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"only" Definitions
  1. used to say that no other or others of the same group exist or are there
  2. used to say that somebody/something is the best and you would not choose any other
"only" Synonyms
one sole solitary lone single unique exclusive individual alone one-off singular special distinct isolated onliest particular solo sui generis unaccompanied only possible unparalleled unrivaled(US) unrivalled(UK) unsurpassed inimitable unequaled(US) unequalled(UK) incomparable unmatched unsurpassable matchless peerless unexampled nonpareil supreme superlative without equal beyond compare perfect mere scanty skimpy paltry scant bare meager(US) meagre(UK) minimal just very nothing more than no more than simple pure plain modest sheer basic main utter absolute direct downright brute entire out-and-out stark undisguised utmost barely hardly scarcely narrowly at best not until as little as at most not more than only just at a push no greater than marginally slightly by the narrowest of margins by a whisker almost nearly late no longer ago than recently lately newly freshly now new of late latterly not long ago a short time ago anew a moment ago in recent times afresh just now just then exclusively solely entirely purely uniquely simply wholly to the exclusion of everything else nothing but for nothing other than merely completely but totally individually to the exclusion of everyone else absolutely singularly plainly and nothing else nobbut a mere for no other reason and no one else expressly specially specifically especially particularly precisely purposefully purposely deliberately exactly explicitly intentionally in specie on purpose with someone in mind with something in mind except yet excepting saving albeit although however though even though excepting that except that except for the fact that excepting the fact that saving for the fact that were it not for the fact that besides the fact that if it were not for the fact that notwithstanding even if save bar barring excluding omitting outside apart from aside from except for other than with the exception of all More
"only" Antonyms
multiple many numerous multitudinous several various manifold myriad collective diverse different assorted varied multifarious mixed innumerable countless voluminous innumerous immeasurable typical average ordinary common regular normal standard general exceptional everyday archetypal familiar conventional customary representative archetypical stereotypical basic standardised(UK) standardized(US) nonexclusive combined shared together united inclusive plural non-singular attached inferior poor second-rate minor lowly unimpressive commonplace accompanied along one of many one of the many one of several one of the several one of multiple one of the multiple recurring habitual routine continual frequent usual periodic repeated repetitive iterative ongoing perpetual reiterative repetitious aggregate composite grouped communal connected cumulative joined joint allied collaborative conjoint conjunct cooperative linked mingled heterogenous miscellaneous motley patchwork perennial promiscuous rampant recurrent above beyond exceeding over more than in excess of greater than upwards later after afterward at a later time down the line down the road eventually in due course in time later on soon shortly momentarily erelong anon in less than no time in a tick in a second at any second in short order inclusively collectively collectedly cooperatively jointly conjointly in tandem as a group in collaboration in combination in cooperation en masse concertedly unitedly dependently altogether mutually nonautonomously not just not only incompletely indefinitely partially partly unlimited unrestricted anciently long ago some time ago a long time ago ages ago in the old days many years ago many years back long since past before since time began in days of yore back when eons ago substantially significantly considerably greatly markedly noticeably appreciably seriously vastly remarkably a great deal to a great extent to a large extent to a marked extent certainly completely absolutely definitely fully positively surely abundantly amply easily indubitably really truly undoubtedly frequently very well over by all means ambiguously broadly and as well as including plus in addition to along with together with combined with coupled with as a result consequently hence subsequently thus accordingly henceforth inevitably therefore thereupon ergo henceforward so then thence thusly wherefore as a consequence as such due to this because as considering being that considering that for since being as due to the fact that given that seeing as as per the fact that reason being seeing that forasmuch as for that for the reason that in as much as inasmuch as insofar as most

882 Sentences With "only"

How to use only in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "only" and check conjugation/comparative form for "only". Mastering all the usages of "only" from sentence examples published by news publications.

But Ginsburg was only 75, Kennedy and Scalia only 72, Breyer only 70, and David Souter only 69.
Nobody has a single identity, Mr Appiah adds, being only middle-class, only a woman, only British or only white.
Spider-Man: Homecoming: Starz, iTunes (for purchase only), Amazon Prime (for purchase only), Google Play (for purchase only), FandangoNOW (for purchase only).
I'm the only attendee younger than 30, the only childless woman, the only Brooklynite.
There's only so much concrete, only so many service sites, only so many construction workers.
There's only so many doctors, there's only so many nurses, there's only so many hospitals.
It was the only marriage, the only relationship, the only life she had ever known.
I might only read books I stumble across in used bookstores, only watch TV shows on local channels, only buy vinyl, only write letters, forsake social media for print newspapers, wear only found vintage.
Working as an 'only' Women of color are even more likely to be the only — either the only woman, or the only person of color.
"Liberty is only preserved, sovereignty is only secured, democracy is only sustained, greatness is only realized, by the will and devotion of patriots," he said.
The drugs would be given only to youngsters, only infrequently and probably only for a few years.
I'm an only daughter of an only daughter of an only daughter and we are all talkers.
She listened only to music performed by women, wore only clothes designed by women, read only books written by women's and ate only at restaurants with women's names.
Not only was it only stuff I might want, and might even receive, but it was only that.
India features only Mahatma Gandhi on every denomination, South Africa only Nelson Mandela, and China only Mao Zedong.
"There is only one Green Bank; there is only one Arecibo; there is only one VLA," says Kent.
They might ... Spotify is the only music company — only digital music company — that is only a digital music company.
Posted only to Weibo, which is only available in China, the statement only reached a fraction of Hadid's followers.
If only, confused Americans have been saying all year, revisiting the moment of shock with the same kind of cyclical, magical thinking Didion mimics in her late work — if only the campaign had gone another way, if only we'd spotted the trend line years earlier, if only people were more civil, if only someone had said the right thing, given the right money, if only, if only.
For example, women are only 22017% of equity partners in major law firms, only 22011% of law firm managing partners, only 16% of medical school deans, and only 18% of governors.
I've only ever really seen it connect to T-Mobile and the data-only SIM only works on T-Mobile.
It's also the only locally-owned theater, the only historic theater, and the only minority-owned theater in the city.
That's not the only thing, that wasn't my only weapon and that wasn't the only thing I was talking about.
If you look at all of the digital banking startups, they're all local right — only UK, only France, only Germany.
The weather is only getting worse, young people are only getting more engaged, and clean energy is only getting cheaper.
Only the bricks remained intact -- and only in places.
Android internet usage only edged out Windows by only .
" The answer is ONLY, as in "one and ONLY.
Catholics aren't the only culprits — or the only victims.
There have been 2628,28503 Time covers featuring only men since 22019, according to the analysis, while only 428 displayed only women.
However, the only catch is that you are now only earning Uber Cash, which can only be used on Uber purchases.
Smart Compose for Docs is only available in beta, only in English, and only domain administrators can volunteer to test it.
Internet only ~10% of retail, mobile only ~20% of that.
You are the only person, the only living person, here.
It's only words or it's only images on the screen.
All this with only only four albums to their name.
Only one nominee right now has that done, only one.
No, only one of my tips was your labor only.
If they only go 25, it's only about the future.
It was only a kard, it was only a kard!
Only, I seem to be the only one still around.
It is not only our duty, but our only hope.
Only 24 were made, and only nine likely still exist.
Only works in the UK... and even then only sometimes.
There are only about 320 originally available, by invitation only.
But there's only one mum, and there's only one dad.
Girls can only tackle girls; guys can only tackle guys.
Well, I was only measuring only one dimension there: earnings.
None of them have the answer: only questions, only selves.
If only it were only so simple, obesity experts say.
There is only one Bey, and only one Selena Gomez.
Why only is it only okay then when it's heterosexual?
The idea is simple: Use only Bitcoin, eat only meat.
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss!
Houston County only tested 12 and Dallas County only 19.
In 2009, only 12 women ran, winning only four seats.
It's not a book about sports only or race only.
Well, it only works in Gboard, Google's keyboard app, and it only works on Pixels, and it only works in American English.
I'd eat only Trump-brand foods, wear only Trump-brand clothing, quench my thirst only with delicious Trump Water or Trump Wine.
The actual figure is only nine, a defensive record bettered only by Manchester City and Manchester United and matched only by Spurs.
" That sentiment is most clear in the chorus, when Swift sings, "Only the young / Only the young / Only the young / Can run.
It also published a rather unique look at the 2016 presidential race, showing how the election would have shaped up if only Mac people voted, or only PC, or only iPhone or only Android.
"Despite the interest-only benchmark applying only to new interest-only residential mortgages, the (banks) all followed ANZ's decision to increase interest rates for both new and existing interest-only residential mortgages," the report said.
That is, only with a doctor's prescription, only after a lengthy FDA-overseen approval process that can include years of clinical trials (and then sold only via a licensed pharmacy), and only for limited applications.
UNINDENTIFIED MALE: David Dinkins, you want to be the only (BLEEP) on television, only (BLEEP)in the newspaper, only (BLEEP) that can talk.
And it doesn't mean they only like magazines in the way that people don't only eat cake or they don't only eat steak.
Will we be a nation where there's only one way to love, only one way to look, and only one way to live?
If we only gave statues to perfect people, Jesus would be the only one -- and even then, only if you are a Christian.
"The grief for the Munich athletes does not belong only to the families, only to Israel, only to the Jewish people," she said.
After 10 years, Cynthia is not just the only Latina in her division, but also the only woman and the only Latina executive.
He used only primary colors and black, white and gray, only painted squares and rectangles, and only employed straight horizontal or vertical lines.
Today's study focuses only on Europe, and only on diesel cars.
Only the bricks remained intact -- and that too, only in places.
I was only 26, and I only had the one relationship.
The only downside: All of Hautelook's sales only last three days.
Some can be shared only with men, some only with women.
It covered only non-germination, and paid out only in seeds.
A friends only setting, which limits Stories to Facebook friends only.
Some steam cleaners only remove stains, while others only sanitize spaces.
Not only is it really pretty, it's only six dollars. Score!
Only 10 titles were released, and only about 15,20053 64DDs sold.
But there's only one that matters, only one finally worth telling.
"We're only 28 people and only six months old," Yared said.
Today it only works on one platform, and only in English.
My baby was only 10 months old, she's my only daughter.
The only downside to the play was that it only took .
It's where some buses only accept cards, and some only cash.
Some, like Righter and Conservatives Only, are only for, well, conservatives.
He met men only in Moscow, and only in crowded places.
True, it's only symbolic, only a small foot in the door.
Only nine Democrats voted against cloture and only seven opposed confirmation.
Wages have only just started to move upward only so slightly.
The X1 is available only in China and speaks only Mandarin.
We only have one Earth and there is only one Taiwan.
Only recently did Uber restart its testing (and only in Pittsburgh).
She is only one woman and can only do so much.
Then, it would only last one hour, then only 30 minutes.
A particular species might eat only plants, only animals, or both.
Some workers only pick groceries off shelves, while some only deliver.
It really only matters — really only has to matter — to you.
There were only 16 pieces, and it was only 80% complete.
It is the only such American company, not the only one.
Imagine a world with only two countries, and only two products.
It also only requires only 10 minutes of use each day.
Only O.J. had the motive, and only O.J. committed the crime.
Only follow accounts that only post content you're sure to enjoy.
It serves the public good only coincidentally and only when convenient.
He had only brought it up only as a possibility previously.
We are her only parents, the only parents she's ever known.
The island was open only on weekends and only in summer.
If you only do music lessons, it only stays within yourself.
For casual vanlifer fans, Jennelle is oftentimes the "only" — the only Gen Z person, the only Black person, the only person who prefers whimsical decor and spastic filming styles over Pendleton blankets and cinematic drone shots.
If you want to only allow calls from your contacts, select From contacts only or From starred contacts only for a more granular list.
It was easy to imagine that she ate only chocolate-covered strawberries, and drank only red wine, and laid only on pristine white sofas.
It has taken us years to do, checking and rechecking countless recipes to bring you only the best, only the interesting, only the perfect.
By the numbers: In July, 32% of total spent came from companies only using Uber, while only 8% came from those only using Lyft.
This is strange enough—to be only half alive at best, seeing the world only through words, living only through the lives of others.
Right now the way Medicare works is that only certain people are eligible for coverage and only certain treatments are eligible for coverage and only certain payment rates are provided and thus only certain providers accept it.
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Experiences that only women go through and struggles that only women face.
Really, my only complaint is that the demo only lasted 15 minutes.
Most days they only eat once a day or only drink coffee.
So their only recourse is only to do what they do best.
You can only trust the demagogue; only he is on your side.
They can only visit — the same way humans can only visit Westworld.
Only polio virus Type 21 persists, and only in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The only downside to this feature is it only works with headphones.
Only SMS and MMS syncs, and only via Verizon's awful Message+ app.
Some keep local timelines only, while others only federate with specific instances.
Of those, only 39% are black and only 21% live in Baltimore.
If we rely only on oil then it will only get worse.
That was my only property… That was my only place for sleeping.
And even then, it will only affect Netflix in only select markets.
The only thing is, she's only 12 years older than he is.
Also, this is only the mid season finale, it's only halfway over.
Only a few have come to light and often only years later.
"Harboring hatred or revenge will only will only destroy you," she said.
The only downside is that resomation is legal in only 10 states.
"If I'm the only person on stage, I'm only person on stage."
He's only been caring and respectful and has only put her first.
The shop stocks only natural wines, and only Smith's hail from Maine.
Oculus VR isn't the only the only company developing standalone VR headsets.
I can only move forward, and I can only love you today.
In 2016, only 7 percent of counties had only a single choice.
That's only about – I mean, only, about ten times the current price.
Not only are they massively powerful, but they answer only to her.
Narrator: Flow Kana only sells sungrown weed only from the Emerald Triangle.
And Cohen isn't the President's only lawyer, or his only problem. ♦
With only a 52-vote majority he could only afford two defections.
Solange has been relatively quieter, only (only!) appearing on Saturday Night Live.
I only give training on the constitution and laws, and only indoors.
We went to Ponza only once; she went to Ponza only once.
At first, I only drew cats and I only drew my cats.
In such a world, only acting feels honest, only magic feels real.
Digital-only service charges only for cost of investments (also 0.14 percent).
The only difference is that Yarbrough has actually started only five games.
Stocks declined in only one of those periods, and then only modestly.
Mbandaka is accessible only by small aircraft and Bikoro only by helicopter.
With some outfits she wore only black gloves, with others only white.
"We often asked, If only this, or if only that," he said.
Kayak is not the only travel company wading into voice-only booking.
Of course, only an economist could believe that only the economy matters.
It's only getting worse, and not only for you, for the country.
They had only Han peers, and so they had only Han friends.
In fact, only Heitkamp is trailing and only by a small margin.
No longer will private spaces be designated men-only or women-only.
" The only caveat is Alexa can only order your saved "Easy Order.
There is only, and can only be, steady progress and persistent effort.
Only iPhone customers can test the app, and it's by invitation only.
They might operate only once a week or in only one direction.
Soon enough, only Zarif Khan was remembered, because only Zarif Khan remained.
Because one is young only once in a life lived only once.
The original article, "Only in America, Only in New York," from Dec.
In Urban Meyer's seven seasons, the Buckeyes won only ("only") three championships.
God is the only person, the only being who decides our fate.
Radio is only 100 years old and lasters only 50 years old.
They would only give us only 249 minutes to clean a room.
I, the only white man, would be the only real possible suspect.
I was not only an only child, but I liked being alone.
He believes only what he wants to believe, trusts only the polls that show him ahead, listens only to the people who flatter his ego.
We might only wear particular pieces of clothing or only eat a limited number of foods — sometimes only when they come in a specific package.
Five hundred years on, the only viable Protestant future – the only evangelical future, the only future faithful to the Reformers' vision – is a catholic future.
Only at home... only after work... only after midday... never before 9 AM... never before work... no needles... all of that went out the window.
"Younger me could smell the misogyny: vaginas only meant to be fucked, breasts only meant to be sucked, mouths only meant to blow," she says.
The research also shows "onlies" — the only woman, the only LGBTQ person, the only woman of color — are likelier to experience subtle forms of bias.
Pretty soon, though, Oculus was announcing games that would be Oculus-only, available to download only through their storefront and only compatible with their hardware.
Unfortunately, in my school system, I only take 50 minuets of a language a day, only 5 days a week, and only for 3 years.
I was the only woman, and then I was the only queer person, and then I was the only trans person, I've always been the only one, and it's so jarring to be so alone, and to feel unsafe.
I see that I'm not the only Black girl in the room, I'm not the only person of color, I'm not the only plus-size woman.
The gasoline-only Sentra was advertised 3,500 times nationally over the year, while the electric-only LEAF was advertised about 1,700 times — but only in California.
We've picked out the best of the best beauty boxes, from makeup-only ones, to skincare-only ones, to fragrance-only ones, and everything in between.
"I'd like to emphasize that we have only been using standard ammunition only, not special, nothing out of the ordinary, standard sniper ammunition only," he adds.
The only goal, the only way to win, was to stay perpetually not only relevant but also at the center of whatever conversations people were having.
There are only so many good spots to place towers and only so many places cities allow them and only certain landlords willing to lease space.
The Marine Corps is the only service to separate recruits by gender for parts of training and the only service to have male-only training camps.
But it is limited to only high-end properties, and only to two markets, Manhattan and Miami-Dade, and only to buyers hiding behind shell corporations.
Not only did Gritty go political, but it only made him more popular.
Only a handful of carmakers offer the technology and only on certain models.
"It's only three detections so far, so it's only the beginning," says Sathyaprakash.
Type 1, the only wild strain left, circulates only in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Muslims are only a small proportion of Western populations: only 1% in America.
Scientific data are not the only medium of communication or its only currency.
About 10 percent reported being only victims and 7 percent were only perpetrators.
Meanwhile, other banks, namely Morgan Stanley, have only grown only about 4 percent.
Only first-season DVDs are for sale, legally, online—and only used ones.
Not only is austerity not yet over; it has really only just begun.
Only two of these five events, tennis and golf, were for women only.
His name was used only when necessary, and then, only in hushed tones.
Just 10 years ago, only about 15 percent of households were wireless only.
But no matter, a digital-only Times is only going to get bigger.
Some people may have only only tuned into Jessica Jones, which is understandable.
" Dylan asks, only for the doctor to retort, "Only the ones you like!
The Echo Auto, meanwhile, is still only available on an invite-only basis.
But only Beyoncé can be Beyoncé, and Lemonade can only come from her.
"[We] printed only one 3D mask, only one infrared image," the spokesperson noted.
Armstrong completed only 8 of 18 first-half passes for only 94 yards.
We're the only ones playing them and we're the only ones living them.
Only 6% lead to an arrest and only 0.6% to a custodial sentence.
The third group (the control group) drank either only beer or only wine.
The only limitation was that it could only be used on her phone.
For one, it's only available in the US, and only in 40 states.
The only real drawback is that this 3D printer is only partially enclosed.
And it's just an exaggerated, slightly only exaggerated ... KS: Mm-hmm, slightly only.
It&aposs the only -- music is the only thing that creates actual transcendence.
They only make up stories ... Only negative stories from the fakers back there.
I could only worry about how I was the only one feeling different.
Only this time it's called Total Registration Live and it's one day only.
" She added, "Then some of the organizers were shouting 'English only, English only.
"He very much was not only the first choice, but the only choice."
"Were hoping it's only $1 billion, but that's only a hope," Perdue said.
"There can be only one king in the jungle," Khabib said ... "Only one."
"Only our schools were thoroughly cleaned, and our houses only once," Iida says.
Here's the only catch: You can only buy one Welcome Bundle per account.
Lyft only operates in the United States, and other competitors are only regional.
You only know what they know, you can only see what they see.
Knowing they will only ever be sold a lemon, they offer only $500.
Cathinone has previously found only in plants, and psilocybin only in hallucinogenic mushrooms.
One that only exists in denial, or only in conversation with hetero romanticism.
I could only hear my audio and the passenger could only hear his.
You were my one and only one— The only one whose number's up.
If culture is only hero worship, then it will only ever disappoint us.
Democrats have only two precedents for beating Trump but only one real chance.
The only "Buddhists" were Buddhist monks and the only "Taoists" were Taoist priests.
Type D only really affects cattle, and type C causes only mild infections.
The only negative is that, at the moment, there are only three episodes.
Only 21,229 flamethrowers were up for sale, and currently there's only 22018,20183 left.
Imagine a world where there are only two countries, and only two products.
To Peace, the only hope we have, the only hope we ever had!
My campaign manager was only 25, and he was only a student leader.
Only the aesthetic has changed; only the image of them has been altered.
Only 14.3% go first to Google, and only 6.7% to price comparison sites.
A television in the corner provided the only distraction and the only light.
For the same amount, WeWork can only own only a handful of buildings.
They also only are really visible in direct sunlight, and then only faintly.
Home quarantine was advised only for those only at slight risk of infection.
This is something that I thought only I experienced, and only I felt.
It's played only once a season, she said, and only for Orange County.
It frightened me, but it was only a letter, sent only to me.
Letting the revolution's only cash cow collapse has only one signature — the government's.
That is, don't focus only on some studies, or only on some results.
It was only to be available on Saturday, and only in select stores.
He was only able to do one, and only in a strained manner.
Only part of the city is covered; only approved users can take part.
And 78% reported using THC products, while only 10% reported only using nicotine.
She is the only Democratic woman in her race, not the only woman.
Only 22020 patients, or 16 percent, reported acquiring them only from commercial sources.
And they need my help and I'm the only daughter, the only child.
The only nominee that was confirmed, B. Todd Jones, served only 20 months.
For now, this is only available in English and only works for nouns.
Why only three days from the vote are people only suddenly raising that?
At only 23, her age only makes her victories that much more impressive.
Or is that something that only works when they're sort of only digital?
You only convert people on the doors, you only persuade them in conversation.
It rated only 12 as supportive, with Montana the only supportive red state.
Why take away all her children, only to give her the hope of another, only to have that change nothing about her behavior — only to kill her?
The hairy unis weren't the only promotion that night -- the team also dropped hot dog prices to $1 and certain beers were only $3 (for dads only!).
In 2015 we could only find 74 cases; in 2016 we found 37, and then this year so far we've found only 0003 in only two countries.
Only citizens are eligible; it covers only the lowest class of wards; and it's available only after people have depleted their Medisave account and Medishield Life coverage.
There is only so much time in a news day, only so many column inches in a newspaper, only so much prominent real estate on a website.
There's only so much space in a tiny home and only so much space in your life, you can only fill them with things you truly value.
This chaos may benefit only the president-elect because when there is no certainty, when there is no logic, there remains only the leader — only Mr. Trump.
There are only six openly LGBTQ+ U.S. Representatives and only one openly LGBTQ+ Senator.
Those are the engagement variables that only we have and only we can collect.
On Cyber Monday only, guests also can receive 50% off deposits — now only $503.
North's only getting older which means the tea she's hearing is only getting hotter.
That failure only seemed more depressing as I realized it was only 6 p.m.
The only problem is that the Android TV dongle is only available to developers.
Some are used internally, or only with select testers on an invite-only basis.
I'm only one man and I only have so many hours in a day.
But in upcoming episodes, he's only going to see his world only get crazier.
The system only works in Heads Up poker, where only two players are involved.
The duffel bag was the only item stolen, and it only contained some clothing.
The only limit is that you can only connect one speaker to each phone.
At the beginning, it was only to export and only for big pharmaceutical companies.
But all of that only works, and can only ever last, until it doesn't.
Only 65% of the world's births are registered, as are only 38% of deaths.
The only caveat to Google Assistant is that it only understands English and Hindi.
The i3, BMW's only fully battery-powered car, sold only 25,000 units last year.
New York City and Boston data includes only 2016; Wilmington includes only 2014–20173.
Only 6.5 percent of homes are landline only, while 3.2 percent remain phone-free.
Only priests can perform exorcisms, and only with their bishop's permission or a license.
Those drinks were only available in packs of 15, and obviously only at Costco.
Our only tip: shop now, because these special deals only last until June 240.
It's only being made available in Panama, and only 40,000 sets are being manufactured.
Only by learning can you avoid death, and only through death can you learn.
It doesn't mean I agree with people starting only male or only female organizations.
Only Sodexo, Serco and G4S run prisons; only the latter two provide child custody.
But, that's only her sun sign — meaning that Libra only indicates her basic personality.
But if that were the only thing at stake, it'd only hurt your wallet.
For only the experimental group only, the researchers played an adult gull's alarm call.
With only 82 days left before the Republican convention, Trump's momentum is only accelerating.
Kunis could only bear their friends with benefits relationship for only so long, however.
And it's only $20 bucks a month and it's only for four months, too.
The show's only real villain is time The show's only real villain is time.
That left businesses with only supply chain financing and factoring as the only alternatives.
At best, a retraction is only a partial defense and can only mitigate damages.
He claimed that only his approach, and by extension, only his conclusions, were legitimate.
If only giant rubber ducks could only speak, the stories this one would quack.
The only way Odor does anything is full-bore; the only outcomes are dramatic.
The new program will begin as invite-only, including only a few dozen researchers.
Only 3.4% of film directors were women, while only 12.7% were from underrepresented groups.
Only the world's best athletes reach that pinnacle, and only once every four years.
Frank Ocean is only one artist, but it only takes one to inspire others.
In his only season in Toronto, Leonard appeared in only 60 of 82 games.
Today, only nine of these mines remain, with only seven of these mines producing.ADVERTISEMENT
Interestingly, those in the incentive-only and prohibition-only groups didn't see significant differences.
And why is Leslie Jones's character, the only nonwhite Ghostbuster, also the only nonscientist?
By comparison, only 2 percent of eligible customers last year had only one choice.
In fact, it should only take you only a minute or so to complete.
The survey included 1,000 parents — 238 had only boys and 155 had only girls.
Aquaman is only (only??) the fifth movie released in 2018 to cross $1 billion.
Now, iPhone X users have a similar feature, only it only requires a tap.
Totals of only exports, only imports or combined imports and exports exaggerate the value.
" "I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cell phone.
It was the only thing that kept me calm—the only way to cope.
Access to user data is restricted and "needs based only — currently only senior devs".
He's only got a couple, and he sheepishly apologizes, saying they're only rough demos.
"It's a doubling after only five launches, and they're only just beginning," he said.
Showtime made only the season premiere available for review, so we can only guess.
If I do only African-American flavors, they'll be the only ones buying it.
It applied only to England and Wales, and only to people 21 or older.
Yeah, it's the only organ in the human body that exists only for pleasure.
Only Rome could investigate bishops, they said, and only the pope could punish them.
It ended up with only four shots, with only one of them on net.
Presumably, these photos were meant for internal use only, and only got leaked later.
A women-only series lasted only two years before being scrapped after last season.
At the time, YouTube was only 1.5 years old and had only 65 employees.
The only poll that mattered before the only poll that matters has been canceled.
Only three Type 64s were ever made, and only two are known to exist.
I was the only woman to do it—the only woman to eulogize him.
The resort is adults-only: It welcomes only guests over the age of 15.
We are the only people eating here but then, it's only 230:212 a.m.
Morgenstern was firm: ''Only on splits, and then only an extremely high-­quality cherry.
Only one bird had tokens, but only the other bird could reach her hand.
Dorsey said he only eats dinner, meaning he only eats seven meals per week.
The only constant of power is that your grip on it is only temporary.
This study includes only two states, with hospital-level data available only in Florida.
"With brick-and-mortar only, you can only help a few patients," he said.
It mentions Johnson's impeachment—the only existing precedent—only once, and dismissively at that.
Multiple voices have only been available in the US, though, and only in English.
The economy generated only 130,000 new jobs, with only 96,000 in the private sector.
Media and technology were the only sectors in positive territory, and only marginally so.
Deal only with the things that are important and then only with the issues.
But it only has—the crop only yields two seasons and the seed dies.
Only 45 percent faced contested primaries and only 1.7 percent lost in those primaries.
The only people I notice are teachers and that's the only people ... LG: Wow.
Pay-for demands seem only to apply to Democrats, and only for social spending.
If you're only booking a private apartment, basically that should be the only result.
The first is that it's "unimodal," meaning it only peaks once, and before that peak the sequence only ever rises, and after that peak it only ever falls.
The only federal policy currently is the Family and Medical Leave Act, which guarantees only 12 weeks of unpaid leave to certain employees — only around 40% of women.
ChromaDex is the only source for NR. And, as mentioned before, this is one of the only two ingredients used in Basis, Elysium's only product in the market.
Not only the lowest unemployment in history for African Americans, not only opportunity zones for, really, the biggest beneficiary the inner city, and not only criminal justice reform.
You can only see a limited range of visible light, you can only taste a limited range of tastes, you can only hear a limited range of sounds.
Interest-Only Concentration All three transactions have interest-only concentration: interest-only loans maturing over any three-year period constitute more than 20% of the portfolio's current balance.
The Family Business Institute calculates that only 30% of such businesses survive into the second generation, only 12% into the third generation and only 303% into the fourth.
Even if we look at only those races with only one Democratic candidate and one Republican running, Republicans are only running 2.5 points behind Trump's margin in Georgia.
Children fleeing violence or unrest have only limited access to education: Only 50% of refugee children are enrolled in primary education, and only 25% are in secondary school.
The beach is the only place you want to be, the only place that makes sense, the only place you could possibly go on a day like this.
If you're the only queer kid or the only person of color or the only culturally different kid in your town, transforming social norms can be more complicated.
Today, on average, women earn just 80 cents to a man's dollar, with Latinas earning only 54 cents, black women only 63 cents and mothers only 71 cents.
In 21995, she went on a road trip across the country, stopping only in towns named after women (example: Pearl, Mississippi), listening only to music by women, eating only in cafés with women's names, even feeding her dog only Rachael Ray dog food.
It's one reason why Reed conceptualized Hidden Figures on the Hill as a place for black women to re-energize in order to keep showing up, sometimes as the "only" in the room: the only African American, only woman, only person of color, only graduate of a historically black college or university instead of a predominantly white school.
That only takes us further and further away from an outcome we know in our hearts is the only fundamental outcome, the only outcome that is the ultimate guarantor.
At Google, for instance, only 210 percent of its tech employees are black, only 216 percent are Hispanic and only 20183 percent of all its tech employees are women.
Because the trust fund for Medicare runs dry only in 2028, and the Social Security fund only in 2034, this issue will only really grab politicians—and electorates—later.
"Now only ZNBC will be allowed to broadcast, only Times of Zambia, only Zambia Daily Mail," opposition leader Hichilema said at a media briefing, referring to state-owned media.
You can also pin a participant so that you only view that specific person in the Zoom room (though this only extends to your device only, not everyone else's).
Small players: there were only three companies in health tech in the top 50, only one in education technology, and only three in the areas of AI and robotics.
"I created slogans such as, 'There is no losing, only learning;' 'there is no failure only opportunities;' and 'there are no problems, only solutions,'" he says on Robbins' podcast.
"Not only is my son the only chocolate drop in his class, he was the only chocolate drop in his grade for three and a half years," Anderson said.
He's only 211, and would be only the third African American appointed to the court.
But its playlists were only two hours long and refreshed only once a week. BORING!
Buzarnescu lost only 20 points on serve in a match that lasted only 26 minutes.
RIVERA: You&aposre involuntary -- GUILFOYLE: If only he would -- if only he would stay there.
Paramonovius nightking is only collected in winter, and known to reside in Western Australia only.
Amazon's the only person I can think ... only company I can think of, not person.
After all, the iPhone is only a decade old, and the worldwide web only 25.
How people use Facebook – over 1 billion mobile-only, ~600m mobile+computer, 130m computer-only.
But when we only have a few local publications, only so much can be covered.
And not only that, I wish you would only grasp a heart of your own.
And not only that, particularly on issues of scale, we've only seen five times this.
Only 12 percent of Apple's workforce identifies as Hispanic, while only 9 percent is black.
Within minutes, he's not only the only one standing, but he doesn't have a scratch.
You only get 500 MB of storage and can only send 83 messages per day.
Ric spoke only Tagalog, which I understood, and I spoke only English, which he understood.
The A9G is "only" a 4K model, and its maximum size is "only" 103 inches.
"From your one and only child — I think I'm your only child," he continued jokingly.
I've only been reading for a year because I've only been podcasting for a year.
History majors were 1.3 percent only 10 years ago, but are now only 0.7 percent.
It is only interested in white babies, and therefore only interested in enslaving white women.
Right now StockX only advertises in the US and only supports purchases in U.S. dollars.
If only If only I started a Cute Pugs of Instagram account five years ago.
GM's Cadillac Super Cruise is the only truly hands-off system (for highway driving only).
Twitter's Periscope originally only allowed replays for only 24 hours before making them permanently savable.
He wanted a drone that didn't restrict him to only taking pictures, or only racing.
The only light came from my laptop, which only had a 17 percent battery charge.
Among the Iroquois peoples in North America, only women voted and only men held office.
His family leave plan provides only six weeks of paid leave, but for mothers only.
Winston's melee-only Primal Rage attacks deal only light damage, but they deal significant knockback.
Enter: Everlane's The Day Glove Flats — which are on sale for only $100, today only!
For example, you can filter it so that only SUVs are shown or only sedans.
Many brews are only available regionally, in limited or seasonal runs, or on-tap only.
The only gun recovered from the scene had only Stockley's DNA on it, prosecutors said.
Krispy Kreme has a zesty new flavor, but it's only here for one week only.
The only other piece of bad news is the app is only available for iOS.
The plea by Rabbani, previously identified only as "John Doe," regarded only the June incident.
The only condition was that they only had 24 hours to work on their projects.
There's really only one rule: There are only two components – the pepperoni and the roll.
Only folks that are 18 years or older may apply, and only one per household.
The third group drank either only beer or only wine, but with matching alcohol levels.
The only place Trump is trailing is Cruz's home state of Texas — but only slightly.
And to help with the proposal, Leatham enlisted the only and only Cher to assist!
The only condition was that they only had 24 hours to work on their projects.
This is only a demo unmixed, we only had a few hours to record it.
There are only so many weeks of summer, and your wallet is only so big.
So I feel like it's only fair, that's the only way I can repay him.
Some will only accept a score of 4, or only accept a 5, Weinstein said.
But that's only part of the story; bye weeks only started kicking in last week.
The couple only live only a few miles away at the magnificent mansion, Bagshot Park.
Hong Kong brokers currently only provide information on client activity only when requested by authorities.
Ropecaster: There's only one kind of Ropecaster, and it only serves one purpose: immobilizing robodinos.
The only bad news is the ad might only air in Central and South America.
He is the only witness to a catastrophic crime that only he claims was committed.
The only condition was that they only had 36 hours to work on their projects.
Yet instead of having multiple mattress designs and firmness options, Casper only offers only one.
It now has only 74 military personnel involved in peacekeeping, only half of them soldiers.
Then, since my sister and I were only half-Greek, we were only half-accepted.
We've only used one mother since opening the bakery in 2012—she's the only one.
English-only work rules are usually only allowed when they are needed for safety reasons.
Her goal is only to continue a successful conversation; meaning is only secondary to that.
Maybe there's only a stray note, maybe there are only a few bodies scattered about.
"Obviously you're only having half the conversation if you only talk about girls," she said.
Mr. Holland and his sweepers go after scorpions only, and they work only after dark.
Only 15 inmates escaped, and only 11 managed to find help and survive the war.
The researchers only identified two other experimental studies, both of which only addressed Facebook use.
Exceptions will only be allowed for medical reasons and only a doctor can grant them.
Focusing on only the positives can be as misleading as focusing on only the negatives.
"Fleabag" is only six episodes (available only on Amazon Prime), and I watched again immediately.
There were only two guys behind the counter and only two seats in the shop.
Only Democrats can pass any laws to stop this carnage, because only Democrats control Chicago.
Only 12 percent (of Tunisian women) own a house and only 14 percent own land.
Only 38 percent of Democrats share that view, the only subgroup with a pessimistic outlook.
Unlike at other McDonald's, you can order only on the touchscreens, which take only cards.
And the first two are only every four years — and you have them only once.
And he's the only one who chose to use only caps, which limits the data.
We've been here only three times in the past 30 years and then only briefly.
I was the only customer under sixty, and the only one who spoke in English.
Art for Tomorrow LONDON — There is only one Mona Lisa, and only one Sistine Chapel.
It's the only time that we touch her now, the only time she'll let us.
The only person that you can call is the wrong person—it's the only way.
Ally isn't the only intrepid soul to invite North America's only marsupial into her home.
Not only is the collection available for a limited time only, but everything's under $100.
Most investors only have one ridesharing company in their portfolio, with only a few exceptions.
"We're the only ones here, but we're not the only ones here," one man explains.
If it's only used in technology class, the lessons will only stay within technology class.
Republicans only have to defend nine seats next year, and only one — held by Sen.
Last season's flu shot was only 40% effective, and only 37% of adults got vaccinated.
Presidential policy is not only objectively verifiable; it's the only presidential report card that matters.
In six months of dating I go to dinner only once, drink alcohol only twice.
Her craving for the toughest possible opponent may have only been obvious only to herself.
" He added: "I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cellphone.
More than three million more Germans have only temporary work contracts, with only mild protections.
Fireflies can only be seen at night because their beauty is only visible at night.
The pair have also organized women-only and Native women-only healing circles for survivors.
But: Not a single person had only feminine or only masculine scores on these variables.
"I could have chosen to only do a festival for Africans only," Ms. Muluneh said.
But the CRA only applies to regulation, and only to regulations that were recently finalized.
These kids are out for blood only because it might be their only way out.
It was the utility's only nuclear plant in Florida, not its only nuclear plant anywhere.
" His goal when designing a room, he says, is to "leave only what's only useful.
She spoke only briefly, and only to her lawyer, about going public with her story.
They only recently decided we can wear them, but only after meeting with the union.
The only thing necessary to dramatize this — the only thing but also the hardest thing!
She is the only immediate family member who survives Ms. Windsor, not her only survivor.
Only loving relationships transform lives, and such relationships can be formed only in small groups.
I don't drink coffee during the week, only on Sundays, and only after taking pictures.
This may make you question whether Bey's days also only consist of only 24 hours.
White supremacist colonial patriarchy says that there's only two genders and there's only one science.
Typically, only married relatives hand out envelopes, and only unmarried, younger family members receive them.
Typically, only married relatives hand out envelopes, and only spouseless, younger family members receive them.
It was the only way she could read, having had only a grade school education.
The only truth, the only thing that matters, is what you can make people believe.
There are others; some I know only by nickname, others I remember only by face.
But the disease isn't the only thing that's spreading -- or the only thing causing harm.
But genetic factors only explained "only 20% to 25% of the average lifespan," he said.
Intervention would only increase Russia's influence not only in Venezuela but also throughout the region.
When he released his only album in English, it was distributed only in Francophone countries.
She spoke only to family, and, at school, only to one teacher, Anita von Berens.
Custom was the only option, and Bindle and Keep was the only company they considered.
While Dany Laferrière is the only black member, he is not its only minority member.
Deep down we all know that life is only pain and there is only blackness.
After all, she's only ever directed one feature, with a budget of only $8 million.
There was only one detention space in the station, and it was only for men.
Lynching wasn't only hanging, and it wasn't only perpetrated by redneck mobs or the KKK.
Not to mention, there's only 1 gram of fiber and only 2 grams of protein.
There's not only one rental car company and there was never only one taxi company.
Of course, Odysseus is not the only character, and also not the only character that the narrator seems to care about, not the only character with a very distinctive voice, a very distinctive perspective, not the only character who has some kind of journey.
As such, the show is not only astounding, not only informative, not only amusing; but it also returns art aesthetics to an intellectual intermediate zone of the anomalous and occult.
Yet because the trust fund for Medicare runs dry only in 2028, and the Social Security fund only in 2034, this issue will only really grab politicians—and electorates—later.
By saying that Facebook should only post true material, there is the danger of only telling half of a story, or only showing what some people believe to be true.
People who have reported being sick from vaping say the illnesses have come from using products containing only nicotine, only THC, only CBD and a combination of THC and nicotine.
"Every day going into a conference room where you are the only one — maybe the only woman, maybe the only black person, that can weigh on you," Ms. Hussein said.
Today, only wrestling continues to prohibit participation in the Games to amateurs only, as boxing, one of the last bastions of amateur-only athletics now allows professional fighters to compete.
The only 'healthy' food I liked was apples (only if peeled) and corn on the cob.
Not only that, but only 10 percent of plastic waste in the country actually gets recycled.
But wind and solar are only for electricity, so they only displace coal and natural gas.
In other genes with altered expression, a particular change occurred in only men or only women.
Single market is not only about tariffs, it's not only about free access to a market.
I mean, Marlon Brando was my only acting teacher and Frank Sinatra's my only singing teacher.
But quakes are only considered to only have a "minor effect" on the number of casualties.
"They said that boys only play with boys, and girls only play with girls," he says.
I hopped onto a multi-day tour only to find that the guide only spoke Russian.
It's footprint is only slightly larger than the 42-millimeter Apple Watch, and only slightly thicker.
The offenses could muster only 22 yards total yards good for only 12 first downs, combined.
Only the hardest hitting questions for the biggest guests for the world's only podcast about Drake!
There have only been 29 recorded blacktip attacks worldwide, and only one of those was fatal.
Only about a dozen women have tried the Orgasmatron, and only a few reported full orgasms.
The left port only works for charging, while the right one only works for Lightning headphones.
Money isn't the only thing worth donating and Los Angeles isn't the only place in need.
We only need, like, six more cycles of this stuff before there's only one company left.
Especially since it's only U.S. viewing and it's only for the first 35 days of release.
The only problem was that the program was only available for a handful of online retailers.
Too bad it's for a limited time only and only at the Apple Store and
The whole mechanism, which is only 0.6 inches long, took only 30 minutes to 3D print.
He sees only what he wants to see and hears only what he wants to hear.
Only he is allowed to be consistently funny, and only his struggles are granted genuine pathos.
It's the only Dow component that has risen this year, though it's up only 1 percent.
Maybe you only like golden retrievers, and you only want to see videos of golden retrievers.
Only about 40 square meters have been excavated down to a depth of only 18 inches.
Martial law has been declared, but only for one month and only in areas bordering Russia.
There's still only one machine and the scientists only spun about a kilometer of the material.
Casavant's archive is one of the only, if not the only, of its kind to exist.
I think it's only negative if they feel that's the only way they can represent themselves.
Only 44% of Iraqis voted, and only 35% of MPs elected in 2014 kept their seats.
The only problem was the price — she says standing-only spots were selling for around $3,000.
Legere said his company is the only carrier capable of offering an unlimited-only data plan.
CEU, which only operates in the capital, is the only international college with no arm elsewhere.
And the assimilating/alienating function of humor works not only only people but also on *ideas.
We only launched last year, we're only present so far in Hong Kong, and in Singapore.
Joe may have been the only one evacuated, but he wasn't the only player breaking down.
Of those women, only three were from an underrepresented group, and only 8 were over 45.
Today, only three Ryzen chips are available, and they're only going to work with desktop computers.
Trump is far from the only politician, or even the only president, to call for withdrawal.
Saquon only has 1,124 at the moment with only 3 games left in the regular season.
But prosecutors said the only gun recovered from the scene had only Stockley's DNA on it.
It also only comes partially assembled, though you only need eight screws to put it together.
But we are the only, one of the only airlines I know of that's doing that.
Arizona, the only exception, received a Medicaid waiver authorizing it to test only some enrolled children.
Only then can we begin to understand and only then can we heal and work together.
Only four have been deported; illegal immigrants can be deported only if Bangladesh confirms their nationality.
As Momoa grew older, his hair would only grow more luscious, his expression only more fierce.
Only 20% of teens preferred hearing from brands on Twitter, and only about 12% preferred Facebook.
Des Moines, Iowa's biggest city, has only 209,220 people; Manchester, New Hampshire's largest, only has 110,448.
Only margaritas and marinaras count, and then only if they come from a wood-fired oven.
Previously, only a handful of brands could use shoppable tags, and only in their own posts.
There's only one problem: Rob is acting like his then-unborn baby daughter is only Armenian.
Women make up only about 20 percent of Congress and only 12 percent of our governors.
Coupons can only be used for future visits until the end of February, dine-in only.
The only thing that matters here — the only thing truly of any importance — is the presidency.
But it's not the only city battling opioids, and West Virginia is not the only state.
Only 15% of voters were either undecided or held only a slight preference for a candidate.
It's only going to get worse for employers, but this isn't only going to affect recruiting.
As far as we know, there's only one "you" and time only moves in one direction.
STEM is only an aspect vital but only a part of what constitutes innovation and entrepreneurship.
The government's registry software recognizes only opposite-sex marriages and will only be updated next year.
Therefore, this data is really meant only to generate hypotheses and can only rarely 'prove' them.
Marx came in only at the very end, and then only for those with security clearance.
But that study only looked at people over 50, and only covered accidents that got reported.
Google's technical staff, for instance, is only 20 percent female and only 1 percent African-American.
Maddox was my only child and he will be the only one i will ever have.
An immediate way to put theory into practice was to establish women-only, lesbian-only communes.
"" One can only imagine what Death Row's first and only white artist's album would've sounded like.
In the end, only nine departments wound up casting ballots—and only eight voted to unionize.
Yet across that continent, only 28503,22019 AIDS victims – only 50,000 — are receiving the medicine they need.
That way, your camera will only get to record you only when you want it to.
A whole baked sweet potato has only 130 calories and only 9 grams of natural sugar.
And these stockpiles of personal data serve only to enrich only the companies that collect them.
Once produced, sperm can be stored only in limited quantities and live only a few days.
A team of only women doesn't always work, but a team of only men is terrible.
As YouTube knows only too well, a platform is only as good as its newest content.
The only tree is sapless and dead, and the only farmer is harvesting weevils for protein.
Now the family business stocks only sodas — over 750 kinds of it, from independent brands only.
I was the only non-lawyer among his special assistants and one of only two women.
Apple and Google aren't the only employers out there, and their methods aren't the only methods.
By their logic, only winning matters; only those who reach the White House leave a legacy.
But for black children, it's only 299 percent, and for American Indian children only 24 percent.
So, the world's only got 7 billion people in it, and only 3.2 billion are online.
Some cutters specialize in particular shapes, such as only round diamonds or only heart-shaped diamonds.
Only strength can secure stability there, and only future generations will find a way to peace.
Surfer types were not the only regulars, though, and this is not a locals-only spot.
"He was my parents' only grandson, the only grandson in the family," Anaïs Coviaux said softly.
Really, the only bad news about the program is it is currently only available in India.
Under current law, only doctors can prescribe buprenorphine and only for 100 patients at a time.
But that interview would only come only if Flynn was guaranteed immunity from prosecution, he said.
A woman can only get pregnant when she's ovulating, something that only happens once a month.
It carried only 15 pounds of explosives, and only 20 rounds could be fired per day.
Only do it with people you trust, and only safe screenshots if you have their consent!
For all his bravado, Chris was only 16 and had only driven once with his father.
The only downside here is that the system only works with a few smart home devices.
EKGs are usually only available in offices and hospitals — and only after a life-threatening event.
The median retirement account balance is only $3,000 – and for near retirement households, it's only $14,500.
"It&aposs a hard thing," Carroll said of losing his only child and his only grandson.
The only caveat is that you can only order the PP2 on GTs with manual transmissions.
Because of this, AWS only promises 99.5 percent availability and only offers a 99 percent SLA.
He's been the only person I've worked with, the only person I will ever work with.
The only catch is that there are only 400 pairs available — and they're already going fast.
Only then will so many realize, just a she did, that they're not the only ones.
Illegal cocaine industry has only contributed to only a fraction of the total deforestation in Colombia.
We could only film on a certain date; we could only film the women with supervision.
Only you can help you and only you can stop yourself from reaching for the sky.
She's not the only person doing this, nor the only care leaver working in this area.
Le Dock, the only restaurant in Fair Harbor, is open for only part of the year.
If only I… If only I… And then the capsule hits the water, it's all over.
The fish make the trip only once in their life — it's their only chance to reproduce.
Airplanes could go only so high and could stay in the air for only so long.
Since its inception, it has indicted only Africans and has won only a handful of convictions.
In Denmark, only 23 percent of retail workers earn so little; in France, only 18 percent.
Another time, I took the kids to a carousel only to discover it was cash only.
The invite-only event, hosted by investment banking firm Allen & Co., has only gotten more excessive.
I no longer needed to be the only one they wanted, the only one they loved.
The grand Fairmont Hotel, only days from opening, was gutted by flames, leaving only a shell.
The bill does cut income taxes for the middle class, but only modestly and only temporarily.
Only a fool would predict its success — but only a fool would not root for it.
Only 31 percent of Kentucky's electorate voted in 2015; only 16 percent voted for Mr. Bevin.
The only visa needed to cross that border is baptism, the only passport the Nicene Creed.
It assists in the use of Windows-only programs and games, not a Windows-only game.
This time Connors met with the press — but only briefly, and only to discuss the match.
That's the only reason you should run, and that's the only reason you should be elected.
That's the only reason you should run, and that's the only reason you should be elected.
Leslie has made her point, but only partly; she's discredited the prosecution's witnesses, but only partly.
If Biden wins, the word "Stormy" will refer only to weather, and "Daniels" only to whiskey.
Most rural areas have only one grocery store and school, and only a few restaurants, too.
"We are only taking a little, just some clothes, only what we need," Umm Abdo said.
Meanwhile, the party hosted only 87 satellite caucuses — and only 60 of those were in-state.
It also could have been used only once per game and only in the fourth quarter.
His big round blue eyes would focus only on you, even if only for three seconds.
Price's promise to reimburse only a small portion of his considerable tab only worsened his standing.
It's only one day to go to Guangzhou, it's only two days to go to Beijing.
Des Moines, Iowa's biggest city, has only 209,220 people; Manchester, New Hampshire's largest, only has 110,8.33.
To them, violence was the only solution, and the only question was how to wield it.
This little girl — home-schooled and an only child — only knows what her parents tell her.
Zgutowicz noted that only a small number of Comcast customers subscribe to the broadband only plan.
There are also men-only meetings, gay-only meetings, Spanish-speaking meetings, meetings at 5 a.m.
During the campaign, which lasts only a few weeks, politics are not only freer, but edgier.
Refinancing for better termsThe only mortgage we could qualify for was a subprime, interest-only loan.
Much to my surprise, Priority Pass only had useable lounges in only one of these cities.
They only do abortions once a week, and that was the only provider available to me.
He'd dissed him only in order to express solidarity with Liz, and only to that extent.
"He only talks about himself and he's only interested in himself," Bourdain, 60, said of Trump.
Not only does it charge by the second, it only needs a minimum of one minute.
Wouldn't it then be logical for a mobile-only app to have vertical-only media content?
The only hard numbers out there come from the IAI and it only supplies production figures.
I actually only knew the next step, and I only knew it when I found it.
Only 18 players were picked in the major league phase Thursday, which took only 11 minutes.
The only other British possession in the region, Burma, is only now opening up to foreigners.
Hong Kong presently only has partial democracy, and only 1,200 people vote for the city's leader.
If you have only $500 to spend, then the cheap Windows laptop is your only option.
Nineteen percent supported only the optional plan and 14 percent supported only full Medicare for All.
The only potential aberration is that only 87 percent of Democratic white men voted for Mrs.
Only Mr. Trump can save China, it is often said at private gatherings, only half-jokingly.
Time, after all, is the only enemy he can't defeat, the only country he can't conquer.
Time, after all, is the only enemy he can't defeat, the only country he can't conquer.
Not only will it not resolve the problem, it will only create an even greater crisis.
I had only interacted with Andrew once at a past job, and only briefly at that.
Des Moines, Iowa's biggest city, has only 22010,21.4 people; Manchester, New Hampshire's largest, only has 703,270.
For context, note that according to another Pew study, only 37 percent of people in that age range use Pinterest, only 22 percent use LinkedIn and only 32 percent use Twitter.
All this could be yours, these videos quietly promise, if only you work hard enough, if only you pay money to listen to Jake, if only you get on his radar.
If it weren't for the Civil Rights Act, it would be legal to not only bar us from whites-only education, but also from whites-only housing, employment and public facilities.
This is only 17 percent of the 1990 total, and only about 3 percent of a worldwide total of 1,381,250 — which in turn is only 65 percent of the 1990 total.
However, it should be noted that its report doesn't include YouTube Live, only YouTube Gaming; and it only can see the public Facebook Live broadcasts, not those that are friends-only.
Only later did a White House official confirm to CNN that the check was only sent on Wednesday, making it look like Trump only acted when confronted by the Post's revelations.
But only after Congress began an investigation; only after the President's lawyers learned of a whistleblower complaint; and only after members of Congress began asking uncomfortable questions about quid pro quos.
Peter is the only one who seems at all bothered by this timeline, which makes him both the only realistic choice for a stable partner and the only truly untenable one.
But only after Congress began an investigation; only after the President's lawyers learned of a whistleblower complaint; and only after Members of Congress began asking uncomfortable questions about quid pro quos.
The laptop models can only be configured with Intel processors; the 13-inch x360 can only be configured with AMD processors, and only the 15-inch x360 can be configured with either.
Halfway through the period the Bearcats had made only 2 of their 11 field-goal attempts but trailed only 14-5 because the Knights had hit only 5 of their 18 attempts.
Not only that, but even the present tense GOOGLE has only been in the crossword a total of eight times, only three entries of which have been clued as an action word.
I was the only one left out of group messages, the only coworker who wasn't able to keep up with Slack, the only friend who couldn't Venmo her portion of the bill.
First, it seems oddly specific, targeting not only tech companies, but only big tech companies above a certain revenue level and only those which are either online marketplaces, exchanges, or social networks.
The Witcher 2 is the only game in the batch that's free, though it's only available in select territories — the US, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK — and only until February 4th.
Currently only 3% of Silicon Valley's workforce is black; there are only three black chief executives in the Fortune 500, and only 0.0006% of venture capital funding goes to black female founders.
If your phone is only charging under certain circumstances – such as only wirelessly, or only wired – or none of those troubleshooting steps helped at all, then it's time to seek professional help.
Not only are these powers the only major threats to one another, they are the only actors in the system with the capability to impose their political and moral framework on others.
One thing, however, is certain: As Gazans attempt to break free of their prison camp, their only protection, their only armor, their only defense against the wall of Israeli snipers, is us.
It's introducing—for one day only—milkshakes served in square containers that you can only "purchase" through Instagram, and only in the general vicinity of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
Once, I had dated a man who told me I would be desirable, if only my hair were straight, or if only I lost the weight, or if only I dressed differently.
As of 22019, only 55 percent of women living with HIV received continuous treatment, only 39 percent of women had been prescribed antiretroviral therapy, and only 30 percent had achieved viral suppression.
Only a person, for example, can come up with an original crossword theme, only a person knows what an interesting crossword entry is and only a person can write an original clue.
Despite recent competitive pressure, Wall Street has largely stuck by Netflix, as only only there are only three sell ratings out of the about 40 analysts covering the stock according to TipRanks.
Information is only released pursuant to legislative direction, and the DMV continues to review its release practices to ensure information is only released to authorized persons/entities and only for authorized purposes.
Ultimately she wound up being confirmed with only 56 votes and only two Republicans voting in favor.
The governance revolution only went so far—only 28% of S&P 500 firms have independent chairmen.
Most people think that screening works in only one direction: that it can make things only better.
"It only took one night/ Suddenly now I'm addicted/ Only one way to fix it," he sings.
Now, if only we could only raid their closets go back to our own high school days.
A waiver had only been granted only once before, to George Marshall under then-President Harry Truman.
So, those 5G worlds will only emerge in urban areas and will only emerge where there's fiber.
Nissin is only making 30 of these things, and they can only be acquired through a lottery.
I was only reachable via email and phone, only by those who already had my contact info.
Nine percent had a land line only, 23% had only a cell phone, and 28% had both.
The comedy match is there, but only in a certain role and only with so many stakes.
There's the $3,400 Nikon Z7 (body only) and the slightly less expensive $2,000 Nikon Z6 (body only).
The only problem is that those are not the only folks that were in the original photo.
Though we can only assume that the Terminator star was only pretend sleeping, it's a clever juxtaposition.
There's people that claim there's only a breeding population, that there are only two to three thousand.
There are only 13 minutes to go, and only one dish has come out of the kitchen.
His barber shop only takes appointments through an app, and that app only works on my phone!
Only 9% of Democrats approve of Christie and only 26% of independent voters approve of the governor.
Although Wolfe walked away with only a bruised leg, her bloodied state only added to the horror.
Making money for online sleazeballs isn't the only issue with hoaxes, nor are websites their only incarnation.
It occurred to me only recently that both of these festivals included only Armenian and diasporan artists.
That live video typically only grabs our attention during tragedies has only made Periscope's road more difficult.
Wilson: You can only place your faith in devolution, you can only place your faith in balkanization.
The first month of shipment comes at only $1, with subsequent shipments costing only $9 per delivery.
The only downside to the Surface Go is the battery life—only about four to five hours.
It's only happening with people who use Android devices, and only when certain data approvals are granted.
Plus, the Hulu Live service is only in beta, so things should only get better from here.
The PS4 Pro only supports 1080p or 4K output, and the latter only works with 4K screens.
With only 123 spots available worldwide, the Rio Olympics will admit only two teams from the region.
Only 3% of all falcons are gyrfalcons, and only 1% of gyrfalcons are white, the academy said.
Yet its currency can be bought and sold only in Korea, and only during local market hours.
The only issue is that only a handful of stores in major cities are selling this watch.
Of those, only a little more than 2,100 were placed into a queue, and only 260 answered.
The only way to exist, the only way he has ever existed, is to continue making films.
But the app only worked for certain Android devices: all told, they could only monitor 23 people.
My only complaint about the Big Fat Flea is that it only happens one day a year.
But if you pay only 100 coins for a donut, you can only get a wooden chest.
Team8 had invested only $4.3 million into Sygnia, the only outside funding the startup had ever taken.
The only person I could confide in was Barack — he's the only one who had to know.
So one can only assume that the new Apple Watch-only game will cost a relative fortune.
Mixing it up at work is better than only sitting, or only standing, for the whole day.
That leaves only 10 to 30 percent for physical activity, of which exercise is only a subset.
If you only need genealogy, then grab the best-selling AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity test for only $59.
Only 16% stopped doing business with an impacted company, and only 18% deleted a social media account.
However, only an estimated 20163,000 to 300,000 chimpanzees exist worldwide, with only five nations housing significant populations.
The only downside is that the installation will only be running through this Sunday at Comic-Con.
Your game only looks as good and only runs as fast as the processors inside your box.
He wants people to believe that the only truth the one and only truth comes from him.
Only 6 percent of Jeb Bush's contributions came from them, and only 27 percent of Marco Rubio's.
Those who believe that it will be the latter, only expect that to happen only next year.
In 2014, only 31 percent of new hires were women and only 21 percent were underrepresented minorities.
The only person who comes to his aid is a creepy patient known only as John Doe.
Only three had robust evidence of long-lasting improved outcomes; 58 had only shaky evidence, or none.
The only difference between the two powers is that bulk hacking is only authorized for foreign targets.
The experiment focused only on correcting a defective gene, she noted, and only during early embryonic development.
Only 75 white men and women were tried, with only five sentenced to five-year prison terms.
It seems only Kala regularly attends work, although she's also the only one who doesn't have to.
Only the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port can handle supertanker exports, but it only started testing in February.
Only great purifying fires will do here; only violent acts of expiation will wash away Browne's mistakes.
Only Congress can fix these problems, just as only Congress can modernize our antiquated claims appeals process.
"If writing was only by one type of person, then you'd only get one type of book."
We're the only Zodiac sign without a heart or a soul, only sign that's just a symbol.
We can't just act like that only one point of view is the only way to go.
It's only a two bedroom, though, since at this point, they think they're only expecting one kid.
According to his "likes" page, he has liked only eight — and only four of them are public.
The company, after all, typically only gets in touch via the app, and only with automated boilerplate.
Because it's the only thing of value that they have; the only thing anyone will pay for.
Each customer can only claim one bundle, and there are only around 50 combinations to choose from.
One side of the model's face would feature only high-end products; the other side, only drugstore.
"If I only practiced, if I only got better, I could've been that bass player," he said.
But Paisley Park only released only a single hip-hop album (from forgotten Minneapolis native, T.C. Ellis.).
The fridge only got down to 59°, losing only 3 additional degrees from the initial chill. 4.
The service is only available on unlocked devices — and right now, pretty much only to iPhone users.
Schumer definitely wasn't the only highlight of the night, or the only person there for the underdogs.
McBath stands out among her party opponents as the only person of color and the only woman.
You only drank scotch or you only drank a single wine or a single brand of beer.
Only 20 out of 100 senators are women, as are only 21625 of the House's 2900 representatives.
Wal-Mart logged only 0.18 percent of mindshare online, Target did only slightly better at 0.44 percent.
Then, and only then, would he begin to bend, the downward swoop stopped only by the floor.
He now says that he was only boasting and had access to only public sources of information.
Occasionally it's everyth-- it's the only game in town— It can be the only game in town.
He only received a 45-day sentence, and ultimately he served only 10 days of jail time.
He needed only eight second serves the entire match and lost only five points on his first.
Rushing-Jones has practiced law for only nine years and has tried only four cases to completion.
The only surprisingly weak sector in terms of growth was health care, which only added 29,000 jobs.
Ferrari only built 30 official units as part of an invite-only program, according to RM Sotheby's.
Many detained migrants want only to go home and right now; often, only IOM can help them.
It resolves only to be irresolute, decides only to be undecided, determined to dither, adamant to drift.
Lower annual feesIf you only have one card, you only have one annual fee, plain and simple.
This implies only one further hike next year followed by a subsequent hike only 18 months later.
In America, by contrast, donors get only some expenses paid for, and only if they are poor.
Her only scheduled rally of the day, however, was cut short by rain after only seven minutes.
Which means that the face biometrics is not only remotely capture, not only capturable without my consent.
But it only increased by about 41% among white voters and only about 13% among black voters.
There's only a couple [restaurants] in Toronto that make a that point to serve only Ontario fish.
Of the Republican names, only 10 percent were women and only 5 percent were people of color.
M: And that's only in Iten—when they go to Elderat, only a few people know them.
Not only me—there are like 2000-something or more people dedicated only to this work here.
Little Kevin was only two at the time, and she'd never get to meet her only granddaughter.
Not only does that pool look tight, not only is your hat money, but those lemons... buddy.
He only recently joined Twitter but uses it so sparingly he's only posted 19 times since November.
Marta played only in the second half, and only because another player came up lame at halftime.
The only other downside is that the aforementioned app to control lighting is only available on Android.
Only a few weeks ago, China, where the outbreak began, was the only country to suspend classes.
"We're not the only ones," said Turner, whose company only operates on about a 3 percent margin.
The business model works like this: Firms sell only their own products, only through their own websites.
After all, if there were only one way to live, there'd only be one organism out there.
By comparison, Rubio only spent $11.8 million, Cruz only $6 million, and Trump a paltry $3.3 million.
Say you're only going to take three photos a day or only photograph certain kinds of things.
But only what I needed to be a father, only what I needed to be an American.
Gonzalez is not the only Latino, or even the only Mexican/Mexican-American, on the Dodgers roster.
By the way, I'm only talking about those two because they are the only two that matter.
"I am the only one from the family who votes," said Hossai, who uses only one name.
It only shows how the workforce is still structured as if men are the only people working.
And this was only 5.7 so I can only imagine what the larger ones do to you.
CS wasn't the only tool in the platoon's arsenal, and going after tunnels wasn't its only mission.
Only 22% of all fast-food restaurants offer sick leave, and only 2000% offer paid time off.
Not only up north, where so far the two hot spots seem to be the only ones.
Duke made only two of its first 15 shots from the field, but trailed only 11-7.
Paying with only cash has an added benefit — you can only spend what you carry with you.
If it only connects to low-band 5G, it will only deliver a small increase in speeds.
Stephen also wants Mel to have access to Madison but only in L.A. and only supervised visitation.
Despite the health benefits, only 3% of New Zealanders and only 0.6% of Americans bike to work.
Russia&aposs national debt is only $220 billion, with interest payments of only $13 billion a year.
You can only shop the festive goods online, and for a limited time only, until October 11th.
At that price, only state transportation departments can afford them, and they usually measure only major highways.
Compare that to Alabama, which only mentions it 15 times, or Idaho, which only mentions it twice.
There's only one way to have sex and there's only one way to be in a relationship.
Russian athletes can only appear in competitions as authorized neutrals, and only after vetting by antidoping experts.
National interests have only partial intersection, and compliance with US wishes has only ever been that -- partial.
Sessions investigated only the use by black voters and only where white incumbents were losing political ground.
Only a few years go by, and sometimes only months, before new devices render old models obsolete.
But is "To rely only on ourselves" the only lesson that Israel should take from the Holocaust?
Only eight schools had concert bands, and of those, only five had both beginner and intermediate levels.
Her resources seem only to grow; yet her stage manners have become only simpler and more direct.
The prosecutor's office said the only gun recovered from the scene had only Stockley's DNA on it.
And very often it's only me working market and only me who knows how to do FDC.
In contrast, only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled, and mostly, it's only downcycled.
On Sunday, Vedvik missed his only extra point and his only field-goal attempt, a 256-yarder.
Not only that, but we attempted to squeeze the whole damn thing into only 30 minutes. Really?
But for many of them, transgender-only agencies are still the only groups that will represent them.
The only LP to only have the common piece is SoftBank Group itself, which committed $25 billion.
Only Natural Pet: Throughout March, Only Natural Pet is offering 14% off select products with code AF14OFF .
She's the only reason I'm standing here today, and the only reason that the Williams sisters exist.
"Some people only fly first class," he said as an example, while others only fly short distances.
"My daughter has only one father, and my wife has only one husband," he said on Friday.
The policy only affects the United States since that's the only market where it sells political ads.
Wimbledon is the only one of the four grand slams that schedules play on only 13 days.
Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East — the only country that shares our American values.
"Only those with existing MPSAs (mineral production sharing agreements) can proceed with exploration only," Teh told Reuters.
Since the start of the year, it has averaged only $1,500, and this past Sunday only $700.
Anger It was only recently that Comey embraced the only rewarding use of social media: venting frustration.
Cutting rates will only "only serve to drive assets prices even higher and penalize savers," he continued.
The government of Syria only recently allowed board members into the country, and only for five days.
They seemed to intimidate Stephen Curry, who took only 11 shots and made only four of them.
As if only Democrats were against it, or only Democrats would lose (or win...) by refusing Amazon.
Because it's only the females that bite, the goal is to release only males into the wild.
Only 17 percent mentioned Mr. Trump and jobs or the economy, and only 10 percent cited Mrs.
Mantel, 67, is the only woman and the only Briton to have won the prestigious award twice.
Now I believe that this life is the only life we'll know; this planet, our only existence.
Of the 36 members of Congress from Texas, only three are women and only three are Hispanic.
"He was only 14, he was only a little kid," said an anguished friend, Randy Marquez, 15.
The only major difference is that the Bluetooth version only has one 3.5mm input instead of two.
So the only input ... the only thing that matters is whether they say they want another season.
I had been there only a few minutes, I only wanted to make an appearance and leave.
Only a few games separate each seed in the conference, and only four separate fifth and tenth.
There were only four flights respectively in 2015 and 2016, and only two between 2013 and 2014.
The pilot itself isn't significant — it's only 90 days and will only be available in San Francisco.
It made sense when you only had a few channels and you only had a few products.

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