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"death" Definitions
  1. [countable] the fact of somebody dying or being killed
  2. [uncountable] the end of life; the state of being dead
  3. [uncountable] the stopping of biochemical processes of life in a cell or tissue, in a way that cannot be reversed
  4. [uncountable] death of something the permanent end or destruction of something
  5. (also Death) [uncountable] (literary) the power that destroys life, imagined as human in form

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"death" Synonyms
demise end expiration passing dying expiry curtains decease quietus bereavement departure dissolution doom exit fatality passage release sleep fate grave killing assassination execution murder dispatch massacre slaughter slaying snuffing termination manslaughter euthanasia silence homicide extermination hit shooting offing butchery liquidation bloodbath carnage holocaust annihilation mass murder decimation pogrom ethnic cleansing genocide bloodshed bloodletting hecatomb destruction ruin finish ruination downfall extinction undoing collapse elimination cessation ending extinguishing obliteration eradication extirpation wiping out deadness lifelessness nothingness the grave the dead dead unresponsiveness inanimateness numbness inertness lack of sensation rest oblivion mortality victim casualty killed injured loss wounded disaster tragedy accident loser mia prey calamity sufferer deceased speechlessness stillness quiet dumbness muteness hush quietude still taciturnity reticence uncommunicativeness quietness lull peace calm quiescence blackout censorship last close completion conclusion finale limit closing culmination finis omega windup bitter end end of the line wind-up closing stages last act pale horse grim reaper pale rider defeat overthrow conquest deposition failure ousting toppling unseating vanquishing debasement disgrace final rest eternal rest eternal sleep final sleep gravepassing last rest last sleep passion crucifixion martyrdom persecution agony suffering torment anguish martyrization ordeal pain sacrifice self-sacrifice torture devotion Grim Reaper Dark Angel Angel of Death funerary epitaphic funereal memorial obituary valedictory More

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How to use death in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "death" and check conjugation/comparative form for "death". Mastering all the usages of "death" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Shot to death, choked to death, tasered to death, driven to death.
Every single theme of that show went back to death: death of industry, death of family, death of romantic relationship, death of town community.
Because I feel like everyone writes about death: Death itself, impending death, fear of death, other people dying, a lot of artists just write about death. Definitely.
If death by arrow, death by feather, death by sweet spot.
The book is a meticulously documented, white-knuckled tour through the cascading catastrophes that will soon engulf our warming planet: death by water, death by heat, death by hunger, death by thirst, death by disease, death by asphyxiation, death by political and civilizational collapse.
There are two broad categories of death: brain death and circulatory death.
It's either fast death, slow death or death by a thousand cuts.
"My music is pop, meets the death of pop, meets the death of identity, death of politics, death of everything," Angel says, laughing.
To dance death when death comes because death is just as important as life.
Not your death (dreary thought), their death (unspeakable), death in general: It's all bad.
There is also death by reverence, death by ubiquity, death by subtle retail-shop humiliation.
Death rates from those leading causes of death were higher in the states with the highest death rates than the states with the lowest death rates.
The spring of 2016 has been marked by death after death after death on TV. Some have proved controversial.
Miotła says her death anxiety isn't about the thought of her own death, but the death of her mother.
Her death was listed as "suspicious" and the first version of her death certificate listed no cause of death.
Executions, new death sentences and public support for the death penalty remain low, the Death Penalty Information Center said.
The database contains cause of death information from death certificates issued across the country, including the primary cause of death as well as up to 22001 additional causes of death.
In Part II of The Metalanguage of Evil, Noland writes: Death by starvation, withdrawal, mass murder, appropriation, colonization, pornographic death, death by illness, death by natural disaster, any anonymous death in which one did not have, or almost have control, is the opposite, in apolar scale, of the personal or designer death.
It's about his death and her investigation of his death, and also her mother's death; her mother died of cancer.
The Spirits used the call signs Death 11, Death 12, and Death 13 when they left Whiteman, The Drive reports.
Almost every writer here was intensely aware of mass death, meaningless death, death in which the individual is ­absolutely erased.
The global death toll is at least 1,357, with one death in Hong Kong and one death in the Philippines.
Its apparent centerpiece, in response to all this death, was more death: the death penalty for people who distribute drugs.
Death by choice, whether by bonafide suicide or by accident-on-purpose, is the death of choice, being the honorific death.
Now police have charged Hanson in her own son's death: On Thursday, after a thorough investigation, they accused her of impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death.
Inmates on death row There are currently 62 inmates on federal death row, with about the same number of white and black federal death-row inmates, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
Ms. Smith's speech was one of several about death: death from terrorism, death from cop killers, death from undocumented immigrants, all painting a sick, twisted world against whose dangers, the speakers suggested, Mrs.
It is beyond rational response, inscrutable on every scale — from the death of a moth to the death of a pet to the death of a year to the death of a sibling.
And that's a death path on the death train too.
Death count 1 Daenerys Targaryen + 1 uncomfortable chair = _____ 1 death.
They are better understood as death facilities, or death factories.
Could a blue screen of death result in actual death?
Her death certificate does not state the time of death.
Hixon's death follows the December death of Kentucky state Rep.
Snow's return, he said, was about the death of Death.
Speaking of a world where death is broken— Death Stranding.
Since the reinstatement of the federal death penalty in 1988, 75 defendants have been sentenced to death and three others have received a jury recommendation of death but no death sentence from the judge, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, which monitors U.S. capital punishment.
Forensic pathologists will determine the cause of death, the circumstances leading to death, and anything else the autopsy may reveal about the death.
Arts ____ Death cafes, death doulas, 'Ask a Mortician,' DeathLab — once the province of goth subculture, death is having a moment in the sun.
They figured out causes of death, death rates, and life expectancy.
Cause of death: Stabbed to death by his son, Ramsay Bolton.
It's the super laser that puts the "death" in Death Star.
I fear only the pain of death and not death itself….
They did not cause her death — the disease caused her death.
"Randy stared death in the face, but death blinked," she said.
A slick talking, charismatic death machine but a death machine nonetheless.
Death wish They clearly thought we must have a death wish.
Bittaker was sentenced to death and is still on death row.
There is birth in every death and death in every birth.
His death was the first U.S. death in Afghanistan in 2019.
Authorities attributed that death to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.
Death toll: There has been one death in the Thomas Fire.
The official cause of death on his death certificate was sepsis.
There is also death by suicide and sudden death and incarceration.
The death panel myth may finally be approaching its death knell.
"Often times, the [death certificate] certifier will code the death as being caused by heart disease rather than a death from diabetes," he added.
In the Kadampa Nine Point Meditation on Death, you move gradually from contemplating the inevitability of death to the inevitability of your own death.
The good guys have to beat Thanos, because otherwise what was the point of Loki's death/Gamora's death/Vision's death/the destruction of Wakanda?
"A preliminary Abstract of Death (Death Certificate) was completed by the hospital physician treating Jahi listing her cause of death as bleeding as a result of hepatic (liver) failure," Dolan said in the statement announcing McMath's death.
The death in Puerto Rico is the first U.S. Zika-related death.
"The death certificate listed the cause of death as cardiovascular," they said.
Another death in Cleborne County was included in the ADEM's death toll.
Another death in Cleburne County was included in the ADEM's death toll.
Mourners chanted "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" at funerals Monday.
Death toll: The death toll from the Thomas Fire stands at one.
" The initial coroner's report ruled the death was "accidental death by drowning.
There is a death beyond death, and Roger Goodell sent it there.
No, no, not night but death; Was it needless death after all?
Ties After my near-death experience, I lost my fear of death.
Alaska Hawaii Governor-imposed moratorium Has death penalty No death penalty Wash.
Vaccinated, purring death with green eyes, death that thinks shoelaces are mice.
Ram Dass' fans mourn his death Supporters mourned his death on Twitter.
You've also got, just not caring—death is death, you lose people.
This story of sex and death has to end with, well, death.
The death penalty is dying a slow death in the United States.
A week before he revealed details about Loofe's death, Trail allegedly admitted to being responsible for her death — and said he deserved the death penalty.
Death sentences plummeted by 90%, from over 300 death sentences a year to just 31 people sentenced to death in the entire country in 2016.
Uproxx adds that during the lead up to season 6, Sophie Turner made a joke on the Oscars red carpet, saying, "I'm like flicking through [the scripts] and I'm like death, death, death, death, I'm good for this season!"
Kobe's death certificate states states his official cause of death as "blunt trauma," describing the "time interval between onset and death" as "rapid," FOX 11 reported.
In the U.S., each state has laws for determining death, whether as cardiopulmonary death (heartbeat and breathing has stopped) or brain death (brain functions have stopped).
Killed in a chokehold, her death recalls the wrongful death of Eric Garner, who was choked to death by police in Staten Island after being arrested.
There are currently 62 prisoners on federal death row compared to more than 2,500 on death row in states, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
State television showed rallies in cities including Amol, Semnan and Shadegan waving Iranian flags and chanting "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and "Death to Britain".
Not a cause but a manner of death To capture all these nuances, death certificates go beyond just stating whether the death was natural or not.
"The death of al-Baghdadi is significant, but the death of this ISIS leader does not mean the death of ISIS," Pelosi said in a statement.
Cause of death: Leaping from a window after being informed of Margaery's death.
The ice dragon breathed death into the world; death and quiet and cold.
As our editorial argues, though death is inevitable, a bad death is not.
Death penalty: Harris has called for a national moratorium on the death penalty.
If confirmed, his death would mark the 13th hot car death this year.
You see cycles of life and death, sex and death, generation and destruction.
An amended death certificate classifies Martha's death as a homicide, according to
In 1996, I was given a death sentence without sitting on death row.
Only two things are certain in Game of Thrones: death, and more death.
To the Editor: While death rates from some diseases decline, death itself persists.
And not just old-age death, but gruesome and horrible tragic death. Murder.
"Death to America, death to Israel," the crowd chanted, echoing the Houthis' slogan.
Día de los Muertos is a joyous holiday, but death is still death.
Brandon's TV show death is a nod to his death in the comics.
The death toll rose to eight after another death was reported in Hokkaido.
I've fought to stave off death and have been present to welcome death.
Death is a common theme, and death is usually not scary but void.
This debate has been beaten to death, resurrected and beaten to death again.
Tim Kaine, who personally opposes the death penalty, wouldn't put Hitler to death.
An open verdict, meaning the death was suspicious, was recorded for his death.
Gil's death certificate, reviewed by Reuters, cites gunshot as the cause of death.
According to his death certificate ... Jerry's official cause of death was cardiopulmonary failure.
A death index has only the names and dates of deaths and the location number of where to find the full death certificate — it's not the full death certificate, which has more information, like cause of death and mother's birth name.
Puerto Rico's health officials were being super conservative about what counted as a hurricane death, requiring government medical examiners to review each death before labeling it a storm death — an unusual way to calculate death estimates, according to some researchers.
In Gaza, demonstrators chanted "Death to America, death to Israel, and death to Trump" and militants fired rockets into Israel, drawing strikes by Israeli tanks and aircraft.
The object of Fuller's aesthetic interest is consistently death: death made charming and whimsical and romantic in Pushing Daisies, or death made seductive and demonic in Hannibal.
There are currently 62 prisoners on federal death row, compared with more than 2,600 on death row in states, according to the nonprofit Death Penalty Information Center.
Related: Observe Your Own Death at the Shaman Art Show Death Row Inmates Are Sculpting Their Own Memorials A New Art Project You Can "Like To Death"
Ryu: Arya is also an acolyte of her own death cult in the Many-Faced God, so perhaps it is fitting that death was met with death.
For instance, kidneys were discarded at a rate of 14.1% among overdose-death donors, compared with 8.8% among trauma-death donors but 26.1% among medical-death donors.
In his book "The Death of Death: Resurrection and Immortality in Jewish Thought" (1997), Rabbi Gillman chronicled the evolution of Jewish ideas on death and the afterlife.
Countries' death rates have changed over timeBecause countries' case totals and death tolls are constantly changing as the coronavirus outbreak evolves, their death rates are not static.
Voldemort, the villain of the series, fears death (his minions are called "Death Eaters") because death is the great leveler, eating eminent wizards and poor muggles alike.
A death certificate has been issued to address the cause of Alan Thicke's death.
Women charged in death Two women have been charged with murder in Kim's death.
His death came five years before the death of the Olympic skier's beloved daughter.
But the formula looks at the overall death rate as well as death trends.
CNN confirmed Bourdain's death this morning, stating that the cause of death was suicide.
Bala's death comes a month after the park announced the death of another animal.
After her husband's death, she relocated to Cuernavaca, Mexico until her death in 1980.
Aguirre, her boyfriend at the time of Gabriel's death, was ordered put to death.
Death, especially the sudden death of a young person, is tragic, incomprehensible, and senseless.
Only by learning can you avoid death, and only through death can you learn.
Prosecutors charged Casey Anthony in her death and decided to seek the death penalty.
Death was never about death itself, but rather about living to die with honor.
The death certificate also says hypertension and type 2 diabetes contributed to his death.
" Its first sentence reads, "Death makes them more interesting; Death makes them more beautiful.
Iran states openly, and with great force, 'Death to America!' and 'Death to Israel!
The death of American conservatism should not equate to the death of American liberalism.
John Lennon's death was an immense event, it was the death of a Beatle!
Alas, the kids in this book seem hipper to death than Death himself is.
Many Elvis fans blamed Nichopoulos for the death and the doctor received death threats.
All federal student loans are forgiven at death by Total Death and Disability Discharge.
They chanted "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" and burned the Israeli flag.
"The anticipation of death is worse than death itself," he told news channel ANC.
Despite its association with death and dying, it does not mention the word death.
If that's the case, then the death is counted in the official death toll.
Death makes us human I believe that death is profoundly intertwined with our humanity.
Danny Bible, 66, was put to death at the state's death chamber in Huntsville.
It is about a magnificent death instead of an awful death, in a way.
Although Kobe's death was very devastating, his daughter Gianna's death was equally as devastating.
Bro told NBC News on Thursday she's received death threats since her daughter's death.
But it turns out that death spirals may be as overblown as death panels.
The wilderness-death or near-death "case study" is a literary genre unto itself.
Mac Miller's cause of death is still officially unknown ... according to his death certificate.
The death of me means the death of the land I brought life to.
Bennington's death follows the May death of his close friend Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.
So much of death is silence and so much of death doesn't have answers.
Eventually, many of them were gassed to death with Zyklon B in death camps.
Myers, also known as "Doctor Death" and "Death Penalty Donnie," sent 28 people to death row in South Carolina during his decades as the state's most flamboyant prosecutor.
Moody is the oldest person put to death since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, according to figures compiled by the Death Penalty Information Center.
Gunshots were the cause of death in 69% of the violence-related killings, followed by being burned to death in their houses (9%) and beaten to death (5%).
Moreover, the proximity of her time of death to the death of Family member John Haught, whose death was also strongly suspected to have come on the orders of Manson, led to speculation that Jurvetson was murdered because she witnessed his death.
For example, on a death certificate where the manner of death is listed as natural, the immediate cause of death could be a tear in the heart wall that happened minutes before death, and the underlying causes could be a heart attack or heart disease that took place in the days, months and years before death.
And also, it's where death metal came from, so… Death was from here, way back.
We could have gone out many times -- death might come, but death might come anywhere.
His death comes two weeks after fellow rapper XXXTentacion was shot to death in Florida.
Death row inmate Christopher Wilkins, 48, was put to death in Texas on January 11.
Then one night as I scrolled through the death certificates again, I found the death.
The family's January 2015 wrongful death lawsuit argued the city was negligent in Tamir's death.
The main cause of death was cancer, with an average age of 58 at death.
Fisher's cause of death was listed as "cardiac arrest/deferred," according to her death certificate.
Her cause of death was listed as "cardiac arrest/deferred," according to her death certificate.
Including Nikolas Cruz&aposs parents for wrongful death or mother, pardon me for wrongful death.
The death of a species is the death of a tremendous amount of natural history.
Castile's death prompted fresh anguish on Twitter, trending as Sterling's death had a day earlier.
According to the official doctrine, Christ overcame Death -- and these people appear to worship Death.
Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn), head of Death Star security and commander of the Death Troopers.
Then the obsession with Vigoda's death, or non-death, really took off on the Internet.
His death certificate listed heart failure and breathing issues as his official cause of death.
Teenagers may not understand addiction, the finality of death, or how death affects a family.
Shortly after his death, the Coroner's Office "deferred" Verne's cause of death ... pending an investigation.
His death was the third death by suicide at Eloy in a two-year period.
Catlin's team defined premature death as death by any means before the age of 75.
If life was an antechamber to death, death was an antechamber, too—to other lives.
The killer received a death sentence and is sitting on death row in San Quentin.
The rapper's cause of death is yet to be determined ... according to his death certificate.
But this time they are not chanting death to America, but death to the dictator.
The death certificate also states there were no other significant conditions contributing to his death.
US death toll climbs The US death toll from the coronavirus climbed to 11 Wednesday.
According to the Death Penalty Information Center, 61 federal prisoners currently sit on death row.
But the death rate for COVID-19 is higher than the death rate for flu.
He hoped to start a death-related podcast for other residents — a virtual death cafe.
The U.S. death toll from coronavirus rose to 11, as California recorded its first death.
So I'm a member of the death acceptance movement, rather than the death positive movement.
"Death in the Nuclear Age" begins by invoking that most basic human fear — of death.
The town's death toll had climbed to 37, and the national death toll to 62.
One had a banner reading "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" on its grille.
The average time between the onset of death rattles to death itself is 16 hours.
Donald Trump is their death rattle: That unsettling sound a body makes when death nears.
There, she reads the case file on Alison's death, which was ruled death by suicide.
I grieve the death of the before me along with the death of my husband.
Iranian TV carried live footage of crowds chanting "Death to America," and "Death to Israel".
They chanted Shi'ite religious slogans, as well as "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".
A political thriller about Israelis and Palestinians, love and secrecy, death and more death. 6.
Being socially cut off is a form of death, but a reversible form of death.
After his death his family packed away what remained, also disguising the cause of death.
Warren did not provide a cause of death, but said the death was not suspicious.
Iranian TV carried live footage of crowds chanting "Death to America," and "Death to Israel".
Still, it was listed as one of four causes of death on his death certificate.
Perhaps Banner's death is just a death — another twist in a giant comic crossover event.
The leader Shoko Asahara is on death row—sentenced to death but not executed yet.
The protests and riots over Gray's death, then, were about more than just one death.
When our death comes, that single personal death that is worth a million, that prime death, it is unlikely that we'll be able to look back at what just transpired.
After more than 25 years on death row, James Bigby, 61, was put to death by lethal injection at the state's death chamber and pronounced dead at 6:31 p.m.
" One obstacle at a time The eight death row inmates will be put to death between April 17 and April 27, a move that death penalty opponents have called "unprecedented.
"I hope to search for and think about the meaning of death through the acts on death, acts of remembering death, and the record of those acts," Mr. Park said.
Simmons (2005) Banned the death penalty for juveniles The death penalty case concerned Christopher Simmons, who committed capital murder when he was 17 years old and was sentenced to death.
I believe the point to be made behind this discussion is the fact that death is a reality, death is natural and death is certain 100 percent of the time.
America has a "car death belt" in the Deep South and the Great Plains; it corresponds quite closely to the firearms death belt defined by age-adjusted gun death rates.
Because the Lone Star State counts flu deaths from death certificate codes, there's also a "significant lag" between when a death occurs and when the death is reported, she said.
Maybe it was that Antarctica reminded me of death—the ecological death with which global warming is threatening it, or the deadline for seeing it that my own death represented.
The state has eight prisoners on death row, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, and the ruling said all their death sentences would be changed to life in prison.
After Jewel's death, Alexander filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Honda, the airbag manufacturer Takata Corp.
His death came two days after the anniversary of Michael Jackson&aposs own death in 2009.
Conviction of kidnapping resulting in death carries a sentence of mandatory life in prison or death.
But of course, death also happens fast here, and nothing is scarier than a lonely death.
"Hemophilia contributed to his death and his manner of death was accidental," according to the report.
Her death was ruled a suicide with one of the causes of death listed as drowning.
Matthew MalyAge: 63 Issue: Death PenaltyAlmost 70 percent of white evangelical Protestants support the death penalty.
The official cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning and it was ruled an accidental death.
She was sentenced to death in 20093, but one year later, the death penalty was overturned.
I was having ego death—I didn't think there was a difference between life and death.
The city's medical examiner's office ruled Garner's death a homicide in the days after his death.
The 23-year-old's death comes just days after the death of Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev.
The death squad, the Davao Death Squad that people are talking about -- this is all legend.
"They had a choice of a slow and painful death or a quick death," Young continued.
The circumstances of Murphy's death cast a spotlight on Monjack just months before his own death.
Although sentenced to death years ago, they each have been sitting on death row for decades.
If the judge sentences Madison to death, he will join 28 people on Ohio's death row.
My point was simply that ISIS is a death-cult which usually fights to the death.
The death certificate also names obesity and hypertension as underlying causes for his death, PEOPLE confirms.
First Words The bad news never seems to cease: death, discrimination, discrimination that culminates in death.
Last year Sanders spoke out against Castille's death, as well as the death of Alton Sterling.
The death of Anthony Bourdain In death, as in life, Anthony Bourdain brought us closer together.
Unlike traditional cemeteries that meet death with solemnity, the Merry Cemetery chooses to laugh at death.
Her cause of death is not currently known, although police have confirmed they're investigating her death.
We all kinda guessed the death of Death Grips would be no usual break up affair.
Death: The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is moving forward with new regulations for death benefits.
The team announced Sparano's death in a statement but did not specify the cause of death.
Ideally, age-related debility would be postponed until just before death, whatever the age of death.
"Anybody representing themselves in a death penalty case is guaranteeing a death sentence," Mr. English said.
US death toll goes up As the US death toll grows, states are ordering more shutdowns.
While death itself might be timeless, new causes of death are being invented all the time.
The bottom line: The Illinois resident's death could be the first U.S. death related to vaping.
Today, death cafe organizers like Farr and Heidbreder are seeing more momentum around talking about death.
"Every premature death is a tragedy, but death is an unavoidable part of life," he said.
They've ruled her death accidental, and say chronic ethanolism -- heavy drinking -- likely contributed to her death.
The cause of death was identified as brain death secondary to basal ganglia hemorrhage, ICE said.
The 'Death Commission', which included Ebrahim Raisi and Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, approved all the death sentences.
The crisis of maternal death and near-death also persists for black women across class lines.
They chanted "death to liars" and "death to dictator" referring to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
According to the death certificate, Rodriguez's death was caused by chronic lung disease, hypertension and diabetes.
I didn't come here because of a love of death, or witnessing death, or seeing destruction.
Alfie's death wasn't "death with dignity" and it wasn't mercy, as some have tried to argue.
Four attackers in that case were sentenced to death in 2013 and remain on death row.
Officials have not released a possible motive in the death or the child's cause of death.
"Any death due to gun violence is one death too many," he said in a statement.
Griffin's death, which is under investigation, is the 6900th American combat death in Afghanistan this year.
Griffin's death, which is under investigation, is the 17th American combat death in Afghanistan this year.
TMZ has obtained Tom Petty's death certificate -- which does not identify his official cause of death.
In 15 death penalty trials since 2015 in Texas, only eight have resulted in death sentences.
Harris's death is the second on-set stunt performer death in the span of a month, following the July death of stuntman John Bernecker on the set of The Walking Dead.
State television showed rallies and marches in more than a dozen cities with demonstrators waving Iranian flags and chanting slogans including "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and "Death to Britain".
In that report, the authors examined actual death rates and compared them with expected death rates, along with looking at causes of death for working-age adults from 1968 to 2015.
Newsom does not have the power to overturn California's death penalty law, Kreitzberg said, but he can refuse to sign any death warrants and can commute death sentences to life imprisonment.
Jackie Shane, Searching for Sugarman's Rodriguez, and Detroit's Death (not to be confused with the Florida death metal band, Death) all saw their work appreciated long after their respective artistic peaks.
Did people think that some victims were more worthy than others of not being shot to death, or tasered to death, or run over, or beaten to death by the state?
It is not death in general or even death from covid-2000 that frightens me as much as the fact that it is changing our death experience to one of isolation.
Countries' death rates change over timeBecause countries' case totals and death tolls are constantly changing as the coronavirus outbreak evolves, their death rates are not static — nor is the global rate.
Chance of death: 28.57% Jaqen typically deals out death rather than succumbing to it himself—just look at that nasty trick he pulled on Arya when he faked his death last season!
Chance of death: 14.29% Jaqen typically deals out death rather than succumbing to it himself—just look at that nasty trick he pulled on Arya when he faked his death last season!
Speaking to funeral home and crematorium directors in October and November, BuzzFeed News found that the causes of death recorded on death certificates usually did not reflect the circumstances surrounding the death.
President Barack Obama did not move to end the federal death penalty, but he signed no death warrants and he commuted the federal death sentences of two individuals to life without parole.
Entitled "death: the human experience", the show repackages death into friendly jewel-pink tones and soft lowercase letters, yet does not shy away from frank presentation of the processes that surround death.
Polish death metal legends Vader headlined Kathmandu's Silence Fest II the following year, while Birmingham grindcore lifers Napalm Death and another Polish death metal mainstay, Decapitated, would follow in the ensuing years.
Thursday's Qatar World Cup-related death is the second stadium-related death in three months, and adds to a death toll that in 2015 was reported to have reached upwards of 1,200.
We talk about the power of the written word to shift whole levels of consciousness while constantly lamenting the death of publishing, the death of the novel, the death of the reader.
Join Josephine Livingstone, Alex Shephard, and Ryu Spaeth as they contribute their little drop to the ocean of Game of Thrones content, which this week will feature death, death, and more death.
Last month, the Order of the Good Death, a group of academics, artists and death professionals, held its annual Death Salon, which this year took place at Mount Auburn cemetery in Boston.
And today, when the threat of violent death isn't as immediate as it was when I was 393, I'm finally, for the first time in my life, scared to death of death.
For instance, the researchers found that the death rates for chronic lower respiratory diseases were doubled in the states with the highest death rates, compared with those with the lowest death rates.
The death in his book is real death, death everywhere and in everything, a shadow of life that enriches the mortal experience rather than just waiting gormlessly at the end of it.
In his last trial, the prosecution pointed out similarities between Causse's 2008 death and Gault's 1986 death.
Shortly before his death, bin Laden hailed the overthrow and death of Libya's strongman leader Moammar Gadhafi.
Police investigated the child's death for a year after hospital staff reported that Isabella's death seemed suspicious.
Her mother's death comes two years after the death of her husband, Frank Gifford, in August 2015.
Her death comes weeks after Muhlaysia Booker was found shot to death just a few miles away.
Detectives are awaiting a cause of death determination but continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death.
"  But she noted that "the death of this ISIS leader does not mean the death of ISIS.
Van Houten was sentenced to death in 1971 but one year later the death penalty was overturned.
Another cause of death—as was the suspected case with the Toronto death—is adulterants in MDMA.
Though her death was initially ruled a heart attack, her cause of death is being investigated again.
While the death of the "Respect" singer was anticipated in recent days, Presley's death stunned the world.
Alvarez had Alzheimer's disease, and his death certificate states his primary cause of death was respiratory failure.
"We cheated death, we cheated death," Zabrok said in a video captured just moments after the rockfall.
However, the latter charge will likely be upgraded to DUI resulting in death due to Ar'mani's death.
His death certificate cites a heart attack and fluid in his lungs as the cause of death.
John's cause of death was listed as ''pending further studies,'' and the manner of death ''pending investigation.
Simon's bewildered parents must trust the doctors, doctors who deal in brain death rather than body death.
Her cause of death was determined to be methamphetamine toxicity, and her death was ruled a homicide.
Attorney: Officer has gotten death threats Wood, Shelby's attorney, said the officer has been receiving death threats.
A villain named after death should look frightening, maybe with some sort of visual reference to death.
There are unchangeable events like Natasha Romanoff's death and Tony Stark's death and Steve Rogers getting old.
Investigators have ruled the death unexplained "pending a cause of death determination" from the medical examiner's office.
Though the investigation into Belz's death is ongoing, officials believe the cause of death is weather-related.
Not really death impending, but death in verisimilitude -- jarring, loud, and uninvited but not shooting or exploding.
He declares the time of death, signs the death certificate and stands by as a witness signs.
"I think he [Jake] sees more death and is around more death than anyone else," says Wood.
The University of Colorado announced his death on Tuesday, saying the community was "stunned" at his death.
He knew about Margeary's death, he knew about Tommen's death, and yes, he knew about Jon Snow.
The controversy surrounding Harambe's death is much more complicated than the actions that led to his death.
"Death recorded" means that a convict was pardoned for his crimes rather than given the death sentence.
The death of Mr. Gray touched off this city's worst riots since the death of the Rev.
Details surrounding his death are still unclear, but he was smiling with fans days before his death.
She's a former death penalty defense lawyer at the Center for Death Penalty Litigation in North Carolina.
Sudan death sentence Noura Hussein, a 19-year-old woman in Sudan, has been sentenced to death.
A young person's death cuts average life expectancy by more than the death of an older person.
Atatiana Jefferson's death marks the sixth death by a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, since June.
Bush's death, much like McCain's before him, became a metaphor for the death of civility in politics.
But Foster's death spawned conspiracy theorists who questioned whether the Clintons themselves were involved in Foster's death.
Asked about the circumstances of Scalia's death, Trump said he was unsure about what caused Scalia's death.
Weeks after Garner's death, protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, over the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown.
The dead man is an instance of death, but the sheet on the floor becomes Death itself.
Richard Masterson, 43, was put to death by lethal injection at the state's death chamber in Huntsville.
For starters, nuclear weapons have always been synonyms for death, and people don't like thinking about death.
Roof himself was sentenced to death, which would bring the death toll of his massacre to 10.
But it had a lasting impact: After my near-death experience, I lost my fear of death.
Last week, the medical examiner's office amended Christina's death certificate, updating the cause of death to homicide.
His death falls upon the first death anniversary of Fisher, who played Princess Leia in 'Star Wars.
Stay in Idlib and risk death or leave into regime-held territory and risk death or detention.
They encounter the "positive death" movement online, which aims to make conversations about death normal and routine.
" Her nonprofit, the Order of the Good Death, provides resources that help people "accept and engage death.
Van Houten was sentenced to death in 1971, but one year later the death penalty was overturned.
It is the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel Project, not the Federal Death Penalty Research Counsel Project.
The death certificate identified "toxic fumes (paint thinner/methylene, chloride/methanol) exposure" as the cause of death.
Doctors had classified his death as natural, and it was not initially considered a storm-related death.
This means that they can neither themselves sentence criminals to death nor enforce jury recommendations of death.
Lawnmower of Death This is one of my favorites from the popular "Of Death" series of fireworks.
For Austen, his lack of life marks the most poignant death of all: the death of possibility.
Far more death row prisoners have died of illness or old age than in the death chamber.
The cause of death on the death certificate will be the underlying disease, not suicide, by law.
However, people who oppose the death penalty outright cannot sit as jurors in a death penalty trial.
Emerson's death was confirmed on the band's official Facebook page ... though no cause of death was given.
As a death doula and owner of Going With Grace, an end of life and death care company, Arthur (who graduated from law school before shifting to work in the death industry) facilitates these sessions to help people who are uncomfortable with the idea of death or dying.
The importance of planning "I am no expert on death trends, but I do know from the growing popularity of death cafes and the emergence of death doulas that death is coming out of the closet, if you will," said Ashton Applewhite, author and an anti-ageism activist.
In Australia, dementia is the leading cause of death of women and the second leading cause of death of all Australians, according to the Causes of Death 2018 report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (in the United States, Alzheimer's ranks sixth among the leading causes of death).
Architects and Engineers Shove a Lightsaber through the Death Star's Bad DesignSpeaking of Death Stars, according to a bunch of very good designers and architects, the Death Star is a very bad design.
Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, said pursuing a second death penalty after one has been handed out stokes criticism that politics plays a role in death penalty prosecutions.
By meditating on death, through death metal, it's possible that some listeners will begin to push back against the non-musical forces that made the old school death metal revival relevant and real.
Among fish oil recipients, the rates of death from any cause, death from cancer and death from heart disease in general were not significantly different than for people not taking fish oil supplements.
Here's how Cruz's death penalty trial would unfold: A death penalty trial could take years Death penalty trials involve an extensive process that painstakingly combs through graphic details of the shooting in court.
" Mr. Garfield, who himself was unhappy with the film portrayals, wrote a follow-up novel to "Death Wish" called "Death Sentence" (1975), which he called his "penance" for the violence in "Death Wish.
California, which reinstated the death penalty in 19703, has 737 inmates on death row in San Quentin prison, about a quarter of the total number of death row inmates in the United States.
Such judicial override helps to explain why Alabama has the nation's fourth-largest death row, according to the Death Penalty Information Center in Washington, D.C. The state currently has 183 death row inmates.
Staff from Puerto Rico's Public Safety Department and Demographic Registry will investigate each death recorded in the hurricane's aftermath, regardless of the official cause of death listed on the death certificate, Rosselló said.
Manson, Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten were all sentenced to death, though their death penalties were overturned the following year with the abolishment of the death penalty in the state of California.
The game has a challenging early learning curve (my first several captains met, in order, death by starvation, death by pirate attack, death by dehydration, death by whale attack, and death by starvation preceded by cannibalism), but once you learn how to properly supply your ship for its voyages and which events you need to worry about, a lot of that early danger and tension dissipates.
Before his death, he left behind a video message: he discovered a tomb called the Mother of Death.
The risk of death is 100 percent—though others clarify it may reduce the risk of early death.
Fisher's cause of death was listed as "cardiac arrest/deferred," according to her death certificate, obtained by TMZ.
A settlement has been reached in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Brown's family following her 2015 death.
In 1976, his death sentence was commuted to life after the state's mandatory death penalty was ruled unconstitutional.
The defendant was convicted of first-degree murder in Laci's death and second-degree murder for Conner's death.
It is one of 30 states that has the death penalty, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
The crime of blasphemy can carry the death penalty, although a death sentence has never been carried out.
It turns out, the death rates on death row from all causes, including execution: Two percent a year.
Lindsey's death came just weeks after Muhlaysia Booker, 23, was found shot to death a few miles away.
There's precedent in the comics for Tony Stark's resurrection after death, but will Black Widow's death be permanent?
Death row inmates fear that drugs prepared by such pharmacies could result in a painful and protracted death.
Even if you think about death or the idea of death, you don't really believe it is true.
The downside of that immediacy meant the death of the forums also signaled the death of the story.
Neither of these images get death quite right, but there I remained, with death constantly on the brain.
Why is the country you support, Iran, talk about the death of America and the death of Israel?
While an official cause of death is still pending, detectives continue to investigate Kiera's death as a homicide.
Years after his death, PEOPLE spoke with those closest to him about his amazing life and untimely death.
A police spokesperson in Strasbourg confirmed Bourdain's death to PEOPLE, but would not confirm the cause of death.
Among them were 4,436 people with a death certificate that indicated Alzheimer's disease as a cause of death.
Some may only accept donations that were registered before death, while others allow post-death registrations, as well.
Image: Stefan RayYou'll never see a death certificate with the words 'medical error' as the cause of death.
With advance warning of death, a standby team is dispatched to wait until clinical death has been declared.
The attorney for the McNair family said a preliminary death certificate indicates the cause of death was heatstroke.
That scares me to death and should care everyone who believes in the Bill of Rights to death.
Since 1973, about 160 people sent to death row nationwide have been exonerated, the death penalty center said.
More than 250 people are still on death row in Texas, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
His ironic death by an under-trained SWAT member who fired at him harkened back to Poussey's death.
The coroner determined her death was a homicide, though her exact cause of death has not been released.
Starck, author of "Life After Death," said it is rare for a paid death notice to be pulled.
The death certificate lists the cause of death as an "ischemic cerebrovascular accident," also known as a stroke.
Now the family of Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis is mourning his death from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Jaime's death is a tragedy; Cersei has become such a monster that her death is honestly worth celebrating.
It's the death of possibility and of hope, the death of the faith one person holds in another.
The NYPD has determined that the mother's death was a suicide, and the son's death was a homicide.
Strong's death has now been classified as a homicide and police are actively investigating her cause of death.
That's why I think Bowie's death and Glenn Frey's death and all these deaths are significant to us.
Death penalty As the criminal justice reform movement inched along nationwide, states began to grapple with death penalty.
She was handed a death sentence and was on death row for nearly eight years before her acquittal.
His death was later ruled a suicide, but conspiracy theories swirled around the exact details surrounding Epstein's death.
"I cry on Danny's death day and I cry on Vickie's death day," Arthur told the Daily Mail.
The death penalty is currently used for crimes including murder, coups and arson or rape that causes death.
The other person had health problems and the death certificate said the death was natural, the DPS said.
It feels as though it has been death leading to more death, nothing anyone would ever hope for.
Adult deaths Ahmad's report estimated the rates of death from each of the 15 leading causes of death.
In 2015 the overdose death rate for rural areas surpassed the death rate for urban or suburban areas.
Almost 80 prisoners await execution on Nevada's death row, though none have been put to death since 2006.
A death in Omaha His brother's death was not the only link Black Elk had to police shootings.
" Popeye explained that he liked them because they reminded him of death, and "death is part of life.
For fried fish, the rise in risk of death and heart-related death was 7% and 13%, respectively.
We obtained Stan's death certificate, and it lists heart failure and respiratory failure as the cause of death.
His death came nine days after the death of Rudy Bukich, Wade's backup on the 1963 Bears team.
However, her family disputed that her death was a suicide, saying she was upbeat shortly before her death.
The premiere will focus on the death of Monroe and speculations surrounding of her untimely death in 1962.
The maximum age of death rose to its peak in 19983, with Jeanne Calment's death at age 21998.
The boy's death followed the death in early December of 7-year-old Jakelin Caal, also from Guatemala.
Force and Bridges helped fake Green's death, and then doctored proof-of-death photos to send to DPR.
And Gendry describes him as death to Arya — to which her response is that death has many faces.
Hulk Hogan is mourning the death of his former co-worker Chyna ... saying he's "devastated" over her death.
If passed, Prop 266 would have retroactively downgraded the existing death sentences of all 2776 death row inmates.
If passed, Prop 62 would have retroactively downgraded the existing death sentences of all 750 death row inmates.
And causes of death may have been misclassified because of the limitations of information provided by death certificates.
Abolishing death row: Colorado repealed its seldom-used death penalty, becoming the 22nd state to eliminate capital punishment.
The death toll is higher than the peak yearly death totals from H.I.V., car crashes or gun deaths.
" The Iranian government has been prone to shout the equivalent of "Death to America" and "Death to Israel.
A musician's death — or, sometimes, an actor's death — breaks people from their music habits and expands their horizons.
That's part of the approach, says Sarah Farr, founder of Death Positive DC and a death cafe organizer.
We obtained Penny's death certificate, issued Monday ... and it lists heart failure as the primary cause of death.
Comparisons between COVID-19 death rates in other countries and death rates from the flu are similarly stark.
CAPITAL GAINS AT DEATH Another big break for the rich is that capital gains go untaxed at death.
Reported death rates vary considerably, but one rigorous study suggests that the death rate is 1 in 9,1003.
"I'm Neymar to the death of me, and I'm Paul Pogba to the death of me," Butler said.
Therese's death comes just 2 days after the fourth anniversary of the death of Celine's husband, Rene Angelil.
His death has caused outrage among residents who say the officers should be held accountable for his death.
As of now, "there is a death certificate abstract which just lists the cause of death," he says.
For instance, reporting, coding and classifications systems for death counts and cause-of-death data vary across countries.
" Death is in the details, and death, for all its power, Danticat notes, "cannot write its own story.
The immediate cause of death was listed as "cardiac arrhythmia" on her death certificate, with other contributing conditions.
We fail to see and accept reality as it is — with life in death and death in life.
The death of the climber, Nobukazu Kuriki, brought the death toll on the mountain to three this month.
Prosecutors to seek death penalty Prosecutors announced in court filings Tuesday that they will seek the death penalty.
In her memoir, she recounts her son's death, and the death of her husband in a car crash.
Hasan was later sentenced to death and is currently on military death row at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.
It's unknown if this fluid played a part in the man's death or reached the brain after death.
The federal death sentence was a rare event in Massachusetts, which has no death penalty for state crimes.
Death: The Department of Commerce is moving forward with new eligibility requirements for accessing the death master file.
Documents obtained by rights groups tracking the death notices shed little light on the exact cause of death.
Her cause of death hasn't been announced, according to CNN news partner CBC, which reported on the death.
On his father's death Beck: Tell me about the death of your father and its impact on you.
Indiana health officials on Friday reported the state's first vaping-related death, marking the third such death nationwide.
Today, researchers combine the three types of death and call it SUID, short for sudden unexpected infant death.
States generally require death certificates be completed within several days of death, unless an extension has been granted.
This is the third death outside mainland China the Philippines and Hong Kong have reported a death each.
We must face death and our shame for the times we couldn't hold death back for long enough.
Even in his weaker stories, he lands, with gleeful precision, on death, sex, regret and then death again.
With aging comes death, and for Brooklyn, death of a loved member of the community can be transformative.
We have a series for CNN called "Death Row Stories," all about you know, horrific death-row cases.
Chavez, of the Order of the Good Death, got involved with death work partly because of her grandmother.
The Farewell has all of its characters acting to avoid the discussion of death, versus Posthumous which sort of embraces death and involves performing as someone who has experienced a death in the family.
Her Attorney Called Landyn's Death a 'Tragic Accident' Basinger's attorney called Landyn's death a "tragic accident" and told PEOPLE Basinger has been unable to properly mourn her son's death because she has been incarcerated.
" This is much more common than death by heat stroke, but is harder to quantify since death certificates cite the explicit cause of death—"cardiac arrest," for instance, rather than "heat-related cardiac arrest.
Stillbirth refers to the death of a fetus at 20 or more weeks of gestation, while neonatal death refers to the death of a child within 28 days of delivery, according to the CDC.
"No one, and I repeat, no one, has any business in trading in ivory, for this trade means death — the death of our elephants and the death of our natural heritage," Mr. Kenyatta said.
Since the reinstatement of the federal death penalty in 1988, 77 defendants have been sentenced to death, compared with more than 5,000 in state courts through 2015, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
It includes SIDS (which means an autopsy was performed but the cause of death is unknown); unknown (there was no autopsy and no known cause of death); and accidental death (a child was found in an unsafe sleeping position, an autopsy was done, but there's no known cause of death).
Related Resources: After Decades, a Death Sentence Depends (a Little) Less on Where You Live Death Penalty Loses Majority Support for First Time in 45 Years A Pause on the Nation's Biggest Death Row Pope Francis Declares Death Penalty Unacceptable in All Cases Students 13 and older are invited to comment.
An episode on deaths in sitcoms focuses on three types of death: the death of love for a character, a change of actor playing a character and the death of a character within the plot.
From the inevitability of death, you move to contemplating the impossibility of knowing when death might occur, and then to meditating on spiritual awareness as the only thing that can potentially "help you" through death.
Typically, recruiters return a body to a family two or three weeks after a death, accompanied by a death certificate bearing a date of death that usually tallies with what relatives know from fellow fighters.
The flagging support for the death penalty aligns with a decline in the number of executions nationwide, which peaked in 1999 when 98 people were put to death, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
"I know it sounds weird, but I think about death a lot — not just my own, but the death of flowers, the death of everything that lives, and what that means to me," she said.
He alleged on Twitter that the city's hospital staff lied on death certificates to hide the coronavirus death toll, claiming they labeled death as "acute respiratory illness" even though they died in coronavirus quarantine ward.
If Celeste had been there with me, I would have remarked that this couple had taken up arms in the fight against death—not because an incomplete body represents death, but because normalcy represents death.
They are calling him a 'scapegoat,' particularly as Akai Gurley's death happened just four months after Eric Garner's death.
Chance of death: 18.18% Grey Worm has escaped death once, at the hands of the Sons of the Harpy.
Chance of death: 42.11% Grey Worm has escaped death once, at the hands of the Sons of the Harpy.
Argentino's family won a wrongful death lawsuit against Snuka in 1985, but authorities didn't charge him in the death.
The fourth child&aposs death just two weeks after birth in 1973 was attributed to sudden infant death syndrome.
Chavin testified that after Berman's death, he began to ponder Durst's possible involvement in Berman's death and Kathleen's disappearance.
Tibbetts, now 61, received a death sentence for stabbing Fred Hicks to death at Hicks' Cincinnati home in 1997.
She also attacked Harris for withholding evidence in death penalty cases where the death row inmate was wrongly convicted.
Cause of death: Burned to death by wildfire in the Great Sept of Baelor in a Cersei Lannister plot.
Between 2015 and 2016, cocaine-related overdose death rates rose 52% while psychostimulant-related overdose death rates rose 33%.
There, people still risked death by malnutrition, but the family at least escaped the near certain death of Auschwitz.
Obviously there's tremendous variation in particular people's ethical frameworks, but where I come from, a death is a death.
His publicist also confirmed his death in an email to Pitchfork but did not give a cause of death.
Her family won a wrongful death suit against Snuka in 1985, but authorities didn't charge him in the death.
On her death certificate, her cause of death was listed as "intracerebral hemorrhage," which is a type of stroke.
The victims in the boat-chambers, on the other hand, had "life like" death poses, suggesting an instant death.
In 2010, Pfizer settled a wrongful death lawsuit which alleged that gabapentin led to a minister's death by suicide.
A large number of musicians mourned his death on social media just minutes after news broke of his death.
In the Palestinian coastal enclave of Gaza, demonstrators chanted "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and "Down with Trump".
It's a crime that has caused anguish in this state, both among death penalty opponents and death penalty supporters.
The medical examiner has classified her death as a homicide but has not yet released a cause of death.
The actor's cause of death was a stroke following heart surgery, according to his death certificate, obtained by PEOPLE.
Police said the January death of the singer was not suspicious but did not give a cause of death.
No doubt, we've been conditioned to believe that death at 20 is tragic, while death at 90 is natural.
He was given a death sentence that was commuted to life without parole after Illinois barred the death penalty.
A police spokesperson in Strasbourg, France, confirmed Bourdain's death to PEOPLE, but would not confirm the cause of death.
On the death penalty: Hickenlooper spoke out against the death penalty and said he would not carry it out.
" The prosecution maintains that Cooper's death was intentional, but Harris' defense attorney said the death was "a tragic accident.
There are 62 individuals on federal death row, according to a tracker maintained by the Death Penalty Information Center.
Cause of death: Thrown off a roof I'm scared of heights, so Cici's death is personally hard to watch.
In reality, there's no clear "finish line": Every death is unique, and people cope with death in different ways.
For me, the gold standard of picture books about death is "Duck, Death and the Tulip," by Wolf Erlbruch.
A month after his death, the rocker's wife opened up to PEOPLE exclusively about her husband's addiction and death.
Her death certificate lists cardiopulmonary arrest as the immediate cause of death, due to complications from a MRSA infection.
The state medical examiner ruled Anderson's death a homicide and said West's cause of death could not be determined.
Biden, 76, supported the death penalty for decades and the 1994 crime bill made additional offenses punishable by death.
In contrast, the death records for World War I list just one soldier death as being caused by nostalgia.
Her death brings the death toll from the attack to five, plus Masood, who was shot dead by police.
Lee was convicted and sentenced to death for beating Debra Reese to death with a tire iron in 1993.
California has 746 inmates on death row, the most of any state, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
ALS is listed as the "cause of death" on Betsy's death certificate, per the End of Life Option Act.
Of the 75 people sentenced to death on federal charges since 1988, only three have been put to death.
We discovered a dramatic increase in death sentences when judges instead of juries were the final arbiter of death.
It was Southwest's first passenger death and the first death on a US airline in more than nine years.
There is often not enough detail on a death certificate to tell if the death was related to pregnancy.
With the death of another refugee we feel the shadow of death looming over us with even more terror.
Elsewhere online there was unsubstantiated speculation that Epstein's death wasn't a suicide, or indeed that his death was faked.
Four of the killers, including Manson, got the death penalty, but the following year California abolished the death penalty.
Risk of death among these dog owners fell by 11% and their chances of cardiovascular death were 15% lower.
As if Chris Cornell's death wasn't shocking enough, it turns out the singer's final performance included singing about death.
"Parenthood does not mean the death of your interests or the death of you as a person," says Venters.
Before his death, Mr. Maynard was charged with aggravated assault and felony murder in connection with Officer Toney's death.
"They have been through bombs, freezing to death, chemical attacks, so they are already resigned to death," Khalil said.
After Mr. Dean's death, the sheriff's department said it would review Mr. Moore's death and conduct follow-up interviews.
Death, especially the sort of unnatural death that lands people on coroners' tables, is clearly an endlessly fascinating topic.
When the issue of death was raised, he scoffed and said, "Death, shmeth," according to The New Yorker article.
The letter was to county Judge Cinderela Guevara, who conducted a death inquiry by phone and certified Scalia's death.
George Michael's death has become suddenly mysterious, because we've learned the autopsy was inconclusive as to cause of death.
" As her husband might have done, Wanderwell used the publicity surrounding the Captain's death to promote "River of Death.
The California death came as Washington state's Department of Health confirmed its 10th death, which occurred in King County.
Men with guns, attacks, death, attacks in broad daylight, attacks called domestic, death, clouds of sulfur, children's heads exploded.
Eleven more men remain on Nebraska's death row, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in some pending cases.
Mr. Toscani was fired in 2000 for an advertisement with an anti-death-penalty theme featuring death-row inmates.
Juries in California, the state with the largest death-row population, handed down three new death sentences in 2019.
Planters started its Super Bowl ad campaign before Bryant's death, following the death of its fictional character Mr. Peanut.
The company confirmed Hurd's death to CNBC but declined to provide a statement or specify the cause of death.
Plus, convincing Carla that she caused Samuel's death may push her into confessing the full story behind Marina's death.
Iran has threatened to destroy Israel, with hardline demonstrators chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" in protests.
"I want to propose a different way of thinking about death that moves us toward death acceptance," she said.
She looks at suicides, mass deaths and executions, at death seen close up and death heard of from afar.
It is important to note that fear of death is not the same as knowledge or awareness of death.
And given the link that you've described between death and life, might death also be a kind of gift?
"One wants to be free to choose his death when death is at the appropriate time," Mr. Goodall said.
The latest death toll from the provincial health authority in Hubei, China, brought the global death toll to 805.
While executions and new death sentences have fallen sharply, the number of inmates on state death rows has not.
Between 1973 and 2014, 144 people on death row have been exonerated, or 1.6 percent of all death sentences.
SMA, which can lead to paralysis, breathing difficulty and death, is the leading genetic cause of death in infants.
A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in connection with the 2017 death of Moore, who was 26 years old.
She phones the hospice doctor to confirm the time of death, and the doctor writes up the death certificate.
It's also the only death-penalty state in which judges routinely overrule juries that vote against imposing death sentences.
To paraphrase Joseph Stalin, the death of one man is a tragedy; the death of millions is a statistic.
Law enforcement sources tell us Lomas' official cause of death was "fentanyl toxicity," and his death was ruled accidental.
There are articles about Death Stranding in the New York Times, the New Yorker, Time ("Death Stranding Is the Weirdest Game I've Ever Played"), Indiewire ("Death Stranding Is the Best Video Game Movie Ever Made"), Entertainment Weekly ("How Death Stranding with Norman Reedus bridges the gap between videogames and cinema"), and others.
On the lineup for Friday's festival were the likes of American death metal stalwarts Cannibal Corpse, Finnish melodic death metallers Children of Bodom and Nightwish, Swedish death metal icons In Flames, and progressive metal supergroup SOEN.
While Alabama judges have converted death sentences to life in 11 cases, they have rejected the jury's mercy and chosen death in 101, nearly a quarter of all death sentences handed down in Alabama since 1982.
This means that the death rate in the group with medical errors was probably similar to the death rate in a group without medical errors, casting doubt on those errors as being the cause of death.
Manson, Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten were all sentenced to death, though their death penalties were commuted to life sentences the following year with the abolishment of the death penalty in the state of California.
" According to the Fars news agency, "At least one of the missiles bore the slogans 'Death to America,' 'Death to Israel,' 'Death to Al Saud' and a Koranic verse meaning 'fight against the friends of Satan.
"Under long established United States Supreme Court precedent it's unconstitutional to use the death penalty for any offense that does not result in death," said Robert Dunham, the executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center.
There is another deep-seated problem in the federal death-penalty system that often escapes public notice: Federal prisoners typically get less judicial scrutiny of their convictions and death sentences than do state death-row prisoners.
The total gun death rate surpassed the car crash death rate of 11.9 per 100,2488 people, as the rate of car crash deaths has steadily decreased while the gun death rate has increased over the years.
All the usual things, of course, like putting a plastic bag over your head (death by suffocation), walking around in wet underpants, swimsuits, or bikini bottoms (death by bladder infection), twisting a tick the wrong way when detaching it from the skin (death by blood poisoning), going swimming less than an hour after eating (death by cramps), accepting rides from strangers (death by kidnapping, rape, murder), taking candy from strangers (death by poisoning, possibly kidnapping, rape, murder) — but there were also other dangers specific to Hammars: Never touch the flotsam that washed up on the beach below the house, liquor bottles, packs of cigarettes, shampoo bottles, tin cans with labels in foreign languages, foreign lettering, don't touch, don't sniff, and for God's sake don't drink (death by poisoning), don't sit in a draft (death by catching a cold), don't catch a cold (death by expulsion from Hammars), don't sit in the drying closet (death by suffocation, possibly electrocution), don't be late (if you showed up late, death would be a consolation, death was, if anything, the only valid excuse for a lack of punctuality).
The manner of the girl's death has been ruled a homicide, but police have not revealed her cause of death.
Nearly two weeks after the Descendants star's unexpected death at age 20, new details about Boyce's death have been revealed.
Clarisa Figueroa's boyfriend, Piotr Bobak, 40, was charged with concealing the death of a person and concealing a homicidal death.
She was sexually assaulted and strangled to death, but investigators say she "put up a ferocious fight" before her death.
It adds that a military doctor was ordered to write up a death certificate blaming the death on an overdose.
They never divorced, however, and after Albert's I's death she served as Monaco's dowager princess until her own 1925 death.
In most cases, whole-body donations must be authorized by the donor prior to death or, after death, by relatives.
Yemen's Houthis chant "Death to America, Death to Israel", daubing the slogan on walls and gluing it to their weapons.
The coroner ruled her death a homicide, but has not yet released the cause of death, the sheriff's department says.
What if all that random death exists on the same continuum as the random death on countless other TV series?
Only 14 death row inmates have been electrocuted in the US since 2000, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
They followed their health for an average of six-and-a-half years, tracking cause of death with death certificates.
A month after Mr. Knight's death, Ford recalled 391,000 vehicles with inflaters similar to the one from the Malaysian death.
Death also used to be egalitarian, says Haider Warraich of Duke University Medical Centre and the author of "Modern Death".
No official cause of death exists, but his relatively early death persuaded the last remaining Grahamites to quit the diet.
Initially, officials put the death toll at six and no one was immediately available to confirm the rising death toll.
His death sentence was overturned by the Florida Supreme Court, but a new jury sentenced Bowles to death in 1999.
It's not about opposition to the death penalty; it's about carrying out the death penalty in the best way possible.
"This has got nothing to do with whether you're for the death penalty or against the death penalty," he said.
His death sentence was overturned by the Florida Supreme Court but a new jury sentenced Bowles to death in 1999.
To say that books about death are morbid may seem a truism, but of course, most books are about death.
Five days after the shocking death of George Michael, the 53-year-old singer's cause of death is still unknown.
And the death of a pedestrian is different from the death of a driver, raising a different set of questions.
I feel my anger is near bursting and that will result in my death or the death of someone else.
News of his death comes two weeks after Spade's June 5th suicide death at her Manhattan home at age 55.
" She also played opposite Lon Chaney Jr. in "Calling Dr. Death" in 1943 and Victor Mature in "Kiss of Death.
Her death was ruled a suicide, and in the aftermath no one was held accountable for her arrest or death.
It has been criticized for limited access to assisted death to those with terminal illnesses who face an "imminent" death.
Before her death, she records a series of 13 tapes, blaming various people and enumerating the reasons for her death.
Brown&aposs death spawned protests and a federal excessive force and wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Brown&aposs children.
Each bears the insignia of the Galactic Empire from Star Wars and a name—Death Star 748, Death Star 749.
Eric Garner's death led to nationwide protests and Erica Garner staged weekly "die-ins" at the scene of his death.
" Commenting on Veerath's death, they added: "We are shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic death of Bharathi Veerath.
Bridgeman and Ajamu later escaped death only because the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Ohio's death penalty statute as unconstitutional.
Pick any death penalty state at random and the reason for such limited use of their death chamber is obvious.
Sometimes people assume that goths romanticize death, but at least, in my case, I'm completely and utterly horrified by death.
Though her sisters succeeded in getting an honest reckoning on Silva's death certificate, her death by superbug was never counted.
Which means it ends with Yoshi inevitably plunging to his death in one of the game's many bottomless death pits.
News of Petya's death hits the Rostovs hard, and is soon followed by the death of their patriarch, Count Ilya.
Vasquez's cause of death hasn't been publicized, though she reportedly suffered from migraines and high blood pressure before her death.
But Steve's death isn't a fridging; his death is noble, allows him his own agency, and completes his character arc.
While an official cause of death has not been released, sources told ESPN that his death was due to heatstroke.
In the roguelike, death is final, an abrupt end to the game; in the soulslike, death is a painful lesson.
His death followed the death of another Guatemalan child, 85033-year-old Caal, while in CBP custody earlier this month.
In the aftermath of his story, the C.D.C. created the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Case Registry to evaluate each death.
Her death certificate said her cause of death was a heart attack, Sport's sister, Felecia Nieves, told the local network.
Respect, fear and love for our colleagues often leads us to list the cause of death differently on death certificates.
Death Stranding I have no idea what Death Stranding is or what it'll be about, but I'm completely in love.
If the treatment of Crowley's death isn't offensive enough, the camera takes great pains to illustrate Nikki's violent death, too.
" Goodall: I don't fear death Goodall said he did not fear death, but instead will "welcome it when it comes.
Death Cafes and Death Over Dinner events are popping up across the country, reflecting an appetite for exploring these matters.
Tara Ellyssia Zyst is Oregon's only transgender death row inmate, perhaps the only transgender death row prisoner in the nation.
Doctors classified his death as natural and the government did not include it in the storm death toll at first.
The analysis of the death toll found problems that start at the time of death and continue beyond the grave.
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death among US adults and the second leading cause of death among teens.
It relates to No Country that way, which was also just death after death, a monstrous plowing of screen time.
While federal student loans are forgiven at death, some private student loans do not come with a death forgiveness benefit.
The cremations followed a review of documents including death certificates and medical records showing the cause of death, he said.
To write about oneself may be to write of death, but to write about death is to write of everyone.
Pesquera told CNN there's no deadline for a death to be reviewed as part of the Hurricane Maria death toll.
People tend to feel really guilty about being relieved after a death, which is a very common reaction to death.
Deaths in the postneonatal period are due, in large part, to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), sudden death and accidents.
"The cause of death is ligature strangulation, and the manner of death, homicide," the medical examiner, Dr. Barbara Sampson, said.
What is the difference between the death of an individual and the death of the parts that constitute the individual?
Some have been on death row since the 1970s because the process of appealing death penalty verdicts can take decades.
Three months after Nicole's death, her alleged friend Faye Resnick decided to use her death to launch her own career.
His death followed the death of Jakelin, a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl, while in CBP custody earlier this month.
"I oppose the death penalty, but in situations like this, it's difficult to oppose the death penalty," Ms. James said.
The main outcomes of interest were death from coronary heart disease, or a heart attack that didn't lead to death.
Although details are scarce, for many, the death of King is painfully reminiscent of Tamir Rice's death in November 2014.
Flowers was first sentenced to death for the murders in 1999, and he has remained on death row ever since.
He lives in Hujar's apartment, struggles against eviction, and occupies the space of death while managing his own imminent death.
In another death penalty case, the court ruled for Bobby James Moore, an intellectually disabled death row inmate in Texas.
But there's a massive difference between premature death from things like cancer or an accident and premature death from coronavirus.
Yet without Halbach's remains and an undertimined cause of death, under manner of death (Box 22), "homicide" is written. 4.
As of Friday, the US's death rate is about 1.6%, whereas Italy's death rate is 10.6% and China's is 4%.
Italy's death toll just passed 10,000 and it recorded the worst single day death toll of more than 900 deaths.
In 2010 she was convicted and sentenced to death, the first woman ever sent to Pakistan's death row for blasphemy.
We're not going to speculate about whether Reynolds's death was a direct result of her 60-year-old daughter's death.
Other causes of death while traveling, such as car accidents and suicide, far outweigh the chances of death by terrorism.
A mortal's insistence on hope in the face of approaching death implies a conviction that death may not be final.
American culture teaches us to avoid the topic of death, so most Americans are deeply uncomfortable discussing death and dying.
The medical examiner ruled that Gunn's death was a homicide, but the manner of her death has not been released.
How the tragic death of one son at the hands of the police set in motion the death of another.
Like other major news outlets, The Philadelphia Inquirer called the death of its city's star "The Death of a Legend."
Currently, drug dealers are only eligible for the death penalty in cases involving the death of a law enforcement officer.
The bipartisan Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission issued a study of the death penalty in the state on April 25.
The men are charged with distribution of fentanyl resulting in death, and conspiring to distribute controlled substances resulting in death.
Protesters in Tehran chanted "Death to liars" and "Death to the dictator," reportedly referencing Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
All 3 are charged with conspiring to distribute controlled substances resulting in death, and distribution of fentanyl resulting in death.
Her death certificate lists organ failure and a bacterial infection among the causes of death, along with chronic liver disease.
Chants of "No, no, America" — and "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" — could be heard throughout the Friday protest.
If it results in the death of any person, the offender may be punished with death or imprisoned for life.
Many chanted, "Death to the liars!" and "Death to the dictator!" and called for Iran's supreme leader to be ousted.
The death was ruled an accident, but Moore's mother, LaTisha Nixon, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Buck in February.
The Coroner's Office ruled her death a homicide, but the cause of death is being withheld, the sheriff's department said.
And US overdose death numbers are still unprecedented; the country's overdose death rate increased by 76% from 7003 to 2017.
While an official cause of death has not been released, ESPN reported sources said his death was due to heatstroke.
Death Stranding Hideo Kojima has talked a big game about Death Stranding for years, and he delivered a big game.
Alabama law allows judges to override jury recommendations in either direction: from life to death or from death to life.
The New York Times first reported on Melgar's death, citing unnamed military officials saying his death was caused by strangulation.
Police announced that they were investigating the death as a suicide, but did not immediately release the cause of death.
Yep. She was Helen Mirren's character, because the actress the partners hired to play Death for Howard was actually Death.
I think the death negative narrative is the idea that there's no redeeming value, or there's no sustenance in death.
On the other hand, I've actually kind of gravitated towards the term "death spirituality", but happy to use "death positivity".
So, along with a death studies scholar, she co-founded Death & the Maiden, named after a motif in Renaissance art.
The consular document seen by Reuters was a "certificate of death" issued to record the death of Sergei Poddubny, 36.
Of course, Florida is a death-penalty factory: The state has 390 people on death row, more than one in 10 of the nationwide total, and sentences more people to death than any other state but California.
Loss of a sibling in adulthood has been linked with death of the surviving sibling, but little is known about the association of sibling death in childhood with the subsequent risk of death in the bereaved siblings.
There are riders that allow you to accelerate the death benefit in the event of illness, get an additional benefit for the death of a spouse or child, or add more coverage for accidental death or dismemberment.
Because Sayoc's conduct did not result in death and does not appear to fall within the scope of any other death-eligible federal statute such as espionage or treason, he is not eligible for the death penalty.

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