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987 Sentences With "to boot"

How to use to boot in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "to boot" and check conjugation/comparative form for "to boot". Mastering all the usages of "to boot" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Instead, it deletes backup files on a system and tampers with files needed to boot a computer, making it impossible to boot without repair.
Jones had been attempting to boot up the phone using the power button, but an iPhone can also be prompted to boot by connecting it to a USB device.
He is sexy and dangerous - and British to boot.
"Even though it will be fairly fast to boot games, we don't want the player to have to boot the game, see what's up, boot the game, see what's up," Cerny says.
To boot, the president, a former constitutional law professor whose
Oh, and let's throw in some more racism to boot.
She's a political insider, and a wealthy one to boot.
It also has tons of tech — and screens — to boot.
Super flavorful, and easy as hell to make, to boot.
This is an Iranian and Chinese pastime to boot. Why?
But that's flawed thinking — and a defeatist attitude to boot.
Not to mention super ballsy and inspiringly confident to boot.
They're aces on both fronts, and very nice to boot.
Oh, and they're collecting a $2 booking fee to boot.
It's truly inspiring and has a dope soundtrack to boot.
That's a flu killer, right there, and delicious to boot.
Here we are on Instagram, and on Twitter to boot.
I received plenty of anecdotal intel on Spanx to boot.
To boot, 856 is big — but he's not the biggest bear.
To boot, you have companies like Cisco, HP, Symantec, EMC, etc.
To boot, the show has Mullaly, Offerman, and Eichner to offer.
Oh, and it's a sneakily insightful series about aging, to boot.
The startup has a fresh $600 million in funding to boot.
Before then swiftly making Sabrina a white woman savior to boot.
Twitter is the latest social service to boot out cryptocurrency advertisers.
Otherwise, this was a clever set, and well CAMOUFLAGED to boot.
He is now contesting the legality of Chandra's appointment, to boot.
It's stunning, it's heartbreaking, it's cute af and clever to boot.
Well, he's been around the block, and he's accomplished to boot.
And yes, he was gifted a $100,000 diamond watch to boot.
To boot, net sales were $16.4 billion, up 1.6% from 2016.
I got a lot of fat out of them, to boot.
But bigger and better — with a significant ownership stake, to boot.
To boot, the Democrats lost the governorship to Republican Attorney Gen.
" And to boot, he added, "I was brought up by Oscar.
To boot, affirming political messages are like candy for the brain.
And stupid Jordan Montgomery is giving them productive starts, to boot!
Congress overrode the veto, and passed the constitutional amendment to boot.
Incredibly, Schemel is here to do a Q&A to boot.
To boot, crude prices have been mired by concerns of oversupply.
It had everything she wanted, and was below budget, to boot.
This is much, much easier to use — and compact, to boot.
We are, and with a growing community of cooks to boot.
All six cast members were ridiculously attractive and funny, to boot.
KillDisk erases files and destroys the ability to boot up computers.
The clinics offering such procedures are a recent phenomenon to boot.
Some tournaments have threatened to boot fans who shout the catchphrase.
Fake news is unquestionably an industry, and a growth industry to boot.
Gizmodo covered it all and published some stellar long reads to boot.
It's a potent dose of mighty nostalgia and a bop to boot.
All six cast members were ridiculously attractive and funny actors, to boot.
And women in these fields must contend with derogatory comments, to boot.
Once you're there, you hit Ctrl-D to boot into Developer Mode.
It's an incredibly well-constructed puzzle and a fun solve to boot.
Made of genuine leather, the wallet has a sleek design to boot.
Many of them are gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, to boot.
He'll obviously bring the funny, and is dripping with likability to boot.
The universe is enormous beyond comprehension, and airless and dark to boot.
It would also allow me to get my privacy back to boot.
To put it mildly, it's a logistical nightmare, and expensive to boot.
The result is inspired entertainment that's pure fun, with heart to boot.
Just don't expect to boot up your Starlink connection any time soon.
This is freaking springtime on a plate, and non-denominational to boot.
He's the back-to-back MVP and a Vine legend, to boot!
And he did it all with that fancy British accent to boot.
It consists of a single cell—and a bacterial cell, to boot.
Both are nuclear-armed, and are allies with one another to boot.
Check. Club Penguin had it all, and an awesome community to boot.
To boot, UCAM Murcia finished out the game on top 80-76.
Not to mention, beautiful updos and tons of matching makeup to boot.
Spying on a campaign would be illegal, and a scandal to boot!
And it probably makes us all a little more interesting, to boot.
And that is just un-American, and bad for innovation to boot.
And an Obama birther to boot, according to the Globe and Mail.
Steven Universe is more brightly colored and has catchier songs to boot.
But she does not want to boot him out of office, yet.
And women in these fields must contend with derogatory comments to boot.
She is a member of Parliament from Vancouver, British Columbia, to boot.
App developers also need to opt in to this new system, to boot.
To boot, the national team has performed well at the football World Cup.
And he got a nice boost in his faith in humanity to boot.
Plus, it has 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels and disc brakes to boot.
It worked, and it served to boost his most important teammate to boot.
And she brought her niece Stella (in Stefani-esque cowboy boots, to boot).
Viewers called for CBS to boot Mounduix from the show, The Wrap reported.
Rating: Jusuf got dysentery but recovered beautifully with a base tan to boot!
One hundred Labour MPs have condemned the decision not to boot him out.
What follows is a March Madness preview, and a viewing guide to boot.
They'd both be screwed — and they'd be in a bad relationship to boot.
Not only that, but she's playing an openly queer freakin' superhero to boot.
Beijing took measures this week to boot liquidity in its economy and markets.
They've got it — and they added some Mossad butt-kicking abilities to boot.
It confirmed in April that it is raising another $100 million to boot.
And that, my friends, is how a chiseled-jawed — and British, to boot!
Without question (and it was a collaboration with milliner Eugenia Kim, to boot).
You can get a helluva lobstah in Beantown, too, and oystahs to boot.
News Digest's send off was much less splashy than it's acquisition to boot.
Essentially, think The 100 meets Dark, with a dash of Riverdale to boot.
First, Trump is a public figure and a highly litigious one to boot.
Voila: you have a world record and a spectacular light show to boot.
To boot, this time, the network was the one to break the news.
They're wasted time, and often leave behind a sour misogynistic aftertaste to boot.
In the mail pile, the Presence had started to boot inside its package.
To boot, Affleck, 41, had stiff competition in the category of Best Actor.
If only the network would bring it back — with Shia LaBeouf to boot.
To boot, reality stars, YouTube icons, and social media personality make their appearances.
I think it's the highest use of rosemary imaginable, and beautiful to boot.
This month, someone even got Android 7 to boot on the HTC HD2.
Her Swedish opponent had 24 unforced errors and three double faults to boot.
But the apartment was everything she wanted, with a roof deck to boot.
The early dishes, though, were all over the map, and inconsistent to boot.
That sounds about right for this particular anniversary, on a Sunday to boot.
It features a durable design, high-capacity, and an LED flashlight to boot.
"I think it would be OK if it wasn't election year to boot."
To boot, any change would have taken much longer than a few years.
Lyft and Uber are in a race to boot drivers off the road.
Aren't they getting a college education—and a debt-free education, to boot?
This is his 59th Saturday grid, and he's got nine Sundays to boot.
Mr. Steinberg's theme is most definitely family friendly, and very clever to boot.
Our sportswriter says he's Michael Jackson on ice, with obsessive fans to boot.
A less-restrictive condo — and a new one, to boot — is a delight.
To boot, attractions like the Blue Lagoon have been deemed overrated by some.
I throw in some laundry while I try to boot up the site.
Finally, this song is used perfectly — and in a period piece, to boot.
It's also possible to boot up the screensaver without waiting for it turn on.
That it's an accessible game to boot is the proverbial icing on the cake.
Some of the world's most stunning landscapes come with stunning lookout points, to boot.
Even better — he has his dad's charitable personality and sense of humor to boot.
Exactly how was Cernovich able to boot Alaska from the organization he supposedly created?
A recall effort to boot Persky off the bench is still going strong. 5.
In that case, you might want to boot up a copy of Splatoon 2.
Now, she takes her health more seriously and lifts some heavy weights to boot.
These people speak a common tongue: typically English, and often other languages to boot.
Now the lender is doing everything it can to boot him from the company.
It's a full length that features collaborations with the London Contemporary Orchestra to boot.
The fund-of-funds ― Muller & Monroe Asset Management ― wanted to boot the general partner.
Some analysts now factor in revenue growth below 10%, and compressed margins to boot.
That could mean spending even more time on Facebook — talking to businesses, to boot.
Maggie Hassan (D) is running for Senate, hoping to boot the vulnerable GOP Sen.
To boot, Facebook Live entertains a younger audience, and perhaps a more diverse one.
He became widely-known as a respected sports executive and hard worker to boot.
Hard-to-get or expensive products were now accessible, and reasonably priced to boot.
With media-friendly fanfare and team spirit to boot, the spectacle is stunningly obvious.
Now, meat taxes are supposed to save our hearts and, to boot, the planet.
Nothing but lies every time she opens her mouth, and a wino to boot . . .
To boot, this is espresso, or caffè crema, almost as good as it gets.
You're doing the investing for someone else, and you're making them cozy to boot.
"Spying on a campaign would be illegal, and a scandal to boot!" he added.
We also have above-average retirement savings and some real estate investments to boot.
To boot, Michael Sorrentino, also known as "The Situation," is nowhere to be found.
Then he sat back, cracked a beer, and waited for his hero to boot.
A short list: That's an incomplete list, and a mostly unsympathetic one to boot.
But this twistron yarn is strong, flexible and acts as a supercapacitor to boot.
All good fun to make on a weekend and delicious to eat to boot.
After high school I will be headed to boot camp for the Marine Corps.
It's also a drugstore staple that's super easy to find and affordable to boot.
After my initial playtime, I felt no desire to boot up those games again.
He went to boot camp in 2014 and was stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
This updated version has beefed-up features and comes in several colors to boot.
Indeed, the B-52 is more capable than ever – and highly affordable, to boot.
And now it has birthplace bragging rights and a fancy new school, to boot.
Evading cancer and maybe even a guilt-free conscience to boot—what's not to like?
Not only are these watch straps a feel-good purchase, they're quite dapper to boot.
This one is the perfect in-between, with a heavy hit of hydration to boot.
The other was a study of just 10 people, that was in German, to boot.
And Bacon claims his wife is "wilder" than he is on the floor, to boot.
Mexico is not the country they swore to protect before shipping off to boot camp.
But Texas is a very unique place, and we're a pretty independent lot to boot.
Is working at Amazon a hellish, dangerous, physically grueling job, with low wages to boot?
It's easy to make and great for dipping chips, and actually pretty healthy to boot.
Every zipper on this bag works with beautiful smoothness and is weather-protected to boot.
He's rich, famous, talented ... and now, Dwyane Wade apparently has a "stellar" penis to boot.
Bieber made a brief return to his OG hairstyle: darker blond, with bangs to boot.
And on Thursday morning, it all became official — with one stunning wedding photo to boot.
To boot, inflationary pressures in developed economies like the U.S., Europe and Japan remain low.
The Cycloid Drawing Machine is awesome, but it's a complicated machine, and bulky to boot.
No country has experienced such a steep decline, and from a low level to boot.
False information was retweeted by more people than the true stuff, and faster to boot.
Hubble captured this image of the universe's many galaxies, with an Einstein ring to boot.
Andre is slowly becoming his dad, dripping with betrayal and a black fedora to boot.
Think: eyeshadow of the pink, purple, and blue iteration, plus lots of sparkle to boot.
And he had elevated mercury levels to boot, which eating excessive amounts fish can do.
And then there was "Drowning​," an ominous track with a staggering, dramatic video to boot.
But NDSU did it—arguablyagainst a better Iowa team—and on the road, to boot.
To boot, California has no real plan to transition off its old fossil fuel infrastructure.
Todd Haynes's Wonderstruck is filmmaking par excellence and a great film for children to boot.
Does your laptop or desktop take ages to boot up or do anything in general?
To boot, the book ends with the revelation that the villain all along was feminism.
And he wants to boot two Clinton supporters, the former congressman Barney Frank and Gov.
To boot, there are still questions about the butterfly keyboard's reliability, even the latest version.
The gym itself feels like the floor of an office, with great views to boot.
With a strong economy to boot, the GOP is placing its bets on the incumbent.
To boot, this warmth then mixes around with other waters, warming them too, explained Thoman.
That would replace the lost Pilgrim energy and add more carbon-free energy to boot.
Another lingering force: Benchmark's lawsuit seeking to boot Kalanick off of Uber's board of directors.
And Drake even added in one of his custom Nike collaboration "OVO" jerseys to boot.
The effort to boot the president from office is certain to yield a memorable spectacle.
There's a persistent pay gap between men and women, with a motherhood penalty to boot.
We're on Twitter to boot, with links to the articles we write for The Times.
They will assault our women, they say, and they are carrying infectious diseases to boot.
"I was just an intern — white and male and middle class to boot," he confesses.
But he thought he had a great location and a hefty tax break to boot.
Big money, little accountability, and the marketing power of the world's wealthiest man to boot?
It is an island to boot, making aid delivery all the more cumbersome and expensive.
LAST: O.K., O.K., I'll take three orders of the software, and a Shamwow to boot.
And Eminem's "Lose Yourself" is an Oscar-winning song, and a terrific one to boot.
Woke stuff—and lucrative to boot, if Nike's financial performance is anything to go by.
He turned to boot experts for guidance on the ins and outs of the industry.
After all, aren't they great snuggly, soft, irrepressibly cute dogs and shed-free, to boot?
This dish has all the textures, all the flavors, and is highly Instagrammable to boot.
But yeah, if they also wanna offer pickled onions to boot, I'm not gonna complain.
Kangaskhan is a pretty rad kangaroo, with a cute baby in its pouch to boot.
Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg — joined the call to boot Trump out of office.
Like The Witch, it's a real shot in the arm and a riot, to boot.
To Boot New York Brandon Cap Toe Oxford, $263.90 (after sale $395) [You save $131.10]Clean, simple, and classic — the To Boot New York Brandon Cap Toe is a wonderful choice if you're shopping for a classic pair of dress shoes to wear regularly.
He skipped high school graduation just so he could get to boot camp a little early.
You'd never have to wait for it to boot, and the battery would last all day.
Employing the hashtag #untwitter8chan, users urged Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to boot 8chan off the platform.
The story, with pictures to boot, rocketed around the globe -- from British tabs to Aussie outlets.
At the same time, the ability to boot out an overreaching government protects our individual liberty.
Whatever you do, don't gargle the puzzle; that would just be silly, and dangerous to boot.
I observed the same disparity when benchmarking the time it takes a computer to boot up.
If you're after an Xbox One, you're looking at savings and a free game, to boot.
He also opposed the Iraq War, proposed military spending cuts, and was pro-choice to boot.
The judge in the case, Algernon Marbley, is black, and a Bill Clinton appointee to boot.
To take over a gym, you have to boot out the Pokémon that are already there.
Go and try marching twenty miles a day with a full kit, and hungry to boot.
The brand's entire feed is full of eye candy, with galaxy swirled cake concoctions to boot.
GOP sources tell us if Moore wins, senators are highly unlikely to fight to boot him.
But public spending is generous and the private sector is heavily reliant on oil to boot.
More than that, it's big and expensive, glorious to look at, and impressively weird to boot.
Such machines are vastly more capable, kilo for kilo, than their predecessors and cheaper, to boot.
And, if users "check the box," the venues can also build their marketing databases to boot.
Maybe we could make some basmati rice and a bowl of fiery mango chutney to boot.
And Montebourg was criticizing Hollande for being too restrictive and caving to the Germans to boot.
He started with glowing press coverage, a fresh face with an alluring personal story to boot.
The odds are that the Supreme Court will weigh in with a favorable ruling, to boot.
And yet, Limbaugh maintains that "infobabe" is only a joke, and a complimentary one to boot.
JOE KERNEN: You put it into a host bacterium -- CRAIG VENTER: Just to boot it up.
Being a single woman speaking her mind—while being naked, to boot—was a huge taboo.
Much can be learned from New Orleans's painful, protracted battle to boot all its remaining Confederates.
And something big in China to boot, which means the company has been heading straight north.
She stages fantasies of death and more, with plenty of dark humor and love to boot.
" It's a seasonal reference to boot, I think, although my frame of reference is just "Peanuts.
Russ Travers possesses deep intelligence experience and institutional knowledge — and is a great guy to boot.
He listened to podcasts, read books, went to boot camps, and developed expertise in the space.
Those are really long entries and it's Saturday to boot, so the clues will be vague.
To boot, super high out-of-pocket costs and thin networks are limiting access to care.
To boot, Trump would be acquitted unless 20 Republican senators vote to convict, which appears unlikely.
He was the quintessential "bad boy with a good heart" and was incredibly handsome to boot.
Update: After a decision from its CEO, Cloudflare has decided to boot 8chan as a customer.
Sources tell PEOPLE that Spilo vehemently disagreed with the decision to boot him from the game.
It's a perfect blend of character, story, and action — and a pretty funny gag to boot.
Playing the energy card can be our strategy and it is a winning strategy to boot.
House Democrats will not need a formal vote to boot Van Drew out of their caucus.
Trump had bragged on a hot mic about sexual assault, using incredibly crude language to boot.
Hold down the option button on restart and choose "Windows" as the drive to boot from.
"And a general election that could put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street, to boot," he said.
From stocking stuffers to showstoppers, you'll be set for Christmas and every night of Hanukkah to boot.
Marta has played in the U.S. before, and she has played with several Pride players to boot.
To boot, they even allegedly discussed what weapons they would give hitmen to assassinate Estrada's political rivals.
Despite this, the league has grown into a thriving, worldwide brand, with record television revenue to boot.
If you want, you can fire up a PDF ebook without ever needing to boot into Windows.
We got a chance to boot this prototype, and it simply powers up to the Apple logo.
To boot, Flexciton's senior optimisation scientist, Dr. Giorgos Kopanos, has even published a book on the subject.
Yiannopoulos had to boot one prospective member of his "tour squad" for posting cocaine use on Snapchat.
Most of Ikea's frozen or shelf-stable products use organic ingredients and are responsibly sourced to boot.
Quite the opposite: the Portal is a family-focused minivan, and an unabashedly futuristic one to boot.
Urban air taxis, though, and electric ones to boot, would be a new venture for the company.
Becoming a parent through surrogacy imposes additional expenses on top of those required for IVF, to boot.
Not too often that you get your own chunk of the Pottervese with an animation to boot.
It could open up a new era of autonomous flight — and make ordinary landings safer, to boot.
I'm still trying to convince myself to boot up Persona 5, after 20 wonderful hours in 2017.
It looks pretty similar to the prototype, but with a slick (and great-smelling) interior to boot.
Systemd is an integral component of most Linux distributions, used to boot the system, among other things.
RLCS delivered incredible skill-based competition, for which every team deserves credit, and human drama to boot.
You need entire teams of engineers, reams of designers, visionaries and scientists and bureaucracy experts to boot.
Who needs a pristine public image when you're a literal supermodel, with a lively personality to boot?
Oh, and she's got an MBA in International Business Education and Research MBA from USC, to boot.
Similar policies have helped other countries get their debt under control, with significant economic benefits to boot.
The number of models with comparable range will certainly grow, and we'll see range improvements to boot.
Honestly this sounds like Christmas: warm, fuzzy, and comforting, with the faint whiff of cinammon to boot.
He made the extremely unusual executive decision to boot trainer Tommy Ryan sometime between rounds 223-266.
He's suing to put an end to the Johnny-come-lately game, and wants money to boot.
Windows machines running its CloudReady software will now be able to boot into either Chromium or Windows.
A God who signed it, hugged the man, and politely gave him back the Sharpie, to boot.
News breaks that Durant will indeed talk to the judiciary committee, and she's secured immunity to boot.
Some in Momentum want to reinstate "mandatory reselection", enabling local members to boot out sitting Labour MPs.
A Mashable's Choice Award-winning device on sale with bonus software *and* an extended warranty to boot?
He's a bully, schooled in abuse by his gravel-voiced mother (Sandy Martin), and dumb to boot.
Around that time we should be approaching today's high of 2135 – with plenty of sunshine to boot.
Their rival captured a majority of the independent vote, and more Democratic women backed Sanders to boot.
A crisp kicker in every phase of the stand up game, with decent counter punches to boot.
Plans to boot Alexander Hamilton off the $10 bill in favor of a woman have been shelved.
Plus, fresh proptech and insurtech news, and a couple pitch decks to boot at the very bottom.
And now, with this happening, and this, and this, it's time to boot up the hotline again.
It's got a boisterous melody to boot, with a persistent drum machine beat and upbeat synthesized flutes.
We are hip as hell, and have a prime minister who likes to cuddle pandas, to boot.
And, to boot, they've been blocking efforts to help coal communities adapt to this uncomfortable new reality.
The recurring character of Rockhopper created an avalanche of hype, and got pretty neat backstory to boot.
You could graduate top of your class from an elite university, with great work experience to boot.
With year-round sunshine and beautiful beaches to boot, it's easy to enjoy living in San Diego.
To boot, investors will only have three full trading days to digest a slew of economic data.
They're breathable to boot, and made from sustainable eucalyptus and eco-fiber spun from reclaimed PET bottles.
Each of the root phrases is common enough, and the new expressions created are clever to boot.
Professional organizers can help with projects large and small, and with the psychology of clutter, to boot.
To boot, it includes inclusive categories that are much more queer-friendly than your typical tube site.
The bottom speaker is bigger, louder and bassier (and stereo, to boot) than the original Home Hub.
These past few nights I've been sleeping like a baby, and feeling relaxed and happy to boot.
You could say that Medicare for All promises a lot, too, and would raise taxes to boot.
Warmth, comfort, packability, value; it manages to do it all and at a reasonable price, to boot.
But this DIY kit can introduce mom to an easy regimen with all-natural ingredients to boot.
To boot, it's not uncommon for Alzheimer's to be present as well as other forms of dementia.
He tells her that he's done all the work assigned and an extra credit project to boot.
To boot, GHB is often carried in small vials, meaning it's easy to hide on your person.
Ben Jones is a better center than Brian Schwenke has been — and a healthier one to boot.
It's much the same arguments they put forward in a motion to boot her from Meek's case.
Truth be told, this thing is a piece of history — and not an entirely positive history to boot.
The "This Is Fine" dog meme perfectly described 2016, and now it's getting a video game to boot.
Now, Grande is taking on the same role — and rocking what looks just like Hepburn's LBD, to boot.
AS AN inanimate newspaper—and a British one to boot—The Economist cannot vote in the American elections.
It's a simple and useful integration and, for that price, a pretty decent-looking wall clock to boot.
Many people, including CBS Films president Terry Press, called on the Academy to boot Weinstein from the institution.
I want movie studios to pay me for option rights and I want the screenwriting comp to boot.
Ramsay, the family's matriarch who connects everyone (and hosts one of literature's most iconic dinner parties, to boot).
The pop star dropped the album's first single, "Filthy," at midnight on Thursday, with a video to boot.
Four more titles would follow, along with two more Finals MVPs and two NBA MVP awards, to boot.
It's identical to last year and raining to boot, but the atmosphere still makes it worth the trip.
Instead, we're not only stuck with Lightning ports, but a terrible, legacy USB Type-A cable to boot.
Will Ferrell's still got it ... and he's got an honorary doctorate from his alma mater now to boot.
And it will always be all those things, and an incredibly entertaining and well-crafted documentary to boot.
In short: this movie looks like a wall to wall nostalgia-fest, that's stuffed with action to boot.
Until then, Labo VR is a fully engaging take on VR, and a uniquely Nintendo one, to boot.
The Cyprus bound flight from Manchester was forced to deplane in Athens to boot off four rowdy passengers.
You'll get most of the same features, on top of stress tracking, and solid battery life to boot.
In that image, Santa appears in the classic red and white suit with a big belly to boot.
But they are memorable, and compared with every other popular depiction of hackers, they are likable to boot.
The app has facts about everything from lube to periods and is colorful to look at to boot
To boot, this storyline is perhaps the least creepy of all the ones presented in the first episode.
Of course not, but he's gonna wear 'em anyway, and roll up in a Rolls Royce to boot.
Each one had a little bit of fantasy, a lot of imagination, and high-quality formulas to boot.
The kitchen pitch for the Triby is really good — and it's a darned cute-looking device to boot.
He also appears to boot Android by way of a custom Tendigi app on the iPhone's home screen.
" She added that he is "kind and funny and caring to boot and laughs at all my jokes.
And to boot, pies are circular, and pi helps you calculate the area of circles, blah blah blah.
That's right, the big WS is currently offering 20% off select KA products (with free shipping to boot).
To boot, a warming trend in Atlantic ocean waters also contributed to forcing storms north of this region.
He has a beautiful baritone to boot, seemingly destined to narrate the audiobook version of these impeachment hearings.
From Settings, click Apps and then the Remove icon next to any apps you want to boot out.
The Russian government's watchdog Roskomnadzor on Tuesday, instead, asked Apple to boot the app from its Russian store.
Blocking a fellow Republican — and a Hispanic, to boot — would've been a public relations nightmare for the GOP.
With more funding, development and entrepreneur interest to boot, the potential advances in modern medicine are seemingly limitless.
The straightforward, natural neo-soul of "Urn" mapped Childish Gambino's future, and in only 73 seconds to boot.
O'Connell added that many individuals working on staffing for Trump seem to be young and inexperienced to boot.
Especially if more states follow Iowa's example or if Congress manages to boot Planned Parenthood from Medicaid altogether.
And since they're now in their 20s and 30s, they have free time and disposable incomes to boot.
OK, just kidding, you can, and it shows off the versatility of the INSTRUMENT 1 beautifully, to boot.
A svelte two hundred and ten pounds and an active firefighter, Frye was in good shape to boot.
It wanted to walk into a fancy joint with a one piece suit and boxer shorts to boot.
She takes her task in stride with dark British wit and a tongue-in-cheek attitude to boot.
This time, it's a Republican — and a 9/19763 first-responder to boot — who joins the seven others.
But Ms. Velsey's fantasy of swanning from Pilates to trampoline to boot camp studio did not last long.
Now Pixel 4, with the 4A repeating the pattern (with a side of better battery life to boot).
Now Pixel 4, with the 4A repeating the pattern (with a side of better battery life to boot).
But with the high season around the corner, airlines are reinstating service and adding new flights to boot.
In response, the military layered on additional security clearances for recruits to pass before heading to boot camp.
Here's a nice thing from some companies this morning — and it's got a compelling back story, to boot.
Hacking up mucus is an unpleasant experience in and of itself — and it sounds pretty gnarly to boot.
It's arguably cheating to include Smith, who's been dead for over 40 years and was English to boot.
OneWeb has launched six of its 650 planned internet satellites and aims to boot up service in 2021.
One thorn in Major's side is Cutter (Peter Ferdinando), a corporate villain, and a dull one to boot.
She also alleges the guy once threatened to boot her from the car on a drive to Vegas.
It's not simply pantographic repetition; it's imitation, and imitation that can be used in new situations to boot.
Democrats see this as another vulnerability as they ramp up the campaign to "Boot Pruitt" out of office.
How do you climb out of the underclass as a person of color and a woman to boot?
But it appears she's traded in her shorter hair for (temporarily) longer ends and a warmer hue to boot.
Now it's making that Chromebook available to the public, with a shorter name to boot: the HP Chromebook x360.
Back then, it was possible to boot up and pick and choose what parts of the system came online.
To boot, the event recognizes television actors — these days, they're indistinguishable from film folk, and we're grateful for that.
Of course, that's a generalization—a lot of Lethwei matches descend into sloppy brawls with hair pulling to boot.
In terms of packaging alone, it reminds us of a Push Pop — with an orange-candy scent to boot.
Mercado goes to boot camp classes three days a week, and runs and walks three other days a week.
But, I'm convinced that the CLS justifies its high price with industry-leading technology and great styling to boot.
But he chose to do so, and to deliver a sharply worded speech condemning Israel's new government to boot.
I've tried just about everything on the Sephora shelves except for one thing: supplements (in cute bottles, to boot).
In fact, it almost looks like a blown-up version of a smartphone screen, with the technology to boot.
But, when it needs to boot up an app or a game, it can spin up the beefier processors.
Additionally, the company also announced it was trying to boot Grosfeld off the board at the annual shareholder meeting.
We met friendly humans there who played fetch with me and we got a great nights sleeps to boot.
This saves time on the back end — much less paperwork — and lets harvesters track progress more easily, to boot.
Once it's completed, you should be able to boot up Fortnite, log in into your account, and start playing.
Meanwhile, Democrats and environmental activists quickly grew alarmed and mounted an organized campaign to Boot Pruitt out of office.
To top it off, the whole process produces any number of nasty chemical byproducts and is radioactive to boot.
One stone Anne Hathaway tells the world she's pregnant and scoops the paparazzi with an Instagram photo to boot.
I know I thought, at various points, all three of the above, and lots of other things to boot.
Jeff Fribourg is a photographer and visual artist who just happens to be a damn fine musician to boot.
And a U.S. senator has just turned up the heat to boot the firm's software off all federal systems.
The 2-in-1 laptops offer a truly best of both worlds design with plenty of power to boot.
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Y Combinator's Sam Altman fielded calls to boot Trump-ally Peter Thiel from their boards.
I went with the more glamorous option at Shizuka New York Day Spa — with a dermatologist's blessing, to boot.
To boot, turtlenecks never go out of style, so it's hard to tell what year the movie takes place.
A bucket-list item for any celebrity checked off, with some capital-F Fashion and beautiful photography to boot?
Additionally, your body won't reject its own tissue and to boot, it feels and looks like normal breast tissue.
But the possibilities to improve our lives every day and also make profit to boot should be deeply enticing.
The pigtails and frumpy sweaters CeCe mocked in her final moments are back, along with wireframe glasses to boot.
Accordingly, the Lambo-ized infotainment system is easy to use and boasts a bass-y sound system to boot.
The numbers match and he looks excited enough to boot, but take this image with a grain of salt.
Boat House Waterfront Dining in Tiverton, Rhode Island, serves classic New England seafood with an ocean view to boot.
Having personally scouted destinations and led countless trips before us, they were experts — professional, friendly, and energetic to boot.
With unique flavors and doughnut holes to boot, Holey Rollers is clearly a favorite among Oklahoma's capital city residents.
Here's a little piece of art to help change that, and it doesn't look half bad to boot, either.
A rolling back of free trade might be expected to reverse all that, and hit growth hard to boot.
He allegedly threatened to boot her from the car, and she told him she'd call police if he did.
In recent years, there's been an uptick in premium credit cards with high annual fees and benefits to boot.
And with merchants in charge, it becomes a race to $0, with reduced quality and transaction safety to boot.
The wheels are always coming off the Trump bus, but he has multiple planes and a helicopter to boot.
Just last week, green groups including Sierra Club and NRDC launched a coordinated effort to "Boot Pruitt" from office.
Ohio senator Dean Austen is yet another "underwhelming, middle-aged white guy" — and he's an NRA supporter, to boot.
Alibaba has followed a similar trajectory, piggybacking on the massive growth of its home market of China, to boot.
Chances are good that you'll find more award space with one airline over another, or better pricing to boot.
"BEAR CRAWL" and "FROG MARCH" all came pretty quickly, plus they were both crossword-friendly nine letters to boot!
People were certainly in a celebratory mood too, as the crowd rapped his lyrics and released doves to boot.
In short, those who wrote in are right: It's a poor answer, and the clue is wrong to boot.
That means Trump's supposed quick fix to get a border wall is anything but, and extremely problematic to boot.
Those assumptions about electability reflect entrenched biases more than political science, and have a dash of arrogance to boot.
Second, there is no First Amendment violation when a private company chooses to boot anyone off a private platform.
Bernardo Silva scoots a dangerous ball through the box, but Torreira is there to boot it away for Uruguay.
Plus, stay tuned as we update this page with her latest outfits and all the shoppable pieces to boot.
Dru Hill's 'In My Bed' is the ultimate cheater song, with a pleather-laden, tacky narrative video to boot.
It's also called (or at least codenamed) "Cybertruck," with an appropriately science-fiction-style, vowel-dropped logo to boot.
Saudi Aramco, a sophisticated company (and the world's most profitable company, to boot) has redundancy built into its operations.
But it did it anyway, and the car the company produced is remarkably coherent and downright attractive to boot.
After applying the patch, users reported that their systems failed to boot or that they received a blue screen.
Luckily for us, the glosses of 2019 are smooth, silky, shiny, and packed with skin-care benefits to boot.
Still, they squeezed his car seat into the back -- and even managed to fit in a nanny to boot.
One more female candidate with a SWCC contract is set to report to boot camp in July, she said.
But by canceling the summit, Trump literally drove Moon straight into Kim's arms — for a triple hug, to boot.
The show paid mere lip service to the successes of women and nonwhite performers, and were boring to boot.
They remain among the world's most pleasant places to live and enjoy much cheaper electricity than Germany to boot.
The comic began in 2002 and ended with issue 150 in 2015, with a couple of spin-offs to boot.
But it's roughly a million times fairer than random ping pong ball drawings, and a lot more exciting to boot.
It and other tech giants like Apple and Amazon are also increasingly under pressure to boot the NRA's TV channel.
The work has potential, and much of it is expressively endearing to boot, but the overall effect feels conceptually aimless.
But this time around, the model swapped the slight red undertones with a pastel base and darker roots to boot.
This utility is what your (Mac OSX) system uses to boot—first firmware launches the kernel, which then launches launchd.
That's an awful lot of photo and music storage and features for free, with smart and intuitive apps to boot.
To boot, it is estimated that there are somewhere between 1.53 and 15 million more unknown unique eukaryotes on Earth.
Typical of many new tech companies, Myntra exudes high energy levels, according to one employee, and free meals to boot.
Jen now considers him responsible for Ted's death, and to boot, Steve doesn't leave when she tells him to leave.
Depending on where you live, the bar (which approaches the $10 mark) could have a substantial shipping cost, to boot.
She has done everything Colton asked, meant every word of it, and looked pageant-ready the entire time to boot.
Spaghetti Squash With Mushrooms & Parmesan Load up on the parmesan and maybe add in some sautéed sausage to boot. 2.
But now, he's working for Apple — and leading a new smart home initiative to boot, according to a CNBC report.
But Mr Trump has promised to protect that spending, to cut taxes, and to increase spending on infrastructure, to boot.
Prices on the website were low, to boot — effectively taking away two of the major advantages to Wal-Mart's business.
The man was a legend, and he'd tucked Christopher beneath his wing and there'd be lots of money to boot.
It's more dangerous and less tasty than the authentic stuff, and still leaves you with a real hangover to boot.
Some analysts reckon that could make them cost-competitive with their lithium equivalents, and safer and more scalable to boot.
Then, just this week, she got her septum pierced live on camera — with a hickey on her neck, to boot.
As you can see, she's rocking a blunt (no pun intended) lob with a buttery hue of blonde to boot.
To boot, a meeting between Trump and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein scheduled for Thursday was delayed until next week.
Another company called Quickcue was able to boot strap a service that let people make restaurant reservations via text message.
I suspect that TIs experience this control consciously, and rather literally to boot: Strangers are sending voices into their heads.
It effectively sidelines an intransigent White House, aligns more closely with overseas standards and offers some handy incentives to boot.
The use of the email server was a clear violation of State Department rules, and was plain stupid to boot.
To boot, the 70-year-old took issue with Melissa McCarthy's impression of Sean Spicer because...she is a woman.
It has abundance of sporting and cultural events, an incredible food scene, and a decent public transportation system to boot.
Last week, Gurley had an impressive 118 yards rushing and an additional 158 yards receiving, with two touchdowns to boot.
You have the most delicious satisfying po' boys, the most party-worthy frozen daiquiris, and world-class dining to boot.
Google unveiled a $399 phone, the CIA is making friends with anonymity, and we've got some kids tips to boot.
To boot, Perry left in the image of her iPhone battery, displaying her dying battery life for all to see.
Senator Ted Cruz has spent much of his tenure in Washington angering Democrats, Republicans, and the Trump team to boot.
The Colts failed to covert and Houston took advantage of the short field to boot a game-winning field goal.
It's the first time Google has unified all of its product lines under one roof, with one leader to boot.
The Bad Girls Club's Mehgan James and DeAndre Perry head to Boot Camp following her apparent dalliance with Rob Kardashian.
This, again, ensures that the certificate or key is validated before iOS even begins to boot up on the phone.
Kudos to Dunham for calling them out, while getting in a few jabs at the House healthcare bill to boot.
And Man Seeking Woman pulls it off while mixing in incisive genre parodies and a bonus IRA lesson, to boot.
Dennis Smith Jr. is an athletic marvel sorely lacking in conventional playmaking qualities, and with a suspect jumper to boot.
But the idea of adding a new crop to the world's agriculture, and a marine one to boot, is intriguing.■
By contrast, civil anti-paramilitary statues have a proven track record of disrupting extremist organizations, and are constitutional to boot.
Fear not, the story breaks down the technical concepts in an understandable way and has a riveting narrative to boot.
Yovanovitch told lawmakers that Trump pushed the State Department to boot her from her post, NBC News reported last month.
After identifying the software, the government could help develop tools to boot out the hackers and eradicate lingering security flaws.
To boot, the excellent graphic design that makes the game so pleasing to look at appears on the dust jacket.
It can be slow to respond and is always slow to boot, but at least it looks classy and elegant.
To boot, there is a reason O'Neill has kept their original suit in the running, and it's not entirely nostalgic.
The additional power usage cost Indiana power users $9 million a year and increased pollution, to boot, the researchers found.
The decision to boot Sanders from a restaurant has been supported in some quarters and harshly criticized in others. Rep.
He's the NBA's newest cult hero, as we detailed in December, and one of its most intimidating players to boot.
There really is a lot going on with insects: The've got loads of protein, fat, and some minerals to boot.
To boot, silver's moonlight-on-water gleam has been fully replicated, without the problem of tarnish, in cheaper stainless steel.
Not to brag, but I've had cystic acne for years — and recently developed my first case of eczema, to boot.
Only a few years ago, OpenStack was the hottest open-source project around, with a bustling startup ecosystem to boot.
To boot, earlier this week the Nets traded for Allen Crabbe, quietly one of the league's premiere spot-up shooters.
There's just one hitch: Venus' cosmic companion, Mars, is retrograde until June 29 — and in ultra-intense Scorpio to boot.
"We stumbled upon an old save file from 2007 and tried to boot it up—and it worked," said Ogilvie.
Patagonia Synchilla Snap (women's), $89 (originally $119)Patagonia Synchilla Snap (men's), $104 (originally $139)Warm, fuzzy, and festive to boot.
Both the Powerbeats Pro and AirPods Pro are capable of rich, crisp audio playback with plenty of bass to boot.
To boot, leather harnesses and gear are not cheap, and high price tags may leave newcomers reticent to get involved.
This ingenious short subject imagines all that, with amazing if corrugated realism, and delivers a funny punch line to boot.
Isn't there a danger that ads using her become a broken record and maybe come across as sexist to boot?
They use top-of-the-line natural ingredients, forgo colorants and heavy scents, and are easy to use to boot.
She exudes relatability and body positivity, as well as having some really catchy songs to boot and incredible flautist abilities.
But the habit increases the stress on your muscles and joints, and throws your hips out of alignment to boot.
He oversees a private equity firm with $85 billion in assets under management and has an NBA team to boot.
"The House Book (1974 edition)," Terence Conran The bible for home interior design and a little soft porn to boot.
To boot, there have also been plenty of totems — platinum hair, a golden plátano and a Mensch on a Bench.
The other is a respected investment manager who's a regular presence on business television (and a competitive bodybuilder to boot).
It even brought James Cameron onstage to boot, and the director confidently stated that we humans will merge with technology.
We like: The afternoon tea is a delight, with its little sandwiches and tiered sweets presentation, plus, bubbly to boot.
With five Olympic medals to boot and more to come at Tokyo 2020, Biles has become the face of gymnastics.
You can't see it all, and alongside the fairs are gallery openings, new public art installations and parties, to boot.
This is why when Voxility decided to boot Epik, the impact of that trickled down to sites such as 8chan.
And it's aimed at just the sector that has so far avoided paying U.S. taxes on foreign earnings to boot.
Seems like he's going down the ignorance-is-bliss road and sticking to it, all without witness protection to boot.
The Idaho Republican said he thinks some GOP constituents will be angry and could try to boot them from office.
Thus far, Hillary Clinton has 40 times as much money as Trump and a much more expansive operation, to boot.
But there were also a number of happy gorilla memes, and a few victories for Fair Use law to boot.
You will then need to set the USB to be the first thing to boot — here is a quick example.
There were some kids playing football just outside and I told them to boot a ball at the security guard.
Want to attract (and retain) top talent, making your company's workforce more competitive and cutting down on turnover costs to boot?
When you win, you'll get to be the proud owner of Apple's latest iPhone and a pair of AirPods to boot.
I was living in one of the most reputationally liberal places in the United States, with affirming work environments to boot.
It's a film that has the audacity to feature a black male protagonist, T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman), who's a king to boot.
So they designed a comprehensive alphabet, with characters and numbers to boot, inspired by Snellen's original 5 x 5 grid design.
All three hailed the result of the Andalusia election and said they wanted to boot the Socialists out of the region.
As a person of questionable racial heritage, and a woman to boot, she has no expectation of privacy or personal boundaries.
It's easy to see why: Who wouldn't want to boot an accused serial sexual predator and known bully from their organization?
Windows 53 Cloud or Windows 10 S will need to boot fast and easily support multiple users with little management required.
Some might want to wait a year for the next really big thing — and maybe a better audio solution to boot.
Scientists at the University of Maryland are working on "invisible" wood that'll be stronger than steel and biodegradable to boot. Genius!
The population is shrinking by 1,000 people a day and ageing to boot: one in every five people is over 70.
All images: Alex Cranz/GizmodoV-Moda is known for making practically indestructible headphones that sound great and look nice to boot.
It will take a few minutes to boot up, and then you'll be met with a configuration screen for your controller.
It's a good idea to boot out any connected apps that you're not regularly using as well to reduce your exposure.
It's no wonder, then, that it's held around one of the darkest times of year, during a new moon to boot.
The number one best seller on Amazon has more than 3,700 rave reviews and an impressive 4.7-star rating to boot.
Tim Ryan of Ohio insisted that the Democratic Party would have to lean on the working class to boot out McConnell.
I love that this meal crushes my takeout cravings at a fraction of the cost, and with more veggies to boot.
Artificial intelligence is about to take our jobs, we're constantly told; it's going to destroy the economy and humanity to boot.
To boot, it's looking like Disney is probably going to bundle its Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu services at a bargain price.
He was a damn funny actor to boot, never better than in the scene with Albert Brooks in Lost in America.
But the brush handle is where it shines: Instead of a regular green stem, these will have metallic finishes to boot.
To boot, Mahal seems like a genuinely nice guy who recognizes just how wild a ride the past year has been.
If they're real, the Oculus Go could be in stores before we know it, with a ton of content to boot
Both political parties are likely to recruit candidates who have existing fundraising networks and abilities, with personal wealth often to boot.
Another grenade is launched when the vintage forum members come up with a plan to boot Nasty Gal off of eBay.
After you finish this bundle, you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of the language, with a loaded portfolio to boot.
It's no secret that Amazon wants to be in every room of the house — and on the front door to boot.
But Sanders supporters are seeking to boot her from office in the Florida primary, which will be held in late August.
A high-yield savings account dedicated to travel — that's earning interest, to boot — can be there when you need it. 4.
Dar NejjarineA perfectly suitable evening or late-night spot, this colorful rooftop hideaway has delicious food and belly dancers to boot.
The Russian government's watchdog, Roskomnadzor, on Tuesday, instead, asked Apple to boot the app from its Russian store, according to Wccftech.
Yovanovitch also told lawmakers that the president pushed the State Department to boot her from her post, NBC reported last month.
But Americans, as Pillar shows, are stunningly ignorant of others' histories, cultures, languages, grievances and anxieties — and self-righteous to boot.
They believe the California Democrat is the best possible motivator for their base voters and turns off independents to boot. 40.
I hope you'll save the recipes you like to your recipe box, and share them with family and friends to boot.
Buying it during Eight Sleep's early Black Friday sale means free shipping, $200 off, and a free Gravity blanket to boot.
Not our idea of a good time, but a US athlete did it, in 54 days, and made history, to boot.
To boot, a Magic Leap spokesperson told Business Insider that these glasses are indeed not the company's Magic Leap One glasses.
As with Joey's ceramic speakers, these are conversation pieces, objets d'art that happen to work pretty well as gadgets to boot.
Here are the platforms that have banned Infowars so far The decision to boot Jones is their prerogative as private companies.
My current Z5 Compact and the Z3 Compact I had before it were both excellent, premium phones, and waterproof to boot.
To boot, the widened display of the S7 edge minimizes any headset light leakage from the curved display to imperceptible quantities.
This week, we explore some Nintendo copyright concerns and some Epic Store updates, along with a nice game recommendation to boot.
If you're constantlycomplaining, you're not only bringing everyone else down, you're being unproductive and making everyone else more unproductive to boot.
I realize that for many Americans, these issues seem as remote as if they unfolded on Mars — and hopeless to boot.
To boot, we get a look at some of the crazy and fun stuff you can find in Shenzhen's electronics markets.
In 1980, she became the country's (and the world's) first directly elected female president — and was a single mother to boot.
My mother, Cindy, always says that the man who went to boot camp was not the same one who came back.
So you could still be eating like this without getting the same stress-relieving benefits, and eating less healthily to boot.
This worked well when I tried it with "Alto's Odyssey," which otherwise takes about 30 seconds to boot into a game.
Telling someone with anxiety or depression to "just cheer up" completely misses the mark — and is rude and hurtful to boot.
YouTube recently updated its terms to give it more power to boot accounts that could be causing harm off the platform.
During his sophomore season, Barkley rushed for 18 touchdowns nearly 1,500 yards and tacked on another four receiving touchdowns to boot.
She's sitting out 1984 to concentrate her attention on something else (and, to boot, another Ryan Murphy show), Ratched on Netflix.
You can swap out camera modules, adjust the screen to face the direction you want, and take it underwater to boot.
With 6.6 rebounds per game to boot as a guard, it's no wonder she's on the shortlist for the Naismith Trophy.
That is more than ten times the market capitalisation of IWG, a rival with bigger sales—and a profit to boot.
She surprised people with this outfit choice and paired it with a matching jacket featuring a white, mink collar to boot.
AMD GPU owners could just buy an RTX 2080Ti with the money they'd save and get a better TV to boot.
So we will continue to see more customizable and responsive products, and their prices will likely drop with time to boot.
And to be sure, it is satisfying to think of a sexual abuser publicly defenestrated — and leaving empty-handed to boot.
But boy, it's also going to take a hell of a lot of time, and a lot of patience to boot.
The rollout, scheduled for this May and June, is set to take place before the first riflewoman heads to boot camp.
So the implication here is that Clinton jeopardized national security (and to the Russians, to boot!) to enrich her personal foundation.
Solis — a former Congress member to boot — resigned a Cabinet position because she wanted to take a job in county government.
To boot, WWE likes their babyfaces to sit in rest holds before hulking up, a style which doesn't really suit Nakamura.
Back in January, we learned the title of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, and got a spiffy, retro-looking poster to boot.
Her books are a careful examination of how to achieve and consolidate political power, and they're perfectly structured heist novels to boot.
Democratic leaders worry that trying to boot the president from office could alienate voters or undercut special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.
"The Marine Corps will continue to send women to Parris Island," Pena told the San Diego Union-Tribune, referring to boot camp.
As Motherboard reports, Amazon has also taken this opportunity to boot any Apple reseller off the platform who isn't authorized by Apple.
Here's some good news for United Airlines: The carrier probably won't be forced to boot passengers from sold-out flights anytime soon.
It would seem the little vacay's got them in a good mood -- good enough to carry off their own luggage to boot.
That's 220 full-resolution JPEGs (with a RAW copy saved, to boot), or just over three seconds' worth of 212 fps shooting.
The bot operators "knew that Twitter had [automated] mechanisms in place to boot some bots" based on the types links they posted.
To boot, carriers have essentially abandoned the old practice of subsidizing the cost of new smartphones, pushing that entire expense onto customers.
Among software developers, for example, the unemployment rate is as low as 0003 percent (with high salaries and job growth to boot).
These reimagined songs, including the stellar single "Die Young," feature horns, extra vocals, piano, and more — and there are videos to boot.
No, instead Holliday posted a close-up of her bare skin, revealing a smattering of pimples — with a badass message to boot.
With a few simple recipes, you'll be able to use up every last drop, and save yourself some dirty dishes to boot.
But what about malware that's hidden outside of your hard drive, in the very code that tells your computer how to boot?
Your BIOS or UEFI are the links between your hardware and your software, and that firmware tells your computer how to boot.
Furthermore, posing for photos at the fast food chain is apparently a time-honored tradition for many high school seniors, to boot.
While it was short on blockbusters, it raised eyebrows with the first invite for Netflix and some small-screen fare to boot.
But that's just what the cure the oh-so-serious craftsman video genre needed, and the handle is surprisingly beautiful to boot.
New Balance will also be hosting its own Black Friday Sale with 20 percent off all items and free shipping to boot.
To boot, we don't know how much is for each, because the deals between the PROs and the streaming services are private.
The only problem was that Camus was better looking, a matinée idol on the Left Bank and a Resistance hero to boot.
Evidence that Trump sexually assaulted women—and paid off others in ways that broke the law—should be enough to boot him.
It's not an exceptional bit of software, but it certainly does the trick — and with a lot of bright colors, to boot.
Even so, last year's effort to repeal the whole thing foundered in the Senate and was unpopular with the public to boot.
She's losing a fortune, but so will Bette, and that's comfort enough—not to mention that she's ruining Aldrich's career to boot.
Pigmented, non-drying and creamy to boot, I have a feeling this will become a personal favourite of mine in no time.
Along with the articles, Caballero and nearly 250 other present and former students and staff signed a petition to boot the Mooch.
But hey, it was probably worth it for the child to have the memory — and now he has the Vine to boot.
It takes several seconds to boot up, and apps stuttered or froze up entirely on it more than once during my testing.
Claiming loss and shame to boot The plaintiff filed the present suit But the law provideth no relief From such unmitigated grief.
Well, this dog has more willpower than the rest of us — and is great at balancing treats on its nose to boot.
And because Clinton is also proposing doubling the credit for young kids, the full credit will be twice as valuable to boot.
Dozens of security heavies with earpieces lurked discreetly in the bushes, ready to boot any foolhardy crashers willing to try their luck.
To boot, Williams said Wednesday, it often takes 12 months for inflation to pick up after the economy shifts to higher gear.
The tech giant boasts a new state-of-the-art headquarters and extensive training programs, and a profit-sharing plan, to boot.
Of course, the number of those even getting to boot camp has dried up in the wake of the stricter background checks.
Now, the backbench is rising up—with enough votes to boot Pelosi from power, but not enough to elevate a new leader.
How to boot from USB using your Windows computer's startup systemRelated coverage fromHow To Do Everything: Tech:'How much is Windows 10?
Malik taught six (mostly) equipment-free moves that can help chisel your stomach and improve your overall strength and agility to boot.
Samsung Chromebook Pro: Samsung's flagship Chromebook has an excellent 2,400 x 13,600-pixel touchscreen display, and comes with a stylus to boot.
Collin Green reportedly has authorization from the Navy to hand Gallagher a formal letter notifying him of the plan to boot him.
We got precisely the opposite: even less affordable insurance due to double-digit increases in premium costs and higher deductibles to boot.
To deal with the opposite end of disastrous date spectrum, First reserves the right to boot users who stand up their matches.
Now three House Republicans have called for Pruitt's resignation, and environmental groups have launched a campaign to Boot Pruitt out of office.
Ed Balls sure can dance—why not make him re-record "Gangnam Style" for real, with a brand new video to boot?
The LA-based startup's handmade leather goods are an exercise in thoughtful and functional design, and they just look great to boot.
Coaches claim to care about players' welfare, but they discard them when they're not useful, and limit their transfer options, to boot.
There's dinner tonight to prepare, and cookouts and barbecues to run on both weekend days and on Monday's federal holiday to boot.
I'm seeing a spotless, perfectly pressed white one, along with a plush silk necktie and, metaphorically speaking, a pocket kerchief to boot.
It's a controversial point of view in our thigh-centric world, but it's powerful nonetheless and, in Dawn's hands, delicious to boot.
We've spent hundreds of billions of dollars constructing and maintaining an unsustainable roadway network, and traffic has only gotten worse to boot.
That new storyline, according to the women's lead lawyer, Jeffrey Kessler of Winston & Strawn, is pure desperation – and legally untenable, to boot.
But a quick online search revealed that, sure enough, Kin Khao had been listed on Grubhub, with the wrong menu to boot.
Regardless, SiteMinder is now the inaugural member of the AU$100 million ARR club, and is a local-currency unicorn to boot.
There were tens of millions fewer people in the United States for former President Reagan's inauguration, and fewer television stations to boot.
Its vast, pop-culture domain also encompasses the Star Wars empire and the Marvel universe (and Pixar and National Geographic, to boot).
This is one of the half-baked ideas, and unconstitutional to boot (Congress has no authority to regulate local civil justice rules).
Out of all of the candidates on the stage, he alone seemed miserable to be there -- and lacking in charisma to boot.
Putting guns in the hands of teachers is a concept that's widely opposed by educators like Herrera, and very costly to boot.
Who stays here: Those who value a superb culinary program alongside a classic and elegant hotel stay, with competitive prices to boot.
From the mind of J.K. Rowling there's a new wizard named Newt,Plus a Star Wars 22017 featuring Darth Vader to boot.
In Trump's retelling, he roared to the rescue, saving a seat for Republicans and shoving it in the media's face to boot.
"When I was 19 years old and going to boot camp, I never dreamed I had any future in politics," Golden said.
Along with his sporty attire and devil-may-care attitude, the camera-loving youth had a razor-sharp signature move to boot.
And finally he agreed to carry out Nixon's instruction to fire Cox, and abolished the office of the special prosecutor to boot.
To boot, it also uses the bigger Instax Square film, which is slightly smaller than a Polaroid photo but has the same dimensions.
To do this, you need to restart your computer and opt to boot from the Linux device rather than your main hard drive.
Jupiter will be directly opposite from the sun, which will make it visible for most of the night and particularly bright to boot.
Oh, and it's available for preorder for $697 (that price and these details via Anandtech), making it a decent deal to boot. Interested?
Computers equipped with AMD processors — apparently, it's older ones like Athlon and Semperon — are no longer able to boot after installing the update.
Unlike Hadid's past high fashion beauty looks, this one delivers a futuristic metal vibe — with a hit of middle school memory to boot.
Best part: They extend the life of your look, help retain moisture, and fight split ends — all while looking damn cute, to boot.
Delta House is put on double-secret probation by Dean Vernon Wormer (John Vernon), who wants to boot this misfit fraternity off campus.
Two Ones paired in stereo are even better and give a single Play:5 solid competition (at a lower total price, to boot).
The Bachelor gave us its most-hated suitor in history, Arie Luyendyk Jr. And, to boot, they aired his upsetting breakup with Becca.
Since HBO's Game of Thrones premiered in 2011, its epic title theme song has done exactly that, while giving fans chills to boot.
It's similar to Boot Camp on a Mac — it gives you the best of both worlds, just for a very specific use case.
If you do, you get a 5-inch x 7-inch print from Saga creators Vaughan and Staples themselves for free, to boot.
The candidate pool is still largely comprised of super PAC-powered establishment figures, some of whom have a dynastic leg-up, to boot.
You may not make a ton of money, but you'll get rid of the clutter — and make a few extra bucks, to boot.
It works well, does everything that you expect a laptop to do without any weird compromises or gotchas, and looks nice to boot.
But when Trump shocked (most of) the world and became the Republican nominee for president, the calls to boot him from Twitter started.
And, since it's the second full moon of the month, some consider this Wednesday's full moon to be a blue moon to boot.
The 12-year-old has acting chops — and she's a good rapper, to boot — but it's her transformation that has us screaming #hairgoals.
The Predators have been prone to slow starts to boot, getting outshot 23-21 in the first period over the last four games.
The Hollywood duo have starred in more blockbusters than we care to count, have hilarious senses of humor, and are ambitious to boot.
We aren't scientists, but we're pretty damn sure that this is straight up the physical embodiment of comfort—with a kick, to boot.
This woman not only demonstrated that she was in closer communication with God than Patrick, but that his sermon was boring to boot.
This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who wants a little Alexa in their life, and a solid streaming stick to boot.
For the past decade, concerned Chinese parents have been sending their internet-addicted teenagers to "boot camps" that claim to offer a cure.
The brand's new flagship will house all your favorite picks, from the newest to the most-loved, with in-store exclusives to boot.
A galaxy of expectation is expanding around him—you don't get the attention of Drake without a few million more eyes to boot.
This just may be the year that Glossier launches more products than ever before — and in the most creative ways to boot. Why?
After more than 800 days in foster care, a 3-year-old found his "forever family" -- and became an Internet sensation to boot.
To boot, the men on the show tend to be muscle-bound meatheads — wrestlers, football players, luxury real estate agents and the like.
For the rest of us, just witness the inherent beauty of Windows 7 taking three hours to boot on a tiny little smartwatch.
And with Hannibal's Bryan Fuller as a co-creator, you can bet American Gods will have some unforgettable, inevitably disorienting visuals to boot.
Instead, you can play games often for free, sometimes without downloads, and you might meet someone interesting or win a prize to boot.
TMZ broke the story ... Katherine has filed a legal doc claiming Trent has committed elder abuse against her and fleeced her to boot.
There is also a war in Yemen that Saudi blames in part on Iran, and Shia restiveness in Saudi and Bahrain to boot.
My BBF is the epitome of bland masculinity in a peacoat, with a Creative Writing major and a penchant for objectification to boot.
The latter allows up to six household members to piggyback on the subscription, and each person gets one terabyte of storage, to boot.
As usual, Europe is putting regulation above innovation, and being protectionist to boot, since most platforms are either American or Asian (see chart).
The last time we saw the Despicable Me 3 actor, he had only a salt-and-pepper beard and matching hair to boot.
In short, none of them make good on any of these, and, if they do, it's only selectively so and temporary, to boot.
The biggest takeaway: Hawn's hair color is 100% natural, and admits she's a glorified "perfume addict" with a signature jasmine scent to boot.
As you can see in EverythingApplePro's annual speed test comparison, older iPhones running iOS 83 take longer to boot up and launch apps.
Hadi's a well-known liar, and a drunk to boot, but as Mahmoud discovers, this time the junk man was telling the truth.
There are lots of great rewards credit cards on the market right now, with generous sign-up bonuses and travel perks to boot.
The navigation system is slow to boot and the blind-spot system kept telling me cars two counties away were an immediate threat.
Cats is, famously, a musical almost entirely made up of dance — and some of the most difficult dancing in musical theater, to boot.
To pack out a baseball stadium like that, you need a top tier fight card to boot and the UFC produced just that.
Not only do the 21 patterns ahead make for some solid conversation starters, but they're artful, versatile, and #OOTD-photo-worthy, to boot.
ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) - A compelling cast of players, two attacking teams propelled by great pace and a clash between neighbors to boot.
Look, I'm all for regulation, but regulation on the basis of speech is bound to be a disaster — and probably unconstitutional to boot.
But Edwards was inspired to match Guy's sharpshooting with a 270-point hat trick of his own — on three straight trips, to boot.
Phone calls are not the lucrative part of the current array of services the telecom companies offer and are dirt cheap to boot.
But piping pastry swans so you can serve them on a mirror, as if in a nightclub, and on a weeknight to boot?
And we want to keep doing this: Helping you to discover great things to cook, and maybe helping you cook them to boot.
Of course one of Mr. del Toro's Oscar competitors, Christopher Nolan, is also viewed as an auteur, and is an Englishman to boot.
It's a potential rematch of last season's national title game (in the same Atlanta stadium to boot), featuring the current top-two teams.
To boot, in A Short Hike you're not just some measly human exploring the outdoors and all the quirky characters contained within it.
It had been a long enough time since the transplant that he now had a full head of hair and beard to boot.
You're going to need to prune those yellowed and dried leaves, and Carter recommends that you wipe your leaves down regularly to boot.
On Tuesday, members of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition voted to boot Van Drew out of the group, leaders of the group said.
Morales and her fellow medical students found themselves in white coats that doubled as suits of armor, and with a megaphone to boot.
The Citi Simplicity® Card offers the lengthiest introductory APR offer for balance transfers available today, and with no annual fee to boot.
Trump has vowed to respond forcefully to any retaliation from Iran, while threatening sanctions against Iraq should it move to boot American troops.
Still, the possibility of a future U.S. move to boot Chinese companies out of U.S. markets remains a topic of concern for investors.
Vungle, the leading performance marketing platform for in-app video ads, offers a great company culture with plenty of cute pooches to boot.
David Letterman says it's time to stop "whining" about President Trump and instead "figure out a way" to boot him out of office.
And he should know — the clinical psychologist has a doctorate in psychology and is a New York Times best-selling author to boot.
Rep. Steve Scalise delivers a passionate, 5-minute speech defending Trump and accusing Democrats of pursuing impeachment to boot him out of office.
London's regulators had reportedly received pressure to boot Uber by black-cab driver groups, former Uber drivers and politicians, according to Business Insider.
It's been a long time coming for Wales—a country which has produced a number of good fighters with fantastic nicknames to boot.
Bershka is the product of Zara's parent brand, Inditex, and is geared toward a younger audience, with a slightly cheaper price point to boot.
Or J, an older Scottish man, handsome online with his mouth shut, interesting and smart to boot, but with a snaggletooth right in front.
"I find pumping a little dehumanizing to begin with, and to boot when you have to do it in a public restroom," she says.
But it takes damn hard training and effort to do these moves as perfectly as Cher and Tina do—and in heels to boot.
It captures the distinctive sounds of both animals' names — the nar- of narwhal and the -luga of beluga — and sounds pretty mellifluous, to boot.
The owners are from Mexico, and enjoy sharing authentic recipes with their clientele — and the restaurant offers a trendy, creative cocktail list to boot.
Digging in his heels Senegalese troops have entered Gambia to boot longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh who refuses to step down despite losing the election.
You can get healthcare that's even better quality than what you're used to and for one half to one third the price to boot.
There are so many reasons Democrats claim they should be able to boot Trump that it is hard for them to focus on one.
On the surface, Lego Movie 2 is smaller and less ambitious than the series' kickoff film, and it's less frantic and funny to boot.
Democrats have tried to return fire, painting the Republicans as wild-eyed fanatics, obsessed with gays, God and guns, and probable racists to boot.
I'd take a couple minutes to boot up, go back to the mission to try it again, and then the game would crash again.
The kitchen boasts 2 built-in smokeless hibachi grills and high end appliances, there's a chimney and fireplace ... and a huge yard to boot.
We've already seen the phone from virtually every angle and got a sneak peek of a prematurely launched carrier page last week, to boot.
It's static- and stain-resistant to boot, and will also fit on oversized mattresses, unlike other sheets (a more common issue than you'd think).
But at least someone still remembers what was really important about him: he was super anal-retentive and kinda prim about it to boot.
In May the party pulled off a rare feat, winning a second consecutive term in a state where voters tend to boot out incumbents.
So if you try to watch but a friend is already logged on, you'll have to boot them off, cutting into your bingeing time.
Walker permitted five runs and as many hits - with two homers to boot - in five innings of a 224-24 setback at Chase Field.
Their doctor discovers they have bigger health issues, triggering a series of costly followup appointments, possibly with specialists, plus a treatment regimen to boot.
He says people may be engaging in brokering while thinking they're doing the right thing: helping people get sober and getting paid to boot.
All that waste matter is being wasted in turn, according to UCLA graduate student David Wernick, pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to boot.
A Trump-branded luxury hotel in Panama voted to boot Trump Hotels as the property manager, but the president's company is fighting the move.
The streaming service has just the documentary to get you caught up on the Russian doping scandal, and it has intriguing twists to boot.
Parties keep presenting one person to voters as their prime-ministerial candidate, only to boot him or her out after a year or two.
To boot, many macerated-absinthe drinkers are seduced by its pyrotechnics: Lit with a match, the bitter alcohol becomes sweeter when its sugars caramelize.
And they've just tied a huge record with the Beatles to boot, in case there are any lingering doubts about the boy band's impact.
We've learned at least a few lessons from our decades of upheaval, and taught a few to the suited suits back East, to boot.
Not only was I competing with soft-rock music blaring in the background, but it sounded like she was battling a cold, to boot.
The company worked with the German Aerospace Centre and other researchers to create a bread sans crumbs—and one that tastes good to boot.
He not only loathes the memory of Susan's husband but most men to boot, finding them boastful, oafish and predatory, both beastly and comical.
Even crazier was that it took longer to boot the game up with the eGPU compared to without: about 23 seconds versus 255 seconds.
It's cool to see Brand bring some attention to the beloved pastime, and probably give the Travelling Man a boost in sales to boot.
Is this a Destiny-type situation where he slaughters people in the Crucible and holds a world-record time for raid completion to boot?
There I was, flitting between some absolutely hilarious John Oliver clips—the man is a total hoot, and he knows his politics to boot!
You've had that corner table booked for weeks, purchased a killer gift for your date, and picked out an on-point outfit to boot.
It's a solid sequel — sweet and funny, with lots of crowdpleasing moments featuring your favorite characters, and another heartwarming real-world message to boot.
For a debut issuer walking the border of junk - and one with significant leverage levels to boot - the result was nothing short of extraordinary.
Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia was the men's winner, and Kenya's Helah Kiprop won the women's race while setting a new course record, to boot.
But I didn't have time to argue, because I suddenly got a ride request for a 56-minute trip, with surge pricing to boot.
So by double-dipping on this credit card, we've now earned a total of three sign-up bonuses and a Companion Pass to boot!
Some of the top nutritionists eat these 15 foods every day, and a lot of them (ahem, coffee and chocolate) are tasty to boot.
It all harkens to the time when you had to boot up the modem while screaming at your parents to get off the phone.
But a new method from Swiss researchers provides an incredibly detailed look at details on the level of nanometers — and in 3D, to boot.
His 4.22 40-yard dash time was enough to beat out Chris Johnson's record of 4.24—with a little bit of padding to boot.
Currently, the state begins the process to boot eligible voters from its system if they failed to participate in an election after two years.
After learning the mask strapped to his face was to help him not die in his sleep, I was relieved... and embarrassed, to boot.
Tony is a very minor character — in a flashback within a flashback, to boot — in Mr. Murfi's one-man, one-chair, 80-minute production.
The level of difficulty in holding so much together in a coherent narrative is tremendous, and he managed it with elegant prose to boot.
Readers will be neither surprised nor displeased by this epiphany, since Kailash has managed to do so all along, with considerable wit to boot.
Al's already had a run-in with an ambitious Lady Macbeth-type; why not a full-on supernatural experience in the forest, to boot?
Indeed, Airbnb's main growth plans hinge on offering users not just a bed but an experience, "designed and led by inspiring locals" to boot.
And now that her decision is public, Caelynn took to Instagram to explain why she chose Dean — with some mustache humor to boot (obviously).
And when their preferences collide, as with Medicaid, we might expect governors to press that advantage, and get points for bashing Washington to boot.
Hogan Gidley, a White House spokesman, on Monday said the Trump administration was looking to boot employees who are not furthering the president's agenda.
Importantly, that vote happened on sectarian lines, with Shia lawmakers choosing to boot America out while Sunni and Kurdish leaders opted not to participate.
Golden State's system allowed him to thrive as both a devastatingly efficient isolation scorer, floor-spreader, playmaker, and a fearsome rim-protector, to boot.
To boot, you'd expect Lamb to win about a third of the time given how other special elections have gone during the Trump presidency.
Work of artThe sale of that "Girl With Balloon" prank painting from Banksy has been confirmed -- and it's got a new name to boot.
Death may have him, and he must suffer the indignity of being killed off in an aside in the novel's penultimate sentence to boot.
I imagine this week I'll be cooking tacos de carnitas at some point as well, and Mark Bittman's recipe for eggplant Parm to boot.
Very much in a similar mode to something like Music for Films by Eno, and including collaborations with Fripp and Peter Gordon to boot.
Beck's feud with Norquist dates to at least 2013, and he has advocated since then to boot the anti-tax advocate from the NRA's board.
Not only did she share photos of the (predictably massive) engagement ring, but there's a proposal video soundtracked by John Legend's "You & I" to boot.
La La Land has a terrific Metacritic score of 93, with great reviews in all the major New York and Los Angeles publications to boot.
Rare air The second-tallest building on Earth will get a first-class art space near the top that'll play its own symphony to boot.
One of the commits made mention of a "picker screen" that would allow users to select which operating system they would like to boot from.
To boot, only the left USB-C port on the MateBook 13 can charge the laptop, and only the right USB-C port supports display.
On Tuesday, Maryland launched a legal assault on Whitaker, asking a federal judge to boot the acting AG out of the job on constitutional grounds.
For these reasons and more, over 4,000 Amazon customers have given the headphones their seal of approval and an impressive 4.1-star rating to boot.
A month ago, Trump's self-inflicted wounds appeared set to help Clinton become commander-in-chief and hand her a chamber of Congress to boot.
She is well aware that she is not only one of our greatest living entertainers, but a meme queen and a GIF goddess to boot.
No longer downloadable and with the larger game canceled to boot, only those who already had PT on their system could continue to play it.
They are sure – completely positive – that the special counsel will produce a smoking gun they can use to boot President Trump from the Oval Office.
She's an actress growing up in Hollywood to boot, making it all the more impressive that she's both incredibly informed and still down to chill.
So he made her extra happy by celebrating their five-year anniversary a few months early — and doing it with some giant diamonds to boot.
And even to the lesser hotels that offer little in the way of luxury but reliably provide free internet—and a Bible to boot too.
"THE BIG SHORT" (2015) managed to make entertaining drama out of the 2007-08 financial crisis, and win a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar to boot.
Meanwhile, EPA employees protested outside the agency's headquarters on Wednesday, decrying budget cuts alongside activists and lawmakers who want to "Boot Pruitt" out of office. .
To boot, the only Americans who saw their incomes rise between 2006 and 2014 were those at or near the top of the income scale.
Asus even crammed in more powerful vibration motors to give you a little extra rumble while gaming and an in-screen fingerprint sensor to boot.
Give Wine's Be Mine package is, like, the adult version of chocolates in a heart-shaped box – with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to boot.
Vince Block Heel Booties, $269.98 With a thick heel, these are basically guaranteed to be the go-to boot of any shoe lover this season.
The couple's romantic doggy date video barely topped the cute raccoon who "Woke Up Like Dis" to take home 1st prize and $3,000 to boot.
Actress Emma Watson has proven herself to be a dynamic leader in her championship of gender equality, and has some badass boxing skills to boot.
"In a one-hour class, it sometimes took the Windows machines 10, 15 minutes just to boot up," says David Yang, the school's IT manager.
A garland of greenery laid down the middle of your dining or buffet table is a natural and pretty centerpiece that smells good to boot.
And, to boot, Brazil's highly competitive democracy, more than most developing nations, seemed consistently to allow for accommodation and compromise among rival parties and ideologies.
Check out the products mentioned in this article:Windows 10 Home (From $129.99 on Amazon)How to boot into Safe Mode on Windows 10 from Settings
They can additionally choose to boot members from multiple groups they manage with a single click, if those members can't abide by the group rules.
The freewheeling gamer's dreams have come true: Nintendo Switch devices are open for homebrew business, all thanks to an un-patchable hardware flaw, to boot.
Highly effective against indoor air pollution and reasonably attractive to boot, the Coway Airmega 200M knows when your air is in serious need of cleaning.
All in all, while Albemarle has more lithium exposure, FMC's stock is cheaper and the company has a strong agricultural business to boot, he said.
Among college professors, I am often the smartest person in the room; in the bureaucracy, I was often the dumbest, and the laziest to boot.
Spotify became the first major company to boot Jones last week and was followed by Apple over Jones's podcasts on Sunday and Facebook on Monday.
According to NASA, nearing low temperatures could pose new threats to Opportunity's systems and batteries if the rover isn't able to boot up before then.
He has credibility with the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, which Hillary Clinton must win over, and is from a swing state to boot.
Despite how much I love them, or at least loved them, I don't think I can ever bring myself to boot them back up again.
This program could help create a funnel to identify and follow some of the more interesting projects (and get them using Microsoft services to boot).
It is an imperfect but extremely useful tool for halting Iran's efforts to build a nuclear weapon, and it is verifiable and enforceable to boot.
The Detroit Lions have to be frustrated after losing to their divisional rivals on two phantom penalties and a few more blown calls to boot.
And don't forget about Le Veau d'Or, one of the last reminders of New York's old-school French scene, and the least stuffy to boot.
It's comfortable under just about any load, has lots of external pockets and attachment points for your extra gear, and it looks good to boot.
He also throws in a healthy dose of another of his artistic trademarks -- pugnacious hatred of women, plus some outdated pop culture references to boot.
If you don't feel the need for a screen, a smart speaker offers the power of an assistant and often much better sound to boot.
And all of the sudden to boot them out of the country, I think would be a big blemish on our history, on our country.
Prescott is starting at all only because Romo broke a bone in his back in the preseason — after his 2015 season ended early, to boot.
My patient deserved an evaluation by a physician like Dr. Shavelson, not someone like me, with no training in this area and ambivalence to boot.
At what other ski resort could you see fixtures this ornate and still enjoy some serious terrain, without having to fight the crowds, to boot?
In the midst of the #MeToo movement, one writer is asking novelists to boot brutality against women, highlighting how often it's littered throughout thriller literature.
The answer is yes, because each Cubcoat character has a fun name to boot, like Pimm the Puppy, Uki the Unicorn, and Dayo the Dinosaur.
Remember, Aaron just gave up his firearms this past week -- with proof, to boot -- and told us he'd be getting some treatment to kick Xanax.
This small country has a laid-back vibe that's like Xanax for the soul, plus some of the best beaches in South America to boot.
Often, the undermanned undersized undercooked Widen squad—the high school had just 25 boys total, and no phone to boot—couldn't even inbound the ball.
More bad news for Apple: The critical source code that allows iOS devices to boot up has leaked online — and Apple has confirmed it's real.
"If ISPs lost their safe harbor protections, the incentive would be for ISPs to boot customers proactively, before they ran into any liability," Rose said.
By the time you finish the boot camp, you'll have an interview-ready portfolio to show to future employers, with a CPD-certified diploma to boot.
After a combined 10 years leading the government, he finally had a Republican president in the White House, with a Republican House and Senate to boot.
With all of its upgrades and lower price point to boot, the Air is the clear pick over the 12-inch MacBook in practically every way.
Simply having a single, working woman (one who left her fiancé, to boot!) as the center of a network television show was revolutionary at the time.
But with the OnePlus 5, users get unprecedented quality and attention to detail for a fraction of the cost — and an attractive, intuitive design to boot.
Method Antibacterial Toilet Cleaner (has EPA registration number 75277-2) cleans and kills 99.9% of toilet bowl germs and leaves a fresh spearmint scent, to boot.
Instead of tearing the top off and pouring it out, you just drop the whole thing in hot water, and it dissolves, adding protein to boot.
I made good on my promise to bring Brown a new book with a new note every week before they shipped him out to boot camp.
When Aygün M. stole some bouncer contracts to boot, Walter responded with a shoot out in front of Frankfurt's Katana Club, which left five bikers dead.
Last night, the star stepped out for the season premiere with glossy, pin-straight ends parted right down the middle and side-swept bangs to boot.
Enter his TV partner Emma Slater and her fiancé Sasha Farber, who are now teaching the duo some impressive steps (with some spirited outfits to boot).
Fortnite players who happened to boot up the game this afternoon were treated to a cataclysmic showdown between a giant robot and a terrifyingly large monster.
It puts a little icon in your menubar, and it simply connects or disconnects from your Bluetooth headset — and shows you the connection status to boot.
Healthy people could get cheap coverage, but if they fell chronically ill, insurers found it easy to boot them off their plans or limit their coverage.
It's not just the products — primarily color cosmetics and beauty tools, with some skincare staples to boot — that are getting a playful and modern new spin.
As Fardella pointed out, the Wisconsin high schoolers marching to Janesville will work to boot him from office if he doesn't take action on gun control.
These may not be Lyft-scale businesses, but there is a serious chunk of change to made here, while improving society and the environment to boot.
Though LANDR's Samples is tiny when juxtaposed with established players in the sample business, it's quite nice that they're all free, and high-quality to boot.
But even better, she serves a major lesson, to boot: how to throw stares and rock sunnies — all in a way that will keep 'em guessing.
For some unexplained reason, Bardem's character refuses to boot the couple from their home, and soon an entire cult of creepy folks have moved themselves in.
She became one of the few actresses to ever win an Oscar for their debut performance, and picked up a Golden Globe that year to boot.
From hydrating face lotions to foolproof lip balms, these pro-approved goodies will become your seasonal go-tos — and each one is 20% off to boot.
Peter Oborne, a Daily Mail columnist, has accused her of being overpromoted—she became home secretary after only six years in Parliament—and unpatriotic to boot.
As PopSugar reports, FeatherRiverBody, a mineral-makeup purveyor on Etsy, is giving us the gift of the Pumpkin Latte Highlighter (and for only $5, to boot).
Apps running on Blackstorm Labs' technology are designed to boot instantly and have the same quality of a regular app without having to download large files.
It's interesting to watch, and also rather elegantly explicative of the rower-like motion in which the dyneins engage — and it has scientific value, to boot.
The slow-moving train wreck of one of the world's largest oil producers has made Venezuela into a household name — and an ignominious one to boot.
Season 6 picks up in 1925 with early reviews promising a few nods to the changing times with plenty of soap opera-style drama to boot.
And while Yum China didn't blow away the estimates with its results, they weren't nearly as bad as many had feared, with rising revenues to boot.
And while the Garmin name doesn't exactly scream luxury, the company does know how to build a solid smartwatch — and these look pretty decent, to boot.
His shit was barbarian, test-of-wills nonsense that didn't track with the new, optimized and streamlined future, and he made too much money to boot.
Lo and behold, the actress/singer/designer noticed it in her mentions and retweeted Taylor — with two heart-eyed emojis and a kissy face, to boot.
Now POTUS had an easy excuse to boot the orthopedic surgeon and former U.S. House member from Georgia, making him Trump's first Cabinet secretary to depart.
It also includes a 256GB SSD, so it's quick to boot up and launch important programs and applications when you need to get to work fast.
Here's a way for boomers to share the wealth with their children and grandkids: Cover the cost of preschool and shake off gift taxes to boot.
Ross cites meta-analyses conducted with drugs like Prozac that show no better effect for cancer patients than placebo, with a slow response time to boot.
As of mid-Wednesday morning, widely followed site PredictIt was indicating about a 27 percent chance that Congress would move to boot Trump out of office.
To boot, the protectionist trade policies favored by the Trump administration could backfire in the form of dramatically lower exports — an additional drag on economic growth.
If you're willing to wait an hour for it to boot up, you can enjoy the ludicrous pleasures of running Windows 95 on an Apple Watch.
It takes a long time to boot up, a long time to write images to its dual SD cards, and navigating the interface isn't exactly smooth.
The NBA and MLB have been doing this for longer than the NFL and, by virtue of their seven-game series formats, more rigorously to boot.
And there's a glimpse of the adorable penguin-like porgs, with a cool fox-looking thing to boot — in other words, just what we came for.
Myers, who entered the game 4-for-28 in July, opened the inning with his second straight line-drive double to boot Anderson from the game.
As a top-tier suite, I couldn't help but wonder how small entry-level Classic and Deluxe Rooms were, which have smaller queen beds to boot.
Addario discussed her visit to boot camp and her other travels in an interview with Task & Purpose, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity.
Set aside, too, that he has demonstrated no ability for statecraft or the actual administration of government and has demonstrated much incompetence at business to boot.
Collins incensed liberals last month when she voted to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, prompting warnings of an aggressive push to boot her from office.
The narrative is that the PRC by 210 wants to use automation and higher technology to boot out foreign participation, particularly Americans from the internal economy.
With a top marginal rate of 85033 percent, the state's income taxes are already the highest in the nation, and they are steeply progressive, to boot.
"There was always this desire to build stuff," he explained to me, and also clearly a desire to make some money on those projects, to boot.
To boot, its current network throughput maxes out at a theoretical 7 transactions per second, though this is closer to 3 per second in practical experience.
Some argue that these brands not only do this in a way that ignores the needs of Muslim fashion, but are downright culturally insensitive to boot.
To boot, the Cannabis Act has introduced severe punishments—including up to 14 years of jail time for people who sell weed illegally or to minors.
Perhaps worried their eventual overthrowing at the hands of the younger franchise, Pittsburgh ate their fears like Cronus, and rubbed it in Nashville's face to boot.
Having been running for an hour beforehand, I had an advantage against men in blue jeans and bulky leather coats who were probably hungover to boot.
To help get you in the tax-doing mood, TurboTax is offering discounts on its software and you'll get a $10 Amazon gift card to boot.
Those flights took place right when I was being minted as a writer, and, to my surprise, discovering I was a "Jewish-American" writer to boot.
To boot, your friends and family miss out on the time you would spend with them if you worked in an office instead of at home.
Two thousand miles away, at the Pentagon, officials privately derided the deployment as an expensive waste of time and resources, and a morale killer to boot.
That alone moved me, and the puzzle is a challenge to boot, because you have to try to remember to take that piece of clothing off.
It makes Trump look good because, not only did he consider a woman for the role, but she's the wife of a former adversary to boot.
Sure, the $749 3950X's single-thread performance is only 1 percent better than the $499 Ryzen 3900X, but it's also got four more cores to boot.
He was also its shortest-serving, having stepped out of retirement in 2018 to boot out a kleptocratic government, only to resign (briefly) this past week.
For just $80 more than a Roku Ultra, you get the same great 4K image quality and hyper-usable voice remote, plus a soundbar to boot.
Johnson added nine rebounds, four assists, and two steals to boot in NC State's fifth home win against the Blue Devils in the past seven years.
To work around the limitation, Microsoft plans to boot out some early testers to make room for new testers during the course of the public beta.
As they feuded and exchanged threats during his rule, the sultan managed to stay on cordial terms with them all, and major western powers to boot.
Celebrity hairstylist Rebekah Forecast also shared a glimpse of the much lighter color — in a chic messy updo, to boot — to her Instagram earlier this month.
But only Dave Malloy's chamber opera about electronic addiction, directed by Annie Tippe for, again, the Signature Theater, had them all, and gorgeous music to boot.
The Vodo Vibes also feature modern Bluetooth 5.0 technology, will last about six hours on a single charge, and are sweatproof and water-resistant to boot.
When it comes to drinking from the tap, there are justifiable concerns about municipal supplies; parts of China, like Yunnan, have suffered severe shortages to boot.
Besides expanding the border patrol and preventing immigrants from coming in to the country, Trump also wants to boot at least 203 million undocumented immigrants out.
And Chetty is engaged in a fascinating effort to shift the econ curriculum to be more immediately relevant to those projects, and more empirical to boot.
Donald Trump is 70 years old, yet somehow less qualified to be president than is my two year old -- and Trump's showing less improvement to boot.
The sport utility segment has matured so that all of those sedan varieties can still be had, with practicality and a raised ride height to boot.
The sport utility segment has matured so that all of those sedan varieties can still be had, with practicality and a raised ride height to boot.
On Wednesday, the company said in a blog post it will start to boot riders with a "significantly below average rating," starting in the US and Canada.
"The project started when a brilliant engineer managed to get MacOS to boot on a 68000-based PDA from Sharp (I believe)," Gourdol told me over email.
Their existence would bring the story of time's reversible arrow to a dramatic, satisfying conclusion, and very possibly solve the riddle of the dark matter, to boot.
The screen is overwhelmingly large in the small gallery and the production is cinema quality, with bass-thumping sound by Harry Bornstein and Physical Therapy to boot.
And, not only that, but he is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne with a fancy new name to boot — Aegon Targaryen, Sixth Of His Name.
To boot, the opposing force is a Direwolf with a fish in its mouth, so this is potentially foreshadowing the Battle of Winterfell against the White Walkers.
The Navigator has six fast-charging USB ports — enough for nearly everyone — as well as four 12-volt power outlets, and a 110-volt plug to boot.
You can pick up the speed reading course (for lifetime access, to boot) at the Mashable Shop for $25, a savings of 87% off the regular price.
If Samsung wanted to show off the future of phones, the Galaxy Fold already served the role far better (and has a promised 5G variant to boot).
I imagine this was a subtle piece of satire to boot the rest of us awake after, quite possibly, our last visa-free trips to European holidays.
We're in the midst of Leo season, this sign will host a solar eclipse on August 11, and Mercury retrograde is currently unfurling in Leo, to boot.
At these Olympics, for the first time since Sydney in 2000, beach volleyball is being played on a real stretch of sand - and in Copacabana to boot.
A decade on it has a meagre 2500 wholesale stores in India, generating just 22015% of its $22016bn in global revenues and a small loss to boot.
Not only did the reader see a career change in her future, but a life of fame spent living in Europe with a foreign man, to boot.
He went from inept to effective at running a pick-and-roll, initiating many more of them this season with a sizable uptick in efficiency to boot.
Luckily, there's a Brydge Bluetooth keyboard that's custom-designed for the Slate that makes it work much more like a laptop and costs $2973 less to boot.
That's not gonna get him down on his birthday though -- he's clearly still out there working for the people, and doing it with a smile to boot.
Being a "woman, a mother and a Jew to boot", as one potential employer puts it in the film, the legal wunderkind had three strikes against her.
It's a performance fabric, fit for all your athleisure-y pursuits, to boot: the Vampireblack tees contain silver ions to prevent bacterial buildup (which leads to B.O.).
In typical vasovagal syncope, there's less blood in the upper body when you're standing because it's pooling in the lower body, and maybe you're dehydrated to boot.
Kingston's MobileLite Wireless Pro is the swiss army knife of streaming video to mobile devices (and charging them to boot) which I am eager to try out.
These one-time events prove to prime time viewers that true love does indeed exist in the Bachelor 'verse, and bring in pretty good ratings to boot.
So, D.J.'s fought hard to get rid of it ... and finally, on Tuesday, he won permission from the county to boot the thing squarely outta sight.
Airbnb recently sued the City of San Francisco over legislation that would require Airbnb to boot hosts off its platform if they don't register with the city.
Don't discount online degree programs, which can make it easier to go back to school part time while you continue working — and are often cheaper, to boot.
The Curry barrage, by contrast, seemed like something out of the 2014-15 campaign: some pure off-the-cuff brilliance, with a little statistical notoriety to boot.
His blistering review in Foreign Affairs called it "astoundingly repetitive", "simplistic" and a "potpourri of half-truths and assertions" (and full of "vaporous, dreary jargon", to boot).
With an action-packed combat system, unrivaled traversal mechanics, and a great story to boot, Marvel's Spider-Man is a game you simply cannot miss — so don't.
Traditionally boards have turned to outsiders in the last resort—when they have to boot out incumbent CEOs or when the pipeline of internal candidates runs dry.
But bumbling he was, and he made a rotten university student to boot; his failures drove him straight to his room, where he bred mice in secret.
Naturally, the cut is all due to celebrity hairstylist and Ouai Haircare founder Jen Atkin, who paired the teen's chop with Farrah Fawcett-inspired fringe to boot.
And if your TV is in quick-start mode – to avoid the pain of waiting 453 seconds for it to boot up – it's drawing even more power.
They are desperate to boot Donald Trump from the Oval Office, but they are pretty sure none of the existing candidates will be able to do that.
It takes a good 30 to 45 seconds to boot back up after you plug it into a new wall outlet, but there's no additional setup needed.
Also: a baked potato with crab, jalapeño and mint, which is easier to make on a Wednesday than its ingredients suggest, and is awesomely delicious to boot.
Twitter has taken steps to boot abusive and bad actors from its platform in recent years, but has still fielded criticism for being a cesspool of negativity.
Below are our nine current favorites — each has their flaws, but they should all feel good, survive your sweat, and make your playlists sound better to boot.
Fleabag opens the season by announcing that we're watching a love story — and yes, she and the Priest flirt up a storm, with amazing chemistry to boot.
From 1989 to 2004, the jean world was a bit of a roller coaster, changing its shape dramatically from vintage to boot cut, low-slung to skinny.
But for the love of God, I shouldn't have to be using DOS commands I learned on my friend's 386 to get the computer to boot normally.
Wuhan is in financial distress; Baosteel, which brings in three times as much revenue and is better-run to boot, has probably been forced into the deal.
On the same base system, a whole new game was born—faster, sweeter looking and sounding, and with a great deal more depth and longevity to boot.
In December, the privately held company, then valued at $38 billion, sold 35 percent of its stake to Marlboro manufacturer Altria, allegedly seeking overseas investment to boot.
It was this that opened my eyes and haunts me with guilt — the realization of how much she did for years and held a job to boot.
High-end e-commerce remains a bright spot in the shopping landscape: flooded with more cash than ever before and with bubblelike sky-high valuations to boot.
When I first stumbled upon Djane Mag, I thought I'd found a goldmine: a publication that spotlights female DJs and producers, with a punny name to boot.
Fleishman seems to be one of those books that everyone agrees has universal things to say about the human condition, and is warm and funny to boot.
Unlike the United States, Moscow has strong working relationships with nearly everyone: Tel Aviv as well as Tehran, Damascus as much as Ankara, and Hezbollah to boot.
Trump's opponents say that it's not fair that their confrontational conduct draws censure when his own conduct is more confrontational — and is heartless and racist to boot.
On the way back, I'll stop on Staten Island for supplies: for the awesome grilled olives they sell at Pastosa, and maybe some stuffed shells to boot.
House Speaker Paul Ryan does not back a push by some of his Republican colleagues to boot Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from office, he said Thursday.
The bigger, 6-inch screen on the Pixel 3A XL is still available for those that need more screen, and you get a bigger battery to boot.
"Our goal here is not necessarily to boot out the pharmaceutical industry," said Adam Gazzaley, the founder and executive director of Neuroscape and an Akili board member.
The Chinese smartphone had a buttery smooth 90Hz display (the same as the more expensive Pixel 4) with quality performance to boot at a relatively affordable price.
Then he met Lesley Arfin, a writer for HBO's "Girls," who — you guessed it — liked punk rock, had that spirit he craved and was beautiful to boot.
That's right, the world's still fastest-growing economy and a nuclear-armed power to boot still considers itself a victimized nation with plenty of scores to settle.
Judi Dench really gave "Cats" the finger ... in fact, she gave the audience 5 of them and a wedding ring to boot, in a major flub/oversight.
Castro's the only Latino running (Latinos made up 18% of Democratic voters in 23, according to Pew Research Center), and he has a good biography to boot.
Chromebooks run apps through Google's cloud-based Chrome operating system, making them cheaper — and often faster to boot up — than traditional laptops that rely on hard drives.
Jackson wanted to boot out his Vice-President, John C. Calhoun, who believed that states had a right to nullify federal laws, a position that Jackson opposed.
Many of them work twice as hard as native-born Americans (harder than no-account magazine writers, certainly), while sending half their money back home to boot.
Twitter is well within its rights to boot Yiannopoulos; the guy doesn't have a right to be on Twitter, especially if he doesn't play by the rules.
According to Kim, Jenner pulled a "Single White Female" in the latest picture, with platinum hair to boot — and dare we say, she looks like a total rockstar.
Between Caby's soothing voice and the mask's cool sensation, you'll quickly be led into a state of bliss... and emerge with significantly less puffy under eyes, to boot.
Zimmerman triumphed and became the only mother to ever make it to the end of the course, and one of very few women with the honor to boot.
If you want to know how to build and keep an audience you can look no further than a guy like Bolling and he's really nice to boot.
It discusses the origin and influences behind the show, delves into the show's deeper lore and conspiracy theories and it even has a sweet '80s playlist to boot.
Even better, the ingredient list is enough to have you reaching for the dessert menu: almond, cocoa butter, and mint leaf — with a Thin Mint scent to boot.
I am happy to oblige, but get mildly annoyed when I realize that she picked out the most expensive salad and a cup of fancy tea to boot.
Martínez has scored 33 goals in total, with five assists to boot, and will likely be Atlanta United's key man in the team's quest for the MLS Cup.

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