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"Life" Definitions
  1. a former US magazine which was known especially for its photographs. It was first published in 1936 by Henry Luce who owned Time magazine. His aim was to enable readers ‘to see life; to see the world; to witness great events’. It was published every week until 1972, when it went out of business. It was brought back in 1978, appearing every month until 2000. From 2004 to 2007 it was given free every week with certain newspapers. It closed in 2007.
"Life" Synonyms
existence survival being consciousness sentience continuance essence aliveness animateness animation continued existence personage subsistence viability breath creation presence growth reality living lifeforms organisms living beings living things animal life animals creatures ecosystems fauna flora human beings human life humans living creatures living organisms man mortal beings mortals people plant life lifestyle way of life circumstance routine standard of living daily life everyday life fate field line lot position regime set of circumstances situation condition manner of living sphere state lifetime lifespan natural life days life span years life cycle life-time time on earth course of life duration of life one's born days one's career one's time allotted span this mortal coil threescore years and ten time life expectancy duration course span length period cycle era history longevity active life epoch extent interval stretch tenure term activity energy spirit liveliness vigor(US) vitality zest enthusiasm excitement exuberance high spirits passion soul vibrance vibrancy vigour(UK) vivacity zing ardour(UK) ardor(US) strength fitness healthfulness healthiness endurance health stamina robustness salubriousness salubrity well-being human being individual person human living soul mortal entity creature character body sort party specimen bod guy head biography account autobiography story bio career journey life story adventures curriculum vitae experiences life history memoir portrait portrayal profile chronicle close-up confession core crux embodiment heart basis mainstay manifestation nucleus staple base centre(UK) center(US) exemplification focal point focus foundation gist incarnation happiness glee joy cheer cheerfulness elation felicity bliss cheeriness chirpiness content contentment delight delirium ebullience ecstasy euphoria exhilaration expectancy courage confidence belief bravery fearlessness fight audacity conviction determination faith grit poise backbone boldness brashness certainty daring dash way of the world bad luck way the cookie crumbles way things go hand one is dealt luck unfortunate bad fortune chance destiny hard luck ill fortune ill luck karma kismet misfortune raw deal rotten break rotten luck tough break culture principles society civilisation(UK) civilization(US) community beliefs customs ethos folklore heritage philosophy social order the social order the world tradition values world human activity humanity life sentence jail for life life behind bars life in jail life in prison prison for life behavior(US) nature campaign movement way ways action demeanor(US) demeanour(UK) ritual activeness commotion doings migration mobility motion role truth actualness corporality corporeality materiality real life realness verity actuality the real world fact realism tangibility tangibleness substantialness substantiality perceptibility bustle tumult turmoil hubbub uproar furore(UK) pandemonium disturbance rumpus ruckus fuss hullabaloo stir ado ruction row kerfuffle furor(US) bother universe cosmos macrocosm macrocosmos megacosm totality living world all living things natural world earth space firmament infinity heavens everything Creation real world here and now hurly-burly physical world the big bad world world of nature factuality case substance area circle domain province realm arena business discipline environment milieu orbit preserve system territory department division psyche ego conscience individuality personality self anima essentiality identity mind persona pneuma quiddity vital animate biological live organic sentient zoetic alive biotic biologic botanic botanical zoologic zoological cultural habitual life-altering life-changing More
"Life" Antonyms
death demise dying annihilation fatality loss of life mortality oblivion passing passing away passing on curtains eradication eternal rest inanimacy non-existence obliteration termination the end passing over inanimate lifeless unsentient objects hereafter afterlife heaven afterworld eternal life eternity future life future state happy hunting ground immortality life after death next life next world other side spirit world land of milk and honey land of plenty postexistence Promised Land sweet hereafter conclusion end close completion cessation closing closure ending expiration finale finish resolution windup wrap wrap-up inactivity boredom drabness dreariness dullness lifelessness apathy idleness inaction indifference indolence insipidity insipidness languor laziness lethargy listlessness monotony passiveness routine feebleness frailty debilitation fragility debility frailness ill health infirmity decrepitude exhaustion weakness disablement enervation enfeeblement faintness fatigue impotence impotency inanition tenderness dead casualty deceased body cadaver corpse decedent departed killed martyr prey dead person dead soul deceased person flesh antithesis opposite contradiction contrary converse counter inverse reverse direct opposite exact opposite antagonism antipode contra reversal contradistinction contrariety flip side inversion opposition sadness misery sorrow cheerlessness dejection dispiritedness melancholy woe blues depression despondency distress grief heartache heartbreak hopelessness moodiness unhappiness anguish despair fear cowardice fearfulness cravenness timidity cold feet cowardliness cowardness discouragement faintheartedness faint-heartedness gutlessness wimpiness cowardship pusillanimity mousiness acquittal absolution exculpation exoneration pardon reprieve amnesty liberation release letting off releasing discharging dismissing acquitting clumsiness mediocrity animal plant nonhuman creature beast non-anthropoid monster brute quadruped fiend ogre critter devil demon ghoul abstract wild thing lower animal exterior exteriority outside top split separation detachment parting division severance disconnection disunion rupture segmentation subdivision bisection demarcation partition breaking up parting of the ways splitting up split-up breaking down ignorance fiction fantasy unreality fabrication invention myth legend make-believe old wives' tale nonexistence inexistence nonbeing absence imaginariness unexistence nihility physique nullity imagination vision conception daydreaming ideation thought dream irreality intangibility abstractness elusiveness ethereality indescribability subtlety unquantifiability vagueness being entity presence spirit conscience essence existence actuality subsistence pneuma subconscious future destiny fate fortune doom calling expectations kismet likely advancement likely improvement likely success ivory tower continuation falseness fallacy fallaciousness falsity misconception delusion illusion illusoriness robot android machine cyborg computer droid bot automaton automation bionic person mechanical device mechanical person forecast outlook potential direction prognosis projection path route immortal god deity divinity goddess avatar daemon numen celestial celestial being demigoddess divine being supreme being alien extraterrestrial space invader anatomy bones build chest constitution figure form frame makeup make-up shape torso trunk nonentity concept fraction idea part brief spurt heterobiography object thing substance matter mass moment instant point second minute time nanosecond point in time acultural philistine uncultured

816 Sentences With "Life"

How to use Life in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "Life" and check conjugation/comparative form for "Life". Mastering all the usages of "Life" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The eleven insurers are: - The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited (Dai-ichi Life) - Daido Life Insurance Company (Daido Life) - Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company (Fukoku Life) - Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company (Meiji Yasuda Life) - Mitsui Life Insurance Company, Limited (Mitsui Life) - Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited (MSI) - Nippon Life Insurance Company (Nippon Life) - Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance, Inc.
Permanent life insurance — which includes universal life, variable life and whole life — covers you throughout your life.
Your life, your life, my life, everybody's life, should be celebrated.
Western and Southern Life Insurance Company; Western-Southern Life Assurance Company; Columbus Life Insurance Company; Integrity Life Insurance Company; National Integrity Life Insurance Company; Lafayette Life Insurance Company.
Whole life, variable life and universal life insurance are examples of cash value life insurance.
Here are some examples of annual premium differences for a $103,210 policy:2100-year-old male: term life, $22.5; whole life, $2,39530-year-old female: term life, $190; whole life, $2,13835-year-old male: term life, $253; whole life, $1003,84335-year-old female: term life, $223; whole life, $2,54040-year-old male: term life, $343; whole life, $3,44040-year-old female: term life, $288; whole life, $3,105As you can see from the premiums listed above, whole life costs at least 10 times as much as an equivalent amount of term life on average.
My academic life, romantic life, social life, and physical life were in pieces, and all but forgotten.
Permanent coverage includes whole life, universal life and variable life.
That's their life, and my life is not their life.
The life in Gaza affects the life in Israel, and the life in Israel affects the life in Gaza.
And I'm pro-life, pro the woman's life, pro the family's life, and pro having an abundance of life.
There's also permanent life insurance — which includes universal life, variable life and whole life — but Fabric doesn't offer it.
That life was life as an abductee, life as a slave.
There are two types of life insurance: term life and whole life.
Protective Life Insurance Company Protective Life and Annuity Insurance Company West Coast Life Insurance Company MONY Life Insurance Co. --IFS 'A+'.
R+V Non-life and R+V Life are the R+V group's main operating non-life and life insurers respectively.
All she wants in life is a happy life and good family life.
Your social life, your creative life, and your romantic life will bring uncertainty.
That life, that rock 'n' roll life, is a life of heavy partying.
Everything outside of my studio life: my music production life, my D.J. life.
There's her family life, her romantic life, her B. Altman department store life, and, of course, her secret stand-up career life.
Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company Athene Annuity and Life Company Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company of New York Athene Life Re Ltd.
Protective Life Insurance Company Protective Life and Annuity Insurance Company West Coast Life Insurance Company MONY Life Insurance Co. --IFS at 'A'.
The intelligence tells Shepard that Reapers were their solution to a problem: organic life creates synthetic life, synthetic life destroys organic life.
One popular type of life insurance is called whole life insurance, or whole life.
She has her life, I have my life, and we have our life together.
"Most people think that asteroids extinguish life, but the opposite is true for life -- life as we know it -- microbial life," the professor said.
Watch Battery Life below: Battery Life - A Stop Motion Film from Battery Life on Vimeo For more from the Battery Life team, click here.
Wade, America has a pro-life president, a pro-life vice president, a pro-life House of Representatives and 25 pro-life Republican state capitals.
This short film called A Social Life from Kerith Lemon shows a girl whose life online doesn't match her life in real life at all.
Wade, America has a pro-life president, a pro-life vice-president, a pro-life House of Representatives, and 25 pro-life Republican state capitols.
Many organizations in Washington such as March for Life, Americans United for Life and the National Right to Life Committee exist solely to protect life.
Whether it is your professional career, family life, income, physical health, spiritual life, recreational life, etc.
I have to find time to maintain a work life, school life, and a social life.
She lived life, she embraced life and she fought for her life until the very end.
It's different from my mother's life but her life was also different from her mother's life.
"Inner City Life" (Burial Remix) "Inner City Life" (Goldie 2017 Rebuild) "Inner City Life" (Original Mix)
In your life, in my life I think I visited probably 300 cities in my life.
Although life formed very early in the life of our planet, multicellular life came much later.
The place buzzed with the sound of life—not much of a life, but life nonetheless.
After Half-Life and Half-Life 83, the company created Half-Life: Episode 1 and Half-Life: Episode 2, but no third game in the series.
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company AXA Equitable Life and Annuity Company MONY Life Insurance Company of America U.S. Financial Life Insurance Company --IFS to 'A+' from 'AA-'.
Did I miss out on the dorm life, the frat life and the party life of college?
Simplicity, calmness, quiet—these were the preconditions for a moral life, a true life, a philosophic life.
I have lived a good life, a full life and I'm nearing the end of that life.
K., this is my office life, my creative office life, and that is my creative garden life.
We're busy balancing work life, family life, and social life — and often tripping up along the way.
My life, our life, changed drastically in that time period — life was on hold and we weren't really sure what life would be for the two of us.
So, hey, I've lived a good life, a full life, and I'm nearing the end of that life.
If given the choice between the Yeezy life or the yacht life, I'd choose the yacht life, too.
"Her life was a war life; the war was her life," Egan writes of Anna at one point.
A life devoted to one thing is a stunted life, while a pluralistic life is an abundant one.
Measured by gross written premiums (GWP) in 2016, R+V Life is Germany's second-largest life insurer and R+V Non-Life the country's fifth-largest non-life insurer.
When Zahedi dies, he will leave behind a complete document of his life — not her life, but his life.
This isn't the life I had imagined, not at all, but it is still a life — a good life.
A liberal arts and sciences education prepares us for a meaningful life, a purposeful life and a productive life.
If you're considering buying life insurance, you first need to decide between term life insurance and permanent life insurance.
HDFC Life is currently the third-biggest private sector life insurer in India, while Max Life is fourth-biggest.
So there's a half-life, which gives to the next half-life, which gives to the next half-life.
Attics of My Life or Morning Dew How do you balance your current tour life with your dad life?
Inside the List FAN FICTION: How long can an author's shelf life last after his life life has ended?
And also: Her health is a part of her life, and by proxy, my life, and our life together.
Haven Life PlusHaven Life Plus is technically a rider that&aposs included for free with your Haven Life policy.
I had the idea that real life, life full and fulfilled, lay as much in books as in life.
They are trying to locate the tenets of a good life, of a wise life, of a kind life.
AGC Life Insurance Company American General Life Insurance Company The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York --IFS rating at 'A+'.
Term life insurance is much less expensive than that other breed of coverage: permanent life insurance, which comes in a variety of flavors such as whole life and universal life.
But she rarely addresses her personal life, likely because her personal life has been public for most of her life.
This enforced socialization smudges the lines between work life and social life until all life revolves around the cubicle farm.
I went in for my parents, to save their daughter's life, and I came out with my life, Sydney's life.
SCB Life is ranked fourth in Thailand's life insurance market, with Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Co the market leader.
Supplemental life insurance is a life insurance policy that can be purchased in addition to a traditional life insurance policy.
As Muhammad Ali's life was an epic of a life so "Ali: A Life" is an epic of a biography.
My life is almost over, so I would have traded my life for that life any day of the week.
Some may extend life with no improvement in quality of life, or result in a profoundly diminished quality of life.
But taking life — beautiful life, often successful, appropriate life — just to be a happy person is a mystery to me.
To see one's life partner and love of one's life being kept alive via life support equipment is tragically heartbreaking.
Above all, we showed her the French way of life, the intellectual life, the artistic life, the charm of France.
Life isn't perfect, life doesn't fit together seamlessly, life isn't a smooth as expensive moisturizer—so why should art be?
"I'm about this life & this life only," he wrote.
" Joseph Campbell explains ouroboros thus: "Life lives on life.
Day 56: "Life" – Da Drought , 2004 What is life?
Fitch has affirmed the following ratings with a Negative Outlook: Protective Life Insurance Company Protective Life and Annuity Insurance Company West Coast Life Insurance Company MONY Life Insurance Co. --IFS at 'A+'.
Fitch has downgraded the IFS ratings of Genworth Life Insurance Company, Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company and Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York (collectively, Genworth Life) to 'BB+' from 'BBB'.
When patients receive unwanted or unwarranted end of life care, treatments can diminish their quality of life — or even shorten life.
A life is a life, and if you criminally take an innocent life you'd better be prepared to forfeit your own.
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company --IFS at 'A+'.
They think that it's almost a life sentence to not have as good a life, to not have a happy life.
I always saw it, but I wasn't going to uproot and disrupt my life or her life or my husband's life.
Bankers Life and Casualty Company Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company Washington National Insurance Company --IFS 'BBB+'.
Until this country decides that life after birth is as important as life in the uterus, pro-life stances mean nothing.
The key to a deeper, healthier life, it seems, isn't knowing the meaning of life — it's building meaning into your life.
SCB Life is ranked fourth in Thailand's life insurance market, with Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Co as the market leader.
Dai-ichi Life Holdings has managed to integrate Australia-based TAL Group, whose core business is life insurance, and US-based Protective Life Corporation (Protective, IFS Ratings of primary life insurance subsidiaries, such as Protective Life Insurance Company: A+/Stable) after the companies were acquired.
I had to live my life too, and I wanted a different life, not a life without R. but a life in a new place, I couldn't keep living the same day again and again, the hours of teaching, I wanted a new life too.
Do you want Josh in your life — your real life?
His life hacks were less hacks than poor life choices.
A literature of the political and spiritual life, a life
It's about life and not just about your own life.
Life in Whycocomagh revolves around the community and life outdoors.
The answers measure current life satisfaction and future life optimism.
Life expectancy Life expectancy has remained fairly steady under Obama.
That's real life, and life is full of weird coincidences.
Mikey Facts of Life: Life is more fair than unfair.
You're dealing with either human life or animal life here.
In fact, the single life might just your best life.
RB: Yes, the actor's life, but also the Australian's life.
They should train them to protect life, to save life.
I need to trust life, I need to embrace life.
Yes. Life drawing, portraits, family, life on the streets, etc.
Nonetheless, Priests for Life argued in Priests for Life v.
"[Biohacking] changed my life and my girlfriend's life!" he exclaims.
They say the most interesting life is the creative life.
They breathed life back into something that already had life.
But even one life lost is one life too many.
You lose direction in life, you lose purpose in life.
And Hef had a great life — what a wonderful life.
"We're still in life saving, life sustaining mode," Long said.
He wrote her letters all her life, all his life.
The point of life has been argued since life began.
When to get life insuranceHow does term life insurance work?
"#life" Archer's baseball #life has been that way this season.
That life was no longer the life that interested me.
" Mr. Marchioni added: "Soccer is like life, soccer is life.
The more life changes, the more life changes, you know?
"The Glamorous Life" -- Sheila E., "The Glamorous Life" (1984) 11.
Playlist: Unstoppable / Life Sweet / Bad Reputation / Ghetto Life / Reparation ft.
You sacrifice your social life, your love life, everything really.
Life — my life — would not be worth living without one.
Why is Alfie's life worth less than another child's life?
Perhaps he's there to represent real life, not reality life.
"[Scott] has his own life, a busy life," Lewis revealed.
Larry Ellison, speaking of which, life extension, Google, life extension.
This life is our life, and we're in it together.
Is there life, the photographer asks, after life in prison?
Life is about staying open to the experience of life.
Dancing has been the elixir of life, all my life.
But we're more concerned about human life than shelf life.
Just surviving in life, in this life, is difficult enough.
Questions like: Should long life be a goal of life?
MLK Jr. didn't give his life, his life was stolen.
I think that's a life lesson for regular day life.
"I love life, and art is my life," he said.
Quality of life Quality of life 2 Grand Rapids, Mich.
Interested in a term life insurance policy from Haven Life?
There is no separation between work life and private life.
Nippon Life and MassMutual Life Insurance Co declined to comment.
Quality of life Quality of life 2 Grand Rapids, Mich.
As online life expands, neighborhood life and social trust decline.
I wanted a life that went beyond my mother's life.
She is somebody that doesn't really understand life, real life.
This basically leaves Pakistanis with no choice about whether they're pro-life or pro-choice: we are pro-life, for life apparently.
Liberty National Life Insurance Company United American Insurance Company Globe Life & Accident Insurance Company American Income Life Insurance Company --IFS at 'A+'.
American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company of New York Eagle Life Insurance Company --IFS at 'BBB+'.
The term "cryosleep" doesn't refer to any real-life process, real-life medical treatment, or any real-life thing scientists are researching.
Life insurers are seeing big upticks in applications for term life insurance policies, the most popular and affordable type of life insurance.
The other four new divisions are UK life, Europe life, Asia life, and general insurance, it said ahead of an investor day.
The other four new divisions are UK life, Europe life, Asia life, and general insurance, it said ahead of an investor day.
Here are the 13 best cities to start a career and build a life: Total score: 57.13Professional opportunities ranking: 8Quality of life ranking: 37 Total score: 211Professional opportunities ranking: 266.33Quality of life ranking: 21 Total score: 26Professional opportunities ranking: 267.83Quality of life ranking: 23 Total score: 1733Professional opportunities ranking: 60.41Quality of life ranking: 225 Total score: 234Professional opportunities ranking: 6Quality of life ranking: 5 Total score: 60.41Professional opportunities ranking: 10Quality of life ranking: 2 Total score: 60.70Professional opportunities ranking: 67.83Quality of life ranking: 19 Total score: 65.04Professional opportunities ranking: 2Quality of life ranking: 11 Total score: 66.33Professional opportunities ranking: 1Quality of life ranking: 6 Total score: 67.83Professional opportunities ranking: 3Quality of life ranking: 1 Salt Lake City, Utah topped WalletHub's list, thanks to a simultaneously high professional opportunity and quality of life rankings.
In August HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co (HDFC Life) agreed to buy India's Max Life Insurance in an all-stock deal to create the nation's top private life insurer valued at nearly $10 billion.
LONDON (Reuters) - Specialist insurer Life Company Consolidation Group (LCCG) is buying Britain's oldest mutual life insurance company Equitable Life, the firms said on Friday, releasing 13 billion pounds ($2.4 billion) to Equitable Life policyholders.
Fitch has upgraded the following ratings with a Negative Outlook: Protective Life Insurance Company Protective Life and Annuity Insurance Company West Coast Life Insurance Company MONY Life Insurance Co. --IFS to 'A+' from 'A'.
The first circumstance is "to protect their life or the life of another innocent party" — what departments call the "defense of life" standard.
I had counselors telling me how I'd ruined my life, [Selena's] life and how I ruined the father's life, even though he participated.
The first circumstance is "to protect their life or the life of another innocent party" — what departments call the "defense-of-life" standard.
The mission of Eternal Leadership is simple: to help leaders so live their life that the use of their life outlives their life!
I had counselors telling me how I'd ruined my life, [Selena's] life and how I ruined the father's life, even though he participated.
Ms. Heilman, the center's life enrichment coordinator, uses a program called Life Reflection Story, developed by Celebrations of Life, a company in Minneapolis.
How it would wreck her life, her family's life, society, etc.
You can only control your life, not the life of others.
And it endangered my family's life and it endangered my life.
Battery life and other little thingsSo how 'bout that battery life?
When work life meets mom life, Angela Simmons has it covered.
There is BT (Life Before Trump) and AT (Life After Trump).
And it's a good life, it's the life i've always wanted.
I live a very busy life and a very giving life.
What is "Life 3.0" and what were Life 1.0 and 2.0?
Motherhood dictates Sheryl Crow's life these days — even her dating life!
The Big Bang gave us life, and life gave us connections.
"My personal life is disconnected from my YouTube life," she says.
He led a full life, and a very exemplary life, too.
"It saved my life and it gave me life," says Duke.
It's an opportunity to change my life and my family's life.
Kate Hudson is balancing her work life with her pregnant life.
The experience was as life-affirming as it was life changing.
Life before detox before was hell, life post-detox is Eden.
Her life certainly rivaled Kurt Cobain's life in terms of hardships.
They want to balance their home life with their work life.
SHANGHAI - U.S. annuities and life insurer Fidelity & Guaranty Life (FGL) FGL.
McCorvey spent the rest of her life in pro-life activism,
But I feel like my private life is my private life.
SBI Life will be the second life insurer to go public.
Yet, Andrea built a life — a good life — despite these challenges.
The subjects ranged from work life to retirement to life planning.
Is it going to change my life and my life options?
SETAUKET "Still Life," works that encompass the aesthetic of everyday life.
Haven Life can help you find the right life insurance policy.
Soon, The Life of Pablo will finally come to life online.
A life well tweeted is not considered a life well lived.
The elongation of vital life has changed the phases of life.
But life within universities is not a mirror of that life.
Consider how your home life balances out with your work life.
Life under the Nazis wasn't normal life as you know it.
How do you balance your Dead life with your dad life?
How do you balance your tour life with your home life?
"It's quite a varied life, the performing life," Mr. Grimaldi said.
Still, a life without happiness is not a life without wonder.
"Life in prison isn't a life," Mr. Dozier told the newspaper.
Haven Life offers only term life policies issued through Mass Mutual.
I was prepared to give my life to save another life.
We do not live life within those bounds; we "do" life.
A life defined by politics here rightly gets a political life.
But the perfectly free life is the unattached and unremembered life.
What is the life that continues when human life is over?
Her interior life was changing; their exterior life was the same.
Because your life is your caste, your caste is your life.
Get a life insurance quote today from Policygenius ""Get life insurance.
Work toward creating a harmony of life, not work-life balance.
Life itself, and the living who exemplify life, are the targets.
So are people retiring later in life or earlier in life?
There is your life before Parasite, and your life after Parasite.
Getting life insuranceIt makes perfect sense: Getting life insurance sounds daunting.
Then he dies saving Rey's life with his own life energy.
Life insurance beneficiaries receive the payout from a life insurance policy.
You need to separate your personal life from your professional life.
I mean, life from the front row, it's a good life.
The choices in her life, about her life, beyond her control.
"It is this kind of violent extraction—of black life, trans life, queer life, disabled life, poor life—that leads so many of us to hold our ideas close to our chests; to never let the world see how brightly we shine," Gossett wrote in the same essay.
"Farming is a way of life, it's a way of life that you live everyday, it's a way of life that I grew up in, it's a way of life that is worth preserving, but it's a way of life that is also under threat," he told the group.
In four separate notices, the CIRC has also banned Pearl River Life Insurance, Shanghai Life Insurance, Sunshine Life Insurance and Junkang Life Insurance from conducting some financial transactions with related parties in the next six months.
Life After Manson (2014) Life After Manson premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and focused on the life of Manson family member, Patricia Krenwinkel.
We're together here tonight, welcome to the show, welcome to my life, welcome to the show, welcome to my life, welcome to my life.
It opens up all kinds of possibilities that don't exist in real life, since in real life you only have one life to live.
But Vers has another life, or a previous life, or some sort of life, on Earth, which the Kree refer to as C-53.
What you've got is a whole life, two lives really; the life of a father and the life of a son, in 30 words.
Each of us possesses three lives, Gabriel García Márquez told his biographer Gerald Martin: a public life, a private life and a secret life.
Work should be a harmonious part of life, so instead of trying to achieve work-life balance, we strive for total life alignment instead.
New York Life: There was something serious about life -- and life insurance -- going on there, but it was difficult to follow what it was.
While whole life plans cover you until you die, term life insurance plans provide you with life insurance for a set number of years.
For others, that knowledge makes island life oppressive, the ocean an impassable chasm between the life you have and the life you dream of.
This impression that being pro-life means supporting the people whose wombs bear life as much as the life itself has never left me.
"'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' is a life lesson," he tells PEOPLE.
"You could describe my home life as an isolated life," Carrey said.
That moment pivots and changes your life and history of life after.
Life begins at that first breath you take, that's when life begins.
Nobody really knew about what his life was like, his personal life.
"I was busy balancing my personal life and Ray's life," she says.
"'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' is a life lesson," Taupin tells PEOPLE.
Look at the life you had versus the life that you have.
For most his life, Chillal's nails have made his life more difficult.
Every life lost and every life-changing accident is one too many.
Life after Apollo Apollo 11 was the proudest moment of Collins' life.
Over time, avoiding life leaves life empty, which in turn is depressing.
The humor comes from life and the reality of absurdity within life.
Rather than working from life, one could say, Olsen works after life.
Art is life, and life is art, it is all not inseparable.
The grant from Life Ball will go towards this life-saving work.
If you look at her whole life, she's led an amazing life.
Save his life and life in prison — to me there's no difference.
"Add life to your days, not days to your life," reads one.
I'm just enjoying my life and I am participating in my life.
Double-check your life insurance beneficiary Life insurance policies typically last decades.
She felt that her life, and her daughter's life, depended on it.
"Life on beta blockers is no life at all," he tells Will.
It's sea life, and he talks about 'wildlife' and it's free life.
Ms. Satterwhite's life, and the life of her child, became forever altered.
I'm just enjoying my life and I am participating in my life.
"She saved her grandmothers' life and saved her own life," he said.
But life isn't just one message, life is the other 20 too.
Also, it's not about my life anymore, it's about the baby's life.
"My life story is closer to the truth of life," she snarked.
The answer, in real life and in joke life, is absolutely nothing.
"It's hard to manage mom life and work life sometimes," she says.
Life as it has been is not life as it will be.
Tanuki life is a hard life, but somebody has to do it.
Trust me, it can be a life- (and sex life-) saving experience.
Jaquier joins from Standard Life Investments, a unit of Standard Life Plc.
That period of my life is scarred by deep, life-changing loss.
Staunchly pro-life, 100% voting record with the national right to life.
"It happens in our daily life, work life, social activity," he said.
Every year, pro-life Democrats march at the annual March for Life.
Chicken for life Gracelyn Mae Violet Griffin's life is pretty much set.
Slave life; freed life — every day was a test and a trial.
Life shapes art that shapes life, in rhymes audible only with time.
The dichotomy between life at the I.O.C. and life here was glaring.
But private life was separate from public life, one of them said.
I wanted Irving Ramirez's life in exchange for my husband Dan's life.
The life of a city or a country, or just a life.
If we can get life without life, yes, that will be possible.
So there's -- you need to distinguish between synthetic life and artificial life.
"You know, it's not thug life—it's van life!" he told me.
Finding balance between your work life and your personal life is key.
I deserve a good life and a child deserves a good life.
You'll feel stress, both in your personal life and your public life.
I've made compromises for much of my life, particularly my restaurant life.
So why stay sober if life is just going to be life?
There are different types of life insurance, including term and whole life.
But his personal life is just as busy as his professional life.
It is a hope for life in some capacity, and beautiful life.
SM: I'm trying to ask you about your life… WK: My life?
My life is here, but Brexit is likely to destroy that life.
Everything in my life had changed — my love life, career and friendships.
Cute and cuddly or brutish and unrepentant, human life is human life.
They are to moral life what lifelong learners are to intellectual life.
A life in a hospital quarantine ward is a life worth living.
Is a life of social distancing life stressing out your furry friend?
It destroys the meaning of life by throwing life back upon itself.
I lived the good life — until the good life completely fell apart.
I welcomed new life, and saw how quickly life can be taken.
If you ruin your life for it, maybe your life needed ruining.
Life happens, and life insurance can help the people we care about.
"She saved her grandmother's life and saved her own life," said Hellmers.
Forget about having any work-life balance — for workaholics, work is life.
You have written about my life and every single overweight person's life.
She knew what she wanted in her personal life and business life.
Survey your work life, your creative life, your emotional and physical health.
She's going to discover his role in her life, in Alison's life.
The regulatory minimum ratio was 1.0x for both life and non-life.
You can incorporate your previous life into the life you're moving into.
That is really life like, that is how life seems to me.
Every area of your life affects every other area of your life.
Life insurance and annuity products quietly support vital parts of everyday life.
She is somebody that doesn't really understand, I think, life, real life.
It is "A Realistic Still Life," not "A Less Realistic Still Life."
An honorable life for Mexicans is a life of sacrifice, even martyrdom.
"Our way of life," she said, "is the best way of life."
If I lived life without pain my life would 100% be different.
Political life at Washington is like political life in a suburban vestry.
The Mars Room tackles life as an inmate with a life sentence.
"The disease that took John's life — that took our friend Ted Kennedy's life, that took my son Beau's life — is brutal, relentless, unforgiving," Biden said.
" "I've kind of passed that stage in my life, but yes would I like to find a partner in life to share my life with.
Sun Life Capital Trust --Sun Life ExchangEable Capital Securities (SLEECS), 7.093% series B, 'A-'; --Sun Life ExchangEable Capital Securities (SLEECS), 24947% Series 218-22016, 'A-'.
"I'm living this life that is the life I've dreamed of my whole life and that most people don't get to live," Ms. Cox said.
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd, another bigger private sector life insurer, aims to get listed via its acquisition of smaller rival Max Life Insurance.
In the mid-1940s Weegee added to his repertoire — documenting not only low life but bohemian life (at Sammy's Bowery Follies) and high life, too.
A person dying at 84 whose life expectancy is 85 would count as one year of life lost, compared to a 25-year-old's death with the same life expectancy, which weighs as 60 years of life lost.
On those potentially hospitable planets, how often does life itself actually emerge, and what fraction of that life evolves into intelligent life, and what fraction of that life eventually leads to a civilization's transmitting detectable signals into space?
Today, hands-down, the most visible voices and leaders in the movement are women -- at the National Right to Life Committee, at Students for Life, at Live Action, at Americans United for Life, and at the March for Life.
"For us death after the bones are decomposed will take us to a second life -- a life that is similar to the living life," explains Mamphionona.
All this time, I've been thinking I was afraid of life outside the enclaves with Enid, but maybe I'm afraid of life here, too — life everywhere.
I don't think Jimmy fully comprehends how full of life and pleasure and energy his life is and how dark and devoid of life Chuck's is.
Sure, it was a gamble to quit my old, cushy life, but if you don't take risks in life, is that really a life worth living?
I've lived a good life, a full life, and I'm nearing the end of that life … if it happens, why should I be afraid of it?
If the cocktail's (or the bar's) politics bother you, well, as a sign on the wall reads, "A vida transtorna" — life unsettles, life perplexes, life agitates.
China Life, New China Life and Taikang maintain stronger core and comprehensive solvency ratios in terms of the China Risk Oriented Solvency System than PICC Life.
We have a lot of plans for our own life — our private life.
It never changes everyday life, just as the Blip didn't change everyday life.
For me it has affirmed that my life is already a good life.
To learn more about LIFE VR's interactive experiences, visit the LIFE VR website.
Americans United for Life is the oldest pro-life group in the country.
"I'm used to life here now," she said happily, talking about life inside.
Jez is a life coach, but not every life coach is a Jez.
Life might be demonstrably worse for millions of Americans, but life goes on.
Instead, this is a study in a suffocating, life-affirming, life-ruining relationship.
This was seven years of my life — the best years of my life.
Well, maybe not ever lasting life exactly, but vastly-expanded-and-improved life.
Yeah. It's a very difficult life, and it's probably a very disciplined life.
Life can only teach life, and not a successive jumbo round of financing.
Art, in its multi-purposed uselessness, makes life more interesting than artless life.
"There's my life before June 28, and there's my life after," she said.
Frances didn't just save a life once, she saves a life every day.
"Less Life," YouTuber Rahmel Dockery wrote, poking fun at Drake's playlist More Life.
And most of life has been single-celled organisms, not even multicellular life.
And it is going to affect his life — every aspect of his life.
Things are intense as hell in your social life and your love life!
"A life for a life — that's the rules in my world," he said.
"What's important is adding life to years, not years to life," Rowe says.
Charlie Sanderson - "Welcome to My Life" Meet Charlie and welcome to his life.
As the lead, Gyllenhaal gets all of the lines in Life about life.
It was understood that it had to do with life and life force.
Expect drama in your love life, your creative life, and with your friends.
They lost their life savings and lost hope in building a better life.
But it shouldn't consume your life — especially when your life is already complicated.
It's a life cut too short and it's a life worth always remembering.
As Reed points out, why separate your daily life from your spiritual life?
Contrary to what many imagine, the life line does not measure life span.
Where she's really wonderful is leading an authentic life and a truthful life.
With longer life expectancies, the need for caregiving in later life is increasing.
The line between her life before and her life now was indelibly drawn.
SCB Life is ranked fifth in Thailand's life insurance market, which AIA leads.
Life is all over the place, life is as common as cheap motels.
Seeking out new life for him, when I thought that life was over.
This was before animal life formed on Earth but after multicellular life formed.
"If it's life, that's a key indication that life is ubiquitous," says Mumma.
You let it affect your whole life, you let it destroy your life.
As you go through life you're expanding your life through experience, expanding awareness.
"Life at 80 is just as possible as life at 18," Reed said.
"My entire life — my personal life — is not for public consumption," Chopra said.
"My entire life — my personal life — is not for public consumption," she said.
"My private life is my private life, that's how it is," he said.
A survey of CCZ life in 2016 found a surprising diversity of life.
Because I don't want to imagine this life or any life without you.
"Less Life," YouTuber Rahmel Dockery wrote, poking fun at Drake's playlist More Life.
To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense.
To learn more about LIFE VR's interactive experiences, visit the LIFE VR website.
Where does the line between work life and social life stop and start?
Reliance Life specializes in life insurance businesses that are closed to new policyholders.
So, as soon as the conditions were right for life, life got started.
He brought music to my life, and music has become my life since.
Focusing too much on having a long life instead of a good life?
If each life event is a star, our life story is the constellation.
The term life insurance policies are less expensive than permanent life insurance offerings.
"Less Life," added YouTuber Rahmel Dockery, playing off of Drake's playlist More Life.
C.M. Life Insurance Company MML Bay State Life Insurance Company --IFS at 'AA+'.
New life Today, Shindo leads a growing congregation from all walks of life.
I thought my "education life" was done and now real life would begin!
"It was sort of life imitating art in imitating life," Luft tells PEOPLE.
Zumwalt undoubtedly would have carried his talents from military life to civilian life.
A life with active lupus is a life of unpredictability, bound by limitation.
In order for life to imitate art, you have to have a life.
I had to end video dude life and begin the record cat life.
Once you have art in your life it's a different type of life.
My life isn't glamorous, but it works — and it's the life I want.
It changes every aspect of life: economic, social, day-to-day life, moral.
Other, real stories of LGBTQ people life shaped my perception of gay life.
To live a life free of macros is a life we're jealous of.
She had great tragedy in her life, in her early life in particular.
It is an accounting of life that takes as long as life itself.
Climate change threatens all life—and the life cycle of the earth itself.
AX) is selling its life insurance division to Dai-ichi Life Holdings (22008.
These early forms of life may not have resembled life at all, but
"Life in prison isn't a life," he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
A difficult life from the start Gage began his life with a fight.
But Yoenis has his own personal life that sometimes is larger than life.
Term life insurance is inexpensiveBeyond being easy, though, term life insurance is cheap.
The best type of life insurance for most people is term life insurance.
LIFE IN THE CLOUD Life at what remains of Chronicle is still going.
Ashley Ervin is serving life while Keithron Fields is serving life without parole.
" Adds Fireman: "Some people have a life and other people live a life.
Life as an alcoholic is far more humiliating than life as a runner.
A climax is taking place in your love life and social life, Pisces!
I grieved for my old life, and the life I was accustomed to.
An exciting energy will flow in your creative life and love life tonight.
For me, life mostly just feels like life, no matter what I'm doing.
"Infowars Life: Because there's a war on for your life," reads the tagline.
My life is not binary, and my life is not black and white.
A cop can save your life and a cop can take your life.
But I don't miss my private life; I miss life with my brother.
The life of the hunter, unlike the life of the hero, is repetitive.
"Estimated Prophet" How do you balance your tour life with your dad life?
How do you separate your tour life from your day to day life?
Every life form in existence transforms other forms of life into sustaining energy.
Whole life insurance covers you forever, while term life has an expiration date.
It's pretty great — it's really about life, it's like a map of life.
The best kind of life insurance for most people is term life insurance.
Foster work-life balanceMake sure workers are separating their work and home life.
Opinion Aging inmates, some serving life sentences, helped me turn my life around.
"For me, baseball is life and the rhythm of life," Ms. Turner said.
What examples can you give, either from your own life or public life?
My professional life had a quicker and better expansion than my private life.
"I was prepared to give my life to save another life," he said.
Though far rarer now, they remain life-altering, and sometimes life-ending, events.
No one better harmonized the joy of life and the duty of life.
Farm life inculcates an insane work ethic, which gets carried into community life.
The history of life on Earth is the history of life remaking Earth.
Fleabag chose a life of casual sex, he chose a life of celibacy.
And money is one thing, but time is life, and life is more.
I've learned that you have to balance your private life and work life.
Palmer: Talk a little bit about personal life, work life — you have children.
"We started to talk about his life, about our life," Ms. Barreto said.
What's your life like?" and I would just think, "My life is cancer.
I didn't live their life as a player; I lived Ian Clark's life.
It wasn't the life she chose -- it was the life she married into.
Doherty described that while cancer is life-altering, she's still living her life.
What are the origins of life and is there life on other worlds?
The "Life of Gendry"/"Life of Pi" one always sticks in my mind.
"You were my life, but life is far away from fair," she sings.
We were making a new life as well, a life of stolen adventures.
"I've dreamt of this life my whole life," Young wrote in her caption.
Ensure Insurance offers life and non-life insurance to businesses and retail clients.
Management expects to maintain the life and non-life RBC at over 0003%.
"In giving my life to tennis, tennis gave me a life," she said.
He had no teeth in life, either—the life I remember him in.
This is a circle and this is Africa life, so Circle of Life.
Term life insurance is cheaper than other options, like a whole life policy.
All my life I have been intrigued by the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
Was I recovering a memory from another life, or a state before life?
The life I live now is not the life I was born to.
She had very strict rules about my academic life and my social life.
And yet a life of total prudence is no life: let's have it.
At every turn, in ways humble and unexpected, life has added to life.
You cannot rewind time, not in your private life, not in public life.
So began a life of burden, a life she was forced to accept.
In this thinking, antibiotics and antifungals could be life-changing or life-threatening.
His work, like his life, is closely bound up with contemporary Israeli life.
If you see marine life as separate from life on land, you're mistaken.
Today, consider the line between your public life and your personal life, Pisces.
It's life-changing for me, and my own outlook on my own life.
Trump's life story — or, more precisely, his imagined life story — corroborates this mythology.
Reconciling my life then with my life now can be challenging but enlightening.
But a life under constant threat of novelty isn't a life; it's exhaustion.
If it can, life there might look very different from life on Earth.
I have always wanted more out of life than life has to offer.
Meanwhile, Candace's post-apocalyptic life bears an uncomfortable resemblance to her professional life.
Her central conflict is how much her work life affects her family life!
"It's a very interesting question because I do enjoy life a lot and I have fun with life and I understand life and I want to make life better for people, but it doesn't come out in the media," he said.
With whole life, the money invested in premiums builds cash value that can be used later in life or will add to the death benefit that is guaranteed, though whole life comes at a much higher cost than term life.
This is driven mainly by its successful integration of Australia-based TAL Group, whose core business is life insurance, and US-based Protective Life Corporation (Protective, IFS of its primary life insurance subsidiaries, such as Protective Life Insurance Company: A/Stable).
Jason Chan, 20, was sentenced to life without parole, Tak Sun Tan, 21, to 56 years to life and Indra Lim, 21, to 26 years to life.
" The I Am Cait star called the past year of her life "quite a ride," concluding, "There is nothing better in life, than living your life authentically.
But she is now very comfortable with her support from Missouri Right to Life, Lawyers for Life and the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
" As to how Ali came up with the title of her book, Food for Life, she explains, "food creates life and it's supposed to fuel your life.
You have been white for your entire life, the sun has been around for your entire life, and you've likely been using sunscreen for your entire life.
" When he recorded it, he said, he was fed up with "my love life, my work life, my family life, and I just let it all out.
Leading groups that advocate for restricting abortion — March for Life, National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony List, Americans United for Life — have women at the helm.
"Ohio Right to Life is grateful that our pro-life senators took a stand against discrimination and abortion," said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life.
In the first nine months, Swiss Life benefited as its life insurance business in France and its group life business in its home Swiss market remained strong.
The search for a division between civic life and neighborly life is the subject of Nancy Rosenblum's "Good Neighbors: The Democracy of Everyday Life in America" (Princeton).
"Early life exposures and early life social opportunities have an impact on later life," said the senior author, Jennifer J. Manly, a professor of neuropsychology at Columbia.
How we chose a life insurance providerDespite the overwhelming number of companies offering life insurance these days, we thought picking a life insurance provider would be simple.
Just watch out for a touch of unexpected drama, especially in your social life, creative life, or love life, on October 10, when Mercury opposes wildcard Uranus.
His diary extracts are the heart of the book and, with their mix of high life, daily life, country life, theater life, travel and local observation (he's a terrific noticer), the diaries do exactly what we want of diaries, which is to let us vicariously partake of a life, in this case an enviable life, especially if you're the sort who watches Masterpiece Theater in a 24-hour loop.
"I cannot live my life the way that you live your life," Olindo says.
Together they depict the complicated reality of immigrant life, a life Salgado knows personally.
Measured by GWP in 20163, R+V Life is Germany's second-largest life insurer.
"Life is winning," Pence declared Friday at the March for Life rally in Washington.
New love, new life Noora says she's been adjusting easily to life in Macedonia.
It's not that I didn't have a great life—I had an amazing life.
"Life is life, and things should be taken as they come," the pope said.
But now that his own physical life has ended, his artistic life will continue.
"It saved my life and it gave me life," Duke told PEOPLE in 1999.
Murder carries a mandatory life sentence, while manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of life.
Life is similarly cheap in Saikat Mojumder's 2009 series Life: Born in a Slum.
Retired life must not have suited Suite Life of Zack and Cody's Dylan Sprouse.
Her life is the "consequence of [her] life decisions and hard work," she said.
Robinson's life paralleled, and sometimes intersected with, events in the life of the country.
I'd lived a lot of life, but not as much life as an artist.
"I have a life now that's not the life that I expected," Medley said.
It triggers our own sense of life and death and how short life is.
And that goes for not just her work life, but her personal life too. 
Your life comes and it goes, you owe to God that life back, right?
Standard Life merged last year with Aberdeen Asset Management to form Standard Life Aberdeen.
And in this case, a pro-life promise made and pro-life promise kept.
We choose life and risk over safety and a life a little less enjoyable.
It's easy to forget how much of Midge's life is a life-changing adventure.
Your whole life is on hold; it's a cycle that really controls your life.
" She continued, "The one thing I fear in life is really wasting my life.
I am set for life, my family is set for life, we are good.
Shen says she had no social life, and that her life was about grades.
"I am holding on for dear life," Rinna said of her life as momager.
If you do not, such synthetic life seems just to be, well, more life.
"In another life — my life before — I would have been too scared," Garfield says.
Otherwise, the battery life and speed upgrades are real, but they're not life-changing.
"It was the first time in my life that I tasted life," says Nick.
When does emulation of life become just as important as life to a human?
Those providing the life-changing investments come from all walks of life, she said.
Having Perkins in my life just makes my quality of life so much better.
She went on life support and then they eventually took her off life support.
He's not having some life over here and I'm having some life over there.
"I'm really just continuing my life, my second part of my life," she says.
Life insurers partnering with the company include NY Life, Mass Mutual and Principal Financial.
Just as marriage is for life, consecrated virginity is a permanent state in life.
"That's life ... hate me or love me I'm still going to love life man."
What happens when real-life imitates an ad that was supposed to imitate life?
And it happens in our lives with humans and pets—our life, everyone's life.
That's life right now, for a lot of us: Forget the work-life balance.
I want to rebuild not just a new life but also a better life.
Even when a life is saved, there remains a way of life to grieve.
Life expectancy From 2016 to 2017, life expectancy in the US ticked down again.
Our signs displayed this commitment at the march: pro-life for the whole life.
I don't have time to have a social life or even a cultural life.
SETAUKET "Still Life," an exhibition of work that encompasses the aesthetic of everyday life.
But, throughout his life, Trump has been telling himself the story of his life.
The show is not a by-product of his life -- it is his life.
She writes that it's hard to distinguish between real life and Second Life feelings.
If a person develops mesothelioma, their life expectancy and quality of life decreases significantly.
But my life is my life, and I need to take care of it.
Life After North Korea Lee said life in South Korea was tough at first.
Jeanne Mancini is the president of the March for Life, a pro-life organization.
But it is so hard to talk in the work life, the home life.
"Half-Life: Alyx" isn&apost the "Half-Life 3" people have been waiting for.
New life The bill got a new shot of life, however, days later. Rep.
Life with the mother was so much more unpredictable than life with the father.
Pro-life presidents can implement pro-life policies like this one with public funds.
Youtubers Life sees you balancing life with filming yourself for the digital public's consumption.
She compared life without a man to winter, and a life with, to summer.
Without life, there is no liberty; without life, there is no pursuit of happiness.
Insurance subsidiaries: Principal Life Insurance Company Principal National Life Insurance Company --IFS at 'AA-'.
And yeah, I'm sure it makes my life harder sometimes but whose life isn't?
You enter ordinary life, or a life that will come to feel ordinary soon.
And that is the life I want, a life without kids of my own.
But your life isn't ever that easy—expect drama in your social life tonight.
But that doesn't mean that your life is over — especially not your sex life.
I could do life without her; I don't want to do life without her.
Gucci Mane, Lil Yachty, Preme, Fast Life & Rich the Kid)"Fast Life - "Juice (feat.
It doesn't exclude having or enjoying the contradictions of life because life is contradictory.
Fraternity life first appealed to me because it was separate from my "trans" life.
Protecting your loved ones is what life insurance is all about, whole life included.
Even without much life experience, Dykeman has a great deal to say about life.
"Science is on the side of life," the March for Life 2019 website said.
You don't wish your life is any different, it's just what your life is.
Do you build divides between, "This is work life, and this is home life"?
After all, I thought, Mr. Espinosa didn't suffer life-altering or life-ending injuries.
It's not possible for me to separate art from life — his life or mine.
He sold life insurance with the New York Life Insurance Co. in Wellesley, Mass.
Real-life happenings are worked into storylines, and storylines wind up warping real life.
They had a life together, however bizarre that life may appear to us today.
" On Trump's personal life: "He has elements, I'm sure, of honor in his life.
It's My Life It's My Life: I'm so sorry you are going through this.
This can result in missing crucial -- and potentially life-threatening -- details of daily life.
I draw on my own life and shameful things I do in my life.
There are a couple different types of permanent policies, whole life and universal life.
Life can be good and life can be positive, and people need that too.
The theatre is not life; it is our escape from life, the supreme escape.
Choosing a life insurance planWe settled on $250,000 term life insurance policies, one each.
Tom McClusky is the President of March for Life Action, a pro-life organization.
A hard life and a tragic death Han did not live an easy life.
"Everyone is living two lives: their digital life and their offline life," she said.
Real estate market Quality of life Quality of life 4 Lexington, Ky. Peoria, Ariz.
It recreates the entirety of Half-Life in Half-Life 2's Source engine.
The life that makes up these worlds has become increasingly life less as well.
Falstaff is on the side of life; messy, silly, unplanned, all for love, life.
Finally, if you've heard enough about life on this planet, how about life elsewhere?
You make a plan for your life, and then life gets in the way.
Do you think that Hype House life is representative of the average teenager's life?
Haven Life insurance benefits and ridersHaven Life offers a few extra perks worth mentioning.
In April this year, U.S. annuities and life insurer Fidelity & Guaranty Life (FGL) FGL.
Life and parenthood quickly got more complicated, because that's what life and parenthood do.
The battery life is great, just like the iPhone XR's battery life was great.
Gothaer's life insurance investments have a shorter duration than the group's life insurance liabilities.
I have a very good balance between my home life and my business life.
Jeanne Mancini is the President of the March for Life, a pro-life organization.
"Bringing games to life in real-life settings was such a cool, unique experience."
A complicated personal life was no longer treated as a disqualifier for public life.
Its thematic argument was that the only life is the life of the mind.
So grateful that this big, messy, joyous life isn't a ghost life but mine.
Real estate market Quality of life Quality of life 4 Lexington, Ky. Peoria, Ariz.
While his professional life became ever grander, however, his personal life remained a mystery.
What parts of your running life have you applied to your life outside it?
I have always said I would rather tell a life than live a life.
"Our meeting changed my life, very strongly, and it changed his life," Sharkevich said.
But if it saves a life and it's your life, it's worth the cost.
"I wouldn't say my life is the typical 16-year-old life," Jagger admits.
And now I've told u about my life, maybe u can go life yours.
The science fiction novel approaches broad philosophical questions — about the meaning of life, the absurdity of life, the nature of intelligence and the nature of life — with humor.
Play around with this graph to explore changes in life expectancy of countries: Longer life expectancy may not mean much if quality of life is not also improved.
All life is created by the process of fucking and all life will be destroyed if we don't stop to fuck with the cycles of life and nature.
The potential of life as information: If life is merely an information processing system that can replicate, the potential for life to populate the known universe is unfathomable.
This life is beautiful, but it becomes even more beautiful when you are forced to face the fact that there is more to this life then this life.
Falling profit at NN biggest operating unit, Dutch life insurance, highlighted the quarterly results, outweighing improvements in both the Japanese life, Dutch non-life and European insurance operations.
In order to fully inspire the sentiment that "a life outdoors is a life well-lived," it needed to lower the barriers of entry to enable that life.
Ted Cruz's spokesperson accused Trump of failing to understand the pro-life position: Don't overthink it: Trump doesn't understand the pro-life position because he's not pro-life.
HDFC Life agreed in August to take over smaller rival Max Life Insurance in an all-stock deal that would have created the nation's top private life insurer.
Mr. Schaech's character repeatedly vows a life for a life and an eye for an eye — though it is not always clear whose life or eye he's avenging.
People with cash-value life insurance (such as whole life or universal life) can get a tax-free loan by borrowing against the cash value in their policy.
And that dream was to breathe life — AI-controlled life, but life all the same — into one of the game's deer, then put a livestreaming camera on it.
I created a life and brought that life into the world, and my body is still giving life to that child, and it will never be the same.
"Every life is an individual life from God and no one life is irredeemable, and people make mistakes we all have, and when people make mistakes of drug use, and it is a mistake, we can't throw their life away," Christie said.
PAUL TUDOR JONES: So, again, for the large portion of population, this is not going to be a life-threatening or -- it's going to be life-changing but not life-threatening -- not a life-threatening thing, for a large portion of the population.
This woman loves life, loves her life, seems to love the life of those around her; hell, she probably even loves the life of the manager of the brunch spot that didn't quite get the lentil-to-kale ratio correct on her salad.
" Such a need to live a life sans restrictions is explicitly referenced in the album's opener and first single, " A Wonderful Life": "I want a life on fire, gone mad with desire/ I don't want to survive, I want a wonderful life.
"If there were to be an obituary, there would have had to have been a life, a life worth noting, a life worth valuing and preserving, a life that qualifies for recognition," a life worth protecting — and that's a value a country doesn't wish to accord to the people it has categorized as enemies or rivals.
There are all kinds of systemic things that make life, including married and family life and childfree life, dramatically more challenging and difficult for low-income women and men.
What it means is that you go through life sometimes with a half life because at least half of your life is devoted to practicing, working, developing your craft.
She was different from anybody I have ever met in my whole life and I knew that she would be in my life for the rest of my life.
When it comes to term life, experts advise consumers to take out level term life insurance, which guarantees you pay the same rate throughout the life of the policy.
Blackburn's or Live Action's or SBA List's position on life, Twitter must now lift the ban on advertising from pro-life groups, ending its suppression of pro-life speech.
Prominent groups such as Students for Life of America and National Right to Life have highlighted APR, as has Priests for Life, where Delgado serves as a medical adviser.
"I really agree with García Márquez, who said once, that everybody's got three lives: public life, private life and a secret life," Mr. Hamill said in the HBO film.
And his personal life has been as tumultuous as his professional life has been successful.
I told you earlier I put my professional life in front of my personal life.
"I was making life right by taking something life had taken from me," he adds.
"I was very much so afraid for my family's life and my life," Ames said.
What did you think of how the show brings Offred's inner life to, well, life?
In recent years Standard Life has built up its Standard Life Investments asset management arm.
Ami has dedicated her life to documenting and amplifying stories of all forms of life.
A life prison sentence in Kenya means for the rest of a convict's natural life.
It is love; it is life; Pokémon Go is a shining torch in our life.
Each time we breathe life into one internet giant, we breathe life into the others.
The creature is a new form of life and its MO is destroying human life.
She did not choose this life, the life chose her, and she's failing at it.
This is the story of my life; this is still the story of my life.
"Telling people's private life or ruining someone's life … it wouldn't occur to me," Fleiss said.
Pushing organisms to the known limits of life can also help NASA find that life.
So in the meantime they are working on "life-improving" rather than life-saving applications.
KS: Any moment in your life until the end of your life, you can change.
While promoting the film, Gaga shared how her real-life trauma affects every day life.
She wants to commit her working life to childhood and how it affects adult life.
"Whoever took my daughter's life, he took my daughter's life, not her happiness," Hernandez said.
I've lacked control my whole life and I think I've craved it my whole life.
Would we be willing to risk one human life to save every life on Earth?
" Watkins, in her memoir, adds: "My life, my sick life has been tinged with illness.
She's not telling you how to live your life or how to live your life.
Plus, work life and kids life usually all takes place within the same 7 a.m.
Transitioning from a civilian life to military life can be difficult, especially as a spouse.
A life in professional baseball can be a life separated from the people you love.
The report, titled "Fitch 5003 Outlook: Japanese Life & Non-Life Insurance", is available at www.fitchratings.
Randall Randall's plot was basically a parallel between his father's life and his own life.
Make Love Not PornMake Love Not Porn features real-life lovers making real-life love.
As I was coming out of the life, he was coming more into the life.
"The victim suffered massive trauma that was both life-threatening and life-altering," Ramore said.
Hydrothermal vents are an oasis of life with life forms that aren't found anywhere else.
""Hydrothermal vents are an oasis of life with life forms that aren't found anywhere else.
Now it's humanity — life joined with life to create a unified force — that must prevail.
Speaking of battery life, each AirPod is supposed to have 5 hours of battery life.
The rest of the night changed my life for good, propelling me into political life.
"Even if methane is from life, it doesn't mean life is there today," Svedhem notes.
In the opening chapter, "Adult Life," you follow a typical day in Florence's mundane life.
"My entire life — my personal life — is not for public consumption," the Baywatch actress stated.
I wanted him to be my whole life, not just a part of my life.
But queer life beyond the city is increasingly visible, on screen and in real life.
"But it's a beautiful time in my life, it's a beautiful time in Hoda's life."
How do you approach quality of life issues within the studio, work-life balance issues?
Cherry came into his life at a time when he thought his life might end.
I know in my logical mind that taking his life most likely saved Zoey's life.
Their life arc is our life arc, from suburb to city, from hardship to bliss.
We can get the images to see if there is life there, possibly advanced life.
Art has got to reflect life... Life is about running your leg of the race.
Ever since Lazarus received his life-changing haircut, he is definitely living his best life.
You took a really vivid picture about appreciating life and the attempt to appreciate life.
Life in Prince Edward Island in the late 1800s was a hard, gritty, scrappy life.
I'd never gone after anything in my life with such passion in all my life.
Air pocket in the boat and a life jacket I would say saved her life.
The rest of life is off doing what the rest of life is good at.
The music will save your life but there needs to be a life to save.
All my life, I did well... My whole life, I have been greedy, greedy, greedy.
These matters are about human life, health and welfare, with explosive and life-threatening implications.
They have their daily life, and then they have this punk rock life inside them.
Of course, one other success worth mentioning is effectively balancing work life and home life.
After the photo was taken, life appears and the effort to save life is fast.
The GE Life Sciences unit will join Danaher's Life Science as a stand-alone business.
Like my life and your life, this religion is a legacy of our beloved Africa.
Most of health care is not life-or-death issues, but quality-of-life issues.
The promise of eternal life for their robotic companions proved as fleeting as life itself.
She says the way she eats in this life arises directly from her previous life.
But you only need people in your life who want to be in your life.
The man who wrote Half-Life and Half-Life 2 has left game developer Valve.
"I've had the best of life, and I've had the worst of life," said Baxter.
Our life wasn't so much an income-driven life, where you buy everything you need.
Best-selling author and life coach Tony Robbins believes President Trump needs some life coaching.
"Jonathan's life at that point wasn't necessarily all his own life," Karn said in 2016.
I allowed my circumstance to dictate my life, instead of taking control of my life.
" He continued, "She has her new life, I have my new life and that's it.
Together, my therapist/life coach and I worked to take back control of my life.
Expect lots of talk about your social life, your love life, and your creative projects.
Genes may contain a living record of your life — or, the end of your life.
Like Cart Life, another game where life and labor is centre stage, time never stops.
When the life of a fetus trumps the life of a woman, women will die.
I don't feel as good about my personal life as I do my professional life.
Could Nick Jonas swap life as a rock star for life in the White House?
A thin majority have said they would prefer life outside the EU to life inside.
Judge Gorsuch knows the life of a hard-working American because he lives that life.
Headlines such as these are reminders that online life is deeply entwined with offline life.
"Life in prison isn't a life," Dozier told the Las Vegas Journal-Review in 2018.
AQUARIUS: Your family life, your financial life and your profound spirituality will all collaborate beautifully.
But he also writes on drawing, on living, on life and on living life now.
Many experts recommend term life insurance over permanent life insurance for straightforward and affordable coverage.
After all, to be truly pro-life means that one believes life begins at conception.
Ms. Lewinski [sic] is a part of the President's public life not his private life.
They serve as a reminder of life after "Hamilton," but also of life before it.
Its planned $13 billion takeover of U.S. annuities and life insurer Fidelity & Guaranty Life FGL.
A &aposno&apos is not life-ruining, but a &aposyes&apos could be life-changing.
They have fled anguish in search not of a better life, but of life itself.
While your life expectancy may be 90, your maximum age of life may be 110.
Life is life, and it is not our right to decide when it must end.
We as a nation should make it easier to give life than to take life.
People also told me that life under ISIS was better than life under the revolutionaries.
After all, life-saving and life-improving medications won't work if people can't afford them.
We need a more feasible life, a life in which it's easier to be human.
Protective Life has worked with Costco Wholesale to offer life insurance to the retailer's members.
Ultimately, then, the success of Life 3.0 depends on our ability to understand Life 1.0.
Baillie has always drawn from his life and the life around him for his work.
Billy: "So Many Roads" How do you balance your tour life with your dad life?
That's all they did for work, and then their personal life was their personal life.
And if they didn't actually save my life, they definitely gave me back my life.
It depends if we discover life [in the solar system]—not ETs, but microbiological life.
An investment-type life insurance policy, like whole life, wasn't a good choice for me.
For his entire adult life, Trump has been telling himself a story about his life.
Titan has the capacity for life as we know it, and life as we don't.
At my prompting, he described his life growing up, a life that seemed altogether unremarkable.
On many quality of life indicators, like life expectancy (Figure 2), America has fallen behind.
While it's true that one's life doesn't depend on it, what about quality of life?
I call myself an action figure in real life and a superhero in fake life.
A life is a life, but as a Latino, I take personal issue with that.
That I have to be involved in my life and what happens in my life.
Our view, our mission is that we believe a city life is a great life.
"My personal life has always been more important than my professional life," Mr. Clay said.
Then I realized it was more of a life sentence – to lead a different life.
New life is always a risky proposition in which the life itself has no say.
" The good life, Ms. Vestager said, is not "the same thing as a convenient life.
For the first time on a large scale, home life and work life were separated.
"There's no difference between his public life and his private life," his pastor, the Rev.
Risking my life would give my life a meaning it hadn't seemed to have before.
There has to be a way to rein in real-life villainy in public life.
Allstate Life Insurance Co. Allstate Life Insurance Co. of NY --IFS at 'A'/Negative Outlook.
It was retracing three decades of my life and, obviously, three decades of Jack's life.
"There's so much in this long life, this big, storied life," Lemmons told BuzzFeed News.
These are not sexy things but are part of life — my life and ours together.
Bring us up to today, if you would, with your love life, your personal life.
" But it was Taylor's life as a scientist that enabled him to write "Real Life.
"It was the life I yearned for, but not the life I wanted," she said.
An entire dance with the life force was enacted and life was never taken gratuitously.
Life has nothing to do with work and work has no real bearing on life.
"The internet is real life and real life is the internet," says the EFF's Galperin.
HNBA's life and non-life RBC ratios were 282% and 24000% respectively at end-21727.
Ultimately, this move cost the kid his life — and the life of his entire family.
Life jackets, life buoys, inflatable tower lights, raincoats, gumboots and chain saws have been provided.
JUN: We really see disability as a part of life in your human life cycle.
He was with the love of his life, doing what he loved in life - adventure.
People who have more sex report higher self-esteem, life satisfaction and quality of life.
CANADA LIFE INVESTMENTS Canada Life Investments hired Rick Wisentaner as head of credit, effective immediately.
Pro-life activists rally on the National Mall during the "March for Life" on Friday.
She did it in her personal life, and she did it in her professional life.
His is a life story still being pieced together, one still life at a time.
Nor are these twin attributes — educating for a productive life and a meaningful life — incompatible.
Jones directed the Python films Life Of Brian and Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life.
He was with the love of his life, doing what he loved in life – adventure.
"My life is not a very good example of a good life lived," he said.
Their life arc is our life arc — from city to suburb, from tragedy to bliss.
My main objective is to have a healthy life, and then integrate art into life.
Pain is a part of life and I want to experience life at its fullest.
It was dressing not for the life I wanted, but for the life I had.
Life under authoritarian rule in such situations looks a lot like life in a democracy.
This will be an intense time for your social life, love life, and creative endeavors.
In many ways, life in the EVE universe feels just as meaningful as real life.

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