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"small" Definitions
  1. not large in size, number, degree, amount, etc.
  2. (abbreviation S) used to describe one size in a range of sizes of clothes, food, products used in the house, etc.
  3. not as big as something else of the same kind
  4. young
  5. slight; not important
  6. [usually before noun] not doing business on a very large scale
  7. [usually before noun] not written or printed as capitals
  8. [only before noun] (used with uncountable nouns) little; not much

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"small" Synonyms
little tiny mini petite compact minuscule minute miniature small-scale bitty microscopic narrow pint-sized pocket-sized undersized wee cramped dinky minuscular pocket-size diminutive puny slight frail midget skinny slightly built thin light short undersize bantam delicate fragile fun size pint-size shrimp insignificant unimportant inconsiderable trivial irrelevant minor negligible frivolous immaterial inconsequential lightweight paltry trifling inappreciable incidental lesser petty secondary small-time meager(US) meagre(UK) measly miserly nominal derisory inadequate insufficient limited miserable stingy pathetic outside faint marginal off slim far-fetched implausible improbable isolated poor remote slender unlikely doubtful dubious young baby youthful immature adolescent childlike infant infantile junior juvenile babyish budding childish fledgling inexperienced newborn pubescent underage undeveloped humiliated diminished discredited disgraced humbled shamed castigated chastened chastised degraded demeaned dishonored(US) dishonoured(UK) condemned embarrassed humble inferior mocked shunned modest simple lowly unassuming unobtrusive unostentatious unpretentious subordinate second-class mediocre menial subservient subsidiary private select close closed exclusive intimate chosen cliquey cliquish discriminating discriminative elect elite clannish exclusionary exclusory noninclusive restrictive segregated uninclusive hardly any minimal minimum scant frugal little or no scanty not much sparse tenuous weak sporadic quiet soft hushed muffled muted softened whispered low stifled subdued gentle hush inaudible feeble low-pitched mute noiseless narrow-minded intolerant illiberal insular prejudiced disdainful xenophobic bigoted contemptuous hateful ignoble inflexible mean sectarian selfish set base grudging nasty weakly strengthless scrawny helpless ailing enfeebled exhausted emasculated effete sluggish spindly unhealthy wasted weakened imperceptible impalpable indistinguishable invisible unnoticeable undetectable fine indiscernible subtle indistinct infinitesimal unapparent gradual confined restricted tight constricted incommodious uncomfortable strait poky confining squeezed circumscribed enclosed pinched brief fleeting momentary quick flash temporary swift evanescent transitory passing rapid ephemeral flitting fading lightning flying fugitive bite-sized easily digested low-calorie digestible not heavy not rich calorie-free lite low-cal fatless nonfat diet low-sugar low-fat fat-free plain inelaborate unextravagant unadorned unaffected economical unembroidered unexcessive unornamented average cheap discreet dry fair bijou desirable chic elegant fashionable sought-after stylish cozy(US) cosy(UK) pleasing profitable snug covetable to die for drinkwater backwater jerkwater podunk rural boonies pulverulent diaphanous dusty ethereal exquisite filmy flimsy gauzy gossamer gossamery granular loose porous powdered single-story low-rise three-story two-story beady round button pebbly indecipherable illegible unreadable unintelligible incomprehensible scribbled squiggly hieroglyphic scrawled unclear undecipherable unfathomable bad crabbed shaky pygmy dwarf runt Lilliputian stunted elfin homunculus manikin mite peewee scrub teeny-weeny reduced finite restrained constrained curbed More
"small" Antonyms
big large huge great enormous substantial giant gigantic grand humongous humungous massive colossal considerable elephantine full-size gargantuan ginormous grandiose immense muscular burly muscly strong brawny buff muscled powerfully built robust rugged beefy broad-shouldered bruising heavily built imposing lumbering ripped stout strapping important significant fundamental key major consequential core critical high-priority intrinsic urgent central crucial essential pressing serious acute dire ample appreciable handsome sizable abundant sizeable bounteous bountiful generous hefty lavish adequate copious good-sized healthy good decent distinct reasonable fair high kind benevolent charitable magnanimous adult grown grown-up full-grown fully developed fully grown fully-grown mature matured full-fledged old older aged full-blown middle-aged of age developed experienced ripe proud appreciated honoured(UK) honored(US) dignified gratified illustrious pleased recognised(UK) recognized(US) respected revered celebrated decorated delighted fulfilled highly regarded large-scale leading comprehensive acclaimed extensive far-reaching prominent well-known all-encompassing broad famed famous global international open public accessible communal community open-door social unrestricted welcoming loud blaring deafening thundering booming cacophonous piercing powerful thunderous boisterous ear-piercing earsplitting ear-splitting noisy rambunctious raucous resonant roaring broad-minded liberal open-minded tolerant considerate giving cosmopolitan receptive freethinking objective unprejudiced catholic indulgent permissive national noticeable discernible perceptible detectable discernable obvious palpable ponderable sensible visible apparent audible conspicuous distinguishable evident seeable striking unobscured roomy liberated unlimited well blatant clear glaring overt brazen inordinate rank stark unmissable unmistakable flagrant manifest pronounced extended lengthy long enduring increased lasting marathon prolonged protracted lengthened drawn out drawn-out long-drawn stretched out very long long-lasting long-lived long-term likely certain definite sure anticipated expected foreseeable predicted probable promising maxi maximum full highest top best greatest max biggest maximal most topmost ultimate supreme largest superlative utmost hugest spacious wide capacious commodious palatial voluminous expansive comfortable wide open free uncongested uncrowded unobstructed empty uncramped uninhibited heavy energy-dense filling high-calorie rich fatty developing growing infinite endless immeasurable limitless boundless unbounded countless measureless indefinite indeterminable multitudinous uncountable undefined unending illimitable immensurable incalculable inestimable

722 Sentences With "small"

How to use small in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "small" and check conjugation/comparative form for "small". Mastering all the usages of "small" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Think small and you'll live a small life, with small relationships, small success, and a small income.
But its small size doesn't mean small sound or small range.
I became a small businesswoman whose small business served small businesses every day.
A small lead is a small lead A small lead is still a small lead even if a number of polls show it.
PC: Because we're not big, big, big, big, and we're not small, small, small.
First you have to roll your small dough on your small cutting board with your small rolling pin.
"I like big, big, big, but also small, small, small," chortled Silvia Venturini Fendi backstage before her show.
Their members were drawn primarily from small towns in the countryside, and were small business proprietors and small farmers.
As a few of our witnesses told the House Small Business Committee earlier this month, they all began with small companies using the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, administered by the Small Business Administration (SBA).
The House Small Business Committee will hold a hearing on working with small businesses to improve the Small Business Administration.
There was a small closet in a small bedroom ...
"The small car with the small engine can, in many ways, outrun the large car with the small engine," Harper says.
"They're just small changes, but small changes are sometimes the hardest to make, because they're such a small detail," Ross said.
"Now to just be a part of it — a small, small, small, small part of it — and to do 'Brown Sugar' here is actually one of those things I'll never forget," said Bettencourt.
And appetizers are "small plates for small minds," he tweeted.
Big on the big things, small on the small things.
AIG was actually quite small; Bear Stearns was quite small.
Because I was small I always took a small stool.
This a small city served by a small regional airport.
Start by making small changesBut you need to start small.
Blonde suggests his gift for the small statement is small.
The apartment, however, was relatively small, with two small closets.
That's the things with small towns, people are small minded.
The RF is comically small; small enough to alter perceptions.
But regulations, small businesses, go ask any small business, okay?
It's a very small party in a very small state.
Both are members of Small Business Majority's Small Business Council.
Possibly — but it's a small increase in a small risk.
Don't think that it's too small, because nothing's too small.
Small farms have a tougher time, especially small, organic farms.
It's a small world with small objectives and small actions, but within all that smallness it feels anything but cramped or restricted.
Nationally, in 2014, 85033 percent of Exchange plans were considered small or extra small, but in some states it was much higher – 75 percent of plans in California had small or extra small networks.
It's a small stage for small troubles and small confrontations, but Thompson ably captures the way teenage confrontations and connections can feel apocalyptic, and how every small shift in status can have crucial personal consequences.
The Improving Small Business Cyber Security Act calls for the Small Business Administration and the Department of Homeland Security to develop a strategy to aid small businesses that will leverage existing small-business development centers.
Cai, who sells wholesale snacks to small village shops, is always paid in small change, which resulted in the accumulation of small bills.
In a startlingly original reversal that divides the movie into two halves, Oscar proves himself a small-minded, small-hearted, small-town man.
" Just one other Democratic small-business owner (out of 760) mentions "small business" in his response, saying it is "bad for small business.
John Arensmeyer is the founder & CEO of Small Business Majority, a national small business advocacy organization, founded and run by small-business owners.
It's about systems and structures, not small facts and small methods.
You feel a little small... In this relationship, you feel small.
JERSEY CITY "The Big Small Show," group exhibition of small works.
This "swap" button is small — a little too small for me.
For example, "small" stands for "small hats," a slur for yarmulkes.
Neither of these are friendly to small drones or small companies.
The current system, in effect, punishes small businesses for being small.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Even big things have small beginnings.
But it would have been small, we would have stayed small.
Small cap shares were hit worst, with Topix Small falling 0.42%.
Small businesses: "The package also includes $300 billion for small businesses.
There's a small band-aid underneath covering a very small incision.
Damien: Super small workload, super small work schedule, and maximum income.
Ponies are generally considered to be small to extremely small horses.
Even small business owners don't know if Amazon is good or bad for small businesses, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Small-business confidence is surging in 3.53 as optimism rises among small-business owners about the newly enacted tax-reform package, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released Tuesday.
Real creativity requires small-scale focusing, attending to a relatively small domain.
I did see a small protest today when I came, very small.
So it is still a small market; small percentage allocation; very strategic.
"Our natural psychology is small, very small, like a village," Dunbar said.
The NichePhone-S is small — like, tinier than the iPhone 4 small.
And an increase of a small risk is still a small risk.
Meanwhile, traditional small banks remain the lender of choice for small businesses.
"We did small cowbells last year and small air horns," said Brady.
"This is a small, Christian town, a very small community," she said.
Typically, only a small percentage of small and midsized businesses buy cyberinsurance.
It really is a small world—this small town in the piece.
We walked a very small, small section of the West Highland Way.
A small drawer or two gives you enough space for small accessories.
So they designed extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra large suits.
Even across continents, this industry manages to be a small, small world.
Separately, heat a small saucepan with a small amount of tomato soup.
It's a small operation — we're playing in small rock clubs every night.
As is, one can still appreciate its small size and small cost.
Alfa started small and weird with the 4C, effectively a small Ferrari.
The New York Small Business Development Center and the New York City Small Business Services have fueled small-business growth and entrepreneurship through various initiatives.
Amazon announced a total of 18 finalists across 3 categories: small business of the year, women-owned small business, and small business owner under 30.
So these small private groups have only been able to fund small-scale studies, hence the small sample sizes and less rigorous methodology so far.
The Small Business Cyber Training Act of 2017 would direct the Small Business Administration to establish a cyber counseling program to certify small-business development center counselors to offer cybersecurity planning help to small businesses that request it.
The Small Business Cyber Training Act of 2017 would also direct the Small Business Administration to establish a cyber counseling program to certify small-business development center counselors to offer cybersecurity planning help to small businesses that request it.
Small community banks provide services for individuals and small businesses that many large banks don't, such as small business loans, residential mortgages and agricultural-related loans.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Confidence among America's small-business owners has slipped since April, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released Monday.
Small, I know, but that's what happens when you make a small salary!
"It's going to be super small, crazy small," says Waithe of their wedding.
"What it's doing is capturing small, small squares—little partial fingerprints," he said.
But what sets it apart is that this room is small — really small.
People might use them to hunt rodents, small birds, or very small game.
Use it correctly, and you can turn small initial investments into small fortunes.
I try to do like, small next to big and then small again.
Small changes—or small errors or uncertainties—can lead to wildly different outcomes.
Because the weightis small enough that a small air resistance force becomes significant.
In contrast, the majority of small businesses compete domestically against other small firms.
So with a small number of contributors, we can have a small mission.
Online small-business lenders meet small-business borrowers' need for speed and convenience.
"It's going to be super small, crazy small," she said at the time.
Riley was "a very good small business, a profitable small business," he said.
Investment: The Small Business Administration (SBA) is delaying new investments in small businesses.
Dave: So, now you'll line up that small pin into that small hole.
Most of the early tyrannosaurs were small, some as small as a chicken.
Do any small thing that can bring small joy to yourself, she said.
Only small fry stood trial, a small set of fixers and assistant coaches.
"Each sill is small and generates a small amount of carbon," Greene explained.
At first, it was a small, local foundation funding mostly small, local things.
But even the biggest American projects must include a small component: small business.
A small group of Blizzard employees reportedly held a small protest at work.
The scientists even used the small squares to light up small LED bulbs.
The House Small Business Committee holds a hearing on investing in small businesses.
This moment is very small, sometimes small enough we don't believe it's there.
For budget reasons, the extra-small, small and extra-large suits were cut.
For budget reasons, the extra-small, small and extra-large suits were cut.
Many small workshops, which often use small metalworking furnaces, have also been targeted.
They were like as big as small children, but strong small children. Sure.
Why patrons of small businesses should use debitUsing debit when making a small purchase at a small business may seem arbitrary, but it actually costs small business owners more to process a credit transaction than a debit card or cash.
The centre is about the size of a small dentist's office, and it's flanked on either side by small accountant's offices and small computer system sales centres.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Taxes are the No. 1 concern of small-business owners, according to the first CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released on Friday.
Loans to small and medium-sized enterprises represent a small part of the portfolio.
We have a small, a very, very small planet compared to the universe, right?
The drama was all about a small number of characters in a small town.
Just because we live in a small town doesn't mean we have small minds.
They're small, comfy, and have surprisingly robust bass for headphones this small and cheap.
And he referred to my hands — if they're small, something else must be small.
Small Team Her social media numbers may seem big, but her operations remain small.
Why does a small household with no small children or pets require two fridges?
Small Size Constrains Tattel's small size could limit the financial options the company faces.
In fact, a growing number of couples are choosing small dogs over small humans.
Answering my questions was a small task, and small tasks cost a few bucks.
The ceremonies were small, with family and a small group of friends in attendance.
And, he referred to my hands -- 'if they're small, something else must be small.
Small satellite operations are quickly becoming big business, with many small private participants emerging.
And, he referred to my hands — if they're small, something else must be small.
It's also ideal for dorm rooms and small spaces thanks to its small stature.
At the end of the day there was a small, small group of us.
Our eyes are looking at just these small, small figures in this vast landscape.
"It's a small, small, microscopic blemish" on the identity of the franchise, Curry said.
"The Fund was created to give guarantees to small investors, small depositors," Furlani said.
There was a small group of people passionately into it, but that was small.
At the time it would've been small, but also the costs were very small.
Our phones were small then big then bigger then small again ... it didn't matter!
It's important that any relief for small business includes nonprofit small business as well.
Beth and I worked as servers in a small restaurant in a small town.
Very small world, but still, you were a big deal in a small world.
From there, he went to Cavriglia, Antella, Valdema and Tegoleto: small steps, small journeys.
Is that a medium boulder, a large small boulder, or a small large boulder?
So this is no small matter, even if it involves just two small words.
We're a small department in a small town but in a very busy area.
National Small Business Week is a time for us to celebrate small business success.
"  Spence told the small group of lawmakers that innovation by small businesses is "endangered.
Small compromise by small compromise, craven step by craven step, is a Republic undone.
Japan's not a small market, but it's small compared to the US and China.
A collage of pretty J.Crew children arranged small to big, then big to small.
It's medium-size, with small to very small enterprises, sometimes in closet-size spaces.
These changes alchemize a small piece of gold into a small piece of lead.
Each year, the National Small Business Association publishes a Politics of Small Business report.
As a former small business owner, I understand the many challenges small companies face.
"Marcus is taking on small business and making small business count again," says Ramona.
That's because the battery is physically small and has a relatively small solar panel.
This helps explain the ubiquity of sports in small talk, especially male small talk.
More than half of working Americans either own or work for a small business, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, which is celebrating National Small Business Week.
Federal small business loans will stop During the 2013 shutdown, applications for federal small business loans were put on hold when the Small Business Administration (SBA) temporarily shuttered.
"People can understand what these small quad-copters are," Lord said, describing small drones that are lifted and propelled by four small rotary blades, akin to a helicopter.
Small building Small building The small building seen to the left of the video, and the upright metal frame beside it, can both be seen in satellite pictures.
More than half of full-time small-business workers (57 percent) and part-time small-business workers (51 percent) say they prefer to work for a small business.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Although tax cuts and regulatory rollbacks this year fueled small-business optimism to hit its highest level in decades, the latest CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released Monday, reveals that small-business confidence is starting to cool.
Nominations are now open for Small Business of the Year, Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year, and Small Business Owner Under 30 of the YearActive Amazon Seller or Vendor small businesses can nominate themselves on the award's website until October 6.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Small business confidence ticked up and remains at a high level, according to the latest CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey for the second quarter.
But because of its small size, small population, and comparatively small output, Vermont has never had any power when it comes to negotiating the worth of its main commodity.
"So far, the candidates haven't said a lot about small business," said John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of the Small Business Majority, a network of 225,210 small-business owners.
Sanders helped pass the Small Business Jobs Act, which gave low-interest loans to small businesses and offered around $12 billion nationally in small-business tax breaks in 2010.
The CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey takes a quarterly pulse of attitudes among small business owners, while also checking in on sentiment toward small business among the general public.
Among its long-term plans: a small shopping center and car park, a solar power station that could power small factories, and a small hotel of about 22016 rooms.
The SBA offers government-backed loans to individuals hoping to start small businesses, including tech start-ups through its Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer initiatives.
"We know we might look small from the perspective of Washington, but to us what's going on in Washington looks so small or small-minded," the former mayor said.
In fact, Small Business Majority's polling found that 90 percent of small business owners believe big corporations are using loopholes to avoid taxes that small businesses have to pay.
The legislation, which has bipartisan support, would establish a central small business cybersecurity assistance unit at the Small Business Administration and regional small business cyber units across the country.
As the CEO of a small business that works with a wide network of other small- and medium-size businesses (SMB), I interact daily with other small-business owners.
The sample size is small, but that's a lot of turnover for a small partnership.
A "small" object is only "small" when viewed from a distance; up close, it's enormous!
"We're currently too large to be small and too small to be large," he says.
Both companies have created small propulsion solutions for small satellites, but with distinctly different designs.
You know, Christine, I've never met a small company yet that wanted to stay small.
Across the nation, small-business owners are preparing for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.
HN: But these effects are all pretty small, and maybe especially small in presidential elections.
That's just a small bit of information that's a small piece of who they are.
Probably, but later that same afternoon in November, Trump tweeted, "Happy #SmallBusinessSaturday" Small and small.
While that number sounds small, it is greater than the population of many small states.
And the process will repeat – small becomes big which topples and the small rise again.
"(Rubio) referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small," he said.
"He referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small," he said.
Protect small business borrowers Small businesses do not enjoy the same borrower protections as consumers.
And erasing $340 billion from American websites hits small businesses and small organizations the hardest.
There are approximately 2700,21.3 small businesses in Wisconsin, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.
Each action, no matter how small, is larger than the small thinking that divides us.
Remoolians are thought to be small aliens that can only shape shift into small mammals.
The Small Business Health Fairness Tax parallels another small-business relief measure currently before Congress.
According to the Small Business Administration, over 99 percent of Missouri businesses are small businesses.
" He liked to scribble the name, pencil on notepad, large "A," small "n," small "a.
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration there are 27.9 million small businesses in America.
"I know St. Thomas is a small place and it looks simple," Small told me.
And (Rubio) referred to my hands -- if they are small, something else must be small.
And he referred to my hands if they are small, something else must be small.
Small planets' proximity to their stars could be one reason they are small, Seager said.
The union regularly goes small on the big issues and big on the small issues.
We must ensure access to capital to small businesses and for small businesses to grow.
Large Sausage Wrapped Small Sausage The large sausage wrapped small sausage's name belies its genius.
A Word With To paraphrase Stanislavsky, there are small parts made smaller by small actors.
Similarly, consider small businesses and shops that operate online for Small Business Saturday as well.
You can search for small business spots in your area using GoFundMe's small business locator.
Couples at the tables enjoy small talk as some sip from small plastic water bottles.
A small number survived by being moved to small islands in the early 20th century.
"Small spaces look small when you're looking at everything the person owns," Ms. Cattano said.
Moreover, when small banks are acquired by large institutions, lending to small businesses generally suffers.
There's a Burmese saying: You have to make big problems small and small problems disappear.
Jainz nominated small-cap stocks, given three small-cap indexes all peaked in June 2007.
Small towns, outer-fringe suburbs, and the suburbs of small cities are where Republicans live.
The only furniture in the room is a small TV stand and two small beds.
At the store, clothes are arranged on Extra-Small/Small racks and Medium/Large racks.
Small Business Majority's polling found that an overwhelming 90 percent of small business owners believe big corporations use loopholes to avoid taxes that small businesses have to pay, and 75 percent believe their small business is harmed when big corporations use loopholes to avoid taxes.
Notably, the agency provided significant flexibilities for small practices, including addressing our concerns related to the definition of a "small practice," providing bonus points for small practices, and allowing a special hardship exemption from the electronic health record performance category requirements for small practices.
All we are interested in is to build a small road, a small hospital, a small school building and all these things about trade issues are well beyond our comprehension.
Regardless of whether you want a good small car, a good small car that's reliable or a good small car that's a Toyota, the Yaris 5-door isn't the answer.
According to a report from the Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee, women own 30 percent of small businesses but only received 4.4 percent of total dollars in small-business loans.
A recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey of more than 2000 small-business owners found that almost 30 percent launched a small business between the ages of 20003 and 64.
They give you a small, small amount of money, at least now they give you more.
We still have a small overweight in EM (emerging market) stocks but just a small one.
And the Commons must be small, Churchill argued—too small to fit all the MPs in.
"It's worth taking a small risk, a small but manageable risk, of no deal," Davis added.
An attempt to break small small 'D' democratic norms in pursuit of victory at all costs.
He could only digest a small amount at a time because his stomach was so small.
Still, it's a small price to pay for the service's heavily subsidized small price to pay.
"Marriage makes the small things much smaller and the big things small," he told the magazine.
"Three days ago, evil descended on this small town and on this small church," Pence said.
Like I said, if there is a beautiful small car, why aren't all small cars beautiful?
Small enough to be unthreatening, to fit in small spaces and to elicit pity from viewers.
You can start small and scale or you can even choose to be small but consistent.
In the six months since I've had the surgery, it's been small victory after small victory.
Even small things like interacting with notifications come with a small, appreciated kick of haptic feedback.
But Microsoft is tackling a vanishingly small part of a historically slow growing and small market.
Because of the Droid's small frame, it only fits in a relatively small 2,600 mAh battery.
It's a small device that works well for those who want something as small as possible.
Small wonder that a relatively small audience will mourn the show's disappearance, despite abundant critical adulation.
He needs a small to-go coffee cup, presumably filled with a small amount of coffee.
Finally, in a small rear room remain the final few drawings and a small record player.
"And, he referred to my hands – 'If they're small, something else must be small,' " Trump said.
Yeah, we went there Important Campaign 2016 political question: Do small hands mean small penis size?
For dignity, a "small r" republican way is more courteous than a "small d" democratic way.
"It seems like such a small thing because [bees] are such a small creature," she said.
Small-caps performed worse, with an index tracking small- and medium-sized enterprises tumbling 1.5 percent.
By all means, dream big — I'm not arguing that founders build small companies, solving small problems.
In a small room in the top-floor cupola, glass doors open to a small terrace.
These were small things, small but happening more and more often, in more and more places.
In New Jersey, there are over 820,85033 small businesses, and nearly 1.8 million small business employees.
I ordered small waffle fries, small mac and cheese, a superfood side, and unsweetened iced tea.
This week is National Small Business Week, an annual celebration of the country's small business entrepreneurs.
In March, the United States Small Business Administration named her Maine's Small Businessperson of the Year.
The economic impact has been relatively small because many of the FTAs were with small economies.
Why would Cravath compromise its integrity in a relatively small deal for a relatively small client?
It is as if he is trying to scratch a small, small message inside the bowl.
The risk is indeed 50% higher, but 150% of a small number is still fairly small.
Ms. Hardy recommended taking no more than one small roller bag and small backpack per person.
John Arensmeyer is the founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, a small business advocacy organization.
The Flores hominins were very small, standing about 3 feet tall, and had very small brains.
You will get large companies running our economy instead of small people and small firms competing.
"We're providing a small tool for small part of the issue, but any little bit helps."
What it is: A small but not too small Tyvek daypack that carries a laptop well.
That seems like a minor role but remember: There are no small parts, only small actors.
Small businesses require help from people at branches, and they are receiving it from small banks.
But the size of their heads, though small, was not small enough to be considered microcephaly.
Maybe a small demonstration would be fine in a small park but a larger one wouldn't.
Mmuseumm (yes, the spelling is unusual) displays collections of small objects in a very small space.
" But for small farms and small businesses, the "free market" is not a "level playing field.
It was a small but significant blunder, and Edin doesn't usually make small but significant blunders.
Children are superior for their instinctive small acts of neighborliness, the small hug, sharing a toy.
Nam prik ong comes in a small bowl — too small, you think, until you taste it.
It promises two-story houses on small lots, as well as community pools and small parks.
Small boulders, large boulders, and — most importantly of all — large boulders the size of small boulders.
The company acknowledges that's a very small percentage, and it's especially small when compared with competitors.
It looks like small-business owners might be getting a break, but how is "small" defined?
Every small business is a pass through, but not every pass through is a small business.
The small, chic spot is exclusive and discreet, and accessed by ringing a small buzzer outside.
"These businesses started small and we worked at them, and now they aren't so small anymore."
Small-business resources:Texas' Small Business Administration (SBA) has district offices for Dallas/Forth Worth and Houston.
Meanwhile, place a small heatproof bowl over a small bowl filled with about 2-inches water.
Joe thinks he can breathe in a small town because small town people are good people.
It was created by a small group of people that benefited a small group of people.
And Michael Cohen was a PR person who did small legal work, very small legal work.
Even determining their sex was no small task, requiring analysis of a small bit of blood.
"Trade helps create and sustain jobs in small-town America with a small business," he said.
That said, you don't necessarily need a small dog just because you share a small space.
These things end up hinging on small details, and the small details can be crucially important.
The Grand Prize finalists: These are Amazon's 6 best small businesses of 2019Woman-owned: These are Amazon's 6 best women-owned small businesses6 under 30: These are Amazon's 6 best small business owners under 30BONUS: The small retailer's ultimate guide to partnering with Amazon so you can make a boatload of money with fewer risks, from small-business owners and Amazon itself
I filed a case to get a federal injunction to stop the Small Business Administration from defrauding American small businesses by reporting federal contracts to Fortune 2628 firms as small businesses.
Materials: Greenery Wreath Spray Adhesive or Glue  Small Paintbrush Kosher Salt Directions: Working in small sections, use spray adhesive or white glue and a small paint brush to coat the wreath.
To give small businesses a forum to discuss the regulatory burdens that are hurting our small businesses, I am participating in JCN's Bring Small Businesses Back event in Denver on Monday.
The Small Business Innovation Research program, administered by the Small Business Administration, along with its sister program, the Small Business Technology Transfer, set aside nearly $3 billion a year in funding.
Clinton's supposedly "small" lie about sex (like Trump's "small" violation of campaign finance laws) was not so small coming from the one person uniquely entrusted to uphold and enforce the law.
We simply have not had the leadership in our country truly committed to the small: the basic economic, political and social units in our society, our small businesses, small towns and families.
John Arensmeyer is a former small business owner and the founder and CEO of the Small Business Majority, a small business advocacy organization that supported the enactment of the Affordable Care Act.
The demise of nearly 2,400 small banks, along with the the regulatory burden of Dodd-Frank on surviving small institutions, coincides with a 21 percent decline in community bank small business lending.
Break the dough into small pieces and grind in a food processor until you have small crumbs.
For another person, these small changes might not be anything to read into — just a small rebrand.
Washington corruption is not a small problem, and it will not be rooted out with small solutions.
And it actually hurts small businesses that can&apost get small business loans to further their ambitions.
Sex is actually a small part, and gender is a very small, almost irrelevant part of relationships.
They also had too much bacteria in their small intestine, known as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).
Cersei has eight small blocks in King's Landing proper and also seven small blocks in Blackwater Bay.
Having a camera this small will likely allow Google to go into other, small spaces as well.
I don't like to consider myself to be small-minded, but I talk small-minded a lot.
I suppose the "small number" piece is good to hear, assuming it actually is a small number.
Step 2: Find a small piece of ice, even a small ice chip is a great option.
The smaller cash infusions are from the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs.
Its core market remains the small and medium business customer who uses it for small-scale projects.
Small Door also has plans to open its first Small Door clinic in the fall in NYC.
To do so, it will drop a small explosive device onto the asteroid, creating a small crater.
Small phones that fold out into big tablets and small laptops that fold out into bigger tablets.
You're somewhat optimistic about some of the small things that are happening in this very small place?
"In the '90s, the ideal woman was long and lean, small-chested and small-bootied," says Myers.
I was eligible for a very small portion of the tip pool, and a small base salary.
I love teen TV. They're such perfect coming-of-age settings: small towns, small group of friends.
Work to promote community bank lending to small businesses Big banks dominate Small Business Administration lending programs.
Increase government business with small companies Small businesses are not securing their fair share of government contracts.
Here is just a small, small sampling of Tinder trends that need to die in 2016. 1.
Small wonder the New York Times found that small businesses regarded President Trump's Paris decision so positively.
The majority of small businesses say they need small dollar loans, which are under $85033,000, the most.
As a growing small business owner, I can tell you firsthand that small businesses are over-regulated.
In their small lab, they spray catalysts for testing onto a small membrane, using modified airbrush equipment.
A small change in U.S. Small Business Administration rules could have a big impact on legal weed.
However, many recent cases have involved small trades by ordinary individuals that resulted in relatively small profits.
The study focused on guidelines for treating either non-small cell lung or small cell lung cancer.
Here are three ways policymakers can help small businesses stay open for business: Reform small business lending.
Through the Small Business Revolution, I've seen the struggles and triumphs of 12 remarkable small business owners.
The House Small Business Committee will hold a hearing assessing ZTE's threat to small businesses on Wednesday.
Economies of scale will not improve conditions for those reliant on "small" and "very small" water systems.
"We are in a small town and the beach is a small, family friendly place," he continued.
She was a presidential management fellow at the Small Business Administration and the House Small Business Committee.
We refer to the suite of digital tools and services small businesses use as the Small Stack.
Mike Brey is president of Hobby Works and a member of Small Business Majority's Small Business Council.
It's the idea that if you make the steps small enough, they'll become too-small-to-fail.
The Small Business Administration has no specific numbers of success rates among buyers of operating small businesses.
The truth is there is nothing "small" about the impact small businesses have on the U.S. economy.
The Fall was a small and focused game about what it means to be small and focused.
My parents own a small family-owned business, and my wife also works for a small business.
A developer of mostly mediocre properties who made a small fortune (very small) with his daddy's money.
We have a small savings account now — literally very small, hundreds of dollars, but it's there. Mrs.
Small banks had been big lenders to small companies, which in turn are big drivers of growth.
Mr. Small had retrieved the socks from a small cabinet at Evernote's headquarters in Redwood City, Calif.
MARTIN SMALL, SAMARA COHENNEW YORK Mr. Small is U.S. head of iShares at BlackRock, the investment firm.
In addition to their small bodies, Homo floresiensis had small brains, about as big as a chimpanzee's.
Small but powerful, the Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser is perfect for office spaces and small rooms.
His feet were so small that the Navy did not have shoes small enough to fit him.
Small objects—anything from pebble-size to car-size—are too small to smash through the atmosphere.
It has a light scattering of small craters, likely caused by small, rapid collisions with other objects.
Everyone would win if this small reform were Everyone would win if this small reform were affected.
Tech sector small businesses and startups already face an array of challenges as small new market entrants.
This is a small thing, but it's the kind of small thing that opera is built from.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Small businesses usually have, at best, a minor impact on their hometown.
Small-business resources:Georgia's Small Business Administration (SBA) training sessions for business owners available on its site calendar.
Small-business resources:Florida's Small Business Administration (SBA) has offices in Jacksonville (North district) and Miami (South district).
Thus a significant reduction in the number of small banks will likely reduce bank small business credit.
For the second straight quarter, male small-business owners remained more confident than female small-business owners.
It favored small farms, small businesses, personal ownership, and the dignity and self-reliance of economic liberty.
It did not matter to her that Clarkson was a relatively small school in a small town.
Despite specializing in small, often struggling small businesses, Mulder lived her Orange County lifestyle to the fullest.
"I grew up in a small town and went to a small rural high school," Cox  said.
I think it will be a very small, small island if it's only filled with zero tolerance.
My ship was small enough that it did not have a brig (basically a small jail) aboard.
What I would say is have a small piece of chocolate; small being the key word here.
Quarterly Survey Finds Small Business Owners Are Rallying Behind Tax Reform Key findings from the Q215 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Monday, December 24th throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
A small number of studies which have used similar methods over time show small increases or small decreases of a few minutes per night over several decades in different countries across the world.
The waiver exempts Hawaii from establishing one of ObamaCare's SHOP [Small Business Health Options Program] exchanges and other small business provisions because the state had a subsidized small employer market before the ACA.
His plan hopes to create 200,000 new small businesses to Warren's 100,000, and pledges a $10 billion small business credit initiative for "economically distressed areas" to Warren's $7 billion Small Business Equity Fund.
Missouri State University's Small Business & Technology Development Center, with offices located in Springfield, provides small businesses with training, products and solutions designed to help them become part of Missouri's thriving small-business sector.
I came from a really small town in Spain, not so different from the small town in Colossal.
The small size also means that small changes on the joysticks get a bit exaggerated in the air.
Top with a small scoop of strawberry ice cream, followed by a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.
"What we're finding is when small businesses use technology, when small businesses use Facebook, they hire," Sandberg said.
The NFIB small business index, which measures small-business confidence, hit 303, the best read since December 2004.
There's a small tap at the base of the barrel for hose connections, and a small watering can.
If you have nothing saved now start small, however small you need to create a habit of saving.
The service also has a small range of original projects, like No Small Parts and The IMDb Show.
Along with the small size is a small price, with the GPD Pocket available on Indiegogo for $399.
TaxAct: Best tax software for small business owners overallTurboTax: Best tax software for small businesses that use QuickBookseFile.
The company had sold only small numbers of AR-10s to small countries such as Portugal and Sudan.
There are small, rocky islands dotting the surface, but most of them are too small to touch down.
"I'll probably get a small palm tree on the face," he said, pointing to his eye, "something small."
The small man lives in a small cage, where he sips at tiny tea and reads tiny books.
Haworth implanted two small magnets under the skin of Lee's tragus, the small inner flap of his ear.
"The concept is small dollars, small teams, short time frame, fast determination," said Ford Mobility CFO Neil Schloss.
I liked this shop a lot: It's small and welcoming, with white walls punctuated by small, warm lights.
Estonia has learned that it's incredibly important in a small state to serve primarily small and micro businesses.
The Small Business Act clearly states small businesses shall receive a minimum of 23% of "all" federal contracts.
"Something small, personal, just in your family â€" any step, big or small, is still a step forward.
"There's a small town outside of Phoenix, and I grew up outside of that small town," Davidson said.
At the House Small Business Committee, we like to say that every small business started as an idea.
"Here the leaves are twisted and made small," Arun explains, holding out a small piece of tangled tea.
And it was still able to run its test on unusually small blood samples using small, paediatric needles.
Small Scale, High Development Risk: Greenwood's rating reflects its small development scale over the short- to medium-term.
These wires are connected to a small device that sends a small dose of electricity into the brain.
According to the Small Business Administration, between 22019 and 2017, small businesses created 8.4 million net new jobs.
Encouraging people to leave the small-group market, however, will only harm small businesses by raising their premiums.
CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey data shows that only about half of all small businesses have a website.
Small Scale, High Development Risk: Greenwood's rating reflects its small development scale over the short to medium term.
When I was making very little, this was a small proportion, sometimes only 10% of really small increases.
It's small enough to fit in anywhere, but not so small that it's pointless for watching videos on.
Those towers are still in use by other small businesses, Ra said, and work at a small scale.
But the number is pretty small - half percent in the emerging market index is a quite small number.
Blevins said he sees himself instead as a small business owner, equating gaming to a small coffee shop.
Pros: Terrific suction, lightweight, fits into small spaces, cordlessCons: Noisy, short run time, only for small vacuuming jobs
In a small vial of liquid, she points to the animal part: small beads linked by connective tissue.
Half of small-business owners have a Facebook page, according to the CNBC/Survey Monkey Small Business Survey.
Taxes consistently emerge as the No. 240 issue for small business in the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.
This, in turn, helps small businesses and local economies as community banks account for most small business loans.
Vanguard's VTI covers large-, mid-, and small-cap stocks, while Schwab's SCHB targets large- and small-cap stocks.
Often, that is plenty of coverage for a small mom-and-pop business or very small start-up.
"These days the FDA is giving us 483 on small, small things," a third quality control officer said.
It has been developing its own credit-oriented business to make small loans to individuals and small businesses.
It's a small victory, sure—but it's the small victories that'll eventually add up to a better world.
In theory, you could play small with him at power forward, or bigger with him at small forward.
START SMALL If it's your first time bringing the kids, start with a small festival, such as Huichica.
It's a small camera that allowed me to fit into small paces, especially while shooting inside the car.
These spacecraft would be small — far too small for astronauts or even to carry supplies to the surface.
The space felt hopelessly small and wrong, but it was inevitably all going to feel small and wrong.
But there also are active prejudices against farmers, country people, the country, small-town people and small towns.
A small back room had a closet but no natural light source, apart from a small cutout window.
An examination found a small incision in her clitoral hood and a small tear to her labia minora.
When the couple first saw the house, it was filled with period furniture, small scale for small rooms.
In small towns and small cities, your ability to provide health care will quite literally be a lifesaver.
A small-town vibe, with downtown streets lined mostly with small businesses, is also part of the appeal.
These are small overall amounts of support and small margins, with relatively little separation among the top candidates.
The drones appear to have assembled from a small engine, cheap plywood and a number of small rockets.
He is chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and an experienced small business owner.
Mentors: The U.S. Small Business Administration is moving forward with new rules for small business mentor-protege programs.
First, he brought a small Chinese teapot: This small teapot could only hold half a tall iced latte.
The Small Caps have actually done pretty well since then, and it's not just the U.S. Small Caps.
The Rockets are going small — really small — and not even D'Antoni is sure how it will pan out.
Small-business resources:Washington's Small Business Administration (SBA) hosts training sessions for business owners available on its site calendar.
Small-business resources:Colorado's Small Business Administration (SBA) hosts training sessions for business owners available on its site calendar.
S. Small Cap: 2000%International Large Cap: 20%International Small Cap: 20%Emerging Markets: 21%Market-Cap IndexingU.
I shot a small independent film in the Himalayas earlier this year, in a small town called Manali.
Two small companies are still based here, and there is still some small-scale whaling in local waters.
Yeah, that's small potatoes compared with, say, Rogue One, but it's remarkable for such a small, artistic drama.
Growing up a closeted teen in a small midwestern town with "living a small-town life with small town dreams," he longed for an escape, and at 17, he started posting vlogs on YouTube.
The Definitive Guide to Business Small-business confidence has surged to record levels in 2018, with many small-business owners optimistic about recent tax reforms, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.
This weekend, millions of small businesses and their customers will celebrate Small Business Saturday, a national day established in 2010 to encourage people to "Shop Small" at local shops that make our communities strong.
After all, more than 22019 million small-business employees are enrolled in the ACA marketplaces, and more than six in 10 ACA marketplace enrollees are small-business owners, self-employed or small-business employees.
Quarterly Survey Finds Confidence of Small Business Owners Continues to Climb, Despite Trade Concerns Key findings from the Q2 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Tuesday, May 1st throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
Having owned and operated a small business and as the chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, I am well aware of the unique relationships small businesses develop with their customer base and the value of trust and confidence that comes with operating a successful small business.
Quarterly Survey Finds Surge in Confidence of Small Business Owners Following Tax Reform Key findings from the Q1 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Tuesday, February 20th throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
"Mookie was very small-framed, a very underweight small kid," Collins tells CNBC Make It about her son, who is still considered relatively small for a professional athlete, standing at just 5 feet 9 inches.
There's a fan brush, a flat shader brush, a large blending brush, a small blending brush, a pencil brush, a small flat shade brush, a small pencil brush, an eyeliner brush, and a lip brush.
We&aposve saved our family farms from the estate tax also known as the death tax, and also, we&aposve saved small businesses, small farms, small businesses won&apost be paying the death tax anymore.
Surgeons then create a connection between the pouch and the small intestine so that food travels directly into the end of the small intestine, bypassing the stomach and the first portion of the small intestine.
Small but Diversified: Glenmark's revenue and operating EBITDAR are small compared with those of global major generic drugmakers, but the risk of its small size is counterbalanced by its good diversification in products and geographies.
In 2014, a report from the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship found that even though women accounted for 30% of all small businesses owners, they received only 4.4% of small business loans.
Surgeons then create a connection between the pouch and the small intestine so that food travels directly into the end of the small intestine, bypassing the stomach and the first portion of the small intestine.
The Small Business Cybersecurity Assistance Act would authorize Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) to work with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to provide consulting to small businesses on how to strengthen their cybersecurity protocols.
"This is really a crisis for small newspapers and small publications," Cicilline said in an interview with BuzzFeed News.
It's a small community with a low cost of living, which describes many small towns in the United States.
She said to Jon, "We can't hide behind small mercies," but "small mercies" is basically Jon Snow's middle name.
There are hardly any small bags for men, but for women there are many fabulous bags that are small.
Falcon Northwest is a small company, but small can mean focus and care when it comes to device makers.
And Linda McMahon, nominated to head the Small Business Administration, will have a hearing before Senate Small Business Committee.
" Midfielder McCall Zerboni said the championship match would likely come down to "very small margins" and "very small details.
"We never thought we were a competitor of Facebook — we're a small startup, with a small budget," he said.
Wienerschnitzel:On Mother's Day, moms can get a Wienerschnitzel chili dog, a small fry, and small soda free of charge.
It's a really thick phone with big bezels around a small screen that opens up into a small tablet.
"When you're in these microgravity environments around small asteroids, [small forces] kind of push you around substantially," Lauretta says.
"Marriage makes the small things much smaller and the big things small," he told Rhapsody magazine for United Airlines.
The number of shares they hold tends to be small, though, so the dollar volume tends to be small.
American Express started the Small Business Saturday holiday where they encourage people to shop local businesses or small businesses.
Regina is a small city with a small town mentality, and sometimes people have a hard time branching out.
A camera movement might seem like a small detail, but small details are what great films are built on.
It is not always worthwhile if the tumour is still small, because small tumours do not necessarily grow big.
Besides bowls, they also made other wooden cooking utensils, tool-handles, small toys by other small hand-powered lathe.
The new U.S. fund is a Small Business Investment Company, a scheme to help channel investment to small businesses.
Like many small-scale fishermen in the NTB province, Sidik operates around reefs using a small motorized fishing boat.
That means a small average effect, but an acute effect on the small number of people getting kicked off.
SCORE SCORE, a nonprofit association working in partnership with the Small Business Administration, offers financial counseling to small businesses.
A small flying craft is only strong enough to carry a small battery, which dramatically limits its flight time.
As of March 2016, there were 28.8 million small businesses and 56.8 million small business employees across the country.
It had small, sharp teeth like those of the earliest birds, and may have eaten small animals like lizards.
The adjustment will hurt about 44 percent of small businesses, according to a recent NFIB survey of small employers.
As we celebrate National Small Business Week, I always remember that when small businesses flourish, we all do too.
Such a coalition of Podemos, the Socialists, and several small regional parties would yield a small majority in parliament.
States could also require small businesses to use Small-business Health Option Program (or SHOP) exchanges, as D.C. does.
For public consumption, opponents of the rule spin their campaigns as friendly to small investors, and to small businesses.
During those small brightening events, a small portion of hydrogen gas was being dumped onto the white dwarf's surface.
Suggestions of gargantuan fine levies for even small violations by small businesses violate Eighth Amendment protections against excessive fines.
The something else was class-action lawsuits, filed scattershot against companies large and small, claiming offenses large and small.
Transparency in small business lending data is the key to understanding the credit needs of minority-owned small businesses.
The small business community has issued a challenge:  Can this Congress finally pass an overwhelmingly bipartisan small business bill?
In its present form, the measure would, in fact, exempt many small and developing nations with relatively small airlines.
Small tweaks can give a big boost Even small upgrades can have an uplifting effect on your work life.
SMALL WAFFLE FRIES, $2.35 — I suspect that Chick-fil-A accidentally gave me a medium fries instead of small.
Small business owners, and many of their employees, respond by favoring the small-government approach traditionally espoused by conservatives.
Each day has a small pocket that you can fill with a small treat or a spooky little toy.
But like today's small-engine diesels, those EVs could be modest city cars, with small batteries and limited range.
"Fifty Small Things," group exhibition of objects from 21726 to 214625 that are small , but full of history. Aug.
But small businesses say that what appears to be a simple administrative change could dismantle the Small Business Act.
The small teeth of H. luzonensis, she added, suggests they had small bodies, but we can't know for sure.
A small club from a small town ready to play what would be their most important match in history.
For successful small businesses, the House bill will reduce the top marginal small business tax rate to 25 percent.
Slut-shaming can be as big as revenge porn or as small as — actually, none of it is small.
Small business confidence reached its highest level in January since 2004, according to the National Federation of Small Business.
There are many other options for small businesses to gain funding, such as small loans, grants, and credit lines.
And in particular the small businesses, let me be very clear, Jim, we're providing immediate loans to small businesses.
There, beside the creek gully, a small black cylinder sits atop a metal pole, looming over the small trees.
The Small Business Administration has also announced it will provide disaster relief loans for small businesses affected by coronavirus.
She has been carrying a small top-handle bag ($11,500), so small as to be more or less impractical.
Near this point, the dynamics is chaotic, so the paths of small particles are highly sensitive to small perturbations.
Congress authorized up to $7 billion early this month for small business disaster loans through the Small Business Administration.
Congress authorized up to $7 billion early this month for small business disaster loans through the Small Business Administration.
On one side is what we might call the classic liberal democratic (small-l, small-d) theory of politics.
One podcast that attempts to rectify the trope of the bumbling small-town police force is Small Town Dicks.
And right now the number that comes into public television, public radio is 445 million. Mm-hmm. Small. Small.
More than 99% of all businesses are small businesses, and natural disasters cause 40% of small businesses to fail.
Generally, election days going forward will feature either a few small contests or one small- or medium-sized contest.
I get myself a small popcorn (no butter) and a small cherry Icee (which has a slight metallic taste?).
"It was an absolutely minor, small, small, little thing," Karl Friedrich Krause, one of the company's founders, told me.
It is well established that small business and particularly new small businesses are the greatest source of job growth.
How Small discovered something baffling about sweetness Small did not set out to test the healthfulness of artificial sweeteners.
Small business owners are experiencing one of the best and most small business-friendly economies in recent U.S. history.
"For a long time, people have been estimating coronal temperature over small regions over small time scales," he said.
Those structures include two small barns, a large barn, a small house, the main house, and a garage/workshop.
A recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey of 2,030 small-business owners also found that 40 percent were women.
But the small cast, in street clothes, in bam 's small Fishman Space, was able to put it over.
Small-business resources:New York's Small Business Administration (SBA) hosts training sessions for business owners, available on its site calendar.
Next to the small lobby was a small leafy courtyard filled with vintage-style furniture lit by string lights.
You do not have a small business, "KAREN," you have a small contingent of guilt-ridden and loyal friends.
If you can&apost come up with a large sum, start small, and appreciate that small things add up.
The Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act forces federal regulators to actually consider how regulations will affect small businesses.
In other words, while small businesses are often said to be job generators, large companies are small business generators.
Give a small gift Managers may choose to personally give their team members a small gift at year-end.
The ruling adds Italy to the small number of countries where small-scale cultivation for personal use is allowed.
At the same time, the House Small Business Committee will hold a hearing on rural broadband and small carriers.
Small business lender BlueVine launched its own small business banking product and announced a $102 million fundraise this fall.
The display does have a small, teardrop-shaped notch on the front, but it&aposs small and barely noticeable.
There's a small but visible synagogue, which encompasses a small school, on the same block as the kosher deli.
In the US, a small number of corporations controls most of our meat production and squeezes out small farms.
There, beside the creek gully, a small black cylinder sits atop a metal pole, looming over the small trees.
Some carry very small children; all are being crowded into small, inhumane cement cells for days at a time.
Sanders raised $12.5 million in small-dollar donations last quarter, while Warren raised $12.7 million in small-dollar donations.
The company U.S. dealers get the EcoSport small sport utility from India and Transit Connect small vans from Spain.
I also did Canal Zone, which is a small American town, or was a small American town, in Panama.
Quarterly Survey Finds Small Business Owners Confident about the Economy and the Future of Their Businesses Key findings from the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Friday, June 200 throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
Quarterly Survey Finds Small Business Owners Are Less Hopeful for Tax Reform and Other Policy Changes Key findings from the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Monday, September 215th throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
The request for information CFPB put out in May asked small businesses, financial institutions and community advocates to share information on the various financial products that are offered to small businesses, including women-owned and minority-owned small businesses, as well as initial feedback on challenges small businesses may face in accessing credit.
Robert Rifkin, manager of the $846 million Wells Fargo Special Small Cap Value fund, is fourth, and Robert Bergson, lead manager on Northern Trust's Northern Small Cap Core and Northern Small Cap Value funds, is 15th.
KEY RATING DRIVERS Small but Diversified: Glenmark's revenue and operating EBITDAR are small compared with those of global majors, but the risk of its small size is counterbalanced by its good diversification in products and geographies.
Valeria Bisceglia, who advises small businesses at the Connecticut Small Business Development Center, said this is a matter of small businesses just learning to better deal with Facebook and becoming as educated as they can be.
Bernie Sanders dominated small-dollar fundraising: 77% of the money he raised in the early stretch of the campaign came in small amounts, lapping the 17% that his rival Hillary Clinton took in from small donors.
Today, it's common in the bathrooms of cities like Seoul to see small pieces of toilet paper jammed into the ends of screws, small holes, or anything, really, that could be hiding a small concealed camera.
Allowing these association health plans to enroll more small businesses or self-employed individuals would likely create separate risk pools, undermining the small group market and raising costs for small businesses with older or sicker employees.
He has a focus on small business, promising to provide funds for towns to create entrepreneurship centers and increase the budget for the Small Business Investment Company program, which offers subsidized financing to help small businesses.
The CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, which includes a representative sample of small-business sizes and sectors, found that 78 percent of small businesses have 10 or less employees (61 percent have four or less employees).
Nellie has been named a Top 100 Small Business Influencer by Small Business Trends the last five years and CorpNet.
Microcephaly simply means that the baby's head is abnormally small — sometimes just because the parents themselves have unusually small heads.
That, or a small amount of people sharing a small amount of articles, is much more powerful than it appears.
We are a small state with a small population and we are one of the oldest states in the nation.
A small but dedicated group of Netscape users put hours into the task, despite the small chance of a reward.
" Here are their top tips: Small talk is small because it's the first stepping stone to getting into "heavy talk.
Three plastic cups are passed through a small hatch in the booth, each one holding a small amount of chocolate.
Wherever I am, I like a small town parade, big town parade, but usually small time parade is really good.
Regulations and permits started treating our wonderful small farmers and small businesses as if they were a major industrial polluter.
What that kind of did, in a sense, was it made small sounds really big and small sounds really important.
There were over 30 million small businesses operating in America, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy.
Meanwhile, to encourage small-business development, the IRS has another incredible provision known as the "qualified small business" stock exclusion.
"These are small groups of Americans who have maintained a small presence in Libya for that specific purpose," Cook said.
US forces are known to have small units stationed at small outposts at varying locations along the Syria-Turkey border.
And sending off small groups of guys from Calabria to small towns in obscure parts of Europe helps with discipline.
These include eight small plutonium heating units that give off a small amount of warmth, as well as electrical heaters.
Sexton said cities small and large, but particularly small-town America, where sewer systems are less advanced, are in danger.
And he referred to my hands if they're small, something else must be small I guarantee you there's no problem.
Her parents use a small diesel generator to power lights and, for a few hours per day, a small refrigerator.
The constitution's tipping of the scales towards small states was not limited to those with small populations in absolute terms.
Then there was the iPod phone, which would keep the screen small — a lot like that Nokia small screen design.
Twitter isn't small — it has roughly 3,500 employees worldwide, so even small jumps in percentage points represent dozens of employees.
He had the slick, proprietary attitude that small men from big cities sometimes bring toward big men from small cities.
There were small searches for safety despite the lack of a proven investment strategy for even a small nuclear war.
We're told the gathering was small -- with just a small handful of celebs there like Rosario Dawson and Maya Rudolph.
Square made two small product announcements today that should make to easier for small businesses to process credit card payments.
They're small, but not small enough to swallow yet, and there are, unsurprisingly, a host of concerns about ingesting machines.
First, claim a small chunk of real estate—and by small, we mean as little as three by six feet.
The Tiangong-1 is very small by space station standards, and can only accommodate a small crew of three taikonauts.
The latter challenge will be small—as small as the tiniest microchip—and affect the wealthiest nations before any others.
Just past the front desk, there's a Starbucks coffee kiosk with another small seating area, and a small gift shop.
Weirdly, I've always thought I disliked small talk but in your situation, small talk could quickly lead into that awkwardness.
MHI's defense business was confined to two small models on a small display stand at the side of the exhibition.
It possessed powerful legs, small wings, large claws and a big beak for eating fruit, nuts and maybe small prey.
A small collection of small-scale songs, both lyrically and musically, the praise heaped on Thrush Metal has been manifold.
O'Rourke released his own small business plan on Saturday, focusing on women, communities of color, and small businesses more generally.
This doesn't mean that making small healthy choices don't matter, because even small things you do to stay healthy matter.
""The Antiquities Act in the early 1900s was put in place to save small areas, it actually says 'small designations.
The researchers found that adults should limit themselves to three small kernels a day, and toddlers to one small kernel.
In its early years, the American republic possessed only a small standing military and played a very small international role.
A House Small Business subcommittee holds a hearing on expanding rural broadband and the role of small internet service providers.
And the administrative costs of offering very small loans to very small farmers, even those with collateral, are often prohibitive.
These are small countries, but the uprisings of 2011 show that small countries can serve as a model for others.
Clinton wants to unleash small-business growth by having the government give out more loans through the Small Business Administration.
The Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act is a positive and needed bill to boost small business growth and entrepreneurship.
That reluctance has spawned a boom in small venture capital and private equity firms offering to finance small food businesses.
Add another one to the list of companies piloting small, wheeled, autonomous robots for small-package and food delivery: Yandex .
John Arensmeyer is the founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, which has a nationwide network of 58,000 small firms.
This idea is so much bigger than Trump, a small man of small thought who is at war with scrutiny.
Chabot is chairman of the Small Business Committee and Nydia M. Velázquez is ranking member of the Small Business Committee.
The lobby is small and unassuming, filled with just a few velvet-backed chairs and a small check-in desk.
Despite small caps being much cheaper than large caps, the small caps are still giving downward earnings revisions, said Hall.
After a small handful — and my hands are small — I was beginning to feel the oil and carbs build up.
In the back of the store was a small home section with pillows, candles, and other small home decor items.
The Parker Solar Probe is quite small, about the size of a small car, and it weighs about 1,500 pounds.
The Senate Small Business Committee will vote Monday on whether to recommend Linda McMahon to lead the Small Business Administration.
"I am concerned that all is not well in this world of small countries with small financial systems," she said.
Third, when industries are dominated by such large companies, small and not-so-small businesses suffer because they can't compete.
Other small banks can now free up what would have been otherwise wasted capital to make more small-business loans.
"We are a small festival with a small number of carefully chosen guests," said Izeta Gradjevic, the festival's creative director.
Typically, lenders in the small business space have to make their decision based on a very small amount of data.
Therefore, a small-business tax cut would not only reinvigorate small businesses but also the communities in which they operate.
The nonpartisan Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council said the ruling will add stress for small businesses, the marketplace and internet entrepreneurs.
According to Atlas Obscura, the landowner was offended by the small offer and decided to build a small house instead.
It included $1 billion that the Small Business Administration use to leverage $7 billion in loans to struggling small businesses.
If the economic shock is small and stimulus proves to be unnecessary, its negative effects are likely to be small.
While the previous legal pot states had relatively small economies and, therefore, relatively small marijuana industries, California is a behemoth.
The company acknowledges that's a very small percentage, and it's especially small when compared to other companies in its industry.
Large beetles escaped more frequently than small beetles, and small toads were more likely to vomit beetles than large toads.
A small fixture in a big room can look dinky, while a large fixture could easily overwhelm a small room.
SpaceX, for all its successes, is still a fairly small company, and the profit margin on rocket launches is small.
Although household chores seem like a small thing, the subtle but pervasive message of requiring them isn't small at all.
At my beach I feel small, in the same good way I felt small when I lived near a glacier.
The small-format stores are an average of 40,000 square feet, but can be as small as 12,000 square feet.
NatWest on Monday offered relief to small firms and a 5 billion pound boost to its small business support fund.
It's small, but chunky, like a shrunken e-reader with a screen too small to actually use for e-books.
Wish they allowed 1080p to be played on these but the display is so small and ppi seems small too.
In a Gallup survey on small businesses conducted last week, the vast majority -- 69% -- benefitted from the small business deduction.
The Pope in turn presented Pence with a small white box containing a small medal, to the vice president's delight.
Sixty-one percent of small businesses have four or less employees, according to the recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.
EDT: The House Committee on Small Business will hold a hearing on the cyber threat to small businesses. http://bit.
The Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee will hold a hearing on cybersecurity and small businesses at 3:30 p.m.
Arensmeyer is the founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, an advocacy organization, founded and run by small business owners.
We measured these contractions and they are very small -- perhaps too small to preserve the muscle -- but they are present.
Others include Diamond Hill's Small Cap A and Small Midcap A , Harding Loevner's Emerging Markets Advisor, and Vulcan Value Partners.
This is no small feat, experts say, as upward of 99 percent of Mexican enterprises are small and medium-sized.
" Days later, Trump responded to the jab during a debate and said, "If they're small, something else must be small.
College football is big where it's big for very specific reasons, and small where it's small for equally specific reasons.
Only half of small businesses survive the first five years and beyond, the US Small Business Administration found in 2018.
While noting that "every great investment starts small," Mr. Boyd stressed that Fidelity will not invest in anything too small.
The emoji showing both flags together amounts to a small (very small) action, but the digital recognition carries deep significance.
Competition from superstores and shopping malls also devastated many small-city downtowns; now many small-town malls are failing too.
As the largest small business insurer in the country, Nationwide is focused on the needs of America's small business owners.
Studies suggest that microcephaly — which results in an abnormally small head — represents only a small fraction of the damage done.
The boost to consumer demand could not be met by the old center-city structure of small shops, small purchases.
This law created a small business regulatory review committee to make sure regulations were not unduly burdensome on small businesses.
Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) presents a significant tax savings opportunity for people who create and invest in small businesses.
Three plastic cups are passed through a small hatch in the booth, each one holding a small amount of chocolate.
Indeed, a recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey of 2,030 small-business owners revealed that only 40 percent were women.
Women owners represented about 245 percent of the 21,24 small businesses surveyed in the recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.
If I remember the conversations, because they were small companies, small entrepreneurs and it was kind of a heavy process.
"Marriage makes the small things much smaller and the big things small," he said during an interview with Rhapsody magazine.
I did see a small protest today when I came, very small, so a lot of it is fake news.
Investors also rotated to large cap shares from small caps, with the Topix core 30 gaining 13 percent while Topix small rose just 0.4 percent, reversing the outperfomance of small cap shares in the past few months.
Obamacare has helped many small-business owners, she says: "Now small businesses don't have to worry that their small number of employees makes their risk pool too limited, causing costs to soar if one employee gets sick."
As a former small-business owner who couldn't get business credit, she also has an interest in making capital available for small-business owners across Georgia — Abrams wants to create a $10 million small-business financing fund.
Small business owner Michelle Van Etten Reality Check: Obamacare's effect on small businesses By Tami Luhby, CNNMoney Michelle Van Etten, a senior vice chairman marketing director for Youngevity, is representing small-business owners at the GOP convention.
She has promised she will give small businesses more access to capital, launch a national effort to cut red tape that is impeding small businesses, and provide targeted tax relief for small businesses with simplified tax filing.
Oh tiny Groot, oh tiny Muse, let me haiku for you: Tiny Groot, so small How glad we are you came from Normal Groot, so tall You are a small plant I am a small Plante, too.
Hispanic-owned firms are the fastest-growing segment of U.S. small businesses, according to Small Business Administration (SBA) research, and improving financial literacy, tax reform and regulatory reform can be helpful for small-business owners, Carranza said.
A small town in South Dakota and a small town in Iowa are virtually the same place, not to mention vastly different from a small town of the same size in, say, California, where I now live.
Barely 262 in 24 small-business owners blame immigration restrictions for difficulties they have hiring skilled workers, according to the latest CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, a quarterly online poll with responses from 260,21 small-business owners.
"The nearly $750 million DOL's initial regulatory flexibility analysis estimates small businesses would face in new costs during the rule's first year underestimates the true compliance costs for small business," said Karen Harned, executive director of the Small Business Legal Center at the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation's leading small business lobby.
Most small businesses fall into this zero to four employee category, which means that small business growth — at least in terms of headcount — is typically concentrated among the few small businesses that have already reached a critical mass.
But it's really fascinating to see how misled the country's been and how a very small, small group – the NRA only represents five percent of gun owners – and how that small minority has really been driving this narrative.
In fact, 5.7 million small-business employees or self-employed workers are enrolled in the ACA marketplaces, and more than half of all ACA marketplace enrollees nationwide are small-business owners, self-employed individuals or small-business employees.
The Small Refiners Coalition, which represents companies that operate small refining facilities, said the EPA is required by law to help small refineries struggling with these regulations and that such exemptions are crucial to their financial well-being.
But just about anyone who has worked at both a large chain business and a small independent business can tell you that the flexibility and personal touch of a small business is often worth a small pay cut.
Just recently, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council sent a letter to Congress signed by over 50 small businesses across the country, that demonstrated the importance of broad tax reform to help spur small business growth and competitiveness.
Through a partnership with Goldman Sachs's 20153,000 Small Businesses, the foundation provides women small-business owners with business and management education.
RIVERA: And July 25th has a great parade in every small town -- in every small town I have ever lived in.
"Small-business owners are looking for changes to happen," said Ray Keating, chief economist at the nonpartisan Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.
So in honor of National Small Business Week, the platforms are adding crucial tools to help small businesses connect to consumers.
In December of 2015, the FAA required that owners of small devices had to register their vehicles for a small fee.
It feels like a small thing, but, then, most of the updates are relatively small in the grand scheme of things.
What's more, the National Small Business Association finds 42 percent of small businesses say they've contacted lawmakers about health-care costs.
"You're trying to optimize for a very small piece of real estate on a very small piece of glass," he said.
The CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey for Q2 was conducted across 2,100 small business owners between April 15 and April 22.
Among small-caps, department store operator Debenhams suffered a sharp fall, while the small-cap index was down 0.3 percent overall.
Investors started to turn instead to U.S. small-cap and value funds, though inflows were relatively small with $20.17 billion each.
"They are easier to harvest when they are small and you can fit more into a small space," Baker told CNN.
A tangle of washing lines hangs above small concrete and makeshift homes, many housing small businesses or selling clothes and food.
Even Brandy Melville is exclusionary by design — it only carries one size, and that size is usually small or extra small.
It's done so, in part, by making small changes at its stores, such as offering small handbaskets in addition to carts.
The conversation evolved, homing in on the impact of big business on small business, and the small business impact on communities.
Many advisors will stop servicing small plans, which will significantly reduce the retirement savings options available to current small business employees.
The FCC was worried that the company's small satellites were too small, which could make them hard to track in space.
This involves anesthesia (either local or general), a small incision in your mouth, and removal of a small piece of bone.
Individual actions may seem small, #moggmentum may seem trivial, a RT, insignificant but together, small steps can have astonishing impact. pic.twitter.
With a small group of friends, he purchased a small, bankrupt construction business called Padrós and managed to make it profitable.
ISIS set up factories in Iraq and Syria to modify mortar bombs—basically, small artillery shells—to fit on small drones.
Two small pale blue desert finches chirp in a small white cage by the window in Panzironi's modern home–office apartment.
The U.S. Small Business Administration named co-founders Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley the National Small Business Persons of the Year.
In honor of National Small Business Week, here are four ways small business owners (SBOs) can drive business growth this year.
Instead, it helps small businesses who are highly rated online, like Amazon sellers, accrue small premiums for their superior customer service.
This fall, small SUVs became the largest segment of the market, at 14%, beating out small and midsize cars, KBB said.
"We think small businesses are coming to Facebook because Facebook works," said Dan Levy, Facebook's head of small and medium businesses.
She turned a small business into a big multinational business, which is what a lot of small businesses want to become.
Among the Democrats, Clinton — who says she wants to be the "small-business president" — is the front-runner for small business.
The U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy is the federal government's watchdog against over-regulation with respect to small business.
Most small towns are weird, but I feel like the small town I grew up in is particularly weird about food.
About 60 percent of the valuable Appalachian woodlands are privately owned, whether in small parcels by individuals or by small businesses.
And as small business owners, we can tell you firsthand that small companies provide room for innovation that larger companies don't.
This may seem like a small thing, and so far it seems to be affecting only a small percentage of books.
China is already a small net exporter of refined lead, thanks to tax concessions granted a small number of local producers.
But the nonpartisan National Small Business Association and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council have been more pointed in criticizing Trump's policies.
In keeping with the small-plates regimen followed at Estela, most of the portions at Café Altro Paradiso are deliberately small.
And seven ETFs track the S&P's Small Cap 600, including BlackRock's $37 billion iShares Core S&P Small Cap ETF.
John Arensmeyer is the founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, and advocacy group founded and run by small-business owners.
Small, the great-grandson of Illinois governor Len Small, belonged to a family with a controlling interest in United Press International.
Starter homes are described by Bankrate as small, single-family homes that only require a small down payment and a mortgage.
I still carried the feeling that I'd never be small enough, and the belief that being small enough meant being lovable.
Currently they own about 2.5 million small businesses in America in a host of industries, according to the Small Business Administration.
Indexes were little changed for most of the day, then gradually slid from small gains to small losses in the afternoon.

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