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"sole" Definitions
  1. only; single
  2. belonging to one person or group; not shared

500 Sentences With "sole"

How to use sole in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "sole" and check conjugation/comparative form for "sole". Mastering all the usages of "sole" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Dover sole can be pricey, $30 a pound or more, but lemon sole and gray sole are more reasonable.
Sole was born to Madhuri, and Madhukar-rao Sole. His father, Madhukar-rao Sole, died of chronic health issues in 2015.
Aesopia cornuta is a species of sole native to the Indian and western Pacific Oceans. Its common names include the unicorn sole, thickray sole, banded sole, and dark thick-rayed sole. This species grows to a standard length of , and is the only known member of its genus.
Sole meunière with capers and prawn Sole meunière (or sole à la meunière) is a classic French fish dish consisting of sole, preferably whole (gray skin removed) or filet, that is dredged in flour, pan fried in butter and served with the resulting brown butter sauce, parsley and lemon. When cooked, sole meunière has a light but moist texture and a mild flavor. Since sole is a flatfish, a single fish will yield four filets rather than the two filets that a roundfish will produce. When preparing sole meunière, a true Dover sole is preferred.
The sole supplier of vibranium and its applications, it is practically the sole buyer as well.
Del Monte Philippines hired BDO Capital & Investment Corp as the issue manager, sole global coordinator and sole bookrunner.
Imagine a product in which the United States is the sole producer and China is the sole consumer.
You can chose the color of your sandal's sole and leather, and whether you'd like a Birkenstock sole.
Prior to 2000 the Northern rock sole and the rock sole, Lepidopsetta bilineata, were considered to be a single species under the genus Lepidopsetta, but work by Orr & Matarese published in 2000 reorganised the genus into three separate taxa. As a result of this reclassification and renaming, the rock sole may be referred to as the "southern" rock sole, in order to avoid confusion with the Northern rock sole L. polyxystra.
The City of Leland is served by the Leland School District. Leland High School is the sole high school. Leland School Park is the sole middle school. Edna M. Scott Elementary is the sole elementary school.
Berenberg is acting as Sole Global Coordinator and Sole Bookrunner and ODDO BHF as Co-Lead Manager for the offering.
Sole plate options: Different iron designs will feature different materials in the sole plate, as explained by The Ironing Room.
Berenberg is acting as sole global coordinator and sole bookrunner, while ODDO BHF is co-lead manager for the offering.
The sole cannot be thicker than 40 millimeters and there cannot be more than one springlike shank in the sole.
He is also the sole songwriter of all 55 songs, also the sole composer and performer, except for some collaborations.
Darfield has numerous kindergartens. Darfield Primary School is Darfield's sole primary school. Darfield High School is Darfield's sole intermediate/highschool.
H. soleae is an ectoparasite of flatfish such as the common sole (Solea solea). Like other marine leeches, it feeds on its host's blood, but unlike most freshwater species, it does not drop off the fish after it has fed, instead remaining attached by its anterior sucker. In the juvenile leech, the remnants of each blood meal is visible through the transparent skin as a small red ball inside. In the northern part of its range, the common sole is the main host, but further south, other fish are also parasitized; these include the Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis), the wedge sole (Dicologlossa cuneata), the bastard sole (Microchirus azevia), the Klein's sole (Synapturichthys kleinii), the sand sole (Pegusa lascaris) and the Portuguese sole (Dagetichthys lusitanica).
Prior to 2000 the Northern rock sole and the rock sole, Lepidopsetta bilineata, were considered to be a single species under the genus Lepidopsetta, but work by Orr & Matarese published in 2000 reorganised the genus into three separate taxa. As a result of this reclassification and renaming, the rock sole L. bilineata may be referred to as the "southern" rock sole, in order to avoid confusion with the Northern rock sole L. polyxystra.
The two were the company's sole directors and, aside from a single share held by Shawe's mother, its sole stock owners.
While slavery was the war's sole cause, however, it was not the war's sole or even its most important rallying cry.
The vote was 4-to-1 in favor, and the sole dissenting member was also the sole white member: Dawn Pardo.
It was basically taking the sole of a pair of cleats, and fusing it with the sole of the 'Bron shoe.
"I am the sole parent; I have the sole custody for my child," she told the judge, according to a transcript.
The Constitution says the House has the sole power to impeach, and the Senate the sole power to hold a trial.
The "samaras" (from Arab smela : sole) are made in Atar and well known in Mauritania. It's a leather sole with straps.
De Sole and his wife Eleanore Leavitt De Sole own a retreat on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Eleanore De Sole sits on the boards of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia, and the Aspen Art Museum, Colorado. They have two daughters. Laura De Sole, director of global marketing for Estée Lauder, married Benjamin Baccash in 2013.
The Constitution grants the "sole power of impeachment" to the House and the "sole power to try all impeachments" to the Senate.
The Supreme Court explained that the Constitution gives the House "sole" power to impeach and the Senate "sole" power to try impeachments.
They entrusted the House with the sole power of accusation, and the elite Senate with the sole power to try the case.
In 2017, the school's sole charge principal regularly from outside Feilding. The school applied for a new sole charge principal in 2020.
Northern rock sole are eaten by marine mammals and other fish, including sharks, Alaska pollock, yellowfin sole, Pacific halibut and Pacific cod.
Sole custody is a child custody arrangement whereby only one parent has custody of a child. In the most common use of the term, sole custody refers to a context in which one parent has sole physical custody of a child.
The common sole (or Dover sole) is a species of marine flatfish widely found around the coasts of Europe The American soles are a family of flatfish found in both freshwater and marine environments of the Americas Sole is a fish belonging to several families. Generally speaking, they are members of the family Soleidae, but, outside Europe, the name sole is also applied to various other similar flatfish, especially other members of the sole suborder Soleoidei as well as members of the flounder family. In European cookery, there are several species which may be considered true soles, but the common or Dover sole Solea solea, often simply called the sole, is the most esteemed and most widely available.Davidson, 1979.
In couples with one doctor, the number of children was higher in families with a sole male physician versus a sole female physician.
In New York, we've been quoted everything from $30 to $55 for a half sole and $40 to $75 for a full sole.
" Shortly after the election, he boasted to his television viewers, "We are now the sole voice of sanity, the sole voice of reason.
The sole is the bottom of the foot. In humans the sole of the foot is anatomically referred to as the plantar aspect.
It has a sole commissioner government, and is the largest county by population of the few remaining in Georgia with a sole commissioner.
A sole proprietorship, also known as the sole trader, individual entrepreneurship or proprietorship, is a type of enterprise that is owned and run by one person and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business entity. A sole trader does not necessarily work 'alone'—it is possible for the sole trader to employ other people.The Accountancy Partnership, Can a sole trader have employees? published 10 March 2012, accessed 22 September 2018 The sole trader receives all profits (subject to taxation specific to the business) and has unlimited responsibility for all losses and debts.
Pseudaesopia japonica, the wavyband sole or Seto sole, is a species of sole native to the western Pacific Ocean, where found over sandy mud bottoms. This species is the only known member of its genus. This species grows to a length of SL.
The drab sole (Achirus achirus) is a brackish water-dwelling sole of the genus Achirus native to the waters of South America, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The drab sole is also commonly used by humans as an aquarium fish.
Such structures can range from sole proprietorship, where the business leader is the sole owner, to a partnership, corporation or a limited liability company.
As the Court explained, the Constitution gives the House the "sole" power to impeach and the Senate the "sole" power to try those impeachments.
Situated off the A2 dual carriageway at Sole Street/Gravesend junction. Along Henhurst Road towards Sole Street. The car park is on the left.
The Naked sole (Gymnachirus nudus), also known as the Flabby sole,Common names of Gymnachirus nudus at is a species of sole in the family Achiridae. It was described by Johann Jakob Kaup in 1858. It is known from throughout the western Atlantic.
1-146, cited pages: 139 and 142. They have a distinctive mode of locomotion arising due to a split sole. The front part of the sole adheres to the substrate and then the rear part of the sole is drawn up to the front part.
Three new Fenty creeper colorways were revealed: white on white, green with a bordeaux stripe and gum sole, and black satin with a black sole.
Thus the Democrats retained sole balance of power. They had held sole balance of power since 1985, and would continue to hold it until 1997.
The Petrale sole is an important commercial fish, and has been fished off Oregon since at least 1884. One fishery exists, off the west coast of the United States. Although Petrale sole are native to Alaska and are caught there and in other fisheries, no other designated Petrale sole fishery exists. Between 1995 and 2004 the coastwide catch of Petrale sole ranged from 1,616 to 2,377 tonnes.
William Sole (1739–7 February 1802) was a British apothecary and botanist. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography states that William Sole was born in 1741 in Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire,The current 2004 edition of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography gives Thetford in Norfolk, but older editions and contemporary documents state that Sole was born in Cambridgeshire. However, evidence suggest that he was born in 1739 and Baptised on 28 September in Witchford, Cambridgeshire. William Sole was the first son of John and Martha Sole.
A rubber sole in the suede pair and a rubber peg sole in the pebbled leather pair make for distinctly cushiony steps for a signature driver.
In 2011, Random House bought the remaining 75% of the company to become sole owner.Random House of Canada becomes sole owner of McClelland & Stewart, The Star.
Pitt will not likely accept sole custody, as "sole custody for either of them doesn't seem like what's best for the children," a source previously told PEOPLE.
The Goods Inside: Rubber sole soft slippers, eye shades, soft nonskid rubber sole tube socks, a hairbrush, ear plugs, a dental kit and shea butter lip balm.
The sole of the Equalizer line of wedges uses a V-Sole design, which reduces how much the leading edge of the club digs into the ground.
There were three main types of pattens: one with a wooden 'platform' sole raised from the ground by either with wooden wedges or iron stands. The second variant had a flat wooden sole often hinged. The third type had a flat sole made from stacked layers of leather. Some later European varieties of these pattens had a laminated sole: light wooden inner sections with leather above and below.
English sole is an important commercial fish, primarily caught off Washington, Oregon and California. Though biomass is increasing, catches have been declining since the 1960s and are currently almost at an all-time low. The English sole is known in Spanish as platija limón, or lemon sole, a name by which it is also known in English, though the true lemon sole is a separate species, Microstomus kitt.
Krøderen is only about wide at a point. Sole Hotel (Sole Hotell Krødsherad) is located along the national road between Krøderfjorden and Norefjell. Sole Hotel was originally a former doctor's home dating back to the beginning of the 1900s. In 1966, the facility opened as Norway's first conference hotel.
The thickback sole (Microchirus variegatus), also known as the bastard sole and lucky sole, is a species of flatfish from the family of true soles, the Soleidae. It is found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it is a quarry for fisheries in the Mediterranean.
Other tactics include grinding the sole of the hoof to expose sensitive tissues or inserting hard objects between the shoe or pad and the sole to cause pain.
In Article I of the Constitution, it says the House shall have the sole power of impeachment and the Senate shall have the sole power to try impeachments.
In 2015, Luiss ranked second in the Il Sole 24 Ore annual national ranking. In 2016, Luiss ranked first in the Il Sole 24 Ore annual national ranking.
The North American naked sole (Gymnachirus melas), also known as the Naked sole,Common names of Gymnachirus melas at is a species of sole in the family Achiridae. It was described by John Treadwell Nichols in 1916. It is known from Mexico, Cuba, the Bahamas, and the United States.
Soon after, he moved back to the United States, relocating to Flagstaff, Arizona. In 2007, Sole released Sole and the Skyrider Band as Sole and the Skyrider Band. Its second album Plastique was released in 2009. In 2010, Sole left Anticon, citing a desire to further experiment with his music, independently of the collective, and also due to his belief that the label developed away from what he initially intended it to be.
A corporation sole is a legal entity consisting of a single ("sole") incorporated office, occupied by a single ("sole") natural person.Technical Manual, This structure allows corporations (often religious corporations or Commonwealth governments) to pass without interruption from one officeholder to the next, giving positions legal continuity with subsequent officeholders having identical powers and possessions to their predecessors. A corporation sole is one of two types of corporation, the other being a corporation aggregate.
Then, I put my feet sole to sole and lifted my hips up into the air, creating a straight line from my shoulders down to my knees, using my butt.
Wednesday: herring, conger, sole, eels, almonds and eggs. Thursday: pork, eggs, pepper, honey. Friday: conger, sole, eels, herring and almonds.Danny Danziger and John Gillingham, 1215: The Year of Magna Carta.
Taylor C. McLendon (born 1995), known professionally as Ivy Sole, is an American rapper and record producer from Philadelphia, PA. Ivy Sole has been a member Indigold, Liberal Art, and Third Eye Optiks. Ivy Sole has been mentioned as an example of the growing movement of female hip hop artists since the 2010s.
The yellowfin sole occupies a moderately high trophic level in the food chain. The diet of the yellowfin sole consists mainly of zoobenthic organisms, including polychaetes and amphipods such as hydroids, worms, mollusks, and brittle stars. Yellowfin sole are known to be prey fish for sculpin, Pacific halibut, Pacific cod, and arrowtooth flounder.
Sole Brothers' Circus, also known as Sole Bros. Circus was an Australian circus which toured Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The circus was started by William Sole and his wife Eliza Jane Perry. Eliza was the daughter of William Perry who swapped his pub for a small circus in the 1870s.
The Gulf of Mexico fringed sole (Gymnachirus texae), also known as the Fringed sole,Common names of Gymnachirus texae at is a species of sole in the family Achiridae. It was described by Gordon Gunter in 1936, originally under the genus Nodogymnus. It is known from the United States and Mexico.
Debates over the establishment or removal of a sole commissioner government generally hinge on efficiency versus representation and debate.Sole commissioner issue drawing interest again, The Catoosa County News, July 23, 2004.Pickens' sole commissioner says simplicity works, Athens Banner-Herald, December 15, 1999. Most counties with sole commissioners are small and rural.
Superman was not the sole survivor of a natural disaster that devastated his planet, but rather he became the sole survivor of mass genocide, a cleansing of Krypton by another being.
In Europe both the common sole and the Senegalese sole are landed and marketed and there is little distinction made between them in statistics. There are, however, different geographical preferences with the common sole being preferred in northern Europe and the Senegalese sole being preferred in more southerly areas and these preferences are reflected in the higher market price for common sole in northern and western Europe while Senegalese sole is more valuable in southern Europe. Off Mauritainia there is an artisanal fishery for this species and the Artisanal catch between 2006 and 2010 fluctuated between 117,328 kg to as low as 9,049 kg but information on fishing effort is lacking. It is widely produced in extensive aquaculture in Portugal and Spain.
Gilmore Girls got that sole makeup nod — and lost.
De AG: * Current sole director and founder of uhr.
Its sole Ban during this period was Ivan Šubašić.
U.S. models had automatic transmission as sole transmission choice.
On 4 September 2019, Sole joined Oxford United, having been released by Reading. Sole made his debut for Oxford on 8 October 2019 in a 2–2 draw at home to Portsmouth in the EFL Trophy. Sole converted Oxford's first penalty of the resulting penalty shootout, but Oxford went on to lose the shootout 5–4. On 13 February 2020, Sole joined Southern League Premier Division Central side AFC Rushden & Diamonds on a one-month loan deal.
Haisborough Sands and its surrounding shoals are known to be spawning grounds for Sand eels Ammodytes, Lemon sole Microstormus Kitt and sole Solea solea. The sands also provide nursery grounds for Cod Gadus morhua, Herring Clupea harengus, Mackerel Scomber scombrus, Sole, Lemon sole and Plaice Pleuronectes platessa. There are small numbers of Harbour porpoise regularly observed within the boundaries of the sands. The common seals Phoca vitulina which are resident in the Wash are occasionally observed in this area.
The town of Dimaro in the Sole Valley The Sole Valley (, or , ) is a valley in Trentino, northern Italy. Sole Valley applies to the Vermiglio Valley, the east-west aligned valley of the river Noce and its sidevalleys, among which the Peio Valley that heads to the Ortler. The rest of the valley from Ossana to Mostizzolo is simply called Sole Valley. Some of the towns in the valley are Vermiglio, Peio, Dimaro, Croviana and Malè (the main town).
Sole Concessionaire: JWD holds the sole Port Authority of Thailand concession to provide warehousing and handling of dangerous goods shipped to and from the Laem Chabang Port, located on Thailand's eastern seaboard.
While Picard can recover actual transfers by the sole proprietorship, "it does not follow that the trustee can recover the actual withdrawals of cash by customers of the sole proprietorship," Bernstein wrote.
Sole studied at the King's School, Ely, then served an apprenticeship as an apothecary in Cambridge. On qualifying, he moved to Bath."Sole, William", Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. In his spare time, Sole undertook influential botanical research, specialising in the study of mints in his garden, where he tried to replicate natural conditions as closely as possible.
The station operated from one site (Buddy Holly Park in north Lubbock) by day and a second site (82nd and Ash) in south Lubbock by night. Eventually, the partners agreed to an exchange where they'd take sole ownership of one station apiece. Ballard became sole owner of KLFB, and Tafoya became sole owner of KRGT Hutto.
These plates squash together at a rate of 30mm per min. Apparatus records the force required to compress the sole at that rate. The machine is turned off when the plates stop squeezing the sole, when the force is clearly remaining constant or when the sole has been crushed by 20mm. This test is repeated three times.
Otherwise, the Sole Survivor devises a plan with their faction to fight the Institute. Siding with the Brotherhood or Railroad will force the Sole Survivor to destroy the other faction. The Sole Survivor detonates a nuclear reactor, destroying the Institute. After this feat, if the Survivor sided with the Minutemen, they must lastly wipe out any remaining hostile faction.
Beyond giving the Fed sole authority to rewrite the rule, the legislation also would require the primary regulator for a particular financial firm to serve as the sole supervisor for Volcker rule compliance.
Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor is an Italian business and financial news agency owned by the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore with five offices in Rome, Milan, Turin, New York City and Brussels.
This sole winner will go home with the entire $100,000.
CPC Corp is currently the sole LNG purchaser for Taiwan.
Hernando Enriquez, 44, is the sole suspect in the Feb.
Jolie is seeking sole physical custody of the couple's children.
Deutsche Bank was sole lead on the new 144a transaction.
The sole solace might be that this is all taxable.
But Leary's an easy mark and hardly the sole cause.
The sole survivor, Josh Ryen, testified Cooper was the killer.
Wallet resigned in March 2019, leaving Jamie as sole conservator.
Jolie is seeking sole custody of the couple's six children.
Sole proprietors, whose entire business model, depends on an open
Well, originally government was almost the sole funder of space.
Sole and Ginuwine have a daughter named Dream Sarae Lumpkin.
Los Angeles was the sole bidder for the 1984 event.
Blanche was the sole person speaking on Fruman's behalf Friday.
Second, the Senate has the sole authority to try impeachments.
On this night, the sole tip was from Aldrinne's family.
It sold its sole European unit in Cyprus last year.
" Obama has also been dubbed "the world's sole juvenile delinquent.
It's also making New York City its sole corporate headquarters.
Its sole inhabitant, Ranil Wickremesinghe, insists for now on staying.
Mr. De Sole is chairman of the board of Sotheby's.
Keira Knightley plays Joan Clarke, the Enigma team's sole woman.
The sole comfort, though, comes from knowing I'm not alone.
In many of those years, Epstein was Edge's sole donor.
According to Dr. Pinker, that is the sole rational reading.
CICCHK is the sole offshore investment banking arm of CICC.
The sole restaurant, Lula's Kitchen, only opens for big events.
Bank of China is the sole lead on the transaction.
She is a sole survivor of her direction of life.
She is the sole US female trampoline athlete in Rio.
Its sole goal was to measure workload on the UCL.
That sole alarm will be the real deal of witchery.
Nor is physical banking the sole way to win deposits.
SEC Chair Mary Jo White was the hearing's sole witness.
Sole financing provider is a prestigious role for BNP Paribas.
Burke and his father are the family's sole surviving members.
Jolie has requested sole physical custody, with visitation for Pitt.
Shanghai lead was the sole laggard, closing down 0.3 percent.
Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari was the sole "no" vote.
The body calling itself Libya's sole legislature is largely sterile.
Sometimes I play accomplice, other times I'm the sole killer.
Moreover, GPS is no longer the world's sole geolocating mechanism.
Coordinated campaigns have never been the sole purview of outsiders.
Rogers Communications is the sole owner of the Blue Jays.
Satellite internet is the sole option for many rural communities.
Just usually something like grilled sole with vegetables and salad.
UBS is acting as the sole global coordinator and bookrunner.
Dourson chaired the panel and served as its sole spokesperson.
Glennon filed for sole custody of James several days later.
We are the sole voice of opposition on all television.
That means the sole basis for rising shares is speculation.
Pertamina is Indonesia's sole refiner and dominant petroleum product retailer.
Saudi Arabia has also closed off Qatar's sole land border.
North Dakota's sole member in the House of Representatives, Rep.
J.P. Morgan is the sole placement agent in this transaction.
Johnson, Monday's sole witness, spent three hours on the stand.
I believed it to be my sole source of protection.
Unicredit is the sole guarantor of Banca Popolare di Vicenza.
Reporting suffers, and the American people are the sole losers.
After Epstein's death in 2006, Silvers became the sole editor.
Goldman Sachs is the sole bookrunner, according to the document.
I don't recommend using Facebook as a sole news source.
Under Trump, personal loyalty is the sole qualification that counts.
General Mills is the lead investor, not the sole investor.
Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell will be the sole witness.
His sole remaining relative, an aunt, has taken him in.
Many of us are single parents and sole wage earners.
The last paragraph became the sole focus of Trump supporters.
Raniere was the sole male in DOS and the leader.
Emirates NBD was the sole book runner for that financing.
Gareth Maccubbin, the other founder, is now the sole owner.
Sometimes, I shave the sole down so I can slide.
The first concept is that God is the sole lawgiver.
Mugabe, the sole candidate, won his sixth term in office.
They have water from the river Jordan in the sole.
And maybe for the sole female presidential candidate, too. Mrs.
It also has a bouncy sole made from sugar cane.
Rosler becomes an informed facilitator rather than the sole authority.
McGrath will be left in sole charge of the unit.
But goodness is not the sole virtue of the young.
Greenberg is Margate's chief investment officer and sole portfolio manager.
Trump is the sole provider of change in this election.
This is the material that makes up the sole unit.
But that's Hingie's sole aim: To help people delete him. 
Newmont Mining Corp (NEM) was the sole loser, falling 33%.
That gave him sole possession of 47th place all time.
Hurd died last month, leaving Catz as Oracle's sole CEO.
Fred Harris, the sole surviving member of the Kerner Commission.
The N.R.A. is by no means Mr. Younge's sole culprit.
Speaking of the sole, it's something of an engineering marvel.
Credit Suisse was sole lead manager for Monday's bond sale.
Weiss is the sole witness at the Natural Resources hearing.
These semantic issues are hardly the sole province of academics.
Not that Mahler was the sole concern in every case.
Living alone made me the sole judge of my actions.
We never use it as a sole source of information.
The rule also allows sole proprietors to join such associations.
According to police, Johnson's sole income came from her grifting.
Deutsche Bank is the sole global coordinator for the listing.
Trendy Sunshine has one sole owner and shareholder: Yue Diangang.
Dirun's sole shareholder is Didi Chuxing, local government records show.
PARIS — Salah Abdeslam, the sole surviving assailant from the Nov.
Was Ms. Raja the sole author of Ms. Ferrante's books?
Boswell had sole custody of the child, officials have said.
She is the sole provider for her family of seven.
They decided that their sole mission was maximizing shareholder value.
A fabric sole, by contrast, is taxed at 12.5 percent.
Mr. Bezos will have "sole voting authority" over her shares.
The sole question will be which extravagant leader we need.
It was purchased for the sole purpose of heating plastics.
But nation states no longer have sole sovereignty over space.
Erik Nordstrom will serve as the sole CEO going forward.
Grace is the sole survivor of a religious death cult.
Their pets are often the sole form of emotional support.
Michigan would use Magellan as its sole drug claims processor.
If you are a sole proprietor, it could be worse.
In March of 2019, Wallet resigned, making Jamie sole conservator.
She was also the sole woman nominated for the prize.
Trump has not been the sole target of Gillibrand's remarks.
"We cannot say talks are the sole answer," Moon said.
Clinton is also still in sole possession of her list.
Bouldering — its sole climbing option — involves neither ropes nor harnesses.
Body image issues are not the sole domain of women.
Ashok Varadhan remains as the sole head of the division.
They have a breathable upper and a grippy Vibram sole.
He also planned to seek sole custody of their daughter.
But money is not the sole solution to all problems.
It's the most comfortable sole in the game right now.
He was the sole GOP witness invited to the hearing.
He was the sole GOP witness invited to the hearing.
He was the sole occupant of the plane and uninjured.
The House of Representatives has the sole authority to impeach.
Keith Kellogg is often the sole representative from Pence's office.
The sole Republican from New York on the panel, Rep.
Lowe's was the sole retailer to confirm using the technology.
Credit Suisse was the sole global coordinator on that deal.
He was the sole doctor for a population of 300,000.
But boosting individual career satisfaction is not the sole solution.
She graduated in 20143, the sole astronomer in the class.
The green light from its sole shareholder: the Saudi government.
Take David, who is the sole breadwinner for her family.
Without her, Amadeo became the sole caretaker of five children.
Yes. Is it the sole thing we will ask for?
But I can't imagine it's the sole way they'll respond.
"He was our sole offensive force out there," Atkinson said.
The Tar Heels won their sole national championship in 1994.
I've just had my second year as a sole trader.
The genus is monotypic, its sole species being Tariccoia arrusensis.
The product, Metaphase, eventually became the sole property of SDRC.
It was the sole tweet, posted in Japanese and English.
I think being a sole founder ... There's often two people.
Its sole purpose was to burrow beneath Haydock Colliery's tracks.
The longtail sole is also marketed in the aquarium hobby.
Eventually, two separate papacies were established, each claiming sole legitimacy.
Incumbent James R. Thompson defeated his sole challenger, Peter Bowen.
Xialuhe Korean Ethnic Township is the county's sole ethnic township.
All wore protective clothing. Capuçon provided the sole musical accompaniment.
Cyrtanthus is the sole genus in the African tribe Cyrtantheae.
The sole double gold medalist was Maria Riesch of Germany.
The sole surviving copy is kept at Vilnius University Library.
Constantine consequently became the sole master of the Roman Empire.
The sole school of Ascension Island is Two Boats School.
The county's sole subdistrict is , which hosts the county's government.
Karl is the sole director of Pink Walrus Productions Limited.
' Pakistan is the sole and current operator of the WS21200.
The genus Fonticula contains a sole species named Fonticula alba.
He purchased a controlling stake and later became sole owner.
In local government in the United States, sole commissioner government is a county commission with only one seat. The sole commissioner typically holds all legislative and executive powers in the county. Even though with one commissioner there is no voiced debate among the commission, sole commissioners typically hold public meetings to allow public input on decisions. Though the structure was historically more widespread, now Georgia is the only state in the United States to have counties governed by a sole commissioner.
In the United States, there are no formalities that must be followed to start a sole proprietorship or commence business as a sole proprietor. However, depending upon the business activity of the sole proprietorship, sole proprietors may require licenses and permits in order to conduct business. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) a sole proprietor and their business are considered as one and the same; therefore, the business is not subjected to separate taxation and regarded as the direct income of the owner. Income, losses and expenses may be listed on a Schedule C, which is then transferred to the personal tax return of the owner.
Clause Six grants to the Senate the sole power to try impeachments and spells out the basic procedures for impeachment trials. The Supreme Court has interpreted this clause to mean that the Senate has exclusive and unreviewable authority to determine what constitutes an adequate impeachment trial.See Nixon, 506 U.S. at 230–31, 233–36 (holding that the Senate's sole power to try impeachments made its judgment conclusive as to what constituted an adequate impeachment trial) ("We think that the word 'sole' is of considerable significance. Indeed, the word 'sole' appears only one other time in the Constitution-with respect to the House of Representatives' "sole Power of Impeachment.
The same is not true for Al-Ahram's sole competitor, Egyptian International Beverage Company (EIB), an independent winery and sole competitor to Al-Ahram, which struggles to expand due to problems with retail licensing.
The study found that married mothers who bring in the sole income of the home do about an hour of housework a day, while sole-income fathers only spend about 10 minutes on housework.
The county is divided into one subdistrict, six towns, and one township. The county's sole subdistrict, , is home to the county's administrative offices. The county's six towns are , , , , , and . Fu County's sole township is .
A sole-proprietor can establish a PHSP with an Insurer only. If the sole-proprietor has arms-length employees, they can provide a Health Spending Account for Employees and the same benefits for themselves.
Scally is the sole owner of Priestfield Developments Ltd., a company formed in 2007 with the sole purpose of purchasing Gillingham's Priestfield Stadium for £9.8m as part of the restructuring of the club's debts.
Ingham and Feldman, p. 710. Burch became the sole manager of the hotel."Sole Manager of the Ebbitt." Washington Post. October 8, 1893. He conducted extensive renovations to the exterior of the hotel in 1895.
The first weekly edition of the Geelong Advertiser appeared November 1840: edited by 'James Harrison and printed and published for John Pascoe Fawkner (sole proprietor) by William Watkins...'. By November 1842, Harrison became sole owner.
In addition to the Sole Technology Institute, the head office of Sole Technology houses a retail store and showrooms. The entrance of the premises has been described as the skateboarder's version of Ancient Rome's pantheon.
Facebook doesn't offer the sole means of communication, digital or otherwise.
On Tuesday, Glennon reportedly filed for sole custody of their son.
That is the sole way iOS 643 can address external storage.
When he died in September 2017, she became the sole owner.
I will be the sole owner of the bar moving forward.
Moreover, the iPad isn't even the sole focus of the lesson.
She is believed to be the sole perpetrator of the shooting.
But delivering e-commerce services isn't Alibaba's sole mandate Down Under.
But Mexico has not been the sole beneficiary to this trade.
Men whose sole reason to exist is greed, revenge, score points.
Gaza's sole power station generates only a small amount of power.
The problem: its sole gay character didn't have any depth, either.
The shoes are lightweight and have a foam sole for cushioning.
It also sold the sole operator in Morocco's sugar industry, Cosumar.
This left Lorena to be the sole provider for their household.
Caption: The VaporMax sole consists exclusively of discrete, flexible air pockets.
If you are the sole owner, this is no big obstacle.
But dividend attractiveness isn't the sole reason why this strategy works.
"Our sole mission and motive is development," Modi said on Twitter.
CMBC International is sole global coordinator and joint bookrunner with ANZ.
My parents separated, and after, my mother was the sole breadwinner.
And this is only looking a publicly traded retailers, Sole said.
The youngsters themselves are the main, though not the sole, beneficiaries.
"The sole intent is to prevent a catastrophic wildfire," he said.
Quincy Jones is the founder and sole employee of the company.
I removed my Vibram-sole sandals and offered up my feet.
The sole domestic exception is JetBlue, which doesn't charge for WiFi.
But that's not the sole reason she gets such speaking invitations.
The company's sole product, the Magic Leap One, retails for $2,295.
They're looking at photos of the sole of my foot, drooling.
Welch shared a close-up of the sole of one heel.
There are 24m sole-proprietorships, many of them small family firms.
Georgia was the sole job loser with a drop of 14,0.53.
The smooth leather upper and rubber sole make cleaning them easy.
In Laos, the relay's sole rider, Nilamon Binthavone, braved a monsoon.
Our sole objective was to rage hard and honor Toto properly.
With the change, Mackey will return as the company's sole CEO.
Here it really will, on many occasions, be in sole charge.
Yet the immensity of the mountain is not the sole problem.
Some MFOs act as a family's sole FO, others as adjuncts.
Jolie requested sole physical custody of the children during her Nov.
For years, that has been the sole narrative around Tonya Harding.
Hany Farahat, senior economist at CI Capital, was the sole dissenter.
"She was the sole author of her own misfortune," it said.
Maple Capital Advisors was the sole financial adviser for the deal.
Its sole purpose is to give the user a cold virus.
First comes the sole supermoon of the year on December 3.
A bright red liner and milky sole complete the unique design.
"Obviously, foot traffic migrating online is a big issue," Sole said.
This is the sole reason Peter Kraus didn't win The Bachelorette.
"That's the sole purpose of Unofficial: excessive drinking," Kaler tells PEOPLE.
Libya will be represented by a sole skuller – Al Hussein Gambour.
First, there was the platform sole on her creeper lace-up.
The asset manager has strong support from its sole shareholder, SCB.
Vargas ordered Portuguese to be the sole language of school teaching.
Credit Suisse acted as GSG's sole financial adviser on the transaction.
I became the sole focus of conspiracy theories and general questions.
He is not the sole target of Turkey's recent censorship measures.
This piece depicts one sole figure, isolated but uncategorized and unjudged.
They say CLAPs will not be the sole distributors of food.
Jordan is also the top Republican on Amash's sole committee, Oversight.
Andrea wants sole legal and physical custody ... with visitation for Ricky.
The country's sole port, at Yangon, can only handle small vessels.
Ares is sole provider of a £150m of second lien loan.
But profit cannot be the sole purpose of the business' existence.
Il Sole 300 Ore said the plan would focus on alliances.
Credit Suisse is the sole book-running manager for the IPO.
It's literally a club for the sole purpose of eating lettuce.
Hsieh also said Samsung is likely to be the sole supplier.
But these are, right now, the sole hang ups I've got.
Lead was the sole gainer on the LME, adding 23 percent.
This past week he claimed sole credit for soaring stock prices.
The San Francisco-based company's sole business is the humble webinar.
Their sole purpose is to help you record your best memories.
Passing the test suite was the sole precondition in our contract.
He had a saw blade in the sole of a shoe.
Nancy King, who co-heads the business, will become sole head.
The sole sign of life is in the infant's flushed cheeks.
The kingdom's economy relies on its sole industry: selling collectable stamps.
Yet in the movie's sole intimate friendship, nothing substantial is shared.
The shoes combine a Primeknit top with a 3D-printed sole.
By comfortable, she's pointing out the cushy, thick, grippy white sole.
A huge development called SoLe Mia will rise in north Miami.
Hitherto, the RBI governor had taken sole responsibility for deciding rates.
"I was the sole albino," he told Reuters in an interview.
"The internet has fundamentally challenged malls' value proposition," Sole went on.
KS) will be the sole contract manufacturer for Qualcomm Inc's (QCOM.
Today he is the sole resident of an apartment in Arkansas.
Leidos is the sole defense contractor helping to engineer the vessel.
If grabbing people's attention was its sole goal, it succeeded tremendously.
But the latter cannot become the sole focus of our efforts.
Jolie has sought sole custody, while Pitt is seeking joint custody.
Yet Wagner should not be given sole blame for Meyerbeer's eclipse.
Do you ever secretly gnaw on the sole of your shoe?
Last year, he became the sole CEO of Chipotle once again.
Only nine children have received a sole pancreas transplant, Kandaswamy said.
The records management analyst's sole purpose is to organize important documents.
We found a display of the classic Puma Suede sole pattern ...
Robert Jackson Jr., the agency's sole Democratic commissioner, voted against them.
That's not my sole motivation, but it certainly drew me in.
" A Trump confidant said, "That was the sole issue for him.
The House Democratic majority has a sole cause: destroy the President.
The championship was the boys' sole acquaintance with justice at Nickel.
A supple leather upper and rubber sole offer comfort and flexibility.
So is making women the sole torchbearers for changing the culture.
The Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) then became the field's sole owner.
Newmont Mining Corp (NEM), which fell 0.1%, was the sole loser.
Cynthia Lummis (R), who is retiring from Wyoming's sole House seat.
Mass argues that technological shortcomings are not the sole problem, however.
Its sole aim is to maximize return for management and investors.
Trump, however, had placed sole blame on Powell and Fed policy.
Steak has been swapped out for Dover sole, his favored fish.
Angelina wants sole physical custody, setting up a possible custody war.
Nor is it the sole legal framework for investment-treaty disputes.
The Constitution gives sole authority over trade to the legislative branch.
Greater than two-thirds of them were sole proprietorships or LLCs.
To date, Always All Ways, Anne Marie remains Anger's sole feature.
Latibonit o, yo voye pale m, yo di m Sole malad . . .
And cable news is not the sole driver of political knowledge.
The boy runs his finger along the edge of the sole.
He is a responsible person running his own sole-­proprietor business.
Bilimoria will be the sole managing partner at Refactor going forward.
Malacalza's comments were reported on Sunday in Il Sole 225 Ore.
"People close to me get hurt," Barbara tells her sole friend.
Such negotiations are the sole preserve of European bureaucrats in Brussels.
The missing pilot was the plane's sole crew member, he said.
ABC Media Ltd, a Bulgarian company whose sole manager was Krassimir
Nordstrom also announced that Erik Nordstrom will become its sole CEO.
Test scores, at least, shouldn't be the sole basis for admission.
Unfortunately, most college classrooms remain the sole domain of the professor.
Does she hate Celeste, or just love being the sole matriarch?
Beneath its joyous surface, this book's sole — er, soul — runs deep.
And in 1978, when the cousin died, he became sole owner.
The moral is brute force may not be the sole solution.
My sole intimacy is with silence and the taste of tears.
His sole focus is getting a few more votes on Tuesday.
"Which is its sole reason for being — to rank order risk."
Patrick's co-managing partner Todd Cook will become sole managing partner.
Gaza's sole power station generates only a small amount of electricity.
" The Senate, similarly, has "the sole power to try all impeachments.
Abeda was born in Canada and is the country's sole athlete.
The parents of a child ought to be the sole provider.
The narrator's sole defender in workshop is a student named Billy.
He sat in his room's sole chair and crossed his legs.
He is a vice president, but not the sole vice president.
But Robert is far from the sole object of Edna's desire.
The pilot, who managed to free himself, was the sole survivor.
However, her brewery is not the sole driver of this success.
That remains at the sole discretion of the executive — Facebook's CEO.
For decades, Picard's sole purpose in life was to serve Starfleet.
My sole reason for swimming was to finish before anyone else.
It asserts that selfishness is the sole driver of human affairs.
Ms. LaRosa is his sole caregiver, despite her own health issues.
It says the proposals are discriminatory - Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper.
The sole positive recommendation was on mainland carmaker Great Wall Motor.
Grisham will remain as the sole spokesperson for the first lady.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch will act as the sole bookrunner.
The sole question should be what is best for the country.
It was to be the sole occupant of a small gallery.
Susan Collins was the sole Republican to vote for the measure.
For many, the clinics are their sole source of health care.
We talked about profits being the sole Social Responsibility of Business.
The sole thing he cares to build is his own ego.
Rejection, of course, is not the sole province of the seller.
As we reported, Angelina wants sole physical custody of the kids.
Amy is the sole owner and employee of Melba Electrical Services.
Both countries still claim to be the sole legitimate Korean government.
One member is appointed at the sole discretion of the president.
Charaxes hadrianus is the sole member of the Charaxes hadrianus group.
Drepanomeniidae is a family of solenogaster, comprising the sole genus Drepanomenia.
Therefore, leaving Lee as the sole survivor of the Blood Moon.
Charaxes nichetes is the sole member of species group Charaxes nichetes.
Your ability to hold property in your sole name just changed.
Their sole purpose in life is not just to judge me.
The Midland Shuttle is currently operated by a sole Volvo B7RLE.
With Letterman's departure, CBS became the sole producer of the show.
The highest point of Manipulon is . Its sole barangay is Manipulon.
The sole manufactured Adaridi is displayed at the Finnish Aviation Museum.
He made just 13 appearances in his sole season in Arnhem.
This left the S-1500 class the sole preserve of Porsche.
This fragmentary allusion may be the music's sole link to Haydn.
In 2019, Oppong became an academy coach for Sole Soccer Camp.
TSL Marketing is also the sole broker for the domain, "".
Thus Constantine became the sole emperor of the Roman Empire.MacMullen, Constantine.
' North Korea is the sole and current operator of the WS51200.
The Sole Pit Basin was created by deep burial of depocentres.
The sole species in the genus is Cortana carvalhoi (Brito, 1967).
The sole study specifically cited was widely discredited; see Séralini affair.
Moreover, she also became the sole woman mayor within Gyeonggi Province.
This will be given to the firm's sole shareholder, Crusoe himself.
The sole 33 ft version was on a modified Reliance 2U3RA.
The sole exhaust emission from the operating vehicle is water vapor.
Deep anatomy of the sole The glabrous skin on the sole of the foot lacks the hair and pigmentation found elsewhere on the body, and it has a high concentration of sweat pores. The sole contains the thickest layers of skin on the body due to the weight that is continually placed on it. It is crossed by a set of creases that form during the early stages of embryonic development. Like those of the palm, the sweat pores of the sole lack sebaceous glands.
Chefs prize Dover sole for its mild, buttery, sweet flavour and versatility, and for its ease of filleting. The fish yields fillets that hold together well in a variety of recipes. The name "Dover" comes from Dover, the English fishing port landing the most sole in the 19th century. In 2010, Greenpeace International added the common sole to its seafood red list.
Example 1. Assume that a sole proprietor agreed to admit a single equal partner for a certain amount of money. The sole proprietor, Partner A, will give the new partner, Partner B, an equal share in the partnership. 100% interest of the sole proprietor will be divided in half, so that each of the two partners will have 50% interest in the partnership.
The president is the sole office to manage war, but needs approval from parliament and the National Council of Security to start wars. The president is the sole post that can authorize military action. The president is also the sole post to grant civil and military awards. A presidential term is seven years, and a president can serve two terms.
Peters, a Murphyverse veteran and favorite, is the sole straight white man in the core Pose cast, and his character, Stan Bowes, is the sole straight white man with a leading role in the Pose world.
They gave the House "the sole power of impeachment;" the Senate "the sole power to try all impeachments;" and the chief justice of the Supreme Court the duty of presiding over impeachment trials in the Senate.
" The judges added: "The foundation for Schock's argument — the proposition that if Body A has sole power to make a rule, then Body A has sole power to interpret that rule — does not represent established doctrine.
Sole au gratin is a sole gratin, often is covered with mushrooms. Many fish-based gratins use a white gratin sauce and cheese, and brown quickly. Cozze gratinate is a mussels-based recipe found in Italy.
Luochuan County is divided into one subdistrict, seven towns, and one township. The county's sole subdistrict is , which is home to the county's administrative offices. The county's seven towns are , , , , , , and . The county's sole township is .
SP 9010 is the sole surviving ML 4000 C'C' built for use in North America, and the sole surviving mainline diesel-hydraulic locomotive in North America (Several diesel-hydraulic switchers exist in service and in museums).
Teehan ended his career in 1967 after winning his sole All-Ireland medal following a defeat of Tipperary. As a member of the Leinster inter-provincial team in 1967, Teehan won his sole Railway Cup medal.
BEIC digital library.) Jean-François Du Soleil also known with the Italian name of Francesco Dal Sole (1490 – 1565) was a French mathematician, astronomer and engineer.Dal Sole, Francesco He was also a grammatician, orator and poet.
A sole individual was collected from Mashunald province, Salisbury (now Harare) in Zimbabwe. No other locations are known. Based on the sole collection record, A. emeritus is predominately found in subtropical highlands with a dry winter (Cwb).
Romney was the sole shareholder, sole director, president and chief executive officer of Brookside.Viser, Matt. "Chinese firm promoted its low-wage, low-tax liability to investors shortly before Mitt Romney made investment", Boston Globe (September 25, 2012).
Recipes: Sole With Fennel and Blood Oranges | More Valentine's Day Dishes cooking
Jolie wants sole physical custody of the kids, with visitation for Pitt.
Angelina is asking for sole physical custody and Brad wants joint custody.
WILLIAMS: And by the way, he wasn&apost the sole decision-maker.
The sole witness was the man who was driving the couple home.
O'Donnell said last year that she had sole custody of their daughter.
But Harris' efforts were not the sole reason for the company's downfall.
But those public markets remain the sole channel for most retail investors.
Use of the Product is at the sole risk of the user.
Instead, it's the material the sole is made out of that matters.
But it wasn't the sole driving factor behind my decision to recant.
Aqib Talib committed violent penalties for the sole purpose of terrorizing receivers.
He becomes the sole African-American member of President Donald Trump's cabinet.
Rescuers say a sole survivor was found near a torn rubber dinghy.
"These are barriers that e-commerce is struggling to overcome," Sole said.
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is the sole lead bank on the loan.
Sole lead Daiwa is distributing the paper largely among Japanese retail accounts.
Charlie O'Donnell is the sole Partner and Founder at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures.
Walgreens, the sole plaintiff that refused to settle the case, did not.
"IARC is the sole owner of such materials," IARC told the experts.
The sole social-media player on the list (so far) is Pinterest.
The storm badly damaged Anguilla's sole hospital and its only secondary school.
China is North Korea's protector and sole ally, so expectations were low.

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