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"known" Definitions
  1. known about, especially by a lot of people
"known" Synonyms
noted celebrated recognised(UK) recognized(US) acknowledged famous notable notorious renowned admitted avowed confessed declared established familiar popular accepted certified obvious overt acquainted investigated studied known about well known common everyday ordinary frequent household routine domestic stock accustomed usual commonplace repeated conventional identifiable noticeable recognisable(UK) recognizable(US) clear distinct visible perceptible detectable evident apparent conspicuous discernible unmistakable observable distinguishable perceivable marked appreciable successful accomplished fortunate favourable(UK) favorable(US) outstanding top fortuitous noteworthy lucky award-winning blossoming conquering extraordinary performant prizewinning rolling well-known prominent famed acclaimed important distinguished eminent esteemed great influential leading determinate fixed settled certain determined definite express final specified decided defined positive precise quantified absolute conclusive definitive explicit limited definable specific determinable ascertainable describable clear-cut exact explicable undergone sustained borne encountered endured experienced felt shared supported withstood met with submitted to in the open outdoors in the public domain on show public public knowledge revealed unconcealed unhidden open plain published exposed broadcast patent understood implicit assumed implied agreed inferred presumed silent unwritten appreciated tacit unsaid unspoken unstated axiomatic inferential undeclared unexpressed wordless uncovered announced disclosed divulged reported communicated proclaimed publicised(UK) publicized(US) stated narrated posted recorded touted unmasked unveiled exhibited freely available on record unmannered actual artless candid earnest easy frank genuine heartfelt hearty honest natural real reliable simple sincere true trustworthy given particular designated set delineated identified named prearranged predetermined prescribed appointed seen been through gone through realised(UK) suffered tasted tolerated realized(US) put up with come into contact with come across come up against faced perceived comprehended grasped sensed noticed savvied apprehended beheld beholden cognized conceived discerned got had learned by heart had mastered had something taped had a taste of had met empathized with fraternized with had knowledge of had learned had memorized socialized with felt certain of got acquainted with had a grasp of had dealings with remembered recalled recollected been aware of been cognizant of differentiated discriminated differenced secerned ascertained demarcated placed detected judged More
"known" Antonyms
unknown unacknowledged unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) undistinguished unappreciated unsung unidentified inconspicuous unnamed anonymous nameless uncelebrated obscure unfamous inferior insignificant ordinary unremarkable unimportant hidden secret unnoticeable concealed invisible unfamiliar unnoticed unseen uncommon indistinct unrevealed camouflaged vague ambiguous infrequent unusual extraordinary rare seldom unaccustomed abnormal alien aloof business cold cool different foreign industrial new original unrecognisable(UK) unrecognizable(US) unfavorable(US) unfavourable(UK) unpopular run of the mill uncredited unexceptional unmemorable unsigned cursed hapless ill-fated ill-omened inauspicious luckless indeterminate nondeterminate disputable arguable debatable questionable refutable adjustable changeable changeful controversial controvertible fluctuating inconstant unreliable unstable unsteady variable volatile contradictable doubtful uncertain indefinable undefinable expressed stated explained explicit spoken written classified confidential undisclosed private intimate dissembled nonpublic restricted esoteric unpublished dissimulated hushed hush-hush untold strictly confidential unspoken closet affected misunderstood confused misconstrued misinterpreted forgotten forgot miscomprehended misknown mistaken overlooked confounded misapprehended misconceived misperceived misread neglected gotten it wrong gotten the wrong idea mixed up not got known nothing avoided circumvented shirked bypassed dodged evaded ignored shunned skirted circumnavigated disregarded eluded danced around gotten around kept clear of shrunk from shied away from shied from disremembered failed to remember misrecollected misremembered obliviated omitted skipped looked past paid no attention to paid no heed to left out of consideration dismissed defied unheeded misidentified muddled up failed to see the difference between

500 Sentences With "known"

How to use known in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "known" and check conjugation/comparative form for "known". Mastering all the usages of "known" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We're known for video, we're known for premium music videos, we're known for great UGC.
Some are known and some are not known, but they're known within their field as being the best.
Some commonly prescribed medications are amphetamine/dextroamphetamine, known as Adderall; methylphenidate, known as Concerta or Ritalin; and lisdexamfetamine, known as Vyvanse.
The answers aren't known, and all the forces aren't known.
I mean, I had known, but I hadn't really known.
"There's no known cause or no known cure," Tiffany recalls.
These bugs are sometimes known as "KS," meaning known, shippable bugs.
Officially known as "Research and Economics," it's known internally as Ubernomics.
The bank robber group used known financial malware known as Netwire.
"He was a well-known person -- well-known family," he says.
So let's start with a known object—well, sort of known.
" He's known for efficiency and known for "getting the job done.
There is no known cause, and there is no known cure.
Evidently, the man formerly known as P. Diddy, formerly known as Swag, formerly known as Puff Daddy, is not a big One Direction fan.
"Either the restaurant is known or the chef is known," says Matheson.
It's not known for cold weather, it's known for quite hot weather.
Known as Bert Kay, the veteran photographer was well-known and admired.
It's the only known galaxy of its kind in the known universe.
He's, like, a known person, a known tattoo artist in this area.
"We've known Joel's family as long as we've known him," she said.
A little-known phenomenon known as the transfer effect is to blame.
The group is well known for their adoring fans, known as ARMY.
Known as the "Island of the Winds," Mykonos is known for kitesurfing.
A 53-mile-wide crater known as Tycho, known to be young, retained warmth during nighttime, while other craters known to be much older did not.
I don't want to call them lesser known, because among your age group I think they are really well-known, but maybe lesser known to us.
And Brennan should have known really that he speculates in his known peril.
Had I known what MIT was, I should have known not to apply.
Well, it's known to you, but it's not known to normal people. Exactly.
I've known the You in my mind, but I haven't known you. Dad?
New Japan wrestlers were known here—they were known before they were needed.
Iran is known for its oil, but it is also known for pistachios.
He's very well-known, maybe more well-known than me, I understand that.
That is precisely why the need to conserve biodiversity is a known, known.
His lesser-known books are as rich and illuminating as his best known.
I've known you for a decade, I've never known about your acting career.
"I've known you almost as long as I've known [Troian]," he posted on Thursday.
Because that's what it was known as, it was known as a selfie app.
The order of Coleoptera—more commonly known as beetles—includes thousands of known species.
They were then known as bodybuilding enhancers and were not known to the public.
"Ojeda not only made his opinion known, he made his presence known," Rupp said.
But Fairchild isn't known primarily for sweet ink art — she's known for areola tattooing.
This was known as a "like kind exchange," also known as a 203 exchange.
Windows (like OS X — soon to be known as macOS) is known for that.
I'll forever be known as your mom; you'll forever be known as my baby.
Here is what is publicly known and not known: How did the investigations begin?
I've known her for a long time, and she's known my family even longer.
Bryant was also known for occasionally making his feelings known hotly on the sideline.
I assume it wasn't widely known, because no one seems to have known it.
Baker Mayfield, a quarterback known for turnovers, faces a defense known for generating them.
Williams was also known as YNW Sakchaser and Thomas was known as YNW Juvy.
So much is not known, or is only known from the testimony of Thibodeau.
Known formally as International Mobile Security Identity devices, they are commonly known as StingRays.
The airline is formally known as Royal Dutch Airlines, not "formerly" known as such.
Sagittarius is known for being flexible; Capricorn is known for being bitchy and bossy.
Inciarte is known for aggressive baserunning, and Bruce said he should have known better.
The area formerly known as Baker Street will now be known as Pets Place.
The little-known doctrine has erased several well-known criminal convictions over the years.
Wirecutter's are the best known ... Wirecutter's the best known ... New York Times bought them.
People who are known for being known for being known and have attempted to make a living off the back of a very conscious knowingness about the fact that people know that they used to be sort of, vaguely, kind of well known.
This, despite the fact that Charlotte, formerly known as CeCe Drake, formerly known as Red Coat, and even formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis, was murdered in the sixth season.
IF THE best-known emblem of Mongolia is its mighty 13th-century conqueror, Genghis Khan, the second-best-known is probably the humble nomadic dwelling known as a yurt.
MSI isn't known for budget-friendly devices, and it isn't known for especially portable devices.
Only one is known to have had a child, and there are no known grandchildren.
It's a phenomenon known as a dust explosion and is a known hazard on farms.
Famously known as India's Banksy, anonymous street artist Daku is known for his provocative works.
Williams was also known as YNW Sakchaser and Thomas Jr. was known as YNW Juvy.
The target of the ban, known as Fram, is one of Wikipedia's best-known administrators.
Yesterday there—separation—tears—the tears I've never known Became known to the girl's heart.
Donald is known for saying 'You're fired'; maybe I will be known for saying 'Aflac.
Troodontids, along with dromaeosaurs (popularly known as Velociraptors), are the closest known relatives to birds.
Both establishments are known for their use of seasonal produce and lesser known, global wines.
Little is known about Apex — it's not known if it's a legitimate company or not.
And those are just the ones we know about — the known knowns, as they're known.
"Me and T, we've known each other longer than we've known our wives," he says.
A summary of what is known and not known about the nightclub attack is here.
Formally known as microvascular decompression, it is familiarly known among surgeons as the Jannetta procedure.
But the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is not known to have combat aircraft.
" Following that shift, he came to be known as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.
Their supporters then rallied around a slate of little-known candidates known as Hope List.
While Tesla is known for its innovative designs, it's not known for its flawless execution.
There are countless regional variations, with dozens of known melodies and thousands of known lyrics.
What is better than to be known and to be loved because you are known?
The asteroid, known as 24 CD3, is only the second asteroid known to orbit Earth.
Pomeranian husky mixes, also known as Pomskys, are known for being playful and affectionate pets.
Though he is now known for his brashness, he was barely known 10 years ago.
There are 18 known HA subtypes and 73 known NA subtypes, according to the CDC.
Some I've known for 15 plus years, others I've known for a year or two.
Ladyfingers, known as savoiardi in Italian, are well-known in America as tubular, spongy biscuits.
If the elimination of Category 7 scrap is the "known known", the combination of the new "carried waste" thresholds and the enforcement of those standards is a significant "known unknown".
The suited man is Pete Accetturo, also known as VoiceoverPete, also known as Presenter Pete Ace.
I am 210, and have known Costco longer than I have known most of my friends.
For well-known developers working on well-known open source projects, this can be quite lucrative.
"Should have known, must have known, had to know, does not get you there," he said.
The market's view is that Clinton's positions are known, but that Trump is not well-known.
The best-known alternative gravity theories are known as modified Newtonian dynamics, commonly abbreviated to MOND.
Known to authorities Abedi was already known to authorities, UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Wednesday.
We never would have known, the viewers never would have known, unless they themselves identified themselves.
The national team's guiding philosophy, known as Total Football, became known (and taught) around the world.
For instance, sexual identities that are widely known are heterosexual, often known as straight, or gay.
The cause was not immediately known, but Mr. Drake was known to have had health problems.
" The girl formerly known as Adelaide then grew up in captivity underground, becoming known as "Red.
Bite Beauty is known for their bold lipstick pigments but they're also known for hydrating products.
The thing is, the only problem is if you're not known you're not known, right. Right.
So the phenomenon is known for thousands of years, and I am sure it's known worldwide.
"It's known to be more centrist, it's known to be more compromise-y," Ms. Velamakanni said.
Denton — known online as "Rape" or "Tormenter" — is the second known member of the swatting ring.
While we&aposve always known it was illegal, I&aposd never known that it was punitive.
There is no known evidence that members of Trump's campaign colluded with any known Russian actors.
Yes. The one that is the best known, but you have tons ... Expedia's not well-known?
Taken together, the health issues - disordered eating, a halt in monthly menstrual cycles known as amenorrhea and a bone-thinning disease known as osteoporosis - are known as the female athlete triad.
A land known as Iraden has been protected for centuries by a god known as Raven, who chooses a human ruler to carry out his will, known as the Raven's Lease.
As a prosecutor Mr. Lacey was best known for battling mob bosses, among them Angelo DeCarlo, who was known as Gyp, and Ruggiero Boiardo, who was known as Richie the Boot.
The group included a data researcher known on YouTube as Sealow, who authored the study's written results; the YouTube Analyzed channel, run by a creator known only as Andrew; the YouTuber known as Een, a member of the channel Nerd City; and a YouTuber known as Sybreed.
And Julian [Schnabel], I've known for like 30 years, so — I was wondering if you'd known Schnabel before now, back when he was best known as a painter, before he made Basquiat.
Little is known about the company, other than the names of three of its principals: Yam Tak Cheung, known as TC Yam; Wong Siu Wa, known as Sammy Wong; and Wayne Hsieh.
According to the researchers, prehistoric sharks and sea turtles were the only other known flesh-eaters in those waters, known as the Solnhofen Archipelago, during the period known as the Late Jurassic.
Mujahid Abdul Halim (known as Talmadge Hayer and Thomas Hagan), Muhammad Abdul Aziz (known as Norman 3X Butler) and Khalil Islam (known as Thomas 15X Johnson) were sentenced to life in prison.
The party is full of better-known, semi-known, and even comparatively little-known figures who might think they can do themselves or their career some good by announcing a presidential campaign.
Her fate is not known, nor is it known if formal charges will be brought against her.
A ubiquitous, bloom-forming phytoplankton known as Emiliania huxleyi is plagued by a virus known as EhV.
Mike Pence and Tim Kaine aren't known for their colorful personalities, or known that much at all.
January 1974: Ted Bundy's First Known Attack Bundy's first known sexual attack happened in January of 1974.
It does, however, contain dicapryl adipate, a lesser-known ingredient that is also known to repel bugs.
This system flags known child exploitative material and known terrorist propaganda so we can quickly remove content.
Pigs aren't known for nest-building, and they certainly aren't known for their sophisticated use of tools.
Indica is known for its relaxing, lethargic qualities while sativa is known for it's buzzy, uplifting boost.
Several Facebook accounts belonging to CNN were hacked by the now well known group known as OurMine.
Those files apparently came from a little-known service for the US intelligence community known as Intellipedia.
While Oklahoma might be known for "Oklahoma!" the musical, it's also a well-known spot for tornadoes.
You know I've known her a long time I've known her to mentor a lot of people.
The local sheriff hadn't known about Rhoades, and the FBI hadn't known about the unsolved murder case.
He was known to take over portions of games, but he was also known to occasionally disappear.
Known as Bell's law, this proposition is intimately intertwined with the far more well known Moore's law.
Known as Waimanu, the oldest known penguins lived just a few million years after the mass extinctions.
Griffith Joyner, known as FloJo, was also known for her outfits, many of which she designed herself.
It became known as "Earthrise" and has become one of the most well-known photographs in history.
The pain relievers known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are known to carry heart risks.
Another fairly known song by a well-known band, this 1981 tune has special meaning to fans.
This sparked off the start of a well-known feature on Google Maps known as Street View.
Risk analysis can help policymakers and others understand what is known and not known about environmental hazards.
The calf, known as L173, is part of a group of orcas known as the Southern Residents.
Where Hickenlooper is known for his retail politics, Bennet is known for being angry about broken government.
But that's France—known for joie de vivre—and this is New York, known for not sleeping.
Ursula Hayden, also known as the Farmer's Daughter, and Angelina Altishin, known as Little Egypt, were amazing teachers.
According to the FDA, area water wells are known to be contaminated with the PFAS known as GenX.
"We have known what his position is for some time, and my position is also known," she said.
It wasn't widely known or wasn't publicly known about him, but certainly in Hollywood that was his reputation.
Its last known practitioner was the vicious Queen Raina, known for perpetrating massacres and killing her own sister.
Workers swapped samples from areas known to be highly contaminated with dirt from areas known to be clean.
" He added: "There's two known things: What overdose looks like — the respiratory physiology of it — it's all known.
Being one of its most well known ... You and Donald Trump are some of the best-known citizens.
Jason was well known in the prop-building community: his helmets were known for their accuracy and detail.
The president, who has been known as a well-known philanderer most of his life, denies the affairs.
Statins include the drugs atorvastatin, known commercially as Lipitor; rosuvastatin, also known as Crestor, and simvastatin, or Zocor.
One member of her devoted fanbase (known as Poppy Seeds) has even founded a religion known as Poppyism.
"If Colombia is known for drugs, African countries for conflict, well, China is known for smuggling," Zhou says.
Much human trafficking, as the transporting of modern slaves is known, relies on trickery known as contract substitution.
Additionally, Dick Gregory is known primarily as an activist known for speaking out against racism and anti-Blackness.
SAUDI ARABIA, a giant petrostate, has a well-known plan to become something more, known as "Vision 2030".
Fondly known as the Harbor City, Sydney is also known as a cultural, culinary, and nature-rich hub.
It's known to the Republican leadership in Congress who recognize it, and it's known to the intelligence community.
Smith is known for his thoughtful, consciousness-raising hip-hop lyrics but was better known for his acting.
Another rub: Those 501 species now known to be ravaged by the chytrid fungi are exactly that—known.
Those are known within the agency as educational letters, whereas the recent ones are known as warning letters.
The corruption scandal revolves around a state fund, known as the 1Malaysia Development Berhad, commonly known as 1MDB.
The region, known as the dorsal raphe nucleus, or D.R.N., is best known for its link to depression.
I was a victim of the little-known technical term called de-risking, also known as de-banking.
The Supreme Court last week approved changes to a little-known criminal procedure rule known as Rule 41.
But the well-known preacher continues to be known for his intolerant views towards religious minorities, Crouch said.
Aguilar is best-known for his bipartisan Hurd-Aguilar bill to protect young, unauthorized immigrants known as DREAMers.
The payment system, known as CoDi, is being built by central bank Banco de México, known as Banxico.
" Also named were Omid Ghaffarinia, known as "PLuS," Sina Keissar and Nader Saedi, also known as "Turk Server.
Known as the grandmother of performance art, Abramovic, is known for over four decades of intensely physical art.
But less is known about the state of the pandemic in areas where there aren't any known outbreaks.
Eastern, TBS WHAT TO EXPECT These teams known for their offense should probably be known for their defense.
The California bill, known as AB22018, expands a groundbreaking California Supreme Court decision last year known as Dynamex.
You automatically realize the letters form a known word in your mind, so known you recite them everyday.
Venturi is known to have spoken to several well-known OEMs over the summer about a potential partnership.
People are entitled to their opinions about what I should have known, or must have known, or whatever.
This effect is known as radiative cooling, Raman said, and scientists have known about the phenomenon for years.
Obama is a well-known hoops fan, and he was known to host pickup games while in office.
South Dakota confirmed its first known coronavirus death Tuesday, one of five known cases in the state, Gov.
"They have been known for a while — my positions are also known," Ms. Merkel said Monday in Berlin.
Widely known as the First Folio, it is one of only six known complete copies in private hands.
Widely known as the First Folio, it is one of only six known complete copies in private hands.
Also known as Beats by Dre, the company is best known for its line of headphones and speakers.
He is known for his invention in 1982 of the associative neural network, known as the Hopfield Network.
I wish I had known… I wish I had known how much I would like doing something new.
But Kyoto Animation — known as KyoAni to its fans — is known for employing more women, particularly younger women.
But Kyoto Animation — known as KyoAni to its fans — is known for employing more women, particularly younger women.
I should have known that was too simple; Genova is also known as Genoa, and Columbus is GENOESE.
And Botulinum toxin, better known as Botox, is the most acutely lethal toxin known, and also totally natural.
It is not known why the artist, who was known to suffer mental health issues, was being detained.
The piano-sized spacecraft is chasing down a small object known as known as 2014 MU69, which lies a billion miles beyond Pluto in a rocky part of space known as the Kuiper Belt.
" Trump, Caputo said, was known to be "ultimately accessible" in Mar-a-Lago, in part, because members are "people in that club that have known Donald Trump for decades, longer than he has known Melania.
Musk has been known to offhandedly propose huge projects on Twitter, and occasionally he's been known to follow through.
The company known for its black products goes white, and the company known for its silver products goes black.
Click here to view original GIFNinjas are stereotypically known for their expertise with shuriken, also known as throwing stars.
Anyone facing these issues should take a look at a little-known IRS exception, known as Section 72-T.
Graham is known for bipartisan cooperation; Cassidy is known as the rare Republican who cared deeply about insurance coverage.
February 1974: Ted Bundy's First Known Murder Roughly a month later in February, Ted's committed his first known murder.
Vulnerabilities which are not known to the manufacturer of the hardware or software are commonly known as zero-days.
The man was known to police for minor crimes, broadcaster iTELE said, but had no known connections to extremists.
It's known now as a center of power, but it was also known as one 400 years ago, too.
Now, as the city grows ever more dense, it is diversifying beyond its well-known model, known as Vancouverism.
Before being known as the Texas Clipper, she was known as the USS Queens, according to reef program officials.
It's widely known that most dogs are good at fetch, it's less known that some dogs are soccer superstars.
The California bill, known as AB 203, expands a groundbreaking California Supreme Court decision last year known as Dynamex.
The 93-year-old is the only leader Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, has known since independence from Britain.
How long such export restraint lasts is the "known known" threat for the rest of the world's steel industry.
A motive is not known,  but Boston Police Commissioner William Evans believes the couple must have known the suspect.
In this case, they've evolved a way to combat a virophage known as Zamilon that's known to infect prokaryotes.
Reaching a known maximum length of 59 feet, Megalodon sharks are the biggest known sharks to roam the seas.
President known for straight talk It's the latest offensive remark from Duterte, a leader not known for his diplomacy.
"Today Daesh is a state, it has command centers, their locations are known, their logistics are known," Amiri said.
The object in question is known as asteroid (2000) Gault, and it has been known to astronomers since 0003.
Coach is known for its handbags while Burberry is best known for its iconic check pattern and trench coats.
Soccer fans are, of course, known for being big drinkers, and Russians are known for being big drinkers, too.
Many of the other items on the horizon are well known — the Italian banks are a well-known challenge.
The stretch of water known as Hustadvika is known for its fierce weather and shallow waters dotted with reefs.
The issuance was equally divided between fixed-rate notes known as LTN and floating-rate notes known as LFT.
While other nations are known for their art, architecture and food, we are known for our protected public lands.
JIMMY HASLAM: We have a mutual friend, Byron Trott, who-- Warren has actually known-- known longer than we have.
Also known as the setting of "Gone With the Wind," Georgia is known around the world for its peaches.
The deficit assessment is a function of many moveable inputs, some of them known, some of them "known unknowns".
Avenatti is best known for representing adult film thespian Stephanie Clifford (better known by her stage name Stormy Daniels).
Paddock was not known to the federal authorities but was known to local law enforcement, according to NBC News.
Terere is known for his charismatic personality and his academy is known for its loud music and tumultuous atmosphere.
"Bosco is known for her ambient, electro R&B, and I am known for Southern trap music," says Nilan.
Paddock was not known to the federal authorities, but was known to local law enforcement, according to NBC News.
Well known for his brand of heavily 80's-influenced pop, Bleachers—otherwise known as Jack Antonoff of fun.
Robert Silverman: Avner Eisenberg, who is a very well-known clown, is known in clowning as Avner the Eccentric.
Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology, is most popularly known as the tech that underpins cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
Microbes known as methanogens consume hydrogen and carbon dioxide and produce methane; other microbes known as methanotrophs eat methane.
But one sport in which women do not participate is the little-known winter event known as Nordic combined.
WME recently signed the TikTok stars Chase Hudson (known online as Lilhuddy) and Addison Easterling (known as Addison Rae).
The zodiac sign Aries is known for its temper…but do you want to be known for your temper?
Caroline Calloway became more well-known because of some controversy, but she was already known publicly… and choosing that.
Superheroes may be known for their powers and plot lines, but they are also known for their iconic looks.
Dylan, a consummate experimentalist at age 78, has been known to reinvent even his best-known songs in concert.
The company is known for its supporting a variety of digital currencies, but little is known about its management.
For Occidental, or Oxy as it is known, Mr. Obama has long been its little-known claim to fame.
The antibody-producing cells, known as B cells, are the site of a rare cancer known as Burkitt's lymphoma.
The eclectic mix of winners continues to include both well-known stars and little-known but still accomplished athletes.
Diab, a professor at the American University of Beirut, is a little-known figure with no known political affiliations.
All three previously known Los Alamos spies told the Soviets of a secret bomb-detonation method known as implosion.
Octopuses have been known to playfully steal cameras from divers; humans have been known to eat the creatures alive.
He has no publicly known history as a major art collector, and no publicly known source of great wealth.
This type of construction — known as an upstream tailings dam — is one of the oddest structures known to engineering.
Better known as Hate Man, the former New York Times reporter became a widely known street figure in Berkeley.
"Social conservatives have known him for a long time, and unlike Donald Trump he's a known quantity," Nance said.
Also, my mother had known Rebecca, as she'd known all five of the friends I dedicated the book to.
I've known her for 40 years, I've known her since she was Cambridge and I was at Oxford, right?
The Blue Collar Comedy Tour (with well-known Southern comedians), The Three Amigos Tour (with well-known Latino comedians), The Original Kings of Comedy Tour (with well-known black comedians) and the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour (with well-known Middle Eastern comedians) were all aimed at very specific ethnic and social groups.
Mosaics recently discovered in the former Roman city known as Ucetia in France Mosaics recently discovered in the former Roman city known as Ucetia in France Mosaics recently discovered in the former Roman city known as Ucetia in France Mosaics recently discovered in the former Roman city known as Ucetia in France
But two groups of insurgents are known to be operating there, one formed by remnants of the ultra-hardline militant Sunni organization Islamic State, while the other known as "White Banners", is new and little known.
Many would then settle their own community known as Africatown, which is still known by that name to this day.
But far less is known about pricing for devices than is known about drug costs, researchers note in Health Affairs.
The previously known mutations are known to increase lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer from 6% to 19%, said Kuchenbaecker.
He was known to the German police because of petty crimes but did not have any known links to terrorism.
Some people feel really comfortable being like, 'Okay, they should have known better, or their parents should have known better.
Each planet has a number assigned to it, representing the number of known worlds of that type known to astronomers.
BARTIROMO: Well... BIGGS: She has known about this -- she has known about this for seven months, for Pete&aposs sakes.
More known, albeit not well-known, is the possibility that Queen Charlotte, wife to King George III, had black ancestry.
Scientists and therapists long have known that some people are more resilient than others but had not known precisely why.
In the film, those idealists are known as the High Five (The Man is a villainous corporation known as IOI).
Historically Anya has been best known for her bag designs including the well-known "I am not a plastic bag".
It wasn't in any known shorthand or variation of medieval Latin or English or French or any other known language.
You've known him a long time, I've known him a long time, and he does have different sides to him.
It's an interesting tack for a company known primarily for its phones (and barely known at all in the US).
No evidence Bill Clinton would have known about this, every reason to believe Hillary Clinton would have known about this.
"Two-Kid-Tristan, will now be best known for known for TRIFLING while he's traveling," one basketball-savvy commenter remarked.
Between them, they show off a less well-known side of a mountain that's primarily known as a tourist attraction.
Some companies have become so well known for this pattern that the networks they have formed are known as mafias.
Deepfake videos have been known to impersonate well-known figures, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and former President Barack Obama.
Chistopher Walken is well known for his distinct delivery, and musician Dave Grohl is well known for being a jokester.
Juan Carlos Zepeda, president of the oil regulator known as the CNH, said it will not be known until Dec.
Carner, officially known as "Big Mama" (and once known as "The Great Gundy"), is an absolute stud on the links.
Some are known to be faster than their best-known classical rivals; others have yet to prove their speed advantage.
The gang is known for forcing new members to endure a 13-second beating known as "jumping in," authorities say.
The manuscript, known as the Sussex Declaration, is one of only two known handwritten parchment copies of America's formative text.
The stretch of water known as Hustadvika is known for its fierce weather and shallow waters are dotted with reefs.
The possibly-soon-be "park-formally-known-as-Glacier" is known for its sparkling ice formations and breathtaking arterial road.
After 168 years in publishing, the storied media operation once known as Tribune Publishing will now be known as Tronc.
Picciotto, who was also known as Connie or Conchita, was well a well known figure in the Washington, D.C. area.
Last night, he'd have known the location of the dressing rooms; he'll have known most of the cast by name.
Garcia Zarate was formerly known as Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, one of several aliases he is known to have used.
The ideal asset allocation is 80% stocks (known as equity holdings) and 20% bonds (known as fixed income), Fry said.
Known as Novichok, the chemical is known to be a military-grade nerve agent that the Kremlin develops, officials said.
" Especially after Yamashita, if Kim hadn't known what went on in the Warmbier matter, he assuredly "ought to have known.
The young women who worked for her were known as Claude girls, which became a well-known and powerful brand.
Anyone who's known me, like a lot of these people behind me — known me my whole life — know, you know.
" Later, he would change it back again and become "The Artist Formerly Known as 'The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.
He couldn't have known I'm a biracial guy with black father; even if he had known, he mightn't have cared.
She is the second known person to be infected by these parasites, known as Thelazia gulosa, which typically infect cattle.
"The Lady," as she is reverently known, now presides over a regime that persecutes its Muslim minority, known as Rohingyas.
Their aim is to soften support for well-known incumbents like Gardner or to bolster little-known candidates like Gideon.
All are known to function as antioxidants that can mitigate oxidative stress and all are known to decline during aging.
Pères Noel, or Father Christmas as Santa is known in Senegal, is even known to appear at supermarkets in Dakar.
Yet it wasn't clear that the authorities could have known this, or, really, that the prisoners themselves could have known.
The bill, known as the American Health Care Act, aims to replace the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.
Botstein's favorite tactic is to use a well-known figure like Puccini to shine a light on lesser-known contemporaries.
To publish was essentially to make yourself known, and it was a terrible thing for a woman to be known.
The Trump administration's use of a little-known legislative magic wand, known as the Congressional Review Act, expired at midnight.
Women's Fitted Crew, available at Known Supply, $28 [add monogram for $10] Men's Crew Neck, available at Known Supply, $32 [add monogram for $10]Known Supply's ultra-soft tees are the perfect addition to their basics drawer.
Laquan Parrish (also known as Maddog and Quanzaa), Andre Bent (also known as Dula), and Aaron Rodriguez (also known as Gunz and Cita) were the gang's "Big Guns," and they recruited new members, according to the indictment.
"I don't think he wants to be known as an African-American quarterback; he wants to be known as a quarterback."
I think that I would have communicated with a lot more transparency about what was known and what was not known.
"We have known what his position is for some time, and my position is also known," she told reporters in Berlin.
RCR Arquitectes is known, as much as it's known at all, for work that's designed to bridge the outdoors and indoors.
Last year, though, Trump scrapped the legal shield known as DACA, which had protected more than 800,000 beneficiaries, known as Dreamers.
While Dorit and Lisa have explained specifically how they met, Lisa and Ken have known PK longer than they've known Dorit.
" – Khloé "We've only known each other two to three years, but it seems like I've known her for my whole life.
If anyone can pull this off, it's Cohn, a powerful personality not known to be shy about making his views known.
The drug combines Novo's drug Tresiba, known also as insulin degludec, with its GLP-1 agonist Victoza, known also as liraglutide.
One of the few known personalities that have been associated with Mirai malware and botnets is known to frequent these forums.
Kaspersky thinks the culprits might be connected to one of two previously known gangs of bank hackers, known as and Carbanak.
An abridged version: The X-Man known as Jean Grey comes into contact with the cosmic force known as the Phoenix.
A well-known journalist in the Palestinian territories, she is known for her criticism of Israel and the treatment of Gaza.
A motive is not known, but Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told reporters that the couple must have known the suspect.
The dating app Feeld, previously known as 3nder and commonly known as "Tinder for threesomes," has just announced a Slack integration.
Keenly aware that not everything could be known, he wanted what could be grasped to be known as systematically as possible.
The flamboyant 96-year-old tycoon, one of Hong Kong's best-known businessmen, has had four wives and 17 known children.
After abdication, Akihito will be known as "joko", or emperor emeritus and Michiko will be known as "jokogo", or empress emerita.
Holdel is widely known for being a suspect in the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia.
These brands have typically been known in the US for their budget versions of what the big well-known brands produce.
They're known as "NP hard" problems, as opposed to the class known as "P" problems, which are relatively easy to solve.
The area, known as the Maragua Zone, features soft clay and is known for its dino tracks, as well as fossils.
They received feedback from the International Committee of the Red Cross, known in the humanitarian community known for creating privacy standards.
Though known for her comedy, Wiig has been known to skew toward dark humor or muted drama in her film roles.
Peiter Zatko, known in the hacker world as Mudge, was the best-known member of pioneering Boston hacking group the L0pht.
And he said it'd be easier for the well-known Biden than the other, lesser-known candidates in the first debate.
Bulldogs and terriers are some of the many breeds known for their scrunched-up, wide heads (formally known as brachycephalic breeds).
"Of course that region's known for being known for being home to a lot of sasquatches," broadcast partner Jeff Wade added.
The stretch of water known as Hustadvika and surrounding areas are known for fierce weather and shallow waters dotted with reefs.
There's a number of problems with using security products from companies that are not well known, or not known at all.
Before Taylor Swift was known for having fistfuls of celebrity boyfriends, she was known for having one celebrity boyfriend: Joe Jonas.
Spam and fake accounts are a known issue on Twitter and better-known accounts are more likely to attract fake followers.
The station's main competitor was WABC-AM, a radio juggernaut whose best-known D.J. was Bruce Morrow, known as Cousin Brucie.
His event aimed to tie together the farming societies of Nebraska, known for its corn, and Senegal, known for its peanuts.
World of Warcraft, known colloquially as WoW, is what's known as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG for short).
" (Less well-known is the lesson Lincoln drew from that axiom: "Therefore, we must take a (person) whose opinions are known.
And, while "Sessions" is a well known name in Alabama, it's not as well known as "Murkowski" was/is in Alaska.
The Super Eagles, as the team is known, arrived looking crisp in starched white traditional attire, known locally as the kaftan.
If they had known the man's troubles, had known the man, would they have understood that he was about to die?
And while the firm is known to be a serial acquirer, it is also known to be thoughtful in its dealmaking.
It has been known that Equifax didn't fix a flaw in its software that was known to the public for months.
These organisms are rightly known as extremophiles, the most famous of which is the tardigrade, otherwise known as the 'space-bear.
Less known is that Zombie voiced Curt Connors, better known as The Lizard, in MTV's short-lived CGI Spider-Man series.
A well-known example is Cirque du Soleil—famous, essentially, for being the most extra trapeze show known to planet Earth.
As a well-known vacation spot in Michigan, Mackinac Island is known for its fudge, historical sites, and lack of cars.
"The biography of the man, while he is known from a topical standpoint, really is not very well-known," he said.
Mr. Cecchi who at one point was known as the "condo king" of Washington, is known for developing the Watergate complex.
Still, little is known about the plot of this last installment in the nine-film franchise known as the Skywalker Saga.
The young royal will be known as Charlotte Cambridge in school, just as her big brother is known as George Cambridge.
S.R.I.s), sertraline (also known as Zoloft) and fluoxetine (also known under the brand name Prozac) in particular have improved SAD symptoms.
I live in Hebden Bridge, a Yorkshire, England, town known to strangers (if known at all) as the land of hippies.
Mr. Khan is best known for his intricately detailed dresses, which have been worn by well-known women, including Michelle Obama.
" McCarrick's checks were paid out of a little-known account in the Archdiocese of Washington known as the "Archbishop's Special Fund.
The amino acid L-dopa, also known as levodopa, is best known as a treatment for the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
He was known officially by his first name, Edward, though in Eunice he is widely known as Darrel, his middle name.
Warren's plan relies on a little-known provision of the 1965 Higher Education Act known as the "compromise and settlement" authority.
When activity is low, it is known as solar minimum, and when activity is high, it is known as solar maximum.
One pool, known as at-large delegates, are allocated statewide; another, known as district-level delegates, are awarded by congressional district.
They would have known that the plane would be in the area and known that it crashed with Piper on board.
" Perhaps the best known modern female wartime leader was Margaret Thatcher, Britain's prime minister, who was known as "the Iron Lady.
Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka is joining a little-known group known as the "MAGA Coalition," Axios reported early Tuesday.
The region, unofficially known as Kurdistan, has its own government and schools, and a security force known as the pesh merga.
"Inhotim is now an international place, known in all continents and also known as a perspective for the future," he says.
The specific Google product at issue isn't well-known or widely used and the specific companies involved aren't well-known either.
There have been similar allegations against the French force known as Sangaris, which operates independently in Central African Republic, known as CAR.
This single genetic individual, known as C1, belongs to a species of fungus called Armillaria gallica, otherwise known as the honey mushroom.
Designer Rahul Mishra is one of the most well-known Indian designers globally, who's known for his rich fabrications and dramatic shapes.
Woody Island, known as Yongxing in China, is the largest of the Paracel chain, also known as the Xisha Islands in China.
Charles was best known for his career in the U.S. independent circuit, Extreme Championship Wrestling, now known as the Eastern Championship Wrestling.
" The second is known as "judgmental heuristics," essentially "mental shortcuts," also known as cognitive biases or "triggers" that allow for "simplified thinking.
Miffy, known as Nijntje in Dutch, was his best known creation, enjoying great popularity in Asia and adorning lunchboxes the world over.
The Northeast is well-known terrain to the American media, and in political terms it's known above all else for being liberal.
Christopher Nolan is known for his dark style and epic films, but he's also known for obscuring Tom Hardy's very handsome face.
The cockpit is known as the Borbardier Vision Flight Deck, a very advanced system and something known to fans of the aircraft.
Jacobson's research is built around a well-known phenomenon in political science known as "generational imprinting" that's been documented since the 1950s.
If you feel weird about honoring the work of a known anti-Semite, don't honor the work of a known anti-Semite.
Location data can identify the owner of a disposable phone, known as a "burner", because it travels around with a known phone.
Other attacks were intended to disrupt known Qaeda locations and activities even when the identities of the people present were not known.
And while Flannery, who was , should have known about the instability of the businesses, individual investors could have known too, Cramer said.
Companies like Bluebird and Juno work with what is known as chimeric antigen receptor T-cell immunotherapy, also known as CAR-T.
The company, best known for its Overdrive car-racing game, released its latest consumer robot, a companion known as Vector, in October.
Using a well-known imaging technique known as FDG-PET, they were able to capture and map glucose uptake in the brain.
" Another wrote: "If you have ever known Michael & Laurin Long Bank, then you've known one of the greatest love stories ever told.
Aside from his final piece, Ader's best known body of work is a set of 16mm films known as the Fall series.
Glitch comes from the company previously known as Fog Creek Software, which is known for creating Trello and co-creating Stack Overflow.
The official censorship method is known as "Formal Interruption of Normal Commercial Operations," also known as "Modified Operations" or "Shutter Control" [pdf].
But the truth is that little is known about the environmental consequences of plastic—and what is known doesn't look hugely alarming.
Are felons and known drug users really put in jail when arrested for a lesser crime and known to have a gun?
Criminal gangs known as triads, which are known to operate in Macau, are typically involved in extortion, money laundering, murder and prostitution.
The gator came to be known as Chance the Snapper, playing off the name of one of Chicago's best known rap artists.
The land-based version is known as the KN-15, while Pyongyang's submarine-launched weapon is known as the KN-11 missile.
Hantavirus is fatal in about 35 percent of cases, with no known treatment and no known prevention, aside from avoiding potential exposure.
Price, a Republican congressman from Georgia, is best known for his virulent opposition to Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act.
Like any social media site, certain members become known for certain proclivities—which brings us to a Fetlife member known as Jilf.
These tests — known as genome sequencing — analyze a person's DNA, telling patients about their known risk for diseases like cancer or diabetes.
"We've known each other for over 10 years and we've always known we were each other's person, so to speak," she says.
As the leader of a criminal syndicate known as Crimson Dawn, he's known for both his ruthlessness and his taste for luxury.
Cerberus, which has more than $30 billion under management, is known for investing in well-known brands that have started to struggle.
Their home is a well-known mansion known as Kjar­vals-húsid, that was built for the Icelandic artist Jó­hann­es Kjar­val in 1969.
Samberg plays Conner Friel, otherwise known as Conner4Real, otherwise known as the former frontman of the three-man rap group Style Boyz.
Apple is known for its strong security and there are no known incidents of its source code or cryptographic keys being stolen.
More than anything, the Gülen Movement (which is also known in Turkey as hizmet, or "the service") is known for its schools.
I've known and worked with Fifi over the past four years; she's a well-known drag queen in the LA club scene.
You lived among people who had not only known you for your whole life but known your parents and grandparents as well.
The current epidemic is the 14th known outbreak of the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus, known in epidemiological terms as EBOV.
"His father delivered me, so when I say I've known him my whole life, I've known him my whole life," Perry quipped.
Though Trump is not necessarily well-known for his sense of humor, he has been known to make jokes during public appearances.
Something extraordinary was about to be known, yet at the same time it would never be known—that was what she thought.
The show is known not only known for producing mega-stars like Dion, but also for the outrageous outfits donned by contestants.
Jamie Holcomb, Methodist reverend "I've known him my whole life and I've never known him to do anything inappropriate," said the Rev.
The list includes better-known places like Barbados, and Bali, Indonesia, but the lesser-known island of Flatey, Iceland, took first place.
The program, known as the Analyst Impact Fund, will sit within the firm's donor-advised philanthropic fund, known as Goldman Sachs Gives.
The startup, known as Cityblock and known internally at Sidewalk as "CareLab," is focusing on low-income communities with serious health problems.
When I met those guys, I felt like I'd known 'em all my life,and I have known them for years now.
Stone is a well-known Republican operative, known both for employing dirty political tricks over the years and for his flamboyant lifestyle.
We've paired well-known lines with lesser-known (but equally awesome) indie standouts, making discovering great products a pleasure, not a pain.
Hart told me safety and privacy is of paramount concern for lesser-known actors, who often don't want their true identities known.
Adding insult to injury, there are no biographies for the contributors; this indirectly  privileges known art-world personalities over lesser known writers.
Now recent research suggests the remains — known as the Aitape skull — could be something more: the earliest known victim of a tsunami.
Ms. Kaewnongdang, known as Chompoo, and Mr. Supanya, known as Bank, both grew up in Isaan and met in college in Bangkok.
Among the best known was Rick Genest, above, a model known as Zombie Boy who appeared in a Lady Gaga music video.
One son, Sanders, known as Mac, and a daughter, Virginia, were 22009 months apart; John, known as Jack, was five years younger.
India's parliament has two houses: the lower house, known as the Lok Sabha, and the upper house, known as the Rajya Sabha.
Hospital Corners Also known as military corners, this is probably the best-known trick for making your bed — and for good reason.
In Bolivia, the boliviana varieties are known as "Amazonian coca," and are known to thrive in warm tropical conditions with acidic soil.
"She was known for her pottery, but she was also known for caring," said Richard French, a Big Cove Tribal Council representative.
The army, known as the Tatmadaw, seized power from the civilian government in Burma, as the country is also known, in 0007.
Ms. Schreck, known as an actor before she was known as a playwright, gives a real and wrenching performance, not a speech.
We entered the area known as Salinas La Brita, or Las Salinas to locals, known for its vast salt pans and marshes.
U.S. PIRG also recommends freezing your file at a lesser-known reporting agency known as the National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange.
Gottlieb intended tobacco regulation to be one of his legacies, even in an administration known known for a broad anti-regulatory agenda.
If either technology falters, McDonough has been known to call the St. John's reception building, known as the Great Hall, for updates.
Before he was known as Mr. Wonderful on "Shark Tank," O'Leary co-founded the software Softkey, now known as The Learning Company.
They're also known known by the names Cozy Bear and APT29, and have been linked to Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, or SVR.
In 1993, Gaultier launched his brand's first fragrance known as 'Classique' which has since become known for its body sculpture bottle design.
That means Henry, the guy who is known for his decades-long friendships, should probably be better known for killing his friends.
Musk is known for his fast-and-loose approach to Twitter and has been known to pick public fights on the platform.
The release describes the fossils as "the earliest known prehistoric ancestor of humans," referring to their status as the earliest known deuterostomes.
The town is known for its insularity and lack of gossip, which allows for well-known residents to fly under the radar.
It's because L'Rell's torchbearer — essentially the Hand of the Queen — is Ash Tyler, also known as The Artist Formerly Known As Voq.
NBC* is known for shows like "Saturday Night Live" and the "Today" show; GE is known for making airplane engines and refrigerators.
President Donald Trump is a well-known fan of Andrew Jackson, a wealthy populist best known for illegally and forcibly relocating Native American tribes — an act that killed thousands during a journey that became known as the Trail of Tears.
France is now dismantling migrant camps known as the Calais "jungle" France is now dismantling migrant camps known as the Calais "jungle" The French government began the process of dismantling the migrant camps known as the Calais "Jungle" on Monday morning.
When it came to choosing artists, some of whom had collaborated on murals, Mr. Rada selected a mix of muralists, some with name recognition — like John Matos, known as Crash, and the artist known as Buff Monster — and some less known.
Porsche may be known for powerful cars, but these days it wants to be known for cars with even more powerful electric motors.
The festival features video, photography, sculptures and installations by little-known and well-known artists, including Jesper Just, Dina Goldstein and Takeshi Murata.
But Intel is better known for what it packs inside computers, like chips and microprocessors, and is less known for its hardware offerings.
The Allen Atlas is what's known as a bulk connectivity atlas because it traces known subpopulations of neurons and their projections as groups.
Widely known as "Singles Day," the event is also known as the 11:11 shopping festival because of the date it takes place.
Buffett: Well, I-- think that every-- president I've known and every politician virtually I've known one way or another, doesn't like the media.
According to a statement from the National Health Service, the culprit is a ransomware strain known as Wanna Decryptor (also known as WannaCry).
Once climbers reach 26,000 feet, they enter what's known as the "death zone," an area known for its thin air and freezing temperatures.
It could be a canker sore — or it could be a cold sore, also known as a fever blister, also known as herpes.
All images: Alex Cranz/GizmodoDell's known for making fantastic laptops, but the company, in the past, hasn't exactly been known for its innovation.
This is known as the onshore yuan whereas the less restrictive exchange rate used outside mainland China is known as the offshore yuan.
Park, 44, commonly known as JYP, is a well-known name in K-pop circles, having made the switch from singer to entrepreneur.
There are three other known (authenticated) ancient Maya manuscripts, known as the Dresden, Madrid, and Paris Codices, in addition to the Grolier Codex.
John Dowd: The former Marine Corps captain is a well-known name in DC. He is perhaps best known for helping clear Sen.
But the great white possesses highly active genes known to prevent cells from growing out of control—an attribute known as genetic stability.
Devin had an inoperable brain tumor with no known cure -- a type of pediatric cancer known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma -- or DIPG.
Led by Walder Frey, the Frey family is best known for betraying the Stark family in what was known as the Red Wedding.
Hapilon is known to be a member of the Abu Sayyaf group based in the Mindanao region and known for kidnappings and extortion.
These are just some of the risks we have ways of measuring – "known knowns" and "known unknowns," in the words of Donald Rumsfeld.
One of the better-known suitors is Hon Hai Precision Industry, also known as Foxconn, the assembler of Apple iPhones and other electronics.
Coconut crabs had been known to eat meat before, but according to the New Scientist, they weren't known for also hunting creatures down.
Prosecutors say that Zhu and Zhang were affiliated with a hacking group known as "Advanced Persistent Threat 10" — also known as APT 10.
The agency, known as NHTSA, had proposed requiring the devices, sometimes known as "black boxes" in all vehicles, but had not finalized it.
The unrestricted flow in other regions is known as isotropic movement, and the restricted flow near neural pathways is known as anisotropic movement.
He purchased speciality-fibreglass pouches, known as Lipo bags, after discovering many drones have lithium polymer batteries that are known to be unstable.
The controversial project known as "Malecón Tajamar" is being promoted by the Mexican tourist board, known as Fonatur, and involves 23 private companies.
The 203-seat and 130-seat models, previously known as CS100 and CS300, will be known as A220-100 and A220-300 respectively.
The government has been known to hack groups of users on Tor, just like it's been known to hack VPN users en masse.
For as long as she's been known as anything, she's been known as something to someone — Billy Ray Cyrus' wife, Miley Cyrus' mom.
The software, known as PhotoDNA, can use computers to recognize photos, even altered ones, and compare them against databases of known illegal images.
Lady Gabriella, known as "Ella" to her friends and family, is not as well known as some other members of the royal family.
A known vulnerability is just what it sounds like: a security flaw that has been known about and publicized, and a patch issued.
When Trump doesn't want the truth of a matter known, he starts talking like a philosopher who doubts whether anything can be known.
One, known as the the Next Generation Identification System (NGI), uses what's called a "repository" of mugshots known as the Interstate Photo System.
Known by his online moniker "Super Vulgar Butcher," Wu was known for his brash, outspoken style, including protests and performances outside court houses.
The neighborhood is known for its celebrity residents, several of whom have been known to cluster in one luxury condominium building: 443 Greenwich.
Often, only the year is known, and, in that case, Crunchbase defaults the listed start date to January 1 of the known year.
In South Africa, white maize is made into what is known locally known as "pap", the main source of calories for many households.
The GAO explained that the program, officially known as the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS), mostly scans government networks for known hacking threats.
With only about 20 percent of its species known and 80 percent undiscovered, it is fair to call Earth a little-known planet.
France: The owner of Paris's best-known drag cabaret, known as the Blue Prince of Montmartre, is 87 and remains a French institution.
Before Canada was known for its handsome prime minister caught being woke, it was known for its bumbling Toronto mayor caught smoking crack.
That a little-known businessman like Mr. Jiaravanon would become Fortune's new owner underscores the wildly shifting prospects for America's best-known magazines.
Nearly half of newly diagnosed cases were caused by community transmission, meaning there are no known links to travel or no known source.
It was the first calf known to have been born to the local population, known as the Southern Resident killer whales, since 2015.
" His family would no longer be known as Saxe-Coburg Gotha but now "styled and known as the House and Family of Windsor.
Three of the patients were close contacts of a known case, while one patient — a resident in Essex — had no known travel history.
But what is known is that I can decrease my debt levels today, for a known rate, by paying down my debt first.
The asteroid, known as 22021 PZ39, has been tracked since its discovery in August 2002 and its orbit and trajectory are well known.

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