdaq with their surveillance capabilities, including SMARTS Surveillance are on the lookout.
Kelly and his employees, including managers and bodyguards, set restrictive rules for the women and girls, including when they could go to the restroom, prosecutors allege.
Hindu hardliners, including members of the BJP's youth wing, have clashed with police and attacked women, including journalists, who have tried to get to the temple.
PAINTER: Well, it appears that some of those officials were meeting with the Russians including Carter Page and including the people at the Trump Tower meeting.
A person familiar with the matter added that some initial members of the SoftBank consortium, including General Atlantic, had dropped out over concerns including the price.
The effort has been criticized for providing a tax break to businesses and including certain cities already flush with investments, including parts of New York City.
Some banks — including Ally and Marcus by Goldman Sachs — cut yields on some of their retail products, including savings accounts, ahead of the central bank's actions.
Ten percent of electors gave some thought to defecting in 2004, 83% in 2008 (including 20% of Republicans), and 7% in 2012 (including 10% of Republicans).
There are too many voices being ignored, including millions of people who have weighed in, including concerns when it comes to the New York AG's office.
The Canadian-born star also appeared in several '80s movies, including The Last Dragon and Action Jackson, and had roles in television shows including Miami Vice.
Personal details of some Level One employees, including scans of driver's licenses and passports, and Level One business data, including invoices, contracts, and bank account details.
At least eight women — including the four athletes who talked to ESPN — and girls had made complaints, including one who contacted local police officials in 2004.
Nicole Marie actually sent Trump multiple invites to the wedding, including a booklet that showcased encounters that she had with him, including rallies and Trump parties.
LONDON (Reuters) - Three men, including two serving soldiers, were charged by British police on Monday with terrorism offences, including belonging to a banned far-right group.
The hack compromised the personal data — including names, addresses, social security numbers, and more —  of up to 80 million people, including Anthem's CEO Joseph R. Swedish.
They say some of the women, including Hathloul, were held in solitary confinement and subjected to mistreatment and torture, including electric shocks, flogging and sexual assault.
Global energy companies including BP, Shell and ENI are likely to oppose the bill as are U.S.-based companies including Exxon Mobil Corp and Chevron Corp .
CCTV screengrabbed a list of information that could be purchased, including a person's Alipay account number, property holdings, travel records, including hotel records, and even location.
The project is expected to affect a range of habitats including wetlands and old-growth forests, and species including lynx, caribou and bison, the report said.
He said it was a sailing under a Sierre Leone flag with a crew of nine including nationals of Turkey, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan, including one woman.
Republicans, including Hatch, have publicly fretted for months over Trump's trade policies, including concerns that broad steel and aluminum tariffs would spark retaliation from other countries.
Other manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, send wireless uploads to update various in-vehicle apps, including maps and entertainment offerings like Spotify and Pandora.
To be sure, certain healthcare issues, including the cost of medicine, have drawn broad attention as a populist issue, including from some Republicans like Trump himself.
U.S. companies had some factors working in their favor in the quarter, though, including surprisingly strong economic data, including readings on the manufacturing and services sectors.
Other countries including Russia, India and Australia have also tested some early prototypes of the aircraft, which could be used to deliver missiles including nuclear weapons.
Including the Loras poll's 4 percent would have put O'Malley at 85033 percent, while including the Quinnipiac poll's 6 percent would put him above the threshold.
Last year saw unusually fast paced liberal measures being introduced, however, including Vietnam's accession to multilateral free-trade accords, including the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership.
They had access to a plentiful diet including sugars and carbohydrates, which likely contributed to their poor dental hygiene, including dental lesions, abscesses, and tooth loss.
He has also asserted that he has been subjected to degrading treatment, including hundreds of strip searches and frequent searches of his cell, including at night.
Global energy companies including BP, Shell and ENI are likely to oppose the bill as are U.S.-based companies including Exxon Mobil Corp and Chevron Corp .
But at least ten, including California and its two million enrollees, would see fairly immediate impacts, including enrollment freezes and a shortfall in paying for care.
Every major platform including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Twitter have guidelines for how to report images that violate their terms of service, including revenge porn.
Nootropics usually refer to a wide range of substances including prescription drugs including Ritalin and over-the-counter supplements like aniracetam, which can be bought online.
Other states, including Colorado and Florida, have adopted emergency measures, including telemedicine and curbside pickup as part of their efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus.
Several other Republican lawmakers, including Mr. Brady and Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, are resistant to the idea of including a trigger that would increase taxes.
Backed by investors including Y Combinator and Google Launchpad, the start-up attracts techies with its range of innovative projects including autonomous vehicles, drones and mapping.
Weisman was demoted following a string of racially insensitive tweets, including one posted late last month in which he suggested a group of Democrats including Reps.
Several countries have offered humanitarian visas in the aftermath of calamitous natural disasters, including the United States after hurricanes and earthquakes, including in Haiti in 2010.
It's paying $66.1 billion including assumed debt, more than the entire Fox was worth, including net debt, in early November before deal talks were first reported.
And, of course, Ottawa is crowded with official homes, including Rideau Hall, an estate of 26 buildings including one now housing Mr. Trudeau and his family.
" He noted orders for new military equipment, including Coast Guard cutters, Navy ships and Air Force planes, including one that is "almost like an invisible fighter.
It's also teaming up with companies, including Marriott International, Sysco and Sodexo, to temporarily hire some of their employees -- including those affected by layoffs and furloughs.
The league urged teams to considered making more than a dozen changes, including: • Increasing the number of female employees, in areas including leadership and supervisory positions.
Muscat used his speech to praise his tenure&aposs achievements, including strong economic growth and civil rights, including legalized marriage and adoption for same-sex couples.
Including King, 20 GOP House members have made public their plans to retire at the end of this Congress, including a handful of Republican committee leaders.
It would be a first for Amazon, but brands including Jabra and Bose already sell wireless earbuds and headphones, respectively, that can summon assistants, including Alexa.
It has also prompted concerns about abuse, including a $503 million fraud investigation in Los Angeles this month involving more than 250 people, including Chinese citizens.
She's since joined Booker on the campaign trail, including multiple events in Nevada on the Fourth of July (including a meet-and-greet in Boulder City).
But eight states, including Minnesota, Montana and Oregon, already have a universal minimum, including for tipped workers, and restaurant workers in those states make more money.
The earbuds are a first for Amazon, but brands including Jabra and Bose already sell wireless earbuds and headphones, respectively, that can summon assistants, including Alexa.
"We can consider any options, including gradual easing of quotas, including continuation of the deal," Novak told Russia's RBC TV in an interview recorded last week.
Smith faces several challengers, including progressive founder of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur as a Democrat, as well as a couple of Republicans including former Rep.
Yet several other businesses appear to be softening as well, including the market for server systems used by cloud service operators, including Amazon, Microsoft and Google.
Critics on Twitter, including Snapes, were disappointed that the lineup was dominated by male artists, only featuring 20 acts including women out of more than 90.
And just today, it was just announced before I came in, that drug overdose deaths, we're working so hard on this, including our Vice President, including our first lady, including everybody in the Trump administration -- it's dropped for the first time in more than 30 years.
The richest countries, including the United States, will freeze production and consumption of HFCs by 2018; much of the rest of the world, including China, Brazil and all of Africa, will do the same by 2024; and a few nations, including India, will have until 2028.
Leading players in the side, including Jamie Vardy and Harry Maguire, sent messages of support on Twitter while rival clubs including Manchester City also voiced their concern.
There's a lot of new content, including a few new faces, various organs or body parts, animals, foodstuffs, and science equipment including petri dishes and lab coats.
In testing AccuWeather's app, Strafach found that it was surreptitiously shipping location data off to Reveal Mobile, including: Your precise GPS coordinates, including current speed and altitude.
Nine out of the top ten global internet companies — including Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba and Google — and hundreds of other companies (including mine) have joined forces against them.
There are also a fair number of group-first apps, with business-user options including the likes of Slack and Teams, and those for consumers including GroupMe.
In this way, the GRU was able to steal thousands of documents from the Democrat campaign, including emails, which ended up on various online platforms including WikiLeaks.
That means it's broken down into smaller units, including amino acids and peptides, that are easily absorbed and can find their way into tissues, including the skin.
International organizations including the United Nations have criticized China's judicial processes for failing to guarantee the rights of the accused, including freedom from torture, and fair trials.
The five-piece capsule collection comes in two silhouettes, including a mule and a slip-on sneaker, which feature luxe fabrics including velvet, suede and patent leather.
Auditors also found understaffed facilities, including a center where a single staff member was responsible for 14 children, including babies and toddlers under the age of 2.
The exhibition is also grand, including 117 objects from dozens of Native American communities across north America, including many items borrowed from art collections across the country.
The company is taking part in LNG infrastructure tenders, including several gas-fired power plants, in countries including Indonesia, Chile, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Morocco, Vivier said.
A true believer is called to live out his faith — including fundamental beliefs about sex, marriage, and the family — at all times and places, including his workplace.
Despite other problems - including ejector seats that were dangerous for small pilots, and finicky software - it has a strong safety record, with only two crashes, including Tuesday's.
He is leading a coalition of billionaires, including Jeff Bezos and George Soros, investing in a range of technologies, including batteries and new ways to get water.
There were also several updates to Alexa including a push to bring it into business with several partnerships announced including Microsoft, Capital One and Concur, among others.
In short, Cloudflare-protected websites and services—including Uber, dating site OkCupid, and Fitbit—have inadvertently been leaking sensitive user data, potentially including passwords and private messages.
Thirteen states, including Florida, Ohio and Texas, have already passed bills alleviating some of the local infrastructure hurdles accompanying increased broadband network deployment, including delays and pricing.
The report delved into other trends for the following year, including mobile's growing role as a part of e-commerce transactions, including mobile food ordering, and more.
Guests, including dad Stephen Stagliano and little brother Austin Michael, 11 months, noshed on casual kid-friendly lunch bites and sweets, including cookies and rainbow-colored candies.
Those who are newer to the Grammy stage — including Cardi B and Alessia Cara — will join seasoned performers including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Sting, Bruno Mars, and Kesha.
British law protects diversity in religion and practice, whereas in France the display of religious symbols, including the veil, is banned in most public institutions, including schools.
Motorola's also including a bunch of other new camera features here, including an "active photo" mode that takes videos with each picture and built-in face filters.
Traders, including many with ties to Russia, allegedly gave the hackers "shopping lists" of releases they wanted to see in advance, including quarterly results of public companies.
Dragnea, who has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, has been pushing Dancila's government for legal changes, including a decree that would grant prison pardons and amnesty, including for himself.
Many prominent businessmen and ex-officials, including former prime ministers Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal, have been placed in custody on charges including "dissipation of public funds".
Since then, it's picked up intensity, and warning zones have been identified from Elcho Island to Cape Shield, including Nhulunbuy and Pormpuraaw to Thursday Island, including Weipa.
The drought, along with other factors, forced about 298 million rural residents, including farmers, to urban areas in Syria to look for work, including Aleppo and Damascus.
In 2006, she opened Urban Skin Solutions, Roff's medical spa, which provides skin and body services (including vagina fillers) to a large clientele, including mostly Black women.
Some U.S. cities, including Seattle and Miami, have banned the use of plastic straws, and many companies, including restaurants and airlines, are electing to stop using them.
This had to do with both its demands — six collections a year, including Cruise collections in exotic locations — and its limitations, including the involvement of celebrity ambassadors.
Last week, Cesar Sayoc Jr. was arrested on charges related to mailing pipe bombs to top Democratic politicians including the Obamas, the Clintons and others, including Rep.
But her role won't be limited to soccer: She will work across multiple platforms including ESPN Films and shows including "Outside the Lines," according to the network.
As of March 2018, 269 people including refugees were being held on the small Pacific Island of Nauru, including 22 children, as part of Australia's immigration program.
The Hawaii Civil Defense said 35 structures -- including at least 26 homes -- had been destroyed and a total of 12 fissures have formed, including two on Monday.
Zara customers in countries including Angola, Ivory Coast and Indonesia will be able to place orders in euros including shipping costs and custom charges, the company said.
Despite the boycott of the investment conference by big hitters, including in Wall Street, some senior international bankers including from HSBC and Japan's biggest lender MUFG attended.
Koch organizations, including the brothers' privately held conglomerate Koch Industries, have warned that BAT could devastate the U.S. economy by raising prices on consumer goods, including gasoline.
Other sports are also typically played during the carnival, including basketball and softball, and the festival features other aspects of the local culture, including art and dance.
Pishevar is referring to reports, including one from Bloomberg, from late November that suggest he sexually assaulted several women, including during during a holiday party at Uber.
Forces on the right, including religious conservatives who back Mr. Uribe, and on the left, including the FARC, have both agitated for years for such a process.
We talked about many subjects, but I have those meetings one-on-one with all leaders including the president of China, including prime minister of Japan, Abe.
In addition, the report said, "Radio communication problems, including the lack of interoperability and throttling affected the tactical operations inside of Building 12, including the medical response."
Meanwhile, his trade wars, including with China, have driven up the cost of raw materials and arguably led to layoffs, including 14,000 GM workers just before Christmas.
It's also consistent with an overall $733 billion defense budget when including money outside the scope of the bill, including military construction and Energy Department nuclear programs.
The tariffs would target a broad array of imports, including fish such as salmon and halibut, vegetables, nuts, grains, orange juice, and metals including titanium and uranium.
The list goes on including a number of other incidents, including the president's response to violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.
But there have been a number of high-profile Taliban attacks since last month, including a double suicide bombing in Kabul that killed dozens, including 10 journalists.
Everyone means everyone — including people seeking asylum from persecution (which anyone is legally entitled to do), and including parents who have entered the US with their children.
In 2013, Valle was found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap, with his trial including graphic descriptions of plans to torture, rape and cannibalize women, including his wife.
That year, voters in three states including Oregon approved measures to legalize recreational cannabis; voters in two more states including New York chose to legalize medical marijuana.
FIFA is trying to address that with proposed changes, including shifting the event to every four years and adding many more teams, including several more from Europe.
Republicans, including President Trump, accused Dr. Snipes of sloppy work and pounced on her failures, including the department's mistake of mixing invalid provisional ballots with valid ones.
But I do believe there's going to be some very technological changes, including body parts, including not just Botox, but really serious- I have a plastic cornea.
President Trump's approval rating has fallen across a range of demographic groups, including among those seen as his base, including white voters, evangelical Christians and rural Americans.
De Alba said that for a variety of reasons, including ill-informed doctors and stifling bureaucracies, access to internationally controlled opioids, including morphine, is difficult in Mexico.
Financial backing has come from supporters, including some in the neighborhood, as well as from interests in Spain, including beer companies and the soccer star David Villa.
DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian authorities uncovered a stash of hoarded medical supplies including millions of gloves as deaths from its coronavirus epidemic hit 66 including a senior official.
All the other known images of van Gogh are paintings, including some 30 self-portraits, and a few portraits of him by other artists, including Paul Gauguin.
"We don't want them gathering, and I see that they do gather including on beaches, and including in restaurants, young people," President Donald Trump said on Wednesday.
Several startups, including a new browser called Brave, are developing new business models for websites, including giving users the ability to easily donate to their favorite site.
DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian authorities uncovered a stash of hoarded medical supplies including millions of gloves as deaths from its coronavirus epidemic hit 66 including a senior official.
Mr. Zhang said that workers currently earn $525 to $580 per month, including overtime pay but not including company-paid benefits like medical insurance and housing subsidies.
The company currently serves clients in the retail (including large shopping centers), commercial real estate and hospitality verticals, including JLL, Regency, SRS, Brixmor, Verizon* and Caesars Entertainment.
Companies, including Match Group, have successfully invoked CDA 230 to shield themselves from liability in incidents involving users harmed by other users, including victims of sexual assault.
That company holds some of Mr. Trump's largest assets, including his Old Post Office lease, golf courses and residential properties including a house in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Half of fresh fruit (including the most popular bananas) and a quarter of fresh vegetables available to Americans are imported, including over half of the fresh tomatoes.
The website contains a list of files stolen from Visser, including folders with customer names — including Tesla, SpaceX, and aircraft maker Boeing, and defense contractor Lockheed Martin.
Chinese e-commerce platforms Alibaba and appeared to have taken Houston Rockets merchandise including sneakers off their sales platforms including mobile apps as of Wednesday night.
Trojan Holding, which own a number of construction companies including Trojan General Contracting, has worked on large contracts for developers including Aldar Properties, Emaar Properties, and Nakheel.
The devastating wildfires in 2017 and 2018, including the Camp Fire, which destroyed the Northern California town of Paradise, enraged many residents and elected officials, including Gov.
"All subsidiaries of Wirecard, including Card Systems Middle East, are subject to regular audit procedures, including but not limited to quarterly and annual audits," the company said.
Ukraine and its western backers, including the United States, say Russia's annexation of Crimea was illegal and have imposed economic sanctions, including freezing assets and restricting trade.
The synthetic frogs are almost identical to real female frogs, including their size, texture, skin, and organs (including reproductive systems) which are made of synthetic wet tissues.
Apple says that it should work in all browsers, including Google Chrome, and on all devices, including Windows 10, Chrome OS, and even mobile platforms like Android.
They also sit on a number of conservationist boards together, including the European Climate Foundation, and have even founded their own foundations, including Stordalen Foundation and GreeNudge.
The tariffs would target a broad array of imports, including fish such as salmon and halibut, vegetables, nuts, grains, orange juice, and metals including titanium and uranium.
About two dozen conservative Republicans, including Freedom Caucus members, met Wednesday with top administration officials, including Mr. Pence and Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to Mr. Trump.
With the Black Friday deal, Dyson is including an array of vacuum accessories, including two cleaning heads, three precision cleaning tools, and a mini soft dusting brush.
Similarly, industry professionals (including journalists) may be hesitant to travel globally to some of the watch industry's biggest events of the year, including Baselworld and Watches & Wonders.
This seems to fly in the face of decades of precedent including the Nixon case which states that no one, including the president, is above the law.
But both services offer far more programming than Apple, including original shows and movies as well as older "catalog" content, including popular series with hundreds of episodes.
Other defendants, including Mr. Viliena's father, have been convicted there on charges including murder and complicity in murder, but were released from prison early, Mr. Gilmore said.
The Russians used online personas including Guccifer 2.0 to work with people and organizations in a position to spread the information, including WikiLeaks, according to the indictment.
"She accuses the entire country, including all of law enforcement, of 'implicit bias,' essentially suggesting that everyone, including our police, are basically racist and prejudiced," Trump said.
The decision followed a surge of civil disobedience - including traffic disruptions - across the country by protest organizations including Extinction Rebellion and a growing student school strike movement.
Stamping out illegal grows, including environmentally damaging ones linked to organized crime, has long been a promise of pro-legalization campaigns, including the successful one in California.
That's a great, huge opportunity for the producers all around the world, including farmers, including small businesses in the United States, and that's what we're focused on.
The exhibition is grouped thematically rather than chronologically, with perennial themes including animals, "body stuff," personal stories (including some of her surprisingly upbeat tales from stints in children's shelters and foster homes), historically based stories (including Park's fictionalized reconstruction of New York's "Mad Bomber"), and Chicago-related tales.
Over the past few months, the company has begun unveiling its international expansion strategies, including the launch of a vehicle-sharing platform intended to serve as a turnkey solution for partners, and deals with manufacturers, including Yamaha, that will make scooters using Gogoro's technology, including its swappable batteries.
Sources including academic advisers, recruiters, and insiders at PE firms told Business Insider that the activity was widespread, including at firms such as Thoma Bravo and TA Associates that were early movers last year but also at some of the largest firms including Warburg Pincus, TPG, and KKR.
GOBankingRates found the most affordable places for middle class families by looking at three factors: income trends, including the change in median household income of middle class families between 1999 and 1403; higher education trends, including tuition costs and graduation rates; and housing trends, including mortgage and homeownership rates.
A memo from the league was circulating around team offices that included the passage: Teams are prohibited from mocking and/or ridiculing opponents (including teams, players, team personnel (including owners) and opponents' home cities) and game officials on social media in any form, including through statements, pictures or videos.
Including options for customization of gender, including representations of different anatomy, asking for users' pronouns if the app includes a conversation bot, and including a diverse selection of avatars of different genders users can choose are all other ways these apps can improve the user experience, Clemmer said.
But Russia`s takeover was something that Ukraine and several other countries, including the U.S., did not accept, and it troubled leaders throughout NATO, including those in Latvia.
The Emirate statement listed numerous condolences from the UAE leadership, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and regional heads of states including Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
"We believe that any actions, including rhetoric, including remarks, have the ability to escalate what is already a very tense situation and a very dangerous situation," Trudeau said.
"People are getting impatient, including me, including [Mochizuki], and it feels like certain people in the mathematical community have a responsibility to do something about this," Kim said.
Institutions including Icahn's hedge fund hold 88 percent of the company's stock, according to Thomson Reuters data, including Fir Tree Partners, Paulson & Co, Guggenheim Capital and Apollo Capital.
Instagram likes are now a serious metric for investors in luxury brands including Burberry, Kering-owned Gucci and Saint Laurent and LVMH labels including Dior and Louis Vuitton.
Though there were a few diversions (including an early Imperial Army stint), he quickly rose through the ranks while inventing new filmmaking tools, including more flexible camera cranes.
The Council said the deal reached covers the "core issues" including liquidity and diversification requirements and assets in which MMFs can invest, including the role of government debt.
After a mass shooting in 1990 in Aramoana, New Zealand, in which a man killed 13 people, including two children, restrictions on guns, including semiautomatic weapons, were tightened.
The 20 U.S. closures are spread across states including New York, Texas and California, with 31 locations including two plants in a handful of Canadian provinces also shutting.
But State officials also point to positive signs, including productive calls and meetings between Tillerson and foreign officials, including a Wednesday meeting with Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray.
The original recall included an undetermined amount of ready-to-eat poultry products including frozen cooked, diced, or shredded chicken distributed by brands including Butterball, Perdue, and Sysco.
George said USCIRF had been able to travel to many countries, including those among the worst offenders of religious freedom, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China, and Myanmar.
The survey found that 21 states including California, Georgia, and Maryland, are candy corn haters, while 14 states including Alabama, New York, and Nevada and really dislike licorice.
Authorities said that traders, including many with ties to Russia, gave hackers "shopping lists" of releases they wanted to see in advance, including quarterly results of public companies.
Samsung has already started including the assistant in its connected refrigerators and says it wants to eventually install it across its product portfolio, including in TVs and wearables.
Brooks had a lot to say about AI, including his overarching concern that many people — including renowned AI alarmist Elon Musk — get it very wrong, in his view.
It covers several other states entirely — including New Jersey, Delaware, and Rhode Island — the nation's capital, and the country's largest cities, including New York City and Los Angeles.
Novartis is counting on new medicines including midostaurin to help offset the expiration of patents on drugs including top-seller Gleevec, which is now facing increased generic competition.
Reichhold, owned by a group of investors including Black Diamond Capital, is leading the race against specialised U.S. funds including SK Capital and KPS Capital, the sources said.
This makes the activist left, including many at the Riverside, a stage for civil-rights leaders including Martin Luther King through the ages, love her all the more.
You'll learn tips and tricks from experienced pro photographers — including Level 3-Certified Pro Tutors — and will benefit from instructional materials including videos, articles, ebooks, and much more.
This year, says Battelle, NewCo has plans for 15 cities, including in hubs where it hasn't hosted events in the past, including London, Detroit, Toronto, and Mexico City.
In response to that story, which including three women — including actress Asia Argento — accusing Weinstein of sexual assault, Weinstein issued a statement via his representative denying the allegations.
Central bankers including Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and ECB President Mario Draghi have listed multiple issues with the digital currency, including money laundering, terrorism financing and financial stability.
Under that plan, Lundin would own the European assets of Nevsun, including Timok, and Euro Sun would own the rest of Nevsun, including the Bisha mine in Eritrea.
One of the people familiar with the matter said that some initial members of the SoftBank consortium, including General Atlantic, had dropped out over concerns including the price.
However, the Houthi-controlled Al-Masirah satellite news channel has reported at least 51 people, including 40 children, were killed and 79 others, including 56 children, were wounded.
His family has said he suffered from lifelong "severe mental health challenges" including psychosis and depression and had not responded to numerous treatment approaches, including therapy and medication.
Of course, the drone won't be cheap: it's $800, including a battery, charger, a redesigned remote control, and a whole host of accessories, including propellor and gimbal guards.
I wish they would address fundamental fiscal loopholes, including high tax evasion, rampant corruption and those connected (including non-financial corporates) to politicians who continue avoiding paying taxes.
With locations dotted around the U.K., including Glasgow and Bournemouth, JP Morgan employees have access to various work perks, including health coaches, flexible work opportunities and insurance plans.
There are 52 women walking in the 2016 show, including 18 new faces, including Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk (whom you may know as Bradley Cooper's girlfriend). 3.
The court papers detailed Depp's spending as including $75 million on buying or improving 20103 residences, including a French chateau and a chain of islands in the Bahamas.
The proposed extradition law would allow people in the city accused of a crime, including foreigners, to be extradited to countries without formal extradition agreements, including mainland China.
Some high-profile members of the community, including Scott Weinberg, cancelled plans to attend; other writers, including Mike Ryan, and Glenn Kenny, called for boycotts of the Drafthouse.
The signs, including factory data on Monday, have helped lead the market to recent record highs and boosted shares of economically sensitive companies including in materials and industrials.
However, freedom to set an independent trade policy - including cutting tariffs - was a key reason for leaving the EU given by Brexit supporters, including trade minister Liam Fox.
While some countries have banned FGM, including many with communities where FGM is widespread, including Gambia, some organizations working to end the practice warn that it is spreading.
Omari Spellman finished the game with 183 points on 7-of-9 shooting, including 3-for-21997 from long range, and Phil Booth added 298, including four threes.
Throughout his career, Bloodworth worked with groups including Rinse, FWD>>, and Bleep; and he has also taken iconic photos of artists including Flying Lotus, Skream, Jackmaster, and Benga.
Swatch Group supplies most of the Swiss watch industry with movements from its ETA manufacturing facility, including Richemont which makes watches under brands including Cartier, IWC and Piaget.
A group of 16 conservatives, including Glenn Beck and Brent Bozell, traveled to Facebook for a fence-mending meeting with top executives, including the chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg.
Pruitt has been under fire by Democrats and some Republicans for frequent first-class air travel, including a trip to Italy that cost $43,000, not including security detail.
"Again, I was a businessman, and it was my obligation to get along with everybody, including the Clintons, including Democrats and liberals and Republicans and conservatives," he added.
"Effective immediately, a range of shirt colors beyond solid black and white are welcome, including gray, navy, dark denim, and brown, including patterns," the accompanying press release read.
The president is using all the levers of power, including the Roosevelt Room, including the military, to rile up voters with four days to go until the midterms.
Other potential supporters, including many of the coalition's members, have said they support the deal but are concerned about several of its provision, including on pharmaceuticals and tobacco.
They also pointed to organized events including the one in San Antonio, Texas, "that showed a tremendous amount of excitement" for Clinton and her surrogates, including Democratic Reps.
Conductors including Claudio Abbado, who died in 2014, and Riccardo Muti have made a point of using these scholarly editions, sometimes including material rarely performed in recent decades.
Mr. Pearson said the response to his announcement had been positive so far, including from fans and other Christian artists, including the bands Switchfoot and Jars of Clay.
Companies including Delta Airlines, National Car Rental and First National Bank of Omaha have all moved to cut ties with the NRA, including dropping discounts for NRA members.
He's managed to pull in corporate partners including Google VR, HTC Vive, and Upload, and stars of the VR industry including Matt Sonic to help develop VR curriculum.
The Steel HR Sport brings some key updates to the line, including the ability to track 30 different activities, including yoga, volleyball, rowing, boxing, skiing and ice hockey.
And last week, Cesar Sayoc Jr. was arrested on charges related to mailing pipe bombs to top Democratic politicians including the Obamas, the Clintons and others, including Rep.
"Again, I was a businessman, and it was my obligation to get along with everybody, including the Clintons, including Democrats and liberals and Republicans and conservatives," he said.
The Bulldogs shot 51.7 percent from the floor, including 43.5 percent from 3-point range, to the Bison's 38.6 percent shooting, including 28.6 percent from beyond the arc.
It also showed off how it's putting new technology to work, including with VR, smart home, hardware, and other developer-facing technology, including Facebook's Ax and BoTorch initiatives.
Other industrial stocks including United Technologies, which makes products including jet engines and elevators, and the manufacturer Honeywell also traded higher, adding 1 percent to close at $109.83.
Several cities, including Philadelphia and San Francisco, and entire states, including Maryland, have already issued the orders for bars and restaurants to close as soon as Monday evening.
A few of the thousands of Doodles have caused controversy, including one honoring the Japanese-American activist Yuri Kochiyama, who expressed support for terrorists including Osama bin Laden.
Several large companies, including Campbell Soup, Daimler, General Motors and Mondelez have all cited tariff-related costs, including retaliatory duties and trade uncertainty, as a drag on profits.
In early November, security forces in Senegal detained seven people, including four imams, on accusations of having ties to extremism, including the financing of terrorism and money laundering.
In all, Norwich, with its population of roughly 3,000, has produced 11 Olympians — including two Summer Games participants — who have come home with three medals, including one gold.
Dr. Hickson quietly assembled a team of experts, including Mr. Pollack, and raised about 5,000 Canadian dollars (including some of her own money) to make a site visit.
Many otherwise loving parents, including my own, have spanked their children, and plenty of spanked children, including me, have come out the other side more or less intact.
Extra security measures including armed police and sniffer dogs were also put in place at airports including in the UK, Germany, Holland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Greece.
Though the Grammys had a lineup of big performers — including Kendrick Lamar, U2 and Rihanna — many superstars, including Taylor Swift, Drake and Kanye West, did not show up.
Many of the region's farms, including those that harvest cannabis, have been scorched, including those in Sonoma County and in Mendocino County, the center of California's marijuana industry.
The country also benefited from the contributions of other marginalized groups, including Navajo code talkers, Tuskegee airmen and other black troops (including women) serving in a segregated military.
At most chains, including McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Dunkin', franchisees have almost complete control over how workers are treated during the outbreak, including sick-leave policies and pay.
This would include $22 million for infrastructure needs (including ICU beds, emergency hospital structures, and isolation facilities), and $225 billion for direct services (including staffing, equipment, and testing).
A few of the thousands of Doodles have caused controversy, including one honoring the Japanese-American activist Yuri Kochiyama, who expressed support for terrorists, including Osama bin Laden.
Right now, the big movie studios, including Universal, have been responding to the coronavirus threat by postponing their biggest spring movie launches, including Universal's latest Fast & Furious sequel.
Other major tech companies, including  Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon,  have also announced policies related to the coronavirus crisis, including cancelling events and encouraging employees to work remotely.
It also has three cameras, including an ultra-wide angle lens for including more people inside a single shot, a regular wide angle and a telephoto zoom lens.
While officials in some countries, including France, Germany Italy and Poland, have called for more state intervention in the economy, others, including Ms. Vestager, have been more wary.
It has earned 10 Oscar nominations, including best picture and Best Director (for Sam Mendes) and is the favourite to take home multiple awards, including the latter two.
Ms. Lever criticized The Times for including all M.T.A. contractors in its analysis of Mr. Cuomo's donors, including financial institutions and alcohol companies that work for the agency.
But Ms. Yaa Asantewaa, who wrote for several publications including Dance Magazine and The Village Voice, forged her own path, including as the creator of the blog InfiniteBody.
Google responded to Oracle's claims by pointing to the groups that have endorsed its position, including  IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat and various groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
But Ms. Yaa Asantewaa, who wrote for several publications including Dance Magazine and The Village Voice, forged her own path, including as the creator of the blog InfiniteBody.
Since at least 2016 the European Commission has also been pressuring tech giants, including Google, to fix consumer rights issues buried in their T&Cs — including unfair terms.
Apple has multiple teams working on augmented reality, including some that work on public iPhone software called ARKit, and another team that has prototyped specialized hardware including headsets.
It accused security forces and civilians of mass killings — including burning victims alive including infants — rape and other abuses, and called on the international community to take action.
And millions of Americans, including many Trump supporters and Sanders supporters (including Bernie himself!) fought hard during 85033 to assert that closed primaries are bad for the country.
Read on for more on that point, including input from a variety of analysts, including former NASA chief scientist Waleed Abdalati (now at the University of Colorado, Boulder).
When it comes to Trump's actions concerning Ukraine, 41% -- including most Democrats -- say he acted illegally while 28% -- including most Republicans -- say he acted properly, the poll notes.
News stories also highlighted the campaign's muddled leadership, including a struggle for power between Maya Harris, Harris's sister, and her longtime advisors in California, including her campaign manager.
Including DCLeaks, three of those sites have been connected to the Russian hackers believed to be behind the DNC hack, including a site identified by the German government.
He's forfeited five properties in New York, including his Trump Tower condo, three bank accounts -- including a trust for his kin, he said -- and one life insurance policy.
The 85 billion peso ($4.59 billion) contract for the terminal building was for a group including Spain's Acciona, Slim's Operadora Cicsa and several Mexican firms, including builder ICA.
While Boeing works on revamping its software -- including for another flaw discovered in early summer during testing -- and its reputation, multiple investigations, including a criminal probe, are ongoing.
Democrats, including on the Judiciary Committee, have been tight-lipped about their next steps — including how, or when, articles of impeachment will be drafted over the coming week.
Several states, including Georgia, Florida, Illinois and New York have adopted various anti-BDS measures, including directing state entities not to do business with companies that boycott Israel.
A whole host of things including two rounds: Then we turned to two new funds, including Battery's battery of new capital vehicles that add up to $2 billion.
Court records showed that the rapper faced several charges in the case, including two counts of felony attempted assault and lesser counts including harassment, criminal solicitation and conspiracy.
When microbes metabolize lactate, they break it down into several substances, including one called propionate, that can influence blood-sugar metabolism, oxygen consumption and inflammation, including in muscles.
Over the last two decades more than a dozen MPs, including three former ministers, have received jail time for crimes including fraud, embezzlement, and forgery while in office.
"It's not surprising that there are predictions that this could affect the economy including the housing market, but the authorities including the state government in Berlin have a responsibility to treat asylum seekers fairly and in a humane way, and that includes providing them with basic facilities including housing," he added.
Here's how my costs broke down:Oyo: £76Uber Eats for three meals for one person: £65.35, including an £18.75 accidental food-cancellation chargeUber cabs: £30.73 for two 30-minute cab journeys, not including tipUber Jump: £16.56, including a £10 charge for leaving the bike in the wrong placeWeWork: FreeTotal cost: £188.64
Many of the largest money managers including Neuberger Berman, BlackRock and PIMCO have dedicated environmental, social and governance (ESG) guidelines for their own investments, and are also balancing requests from their investors, including pension funds, endowment and family offices, to limit investments in industries including gun makers, fossil fuels and healthcare.
It isn't often that food industry lobbyists (including Nestle, Kraft Heinz, Unilever, the snack food association, the turkey and meat institutes, and others), consumer advocates (including the Center for Science in the Public Interest and others), and public health experts (including Harvard professors, public health departments, and non-governmental organizations) agree.
Perform owns sports publications, including The Sporting News and Goal in the United States; it has extensive investments in sports data, including Opta, a leader in statistical analysis for soccer; it partners with leagues, including the N.F.L., to sell sports rights worldwide, and it owns DAZN, a streaming sports subscription service.
Including that, the IPO could end up raising around $219 at the middle of that $26.9 to $270 range that it's estimating, including the shares sold by existing stockholders.
Including this donation to Johns Hopkins, it is estimated that he has given away more than $8.2 billion to philanthropic causes, including advocating for gun control and climate policies.
But some prominent Democratic senators, including No. 2 ranked Dick Durbin, have voiced concerns about provisions, including one that potentially could reduce the minimum wage for some Puerto Ricans.
Conservative media outlets, including Fox News, have provided extensive coverage of the issue, including in the past week as the pardon paperwork was being requested by the Trump administration.
Anything they do, including the Manafort indictment, including the pursuit of Mr. Cohen and certainly any kind of process they would issue to the president of the United States.
The consolidation is part of Honda's plan to begin bridging AI products to market, including cars with emotional perception, as it races to keep pace with competitors including Toyota.
NBCUniversal said it will launch a free, ad-supported streaming service to pay-TV subscribers, including those who subscribe to rival services including Charter, AT&T, Cox and Dish.

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