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"accomplishment" Definitions
  1. [countable] an impressive thing that is done or achieved after a lot of work synonym achievement
  2. [countable, uncountable] a skill or special ability
  3. [uncountable] (formal) the successful completing of something
"accomplishment" Synonyms
achievement attainment feat coup deed realisation(UK) realization(US) success act exploit triumph consummation acquirement actuality actualization execution exercise fruition fulfillment(US) maneuver(US) commission discharge fulfilment(UK) enactment implementation prosecution performance perpetration pursuance accomplishing effecting finishing carrying out completion adeptness adroitness expertise expertness gift skilfulness skill ability capability competence competency deftness dexterity faculty mastery proficiency prowess aptitude art culture cultivation refinement couth polish civilization(US) sophistication civilisation(UK) breeding urbanity enlightenment taste gentility civility education discrimination elegance grace politeness manners learning knowledge experience intelligence erudition intellect wisdom accomplishments acquirements acumen astuteness doctrine edification foresight insight savoir faire finesse tact poise diplomacy suaveness style discretion smoothness confidence delicacy aplomb tactfulness worldliness sensitivity assurance acquisition award return reward benefit net prize proceeds profit bonus earnings fortune income inheritance remuneration winnings dividend excellence distinction greatness superiority supremacy brilliance eminence perfection excellency merit preeminence transcendence quality superbness worth peerlessness value choiceness goodness manufacturing building construction manufacture production assembling assembly casting composing composition creation doing erection fabrication forging formation making preparing self-satisfaction contentment gratification glow satisfaction self-assurance self-approbation self-approval sense of achievement self-pleasure glow of achievement flush of success serenity cheerfulness pleasure enjoyment record history background reputation profile career past work conduct reign track record career to date curriculum vitae past performance previous performance life history past behavior high apex pinnacle climax culmination highlight zenith high point feature peak acme apogee apotheosis best bit best moment best part height thing task activity assignment goal job obligation action affair duty errand objective brief concern contract engagement More
"accomplishment" Antonyms
failure fail failing nonachievement misfortune mistake nonfulfillment blunder error loss catastrophe flop disappointment tragedy calamity misadventure bummer letdown botch fiasco nonperformance noncompliance nonconformity refusal defiance disobedience nonfulfilment dereliction shirking negligence neglect neglectfulness nonfeasance misprision remissness culpa irresponsibility pretermission incompetence inability incapacity ineptitude incompetency ineptness uselessness hopelessness inexperience unskillfulness ineffectualness inadequacy inefficiency inexpertness ineffectiveness amateurishness clumsiness stupidity ineffectuality incapability philistinism ignorance unsophistication boorishness barbarianism barbarism crudeness rudeness coarseness roughness decline destruction retrogression retreat uncouthness inelegance impoliteness tactlessness bad manners dullness abandoning defeat disregard forgetting hold imprisonment leaving retention hindrance stop disallowance block veto naught nought dissatisfaction frustration imperfection inception need sorrow unfulfillment unhappiness want forfeit surrender deactualization drubbing annihilation vanquishment whitewash whitewashing debacle hammering pasting rout shellacking slaughter trouncing walloping washout beating extermination cessation idleness inaction inactivity inertia passivity repose rest stoppage quiet suspension passiveness capitulation bungle bust downfall false step faux pas wreck abortion bomb checkmate crushing defeat gaff implosion oversight shortcoming nonsuccess nonobservance non-observance deficiency non-performance cluelessness naivete nescience unawareness illiteracy incognizance obliviousness obtuseness illiterateness incomprehension innocence sciolism simplicity witlessness denseness dimness dopiness anticlimax beginning commencement incompletion opening start termination outset introduction initiation instigation conception preamble preface proem genesis mediocrity ordinariness commonplaceness inferiority amateurism averageness innumeracy abandonment damage dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) flaw incompleteness subservience worthlessness misuse misapplication misemployment abuse exploitation misusage misutilization mishandling mismanagement misconduct corruption desecration perversion misappropriation debasement disuse prostitution discontent discontentment disgruntlement malcontent malcontentment disaffection disapproval discontentedness disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) querulousness resentment anger annoyance anxiety chagrin negotiation discussion dialog(US) dialogue(UK) arbitration consultation conversation transaction conciliation debate deliberation mediation meeting colloquy talk bargaining diplomacy intercession conference parleying unfulfilment neglection

954 Sentences With "accomplishment"

How to use accomplishment in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "accomplishment" and check conjugation/comparative form for "accomplishment". Mastering all the usages of "accomplishment" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Notre Dame is a symbol of human accomplishment, and more than that, of social accomplishment.
That's the record of accomplishment that should be taken to Hillary Clinton, who has no record of accomplishment.
As November's election approaches, expectations for congressional accomplishment will further diminish, especially when accomplishment would involve a show of bipartisanship.
So the fact that he got to be a minister and was able to manipulate a substantial audience into becoming political is actually quite an accomplishment, whether you believe it's a good accomplishment or a bad accomplishment.
The field of astronomy this decade delivered an embarrassment of riches: stunning accomplishment after stunning accomplishment from the exploration of space.
Instead, Trump stuck to the script — which mostly entailed listing conservative policy accomplishment after conservative accomplishment that he's racked up so far.
And if you look at the accomplishment, his number one accomplishment I saw in the White House release was the tax cuts.
I want to feel like I can actually have a sense of accomplishment, and I want to be celebrated for that accomplishment.
There is a fine line between discussing an accomplishment as it relates to the job, and boasting about an accomplishment simply because it's impressive.
Trump points to his only real accomplishment, which is barely an accomplishment at all—Trump's justice would've been confirmed so long as he didn't nominate Omarosa.
An accomplishment is impressive, but what really makes potential employers pay attention is what kind of impact that accomplishment has left with your organization and customers.
The accomplishment allowed the United States to match Russia's accomplishment, in one of the earliest events in the ongoing "Space Race" between the Soviets and the United States.
" Positive step Ross called the agreement a "herculean accomplishment" and argued the deal represented the biggest accomplishment in US-China trade negotiations "in the whole history of US-China relations.
Embrace the prideful side of this coin, and celebrate your friend's accomplishment — studies have shown that a loved one's accomplishment can even rub off on you, increasing your own self-evaluation.
"Marrying someone — I don't think that's really an accomplishment."
Which was just a ... It was amazing an accomplishment.
But it was more than a meaningful personal accomplishment: As I read the scripts, I was struck by one of Coco's lines, sensing it to be an accomplishment for my entire community.
Now that he has been accepted to all of his top-choice schools, he can enjoy a sense of accomplishment and attend his dream school, an accomplishment that is all his own.
"They were his heart and for him, his biggest accomplishment."
But my greatest accomplishment while wearing it was marrying Nick.
"This accomplishment represents a watershed," said Safar in a statement.
It was a day of praise, accomplishment, and yes, disappointments.
"I didn't know that," she said about her major accomplishment.
The room emanates with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
But why would her killing the Waif be an accomplishment?
I think that it's time that we had that accomplishment.
"Everything in this city is a particular accomplishment," Waddington said.
Behind him is his accomplishment, a room full of art.
And I know flying is an activity not an accomplishment.
He seems genuinely to respect Ms Pelosi's toughness and accomplishment.
It should be celebrated as an accomplishment of our humanness.
"I think that would be a huge accomplishment," she says.
Having sex is not, in and of itself, an accomplishment.
She hopes her accomplishment will help other kids overcome bullying.
But Kardashian has already pulled off an impressive legal accomplishment.
Then take time to appreciate each accomplishment along the way.
This is a first for humanity and an impressive accomplishment!
Bernie Sanders -- his presidential campaign touted this accomplishment in April.
"He makes me feel like everything's an accomplishment," she said.
Not withstanding their impressive accomplishment, they are far from unique.
Others counted it a positive accomplishment for a controversial governor.
But Warren already has a track record of accomplishment there.
"This is a great accomplishment for this team," Hedman said.
This is a thing of beauty; an accomplishment, a home.
Riding a bike is a huge accomplishment as a kid.
An enormous amount of accomplishment is due to those factors.
They were his heart and for him, his biggest accomplishment.
For this reason, leadership is a prerequisite for great accomplishment.
It's easy to forget what a remarkable accomplishment that was.
Tom: Everything you do that isn't dying is an accomplishment.
But that doesn't detract from the scope of his accomplishment.
Still, the moves fall short of a signature legislative accomplishment.
I think our father's giant dick is his greatest accomplishment.
Purja said he believed his accomplishment was based on dedication.
"And so today is a day of accomplishment for me."  
What position did you hold when you achieved this accomplishment?
" In paying tribute to Mr. Petit's accomplishment, he added: "Mr.
Good faith matters, as does the accomplishment of recruiting goals.
" He continued: "It's hard to beat that sense of accomplishment.
Success in talks would be a huge accomplishment for Trump.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, this impressive accomplishment proved to be a mirage.
BROADLY: Looking back on 4003, what's been your biggest accomplishment?
Lab photos show the meticulous process behind Microsoft's latest accomplishment.
Meaning and genuine accomplishment matter deeply in creating lasting happiness.
This is the lie that happiness is an individual accomplishment.
Buttigieg's most famous political accomplishment is also his most controversial.
Do you think you should have celebrated your accomplishment more?
None of this is to take away from his accomplishment.
A previous version of this article misstated Miki Gorman's accomplishment.
Achieving that goal is now an accomplishment that politicians showcase.
Or they can bring a sense of learning and accomplishment.
Other governors might spend weeks boasting about such an accomplishment.
The level of technical accomplishment was high during both evenings.
"I have a long history of bipartisan accomplishment," she said.
But that coinage was only his most frequently cited accomplishment.
Any accomplishment he makes will shine the light on her.
You should look purely and objectively at the artistic accomplishment.
She did not regard being a victim as an accomplishment.
And then he said he was proud of his accomplishment.
"There is no sense of accomplishment here today," Welch said.
In 2016, the southeast Asian nation marked a grim accomplishment.
Clinton the accomplishment of the women on my home continent.
There's no question that The Division is an enormous accomplishment.
Thousands respond with applause, giving Quinn a sense of accomplishment.
They look at it as such an accomplishment for women.
Jones, however, is clearly proud of his most recent accomplishment.
We have a good one coming, full of optimism and accomplishment.
On its own, the retropropulsion landing is a major technological accomplishment.
It is a huge feeling of accomplishment to put it mildly.
But Rory, 51, says their biggest accomplishment is their blended family.
An accomplishment for sure, as the QX21 is no small beast.
And each individual accomplishment adds up to something greater, he says.
Inspire them to achieve success and experience the joy of accomplishment.
People have called the accomplishment the moon landing of free soloing.
Of course, everyone with that level of accomplishment is incredibly relevant.
Rather, we knew that was an accomplishment that she had made.
They're interested in protecting the left's darling accomplishment – Roe v. Wade.
The third symptom would be a low sense of personal accomplishment.
How have your feelings about this accomplishment evolved over the years?
It was a wonderful day, the accomplishment of so many dreams.
John Oliver doesn't see how he can top his latest accomplishment!
It's completely biased, and it's confusing accidents of birth with accomplishment.
He got good at it, as his record of accomplishment shows.
The pair won the Nobel Prize for the accomplishment in 1986.
A hearty Wakanda cheer to Ryan Coogler for that incredible accomplishment.
Plus, there's also the feeling of accomplishment from brewing it yourself.
In his acceptance speech, Brown also touched on his historic accomplishment.
Peter Hermann just added another accomplishment to his resume: published author.
"I think my proudest accomplishment is being here," Willis told CNBC.
Beads have always been used as symbols of honor and accomplishment.
Reflecting on his accomplishment, Thompson said it came with a cost.
Like Deep Blue in 21843, AlphaGo changed perceptions of human accomplishment.
Getting such a demeanor from haphazard methods is quite an accomplishment.
However, Buckeyes athletic director Gene Smith made $18,000 off Stieber's accomplishment.
It was the Republican-controlled Congress' only major accomplishment of 2017.
In 2017 he updated the accomplishment, optimizing and stabilizing the cell.
McConnell is motivated by accomplishment not who gets the credit. 4.
I was a critic, a woman of standing, accomplishment, and authority.
Their accomplishment: uncovering evidence for the accelerating expansion of the universe.
The key, she says, is that Scientology is built around accomplishment.
Armstrong didn't take all the credit for the moon-walking accomplishment.
She joins only the Beatles and Ashanti in achieving the accomplishment.
To commemorate this accomplishment the White House hosted an epic celebration.
His biggest accomplishment was the development of the cancer drug Abraxane.
What accomplishment are you most proud of from 2019 so far?
What will Mulvaney point to as his accomplishment for American consumers?
"It's a heck of an accomplishment," Stars coach Lindy Ruff said.
It just gave them an amazing sense of identity and accomplishment.
One signature accomplishment was keeping inflation near the bank's target rate.
Far from being embarrassed, his editors boasted of their critic's accomplishment.
But not as severely as the accomplishment of the terrible act.
L'Equipe, the French sports newspaper, had one word for Iceland's accomplishment.
"You put people of distinguished accomplishment in these positions," Kohn said.
The most staggering accomplishment of the Trump administration is record growth.
And then, what is the true accomplishment for that first journey?
Now, he has confidence and is giving interviews about his accomplishment.
GP's most recent accomplishment is her new cookbook, It's All Easy.
Only two Indians have been credited with such an accomplishment—Dr.
Moving out immediately gave me a sense of freedom and accomplishment.
Unlike the progress to date, that would be a real accomplishment.
Because of this great accomplishment, the world is at your fingertips.
That the play could dilute the accomplishment of the original series?
Any Trump accomplishment beyond the Gorsuch confirmation "is gravy," Deason said.
The accomplishment, two decades in the making, is almost absurdly impressive.
Resisting the impulse to feed yourself is an accomplishment we praise.
Instead, they have given the public a false sense of accomplishment.
But the accomplishment hasn't stopped authorities from moving to deport her.
The accomplishment of these war opponents are sometimes hard to identify.
One featured accomplishment is how the company has thrived in Europe.
The book's most impressive accomplishment is to avoid such a fate.
That's an accomplishment in two years, a hard thing to do.
For Mr. Trump, female attractiveness always supersedes ability and professional accomplishment.
But Cotton's main accomplishment is making the place feel like home.
I felt a sense of relief and a rush of accomplishment.
Perhaps the civil rights movement's central accomplishment was to stigmatize racism.
It was definitely a real sense of accomplishment once I finished.
"That stood as more than even a baseball accomplishment," Berman said.
This is a major accomplishment, despite America's lackluster performance over all.
This is quite an accomplishment: Skate won in a Republican town.
"I, too, am really excited about this positive accomplishment," said Sen.
But he believed the protesters had notched at least one accomplishment.
That accomplishment could be the starting point for Piketty's next book.
"It's not an accomplishment getting to 12," Thomas said on Sunday.
It also teaches new skills, while providing a sense of accomplishment.
Because it's important that they all take pride in this accomplishment.
Google's accomplishment is one in the eye for quantum-computing sceptics.
Accomplishment: Defeating ISIS's caliphate and taking out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Korn's greatest accomplishment was making a band named Korn go mainstream.
Pressure has been working, and Trump deserves credit for that accomplishment.
In a recent interview, Ms. Hoffberger, 64, reflected on the accomplishment.
The Trump tax cuts -- the main Republican legislative accomplishment -- are unpopular.
Ramsey likens this sense of accomplishment to going on a diet.
At each stop, there was some accomplishment or friendship to trumpet.
He looked as if he were in awe of his accomplishment.
In addition to taking his usual unearned credit for a program that President Barack Obama signed into law in 2014, Trump used his non-accomplishment as a cudgel against a deceased foe whose accomplishment it really was.
"My sons are the greatest accomplishment of my life," Mr. Majors said.
No accomplishment tops Russian influence on the outcome of the 2016 election.
"That's definitely an accomplishment for me," Seager said of reaching 20 homers.
He is still going strong, and his accomplishment has been making headlines.
He never showed the most important measure of accomplishment in fighting: consistency.
"He often said that marrying her was his greatest accomplishment," Broughton said.
But it was comfy, and owning a couch felt like an accomplishment.
Doria told guests she was "head over heels" about her daughter's accomplishment.
But Bodhi's biggest accomplishment may be potentially taking after his athlete dad.
The accomplishment he is most proud of, however, is simple: Creating jobs.
There's a not-inconsequential feeling of accomplishment there, and I love it.
The fact that they attended at all was enough of an accomplishment.
Being added to Grande's tour is another accomplishment for Kordei's banner year.
His No. 1 accomplishment has been returning that $300 billion to shareholders.
I think that is quite an accomplishment in this day and age.
That is the true accomplishment of the work the research team did.
It stands for: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and achievement or accomplishment.
Though modest, this agreement could fairly be sold as a real accomplishment.
It's a cool accomplishment, especially with the rich history of this team.
Even before this accomplishment, "Thank U, Next" was raking in the accolades.
Neither is a small accomplishment, but Netflix clearly has more ambitious designs.
But he insisted Obamacare remains a top accomplishment of the president's tenure.
"It feels like such an accomplishment," St. John says in the clip.
It was a nice email, congratulating me on a recent work accomplishment.
That's my most proud accomplishment out of anything and always will be.
Bet the sense of accomplishment is off the charts with that one.
But she feels like her accomplishment is marred by her excess skin.
She says being Brittany Maynard's mother is her proudest accomplishment in life.
It's almost impossible now to fathom the full extent of his accomplishment.
Perhaps his chief accomplishment was to make chefs emerge, proud of themselves.
My dad flipped through the images and smiled proudly at his accomplishment.
"It's so remarkable and truly such an accomplishment for him," Johnson joked.
The accomplishment got a thumbs up from his ex Selena Gomez, 23.
"This is a first for humanity and an impressive accomplishment," he wrote.
George Clooney celebrated wife Amal Clooney's big accomplishment on his 58th birthday.
Failure helps us to better plan and prepare for achievement and accomplishment.
It was also an accomplishment cut tragically short by a gunman's bullets.
You turn your head from the disappointment and celebrate the Cavalier accomplishment.
OBAMA'S GREATEST SINGLE ACCOMPLISHMENT Expanding government health insurance for millions of people.
It was an accomplishment and I felt good celebrating it that day.
I don't consider it an accomplishment or an achievement in any way.
Graduation ceremonies are celebrations of student accomplishment not a recognition of donors.
Doria told guests she was "head over heels" about her daughter's accomplishment.
If that's not an accomplishment worth celebrating, I don't know what is.
Americano with half of a sugar packet What is your greatest accomplishment?
This was an astonishing accomplishment in the annals of congressional arm-twisting.
It should have been all about those cadets and their incredible accomplishment.
That's a remarkable accomplishment given all the dysfunction and gridlock in Washington.
A victory against famine would not make a bad first year accomplishment.
Even China's hosting of the G20 is in its way an accomplishment.
It's a slight edge, but just having it is a huge accomplishment.
It is a very difficult accomplishment to problematize frontality in this way.
But they said a trophy for Cleveland would be a significant accomplishment.
Success has many benefits, including a sense of accomplishment and monetary gain.
My proudest accomplishment was keeping our team together through the acqui-hire.
There we go: a sense of accomplishment, and no actual action required.
Realized that most of my list was about survival and not accomplishment.
What specific accomplishment has he or she achieved that is truly remarkable?
Her accomplishment, she said, made her feel she could do almost anything.
His only legislative accomplishment is a tax bill that is hugely unpopular.
Hiring managers will still be impressed by seeing your accomplishment on paper.
In September, they won a $3 million Breakthrough Prize for that accomplishment.
For Murkowski, this isn't just a political accomplishment, it's a personal one.
The subtlety of the film is both an accomplishment and a limitation.
EGOT is a ridiculously goofy word to describe a ridiculously prestigious accomplishment.
His overarching ambition was not backed up by a résumé of accomplishment.
So being in the video game, in itself, is a monumental accomplishment.
That would be another huge accomplishment for Shields and for women's boxing.
Yet a sense of energy and accomplishment filtered through its dated extravagance.
As we sat toasting our accomplishment, I felt a twinge of pride.
It's an intricate technical accomplishment, even more remarkable because it feels effortless.
In July, he heralded a numeric accomplishment: 77,651 units financed so far.
So that we've come this far is a bit of an accomplishment.
He wrote letters extolling his accomplishment and pressed others to sign them.
But in the end you really feel like you've had an accomplishment.
It was an accomplishment that series director Hidetaka Miyazaki didn't think possible.
Do you feel that sense of accomplishment for having solved the puzzle?
And then underneath that, he's a hero, you write down his accomplishment.
Or, in your view, is there no such thing as excessive accomplishment?
And cultural accomplishment, achieved against high odds, is often ignored or forgotten.
Assuming the demonstration is legitimate, that's an impressive (if somewhat creepy) accomplishment.
Washington is a place where a meeting is seen as an accomplishment.
Williams also took note of Kvitova's emotional accomplishment earlier in the day.
Similarly, appreciating Mr. Rosefeldt's accomplishment requires getting beyond his impeccable production values.
The accomplishment puts Mr. Musk on the cusp of a big payday.
There's also a sense of accomplishment that [can lead to] lasting changes.
But when he saw talent and accomplishment, he simply recognized those qualities.
I had a feeling of tremendous power and exhilaration at my accomplishment.
He said that having 10,000 subscribers was considered an accomplishment back then.
It was an accomplishment for me that I was really proud of.
But perhaps his most famed accomplishment is getting rid of the bikinis.
What personal accomplishment are you most proud of from 2019 so far?
"How much of an accomplishment that is is rather dubious," he said.
Acting also offers me exciting challenges, fun, and a sense of accomplishment.
The Finns consider the victory the greatest accomplishment in the team's history.
It is no great accomplishment of Kim Jong Un to do this.
And the election promises to be fundamentally free and fair: another accomplishment.
The fact that we're even talking about that is an extraordinary accomplishment.
High self-efficacy has been linked to self-regulation, resilience and accomplishment.
Her affluent mother, Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop), looks down on the accomplishment.
So in its own way, A Cure for Wellness is an accomplishment.
It was huge accomplishment for Petra, who confronted her insecurities about being a mom (and a dragon) by opting out, and a huge accomplishment for Jane for quitting something, but still didn't bring anything very new to the table.
"It's step one of a bigger accomplishment," said New York manager Terry Collins.
Every person that's down south right now, that's alive, is a particular accomplishment.
Health care became Obama's signature accomplishment, extending coverage to some 20 million Americans.
Swift was quick to compliment Gomez's latest accomplishment, especially given her challenging circumstances.
"Accomplishment is very seldom a consideration when we take these actions," she said.
But how did he achieve such a huge accomplishment without selling physical albums?
I love the endorphin feeling; I love knowing that I've reached an accomplishment.
At the end of the day, you'll have a big sense of accomplishment.
But that accomplishment — unlike the puppies' journey — is unlikely to make international news. ●
For Wallrath, the group's recent accomplishment only makes him want to do more.
The cast of Dear Evan Hansen can add another accomplishment to their list.
It was meant to be a show of force, military power and accomplishment.
Update June 23, 11:40am: Brown's frustration apparently outweighed his sense of accomplishment.
The president will be delighted to have a major legislative accomplishment to tout.
And again, Thore gets praise from Powell — and ecstatically smiles at her accomplishment.
"Simply stopping the rise in incarceration has been a huge accomplishment," Pfaff notes.
Do you approach sex as a collaborative process, or as a personal accomplishment?
So, you can hate yourself even when you feel proud of an accomplishment.
Just getting the two sides to agree to negotiate is a major accomplishment.
"It probably means I got fired a lot," Laviolette joked about his accomplishment.
For Republicans in the Senate, the window for major accomplishment is narrowing rapidly.
Monday is the anniversary of their accomplishment, which is celebrated as Everest Day.
But nor should anyone confuse this modestly scaled exercise with a towering accomplishment.
That's a significant accomplishment for an administration still in its first 100 days.
Ping has a fair haul, and Anna hooks two, a fitting birthday accomplishment.
"We're going to score a big legislative accomplishment on tax reform," McConnell said.
Those who know Son comment about his remarkable energy and desire for accomplishment.
Many saw her ability to mobilize that citizens' army as her greatest accomplishment.
Realmuto is hoping that accomplishment will change some of his numbers going forward.
"I'd much rather win than have that," Payton told reporters of the accomplishment.
Saying that you're motivated by financial reward should come after accomplishment, not before.
A truly free market with China — and Europe — would be a huge accomplishment.
But for women seeking the highest office, talent isn't enough; neither is accomplishment.
Feeling a sense of accomplishment can go a long way toward improving mood.
On Monday, the Pentagon confirmed the accomplishment and congratulated Iraq on its success.
Clinton with a defense of his marquee legislative accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act.
The one and only major legislative accomplishment of 2017 was the tax bill.
Which makes Ms. Waters's accomplishment all the more remarkable for being, frankly, unremarkable.
Now she can add an accomplishment for the digital era: video game impresario.
The movie is only the latest accomplishment for the prolific writer and producer.
Of course, I wasn't going to let an accomplishment this massive go uncelebrated.
Throughout play, at meaningful points of accomplishment, users are prompted to answer questions.
Focus on an accomplishment that this employer will appreciate or be impressed by.
Both. When I won the Open, it was the accomplishment of a lifetime.
He guided important legislation through Congress, a rare accomplishment for this White House.
Doing age-appropriate duties helps them feel a sense of mastery and accomplishment.
Bustin tells his clients to set achievable goals to maximise feelings of accomplishment.
Working out regularly requires a commitment, and keeping that commitment is an accomplishment.
And Republicans can't count on bipartisan support to repeal Obama's signature legislative accomplishment.
"On the Basis of Sex" shows how she succeeded, which is an accomplishment.
It orbited the moon, by itself a historic accomplishment for a private organization.
The accomplishment is still regarded by many in Australia as Howard's enduring legacy.
That's a major accomplishment that I think is newsworthy in its own right.
This accomplishment may set the stage for opening a new era in spaceflight.
It may also, though, give them a slightly misleading version of White's accomplishment.
Realizing such a long-deferred passion project would be an accomplishment for anyone.
"Automating Inequality" is riveting (an accomplishment for a book on technology and policy).
Dressed formally, she displays her red, bound diploma with a smile of accomplishment.
Winning as he did, beating who he beat, was the single greatest accomplishment.
After retiring, they both said they felt a sense of accomplishment and excitement.
President Trump's signature legislative accomplishment has turned out to be an expensive failure.
Rosset's first great accomplishment after acquiring Grove was to become Beckett's American publisher.
But, his best accomplishment might just be Bodie ... because, well, LOOK AT HIM!!!!
It always feels like an accomplishment to finish a box of 100 filters.
My being sober is without question the single greatest accomplishment of my life.
Jerry Brown described as a major accomplishment of his first stint as governor.
The move was a major accomplishment for Ms. Adawe and her nonprofit group.
And I think that's a single accomplishment, and that's where we are today.
What a fascinating tandem of accomplishment they were, and what a glorious mess.
Making your bed, he explained, starts the day with a sense of accomplishment.
A cinematic vision of black genius, accomplishment and prosperity that is rarely portrayed.
That Penn State is even in contention for such an accomplishment is remarkable.
That landmark has been touted by Chinese state media as a major accomplishment.
Despite this impressive accomplishment, Gordon's play was inconsistent and he frequently was benched.
Use your most impressive and most relevant accomplishment stories to explain your worth.
I'm just saying — making the playoffs would be a gigantic accomplishment for them.
I consider that my greatest accomplishment as publisher of The New York Times.
DeepMind announced its accomplishment in a paper published in the research journal Nature.
We gotta admit ... it's an accomplishment in itself that nobody busted their ass.
And if you've ever watched an awards show, you know that's an accomplishment.
Democrats used every trick in the book to get rid of him, yet there he stood, rattling off accomplishment after accomplishment despite the complete obstruction of Democrats other than their begrudging support of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA).
"Listen, it's a big accomplishment from [a] fellow Santa Monica High [student]," Lowe quipped.
The former critic says he feels the weight of that accomplishment, and its burden.
And that is not to be minimized in any way, it a major accomplishment.
"Accomplishment is nothing, it doesn't change who you are," the "Jessie's Girl" singer said.
"This is an accomplishment, as admission to the school is highly competitive," Bird said.
"They're my greatest accomplishment in this world," she says of the couple's six children.
As a woman who has always battled against her natural hair, that's an accomplishment!
When speaking about the accomplishment, however, Hales thinks of it with a noticeable humility.
It is a national accomplishment that will put us on the world's space map.
Each ring represents not only an accomplishment but a special time in my life.
Though this is an accomplishment, it's not enough, Segal and her co-authors suggest.
In the age of nothing new under the sun, that's more than an accomplishment.
Just "showing up" to the flagship smartphone debate in 2017 is a genuine accomplishment.
What's worse, the feeling of accomplishment that follows an exhausting task — passing the final!
And fine, that's quite an accomplishment, but it also means you had no ideas.
For Apple's own software, Catalina's biggest accomplishment is deconstructing iTunes into three separate apps.
"It was such an accomplishment to be able to yank it down," he said.
The Republican tax cuts, the president's signature legislative accomplishment, were supposed to accelerate investment.
" She expressed her excitement over the accomplishment by captioning the post, "So grateful 🙏🏻.
It's an understatement to call that a major accomplishment for the House of Mouse.
It's a pretty remarkable accomplishment: simultaneously imploding from internal scandals and exploding in popularity.
And when it came time for graduation, I felt it was my biggest accomplishment.
The docking signifies a major accomplishment for both SpaceX and NASA's Commercial Crew Program.
And that free education of extraordinary accomplishment was from first grade to 403th grade.
Actually, if Tebow spent years playing baseball anywhere, it would be quite an accomplishment.
The recent accomplishment came after the pair combined their efforts to eliminate the virus.
What the March for Science has built is an accomplishment for its short existence.
That's not an incredible accomplishment though, as the U11 was already a gigabit phone.
The crew's emotions swung from a sense of accomplishment at the rescue to sadness.
After a decade of right-wing rule, perhaps just staying alive is an accomplishment.
Now there's headlines all over the country about Kristen's accomplishment of writing this letter.
Now his new school, Central Florida, is two steps away from the same accomplishment.
It also marked the greatest journalism accomplishment by any cake so far this year.
Trump's best shot at a major legislative accomplishment was the American Health Care Act.
"When you dig your first geoduck, that's a major accomplishment," Dillon later told me.
Was his role in the spaceship campus the last great accomplishment of Jony Ive?
And for you to do this for 30 years is truly an amazing accomplishment.
"I've never been the first brother to do anything," he said of the accomplishment.
But Take Care's biggest accomplishment is transforming Drake from a rapper into an icon.
The successful water landing was not the only major accomplishment of SpaceX's April launch.
Attacking Obama keeps people's focus away from the first 100 days of non-accomplishment.
Learning how to speak is my greatest accomplishment and everybody else's worst nightmare. (Smiles).
He also pointed to Obama being the first African-American president as an accomplishment.
Milan: Of course our biggest accomplishment was the introduction of 24-hour license venues.
Ariana Grande has another accomplishment to add to her ever-growing list: breaking YouTube.
Harris's landmark accomplishment as California AG came on the heels of the financial crisis.
" Last year, Fernández became an American citizen, which he called his "most important accomplishment.
The only accomplishment was stacking the deck even further in favor of the wealthy.
It's the cornerstone of this administration's immigration enforcement policy — and its foremost policy accomplishment.
Regardless of what you think about her service, it's an accomplishment she has made.
And yet that—for both Republicans and (especially) for pundits—was the real accomplishment.
"This could be seven months essentially wasted with no accomplishment," CNN's Manu Raju asked.
The scale of your accomplishment is no longer visible in months, or even years.
The elder deGrom believed his son's most recent accomplishment would not be his peak.
"Shoji's accomplishment was his service to two geniuses, Bucky and Isamu," Mr. Zung added.
And when you're done with a run, you're rewarded with a sense of accomplishment.
I feel a sense of accomplishment for making my room tidy; a daily cadence.
Tuesday night, the race was seen as a tossup is an accomplishment in itself.
We know the emotions of joy and accomplishment that follow hard work and patience.
That's something, but it's nothing close to the world-historical accomplishment Trump is suggesting.
This is abig dealand you need to take some time to relish your accomplishment.
Trump later touted the accomplishment in a post on Twitter and at subsequent rallies.
This is an enormous accomplishment and one that has been in need for decades.
It's also hard to categorize or even describe, which is part of its accomplishment.
While playing games, I often experience a small handful of emotions: frustration, accomplishment, fear.
For example, say a wife comes home to her partner and shares an accomplishment.
Indeed, Trump greatest accomplishment so far may be in unleashing Americans' inner operational liberal.
As you read this, I will have pulled off a miraculous accomplishment: escaping winter.
"Mike was chosen for his track record of accomplishment," Watson said in an interview.
Bucket list accomplishment already underway with this gem (both in Joey and Matt form).
"Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate every accomplishment your child makes no matter how big or small."
He said that the physical prizes are often just decoration for a great accomplishment.
But no one in modern history has come anywhere near Trump's ginormous negative accomplishment.
Plus, there's a sense of accomplishment in setting discrete boundaries on an infinite task.
The 2012 G.O.P. presidential nominee is a man of honor, decency and serious accomplishment.
This accomplishment, together with bipartisan American support, enables Israel to shape its own future.
And the main Republican accomplishment, the tax bill, is particularly bad for New Jerseyans.
This may make the person remember the stress more than the accomplishment as well.
Iran controlled the ball for about two minutes, which seems like a big accomplishment.
But the show's numbers alone do not quite capture the nature of its accomplishment.
For all its magnitude, the accomplishment will be regarded largely as a symbolic one.
We tell them that's a great accomplishment, and you can do the same here.
His threshold for accomplishment must have been lower than much of the American public's.
After all, every action in this high school is a step toward another accomplishment.
No other accomplishment seemed to matter as much as the number on the scale.
Certainly, his greatest accomplishment was being the first person to walk on the moon.
Maccabee players and supporters regard the team's unlikely accomplishment as something of a miracle.
It may also be a pivotal day for her greatest accomplishment in public life.
This is exactly what I wanted my accomplishment to bring about 40 years ago.
It's going to be a big accomplishment once we get past that finish line.
But we don't care about how big it is; it's the sense of accomplishment.
Among all the congratulatory messages were a few thanking Johnson for sharing his accomplishment.
And his signature accomplishment may be cutting a 2014 deal with the late Sen.
That's hardly a singular accomplishment, but we can't afford more government paralysis and procrastination.
That ensures that LWCF will be around for the long haul—no small accomplishment.
Later, on Sunday, Beyoncé shared photos from the gala, praising Perry for his accomplishment.
"I'm very proud of my accomplishment," McGregor said in the octagon after the fight.
His proudest accomplishment, however, was this: None of his teenagers took their own lives.
It's not Democrats who are about to undo the biggest fiscal accomplishment in years.
While a worthy accomplishment, stopping there would be failing tens of millions of Americans.
Supporters say her ability to get along with the military is a significant accomplishment.
When that day arrives, historians will record Trump's victory as an astounding political accomplishment.
But Fed leaders' credentials are exceptional — outstanding schools, advanced degrees and records of accomplishment.
It's a great honor to have — I consider that a great accomplishment, stopping that.
Bronny's accomplishment also comes on the heels of a major milestone for his dad.
Trump's biggest accomplishment so far is the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.
Which is a great accomplishment but is now challenging Earth's capacity to support us.
Warren refused to cede an inch of credit to him for her signature accomplishment.
The point isn't that these detract from the extraordinary accomplishment of saving his crew.
"It's a technical accomplishment," said S. Alan Stern, the principal investigator for New Horizons.
You might get your name on a bill and feel proud of an accomplishment.
But with every new accomplishment, Kanye seems to have grown more unhappy, more frustrated.
Victory in the NBA Finals is the greatest accomplishment in all of team sports.
I don't feel any satisfaction; I don't feel any glee, or joy, or accomplishment.
What do you feel was your greatest accomplishment as the athletic director at USC?
Adlon's precise observations make this challenge feel revelatory, an accomplishment in and of itself.
It's 2019 and diversity and inclusion in business is still a goal, not an accomplishment.
For someone who tends to always be worried about something, this is a big accomplishment.
He managed to hang around the big leagues for 22 years, an accomplishment in itself.
Do art fairs really represent some measure of success or professional accomplishment that's worth pursuing?
Despite achieving nuclear fusion in early 2018, he only recently started discussing the accomplishment publicly.
When it comes to correspondence, there may be no greater personal accomplishment than Inbox Zero.
And yet we are about to recapitulate this accomplishment with the advent of synthetic realities.
I mea, what he has been able to accomplishment as you said is absolutely amazing.
So even leveling it off and having flat is a serious accomplishment relative to trade.
The comedian and actress shared videos and photos of her accomplishment on Instagram on Thursday.
Johnson's accomplishment is realized with a lot of emotional support and a little financial assistance.
Photos of Rapinoe captured the sense of accomplishment and confidence written on her smiling face.
" The first example he offered of that accomplishment: "the enormous increase in our university programs.
Another accomplishment highlighted by DCLA has been its work on diversity in the cultural workforce.
Perhaps this is Mr Hariri's one accomplishment: he has united a factious country in disgust. ■
For President Barack Obama, executing his climate change strategy would be a legacy-defining accomplishment.
Shonda Rhimes kicked off the congratulatory tweets, writing how proud she was of Oh's accomplishment.
And Ervin, being the great boyfriend he is, oozed with pride over his girlfriend's accomplishment.
"Just to see my story was credible was a huge accomplishment," Tyler told BuzzFeed News.
The president, Enrique Peña Nieto, was desperate for one last accomplishment in his unhappy tenure.
Having made it through all that, she says, makes her prouder than any other accomplishment.
He offered him a job, a bittersweet accomplishment for a man serving a life sentence.
On the night of the performance, she stops several times to marvel in her accomplishment.
Piccard admitted the team's biggest accomplishment doesn't involve world records -- or even the flight itself.
Mr Nadal's accomplishment may thus appear distinctly uninspiring when compared with his previous title runs.
It's great that this major accomplishment happened while simultaneously bewildering that it's taken so long.
This should not be considered an accomplishment; until this election season, decorum was the norm.
Having more than one good hair day in a row is an accomplishment for us.
We made it to Friday, and we deserve to celebrate that small but significant accomplishment.
Perhaps DeepMind's greatest accomplishment was moving early to hire and retain the brightest and best.
Now more than ever, it's time to celebrate female accomplishment and push for greater change.
It's an accomplishment that can never be taken away from me, regardless of my outcome.
In a funny way, though, it gave my life purpose and a sense of accomplishment.
It's an out-of-this-world accomplishment for the space agency and the mission team.
Elle: It was like taking a warm bath of accomplishment, we geeked so hard collectively.
Not a single, even Democrats admit, not a single accomplishment in the past six years.
" As the three chatted about her accomplishment, Kim said, "I can't really process it yet.
In addition, Abbott has a demonstrable record of accomplishment of acquiring and successfully integrating acquisitions.
He says it's a hell of an accomplishment, and you'd be hard-pressed to disagree.
"It's an amazing accomplishment to be this far, and I'm not done yet," Henderson said.
The water has stolen it, just as 2015 stole your dreams of accomplishment and fortune.
Thousands upon thousands that audition to make it to that chair — it's quite an accomplishment.
Her congressman, Scott Tipton, gave her a well-deserved shoutout for the accomplishment on Twitter.
It's about a sense of accomplishment, or it's practical to hold onto them for reference.
Sustaining that level of play is highly unlikely, but it's still a ridiculously impressive accomplishment.
De Jong: I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I hear it.
Age and accomplishment have imbued Mr. Gil and Mr. Veloso with the aura of statesmen.
Incremental gains here and there, the scientists believed, could add up to a startling accomplishment.
"A summit is not an accomplishment for the American president," Bash told MSNBC Monday night.
You don't have to be that good at climbing to get that rush of accomplishment.
Legislation that fixes Social Securitys looming shortfalls and expands benefits would be an enormous accomplishment.
Beating her second Williams of the tournament, however, would be an accomplishment like no other.
Reproducing in a laboratory doesn't sound very sexy, but it's a big accomplishment for coral.
Overall, these announcements are beginning that lay a foundation, but they're not yet an accomplishment.
It was a major accomplishment for the country, but it exacted a stiff personal price.
"Horizon Zero Dawn" is a magnificent accomplishment of a game that stands out among standouts.
Lansdale's most important accomplishment was helping Diem win the so-called battle of the sects.
But after you get through it, that feeling of relief and accomplishment can't be beat.
More than 50 ordinary Americans have been human illustrations of outstanding accomplishment, courage and gallantry.
That is not a small accomplishment based on the last decade-plus of appropriations wars.
His only accomplishment was staying in power and maintaining a stranglehold on the Cuban people.
This really was an amazing accomplishment by the astronomers and engineers that made it happen.
Because ultimately that's what you're chasing: an intoxicating feeling of redefining limits and big accomplishment.
I couldn't be happy if I was having these moments of success and accomplishment alone.
That's a major accomplishment for a state that's long been isolated from the international community.
That accomplishment cannot be sacrificed for an unrealistic effort to pressure Iran on ballistic missiles.
Festivities ended at midnight, but the happy memories and sense of accomplishment last much longer.
Marathons have given me structure, friendship, a sense of accomplishment, and, most importantly, pure joy.
Anna is raised by her scientist father, who does not believe gender should limit accomplishment.
To be on a team that wins these kids of games is a great accomplishment.
It was manageable and new, and taking notes on every album felt like an accomplishment.
And what better way to celebrate this accomplishment than with a bucket of fried chicken?
I made my criminal record, even in the middle of an accomplishment, visible — brutally permanent.
Obviously, it's a great accomplishment, but where we play, winning the division is not enough.
Such a vote would hand Mr. Trump a key political accomplishment in an election year.
Being able to retire very early is an accomplishment, but is it right for you?
But all the accomplishment in the world doesn't mean much if you can't enjoy it.
They view impeachment as a resounding accomplishment, a public record of wrongdoing that will last.
The accomplishment in Bangladesh is one of a handful of examples worldwide of anticipating disaster.
In fact, that's exactly what happened to Warren's biggest accomplishment: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Consider the actual work and process more than the status of the title or accomplishment.
"Europe's open borders are an asset and an accomplishment, " she said, according to N-TV.
He felt pride in my accomplishment, and the gift was his way of expressing that.
"I can go write for four hours and feel a sense of accomplishment," she said.
Likes on photos, posts or comments add a sense of accomplishment and even community acceptance.
Where The Division really shines is in its integrated multiplayer systems, which are huge accomplishment.
It seemed no activity or accomplishment meant squat unless it was somehow connected to leadership.
With accomplishment comes a growing pressure to pre­tend that we know more than we do.
The real test and accomplishment will be you cope with that without destroying your phone.
Mayor Eric Jackson pointed to a major accomplishment of his tenure: the city's first Starbucks.
"We busted the discussion open, and maybe that was the most important accomplishment," Sanders said.
Legislation that fixes Social Security's looming shortfalls and expands benefits would be an enormous accomplishment.
She desperately wants to make Kenya's Olympic team for the first time, an accomplishment that can be as much about politics as it is about athletic accomplishment in her country "There are many talented athletes, so you never know who will be chosen," she said.
Peter Mondavi once said that keeping Charles Krug Winery in the family was his chief accomplishment.
If I can provide some material to help things along, then it's a nice little accomplishment.
When objectively compared, Mr. Sanders has as much or more experience and accomplishment as Hillary Clinton.
The Australian beauty caught up with him post-ceremony and encouraged him to celebrate his accomplishment.
Another attraction is that the sport can be a combination of individual accomplishment and familial support.
As the president now gains political momentum and build in a press of track record, accomplishment.
Most people are surprised to hear you're still around, but that's a hell of an accomplishment.
And at the end of the day, this could be his most singular accomplishment as president.
And considering everything that's gone down during Colton's season so far, that's a really impressive accomplishment.
They take all the credit for an accomplishment and point the finger when things go wrong.
"It's an incredibly impressive accomplishment, regardless of whether there's anything like true intuition involved," said Huettel.
All the finishers get a T-shirt and belt buckle and an enormous sense of accomplishment.
Grande's newest accomplishment on the Hot 100 chart continues her winning streak with her latest album.
I wanted that feeling in my head that I believed that they had: of true accomplishment.
Snoop also received a framed certificate from a Guinness representative on hand that affirmed his accomplishment.
Our sense of accomplishment is essential to a healthy, rewarding work experience, according to Peakon's research.
Can Busch and the No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing team repeat their 2015 accomplishment come November?
I'd say our biggest accomplishment is helping that no longer be seen as something that's abnormal.
After the accomplishment of Push the Mule, it seemed possible that Godfrey would stick with prose.
Signature accomplishment: Lucy is the only dog mayor of Rabbit Hash not to die in office.
It's already announced millions sold — an accomplishment for a line many simply wrote off at launch.
His biggest accomplishment as mayor has been implementing a universal pre-K system in the city.
But alas, whenever a woman posts about any accomplishment, there's a mansplainer waiting in the wings.
Another Dallas Art Fair acquisition, Summer Wheat's Bread Winners is an accomplishment of experimental figurative painting.
Trump's major legislative accomplishment is getting party-line conservative Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court.
"It's a great honor to have — I consider that a great accomplishment, stopping that," he said.
The optics of the ambitious accomplishment have largely been shaped by a series of design oversights.
"I think a Sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well," he said. Mrs.
It's easy to spot an impressive kill-streak, but not every accomplishment is quite so obvious.
Every little stride that I make, every little accomplishment, my followers are a part of it.
It's a big accomplishment — and one he achieved much later than conventionally expected, at age 26.
A large pool of small donors is now seen as an accomplishment in its own right.
To refuse to acknowledge the accomplishment of the winner is to give birth to a grudge.
He's under a lot of pressure and wonders if they would be proud of his accomplishment.
For one, it was a huge engineering accomplishment to get humans to the moon and back.
She quickly leverages that accomplishment, landing reported assignments for feminist blogs across this great wide internet.
"It feels like a real accomplishment," he said in a video message taped before his death.
My greatest accomplishment was my chest room, where I kept all of our materials meticulously organized.
This accomplishment signifies a shift in his relationships — the boys of Gordonstoun are his family now.
"A peace treaty would be a major accomplishment," said one U.S. official involved in summit preparations.
It's much more about the live engagement than whatever book or accomplishment the guest comes with.
Like anyone, trafficking survivors want to be recognized for their personal and professional contributions and accomplishment.
Her accomplishment came two decades after Russia had sent the first woman to space in 1963.
"That's awesome; I'm really happy for him," point guard Jeremy Lin told reporters of Lopez's accomplishment.
Sure, this is a big accomplishment for each individual, but it's mind-bogglingly small in aggregate.
Perhaps Doom Patrol's most heroic accomplishment is making one believe that that just might be true.
President Donald Trump called Whitson from the White House to offer his congratulations on the accomplishment.
But that's not exactly what a president who wants a big, flashy accomplishment is looking for.
For Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past though, this was a pretty unique accomplishment.
They respect hard work and accomplishment, and look for people focused on business and family issues.
But that account claims for the party an accomplishment that rightly belongs to the Chinese people.
The Apollo 11 moon landing made headlines worldwide; newspapers announced the accomplishment in big, bold letters.
What was your biggest accomplishment in 2017 and what are you looking forward to in 2018?
Smiles was a very smart and cautious character, so we saw that as a major accomplishment.
I've now read all of the filed briefs (and yes, I regard that as an accomplishment).
Until you have some sense of accomplishment or job satisfaction, it's a pretty, pretty cold life.
Related: Melania Trump is the most popular Trump, but that's not exactly a massive accomplishment. 39.
Cohn said the tax bill was "the big accomplishment" of his time in the Trump administration.
The bill would mark a major legislative accomplishment for Trump's presidency and the Republican-majority Congress.
The short-changed are quick to blame their lack of accomplishment on a lack of opportunity.
That it has survived two decades in the face of such risk is itself an accomplishment.
Depending on what you think a novel should do, this accomplishment might seem more than sufficient.
It was not a rare accomplishment for an assistant coach, but it was a significant one.
Zappa was an early example of a brand of celebrity in which notoriety overshadowed professional accomplishment.
"This has been a year of extraordinary accomplishment for the Trump administration," he threw in. 4.
But his redesign of Count Chocula — his childhood favorite — remains his proudest accomplishment to this day.
Still, he's left without a major legislative accomplishment after efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare failed.
Crawford didn't take much time to reflect on his accomplishment until after the game, per MLB.
But sexual harassment allegations against the athlete stemming from a 2016 suit loomed over the accomplishment.
"What other guy on the stage has a single accomplishment other than personal wealth?" he asked.
There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with a DIY effort gone right.
BROADLY: As we look back on 2017, what do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment?
But, for others, BMX XXX simply going as far as it did wasn't some huge accomplishment.
But this accomplishment is just the start for Arch Mission and its plans, Spivack assures me.
Can you tell me about a moment or accomplishment that has motivated you to keep going?
"There is a feeling of accomplishment for the hard work that you put in," he said.
That said, this level of fusion between biological and mechanical engineering is a truly amazing accomplishment.
Today, this tremendous accomplishment, of which our two nations can be rightfully proud, is in jeopardy.
Going public would be the biggest accomplishment yet for Dropbox since it was founded in 2007.
Accomplishment, with wide impact, matters as much, and it often goes hand in hand with fame.
Priestdaddy is a funny and perverse and melancholy memoir, a terrific accomplishment from poet Patricia Lockwood.
Not a bad accomplishment for someone who was not, in the end, a truly great architect.
The first time Gold executed a clean triple Lutz, she felt an immense sense of accomplishment.
"It would be hard to argue that is not a year of significant accomplishment," he said.
"It's something that I'm oddly proud of, even though it isn't actually my accomplishment," she said.
"To me, that's a real challenge and real accomplishment — it's like, I'm going against the best."
"Successful mission accomplishment cannot be our sole measure of effectiveness," Admiral Rowden said in his directive.
Maxine, sitting in stunned amazement, was still trying to digest the sheer accomplishment of it all.
An earlier version of this obituary referred imprecisely to the recognition Leather received for her accomplishment.
"It's a cinematic accomplishment, and 'Shape of Water' by contrast is very human," Ms. Langan said.
All eight finalists had achieved such an accomplishment to get to that stage, given the competition.
For a young woman who had been thought permanently unconscious, this was truly a heroic accomplishment.
Mr. Trump's threats have also diverted attention from a genuine accomplishment, the new Security Council sanctions.
The chain is now fully staffed for breakfast — an accomplishment in a historically tight labor market.
But her biggest accomplishment stemming from her college years is her thriving relationship with her husband.
Republicans are eager to deliver on a major legislative accomplishment before the end of the year.
Sanders, who raised $25 million in January alone, is more than capable of eclipsing that accomplishment.
But many were reluctant to tout the accomplishment with the storm still swirling off the coast.
Political Courage The first, and most notable accomplishment occurred right before the July 2628th congressional recess.
Assists with Cigar PAC in the following areas: mission accomplishment, fundraising, budget development, and events. 5.
Ryan also touted the GOP tax cuts passed in December as his top accomplishment as Speaker.
Democrats are banking on history, while Republicans are banking on a record of accomplishment and math.
To be able to give her and provide for her fills me with such an accomplishment.
Republicans will run into additional difficulties when they try to eliminate Mr. Obama's signature accomplishment, Obamacare.
But the crossword is somewhere between work and play; it gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
To me and many others, it is the single greatest political accomplishment in our nation's history.
Any single one of the things above could be the main accomplishment of an effective president.
The sense of pride and accomplishment that I had about saving $23,600 was a big deal.
None of that changes the remarkable accomplishment of raising $38 million in one three-month period.
Richard Jewell is an accomplishment in reminding us that the man was, after all, a hero.
The bill is a major accomplishment for Republicans that reflects a number of the party's priorities.
This is a notable accomplishment given the current political realities of finding common ground in Congress.
Qualifications• At least 8 years of experience in environmental advocacy, with demonstrated leadership, creativity, and accomplishment.
Now, it's hard to feel like lawmakers deserve to be lavished with praise for the accomplishment.
That's an amazing accomplishment, especially for a man who has, who was never in the military.
So, when we saw her outside Cobrinha Fitness in L.A., she was proud of her accomplishment,.
"Now with each accomplishment that you have during each given race, whether you're collecting points for the overall regular season or you're trying to collect points through a stage win or a race win, each accomplishment makes your road to Homestead a little bit easier," Hamlin said.
But perhaps his greatest accomplishment in the industry was bringing George R.R. Martin's beloved series to life.
Nonetheless, despite this Titanic accomplishment, the Thunder were easily eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.
It's the kind of accomplishment that means Edraki is likely to have a long career in science.
Joanna Gaines released her first cookbook on Tuesday, and it's an accomplishment even she couldn't have predicted.
If that happens, it would be Trump's first major legislative accomplishment since he took office in January.
Of course seeing Brett and his beautiful family and thinking back on his many years of accomplishment.
Though that's a debatable accomplishment in what's been a record-low month for Hollywood at the movies.
But his most well-known accomplishment was when he took over the reigns at Chanel in 1983.
Nevertheless, this medical accomplishment opens the door for similar genetic therapies to be used on other patients.
Although Larry has since passed away, Casterline is sure her dad would be proud of her accomplishment.
And 200 years after Brontë was born, that's still an accomplishment that is shockingly rare and valuable.
Collecting millions of articles in hundreds of languages about all manner of topics is a baffling accomplishment.
Releasing the app-tracking product marks Lurie's first significant public accomplishment since joining the company full time.
But it was just interesting to hear that in real time after this, you know enormous accomplishment.
But Isaacson recalled that Jobs didn't count any of those products or devices as his great accomplishment.
The anxiety, at least, I could hide behind a veneer of accomplishment, social graces, and deflecting questions.
The instant rush from accomplishment, and the love and encouragement from those running around me felt amazing.
Her accomplishment highlights how far we still have to go, and how arduous the journey will be.
Ricky Martin may be a highly talented singer and actor, but his biggest accomplishment might be fatherhood.
The retreat is hailed as Thomas Jefferson's "most personal, most mature architectural accomplishment" on the home's website.
The accomplishment isn't just huge for Netflix; it's a total game-changer for the entire entertainment industry.
Marjanovic points out that being thin is not an accomplishment, nor does it reflect a person's happiness.
Creating art also produces a sense of pride and accomplishment that's not necessarily a consequence of skill.
His signature policy accomplishment was establishing universal pre-kindergarten in the largest school system in the country.
In August, police chief Dela Rosa commended Station 6 for its "highest accomplishment" during the drug war.
Thanking their "loyal fans and followers," Matt says the family is "humbled and proud" of the accomplishment.
They continued to promote the accomplishment of passing tax reform throughout 2018 after the bill was passed.
On Friday, though, he achieved his most dad accomplishment yet — accidentally assuming two people were a couple.
Now, it looks like the star, 30, can add one more accomplishment to her resumé: lingerie designer.
But that could possibly lead to a subconscious sense of accomplishment and less human-to-pet interaction.
Die Lit, is an accomplishment because it lives in rebellion, disregarding what Carti's predecessors deem as valuable.
It was the bond between Conor and his father that Patti Ann said was Steven's greatest accomplishment.
To survive six years with a franchise as busily toxic as the Mets is no small accomplishment.
His administration has as clean a record as any, no small accomplishment in these hyper-partisan times.
BLITZER: What's your proudest accomplishment over these past six months as the White House chief of staff?
He was a fraud whose communications skills obscured a paucity of accomplishment during a decade in office.
What's next: White House officials recognize they need to tout the tax cuts as a big accomplishment.
OBAMA'S GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Barring the use of pre- existing conditions as a basis for denying health coverage.
It can make you want to pull your hair out, but there's an amazing sense of accomplishment.
Our ability to identify these stages and maximize their potential will lift us from mediocrity to accomplishment.
I was obviously hoping to spend a little more time with what could be Tesla's greatest accomplishment.
Perhaps Rosetta's most poetic accomplishment was finding its lost Philae lander on the surface of the comet.
It would be cool to see Strange win, but Jungle Book feels like the more obvious accomplishment.
By the end of game, I'm told that there is often a buzz of accomplishment and camaraderie.
Critics have blamed him and his office for distractions from swift accomplishment of the administration's core priorities.
Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown can now add a new accomplishment to her resume: music video star!
Getting the project off the ground is an accomplishment, but the future of the OOI is uncertain.
"To secure home-ice advantage is a great accomplishment for our team," Penguins coach Mike Sullivan said.
And although someone else wins it back about five minutes later, the accomplishment is no less real.
It was such an accomplishment for me to play there and a moment I will never forget.
Republicans have no major legislative accomplishment to show for their efforts in the first quarter of 2017.
The bill's passage marked a rare bipartisan accomplishment for the White House and the Republican-controlled Congress.
Mr. Obama has nothing to lose politically, and everything to gain in terms of the environmental accomplishment.
Aggressively raising the bar for our nation's public schools and students is President Obama's greatest unsung accomplishment.
But the lack of legislative accomplishment seems only to make supporters take more satisfaction in Trump's behavior.
Taking positive steps — big or small — toward improving your income and wealth is always a huge accomplishment.
It may not be a huge deal on the outside, but to me, it is an accomplishment.
Her supporters couldn't come up with a single accomplishment from her four years as Secretary of State.
The fact that it finally passed the Senate after years of House leadership is an accomplishment itself.
That effort led to an even greater accomplishment in 22019 — the normalization of diplomatic relations with Vietnam.
But lawmakers now have a unique opportunity for a landmark legislative accomplishment that will affect every American.
Earlier this month, he signed a sweeping tax-reform bill into law, his first major legislative accomplishment.
On Tuesday, he won his 12th Olympic medal in what should have been a headline-hogging accomplishment.
For the rankled hip-hop veterans who decry his success, this accomplishment might come as a relief.
For me to come from that and make it to the top tier, that's a big accomplishment.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images The Affordable Care Act was hardly Obama's only accomplishment.
Of course, Randleman won the UFC heavyweight title, that's a pretty significant accomplishment for a wasted talent.
The subsequent cable TV outrage, three attorney general investigations, and class action lawsuit diminished Miley's artistic accomplishment.
She's currently the most buzzed-about woman in Calabasas—an accomplishment, considering the Kardashians live in town.
Be smart: In 500 days, Trump's hijacking of the formerly conservative GOP is complete — an astonishing accomplishment.
It's an opportunity to win the SEC championship, which to me is a very, very significant accomplishment.
Electrical power was the moon shot of its age, quiet, futuristic, and the vanguard of human accomplishment.
But the accomplishment Gardner is proudest of this season was his ability to stay on the field.
Regardless of whether you're levelling up relationships or yourself, there's a constant sense of accomplishment and progress.
Swearing suggests that you've absorbed a culture, including its taboos, a trickier accomplishment than it may seem.
That "The Americans" makes you care about the answer without excusing the characters is its great accomplishment.
I think the doors that he's opened for athletes and especially basketball players is his biggest accomplishment.
Honestly, inciting mostly mild mannered San Diego fans to egg your headquarters is itself quite an accomplishment.
That's no small accomplishment, especially since the ultimate outcome hasn't seemed in doubt for quite a while.
But being a great father is obviously not an accomplishment that ranks high among the Meyerowitz family.
"People don't realize what a big accomplishment this was," said Whoopi Goldberg, a host of the evening.
She said the teachers' biggest accomplishment has been making players comfortable enough to publicly practice their Spanish.
For that reason, Carrie is undoubtedly the show's greatest accomplishment, but she is not the best character.
He used his farewell address to defend his brief record and burnish a legacy of dubious accomplishment.
Mr. McConnell declared 2017 a year of "extraordinary accomplishment," a boast that only weeks ago seemed impossible.
His skilled leadership during the collapse of the Soviet Union was obviously his greatest accomplishment as president.
This finding has changed my life, and I believe it is my most recent and greatest accomplishment.
It may even become toxic to the president himself, who is struggling without a significant legislative accomplishment.
You might also want to ask about a raise after you've enjoyed a major accomplishment, Berger said.
The process has been repeated many times over the years with various degrees of loathing and accomplishment.
With coronavirus, they've found the perfect vehicle to undermine the president's greatest "accomplishment": the soaring stock market.
That series feels universal and highly culturally specific — grounded in black life — which is no easy accomplishment.
It was not the case that her accomplishment "was not recognized by the track and field establishment."
Vietnam's stellar performance was an impressive accomplishment, especially considering that tournaments aren't even legal in the country.
Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of "Audience of One" is that it makes Trump's presidency seem almost inevitable.
That's a big accomplishment for me as a mentor and it says a lot about my company.
"Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames," Bryant wrote on Twitter, in congratulations to James&apos accomplishment.
I proved just how far I could push myself and I am truely proud of my accomplishment.
"Just to be on a team that wins these kinds of games, it's just a great accomplishment."
She has not a moment to revel in this so-called accomplishment, which she got by default.
The Times's articles showed that the public could not necessarily stomach a black man achieving that accomplishment.
Some writers objected precisely to what Almodóvar considered his accomplishment: that he had left his past behind.
Philip K. Dick was a writer of modest accomplishment when he met Anne Rubenstein in late 1958.
" Our reviewer, Liza Featherstone, called the book "riveting (an accomplishment for a book on technology and policy).
As exemplified by these individuals, President Trump's nominations show his drive to pick judges of impeccable accomplishment.
Moderate Democrats believe they can more easily win re-election with a bipartisan accomplishment under their belts.
The Brady bill that established the national background check system must be considered a lasting, major accomplishment.
Understand that we all likely want the same things: health,safety, love, family, peace, accomplishment and prosperity.
"Holding Dunn to 13 points is not an accomplishment, because he still had 14 assists," Wright said.
And while that accomplishment is staggering and decades in the making, does it have a practical use?
Employees with this personality type have a bloated sense of accomplishment and are self-centered and condescending.
The move would hand the party a major accomplishment to tout heading into the 2023 midterm elections.
While the process has been slow and riddled with setbacks and restarts, this is a substantial accomplishment.
It would affirm that gender is not a stumbling block, an obstacle that hinders ambition and accomplishment.
I started college at 17 and graduated at 20, something I&aposve always deemed a great accomplishment.
Those interpretations obscure Apple's other accomplishment — pioneering a financial model that is the envy of corporate America.
Instead he basked in the women's — and the Democratic Party's — accomplishment as if it were his own.
The Cavs are up 2-0 on Indiana, but it hardly feels like much of an accomplishment.
"That's a big accomplishment around this golf course — not just one day, but back-to-back," Fowler said.
It is the genius of the free market, not burdensome government mandates, that has delivered this unrivaled accomplishment.
Washington (CNN)Donald Trump isn't letting slights go -- even after the ego-boosting accomplishment of winning the presidency.
Of course, if you've got an impressive accomplishment or title sitting outside that two-decade limit, include it.
There's no doubt that overhauling President Barack Obama's legacy accomplishment remains an urgent political priority for the GOP.
Plus, when you finish a course, you get a certificate of completion to remind you of your accomplishment.
From Reddit:The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.
Even people who bet against American Pharoah were happy to trade losing money for witnessing the elusive accomplishment.
Aside from the look of the nursery, it also gives her a sense of pride, accomplishment and positivity.
Roman had been practicing walking on his own, and stunned everyone in the neighborhood with his latest accomplishment.
It has raised more than 163,000 lev ($90,000) in small, individual donations, a rare accomplishment in Bulgarian politics.
No shade to Taylor, but that is an accomplishment girls like me can't help but be proud of.
Sometimes, you may want a degree for a personal "sense of accomplishment and prestige," as Marquit puts it.
The accomplishment ensured that the move will now be named the Biles II, in honor of the athlete.
CLINTON: Well thanks for the question and congratulations on five million viewers on YouTube, that's quite an accomplishment.
"I think that was the most important thing for me, and that was the biggest accomplishment," she said.
In a 2015 CNN op-ed, the then-presidential candidate said Clinton has yet to name "one accomplishment."
That's a major accomplishment, and one that impressed E Ink enough that the two companies began working together.
"The FCC conceptual design report is a remarkable accomplishment," CERN Director-General Fabiola Gianotti said in a statement.
"It would be an amazing accomplishment," Gonzaga coach Mark Few said about going unbeaten in the regular season.
Southwest Airlines took some time out from slashing prices and introducing new routes by celebrating a major accomplishment.
It feels like an accomplishment and it makes me feel strong and I love having a strong body.
But instead of celebrating their accomplishment, many are frustrated with the loose layer of skin covering their bodies.
It would be a stunning accomplishment – but it would not come without questions for the middle distance runner.
The celebrity dad praised his daughter Heaven's accomplishment in a sweet graduation message posted to Instagram on Wednesday.
Ultimately, Battlefield is still rock-paper-scissors with explosions — something with exciting moments, but no sense of accomplishment.
So far, it is the GOP conference's shortcomings that have blocked Trump's pursuit of a major legislative accomplishment.
I'd recommend the former, since it at least offers some sense of accomplishment before meeting your untimely demise.
Walking down the stairs from my apartment and hoisting myself into an Uber felt like a major accomplishment.
It's an impressive accomplishment when you think about how difficult is it to teach children to stack blocks. 
And they'll happily wash that sense of accomplishment down with an 18-cent glass of cola. Off-brand.
It made me put effort into my own appearance and it gave me a huge sense of accomplishment.
Percoco tells me the sense of accomplishment that engenders is why clients say they're telling friends about Titan.
"Signing this pledge must not be regarded as a significant accomplishment or milestone for any stakeholder," Zaremba said.
But the freedom and the accomplishment that white men have is because the industry is built for them.
Clinton is a pragmatic, tough-minded woman of accomplishment and political conviction with a demonstrated mastery of policy.
But like any good high-fiver, his trainer was not going to leave Big Budah's accomplishment left unnoticed.
On the other end, I cringe when I hear him continuously tie every accomplishment to a complicated God.
Asked to name the lifetime accomplishment of which she's most proud, it's not the plane flight at all.
Rick Santorum, struggled to name a single Rubio accomplishment in the U.S. Senate during an interview with MSNBC.
Are you hankering for that sense of accomplishment one gets after fashioning something remarkable with their bare hands?
On top of that, the AHCA is incredibly unpopular—more unpopular than Trump, which is no small accomplishment.
A tax bill could stand as their lone major accomplishment to show voters before the 2018 midterm election.
Watching construction gives me a sense of personal accomplishment, and all I have to do is show up.
Paraguay's success is an important accomplishment for the country, and is helping to accelerate progress across Latin America.
If Trump's bluff fails — or if it was not a bluff to begin with — that accomplishment is lost.
The confirmation of such judges to the federal judiciary is a substantial accomplishment for which he deserves credit.
Mr. Sanders's unwillingness to compromise has contributed to a thin record of accomplishment over his decades in Congress.
An achievement that seems so unbelievable today may be prove to be an accomplishment that is impossible tomorrow.
Rubio's immigration bill died in the House and he doesn't have a clear, major accomplishment in the Senate.
The bill is President Donald Trump's first major legislative accomplishment, and America's first significant tax reform since 1986.
"What a huge accomplishment," DeVos said of this drain on the state's already cash-strapped public-school system.
This is the moment to congratulate the scientific team and the European Space Agency for their impressive accomplishment.
He portrayed her experience as first lady, senator and secretary of state as a liability, not an accomplishment.
Ever since the installation of Christo spanned the lake, an estimated 40,000 visitors everyday have applauded his accomplishment.
The debt snowball comes with a feeling of accomplishment as you crush your debts from smallest to largest.
Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.
This is quite an accomplishment, since Brown is the only Democrat holding a high office in the state.
The tax law is considered the GOP's signature legislative accomplishment during the first two years of Trump's presidency.
On Saturday morning, Bush's campaign launched a 404 error page, suggesting that Rubio's accomplishment could not be found. .
To win the White House, however, Trump's next accomplishment will have to be far more remarkable and unprecedented.
"This has been a year of extraordinary accomplishment for the Trump administration," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.
For something that critics derided as a tech fad that would soon evaporate, that's a rather impressive accomplishment.
Pelosi said Trump and congressional Republicans will be unable to tout a major accomplishment during Tuesday night's speech.
Doing so on home turf at the 2018 tournament would represent a significant accomplishment for Stanislav Cherchesov's side.
One major accomplishment for Cassini was landing on the surface of Saturn's largest moon, which is named Titan.
Red Wings forward Riley Sheahan is closing in on a rare accomplishment: a full season with no goals.
My sex-induced marks somehow made me feel even sexier; they were badges of accomplishment, not an embarrassment.
Still, his most confounding accomplishment may have been his downright eerie dominance during the last week of September.
Anti Cimex has turned into one of the most influential punk bands in history—not a small accomplishment!
The latter is perhaps her most impressive accomplishment in a year chock full of wins and crossover successes.
Threes balances brick-simple mechanics with a staggering level of strategic depth, and an intoxicating sense of accomplishment.
The Singapore summit was textbook Trump, namely, his equation of the personal and chemistry with policy and accomplishment.
It's an accomplishment he's thankful to finally have achieved, but it's also one he didn't feel he needed.
When asked to describe their greatest accomplishment, one candidate talked about a time he "crushed 10 keg stands."
The home feels customized to an extent that few do — a deft accomplishment considering the couple's different upbringings.
You feel that euphoria of finally hitting that step correctly, you get that sense of accomplishment and happiness.
She wagged her tongue and stretched her arms wide as she soaked in the magnitude of her accomplishment.
So yes, Mr. Cooper is very excited to finally reveal this labor of love, this Everest of accomplishment.
Among this amazing accomplishment she was one of three black students to integrate into West Virginia's graduate schools.
I want someone who can give me and the United States hope, a sense of accomplishment and cooperation.
I just took in every moment of it, just watching these people who were achieving this huge accomplishment.
My boss is a fearful dinosaur who has drained all joy and sense of accomplishment from my workday.
And it gives Mr. Trump a big accomplishment as the first year of his presidency nears an end.
It's not just about delivering on a campaign promise to get rid of President Obama's signature legislative accomplishment.
Last weekend, he posted 21 tweets in 25 minutes, each starting with "OUR LEGACY" and listing an accomplishment.
"He took a lot of pride in that accomplishment," his daughter Hannah Kilson said in a telephone interview.
James expressed disappointment that the situation was taking away from the Eagles' accomplishment of winning the Super Bowl.
The chief accomplishment of the current educated elite is that it has produced a bipartisan revolt against itself.
Meet the 11-Year-Old Girls Whose Music Wowed the Philharmonic Ever Felt Jealous of a Friend's Accomplishment?
Before their debut on Thursday night, we talked to the pair about their accomplishment and what comes next.
" Mr. Baker repeated one of his favorite laugh lines when asked his most important accomplishment: "Leaving Washington unindicted.
About his only notable accomplishment was an American League record of 117 consecutive errorless games in the 1930s.
" — JAMES CORDEN "The new Senate health care bill: It's a mean, beautiful, heartless, amazing travesty of an accomplishment.
He was a Legend, a visionary, brilliant, handsome, kind and lived a life full of accomplishment and adventure.
But to be able to combine both at the highest level … I think that&aposs my biggest accomplishment.
" He added that "the drive and the level of accomplishment in the last years is sort of remarkable.
It is considered outgoing Democratic President Barack Obama's signature legislative achievement and an important accomplishment for his party.
Most Americans disapprove of his job performance, and the tax cut that provided his sole major legislative accomplishment.
I proved just how far I could push myself and I am truely [sic] proud of my accomplishment.
She remembers thinking that her removing that light, all by herself, represented the height of her new accomplishment.
Use of the Congressional Review Act has been the Trump administration's signature, and perhaps most underappreciated, legislative accomplishment.
The opening of the embassy in Jerusalem gives the movement another accomplishment with which to energize their base.
Respondents in North America marked "accomplishment" as their lowest level of well-being and "relationships" as their highest.
The one accomplishment of the meeting — a limited cease-fire in Syria — is exactly what Mr. Putin wanted.
Maybe it's a love story; maybe it's just a lust story, but either way, it's a fine accomplishment.
This keeps your eye on your target while giving you a sense of accomplishment as you move forward.
His biggest accomplishment was leading the Utes to the 1998 national championship game, where they lost to Kentucky.
Fifty years later the House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring Merry, Whitmore and Harding for the accomplishment.
Simply competing in a regular-season game after two years in mind-numbing rehabilitation purgatory was an accomplishment.
Yet his first accomplishment, against all odds and most predictions, was to win the White House in 2016.
It certainly looked as if Elliott could get used to the flavor, the scene, the accomplishment, the happiness.
The accomplishment was turned into a Disney flick in 2000 and starred Washington as the Titans head coach.
Robert De Niro is set to receive the SAG Life Achievement Award for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment.
He served two largely unsuccessful years directing France's vast but sluggish economy, with scant accomplishment in his wake.
Even at the time, careful observers questioned whether his reputation was built more on real accomplishment or flimflam.
"It's a huge accomplishment," Osmond said of Dumoulin's victory at the world competition, which included a $7,000 prize.
Nothing in this world is truly one-size-fits-all — including productivity hacks and tools for goal accomplishment.
It's because the people around you are turd burglars whose biggest accomplishment, apparently, is owning a shorter belt.
Raised in the game under George Steinbrenner's glare, he has always known better than to revel in accomplishment.
From then on, it was easier for Mr. Kong to keep his boys on a path to accomplishment.
So this created an ideal of selfhood, of the individual as the prime source of success and accomplishment.
The book is a huge accomplishment and certainly could have been celebrated with an event of its own.
Still, it's risky politics for the Trump administration to make an unpopular piece of legislation it's central policy accomplishment.
Other students graduated from community college, an accomplishment in its own right, when you think about where they started.
"I've never been the first brother to do anything," he said of the accomplishment after his Golden Globe win.
And he's right — for men, dating someone much younger is seen as an accomplishment or a reason to brag.
On health care she noted, "I am a staunch supporter of President Obama's principal accomplishment," the Affordable Care Act.
"She definitely came through with a big accomplishment for her and I was really proud of her," he added.
"This is a huge accomplishment for me, but at the same time this is just the beginning," he added.
It's as if Holmes' real accomplishment of this year would have been bagging a man, had she responded yes.
I'd much rather be in the lab, but I like the sense of accomplishment when a paper gets published.
But they got the phone-to-earbud connection mostly right, which was sadly still an accomplishment at the time.
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk appeared on the company's live stream shortly after the landing and spoke about the accomplishment.
I've had plenty of fun at work, and I've thrown lots of great parties, usually, to celebrate an accomplishment.
" Trump described one accomplishment, the creation of the "new branch of the United States Armed Forces, the Space Force.
This is an especially remarkable accomplishment given that, until very recently, almost none of that power could be stored.
They are more likely to have intestinal worms and to be anaemic (which affects both academic accomplishment and health).
The weight of this accomplishment and his love for his native society were something that shaped his life path.
In a time when there's so much division in the U.S., that such a song exists is an accomplishment.
"I think that the best part of losing the weight has been the overall sense of accomplishment," she says.
"His decision to level with kids in a very sensitive way was his greatest accomplishment," says director Morgan Neville.
Actually re-using reusable rocketsSending a rocket into orbit and bringing it back to Earth is a huge accomplishment.
Two teams from each group will advance, making getting out of the group stage much less of an accomplishment.
"To say that he does a good job would be to understate his accomplishment," wrote Owen Gleiberman in Variety.
My proudest accomplishment of my college career is my graduation cap (srry I posted it on insta too) pic.twitter.
And now she has one more accomplishment to add to her list: a third Vogue cover within seven years.
He was practically playing accomplishment bingo out there—he was only a single shy of hitting for the cycle.
And after a career spanning eight decades, when asked what his greatest accomplishment was, Lewis said, "It's always family."
Most startlingly, he said he didn't care if the site, once his defining accomplishment and identity, was shut down.
Payton got out of his seat and gave Kim a huge hug -- and congratulated her for a recent accomplishment.

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